Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

Michael Jackson taken by Paramedics

Isn’t it interesting that on the day that Michael Jackson was reported to have died, several other reports of other ‘famous people’ who have died have also surfaced.

Other celebrities such as Jeff Goldblum, Harrison Ford, and Tom Hanks have also been reported to have died, however all of these reports are said to be false, so what actual evidence is there that the ‘King of Pop’ has actually died, apart from the say-so of a handful of people who could easily have been apart of the entire conspiracy!

If you take a careful look at the image which is supposedly Michael Jackson being rushed into an ambulance while paramedics were desperately trying to revive him, you will notice that the face appears to be very disimilar to the Michael Jackson of late. The nose appears to be too ‘normal’ and there doesn’t appear to be any evidence of plastic surgery to the eyes which has been so obvious in all the other images of Michael that we’ve seen over the past couple of years.

There is the on-going saga in regard to the mysterious Personal Doctor of Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray, who says he ‘just happened to walk in and find Michael Jackson near death on his bed’. This same doctor is said to have performed CPR on the bed (which is completely useless, as any person with a basic knoweldge of first aid would know you need a hard surface below the body to be effective), and waited half an hour before calling 911, and didn’t even end up making the call himself, as it was a member of staff.

During all of these strange goings on between the time Michael Jackson supposedly died, to when he was found by this illusive doctor, to when he was finally assisted by Paramedics, we believe that there was ample time for a ‘plan’ to Fake his own death to be executed. The fact that Dr. Murray refused to sign Michael Jackson’s death certificate and fled the scene immediately after the Paramedics left with the body is extremely suspicious. Perhaps he was in on the whole thing. His salary was alleged to have been over $150,000 per month ($1.8 Million per year) not to mention any ‘bonuses’ that may have been offered after the ‘plot’ was completed.

There is also the fact that only a few weeks ago, when the announcement that Michael’s ‘This is It’ Tour was to be delayed, his representatives were very quick to abolish any rumours of a health problem being the cause.

Keep in mind also, that at age 50, Michael Jackson has had no prior heart condition and was said to be a ‘picture of health’ as he rehearsed for his concerts which were originally set to kick off in July of this year.

In order for promoters to get insurance for the London shows, Jackson underwent a four-hour physical with an independent doctor this spring. Rand Phillips, chief executive of concert promoter AEG Live, said that the medical screening uncovered “no issues whatsoever.”

Another coincidence is in regards to Michael Jackson’s obsession with ‘The King’ Elvis Presley, in which he went so far as to marry his only daughter, so has he also gone so far as to mimick his ‘death’?

Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977 in the bathroom at Graceland. After being found on the bathroom floor, Elvis was rushed to the hospital where he was officially pronounced dead. The coroner recorded the cause of death as cardiac arrhythmia.

Michael Jackson’s autopsy has been performed by the Los Angeles county coroner and once the toxicology reports are completed,  we are told it will reveal the true cause of death and evidence of any foul play. Naturally the process will be under complete lockdown and any images, press or media coverage will be filtered…how convenient.

We will see what they want us to see. True or otherwise.

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  1. Jon Said,

    I thought I was the only one. this is all so setup. Also he had recent items that went too auction that didn’t sell so big. Then the moving trucks in two days is a bit soon.
    This family has always been tight.

  2. robert Said,


  3. Al Soldano Said,

    I’m Glad Michael Jackson died. I’m also glad you believe your stupid conspiracy theory.

  4. Jon Said,

    I was reminded he put alot of money into the freeze and revive science, cryo?

  5. MJ 4eva Said,

    You are sooo right !! its not him in the picture..the whole hoax makes sense! hes not dead !!!

  6. Suzanne Said,

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that somethings just didn’t add up. For one, his recent auctioning to sell off some paraphinalia, seemed to be very remenicent of Princess Di, and how she auctioned dresses (for charity, not personal gain) just before she died. Almsot like he took a page out of her book. On another website, they have video of the person in the helecopter appears to sit up. Speaking of which, who the hell gets a helecopter to air lift them to the morgue??? Air lift for emegency care, I totally get, but to the MORGUE??? PUH-LEASE! It’s not like he was going to be any more dead if they had to wait in traffic.

  7. Billy Said,

    Is this a father who just lost his son? He’s feeling GREAT??? Joe Jackson looks here like he knows that his son is still alive …

    See it Here | Michael Jackson Hoax Death Videos

  8. Guy Said,

    In the UK there was a recent child abduction that proved to be a hoax – you could spot it a mile off from the mother’s interviews – just not emotional enough.
    Same with Joe Jackson – less than a week and he’s giving interviews on the red carpet – no chance.
    This is ALL too convenient and planned – he was NEVER going to be able to do 50 dates.
    Also throw in that he “died” on June 25th – the opposing date in the year to another great hero of his – James Brown (December 25th) and dying in the same way as Elvis Presley.
    This is the guy who “slipped in the shower” so struggled to make it to his own trial – the sort of prank my 6 year old would pull. That’s what Michael is – a child. The pressure get’s too much and he folds.. but this time slipping in the shower would not be enough.
    The ONLY aspect that makes me think he might be dead is the autopsy – and even that starts to look a bit farcical now.

  9. Jeanine Said,

    I would like to comment on the picture of Michael Jackson ingo the ambulance.
    Although I do agree that this whole thing is way ‘off’, I have to say that I think it is him in the photo. Whether or not it was all a huge act or not we’ll never know.

  10. Rickster Said,

    and whos the guy that made the 911 call?….how come no one has talked to him….why didn’t he say it was Mr. Jackson instead of “a gentleman 50 years old” when he was talking to the dispather…?

    and at the Bet awards…when Joe Jackson (a father that just lost his son) was asked …”What are your next plans”?…..instead of saying…”We have to bury my son” he promotes his new Label instead????

    This is all weird….I remember a while back…staging his death was considered to be rumored…if anyone can & will do it…its MJ.

  11. susy Said,

    That Dr. of MJ’s- he didn’t even know to keep MJ on floor to thump him on chest, so heart would get going & put him on a soft bed instaed. Why didn’t they say it was MJ to 911 & please bring all rescuscitarion equipment. Either it was a deliberate death or the Dr. & AEG did it to get insurance noney, AEG employed that quack.

  12. anne Said,

    2 small points:

    1. if you dialed 911 and said that Michael Jackson was dying… I’m pretty sure the respond would be “yeah right.. aprils fool!… *hangs up* ”

    2. Michael Jackson and his father doesn’t like each other, Joe Jackson has stated some years ago that he did not have Michael as his son anymore, and Michael Jacksons will is supposedly saying that Michaels kids should not be staying with Michaels parents but the nannies. – might be the reason why Joe isn’t devastated.

  13. Brad Matosky Said,

    Wow…Watch that video again. The body does not move, the helicopter is turning and gives off the illusion that the head is “lifting”. The camera angle with the changing angle of the helicopter makes it look that way.

    All 911 calls are taken as serious. So even if you call 911 in Cleveland, and say that Lebron James is unresponsive, they will still show up. Same with any celebrity or non celeb.

    And in the picture of him being carted out, you say that his nose “looks normal”? Are you retarded? Look again, and you will see how flat against his face it is.

    I love a good conspiracy as much as the next guy, but at least have some better material to make a solid foundation for it.

  14. Lidiya Said,

    dang this does make sense!!
    i hope he is not dead :]

  15. mj lover Said,

    now in my haart i do wanna to believe all of this and i will try, but that pic with mj going in the ambulance just looks like mj too much for me. and the reason i do believe they took soo long conforming that mj was dead is because he was in surgry at and they were trying to save his life. but the way his father is acting it kind of go me believing that mj is not really dead. and his mother is getting the kids to maybe let them keep in touch with their day while he is some where else or may be he will send for them. but this death is a very misterious death. and then too mj is very known world wide. how could anybody not reconize him. i dont know. but i hope what you all are thinking is true. and i am ganna try to believe it to get all this hurt out of my heart and so i can stop crying soo much. may god be with you mj where every you are dead or alive and i love you soo much and you are and always will be the best ever.

  16. Rickster Said,

    has anyone else heard where the heck is Oprah in all this?????

    No tributes…no comments..NOTHING?
    I find that really strange…everyone has said something for MJ…but Oprah?…if anyone knows otherwise please correct me!

  17. ladylee1979 Said,

    can i just ask wtf oprah gotta do with all this so wot she interviewed michael,wot about his best friend elizabeth taylor shes too devasted to even comment supposedly,and most of those making comments about the star had all fallen out with michael at some point or another uri geller,paul mccartney,david guest even his own brothers berry gordy all wasnt on speaking terms with the star prior to his death

  18. susy Said,

    None of it makes sense, when you consider Michael Jackson employed “insisted” a Dr. be with him up and until Uk tour was over. MJ was a Narcissist- perfectionist, why would he then go & overdose himself, He looked a lot sicker at time of abuse trials. Why would he get himself fit & make videos if he was going to then pull the plug in the ultimate way, why not go & live a mediocre life and forget about touring, it’s because he cared abut his life and lifestyle and now wanted to make more money for his kids. His kids look happy & healthy, to his credit.. I found it strange that reports of his death came out on TMZ & other media, before it was confirmed & TMZ were saying he was dead when he was on his way to hospital. Did someone in his camp leak this to turn the attention to the hospital & focus off the house. How could Janet Jackson drive into his home the next day & take away his prized possessions when No Will exists or had been read. When a person dies you have to await Will reading before anything is touched! how as his closest sibling could she appear on stage and be so stoic! it’s all strange. If anyone could fake it, he could and may have had a double who O/D. I really hope he did fake it. If not someone is in Big trouble, for not supporting him.

  19. Jasmine Said,

    I have just found this website through another link today and have just watched the helicopter video. I think I can actually see that the body is moving and also the dark strap that goes diagonally round the body comes undone. Did anyone else notice that? I really want to believe Michael is alive and well, because I have not stopped crying since I heard about his death. I have also not stopped thinking the last few days about how there are so many flaws since that 911-phone call. It seems there are too many ‘mistakes’ for Michael’s death to be true. However, I am just speculating.(not in order of preference)

    1 who made that 911 phone call?
    2.Wasting 30 minutes before 911call was made?
    3. CPR procedure should not have been performed on a bed. Period.
    4.There seem to be a hell of a lot of confusion concerning the first coroner’s and second ‘independent autopsy’s’. First autopsy took a matter of days to be concluded which the results had been reported in the media. It’s now been reported that was a ‘fake’. Still no news about the second ‘autopsy’
    5 why did his doctor go ‘missing’ as reported in the media?
    6 Doctor did not sign death certificate.
    7.The most telling of all flaws. . Joe Jackson is supposed to be a ‘grieving’ father who has just lost his son, then why is he in such high spirits? Is this really a father whose son has just died only 6 days ago! No tears, No emotion. He is far more interested in promoting his new record company and bypasses most of the questions concerning his son’s death! Something does not add up. If one of my children died, I would be totally devastated and be a broken woman.

    Too many questions and not enough answers.

    Personally, I have been praying and hoping that Michael IS still alive, and even if he is, It would not annoy me to find out his death was a hoax. In fact, I would be ecstatic! As long as he can now find peace in his life, in which he so richly deserves.

  20. Lila Said,

    Oh my god! Are you retarded? You really don’t believe any of this do you? It’s so sad but, face it people he passed away. No conspiracy here. Also Jim Morrison, Elvis and John Lennon are also dead. Now, please don’t start playing his records backwards looking for clues.

  21. Jon Said,

    If you look at the photo the person in it looks much smaller than michael has much darker skin and also to me looks almost of asian origin like phillipino or thai anyone else see this?

  22. Jon Said,

    How many home recordings are gonna fall out of some closet. Ka-Ching!!!

  23. ladylee1979 Said,

    its obvious why his dad isnt showing any emotion michael disliked his father and even left him out of the will isnt it better that joe shows no emotions becuase if he had broke down in tears im sure there would be plenty of people calling him a liar saying it was all for show when we all know they hadnt spoken in years at least joe isnt laying it on thick pretending,also this 2nd autopsy lark is more to do with the family trying to find someone to blame to hide thier own guilt that they didnt stop michaels abuse of pills,why did michael insist on having dr murray with him at all times?its obvious addicts will do anything and he wanted a dealer on hand 24/7 so to speak,i also read that michael was witnessed to be seen crossing the mexico boarder late thursday night but suprise suprise the witnesses want to remain annonymas and if there was any doubt in the police mind that he was alive and kicking they would of said so by now,and theres nothing more in this world i want right now to hear the words it was a hoax michael is alive and kicking id never be angry i would be over the moon to hear those words love u mike xxx

  24. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    OH MY LORD!!! I can`t belive that Michael actuelly has a clone of himself.. a FRIEND OF HIS, who have had surgury, to look more like Michael, the friend said. And he looked kinda chinese. That is why, he sometimes have been wearing the mask… OH DEAR GOD. What the hell does that mean. Is Michael still alive? i just saw it in a video on one of the other pages on this site.. I can`t believe it

  25. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Im telling ya right now. THat picture of MJ in the abulance. IS FAKE

  26. heisalive Said,

    ladylee, you are absolutely on target with all you say, I read your post with great interest, yes yes and yes is my response to it! I

    Michael Jackson endured, shouldered and bore a full load which is overwhelming to any human being, twiceover taxing on a gentle vulnerable soul that he is. People tend to forget all of that and only see the “Moonwalking Performer” in him and not the troubled human being whose entire grotesque appearance was a loud cry for help that NOBODY HEARD OR ANSWERED !!! ???

    Joe Jackson, the old man,is t-h-e poorest excuse of a creature from the pit of hell, the look in his eyes gives me the willies ! “”"shiver”"”

    Here is a man whose love of money is the “thrill” of all evil and he cannot get enough of it, relentlessly milking the Michael Jackson cashcow showing NO emotion or sorrow of his son’s alleged passing.

    Joe Jackson will ONE day have to answer to a Judge high and powerful he cannot run away from, but worseover, will have to pay a price so high (and hot!)for what he has done to this child-man: Michael Jackson …

    Can anyone, anyone at all ! blame Michael Jackson for staging his own “death” in a desperate bid to escape all th madess and get away from it all ? I think not !

  27. suzz Said,

    well can really belive that he is still alive… i lean moer to that he is… but alot of stuff doesnt add up and doesnt make sense and what not… like that picture of michael in the amblunce …. it could be him but im noty sure ive tried o kind of compare it… and i cant say if it or isnt….. and in the video when his “body” is in the helicopter it does look like it moved or the head lift up…… but did any of you guys watch his memorial when paris his daughter came up and spoke… she aws heart broken and fell apart crying…… to me that seemed real…. why would she cry like that?

  28. Happytomato Said,

    Sorry, I am confused about the causes of MJ’death.
    Was he drug addicted? According to Raymone Bain : no

    Watch also this other video

  29. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    NOONE is allowed to blame Michael “if he faked his own death”. And those of you who wanna keep judgeing him or Blameing him, you can to to hell right now. I really understand why he would do that. All he ever wanted is some peace. Noone can be blamed for that. Michael I love you more

  30. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    has anyone heard, of his private handwritten diary being found?

  31. He.is.alive Said,

    MyBelovedMJ: Before you again threaten anyone else with rhetoric such as: “they can go to hell” because their stated facts/opinions may not strike your fancy, FIRST avail yourself of what “hell” is all about:
    http://www.flairfordesign.com/hell.html .. FYI !

  32. niccih Said,

    Hello fellow MJ fans
    I think MJ would be proud that the observations made on this site are from those who refuse to take what the media says at face value.

  33. Angel36 Said,

    Don’t anyone think its strange that his beloved friends like Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Ross and even Liza Minelli have a own website and on none of the websites there is a in memorian of mj.
    I think that best friends would do that if they lost their friend.

  34. Angel36 Said,

    And also i looked at the site of Macauley Culkin and Christ Tucker and there is nothing to be found about an in memorian of mj.

    Strange isn´t it!

  35. supermom75 Said,

    she is saying he was not drug addicted and he wasn’t michael would never use drugs like that i still think this has to do with the insurence claim and i believe his family is in on it cause it states they will not be covered if he dies of natrual causes and they will be covered if he dies of drug overdose i smell something not good and in those video’s if he looked really good like was asleep why not an open casket still the question he may have been threatened into this hoax i am really glad you showed me this cause i did not remeber his family ever tryint o get him off drugs man what is the jackson family doin to his name

  36. supermom75 Said,

    evryone type in this in search jackals close in on jackson three everyone from granny to record bosses and there barely seen mother are cashing in if michael is alive he better come out quick cause thekids are in danger from everyone as i can see it and his family only wants his money they are not morning and his mother stop protecting them and everything like michael asked her too i do not understand why would they do this to michael

  37. Andrea Said,

    Why are people so worried as to who the kids will go to? OBVIOUSLY since MJ isn’t dead, they’ll be going to him either way. HOWEVER, in any circumstance when a custody battle is going on, if the kids are old enough – they ask who the kids want to be with. Unless they are too young to decide for themselves. So uh, yeah. Just sayin.

  38. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Niccih. I hear you. I think that Michael would be proud of that aswell. He always wanted people to look at the facts, and not look at what the media was saying. Cause it was ALWAYS BS. Just like these days

  39. niccih Said,

    Thanks MyBelovedMJ. It’s too bad MJ was so misunderstood when it came to spreading unconditional Love throughout a world full of negativity.

  40. bghoppy Said,

    he.is.alive, that was totally unnecessary. Are u the same one who posted the link to the fundamentalist christian site with the doc who saw MJ leaving UCLA? How about we all concentrate on the facts and realities of life here on EARTH. (not to mention the hypocracy in judging others, throwing stones and what not)

  41. ejay5131 Said,

    with regards to the ambulance video,

    Is it this drivers first day…why does he need like 3 people guiding him out as he backs up.

    Why are the guys in the black suits so casually standing there, not even pushing people away as they film? Yet they sure try to beat the hell outta people when MJ is leaving Drs offices and people are trying to get pics and stuff.

    Nobody knows why the ambulance is there or for who, yet the guy filming says” were not sure if Mj is dead or not” how do they know they were there for MJ?


    after seeing that the front of MJs house has a round about drive way WHY DID THEY NEED TO BACK UP THE AMBULANCE?????

  42. dynamite Said,

    Yah why didnt they go round the roundabout instead of reversing slowly back?
    Good find Ejay5131

  43. He.is.alive Said,

    Supermom: no ! The kids are not in danger, you are underestimating Debbie Rowe. She does not strike me as some patsy who is going to stand by and watch old Joe walk away with HER kids, au contraire, she is going to flex her muscles on this one, if for no other reason, but to knock poppa Joe out of the loop.

    I am convinced that NO Judge will grant custody to an 80 year old man who is a child abuser, living a rather shady life with babes and all in sin city Las Vegas, separated from the missus and very ready to obviously exploit these kids for his own benefit, not gonna happen !

    While the Geraldo Rivera show aired earlier this evening, breaking news report said that Debbie Rowe and Gramma Jackson struck a custody deal that leaves poppa Joe outta da loop, this might all be a matter of officially signing the papers at this point !

    I salute “get out of my way”tuff-lady Debbie Roweif she showed her brass and power as the assumed biological mother of 2 of these kids, surely little Blanket’s wellbeing is part of the equation and I would like to see a FEMALE Judge handling this, bring it to a close and send poppa Joe to Timbuktu for everymore goodbye.

    God bless these children, they are dealing with way too much at such a young age …..

  44. supermom75 Said,

    mybeloved mj that is navi sweeti he was the main one he paid to be seen in town so michael could get places he made ppl think it was michael so he could slip away if you look around online you will find lots of pictures of navi and michael he also went to the london confrence too i think he is part of this hiding him thing

  45. He.is.alive Said,

    bghoppy: nope that was NOT me.

    But FYI and by the way, I AM a christian and am not ashamed of Jesus nor the gospel, nor christianity, got it ?

  46. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Thank you Supermom75

  47. ejay5131 Said,

    Do we all agree it’s not him!!!! Take a look, a REAL GOOD LOOK!! Especially at the eyebrows.

    24 hours before:


    Ambulance photo:

    Look at the shape in the eyebrows. The “ambulance MJ’ has eyebrows that go right towards the bridge of his nose. The “rehearsal MJ” has eyebrows that end much further in( there is a larger gap between them). The eyebrows are also arched differently. The only way the eyebrows could meet closer to the bridge of the nose is if he was “pushing his brows together” like we do when were mad(I can’t think of the descriptive name for that right now.)

  48. Mojofi Said,

    LOOK guys more i read more i get confused.
    I now think MJ is REALLY DEAD.
    We have to accept it that our dear lover MJ is dead and we should finally grife him properly. I don’t know how he is going to come out and say he is not dead.

    How will he explain himself? This is not funny.

    The pic on the casket is not but for sure but more and more am thinking this is not funny to say My son is dead and to let fans around the world to spend money and travel to his funeral.

    My worry is will he not be sent to jail for soem sort of frudd?

    Anyway i’ll keep reading you guys. I just watch E! TV and the saw THS of MJ and it’s proves he si really dead .

    hhhmmm too sad

  49. Inuyasha Said,

    I watched TV at work the day he “died” …I work with a girl whose sister works in the hospital where MJ was taken.She was sending SMS messages from UCLA to us and tried to keep us updated but couldn’t find out anything.she said noone from hospital staff was allowed to go to floor he was at,no chance to get closer to the room he was at,she asked later what was going on and was told quess what:nothing.I thought she would be able to get more info since she was one of the doctors in the hospital…strange.

  50. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I believe that Michael DIDNT die in the hospital, they would have told her, as a doctor working there, she had the right to know. Im going crazy. I love him to much to let him go yet, Im not ready for that. I think and hope he is still alive.

  51. bradrach321 Said,

    Although I would love to believe that MJ is out there alive and well, and the more I look at this site the more I’m considering it as a possibility, I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on these points, please?

    1) If the man announcing the dates for the 02 concerts was a fake, due to this ‘hand’ theory, then how would one expect all of the crew, dancers, AEG organisers etc. etc. to keep quiet about rehearsals that just didn’t exist? And if they were preparing for the 50 dates, then why the need for a double?

    2) Although Michael was worth a LOT it is well known that he didn’t have enough money to fund his expensives in the latter months/years of his life. And even if he had all the money in the world, I don’t understand how me would be able to pay off the coroners office to give a fake report. Or create a fake body for them to test. Famous or an average joe, people go through specific procedures when they pass, Michael Jackson included. And someone would have said something by now if these procedures weren’t carried out by the right people.

    3) If Michael Jackson never actually entered the hospital.. how does that add up? Someone would have clocked that there were no actual Doctors working on him etc.

    I’m sorry but I think that there would be too much to explain if this was a hoax..


    There are a few things that allow me to hope that this whole website has discovered the truth; the fact that Michael -or whoever was in charge of such things- never did whatever celebrities do to prevent people listening to their calls; allowing lots of people to suddenly hear about the ‘death’ and create havoc outside the hospital, making it much easier to pull off a hoax.

    But, after all is said and down I think everyone here including myself are obviously ardent MJ fans that just cannot let go. I’m devastated at this loss, but; there just isnt enough evidence to prove this ‘hoax’ is anything other than just wishful thinking.

    And I would like to say that the picture of him does not look so unbelievably different to himself, his eyes are shut and his mouth covered and his nose slightly distorted in the picture, therefore all focal points are unreachable and we cannot tell either way. I do wish that we had more conclusive proof of his death but after all before anything else this wonderful man was a father, a son and a brother and I think the fact that there havn’t been pictures etc. is simply because it would be morbid and wrong.

    I will love MJ forever, no matter what, and I’m sure he has now found peace.

    But I would like someone to try to explain what I cannot quite understand as of yet…

  52. deyana Said,

    Hi,everybody!I am so glad that from now on I am a member of the biggest family :MICHAEL JACKSON’S FAMILY!I joined you in order to figure out what is all about!I am a huge fan of MJ and I want to help in finding out what happened!

  53. deyana Said,

    Michael is not dead!There are few days since I discovered this site and I read everything.I have some of my own questions and I think that if we stay together we will succed in “having a word” about all these.

  54. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    TO Bradrach.

    Im gonna try to answer your question the way i see it.

    Michael was NOT up for 50 concert dates, only 10, they tricked him into it. Yes he has debt, but not more than he can pay off people to help him with this. In my opinion, Michael has been planning this for about a year, mabye more. He knows exactly what to do, trust me on that. As you know, Michael loves practical pranks, he belives in magic, and he loves disgueses. Let me put it this way, Michael could have puleld this off, like scracthing the back of his head. Aparrently after what i understood, from one of the former posts, nurses at the hopsital, thought somethign was weird when Michael came in there. They were not alloed to know anything about what happent, and when they asked, they would get the message ” Nothing”. Ehhh Why the hell would they say nothing? The worlds most famous superstar is about to “Die” and all they can say is nothing. That really dosent make any sence. And that picture in the ambulance, NOT Michael, thats all im gonna say.
    We all know that the papparazi, is scum, trust me on this, they would have done ANYTHING to get pictures of Michael, even after he died. But they didnt. Hmmm. Seems weird, considering that they would have done all kinda syuff to get more pictures. Noone has actuely seen Michael`s body, exept from the family, oh yeah, realible source, comeon.
    There was no public weiving of him in the casket, no tears or any other emotions, from the family at that memoriel. No deathsatificate has been signed, by any doctor, and the first 2 otopsy reports, i belive thay are FAKE. Everyone can make those. Hell i Could have made one if i wanted. half my family is doctors.
    Nothing adds up.
    I will believe that Michael is dead, when i see his body. So far i havent.

  55. deyana Said,

    Hi!I just found out that MJ’s rehearsals for the this is it tour are going to cost 50 million dollars and I do not think that trying to get money over a dead man is a thing to do.I am a Christian and in my country this thing does notr happens.I have another reason to think that all this is a hoax,because the AEG was assured,right?And now, they say they want to cover up the 30 mil.expenses they had with this tour???!!!!
    Also the doctors are off the charge of murder,but still accused????????????????????????How it can happen?
    Tito says that MJ”should be alone at his Neverland”!?That is a strange thing to say

    Please try to figure this out!

  56. MyBelovedMJ Said,


    I dont believe in my heart that Michael is dead. Somethign tells me his not. Do me a favour would you, do not listen to the media. AEG Knows something im sure of that.
    About the doctor, they cant really prove anything, there havent been a 3rd otopsy, and to be hornest, I think they need to get their stories straigth. Some of them (The Jackson family) Is very close to burn the bridges to where Michael might be.
    They have to get a grip

  57. deyana Said,

    Thx for your advice,but I can assure you I do not give a s…..t about media and I do not give credit for what they say or write!I myself had been a victim of these crazy people and I left the scene!
    All I want is to find out the truth!That is all!
    YOU seem a prettty nice person!
    to MyBelovedMJ

  58. deyana Said,

    I know it far too good to believe them!You cannot imagine what they can do to you!Kisses and let”s go on!

  59. Mojofi Said,


    So if AEG knows something what could that be or do you mean they know he is ALIVE?

    We know Mike was not up for 50 concerts and am sure we all will agree with him and as much as we want to see him i personally don’t think he should bother with the stage any more.

    Maybe that is also why he wanted us to think he is dead.
    I also think he interntionally eat little to make peopel think he was not well .

    I say this b’cos in 2002 to mid 2003 he was quit full so mayeb after the trail he maybe wanted to do this “death” thing and don’t forget if Lisa Marie said Mike told him this is how he thinks he will die, then i say hhhmmm.

    If really Mike feared of dying like this then why in this world would he keep taking these so call pain killers?

    Maybe he was getting the pain killers to mount some sort of evidance for the “death hoax” but he was not actually taking them.

    Bear in mind that his former British body gaurd said he saw Mike had pain killers BUT NEVER SAW HIM TAKING THE PILLS. So it could be that he was just gathering them for this ” HOAX DEATH”, that way peopel may belive that the Pain Killers caused his death.

    What do you guys thinks? I think that could be the case

  60. Mojofi Said,

    Hey have you hear about the new claims, that MJ dead holding to a DOLL? hhmm very what do you think about that? How can someone who is die in teh arms of a DOLL? i don’t really get it pew :-S

  61. Mojofi Said,


    Yes i remember all that. The Body gaurd also said the MJ was not like soem DRUG addict but just that they THINk he was addictted to PAIN KILLERS. It’d good he made that very clear on TV .

  62. dunno_it Said,

    Now, guys what is your opinion about the “diary” theory?

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