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Is the King of Pop really dead?

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Digitally Created, this image is said to be Michael Jackson’s Final Rehearsal the night before he died.

This image has sparked a lot of controversy over the past couple of weeks. What at first appeared to be the ‘only’ image in existance that placed Michael Jackson at Rehearsals for his Concert tour the night before he died, now seems to be something very different.

Several users on this site have previously pointed out the possiblity that this image may have been ‘photoshopped’.

With theses suspicions pointed out, we here at MJHD decided to take it one step further and have the image analysed by a professional photographer.

The professional photographer who analysed this image under a microscope and also using digital editing software, unfortunately wishes to remain anonymous, however their findings are none-the-less fascinating and we would still like to share them with you.

Firstly, the most obvious problem with this photograph is the fact that the bottom part of the ‘S’ is missing from between MJ’s legs. Some people have said that that is because of the angle of where he is standing, and the ramp.

Our expert disagrees.

He analysed the width of the top of the ‘S’ and said that without a doubt, we should at least see some part of the curve of the bottom of the ‘S’ between his legs. Secondly, there should also be some kind of scaffolding or lighting between his legs, but it is completly matt black on close inspection.

Secondl, he began looking at the background as a whole, and found that it is completely digital, according to our expert. It is missing vital elements of light and dark. The shadows, are not dark enough and there is no flaring of the lights on the floor of the scaffold, or the metal scaffold itself. The only ‘lighting’ present is the bluish ‘lensflare’ that can be seen, however our expert agrees that this is a simple element that can be added with Photoshop.

Also, the light at the bottom left foreground of the shot is very rendered, which apparently, is also a tell tale sign of digital work.

When we showed our expert the ‘footage’ of Michael performing ‘They don’t really care about us’, wearing the same clothes, but with NO ‘THIS IS IT’ background, he agreed that it does look as though his image has been taken from this time (which could have been years ago judging by the hairstyle) and placed as a layer on top of this pre-designed background.

The other thing to consider is that Michael Jackson was rehearsing for his concert in the Los Angeles Staple Center. The concerts were never going to be performed here. Why then, would there need to be any kind of background at all, considering it was just rehearsals? Wouldn’t such an expensive and important background needed to be in London’s O2 Arena?

Take a second look at the footage here, and make up your own mind.


It has been noted by many Michael Jackson Fans on this site that this particular routine is the same as a routine Michael did on one of his tours years ago. We believe that this is true, and that this rehearsal footage is from that same tour…years ago. Why then is the Media ’selling’ it to us as footage from the 23rd June 2009?

We believe that for the ‘Death’ of Michael Jackson to be believeable, it’s vital for all of us to be fooled into thinking that he was rehearsing late into the night 12 hours before his death. Someone wants us to think this is where he was and this is what he was doing. According to our expert, this image could have been created at any time….which begs the question…if Michael Jackson was NOT rehearsing the night before he died in LA like we’ve all been told…then where was he?


“THIS IS IT! – Isolation Cam – Audition Final – LA Staples Center
This is the full 4:16 raw and unedited clip released by AEG Live Group of the June 23rd, Staples Center Rehearsal and Final Cut Audition [no Network Logos], showing MJ observing, relaxed but frantically chewing gum, then standing, and briefly addressing dancers chosen for O2 London tour. The second half is the clip you’ve seen all over the media and YouTube.”

It seems very odd to us that the first clip of Michael Jackson at these Rehearsals has him looking as we had all seen him during that time…the shoulder-length straight hair. But the clip which is cut directly after that which is supposedly of Michael Rehearsing for these concerts, shows him with Long Curly Hair, which is reminiscent of his style from several years ago. Why would he wear a wig of a hairstyle he had several years ago for a concert in 2009?

Could it be possible that the footage of Michael Jackson ‘Rehearsing’ for these London O2 Concerts was in fact a rehearsal from several years ago…cut together on the same tape, to make us all think that he was doing the rehearsals the night before he died, just like AEG told us….when in fact he was already hiding out, half way around the world, ready willing and able to put his whole Death Hoax Plan in Place?


NB: Thank you to Francesca for bringing this to our attention.

Michael Jackson could go on tour from beyond the grave. Plans are being hatched for a hologram image of  The King of Pop to appear on stage beside his brothers for a series of concerts, News of the World reported.

Jackson’s dad Joe and his brothers Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Jackie who were part of the Jackson 5, are behind the idea. They aim to have footage of Michael from his past group and solo tours projected at gigs next year.

The Thriller star would be following Elvis Presley, who “toured” the world in 2006 – nearly 30 years after his death – when a hologram of him was projected alongside a band and orchestra.

A friend of the Jackson family said: “They think the best memorial to Michael would be to have him back on stage for that final time – like he wanted. Michael’s dad and brothers think a world tour, where footage of Michael is projected on stage alongside live musicians, will go down a storm.” Yes, and we’re sure they also think we all believe that they’re just doing it as a ‘Memorial’ – with absolutely nothing to do with the insane mountain of money they would make in the process.

“They also believe Michael’s children will appreciate seeing him on stage in front of his fans as that’s something they never did. They think Michael would love the idea that he did fulfil his comeback dream by following what Elvis did. It is the perfect tribute to their superstar brother,” says News of the World.

It’s interesting to note that even the family are saying that Michael’s dream was to follow what Elvis did…..like faking his death for instance?

…and, Tribute? Right. Putting his children in the spotlight once again, the same children that he so desperately kept hidden for 95% of their lives before his ‘death’, is something I’m sure he would never have wanted…especially after having made their debut at his Memorial.

We believe that if the family is indeed going to perform this tour, that it is just more evidence to suggest that Michael Jackson is alive. The money made from such a tour would set all of them, and Michael up for the rest of their lives. Michael’s debts would have already been written off, due to his ‘death’ and he can enjoy his hassle free, relaxed life with his real children, while watching the concerts (for a change) from the comfort of his living room sofa in his new house hidden somewhere in Bahrain or Mexico.

This Exclusive Footage was obtained by CNN and shows Michael Jackson rehearsing for his O2 Concerts the night before he died.

The clip, which sees Jackson performing “They Don’t Care About Us”, appears to add some validity to the belief that the iconic pop star was indeed healthy in the days prior to his death. It was apparently recorded in multi-camera, high-definition video and multi-track audio (how convenient), and could be released in the coming months….

Michael Jackson waves to fans at his Final Press Conference in March 2009.

Michael Jackson waves to fans at his Final Press Conference in March 2009.

There seem to be so many conflicting stories in regards to the true state of Michael Jackson’s health prior to his death on Thursday 25th June. It’s a well known fact that Jackson had been following a gruelling schedule in preparation for his much anticipated ‘This is it Tour at London’s O2 Arena.

After the announcement of the Concerts, demand for tickets proved to be enormous, and the run was eventually extended to 50 concerts, with hundreds of thousands of tickets sold. The dates were spread over several months, starting in early July and stretching well into 2010. The first four dates were later postponed, ostensibly because the singer needed more time for dress rehearsals in the venue. Some people close to the singer expressed doubt whether he would be able to pull off so many concerts.

In preparation for the London performances, Jackson had to undergo a five-hour physical examination. AEG Live Chief Executive Randy Phillips said in March that Mr. Jackson had “passed with flying colors.” Mr. Jackson’s agreement with AEG Live, owned by Denver billionaire Phil Anschutz, included an option to extend the concert series even further into a world-wide tour over three years or more. All told the tour could have earned him $400 million.

While rehearsing for the tour, reports began to surface that Jackson was addicted to several different ‘painkillers’. 10 hour-a-day rehearsals, depression and massive amounts of pressure to ‘perform’ at an optimum level have painted a picture that Jackson allegedly ‘upped the anti’ and relied heavily on these drugs in order to ‘get through each day’.

There are reports from sources who were in attendance at the Concert Rehearsals which give the impression that there was no evidence of any fatigue or health problems prior to Jacksons death. 

“He was working hard, setting the example, overseeing the choreography, kicking butt and taking names,” said Johnny Caswell, president of CenterStaging Musical Productions Inc., a Burbank sound stage where Jackson rehearsed until late May. “He was ready to blow everybody out of the water. This was going to be the biggest extravaganza, entertainment spectacle ever.”

On the night before he died, his rehearsal went into the early hours of Thursday morning. “He looked great and had great energy. He wasn’t singing at full level, but it was as beautiful as ever,” Ed Alonzo said, a concert magician/comedian hired by Jackson. “He didn’t even take a moment to grab a bottle of water or take a rest. He went from one number to the other. ‘Let’s do that again.’ He wanted to look at props for the ‘Thriller’ number, a gigantic spider. He was dancing, singing, joking with the crew. If he was having any aches or pains, nobody knew about it that night.”

Other conflicting reports are telling a much darker story. The Guardian’s Sam Jones reports on Jackson’s last hours of life.

‘At 10pm on Wednesday Michael Jackson arrived at the 20,000-seat Staples Centre arena in downtown Los Angeles to rehearse for a comeback tour that he would not live to embark on.

His band, backing singers and dancers had been kept waiting for three hours to go through the show that was intended to regild his crown as the King of Pop. They saw a thin, listless and lethargic figure take the stage.

Despite his frailty and increasingly fading resemblance to the vigorous showman he had been two decades ago, Jackson practised late into the night. If he was unusually ill or upset, those present at the Staples Centre say they saw no sign of it.’

With all of the speculation in mind, perhaps Michael Jackson NEVER intended to perform any of these concerts. He did, after all postpone them, which also gave fuel to the fire that his ‘health’ was to blame. If we think about it for a moment, if Michael Jackson had died of a ‘Cardiac Arrest’ without having had these Concerts scheduled, the gruelling rehearsals, and the pressure to ‘keep in shape’, wouldn’t we all be VERY suspicious? If he hadn’t been ‘working so hard’ at rehearsals, why then would we believe that he simply dropped dead at the young age of 50 with no prior history of heart disease?

The concerts scheduled in London were a perfect way to point the spotlight back to Michael Jackson in order to make us believe that they were the cause of his untimely death. The media, fans and the world were all very quick to believe that’s why he had a heart attack. Once again, a veil has been draped over our eyes, and we are only seeing what they want us to see. The story just seems too set-up and ‘rehearsed’ as it were, to be believable. It’s almost too convenient that as soon as Michael Jackson started rehearsing again, he started taking more drugs, worked too hard and had a heart attack.

What we are all forgetting is that THIS IS WHAT HE HAS DONE HIS WHOLE LIFE! If you believe the heresay, you will also believe that he has also taken drugs his entire life. Why is it now a defining factor in his death? If stress and drug taking was to play a huge part in his death, then wouldn’t he have died during the trial of Child Sex Abuse in 2005? That must have been an extremely stressful time for him. Much more stressful, depressing and taxing on his health than preparing for performances which is something that would most likely be second nature to him.

The aptly named Michael Jackson ‘This is it’ Tour announced in London in March 2009 may have been a code for his impending plan to ‘fake his own death’, sources say. Michael Jackson made thousands of fans wait for over an hour, before he stepped to the stage for a brief message to his fans announcing his “final concerts in London ever”10 shows at the O2 Arena set for July 2009.

In Jackson’s brief speech, he said simply “”This is it. My final performances in London. The final curtain call.”

How could he ever know it was going to be his ‘final curtain call’, unless he had some kind of plan for the future? Perhaps it was a plan to ‘remove himself’ from society to live the life of solitary happiness that he always craved, away from the spotlight. His upcoming tour is said to have raised $50 million in revenue, so perhaps this is the paycheck he was needing in order to go ahead with the plot to ‘fake his own death’.

There are also possible clues to his impending death due to the fact that he postponed 3 of his opening tour dates to March 2010. Randy Phillips, head of AEG Live says the delays have “absolutely nothing” to do with the king of pop’s health.

“I would trade my body for his tomorrow. He’s in fantastic shape,” Phillips told the BBC.  It would now seem that his health was apparently a major issue if reports of his Cardiac Arrest are to be believed.

If we are going to indulge the possibility of a Hoax, however, then there is also no denying that the heights of the late singer’s debt. He recently reached a $200 million millstone of debt, says a California lawsuit, and he’s reportedly trying to stave off bankruptcy, scraping by on a million bucks a month.
His parents, Joe and Katherine had already filed for bankruptcy, claiming debts of $45 million and assets of around $400,000. 
“Michael Jackson is a ticking financial time bomb, waiting to explode at any moment,” says a lawsuit that seeks to freeze Jackson’s Neverland assets.

The company behind the lawsuit says it arranged $230 million in loans for the singer between 1998 and 2000, and he owes them $12 million. The suit says he used much of the money to refinance earlier loans.

On top of his money woes, the late singer had already faced molestation charges, but was later acquitted. His records weren’t selling the way they used to, and he didn’t want to go home to his Neverland ranch since sheriffs “violated” the place by searching it. 

At the time of his death, Michael Jackson was renting a 37,000 square-foot mansion and cliffside estate for $100,000 a month.

With all of the financial, career, family and personal pressure, perhaps that is one reason why he made the announcement to the world that ‘This is it’.

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