Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

The following information has been sourced from www.weeklyworldnews.com

NEW YORK, NY – Has ‘The King of Pop’ imitated ‘The King’ by faking his own death?

In a 1994 issue of Weekly World News, it was predicted that superstar Michael Jackson was so heartsick with the nightmare his troubled life had become, he would fake his own death – just like Elvis!

“Michael Jackson, like Elvis, is sick and tired of being larger than life and wants to get a life,” said world-renowned psychic and metaphysician Dr. Andy Reiss at the time.

“The superstar trip has trapped Michael in Neverland. Also there’s a very good chance he could end up in prison if he’s convicted of child sex abuse.

“The only way out of this mess he’s in is to fake his death, cut his hair and go underground,” says Dr. Reiss, who specializes in celebrity predictions.

Dr. Reiss believes The Gloved One will try to escape his hellish existence by “dying” in Neverland, his remote amusement park retreat.

“The cover story will be that Michael Jackson suffered a fatal heart attack while riding his Ferris wheel. Jackson’s ‘remains’ will be cremated and his ‘ashes’ will be scattered on the grounds of his estate,” he explains.

“The only way for Michael to start a fresh new life is to end the grotesque  life he has now. He learned the trick from Elvis.”

While Jackson did not end his days at his beloved Neverland, he did indeed “die” of a heart attack on the afternoon of June 25th 2009.

Did Jackson’s plans come to fruition? Is he still alive somewhere?


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  1. MJ Killed by Illuminati Said,

    Michael was killed. Who killed him? It’s definitely a conspiracy on the level of 911 with the media complicit.

    For the last 6 months, someone was planted “Michael Jackson will DIE in 6 months.” This was back in January ‘09. How would they know that? Was it a way to acclimate the public to Jackson’s death ahead of his death to make it not a surprise if it happened?

    Michael was practicing at the Staple Center in LA for his concert the day before he died. He had a FULL concert which I’m certained he taped because he did this in the past. So, we will see this concert to detect his demeanor and health. You have Fox News claiming “he was lethargic and couldn’t make through the rehersals. Who called Fox with this story? People who were there including the dancer said he was in great form, upbeat, and excited about the upcoming concert.

    Michael went through a 4 hour physical for an insurance company who insured the concerts. He had no issues.

    Then you have him calling his friend the night before saying “he wasn’t feeling well.” The next morning you have this physician, Dr. Murray, who was ONLY his physician for the LAST 2 MONTHS at his side during his death. This physicians disappears after his death, hasn’t talked to the Jackson family, and hasn’t spoken to Coroner.

    The Coroner gives his statement of “No Foul Play.” How does he know that? This physician could have given him shots to kill him. During the 911 call, this physician had Michael’s body on the bed giving CPR. The dispatcher had to TELL the physician to put Michael in the FLOOR to give him CPR. Something isn’t right with this story.

    I think someone killed Michael Jackson using what they knew he had a problem with “prescription drugs.” They are using what they think people will easily believe because of his past.

    Who planted this story with the National Enquirer on January 12th, 2009 issue, claiming Michael would “die in 6 months?” The National Equirer claims “pals.” Is “pals,” THE CIA?


    Photo by: Splash News Online
    The ENQUIRER reported months ago that worried pals feared Michael Jackson would die in the next six months!

    FROM JANUARY 12, 2009: Michael Jackson is dying – and has only six months to live, pals fear.

    Sadly, the desperately ill star is bedridden much of the time, and his electrifying stage performances are a thing of the past, reveal sources.

    Incredible reports surfaced in late December that Jackson is battling a rare, deadly genetic disorder and requires a lung transplant. Although the singer denied the reports, The ENQUIRER was told by sources that his health is deteriorating rapidly because of a crippling addiction to painkillers and alcohol.

    A source close to the star divulged: “It’s tragic. His condition is just so far gone, I’d be surprised if he lasts six months.

    “Painkillers and booze have caught up with him. The only way he was able to cope with the stress of sex scandals and his roller-coaster life was to mask the pain with substance abuse.

    “But the end result is an addiction that will kill him.”

    King Bizarro’s dependency on drugs “dates back to when his hair was burned making a Pepsi commercial,” said the close source. Twenty-five years later, “the drugs simply have ravaged him.”

    Michael’s in “really, really bad shape,” claims the family friend. “He’s been sick for six to eight months and he just keeps getting worse.

    “His muscles and lungs are deteriorating, and he’s bedridden much of the time. He can walk, but not for very long.

    “On good days, Michael is able to take his kids to a bookstore. But he’s never out for more than an hour. He has very little strength…It’s ultimately in God’s hands.”

    But a spokesman for Jackson vehemently denies the star is ill, saying: “Mr. Jackson is in fine health” and is in negotiations for a concert tour and TV projects.

    “Michael’s fighting for his life,” the close source concluded. “And it doesn’t look good.”

  2. Tejur Star Jetur Said,

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the whole thing was a put on to pay off that half a billion debt by boosting sales of records & memorabilia &/or to change mike’s whole identity so he can get a chance to see what it’s like to live like us normal abnormal dysfunctional functioning folks. But since the truth is that drugs or rather a cocktail of drugs over a long period of time is what eventually took his life or rather took the life out of him, I guess that is the most believable realistically speaking. I am just glad he was in such high spirits even in the end.
    Tejur Star Jetur

  3. Anthony Tomei Said,

    Michael Jackson most certainly faked his death. All his belongings are being transfered to neverland, it has been reported that the movers signed a confidentiality agreement. Also… If I were a detective the first person I would want to talk to would be Paul MCartney! BUT…

    Since Michael DID fake his own death that wouldn’t be an option. His parents are conducting all of his business and soon Neverland ranch will reopen and a new Michael Jackson album with be promoted under Joe Jackson’s NEW record company. JUST WATCH!

  4. Andrew Said,

    If Michael Jackson is dead then why does each story keep changing. At first it was reported that Jackson was looking great the night before his “Death”. From what I read online about the so called autopsy Jackson couldn’t talk, move, or anything because he was a human skeleton. Then the video of Michael Jackson “body” in the body bag was sitting up like a Michael Myers in Halloween H2O. Explain to me how a body looks like it was sitting up if the body is dead?

  5. wishful09 Said,

    I believe the story keeps changing because people are simply messing up. If many people are involved, then the story more than likely will continue to change. I do think it is possible that Michael was murdered, but I am most believing of the fact that he may have faked his death. I would hate to think he was murdered. It eases my mind to believe that he is somewhere happy seeing how so many people are grieving for him.

    It’s a very strong possiblity he faked his death because Jermaine is almost too persistent on the fact that he wants Michael’s body buried in Neverland. Yet, he doesnt want a memorial there. They keep changing burial places almost as if they are checking with Michael himself. I know this sounds crazy but just hear me out. Why would they choose to have a memorial at the Staples Center? That’s too eerie. I realize the demand of the fans, but at some point you would be like this is too much. Thats an odd place for a memorial especially since he was just rehearsing there last week. Also, they keep stating that this memorial is all about the fans, as if to lead to something else. It may just be my wishful thinking but Im assuming something is going to go down on Tuesday. If not Tuesday,then on his birthday. If not then, then I will accept that he may have actually passed away. All of these people comming out saying he abused drugs seem a bit off to me. The way the news outlets latch on to everything is disturbing. Really, it’s quite easy to do this even if you are Michael because the media believes anything sources tell them. Something is not right, so to question the posssibility of him being alive is not ridiculous. Go back over the stories since last week and read them. You all will find that nothing really matches up until this suspicious nurse comes forward. Then all of a sudden there is the same drug found in his home days later. So very convient.

  6. Happytomato Said,

    How many decoys did he used to have ?

  7. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    OH MY LORD!!! I can`t belive that Michael actuelly has a clone of himself.. a FRIEND OF HIS, who have had surgury.. OH DEAR GOD. What the hell does that mean. Is he still alive?

  8. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    It is final, my love is gone. None of this in Staple Center Today was fake. Paris, talked to her father in the microphone at last, ans she said and i quote: Ever since i was born, my dadi has been the best dadi ever, i love you so much. And then he had a complete Breakdown. She is an 11 year old girl, how could she fake that. He is NOT alive. He is gone . I finally got it today, a part of me just died. To see that coffin with Michael`s body, that was just to hard. I finally got it. My lovedone is gone. And he will not “apear” on stage ever again. Not even in London, like some has said. He is really gone. My heart is so broken, i can`t believe it. My message to Michael, is the same as the one Latoya wrote: Michael, after 50 years of waiting, God has finally called you home, to do what you do best.
    He shared your extrodenary talent with us all for many decates, and now it`s time for you to spread your wings to a much higer level, wich ofcause I know you will do, and join the other Angels, and give them an incredeble performance. And keep the Angels smileing. I love you deeply and i can`t wait to see you perform again. Mike, you will always be in my dreams. I love you so very, very, very, very, much

  9. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Even tough we didn`t get to see his body, i know he was in that coffin

  10. heisalive Said,

    I am convinced 100+% that Michael Jackson staged his own death to escape and go on with a NORMAL live elsewhere … that is what my inner voice has been telling me since the moment his “death” was announced and it keeps quickening me ongoing. I am also a legal professional and am looking at this matter as a “case” and all the elements thereof, like Discovery to name just one. Michael Jackson certainly has the brass bleeps, the contacts, resources, loyals and most of all the MONEY and wherewithall at large to inscene such a “show” like this ! He married Elvis’ DNA, Lisa Marie and while married to her, got the goods from her on how Elvis’ death was staged and successfully “sold” to the public by the satanic media back in 1977. Based on extensive research and existing evidence by several credible individuals and successful tripup’s by journalists of Lisa Marie and Priscilla both, it is VERY clear that Elvis did not die at Graceland and is in all likelihood in hiding via the US Witness Protection Program as a former official Federal Agent.
    No doubt in my mind that Michael Jackson, for his own set of reasons staged his “death” like Elvis did and like him is alive somewhere and is watching this “Event” as his ever greatest encore with the moneymill continually $pinning on and on. If Debbie Rowe does not receive custody of MJ’s children (in lieu of cash of course), it remains with Katherine Jackson as stated by MJ’s will. This arrangement will ensure 100% easy access for MJ to his kids and will they be surprised once he returns from the “grave” to visit them at some point !
    *Breaking news case update: Starwitness No. 1, Elizabeth Taylor whom MJ loves with his heart and soul and likewise has “declined” to “appear” at the “memorial” shindig at staples center stating she “loves him too much”. Ms. Taylor is the ONE person Michael trusts implicitly and was imaginably the first person to hear about his elaborate escape plan and thus proved her loyalty to him by not “appearing” at this his sendoff which, after Elvis’ “death” and funeral, is by far the greatest lie ever told, a lie that billions of people have swalloed whole .. oh yea of little faith !!!!
    * Breaking news case update: Starwitness No. 2, Diana Ross announced via released statement she was not “attending”, speak: she is also in on this ! These 2 individuals, Ross and Taylor both a-r-e known to be closest to MJ, are part of his intimate inner circle of confidantes for years. and in all likelihood aided him with his “Getaway” and might admit it on their deathbeds some day, or … not ! The evidence keeps mounting and the case keeps gaining muscle.
    * Breaking news case update: 2 more importants of MJ’s inner circle were missing at Staples Center: Uri Geller and Chopra Deepak, 2 more persons in on his well staged “death escape” ?? A likely possibility !
    After the end of the “Memorial Service”, did anyone other than me notice, see and read – at the stage backwall of Staples Center – these words appearing in blue lettering: “I am alive and I am here forever” ???? Did MJ leave a “message” here himself only SOME of the “mourners” caught onto and while the rosedraped, gold coffin, probably empty or with a puppet inside sat there without giving off a single whatsoever vibe that it actually contained a dead body, any “body “at all ? …. Thanks for reading what are your thoughts about this? I’d sure be interested to hear

  11. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I saw thhat writing 2, i just checked it out. OH MY LORD, i got the chills. Who the hell wrote that? Is it Michael sending us a message? Why was the family so upset then, i am talking about Paris, and Marlon. Are they behind Michael in all of this? It was 2 creepy. I was so heartbroken yeasterday, i have been crying nonstop for 2 weeks, but yeasterday was just 2 damn hard on me. And why the hell didn`t we get to see his body. Sorry for swearing, i normally don`t do that, but i am pretty upset right now. If he is indeed alive, he will come back, i just know it, and it weill proberly be on one of his concerts dates. That could be so cool. JUst call me Naive, but those letters didn`t write themselves, and the family didn`t put them there for sure, neither did some of the so called friends. ONLY 1 person could have done that. MIchael. He is a master in desquises, he would have been able to enter stable center, without beeing reganiced. Im not sure he was there though. But i am almost sure, that he is the 1 responseble for that message. I swear to God my heart just stopped for a second. If Michael is indeed alive and he someday will be able to read this, i want him to know that i love him more than anything, not for his music, but for who he was. I never misunderstood him, or judge him or anything. A wise person once said and i qoute: Do not pass judegement on anyone, before you have talekd to them one on one, i don`t care what the story is. Boy was he right. I just wish that Michael would give us some kind fo a sign, of him being alive. Anything, but mabye those words was it. I dunno, confused, even though i believe more than ever, that the posibillity of himbeeing alive is VERY big. I would give everything i own to get him back, everything. LOve you Michael

  12. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I am alive and I am here forever. I will bet my house, on this. Michael is alive. Noone else could have written that message.

  13. heisalive Said,

    MyBelovedMJ .. you say that you “Know” that the body was in the coffin .. oh really ??? Is that because you were privvy to see it being put in there ?? and/or you actally SAW the body of MJ through the metal of the coffin ??????

  14. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I thought he really was in there when i saw Paris speak to him. And no i coulden`t see through it lol. But then i saw these words: Im alive, and im here forever. Then i started to wonder if it was a sign

  15. heisalive Said,

    To MYbelovedMJ: To his own detriment, Elvis’ “body” was displayed in an open casket. This was NOT however NOT Elvis’ body at all, the facial features of the “body” and those of the real Elvis do not match, esp. the pug nose of the body vs. Elvis’ perfect roman nose is one item that sticks out like a sore thumb. The “body” was in an airconditioned coffin ? Now,WHAT would a Frozen COLD SiTFF need an air conditioned coffin for ???

    It is very likely that, while married to Ms. Presley, Michael Jackson did not only get the goods on how to stage his own death successfully, but also received a “do’s and dont’s” list, one item of which may have been: “keep the casket closed at all times” … at a memorial and/or funeral, the “spirit” of the dead person in the casket gives off recognizable “vibes” and it does the same at a graveyard.. when you visit Arlington Cemetary near Washington DC, you will EXPERIENCE vibes from JFK standing at his grave. I am saying that because I have BEEN there and experienced it.

    To get a more realistic grip on what is being posted on this website, I recommend you read considerably about Elvis’ “death” and the facts that speak against it. Doing so will give you a far better ojbective on the “death” of Michael Jackson. have at it !

  16. MrsBenjamin Said,

    I have something that i want some of you to comment on. But when we got the news report of how Michael looked when the paramedics got there dosent fit the description on the picture when he was in the back of the ambulance. They had specifically said Michael was completely BALD. From what im seeing in the picture. He was full of hair…So okay..you going to the hospital so your going to put a wig on him?..Anyone?

  17. ejay5131 Said,

    I am so glad other people believe he’s still here. I have followed this MJ story so closely and know every detail of everything. It was then that I started to question if he was really dead. The memorial was very staged, although I did cry through the entire memorial. I could not understand why his family and children were so calm and not crying. I mean here I am a stranger to this man, and I am totally devastated that he’s gone. And then when Paris spoke I just didn’t feel that emotional connection of grieve and lose, and no tears. And why none of his close friends would attend, they say Michael would understand them grieving in private. I then became totally suspicious when the end of the memorial had the big screen with the words “I am alive and I am here forever”. I don’t buy it. And why did AEG have an insurance policy that covered”overdose” but not “natural causes”? And if the Jacksons hired moving vans to come and remove items from the mansion, how did they not discover the drugs that the police found like 4 days later? And all this buzz about the biological father of the kids, is this to “prove” they weren’t Mjs and then they’ll disappear with the “real” dad. Why did MJ hide them for all these years and in the last month, they’ve been out with him, no masks. So many questions that so many are not asking, I would NEVER hold this against him at all, maybe he is finding happiness that once again the media is telling us what we should think about him. MJ, if your out there, I feel your not gone from this world.

  18. carelesslove46 Said,

    I have never heard of an
    insurance policy covering
    death by overdose..There is accidental death coverage.
    And of course death by natural causes..I would love to think Michael is alive..
    But I seriously doubt it. It would take just too many people to pull this thing off successfully..And could everyone be trusted?? Also Mike would never allow his daughter to get up and just
    lie like that..Also I have seen the final footage of Michael rehearsing. Not only
    does he look far too thin for his height..He is clearly lacking energy..His beautiful voice never falter’s though..Time to accept reality guys..Even if
    the family had allowed a public viewing of the body then there would have still been people out there that would have said it’s not really Michael..Or the ‘wax dummy’ theory would have come up again. I did kind of
    think that with Elvis the faking
    of his death could have been
    possible, because he had been
    friendly with at least two
    president’s and had other friends in government and
    law enforcement..I have never
    heard of anything like that
    with Michael..
    Mike I love you..Will miss
    you..Rest in peace beautiful

  19. Dutch Said,

    I don’t know whether MJ is alive or really dead, but many things just don’t add up or are highly coincidental. Most of them have been addressed here already, but one I am missing. At the memorial, just before “We are the world” was performed, Kenny Ortega had a short speech and he made a little error which no one seemed to have noticed. When talking about the rehearsals in the Staples, he says “we were here, a little less than a week ago”. When I heard that, I had something like “WTF? Less than a week ago? It is pushing to 2 weeks!!” It’s not a mistake of a day or two, but he’s something like a whole week mistaken. Slip of the tongue?

    I am not and have never been a huge fan of MJ and I only became interested because of the intensive media coverage. Usually I can estimate people quite well and I have never been let down by my gut feeling (which, I understand, doesn’t mean sh!t to other people). In this particular case, my gut feeling tells me the world is deliberately. being kept out of some things and the world is deliberately being fed with contradicting stories. All they have to do is tell the media ABC and the media by turn will make up and add D till Z. Everyone knows the media mechanisms, right?

  20. Dutch Said,

    Also, forgot to add the following. After the memorial, helicopters were following the motorcade which was said (during coverage) to include the casket. At least, this was on CNN. Then the motorcade stopped at a hotel in Beverly Hills and imho no hearse carrying the casket was presenting there. I was tuned in to CNN, but at the same time also to ETOnline and there they also had another stream showing footage shot from a helicopter following a black van (not the hearse as used on the way to the Staples) driving down the freeway. Anyone knows where that black van went, as the stream was cut off while it showed this van still on the freeway. This black van did leave the Staples, but was not accompanied by any other cars. No police, no Rolls Royces, nothing. In fact, it drove down the freeway pretty anonymous and could have gone anywhere without anyone suspecting it was directly connected to MJ’s memorial.

  21. bexuk Said,

    I questioned why most of MJ’s closest friends werent at the Staples Centre memorial but then maybe they went to the private funeral held at the Forest Lawns Mortuary before hand? We dont know who went to that.

  22. Angel36 Said,

    Did you see that beuatiful picture on the end of the memorial?
    It was the picture from liberiangirl that he was behind the camera.
    Maybe he directed his whole memorial himself!!
    It is a very beautiful picture but why this picture if he didn’t directed this himself.

  23. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Ehh say again. I stooped whatching when i saw the words apear on the stage backwall: Im alive, and Im here forever. I felt sick, and i got the chills, so you have to fill me in if you don`t mind?. At the end of the memoriel??

  24. Angel36 Said,

    At the very end they showed the picture of michael behind the camera when the where shooting the song liberian girl.Where he was saying “thats a wrap”.And when his smile is so cute.
    Why did they choose that picture at the end like he’s directed the whole memorial.

  25. He.is.alive Said,

    Dutch: I am with you all the way, your posting is not mushy, but pragmatic and dare I say, harshly realistic … Slip of the tongue by ortega during the memorial ? Yes, entirely possible as well a different individuals and “situations” like the “disappeared casket” etc. giving more clues to those of us who are looking for them … The Media however is counting on the masses having swallowed whole the “death” of MJ and seems not too worried about the second guesser’s among us.

    I am looking at each and every piece of information through magnifying glasses, piecing it together like a jigsaw puzzle.

    Like another blogger posted, Elvis’ staged death was easier to do and get away with because there was far less media impact without internet and cellphones/cameras and so on. All the more reason that a.) the escape routing was not well planned or directed and so we are getting the “sloppy” lose ends as ‘clues’ .. OR .. b) the entire “production” of is was DESIGNED to leak faux pas so as to alert to “hey, second guess this all” … either or, with the media now floating and spinning all the drugs found in MJ’s house, those gullable enough are now being “injected” if you pardon the pun with “dirty secrets” about MJ in an attempt to erase any and all doubt that things might just be OTHERWISE ..

    I am no die-hard, emotional michael jackson fan, but it is for that very reason I can so clearly define the signals from the gut … MJ made the move and disappeared .. I am convinced of it.

  26. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Angel36, Im with you now, i just watched it. And i felt sick again. That memoriel have so many hidden clues, that you almost can`t believe it. Im going crazy here, Im thinking about Michael all day long, trying to think back, and finding some answers in all of this. And that Sentence: Im alive, and Im here forever. has just been hunting me. I feel like i somehow have to find out where he is. This is unbearelble for me, the pain. I can`t handle it. I hope that we will get more answers at the Concert at his birthday. I think it is pretty weird that they “the family” want to have a life like hologram, of Michel at the stage, sining and danceing with them. HMMM Another clue mabye. Why the hell would they do that? Or Mabye it would be IRL Michael, I don`t know, i can`t even think straight enymore. Im so heartbroken

  27. wishful09 Said,


    You sound like me. I feel like I am going crazy with this. I just think it’s neccessary for people to question things. So much is not adding up, and the closure is not there for me. If the doctor did not know the address, why didnt he scream for one of the children?? They were in the house, correct? Also, the news picked up on a supposed ghost in Neverland, but they will not discuss anything regarding the imposter at the london press conference. Shouldnt someone have came forward now and said Yes that was Michael. The speaker for the family, maybe? Too many things are not adding up. I also find it odd that they would want a Michael hologram. IF MIchael is dead, this family needs help. They’re behavior is too strange. And where was Jesse Jackson? He should have been on stage speaking.

  28. Samantha Said,

    If you look at the coffin it’s pretty small, and anyone could of wrote “Im alive… and here forever” It dosent mean michael wrote it, i don’t really know who to beleive at this late stage, because everyone keeps changing the story. Ahhh! im so heartbroken, this has been the worst year ever!

    Im glad i wasnt around for Elvis’s Death…

  29. Samantha Said,

    And MJ’s Close friends Say that MJ was full of surprises, and they say Michael hated Drugs & Alcohol which i agree MJ was pretty trustworthy.
    But idk, i dont even know what to think His the only thing thats going through my mind. I just want to get to the bottom of this!

  30. SilverFlame Said,

    I just don’t know anymore. One minute I think he is alive and the next I think he is gone. What confuses me the most is that if he is alive, would he be able to come back as himself? Would he have committed a crime by faking his death? Oh I do hope he is alive but I would totally hate for him to be arrested or worse for faking his death. i’m so heartbroken about it all!

  31. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    If Michael “faked” His own death, Noone is allowed to pass judgement on him or naything. He did what he had to do, to keep himself safe. The thing with being arrested, i don`t think so. Many people is fakeing their own deaths.I don`t think he would be arrested. But it is not importent if he ever comes back. The importent thing if for him to be alive and well.

  32. ejay5131 Said,

    All the events of June 25 and all the events taking place up to right now point in the direction that Michael is alive. However, I do not think we will ever see him again..if you thought how the media and people treated him in 1993 and 2005 was bad…IMAGINE WHAT THIS WOULD DO!! On June 25/09 the king of pop “died” but a person free of scrutiny was born!
    Michael, you are not alone, WE are here with you!!<3

  33. bexuk Said,

    He probably would be arested after all it is fraud.

    See the link for a similar scenario which happened in the uk not so long ago-http://edition.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/europe/12/05/missing.canoeist/index.html?iref=mpstoryview

    Only this missing person had been living in the family home all along!

    The only way Mj would be able to come back would be if it turned out he was kidnapped or something or it was a case of mistaken identity.

  34. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Ejay5131. I totally hear you. I just wish that Michael could read all of this, so he could see how much we really love him, and support him. And that NOONE would blame him for doing this. We totally understand him. So what if he ever comes back to perform? Just wish he would give us a kind of a life sigen. HMM. Then he could live in peace, and with all his fans still loveing him.

  35. dikki Said,

    i think MyBelovedMJ is correct. we are no one to comment on all this. and i too hope where ever he is he’s well and safe.

  36. admin Said,

    The Michael Jackson Hoax Death Forum is now up and running and ready for use. Please feel free to start new topics and continue your discussions there, in an easier to manage environment.
    MJHD Admin

  37. Banessa Said,

    SilverFlame/Bexuk I believe some one already stated that as long as the “death Certificate” is not sign by any Doctor, it is not valid; therefore, MJ would not have committed any crime.
    We also have to imagine that he must have had a big reason for having done this. I do agree that everything has been too fishy from the beginning. When I heard the news I was first in shock I just could not believe it! Then my first gut feeling was “He is not dead!”
    Someone(I believe is Supermom75 forgive me if I have the wrong name) posted some links in this site to an article which states that someone close to Michael has confirmed this was all a hoax. I don’t know how much credibility the article has but it states that staging his own death was the only way for Michael to get better. Apparently, he had a hard time deciding on this (making his fans go through this ordeal and grief) but it is apparently the only way for him to get the medical attention he needs. The article also states that if Michael had not done this he would have indeed been headed for an early grave.
    In the article it also states that Michael will be back! That is when he has fully recuperated and is able to perform again.
    Again, I don’t know how much validity the article has but it sure gave me hope
    I also have to agree with Angel36 I had not noticed that but you are right…Why…why use that particular picture to closed the memorial? And on top of it all, with the writing “I am alive and I am here forever”.
    A lot just doesn’t make any sense at all. The last news I heard on The Insider is that AEG is planning to have a huge sell from the What would have been the “This is it” tour. Alleging Michael had designed a lot of it. I find this very opportunistic of their on their behalf. If MJ was really “dead”, they are just making themselves look like a “money hungry” corporation never having had a care for Michael.
    Also some guy is coming out with a book that “it supposedly” uncovers all of MJ’s secrets and his supposed secret life. Please to the real MJ fans don’t feed into this man’s lies in this book. Lets not make him rich by buying a bunch of lies. (I’m sure once the book is out the media will have a field day with it trying to make us believe its all true) Im sure Michael wants to come back with an untarnished image, sort of like a new beginning for him. So lets not feed into all the crap the media and the family wants us to believe. Sorry I wrote so much but I love this site and I like a lot of you have my own theories.Speculations and have not for once believed he is “dead”.
    Also if anyone can comment.express your thoughts on my comment about the articles shared by (SuperMom75) I really appreciate it. I hope I am not the only hopeful here in believing or wanting to believe the article is true God bless!

  38. ejay5131 Said,

    hypothetically speaking, if MJ did fake his death(I believe it) and it was(hopefully) to come back, how do you think he could avoid public scrutiny over this stunt? How can any of them..the Jacksons. I don’t know about anybody else on here but when I come to this site and read all the posts from everyone and we all share our theories on the things we’re being told not to see, I truly get butterflies and happiness comes over me knowing he is still here, but sometimes that feeling is quickly replaced with a heart-wrenching tug that reminds me we’ll never again be graced with his presence. If he’s alive and taking on a new life I wish him the best and much peace but at the same time I will admit I feel cheated and robbed…not by Michael..but by all the haters who took him away from me.

  39. Banessa Said,

    Hello everyone! First of all to Angel36 Thanks I did not see the idea of the last picture used of him in the Liberian video. It does raise some speculations on if he was directing the whole thing himself? And the final touch the writing on it “I am alive and here forever”…
    I also noticed some people are asking why on the video the media is showing of him on the “last rehearsal” they are showing him him rehearse to the song “They don’t care about us”. Well I like everyone have my own speculations. I was listening to it carefully and I notice in the spoken part where Michael is near the girl with the guitar, these words are spoken “In what will go down in History as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation” Again, maybe I am looking too much into it but Michal was tired of the media and all the lies they fed the public about him. Could it be, and I am thinking objectively here, they have chosen this song to let everyone know this is really what is going down right now? I mean,think about by Michael faking his own death and have a come back concert, he will be going down history no doubt about it.
    Michael also wanted to be free of all the lies hence “For freedom in the history of our nation”. Like it or not the media controls a huge if not a lot of our lives. A lot of times we are made to believe what ever they want us to believe, we are chained to the box waiting for the next story that has developed.
    If a publicity stunt, Michael would once again prove that all the lies the media has created and how they distort and make the news to be what it is convenient for them and on what will give them higher ratings.
    The media have been running like chickens w/out heads since the whole story about Michael’s “death” came out. How silly would they all look if this indeed was all a publicity stunt. Once again proving they run with what they have and with what it sells the most.
    This would definitely open a lot of peoples eyes and make them see how chained one can be come to the media. It would also be the as the song states “the biggest demonstration for freedom” but freedom from who??? The Media of course.
    I’m sorry if I am babbling on and on but I just found it very interesting when I heard it. And we know Michael apparently liked to leave/have subliminal/hidden messages in his songs. Besides, I think it is safe to say we have been seeing a lot of clues everywhere from day one! Thanks and Please, feel free to comment agree or disagree on this theory. And I do enjoy reading everyone’s comment I think together we are slowly but surely putting the puzzle together. God Bless

  40. dynamite Said,

    Banessa Yes it will open there eyes to not believe the shit u hear in the media, I wish people would stop wastin there money on newspapers they just spread lies and get paid alot for it

  41. dynamite Said,

    And dont care who they hurt along the way with there lies

  42. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Banessa. I think the same way as you do. Im pretty sure, that if Michael “faked” his dead, this is the way for him, to tell us “the fans” That he is still alive. As you might know, Michael loves directing, movies ect. He could eassily have pulled this off. And like he said a few years ago. “You havent seen nothing yet”. Well we just have to wait and see. But i have a feeling that we will get us a BIG surprise at the concert on his birthday. I don`t know why, it`s just a feeeling

  43. dancer1792 Said,

    Banessa, I agree with you totally. Ever since the day he died there have been so many questions that haven’t been asked or answered. I thought that as time went on some would be explained, but they haven’t. It has just raised more questions in my opinion.

  44. Banessa Said,

    dynamite, I coulden’t agree with you more. The media runs around with anything that will make them a lot of $$$. Unfortunetely, all the lies they spread about Michael made them a lot of money and it only protrayed Micahel as a horrible person. When in fact he was a kind and honest human being.
    It is nice to know that we are now more aware of all the BS the media comes up with and tries to sell us on a daily basis. “Good old Yellow Journalis”(Thank you Mr. William Randolph Hearst)

  45. MrsBenjamin Said,

    @ Banessa it was actually me who had posted the article about where MJ really was..and it got deleted? i posted on the other pages as welll….



  46. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    If this is true Michael is in Hungary, in a castle. This is what Michael have said he would do, to make it up to his fans:I’ll give them back more than I ever took away. I’ll give them a world tour and shows in every country on earth. If people are too poor to buy a ticket, they can come for free. I will bring love to the world … the peace and love the world needs.’ He said that because he was afraid that his fans would be disapointet in him. I just wanna say 1 thing to Michael if he should ever see this: Michael, we (your fans) is NOT disapointet in you atall, we don`t want you to think that. You did what you had to do, to make it right for yourself, and to keep yourself safe. When you are ready to face the public, we will wait with all our love for you. But if you don`t get ready to ever face the public again, it dosent really matter. As long as you are safe, happy and healty, that is all we care about. We will always love you. I just hope that you finally have gotten the peace you so ever longed for. You have our total support. Michael, we love you more, dont you ever forget that. You changed the world, and our lifes . Be happy!! Peace

    “Make no mistake,” continued the source, “faking his death has saved his life. Michael was at the breaking point. If he hadn’t dropped out, he would have gone to an early grave for real.”

  47. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    So if it is true, i just hope he is happy. it is from that
    link above.

  48. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    OHHH I hope this is true, i just hope that people is going to leave him alone, even though they know he is in Hungary. Because he really needs that. I would like people to respect his privacy, for the 1st time in his life, i think we owe him that. He will come back when he is ready. And if he isent going to be ready ever!! SO WHAT!. As long as he is safe and in peace. I don`t even know if it istrue, but that is what that derek guy is saying. read the link above and post what you think

  49. Banessa Said,

    @ MrsBenjamin: I am so sorry I do apologize for the mistake I have read so many posts I don’t even know who they belong to.
    I do thank you for the link reading it gave so much hope like MyBelovedMJ said “he will come back when he is ready”. I do hope and pray the article is right. Do you know if it states how much validity it has?
    Again, I am sorry for the prior mistake.
    God Bless

  50. Banessa Said,

    @ dancer1792: Yes! too many questions that no one seem to be asking? It is very frustrating. The media always seem to be on top of the game lol asking all sorts of questions. What happened to them how come they are not asking the obvious but instead keep babbling on and on about the same thing over and over lol

  51. Banessa Said,

    @ MyBelovedMJ I admire the way you care for Michael. I, like you, have a feeling about something happening the day of his birthday! And I agree when you say that the real fans won’t be bad we would be ecstatic with happiness knowing he is okay and getting better!

  52. dynamite Said,

    As long as his happy and ok then im happy

  53. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Banessa Thank you so much. You woulden`t know how much i love Michael. Im not just a screaming fan lol. He really changed my life, i just wish i could tell him myself. I think he would be happy to know that. About the fans being ecstatic with happines, INDEED. I would seriously feint, if he appeared on that stage again. I would be so happy about that, i cannot put it into words. But like i said before, I don`t really care if he ever performs again, thats not why i love him. I only want him to get better. That is the most importent thing. God bless you

  54. lillina Said,

    Is This Michael Jackson’s Gravesite?

  55. lillina Said,

    La Toya Jackson Views Michael Jackson’s Body

  56. lillina Said,

    non OFFICIAL SOURCE said he was BALD!

  57. lillina Said,


  58. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I don`t believe that that is Michael`s grave. Why the hell would the family burry him all the way out there? away from the rest of the church. And why burry him before the memoriel? If they did burry him before that memoriel thing, why have a casket inthere? Then it means he was not in it. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT HE HAS BEEN BURRIED YET. We would have known

  59. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    I love this site! I thought it was just me being hopeful but when this first came on the news I just kind of sat there and felt nothing, I was shocked. Then I thought ‘I bet he’s not dead at all’. There is too much mystery involved here. Dead is dead, there is nothing mysterious about it. Too many unanswered questions, too many thing dont make sense. The most important people in Michaels life, Quincy, Deepak, Ross, Taylor were absent? I dont buy that for one second. No burial yet? The helicoptors mysteriously lost track of the vacating motorcade witht he coffin? Really? Helicoptors lost track? No way. There are pictures out there of MJ in the coffin with glasses on but other reports say that Paris put a pair of his glasses in the coffin with him. Who gets viewed in their coffin with sunglasses on? This doctor is shady, Murray. He either killed him or helped him escape. Longtime friend Mico Brandon has not shed one tear and he;s been on CNN for weeks. Not one tear, not one choke up, nothing! Joe Jackson, who is an ass, couldnt be less perturbed if he lost his car keys. Why are these people not devastated? I am ! We all are. None of this makes sense. I grew up with Michae but I’m 40 and did not consider myself a raving fan, I just lvoed his music. But his hit me like a bus. I think about it all day. I wake up in the night and think about it and cant believe that he;s gone. I cant accept that we;’ll never see him spin again, never hear his voice. God I hope he’s out there and that he comes back to us. I didnt notice the message at the Memorial but I know what picture your talking of from Liberan Girl. Thats Michael being goofy, saying you thought I wasnt here but I’ve been watchng the whole time. Why woulod they put the words I AM ALIVE and not somehting like MY MUSIC IS ALIVE. Thats a clear message if I ever heard one.

  60. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    I’ve tried to find the ‘I am alive..” message but cant find it. Does anyone know where there is a clip of it out there. ROlling Stone mentioned it in an article but no picture.

  61. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    That sentence you will find at the end of the memoriel, after the song “Heal the world” I dont believe that he is dead either, I love him so much, if you look at the 1st page, you will see what i mean. Im crying everyday all day long, thinking off him, trying to think back, and to get some answers in all of this. I will NEVER accept the fact that he is gone, I cant, i love him to much. In my opinion Michael needed a serious break, and who would blame him. I hope he is out there, and mabye he is even reding this site, who knows. I pray to God everyday, asking him to keep Michael safe, whereever he is. I just want for Michael to be happy, I dont care if he ever comes back to perform again, that is not what matters, what matters to me, is that he has found the peace he so ever longed for. I will not give up haveing faith. My heart is with Michael.

  62. shyone Said,

    Well! I must say I had my doubts from the beginning when 106th and Park stopped playing music on June 25th because Michael had died. I was totally devasted. I cried for 3 days. I am not one of those fanatic fans or anything. I grew up listening to the the Jackson 5, Jacksons and then Michael. I always liked their music. I enjoyed Janet’s music as well. I felt like part of my childhood had died. Anyway! the Memorial service was a dead giveaway for me. The tone of the ceremony seemed off to me. None of his close friends showed up. The entire family was wearing sunglasses and the children seemed to be too relaxed. What sealed the deal for me was when Paris stood at the microphone after Janet whispered in her ear and put on this fake upset cry with no tears. Even Marlon had no tears. The entire family seemed to nonchalant to me. I immediatedly discerned that he was alive. Especially after that quote at the end of the ceremony that he was alive. Then LaToya slipped up and said Michael loved his fans and was watching them. I hope and pray wherever he is he gets long overdue rest/relaxation. I never saw him perform live but since his death I have been watching his videos. He gave his all when he was on stage. I would have loved to have seen him and meet him. Perhaps had lunch at an outside cafe in Pisa, Italy. They have the best ice cream there. Afterall, aside from his stage persona he was just Michael a kind, innocent, intellectual,handsome man with a beautiful soul. I for one am not mesmirized by anyone no matter how famous they are. I look at the person’s heart. Michael had a great heart. I could never understand why the world didn’t appreciate his love. Perhaps! if more of the world were like him we wouldn’t have so much murder of young kids/families/ and people in general happening everyday. I am praying for you Michael, just get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day.

  63. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    I found a still photo of the message “I am alive…” You know, none of these things happen my chance. Someone deliberately chose those words to roll across the screen and why. Because they want his beloved fans to know the truth? Maybe we’re all just crazy on this site and we’re not accepting reality. I hope thats not true, but the longer this thing drags out with no answers, the more b/s that surfaces makes me think this is a sham. Janet went to the BET awards three days after his death? Are you kidding me? Jermaine was interviewing with larry King within a few days, looking none the worse. Joe Jackson, the ass, holds a press conf. with Sharpton and you’d think he was discussing the state of the union for all the emotion he showed. And he even laughed a few times about something ridiculous. What a shmuck, dont ever give that man a microphone. Someone said, if anyone can screw up a death hoax it would be LaToya and I laughed myself off the chair. She’s alwasy been a great one for runningher mouth but she has left us a few good clues. And that Kenny Ortega guy who was MJ’s choreographer spoke of MJ in the present tense many times on CNN. He had to correct himself. He knew MJ for years and he was not emotional at all either. Just too weird.

    I’m hoping that perhaps his family staged the biggest intervention of all time and they are behind this for his health. MJ was a health nut. Please stop saying he was vegan, many have said how much he loved KFC. But healthy people can become addicted to pain killers. Or maybe he as just ready to have nervous breakdown. He did NOT want to do 50 shows, thats for sure and MJ was know for gettinghimself out of things he didnt want to do.

  64. MyBelovedMJ Said,


    I tell you why people didnt apprecite him, Because he dared to be who he is, and he was not affraid to talk about it, or keep beliveing, in everything he stands for. That may scare some people i think. I like you, don`t really care if a person is famous or not, that has nothing to do with who the person is for real. They have their talent, but its not who they are. I have never heard of another celebrity doing so much for children as Michael did, never. And i totally think, people could learn from it. He NEVER did anything wrong, he just wanted to give them that childhood he never had himself, i cant see that there should be a problem with that. I wish i had that kinda money to help Children around the world to get a better life, or atleast trying to help them. God I miss him so much, I dont know what to do anymore. A part of me keeps telling me not to worry, becayse his outthere and his trying to get better. And somehow i feel it in my heart. And then there is other days, where Im totally empty inside, you know the feeling you have inside yourself, when you lost someone you really loved. I think that we have to keep believing. We have no actual prove that he is really dead. And Im sorry for talking about him, like he is still alive, but i have to, Im not ready to let him go yet, and Im not sure Ill ever be ready for that. But then again, why wouldent I??

  65. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I mean, Why wouldent i keep talking about him, like he is still here

  66. Shauna Said,

    I really want to believe Michael is still alive and this site makes some good points. I hadn’t noticed a lot of the stuff this site points out because I was too focused on the greif of losing Michael. Maybe he is out there somewhere and just needed some privacy. I hope so cause the thought of him being dead really hurts. I hope he is never found. If this is a hoax, he did it to get away and get some peace. Look at what this poor man went through in life. I wouldn’t blame him one bit.
    Michael if you are out there, take care of yourself and know that you will be missed. I love you and I don’t blame you at all.

  67. Mojofi Said,

    Yes you are very right MyBelovedMJ.
    Do you think if he is still alive, will he come back to us?
    Or you think he wants a quite life and wont let us see him ever again?
    I miss him very much, you have i idea .

  68. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To Mojofi:

    I wish i could answer that, but I dont know, I really dont know.
    As you might have notice, Im very devoted to Michael, and I have been for some years now, im not just a screeming fan, (You know what I mean). Im in so much pain, and i miss him more and more each day. He really changed my life. I cant imangine my life without him, what the hell am I going to do? My heart with all my love is with Michael whereever he goes.

    I dont think he is dead, something in my heart tells me that he is alive, and I have a feeling of where he might be, but im not sure though. But if you have heard the song Michael made called “A place with no name” you will know that the original song is called “A horse with no name”. I have listent to that song all day long, and that made me think that he might be in Saudi Arabien, or Baraihn, cause he lived there a few years after the last trial.
    If you listen to that song “A horse with no name” They are sining about the desert, and being on a horse with no name, that made me think og those 2 contries, and the horse can be a castle. I dont why i thought of that, but i got the chills, Its hard to explain, but something went through me, when that happent. Michael knows some pretty powerful poeple in these contries, they could eassily help him.
    For all i know, he really needed to get away from all the pressure, he has been wanting a normal life for so long, where he could concentrate on his art and his kids, and he havent been able to do that before. Like he really wished to, cause they got chased by papparazis whereever they went. Michael needs his peace, and I think we owe it to him to leave him alone, we will know if he is alive, trust me, he will find a way to tell us. There has already been his diary, those things in there sounds like Michael would have put them, and according to the diary he will come back at christmas or January next year.
    But like i said i really dont know.
    I dont think we will ever see him perform again, and to be hornest i really dont care about that, all I care about is Michael, and i only want for him, to be happy, healthy and start smieling again. He really needs that, the last trial destroyed him for good, those idiots marked poor Michael for Life. I wish I could be with him, support him, and tell him that I love him no matter what, and take his lonelyness away.

    In the matter of fact he might be reading this site, he has to, so he can keep track of what we know so far.
    I beg of all of you inhere, do not give up believing, and do NOT listen to the media, we all know they are full of bullshit. Look for the REAL facts, and listen to your heart, always listen to your heart.
    We havent seen any realible prove of him beeing dead, and aslong as that isent happening, I wont believe it.
    By the way, The song Im talking about, it havent been recorded yet, it just got released, and then i was wondering by who?. Who leaked it to the Television, was it Michael, is this his way to tell us something? The song aparrently came from a source, YEAH RIGHT. Who else knew about that song? NOONE.
    Michael have made a lot of songs over the past years, wich arent recorded, for one reason, his children. Michael knew what those songs would be worth with him “death”. With these kinda money he can secure his childrens future.

    One last thing. Remeber this. Michael belives in magic, and in magic, ANYTHING can happen. He could stand right next to you at the market, and you woulden`t even notice, he is the master of disgueses.

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