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Is the King of Pop really dead?

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Having read numerous entries on this website, as well as examined and considered the contents of them, I have developed the following theory about Jackson’s “death” and escape, one I deem most factual and plausible:

The real Michael Jackson never showed up at that rehearsal the night before his “death” at Staples Center, the dark  video footage that has surfaced showing him chewing gum is NOT the real Michael Jackson, no, but instead, he sent one of his doubles to the rehearsal to just “show up” there for a few minutes. Since the video has been proven a fake by an expert and said to be photoshop “fixed”, we have no proof whatsoever at all that the real Michael Jackson attended the rehearsal at all, but a gum chewing lookalike did instead. Hence: it is safe to assume that the real Michael Jackson made off to a waiting plane and left forevermore goodbye, in all probability so. New information of his secret “departure” from LAX in an unmarked Lear Jet has surfaced, it bears credibility and logic.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the lookalike decoy was being readied and prepared for the “cardiac arrest” show and the ball began rolling with the 911 call where the caller should have, but did not say “This is Michael Jackson’s residence and Mr. Jackson needs immediate help, please hurry” but instead, very controlled and unemotionally spoke of a “Gentleman” who was “not breathing” ???? All the while the REAL Michael Jackson was long gone to whereever and this explains why the ambulance “patient” photo does not look like nor could possibly be Michael Jackson, right on down to continuous other suspicious and questionable quirks that kept on popping up from all directions, nothing of which CAN possibly add up because the stage was set otherwise from the very beginning, i.e.: the REAL Michael Jackson was long gone, but back in LA the “Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest”-show with the decoy went on as planned, although with some leaks and without top notch planning or “rehearsal” and, for that reason, we arrive and continue to come back to the “nothing adds up” theory and hence are continually being served with more emerging questionables and suspicions stemming from the very beginning of this whole saga.

It is very highly questionable WHY his inner circle close confidantes did not show at the “Memorial” service at Staples: Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Liza Minelli, Uri Geller and Oprah Winfrey – who scrubbed ALL Michael Jackson data from her website – just to mention these few who come to mind. Why would the Jacksons deny Michael’s beloved friends to attend his “sendoff” ? Instead, an assortment of “fill-ins” showed up, some of which have never even met Michael Jackson and even freely stated so on a popular talkshow, others who had no communication with him personally in years ! Another “staging” ?

Jennifer Hudson’s performance was “backed” by the real Michael Jackson singing, where he, during the spoken monolog of the song she performed, mistakenly substituted the word “PainS” with an S for the original word in the text: “Pain” without an S ! How many viewers noticed this faux pas or …. did not ? Was it a hint, a deliberate “throw it out into the crowd and see who catches it” hint ?

Why did the very particular phrase “I am alive and will live forever” from one of his songs appear in blue lettering at the backwall of the stage at the end of the service ? Why THESE VERY WORDS ? Why not ANY OTHER words, but these one in particular ?
The casket during the Memorial service did not give off one whatsoever SINGLE vibe that it contained the dead body of Michael Jackson, nor any other body at that ! “Vibes” that I experienced over mere TV airwaves viewing the public funeral of former US President Reagan back in 2004 ? Very simply, the golden casket said to bear Michael Jackson’s body was empty and, with helicopters hovering above, very mysteriously disappeared into thin air after the service with the whereabouts of the “body” emerging the latest media spin to keep the public focused on the “death” of Michael Jackson? and the beat goes on …
Are there enough hours in the day to state/document/blog the numerous other pieces of questions/doubt/evidence/observations that keep carving themselves out during this entire madness? Are the questions of Michael Jackson’s staged death and successful escape not higher in number then the facts “confirming” that he really …. “died” ?

Fans around the world held their breath for an image of the “Body” of their idol to appear, so far, of all the media coverage and internet traffic, no such image is available and even if it was, how could it be positively ascertained that the body is in fact Michael Jackson’s ? We will never know, will we ? Bloggers posting doubts and observations, etc. etc. are supporting the remarkable traction this “death” has gained around the internet and, mind you, these facts are never even mentioned by so much as a mere breath by the mainstream media ? Why not ? Since all of them broadcast their news with laptops in front of them, it is not so that they are not aware of it, is it ?

What we do know for absolutely certain is this: somebody/s knows something and their silence/s has been bought for a logically high enough price for the real truth never to be revealed on their part, however, the old theory that the truth is self-evident and always prevails will not ever be compromised, not even by millions of dollars that sealed this deal, why? Simple: there IS a God …

The lyrics of Michael Jackson’s song “Xscape” clearly state what his longtime coming intentions were, intentions that he put into practice with what was in all likelihood helpfully aided by former wife Lisa Marie Presley who during their marriage learned of his desire to “escape” like her father did and hence “coached” him on how to successfully stage such an event, details to which she is certainly privvy to and hence constitute obvious similarities to Elvis’ staged death and escape, most befitting to that of Michael Jackson’s “death” and “disappearance”: the “cardiac arrest, dead on arrival at the hospital” spin … an airtight scenario where hospital personnel, doctors, emt’s, police officers, security, etc. as well as the coroner and other authorities are judicially prohibited from publicly disclosing any whatsoever information regarding the admittance and aftermath of the patient, all the while the public is being thrown bite sized bones, information that could possibly not be “misconstrued” or “twisted” ?

After Elvis’ disappearance, one of his many personal items missing was t-h-e largest of them all: his personal Airplane ! This plane did not “poof” disappear into thin air if you pardon the punt, ergo: who is to say that the waiting, UNMARKED, ordered by radar/control tower personnel to be “ignored” waiting plane at LAX was for Michael who – emerging fully masked out of a black suv to board the plane – was not that belonging to Elvis Presley ? That it might have been Elvis Presley’s personal plane is the MOST plausible explanation because it stands to reason that Michael Jackson would never ever have to worry or fear means of his “Getaway” becoming exposed or public, because IF it did, Elvis and Michael Jackson both being actually alive would constitute and become international news in a hurry !

The Jacksons as well as the media keep on keeping on floating and spinning clutter “news”, some of it pretty outrageous, but all designed to distract the public from focusing on what is clearly emerging as very much an “OTHER” scenario for this … ‘tragedy’ …..

Critique as well as additional input by other bloggers is most certainly invited, thank you for reading.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson were often described at Best Friends.

The author and contributor for this post is a member of this site called MYSTERYLADY. We would like to thank you for your insights and share them with everyone.



It’s quite apparent Dame Elizabeth Taylor is covering up something, regarding Michael Jackson’s death.

1. Why does a 77 year old such as Liz Taylor have a twitter account?

2.Why is Liz thanking Michael’s doctor, Arnold Klein for a Matisse drawing three days before Mike’s death, as well as asking Dr.Klein what he has been up to since he’s been back on Twitter???? Why wouldn’t she just call him ?

3.Dr.Klein was known for treating MJ for vitiligo with creams that lightened his skin as well as rebuilding his nose. First off, what dermatologist do you know of that also does reconstructive surgery? Is Dr.Klein trying to disguise and reconstruct a whole new Michael Jackson, one we would never recognize?

4. Why was Liz packing as per twitter “I was packing up my clothes to go to London for his opening when I heard the news. I still can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it.” http://twitter.com/DameElizabeth when  Michael’s first concert was pushed to start on July 13th, that’s three weeks before the opening !!

5. Why would Liz not attend Michael’s private or public ceremony, yet be able to tweet a day after his death ? She knew the tabloids would be following her updates but she wasn’t too smart about it .

Ok, now the strange thing is why Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Dr. Arnold Klein are both referring to one another without actually mentioning each other.

For those of you who dont have a Twitter account, the only way you can know someone is referring to you is by checking @ + your username. So how did they correspond back and forth with one another unless they planned it all along, to make it more real!!

I think the answer here is as clear as day. Ladies and gentlemen Michael Jackson is NOT DEAD !!!! Check out these posts from ARNOLD KLEIN !!!!

 “Was sent a link to TMZ. Ridiculous. The paparazzi needs to stay away from my patients. Period” http://twitter.com/awkmd

Now ,why is Mr.Klein addressing TMZ the first website to confirm MJ’s death as ridiculous and to stay away from HIS PATIENTS ON JUNE 18TH, 7 days before Mike’s death!!!!

It gets even weirder folks !!! THIS IS OUR ANSWER RIGHT HERE!!!


“Today, the world is a little less beautiful. We say goodbye to the lovely Farrah Fawcett” , “It was an honor to have known Farrah Fawcett a vision and a visionary, a true Angel who will be missed around the world. 3 kisses my darling”,  ”I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear friend Michael Jackson. He truly was a gifted soul who had boundless love for all.”

Then 2 days before MJ passes, Dr.Klein says he’s working away on a patient, they’re like treasures of fine artwork, interesting way to compare your patients to art work, don’t you think ? HOW ODD FOR DR.KLEIN TO RETURN 2 DAYS BEFORE MJ’S DEATH !! Working away… “My patients are my treasures. Like fine artwork, each one has beauty and character”

I think I know the truth now!!!

For those of you who don’t get the whole Matisse reasoning, allow me to explain.

What does a Matisse painting have to do with anything? Matisse was a famous artist whose characteristics, as far as natural talent resembled Michael Jackson. Coincidentally Dr Klein sends a Matisse drawing to Liz Taylor three days prior to Michael’s death, in which the time this Dr. Klein was out of town working on a patient. He even compared his patients to fine art work!!!!!

Strange right??

Get this, Matisse died in 1954 of a heart attack. The same thing Mike had supposedly died from when we first heard the news of his passing.

C’mon this is TOO coincidental. It’s also rather odd for most of Dr Klein’s patients to be Michael Jackson’s closest friends – Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor…

Mr Klein’s Twitter account has only been active since June 17th. 8 DAYS BEFORE MICHAEL PASSES. Why would Dr Klein feel the need to have a Twitter account mysteriously so close to his dear patient’s death, corresponding to two of Michael Jackson’s beloved friends? I’ll tell you why… He knew he would have to update others on his upcoming interviews as he would be called upon the spotlight! Another thing peculiar is you never notice Dr Klein looking sad or distraught over losing his most valuable patient of over 20 years in any of the interviews.

This is all very strange…

The following excerpts  have been sourced from a Blog called Inside Illuminus Theo which is available to view in it’s entirety here: http://bit.ly/19rPT1

Illuminus Theo claims that they were the secret organisation behind the Michael Jackson Death Hoax.

Jackson’s Staged Comeback
Jackson, better than anyone, knew the rigors of dancing, and that his body could never handle a comeback such as he promised the world. But he craved not only immortality of body and soul but of name and fame, and of the love that he felt had eluded him his entire life, even in his so-called marriages (which he was quite serious about, but having never been loved, he found to his dismay that he could not love). Michael set out to show the world that he was as youthful and capable as ever by promising a series of performances that even someone half his age would have found impossible to pull off.”

“That he could even manage a practice session is testimony to his desperation, as well as his genius and determination. But he only planned to perform the practice sessions. He had no intention whatsoever of actually engaging in the performances because, once the world had seen what he was still capable of, he would “die,” and then sit back and watch the world mourn him.”

“Let’s set one record straight. Michael was a health fanatic, and did not abuse drugs–at least much. His pleas to doctors for sleeping remedies were ploys to set the stage for his death (which was fitting, as his entire life was a stage). Poor Deepak Chopra was aghast at what he saw as Michael’s growing dependence upon prescription drugs, but Michael knew that, once he had “died,” Deepak would remember his pleas for drugs, and share them out of sympathy for his extinguished friend–and thus reinforce the fiction that Jackson had died of drugs. To further reinforce this fiction, Jackson phoned other doctors, begging for drugs, and some doctors did provide them, but he never used them. He was too terrified of death to allow anything to weaken his body’s tenuous hold upon life.”

“Jackson’s “Death”
The night before Jackson’s “death,” he danced his heart out, almost literally (which underscored the impossibility of surviving the grueling schedule he’d announced to his public). He returned to his rented home, and was spirited away to a waiting jet at Burbank airport, which transported him to a location in the Southeastern U.S. that I dare not divulge (yet). But I must explain that the man who died of an alleged heart attack under the very hands of his personal physician (get real!) was not Jackson but a 47-year-old Romanian named Dimitrie Draghicescu, whom Illuminus Theo disgracefully dragged into this morbid affair.”

“Dimitrie Draghicescu–the Dead Jackson
After fully 3 years of plastic surgery and training, Dimitrie could easily pass for a live Jackson, not to mention a dead one. But unlike the mighty Michael, Dimitrie did die. Dimitrie, not Jackson, was the one whisked to the hospital. Did you not wonder why the man who phoned 911 did not say “Michael Jackson” was the victim? It was not to avoid publicity but to insure that, should the 911 calls be analyzed by voice experts and electronic analyzers, no one could detect the stress from the caller’s blatant falsehood.”

“Dimitrie agreed to die in Michael’s place only because he had a terminal illness, and because Jackson had promised a generous reward to his family. And had Dimitrie refused, our Order would have revealed the Draghicescu family secret that had brought them to the attention of Illuminus Theo in the late 1700s (we too are familiar with the gold carrot-iron stick argument).”

“Michael Jackson is alive, and given the information he forced out of Illuminus Theo, he may well reach his goal of living to 150, but I don’t think he will enjoy those extra 100 years (and neither will we). But in the meantime, Michael Jackson is enjoying immensely the spectacle of the entire world in tears. He has achieved the fame and even a measure of love and respect, that eluded him in life. His eccentricities are forgiven; those he alienated are reconciled. And perhaps this is not a bad thing. What I fear, personally, is where Michael Jackson is headed now. With the exception of his father, no one could ever say “No” to Michael–and that was to a mortal Jackson. How will the world handle the Michael Jackson that is to come? Of course, no one will recognize the new Jackson for who he is.”


Photographic analysis between the hands of Michael Jackson and the Imposter in London
A Comparison between the left hand of Micheal Jackson & The Imposter at the O2 Press Conference


These images are a side by side comparison between the two left images, which are the left hand of Michael Jackson, and the left hand of ‘Michael Jackson’ at the O2 Press Conference in London in March 2009.

We believe these images prove beyond a doubt that it was NOT Michael Jackson that attended the Conference.

This discovery, in view of his recent death, begs the question, why would he not attend his own press conference? Was the use of this Imposter the first of many strange events that has possibly turned out to be the greatest Hoax the world has ever seen?

 If we take a closer look at the hands, side by side, we can see the many differences between the two.

It is clear that the two hands are not the same.

 Firstly, Michael Jackson has quite long and thin fingers and a long palm. The Imposter has short stumpy fingers with a very rounded circular palm

 The other obvious difference is the lines on the hand.

The Line of Mars, also known as the Life Line, on Michael Jackson’s hand is quite close to his thumb. The Imposter’s Line of Mars in much further into the center of the hand.

 In the images on the right, look at the pinky finger. MJ’s is quite dainty, thin and petite. The imposters is chunky, fat and flat.

If you look at the width of the palm, from  just under the index finger and extending across to the pinky. MJ’s is quite a small width compared with that of the Imposter, whos hand is quite wide. 

The base of the Imposters hand is very much like a fatty and chunky V shape. MJ’s base of his hand is very round and small.

 We now have proof.

If he has faked this appearance, one of the most important in his career, then how can we not believe that he didn’t fake more? 

 To view more information about Michael Jackson’s hands and the Palmistry analysis visit it here http://bit.ly/m5MFT


As you can see by this video, the Crazed fans that mob Navi in Japan, all believe without a doubt that they are seeing Michael Jackson. During the video when they show the comparison between Navi and MJ both masked, it is VERY hard to tell the difference. It would be even harder to tell the difference between these two in a fuzzy image for example….perhaps like the slightly blurred image below left?

This is the only image in existance that gives any kind of validity of the 'Death' of Michael Jackson.

For some strange reason, this is the only image that has been taken of Michael Jackson when he was put into the ambulance, in spite of the fact that there were several people present at the time. The reflection of the window, colouring of the image, and slight fuzziness make it very suspicious as to it’s validity.

This is also the ONLY image that exists of Michael Jackson that shows us that he was dying, or being taken to the hospital. All other images exist show a shape of a body in a white body bag on a stretcher, which as far as we’re concerned, could have contained anything.

It has also been brought to our attention that the paramedic who is doing chest compressions on MJ (CPR) has his hand placed right up near his neck, when in fact, he should be doing CPR further down over the brest bone. Perhaps this was all ’staged’ to help all of us to believe the story that Michael Jackson is dead. Think about it…if no image such as the one above had been released, then everyone would be a lot more suspicious! If there was no image, and we were all expected to believe that it really was him in the body bag that went to the morgue, many people would be doubting the validity of the stories we were being fed by the media.

However, since there is one image in existence, the image above, we are supposed to go…’Oh okay, yes it looks like MJ in there, so I guess he really is dead then’. Just because of ONE image???

This image of the Loch Ness Monster was considered as photographic proof for 60 years until it was proven to be a Hoax.

Let’s talk about another single image that tricked people into believing a Hoax for 60 years. This image was that of the Loch Ness Monster. Supposedly taken by Robert Kenneth Wilson, a London gynaecologist, the image was published in the Daily Mail on 21 April 1934. This single image, is one of the most iconic images of Nessie and is known as the ‘Surgeon’s Photograph’, which many formerly considered to be good evidence of the monster. The image was revealed as a hoax in 1994.

Are we comparing Michael Jackson’s death to the Loch Ness monster? You bet. This proven hoax indicates just how quickly and easily people will believe something, just because it was in the media, and because there is a photo to back up the story.

Are we saying that the above image of Michael Jackson in the ambulance is a fake? No of course not, you obviously can’t fake that. What we must question about this image is this, Is it really Michael Jackson in the ambulance? If it is Michael Jackson in the ambulance, is he really dead or in Cardiac Arrest?

Since we have learned from the video above that Navi was Hired by Michael Jackson himself on several occasions to be a decoy, who’s to say it wasn’t done again, only on a much larger scale? We have also heard Michael Jackson’s personal trainer Lou Ferrigno recall in an interview how MJ put a mannequin of himself in an ambulance to put off the Papparazzi…what’s to say he didn’t do that again??

Don’t believe everything you read, hear and see.

What about this site? I hear you saying…

Well, we encourage you to make up your own mind.  

We are not stupid like the media thinks we all are.

We can all see that none of this adds up.


Michael Jackson’s body was transported to the Los Angeles County Morge via Helicopter. This shows footage of his body ’sitting up’ in the helipcopter as it moves away.

Skeptics will say that his body was being ‘moved’ by someone out of shot, however, if he is dead and strapped down on a stretcher, then why would he need to be moved?

This footage just confirms what we here at MJHD already believed from the start. Take a look for yourself and see what you believe.

Get the latest News and Internet TV Online at isoftwaretv.com

NB: We would like to thank Billy for bringing this to our attention.

UPDATE: In response to the people who have made comments such as ‘He looked like a sack of potatoes’, and ‘He’s dead, so of course his body would move around on take off’, please keep the following things in mind:

The 911 Emergency call was made from Michael Jackson’s Mansion at 12.21pm. This is a half hour AFTER Dr. Conrad Murray found Jackson ‘Unresponsive’ on his bed and allegedly began performing CPR.

Jackson’s body arrived at UCLA Medical Centre at 1.14pm local time and a Team of Doctors and Cardiologists worked on him for over an hour until they gave up and pronounced him dead at 2.26pm.

Michael Jackson’s body was transported to the Helicopter which would then move on to the LA County Morgue another 35-45 minutes later.

Rigor Mortis will begin to set in after 3 hours. His body would not have been like a ‘Sack of Potatoes’ or ‘Moving around on take off’, because it’s not possible.



The body of Michael Jackson being taken into UCLA medical center

Why is it that Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, fled the scene moments after Michael Jackson is said to have collapsed?

Police were unaware of Dr Murray’s location for several hours before they were able to establish contact, prompting speculation he had fled. They have already interviewed him once and plan to do so again.

Perhaps it was a classic case of  ’Misdirection’ – a popular technique used in performing magic tricks. ‘Misdirection takes advantage of the limits of the human mind in order to give the wrong picture and memory. The mind can concentrate on only one thing at a time.’ (sourced from Wikipedia).

With ‘misdirection’ in mind then, is it not possible that while the paramedics, police, staff and media were focused on what was happening at the front of the house, on the drive to the hospital, at the entrance into the hospital (you get the idea), that Dr. Conrad Murray and the real Michael Jackson were fleeing the scene – TOGETHER.

Apparently, Police wanted to question Dr Murray specifically about a possible administration of an injection shortly before Jackson lapsed into a coma. What if the injection Dr Murray administered was a sedative, to enable him to have a safe & stress free journey – AWAY FROM HIS CIRCUS OF A LIFE.

It is reported that he had frantically tried to resuscitate Michael Jackson before a staffer in the home where Jackson was staying called 911 for emergency help. You see, the ’staffer’ is a key witness here. Their role in this enitre plot is to tell the police that without a doubt they did see Dr. Conrad attempting to resuscitate Jackson. They did not have to know that it was all fake – designed to let them see what Conrad and Jackson wanted them to see. It was also perfectly designed so the ’staffer’ would be the one to call the police, giving Conrad ample time to switch Michael Jackson with the imposter that was to be transported to the hospital.

What imposter? I hear you. Michael Jackson had a mansion. Is it not possible that another person could have been ‘in on it’, shoved into an ambulance, and rushed to hospital? If you think about it, how many people actually had contact with Michael Jackson’s body after he died? Five, Ten maybe? With hundreds of Millions of dollars in the pot here, it’s not hard to buy off a couple of paramedics and doctors to say Michael Jackson died of Cardiac Arrest and that he was pronnounced dead on arrival.

The media circus certainly took care of the rest, as per usual, that was certainly something Michael Jackson could rely on. Within a matter of hours of his ‘death’, Television networks had already cut together ‘tributes’ and ‘The Life of’ film footage. Sheesh, they were all very quick to take the bait! The autopsy report hasn’t even been released yet, and EVERYONE believed he was dead within hours of the announcement just by the say-so of a few people?

It is understood Dr Murray refused to put his name on the death certificate. Well, obviously he didn’t want to associate his name with the death of Michael Jackson, because he knew beyond a doubt that The King of Pop’ was still alive and well, and on his way to his new life, away from the media spotlight, impending bankruptcy and twisted public image. 

The boost in album sales alone upon the singer’s death would have provided him ample finance for his new life, assisted by Conrad, who of course, would be taking his cut, not to mention the millions of dollars in ticket sales for the O2 concerts in London.

Conspiracy or not, dead or alive, let us only hope that Michael Jackson finally has what he always seemed to crave – Peace.

Unconfirmed reports from the United States Customs and Border Protection have indicated that two witnesses who wish remain anonymous for their own safety, saw what they described as the unmistakable sighting of Michael Jackson and another man who is yet to be identified, crossing the California-Mexico Border late on Thursday night.

When questioned as to their certainty of the sighting of the ‘King of Pop’ the first witness was quoted saying,

‘How could you mistake a face like that? Yes, I’m certain it was Michael Jackson. His hair was cut short and he was wearing dark sunglasses, but I’ve got a couple of his albums and seen him on TV and everything, so I have not doubt in my mind that it was him’.

The witness has also said that they had no idea that the singer had died at the time of the sighting as they had worked a ten hour shift and had not seen or heard the news headlines that day.

‘Stars cross the Border here all the time, since we’re so close to LA, so it hadn’t occured to me at the time that it was that important’.

The validity of the witnesses story is still being verified, however the recent developments in the case of the Death of Michael Jackson have given Conspiracy Theorists cause to believe what would otherwise be thought of as ‘far-fetched’.

With the strange circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, the possiblity of a lethal injection, the postponement of the autopsy information, the delay of his O2 Tour this year and his incomprehensible amount of personal debt, perhaps a Death ‘Hoax’ is the only Logical explanation at this point.

Who would have more reason to fake their own death and flee to Mexico virtually undetected, other than Michael Jackson?

 Think about it.

The self-proclaimed “King of Pop” who died suddenly on Thursday 25th June occupied the top 15 slots on online retailer Amazon.com Inc’s best-selling albums within hours.

The No. 1 disc, not surprisingly, was the 25th anniversary reissue of his 1982 blockbuster “Thriller,” the biggest selling album in history with estimated worldwide sales of almost 50 million copies. Three different configurations of “Thriller” came in at number 12, 13, and 14.

By Friday, Jackson’s albums had taken 14 of the top 20 places on the Amazon.co.uk sales chart – despite a commercial appeal which had been largely in the doldrums for years as his private life overshadowed his music.

The lack of new material for many years also contributed to the public indifference, although this started to reverse as Jacko fever began to grip following the announcement of his record-breaking run of O2 shows.

With such a huge response worldwide to his reported death, tragically, the singer is now doing better financially in death, than he was while alive, or perhaps this was all part of the plan?

Interestingly the release of his autopsy report is now set to be delayed for 6 weeks. Hmm…we smell a rat!

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