Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?


Do you believe?

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Do you believe Michael Jackson’s Death was a Hoax? Do you really believe he died of Cardiac Arrest or are you starting to have second thoughts?

This page has been created for everyone to voice what they really think has happened in regard to the possibility that Michael Jackson’s Death was a Hoax.

Leave your comments, voice your concerns and compare notes.

Maybe together we can discover the pieces of this strange and confusing puzzle.

  1. manwaylow Said,

    i have been watching relentlessly every piece of footage possable on michael and im talking from every part of his life and ive come to my theroy

    i truly believe that there were mabey up to 6 diffrent michael jacksons
    i know f**ked up right but think about it
    unless your a retard you can tell that mj lipsyncs when he preforms so he can dance fuly skilled i mean even at the superbowl he had to grab a corded mic to speak to the fans and then went back to his fake mic mounted on his head
    so that said heres what i think ……
    one mj that sings and composes the music
    another mj that danced and preforms
    another mj to do the public stuff such as interviews
    ok i know that that only three BUT quite possably there are some others that go in his place for charity work and other misc stuff like that
    though i truly believe that this did not go into efffect till some time mabey a few years AFTER thriller and defantly after the pepsi thing and that mabey one of the reasons behind it
    i mean we allready know about the lookalike that they actually showed to the public like navi or something but yea thats just the one we know about so whos to say that there arent more and mabey just mabey the one that sings on the tracks died but the rest are still alive they just fucked up and let the “gentleman” be seen by the public so the rest of them are f**ked now i really only have my own beliefs to back this up and really just go and watch and preformance live while hes still mostly black doing like thriller or beat it sor something than skip ahead a few years aroud the free willy area and just watch the live stuff only and just study his movements and body language watch his mouth and what he does oh when you watch the old stuf guess what NO LIPSYNC what a surprise

    just study and THINK that all you gotta do

  2. littlesuemj Said,

    i text my psychic lastnight and he sadly confirmed that mj has passed away i really dont want this to be true im very distraught and devastated, i wish i was in michaels place. Also latoya has agreed a deal to take custody of mj’s kids she, katherine and debbie are going to discuss details tommorrow the date that mj was meant to start his tour. Latoya also believes that michael was murdered for his money its on sky news.

  3. dianafan Said,

    Hi admin – just wondered are you keeping count of how many visitors this site has had? Just curious to know how many people are suspicious? and how many are active on the site?

  4. noisehammer Said,

    greetings from germany

    im following the news on this page every day. and its really interesting how you are trying to find an answer to every question like some dedectives!

    at the beginning after i got the information about the doctor being away for over 20hours, i was thinking about a murder!
    but after reading many rumors and of course all the facts on this page too, im thinking he is maybe still allive!
    while watching the memorial on TV a was really sad and the whole world broke down for me, it was like someone has just lost his own girlfriend or boyfriend.

    but during these days i got personal information (email) from a guy who has told me he IS alive!
    and that the whole family is doing everything to make people think he is really dead!
    he would tell me more, but he wants to stay secret.
    i was getting happier after his..

    there are also rumors of an comeback..
    well, but the only question i have:
    wouldnt they put MJ to jail because of faking his death ????!
    i think its illegal!
    tell me what do you think about this ??

    if he is really alive but not going to do a comeback, i think he cant hide forever!
    and living on a dead place where nobody can see him, i think it doesnt make fun (for the rest of his life).

    i hope we will find any answers!

    i have almost the same handlines as Michael ! really


  5. redlotuske Said,

    I first want to appoligize for my ENglish, I’m from Belgium so it’s not perfect. I follow this site for quite some time and I just want to post some toughts.

    1. First of all there is that 911 call. The caller isn’t upset. And Dr.Murray, a cardiologist is a person who must know how to do CPR. So why was he doing CPR on the bed and waited a half hour to call 911? I can’t imagine that if you walk into a room and you see someone lying there that isn’t breathing that you’re going to do CPR for 30 minutes and than say. “oh well it doesn’t work , now I call 911.” It would be more like calling 911 and in the meanwhile you do CPR. He is a doctor, so he must have seen it was urgent and he must know how to do CPR.

    2. Second of all. The one responding the call doesn’t ask of MJ has a polse. That is a standardquestion.

    3. The doctor dissappears for about 30 hours. Where did he go to?? I can’t imagine it’s out of panic. Because he wouldn’t return than.

    4. We have only see 1 picture of MJ. How did they take it? Like in the article on this site also that question.

    5.Than you have the memorial. No public viewing or open casket. The reason they say is because MJ’s face would be very damaged by the attempts to save his live. Now say this… how could you damage a face by doing CPR?

    6.They balsemd his body. So why are they waiting to burry him? They say because they want to burry him when he is complete. His brain is still examinated. If they balsem a body they remove the organs. It’s a custom from old Egypt. Look it up. If they did an autopsie the body is also incomplete.

    7.Then there is the rumor that he’s cremated before the memorial and that there was an urn inside the casket. Why a casket than. You could have also shown the urn than. And if he’s cremetad why put the casket in that mausoleum?

    8.I’ve read on a belgian website that they now think he’s been murderd for his money cause some jewelry and a lot of money is missing from the house he was in. Maybe he took it with him.

    One thing is for sure the puzzle doesn’t fit. It seems they want to put of the funeral. I don’t know what there hiding but they’re hiding something.

  6. monalisa Said,

    I still think and hope that all of the evidence points to Michael being alive, except the autopsy and brain thing; who’s body is it?

  7. littlesuemj Said,

    I believe that the person who created this website is a hoaxer himself, he has already admitted that he is NOT an mj fan so why has he created this site? Maybe the jackson family should be told about this website perhaps then we would get a reaction or possibley the truth. But all the people who have posted comments need to realise that this man has taken information from different news channels, websites and tabloids and put it all together on this site because he is trying to fool us all.

  8. admin Said,

    Since launching this site on 26th June we have had over 450,000 visits. At the moment we are averaging between 30,000 and 50,000 per day, which means there are obviously many people questioning the validity of Michael Jackson’s ‘Death’.

  9. Andrea Said,

    Wow, that is a lot of people. I still wonder why the media or talk show hosts have yet to question what we are questioning!

  10. admin Said,

    That’s a great theory, however we certainly don’t deserve the credit nor the controversy of being pegged as ‘the hoaxer’. We don’t want to fool anyone either, we simply want to provide as much information as we can, so everyone can make up their own mind regarding the likely possibility that Michael Jackson Hoaxed his death.

  11. charbour Said,

    Without a doubt Michael’s family are logging onto this site and reading all this information. If Michael is alive, then I would have thought he has had a look too- I would. I just want to say- If you are reading this (whether it be Michael himself, Janet, La Toya, Jermaine, Tito, Randy, Marlon, Jackie, Rebbie, Joe, Katherine, Paris, Prince, Blanket or any of his close friends- Liz, Liza, David, Diana or ANYONE who knew him) Because someone who personally knew Michael has been on here. 100%.
    There is no way they haven’t.
    As I was saying, I just want to say that if you are reading, please just let us know the real story. We, as fans don’t really have a clue what’s going on.. we’re just going by everything that’s being said by the media. And everything that is being said by them really isn’t helping the matter! It is just making the argument that he is alive, stronger!

    I was devastated when I heard MJ died, but now Im split 50/50. I have no idea what to believe. People are already on here, claiming they know MJ, and if they really do they have to help us. I think it is safe to say that all the world wants to know is if he is dead or alive, sure- we all want to think he is alive.. but he may well be!
    Just a simple question, is he alive?
    If he is GREAT! But, leave it at that. I hope and pray that he makes the best comeback the world has ever seen, I just want to know the truth. Michael never seemed like the person to hide away forever, so if he is here I think he will comeback. If not, rest in peace Michael. I love you.

    Just reading this site makes me think more and more that he is alive, the constant slip-ups by people who knew him and the fact that they’re always talking of Michael in the present tense. ”I’m alive and here forever” Comfort? Hope? TRUTH?

    I guess all we can do is wait, I really hope one of the Jackson’s read this and see how much we love Michael, and maybe if one of them could reply? We know they’ve been on here- if thousands of fans are looking it up why wouldn’t his flesh and blood?

    Long live the king.

  12. dragon Said,

    hve u already noticed,tht the picture of the rehersal during “this is it”has a problem??

    this is the link


    between his legs,the rest part of the huge light s is missing…..but the hell,why?
    faked pic as well….sure the photograpfer excused himself for some bla bla reasons.i think,its a manipulation and hehad to say that,cause he made shit at the faked pic….

  13. ebru Said,

    if you ask me i think its possible that mj is dead . i dont will belive it but we must settled with his dead.
    its maybe a complot and he he is not dead that are all speculation..
    just the familie and mj knows the truth


  14. tatylovesmj Said,

    Honestly, I don’t know what to believe anymore. But all I know is that half the things that are being said about Michael’s “death” aren’t making sense AT ALL! This is all so strange! I strongly believe there’s a chance that our Michael is out there somewhere, but at the same time something is telling me that maybe he is actually gone… idk Something fishy is going on!! thats all i know!

  15. flower Said,

    hi the king is alive we must not listen to anything that comes from LA TOYA OR JOE JACKSON THESE 2 ARE CRAZY on a good day but with all of this going on now thing are going to get worse with them, it makes you think are them 2 in on this plan or arent they i guess will never know, MJ must have been planning this for some time and no matter how well planned it is things are not all panning out as they hoped (well thats what i think) so the ppl who are in on this are making last min changes to something and dragging+paying ppl from all over the place to feed us more crap mj has faked his death and i dont think everything going to plan thats why so many different stories comeing from press/media etc but its not everyday you fake a death so things will go wrong, what we know for sure is THATS NOT THE REAL MJ AT O2 AND THATS NOT HIM IN THE AMBULANCE, THAT ALONE IS ENOUGH,now if we know that then his family know that so why aint they talking about it???????????? but LA TOYA talkin crap about him being murdered etc well in that case she must have murdered him and if she did well she didnt kill her brother she killed his double, you mark my words there are going to be loads more crap comeing out from ppl all over the place we aint heard nothing yet, what i will say is all that matters is that MJ GETS AWAY WITH THIS AND CAN HAVE SOME PEACE AND I THINK HE WILL HAVE CONTACT WITH THE KIDS HE LOVES THEM but we will never see him again and thats what hurting me, MJ THE KING WE SO MUCH LOVE YOU IT MAKES ME CRY AS LONG AS YOUR HAPPY THATS ALL THAT MATTERS BUT WE SO MISS YOU LIFES NOT THE SAME

  16. Andrea Said,

    My two cents surrounding his death is scattered all around this site in various posts! If anyone has read them, you should know already how I feel towards the entire thing.

    It’s a complete and total sham. The veil covering the media and everyone else who believes MJ is indeed ‘dead’. But soon it’ll be lifted. And the world will once again be in a shock. Gotta love that MJ! <333

  17. eloise Said,


    I have been closely following the media coverage of MJ since June 25. I started out shocked and saddened by the news, and dismissed any ideas I’d heard about a fake death.
    But I needed to know why such an apparently healthy person was suddenly dead, so I waited for the autopsy report, only to hear that it was inconclusive. Then, as I continued watching, listening, and waiting, my initial dismissal of a fake death began to fade, because of the mysterious events that followed.

    Rather than answering any questions, some of the things that I saw and heard only raised more questions, until it seemed as though the answers to these questions was, “because Michael is not really dead.” I tried to piece together a puzzle, and here is what I came up with:

    1 – The mysterious doctor was nowhere to be found for at least 24 hours – Was he helping MJ get away?

    2 – Why did MJ’s sisters go to his home the next day? Could they have been doing something to help their brother? It was reported that they went there with moving vans and took some things. What did they take? Perhaps there were things left behind that their brother needed.

    Then I thought, “well this could all be coincidence – soon there will be an open casket viewing and then we will know for sure.”

    3 – Finally came the memorial. I noticed many things that were mentioned on this sight:
    closed casket, dry eyed family, fake crying, lack of closest friends (afraid of looking too happy?), people slipping up (or giving clues?), etc. AND ONE MORE THING: when we heard the poem from the song, “Will You Be There” (sung by Jennifer Hudson), it was in Michael’s voice, and I’m guessing we are to assume it is from his original recording of it.
    However, when compared with the original, Michael’s voice sounded more emotional. Moreover, there is a line in the poem that goes, “In my anguish and in my pain” and the words on the backdrop said, “In my anguish and in my pain”, but the voice of Michael that we heard said, “In my anguish and in my pains”. Does anyone know if there is another recording of this piece somewhere? Is it too far fetched to think Michael could have been reciting this at his own memorial and purposely “slipped” to give a clue?

    4 – It makes no sense that such a genius and loving, dedicated father would take the chance of using anesthesia (the much talked about Diprivan), as a sleep aid. It would make sense for him to want a normal family life for himself and his children. It would also make sense for him to find a cracker jack of a doctor who could put him under just enough to appear dead, tell everyone there is no pulse or breathing, go with him to the hospital, and somewhere along the line when this “fast acting” anesthesia wore off, help him get away. And of course his family and closest friends would have to be “in on it”, in order to make it all possible.

    So… I went from shocked and saddened to wondering, and then hoping. Somehow I do not think we will ever have a definite answer. We can’t, I guess. We will never actually know. If we want him have the normal life he deserves, we have to play along, and only hope that we are right about what we are thinking. It no longer seems far-fetched to hope that he can now, “Live In Peace”.

  18. flower Said,

    HI SORRY ME AGAIN to post 2 im sorry and dont want to offend you in anyway if i do im really sorry, but the psychic that told you this is talking rubbish and if you paid for this reading you need to get your $$$ BCK SHE MAY HAVE BEEN IN TOUCH with the mj in we have seen in the photo in the ambulance the fake mj but know way is the real mj passed over im 100% sure about that if your into this kind of thing have you not been in touch with your higerself/gut feeling, sorry but the info you have been given is wrong MJ IS ALIVE. so please dont go upsetting yourself with this false info please mj is alive

  19. dragon Said,

    sad u guys cant read german.we have to pages with a lot of theories,which are not stupid at all……wthe media is feeding everyone with shit in the moment.the us is out of money and this story,as long they can hold it up,gives them a bit of pocketmoney.and about la toya,now its her turn to be in the medias…..she needs attention….

    he might be somewhere,and the funny thing,if hes really spotted somewhere,nobody will belive it…thats the genious thing at this side.

    who will belive u,if tomorrow u meet him somewhere…..

    he has to be out there…
    but the worse thing,even for us belivers,he wont be toucheable for us anymore….thats hurting so mch.but hell,i hope,if hes out here,that they dont crab him and put him back in public.he derves to be himself now,whatever he wants to do,he deserves it….

    i love u michael,with all my heart.and i was even always there,whe everyone turned his back at u….hope to meet u one day…..

  20. Andrea Said,

    I have to agree with eloise and your fact number 3. I have since listened to ‘Will you be there’ from the cd of which it’s on, and I have been watching the part from the memorial where he reciting the exact words. and I can’t really say for sure if they are the exact same recordings. Perhaps there is another recording of it somewhere? IF anyone knows? but as far as I’m concerned…I believe it is NOT too far fetched to believe Michael may have been reciting those words himself at the memorial. Why not? It would explain why he sounds so much more emotional reciting it at the memorial than on the song.

  21. supermom75 Said,

    No it’s not illegal, no more than just disappearing. On the other hand the ramifications of a faked death/disappearance can get you into trouble. For instance, if the police and/or FBI start a massive search for you and find you aren’t dead or missing, you might have to pay those costs. Lots of money paying all those people who went looking for you. If they use a helicopter or any kind of boat for the search, lots of cost. If you are pretending you are dead to get out of paying bills or doing something illegal, if they find you are alive, you’ll be in trouble. If you cash insurance policies or relatives do, or relatives sue anyone thinking they caused your death or disappearance, you are going to jail for fraud and your relatives will be sued to pay back the money. If you then pretend you are someone else and do something illegal, this could be fraud too. Penalties depend on circumstances and levels of fraud and who is affected. Disappearing or pretending your dead, not illegal unless it involves a monetary value of some kind. Look at those witness protection programs – those people “die” or disappear all the time and start other lives. It’s like lying isn’t illegal either, depending on what you are lying about and unless it involves screwing someone over financially. It might be easier just to disappear – but then you always have to worry about someone you know trying to find you. If you can fake a death and truly disappear, no problem. But you constantly have to watch yourself to make sure you have no run ins with the law so there are no questions asked.No, the faking of your death is not illegal. What is illegal is collecting upon that faked death. Such as life insurance. Also, what is illegal is identity theft, taking someone else’s identity as your own. If you fake your own death, then who will you be?that is i have done aloy of research on this if a legal doctor does not sign his death certificate and he is still barried not noticed with all the media then it will not be fraud or illegal for him also the 911 number also covers that issue because they did not sat mj is dead or michael jackson has collapse they said a guy has collapsed third and final it will be fraud for Aeg if they so claim the insurence money for a drug overdose this is why i feel he faked he wants to show the worl he is inocent and that the ppl around him were the cuase and the only way he could do that is to fake his death to see who he could trust around him see the boy jordan who is 29 now came forward the info on dr. murray came forward the he is broke in det and has no licence the nanny who his doctor insisted he have become the nanny was obbsessed with him sence she was little and now she istryin to get his kids there is more i will keep writing as it gets more info

  22. supermom75 Said,

    ok to the jewelery missing does anyone remember that before the cops when and did the search mj’s dad had moving vans go in in thought that something would be stolen and how would latoya now isactally what is missing she don’t know all of the belongings of her brother they were not that close and janet and latoya went into the home with thier paid guards before a search by the police was done hmmmmm and new info all the workers were fired ???????? what laytoya really did not make sence there

  23. supermom75 Said,

    ok anther changed story the family request a secon autopsy ?????? joe request second autopsy ??????? now latoya reporst she asked for the second autospy man not looking good here and what about joe asking for a third adn om now they say latoya will get costody maybe and the family and debbie are talking about it omg this is a sham so latoya is close to michael supposedly and michael wanted mother to have kids if not diana rosss now diana says she will proptect his kids she promissed him then it say diana does not remember this and now she is not even involved in it and latoya has been added lol wow this is nuts and so not michael he was my friend and i know his family is a sham they always have been but man poor michael

  24. ejay5131 Said,

    I want the Jacksons, MJs closest friends, and AEG to know this…WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT WE WOULDN’T!

    Love you MJ always&
    4ever:)In your darkest hour..we are here!


  25. flower Said,

    some odd things going on the net???? i have posted thing on another site saying mj is alive and they have been removed why??? somethings not right

  26. flower Said,

    ejay thanks for that my god i have so many spelling mistakes and didnt know how to put them right been trying for ages (not that i can speell anyhow but have been trying had a few problems with this site logging in etc thankyou oh yeah my last post should say HIGHERSELF SORRY

  27. Andrea Said,


  28. supermom75 Said,

    @eloise you wrote almost everything i have written down wow do minds think alike but i have a little more i can add to your for you …how about wow the drugs micheal was on think about it they are all downers they make you tired exspecially oxy cotton
    and axnax and pain killers all are downer wich make you what everyone (sleepy ,tired,exhosted,drained,no energey ) BUT yet he could not sleep ?he had sleep ap ? man they are not good at this but when the world started talking to tmz leaving there feelings on this all of a sudden an ad came up michael jackson used coke um ok man it was found on his underware and then when he reported the spider bite wich the doctor the judge sent him too comfirmed it a rumor started that he had heroin tracks and a needle got stuck there now michael always felt he could not trust anyone even his staff but if one of his staff go to the tabs and say i have info on michael jackson you know they will get paid to speak

  29. wishful09 Said,


    Yes, I went back and listened to the song on my mp3. His voice was way more emotional on the one played at the memorial. See, before I even come to this site, I already have in my mind what is suspicious to me. I come here to see if others think the same thing. We cant all be wrong. Something is up. I never come here to get ideas. I always make my mind up or gather my info before checking this site. There has not been one day where my suspicions do not match that of some of the users on this site.

  30. supermom75 Said,

    and @ dragon very good perseption wow and know him he would say to you love you more let there be peace

  31. dragon Said,


    even,sorry im german,so excuse my english,i noticed that in he online world,even from stupid boulevard magazines,pictures and reports been removed…..
    maybe we get to close at some points.
    and like i already am posting in german blogs.with michaels (whatever for an end)we lost a world culture legacy.in this case(even the vatikan spoke high words about him)should be already involved fbi and whatever….somehow,everything seems to be involved….
    he is not a nobody,so more i cant understand ,why all those strange things are happening.
    if some german reading peoples are in here,hope to meet u at fakeblog or the wkw group what say michael jacksons spurensuche.

    since 1 day after his announced “death”im like hauinted by all these theories,feels like im searching and finding my brother and cant give up,until i just have a idea that he is alright.
    wow….well,i could go on with a dozens of real good theories,but this is already too much for me.im already involved in the german pages with this….

    i wish him the best,he is almost 24 hours on my mind….not as a regular fan,but we have so many similarities in life….

  32. LeeAnn Said,

    @admin: good work, keep tryin on.

    @noisehammer:so you have got an email from a guy that MJ is alive? AAAAAAaand? Since i found this site I´m walking around and telling EVERYBODY that MJ is alive (even the people which don´t WANT to know that….)

    @dragon: ích bin nicht traurig, ich kann deutsch. welche seiten meinst du? das-bewegt-die-welt.de? warum sich wohl rtl in “akte” noch keine fragen gestellt hat…i´m not sad, i´m german. which pages do you mean, das-bewegt-die-welt.de?why does´nt the german tv station rtl not questioned himself in there show named “akte”…

  33. noisehammer Said,

    Thanks for your comment to the question about if its illegal faking his death!
    so maybe he could really have a chance for a legal comeback?

    michael, we love you so!!!

    sag mir mal die seite wo du immer hingehst

  34. dragon Said,

    also fakeblog,promipranger und wkw.gruppe michael jackson spurensche…..ich bin dragonslver.also kommst du mit meinem richtigen namen über googel an mich ran.

    was meintest du mit rtl?fande es eh schon merkwürdig,das vorgestern,als so zu sagen,ein medien vaccum war,auf einmal zeitgleich über die verschwörungstheorien und deren seiten zu schreiben und wieder zeitgleich sich auf mord einpendeln….nu ja,habe fleißig gepostet.und mittlerweile wird langsam eine arbeitsgruppe daraus….
    wenn ich das jm in rechnung stellen würde,was ich sit 2 wochen hier treibe,wären die nächsten monate schon etwas ausgesorgt…

  35. dragon Said,

    somehow he reminds me at the last unicorn,if u know the story…..

  36. i87 Said,

    dragon… can u plz translate tht?…plzz:)

  37. dragon Said,

    well,he wrote the song morphine at the album blood on the dancefloor.bu im not sure,if they gonna make this coming to the point,to say with that songs,he planned it to die or become murdered?
    well,dfor me ,everything is such a mess,but at the end to easy,to say hes dead or killed…..i dot belive it.anyway.he was the bst horse in the stable.who kills his best horse?they could extort him with so many other things,than to kill him…..and i cant belive that not even the mafia,or something like this,guard his life………

    anyway,this story is to cheap how they show it at the washed media and news…

  38. dianafan Said,

    Andrea – I have looked at your points, just a couple of things

    1 – Dr Conrad vanishes – MJ was considered to be fir and healthy, and I’m not sure where I read this, but wasn’t MJ outside in full view/may be talking to fans at the gate? This could be providing independent witnesses that MJ was definiteley there.

    UK press today said MJ was in Dr Cs room, not his own, if this is a conspiracy what was so secret in MJs room that paramedics not supposed to see – could it have been a step too far for MJ to see “himself” dead in his own bed? I think the Dr sped him away.

    With regard to the sisters taking belongings, fair enough they could have been collecting essentials/valuables – but they could also have been takins something in – which was later bagged up by police. The staff were fired – of course they were if you are employed by a sole trader when your boss dies so does your job.

    With the staff gone, MJ dead at the hospital and no one going in MJs room (speculation)could he just have been hiding waiting for his sisters? ha ha that’s a good guess.

    We don’t know that anything was stolen – MJ could have removed it at any time as his family hadn;t seen him for 3 weeks. He went to a restaurant for his parents anniversary – wonder if they have CCTV?

    None of this is fabricated, I have read it all somewhere – except where its obviously speculation on my part.

    Don’t know if you picked up my earlier post – I was googling areound MJ conspiracies or something similar and there was a link to Rockwell – who sang Somebody’s watching me – written and performed on by MJ – Rockwell is Gordys son and *I think* it said he doubled for him as well. Well where is he now? IN THE CRYPT! with his family (sorry getting carried away)

    Anyone think that’s viable? Rockwell – if you are alive and reading this I’m really sorry.

    Why is noone in Hollywood/music land saying anything at all? Even if its a bit of rubbish trivia about when he sang happy birthday or something to their kids – only Madonna has publically acknowledged him – Lisa Maries busy hiding him – Oprahs busy delivering him via her yacht

    Well sorry, I had a real lot to say there – its ok for many of you, you can have real time posting – when you are posting I’m asleep, when you are asleep I’m working.

    Hey Admin – thanks for the stats – if the numbers change significantly can you let us know – may be a post on here every day to let us know how many are visiting.

  39. dragon Said,

    at which point are we now?he got killed or suicide,killed by drugs,like the morphine song or somewhere on this planet?

    i need some point of views from the english speaking side of this world…..

  40. dianafan Said,

    Hey admin – another thought- could you close all the other threads and then everyone can just post on this one. We have all seen the existing titles and know what is being referred to. How about going back to that when something new comes up

  41. admin Said,

    We are launching a Forum for the site, which will hopefully be up and running within the next 12 hours or so, so you will all be able to discuss certain topics and share all of your viewpoints much more easily.
    MJHD Admin

  42. dianafan Said,

    Sorry forgot to say in my other post – Latoya could be being quite shrewd here. If she keeps banging on about MJ being murdered and throwing around wild accusations around , taking up lots of our attention and time – she’s taking our attention away from where the burial will be and what will be/is on the death certificate. Hoping that it will just fade away and no-one will ask cos we are too tied up with murder.

    She also said that his brain and liver were back inside him and that he wasn’t bald at all. And also that we would be surprised when the autopsy results come back.

    Dragon – I have given you some alternative theories above.

  43. dragon Said,

    that would be great….great work at all,admin:P

  44. dianafan Said,

    Yippee! Thank you. Do you have a day job – I hope you aren’t going to work soon, I could do with speculating a bit more. Gonna look at the state of things on the net – will report back

  45. Sara Said,

    I found this site just hoping for answers and they have been coming.
    Not just from the admin but from all the posters here and I just love how everyone is looking deep into this and finding the true answers!

    When asked if I believe he is alive, I can honestly say I can.
    There are so much evidence that has been found!

    1) The picture- From looking at the picture of michael in the back of the ambulence more closely, (buying the OK! Magazine helped quite well) I started noticing the color of his skin was off, his nose was oddly shaped and also his ears were like clipped or something… Things just were off.
    2) The 911 call- The man acting so calmly, not saying his name, the so many unnessisary questions from the paramedics ugh!
    3) The Mamorial- It really got to me. Made me convinced he was dead but the spoken words at the end of “Will You Be There” really freaked me out. Like I said in an earlier post, it was probably recorded awhile ago but it just shook me a bit. And of course the closed caskit. Why? And the “I’m alive and here forever” Its a sighn! Lol

    Those are probably the top things I’ve been thinking about.
    The song “Morphine” just creeped me out.
    The Illuminus Theo thing sounds convincing. The thing about him meeting Some Romanian guy and maybe he was the one who died. I would like to know more about Illuminis Theo. Maybe Admin can contact that guy.
    The whole rehersal vids….are very interesting.
    The O2 press conference and the fake MJ that was there just HAS to tie into this whole thing.

    There are loads more of things that I haven’t said that everyone here has said.
    You guys are doing a great job!
    Keep up the posts and updates.
    Soon it will all become clear

  46. He.is.alive Said,

    Don’t anyone even remotely entertain the idea to get carried away waiting with baded breath for Michael to “come back” he is NOT coming back,not anytime soon, if at all!

    Michael had had enough of “glory” days, so much so that he staged his own death to escape it all!

    As in every venture, it is timing that is everything and if there is or was to be such a timing for MJ to “reappear”, I am convinced he would decide against it for just fans’ sake. He is a human being and has a right to a normal life, a life he was denied and has now obviously chosen by force and it is pretty obvious that after all that has happened in the last 2 weeks, Michael would not just throw it down to return to what he worked so hard to escape from. People, people, let the man ALONE, he’s resorted to the very last a human being COULD resort to – to just be: LEFT ALONE ..

    Bloggers are speculating on dates he “might return”, they are obviously only concerned about what they want, but in this case, what matters most is what Michael wants: to be left alone so he can live his life.

    I do hope that the Jackson’s are visiting this website to read all the information posted on here. IF they are, I hope they take comfort in the fact that 51% of us are second guessing Michael’s death, they only difference between them and us is: we CAN all talk about it and they cannot, what a burden is must be for them, or is it ?

  47. dianafan Said,


    ILLUMINUS THEO is an anagram of

    TOHME ILLUSION (if you change one letter)

    There are posts all over the web from Illuminati – try googling Tupac conspiracies – they are all over that too.

  48. wishful09 Said,

    He is Alive,

    Yes, some of us are speculating his “comeback” dates, but that does not mean we are only concerned with what we want. Obviously, many of us only want Michael to be alive, whether we see him again or not. Most on this site have came to the conclusion he is alive, so we go further to offer reasons as to why he might fake his death. Staging a comeback is just one of the many reasons suggested on this site. You may have known Michael personally and be in a better postion to say whether he would come back or not. However, as just a fan (longtime fan) I have come to the conclusion that Michael would not want to keep this a secret. That is just my opinion though. If he never reveals this, I dont care. I just hope he is at peace and happy.

  49. noisehammer Said,


    well.. im not sure if he for himself has got true informations.. so im not sure if its defenitly true, but im thinking about it.. and of course.. WANT TO BELIEVE that MJ is alive !
    but it seems he is retrieving informations which are not public, why would he tell me then he is sworn to secrecy ?!
    so i dont want to tell his name in public..

    in german:
    @LeeAnn , wenn du willst kann ich dir den emailverlauf schicken ?

  50. dianafan Said,

    He is alive -

    We are all just names on a screen. We say we care, we say we are interested, some do research to back up their theories. Some come up with great info -how do we know MJs family are not posting on here? Like others I’m 100% that they have read it.

  51. LeeAnn Said,

    @noisehammer: that would be great! but how can i send my emailaddress to you? i don´t understand this wkw-thing…lol

    I have 3000 questions and theories, but my english isn´t good enough to write it all on this side…

  52. Angel36 Said,

    I believe he is still alive.
    And if he wants to live in silence pleae do.
    He is hurt so much in the past years.
    Now he’s dead everbody loved him and he was an icon blablabla.
    And the next week there is so much dirt getting out and there’s noone to devend him.
    I think he well deserved his peace outside the media.
    He has done enough for the world.
    But it could be the best and awsome way to see to the world:Don’t believe everything the media tells you.
    The media told eveyone that he was quilty of child molesting and now he can say that they were wrong about his death.The media tell lies to sell at al expense.Even if they have to ruin someone live.What the media did to him was so painfull that he didn’t see an other option then fahe his death.Good for you Michael.
    Michael wherever you are we will love you always.
    I hope you found what you were looking for.

  53. dragon Said,

    well,im just getting tired about some groups,which are really getting rude,if u start to talk about conspiracies…..
    and always the same:he wouldnt do it to his fans.

    i always answred,if they are sure about this egoistic opinion of this?it seems like they are havig a contract for him,in the case,hes still alive,that he has to be there for us…..

    this guy went through such a lot of shit and a stolen childhood,and all the turned on backs through these years,why should he give up a chance,for living a rest of a peaceful live…
    they are so egoistic in that point.

    and another thing is,hose kind of fans,werde those which havnt been here for him.now they are buying like hell,everything on ebay.and the time before?where hhave they been?and the most were hiding ashamed his cds for a while.could puke on them.

    anyway,like i said,im not that quite good in english to write down all my thoughts like i already do since 2 weeks in the geran groups.iguess i another 2 weeks it could be already a book about it…..

    i could even need 2 days of vacation from all of this and hide myself somewhere in a deep forrest to rest a bit…….

    anyway,i want to settle down in n.z in a few years,hope i ll meet him there:))

    and about those,which are talkig bad about us,with our conspiracies,i always give them the story about galileo and say,sure,and the worls is still a disk.

    if those peoples aret able to think round corners,this world would be more worse,tha it alöready is…..
    there will never be a new horiozone,if u are not able to have fictions…..

    with peoples like us,the world would be already a huge army with brainless soldiers and without any own mind.every day,if u take a lok in the television,they brainwash us,and try to keep us dump,with senseless talkshows,with model contests,with all shit.just to keep your mind shut from the reality….damn,if everyone open his eyes this place could be totally different.this will hopefully come one day,but then,a huge war will happen.there wont beany way to seperate all others above,like the nwo…..

    and however,i guess,that theres is some higher political thing involved with jackos story.

    and the time as well.this demonstrationgirl zeda was killed,we had the g8 meeting….everything.

    and with who,in our generation and time,can u reach so many societies of humans,than with michael?black and white,young and old,brokensouls and so on….around the world.who would care that much of all those peoples attention in the moment,if somebody like…hm…brad pitt has been announced death,or angelina,or a politician?they would rech just such a tiny part with it….
    but everyone is watching this in the moment.everyones attention is still at michael…..noone could reach that much on earth….and theres noone else,who will ever reach it again.its all so wired……theres more behind it,than just an ordenary reason,like they suggest us.and the clan behind him…..hes doin better now without them.like vultures they are surrounding the bugger now.it really makes u wanna puke,how the money now is running for them…..and just one person had to suffer all alone for this,which they are now fighting for.shame on them….

  54. dragon Said,

    haha@dianafan,about whos posting,i already thought the same.and if u enter google and conspiracies u cant even go over this page.u really haveto get in:)

  55. dynamite Said,

    I also believe he is still alive, first time i heard he was dead i wasnt upset at all idk why, I just had a gut feeling it was all a hoax. i heard TMZ got the news that he had died from another site and they just went with it,
    every other news just went with tmz that he had died, Does another knw if this is true?

  56. dragon Said,

    @lee ann

    du deutsch?wkw ist eine community.habe dort ne gruppe angelegt.seit gestern.weil man in den ganzen fanatischen,augenverschlossenen fangruppen wie jeanne dárc,gallileo oder judas behandelt wird….

    aquirieren auch schon weiter,das es voller wird.werde mich mit einer anderen um baldige arbeitsteilung bemühen,denn es wird mir zu viel.recherchieren,schreiben,posten,misten….puuh….
    bin eigentlich selbstständig und meine sachen bleibe seit 2 woche liegenwem kann ich dafür,eigentlich die rechnung schicken??joe jackson am besten…

    bin auch i fakeblog vertreten.mit 2 verschiedenen namen.
    aber bei wkw hab ich mal angefangen die gruppe aufzubauen.kannst dir ja anonym ein profil anlegen.

  57. dragon Said,

    ist tmz something like a yellow press like here our shit asspaper bildzeitung?i thin so….

    and again…paparazzi at the ambulence,and just one photo,even shot by just one paparrazi?there must be more,if….

  58. Andrea Said,

    @ dynamite. I remember when I first heard the news I walked into my living room and my dad said that MJ was in the hospital and said that Jermaine made a statement saying Michael ‘wasn’t doing very well’. So of course, with that in mind, I got onto my PC and googled Michael Jackson heart attack, which there in TMZ had posted an article stating MJ had indeed had a heart attack..at that point I texted my brother and he said he had heard on the radio (it had to have been at least 30 minutes later) that MJ had died. I then asked my parents if they had heard on the news that he died, and they said that they only heard STILL that he only had a heart attack….then my mother confirmed to me that the media was saying he was in a coma. THEN about 10 minutes later, they confirmed he ‘died’. I also remember that same day, rumours on the news spread saying that MICHAEL was the one who called 911. WEIRD HUH? Then the next day they said it was the doctor that called 911…thennnnnnnn they said it was the bodyguard. HAHA since the beginning this entire thing has been a circus, and it will continue to be that way until MJ comes out of hiding or someone finally admits the truth as to what happened that day.

  59. dragon Said,

    and i totally think the same what is on this page.even about the ceremonie,the b VIPS,the well seemed children………..and for ending this all up,they already could have burry an empty coffin,if they really want to let him rest in peace,as they pretend.they already could have make a fake funeral,to let the fans come to peace and handle their pain about it…..but no,they keep hoölding everyone up,everyday with news.
    if i would have a famous family member,and want the peoples around,fans,to alm down,i would burry him ,or do like i would burry him,to have a time after it,without any attention,to find the truth…..

    thats all just sick and senseless.

    and like i said a while before,u even see on the blogpage,the picture of the rehersal of this is it.him in front of the light letters……

    look between his legs,a big part of the S is missing.i already re constructed it by photoshop,how it really should it looks like….

    somehow,it must be a montage picture.because,if there would be something in front of this letter,or behind him,u would see a shadow on the silver floor,or whatever that is…..

    maybe we should go back in history in odysseus adventures,i bet,thers something like this to find,similar to this adventure of our present.

  60. dragon Said,

    well,i dont hope for him,that they will find him.they will hunt him,like in the medivial time……
    he should do it like binladen,sometimes a video from somewhere,and saying hi:)
    anyway,he knows now,what real friends he got,ad on who he can spit on……

  61. loveandpeace Said,

    @dianafan Oddly, Michael’s doctor who gave him the physical, his name was Dr.Tohme.

  62. melia8383 Said,

    Ok everyone I found a song, It’s really Crazy unreleased from Michiael Jackson, It talks about how he’s “planning” his escape from the “system” and “pressures” he has to find a place to hide away.(thats what he says in the song) the name of the song is xscape(yes, it’s actually spelled that way.
    If he faked his death, he’s away from the pressures, he has to leave his children behind, if he don’t want people to know he’s “dead”). If the children is with his family, he will always see them. Latoya said, he didn’t want to do the 50 shows, that’s probably why it was an impersonator at the O2 conference! It was him rehearsing in the video, if he’s planning his get away, he has to cooperate, right? AEG insured for “overdose”? WHY?

  63. dynamite Said,

    yes i heard so many things on the news that day some where sayin he had died others where sayin he was in a coma, so many different stories where goin around i didnt knw what 2 believe, even the news over here didnt believe TMZ where a reliable source they just went with what TMZ where saying

  64. dragon Said,

    yep,the insure for the overdose….what should we say about this point…..mhm……

  65. melia8383 Said,

    I meant if he wants people to know he’s dead

  66. dragon Said,

    okay,i need sleep.its already 3 am in germany.like two weeks now,i never get early to bd,or just sleep 4 hours….
    where should i send my bill for all this?joe jackson? or AEG?

    good night,ill be back

  67. melia8383 Said,

    Michael’s not stupid! He even said, that he doesn’t have friends, he only trust a handful of people, that you can count on one hand!!!!

  68. LeeAnn Said,

    @dragon: muss ich mich dann mit meinem echten namen anmelden und danach im profil sperren oder wie?

  69. melia8383 Said,

    Someone commented on here that they noticed during the memorial service for the song Will You BE There, (that Jennifer Hudson sung) towards the end when he speaks he says Pains, instead of Pain(like in the song) I have listen to every live performance when he sings that song he always says Pain. So I believe he recently just recorded that or he was there reading off the monitor in the back!!!!
    Another Slip UP!!!! people need to pay attention, it’s not that we can’t accept his “death” it’s just that things don’t add up, and it was subliminal messages in at the memorial service. I can’t believe no one notice this????

  70. loveandpeace Said,

    Michael hired Leonard Rowe as his manager. R.Kelly hired him a couple years ago and had problems with him, which ended in a lawsuit. Why would Michael hire him?


    @melia8383 I’ve heard of that song before, but i thought it was an old song, just unreleased. Then i googled it, and it said 1996. Unless it’s going to be on his new album.

  71. loveandpeace Said,

    The real “They Don’t Really Care About Us” video.


  72. melia8383 Said,

    his unreleased songs suppose to be on a new cd coming out!!!!

  73. she_can Said,

    here is two other testimonies concerning MJ’s good health coming from people who know him well


  74. curious_george Said,

    I was reading a thread on newsflavor.com, re: many peoples’ belief that MJ isn’t in fact dead; that his death was a hoax, orchestrated by him. Amid the discussion and posts there, there are some interesting posts by the following individual – who claims to be “in the know” about this hoax, citing that MJ flew out of LA shortly after his alleged death. Poster is “macanridire” and you can read his subsequent posts there:


    Posted July 8, 2009 at 12:18 am
    I know for a fact, that he isn’t dead. 2 hours after his supposed demise, an area of LAX airport was secretly shut down to recieve an undisclosed person of intrest. Too many bodyguards and “lookouts” were circled around someone as they entered the closed area, driven in a black SUV. Then the control tower was told to “ignore” the lear jet taking off on a private runway, headed for an undisclosed destination. It was reported that the person of interest was wearing a mask or veil over their face, and the planes “call letters” were covered or taped over.
    With the amount of debt jackson had, and pending or upcoming lawsuits filed on him, I would have done the same…. just disappear, perminantly.

  75. curious_george Said,

    OOPS……..the above post came from this site:


  76. Andrea Said,

    What I just read (from an article a little while ago, obviously..but still KEY facts here) –

    ‘A second private autopsy on Jackson’s body was completed Saturday at the family’s request so they could have a second opinion on the cause of death. The first autopsy conducted Friday was inconclusive and the coroner’s office said they will have to wait for toxicology reports, which could take months to complete. However, foul play was ruled out.

    “I think it’s really more an issue of control. For the Los Angeles coroner to issue a report regarding its finding takes at least a month [and] can take several months … ‘

    HELLO. FOUL PLAY RULED OUT? But now they are saying that there WAS foul play involved and that they never said they ruled it out? I CALL BULL SHIT!

    AND MONTHS! It could take MONTHS to figure out the toxicology results. PFT!

    Just saying!

  77. He.is.alive Said,

    BREAKING NEWS :::::::::

    The Geraldo Rivera show reported about one hour ago that – according to british tabloids – Debbie Rowe and Grandma Jackson have struck some kind of custody deal that eliminates Grandpa Joe from the loop altogether .. Debbie Rowe is also seeking a restraining order against the old man to keep him away from the children … sounded like Debbie is in the driver’s seat on this one. Developing …

  78. lizzieTaylor Said,

    a lot of ´weird´ things since the beggining.. I dont think MJ is dead, i really really believe he is alive. Dunno if he will return to his ´past´ life at some point, but i would love if we could know for sure that he is ok
    Just to know he is alive , would be a HUGE and pleasant surprise for everybody.

  79. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    I don’t know what to believe. There are so many things that don’t look right. I believe he is still alive out there in the world somewhere. Deep down inside, I feel he is still breathing. So, That gives me hope. Although, I’m terrified as to why he faked his demise. I have heard so many conspiracy theories and I cannot fathom him being involved in them. I’m so scared for him. I hope that they aren’t true.

  80. monij Said,

    With Every day that goes by, I get closer and closer to the truth: that Michael Jackson is dead. Until recently I was holding on tightly to the thought that MJ faked his death. Now this death hoax does not make sense to me anymore.. There are so many questions that are left unanswered. We try to answer these questions ourselves, we try so hard to come up with theories, and believe me everyone is doing a great job, and this why it took me this long to accept the sad fact that MJ is dead. How can the coroner, the police, the medical staff, the funeral home, the City of Los Angeles take part in this death hoax? Isn’t too risky? If MJ indeed faked his death, why did Latoya vow to bring the people who killed MJ to justice? And she wants a private autopsy? Does she mean a 3rd autopsy? Is that why they have not buried him, because his family suspect MJ was murdered? The mystery surrounding his body viewing is easily explained, they removed his brains during autopsy, this I assume can badly damage the face (or not?) that is why there hasn’t been a public viewing. And about the family or the kids smiling, that is believe me very normal. I have been to funerals and memorials where there have been both tears and laughter maybe it is human nature to cope with grief. Also, the use of impersonators or doubles, especially at the O2 press conference, does not point to the fact that MJ faked his death. Maybe they used them because MJ was very high on drugs (does anyone remember Anna Nicole Smith, she could hardly say 2 words, and she always had this groggy look on her face), or simply because he was sick. Lastly, let’s not forget Heath Ledger, he died the same way as MJ did (Heath Ledger did not overdose himself, it was just an accidental overdose) why then can’t we accept the fact that MJ died of accidental overdose, because like Ledger, Michael Jackson is human. Please tell me if I am wrong….

  81. ejay5131 Said,

    I’m betting that it is not going to be very long before we see Paris,, prince and Blanket “disappear”. Think about it..how often have we really seen Latoya or Janet in the last year or two. Those kids are going to be kept from the “public eye”. What I am saying is no body questions where the sisters have all been for so long, eventually no one will question where the kids are either.

  82. curious_george Said,


    I also find it strange and hard to believe that so many people (coroner, LAPD, hospital staff, funeral home, etc) could be “in on it.” Yes, MJ was famous and powerful but I find it hard to believe he had enough “clout” to get these folks to go along with the hoax.

    That being said, it seems incredibly strange to me that nobody is coming forward. What I mean is……in a high publicity death such as this, wouldn’t you expect paramedics or hospital staff to want to get their 5 minutes of fame by agreeing to an interview (even if it was for some trash rag like the National Enquirer) about what they saw. I find it impossible to believe that “nobody” has a story to share about what they saw.

    It is also very difficult to believe that no media or paparazi got pics of MJ being taken from the ambulance into the hospital; they live for this kind of thing, it’s what they do for a living. You think they’d have followed the ambulance to the hospital.

    I’ve read that right after his death, a good # of his staff were fired. so how come none of them are talking?…about what they saw?

    Usually in high publicity cases, everyone comes out of the woodwork for the 5 minutes of fame…..but it seems that nobody is talking. I find that very very strange.

  83. ejay5131 Said,

    Curious_george: It’s very funny..the only people coming out to talk are the people fueling the overdose and drug rumors. Helping to convince us of his death. What I want to know is who is the guy/girl that took the ambulance picture…you’d think they’d want the spotlight for sure. Being the only person to capture that coveted photo. Another observation, it seems that the more in depth the conversations get on this website and the more info we all share focusing on this HOAX, the more strange info. comes out in the media from “sources”

  84. Andrea Said,

    oh my, eljay! you are so very right about that! the MORE WE bring up stuff, the more the media starts talking. holy shit, I did not even realize that until I saw what you wrote. We are all on to something here! and the doubters, well..I don’t even know why they’re even on this site to begin with? haha

  85. Andrea Said,

    I mean ejay****** hahahaha sorry about that. I have a livejournal and I usually tell my friends ‘eljay’ to abbreviate the site name..so yeah. my mind is in a haze lately anyways cause all I can think of is this entire thing. I even dream about it. strange, huh? haha

  86. curious_george Said,


    It’s reported that someone named Christopher Weiss took the last pic of MJ, the one of him in the ambulance:


  87. ejay5131 Said,

    hmm, im still not buying the photographers story, running around the ambulance with a huge body guard jumping in your face and the picture came out so perfectly clear and in focus. Doubtful.

  88. supermom75 Said,

    no that is the last photograhy photo not the ambulance

  89. curious_george Said,

    sorry supermom75, that’s incorrect. Do a search on Google and you’ll easily find that Christopher Weiss is the photographer/paparazi who snapped the pic of MJ in the ambulance:


    Within the article above, there’s a link to that actual picture.


  90. melia8383 Said,

    I don’t see how he could of snapped the photo? The entire back window was covered by the bodyguard. Unless michael hired him to snap it. Because I don’t how it possible, you have to be very close to the window to snap that, and as we all know the ambulance windows was tinted!!!!

  91. curious_george Said,

    Frankly I wonder if perhaps this is a pic that was taken of MJ sometime in the past? Was he ever taken by ambulance in the past? Didn’t he collapse years ago? The skin color looks far too good for someone whose heart has stopped particularly when you consider how pale MJ has always appeared (though I suppose some of that paleness could be attributed to make-up?). The face of this person in the ambulance is a lot more “full” than the normally gaunt, hollowed face that MJ has.

  92. He.is.alive Said,

    I do not believe the patient in the ambulance is Michael Jackson, he looks nothing like hi, no way no how ! Read the bio on this Chris guy who took this photo of whomever it is he photographed.

    This kid has a rather unruly financial past and I bet that this photo he took of whoever that is in the ambulance and floated speak sold to the media will pay handsomely for med school, that is, if he peddled it for enough and can at all qualify to get admitted … not very impressed with it … smells fishy fishy fishy …

  93. curious_george Said,

    I wonder how easy/hard it is to photo-shop a picture? Maybe that’s what was done?

    When I saw this picture I initially thought it was bogus because it’s obvious that the person taking the picture is:

    a) taking it through glass (you can see the glare of the flash) on the pic

    b) taking it parallel to crew/victim inside…which made no sense to me because I watched the video of the ambulance slowly backing out of MJ’s driveway and couldn’t see any windows on the sides of the ambulance (which would make obvious sense)…though at the end of that video I “think” you can see a small window near the front passenger side, behind the passenger door area. Not sure, though, how you could take a pic through very dark tinted windows, even with a flash. I’m not sure that’s even possible.

  94. bghoppy Said,

    For pure entertainment value, I recommend checking out Perez Hilton’s site. Especially the articles with Rosanne Barr’s and Carrie Fisher’s blogs. WOW is all I can say about those two’s comments.

    Would also like to thank admin for concidering our requests and creating the forum.

  95. He.is.alive Said,

    curious george: yep ! I totally agree with your observations on the the ambulance pic. Even more so now since info of some wanna-be doctor/turned photographer kid has surfaced who has supposedly taken this picture.

    This just might have been the “big break” this kid was waiting for and as fake as the picture looks, it is highly likely that even so, it put a pretty penny rag-dollar in his empty pockets !

  96. dianafan Said,

    Why can’t the press talk about all the wonderful things Michael did for the world.

    (hopefully) links to our second trashiest tabliod – I daren’t even look at the worst one yet
    You will have to copy and paste this I think –

    and oh my goodness Joe – keep away


    Joe just makes you want to scream, although usually there is a hint of thruth to what they print.

    Why are the press banging on about seedy motels etc, I can’t see MJ doing that. And I certainly don’t think he had no money at all.

    Admin – can you change these to links for me

  97. ejay5131 Said,



  98. dianafan Said,


    What are the German forums saying? Are there any ideas which we may have missed?

  99. dragon Said,

    the same thing,goes around in my mind.who says,that this pic is from that day?and even the skin color,it should be more blue………..fine that everyone is involvd now in that pic thing.i thought i might dont become spo many feedbacks for this thread….

    damn,i have no time at all today to be online.o i guess,i will have another night i will go through when im back at night.

    and why,they say,no way to bury him at neverland?
    is there maybe a secret tunnel system where he sometimes will be back there and could have no freedom cause it ll be full of visitors??

    my blond head is almost burnung through.thought blondes cant be so busy with the brain…ha,no,actually im at all clever chick…..


    wer zu wkw kommen mag,oder bereits ist,kann sein profil haltweiterhin nehmen und in die gruppe kommen.
    wer erst anmelden muß,einfach registrieren….ihr müßt nicht von jm. eingeladen werden.
    ich hatte für die gruppengründung nur ein anonymes profil angelegt,da ich selber ein offizielles profil habe,aber bei dem mitläufer folk der anderen fanatischen gruppen,nicht mein offizielles profil zerfleischt bekommen will.

    michael jackson spurensuche.
    weiterhin auch interessant der fakeblog,der admin ist sehr happy über wirklich gute denkanstöße.ich und eine freundinn werden schon gar nicht mehr auf kommentare geprüft,weil er ihnen vertraut,was wir schreiben…

    @michael jackson…
    hope u doin great,and if we meet one day,i show u how to work with silver and making artcrafts…..u will love it:)

    and another thing….why could be so many people involved to hide him?like doctors,poilice,and so on?

    dont forget,behind this story is a huge money thing like dagobert duck.who would be so stupid,to earn more money for one favor and shut up,than working hard for years with even not a lot of money…..u can make a lot of people shut up with money,or come into e spiral ,that noone can belive u or u are forced,more than before,to shut up…..

    and we all know,our world is out of money,a lot of peoples,need even a bit money,to hold their properties or whatever.so nothing better can happen than a big conspiracy……


  100. He.is.alive Said,

    ha .. what isn’t turning up about this Jackson thing .. a new trick every couple of hours ?

    Anything at all, but not a whisper from Taylor, Ross, Minelli, Lisa Marie, THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE who know it all !

  101. dragon Said,

    even ,maybe that pic is old and from smeone else….maybe someone thought,this could look like him,and i ll wait until i find a reason to sell it…..

    anyway,the breatheing mask,or how the english word is,its position is strange as will.u see the lip over it a bit….that was the first thing i thought about it and sure,the skin color,if somebody is already”dead” for a while….

  102. dragon Said,

    and if we find a great mj conspiracy logo,let me know,i can make us a sign in silver,as a pin or a pendant:)
    dtragonsilver,me,is everywhere:)

    and will buyable just for the materialcosts..

  103. Sosh Said,

    As I quickly scanned this article: http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2009/07/michael-jackson-photo200907?currentPage=1

    I think we can assume he knew Michael and or that other photographer. Isn’t it strange that he was at the right place at ther right time. Almost like someone told him to be there!

    And yes, it’s also possible that the picture from Michael in the ambulance is from some years back. Remember he had some healt troubles during his trial a couple of years ago.

  104. supermom75 Said,

    do not listen to the sun the sun is junk they tell nothing but lies it is all evil the devil the sun has no remorse for anything they say about anyone

  105. YOY Said,

    i must say I have been hooked on this site since day 1, THANK YOU for creating this site. I find it fascinating that the whole world does not even think as we do about the hoax. I sit and watch everything and whenever something crosses my mind, i go on this site and BAM! its been said! I cant even talk to other people about this cause they think its insane and out of the question. With that said, what stood out the most recently was an interview done with Joe Jackson and their long time family friend Majestik Magnificent. I think that interview totally gave it away that this is a hoax! It was so ridiculous and whats even more odd is that i cannot find that interview ANYWHERE online and its driving me nutts! Uri Gellar is also part of the CIA? so how convenient is that! I’m pretty sure everything will unfold and it wont take long. Thanks for everyones input! keep it up!

  106. YOY Said,

    michael probably helped out the photographer because he knew his story about wanting to go to med school and being a paparazzi was not his dream job but a way to earn money for school.

  107. VanillaCream Said,

    Honestly, if, IF he faked his death he did it for some reason, including his desire for peace. Wouldn´t it be viciously to take a pic of him or even reveal his whereabouts?

    Why not to give him the peace his soul really despairingly needs?

    So if somebody spys him out, don´t give away this info. This would demonstrate the proper respect he deserves.

    (Sorry for the grammar, I´m german)

  108. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    Michael liked girls, So I don’t know where that is coming from about him having sugar in his tank. That is a load of bologna.

  109. elde Said,

    When I was at college, my philosophy professor told us that if we would like to have just an idea of what whas really going on in the world, we would have to put at least a dozen newspapers/articles next to one another, add tons of salt (expression in Belgium) and then maybe, maybe we would have just a glimpse….. we only know what people want us to know for whatever reason. So I guess we will probably never really know…
    Besides, we also really see what we would like to know. Very confusing indeed

  110. dragon Said,

    wow,great.u finally took the point i was tolding 3 times in here about thisis it picture.
    yeah,happy about it,that u read it.

    i did a fotomontage,how it actually shpould look lik if its real……

    sometimes i ask myself,if they are doing that for purpose,to find something like this…….

    i saw this pic 2 days ago again,and i found it,theres deffinately somethig missing.i would like to upload my ,fotomontage,to show how it has look like….

    thanks for the attention to my hint…

  111. LeeAnn Said,

    @dragon: hab eine mega-zusammenfassung geschrieben, und beim abschicken wurde gesagt “sitzung abgelaufen”! macht echt keinen spass!

    i wrote all the facts on the german page and as i submit my comment there were a “time is out” message! That´s not funny!

  112. dragon Said,

    SOMEHOW i guess,he is longer already away from us since the 25th…..

  113. dragon Said,

    or even before the concert announcement…

  114. martha Said,

    check the lyrics of MJ’s song Xscape and tell me what you think guys…

  115. Variat Said,

    Greetings from the U.K
    I’m pretty certain in my heart that he’s still alive and this website just confirms it all.Nothing tallies up and I’m thinking that LaToya’s claims that Michael was murdered is a smoke screen.Basically I agree with almost everything I’ve read on this site so don’t really want to bore you all by going over the same ground.

    Also,I’m pretty certain that if I were to actually see Michael in the flesh and very much alive,I’d keep pretty quiet about it without photographic evidence for fear of being labelled a lunatic lol

    I also believe if he is still alive,what’s to stop him going back to his roots so to speak? It’s perfectly feasible that he may just appear to the world as a black man and we’d be none the wiser.Hell,maybe the surgery during the latter part of his life was an elaborate “disguise” which he could easily throw off when no longer needed.oh who knows…I’m going crazy not knowing!!!

    Michael,if you ARE still alive,I undertsnad why you felt you needed to get away and I don’t blame you…honestly.You and your kids are all that matters in this circus so good on you!!!

  116. flower Said,

    HI GUYS, can someone please tell me how to post on the new forum cause i just cant get it thankyou in advance,

  117. ebru Said,

    leeann wie heißt den die deutsche version von dieser seite?

  118. Variat Said,

    Also,can I just add that my two eldest children (then 11 and 10)attended my Mum’s funeral 3 years ago and were completely inconsolable.They had been fine up until the actual ceremony but as eulogies were read and her favourite song was played,they fell to pieces.I put it down to the fact that they were maybe too young to fully understand the events but were picking up on others’ emotions…something that didn’t happen to Michael’s children due to the stone faced members of their family.But surely hearing his voice during “Will You Be There” would have set at least one of them off? We’re all different on how we handle grief so how come they all behaved the same?

  119. Variat Said,

    Ok sorry to be a pain but,Admin,is there any chance that the posts could be ordered first to last as I fear that all new posts may go unread (ofc mine included! lol)

  120. charbour Said,

    Here are the lyrics for xcape:

    Michael Jackson


    Intro (Prison guard)

    Open up 6,

    He’s gone!

    Everywhere I turn, no matter where I look,

    The systems in control, it’s all ran by the book,

    I’ve got to get away so I can clear my mind,

    Xcape is what I need, away from electric eyes

    No matter where I am, I seen my face around,

    They pin lies on my name, and push them from town to town,

    Don’t have a place to run, but there’s no need to hide,

    I’ve got to, find a place,

    So I won’t hide away

    Xcape, got to get away from a system lose in the world today

    Xcape, the pressure that I face from relationships that go away

    Xcape, the man with the pen that writes the lies that hassle this man

    Xcape, I do what I wanna cause I gotta face nobody but me


    Sometimes I feel like

    I’ve gotta get away

    I tried to share my life with someone I could love

    But games and money is all she ever thought of

    How could that be my fault when she gambled and lost?

    I’m tired of silly games, its time to make a change

    Why is it I can’t do whatever I want to? (oh)

    Went in my personal life and I don’t live for you (you)

    So don’t you try to tell me what is right for me (try it)

    You be concerned about you, I can do what I want to

    Xcape, (hoo-hoo) (oh, no)

    got to get away from a system loose in the world today

    (I’ve got to get away)


    the pressure that I face from relationships that go away

    (don’t you know I need it?)


    the man with the pen that writes the lies that hassle this man

    (I’ve got to get away)


    I do what I wanna cause I gotta face nobody but me

    (get away)


    (don’t you try it)

    got to get away from a system lose in the world today


    the pressure that I face from relationships that go away

    (pressure that I’m facing every day)



    the man with the pen that writes the lies that hassle this man

    (come on, now)


    (come on, now)

    I do what I wanna cause I gotta face nobody but me



    When I go, (oh, go) this problem world won’t bother me no more

    (This problem world won’t bother me no more)

    (problem world, bother me, yeah, oh, yeah, hoo)





    Xcape, got to get away from a system lose in the world today

    (I’ve got to find a way)

    Xcape, the pressure that I face from relationships that go away

    (pressure that I’m facing)

    Xcape, the man with the pen that writes the lies that hassle this man

    (why I wanna fly)

    Xcape, I do what I wanna cause I gotta face nobody but me

    (I do what I wanna, hoo-hoo)

    Xcape, got to get away from a system lose in the world today

    Xcape, the pressure that I face from relationships that go away

    Xcape, the man with the pen that writes the lies that hassle this man

    Xcape, I do what I wanna cause I gotta face nobody but me (hoo-hoo)

    Xcape, got to get away

    (I’ve got find a way)

    Xcape, the pressure that I face

    (can’t take it no more)

    Xcape, the man with the pen

    (I can’t take this no more)

    Xcape, I do what I wanna cause I gotta face nobody but me

    Xcape (auow!)

    (You ain’t my mother)


    Got to get away


    The pressure that I face


    The man with the pen (get away)


    I do what I wanna

    I do what I wanna cause I gotta face nobody but me (hee-hee-hee)



    (what for? I can’t take this kind of shit no more!)

    Xcape till fade

    You Want me? Come and get me.

    We’re trying our best to get you Michael. This just sounds so.. dodgy!

  121. elde Said,

    I second that flower; couldn’t do it either…..tried a couple of times to answer a post, but my answer just ‘vanished’…lol. Plz help!

  122. MichaelJacksonDunnoImHisMrs Said,

    Someone posted a comment that no one would believe it is MJ if he is seen. Here lies the problem…Michael’s face is very distinctive. The poor guy could never come out of hiding unless in heavy disguise, ever. There will be no shock reapparence either, the fall-out from the hoax would ruin the rest of his life legally and professionally. If he has faked his death it would be a permanenmt decision. Personally I think he did die but if he did fake his death he must have been in terrible trouble or very unhappy about something.

  123. charbour Said,


    okay, could the media get any more insane?
    even they’re struggling for stories now.

  124. flower Said,

    HI think you guys sould have a good look at this site sorry if its been posted already and make sure you read all the pgs such as mj doubles and doc rebuilding mj face maybe someone could post it on the forum because i just dont know how to post on there well heres the site,, http://www.michaeljacksonnotdead.wordpress.com pls let me know what you think??? thanks

  125. wishful09 Said,

    Just go to the home page and click forum. Then choose which topic you want to view or what not. Then just hit reply. Or you can start your own topic.

  126. littleEARTHQUAKE Said,

    (Hey, folks, after a long period of lurking this site since its creation, I decided to join in. Don’t expect to see much of me.)

    “What do you believe?”: I’m not sure what to believe anymore. You want to know what I watched on the morning of M.J.’s death date? The Wiz. Yes, THAT movie. I even joked with my mother, “Well, Nipsey and Ted are gone, but we know where Michael and Diana are at.” And lo and behold, ” Michael Jackson: Dead at 50,” pops up on the news. At first, I was in denial. But as it became more, apparent, I couldn’t stop crying.

    Look, I was once one of the many who used to joke at the poor man’s expense, and here I am, crying. I was never really serious with my jokes, and I never really believed he was a pedophile. He just didn’t fit the description of one. I actually wanted to meet him one day, I want to be a musician, and he’d definately be the first person I want to meet when I become famous. But, do you want to know, what I believe? Simple, I don’t know.

  127. He.is.alive Said,

    The lyrics of the “Xscape” song are reflective of what Michael Jackson was feeling, wanting and .. planning to do !!!! But this is not the only song wherein he sings about his trouble soul and life and his longing to leave it all behind..

    Further up, somebody posted an entry by “macanridire” who talked about the mysteries about a “special person of interest” leaving lax in a lear jet.

    His posting agrees to 99% with my posted theory that Michael Jackson made off in a private plane waiting for him at lax long before the mass hysteria of his death unfolded.

    Perhaps LaToya and Poppa Joe gotten wind of ppl figuring out stuff and that is why tabloid rages are floating and spinning more “Jackson updates” as we’ve been seeing and hearing … TMZ posted skinny entries over the weekend reiterating the drug thing, must be running out of hardhitters and are just scraping enough together to attempt public focus remain on the “spin” ….

    To Michael Jackson:
    Michael: If you a-r-e reading these blogs from whereever you are, be safe and enjoy the peace. We ARE figuring things out one by one, but we will always hold you dear and never forget you – EVER. Ourprayers and wellwishing, rest assured,are with you – God bless you, Michael …

  128. He.is.alive Said,

    Afterthought about the “Plane” at lax connection further up:

    Michael Jackson married Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie .. isn’t it possible that during their marriage, Michael learned about the whole Elvis’ death staging concept and execution thereof and so accordingly patterned his own “death escape” after that of Elvis’,with the helpful input of Lisa Marie … Accordingly, who is to say that was not Elvis’ private plane (covered up call letters and all) waiting for Michael Jackson at lax ?

    Among several mysteriously disappeared items that belonged to Elvis after his death, his PLANE is one of them that – for an item as large as it is – just disappeared into thin air like poof ?

  129. mjfan4evr Said,

    him those of you whom asked for info on the guy whom took the last photo of mj in the ambulance, he spoke to vanity fair magazine about it, here is the link.


  130. tiux Said,

    I think that thank god, he’s alive every time I visit this page (every day 10 times) I’ll get more and more information that HE IS ALIVE! And I’m very happy about it If he wants to live in peace and private then I think he deserves it 1000 times Michael, wherever you are, whatever you do – I support you in my heart and in my mind. Best wishes to you from Estonia

  131. littleEARTHQUAKE Said,

    So, Michael, if you’re alive and well and reading this; I’m very sorry for hurting you. If not, rest in peace my friend, you deserve it.

  132. mjfan4evr Said,

    hey guys an article came out today on msnbc.com that mj told his daughter he was dying? i dont even know what to make of this story, but i thought id share it with the rest of you. i wish mj was alive and actually hope is, that would be a great surprise…we all can hope!

  133. dragon Said,

    well,im glad that we still can use this comment box,its for me better to run through it,than go through all topics and stuff.

    but admin,i have to sayRESPECT,great and fast work.

    well,i the moent i already feel,like im burning out.since 2 weeks im almost with no sleep,finding everything whats curios about that stuff…………

    anyway,i hope he is in a secure and peaceful place….

    i was never a fanatic fan of him,but always followed his storys in life,and i always was on his side.im more intrested in that person that michael is.his 2 faced person.the one in puplic and the one he is in himself.those big sad eyes…..

    i always could say,that i found myself in his storys.wanna hinde from everything and everyoe when im private…and to act like someone else on stage.
    and i had a big transformation as well.from that big fat cow with the pignose and pimples,to something totally different.even when people say now,i have something from brigitte bardot and a bit of pam,i will never see myself like this.i will always stay the fat girl inside which was cheated for a long time.and this had stolen a lot of my childhood.it was a horrible time…..the story of the ugly duck…
    the only good thing is,with these expiriences,u can see better in peoples minds and hearts.and so i have 2 good friends,wich mean everything to me.my brother and my musicfriend of our band.my dog and my mom and my choleric dad…..i even have a lot of nice friends around me…but the older i get,well 32,the more i become an eremit,but i m happy with that….i can see the beauty in the nature.

    but what all came after it,with a destroyed self esteem,what u earned in the most important time of our lifes,was followed by a lot of bad things i went through afterwards.self torture and so on..it makes u to the last unicorn…but somehow stronger than everybody else around u, grow out of it….thats why im fighting for the nature and the animals.

    well,my soulmate,i wish u the best,and if i want u i will come and get you:)

    what i wanted to say,would be nice to meet up one day

    but anyway,i hope that now wherever he is,he will have peoples around which will never turn the back aganst you…..

    but one thing,whats not nice of u,since your “funeral”its raining all time now here in germany…..and this is no fake,maybe chemtrails….
    and my pc keys are totally through…

  134. dragon Said,

    @lee ann,scheiße sag ich nur dazu,was n mist,wie ärgerlich….ich versuche mal,den kontakt vo dir zu dem emailverlauf zu finden…….

  135. dragon Said,

    @ martha,

    that song……the others ,in my group i opened,try to find an answer with the song morphine……

    those both songs a really really strong,thats a fact….
    but sure,i rather go through the xscape one,cause morphine makes my mind a bit goin out of tune….

  136. dragon Said,

    this universe is indeed very confusing…..

    arent there something news going on?somehow,it seems,that they stuck now.and i dont read that shit ih the yellow press.

    about the missing money and jewlerrie….
    didnt they say,that,i think,it was like 3 days after the “death”that the family asked his nanny,where michael put the money?

    in this time they already had to see that money is missing.

    and even they said,they can be sure for 100%,that he hasnt been killed.aha…..

    well,now the 100% of it,turned into 100% doubt?

    and anyway,they must have seen it in the liver and all other organs in his body about the drugshit……

    sure,they will need another year more,to find the truth and wont “burry”him,or the empty coffin.

    money makes the world go round….

  137. loveandpeace Said,

    I just watched ET, and it makes me feel that he’s not alive. They said Paris had 2 half heart necklaces and she put one on her dad in his casket. That made me so sad. But then again that could just be the power of the media? I also feel that if he did fake his death, Joe doesn’t know about!

  138. goslinger1 Said,

    Found this on the web:

    Did anyone notice that he signed his will on July 7th, 2002, exactly 7 years ago to the day of his memorial… and he is the 7th child and his new album was to be titled 7EVEN.

    Was his fake death in the planning all those years? The odds of this is unreal! Anyone know of any significance for Michael personally with that number–did he mention before as a lucky number for him or something??

    Also found this on TMZ:
    Michael Jackson’s two biggest hits — “Black & White” and “Billie Jean” — were each #1 for 7 weeks.
    – Michael Jackson’s three biggest albums — “Thriller,” “Bad” and “Dangerous” — each produced 7 top 40 hits.
    – Michael Jackson was the 7th of 9 children.
    – Michael Jackson was born in 1958 … 19 + 58 = 77
    – Michael Jackson died on the 25th … 2 + 5 = 7
    – Michael Jackson has 7 letters in his first and last name.

  139. dragon Said,

    and another thing….

    i just had that idea all day long.

    in the 70ties,1970,was a game born in germany,called the milliongame.

    it was like a scavenger hunt.
    somebody was followed by killers.
    everyone in germany thought this thing was real,and they need to find that gangster.
    they even interviewed the persons on the street,during the time,when the game was on tv.

    the peoples said,if they will find him,they gonna shoot him.

    this movie was on the tv for a week.every evening,the streets were empty.well,i was born 77,but i herad about it…..
    the audience was so involved of it,that the couldnt handle the real truth anymore.

    wow,and this was born in gemany.they even pretend on the end,of that real tv gam,that the ganster suicide himself……..

    those peoples were so braiwashed by the tv,they couldnt see the truth anymore of it…..

    thats what im thinking about this michael story now…..

  140. dragon Said,

    if someone is in myspace.com ,i uploaded my bad,fast correcture of “this is it”picture in my albums….how it must look like,if it wouldnt be faked …

    go ad find dragonsilver77,there u can enter my pics and c it…..

  141. urcrazy Said,

    Oh, and I guess his daughter crying at the memorial service was “fake” too. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  142. urcrazy Said,

    Here’s something VERY telling. On the “About Us” page of this website it says “We ask to be granted the freedom of thought and speech.” However, the Admin is deleting my comments simply because I disagree with him/her. Who is the censor? Who is denying free speech? Who is the conspirator?

  143. love_girl23 Said,

    Hello to everyone! I apologize for my english (im from Mexico).
    First of all I must say that the death of Michael Jackson is absolutely devastating, there will never be another person like him, he was very tallented, an amazing dancer, singer, producer, songwriter, but what is more important is that he was a beutiful human being, he was a great dad, you can tell only by looking to his kids, wich by the way, it doesnt matter if he didnt donated his sperm, that doesnt make him more or less of a father, have you ever tough that maybe he didnt wanted to pass his vitiligo to them? and that’s maybe one of the reason why he didnt donated his sperm? but this from another subject.
    Like all of you i wish he was still alive, but unfortunally I truly believe he is dead , what I have to agree with you is that the circumstances around his death are very suspicious.

    1. Is it true that his son Prince saw him collapse? can someone help me with this.
    2. The doctor attitude is very suspicious, why did he waited so long to make the call, why the person calling is so calmed? I mean, if I were in the same room that MJ is dying i would be histerical, and I would mention his name, i ouldn say “there is a gentlemen” i would say MJ is dying.
    3. The things about people saying he was or wasnt in good shape, we would only know that if AEG releases the last rehearsal videos.
    4. The reason why the bottom of the S letter is missin could be because of a speaker, maybe.

    And to finalize, i want to say the main reason why i wouldnt think he would fake his death, and this is because of his children, i dont think he would make them go trough such a horrible time, we all saw his daughter cry at the memorial, also he wouldn want his kids to be so exposed to the world, he was always taking care of them not being showed to the public eye, and if for any reason Debbie rowe obtained the custody of the kids, (i hope they stay with the jackson family), he would be so deppresed because of this, so this is why i believe he is dead buth, i must admit there are some fishy things behind his death, that, lets face it, we would never know .

    MJ may your soul rest in peace.

  144. love_girl23 Said,

    Hi, its me again I hope i didnt put everyone to sleep with my speech lol

    Please let me know if anyone agrees with me, and if you dont please let me know why

  145. love_girl23 Said,

    oh, and another thing, maybe the part were he speaks at the memorial was going to be used at his comeback concerts, or i know he always recorded more than one version from his songs so there is a big possibility that they recover that part from the old records, i dont know

  146. urcrazy Said,

    The only thing fishy is a National Enquiresque story that some Romanian guy got paid off to stage the death of MJ and that MJ is alive and well in the Southeast US enjoying the sadness of the world. The person that posted that – I’m really interested in how you were able to follow MJ but nobody else was – and why not post a photo of him enjoying the tears while kicking back in the SE USA? Why not? Because you’re clearly fabricating a story. Why are some people so bent on “conspiracy” that no matter what happens they suspect something? Can’t we leave well enough alone? The man is DEAD. Period.

  147. loveandpeace Said,

    @urcrazy i guess they meant speech that actually has to deal with the topic, not just insulting people posting here. if you disagree with everyone, then why post here? why even google anything of this particular nature?

  148. urcrazy Said,

    Did anyone notice that “lunatic” has 7 letters in it? Oh no! What about the fact that “Michael” has 7 letters snd so does “Jackson”? I think it’s just as relevant to point out that “michaeljacksonisdead” has 20 letters and if you subtract “retardedsites” which has 13 letters you get 7! Oh this is too spooky. What about this? “Dropacidanddoshrooms” has 21 letters. If you take that, and subtract the letters in Michael Jackson (14) you get… wait for it… 7!!!!! It’s a conspiracy! This confirms it all!

  149. Yes555 Said,

    LMAO @ urcrazy. I’m sorry, but that last comment was hilarious!

    Now, what do I believe?

    Simply put, I don’t know what to believe.

  150. dragon Said,


    ca somebody tell me,how to build up my profile her?when i klick the profile link,nothing happens at all………..

  151. mrs h Said,

    I predicted on another site in March 2009 that MJ would NEVER do these shows and the tour itself was a hoax. He and his family had reached the end of the line financially and were absolutely desperate for cash. All living in rented accomodation. Being sued by all and sundry for millions. I think MJ is alive & kicking, he knew he could never do a tour, he made sure all the money that MAY be earned after debts stays in the family. He has spent his whole life defrauding people. A dead MJ is worth far more than a doped up MJ who would cancel concerts because he was too doped up to do them.
    I think the rehearsal tape is a fake and is older than we are lead to believe. I read about a cameraman who stated he was there, I dont believe him. I think all his friends who didnt want to get involved in the hoax stayed away from the memorial. I think Paris Jackson is an excellent actress, taught by the best in the business.

  152. elde Said,

    Isn’t your head spinning yet? …lmao
    Always hated maths

  153. zealot Said,

    I didn’t know Michael Jackson had a wife. Check out this link and tell me what you think:

    There’s is woman who claims to be Michael Jackson’s wife. Her name is Nona Jackson. She is the princess of Saudi Arabia. Her family supposively have royal connections. Maybe she is a liar, but I do remember awhile ago (maybe 2-3 yrs. ago)Michael Jackson wanted his lawyer to introduce him to the Princess of Saudi Arabia because he wanted to date her. I am not sure if she is the actual princess though. She is posting strange things on the page though. Like 2 Autopsies is the resurrection or something. If this is not a hoax maybe her royal connection assisted in MJ death hoax

  154. zealot Said,

    Here is a picture of Michael JAckson supposive wife. I do not remember seeing her at the memorial?

  155. goslinger1 Said,

    I am surprised how defensive some people get on this site. Look, I think we all love Michael and are trying to piece this together the best way we know how. This forum allows us to work “through” all of this together. Some people may call us crazy. . .but I say we are just seekers of truth. There is nothing wrong with that.

    We should not make fun or post comments to ridicule people for being honest and posting what we believe on this site. Please just let us have one place in this world where we can go and feel part of a community. We are not forcing our opinions down anyone’s throat. If you do not agree, simply state you disagree in a respectful manner–or just leave the site.

    There is no need to be degrading in your comments. I didn’t want Michael to “die” (supposedly), but I must admit this site helps in some strange way to feel more connected to others who feel the same way.

    Keep up the great work, friends. Keep exposing what you believe is true.

    Let’s keep this positive, for Michael’s sake. He’s had enough negativity in his life and surely doesn’t need his fans cutting each other down.

  156. goslinger1 Said,

    By the way, just saw this on the news today:

    LaToya PAID for the interview to declare Michael had been murdered!


  157. mzbehaviour Said,

    well…I have been looking at all the evidence all day and I have come to the conclusion that if Michael Jackson is in fact dead nobody can hurt him anymore..and if he is alive in hiding nobody can hurt him anymore also so it is a win win situation. Either way I wish people would just leave him alone, the fans who claim to care so much about him want to own a piece of him just as much as the media wolves. I agree many things surrounding his death/alleged death seem strange and don’t add up…am I going to spend my life hunting him down or the truth down? hell no…let the guy rest in peace dead or alive..it is his right as a human being

  158. Variat Said,

    Ok so I have now come back down to earth and realised I have been obsessing over something I may never know to be true.So life goes on with Michael Jackson as a wonderful memory and my family comes first.

    I’ve found myself reading into everything concerning all the “evidence” on his death and looking for things that aren’t there.Really have to say,though that the hands of the so-called imposter at the 02 press conference are the same as Michael’s and really couldn’t for the life of me see what so many of you were looking for.

    Whether Michael is alive or dead…it’s the last we’ve seen of him.There will be no come back…I think he’d be endangering his life if he did.There are always nuts out there who would want him dead after a hoax…possibly from a hard core,extreme fan who is obsessing as we speak maybe? I wonder how many people have taken their lives since learning their idol has passed?

    Agreed that there are suspiscious circumstances surrounding his death but the appropriate authorities are dealing with this based on evidence and not hearsay coming from the press or what crackpot websites are saying.

    If the man is alive…bloody good for him and his children.I for one applaud him if it’s true.I would’ve gone to huge lengths to have helped a man like him if he so wished and have no desire to take part in his downfall and try to uncover where he COULD be hiding.And so on that note,I’ll let him be.

    R.I.P MJ…wherever you are.

  159. MaggieMae23 Said,

    Hey good people!

    I was runnung for informations about this death hoax since I heard the first time of it. As I imagined this possibility, I felt so much better, but when I got back to the fact that he passed, I got more upset. So I really opened my mind for it but in the end I can´t find no proof that he is alive and I got more and more sad. Don´t you feel like this? And don´t you have doubts on these comments and photos they show here?
    But I can honestly understand if ppl choose their own truth. I only want to say, that if you getting devasted over all this, it´s better to go back and find some positive aspects for MJ´s death. E.g. that he has peace now, or that he got out of pain now or that the world really recognized that there are true pure and good human beings on this world.By excepting all this we can start to do an very important thing: to learn about it, that we are there for people, when they need us and that we do anything for them to protect them, when they need shelter!

    MJ, is missing all over world!!!

  160. MaggieMae23 Said,


  161. dragon Said,

    did all noticed as well,that the picture in the ambulance caravan ….that theres another strange thig?

    i have that pic in front of me in a bigger size.
    on his forehead u see over the nose end a big artery….even if someones almost dead,this wouldnt be so big,if it would be michael.

    and when u take look at michael in action,he doesnt even have such an atery……

  162. redlotuske Said,

    After 3 days of reading I can finally post something. Isn’t it convinient that just that rehearsel is being filmed? Or do film every rehearsel?
    I follow the news about MJ in Belgium. Let me say there isn’t much news anymore. What do you want with such a goverment.
    I just also want to say that not everyone needs to be involved in this, just the ones that normally would see his body. The doctors and the cornor. The police wouldn’t see his body.
    Let me also say that I read MJ loved to prank the media. He sometimes called the ambulance and put in a mannequin to mislead the press. If that’s the case… the doctors and the nurses were also involved and they didn’t tell the press. So MJ could sneak away . Why wouldn’t he do this now.
    About those kids. He wouldn’t do this to them. But can you tell me where they’re staying ? Who knows maybe they’re just with him. Do you really think that we know what were his belongings? As far as we know he bought a house in a little village in another country were the villangers doesn’t care who is. Not everything is in the media you know. I’m sure that if he lived here in Europe in a little village…it wouldn’t be in the press. And if you own an airplane you can fly around the world in a copple of hours. Okay the kids were at memorial, but I haven’t seen pictures from them before or after the memorial, maybe the weren’t in America anylonger.
    Can anyone tell me how they can keep a body for three weeks? It must be smelly at least.
    And why isn’t the deathcertificate be signatured? Ok the cornor I can understand, but the doctors??? There job is done you know.
    And what kind of cardiologist doesn’t know how to do CPR?
    Just some questions.
    Are they trying to mislead us by saying now he is murderd so we will not ask about the funeral?
    And why a private ceremony? The family and friends could also say goodbye to him at his funeral?
    Did anyone even consider what it must do to his kids if his really dead and not being burried after 3 weeks? If my beloved father wouldn’t be burried after 3 weeks I would have nightmares as a kid. It doesn’t show a lot respect for MJ if he’s dead.

  163. Mimi Said,

    soooooooooooo people we know now that he was depressed and all of that shit about drugs but common this really ent good enough ok we as the public are thing all these thoughts but think about its for real like he faked his death and how are we gona find out were he is how he got there and we ent ever gona see the body its been how long and they ent even buried him telling us lies lies and even more lies how we ever gona kno the truth these are just all possibilities dont get me wrong i always am on this site reading every thing but i just think the news are just focusing on dumb ass shit about Mj and La Toya on the other hand is trying to catch ever cent she can get the hole family’s on about having a home show thing going on and thoughts about going on tour non of this Shit makes any god dam sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we just need more proof and evidence, keep are eys opened and to really not believe everything we hear cus that whats gona get in the way of getting to the truth of things god bless evrey single on of us and hope to get to the end of this ASAP only time will tell

  164. Elviebba Said,

    I think Michael faked his death because the Illuminati and that New World Order thing were going to kill him because he didn’t do what they tolde him to do
    and ofc for the money, I think that’s why his children had maskes in public and if this is true then I don’t wanna prove that he’s alive and if they really killed Michael I hope they killed his look-a-like

    btw, this site is f***ing up all the time, and I’m from sweden so my english is not 100%

  165. He.is.alive Said,

    Having read numerous entries on this website, as well as examined and considered the contents of them, I have developed the following theory about Jackson’s “death” and escape, one I deem most factual and plausible:

    The real Michael Jackson never showed up at that rehearsal the night before his “death” at Staples Center, dark (!) video footage that has surfaced showing him chewing gum is NOT the real Michael Jackson, no, but instead, he sent one of his doubles to the rehearsal to just “show up” there for a few minutes. Since the video has been proven a fake by an expert and said to be photoshop “fixed”, we have no proof whatsoever at all that the real Michael Jackson attended the rehearsal at all, but a gum chewing lookalike did instead. Hence: it is safe to assume that the real Michael Jackson made off to a waiting plane and left forevermore goodbye, in all probability so. New information of his secret “departure” from LAX in an unmarked Lear Jet has surfaced, it bears credibility and logic.

    Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the lookalike decoy was being readied and prepared for the “cardiac arrest” show and the ball began rolling with the 9/11 call where the caller should have, but did not say “This is Michael Jackson’s residence and Mr. Jackson needs immediate help, please hurry” but instead, very controlled and unemotionally spoke of a “Gentleman” who was “not breathing” ???? All the while the REAL Michael Jackson was long gone to whereever and this explains why the ambulance “patient” photo does not look like nor could possibly be Michael Jackson, right on down to continuous other suspicious and questionable quirks that kept on popping up from all directions, nothing of which CAN possibly add up because the stage was set otherwise from the very beginning, i.e.: the REAL Michael Jackson was long gone, but back in LA the “Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest”-show with the decoy went on as planned, although with some leaks and without top notch planning or “rehearsal” and, for that reason, we arrive and continue to come back to the “nothing adds up” theory and hence are continually being served with more emerging questionables and suspicions stemming from the very beginning of this whole saga.

    It is very highly questionable WHY his inner circle close confidantes did not show at the “Memorial” service at Staples: Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Liza Minelli, Uri Geller and Oprah Winfrey – who scrubbed ALL Michael Jackson data from her website – just to mention these few who come to mind. Why would the Jacksons deny Michael’s beloved friends to attend his “sendoff” ? Instead, an assortment of “fill-ins” showed up, some of which have never even met Michael Jackson and even freely stated so on a popular talkshow, others who had no communication with him personally in years ! Another “staging” ?

    Jennifer Hudson’s performance was “backed” by the real Michael Jackson singing, where he, during the spoken monolog of the song she performed, mistakenly substituted the word “PainS” with an S for the original word in the text: “Pain” without an S ! How many viewers noticed this faux pas or …. did not ? Was it a hint, a deliberate “throw it out into the crowd and see who catches it” hint ?

    Why did the very particular phrase “I am alive and will live forever” from one of his songs appear in blue lettering at the backwall of the stage at the end of the service ? Why THESE VERY WORDS ? Why not ANY OTHER words, but these one in particular ?
    The casket during the Memorial service did not give off one whatsoever SINGLE vibe that it contained the dead body of Michael Jackson, nor any other body at that ! “Vibes” that I experienced over mere TV airwaves viewing the public funeral of former US President Reagan back in 2004 ? Very simply, the golden casket said to bear Michael Jackson’s body was empty and, with helicopters hovering above, very mysteriously disappeared into thin air after the service with the whereabouts of the “body” emerging the latest media spin to keep the public focused on the “death” of Michael Jackson? and the beat goes on …
    Are there enough hours in the day to state/document/blog the numerous other pieces of questions/doubt/evidence/observations that keep carving themselves out during this entire madness? Are the questions of Michael Jackson’s staged death and successful escape not higher in number then the facts “confirming” that he really …. “died” ?

    Fans around the world held their breath for an image of the “Body” of their idol to appear, so far, of all the media coverage and internet traffic, no such image is available and even if it was, how could it be positively ascertained that the body is in fact Michael Jackson’s ? We will never know, will we ? Bloggers posting doubts and observations, etc. etc. are supporting the remarkable traction this “death” has gained around the internet and, mind you, these facts are never even mentioned by so much as a mere breath by the mainstream media ? Why not ? Since all of them broadcast their news with laptops in front of them, it is not so that they are not aware of it, is it ?

    What we do know for absolutely certain is this: somebody/s knows something and their silence/s has been bought for a logically high enough price for the real truth never to be revealed on their part, however, the old theory that the truth is self-evident and always prevails will not ever be compromised, not even by millions of dollars that sealed this deal, why? Simple: there IS a God …

    The lyrics of Michael Jackson’s song “Xscape” clearly state what his longtime coming intentions were, intentions that he put into practice with what was in all likelihood helpfully aided by former wife Lisa Marie Presley who during their marriage learned of his desire to “escape” like her father did and hence “coached” him on how to successfully stage such an event, details to which she is certainly privvy to and hence constitute obvious similarities to Elvis’ staged death and escape, most befitting to that of Michael Jackson’s “death” and “disappearance”: the “cardiac arrest, dead on arrival at the hospital” spin … an airtight scenario where hospital personnel, doctors, emt’s, police officers, security, etc. as well as the coroner and other authorities are judicially prohibited from publicly disclosing any whatsoever information regarding the admittance and aftermath of the patient, all the while the public is being thrown bite sized bones, information that could possibly not be “misconstrued” or “twisted” ?

    After Elvis’ disappearance, one of his many personal items missing was t-h-e largest of them all: his personal Airplane ! This plane did not “poof” disappear into thin air if you pardon the punt, ergo: who is to say that the waiting, UNMARKED, ordered by radar/control tower personnel to be “ignored” waiting plane at LAX was for Michael who – emerging fully masked out of a black suv to board the plane – was not that belonging to Elvis Presley ? That it might have been Elvis Presley’s personal plane is the MOST plausible explanation because it stands to reason that Michael Jackson would never ever have to worry or fear means of his “Getaway” becoming exposed or public, because IF it did, Elvis and Michael Jackson both being actually alive would constitute and become international news in a hurry !

    The Jacksons as well as the media keep on keeping on floating and spinning clutter “news”, some of it pretty outrageous, but all designed to distract the public from focusing on what is clearly emerging as very much an “OTHER” scenario for this … ‘tragedy’ …..
    Critique as well as additional input by other bloggers is most certainly invited, thank you for reading.

  166. laurenmcn817 Said,

    hey guys,im only 14 and im struggling to get over MJ’s ‘death’and honestly i dont no what to believe anymore, you see all the videos of him appartnely sitting up in the helicopter when he’s suppose to be dead and i have also seen a photo of him in mexico a day after he died <wdf? Come on now seriously how is one man and his people suppose to pull this off without anyone realsing that o no it wasn't MJ who really died and was a lookalike and the real one is in mexico or eastern europe it all seems just a little far fetched. At the end of MJ memorial service a week ago his daughter made a little speech and at the end of her little speech she fell into Janet Jackson's arms and burst into tears, how and why would they make her do that if her dad really was alive without it looking fake? I think everyone on this site including myself still want Michael to be alive and making up stories that he is alive to help us get over that he really is gone then so be it. I'm not gonna lie these things really do make you think twice but lets face it guys he's really gone love you michael xx

  167. goingcrazy Said,

    A rather late-night “Hi” from the UK.

    I got the death news second hand from my mother the day after it actually happened and at first my reaction was like “oh. Ok. What happened?”…very nonchalant…very un-bothered…just a matter-of-fact interest.

    But when she told me what had happened she then went on to say how she thought it all a little…strange. Now, I can assure you my mother does not ever find anything strange in a “Twilight Zone” kind of a way…she is very matter-of-fact about things but she told me that she had seen the press conference to announce the tour and she felt that it wasn’t quite right.

    On explaining, she said out-right it wasn’t him. Now, my mother is 70 and I have never known her to be in the slightest bit interested in any pop star, ever. But, she said it wasn’t him because the person she saw do the press thing wasn’t behaving like she’d seen MJ do before. She said his body language was wrong, his wide face was wrong, his smile was wrong, his shoulders too wide, the way he strutted when he turned his back was wrong, when he stood to the right of the podium and did that weird bent-over-fist-punching-motion was not how MJ behaved.

    I really wish she hadn’t said anything. Because ever since she said those things I have not been able to get out of my mind the fact that there could be something huge going on here in the fact that yes, when you look at it all and consider everything…and I mean everything…I believe he could honestly have done this. He could, really could honestly have planned his own death.

    I am intrigued on the workings out of such a plan, the clues that may or may not be there and the reasons why or how someone would do this.

    That is the reason why I register to contribute to a site like this…to discuss what we know or what we think we know and debate the whys and wherefores…I’m not here to judge others or be rude…just to have a bloody good debate and get out what’s in my head and into the wider arena.

    I’m Going Crazy! Really I am!

  168. Ithemba Said,

    Hello from Germany.
    I am visiting this site since a few days and the more i read the more i am so confused, optimistic and sad. I don`t know what to believe.
    I hope that Michael is alive and that he lives in peace and harmony, somewhere. For me it would be o.k. to renounce of him, if he can live a good life now. I come to terms with never see him again. But he will stay in my heart as long as it beats, and if it will stop someday, even my spirit will never forget him, it doesn`t matter if he is alive or passed away.

  169. blanka Said,

    I was reading some of the comments, I’m a huge fan of Michael, I wish he will be alive.
    People, he’s death, his life was nice because of the money but horrible because of the scandals and fake things everybody said about him. If he had doubles only he knew it, if he’s death only God knows it, I’ll be glad to know he’s alive no matter where he is. He was a great musician, dancer, singer, his talent won’t be imitated never ever.
    Some of the investigation you show us here is very interesting and some things fit but, come on, He is death. If you find out he’s not you’ll probably win a lot of prices and you’ll make happy a lot of fans like me… I don’t care if he prepares this lie to get away, that’s not important, the important thing is to know that he’s fine… I love you Michael!!

  170. demonhybrid13 Said,

    Michael jackson has been DEAD FOR 18-20 YEARS!!!!
    I have proof, what u r about to read is an article i found on a website:
    SANTA BARBARA, CA-During a search for evidence at the Neverland Valley Ranch, investigators discovered a corpse that has been identified as that of Michael Jackson, Santa Barbara police officials announced Tuesday.

    Coroners have officially pronounced Michael Jackson dead. From what we can tell, he died between 18 and 20 years ago,” forensic investigator Tim Holbrooke said. “We are not certain, at this time, who-or what-has been standing trial in that Santa Maria courthouse.”

    According to Holbrooke, Jackson’s corpse was buried just inches below a stretch of the miniature-train tracks that run throughout Neverland. The largely desiccated corpse wore the remains of a red, zipper-covered leather jacket and a single glove.

    “We positively identified the body as Jackson by his dental records and DNA,” Holbrooke said. “But even before we conducted a single forensic test, we began to suspect that that we’d uncovered the real Michael and that the disturbing figure claiming to be Jackson was a fake.”
    Holbrooke said that, although the corpse was in an advanced stage of decomposition, when investigators compared the body to early-career publicity photos of Jackson, they saw a striking resemblance in bone structure and facial features. But when they compared the body to photos taken after 1987, the resemblance was negligible.

    “This discovery raises a lot of questions, but it also sheds light on a number of disturbing incidents,” Holbrooke said. “Frankly, Jackson had been acting pretty strange.”

    Forensic experts and music critics are postulating that Jackson was dead before the release of the multi-platinum album Bad. Detectives are currently analyzing the lyrics to “Man In The Mirror” for any clues relating to a look-alike entity that many suspect murdered the youngest member of the Jackson 5 and assumed his identity.

  171. woahitzcrazy Said,

    ********* OK OK OK I AM HERE TO SAY THAT


    “In My Turbulence
    Through My Fear
    And My Confessions
    In My Anguish And My Pain
    Through My Joy And My Sorrow”





    “Kick in the back baby
    A heart attack baby”

    “Trust in me
    Trust in me
    Put all your trust in me
    You’re doin’ morphine”



  172. jaded Said,

    Hello Fellow Hoax Believers!

    First, this site is awesome. Keep up the good work! (Gives everybody a pat on the back) Michael Jackson is NOT dead. I have a theory as to what happened, what is going to happen, and WHY & HOW it happened. Before I get into this, please know that I have done my research and I’m sharing with you a VERY UNIQUE theory that I have yet to see posted anywhere else on the web and/or magazines. So if I see my theory again, without source credits, on any other website/book I’m going to know that you are a pathetic plageristic loser who couldn’t come up with a better MJ Death Hoax theory. How lame are you? lol Give proper credits if you plan to repost my theory. Now that that’s out of the way…. Lets begin 
    Michael Jackson, along with his family and CLOSE friends, are all engaging in an attack against the MEDIA for the way they have always treated him. Obviously this elaborate plan has been in the making for YEARS. The reason that his plan is pure genius is because he is using the same MEDIA that slandered his name all of these years to promote THE biggest comeback tour ever, and the MEDIA has NO idea that they are involved. Suckers. Just follow me as I point out some things that you may or may not have noticed…
    Theory Major Details: Michael Jackson has staged his death for two reasons, in order to have the BIGGEST, RECORD BREAKING comeback tour ever AND so that the media will leave him alone for good this time. How you say? Follow me…
    First, to understand any of this, you first have to go to Wikipedia and type in a name you may have heard before – Elvis Presley. People are not just citing the similarities between Jackson’s death and Elvis because of one coincidence. Look at dates, phrases, locations, you will see similar items. Also, keep the number 7 in mind. Elvis supposedly died in 1977, it takes 7 years for your name to be cleared of bankruptcy, it’s been 7 years exactly since MJ wrote his will, the date of his memorial service etc –the list goes on.
    —The Memorial
    People keep asking me “Why would he have a memorial if he faked his death?” What ppl don’t understand is that this memorial service HAD to happen for three reasons:

    —-1) To understand the importance of the memorial service, one must first understand what Michael is trying to do. Comeback tours are HARD! It takes a team of organizers, promoters, dancers to pull a great comeback tour off. But MJ doesn’t want to be great, check his record sales, BEEN THERE; DONE THAT. MJ wants to be extra-ordinary, awesome, and magnificent. He needs the fans attention.
    “But all of his concerts sold out within 2 hours of being put on sale” Yes. They did, but lets step into the mind of someone who wants to NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. How does one become forgotten? When the generation of people who listen to your music/craft dies or outgrow your craft…so to become UNFORGETTABLE one must bri ng everybody on one accord. Think about it..did your 8 yr old cousin even know one MJ song before 6/25? Probably not. Why would she? His last album came out before she was born. Since his death EVERYbody young and old/black & white/male & female have been playing his music.. so guess what? Now even my 4 yr old nephew—who had never even heard of MJ, is now walking around the house singing “Beaaaaaat it just beat it!” It takes a new generation to love and pass on your music for you to be unforgettable. His death reminded old fans why we fell in love with him in the first place, and introduced himself to new fans who will now listen to his music and pass it down to future generations. Okay, so now that everybody is on one accord musically, as far as MJ is concerned, lets get back to the memorial. This memorial is so important because once MJ comes back to perform the greatest comeback show ever, the media is going to SLANDER him!! They are going to be soooo upset that he fooled and tricked them that they are going to tear him apart! He knew this, and he also knows that when he dies FOR REAL the media isn’t going to dedicate 4 hours worth of network tv time for a memorial service. Nope—not after this stunt. What he is doing now is getting his well deserved memorial service out of the way now, because media networks are damn sure not gonna give him the respect his contribution to music deserves—not after this. This service was strictly for the fans—hence the lack of attendance from his celebrity friends. He knew the media will surely rob him of the chance to do this all again for his fans when he REALLY dies, so he did it now. Think of it as a pre-funeral.

    —-2) Although the blogger before me just posted that he thinks MJ left the country on 6/25 (or anytime before that) I personally think MJ used this memorial service as a decoy to leave the country. Lets run some numbers, the inauguration of the first African American president of the United States had 38 million viewers watching it on tv. MJ’s memorial service had 33 million viewers watching the service on tv. 38 MILLION viewers. That’s a lot of damn viewers. What perfect time to skip town when almost EVERYone in the world was busy being fixated to a tv for a 4 hour period. Genius. Even ppl at work/hospitals/pubs etc were watching the service. I believe he used this opportunity to leave the country.

    —-3) in order for ppl to “believe” he was dead—they had to have a funeral right? Right. But lets look at WHO performed at the memorial service. Was I the only person who noticed that EVERY single person who performed had something to gain by performing? Mariah Carey—new cd coming out. Usher—about to be put on BLAST in the next few months because of his pending divorce; him crying and singing showed a “softer side of him” looks great for his lawyers. I think J Hud & John Mayer both are about to drop cds. Even the little guy who said he was gonna go on tour with MJ said that he was UNSIGNED talent. And if you can tell me the name of at least ONE person that was in that “We are the world” group (besides Usher/Brooke Shields/J Hud etc) I will send you $10 through paypal—who the hell were they?? Lol. They sure were random. Although most ppl were chosen by the family to perform it makes you wonder WHY were they chosen? Was Beyonce, Rihanna, Marsha Ambrousis (who BTW wrote ‘Butterflies” for MJ!) why weren’t they asked to perform? Yall know MJ always looked out for other performers—my theory is somehow some way these ppl will be linked to the tour in some fashion and he just wanted to introduce yall to them then while also helping them out with their future endeavors.

    Everything else …everyone has already said.
    Pay close attention to HOW the story regarding his death keeps changingcomacardiac arrestdrug overdosemurder. Theres a method to this madness. Latoya is going around saying she knows who killed her brother and she keeps saying that the autopsy report is gonna be SHOCKing—I would NOT be surprised if Latoya gets on national TV and claims he was murdered by the MEDIA!! Just remember you read it here first!!!! lol

    I think she also purposedly calling some newspapers and giving them false information just to have them running around with their tails between their legs. But in some cases, all you have to do is give somebody a rope and they will hang themselves—and that is exactly what MJ wants the media to do.

    To everybody who keeps saying that he will get in legal trouble for faking his death—as long as a death certificate is not signed by a licensed physician or a coroner, and as long as he does not cash in on any of his life insurance settlements– He has not committed any crime. (the reason why a lot of ppl think Tupac is still alive is because to this day, his mom has yet to cash in on his life insurance policy—hmm yeah that’s another post for another day lol) Interesting though that MJ cant get any life insurance settlement until a death certificate is officially signed. Ask any lawyer.

    Also to everyone who keeps bringing up “well why would _____ say that about his _____” obviously you still haven’t gotten what MJ is trying to say - THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US! Seriously the media LIES!! I cant stress this enough! From here on out when you read an article see where they got there info from (source) if it comes from another magazine and then you go to that magazine’s site, but that mag says that their source cannot be reached for comment…its BULLSHIT! BullshittersTMZ first reported the death The only pic taken on the way to the hospital was a Entertainment Tonight exclusive and the footage of the red ambulance pulling out of the driveway was from Hollywood TV! That’s 3 entertainment rags people! Unless you see the Jacksons themselves say it—don’t believe it. And even if they say it, STILL give them the side-eye…

    MY last point (I know yall are probably saying is she ever gonna shut up? Lol) is to explain HOW the media is going to leave him alone. Everybody keeps saying “But the media is gonna be on him EXTRA hard after he comes back into the spotlight” No they wont. Think bigger. Lets say your little sister keeps nagging you every day with practical jokes till your fed up so you decide to give her a taste of her own medicine so you play the most evil, scariest, craziest trick on her….she leaves you alone after that right? For some reason I must be the only person that thinks this is what is gonna happen with MJ & the Media. After this trick on the media, trust me, he is not gonna need to wear disguises with his kids, masks, send out body doubles etc. WHY? Because after this stunt the media is going to leave MJ the fuck alone. His is going to make them look so FOOLISH for reporting uncredible stories from unreliable sources. They’re gonna realize just SMOOTH of a criminal MJ is!! I bet they will do their homework next time. After this stunt MJ is gonna be able to walk around LA, ATL, NYC with no mask and with his kids in tow and paparazzi and media crews alike are gonna be like “hell no, you take a picture of him! That man is crazy!”

    Believe NOTHING; question EVERYTHING

  173. taylor Said,

    so my gut instinct told me not to trust that michael jackson is dead…my spiritual gift is perception, and i have never been wrong.

    i am a jackson family fan, and supporter…including joe jackson…here is my interpretation…mj is a very talented and shrewd human being, and he is the “greatest entertainer of all time”…so says barry gordy,…didn’t realize mj still spoke to barry…

    ?where was quincy jones. the day after mj’s death quincy jones did an interview and has not been heard from since.

    ?joe jackson’s appearance at the BET music awards. joe doesn’t care if people don’t like him…joe makes michael a lot of money…it’s their game…big bad joe poor little michael.

    yes i did hear the slip up of mr. ortega when he said a week ago…i was like huh what it took them 12 days to have a memorial…no one ever saw the body and the pic of the mj in the ambulance…the scratch (?a scratch on a digital image, highly unlikely) that is in the middle of the photo makes it difficult to identify mj.-side bar about the photo…i’ve seen different versions…some more blurry than others…photo shopped.

    i am certified in cpr and i’ve never seen chest compressions in the neck let alone done single handed…in the photo the emt’s hand is resting on mj’s collar bone…? is the same person admining the bag and compressing the chest from the wrong side of the body.

    black people have funerals we do not have memorials…there has to be a body in and open casket…with a choir sangin and a cousin screaming why jesus why? or in their case why jehovah why?…no matter how bad it looks…its taboo not to do this.

    nothing surrounding his comeback, and tragic death make sense to me.
    ?did he have side burns…i’m thinking not.

  174. nicole1985 Said,

    I also believe he is still alive what I personally consider to be good. Sometime a person can no longer if you only rumors about him and writes how to bring the bear! While it is not nice vorzuspielen his death but I think it would have even more people so as he made. One can only wish him the time his children entlich calm and Freid he gets the deserved. You can see but also hear the rumors simply will not find it on I just pity the media ever machen.Er the world has done so much good why is not even talking about! But it’s nice to know that the other share the opinion he is still alive after what I have read here is probably more than a deutig.Michael Jackson is and remains the King of Pop.

  175. dragon Said,


    u found this article on the onion side.its a satiric mgazine.eve on the foto u see a mummy which must be dead for hundered of years,and the glove that is waring,is just dirty and not fadig like the rest of the body….

    first when i found that page as well,i had gucepumbs….but its a satiric magazine.

    but the longer im in this story,the more i think,hes alive,and for those which are detectives like we are, it seems,that he made a scavenger hunt out of it.it cant be,that there are so many obvious hints are in all this shit.
    noone can tell me,that they make so many falts,like the fotomontage of this is it,without even seeing that by themself….

  176. dragon Said,

    @demonhybrid, about the death

    u found this article on the onion side.its a satiric mgazine.eve on the foto u see a mummy which must be dead for hundered of years,and the glove that is waring,is just dirty and not fadig like the rest of the body….

    first when i found that page as well,i had gucepumbs….but its a satiric magazine.

    but the longer im in this story,the more i think,hes alive,and for those which are detectives like we are, it seems,that he made a scavenger hunt out of it.it cant be,that there are so many obvious hints are in all this shit.
    noone can tell me,that they make so many falts,like the fotomontage of this is it,without even seeing that by themself….

  177. dragon Said,

    and maybe they want to make us tired as well,with our conspirisies….as longer all that shit is going on ,the more i want to find th way,and we all have to keep on searching,evn its than a year ago…

  178. dragon Said,

    actually we should have a map in here as well,were the”sightings”should be marked.if they are true or ot,so we could compare,where he might bee senn the most,and on what days…..mayb we will find there another hint as well….like in the most psychomovies,where u have the a special trail or sign at the map….

  179. dragon Said,

    ah,and for sure,i rea it somewhere in the internet,he was afraid of beeing killed,he said to his daughter….a month before.

    sure,he talked to his daughter about this,and sure another reason,to have not the house full with extra bodyguards….thats all bla bla…..

    if im afraid,i ll have a dozen of bodyguards around me especially when i have kids…

  180. dianafan Said,

    I don’t think tht Elvis is stilla live and that MJ is with him. Its 32? years since Elvis left, and now he would be in his 80s – however, I do believe Lisa Marie has had a hand in all this. If Elvis’s plane vanished where has it been all this time, to suddenly reappear to whisk MJ away? Is there any evidence of the plane with no ID at LAX? were there any plane spotters there? Could the Jackson family not own their own plane? Could one of the family have qualified as a pilot secretly? although not a secret John Travolta has a few planes and he isn’t as rich as MJ.

  181. dragon Said,

    well,i dont think too,whe it comes to elvis…he wasnt that bizarre to the world like michel was…..

    hey,john travolta,but john is in the scienetology organisation…….dont think that he will have time for jackson then….

  182. minimalany Said,


  183. goingcrazy Said,

    In response to some of the information on this site already I would like to add a few comments of my own which I can’t get my head around…maybe others can help:

    Re: Elizabeth Taylor & Arnold Klein Twitter Information:
    1) I’m not convinced that the Matisse drawing bears any relevance other than that being a case of him sucking up to her. If he gets implicated in this whole thing then that is effectively his career and celebrity status over so why not try and keep in with his existing celeb clients by sucking up to them.
    2) Forgive me if I misunderstand how Twitter works but if you look at Arnolds Twitter feeds – why is he contacting Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake asking for help to preserve HIS memory (whose memory? MJ?) – is he contacting them in order to gain new celeb clients to replace those that he is losing through all this? And why not just call them up?
    3) Elizabeth Taylor – I believe that either a) she didn’t go o the memorial because she didn’t want to be on show at a time of grieving or b) she didn’t go because she knows he is alive and what his plans were.

    Re: Alleged Wife the Princess:
    1) Why have we not seen or heard from her before?
    2) For anyone to post up a picture of a USED SANITARY TOWEL covered in blood an’ all has, in my book, got to be a bit of a nut-job.
    3) I think she is just deluded.

    Re: Alleged Open Casket Picture:
    1) Is he at the wrong end?
    2) Why is the picture in black and white and all grainy? In this day and age I believe we all have the ability to take colour photos so why is this one bad black and white quality?

    Re: Where are all the People?:
    1) Do we know who the man is that called 911? Has he done an interview or anything?
    2) Do we know who the man is that answered the 911 call? Has he done an interview or anything?
    3) Where are all the interviews from people who used to work for him giving their two-pence worth? Sure we’ve heard from the nanny but as far as she is concerned I think she is highly suspicious. She was the first one to give an interview saying that MJ’s family were very quick to call her up and ask her where his money was. Why would they call her up when MJ had fired her? I think she is trying to get in quick and accuse the family of being up to no good when in fact she may have had a hand in events. (Projection – I think it is called when you try to deflect attention away from yourself and onto others)

    Re: Pre-death Footage:
    1) The longer video version of him sitting on the sidelines (or wherever) watching the rehearsals – he is chewing like a mad man – what’s all that about? Is it MJ on drugs (amphetamines spring to mind here) or is it someone else? Is the footage recent or from ages ago?
    2) Why are “they” so intent on placing him at the rehearsals and making us believe that he was where “they” say he was before he died? Why is this so important?
    3) Why fake up a photo? Who took the picture? Is there any footage that can place MJ in the same clothes, same hair-do, same dance steps but from a few years ago?

    There was an article recently where the headline reports MJ as having said something like “they will kill me if I don’t perform” or something like that. Who is the “they” in this case? When I was searching around for stuff on YouTube, there is a video there of MJ’s home movies. One is “funniest moments part 2” or something and if you watch it he talks about touring to promote new albums etc. He said “the record label like you to tour to promote an album…but I don’t like to”. At which point someone yells cut and he is asked to talk about it again but to be less negative. He then says “but I don’t like to” to which in the background they say “I know but ” and he says“it kills me” twice. He agrees to do it again and says “you and I will know the truth” when the camera is rolling he says with great emphasis “I love to tour”. Watch it. It is funny and makes me giggle. But he says it kills him to tour…so why the hell would he agree to do these 10 or 50 shows when he obviously doesn’t like it. Who was putting him under all this pressure?

    I think if he is dead…a lot of people who were close to him have blood on their hands. But if he is alive…good on you MJ, enjoy your peace and quiet!

    Re: the post from He.Is.Alive – good interesting points raised there but because I know zip-all surrounding the death of Elvis I can’t think whether it’s plausible or not. (Will be looking into it though, that’s for sure!)

  184. Brooklyn Said,

    Hello to everyone from the uk

    I first come on this site in disbelief that Michael had died…. to say I was in shock was an understatement…so I was looking for anything that might show a light at the end of the tunnel…but having spent the past 18 days reading everything on this site and also doing some research of my own, I now firmly believe Michael is very much alive (Please God)
    I have read on other sites people saying “Well If Michael isn’t the children’s father, why should he care if he left them behind” Well that is rubbish! I speak from personal experience on this one… I took in my brothers son at just 3 months old (Long sad story) and I can honestly say I couldn’t love him more if he was my own.. He is now 7 years old. As Michael had his children from birth it wouldn’t matter if he was there biological father or not, he would still have that special bond and love them just as much.. I bet he has a plan for them at some point…
    Another point I have been seeing a lot is people saying “Well if if he didn’t want the pressure and fame then why do it” I say to them, Michael was a child star and had no choice to begin with… We have all heard what his father was like! As he grew older and more able to decide, what else could he have done? performing was all he knew and by then far to famous to say go out and get an everyday job… So he was stuck….
    I thing the stage was properly Michael’s best and worst times for him… In one respect he loved performing… Michael himself said it was the one place he could be himself, and of course he loved his fans dearly, I have no doubt of that…. But on the other hand I also think the stage represented his prison, as it was that very fame that controlled his life and kept him lonely…It denied him of a normal life and most importantly the true love he had craved all his life…
    As for the reports of the Jackson family saying the reason for the closed casket was because of his face.. Well I don’t believe that either! 20 years ago my best friend fell from a block of flats 22 storeys high to his death.. Of course there was severe damage to his body and face, but I still went to the chapel to pay my respects before his funeral… To this day I have no idea how they did this, but when I saw him he just looked like he was sleeping and with no visible injuries.. My point is if they could do this 20 years ago I am sure that even if Michaels face had been damaged (which I doubt) they certainly could have fixed it….
    And why did people have a problem with Michael being young at heart? I thought it was part of his charm… For me it wasn’t the entertainer,the singer or even the dancer, although he was perfect in all he did.. It was just Michael with his kind heart,soft voice his endless commitment to make the world a better place with no thought of his own happiness he just gave and gave…
    Every time I see him I always had an overwhelming feeling to protect him hide him away from the cruel words and accusations spoken by others…
    I myself know what it is like to grow up lonely and not allowed friends… So I am a little like that myself… for example I love Christmas and get more excited than my niece’s and nephews… As Michael said you try and compensate for a lost childhood… That doesn’t make you insane!

    Just a thought…. If Michael is indeed still alive do you think it is possible given the fact that some people may have wanted him dead for whatever reason, that he was put in some sort of protection programme?? If so it would also account for the recent article about the plane and also why the new papers are keeping quite….If I knew Michael was alive and where he was I wouldn’t tell anyone for fear of him being caught…
    One thing I have learned in life is that although it is nice to have lots of money, the 3 things it cant buy is Health, Happiness and Love

    To sweet Michael,
    Your true fans will always love you no matter what…And we understand why you had to get away, It must have taken a lot of soul searching and desperation to give you no other choice… No one could endure what you have over the years and not want to run away from all the pain life has caused…Rest Michael and get yourself strong again… I love you from the bottom of my heart… xxx I want you!

  185. dragon Said,

    all those casket pictures are fakes

    at first he would wear his shiny uniform,and hey,why they burry him with sunglasses….

  186. MJsongfan Said,

    @ jaded:
    I believe your theory, and it does, logically make sense. However, what all of us are currently doing is pure speculation on our part. Until more confirmed facts are revealed, we can’t make any definite conclusions.

    I agree that there are too many unanswered questions…and I am glad that you brought out a lot of the controversial times and dates surrounding his death. I also think that his death, may have also brought up a lot of controversy. Whether or not he knew it or not, is debatable. However, it may have been that all of this controversy was for publicity, or it may have been for something else, or it may even be the truth, for all we know.
    Anyways, The only thing that I have to bring up is that his reputation will be tarnished, not to mention that if he tries to do another comeback concert, he might have lost a lot of his fan base, which might lead to poor ticket sales. Which might also trigger the fact that he might have to go back into bankruptcy (if his death was indeed an elaborate hoax) Just my 2 cents…

    Regarding the 911 caller, it has been speculated that it was one of Michael Jackson’s bodyguards, though it may have been the physician himself as the tabloids claim…but then again…maybe not.
    Regarding the grainy black and white picture, this may have been on purpose…(or photoshopped). The picture has been posted, and everyone interprets everything differently. In my opinion, the picture was just taken to reinforce the idea is dead, and to make people stop believing the conspiracy theorists.
    As for pre-death footage: I do believe that many people are really trying to focus on and emphasize the fact that he is dead…however I do believe that they are overdoing it. Many of his videos and photos from his last rehearsals are up for speculation, due to the fact that many of the photos seem to be taken from before, when he went on tour, same for the videos too. But something that validates some of the videos, is the fact that some of the dancers that Jackson himself, supposedly handpicked, is found in these pictures and videos…but again, this is pure speculation on my part.

    I can say for certain, that there are a lot of holes regarding his death. And I think that more information has to be revealed/hinted in order for a lot of us to have a clue as to what may be going on.

  187. taylor Said,

    ?was it a private helicopter that flew his body from the hospital to the morgue.

  188. Swagger Said,

    @ jaded: luv your theory and I guess u r right!

  189. cathedralfolk Said,

    Love & Peace…..Regarding your post….

    i.e.,original video from “They Don’t Care About Us.” Thanks for sharing this. It’s very raw and poignant and tells the story much better than the commercially released one that I found.

    Even though he was my contemporary and we’re a year a part in age, I never followed his music. I only remember that at every stage of my life from the age of 12-mid 30s (1970-mid 1990s) there was always an MJ commerical presence on the radio, so he’s synonymous with my generation.

    Even so, I never bought any of his albums because the commerical songs that I remember weren’t in keeping with my own musical tastes which were folk classical. Although, as a former musician up until my late 20s, I did a benefit concert with a musican colleague who did a Michael Jackonsonesq act.

    Thus you could say I was Michael Jackson illiterate, I really didnt know anything about him. But for some reaon unbeknownst to me, I was really really saddened by the news of his alledged death and as a result, thanks to YouTube, have been able to download practically every interview Michael ever did from about 1970 up to his last interview in Ireland (2006?) with I think (Black Eyed Peas).

    I think that foremost, he was an amazingly gentle soul who had an enormous amount of love and empathy for people and just so happened to earn his livlihood as a musician/entertainer. Not so different from the majority of people who visit this website.

    We are first and foremost, as objects of the Creator, brothers and sisters of the human race, but just so happen to earn our livlihoods as teachers, computer tekies, doctors, lawyers, etc.

    I believe that Michael was the honest to goodness real and true McCoy, that he lived and practised what he said and I’m absolutely heartbroken at how he was merchandised for his talent, sold as a commodity and then chewed up and spitten out when he began to adopt a public persona that was a little less palatable to the mass commerical audience.

    For evertying he gave to the U.S, in so far as public diplomacy and promoting the American brand to the international masses, which by the way George H.W. Bush acknowleded and awarded him Entertainer of the Decade, I hope we’ve (the USA) have repaid him by putting him in a witness protection program so that he will never ever have to be hurt and taken advantage of again and that the rest of his life is filled will quiet creative joy with his beautiful three children.

    I encourage any of you who have been touched by the gentleness of Michael Jackson and for his humanitarian activities that you join his “Heal the World Foundation.” Maybe even start a chapter in your community.The only real legacy any of us will ever leave is the good that we did to one another.

    Love and peace,


  190. VanillaCream Said,

    His “wife”:

    She´s really wacko: http://twitter.com/twitme29

    Poor MJ, he had to deal with mentally deranged persons – it´s scary!

    Whoohoo DING DONG anybody at home? http://www.wikio.co.uk/news/Nona+Jackson
    She´s almost famous.

  191. LeeAnn Said,

    @ ebru: the german site is


  192. blackorwhite Said,

    One thing doesn’t add up for me – the 5 hour medical. He would have 100% failed that medical because he was on all these different drugs. Yet he passed it with ‘flying colours’, to quote. Unless HE didn’t take the medical.

  193. Julzie Said,

    Hello everyone. I started to think I was all alone in believing Michael Jackson’s death had too many unexplained things to be true.. so I finally googled it and found this forum. I feel it is very strange that there is only one pic of Janet Jackson getting out of the car at the hospital.. from afar. Then, also only one picture of Latoya at the hospital looking frantic from afar. If you watch the news and read magazines then you know that photographers will take several shots within seconds of each other trying to get that million dollar shot. Where are all the pic’s??? I don’t see the shot in the ambulance being Michael simply because the skin of that person is too dark. Also has anyone noticed the vein popping out of the persons head in the ambulance pic?!?! Is that even possible if your dead? Doesn’t that only happen if the blood is flowing??? I thought he was dead before they put him in the ambulance?! I was sick for a week over this whole thing, but still felt something wasn’t adding up.. Like the lack of tears from the entire family. Also why haven’t the performers that he practiced with every day come forward to remember him? It’s like they had the guy that was helping Michael with his vocals speak out, but that’s it. I also agree about the memorial, why weren’t his best friends there? We haven’t heard from any of the doctors from the hospital, nurses, paramedics that worked on him, the medical examiner hasn’t went public and why is the toxicology taking sooo long. It just seems to me like the majority of the info is coming from the family. I also found out that the guy that began the “We are the world song” during the memorial is with a religious choir, and actually saw a picture of him with the choir. That had me freaked out for a while because I to thought that guy could’ve been Michael with plastic surgery and a clone to do all his appearances. That guy had a scared look on his face like with recent botox injections. I would say more, but everyone has pretty much covered everything else. A lot of the things I’ve been skeptic about has already been mentioned… I’m just glad I’m not alone in thinking that this is weird and something is just not adding up.

  194. emmie Said,

    hi, if michael jackson is alive why would the police be investigaitng this further, do u really thing that they are in on this??dont u think they have better things to do then fake michaels autopsyand all?? i mean if they think the body is michael dont u think that in an autopsy it will show that is aint michael?? what do u think?? yes there is reason to think he is alive but if the media and other people claiming he was a child molesta would have just left him alone when and stopped following him mayb he wouldnt need to fake a death..i think we should just leave him b now weather he is alive or dead let him rest..if he is alive and does do a come back then will will find out the truth.. answer my questions

  195. emmie Said,

    oh and tha picture that every 1 is saying in michael jackson in the abulance how stupid is that lol…
    the guy in the abulace has darker skin.mayb it is him with out the make-up on because he does have the skin condition ‘virtilgo’ but i cant see that being him also the guys nose is biger then michaels, so i think that that is michael jackson but when his hair caught on fire during that pepsi advert. what do u think??

  196. ilovemichaeljackson Said,

    what about the michaeljacksonsighting’s site, they claim there are photos and they are going to post more but they haven’t.. ugh.

    and MJ didn’t lip sync. He sang and dance, remember he has been doing this since he was a child, so he knows how to do it…

  197. emmie Said,

    hi me again. i have another question..in the video thatis the last rehersal of michael jackson the blonde girl that is there was at his memorial service so how can that be from years ago??? she wouldnt ofbeen there looking just the same no older??? i cant seem to believe he is alive yes all the thingsu are sayin does make sense but do uthink michael would risk gettingall these people involved.. he dont no thathey will keep there mouth shut..
    i sometimesthink mayb he is alive, because his dancers for the this is it tour signed a 2 year deal so thatmakes me think that mayb he willdo a comeback in the next 2 years. but still i dont no what 2 believe….

  198. dragon Said,

    like i said,watch the pic from the ambulane.that guy as an artery on his forehead.michael doesnt have one,even none,when he is in action…..

  199. dragon Said,

    and if hes reading all that stuff,i hope he will forgive us,for finding answers to all this.
    we lost a part of our life,and as long as we cant find the truth,we feel like being haunted and cant stop to follow our heart and hopes…..

  200. Julzie Said,

    If I remember correctly Michael’s Doctor said on Larry King that they lightened his skin, so that it would be more even. believe me… I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how he could have pulled this off. I guess this forum just gives some support to those of us who are confused and skeptical and trying to figure this out..I think we are all just waiting…. I would also like to add that I’ve always believed in Michael’s innocence. I have co-slept with my kids when they were scared to sleep alone, and I would never hurt them. Unfortunately, Michael was in the public eye and some people are greedy and only think of themselves.

  201. Goldie Said,

    we just have to wait only time will tell
    but i can Feel that he isn´t dead<– pretty stupid but still it isnt because i am i denail<? bad english sorry i am from Denmark .. :p

    maybe michael will show up at a time and tell us that he had to do it and that he is sorry and he just wanted to let us know that the media isnt always right that they dont know the truth always

    michael i love you where ever you are have a good life away from the media<3


  202. Goldie Said,

    and also a last thing i read something about that the coffin was special made so michael could lay in the coffin (not dead) and be there and that there was a oxygen tank that was covered bye the flowers? can anyone please look that up? maybe it is taploid junk. i dont know.

  203. emmie Said,

    i wouldnt blame micahelfor faking his death, i mean the press havent exactly been nice to him and people he thought was close to him stabbed him in theback to get money.who can he trust? well he can trust me and all he loyal fans..
    he started out young, saw things young had fans all over him from a young age.and 40 years on he hasstill got thats, dont u think he needs space??
    he had people he looked after feed them, let them play at neverland,he was so lovely to those people butlook what they did took him to court oversomething that he didnt do. they saw the chance to take advantage of him and they did..that must have hurt him so much.he felt alone. i dont blame him for wanting to get away from it all. and even thou he was doiin a come back no 1 had faith in him apart from his fans..people thought he couldnt do it..i hink he needs to be left alone. stop trying to find out if he is dead or alive.. mayb he dont want to found out mayb he wants some space.let him rest and if he is alive he will come back when HE and only HE is ready..
    love u michael just rest were everu are xxxxxx

  204. hew67 Said,

    Just to clear up as to why after the memorial service the casket was never seen leaving the arena even by the helicopters overhead is because it never did leave the STAPLES CENTER. It isn’t widely known but under the Staples Center is an underground tunnel that connects it to the Nokia Center, which Jackson’s casket was sent through so that while all the camera’s and helicopters were focused on the Staples Center, his casket was able to be quietly taken out. And as to a hearse never being seen, well a non-traditional hearse can look like a normal minivan at that… At least this is what was reported on Ryan Seacrest LIVE.

  205. stephykat Said,

    well, out of all the visitors this site has per day, only a few of us still hang on and dig up new stuf hope someone is reading..for it’ll only show that we care that he was not alonehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWxY-dVNU10 alone. check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-4r57HhCr. to me, he was great..loved his laid badk style..kinda ironic about oh you`re really interested in my music..sure..had cool friends, liked Christian’s style..who doesn’t?looked ready to go out and do some serious stuff.he was so creative,a real musician and dancer..I feel he led quite a normal life so maybe at the end, something did happen..now, this is recent..so Chris was close to him at the end..all his real friends are behind closed doors..and sorry he did look older..at your feet Michael as always and hope you enjoy these vids…

  206. Destiny Said,

    Since the news of MJ was announced on 25/09. It’s been a black day since then & I feel like I’ve been living in a nightmare. It’s so hard to watch the news & read the headlines each day. Then I came across this site and read what other ppl/ Admin have been saying about this all thing. So I went back to everything that has been said on the news/memorial and realised that maybe his still alive. Just maybe his living at peace at some far far place but then when I read the news about how MJ’s kids saw their father in the hospital && how that asshole could make a Jackson 3 in the future. My sadness comes back all over again. Michael would NEVER allow his kids to be in showbiz, so if his really alive (hoping so much) wouldn’t he stop his father from doing this to his kids?? …& now I’ve just read that the Los Angeles police think this maybe a homicide over the death of Michael Jackson. God I hope this is untrue:’(((( …

  207. redlotuske Said,

    I also have a theory.
    First of all I think that they called an ambulance and put a mannequin in it, like he did before, so he could sneak out of the backdoor. Nobody would notice because all the media our in front of the house. It would also explain where the doctor went. He went with MJ to an unknown place and than returned and went to the police, saying he was in panic. Yeah right if I panic I disseaper in a car that isn’t mine and come back later to go to the police.Remember the doctors car was still at MJ property.
    Later the movingvans came to take his property because the family was afraid that something went missing. His will wasn’t found yet. Nobody knows were his property went. I think they brought it to him.
    All these rumors are probably spread by his family to get our attention away from the burriel that still isn’t planned. Remember they let the press think something was going to happen in Neverland. They let them camp there till the day that it would have to take place. Only then they came out and said nothing was going to happen there.
    Meanwhile they could do other things like go get the children that were with MJ so they could appear on the memorial. He wouldn’t leave his kids but come on how many times did you see them since his death?? Just on the memorial. For as far as a know there with him.
    Than you’re gonna say there are to many people involved. You don’t know. He did this before… put a mannequin in the ambulance. So then the doctors were also involved and the media didn’t know. This could now also be the case. They say his body went to cornor. But did anyone see this happening expect for the thing with the helicopter? Couldn’t that be the reason the autopsy is taking so long…because there isn’t a body to begin with. That would also explain why nobody signed the deathcertificate. The doctors knew he wasn’t death and the cornor hadn’t a body to examen.As long as the deathcertificate isn’t signed they can’t burry him.
    There were rumors that his body was balsemd. If that’s true why are they waiting for his brain. If it’s balsemd they can’t put it back. They say they want to burry him complete. That’s bullshit because if there really was an autopsy , he isn’t complete to begin with.
    Than for the memorial… indeed his closest friends were not there. Kinda weard don’t you think. If one of my best friends was dead I go to the memorial.
    Why the memorial. Well maybe to satisfy the fans so we stop nagging about the funeral. And the media would stop ask were he was going to be burried.
    Why the rumors of murder… because they have to give a reason why he still isn’t burried.
    If there is ever going to be a funeral.
    Didn’t you notice that the press isn’t asking about the funeral after the memorial. At least I don’t see anything about it here in Belgium.
    You gonna ask why did he do it? Well he didn’t want to perform anymore. The only reason he would do the concerts was because he wanted to be the king again.
    If he faked his dead, his music would be appreciated again , the sales of his albums would go through the roof, he would be the king again.
    Do you really think the press would leave him alone after the concerts?? NO. And that’s what he wanted , peace. This is his way to retire.
    He wanted to live forever. If you die suddenly… you’re going into history as a legend and you live forever. If you die of age… nobody would talk about it like now.
    Where would he go I hear you ask. Do you really think we know what he owns?? Probably he bought a house in the middle of nowhere or in a little village under one of his fake identity’s. If he doesn’t wear a wig and hasn’t make up on he could stand next to you in the store and you wouldn’t even notice.
    What about he’s income. They found enough unpublished songs for the next 30 years. Handy isn’t it. His income is insured.
    What about his kids?? A kid change if it grows. In a copple a years you won’t recognize them. If you do it now.
    I don’t think he’ll make a comeback. Why would he? The money keeps coming by recordsales.
    All the great ones go when they are on top. He was back on top by the annonced concerts. Good timing.
    He was at the rehearsel… doing his best so nobody would see it coming and the world would be more in schock.
    Why now all the rumors of his health?? Why not use what the media was already saying for a while that he wasn’t healthy anymore.
    That’s what I think about it.

  208. dragon Said,

    somehow,we have all the same informations….
    but isnt there really something new coming up?

    by the way,its curios,that everyone already herd from this sde,but in fact we are just a small group.but thats fine.better than tousands…

  209. flower Said,

    hi i see on another pg here today they are talking about MJ leaving on elvis plane. omg so where has all of this come from is there a link which we can read up about this plan etc i must have missed this one if anyone has more info on this please can you post it so i can have a read thanks

  210. loveandpeace Said,

    Isn’t that supposed wife, the lady who also said she was Billie Jean Jackson, and Blanket’s surrogate?

  211. dragon Said,

    does someone already collect the symbols or ideas of hints from the ceremonie?

  212. flower Said,

    just seen this this is anew one have a read http://www.theinsider.com/news/2515956_Michael_Jackson_had_a_secret_child

  213. charmed6 Said,

    Could this possibly be the guy everyone is mourning over? Look closely.


  214. stephykat Said,

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-4r57HhCrc sorry this is the correct link..the last one was incorrect..enjoy this as much as I did…

  215. charmed6 Said,

    Also could this be the guy that was rehearsing the night before Michael Jackson “died”?

  216. ebru Said,

    i folowed this page since a few days..
    its interesting to see how people thing about his dead…
    if i read this comments and minds about mj dead i began to thing about it and think and think…
    he must be alive thats the only possible solution…
    i never belive the media they do everthing to get money..like the “ghost” of mj is haunted in neverland thats so stupid…
    i think he is just tring to live like a normal person now… noone can manage with an untruth media all the lies had annoy michael …
    i think he will just live in peace
    hope hes doing well…

  217. He.is.alive Said,

    @@@@ Jaded @@@@

    If you read my posting which is currently on the front page of this website, you will find that we are very much on the same page with the rationale on MJ’s “death”.

    Your lenghty posting a little further up on this thread is great, considerably more detailed then mine, read it with great interest, totally agree with all of it, especially noticed your stating the “similarties to Elvis’ alleged death” – not ALL people are looking at that aspect of MJ’s “death” and therefore are not drawing conlusions from it … I am totally convinced that MJ made the “how to stage my own death” connection with Lisa Marie Presley while they were married, it HAD to be that way, my inner voice keeps tellimg me it WAS SO !

    Please post back often
    thanks and I’ll be looking for your postings

  218. darkfeather Said,

    He wanted to live 150 years. I think he is undergoing some procedure right now to rejuvenate and now is a good time to do that.
    Maybe with a different face, style. All the time he renewed and changed. Just go on with his carreer like this until he is 70 and never get passed the Thriller album? NO! He is an artist. This is all part of a big show.

  219. emmie Said,

    what i cant seem to understand is that they are saying that his daughter put and changing colour necklace on michael body and she kept the other half which she was wearing at the memorial, tell me do u think she is in it as well coz i cannot see that being the case at all???
    and i dont think the police are in it either do u??? so this autopsy cannot be fake and it has 2 be some1 if its not michael butwho?? the people doing the autopsy will find out if it is or isnt micael and they will have to find him
    im so confused????
    all the people that have pictures of him being alive doesnt mean that is evidence, because there is no dates on them. they could be old for all we no???
    the one where he is coming of the plane that could have been from before how do we no??
    i really wud like some answers please

  220. laurenmcn817 Said,

    ok if it was a look alike who really died surely when they were doing the auposty someone would of noticed that its not the real michael jackson laying there?

  221. ctown625 Said,

    Another interesting point is that michael returned to LA to rehearse for his upcoming “tour”. Then he “dies” in the Unites States. So wouldn’t that be a lot easier to fake a death here in the US rather than in a foreign country such as London. Due to all the red tape required to bring a body etc. etc.

  222. emmie Said,

    woow i just saw the picture of omer bhatti who is apparently michael jacksons son. and they do look alike. do u think he is after money aswell like every 1 elde is after jacksons money??
    i dont no who to trust

  223. mjj29081958 Said,

    hi!!! take a look to this link: 3:35 min, “painS” S is written in the back screen…Sorry, my english is so bad ’cause i’m from Argentina!

  224. mjj29081958 Said,

    sorry, I forgot something important… The Link!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jums2oVs3KM&feature=related

  225. TheGypsy Said,

    Hi, does anyone know why MJ’s mom was seen shopping at Target 2 days after Michaels death, with sleeping bags in her cart?

  226. Helia Said,

    I am absolutely convinced, that Michael Jackson is dead. I read everything on this page and I thought it might be interesting to see what some people say about his death and why they believe he is still alive and I really have to say that the claims are pretty bad. All reasons why he could be alive are little possibilities and really bad possibilities. The truth is…we all know he id dead. Some of us are able to think that far, others need gossip.

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson

  227. cowgirlinthesand Said,

    What I want to know and someone PLEASE respond to this. Why is the media not ever ever ever mentioning ANYTHING at all about the conspiracies out there? They are talking endlessly about everything about MJ BUT NEVER BOTHER BRINGING THIS UP! heck, you would think it would give them something else to talk about! were they paid off? thoughts?

  228. cowgirlinthesand Said,

    And why is it only Jermaine and Joe were the only ones interviewed after his death? Jermaine is as sensitive and emotional as MJ so he can put on a good show. The dad is already known as a cold hearted bas t rd by the public and he shows no emotion about his death. if mj really DID die, I think we would see a lot different things presented in the media and a lot different of a memorial. Too bad if he is still out there becuase he will never be able to share himself with us, so in a sense he is dead. We will never know what happened. He will always be missed. I keep hoping they will come up with some cock and bull story how mj was kidnapped and held hostage for his money or scme crap like that.

  229. taylor Said,

    The ambulance/media is a ruse…I never knew that the local media were dispatched right along with the firemedics…highly unlikely…mj in my opinion is alive and doing very well.

    from the moment it happened i could not trust for one second that mj who looked healthy and was known to be a health fanatic…abused prescription drugs…his skin looked healthy…his eyes are white…not the case with people suffering from skin disorders.

    mj is a genus. he is the shrewdest of them all. mj did not spend his time trifling with petty things…he studied the systems, and knew the hows and whys.

    people thought that they had mj right where they wanted him, and he’d slip right through their hands…as i mentioned in an earlier post…i have the gift of perception…when i look in to the eyes of him beloved family after his death…i see relief not grief.

  230. taylor Said,

    The ambulance/media is a ruse…I never knew that the local media were dispatched right along with the firemedics…highly unlikely…mj in my opinion is alive and doing very well.

    from the moment it happened i could not trust for one second that mj who looked healthy and was known to be a health fanatic…abused prescription drugs…his skin looked healthy…his eyes are white…not the case with people suffering from skin disorders.

    mj is a genus. he is the shrewdest of them all. mj did not spend his time trifling with petty things…he studied the systems, and knew the hows and whys.

    people thought that they had mj right where they wanted him, and he’d slip right through their hands…as i mentioned in an earlier post…i have the gift of perception…when i look in to the eyes of his beloved family after his death…i see relief not grief.

  231. Julzie Said,

    All I’m sayin’ is why postpone the will, which was unsuccessful and they filed it anyway. the custody hearing, the funeral, and the burial, Why is everything being put off ’til a later date. If things had happened more quickly I think it would have been more believable to me. All I can recall the law enforcement saying is that they are still investigating… But they could be investigating anything… They could be investigating a false 911 call for all we know… Isn’t it illegal to falsely call the police… Have they actually came out and said they’re investigating a homicide or is that just something that was leaked, which if so could have came from almost any source. Also, the picture in the ambulance looks aged to me and also reminds me of what Michael looked like several years ago. Just in case it is true and he’s dead I chose not to call his daughter a fake or a good actress.. What if he has passed.. I feel sooo badly for his kids and my heart goes out to them.. I can understand how they would be completely crushed.. He had such a dear sensitive heart.. I have been watching the news since this happened and having these doubts all alone in my head and talking to my husband and co – workers about it and they all disagreed with me. My husband thinks we should just believe the news. I have been so frustrated to the point that I can’t sleep.. cried for over a week.. lost some weight from loss of appetite… This may sound stupid but I feel like Michael is family. I’ve followed him since I was 8 years old and I’m 33 now. When I was 9 my sister made a Michael Jackson cake for me and it looked just like him. I had the glove and other memorabilia. I’m not out to track Michael Jackson down or find out where he is, but if he’s dead I just want to see his face so I can believe.. for personal closure from a loving fan. I finally googled the other day and found there are people out there with the same doubts as me. When you have such a minority of people who believe a certain way it is hard to find support. This forum has a lot of people who are caring and also looking for some answers and some closure and I just feel that if you disagree you should be in a different forum with people who share your views. I would just like more evidence for personal closure. This forum has been very helpful to me… Thanks to all the caring Michael Jackson fans.

  232. Dfizel Said,

    I think that MJ Might be alive.

    Supermom75 do you think that MJ will Come back!!????


  233. macanridire Said,

    Well, I’m here, and still stand by what I said at newsflavor.com. The dude ain’t dead!

  234. Julzie Said,

    Maybe Janet and Latoya took Michael out of the rented home in the moving van.

  235. littlefairy Said,

    maybe i’m totally wrong but does anyone already thought about the Tribute Song Better On The Other Side -The Game ft. Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans, Usher, Boyz II Men.It was on youtube only one day later after he ‘died’.


  236. dragon Said,

    can someone give me a push today?i think,im not the only one,who sometimes running out of hopes.and maybe this is what they are waiting for.to make us guys tired……

    kick my butt and say,dont give up…..c´mon

  237. dragon Said,

    why is now the material of the pepsi spotcoming out,and not even those 20 yeras before?maKES no sense…to help the doctor by giving drugs?


  238. marty Said,

    Just a thought-
    MJ was interested in (or had something to do with)Clonaid.
    Clinoid is a very similar word and is a bone in the body and comes from the Greek root Klinein-very similar to Dr Klein!
    Just a fact!

  239. Julzie Said,

    Is this really the only news coming from the LAPD since his death,

    Click on the link and go down to June 26th
    Michael Jackson Update NR09302rh

    Did anyone see the guy on Jane Velez Mitchell last night.. He was promoting the book he wrote about Michael and said he believed the molestation allegations against Michael Jackson until he spent several years doing countless interviews and now concludes in his book that Michael is completely INNOCENT of those charges. It seems like the story of MJ is all coming out, just like Michael would have wanted. I guess personally I’m waiting for the coroners report and to maybe hear more a more candid interviews from other Jackson family members. It just seems like there should be an LAPD press conference or something. Even if its just to say we’re still investigating the case and have no further info. It seems like the only officer I’ve seen on the news so far was in an opened doorway talking to whomever was behind the camera and said they’re waiting on the coroner. Why not address the public in a more FORMAL way. This is just crazy. Like I stated in an earlier post where are all the people who worked on MJ that day… nurses, doctors, paramedics etc. Are they keeping quiet to keep from having a lawsuit? Why haven’t we heard from some first hand witnesses other than his family.

  240. PinkLizard Said,

    Please don’t give up on what you believe. I have been reading this site since MJ ‘died’ but have never posted before. When I read that you needed a push I had to register. There are so many suspicious circumstances. Something is going on. We don’t know what but we are all on here refusing to let the media insult our intelligence! We KNOW something is not right and we have to keep looking. Not for MJ, that’s up to him but at the Media, they are partly to blame for Michael’s difficult life and they are acting very strangely now. Not reporting on any of these conspiracies? Odd? Stay strong DRAGON and everyone else on this site. We may never know but we will always know that we didn’t give up

  241. ingebjorg Said,

    Hmm.. In Danish papers i could read, that MJs family said they never has seen him on drugs… and why? Becuse ha never took drugs. If he had someone lookalike and he was very illness.. could it be him they have given thise drugs to. In the authopsy they wont take fingerprint if the nearest family have said: Thats him.. Thats MJ. They only do it if its a onknown person whitout papers on or family by.
    Michael Jackson have every reason to hide.. people do it every day.. They decided to start over and have a new life.
    The doctor KLEIN… why are he hidding MJ´journal? ha have give police a few papers.. why dont get police them all? What is he not telling? Klein says that MJ have over 50 surgery in the past month… In the rehersel you never see that…. What if it whas someone to lookalike Klein was doing surgery on?
    In the song : xscape the words telling what MJ has in his mind..
    I will never blame him for hidding… it was his biggest whis to live a normal life.
    Whwere ever he is i hope he is smiling !

  242. meeyaah Said,

    i believe mj is alive and well. my family and friends don’t believe it but i do! too many odd things are happening and the public is getting these bullshit answers all we want is the truth!

  243. Jessie Dai Said,

    At first, I thought I was the only one who can’t accept MJ’s death. But now, I come to this forum and find so many of you also believe that he is still alive, I feel relaxed. And I read your words and analysis, they are so reasonable!
    I believe MJ is still alive, that’s just my feeling, or maybe it is because I miss him. But your analysis convinced me and give me courage to insist he is alive!
    This is really a good place to share our views and I am waiting for your good news!
    MJ is certainly alive! I believe!

  244. wishful09 Said,


    Just keep looking at the facts. Looke at all the conflicting stories. Check youtube and look at the memorial clips. Look at each family member’s reaction during the memorial. I know as the days go on, our minds go back and fourth. that has been happening to me since day one. However, my gut feeling always tells me Michael is alive. So, when I need a push, I just go back over the information. The stories just dont add up. Looking at the memorial clips really help me out. Hope this helps. The truth always comes out. If he is dead or alive, the truth will come out. I dont see this being an Elvis thing where thirty years later we’re still claiming he is alive.

  245. wishful09 Said,


    I dont know. I think TMZ knows something, but I think the other media outlest are getting their news and stories from TMZ. It’s crazy. I guess the media wouldnt talk about these conspiricies in fear of being disrespectful. But if that is their fear, why are they so quick to further damage his name by labeling him a druggie? I cant figure out the media’s role in this. It’s frustraitng for them not to question any of the conflicting stories regarding his death, but I honestly dont think the majority of the people reporting know about it. Maybe just the head of the company or something. I dont know .It’s confusing.

  246. woahitzcrazy Said,




  247. redlotuske Said,

    Has anyone seen the pic of MJ’s legs?? I read it today that his legs were suppost to be full with needlemarks. What else are they going to make up. Still no news about a funeral or so…
    Greets from belgium

  248. MJsongfan Said,

    The reason that the media isn’t mentioning the conspiracy theories (or if they do, it’s just briefly) is because they are mostly concerned about the investigation around Michael, because there were so many theories about his physical appearance. The media just wants answers to that, so that they can twist it to the general public, and make it seem like his death was his fault.

    I saw your post and although I have doubts. Your story seems to be logical, and it makes a lot of sense.
    Based off of what you said in Newsflavor.com, A section of the LAX Airport was closed, last minute, for an unknown individual who was surrounded by bodyguards?
    Also, were you on guard duty, during the time of this unknown visitor?

  249. macanridire Said,

    After seeing that Pepsi video…..Jesus Christ!!!…. that looked painful!! Kinda understand the affection for the painkillers now.

  250. Killah385 Said,

    First of all, let me just say, if I were Michael Jackson and I’m still alive, living somewhere peacefully on this earth, I would not, and I repeat, I would not let anyone know that I am or where I am. Besides, I highly doubt that anyone will ever see Michael again(besides his fam) I mean even if you do, you wouldn’t probably even know that was him. Michael is a man of art! Who knows what changes he may make to himself now!.. The media and all those tabloid people are the ones who made it extremely hard for him to live a normal life, always talking down on him and accusing him of things he did not do, and saying that he’s weird!! Tell me please!! What was so weird about Michael??? Yea! he got a nose job but so what??!! what celebrity do you know that didn’t have surgery on some part of there body?? And yes, his skin went from black to white only because he had vitiligo and he had to use the make-up to even his skin tone out! Male models where make-up everyday and they don’t say nothing about that. He’s still human like you and I, he’s still someone’s child and he did not deserve any of those things those people did to him! When are you guys gonna get it in your thick skulls that none of us were born perfect. There’s no one out there in this world that did not sin or made a mistake. But imma say it here like i said on another website, whenever the media or whoever sees someone who defines the word ‘GREATNESS’ because of all of his good deeds and what not, they get highly offended and try to bring that individual down until they actually do kill that person. It’s only so much one man can take people!! the whole weight of the world was on this one mans shoulder because yall would not leave him alone! Dog gon it!! Yall wouldn’t even give GOD this much attention like what you’re giving Michael! I don’t know why the media just don’t do something more constructive with there time like going around to different schools and showing the world all of the students who are on the Honour Roll, How about they go around finding young people who can really show them what being gifted and having great talent is all about?? Stop being so negative! We have all kinds of greatness out there in the world but yall too busy to notice it because you’re stuck on this one man and you’re trying to point out all his downfalls to the world! How about you put your life story on the news and I would just love to see the kind of feedback you would get! Michael IS a great man, He did more for some countries in this world that some of you can’t even dream about doing in your own neighbourhood! But No! The world only recognizes his greatness when they THINK he’s dead! Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Give me my roses while i’m still living’??? You think about that and let me know what you come up with… Michael, I just want to let you know that I still and always will love you, wherever you may be! God Bless you hun!

  251. 0.o Dee o.0 Said,

    Ok, so I’ve been sitting on the fence with this idea for a while mainly because of the stigma attached to it. “Oh boy…another Elvis/Tupac/Jim Morrison situation.” But has anyone visited the idea of the debt that he had? I mean, he had a massive amount of debt and had he continued, even with those concerts, he would have spiraled deeper into it. Now think about this for a second. After his death, not days later, there were 9 million copies of his albums sold worldwide.


    Check it out yourself.

    So knowing the trend that has swept worldwide and the news that sparked the craze to run out and grab every Michael Jackson item you could, would it not be logical to assume that the death was actually a death of “the personality” not the “person” as MJ had refered to himself once.

    If I were a Record company, this would be the approach I would like. I mean, even LaToya herself suggested that “to them, he was worth more dead than alive” I think he’s leaving his fans a cookie crumb trail. He loves us all dearly as his fans but I don’t think its enough to detour him from wanting to live a normal life. He couldn’t make a move anywhere without being harrased, insulted, accused, accosted and hated.

    What ever you are doing, no matter where you are MJ, I have and always will love you. I love you for the man that you are, not the personality of the tv drama we call news.

  252. Can.You.Feel.It Said,

    It took me a long time I thought long and hard about this and I said to myself I was not going to put any responses on this site until I felt I was able to get everything out at one time and when I was done that would be it

    I LOVED Michael with all my heart and the way the media has treated his death has made you speculate and for a long time I was on the fence I didn’t want to put my foot down that he was dead or that he was alive. His death has left us all reeling, and when I found this site I actually started to believe that Michael might not be dead, but if he was not dead the only way he could safely come back to us all is two or three years down the road come out of hiding and stated that he was in protective custody because he thought someone was trying to kill him and the time was used to make sure they caught all the people that were involved that were trying to swindle his money or do him harm that is the only way he could get out of it Scott free, But


    I feel in my bones that he’s gone

    As all of his fans that have become like his children and have loved him wholeheartedly and have finally decide to stand together only now that he’s gone know that yes he is alright where ever he is and I’m bringing you this message and yes I my begin to sound like I need to be locked in a loony been but you need to know, I had a dream about him last night and I think it was a message in it this is what happen

    The African American chairwoman from the BET award was standing out side about to go into building to interview him talking about she hadn’t done so in 32 years I don’t know what the significant of 32 was but it meant something then she was in his room he was sitting on a ottoman pity large in the center of a white suite and I mean white with crème ascent but he himself was wearing a black suit much like the one he always preformed dangerous in and his hair was cut short like it was at the MTV awards in 1995 he was talking to another women on his left facing her both laughing as he talked about the You are not alone sing a few bars and the chair woman was next to him but he wasn’t really paying her any attention just speaking comfortably with the other long dark haired then it was like the chair woman from BET was voicing over the scene as she said “I always knew he was going to die young” he turned (and this is what shook me out of my sleep) he looked directly at me and I wasn’t even in this dream it was like your watching TV and the person on it looks at you and you know there looking at you my body when cold as chill when down spin he didn’t say anything for a long time and he did he smiled saying “Can you feel it” and you know what I felt at that moment he was no longer here with us

    For him I’m telling you he’s gone guys, take this news however you want to this site is about sharing your opinion so here is mine, you guys are eating and snapping at each other because his death will not do for you, but at this moment where are all the same because we are all grieving for the lost of him but think about this

    32: which think mean subtract that from his age which give you 18 which is around the age he was when can you feel it came out
    You are not alone: which has been his death anthem
    Knowing he was going to die young
    And this verse of the song can you feel it that was the background music for this dream

    Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it

    All the children of the world should be
    Loving each other wholeheartedly
    Yes, it`s all right
    Take my message to your brother and tell him twice
    Take the news to the marching men,
    Who are killing their brothers, when death won`t do
    `Cause we`re all the same
    Yes, the blood inside me is inside of you

    Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it

    I wanted his death to be a hoax for one reason and one reason only his kids do not deserve to grow up without him in there life, but I want you to picture him sitting in front of you locking eyes with you and asking you “can you feel it” and tell me what you feel then

  253. dragon Said,

    First of all,excuse my fu****english

    In my german group,we arte not sure,if u observate this thing so much,as we did it today again.could not really find such a detailed post about it.
    Its about the ambulance,and the only one picture with Michael in it,and how the photo must have been taken.

    For better understanding we give numbers to the links for checking out.

    Number 1 is the video with the ambulance driving backwards
    Please,take attention to the guy who stands next to the ambulance.
    At 0:54 is it a guy in a red shirt
    At 1.27 at the same place is it a guy in a yellow shirt.
    At 3.08 is that guy with the yellow shirt not there anymore…

    That is what we all already know,even you guys at deathhoax.

    But NOW,that’s the point

    Video nr. 2 is an interview with that bastard,whos is telling,that he and his friend went to jackos place as soon they got the hint..

    But now,……

    If he is the one in the red shirt,and the cam was recording non stop …whenwas the time,when the red shirt guy changed the place with the yellow shirt guy………….?????

    Video nr. 3 is another video of this wacko…there he has an other camera position.
    He shows the fire department car…which is at the footwalk.then he zoomed into the window,and by coincidence there is the monitor wit the emergency call????
    Where we already have seen fotos…

    If we think about it…
    The only three evidences,that Michael wasn’t all right,the ambulane pic,the video anf the pic of the emergencycall, are all from just this group?????!!!!!?????
    And after,they had everything,they thought: oh,ehm,no,we don’t need to drive behind them to the UCLA(maybe Michael could be there…)
    nach oben – nächste Nachricht

  254. Goldie Said,

    HEy everybody i love this site

    did anyone hear or see that Paris gave michael a Heart thing in his “casket” Year sure

    please Look at a picture of paris at the memorial and then look at this picture


    this picture of paris if before michael “dies”
    she is wearing the same neckless<?

    sorry for the english i am from Denmark :9

  255. emmie Said,

    every time i read a paper and hear what the family say and how the kids are sad and all i drift of in to thinking he is dead again.but there is no more evidence that he is alive. i really wish he was alive i no this sounds stupid coz im only 19 but i feel a little empty since he died. i love him so much it hurts that is might not be here with us today…
    i was thinking mayb if he is dead they might freeze his body because he said he wanted to live forever this was he can
    miss and love u michael xxxx

  256. Goldie Said,

    Omg look at this

    okay i promised my self not to tell anyone this but i really need some help.

    here where i live i live in a small city in Denmark and my neighbor who lived over us she passed away two weeks ago. She was a old lady.
    now its very strange a new man just moved ind his name is Jack london?? he is from America he speaks english? soo i asume that he is from America he is also fat? not in a bad way .
    but whats strange is that when i saw him moving ind he came in a black car i think they are called SUV? cars`? and when i saw his eyes i was in chock . and his voice. im in chock because his eyes where just like Michael´s and his voice was a bit High/girly but also deep

    maybe its just me but i think that its michael
    i will soom post a link with a picture of his car

    you guys this isnt a lie It is really him i hope so but i am so scared of asking him because it feels so stupid if i ask him and he hasnt been out so i havent seen him for a time now?

  257. Can.You.Feel.It Said,

    to Goldie

    look if you really think it’s him and you believe it don’t ask him anything smile nod give him the peace symbol and walk away, if it really was him and you believe that letting him know you know that is going to do nothing but make him run. I mean unless you don’t like the idea of him possibly living upstairs… but if you do and it is him he will run like a bat out of hell… don’t say anything and if he runs… then you know you actually might have been right

  258. bootz56 Said,

    I Love Michael Jackson and I believe he is NOT dead! i have my own psychic powers and i truly dont feel his energy AT ALL! I have tried to tap in but cant. he is not dead, im telling . i have felt this from the beginning with the first news report and when i heard the 911 call if u recall there were 2 calls cause one of them is totally different from the other.if they think someone didnt catch that well i did. the operater asked the caller is there anybody there and he said yes & the the oper. said oh someone is there? the caller responds yes. the 2nd one i heard was the oper. said did anyone see him when this happened the caller said yes we have a dr. here a heart dr. the 911 oper. said OH you have a Heart dr. there then i guess u dont need me then the ambulence is on thier way. how many of u heard that one. i knew it was all a hoax. the stupid dr. didnt even put him on the floor to do cpr? and how much later and he calls himself a dr. a heart dr???? WHAT A JOKE. The caller wasnt even frantic,um MJ didnt have a pulse and NOT breathing so u r NOT frantic and the dr is in the back round like DUH!!!!! Michael Jackson is alive and well and away from all the BS where he belongs. Im happy for him. I will miss him but if it means for him to have happy quiet life with his children and to go shopping and lead a simple life now, then we should JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE as hard as it may seem. im the biggest fan of his ever. i have everything u can possibly imagine on him.i love him so much. im 52 young. with 3 children and they were all brought up on his music. and they love him so much too! and if he had to come out of hiding he would go to jail people . y would u want that. y does he owe us. he really doesnt he is free now. Go ahead Michael … u left us with enough u gave us enough. be happy now. and we will continue to support u . the true diehard fans will and the ones who understand u all the way baby. cause u r so innocent. have a happy life cause u so deserve it. all my love to baby Maureen

  259. skinny1234 Said,

    you no about the hand fing its his hand because the sign on the rist well top of the rist is the same on all pictures drugs can change you and when you turn 50fity your hands and face change but we should be conserntraiting on that look at his nose skin colour and his hair also plz his lips and cheek bonez not the hands

  260. emmie Said,

    goldie, who was with him?? mayb u should just be nice to him, like when u see him in the street u should introduce urself tell him u are his neighbour and get a better look.. but if u go up 2 him and say are u michael i doubt he will say yes..i mean if he is alive he wanted to get away… try and get a picture of him if u can good luck

  261. Andrea Said,

    @ goldie – jack london was one of the aliases michael supposedly used for getting prescription drugs!

  262. MzMi87 Said,

    Hey everyone. Now there’s a major coincidence I ran across the internet. Its this unreleased track by Michael himself and I want everyone to listen. Listen carefully and form your own opinion. Go to http://www.tmz.com and scroll down and then you’ll see “Mj Unreleased Song.” You be the judge.

  263. dontmakeitfactual Said,

    All the time since June 25th I wanted to believe he was still alive, but keep telling myself he really is dead and am an idiot for thinking otherwise…Now, that ‘in my painS’ thing at the memorial gave me the creeps…I’ve been on you tube listening to a couple of other live performances of ‘will you be there’, as well as the original version…it gave me the goosebumps. The memorial one sounds a lot like the one in the album…apart from that ’s’.Freaky!

  264. Atharya Said,

    @ Goldie
    Nobody need his car, try to shot a photo of him. ^^
    Otherwise tell us more about this.

  265. emmie Said,


    people visit this site and tell me what you make of this article please

  266. emmie Said,

    also it is gonna take a further 2 more weeks to get the autopsy results

  267. Brooklyn Said,

    To Dragon @ Everyone Who Is Having Doubts…

    Don’t give up believing we all need to be strong for each other on here… Lets all be like Michael would have wanted, a family helping each other…

    I have only seen one half page reports of hoax theories in the UK papers and that was quite early on, but that is how I came across this site…and even then it was made to look like everyone on here was crazy… I think the press being quite is the point… They or someone want people like us to give up, like if it isn’t mentioned we will get tired of it and go away…

    As I said in an earlier post what if Michael’s life really was in danger by certain people and it was decided by certain people to put him in a protection programme via the CIA or even the FBI I am sure they have power over the press… The only reason I have talked myself almost out that point of view is if that were the case, there is no way they would have made so many mistakes… unless it was intended which I doubt…

    I do think Michael wants his fans to know he is alive via the clues that have been left… But that doesn’t mean he wants to be exposed either… It is difficult to know what to do for the best…

    First and foremost I want Michael to be safe….

  268. atchou45 Said,

    my father died years ago and is was very hard on me i cannot look at him so is true that the children were very calm and i listen to the sons will you be there there a difference in the word pain listen to many video is not the same on memorial day

  269. melia8383 Said,

    The media is coming up with all sort of new storeis apparently from “reliable sources?” How is is that Michael Jackson can be addicted to drugs for 25 years, without someone leaking this news? He announced back in 1993, that he was seeking help for painkillers addiction. But I highly doubt that he was still hooked! And everyday there’s a “NEW” story about him, the media is just focused on the “drug” allegations. And why is it, that about almost 25 years later they released the type of Michael Jackson hair being caught on fire, I guess everyone is trying to cash in on his “death” including Joe and Latoya Jackson!!!! Everything seriously doesn’t seem right, at first LAPD said that Dr. Murray was not a suspect just a witness, now they’re saying that he might be charged? Something’s Up!!!!

  270. beyond anguish Said,


  271. woahitzcrazy Said,









    much support & love to everyone <3

  272. ilprincipe Said,

    I believe some of the theories here in this forum.
    But not really the claim of #256.

  273. Ghost From Christmas Past Said,

    on the release of the release of the pepsi commercial shoot….

    maybe we can finally put to rest the rumour that Michael Jackson died in 1984 as a result of injuries sustained during the shooting of the Pepsi-Co.

  274. loveandpeace Said,

    @macanridire & redlotuske

    It’s me Anon! poster from newsflavor. So i see we have all moved on to this site.

    Thoughts about Michael as of June 17, 2009 already?

  275. dragon Said,

    @goldie,keep us informed…..

    ad for this while,u are just anice neighbour

  276. tiux Said,

    To Goldie – Please, don’t go to ask is he michael or not. He will run, belive me. he wants a peaceful life and we -fans – we must support him and help to hide. Isn’t it enough if we just hear about him here on that page or see some pictures from him time to time? Don’t you think so? I’m actually from estonia and I would love to think and hope that he lives now so close to me Better if he would live here )
    Love you, Michael! Enjoy your new life! Peace!

  277. dragon Said,

    but anyhow,i cant imagine that michael would go to a place with eighbours….maybe a double???

    cause it would be better to go to a private island.like a lot of rich guys have,or a neverending place like australia….

  278. wozniack Said,

    I just read this, but I don’t know how credible it is: http://www.thespoof.com/news/spoof.cfm?headline=s4i55229

  279. Muchlikefalling Said,


    i don’t think i have seen this theory on this site before but okay here i go:
    Do you remember the mini movie, Scary?
    well in that music video he is dressed like a major of the town of where the story is involved… and well you don’t actually recognize him, or personally i didnt, he looks so different, that guy was fat, almost bald, and ugly, but okay… here’s the fact.. on behind the scenes of that video, that he would actually like to use that suit to go out and be a normal person…soo question is…COULD he possibly be using that suit so he can stay in public and dont be recognized?, i mean he actually stated he would like it…

  280. ingebjorg Said,

    @ Goldie , Hey Goldie.. I am from DK to… and i will , if you want , help you to look that man out? We could “spy” on him a little and maybe take som pix? If we are 2 who have seen the guy.. its more shure if it is MJ ? I dont think we should ask him about being MJ.. if it is him he wants peace… But we cuold always go ask him if ha has som suger to our coffee.. or something?
    Hej Goldie… Jeg er fra DK også.. Jeg vil gerne – hvis du vil ha´det – Hjælpe dig med at kigge den mand lidt ud…Måske ta nogle billeder? og se om det ER MJ.. Jeg synes ikk vi skal spørge ham om det er ham.. for ER det ham ønsker han fred.. Men….. man kunne jo altid gå op til manden og banke på og spørge om han har noget sukker man kan låne til kaffen………. hvis du er interesset så skriv lige tilbage.. hvis du har msn kan vi evt. aftale videre der? eller på mail?
    Mvh. H

  281. redlotuske Said,

    Can anyone tell me if it’s normal that there was a firetruck there when the ambulance was there. Is it normal in America if you call 911 that not only an ambulance comes but also a firetruck. Or is there another explaination?

  282. dragon Said,

    you mean the movie gost?in germany its called ghost…..

    damn,i wish i could cuddle him for 5 neverending minutes….

  283. dragon Said,


    havnt u singend in already for the forum???
    nice points to check about that….

  284. emmie Said,

    i totally agree dont go up 2 him as he wanted to get away if he isnt dead.i dont even think he wants to be found out.

  285. lillina Said,


  286. emmie Said,

    look there is reason to believe he is dead and same goes to think he is alive.but it has 2 be one of the other, and seriously more things are weighing heavier to him being alive.

  287. grecialove Said,



  288. emmie Said,

    i have many questions like that. like how can the police and the people douing the autospy not tell that the body isnt him, and why are the police still investigatin and are the police in on it aswell. but they will never get answrered just the same was we will never really no if michael is alive or dead unles we see his body in the coffin and even then we will not no

  289. ebru Said,

    @Goldie please try to get a picture maybe you can ask him someting like wye hes here and if he had a wife something like that maybe you can bring something to the bottom about him…


    @ everyone maybe you had see in the news that the surveillance videos of mj s house are missing that is strange…

    (please excuse my english..im german)

  290. emmie Said,

    im sure this is michael singing
    but the song is called morphine. its like he knew
    just listen and u will no what i mean quiet sad

  291. Jessie Dai Said,

    I am so excited to hear the news from Goldie. I think all of us here expect the news MJ is still alive very much.
    I think Michael just want to hide from the media which hurt him a lot. Since he start his hoax death and we, as his fans, can’t ruin his plan. Even we know where he is, we should keep in secret and don’t cause the media’s attention. I don’t want the press to have chance to hurt him any more. So let’s try our best to help Michael to live in a harmony and peace enbironment. So if you find something, please don’t tell too much other people, just to MJ’s fans. I think us fans can understand quite well. He happy, then we happy. Do you agree with me?

  292. Jessie Dai Said,

    I am so excited to hear the news from Goldie. I think all of us here expect the news MJ is still alive very much.
    I think Michael just want to hide from the media which hurt him a lot. Since he start his hoax death and we, as his fans, can’t ruin his plan. Even we know where he is, we should keep in secret and don’t cause the media’s attention. I don’t want the press to have chance to hurt him any more. So let’s try our best to help Michael to live in a harmony and peace environment. So if you find something, please don’t tell too much other people, just to MJ’s fans. I think us fans can understand quite well. He happy, then we happy. Do you agree with me?

  293. cathedralfolk Said,

    O Lord you have examined my heart and know everything about me.

    You know when I sit down or stand up.

    You know my every thought from afar.

    You chart a path ahead of me and tell me where to stop and rest.

    Every moment YOU KNOW WHERE I AM.

    You know what I am going to say even before I say it, Lord.

    You both precede and follow me.

    You place YOUR HAND of BLESSING on my head.

    Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too great to know!

    I CAN NEVER escape from your HOLY SPIRIT!

    I CAN NEVER get away from YOUR PRESENCE!

    If I go to heaven, you are there O Lord.

    If I go to the place of the dead, you are there.

    If I ride the wings of the morning-

    if I dwell by the farthest oceans-

    even THERE, YOUR HAND will guide me-

    YOUR STRENGTH will support me.

    I could ask the darkness to hide me and the light around me to become night-

    but even in darkness I can not hide from you.

    To you the night Shines as bright as the day.

    Darkness and light are both one and the same to you.

    YOU made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.

    Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex.

    Your workmanship is marvelous- and how well I know it.

    You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion-

    as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.

    You saw me before I was born.




    They are innumerable!

    I cannot count them, as they outnumber the grains of the sand!

    (PSALM 139)

    Blessings, peace, comfort and grace Holy Father be upon Michael, his children, his brothers and sisters, his mother and father, his dearest of friends and all of those whose hearts are broken.

  294. dragon Said,

    damn,sometimes,i mean more often,it feels like u broke up with a best friend…the strange feeling in the heart and stomach….even that i never met him in person,but i guess a lot of us have this feeling…

  295. ILOVEMJ11 Said,

    i think hes dead but at the same time i think hes alive because how can a dead body stay 3 weeks without being buried if he is dead his body is ruten and needs to be buried but mostlikly people will be thinking hes alive nomatter wat pruff their is that hes dead hopfully his funaral is open casket so then we can put him to rest but wat i wanna no is why do people want to no if hes alve or dead no matter wat hes finnaly at peace like seriusly are people ever going to leave him alone because thats all he really ever wanted
    R.I.P. Michael Jackson
    weather your dead or alive mabey now you can finnaly R.I.P. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER Michael Jackson

  296. dontmakeitfactual Said,

    I am 100% sure that the monologue in ‘will you be there’ at the memorial is the same as in dangerous. If you play both takes at almost the same time, say with 3 seconds gap in between, you’ll hear it’s just the same recording.Now, why he says pain’s’ not ‘pain’ i’ve no idea…it actually sounds as if an ’s’ has been added…or cut from the original…as the intonation IS the same. But why go through all that trouble? Could it be that the original version in dangerous was edited as MJ made a mistake while recording…? But WHY play this not ,the version everybody knows?

  297. Killah385 Said,

    Michael, if you’re out there reading these comments that the world is saying about you, I just want to simply let you know that I love you, and I understand why you did what you did! (Please hear me with your heart and not just your ears) Be careful, be safe, and always remember that once you keep God first in your life, He will always keep you safe from danger. And if you just happen to choose not to reveal yourself to the public eye ever again, Just know that you really meant something to me!(Something that’s deeper than normal) I can’t really speak for everyone else, but you are truly an inspiration to me and always will be!! To all of Michael’s fans out there, just always remember what Michael use to tell us in just about allll of his interviews, ‘Don’t become a tabliod junkie’!, ‘If you hear a lie long enough, you will begin to believe it”, and, ‘just because something is written in print does not make it gospel’…. Those were his words, decide for yourself what they mean to you… Anyway Michael, Be Blessed and enjoy yourself love… Peace!!!

  298. emmie Said,

    i think i need some new evidence that erm michael is alive because every single time i read the papers i feel his is dead and then i get sad and it is fustrating…
    goldie please keep us informed about that neighbour of urs… please let us no if u see anything new and if u still think it is him. thank u

  299. dontmakeitfactual Said,

    And…a bit of a far fetched shot, but I thought I’d just mention it anyway…In ‘Will you be there’, MJ says ‘and my pain’ at minute 7′ exactly. And ‘Will you be there’ is, as far as I know, the only MJ song that is over 7 min. long.
    (Know the stuff about MJ and the number 7?)

  300. wowmjfan Said,

    A reacent vieo has just been released. It shows michael jackson in a pepsi commercieal and he almost lost his hair. This happend 25 years, 4 months and 29 days after he was born, then he died 25 years 4 months and 29 days after the tragic pepsi commercial. Is it a Coincidence???

  301. chaplin Said,

    killah85. I have been trying for days to know what to say and you have hit the nail on the head. I dont know what to believe anymore. There are certainly some things being said that have credibility. If Michael faked his death he did it to get some peace. Do i think he will make a comeback. Not in a million years. The Michael i followed hated any sort of attention, even hated touring. Why would he create himself more attention. Whether he died or not Michael Jackson has definatley left the building. If you are still alive Michael then i understand. You were treated very badly all your life when all you wanted was to give. You were a gift from God and will never be forgotten. Please keep yourself safe and be in peace. All my love.

  302. JoyceBuckley Said,

    I read Elvis had a terminal ill personator to die in his place, I also read that Michael Jackson did the same things. I also read that maybe he got some good tips from Lisa Marie Presley on how Elvis pulled off his fake death. I will keep reading……….below is taken from the website about Elvis Presley.

    Q – I’m still unclear as to how you get people to keep their mouths shut, if Elvis hoaxed his own death. You’d have ambulance attendants and hospital workers involved. How do you keep them quiet?

    A – Originally, when I wrote the book, I thought that, too. But I don’t think as many people are involved, if this was carried off as we think. I don’t think the ambulance attendants would necessarily know who it was they were carrying out. How many times had ambulance attendants seen Elvis up close? Let alone, how much different a person looks when they’re dead. In my book, I alluded they had an impersonator there who was dying of a terminal illness, and died in Elvis’ place. In my estimation, if I was going to do this and carry it off in a way that it would work, that would be the best possible solution. I thought about the wax dummy in the coffin, and I don’t buy that. I believe there was a body (in the coffin) but I don’t necessarily believe it was Elvis, but I don’t necessarily believe it was not Elvis. I’m just saying there were some real funny things surrounding what his actions were before he supposedly died.

    Scroll down to question #12 after you click on the link below


  303. dragon Said,

    hey,and dont forget the biggest consiracy in the world which lasts till now…..we are not related to mokeys….this is wad the oldest media always prayed,we are made by adam and eve….
    so,why should we belive the news in our days.
    the humans vever changed,just the progress.

    but they still are the same like in the past.

    so why should we belive the media…
    both sides dont have any evidence….we belivers,and the no belivers…..

  304. dragon Said,

    i forgot to say


  305. zealot Said,

    Dear Admin:

    I think that you have collected some great, useful raw data with all of our contributions. However, I do believe that some important data may get lost due to the excessive amount of theories without factual evidence to back them up and poor structural organization of the data that is collected on this website. I beieve that seven7seven was absolutely correct. kudos.

    You have great raw data but how are you intending to use this raw data to prove your hypothesis that MJ death was a hoax?

    Do you have a team of analysts who can scrutinize the raw data and search for common themes, then put them into aggregate groups so we all can clearly see how much we have accomplished so far, thus separating the facts about MJ death from the fiction.

    Or, are we just aimlessly coming up with theories and just leaving comments on those theories with no aim or organization.

    I guess it depends on what you want to accomplish with this website. But, I think that if you want to get any closer to answering your question, you need to get more organized.

    Oh yeah the forums sucks big time. But maybe it’s just my computer but everytime I try to read a post on there the screen goes blank after a while and I’m like wtf??? So, after relentless tries, i just give up. Now, it could have had very important info on there but the techno problems caused the data to be over looked. I think that we should just stick to the “facts” as they are provided to us then closely scrutinize them and look for inconsistencies and discrepencies then report.

    One person on here report that the paramedics were wearing old badges rather than the newer ones. I did not find this data rather I read someone commenting on it. Now I think that is very important data that may be difficult to find or “lost” due to poor organization.

    Maybe your team can review all the “facts” as we know them and create groups for each (such as facts and fiction regarding paramedics, latoya jackson, Dr conrad murray, Dr. arnold statements, drug allegations,…etc) and then see what the users are saying with regards to that. To keep it better organized.

    The blogs are good to collect the raw data but we need some type of organization to beter interpret the data

  306. ingebjorg Said,

    Hmm.. I have tryed to figure out thst song “Morphine”… I think i have figured it out now…! That song is about the Tabloids.. Mj is making fun of the tabloids… He also written about all the haters he has.. in the first in that song he is telling about the one who died unstead of himself : He got flat baby
    Kick in the back baby
    A heart attack baby
    I need your body……..
    In thise song he telling us something! And he also do in his song : Xscape…………
    All the papers are written about Demorol and morphine.. all the papers say : ohh god he has taking Demorol and Morphine…… !! All people are talking about it now…
    It was his plan…. after his escape !! When people and tabloids are talking about it.. they will not look after him…….

  307. ingebjorg Said,

    He know his truly fans will figure this out.. because we care about him…..
    He knew that the haters and tabloids and papers will trusted that he IS dead….. He knew that !
    Michael jackson was not stupid… he has an BRILIANT mind… !

  308. she_can Said,


    First of all, I would like to thank you for creating this website. It helps us all to express our doubts, view this whole situation from a different angle and forge our own opinion. So again, thank you.

    I agree with seven7seven and teazot about maybe better structuring our researches and our posts.

    Maybe, as in all investigation, we could have a timeline over the past 3 months for example. I started one with just some information (date -description-website source)

    For example:

    January 2009 – MJ sued by Thriller director Landis over royalties

    5 march 2009 – medical check for 02 concerts

    6 may 2009 – MJ sued by his publicist for 44 millions $

    7 may 2009 – MJ sued by Thriller actress Ola Ray over unpaid royalties

    12 may 2009 – Attorneys want to block 02 concerts

    21 may 2009 – concerts delayed due to rehearsals

    10 June 2009 – MJ sued by promoter Allgood entertainment for 40 millions $ (see 12 may 2009)

    Everyone could go and add information providing they have a source

    This could be the general timeline. Another timeline would be interesting for what happened on the 25 june.

    What do you think?

  309. Shinzon Said,

    Okay here goes….
    I have been reading the info posted on this site for the last few weeks and am so surprised at inaccuracy of the information. First off if there was a question there could be a DNA test done and they could run it with the questionable DNA and his mothers DNA see if there is “family” connection. Also when Paris gave the heart keepsake for her father to have at all times it was a bracelet not a necklace. Have you ever thought about the drugs that this person had access to? How he even managed to do a rehersal is amazing, he must have constantly been on something. When he is “managed” with drugs that constantly he would be easy to control. Have also wondered about one amazing thread in this, or maybe it is in comments somewere have not read them all. What about his Dubai connection? He wore a red thread on wrist, is that not that Kabalah thingie? like Madonna and few others? Sometimes in accepting the offer of help or shelter, just to get away from it all, it may have a higher price than was originally intended. When they announced that he was even going to attempt a concert, then 10 and finally 50 my first reaction is that he has become a puppet and others are controls the strings or perhaps drugs to make him perform. It is so unfortunate that the family could not get to him in time to do an intervention and remove the barnacles that have attached themselves to him. There are too many gaps in the last months of Michaels life that need credible, truthful answers. Will they ever come? probably not, but we can hope.

  310. Goldie Said,

    Hey guys i am now 80% sure that my neirgborh<<?? is michael.
    i mean Oh my god if you listen to his voice you mouth will stand open.
    Sorry for my english.
    i am not home at this moment i am on a vacasion in a town called "Odense" in Denmark
    i will be home 23< okay then i will try to take a picture of him if i can but maybe is will get to hard because i dont want to be like a spy and then he will think i am stupid or something or els i will just give you guys information about how he looks.
    i also found it strange that the day i was going to vacasion i stood outside and waited for my mom and dad and then he came down and talked a bit with my dad (he was going to trow out some garbage and then he keept looking on my necklace bye the way my necklace is a micahel jackson one i bought in US last year it just says MJ and he asked me where i baught it and i said in america and he just said "its a nice necklace"
    but This person is a very nice person and he likes my mom,and dad they talk sometimes. i alway wanted a person from America to be my neihgbor because i love speaking english that i am better at than writing :S

    but please tell me what to do or help me give some questions and i will se if i can anwser them okay

    and i promise i want ask him if he is Michael jackson, he might think i am dumm or something, but he kinda knows i am a Michael fan because one day he said to me "was it you who heard Black or white yesterday?" and i said "yes why" he said "it was pretty loud" and i just said "okay sorry i want turn it so higher next time" and he said "no its okay its a good song"

    maybe i can see if i can get one of his mail letter´s ?
    maybe there is some letters from his famiilly or something but first i have to get home

    but see ya <3

  311. dragon Said,

    sure,i d love to find and protect him….

    but the biggest wish is,just to know that hes alive….have a big hole in my heart since the 25th…i wont give up,even its sometimes hard,that u are out there,somewhere….

    and u still leaving with that ceremonie a shit weather in germany…that supports the moments when im down…..not a nice joke

  312. dragon Said,

    wow,great new page.respeccccccct….thank u for the work of it:)))

  313. Jessie Dai Said,

    Today I watched his concert in 1987, so fantastic. These days I have watched lots of videos about him and I love him more and more. I almost get used to coming here for anything new about Michael and hope to see more evidence of him hoax death.
    Michael is certainly alive, I believe!

    To Goldie, have you found anything new about your neighbour? We are waiting for your news.

  314. dragon Said,

    the video has been removeed where he is at the stables center waving to the actors….

  315. Ithemba Said,

    (sorry for my terrible English, i am from Germany and schooltime is long ago.

    I didn`t believed in his death since i saw it for the first time in the news.
    There is this strange little thing in my heart what tells me, that he is still alive.

    2 nights ago i had a beautiful dream of him.
    I was riding on my horse though a forest an a man was sitting on a bench beside the way.
    He was wearing a had. At first i didn`t paied attention to the man so much, but suddenly my horse stoped right in front of the man and he was smelling at him. The man lifted his head and i saw that it was Michael. I was so shocked, happy and confused at the same time. He pet my horse and talked to him “Good boy, take good care of her”. And he was winking to me. Then i woke up.
    That dream feld like reality.
    At first i don´t wanted to write that here, because for others maybe this dream is stupid or meaningless. But this community here is so great, like a big familie or a lot of friends. Thanks to all for beeing here! And thanks to the admin for that great site!

    And Michael, i wish you all the best, love, safety, freedom and peace! Your fans are still here and we will love you, what ever will be! You are not alone!

  316. Can.You.Feel.It Said,

    Oooooooooooooo sometimes you make me hate yall a lot I said I wasn’t coming back here after my first statement but you keep me coming back Oooo!

    First I want to address the corners office as crazy as this my sound may be holding off on releasing the result till tox comes back and they can release it all to the media paid them off so that would by the media more time to come up with more stories, O I hate you guys for sucking me into this you making me think as crazy as you are

    And the photo thin the media has been telling us lies on photos sense this story first broke E said in the first broad case the story that they had photo’s of Michael on the night of rehearsal greeting fans and rehearsing at the staples center but in fact those photo where from his video shoot two years ago for ‘One more Chance’ that he never complete because he had to fly back to the states on the child molestation rumors, E also showed a Q magazine cover of Michael supposedly taking pictures for the 02 this is it concert wit this is it behind him as one of his last photos but I have to be honest with you it looks like a photo of him from two years ago when he got his genus book of world records placks he looked exactly the same look the two up tell me what you think

    The press are liars and they will use what they can get there hand s on to tell you what they want you to know and if you see it you will believe it the ambulance photo may have been from way back when he collapse rehearing for the history tour and was rushed to the hospital with a bit of photo editing that probably why the patches are different

    Oh and to the morons crazy enough to say those aren’t his kids go to okmag.com and look at the family picture and the private home movies and look up the footage of him with his kids on youtube then tell me you think there decoys


    now you tell me you think that those aren’t his kids and I tell you your nuts, and don’t pull that michael was around kids all the time bull shit because those are his kids

    and about him just reveiling the kids also another lie he was in vegas early last year walking though a hotel lobby and the kids were seen with out any masks on and that was early 2008 bloth of the oldest kids are whereing caps search it and i bet youa; find it… you know what never mind i found it


    Michael said in an interview i think it was with Geroldo when the trial was going on look it up he said that he would show off his kids to the world when they were old enough and they told him they didn’t want to wear the masks anymore, it was there mother Debbie Rowe that said in the “the private footage you were never meant to see” also stated she asked him to cover their face and her originally didn’t want to but then he did it for her

    that all for now until yall piss me off again

  317. well Said,

    I believe that Mj is dead and hope he rests in peace

    There is not one single fact or prove that he faked anything.
    Of course there are a lot of things that make no sense to the people far away from the family or the staff but that does not mean that mj is alive.

    there is a lot of stuff going on because there is a lot of money to make that’s it.

  318. miu Said,

    Hmm…it does seem that whenever a few days have gone not talking about MJ, something new pops up like that video of him burning his hair which supposedly got him addicted to painkillers. I do hope that he is still alive ^^

  319. niccih Said,

    Goldie, ask your neighbor if he has any children

  320. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    omg really??? my msn is pink__shopaholic@hotmail.com and skype is xx_priinc3ss_out_of_control_xx

    add me… id luv 2 talk to you…

  321. dynamite Said,

    Thats odd why has it been removed?

  322. dynamite Said,

    Interesting! lol how u gonna get his mail and take a picture of him without him seeing you? Its gonna be very hard to do but please try

  323. jeanine Said,

    Hi all…. I have been wanting topost this message for the last hour but did not know where to put it, I tried the forum but could not see how to post a new message so here I am adding to the comments.
    I have just read that Michael Jackson’sfamily are pushing for a murder charge and that his autoposy result said he was killed by an overdose of deprivan- at first I thought “shit maybe its true” but then I realized thatless than a week ago I found something onlinethat explained HOW the people involved with this death were going to continue to play it; it was explained quite clearly that the planwas to say that Michael OD’ed on DEPRIVAN- This is a drug that has not been mention that much in the press so far; atleast not as much as Demerol and numerous others…I was astounded by this- the trouble is, I cannot find the information that I stumbled across within the last week that PROVES this was the plan all along and I amabsolutely kicking myself. It was litterelly something I read somewhere and the basically ignored simply because I had not heard that particulardrug mentioned before. If anyone out there has read this same peice of information stating that the plan was to say he overdosed on Deprivan, then please post it on this site so I know Imnot the only one out there who read it…….

  324. SmoothOperator Said,

    Goldie lol. TaKe a picture of him and send it to me =)))

  325. Jessie Dai Said,

    Oh, you just bring us so wonderful news. You said he talked to you? Did he wear glass? Are there any bodyguard aroud him?
    Sorry for asking you so much, but I just so excited. And we are looking for your good news. Thank you so much!!

  326. SmoothOperator Said,

    I’ve got a question if anyone knows the answer. Who is Dimitrie Draghicescu ? I wrote his name in wikipedia and I got some Romanian politician who died in 1945 :S. I mean how does he look like, a pic maybe ?

  327. hellojavi Said,

    ei, nice send me some info if your done with your investigation,lol, i hope so. email me jollibee_,leong@yahoo.com thanks you can send the pics too, i am very much interested.

  328. ingebjorg Said,

    Copyright (c) 2009 Derek Clontz/4-Page Media, Inc../Your World Report.
    As many as 36 devoted friends and family members helped Michael Jackson pull off the greatest celebrity vanishing act in history after he faked his death of a heart attack late last week, hiding him first in the mountains of North Carolina, then in Paris, and, finally, in Hungary – where he is socked away in a medieval castle watching round-the-clock coverage of his “death”, far from the prying eyes of frenzied reporters and overzealous fans.

    And at least a half dozen of those same devoted “co-conspirators” are still with the King of Pop, seeing to it that he has comfortable and secluded homes to live in, plenty of food and money, and the best doctors and medical care that his fortune can buy.

    Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley together in Heaven? Not a chance, say sources – both superstars are alive.
    “It’s amazing how we were able to take the most recognizable celebrity on the face of the Earth and hide him from millions of fans, but that’s exactly what we did,” a Jackson confidante who is involved in Jackson’s disappearance, told me exclusively.
    “Of course, we love Michael. We’d do anything for him. And that includes, for some of us, giving up their own lives to protect him. This isn’t a game. This is serious business. Michael was at the breaking point. If something hadn’t been done, he really would be in a coffin with no hope of a comeback. Not now. Not ever.”
    It’s unlikely that anybody will ever know for sure why Jackson, 50, decided to fake his death now, with an historic series of shows planned for later this year, said the source, “unless Michael himself explains it.”
    But it’s generally accepted that he had become severely addicted to prescription drugs while trying to find a way to cope with the twin pressures of superstardom and life in a fishbowl.
    And other Jackson insiders who agreed to talk with YourWorldReport.com and derekclontz.wordpress.com conceded, though grudgingly, that the “Michael Death Hoax” isn’t a fantasy or wishful thinking on the part of fans.
    It’s real – and with help from select members of his famed entourage, other friends and family members, and at least a dozen highly-placed public officials, pop-genius Jackson hatched and executed what can only be described as an elaborate plot to fake a heart attack and bury a look-alike – or, as in the case of Elvis Presley, who also is widely believed to have faked his death, a wax dummy – in his place.

    Thank you for voting!
    Yes. It’s so clear. There’s no doubt MJ faked his death. 33%
    I’m not sure. He might be alive and planning a new tour. 21%
    Are you out of your mind? Michael killed himself with drugs. 10%
    No. A great human and performer has died in his prime. 37%

    Return To Poll
    Speaking generally and choosing words carefully to avoid specifics, one insider familiar with the hoax said: “Michael agonized over this. It wasn’t something he took lightly. He worried about what his fans would think. But in the final analysis, he had to do it. He had no choice.
    “The plan called for him to spend 24 hours in Asheville, North Carolina, and then jet to Paris. After a short layover, we got him to Hungary and the medieval castle he’ll call home until he’s ready to go public. Michael visited it twice in the past six months with nobody any the wiser. This was a tight operation with 35, maybe 36 people involved, all devoted to Michael.
    “Michael fretted over his fans being disappointed in him because he tricked them. To make up for it, he said, ‘I’ll give them back more than I ever took away. I’ll give them a world tour and shows in every country on earth. If people are too poor to buy a ticket, they can come for free. I will bring love to the world … the peace and love the world needs.’
    “Make no mistake,” continued the source, “faking his death has saved his life. Michael was at the breaking point. If he hadn’t dropped out, he would have gone to an early grave for real.”
    Coming on Thursday, July 2: New Michael Bombshell – Five New Songs He’ll Introduce in “Back from the Dead” Comeback Tour

    Is there anyone who knows this site? Derek Clontz ??……………….

  329. she_can Said,

    what do you think about Liza Minnelli’s statement:

    Liza On Autopsy: All Hell Will Break Loose

  330. dancer1792 Said,

    I remember reading that also. I just can’t remember where.

  331. DEPcatN Said,

    I’m so confused, right now. For now I know Im praying he’s alive but that makes me wonder if I’m biased to believe he’s alive. I hope either way he is relaxed and happy! and he will always be my hero ‘whatever happens’.x

  332. emmie Said,

    hi goldie how are you???
    when u acturly spoke to him did he sound the same as michael???

    i think uyou should bring up something about michael.like say ‘ its so sad bout michael jackson’ and see his reaction..
    you should try take a picture because people will think you could be faking the hole thing. i believe u.
    does his face look fake or as if its faked on with proffesional make up.???
    i really wanna see a picture. thank u x

  333. dragon Said,

    well,we already collected all signs of the memrial and hints…
    question on whos purpose it is?the hoax or the scavenger hunt to solve the puzzle….

  334. Copenhagen Said,

    To Goldie: What on earth is MJ doing in Odense (den skal du længere ud på landet med…???)

    Sorry but I really don’t believe it – you have to prove it !

  335. BiLLiExJeaN Said,

    My head hurts so bad, everyday i ask myself “Is Michael really alive or is it something i want to believe because i don’t want to come to terms that life is short and this man i loved and idolized since i was a little kid is gone?”. I’m not the type of person who believes in all the stories about Elvis faking his death and so on but there is something strong in my heart i feel everyday that i believe Michael is still here, I don’t know Michael personaly but watching him through the public eye for all these years i’ve come to see the pain, hurt and abuse people put him through but i also seen the beautiful person Michael is/was and also very mysterious that i wouldn’t put faking his death past him nor would i blame him. Michael if you are alive please know this I LOVE YOU with every inch of my heart i am behind whatever you do 100% i will never judge you or hate you, i never have. You are very special to me and have a place in my heart no1 can ever take away. And if the sad, hard truth is that you have left this earth i’m sorry people have been so cruel to you and have never appreciated the person you were, but thank you for all that you did while you were here with us and thank you for everything you taught me. I love you Michael i always will no matter what.

  336. zweef Said,

    The day he died I believed he was hospitalized but it seemed strange to me that he died. The only strange things that I came up with was the moving truck the day after, the speech of his daughter somehow was acted,the whole family seems strange and the whole body thing after the memorial. I also read somewhere that he looked like he was sleeping the morning of the memorial but they say the closed chest was because of his damaged face. I believe the drug addiction but I wonder because cnn said before he died he was in a coma if he still is in a coma or something. Maybe the family decided it would be better to say that he is dead.Maybe he is slepping, maybe he’s already awake…When he died I immediately thougt of the Elvis stories lol catching myself at that very moment creating a MJ one. I stll need some proof.

  337. emmie Said,

    theresa i completely agree with you.i wake up and its constantly on my mind,i just wanna no the truth, but i need to come to terms with the fact that, that might not ever happen.i does get fustrating because when i read about how the family feels and the interviews they do i think ‘oh man maybe he is actruely gone’ and then i come here and i get hope that he is alive.i honestly dont nowhat 2 believe anymore.
    i mean how come the people who have surposedly commited suicide not been talked about and we havent seen photos.
    i think the family are doing all these intewrviews and shows to get money and split it with michael.mayb they are goin halfs and he is telling them to say these stories.
    when i listened to that song called ‘morphine’ it made me cry, i dunno what the lyrics mean but when i listend to it,i feel that mayb he has gone
    but then again it could all be part of the plan we will never know

  338. britney Said,

    yes i belive michael joeseph jackson is alive , its michael jackson who is not …

  339. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    Eloise, I loved your comment about using the diprivan , which is confirmed to be very fast actng and out of the system in less than an hour, as a means to get this hoax going. Ihadnt thought of that. I do have serious doubts about the ambulance photo though. So I’m not sure. Good point though.

  340. emmie Said,

    jermaine does not look and sound sad at all.

  341. joe01 Said,

    what about the faces blocked out in the rehearsal video any thoughts on who the two men are the one at the back of michael and the one on the right of the video cant belive no one is bothered about this really want to know who they are they must play a big part in this hoax

  342. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    News is now reporting that there is video footage missing from the security serveillance as well as a large BLACK SUITCASE of michael’s. They think the suitaces is for drugs and an IV pole buy I would think its just a suitcase. Dam media wants us to think he was a druggie but he wasnt. He was a vegan organic food nut for goodness sake. He traveled with his own organic food. It so ridiculous that people think he’s hooking himslef up to an IV every night. Also, one of his previous doctors stated that MJ was terrified of needles, hated them. And Diprivan was a painful injection that required Lidocaine to numb the vein beforehand. No way he did that to himslef. And the b/s about the jacksons showing up with a moving van on the 27th is an abomination. LAPD is high letting that happen.

  343. woahitzcrazy Said,


  344. Can.You.Feel.It Said,

    Something just dawned on me they have been saying Michael died from taking Diprivan (Propathol) they say that he was taking it and people say he asked for it but they say he affects of the drug was it moved through the system so quickly that there may be no trace of it so I’m thinking they confiscated all the medication he was taking and was said to have an IV of the stuff but you also must remember that the doctor was a doctor and he was a private practice doctor as well the drugs could have been his they were found in his room in the house supposedly where Michael died but who’s to say he ever really took any of it all we here is hear say from people that supposedly worked for him how do we know he took any of that from what they say it not going to show up in his system if he did or he didn’t so what they are all saying is here say.

  345. Agent_X Said,

    I’ve been saying this from the start, i believe that there’s plenty of reasons why MJ would fake his death, from debts to other pressures, to get away from the public eye and everyone trying to milk him for his money! and i don’t blame him! Additionally, he always likened himself to Jesus, who was resurrected and I think in the next couple of years he’ll have the ultimate come back! Many people are saying that they’ll lose respect for him if he does do that, i don’t see why because of all the people in the world you EXPECT MJ to do something like that! I’ll just be glad he’s alive! long live MJ!

  346. hellojavi Said,

    Hi everyone! to tell you honestly I really don’t know what to believe. I am following this site since last month and ive been reading most of the comments and it does make sense. But my hope for MJ might be still alive is still high. Having a comeback doesn’t really matter, all i want is his peace and happiness, Im 20 and i dont practically grew up in his music. But I do love him with all my heart not just because he is/was an all out performer but I can see it in his eyes that he has a very big heart. MJ made a great contributions in the world, i hate it when people only sees his downside. For me MJ is angel in disguise and we must thank God for giving such as genuine and benevolent MJ. MJ your the best, if your reading this, i want you to know that, we true fans is always here to support you. I love you so much. we love you. Long live the king. much love from philippines <333

  347. redlotuske Said,

    I just want to say. I wasn’t a very big fan of him. I respected what he did and I never believed the rumors. The day he died I called a friend . Her boyfriend, that isn’t a fan of him, said from the start that MJ wasn’t dead because the 911 call didn’t make sense. I told them… we’ll see. If there’s a public viewing and a funeral than you’ll know he’s dead. Otherwise… he might be right and MJ faked his dead.
    That’s the moment I started to follow it. I love the solve a riddle and that is what it is become. A riddle. When the public viewing didn’t came and the funeral didn’t came…. I was starting to think what I said to Eric. And I was getting to think MJ did fake his dead.
    On http://www.hln.be was posted an article of Debbie Rowe were she’s telling she and MJ Were sharing the bed with sometimes 5 other persons. She is lying because in an other article she told that she and MJ never shared the bed.
    And this is really logic what I’m about the say.
    There is only 1 reason why people ly. And that’s when there hiding something. And the Jacksons are hiding and lying , because there’s all telling different stories, maybe not the headlines, but the details.
    Another question… here in Belgium a corpse must be burried in a certain time. I think 2 weeks but I’m not shure. Is there not such a rule in America??
    The guy is almost a month dead and still not burried. Even worse, since the memorial nobody talks about a funeral. Just as a thought.

  348. fabii Said,

    Micheal jackson will remain laying one always he has given to us with his musik simply everything he is and remains best überhaubt. I have also belonged ya he should be I, however, not gay gewessen what believes he has two really sweetens kinder. micheal jackson I Love Youu Sooo Much.
    One white Simply any more What One to faith does not have to do it it is told soo a lot from because of him loves and this and this. they cannot simply understand he is Deadly of the King of pop Becoming of always wide lives

  349. xxx Said,

    However, so my English is not also very well I will try it, nevertheless, sometimes.
    I do not know whether Michael Jackson still lives or not. I know only if he still lives, we should think to ourselves sometimes whether it is properly to be covered it on. If then he has done to have, finally, his rest to be able to live, finally to live without everybody on it looks what he does or also not. If now somebody uncovers Michael Jackson still lives what would be then how many difficulties he would agree then??? So I would not wish him this. I wish for Him he sees (all the same where he now also is) like he was loved. Finally, he should get his rest whether now in heaven or on the earth. If I also the dung see now in the press stands. He is the father, it is not he. He was dependent drugs or also again not……………………… Nevertheless, one, it totally makes no difference. I do not ask my neighbour also whether this his child is or that of the postman. Everybody has his own private sphere. It concerns nobody what. Michael Jackson becomes who have known the father of his children is. And this reaches. It concerns to no one else what. Only him himself. He is torn thus by the press. To quite can go off. He has left bequeath his music to us we should take pleasure in it and live Michael Jackson simply in rest or let rests.

  350. redlotuske Said,

    Has anyone seen what I have. After the memorial nobody spoke over a funeral. Other things are coming forward… like the family that thinks it was a murder… or Debbie, Katherine and now even Dr. Klein are fighting for his children. Rumors about him taking drugs…. but nothing, absolutely nothing about a funeral.
    It’s just what I thought…. they gave a big memorial to satisfy the fans and the press , in the hope nobody would ask about the funeral afterwards.
    And guess what, even the media doesn’t speak anylonger about it. There are bigger things now, like custody and everything.
    Isn’t it convienent that nobody asks the Jacksons anymore where he is going to be burried and when?
    Still my question. Here in Belgium we must burry are dead in a surtain time. That’s what the law says. Isn’t there something like that in America?

  351. Jessie Dai Said,

    Yesterday I watched a video of Michael when he was interviewed by Oprah in 1993. Michael was so young and honest, and looked some of shy at that time. He told everything she asked.
    One of his words is so fantastic, that is ” the more often a person tells a lie, the more you hear the lie, then you may start to believe it.” That’s why he broke the slice and received the interview. He is such a pure and innocent childlike person. That’s so stupid of those tabliod making so many rumors about him!
    I hope Michael won’t hurt by such media any longer. We love you, Michael! As long as you feel happy, do whatever you want to do, and we will support you foever!

  352. Tinkerbell Said,

    Supposedly, Michael started using drugs since the “Pepsi” commercial, which was 20 years ago? Funny how in all these years, it has never come out. Meanwhile, if a celebrity farts, the media is there to hear and smell it. His lawyer recently stated that he spent 5 days a week for 5 months with MJ for the trial and Never saw him under the influence of drugs. There is no way Michael was using drugs. I don’t believe it for a minute.

  353. Copenhagen Said,

    To redlotuske: You have a point there – it is the same in Denmark – you have to be buried within a certain time. MJ became a muslim and I do not know why he was not buried within the muslim tradition ? I believe that it is within 24h.

  354. Copenhagen Said,

    Funny he is still not buried and now the autopsy has been prosponed for another 2 weeks ? That does not make sense ??

  355. BiLLiExJeaN Said,

    Okay i’m back again, my head still hurts with all the things that run wild through my mind, i have only told one person that half of me thinks Michael is still alive and you know what that person answered me with? (now mind you this person is a very close friend .. i tell him everything) he LAUGHED at me! what the eff … i don’t care i can’t help the strong feeling i have that something is telling me he is still here. But the fact that i know at least i have you guys who are true Michael fans and won’t laugh at me makes me feel better. I know deep down in my heart i love Michael so much it hurts and i want to know the truth so bad it hurts … everything hurts the sun don’t even shine as bright as it used to before all this happened with Michael’s “death”. here come the tears … oh damn.


  356. emmie Said,

    i think every 1 should just except that he needs to restnow,mayb hedont wanna be fount out, mayb he want to rest and 2 b left alone.
    but if he is dead do u think we will feel good that we had doubt,i wudnt.

  357. ebru Said,

    @ fabii kann es sein das du bei google deinen text in englisch übersetzen lassen hast ??
    denn da sind einpaar deutsche wörter mit bei …egal das ist lustig….:D

    @ everyone usually the media talk about everything so i wondered ..why did they dont talk or write something about a faked dead or why dont they doubt about the postponed autopsie and funeral??
    usually they speculate everytime about everything why not here??
    thats strange ….
    what do you think??

    Come to think of it….at this page i feel like in a big familie …a nd i never ashamed to write anything cause i know that you think the same.

    admin thanks for this page

    …and the last thing i want to say is…….. michael if you read this hope you happy and hope you can live in peace

  358. ingebjorg Said,

    To @ Copenhagen : Ja det må du nok sige… hvad i alverden skulle MJ lave i lille Danmark? *GG…
    Mon ikke Goldie ønske tænker en lille smule…

    ( i dont think MJ is hidding in little Denmark as Goldie tryed to say… )

  359. emmie Said,

    all i wan to say is, through everything i will always!, always!, always!, be there for michael, in his deepest dispair,no matter what

  360. michaelcadaver Said,

    No I do not believe it nor do I believe he had a cardiac arrest. Since High Def has come out
    he took advantage of it oh and isnt it funny how his death coincides with the moonwalkers
    40th anniversary to the moon. Gee I wonder why, could our gov played a part in it. I think so.
    Possibly. Yes MJ faked his death. For the money each year. Now all the Jackssons will never
    have to worry again about money. Feast. And each year kaching. the slot pays off bigtime.
    Taxfree too. Smart Mj smart. I dont blame him i would fake my death too. Peace out…

  361. Agent_X Said,

    I’m tired pf people saying, ‘he must be dead, how can someone with a face like his possibly hide’ easy thats how!! There’s so many mj impersonators out there, who’s going to believe anyone if they say they saw mj! they’ll probably think he was just a look alike! I was dressed up as mj for a tribute night the other week, walking home some guy nearly had a heart attack thinking MJ has risen from the dead, it was hilarious. The more i think about, and the more time goes on, the more i’m convinced he’s alive!

  362. love_girl23 Said,

    Hi everyone, here’s a picture of blanket criyng at MJ’s memorial so sad, this is why i believe he’s really gone

  363. shell12 Said,

    There is only one Michael and no matter how many lookalikes there are ,you will know Michael jackson when you see him,and he is dead.

  364. redlotuske Said,

    Don’t listen to the media a lot because they are telling stories and stories…. try to look at the facts.
    Like a cardiologist….. he is a specialist of the heart wouldn’t know what to do or do the CPR wrong.
    Like the 911 call, who was the thirth person? Why didn’t he came out yet and talk
    Like the ambulance No sirenes and no speed. Here in Belgium, they don’t take you with the ambulance to the hospital when you’re dead.
    Like the autopsy that still ins’t ready.
    Like the funeral that still hasn’t happend if we are ever going to see a funeral.
    Like the fact that in some country’s the body must be burried in a certain time. Isn’t that in America?
    Like the deathcertificate that nobody signed.
    Like there wasn’t an open casket or a public viewing.
    Like there is only one pic and how did they take it. When they were putting him in the ambulance the media wasn’t around. And through the windows?? I doubt it because the windows were black.
    Like the debts he had
    These are the facts . Concentrate on that and read between the lines.

  365. dragon Said,

    u know,i always think about…does he want to be left alone?and if yes,why we get so many puzzles send by him……..thats why a lot of people wont stop,including me,to solve this puzzle….

  366. Fabienne Andrade Said,

    O.O My God how much I you misses I love you so much this you cannot fancy at all I am thus big fan from you. I live in Germany and they may micheal jackson not soo with pleasure I believe I am einziege him so much I may everything would become for iihn tut. <3 Me misses you so incredible ones you cannot live simply again this would be nice soo. but, unfortunately, this does not go any more. I hate your Ärtze for it what they with you have done and if I became gel-level in the USA. if I killed something like that from. but, unfortunately, I will never come in the USA this never becomes I schafen although it my all biggest wish is to be flown in usa and because lives to
    If only sore happening became and I in usa am able to do this mine is all biggest one wish, however, none can fulfil to me him I can only wait and wait I am geld together has and sometimes daihn to kommmen I want to know once stern from micheal jackson simply long everything about him properly
    From the Meinsten Tuhn to Me kinder from micheal jackson suffer them have nobody vater more. one has fully seen this what kinder have said I have cried thus with where tochter paris what has said about her vater I would also wish thus vater this would be nicest in mine live. micheal has to me so much in mine live helped I have done already so much by

  367. blacklady89 Said,

    Fabienne,did u use a translator to write that?I´m from Germany,too,and I know those funny internet translators

  368. Queen B 71 Said,

    The day after Michael’s death I thought there was something strange about his mother shopping at a
    department store the day after his death it look as if she purchase sleeping bags or bedding I know if
    something happened to one of my kids I would’nt be able to go shopping or even leave my home.

  369. thehood01 Said,


    this video shows how exactly the exact same day micahel jackson’s funeral occurred on july 7, that exact same day Obama met with the pope in the Vatican to talk about a new world order!!!! (please watch the video and you will understand if you dont know what that means)

    In oder words, the world was completely distracted with michael jacksin’s death, while our own government is making plans on how to control us and to take capitalism to the next level!!!!

    What i mean, is that MAYBE michael jackson was used by the government and he probably got threatend if he didnt do this, or possibly he was murdered by high authority to make this coverup while Obama made plans for a new world order. Here is a link why he would possible be murdered: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJi2HaJf1VI&feature=related ,

    OR maybe he had died a long time ago and thats why all the recent michael jackson’s have masks and they dont talk like him, or move like then, and constatnly chewgum. And to make a coverup with the to make his death be on june 25 2009 when in fact it could have been long ago.

    Well, what i believe happened the most, is that he was possibly threatend and so what his family to make the world be so up to date with michael jackson and totaly not even notice what our world is up to, and in a way this is a good thing for MJ if his alive becauase he gets to live a normal life out of the spotlight, and who ever died that day was fake, A DOCTOR KNOWS NOT TO DO CPR ON A BED! and so many more things that have been mentioned by many people already,
    I no this all sounds weird, but its just a theory. such a coincidence for that to happen on the day of his funeral right?

  370. thehood01 Said,

    hey guys, i forgot to ask, u all know that video of a ghost in neverland… is that real?

  371. gabyan2001 Said,

    So. I’m 50/50. It’s really hard to believe that MJ is dead, maybe that’s why we don’t want to let him go, or maybe there’s a possibility that he is alive. It’s hard to know.. all we need and want to see is some proove that he’s alive..& like so many people here,I hope this will happen, but again, maybe it won’t happen.It’s really confusing & it’s driving me crazy! Jeezz I want to believe he’s alive,I still feel his presence. He is amazing & will always be The King Of Pop, no matter what people say.

  372. Kelly Said,

    I don’t know if anyone has said this yet but I know that Michael was good friends with the magician David Blaine. I remember reading that a few years ago David was planning on faking his death by pretending to die during a stunt, go into hiding and a few years later, resurface creating the illusion he came back from the dead. He never did do this but I can’t help but wonder if David talked to MJ about this and gave him the idea to create a death hoax.

  373. emmie Said,

    joe jackson and larry kinginterview tell me wha u think of it??

  374. dragon Said,

    @blacllady….das dachte ich auch:)

  375. emmie Said,

    look at the pictures of michael,it looks so beautiful and cut, u have to scroll down

  376. well Said,

    No, I don’t believe that MJ faked his death. I believe he indeed passed away

  377. gabyan2001 Said,

    so guys..check this out

    go there.. and there’s a thingy where you can leave comments on the phone or whatever..
    there’s one that right now is the first comment, and it sounds just like Mj.
    was made 7/14/9 at 8:53 am.

    check it out..although it would be kind of stupid to do this if it was him, am i right?

  378. love_girl23 Said,

    hi! check out this info


    I dont know wath to think, does MJ had another son?

  379. love_girl23 Said,

    Hi emmie, and the pictures are really cool, I love them

  380. redlotuske Said,

    to gabyan 2001 :

    It really sounds like him… even the way to talk is like him.It would be nice if someone can compare the voices to see if it is him.
    Why would it be stupid… everybody thinks he is dead.

  381. ebru Said,

    to gabyan 2001
    i cant find the comment….please send me the link of the comment

  382. ebru Said,

    omg he sounds like michael omg …..

  383. alley Said,

    After seeing and hearing all the strange things that happened after Michael’s passing, I too don’t believe that he is dead. I just know that nothing makes sense coming from the media.

    To the media. please let Michael be in peace. Why bring out a tape (the Pepsi commercial) that was hidden for 25 years now.

    To his so called friends. Stop revealing/selling your stories to the media for money. All kinds of people are now telling their stories about the way he lived. If you had respect for him when he was alive please have the same respect for him while he is dead. If anyone was his real friend they would of intervene and got him the help he deserved. No matter what.

    To his beloved fans. If Michael is alive and if you really love him you will let him hide without announcing to the world that he is alive and taking pictures every time he steps out in public. Michael deserves to be happy wherever he is right now.

    If Michael is alive and is hiding I am sure there is a good reason for him to do so. His health and happiness should be the main reasons for him to do so.

    Michael, I love you and I never even met you but somehow I can relate to some of the things that you went through growing up. I just wish that you can have a normal life and be happy and feel at peace.

    Michael, if you faked your own death please keep in seclusion. Do not allow yourself to be seen in public. Your being alive is more important than anything and anyone. Use a new disguise and never ever use any of your old aliases.

    Come on everyone if we care and love Michael we will let him live in peace.

  384. tiux Said,

    First I’m absolutely sure that person talking on voicemail is our dear Michael! Thank God! I knew it! He is alive! And I’m very happy he left that message And secondly I’m proud that he has 2 of his own children. Omar and Blanket. I’m sure Blanket is his own, they are so similar. Good for you, Michael Love you so much!

  385. tiux Said,

    sry…Omer not Omar

  386. Ksushka Said,

    Nope, i don’t believe that Michael is dead!!! “Cause it’s not true! He’s alive!!!

  387. docplastics Said,

    ebru biite schreib mir mal… docplastics1@googlemail.com

  388. mjfan4evr Said,

    Ok guys, did anyone hear the rumor mj had a MRSA infection? I just found this article on the net, it makes me wonder, look the link is below… i hope this wasnt true….


    and look at this youtube video i found…some guy was talking about mj’s msra infection? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYWeoc-GY_Q&feature=related

    there are so many rumors about mj’s death, i really dont know whats true and false anymore.

  389. mjfan4evr Said,

    heres another link on mj’s MRSA infection? http://tubagbohol.mikeligalig.com/index.php?topic=17945.0 look at the photos on these links….and mrsa is faught with IV antibiotics so maybe that explains needle marks the press keeps talking about? but how come the coroner has not mentioned MRSA and everyone is talking about prescription drugs…only? lemme know what you guys think….

  390. terror2k9 Said,

    I FOUND THIS article this is when aeg first annopunced working with michael!!! Randy Phillips, President & CEO of AEG Live, commented, “The unprecedented demand for these shows turned a normal public on sale into a cultural phenomenon and pushed the boundaries by which we measure success. Michael and Kenny are creating an escapist adventure that will take the audience on an entertainment experience only imagined in dreams or big budget motion pictures. This is the perfect pairing on unique creative talents with the greatest repertoire in contemporary music.” Escapist adventure? etertainment experience? like i have said since the 911 call i beleive this is all staged for his real comeback!!! he is the man!!!

  391. terror2k9 Said,

    I FOUND THIS article this is when aeg first announced working with michael!!! Randy Phillips, President & CEO of AEG Live, commented, “The unprecedented demand for these shows turned a normal public on sale into a cultural phenomenon and pushed the boundaries by which we measure success. Michael and Kenny are creating an escapist adventure that will take the audience on an entertainment experience only imagined in dreams or big budget motion pictures. This is the perfect pairing on unique creative talents with the greatest repertoire in contemporary music.” Escapist adventure? etertainment experience? like i have said since the 911 call i beleive this is all staged for his real comeback!!! he is the man!!!

  392. PinkLizard Said,


    You say that the picture of Blanket crying has convinced you that MJ is dead but did you read the article? Blanket was crying and confused because he thought his daddy was on holiday. What if he was told along with the older ones that MJ was going on holiday and they would meet up with him soon. Prince Michael and Paris are old enough to understand what is really happening but Blanket isn’t. The memorial would have really confused him. I think this is another sign that Michael is not dead. The children have been told but Blanket is confused. That’s why he is crying. What do you guys think?

  393. emmie Said,

    i just listened to the voice recording, it sound just like michael.and strangley sound like something michael would say,,but there are many people who sound the same as him,its a shame he didnt lave his face book and msn.
    he didnt sound like he was from the uk
    do u think it is him, dont u think he would try and deguise his voice…

  394. love_girl23 Said,

    Hi everyone! tomorrow is 23, Goldie is coming back from vacation, please keep us updated, but dong do anything suspicious to scare him lol.

    Take a picture of him from your living room when he goes out (zoom in), i hope you are telling us the truth and not be just someone triyng to hoax us :p

  395. love_girl23 Said,

    whattt!!!!!!!!!! everyone needs to hear the record from gabyan2001 it really sounds like MJ WTF!!!!!!!
    Im’ in shock right nowwww!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so weirdddddddd!!!!!!!!!

  396. username34224 Said,


  397. dragon Said,

    stop giving this myspace pyt thing any attention.u just make him bigger and thats what he need to fool more around with u.
    he s sure reading all the stuff in here,how else should this unimportant profile become that known,in the huge mess of myspace….

    start thinking guys!!!!

  398. ishealive Said,

    To terror2k9: If that is true and Michael does come back then when would he? The concerts have been cancelled, if he just showed up at the Jackson memorial in August then would people turn on him?
    I certainly wouldn’t, i’d be thrilled to see him – probably drop dead with shock!!!

  399. elde Said,

    sorry to disappoint you people, but the guy you’ve been talking about is not MJ!! Browse trough the different forums (different topics on his subject)…. he’s even been in the chatroom.

  400. emmie Said,

    GABYAN2001 where did u find that myspace page???? who told you about that voice???
    DRAGON do you think the voice is a fake ???

  401. terror2k9 Said,

    TO ishealive: What i got from that article is that this whole thing could be one big show.To shock the world!!! i think this has been his plan for a long time his songs have lead to this very Time. If anyone remembers vince mcmahan tryed to fake his death! But im sure this is alot more complex than that attempt!
    I think AEG is involved with everything and this has to do with michael starting his new movie making career. If i see his autopsy pic and its legit i’ll believe hes gone or have actual proof he died, I will but for now the media has lied to everyone mike is not dead to me!

  402. Shinzon Said,

    Well i guess things like this were going to come out eventually, I know it did when Elvis passed away in 1977. Am referring to the “love” children that always seem to show up. People put up pics of Michael and this boy Omar and say see the resemblence. Well why not put up a pic of Michael and this boy before Michael starting changing his features. This boy if from a white/middleast couple, of course he is going to have some similarities as Michael lightened up. Yes this boy is an excellent dancer, there are many in the world. Any one with ability to dance has the ability to learn moves from watching or learning from the person himself. These people also lived and worked with Michael, of course they are going to be in his inner circle. If I remember right they were also let go from his employ due to “questionable” circumstances. If Michael really wanted to know he would have done a DNA or blood test when they were there. Come on people, common sense, you all know what it is, trying using a little, all of this “what if” mentality is really getting silly.

  403. melluvsmike25 Said,


    What do you mean. How do you find this guy? Does he have a user name? Am I missing something here?

  404. melluvsmike25 Said,

    O.K. I just listened to that message again. It really does sound like Michael! And now I could kick myself, because after all the different interviews that I have watched and listened to of Michael, that one part where he talks about the music is not memorable anymore and that it needs to be reformed etc…I’ve heard before. I heard it on one of the MJ interviews that I watched and don’t remember which one. It wasn’t word for word the same, but very similar. Maybe someone else has seen the interview that I’m talking about.

    Also, someone please tell me what he is saying after that part. Because to me, it sounds like he says “That’s why Michael got as well as I am”. Which is a major slip up, if it is him. What do you guys think he is saying there?

  405. panhtersjackson Said,

    MJJ is alive and with his real kids. Yeh right one month to search the doctors office. And remember 2 days after Michael Jacksons death the police officers found two bags of drugs in his room. And now the recorded video and suitcase of THE DRIP MISSING.

  406. Seekeroftruth Said,

    elde did you know that MJ used more than one alias

  407. Seekeroftruth Said,

    contrary to what people believe, we don’t know all
    there is to know bout MJ. that’s a goog thing….mystery
    is a good thing!

  408. Seekeroftruth Said,

    goog thing? No, I meant to write good thing.
    Mysterious how I just hit g instead of d…huh? lol!

  409. gabyan2001 Said,

    I’m sorry, i don’t really remember how i found that page, but i was really confused when i heard the voice thingy..Although i thought that it would be stupid to do it because.. like dragon said.. Myspace is public, and everyone can actually see that page, so why would he do it? you know?..
    but i still think it does sound like MJ. :S
    This is getting very crazy. I hope He is alive..

  410. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    He will NEVER be dead to me. I love him more than words can say.

    I do believe he is alive.

    and we will know soon enough.
    Im praying everyday asking God to keep Michael safe. And i know he will

    Mike my love. I love you more

  411. gabyan2001 Said,


    YES, it is legal to fake your own death IF you have had someone to attempt to murder you twice (and you obviously lived)

    someone told me about it last night, i did a research onn it, and thats the answer i got

  412. ebru Said,

    ohh the mother of blanked is found

  413. dragon Said,

    well,im a singer as well,and if u usig sometimes something like the tool melodyne,u can make every voice to michaels voice.thats not magic,but this page is one of an attention seeker.

    he do not even know,well maybe he delete the pic already,when michael was at the police in this white thing of a dress and hundcuffs,that he was mistreat on the day by police.

    this guy has this pic in his album and named it
    …..washing hands i the bathroom…

    and so on with those pictures.

    dont hang on your hopes on guys like these.michael would kick your ass as well to belive peolpes like these.
    and anyway,if u are a close friend of michael,or a witness,you wouldnt talk about all your stuff in a communnity.
    at first,cause u would push him in danger,at second,you would push yourself even more in danger.its no prob at all,for real researchers,to check out your pc id and follow the way to your hometown.

    a witness or friend is working undercover.even in here.noone would say a word,just a thought,al least, to find an own answer to something.

    and another thing,this ambulance pic,well,we are not surte,but it seems its not from this year.that guy loks more,if its him,to fresh for his age.we compare it with a photo of 1995……that could be from that time.

    there might even be people in here from the yellow press ad play with us as well…..so i dont belive someone as here.so u should do.dont belive the thing some special peoples in here do and pretending to know michael…

  414. jackoisalive21 Said,

    what happened was he did the whole limo exploding thing but then Chris Beniot died which forced him to come out and end the act.

    The voice recording is really scary, im sorry if i sound stupid but i think its actually him…whats hes saying, talking about will.i.am and music and the message is very long compared to others and as stupid as it sounds maybe he did it because no one could possibly believe its really him since most of the damn world think he is dead.

    Does anyone agree?


  415. tobaja Said,

    Too many strange things that I’ve read on here point to MJ being alive..Al Sharpton hit the nail on the head” I want his children to know there was nothing strange about your daddy, it was strange what your daddy had to deal with.”…no wonder he faked his own death…long live The King Of Pop

  416. Tink Said,

    To melluvsmike25

    I think he says “That’s why Michael got with Will.I.Am.”.

  417. hellojavi Said,

    @jackoisalive21 i agree =D

    he is alive I can feel it . time will tell.
    Let just be patient.

  418. ishealive Said,

    I’m starting to think that this is all part of “This is it”
    La Toya signed the death certificate & Jermaine announced to the world that Michael died – no doctor involved in either case which is weird.
    Another thing where are TMZ getting their info from – they’re a BS celebrity gossip website that were never gospil truth before and now all of a sudden they’re leading in the biggest story in years. No something is very wrong here – think about it.

  419. mc neill Said,

    is goldie back yet?

  420. dragon Said,

    there is no real dr. murry,he does not exist…..
    u find just 1 picture of him,made by tmz…thats it.nothing else to find in the www.

  421. melluvsmike25 Said,


    I think he says “That’s why Michael got with Will.I.Am

    So, he’s saying William? Who’s William?

  422. SmoothOperator Said,

    Dragan you’re the best ! I just did the same thing. I wrote in google dr. conrad murray and I got a lot a lot and one more time a lot of his pictures. The only problem is that they’re the same . I think that this guy doesnt exist too hahaha… I will die of laughing.

  423. eloise Said,

    Someone on this site mentioned that the impersonator who made the 02 concert announcement has the same bulge (vein?) in his forehead as the photo of “Michael” in the ambulance. I checked it out for myself and I think it’s true. Look at this link. In the 20th photo the bulge is unmistakable.


  424. jess Said,

    hi all,
    i’m a new here but have been reading all your comments for the past 2 weeks! I must admit you guys have some pretty interesting theories! When MJ was first reported dead I was like “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”
    and held hope that the news reports ( here in Australia were wrong).. I mean I knew he was taken to hospital but dead? No way! Anyway, after crying my heart out I decided to go online to do a little searching.. I checked wikipedia (as we all do!) and his official website and they all stated that he had infact died… But I just couldn’t settle with it! (perhaps due to the fact that I am and always will be a massive fan of Michael, ever since he was in the Jackson 5!)… Now, exactly a month since his death, his body isnt buried and there are all these random and ill fitting stories attached to the case. I want Michael to be alive and well and more importantly happy wherever he is. I also would love for him to emerge (if he is alive) but that is due to my own selfishness.. I don’t know but I just love the guy sooooooooooo very much and don’t know what to believe with all the media /tabloid garbage speculating that he was a junkie etc. How the hell could he dance soooo well if he was suffering from a long addiction to pain / anethetic meds etc. I first got onto this site after hearing the PAINS in the memorial and was like, “That’s not right!” Will you be there is one of my favourite songs and to my knowledge there have been no other recordings of it! Also, with the weird reports following his death with Dr.Murray running and the police obtaining a search warrant for his Texas surgery – it’s all weird! Also with the children’s reactions! I mean I lost my father when I was 11 years old and must admit that I didn’t cry a whole lot until afterwards (maybe 6months or so when it really hit).. But the fact that they were smiliing and singing…??! Also with some imposters or whatever, I have some news – apparently Michael did change his hair and bring back the curls for the “This is it” Tour… Here’s a pic with a fan earlier this year( unless it’s an imposter but I doubt it!) : http://www.michaeljackson.com/ie/photos/curls-are-back

    So I guess that the man at 02 was an imposter after all as he had straight hair…
    Anywayyyyyyy, I guess that the truth will prevail in the end…

  425. dragon Said,

    no that ambulance pic seems to be from 95….michael had some crashes in this time as well….u guys should get into this forum,but try to stay objective.a lot of people in the forum start to play with peoples…..

    but if u are smart and clever u get the right topics and decide,what is a wannabbee hoax celebrities,and some are quite great ….

  426. serendipity Said,

    Fans worldwide must request a DNA test on the true identity of the body. How about a worldwide signature campaign for this?

  427. melluvsmike25 Said,

    What do you guys think of this. Just found it on youtube, and have never seen it before. What’s your opionion on it.


  428. MJFAN1972 Said,

    I had the same questions redlotuske has. Every fiber of my being is telling me that MJ is alive. Yes I am a fan but I can accept his death but I know he isn’t dead. The stories keep changing and they don’t add up.

  429. Jessie Dai Said,

    Yesterday I watched Michael’s private film. I laughed several times during the video……I miss Michael so much. He was so happy when he played water with Macaulay in the Neverland. I really want to see his such smile again! maybe, just in the video, will be ok~~just hope you good, Michael!

  430. Maxwell Said,

    The anti-Sony speech is indeed chilling. Either Tommy & Co. offed him, or MJ has gone into seclusion to protect himself. Everything came down after the break from Sony.

  431. redlotuske Said,

    I just want to tell you guys something. The rumors are that he already was dead when the paramedics arrived. I did some research. I put it on the forum under question. Immediatly after he died there would be purple spots on his back. He would be pale. Rigor Mortis sets in within 2H till 4H and lasts 3and a half day. But if you have a heartattack rigor mortis can set in within the hour.

    Just want to say if he would have been dead for 2H , rigor mortis would already have set in and he would have been very pale … if you see at the pic. he isn’t that pale.

    These is based on facts. So don’t believe those rumors.
    Isn’t it weard that just when he got to the UCLA the firealarm was set off. When they just enterd the building after the fire alarm, then they say he’s dead.

    I also read that he was planning to buy a house in Las Vegas. He saved some money and they were neogiationing about it. I mean Tohme and the seller.
    His kids were to go to Aunt Rebbie who lives in Las Vegas and doesn’t stand in the spotlight.

    I also read that Klein was doing something about his face to look better for the concerts.
    You do the math.

  432. sthepoet Said,

    Hello admin, Just want to say, thank you for having this site up and running, for the last few weeks I have been looking up things on youtube, you all need to check out 3 video’s about MJ’s death hoax on there, poster is Jonellstartv, she has tons of information to back up his being alive. She just released a press conference Mj made back in 2002 with devastating statements he makes about SONY, and Mr. Matolla, What my theory is…. He pissed off some very important ppl, and knew some things that could more than likely send those ppl to jail . He caught wind of those ppl, or associates planning to kill him, because he was going to turn over music industry illegals, and maybe even Dr’s that have been giving out med’s in Hollywood for years, they have him in hiding. If you watch part 3 of Jonnelstartv video, he is angry, he starts saying what they did to Mariah and all, he was going to blow the lid off something big, and we all know how long some federal type investigations can take, years. He will be back to testify…. he always wanted to make the world a better place, I have told this Jonellstartv about this site here as well, maybe a colaboration of sorts would be a good plan? All I know is when people act like they have something to hide, they usually do. They must not have had much time to get him out of there alive, or they would have plugged all the holes and questions. And they say his daughter put a necklace around his neck at the family private service? really face damaged and all, they let her open casket of her dad dead 2 weeks after death? Do you know what the smell would have been? and the decomposing would have started. Also we all saw the ambulance pic leaving MJ’s home, see all the ppl and photographers? Why only 1 photo, and by the way the guy who took it, has made enough money to go to medical school, he is quitting his job,hmmm. Why no pics in hospital, and the employees being repromanded for looking at the UNSIGNED death certificate? Nobody coming forward to make a quickk buck, or a million? Get real. That’s my theory, would love to hear others.

  433. sthepoet Said,

    MJ, I wanted to say, if your out there, I hope you read this…… I miss and love you very much, not because your a singer and a dancer, not because you could entertain us like no others, but because you have a huge, wonderful, big heart! There were those that put you down, poked fun, chased you for photos, made up stories, and hurt you beyond belief. All the while, you keep trying to tell the truth about so much. You continue to let us in your life everyday, you make a difference to people all over the world with your abundence of help to anyone who cries, you hear them. You have had to endure so much hurt, anger, hostility, and still you stand strong. You are a wonderful, giving, loving father, and they cherish you. For me, I know I was not personally in your life, but I can say I am so proud to be your friend.

    P.S. If your reading this, I can say if you had to go get away for now, to be away from something that could hurt you seriously, nothing but understanding and forgiveness here. I hope you come back soon, not to entertai, but to have a happy life with your children, retire, relax, and know we will always be there. For me, knowing you are alright, and with the children would make the world smile!

  434. dragon Said,


    nice thoughts……
    today i have a hang over as well…….:((
    we all miss him that much in our heart …..this researches are soaking blood like a vampire…..but i m goona o on and fight.

    good night mister jackson…..sweet dreams

  435. Themjfan64 Said,

    As much as I want to believe MJ is alive, I think he would have been more creative in pulling a stunt like this. Like, boarding a private jet and then disappearing or staging a boat accident and then his body never being found. What leads me to believe he is indeed dead is that the police force is involved. I honestly don’t think the LAPD would go for it. Neither the coroner. And Dr. Murray, risking to have himself thrown in jail. Besides, if Michael wanted to come back, he would be sued for fraud and also risk being in jail himself. But… judging by how frail he looked and the fact it was very unlikely he would be able to do the 50 shows, maybe he did stage a getaway. The fact his family didn’t cry much at the memorial… they were raised as very religious people and that has given them strength. I have been to funerals where the family of the deceased are devout christians and they didn’t cry a river. But many things just don’t add up. I guess we the fans don’t want to believe we lost him. I have had a hard time accepting it over the past month but it is slowly starting to sink in. If he is alive and did come back some day, wow, wouldn’t that be something! But for now, it’s just wishful thinking. I listen to his songs, nourishing my fantasy that one day I’ll hear in the news that he is back.

  436. sthepoet Said,

    Dragon, You know, other’s in here have been nice, not to make nasty remarks to your thoughts, you could do well to do the same. Be kind, not critical of eveyone’s ideas, say something nice to someone today, it makes you feel good inside.

  437. gusgonecrazy Said,

    hi everyone, i don’t know if any of you have seen this, but i thought it kinda odd!? It’s from e’casanova but i do not know from when its just i heard a mention that his myspace has gone down or somethin? very strange to me anyway.
    Let us know your comments……….gusgonecrazy. (much love mj)

    http://www.reidopop.com/mjbeats/showthread.php?t=2383 (for those who care…)

  438. romanrose Said,

    I agree with everyone that the “official” story (if indeed there is one) is full of holes. I think MJ is in a “Place with No Name” and rightly so.
    Long live MJ. We love you.

  439. Mugenta Said,

    Ladies And Gentlemen.
    He is dead, okay?
    do you not understand?
    why would he fake his death? He loves his children far too much to want to leave them. Goodness sake, let the man rest, hes gone now, hes peter pan inside but not peter pan for real. No-one lives forever.

    RIP michael – TRUE FAN.

  440. gottabelieve Said,

    Hey Guys,

    I didn’t read completely through everything, so I’m not sure if this has been brought up yet

    With regards to the so called rehersal footage a couple stories were put out back in march about the setlist for the concerts being:

    1) Billie Jean
    2) Wanna Be Startin’ Something
    3) Rock With You
    4) The Way You Make Me Feel
    5) Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
    6) I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
    7) Human Nature
    Smooth Criminal
    9) Girlfriend
    10) Man in the Mirror
    11) Beat It
    12) One Day in Your Life
    13) Heal the World
    14) You Are Not Alone
    15) Remember The Times
    16) Thriller

    However, in the footage of his so called rehersals before he died he’s performing They Don’t Care About Us

    The setlists were apparently released by AEG to influence people to buy tickets knowing that they would get classic MJ hits and not a more recent flavour of songs. This just might be something to think about because I know I saw here that people were noting the routine in the video seemed similar to routines done years ago and obviously I know that setlists can change

  441. Killah385 Said,

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to simply say that I have no doubt in my heart that M.J is alive and doing well. and I totally agree with alley %100 when she says that if we, as true fans of Michael ever had any respect for him, then we should help grant the desires of his heart by allowing him to finally live the normal and peaceful life he always wanted.
    Lets just supposidly say that if one of us had the oppertunity to run into M.J and actualy hold a conversation with him, please don’t be that heartless to go off and run your big mouth, telling other people that you’ve seen him! Trust me when I say this, the media will be all over you like white on rice trying to get every information possible about his whereabouts!
    C’mon ppl! Cha’mon! Michael faked his death so he could get away from the media, because if he didn’t, they really would’ve killed him( Literally). So why on earth would you wanna turn him over into the hands of murderers???
    Anytime a person has to fake his/her death just to get out of the spotlight, then you know life for them must’ve really been a scary thing! But then again, there are some people out there who would turn him over just for a million bucks and 5 mins. in the spotlight! well let me ask those of you who would do that this question, after your million bucks and 5 mins of fame has already run out, then what? You’ll still end up maybe even lonlier than before, and and top of that, you will also be seen as a murderer because you at least had some part in it by turning him over. Remember, whatever goes around, comes around, whatever goes up, must come down…
    Michael is a loving father of three beautiful very young children, maybe even four if you add Omer… Those children really need their father people! Please do not make life any harder for them than they’ve already had it! Do you know what it’s like not even being able to go to the grocery store without a mob of people trying to hold you down?? That must be very depressing!
    Whether Michael choses to make a comeback or not, as true fans and friends of his, we should respect his descisions and support him %100,000,000…

    Michael, Caribbean Girl loves you more and more each and everyday!!!
    Stay Blessed Hunni bunches of oats! … I’ll continue to keep you in my prayers EVERYDAY! You have my word! Peace!!!

  442. Killah385 Said,

    Oh, I forgot to ask you guys this question, do you really believe that Michael was telling his closest friends and supposidly even family that someone was trying to kill him??? I was watching CNN last night and they were talking about that. Saying that close friends of Michael came to cnn and told them that Michael came to them and would say things like ” Please don’t leave me here, they’re trying to kill me”??? If you think that’s true, then can somebody please tell me who is the ‘they’ that Michael was talking about??
    I’m just saying, If Michael knew that someone was really out to kill him, then that give me even more reason to believe that YES! He did fake his death! Michael was not only a genius in the music field, but he was also a genius in knowing whatever it is he needed to know about being book smart as well! I also believe that Michael has been in this music business long enough to know the advantages as well as the disadvantages of being in this sort of field, meaning that he should’ve been able to smell it if trouble was headed his way. He was just waaaaay too inteligent to just stay there and let those people kill him, knowing he has his young children to live and survive for.
    The media along with the majority of the world always use to say and think that Michael is soooooo shy and quiet! and that might be true, but let me tell you a thing or two about ’shy and quiet’ people. While the world and everyone around them is acting up and is constantly talking trash about them, that actually and literally speeds up their energy level, and gets them thinking like 10 times faster than the normal person who would just instantly snap back at the public! Now do not get me wrong! I am not saying that Michael is a bad person! I wouldn’t dear say that, I love Michael much too much, but I will say his, don’t ever take advantage of ’shy and quiet’ people, Because while you’re talking trash, and we’re in our little corner, quiet and looking humble as ever and smiling,you wouldn’t know what’s going on in our minds and what we’re thinking of… Our minds and thoughts are just racing, thinking about how we’re going to deal with the situation we’re in… I’m just saying…

    Caribbean Girl loves you More Michael

  443. gusgonecrazy Said,


  444. Grrrrrrr Said,

    There has to be other pictures out there. There has to be a nurse, intern, patient, anyone who has seen him on his gurney. Or even in his house before the ambulance got there. Staff, bodyguards, someone snapped a pic if indeed he passed away. Even in the morgue or the coroner’s office, someone somewhere has something.

    Come on, think about it…it’s Michael Jackson, someone would have taken something! He goes to the store and tons of people & paps follow him but he is rushed to the hospital and not 1 picture taken?

    I’m curious as to why no other pictures have surfaced yet.

    I will believe he is deceased when I see some facts. At least when John Lennon died, there were pictures that were leaked of him in his body bag. There has to be someone who took a picture or video especially with the technology we have nowadays!

    It all seems to perfect, like a script!

    RIP Michael
    p.s. Michael if you are reading this, come to Canada, We’d leave you alone up here!

  445. dragon Said,


    u missunderstood me,i mean the vampire soaking,that this research is really hard and makes tired…i havnt said anything critical at all…..im just out of ower sometimes but i stick on every day…..

  446. johnny98 Said,

    I’m a huge MJ fan and always will be no matter what anyone says about him simply because I loved his music! In my opinion, whoever claims that his death was a hoax (this site included) doesn’t know what s/he’s talking about. Why would he fake his own death now, after all the problems – legal, financial, emotional, medical and what not – that he had to face almost all his adult life? And to those who think he did it so that he could stage an even bigger “comeback”, I ask you one simple question: what do you think people would say about a man who tricked hundreds upon hundreds of people from all over the world – his fans – into believing that he was dead? Don’t you think that would be a really dishonest and sick thing to do? MJ would never do that. Not to his fans, not to his family, not to his children (even if they’re in on it as some of you want to believe). Do you really think anyone would want to buy a concert ticket to see man who FAKED his own death?? And lastly, do you honestly think that the entire state of California, it’s authorities and the DEA are such idiots that they don’t know whose death they’re investigating? If there had been any doubt in their minds at any point in time regarding whether the man who was brought to the hospital, DoA or not, was MJ don’t you think a simple DNA test would’ve proven the real identity of the man who was pronounced dead and on whose body they performed an autopsy? And not one but at least two or more autopsies?? Is it really that hard to determine a man’s true identity in this day and age? Seriously, this is just sick. Snap out of it. As much as we’d all want to believe that he isn’t dead, we just have to accept that he’s gone. The authorities who’re now investigating his doc for manslaughter wouldn’t be wasting their time and resources if MJ were alive. And even if he did fake his death, as unlikely and absurd as it might be, do you honestly believe that he would EVER reappear one day considering the amount of negative publicity and criticism he’d be subjected to not just by the media but also by a large number of his fans who literally cried their eyes out (including myself!) thinking that he really was gone forever?? Ridiculous! Even if that were true, and it just cannot be, whether he’s dead or not he’s gone forever as far as we’re concerned. But he will never be forgotten and will remain in our hearts forever and ever…

  447. gusgonecrazy Said,

    J. Randy Taraborrelli “the insider” has a a strange comment of “aparently michaels last days” read it on heading “Michael Jackson Biographer on ‘Strange Note’ Reportedly Found” sorry i don’t know how to link, yes i’m an idiot but i still love d michael.

  448. gusgonecrazy Said,

    respect, but when was the last time these children were seen? where are they now? with their father? i might wonder……………

  449. love_girl23 Said,

    Hi everyone! check out this info


    It does makes sense, what do you think?

  450. elizabethvitale Said,

    Too many discrepancies in the whole story of his stated death.

  451. blu Said,

    I love Michael but do any of you think that the FEDS would be in on a hoax?

  452. Variat Said,

    Right I’m back with my tail between my legs because I’m going crazy thinking about all of this!! I recently bought a collector’s edition magazine with hundreds of pics of MJ and I noticed how he looks exactly the same lying down in the hyperbaric chamber as he did lying down in the ambulance pic which leads me to believe that the pics were taken around the same time.I know his skin is paler in the ambulance pic but that could be due to being genuinely ill when the pic was taken and the flash going off? oh god someone help me out here…I’m going slowly mad!!!!!!

  453. Variat Said,

    Also,I’ve noticed how whatever gets talked about on here,someone from the Jackson family appears in the press and either contradicts it or questions it like we have been.


    1) Members on here have questioned how Michael’s doctor,a cradiologist,attempted CPR on him on a bed and,oh surprise,Jermaine is front page news (The Sun of all papers….knowing full well MJ HATED that rag…should be ashamed of himself) asking exactly the same thing!!!

    2) How we’ve all stated that nothing adds up…and yep,you’ve guessed it,Latoya approaches the same paper saying it too but then saying Michael was murdered hmmmmm…trying to distract us from the truth maybe?????

    I would’ve expected at least one member of MJ’s family to at try and deny the hoax rumours.After all,Latoya,Jermaine and their father (*cringe* I can’t even bring myself to type the man’s name) haven’t exactly shied away from the press in their “grief”

    These are just 2 examples I can think of right now….it is 06.48 here in the UK and it’s been a long night lol

    We are definitely being watched…*waves to the Jacksons*

    What do you guys think??

  454. Maxwell Said,

    I want to believe! Perhaps the only way in which cooperation by all involved authorities would be given would be if this is indeed some sort of “death scare,” i.e. MJ in danger of being killed. So, not a true hoax, but with that effect. Then again, it is painfully obvious that the involved authorities are doing a wretched job in the investigation. Perhaps that is because they legitimately do not have much — or anything — to go on?

  455. FoundMe Said,

    I have been following this site for a few weeks now and would like to put forth this idea: (if the following has already been put forth by another poster, please accept my apologies)

    Referring back to #437 who suggested we go view this link:
    http://www.reidopop.com/mjbeats/showthread.php?t=2383 (for those who care)

    And coupled with this link from #449:

    Now, could it be possible, since E’ Casanova is announcing the end of his career due to a life threatening illness, as he states in the farewell poem (?), that he could have been at MJs house in his final months, because they were friends (as far as I know). That’s why all the oxygen tanks were found, plus IV drip, medication, etc. Also, this may be why this Dr. Murray was brought in??? As far as I can see (as per the link in # 449), no one was allowed upstairs in MJs house except MJ, his children and the DR.
    Then maybe E’Casanova dies sooner than expected (this is all speculation on my part) so the hoax plan goes ahead with the imposter posing as MJ??? Since there has been NO pictures of the real MJ (I believe this site has already established the ambulance picture as fake or an earlier photo of Michael about 1995??) since all this started, it would be easy to replace the real Michael with the imposter Michael.
    As to the DNA that may be taken from the fake Micheal posing as real Michael, it wouldn’t have to match with the childrens’ as there has been lots of speculation as to whether Michael is the real father or not. They would just put it down to “See I told you Michael wasn’t the real father.”
    I hope you are following me so far.
    Then while all this confusion is happening, the real Michael goes ahead with the rest of his plan to go into hiding??
    Check out Casanova’s myspace: http://www.myspace.com/ecasanovafansite
    He is the closest look a like to Michael I have seen. More so than Navi.
    Let me know what you all think.

  456. lucrecia Said,

    Hi, people! Im from Argentina, though now I live in Barcelona (Spain), and I will try to write in English the best possible. I found this site because I was doing the same questions that you and investigating a bit, But the truth is that I have a lot of work and no very much access to the media, only to internt which I realize part of my work. I want to say you that for me is indispensable read your commentss and to understand a bit more than it is happening. This page its been very useful for me to calm certain anxieties in relation with Michael’s disappearance. Thank you for everything realizes this work of investigation that I, really, now no can do. Only to say that I am attentive what you comment and deduce and no stop doing it! It is of very much value for me!!!!
    See you!!!

  457. Shimmey Jane Said,

    From the minute I saw the “last picture” of Michael Jackson, I thought he had faked his death. And now all the rumours keep changing and none of the stories of how he died adds up, at all. But the theory of him faking his death totally makes sense, and all the pictures that have been proven to be the real Michael, seen alive.

    I personally don’t think Dr Murray is even real, or maybe he is real, just doesnt look like that, because there is only ever one picture of him as this websites obviously claim that also. I think he just needs some time to get back to normal after everything hes been through. I don’t think he personally wanted to fake his death but he knew he had to, but I seriously do think he will do a comeback tour maybe this year, or the next or maybe even the year after, but if he is alive, I reckon he WILL do a comeback tour. I don’t think he will fake his death and never come back without saying the truth, I don’t think he could live with the guilt. That’s totally not Michael. So, if he never does make a comeback, I won’t believe he faked his death.

    This website is really awesome though. I keep up with it every day like.
    I just hope they don’t ban it

  458. Zak Keeler Said,

    Your so right. Michael jackson is alive and his comeback will be more than he ever took away from the world.

    Personally, I don’t think Dr Murray is real because theres only one picture, that never changes and the ones they claim are him, look nothin’ like him.
    Just sayin’

  459. gusgonecrazy Said,

    More than a month after Michael Jackson’s sudden death, the whereabouts of his body remain unclear.

    The King of Pop’s gold-plated, rose-covered casket was last seen at his public memorial service on July 7 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. After the service, it was driven away to parts unknown.

    Reports have placed Jackson’s body in an above-ground white marble crypt that is owned by Motown Records founder Berry Gordy at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills. Gordy reportedly offered Jackson’s family the use of the crypt until they finalize plans on where to bury the entertainer’s body.

    But a spokeswoman for Gordy denied those reports.

    “I can assure you it is absolutely incorrect,” she told the New York Daily News. “[Michael Jackson’s body] is not there.”

    The spokeswoman declined to confirm whether Gordy’s family even has a private crypt at the sprawling, celebrity-filled cemetery.

  460. gusgonecrazy Said,

    why say i can assure you (michael jacksons “body) is not there? why not mj’s casket/coffin????

  461. gusgonecrazy Said,

    i have a very strong feeling that the coroner and the lapd etc have read into these early death hoax conspiracy theories and have done a check on “the corpses” fingerprints and the ones from michael jacksons over the early years pathetic child molestation allegations and have realised……..oh shit! this aint michael jacksons body??? wtf do we do now??? mmmmmmm makes you wonder……..

  462. vera Said,

    Hi guys,
    this is my first post here. This is a nice place to share theories and observations.
    About E’Casanova, didn’t you notice that he impersonates MJ from the mid 90-ties. He is much younger than MJ (was), has dark skin and probably uses a lot of make up to look like the younger MJ. So, probably it wasn’t E’Casanova in the ambulance.
    I think that the last rehersal video showed the real MJ. He looked skinny, but this is what happend when people work hard and are so excited about the project that they can not eat or sleep properly. Plus some of that hard work was dancing, i.e. quite a work out. So, my theory is that MJ was rehearsing hard, and already had the confidence that he can pull off the shows. Check the twitter of Orianthi, the 24 year old blond girl playing the guitar (she does an awsome job btw!). Probably MJ was overexcited and needed to calm down, so he could get some sleep and someone didn’t do a good job there … Sad, but probably true … And who knew what MJ looked like without a wig (this is a way to change quickly from straight hair to curls). Maybe the paramedics really had a hard time recognising him.
    But, if you find things that don’t make sense in the whole story, please keep sharing.

  463. vera Said,

    There is something that doesn’t make sense to me though. The 911 story. What responsible doctor will not know how to place a 911 call within seconds. This is just the first thing a personal doctor should know. If he really wants to save someones life he should do whatever it takes, use the persons name, even if MJ has prohibited. It is a life or death situation. Then this particular medical center at UCLA has a way to revive people that have been a cardiac arrest for some time. It is a break through research in the medical world. I am not in that field at all and I have heard of it. How come Dr. Murray did not know and did not keep have it as a plan B, C or what ever letter. I would imagine that MJ’s doctor would do some research and would know how to keep his patient healthy.

  464. Killah385 Said,

    Hey you guys! I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but I think I have great news IF it’s the truth!!… I read on the homepage of my msn that Michael’s mother received full custody of Michael’s children! I am sooooooooooooo happy!! I mean, I always knew that she would receive full custody, but it’s just like so much better to have your information confirmed ya know!

  465. love_girl23 Said,

    HI everyone! I found out another thing, check out how in this pictureÑ
    His left hand loks like it has one more finger, like he had a 6 finger hand instead of 5 fingers, this is weird, what do you think?

  466. Killah385 Said,

    To my chat room friend melluvsmike25, I took a look at that link you wanted us to look at, and may I add, that is one of the most craziest things i’ve ever seen Michael do!! He must’ve been really upset with that guy at sony! I mean, what the heck was going on that caused somewhat of a war between them? And who the heck is this guy that Mariah Carey was married to that was soooo evil?? what is he really about???

  467. Killah385 Said,

    Hey guys! Just a quick thought, I was just wondering, do you guys think that at least some of the people from the media and tabliods read some of the things that we put here on this website? I f so, why haven’t they said anything about it on the news??? And about the fact that MJ indeed had tons of imposters so there may be a chance that it really may not be him that ‘died’???? I mean, this is not changing my mind from the fact that MJ IS ALIVE!! But I don’t know, it just makes you wonder. Michael faked his death yes! But I just can’t bring myself to believe that EVERYONE in the media field was a part of all of this! HOWEVER, I do believe that there were a selected few. Certain police men from the LAPD, I believe, were assigned to take on this job as if they are really investigating Mj’s mysterious ‘death’, and whose to say that a few of those doctors who did the autopsy on ‘mj’s body’ were not in on this as well??? I mean, why was it so hard for any of them to just sign the death certificate and get it over with if it really was mj???? what are they holding on to??? Why does Latoya have to sign the death certificate?? I thought only doctors could do that! Is that even legal???? I mean, I could be wrong. I could be missing something here, and if I am, just let me know please! But things like that just really bugs the fudge out of me!!!! And also, how is it that the LAPD could find every other footage from mj’s security cameras that was located everywhere on the inside and outside of his house but they can’t seem to find that one footage of his ‘last moments’???? God I feel like throwing up!

    I Love you more and more Michael!!!!

  468. thanameslilixd Said,


    due to the recent comment i posted.
    ecasanova said on his twitter about august 1st!
    now katherine has custody of the kids
    and the feds are closing in on conrad murray
    i dont think mj would want to hurt anyone who was in on his fake death ruse. i think he will come back on august 1st before they can arrest him!

    im crossing my fingers! i will comment more info later !

    <3 & peace!

  469. thanameslilixd Said,

    ADMIN here’s more updates
    please post

    okay so heres ecasanova’s twitter

    he posted
    “August 1st, 2009″
    and then a day or 2 later
    “The date that will rock the world”

    I have two theories on this matter.

    1) Due to recent news that he said he will stop performing because he is ill (posted on his myspace or something), is it possible that he was the person who died in place of MJ? He might have been terminally ill & he helped out Michael in this whole ruse. I’m not very convinced of this but anything is possible.

    2) Since the feds are closing in on Dr. Conrad Murray, is it possible that Michael is planning to make an appearance or “comeback” before the man is arrested and charged for something he “didn’t do?” If Michael come’s back after, it is very likely that he will be charged for fraud & causing Dr. Conrad Murray problems or something of that sort. I think that he has tried to pull this hoax out as long as he could with the help of his family & people around him.

    ^^^(i have many more thoughts on this but i cant correctly organize them yet)

    please respond to me everyone!

  470. Iknohesalive Said,

    Maybe Michael is dying as exposed 6 months ago..Maybe he was really sick . Maybe he got an impostor to do the last rehearsal show. Since its not “live”, the video can be edited. Michael is old, he figured he’d get one last laugh before he truly departs. Maybe he wanted to see how the world would be without him. Maybe he fells that the truth about him will come out , i dunno…just thinkin… .

  471. gabyan2001 Said,

    Uh, i wish that, but i doubt it, i think he’s not coming back anytime soon.

  472. RubberDucky Said,

    1. The Jackson family stated the memorial was closed casket “due to the damage to Michael’s face from all the CPR”.
    - first, if you’re Michael Jackson, you get a funeral and memorial fit for a king, and for the world to see. He goes out with pride, dignity and respect, facing the world one last time.
    - Secondly, would his family not respect him enough, to have his face fixed from the so called damages so he had a decent and honorable exit from life and the world?

    2. The police, media and family stated that Michaels “body is on ice at a secret location, pending the Coroners toxicology results”. The also stated that the police “are conducting a criminal investigation”, and “Jacksons body is not being put to rest as it is evidence and the Coroners office may want to run more tests.
    - Firstly, you can’t check out a body like a library book, to have it in a world wide memorial, then return it to the Coroners office when the program was over.
    - Last I heard, chain of evidence, could not leave their possession.
    - IF MJ was dead and IF his body was in that casket for the memorial, and the Coroners office had not completed the autopsy results and further tests, that means his body had not been embalmed yet. IF his body was in the casket, it would have been a stinking, rotting mound of decay and bones. He died in June! Think about this stuff. None of it makes sense.

    3. Michael was a great and humble humanitarian. After many years of quietly creating, sharing, giving and supporting his name, his career and life was used and exploited by those in his employment by the media and tabloids. He was ridiculed, harassed, extorted, abused, slandered, and betrayed. Yet he gave everything of himself to help others in need, and to make the terminally ill comfortable as possible, to their death. He was shamed. He lost millions of dollars defending himself, his name, his life, his career, his legacy, yet the was personally and professionally destroyed, starting with his own employees, selling inside stories (lies) to make money. Then came the molestation charges, being degraded, humiliated and violated, pictures taken of his genitals and body, treated like a monster, yet having done nothing wrong to anyone. MJ was deeply sensitive, especially to others feelings and pain and suffering. What do you think happened to his spirit and heart when all these terrible things about him were coming out, all the while, having spent many, many years giving and caring for sick and needy children?!

    4. How does a police department not secure evidence at the scene, at the time and date of a crime? They go back a day or two or three later and take things, stating its “evidence”. It won’t hold in court, no matter what it is. It could have been planted after the fact.

    5. MJ’s whole house was wired to the security system and cameras. His bedroom was but for some reason, the footage for that specific time and date cannot be accounted for? Why is that? Where is the footage from his bedroom? Who had access to the system?

    6. The quack doctor had his employees remove boxes of stuff from his private storage unit several hours before he called 911. Why? Who? And, for some strange reason, the footage for that time and date are missing from their security system, just like the footage from MJ’s bedroom the day of his death?

    7. MJ’s chef said the quack doc always came down around 9-930am to get something to eat for Michael. Where was he from 9:00am to the time he came running down the stairs screaming for security and Prince?! She said that was around 12:00-12:20…. Which is 3 hours or more, from the regular time MJ usually woke up. Did he fall a sleep and failed to be monitoring MJ, if MJ was supposedly hooked up to an IV of Propofol?

    7. Impersonators. MJ loved them and admired the gifted ones. In particular, he came close with e’casanova. This impersonator was very, very gifted and was the only one that MJ would hold with high regard as being close to the real deal. This impersonator posted on the internet that he would be retiring because he had a teminal illness. Now, knowing the humanitarian Michael was, he always gave a terminally ill child their last wish, no matter what or how much it cost. Don’t you think, lets’ say, that this impersonator had one dying wish, to live the life of the real Michael Jackson, and that’s who’s been in the tabloids, since MJ took off after those fake molestation trials were done, secretly living his quite, private and humble life, but coming out every now and then? Would explain how so many pictures caught, with such drastic differences in the face, the hands, the health. One day he’s seen all crippled up, barely able to walk, ill, and feeble, the next he’s seen jumping, dancing, bouncing off the walls all healthy and vital… think about that for a while.

    8. Remember Elvis? Everyone thought his death was a hoax. That he did it to go out of the public eye with his dignity and career in tact. Fact is, he may have wanted to do that, but he was far too gone and addicted to drugs. Why do you think, out of all the women to marry, Jackson marries the daughter of the supposed biggest death hoax of the world? MJ loved pranks, illusions and was a perfectionist. Always remember those things too.

    9. MJ was very interested and admired Howard Huges. The billionaire that disappeared off the face of the earth. He too was used, violated, exploited and torn thru the press and tabloids for his money. His body was never found. It was never found because he took off into obsecurity and wanted to be left alone to live the rest of his life out of the public eye.

    10. What Coroners office doesn’t do a DNA test on a body, especially on the supposed body of the biggest super star in today’s world, especially under such convoluted circumstances? Where is the DNA confirmation that this body is in fact Michael Jackson?

    11. Why and how can his children be reported to be doing great, having fun, playing with other kids, etc… their father, their sole parent ahs just supposedly die? Would they not be simply and utterly devastated? Michael treated his children like gold…. And they are not heartbroken, don’t need therapy or treatment of any kind, for their father being suddenly ripped out from their lives? Do they know something we don’t?

    12. This quack doctor, hired by AEG. OK, maybe a fall guy, but why is he doing so many suspicious things, since the morning of the death of his only client? Why wouldn’t he just go to the police, tell his die, if any, and step by step the events of that night and day?

    13. Why do you think MJ sold off most of Neverland after those trials? He stated he would never go there again, never live there again. He was not in debt as the tabloids and media have reported. The guy was pulling in over $75 million a year, sitting at home, doing nothing!

    14. Why do you think his music got more and more assertive, aggressive and angry over the last 10 years? Listen to the lyrics. He wanted to get all his anger out, for the shame and degradation and violation onto him, his life and everything sacred to him, by his own employees, the tabloids, and the media. He wanted to be left alone, to live a humble, peaceful life with his family.

    15. Why do you think MJ started having so much extensive plastic surgery? Perhaps in a plan to pull off the ultimate, to disappear, and no one would ever recognize him once he had the final surgeries. Where do you think all his money has been going? It’s been stashed away for this day, of disappearance possibly? Go to his foundations website. Read. Learn of the man no one but Heal the World knew, as a man, as a human being, the real Michael Jackson. The person the tabloids ignored on purpose, to sell more copies of filth and lies instead. Follow the links to the many pages and videos of him visiting, giving, speaking… all of which the media refused to report on and show us, show the world. Instead, they chose lies, filth, ridicule, speculation, harassment, extortion, and slanderous statements, comments, footage and print. Jackson was a kind, gentle, sensitive and giving human being. I never knew any of this stuff before his death. It makes me ashamed that I never knew any of these things about someone I grew up liking, listening too, dancing to and reading about. He was only 5 years older than me, so I watched his life grow and unfold, but only the garbage the media and tabloids exposed me to.

    16. If Michael Jackson really is dead, we will forever be known in history as the generation and society that killed two of the biggest humanitarians the world will ever know. First, Princess Di, then Michael Jackson. Two decent, beautiful, gifted, humble, kind, loving, giving, sensitive human beings that the media helped destroy. It’s an embarrassment we can all carry to our graves, with the mark of shame of us, for allowing this to happen, not once, but twice.

    Shame, shame on all of us, and especially to his family, for not forcing an intervention, for using him, as the media and tabloids had, for much of his life. Everyone should feel nothing less than shame. If he is dead, we have lost an innocent man, who was crucified before our very eyes.

  473. RubberDucky Said,

    forgot to mention… there is NO life insuracne on MJ, remember his family is now claiming “an incompetant employee failed to make the monthly premiums on his life insurance”. Also, AEG took out a life insurance policy on MJ for the come back tour, they havent cashed in either. And, theys tated MJ passed a 4-5 hour tough physical exam in order to be cleared for the tour and the insurance policy. yet, we seem him days befoe and are told he is feeble, ill, not well, stressed out, not eating, etc? Pehaps one of his imposters did the physical for him, and doing all the media hype while he was quietly rehersing at a private location?

  474. RubberDucky Said,

    @foundme – i agree, all the drugs, the poles, the alias, the IV’s… were NOT from Michael. All the drug stuff and perscriptions etc were from the man that he invited to live in his home, as he was dying from a terimal illness. All the doctors were in on it, MJ got all his doctors in on it, to give this dying man any and all drugs, whatever he needed, to make his last days as comfortable as possible. Thats why all these doctors are running around, screwing up their stories, secretly meeting together, as the LAPD are doing their investigation. MJ was NOT a drug user or drug addict for god sakes. Never was! Come on people, you know that’s not the way he lived his life. You are falling for all the tabloid trash. Lets not forget, his “closet confidante” Durpak said in his very first press interview, Michael did not do drugs and over 20 years of knowing him he had NEVER once seen any drugs, or anything related to drugs in Jackson life. Then, after all the shit hit the fan he now says in later interviews, he tried to speak to MJ about the use of drugs, his being an addict. Come on. He screwed up in the first interview and told the truth, he forgot the script, and tried to change everything he said in later interviews, to match all the other crap being said. All this drug stuff is from the dying man that was living in his home. MJ was a compassionate and giving man, who did everything in his power for this dying man. Everyone is scrambling since he died in MJ’s place, and this was the opportunity MJ has been waiting for, for years, to use the imposter as himself, when he died, to exit the country.

    If so many of you fans loved Michael as much as you state, you know this is the only way and the only reason he would ever do something so drastic, to disappear, forever. Michael would NEVER fake his own death and reappear years later to do concerts and profit off of his fake death, never. For those saying thats whats going to happen, then you truly no nothing of the man that was Michael Joseph Jackson. Nothing. He would never rip people off, especially his fans, or do something like this to later come back and make moeny off of them.

    He is 50 years old, he’s tired, he wants to be left alone to grow old with his children, and out of the rubbish tabloids. Perfect plan, perfect payback to the press and media thats been crucifing him for the last 10-15 years. It is very sad that Michael would allow the world to think he was a pathetic drug addict, in order for his plan to fall into place. Does that not tell you how set he was on getting out and disappearing? The measures he would take?

  475. eurekh6700 Said,

    hey guys s tis wierd or wat?! i was following E’CASANOVA (thos thos who dnt knw he is the no.:! mj impersonator) in twitter for the past 2 weeks. at first he didnt remove or block me. so i was reading the updates. his last update waswritten as ”1st august 2009” and i waited for a day no update .then after a few hrs i checked it was updated as ”the DATE THAT WILL ROCK THE WORLD”.. wats hapeng?! wats d connection with the august 1st date and the words ”rock the world’ – (rembr mj’s song . rock my world)and jus nw in india its august 1st and i go n ckd my twitter. i see that ecasanova blocked me / removed me. it was realyy shocking. he dint tak any action all these days , bt suddnly on aug 1st he started to remove peopl n completely shut his accout?! for wat plss im sure somthing is about to happen. pls reply has anybody else noticed his last update.plsss reply

  476. jeannieboi15 Said,

    hey guys, i’ve just signed myself here but i’ve been following every updates on this site eversince. i also have an account at twitter and i’ve also been following ecasanova there. i’m just wondering why all of a sudden after his post regarding august 1, why now, today, august 1, i can’t seem to find his twitter account anymore. his page doesn’t exist anymore? anybody got any idea? by the way it’s a sad day today here in the philippines too because just now our former president – the first female Philippine President: Corazon Aquino – died at 3:18 a.m. Philippine time.

  477. csabatom Said,

    from the moment i heard that he had died on KFWB, i said out loud…Way to go Michael~ Finally You did it! You finally did it! Right On! meaning i have waited for the day for him to fake his own death. I of all people know someone who works at a certain place where he supposidly was. And he is not dead. Nor was he ever there! HA!!! I use to take care of his giraffe, and we talked. We had alot in common. I watched him grow up, and i have followed him all through out his life. If you only knew what this very talented man had indured through-out his life, it would break your heart. He had to do this for the sake of his children. This has been planned for a very long time. And yes of course he had a few doubles. Thats why he kept changing his looks to throw the public off. And that is not him in that interview in london. anyone with eyes can clearly see this by the way this person moves. And Germaine made a comment when he did the Neverland interview, about how he could tell it was Michael in the disquise by the way he walked. I know what this means, do you? Then the hellicopter ride, he is sitting to the left of the door when it opens! look you will see him. Anyways, it is what it is. Michael Jackson is not dead. Believe me hes not.

  478. mjjforever72 Said,

    Hello I’ve seen on youtube.com the footage of michael’s or somebody’s body trying to sit up in the helicoptor well who’s body was it really????????????? also I’ve been watching all the news on michael as I possibley can on cnn and listening to all the drugs and about the doctor well the thing that I don’t understand is why wouldn’t this doc spill the beans about him being alive? why would he wanna go to jail for something that he knows that he is alive? The first month I truely believed that michael was gone from us and I was sad, upset, crying etc…. then I heard of this private diary and read it online and then things really didn’t make sence and then I found this site and read alot on here and now nothing makes any sence to me! Then i got this message on my youtube account from this guy saying that he is michael’s only student and he told me to find the most true news about michael and you will see that he is alive and he ended by saying try your best! which I found very strange is to why would he tell me this, another thing is the one at the neverland ranch that I have watching over and over again about michaels ghost that I DON’T understand either. If michael is alive I don’t blame him one bit for what he did cause if I was in his shoes I would of done the same thing!

  479. hellojavi Said,

    @ csabatom! OMG! your comment gave me chills, I hope your tellin the truth
    and i want to believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to believe he is alive and he deserve some peace, i would’t blame him, i love him so much

  480. RubberDucky Said,

    All these videos are the REAL Michael Jackson. Everything you are seeing recently, and in the last 6 months is NOT MJ, its one of several of his impersonators. The video footage of the This is It tour announcement is NOT Michael. Anyone can tell that’s not Jakson, clearly. Not jsut by his face, his hands, his voice, his mannerisims…and, most obvious, the age difference.

    NOTE: MJ’s myspace account is obviously being run by his music exec’s – NOT Jackson. Good grief, you really think or believe he would pull such an extensive and elaborate death hoax and then pop on and off myspace, or “tweet” people?! He’s long gone people, that would be the whole point, of staging your own death, to disappear, nevermore, not hang around and play peek-a-boo games with the world. As for the terminally ill impersonator, you really believe he’s tweeting people and on myspace since this whole thing hit the fan, if he is the dead body they are trying to pass off as Jacksons?

    Here’s another twist, what if Jackson did die several months ago, and the family quietly laid him to rest but this impersonator continued to live in his home, as Jackson, and the family honored MJ’s directions that this impersonator live as such until he died and was also laid to rest, and the person that died that day was the impersonator, and, this whole memorial thing, and the family not showing real emotions, and the media not having ONE SINGLE picture or any footage of Jackson of this so called day he died, cause he had already died and put to rest? Maybe, MJ allowed this imposter to play out the O2 concerts, as one of his dying wishes? I know for certain, the guy chewing gum like a fiend in the AEG rehersals was NOT Jackson.


    1998 – Japan visit


    The real Michael Jackson the press doesn’t cover


    1998 – Home video @ Christmas with family


    Prince’s 2nd birthday home video from 20/20


    Private home video


    Private home video


    The making of Black or White video – behind the scenes

  481. RubberDucky Said,

    Remember…. all the drugs and drug equipment was NOT for Jackson, it was for the terminally ill impersonator he allowed to live in his home. Michael respect privacy and gave this man all he could, to protect him, his dignity, his privacy, and even took the fall for all the drugs this guy needed, while living and dying in his home. All the information and media hype about MJ being a drug addict… has been and his doctors getting the drugs for this impersonator, who was living and dying in his home. Jackson has been a die hard performer, a perfectionist, for over 40 years, that’s a lot of wear and tear on any human body. Of course he would need pain killers, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers..what human has never taken these medications to manage and cope with chronic pain and discomfort? Not too mention flying around the world non-stop for over 40 eyars, and doing so much charity work, speaking, and also raising his children. Why would he allow himself to become a pathetic drug addict, an educated and well informed man, when that would destroy his children adn his ability to be the great parent that he was, and always was, unbeknowen to us and the world? The media hyped it all up like he was the only person who took these medications, and him doing so is a crime? Come on people, he always siad “the lie becomes the truth” when he spoke about the tabloids and gossip. He also said to “remember to always think twice”.

  482. Killah385 Said,

    @RubberDuckie!!! Thank you soooooooo very much for finally bringing some sense to this website! Everything you said was pretty straight forward and right to the point!!!! My dear people! PLEASE!! I beg you, Let us activate our brain for just a moment. Let us think, Michael Jackson is a 50 year old man who has been in the spotlight ever since the age of 5!! He was such a talented human being and a perfectionist in the music business that even at the tender age of 5 into his adult hood, he has never had a moment’s peace because he was always performing, traveling, and having to deal with all the preasures of life! So all of you ‘wanna be’ true fans that are saying that Michael is going to make a comback after faking his death, PLEASE! I pray Michael didn’t come on this website and read those certain comments, because it really doesn’t make any sense!! We have already taken 45 YEARS OF THE MAN’S LIFE AWAY FROM HIM PEOPLE!!! HOW MUCH MORE DO WE EXPECT FROM HIM TO GIVE US!! THERE’S ONLY SO MUCH A HUMAN BODY CAN TAKE YOU KNOW! AND A 50 YEAR OLD BODY AT THAT!!! (No disrespect Michael! You’re still the sexiest, scrumptious, and sweetest thing on earth) But what I’m trying to say is, It’s about time Michael took a break to get his mind and everything else completely on track. We owe that much to him as real fans to just let him be, and he owes that much to himself, as well as his children, to do everything in his power to keep himself healthy, happy and rejuvinated so he can live as long as God would permit him to live. We only have one chance to live, so why should we live our lives always being depressed, unhappy etc when God gave us a choice to enjoy the greater things in life???? And now Michael finally has a chance to do just that, we should be extremely happy for him, and always pray that he’s safe and happy!!

    Michael, I just wanted to let you know. You may be reading our comments on this website, or probably even watching the news and seeing that some people are still talking trash about you, but I just want you to know, you don’t owe us anything, anymore hun. Like I said earlier, you’ve given us 45 years of your life!!! And it wasn’t easy for you, I know it wasn’t!!! You sacrificed your entire childhood just to please a bunch of the world’s most ungreatful people who tried to rape you of your true identity, and still you came out on top! The brightest shining star there is! I do, however, want you to promise me something, that you will simply live life from now on, without any regrets! Choose your friends/companions WISELY! (It’s really not hard at all for you to know who’s truly your friend or not. Just get on you knees and simply ask God to reveal to you who is truly your friend and who isn’t. And He’ll show you! trust me, He did it for me on several occasions! That’s why I’m alive today as well) . And, Well I’m not too sure how you’re going to do this one, but I know you’re a genius, so you’ll figure something out, but on a serious note, you shouldn’t stay stuck up in the house 24/7 around the clock, looking at the same people you see everyday, or staring at the four corners or your wall. Something like that can really drive you crazy! I know that you’re a man that visited every part of the world, yes!But have u ever experienced what it’s like to literally explore for yourself what it’s like to just walk on the streets, sight-seeing as a normal human being, and making normal friends who absolutly have nothing to do with the ’spotlight industry’?? Well, overall, I just want you to be happy, taken care of, and most importantly, LOVED for who you really are, and not what you can give someone…That’s my prayer for you!

    I Love you Michael,
    Your friend Caribbean Girl

  483. RubberDucky Said,

    you know what…. since stumbling on some older stuff, and putting together different pieces… I was wondering if anyone in here has thought of this. Some things are really, really bothering me you guys:

    1. Those older reports that Michael had a terminal illness was in fact true? Hence, the only pictures of him in the last 2 years have been very sporadic, always wearing maks, very hidden and out of the public eye.
    2. Reports say he was bald, peach fuzz.. If he was bald, the only reason he would be bald is from chemo therapy, for a terminal illness. Would explain the wigs, for the last couple of years. He had great hair, why would he start wearing those horrible things anyway, they were are aweful looking!
    3. Something was reported, leaked, that Michael had Lupus. He wouldn’t wan’t to announce this to the world for he would be further torn apart, the tabloids would say he’s lying to get attention, and, most importantly, it would take away from his humanitarian efforts, helping children, who he worked so hard to draw attention to. He didn’t want the media to know this, and his family kept it secret as well, so he could live his final days with his children and out of the media circus, tearing him apart right up to his grave?
    4. AEG and the This is It tour was all a sham, staged by family and friends in the industry, for his farewell, fit for the king of pop, so that he would see and know his fans still loved and believed in him. Note, AEG is refudning all ticket sales, unless people want a keep sake of the tiket. There never was going to be a come back, final curtain concert…. this was their way of giving Michael his dying wish, and not plastered all over the tabloids all old, bald, ill and frial, following him to his grave.
    5. If Michael was terminally ill, and all the drugs and everything really were for him, it would all make sense?
    6. As I said, there never really was meant to be a final curtain call/come back tour. The imposter said at that fake media press release, that it was going to be “the final curtain, because…. because….” And he just couldn’t finish what he was suppose to say, to the script. We know he was a fake. I think a twist could be, the imposter could not spit out the words, and the very thought the Michael would be dead and this tour was just his farewell from friends and family, granting him a dignified and honorable good bye?

    What if, in fact, Michael has died, no hoax, no scam…. he had been terminally ill, out of the public eye, spending his last months with his family and friends and children, and the whole AEG thing was a final tribute, for Michael, for him to die knowing they loved him and believed in him, he was watching everything, from his sick bed, the sales, the reports, everything, about how great it was going. Keep in mind, he never showed up for one signle rehersal, there is not one single picture or video footage of him actually rehersing for this tour, and, the dancers were signed on for two years. There was no insurance medical because he never would have passed one.

    I don’t know people….. until and unless the family comes forward and tells the TRUTH, we will never know if Michael Jackson has died. If he really did die, we will never know how or why…until and unless his family comes forward. But, I am thinking they are all keeping it fromt he press and the tabloids because that is what Michael wanted the most, especially in the event of his death. Maybe he exposed his kids, prior to his death, so the world would see the father side of him, him with his children, how he was with them, and that they are in fact his children, as he would be leaving them, dying, and they would never see him again.

    I can’t help but think he may really have been terminally ill, and his friends and family have kept this from the press and tabloids, it’s like a total gag order, a media black out cause nothing makes sense in anything that they have fed us. There is nothing real or current on MJ cause maybe he was so ill and fragile and so far gone, he never would want the filthy tabloids to make a penny off his images, looking like that, in death. Think about it guys….?

  484. mjjforever72 Said,

    Oh I do believe michael isn’t dead! I’ve been doing research on websites and even checked out his double E’Casanova on the website http://www.lengendsinconcert.com and I was noising around about casa and I COULDN’T find not one show thats should come up all I see is the impersonater damen sorry can’t remember the last name but anyways my point to all of this is that i went and did more searches on e’casanova and came across this website that has all michael’s update news and something about e’casanova had to retire and I thought that was funny so I clicked on it and i copied it so you can read for yourself on what he said july 30th, 2007 and i know its a couple of years before michael has passed but just think about it after you read it and come up with your own therory on it all!

    Michael Jackson News

    Michael Headlines go to >> MJJ UP TO DATE NEWS

    Official Press Releases go to >> http://www.mjtunes.com/modules/news/.php

    Sadly, E’Casanova is forced to retire
    E’Casanova, one of the best Michael Jackson Tribute Artists releases a statement:

    July 30, 2007

    Recently I’ve been diagnosed with a (non sexual) life threatening illness.

    My concerts on September 1&2 in Las Vegas and the others that take me to the end of the year will be last and final shows ever.

    At my doctors request, sadly I must retire.

    I do hope to meet some of you who have shown me so much support throughout my life as a Michael Jackson Tribute Artist. The ones that have seen me in person. I hope that I have inspired you and touched your lives in a positive way.

    All I ever wanted to do was to forever recreate the majic and protect the integrity of our international treasure…. “The Last Of The Great Song & Dance Men”… my friend , Michael Jackson I hope to see you in September!

    To me its just seems like it goes hand and hand on this whole thing about michael this e’casanova has pic’s with mike in them, so to me this is my therory of it all,

    E’casanova has this life threating illness, michael knows of course, michael gets him doctors to help him keeps gettting meds from doctors but not for him but for e’casanova and casa gets worse and worse as time goes on! Now this is where dr. murray comes in, dr. murray doesn’t know the diffence CAUSE I SHURE THE HECK DIDN’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MICHAEL AND E’CASANOVA! Dr. murray thinks that he is treating michael when all in fact that he is really treating e’casanova. So my ending here is that someone really did die that day but it wasn’t michael it was e’casanova and that was his way (michael) to get away from media etc…….. and live his life the way he wants with his children HAPPILY EVER AFTER! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL! I don’t blame you for how you had to do this and I know that your sadden with how you had to use e’casanova in all of it but i’m sure he is looking down and smiling at you on how happy you really are now!!!!!!!

  485. mjjforever72 Said,

    I know what I said about e’casanova may have been the one to have died insteed of michael and I KNOW thats jumping the gun alittle to fast and Im not even sure that he is still alive (hoping e’casanova is) but it just seem like him having a life threating illness would be like cancer etc… so I was trying to put peices together and come with this therory. It would make more sence cause of the the pic in the ambulance it did not look like michael NOT AT ALL! The memorial closed casket, no one to sign the death certificate and so on. I was just peicing the things together . Does anyone know if e’casanova is alive still or does anyone know what kind of life threating illness he have? Another thing is my reason for saying what i said about him (e’casanova) is the fact of how much he looks like michael and so I was putting together what i thought could of been the person in the home at the time, casa could of been the one in the ambulance but i could be wrong. Im just trying to do and think of therories thats all.

  486. DEPcatN Said,

    I’m just hoping he is happy wherever he is. My heart is broke and I want to believe he is alive. I even really expected something to happen last night after E.casanova wrote that and then shut down his account.
    I think we should respect if he is alive to leave him alone and live his new life, if he died then heaven must have needed their angel to return to them, It just doesn’t all add up though and I don’t even think Conrad Murray excists.
    I wish Michael could just give true fans a sign, although it could have been the signs at the memorial.

    I love you Michael Jackson forever and always!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  487. tobaja Said,

    He’s alive..I’m sure of it!!!
    Everything is not adding up
    * The photo in the the ambulance…doesn’t look like him at all
    *If the ambulance was in a hurry..how come it took so long to back out…I mean reeeally slow..check it out
    *The body being taken away in the helicopter…yep it looks like it moved to me
    *Not one single person that was in the hospita(working) has commented on the actual events of the day
    *The death certificate looks dodgy
    *None of MJ’s friends have commented..Liz taylor,Macauley Caulkin..everyone is soooo quiet
    *The family at the memorial..no tears…whats with that?
    *His children suddenly being shown to the world in recent times…we know these as MJ’s children,but are they really them?
    *The brain has been removed?Can it be returned to an embalmed body?
    *The body still hasn’t been buried
    * The O2 announcement..thats definitely not him
    *Why wait a month to search Dr Murrays offices?
    *Everyone is busy with Dr Murray..but who is he really?

    …the list continues

    After being crucified all those years ago..I don’t blame him

    Long Live The King Of Pop

  488. hanhj Said,

    i don’t believe and never do. He’s Michael Jackson, he can do anything. We all come to an end, but for him, not that day, not that way. I never believe, by all means, no matter what was said. Keep your work, admin, please!

  489. hanhj Said,

    i mean, i don’t belive that death.

  490. neider Said,

    Did you have a look at the lyrics of his unreleased song Xscape worth having a look into!!!

    I pray and wish he is still alive, however, would he have put his kids through all this?

  491. RubberDucky Said,

    I saw the footage of Dr. klien on Larry King and some other stuff and think he truly was a close and loyal friend to Michael. He doesn’t want to sell out any dirt on Michael and cares about his kids well being. he did say that he keep telling Michael to stop the plastic surgieris. Michael had the butterfly rash and crusting, from a Lupus flareup, which would explain wearing those masks a lot of the time. In some older pics, you can see redness and crusting on one of his cheeks, when he wore a white mask. Klien and Rowe are not selling out Michael, like a lot of people in his circle. His own personal Chef stated she is making a cookbook, called Fit For A King, with all the recipes she made for hima nd his children while she worked for him. I hoenstly liked her at first, but after seeing her on all the talk shows, she’s a sell out, now using his name to make a lot of money. She was the only witness there that day who can tell the entire truth of what happend yet she’s too busy running around doing talk shows about her cooking for the Jacksons?

    I think that guy claiming the amublance shot is full of crap. he mentioned several times how much money he got for that pic, as its the only pic in the world that exists of Michael supposedly being in that ambulance. It’s a fake shot, but hey, hey got tons of money for it, so it’s too late to reveal it as a fake isn’t it. Another thing, this guy said that he followed Michael for years, “in and out of hospitals all the time, it’s Michael Jackson you know, all drama”. Again, a sell out to make money. We know why MJ was in and out of hospital around the world, not just for his own health issues, but to continue on with his giving to terminally ill children. See, the media is again misleading us from the facts, trying to paint MJ as a hypocondriate, a drama queen, in and out of hospitals for drugs or plastic surgery…. making people forget or not know all the visits he made for sick kids.

    Another thing that bothers me, is they continue on about all the drugs and medical equipment in MJ’s house. He had thousands of terminally ill children come through his neverland ranch adn his home, and they stayed for weeks on end, with him. They needed medical assistance, medical equipment for these children. And, most importantly, the terminally ill imposter, who also lived with MJ.

    I jsut heard on the news last night, cops not state that Michael may have been in distress or dead as early as 9am that day. OK, this opens the flood gates big time, and everyone is on a real hot seat. Sure explains why Murray had his people going to his storage unit that morning, well before the 9-1-1 call. And, why did he wait several hours before calling 9-1-1. I knew as soon as his Chef said the doc didnt come down as usual that morning…. I knew

  492. DEPcatN Said,

    We ‘THIS SITE’ are being mentioned in the press you know, It was in ok magazine and mentioned in ‘the sun’ . Found this one too



  493. Mjhasabigcrotch Said,

    this is so strange i think he’s somewhere chillin in the cut
    kike neosporin and laughing about all this paparazzi rumors.

  494. vera Said,

    Hi guys,
    I just thought of something else that doesn’t add up.
    If there was a show to happen in London July 13, there must have been some stage costums of MJ, his musicians, dancers, etc. Choreography takes time to prepare, people probably get really excited. How come no one leaked any details. May somewhere I noticed that MJ was supposed to walk on water that turns into wine, but nothing more. No one came forward to say anything about the show, how much they regrett not seeing MJ do this or that that was planned. It is all about doctors, drugs, etc. I am not even following all of that. Just to busy to spend time on media BS. So, if you have come across something, could you please post? Thanks.

  495. shura27 Said,

    I believe that he is alive! And I’m sticking with this thought ! Thank’s to the creators of this site! You made a lot of Michael Jackson’s fans feel happier

  496. meagy Said,

    michael had his own private double, and the double says himself at the end of this first video that michael one day decided to dress up in a wheelchair… so the weehchair was a joke… and the double even performed for him at times



  497. meagy Said,

    btw, the original video of the neverland rach near the end shows the ghost too…… what do u guys think?


  498. SpirtsLast4Ever Said,

    hey i would like to say that i believe..

  499. gusgonecrazy Said,

    Here’s a quote from Frank Paul Gambino (who’s in denial over Michaels passing)……………………
    “I just hope he did as he said he would do, when he said one day I will make a disappearing act”

  500. thanameslilixd Said,

    There’s so MUCH I would ask Michael if I met him. I would love to sit down and talk with him for hours and hours. He’s extremely insightful & loving. A beautiful heart lays inside him. It’s golden.

    We need to stop worrying about the negativity around us. We need to stop putting ourselves down for what we humans have done to society. We need to reverse this damage before it becomes irreversable. We need to be POSITIVE & look in a new light.
    I am starting to think of ideas that would benefit children-especially those orphaned & those in foster care.

    When you walk out of the supermarket, DONATE to those men standing there in white suits or during the holidays, donate to the red salvation army buckets. DONATE & FEED the homeless on thanksgiving. Little amounts of money can go far.
    I’m thinking of buying boxes of popsicles & take them to an orphanage, or foster home. Think of how much it would light up the children’s faces!
    Concentrate on making the young ones happy & delightful- they will benefit so much later on. They could be the ones to find that cure! Come on, open your hearts! That;s what Michael wanted us to do all along.

    Excerpt from Dancing the Dream by Michael Jackson [this book is gold]

    “I said you had to do it. You said you didn’t want to. We talked about it, and we agreed that maybe I could help.
    I said you were wrong. You insisted you were right. We held each other’s hand, and right and wrong disappeared.
    I began crying. You began crying, too. We embraced, and between us grew a flower of peace.
    How I love this mystery called We! Where does it come from, out of thin air? I thought about this mystery, and I realized something: We must be love’s favorite child, because until I reach out for you, We is not even there. It arrives on the wings of tenderness: it speaks through our silent understanding. When I laugh at myself, it smiles. When I forgive you, it dances in jubilation.

    So We is not a choice anymore, not if you and I want to grow with one another. We unites us, increases our strength; it picks up our burden when you and I are ready to let it fall.

    The truth is that you and I would have given up long ago, but We won’t let us. It is too wise. “Look into your hearts,” it says. “What do you see? Not you and I, but only We.”
    -Michael Jackson


    I love you Michael!<3 with all my heart & i Smile tho' my heart is aching

  501. Themjfan64 Said,

    I have read this post on another website. It puzzles me a little. It’s in regards to a possible place where Michael Jackson might be hiding, if he’s indeed alive:

    “Apparently there’s a castle in Romania that secretly belonged (belongs) to Michael.

    He had it built – modeled on the Castle of Bran. Very, very few people have seen it, as it’s hidden in a ravine in a remote mountainous area – which has been completely fenced off. The public simply cannot get to the place.

    The location is to the north of the mountain resort of Borsec. (Btw, Borsec is famous for its pure mineral water – Michael used to drink it all the time.) This forested region – one of the most remote in Europe – is home to many bears and wolves, making access even more difficult.

    Michael visited the area only once – during the second leg of the History Tour (i.e., summer of 1997). The castle took ten years to build; it was finished in 2007. There are rumors that Michael wanted to go and live at the castle after the O2 Tour.

    A friend in Borsec has told me that three days after Michael’s death, he saw three helicopters flying north over Borsec in the direction of the Castle (which locals have named Mihalyvar – or Michael’s castle).”

    I can totally see Michael hiding in a castle like that.

  502. artisticflare Said,

    Now we are being told Dr. Murrays aide accidently killed Michael by giving him a shot of petherdine after he woke up complaining of pain?? But Dr. Murray had already given Michael the surgical anaesthetic Propfol also known as Demerol!!! Dr.Murray suppossedly fell asleep when Michael woke up, only to be given the fatal dose of petherdine which caused a heart attack. Surely to God any fully quailified doctors aide would have known what the doctor had already given him, and know not to give Michael any more drugs!!! How the hell could you live with yourself knowing you had killed the King of Pop, please some one help me out here it just gets even more confusing, i just dont know what to believe any more. At first i thought Michaels death was a hoax thats why we are all on here right/ but now i just dont know what to think.

  503. RubberDucky Said,

    @killah385…thank you. I agree with much of your post as well. He’s GIVEN the world 45 years of his life, yet people still want to keep taking pieces of him, for themselves, to entertain them, to make money off of him. It never would end, don’t you people see, this is what he wanted to get away from? Even some of his fans want him to keep giving. It just never ends. Even in his so called death, people want him to come back to sing and dance for them. It’s just selfish. IF he has taken off in obsecurity, with his children, let teh poor guy alone. Stop falling for the media and tabloid garbage of “sightings’, and, all the lies about where he’s living now. Do you really believe he would be somewhere he could be found, after pulling such an elaborate plan, if he really did do that?! Michael Jackson paid his dues to the world a thousand times over. He owes no one nothing. he owes his fans nothing. he owes you nothing. WE owe him privacy, peace, respect, obsecurity and diginity to live out the rest of his days with his children, and to not perform for the world again, if he is in fact alive.

    @mjjforever72, much of what you posted makes sense. Maybe the Doc didn’t even know who he was tending to in the mansion. He only started working for MJ a short time ago, and never met Jackson prior to that. He could very well have been tending to and treating the impersonator that was dying in his home. Now that would be a twist. The guy has no idea, and then the impersonator dies, as early as 9am that morning, he gets on the phone to Joe Jackson to find out what the hell he should do, thinking it was Michael Jackson who just died? Hence, all the crazy steps he took that morning, hence his records being removed from storage. This so called cardiologist didn’t even have all the proper medical equipment in the mansion, to be taking of Jacksons heart and health, nor did he have the drug that counter re-acts the affects of Propofol. Why would a cariologist inject an anestetic, knowing the severe dangers of it, without the proper medical equipment present, adn, without the drug that counter reacts the affects of Propofol? Doesn’t make sense at all.

    I was disgusted at that Jane whats her name on CNN, who has been briefly interviewing Jackson family friends, making sure to steer them to the “drugs” and “addict” garbage, and, immediately cutting them off as soon as they tried to mention all the good that Jackson has done for sick kids all over the world. Sickening. What a circus.

    I was thinking, that the Coroners office is still not releasing the tox and autopsy reports due to the fact of the whole criminal investigation, and we may not know anything until the charges, if any come out first. I was thinking, how hypocritical the LAPD is… as they stated repeatedly, that Jackson was an addict and they knew all about the drugs and all the alias since 2003, when he was charged and extorted by those families. My question, if LAPD knew all about the “drug addiction”, the alias, and the “pharmacy shopping”, the “over perscribing”, etc. back in 2003…then why didn’t they do anything about it back then, when they had all the “evidence”?! We are being led to believe LAPD really cares about finding the facts, evidence, etc. now, of manslaughter, charging all doctors in contact with Jackson just now?? This doesn’t add up either. Why are they now caring to investigate all of his recent docotrs, his drug use…. and talking about it on the news, that they knew all this back in 2003 yet no criminal investigation was done, no charges laid, for any of the doctors back in 2003? Hypocritical to say the least. I think, this whole thing the LAPD is pulling is going to backfrie int heir face, due to how sloppy they handled “evidence, how sloppy they handled the search warrants, and they will look foolish if it ever goes to trial, as they knew all about this “drug addiction” back in 2003. Wouldn’t it be something, that once the LAPD announces they have finished their investigation, have everything they need to proceed to charges and trials, then, the Coroners office announces that great, here are the tox and autopsy results for one male, named e’casanova…. May the force be with the LAPD, the biggest joke of a law enforcement agency ever.

  504. RubberDucky Said,

    @Themjfan64 – if you believe that make believe “news story” about Jackson running off to a castle in Hungry, then you probably believe the “inside” stories that Jackson slept in a hypabarac chamber and wanted to buy the bones of the elephant man, lol. Another “insider” sold a BS story to the tabloids, to make some money, to get in the spot light. If the “reports” of 35-36 close family and friends helped Jackson devise this elaborate plan to use the impersonators death as his exit, they would not be on national TV and in the tabloids describing what the plan was and where he is. People need to stop and think and not fall for this crap. “insiders” selling their so called stories are former employees, using Jacksons name to make money and get the spot light, advance their careers. Jacksons interview with Oprah, he clearly stated don’t believe that crap about the hypabaric chamber, that pic was taken when he opened a wing in a sick childrens hospital and they asked him to test out one of their new peices of equipment. The tabloids don’t want you to know or remember all the work he did for sick kids, or all the visits around the world he did, for sick kids. This is when the media and tabloids started picturing him in and out, stating he was dying, getting surgery, a drama queen, etc. all the while he was doing his humanitarian work, helping sick kids.

    His mother has custody of his kids, for a reason. His entertainment lawyer and that music exec are the executors of his estate for a reason. Anyone who challenges his Will, get nothing, because he put a No Contest clause in it, for a reason. He will never have to ever work a day in his life now, as the executors of his estate are making millions of dollars on his name, without even adding all his unpublished poems, songs, movies, and other things he has compiled over the last 40-45 years. Think about it. They jsut need to keep Joe Jackson out of it all and away from his kids, or they too will be used and exploited by the monster. His face is everywhere now, he was a washed up hasbin before the “death’ of his most famous son. I noticed AEG has stopped putting out that so called “rehersal” vidoe of Jackson, lol. They ahd their named stamped on the video, and all media were stating for fact it was the only video in existence and thanks to AEG for releasing, now, after it became fact that was old footage, it’s no longer being presented as the “rehersal video” for This is It tour.

  505. RubberDucky Said,


    Michael used some, if not all of these top impersonators, over the many years…. more food for thought, isn’t it.

  506. Victoria and MJ Said,

    I just don’t know what to believe .

  507. xodasha Said,

    i was sitting at my kitchen table about a day after mj’s “death’ and the thought of him faking it just popped into my head so randomly! before going to bed that night, not only because i couldn’t sleep, but becasue i have such love for the guy, i searched in my iphone “michael jackson fake death” and came up right to this site. it has taken all the thoughts out of my mind and organized them in a way i could not and not only does it make more sense than the media, but omg it lights up my days =)
    ppl have mentioned the he might end up in jail if he was ever found, but really? do you actually think that after being face to face with his own freedom because of being accused to take advanbtage of children he would actually be afraid of ending up i jail? THIS IS MICHAEL JACKSON! he will never end up in jail! he has all the money and ppl to get him out! after so many accusers, he was STILL able to proove himself innocent, and something like this would never stop mj. so, faking a death is illegal, but booking a 50 year old man to do 50 shows without his permission is not? really. i love michael so much he is flawless <3

  508. vera Said,

    xodasha, similar story here.
    When I heard the news I was sad, because MJ was one of the artists I liked to listen to.
    I had a plan to vistit a very special place early in July, special for Christians. I said a short prayer for MJ there, just in case it could comfort a soul. I did mean just that. When I was leaving the place I had a feeling that things are not what they look. Yet, I hope a little prayer is not going to hurt anyone, dead or alive.

  509. RubberDucky Said,

    @artisticflare…. where did that news bit come out/from? That Dr. Murray was alseep and an aide was there when Michael woke up, and gave him a painkiller injection? I never heard anything about an aide. Wonder where that twist came from. If something like that happened, like you explained, what a cluster fck. I find it difficult to believe Jackson had such complete idiots tending to his health and well being. A monkey would have taken better care of a patient. I think if Jackson is dead, AEG should be held criminally responsible, they are the ones who hired these morons to take care of him, not too mention they wouldnt insure Michael for “pre-existing conditions” (Lupus and all it’s associated medical problems) but they insured him for overdose? Someone answer me this… if this medical exam AEG made him do, and they knew he was a so called drug addict, would that not be a “pre-existing condition”? if that dead body is in fact Michael, and the autopsy says its was overdose, and if what artisticflare says is true, some aid injected Jackson with a painkiller when he woke up, after Murray had already injected him with Propofol, thats a friggen overdose, isnt it? Murder by overdose. This just keeps getting more and more twisted. This would be like a well plotted murder, under the guise of accidential overdose, keeping in mind how long the media and tabloids have been working so hard to paint Jackson as a pathetic junkie, a drug addict for the last 5 years.

    Jacksons Mom was in court today and got full custody of the kids. get this, news says that his Dermatologist, Dr. Klien, had his lawyer petition the court to have an interest in the raising of Micheal’s kids?! More twists into poor Michaels life. Looks like Debbie Rowe and Klien gave Michael his deepest wish, to have children, a family. Nothing wrong or abnormal about that. There are millions of surrogate families. I think, regardless if Klien is the biological “donor”, Jackson was their Father, in every sense. I think Rowe and Klien are just worried that Joe Jackson will abuse and exploit them like he did Michael. They seem to be the only two people out of thousands, that truly cared about Michael and his well being. Everyone else around him is now selling out to the media and getting paid for their “inside information”.

  510. RubberDucky Said,

    Forgot to mention, James Brown, rock legend, who is the Godfather to one of Michael’s kids, died of heart failure, back in 2006 and guess who his doctor was?! None other than Dr. Murray. How convenient this is adding up, to a possible murder plot, well orchestrated, to be written off as an overdose, if Jackson is in fact dead. The more I see and hear, I hope he did pull off using the impersonators death as his own and is long gone, far away from this garbage, and all this stuff is a huge smoke screen.

  511. RubberDucky Said,

    the media just released that his life insurance has been paid out?! out can that be when no autopsy results have been released, and theres still a criminal investigation going on?!


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