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Is the King of Pop really dead?

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AEG Live were the promoters behind Michael Jackson’s comeback tour. As a condition of performing the O2 Concerts, Michael Jackson was required to pass a five-hour medical exam. Lloyds of London, the insurance company hired to cover any losses associated with the Concerts, had an independent physician fly out from New York to give the exam, and AEG Live was told he passed with flying colors.

If Michael Jackson was taking the amount of prescription drugs that the Media is alleging, wouldn’t that have been picked up in a blood test during this medical exam months ago?

As a result of the exam, AEG Live secured insurance cover for the first 22 concerts but were unable to get coverage for all full 50 shows at a cost of $500 million. They’ll now being paying millions to refund tickets, unless however the fans opt to have their tickets exchanged for the specially designed ticket created by Michael Jackson himself, a convenient way that AEG could re-coup some of their monetary losses.

AEG Live, will receive a multi-million dollar payout from the show’s insurers if reports linking the superstar’s passing to drugs are correct – because their policy covers death by overdose.

AEG Live bosses took out a $17.5 million insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London in the event a health crisis that would cause Jackson to pull out of his 50-date London residency.

If drugs are proved to have played a part in Jackson’s death, AEG executives will be able to recoup some of their massive losses – but not if he’s ruled to have died of natural causes, according to the company’s chief executive Randy Phillips.

It seems very convenient that the insurance policy held by AEG Live covered death by overdose, but not death by natural causes. It appears to be even more convenient that the Media almost immediately began to report that Michael Jackson’s Cardiac Arrest was almost certainly the product of repeated drug use and an overdose of the drug Demerol just before he ‘died’.

Claims have been made by the Jackson Family, that they knew of no such drug addiction and reports that the singers body was covered in needle marks are also said to be false.

So why then does it seem that the Media is so desperate to have us all believe the drug addiction story? Is it simply so AEG Live will recoup some of their money? Or is it because it’s the most believable story to make us all accept that Michael Jackson really is dead?

MARILYNN MARCHIONE, AP Medical Writer on news.yahoo.com reports:

When Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest, rescuers took him to a place known for bringing the dead back to life. A world-renowned surgeon at the UCLA Medical Center has pioneered a way to revive people that most doctors would have long written off, including a woman whose heart had stopped for 2 1/2 hours.

Tested on a few dozen cardiac arrest patients, 80 percent survived. Usually, more than 80 percent perish.

“They took people who were basically dead, not all that different than Michael Jackson, and saved most of them,” said Dr. Lance Becker, an emergency medicine specialist at the University of Pennsylvania and an American Heart Association spokesman.

Could Jackson, too, have been saved?

Crowds at UCLA Medical Center mourning the 'death' of Michael Jackson on 25th June 2009

It’s impossible to know. Doctors at the hospital worked on him for an hour. The UCLA expert, cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Gerald Buckberg, said he was not personally involved in Jackson’s treatment, and that too little is known about what preceded it.

“We have no idea when he died versus when he was found,” Buckberg said in a telephone interview.

However, the results in other patients show that “the window is wide open to new thinking” about how long people can be successfully resuscitated after their hearts quit beating, Buckberg said. “We can salvage them way beyond the current time frames that are used. We’ve changed the concept of when the heart is dead permanently.”

They call it “the Lazarus syndrome” for the man the Bible says Jesus raised from the dead.

Let’s be clear: No one is saying that people long dead without medical attention can be revived. The lucky ones in Buckberg’s study received quick help, and the reason they suffered cardiac arrest was known and could be fixed: blocked arteries causing a heart attack, in most cases.

Buckberg’s method requires:

_Prompt CPR — rhythmic chest compressions — to maintain blood pressure until the patient gets to a hospital.

_Use of a heart-lung machine to keep blood and oxygen moving through the body while doctors remedy what caused the heart to quiver or stop in the first place, such as a drug overdose or a clogged artery.

_Special procedures and medicines to gradually restore blood and oxygen flow, so a sudden gush does not cause fresh damage.

Without all three elements, patients might suffer brain damage if they survive at all.

“You can save the heart and lose the brain,” Buckberg explained.

UCLAand hospitals in Birmingham, Ala.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; and in Germany tested Buckberg’s method on 34 patients who had been in cardiac arrest for an average of 72 minutes. All had failed resuscitation methods with standard CPR and defibrillation to try to shock their hearts back to beating.

Only seven died. Only two survivors were left with permanent neurological damage. Results were published in 2006 in the journal Resuscitation.

Dr. Constantine Athanasuleas (pronounced uh-than-uh-SOO’-lee-us), a surgeon at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, treated one man in the study who had been in cardiac arrest for about an hour and a half. The man’s wife, a nurse, did CPR until a helicopter brought him to the hospital.

“He was flatlined,” with a heart “as still as your dining room table,” Athanasuleas said.

Doctors put him on a heart-lung machine, whisked him to the catheterization lab to see if he had artery blockages, then did bypass surgery to detour around them.

“The guy went home and was neurologically perfect” at least two years later, the doctor said.

Buckberg treated a woman who had been in cardiac arrest for 2 1/2 hours.

He would not send her to the operating room until her CPR and blood pressure could be maintained so further treatment could be attempted, he said.

Sadly, the woman survived all this but died several weeks later from an infection.

Buckberg has taken his work further in experiments with pigs in cardiac arrest. He deliberately deprived their brains of blood flowfor half an hour, then used his resuscitation techniques to bring them back, with normal or near-normal function. Results presented at a heart association conference last fall stunned many, including Dr. Myron Weisfeldt, a cardiologist and chairman of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

“He’s doing extraordinary things. You almost don’t believe the results that he got,” Weisfeldt said of Buckberg. “Most of us carry around in our head that if somebody’s brain is deprived of blood flow for 10 to 15 minutes that we’re just not going to get them back to any useful function. His data suggest it’s possible.”

Doctors in Japan, Taiwan and elsewhere in Asia have tried approaches similar to Buckberg’s with excellent results, said Becker, who is about to try it in Philadelphia.

“It takes training. It takes rethinking” to get doctors to adopt something this new, and funding for bigger studies to prove it works, Buckberg said.

This report gives even more credibility to the notion that Michael Jackson’s death was a Hoax. What now seems very likely is that he was sucessfully resuscitated by his doctors that worked on him for an hour, and was then transported via helicopter to the Morgue, where he could make his exit, unnoticed and undetected.

Michael Jackson could go on tour from beyond the grave. Plans are being hatched for a hologram image of  The King of Pop to appear on stage beside his brothers for a series of concerts, News of the World reported.

Jackson’s dad Joe and his brothers Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Jackie who were part of the Jackson 5, are behind the idea. They aim to have footage of Michael from his past group and solo tours projected at gigs next year.

The Thriller star would be following Elvis Presley, who “toured” the world in 2006 – nearly 30 years after his death – when a hologram of him was projected alongside a band and orchestra.

A friend of the Jackson family said: “They think the best memorial to Michael would be to have him back on stage for that final time – like he wanted. Michael’s dad and brothers think a world tour, where footage of Michael is projected on stage alongside live musicians, will go down a storm.” Yes, and we’re sure they also think we all believe that they’re just doing it as a ‘Memorial’ – with absolutely nothing to do with the insane mountain of money they would make in the process.

“They also believe Michael’s children will appreciate seeing him on stage in front of his fans as that’s something they never did. They think Michael would love the idea that he did fulfil his comeback dream by following what Elvis did. It is the perfect tribute to their superstar brother,” says News of the World.

It’s interesting to note that even the family are saying that Michael’s dream was to follow what Elvis did…..like faking his death for instance?

…and, Tribute? Right. Putting his children in the spotlight once again, the same children that he so desperately kept hidden for 95% of their lives before his ‘death’, is something I’m sure he would never have wanted…especially after having made their debut at his Memorial.

We believe that if the family is indeed going to perform this tour, that it is just more evidence to suggest that Michael Jackson is alive. The money made from such a tour would set all of them, and Michael up for the rest of their lives. Michael’s debts would have already been written off, due to his ‘death’ and he can enjoy his hassle free, relaxed life with his real children, while watching the concerts (for a change) from the comfort of his living room sofa in his new house hidden somewhere in Bahrain or Mexico.

Michael Jackson's Death Certificate - Incomplete and Questionable


 This is what ‘appears’ to be a copy of Michael Jackson’s Death Certificate.

The existence of this document, however, still fails to prove beyond a doubt that ‘The King of Pop’ is really deceased.

  1. This Death Certificate lists the Cause of Death as ‘Deferred’, meaning that even after two autopsies, they are still unable to provide a difinitive answer as to how MJ died.
  2. This Death Certificate has not been signed by a Physician. Survivors cannot bury or otherwise dispose of a corpse until a licensed physician signs a permanent death certificate or a medical examiner signs a temporary death certificate, this is the law.
  3. This Death Certificate has not been signed by any Coroner or Government Official.
  4. After the death certificate has been signed, local authorities usually issue a certificate of disposition of remains, also known as a burial or cremation permit. Crematories and cemeteries require this form before they will cremate or bury a body. This may be why MJ has not been buried, with no plans in place as yet to do so either. 

Death certificates are occasionally used to fake a person’s death for insurance fraud and to evade law enforcement officials or irate relatives. “Official” Los Angeles County death certificates, for example, were readily available in the mid-1990s for between $500 and $1,000 each.

Medical examiners (or coroners) list the cause of death as “pending” or “deferred” until further laboratory tests determine the actual cause of death. Except in unusual cases, disposition of the remains need not wait for the final autopsy report, which may take weeks to complete.

The issue with burying the body of Michael Jackson then, is that the Doctor and Coroner will not/have not signed his certificate.

The other reported issue appears to be that the Jackson family are divided about where to bury Michael Jackson, Neverland or Forest Lawn Cemetary.

California Law prevents burial of human remains on Private Land, therefore Neverland is out….

So what’s the hold up?

We believe it’s yet another ’stall’ by the Jackson Clan, allowing them some more time to get used to saying out loud that MJ has acutally died.

The memorial was easy, singing, talking, dark sunglasses and bowed heads, but to have to actually go ahead and stage the burial as well…the family obviously have to get it together and get their ’story’ straight before they go down that road.


Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson has demanded that a third autopsy be conducted on the singer because he believes that the pop icon died of poisoning. 

 Contactmusic reports that, Joe Jackson, who earlier this week said he suspected “foul play” in the singer’s death – is said to have infuriated his family by trying to take control of the singer’s funeral and demanding a third post mortem examination after two sets of tests disproved his belief that the ‘Thriller’ star was poisoned.

A source said: “Jermaine, La Toya and his wife Katherine all told him he had no control over the clan any more, but he does not want to let go.”

However, Joe’s daughters LaToya and Janet have reportedly splashed out for round-the-clock bodyguards for their dad – who had a turbulent relationship with Michael, who did not name him in what is believed to be his final will – after he received death threats.

The source added to Britain’s News of the World newspaper: “There are some very, very crazy Michael fans out there who blame him for what happened.

With the first two autopsies apparently ruling out foul play, Joe Jackson is not going to stop until he finds the information he is searching for.

Maybe the problem is that the person they’re doing the autopsy on isn’t Michael Jackson at all, hence the continual search for truth by Joe Jackson. Perhaps in this third examination, they’ll realise that it’s a double, which will explain why there is no death certificate, a two week delay with the funeral, and no open viewing of the body.

Can’t accept that MJ is actally dead? Don’t worry Joe, we’re right there with you.


Lou Ferrigno, Michael Jackson’s Personal Trainer for the O2 Concerts in London, has spoken fondly in an interview on

Michael Jackson's trainer Lou Ferrigno

 the Television show Good Day LA, about how MJ loved to play pranks quite often and how he would also disguise himself. He laughs and jokes along as he also tells how Michael used to place a Mannequin of himself in an ambulance to deter the Paparazzi. How very interesting…

Check it out here http://bit.ly/6tE4h

We would just like to say a resounding…WTF???

Perhaps all of us Hoax believers ARE right on the mark afterall!



In recent days, several new developments have come to light in favour of the theory that Michael Jackson has Staged his own death and pulled off the greatest Hoax of the Century. As we are already aware, the several inconsistencies surrounding his ‘death’ have opened our eyes to the fact that we are not being told the whole story.

We believe that if he really was dead then it would have simply been an open and shut case. For example: Michael Jackson was discovered to have passed away at home from Cardiac Arrest, 911 Emergency was called, he was picked up by paramedics and then sadly, pronounced dead. However, as we all know, it was not an open and shut case and there were far too many ’strange’ happenings and unexplained events that took place on the day he died.

We have been told that he was given a four hour medical, which he passed, in order to go ahead with the O2 Concerts in London. We have also heard that the night before his death he was full of energy, put on an amazing rehearsal performance (which just happened to be video taped…what a coincidence) and then just happened to die of a Heart Attack the next day.

We have heard the strange tales about his ‘doctor’ who allegedly injected the singer with Demerol a half hour before he collapsed, happened to ‘find him on his bed’, didn’t call 911 until a half hour after his death, refused to sign his death certificate and who disappeared moments after the ambulance took Jackson to the hospital.

We have seen the footage of Michael Jackson sitting up in the Helicopter ride to the Morgue, no doubt thanking everyone for putting on such a great ‘act’ and then saying ‘I’ll be off now’, as he was wheeled into the Morgue, then disguised himself and walked out the back door.

Now it seems, even more strange things are taking place, which place our Hoax theory as being very possible. Let us share a few points:

Michael Jackson and Deborah Rowe during their marriage in 1996.

It has been announced by Deborah Rowe, the Ex-Wife of Michael Jackson, that the late star is not the biological father of their two children. Deborah ‘Debbie’ Rowe, the mother of Prince, 12, and Paris, 11, has spoken of her “sham marriage” to Jackson in her first public interview with British tabloid newspaper News of the World.

Rowe, who married Jackson at the Sheraton Hotel Sydney in November 1996, said she was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor and likened herself to one of the thoroughbred mares she now keeps on her California ranch.

 ”I was just the vessel. It wasn’t Michael’s sperm,” Rowe told News of the World. “I got paid for it, and I’ve moved on. I know I will never see my children again.” Rowe revealed she and the Thriller singer never had sex and did not share a bed during their three year marriage, describing the union only as a friendship. 

Rowe reportedly then gave away her parental rights to the children in exchange for a $US 8.4 Million payout over nine years. Rowe said their’s was a shotgun wedding.  ”He wanted to pretend that we were a family.” She was 37 and pregnant and he was 38.

With this admission by Debbie Rowe, it puts to rest all of the skeptics who are claiming that Michael Jackson ‘would never stage his own death because he wouldn’t want to leave his children’.

Why wouldn’t he when they aren’t even his?

Secondly, we have the bizarre behaviour of Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson. It was quoted on E! Online that, ‘At this point, Joe Jackson knows more about his own record project than his son’s funeral plans’. Very disturbing.

Michael Jackson’s Father Joe Jackson and Al Sharpton at a recent Press Conference

At the BET Awards in Los Angeles a few nights ago, CNN’s Don Lemon attempted to interview Joe Jackson about the death of his son. Jackson answered Lemon’s questions with abrupt, detached answers, passed the mic to his spokesperson and attorney, and then promoted his record company.

Jackson’s answers were strange right off the bat: Lemon asks him how he’s doing, and Jackson responds, “great, I’m doing pretty good,” which seems like a peculiar thing to say after one has just lost one’s son. He then switches gears and says, “It has been really tough. Remember, we just lost the biggest star in the world.” Which also seems strange, as it seemed like a fairly detached way of phrasing things.

Don Lemon then asks how Janet Jackson and the rest of the family are coping with the news of Michael’s Death and Joe Jackson’s response is this,

“They’re all fine, but I want to make this statement…this is a real good statement here, Marshall and I own a Record Company called Ranch Records”, and shows great enthusiasm as he plugs the Record Label.

Either he is just a money-hungry heartless bastard or he is so composed and carefree because he knows that his son Michael is actually still Alive. Or perhaps it’s both!

Third, Reports that were made in April of this year stated that an Auction was planned to sell off several possesions belonging to Michael Jackson which were apart of the Neverland Ranch Estate.

Items such as amusements, a custom made horse-drawn carriage, antique automobile replicas, renowned international awards, arcade games, concert costumes, Disneyana, garden statuary, furniture, the actual (and quite) grandiose entry gates to Neverland and Jackson’s iconic white-jeweled glove.

A portion of the  procedes of this Auction were said to be going to MusiCares, a charity of  The Recording Academy, however the bulk of the funds was said to be going straight into the pocket of the King of Pop himself. This Auction was then cancelled by Jackson after the O2 Concerts in London sold out. Apparently Michael Jackson had found another way to generate some extra cash for his transition into a new Media Free Life.

With a life that claimed Depression, extensive use of Pain Killers, Debts estimated to be in the arena of US$400 million, constantly being hounded by fans and the media, and the pressure to deliver on 50 spectacular concerts at the age of 50, why wouldn’t you consider the possibility of faking your own death to enjoy a peaceful life on an island somewhere with nothing to worry about?

We’ve noted here that those of you who are non-believers are maintaining that Michael Jackson would never be able to pull this off, as he is too recognisable, or would never do it to his fans, but we want to say WAKE UP PEOPLE.

If ever there was anyone on the face of the planet who would have the means to pull off a Death Hoax with access to plenty of money hidden away offshore, transportation whenever and wherever he wanted to go, staff who would do anything for him, and the motive to want to leave his circus of a life…it’s definately Michael Jackson.

He may now be ‘dead’ to all of us, but he is absolutely physically alive…. somewhere.





Michael Jackson’s body was transported to the Los Angeles County Morge via Helicopter. This shows footage of his body ’sitting up’ in the helipcopter as it moves away.

Skeptics will say that his body was being ‘moved’ by someone out of shot, however, if he is dead and strapped down on a stretcher, then why would he need to be moved?

This footage just confirms what we here at MJHD already believed from the start. Take a look for yourself and see what you believe.

Get the latest News and Internet TV Online at isoftwaretv.com

NB: We would like to thank Billy for bringing this to our attention.

UPDATE: In response to the people who have made comments such as ‘He looked like a sack of potatoes’, and ‘He’s dead, so of course his body would move around on take off’, please keep the following things in mind:

The 911 Emergency call was made from Michael Jackson’s Mansion at 12.21pm. This is a half hour AFTER Dr. Conrad Murray found Jackson ‘Unresponsive’ on his bed and allegedly began performing CPR.

Jackson’s body arrived at UCLA Medical Centre at 1.14pm local time and a Team of Doctors and Cardiologists worked on him for over an hour until they gave up and pronounced him dead at 2.26pm.

Michael Jackson’s body was transported to the Helicopter which would then move on to the LA County Morgue another 35-45 minutes later.

Rigor Mortis will begin to set in after 3 hours. His body would not have been like a ‘Sack of Potatoes’ or ‘Moving around on take off’, because it’s not possible.



It is reported that Michael Jackson’s family is very unsettled and suspicious regarding the circumstances of his death. It has emerged that the family members may wish to seek an independent autopsy, amid mounting anger and frustration over the final hours of the tragic pop icon’s life.

The preliminary autopsy on Jackson was inconclusive and a final cause of death would not be known until exhaustive toxicology tests are completed in “six to eight weeks.”

This time frame is just too long for the shattered family to wait for answers regarding what really happened in the moments of Michael’s death. The Jackson family members were focusing their attention on the role of the singer’s doctor, identified as Conrad Murray.

They, understandibly have many unanswered questions and desperately want to know things such as: 

“When did the doctor come? What did he do? Did they inject him, if so with what,”

The reports claiming that Murray had gone missing in the hours immediately following the singer’s death have also deeply disturbed the family.

 ”His absence raises questions of substance that will not go away until they are answered,” Reverend Jesse Jackson said on behalf of the family.

If Michael Jackson’s own family are confused, suspicious and frustrated by the circumstances surrounding the singer’s death, then why can’t everyone else be?

If his own family are considering a second autopsy, clearly they are not satisfied that they are being told the WHOLE story….just like the rest of us!

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