Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

Photographic analysis between the hands of Michael Jackson and the Imposter in London
A Comparison between the left hand of Micheal Jackson & The Imposter at the O2 Press Conference


These images are a side by side comparison between the two left images, which are the left hand of Michael Jackson, and the left hand of ‘Michael Jackson’ at the O2 Press Conference in London in March 2009.

We believe these images prove beyond a doubt that it was NOT Michael Jackson that attended the Conference.

This discovery, in view of his recent death, begs the question, why would he not attend his own press conference? Was the use of this Imposter the first of many strange events that has possibly turned out to be the greatest Hoax the world has ever seen?

 If we take a closer look at the hands, side by side, we can see the many differences between the two.

It is clear that the two hands are not the same.

 Firstly, Michael Jackson has quite long and thin fingers and a long palm. The Imposter has short stumpy fingers with a very rounded circular palm

 The other obvious difference is the lines on the hand.

The Line of Mars, also known as the Life Line, on Michael Jackson’s hand is quite close to his thumb. The Imposter’s Line of Mars in much further into the center of the hand.

 In the images on the right, look at the pinky finger. MJ’s is quite dainty, thin and petite. The imposters is chunky, fat and flat.

If you look at the width of the palm, from  just under the index finger and extending across to the pinky. MJ’s is quite a small width compared with that of the Imposter, whos hand is quite wide. 

The base of the Imposters hand is very much like a fatty and chunky V shape. MJ’s base of his hand is very round and small.

 We now have proof.

If he has faked this appearance, one of the most important in his career, then how can we not believe that he didn’t fake more? 

 To view more information about Michael Jackson’s hands and the Palmistry analysis visit it here http://bit.ly/m5MFT


  1. Andrea Said,

    I knew it! I posted those photos in a comment to prove to Francesca that it was not his hands! HAHA. I agree, if he can have an impostor speak for him, why not fake his death for reasons that are clearly understandable. I rest my case.

  2. melia8383 Said,

    I knew that wasn’t him. If you have studied Michael Jackson through interviews or press conference. YOu would have known that that was an impersonator. When he came of this bus, I knew because of his walk and that bad “wig”. Michael always kepted his hair nice, especially in public!I seriously believe he faked his death!!!!

  3. Francesca Said,

    Great job! I knew it!!! There are still things I don’t understand. Did they use a double because the real Michael was sick? My personal feeling is that he’s okay, I hope this doesn’t seem too pathetic. I mean, that’s what we all wish for him of course…

  4. Andrea Said,

    Also, notice how STRONG Michael’s ‘Heart line’ is? If you believe all that palm reading stuff, a heart attack would surely be strange for MJ to have had. Just saying.

  5. Madason Said,

    I dont think its Michaels hand.
    But keep in mind, in both the Michael Jackson pictures the hand is sort of relaxed. But in the ‘Michael Jackson’ pictures right, it is stretched out more. The profile in which the hand is given, can determine how it looks. There are more similaritied between the comparisions in the first picture than the second, just two show how a hand can look different.

    But then again, that hand on the right is very stocky, almost swollen. The tips of the fingers are very big (swollen looking).

    It can’t be Michael’ hand……..or could it??

    I also do think you need to make more comparisons with other pictures of ‘the real Michael Jackson’, before you make such a big claim as this.

    You complain about how we only have 1 picture of his ’supposed rush to hospital and death’ and when you try to claim something you only use one comparision picture yourselves.

    My point: find more pictures and do more investigation into the matter.

  6. Bee Said,

    Now this is getting silly, and stretching it quite a bit.

  7. MISS M Said,

    Yes it looks as if an imposter was used. However that could be because Michael was not feeling well and used a stand in. Which does not prove he faked his death. It just shows he used a stand in.

  8. MISS M Said,

    I loved and knew Michael personally. To really think that he would die and have all these drug story around him. If you faked your death you would want it to be as nice as possible, you would not want people to know your personal business. Plus, to think he would fake his death for a concert and have all of these people unhappy, is truly not what Michael Jackson stood for. He stood for love and empathy for people in this world. If he did fake his death, and I sincerely doubt it, he would do so in order to gasin some peace, and to get his health back on track.

  9. jackoisalive21 Said,

    i knew this wasnt him, seriously the voice says it all. but in the rehersal its clearly him. and if you look at this guys shoulders dont you think they are way wider then jacksons? just an opinion he looks heavier than michael.

    i dont blame michael for faking his death i hope hes in peace now!

  10. Vee Said,

    I had to watch the press conference a few times because his behavior was so different. At first I had a hard time believing it him. Of course everyone is free to believe what they want, but I believe all the photos are of the same person, the real MJ. Look at the middle finger about half way up, there are two marks that you can see in all the photos. It almost looks like two small bumps. It’s definitely the same hand but taken from different angles.

    Also, I don’t believe there’s an MJ impersonator who is good enough to fool people except from a distance…maybe waving to a crowd from a limo, or entering and exiting buildings. I also don’t believe he died from the Pepsi commercial accident. None of that makes sense. I wish Michael were still with us, but I truly believe he’s gone.

  11. Andrea Said,

    The hand theory may be stretching it a bit – but there is no doubt in my mind that that man at the o2 conference was NOT Michael Jackson. For whatever reason it may have been for, it was not him – at all. But I guess no one will ever be sure.

  12. idk Said,

    it is this is all bs just because its mj doesnt mean its true the hands are obviously the same one of them is just sliightly turned thats why they look different

  13. Usagi Said,

    Sorry to disappoint you all, but that is the same hand.. just look at the middle finger. Can you see the two dents in the middle? Yes, exactly the same on both pictures.. the relative lengths of the fingers are also the same.. that would be very hard to imitate unless the “imposter” would have had really good plastic surgery performed on his hands which I find very hard to believe.

  14. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    That may be true, But you cannot change the linings in your hand. The lines in both hands are not identical to each other. Therefore, The hands are both different. Also, The base of the palm is different. Michael’s is less indented.

  15. kazza Said,

    I agree that it isnt MJs hand and that the base of his hand is different and the lines on his hand are different

  16. Sosh Said,

    If we look at the things that happenend from the ‘This is it’ announcement till Michaels ‘death’ all as a setup by AEG,
    Using an imposter fits into the whole story. Maybe Michael didn’t know the exact plans or didn’t agree fully.

    The plan of AEG having 10 concerts quickly turned in to 50 concerts by popular demand of the fans of MJ. Ofcourse AEG allready know at that point the concerts would never take place.

    Some costs had to be made (O2 arena, tickets, rehearsal, backdrops etc.) but these costs are little when compared to the extra income from their masterplan.

    From the start they knew Michael had to ‘die’. If Michael was able to run these shows or not, wasn’t an issue. They needed to create a momentum where everyone in the world was thinking off Michael again. Not only the 800000 people that bought a ticket. His death would be that momentum. They allready knew that lots of CD’s and DVD’s will be sold after ones death. Gaining more income than by the 50 concerts alone.

    The delayed first 4 concerts are all part of the plane. It covered for extra media attention and gave the illusion Michael wasn’t up for it. And then just after the final rehearsals MJ died.

    Fortunatley for AEG all of the rehearsal was Recored in Highdef and perfectly suitable to release as a DVD. It will sell millions as it are the last actions of the King Of Pop. Then there is also the memorial wich can and will be released at DVD/Bluray. Believe me! This will earn AEG and Sony (they agreed probably on a deal) lots of money.

    Maybe Michael was again a victom by the big money companies. Maybe he was the mastermind behind this plan to escape to a normal life and persuaded AEG to pull this off.

  17. ladylee1979 Said,

    last read in the papers was that michael was to high on drugs to appear at the 02 conference apparently they couldnt arouse him enough thus being 4hrs late to the gig everyone was getting itchy feet so decided to call in a jacko double to cover for him,also f there was any doubts in the legal side of things they could take finger prints from the decesed been as they have michaels prints from the court cases and best photo to use for comprasion his mugshot photo that had to be him in the eyes of the lawi dont want him dead i myself had tickets but i think hes gone let him go now

  18. alive Said,

    Did anyone see the speech given by Latoya at the Nokia after the memorial? She said something like Michael is watching and sees all of you (the fans) and he loves you all so much. What??? If anyone would screw up a death hoax it would be Latoya LOL But if she was referring to him being in heaven then why didn’t she say that or say from above or something? It’s just
    too wacky. When something dosen’t feel or seem right it usually isn’t. Just wanted to hear if anyone else thought this comment was really strange.

  19. goslinger1 Said,

    I have seen close ups of the teeth from both Michael and the “imposter”. The teeth are different! Similar, but not the same. You can’t disguise that–and a different photo angle can’t disguise that.

    I’m thinking about the fact that Michael was a true performer and LOVED the stage. I can’t imagine him willingly giving up performing forever. That was what he was born to do! Wouldn’t he rather die than give up his true love of writing and performing for his fans? Think about it. . .he has been doing this since he was 5! How can he suddenly shut that part of him off and run away to some island somewhere?

    I’m so torn. I hope he is alive, but if he “reappeared” he would have a ton of legal stuff thrown at him, wouldn’t he? If he faked his death, I don’t think he will ever come “back.”

    So, in a way, it’s as if he is “dead” anyway. I will never see him again on the stage–where he belongs. . .even if he is sipping a pina colada in some foreign land!

  20. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Miss M if you knew Michael, personally mabye you can asnwer me 1 question. The writwing in blue at his picture, at the memorial tuesday? This was the writeing: I`m alive, and I`m here forever. Why ONLY that sentece? Why not the whole song? Do you know that?. I Love Michael very much 2. And i have been to Neverland, he is the sweetest man ive ever met. But i do not know him the same way as you did.. And i am sorry to borther you, but i can`t get that sentence out of my head. Mabye it is just me, but i saw it as a sign from Michael, call me naive, idiot or something. I don`t know, it is just a feeling. I would give everything i own to get him back, everything. I just need some peace in my mind, for all of this, i have been crying nonstop for the past 2 weeks, and i have been so devasteded, that i hat to let my x take care of my son, the 1st couple of days. So please, if you have any idea, or anyone else has. Please tell me. I will NEVER accept the fact that Michael passed away, but i will have to find a way to learn to live with it, someday. Sorry again for bothering you, just needed to clear this of my mind. It is nice to saee that so many loved Michael, for who he was, and never passed any judgement on him or anything. I wish he could see this.

  21. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I didn`t see that, i have to admit that. But yeah, it seems kinda odd that she is talking about him, in pressence sence. Hmmm.

  22. bghoppy Said,

    If he is SO dead, why doesn’t this look like AEG and the family are criminally responsible. Why does no one draw the conclusion that it is possible here that in his weakened state, the people who stood to make or loose huge amounts of money depending on the outcome and the family who has ridden on his back like homeless monkeys (even or especially after death), had something to do with it? The only focus is the doctors. All that money and foul play was ruled out the FIRST day? Come on!!
    I may be crazy, but i’m not stupid. Something ain’t right on way or the other. I choose to believe it’s a hoax because of the horrific reality I would have to face if it’s true he’s dead. That being that if he did die of drugs, it means despite all that talent, wealth, and love of family and friends and fans, he still lost control and FAILED. Cause I believe people who die of OD, thats a failure of selfpreservation and regard for others.
    Has his life really followed the similiar arcs of Judy Garland, and Elvis, and Anna Nichole Smith, without one person having learned a lesson about fame, wealth, drugs, ect? Especially MJ himself who studied all these people lives in detail?
    Welcome to America, then, I guess.

  23. she_can Said,

    My understanding is that his “death” is maybe staged if we look at some facts.

    - apparently he was not willing to make 50 concerts at the O2 Arena but only 10 there and then embark on a world tour.

    very interesting article

    in case the link does not work, here is the article
    “MICHAEL JACKSON threatened to cancel his entire run of This Is It shows when 40 concerts were added without his permission, according to a new report.
    The singer announced at a press conference in London on 5 March (09) he would be performing 10 gigs at the city’s O2 Arena in July (09).
    Within days, 40 more shows had been added to the schedule – but Jackson was reportedly unaware of the plan by promoters AEG Live, and threatened to axe all 50 dates when he found out.
    Investigative journalist Gerald Posner writes on TheDailyBeast.com, “Jackson apparently knew his own limits. He insisted on no more than 10 performances… Behind the scenes, AEG and Jackson’s financial advisers had evidently worked out a deal that required the pop star to do more shows.
    “When Jackson learned of that after the press conference, it kicked off several days of stormy meetings, with Jackson at times threatening not to do any.”

    - the AEG insurer (Lloyd’s) policy covers drug overdose

    another interesting article:

    Here is a quote:
    The concert promoters behind MICHAEL JACKSON’s comeback tour will receive a multi-million dollar payout from the show’s insurers if reports linking the superstar’s passing to drugs are correct – because their policy covers death by overdose.

    - here is what his pal Mark Lester said TODAY about MJ

    “The whole circumstance of the truth regarding Michael’s death seems veiled in mystery, to say the least. You wonder who is protecting whom and why.
    “This is what I find so very mysterious – Michael hated needles. I gave him acupuncture twice, once for a sprained thumb and another time for a spider bite. He wouldn’t have any osteopathy because he couldn’t bear to hear the bones click.”

    source: http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/article/lester-jackson-hated-needles_1109285

    (yes I like this website)

    So my understanding with those 3 facts:

    his death is staged as an drug overdose
    - the media will focus on this idea that he was a drug addict
    - the test results will confirm it (allegedly)
    - AEG gets the payout from the insurer
    - Michael (who did not want to make his comeback the way AEG wanted him to do it) may just rest. The upcoming 2 albums + the around 100 unreleased songs is a good way to continue making what he likes without touring. Here my last point/ if some of you saw his Private Home Movies dvd released a couple of years ago, he said (in a funny scene btw) that he does not like touring but he likes interacting with his fans, travel etc…

    Please leave me your comments!

  24. Faith Said,

    I’m happy, because I knew it !
    I really think that this man was an imposter, just listen his voice, and how he looks… he laughs everytime… His face is so weird.
    I know people who aren’t fan of MJ even me, im not MJ fan, but when we saw four months ago this video, we agreed:
    Two ideas: 1)MJ changed totally his face, and lost his mind, totally crazy, or 2) A bad imposter who made us laugh !

    I’m not saying that MJ is alive, it’s another thing, but, be aware, this man isn’t MJ, i can swear it.

  25. Faith Said,

    Second thing, that i have read: the videos seems to be an edit !

  26. Andrea Said,

    Just saying – everything that continues to be mentioned on here by others, and my own speculations since day one of his so called ‘death’ have almost 100000000000% made me truly know that MJ is NOT dead. I just can’t wait till the day that he decides to tell the world and I will come on here and we can all rejoice because we KNEW we were all right to begin with!

  27. bghoppy Said,

    Let’s be scientific about all this:
    What are the provable facts in this case, that would stand up in court? Beyond the endless rumours and speculations, what do we have?
    Can you prove Mj is dead? No body, no death certificate, no proof of death letter. No suspicions raised about foul play (infact dismissed the first day, and never concidered since), only persistant insistance he died of drug overdose, despite no evidence given from a medical or law enforcement authority. (very convienient it takes 4-6 weeks for a final decision, sounds like when the “family” hits the stage) (and still, they would know what drug killed him by now, so why not release that litle info? Why no info about the second and third autopsies?) Lots of doctors and nurses spilling their guts about his private medical history despite hipo laws preventing speaking of such matters, regardless of life status.
    Can the stories we read and hear about MJ be concidered trustworthy and based on facts? No way. Every detail we ever learn aboutabout MJ and his family is then contradicted by someone else or themselves. Remember he is a man who had his PR people pump the stories of the HB chamber and the elephant man’s bones into the press, then tells the next reporter, that’s crazy, “They lie about me”. None of us can know the truth about this man and his life, and he himself has been instrumental in all that distortion.

  28. melia8383 Said,

    I hope he’s still alive…. I don’t know.
    I was watching the youtube video of the ambulance backing out of his driveway. Why would they go so slow, they didn’t even have their sirens on? If he was alread “dead” when they got there, the doctor would of signed the certificate. And they would of called the coroners.

    I’m sorry, but I never have seen an ambulance go so slowly, if it was an emergency!!!!
    And how could anyone of gotten that “last” picture with MJ? From what I saw his “bodyguards” was blocking the windows in the back, and the side!!!!
    The news are now coming up with more “stories” which makes everything just so darn confusing!!!!
    And no way knows where the “body” of MJ went!!!!
    That “death certificate” is fake, you can tell.” he lives with parents?” come on, he was renting a home.of course they would have latoya name on there, because on the news stations. they seen her living there at night. You can easily purshase those.
    Out of all the celebrities that had died Michael is the only one, you haven’t really seen?
    Nothing adds up?
    Doctor supposely found him in the bed not “breathing?”
    Doctor seen him collapse?
    Prince (the oldest son) saw him collapse and he thought he was playing?
    Can anyone get the “Story” straight?
    I just find it odd, the AEG insursed the tour (covered for drug overdose, but not of natural causes)?
    Just 2 weeks before the “tour?”
    Why didn’t they question MJ’s kids, since they was there? And the person who called 911? All they questioned was the Doctor?
    Well, most people know that at the O2 conference that was not Michael.
    Navi even said an a interview (somewhere on youtube) that MJ himself hired him to be a decoy and sometimes go to album promotions!!!!
    And the Jackson family is “way” to quiet in all of this. At the memorial the kids didn’t even seem sad! They were close to him, why wouldn’t they cry?
    People that were close to him said that he wouldn’t do drugs because he was crazy about being healthy, a vegan (barely ate), worked out. Hated needles!!!!
    This “story” that the media is feeding people is crazy, I never heard anything like this before!!!! If he was addicted to drugs, it would of been brought up, especially in his trials back in I believe 93-94 and 2005? A week ago Joe Jackson was everyone on tv now he’s not? And why haven’t they buried the body? I mean they was so focused planning the memorial and showing their “faces” acting, they couldn’t decide where MJ would be at?
    Makes nosense to me!!!!
    If he really is “gone” they don’t care, that what it shows.
    But I hope he not, he deserves to be Happy.
    At the memorial why did Marlon tell the story about when Michael was dressed as in old man at the record store? And where is Chris Tucker, Steve Harvey, Diana Ross,Liz Tyler. MOst of everyone that did him wrong showed up at the “memorial” like Corey Fieldman and a few other stars that talked about him when he was “alive”.
    What gets on my nerves is that all of a sudden Michael “passed” all these Fake A**
    Celebrities want to fake cry and get in front of the camera, to say how much Michael meant to them, please!!!!
    And now the media is bashing Michael saying the kids a “too white” to be michael’s, and he was “addicted” to drugs?
    Back in 2005, some of his “shady” ex-bodguards turned against and was saying he molested the boy.People will say anthing for money and camera time, just like now.
    This story is just too wild!!!!

  29. melia8383 Said,

    Sorry for the long comment, I had alot to say!!!! LOL

  30. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    ARGHHH ! im soooo confused, the hands do look different i must admit BUT i agree with the middle finger and the dents, they’re present in all pics. I sooo hope hes alivee !

  31. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    All im worried about is when he does come back, there are gonna be alotta legal issues to deal with, well atleast he will be alive aye ?
    - J

  32. monij Said,

    she_can: The points you made lead me to think MJ was murdered by AEG, they probably thought he would carryout his threat and if he “died of drug overdose” then the insurance would pay out.

  33. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    Melia8383: I must say a very good comment on the issue. Very valid too.
    im justt soo confused, this website gives me hope
    - J

  34. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    She_Can: Those are awesome points that you concluded. I enjoyed the articles, Thank You!

  35. Sosh Said,

    Murder by AEG could be possible. After all, they hired his doctor and possibly his other staff. Lets not hope this story is true. That would mean Michael is really dead.

  36. ladylee1979 Said,

    his hands or not dont change the fact that i wont be seeing my idol on the 26th july2009 i was so happy to get those tickets i laughed and cried for weeks gearing up for it then bang this is it was that was that i still cant get over it just dont seem real i cant imagine life without mike hes been there for me for 25yrs im angry and upset i cant see him again,also as for the ambulance they have to turn sirens off on the aproach to a property also 2 reasons it could of been goin slow either he is really dead so no need to rush or hes alive and used a mannaquin so no emergency also there is a law against faking your own death you can get arrested for it and as for the burial aint happening until they have michaels brain back and they can rest him in one piece.

  37. Goldie Said,

    i am also cunfused??????

  38. dianafan Said,

    I have been following this site with a heavy heart. I am sure MJ is dead, but where there’s hope there’s life. Just a couple of points to make about the faker. If MJ was bald and was having to wear a wig, why is the hand covered in black hair dye? Wigs don’t fade in the wash. Also, I know I can’t do this but maybe someone can – is there any way to pull a full face pic of MJ from the last rehearsal and put it next to the faker and a presumed real recent? That i would like to see. I have only watched the rehearsal twice as it upsetting, but to me MJ looks quite small (I know its a big stage lol) and the faker is massiveley broad in comparison. Can anyone do the photo analysis?

  39. feyaya Said,

    i hadn’t heard that AEG hired that doctor; i heard just the opposite, that it was michael who personally hired him. or am i thinking of a different doctor? i’m confused. i thought he was possibly murdered too, but that’s such a horrid thought, especially if we all want him to be alive, right? plus the murder theory goes along with joe jackson’s theory. we all know a sane person never agrees with joe, LOL.

  40. Jamy Said,

    I think you’re dreaming…it’s really the same person…it’s was definitly Michael in London… Picture on left are not clear and hand is not on the same point of view it is the explaination !
    Same nose (it’s hard ti have the same !) same chin same smile same voice !

  41. charbour Said,

    Hey, this is quite random but does anyone else agree that:
    when MJ first died ALOT of people thought he was truly dead. (I know I did) and then as time went by more and more people started to question the idea that our king was gone?
    I honestly thought that after the memorial EVERYTHING about Michael faking his death would just go in an instant but it’s actually got stronger. I was never around when Elvis died but was it this bad? Were all these things ganging up on Elvis?

    I am directly 50/50 about MJ at the moment.. This website made me 50/50.. I was 100% sure he was gone but this just makes so much sense!

  42. dianafan Said,

    Tmz – on the piece about self injecting – there is a comment that poppa joe was at MJs the night before and MJ was pissed at him. Did daddy finally come through for Michael?

  43. supermom75 Said,

    i do have the answer to this he did use an imposter on this concert confrence i had foud a interview explaining this is why he faked his death he was oringinally supposed to do 10 shows that is it that is all and then after he did his first anoucment for them he then a week later got smacked in the face by AEG that they added 40 more to it so michael did do the rehersal then he knew he could not do 50 he told thenm he was goin to cancel them AEG said no he was to perform them all he knew he could not handle 50 concerts so that is what lead him to fake his death from AEG or he was murdered because he refused to do them but i still think he faked it from AEG they really pushed him bad

  44. Andrea Said,

    @ diana fan LOL at you saying ‘poppa joe’ that really made me giggle!

  45. edenmalfoy Said,


    …had you ever heard MJ talk before? The voice and walk are dead giveaways that the ‘MJ’ at the London press conference was NOT him. He has an unmistakeable voice and it is not deep with a hint of an English accent (as the person at the conference’s was.)

  46. she_can Said,

    Concerning MJ’s children reaction to their father’s death, here is what Mark Lester (MJ friend and godfather to his children) said yesterday about Paris:

    Mark told Hello! magazine: “Paris told me, ‘Mark, don’t worry, Daddy has gone to live with the angels now, can we still come and stay with you?’”

    He added: “Paris was incredibly strong and consoling and pleased to know that all of them are welcome to stay with us any time.”

    source: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20090706/ten-mark-lester-speaks-to-jacko-s-kids-5f8abb3.html

    I would never believe that a girl who just lost her loving father would say that – some will say she is mature, wise whatever, I just don’t buy it at all.

  47. supermom75 Said,

    i am also a very close friend of michaels miss m and @she_can i am right where you are on this you think like me you cut and past between the lines and i do believe and feel that michael is still with us i do not feel that he has left us yet it is one of those feelings of this is not right something is not right they made alot of errors in this and i feel the turn out will come soon. sooner then we thought watch i give it a month

  48. supermom75 Said,

    if he did fake i think he consoled his children they are his world he loves them very much i feel when i watched janet console paris it was like she did not want to talk like she was being made too there were no tears and smiles from all the children i know if i had lost a father like michael i would be balling my eyes out

  49. Andrea Said,

    I also agree with supermom and everyone else who knows that something is not right. He is definitely not dead. Sooner or later it’s going to catch up with everyone and they’ll have nowhere to turn but to admit the truth.

  50. Samantha Said,

    Michael hated touring.
    And if he told the world he didnt want to do it, he would of been hated.

    So there was only one way to get out of it, either suicide (which i beleive not) Or to fake a death which is pretty clear what happend..

    Nobody knows for sure, but all these clues, Are making it beleivable. We just need to see what happens. I Love you so much michael <3

  51. dianafan Said,

    What’s going on with Mjs mate Brando? what has he been saying. I’m in UK so I don’t know, but commenters on TMZ are getting suspicious of him.

    - Andrea, poppa Joe is not an affectionate term Its taken from a UK programme called Waking the Dead Poppa Doc was the central character and he wasn’t a pleasant person. Like Joe.

  52. brando13 Said,

    I would love to believe he is alive and these theories are very interesting and it does get you thinking, I have looked and looked at theses hands at first I thought defo not MJ but after scrutinising over it I have to say it is our MJ the ‘fake’ hand is slightly posed backwards and if you really look at the lines there are the same you have to imagine that the ‘fake’ hand is in the same position as the ‘real’ one also the two little marks on the middle finger of both hands is a dead give away!! looks like a scar, and another thing no matter how much debt he was in and thinking he couldnt take the media hounding him anymore so he faked his own death why on earth would he put his children through it even if they were to see him again its hardly worth messing their little heads up for!!!

  53. she_can Said,

    Concerning MJ’s daughter Paris
    Jackson’s daughter wants to record tribute song for father


  54. she_can Said,

    Here is an article following MJ’s press conference in March


    An exert:
    Jackson strode into the Arena looking pretty healthy considering all the reports of his near death or fatal illnesses. Indeed, his face looked recently refreshed by cosmetic surgery, which would explain the many pictures of him with scarves and bandages. His mouth and chin are now more reminiscent of Steven Tyler. With the hair, he could also be confused with Carly Simon. But it’s Jacko, he’s wacko, and he’s backo.

    What do you think? Why were there rumors about a near death?

    How is it possible that rumors dwell on him being terminally-ill whereas he passed his medical examination with flying colors? why media don’t question this medical report then if he was so riddled with injection marks? isn’t it insurance fraud? there are millions of dollars involved. Logically, after finding all this bottles of empty medication wherever they found them, after so many testimonies about him being completely drugged up etc… the media should turn to the AEG insurer and find out what the hell is going here. Instead of that, it’s as if there were brainwashing us to believe that he was a drug addict.

    Now, I am still thinking about the whole autopsy thing, the brain not being returned yet etc… Do you think that LAPD could be covering up this whole hoax? I mean it’s not like it’s unheard of that there were conspiracies in history involving police officers and politicians…

  55. Andrea Said,

    @ dianafan – I knew it was not meant affectionately, just the term ‘poppa joe’ made me laugh. I have no idea why, haha.

  56. Martijn Said,

    Hello people,

    Quite a few people already described why one should NOT conclude that the hands at the 2009 London conference ‘prove’ that it was an imposter.

    Actually, I am the author of the ‘palmistry’ article about Michael Jackson’s hands:


    … and after seeing many pictures of his hands, I immediately recognized that this is blog-post is a 100% NONSENSE story!

    Actually, the hands sort of ‘proove’ that it definitely was Michael Jackson at the 2009 conference – which is e.g. confirmed in the LEFT HAND by:

    - the ‘ísland’ marking in Michael Jackson’s LEFT HAND in the heart line (under his pinky finger);
    - and the horizontal creases on the middle phalanges of the ring finger and the middle finger.

    Obviously, quite a lot of people don’t know how to ‘read hands’ … and likely they have only WANTED to see the difference between those photos.

    Again, a few other people already mentioned that the photos do concern the hand of the same person.

    By the way…

    I think a few days ago a much more interesting ‘HOAX’-related story about Michael Jackson’s hands was revealed by actress Cicely Tyson (who was a friend of Michael):


    Michael Jackson’s single white hand glove and his ’sexy’ fingertape + his armbrace… were all created because of his skin problem due to his VITILIGO!

    (But by fact, this ‘hand glove’ story comes actually very close to the truth!)

    Have fun!

    Greetings from The Netherlands,


  57. Sosh Said,

    Paris ‘wants’ to record a song for her father. Does she want it or does the rest of the family think it will earn alot of money…

    When i read this kind of news, I begin to think Michael is dead and his family doesn’t care about it. All about the money. Hence the absense of any tears during the memorial.

    But lets hope Michael is still alive…

  58. bghoppy Said,

    Dianafan, i agree with you about Miko, he seems like a scumbag. Really, your the guy that threw the towel on his head back in “84’s burn accident? And I think there is some resemblance b/w him and blanket.

  59. she_can Said,

    LaToya on MJ’s death


  60. bghoppy Said,

    None of them can even get the hospital stories staight! And since when has she been “closer to michael than anyone”? i recall her doubting his innocence regarding molestion on NATIONAL TV. I can smell the love from here.
    And Jermaine is just as bad. You were his backbone and voice? Let’s not forget this dude(also known as Muhammad Abdul-Aziz) has a kid named Jermajesty. In 15 December 1973, Jackson married Hazel Gordy, who is the daughter of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy.[5][6] Their first child was Jermaine Jr., born in 1977, their daughter Autumn was born the following year, and Jaimy born in March 17 1987.[7] Jackson also had a relationship with Margaret Maldonado during his marriage. He first saw her in a Los Angeles restaurant, who was dining alone and requested his friends to go and ask and meet him.[8] Both, his wife and girlfriend were pregnant at the same time (4 months difference). After his divorce with Hazel, he convinced and stayed with Margaret. The couple had two children; Jeremy Maldonado Jackson, born in 1986 and Jourdynn Michael Jackson, born in 1989.[9]

    Jackson converted to Islam in 1989 after a trip to Bahrain.[9][10] Jackson has publicly expressed his religious beliefs after being part of the Big Brother house, while staying there he has prayed and fasted. He has also publicly said he had hoped to convert his brother Michael to Islam, saying it would have provided him with ‘peace’ and ‘heal’ his problems.[11][12] He is the only Muslim in his Christian-raised family.[13]

    Shortly after separating from Maldonado, on 18 March 1995, Jackson abruptly married Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza, who is also the mother of two of his brother Randy’s children. The couple had sons Jaffar, born in 1996 and Jermajesty, born in 2000.[9] Jermaine filed for divorce from Alejandra in November 2004, which was finalized in 19 May 2008. Jermaine was ordered to pay $50,000 for Alejandra’s legal fees and $50,000 for child support in August 2007; this was in exchange for Alejandra’s waiving her right to spousal support.[14]

    Halima Rashid became Jackson’s fourth wife, she is of Afghan descent, who married in 2007.[15] They currently live in Los Angeles, but frequently travel to London and Bahrain. Jermaine has 8 children: 3 with Gordy, 2 with Maldonado and 2 with Alejandra. A daughter, named Dawn, was born in 1984, mother is unknown. During his brother Michael Jackson’s 2005 child-abuse trial, he was a staunch supporter of his brother, coming to Michael’s defense on CNN’s Larry King Live and appearing with him in court on numerous occasions. And on June 25th, 2009, Jermaine broke the news, that at 2:26 pm (PDT) his younger brother Michael Jackson had died at age 50.

    Which brings up something else. The timeline of the stories breaking are messed up too. Apparently TMZ didn’t “break” the story exactly but got it off of another site (i can’t remeber the name of the site but it has the no. 17 in its title) which posted the news at 1:10 pm and then TMZ gets credit for breaking the story at 1:30 pm. Aren’t they on the phone with 911 at that time or some time near it?

  61. tmorris15 Said,

    Watch this vedio from Larry King………

  62. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,


  63. smileygirl24 Said,

    please someone explain this?? i got this of a girl on here i was freaking out OMG
    is that michael kissing the person on the forehead open casket??


  64. AngelW Said,

    More Proof that the body in Michael Jackson’s house is a bad copy of micheal. I just found this on youtube tkae a good look!!!


  65. AngelW Said,


    The Photo for the O2 you can see the hand of a imposter who had clear heart desease,the fingers had drumstick fingers and the nails are green/grey.
    This is normal for a man that had a heart desease.
    When I came over here for the lupus,well its normal that when you use btw piroxicam nsaid/ you keep fluid in your body and feel very sick. So no dancing is possible at all. I’ll know it because I have fibrositus and that is reumatics, and I know all about those medications.
    {muscle’s and knees and figers feet}blow upo like a bal.So then it could be Michael his fingers? Only there is one thing: the line’s in the fingers are not the same, and those fingers are short from that imposter Michael.

  66. AngelW Said,

    Proof..I draw all the line’s
    100% a imposter MJ at the O2


  67. Angel36 Said,

    Yes that was Michael kissing James Brown in the casket.

  68. MichaelJacksonDunnoImHisMrs Said,

    Wow looks like he was wearing no makeup during his observation of the rehersal.

  69. AngelW Said,

    Watch out New Makers change there url in gossip!! ABC had the true and hide the whole storry from dr Klein so for now
    a compilation:

  70. Andrea Said,

    to angelw – good work on the drawing of the hands, haha. and yes that is MJ. he attended James Brown’s funeral and indeed kissed him on the forehead!

  71. emanviam Said,

    I honestly don’t know what else to think…obviously, the hands of MJ are the same….either he was excesively happy that day and had extra make up and we didn’t notice, and we are just trying to find a cure for our excessive pain that we are holding in our hearts…probably, even if they show us pictures of him dead, we will still say “oh, that is a plastic doll” or something, just to never accept that our wonderful angel is gone…
    I am so sad, that I am crying, specially after I read La Toya’s statement….
    I wish we could have an answer for all this…
    Michael, please….if you ever read this, please know that I am sad because I know you felt alone, but some of your fans, like me, would give you our most honest and open friendship with nothing in exchange, other than your extraordinary friendship.
    You are an angel, I love you. Very much.

  72. dianafan Said,

    I read somewhere today on the internet about a guy called Rockwell who I think is possibly Gordys son, he had one hit which I know that I know but can’t remember – and he seems to have vanished. This could have something significant as I must have been googling MJ conspiracies. I think it was about him being a double as well. Could be way off the mark – just a guess.

    bg hoppy – do you know why Brando is coming under scrutiny? We know nothing about him in UK – TMZ posters are turning on him a bit.

    Hmm – Marlon Brando had a private island called Tetiaroa in Polynesia/Tahiti – he didn’t own it he had a 99 year lease from 1965 – still a few years left, although a hotel is being built there now. Could Brando jnr have any access to this island or one close by?

  73. Jamy Said,

    yes i know mj’s voice.And hands are definitly the same…maybe mj is alive (i don’t think but why not) but your proofs are not good proofs !

  74. He.is.alive Said,

    dianafan !!! Interesting theory your’ve posted re: the Island of Tetiaroa Marlon Brando has a lifelease on .. one of MJ’s bosom buddies, Miko Brando Jr. could very well h-a-v-e access to that place, and assuming he does … well, anything is possible, isn’t it ?

    However, if you were suggesting or implying that MJ might have escaped to that location and IS there to gain solace, privacy and peace, it would not be such a perfect hiding place after all with the hotel building construction going on. Under the circumstances, would it not endanger MJ to be exposed sooner or later if he had dropped off to Tetiaroa …. something tells me a likely location he is hiding out at is rural eastern europe where he can be safe for the time being … wheras, at this point, he could be literally be anywhere .. I pray for his safety and peace …

  75. AngelW Said,

    I draw all the line’s over,and sorry its not Michael’s hand Jamy.

  76. Dee Said,

    Admin, Thanks for this site now here is my piece….

    When Michael supposedly got pushed into the van covered in a white sheet. We all saw this broadcast live, I for one kept looking at his feet. I had no idea at the time, because I was just in awe… Yet every time I saw the footage of his body being moved into the van from the copter on the way to the morgue, I stared at his feet. It wasn’t until a few days later, that I realized that his feet were pointed. A dancer, any performer always point their feet. Even actresses when lying on a beach, in a bedroom scene, wherever…. point their feet. Its all about the lines. We are talking about MJ the best dancer on the planet, his habits are far passed habitual by now. He’s a showman he would point his feet, a dead man cannot point his feet.

    Further more, if you look at this video his body is a basket, when he left the hospital in the copt his body was on a gurney and we saw him get up, we saw the camera guy realize he may have caught too much and switch scenes. Also in this video the basket is on the floor and is carefully slid out to gurney and the placed in the van. Another thing I thought it strange that these men have the dead body of MICHAE JACKSON and yet they seem calm as hell, they actually seem to me by their body language finalizing plans….

  77. AngelW Said,

    And Latoya is a nice comedian.
    Cause who owns that billions now..???The Jackson Family of cause!!!That’s wat they think right now. Give me a break I stay cristal clear. Every tear from that family
    and now Michael is murderd?
    No his dubbel is murderd,cause this is gonna be a murder case.But not Michael his dead!! That imposter his dead. Lucky they have the brain..dna proofs everything, and that is not MJ his brain they have.

  78. bghoppy Said,

    dianafan, Miko is under NO scrutiny here in the US, along with everyone else for that matter.
    Along the lines of that Island, Apparently Marlon was going to sell that to MJ, but died b4 paperwork could be completed.

    And can we give the GHOST stories a rest and that is MJ kissing James Brown at JB;s funeral! AGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!1

  79. Andrea Said,

    I agree with you bghoppy! I can’t begin to count how many times people have been saying in here that it was MJ kissing JB AT HIS FUNERAL!!!! Hhahaha HOwever, Miko was on larry king live I believe and they asked him if he was the father of blanket and he just nodded his head a ‘no’ manner. and then they asked if he knew who the father of blanket was and he once again nodded his head in a ‘no’ manner. WHO KNOOOOOOOOOOWS~ These stories get wackier and wackier every day!

  80. dynamite Said,

    Yes samantha he hated touring theses a video of him on youtube saying he hates touring but likes relating to his fans, they told him to do the interview again but without the negative comments and say that he likes to tour, Poor guy was told what to do and what to say all his life

  81. dynamite Said,

    Type in michael jackson talks about touring on youtube and see for yourself, lol he is so cute in that video

  82. ejay5131 Said,

    In the video of MJ being taken out of the helicopter and put in the van, anybody else agree that that is the FLATEST body we have ever seen???? I mean I know MJ was thin but lets get real!

    I love you MJ<3

  83. ejay5131 Said,

    I forgot to add, the stretcher is also bouncing around like there is absolutely NO WEIGHT on it. Take a look at the video, you’ll see it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lC90CfHBeA

  84. admin Said,

    The Michael Jackson Hoax Death Forum is now up and running and ready for use. Please feel free to start new topics and continue your discussions there, in an easier to manage environment.

    MJHD Admin

  85. patutte Said,

    Poster number 5 & 56 make some pretty good points. Funny thing is, number 5 mentions the apparent swollen look of the hand. There’s a reason why the hand appears to be swollen. It is. While many people are aware of Michael having Vitiligo, not many people seem to know he also had Lupus. Either that or they’re not aware that one of the effects of Lupus, is the swelling of the hands. I know because I work with someone who has lupus.

  86. dynamite Said,

    i agree it was way two flat to have a body in it

  87. Wendy Darling Said,

    At the first sight you can see the way the impersonator walks, moving the shoulders, and the abrupt gestures. Michael is much more gentle. I´m sure this guy is left handed and i think Michael is right handed. And this guy has a bigger mouth and a prominent chin too. This guy looks more a 70´s glam rock star, or a R. Stone member, than our tender and elegant Michael!

  88. Andrea Said,

    me and my mother both agreed on what you just said wendy darling, as SOON as we both saw that press conference. his walk is so macho..like wtf? MJ does not do that! sorry!

  89. melia8383 Said,

    Michael’s lupus went into remission in the 90’s.

  90. Wendy Darling Said,

    Look 3.43-3`53, I´m sure he is not Michael.

  91. melia8383 Said,

    Wendy Darling, you are right Michael (the real one) is right handed.
    This guy at the O2 announcement is left handed.

  92. patutte Said,

    Sure it might have went into remission. But considering there is no cure for lupus, it’s not like he couldn’t of had a recent flare up prior to his death.

  93. flower Said,

    HI if yo u take a look at this site they have photos of mj hands and they compare them to the other photos of mj hands also if you click on to mj doubles you will c a photo of a guy who looks like the real mj but it shows that he may b wareing a mask its woth taking a look it may answer some questions to guy at o2 please let me know what you think http://WWW.MICHAELJACKSONNOTDEAD.WORDPRESS.COM

  94. NiShA97 Said,

    well…ok tis is not MJ. but cud it be that d one who really died is MJ n his impersonator is d one who was caught fleeing US?

  95. lillina Said,

    com’on guys
    the first hand is the left, and the second one is the right hand(in my opinion), that’s why they are different (mine are different- the right hand doesn’t look TOTALY like the left hand!)

  96. lillina Said,

    I was taling about the first photo
    -about the second photo….well the picture of the hand on the left clear..so we can’t say for sure that he is not MJ!

  97. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    IM only gonna say this once. THAT IS NOT MICHAEL AT THAT 02 thing. Trust me on that.

  98. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    When I saw footage of teh O2 announcement I immediately thought that somehting was weird. What had Michael done to his face? Again? Why was he wearing that awful wig? He was way too pale, the texture of skin was weird. Then I noticed the teeth. They are different. Cant fake teeth. Hands look different to me too. But is was his behavior, the fist punching, the hunched shoulders, and Michael was thinner than that imposter. They keep showing that a still photo of that O2 on CNN whenever they discuss Michael and it makes me want to throw something at the TV. Not only is it not him, but that person looks like a ghoul, not beautiful Michael.

    Ughh! What is wrong with the media that no one is picking up on this?

  99. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    ok did anyone what a strange coincidence this is that he promised his fans that this last tour was his ‘final curtain call’ and i’m pretty sure that’s a term people use for death?? wat do u think?? he is the master of disguises…. he believes in “magic”

  100. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    and ummm also…. it isn’t impossible for michael to just stay in hiding and have someone elso do all your shopping and watever for you. He was already barely seen in public anyway so it’s not that big of a deal honestly… i think he may be under witness protection.. don’t u think??

  101. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    and chek this out aswell… http://dangenbrack.wordpress.com/2009/06/26/is-michael-jackson-in-the-witness-protection-program/

  102. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I agree with you. It is not a problem for Michael to stay in hiding. He has people around him, that noone knows about. They could do things for him…

  103. laurenmcn817 Said,


    the MJ on the right has the same hand as the 1 at the press conference in march showing you that it was the real Mj at the 02

  104. Scarletroad Said,

    I really really want to believe in my heart that Michael is alive and I do think that there are many controversies surrounding his “death”…But i totally don’t agree with this argument. Given the different lighting and slightly more relaxed gesture in the first pic i think the hands are identical! About his smile and mannerisms and stuff…I watched an interview of MJ in the mtv website (it’s called Michael Jackson in his own words), it’s not an interview that’s been shown much because he only talks about music, and there he looks EXACTLY like the person you suggest is an imposter. PLUS, there are many photos from the O2 press conference which are taken very close up and you can see MJ’s eyes through the super dark sunglasses…and you sure as hell can’t mistake those eyes!

  105. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    NOPE! Noway in hell. ITS NOT MICHAEL. His eyes, you are right about that, you sure in hell cant miss those eyes. Its Not Michael. Trust me on this. I know what Michael`s eyes look like. The 1st thing i thought, when i first saw him there, before he “died” was ” Oh dear God, that is deffently not MIke” And it isent. His a very good lookalike. But thats not him. Please trust me on this.

  106. Scarletroad Said,

    That’s what i first thought too, but then changed my mind after these photos I saw (they are on http://www.mjjpictures.com under 2009>appearances>O2 Press Conference.) You can really see the eyes in some of the pics there, please check them out if you have some time and let me know! They seem like mj’s eyes to me but I’m very interested in your opinion cause you seem really devoted!

  107. Mojofi Said,

    So MyBelovedMj why are you so sure it was not Mike at the O2 in London ?

  108. MariannaB Said,

    My post got lost due to server traffic – I’ll rewrite it though.

    There is no doubt after having seen the pictures that the person at O2 conference was MJ.
    The hands are the same but a lot older – and with swollen finger joints. They look very paincausing.
    It seems that MJ was suffering from rheumatism.

    In this case, a fateful circle had startet.
    The more and the stronger painrelieve medication is being taken, the less a patient will notice cardiac problems or aches in the chest.
    The issue is, that people suffering from rheumatism are 2 to 3 times higher in risk of a cardiac attack or arrest.

    The above content is cited from a medical study executed at Mayo clinik in Rochester, Minnesota in the 2000+ years.


  109. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To: Scarletroad.

    I have been looking at all the pictures now. Took me an hour. I cant see his eyes, his sunglasses is to
    damn dark. I really wanted to see it. It bugs me, because I am devoted to Michael, (like you said) very much, indeed I have been for some years now. I love him so much, I cant put into words, or details, cause it would take to long. He really changed my life. I cant imagine my life without him. I miss him more and more each day. My heart is with Michael where ever he goes.

    So its kinda hard for me to talk about him. But I have to. I have always protectet Michael, when people where saying things about him, and I always will.
    Could you please tell me what row I can see his eyes in, because I looked really hard, but I couldent see his beautifull eyes. .
    The smile is all wrong in that picture. His lips are 2 large, the strip on his Jacket sits to high above the albowe. Call me Naive, but i still dont think it is Michael. I just wish i could see his eyes. Damn, no desguise can fool me, when it comes to his eyes, that is why this bugs me. Grrr
    So mabye you could link the picture where I can see his eyes more closely?? That would be nice, would make it a bit easier for me, cause there was many pictures.

    About his fingers, I dont think they look that diffrent, they are a little ringelt. (Sorry Michael, if you see this) He still seems pretty handsome and sexy to me, that will never change.
    If this is indeed Michael, something is VERY wrong. Why would his voice and accant change? His smile and lips? Plus on one of the pictures he is pulling his pants up. Since when does he do that? Hmm This is all wrong. Im sure he is alive, and I have a feeling where he might be, but im not sure though. ¨

  110. Scarletroad Said,

    To MyBelovedMJ

    I totally understand how you feel. I also miss him more and more everyday and it hurts so much even thinking that he’s not with us anymore… I trully hope he’s alive and well somewhere…
    Sorry for making you check every picture. I’ll post the links to the pics I think his eyes are more visible, but first please also check the following two links! They are from the same site and it is MJ on his way to the conference and really, you can see his eyes through the sunglasses extremely clearly in those!!



    ok, now the actual o2 pics:





    Regarding his smile and lips, please check out this interview: http://www.mtv.com/videos/news/406506/michael-jacksons-innovation-and-creativity.jhtml

    his smile and lips are identical there!! Also his voice is deep in that interview too.
    Let me know what you think!

  111. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Ive just looked at it.

    Like i said, no disguise can fool me.. Michael what the hell did you do to yourself. MY GOD hun. I love you. I need to know where you are. He wasent on drugs that i know. But this is all wrong, its not Michael, what is happening here??
    He has NEVER acted like that before. I cant see it, i couldent even look at it. My heart just broke. This is the 1st time ever i feel like i was wrong. What happent to you Michael. I know you are not dead, I know you needed to rest, and you are. But why do this?. OH MY GOD. I wish i could be there with him, supporting him, listening to him, show him that he CAN trust someone. Im not gonna change my behavier just because i see Michael, why would i? He wants to see the real deal.

    I know he is alive, and i have a feeling of where he might be, i just need to do more invastegation.
    I love him, more than you would know, I will not go into details, cause it would be to hard, and i dont want people to ask about him, if you know what i mean?

    Thank you once again for posting it. And dont be sorry for letting me look at all the pictures, even though it was heartbreaking, i had to do it.

    I want to thank to
    you for Loveing Michael the way you do, I know it would mean alot to him. I certainly means alot to me.

  112. elizabethvitale Said,

    I knew that wasn’t him too by the hand size.

  113. mmz Said,

    I am new looged in in this site,but I read every day all posts.I am italian,sorry for english mistakes.I will do my best.
    First of all I want you to know that this site has helped me a lot in the last times. Believing MJ alive makes me feel much better.
    But now I have to say something that will a bit disappoint all of you(me included).
    Yesterday I spend all night comparing michael jackson 2006 pictures,together with the “imposter” of London conference,and the conclusion made me cry:THE GUY AT THE CONFERENCE IN LONDON WAS REALLY MJ. (same as 2006 award event)
    I am pretty good in computer graphic,and compared pictures with michael in exactly same position.
    COnsidering that his eyes cannot be compared(since he wore sunglasses) i focused on the most MJ recognizable face detail: the smile.
    Teeth shape are EXACTLY the same (look at left side MJ typical unlined teeth).
    also hands line.I found 2 pictures in perfect same position(one dated2006,one 2009 London conference. Exactly the same.Really did my best for discovering the truth.
    Now what i feel is that we all fans ( it is 25 years I follow him,and made him one the best reasons of my life) we called an “impostor” our beloved MJ,and we have had doubts it was him at conference…I am sad for that.
    Ok,me also I thought that was not him.
    -the walk
    -the accent
    -the tone of voice
    -the mannerism
    -too many smiles
    -any “little shiny attitude”
    -too tall (seemed)
    but now I realize that these are all details that cannot guarantee that was an impostor
    Teeth,mouth ,hands are objective values.And now I know they are the same.
    Now,let’s try to give a reason to what still seems not be as michael:
    -consider that he was going to announce his come back tour,after long time far from his fans.
    He was of course kind of over excited (that is the reason of walk,of him laughing so much, his accentuated mannerism).-remember Bashir interview point in Berlin when he was “too much excited”hearing his fans screaming for him down of the hotel??pretty same attitude.
    Then,he seems taller,since he was thinner than usual.
    The tone of voice.When I am a bit cold,or if I slept few hours,my voice is deeper.We cannot say he was not him because of the voice (consider also the microphone regulation).
    Please,believe that he was him. Now I know for sure. ANd I am angry with myself since I doubted.We all are fans,and we kind of betrayed him with these suppositions.
    Anyway,I still have hope he is still alive. Even if that guy was really him.
    All other comments in this site are right (family attitude, the memorial, good reason for him to fake his death,the certificate..etc..etc),Actually,I don’t agree with the video of him standing in the helicopter. People were moving the body.
    Now,I hope someone will help me to find other NEW circumstances that he is alive.Give me please more reasons.I need it.
    PS I have the files with the pictures comparisons,but I don’t know How to attach the documents in my post.SO that I can share with you the work I ma doing on it.
    I consider you all my friends,i don’t want to fight against anyone.I am just searching for the truth. I just hope that wherever MJ is, he will not feel betrayed by us.
    another question.It has been said a certain Dimitri was a very good look-alike.I searched for a picture of this guy,but cannot find.Can you help me?

  114. mmz Said,


    I am sorry and sad to say it is same hands….
    but we have other good reasons to think he is alive!!

  115. charliechaplin Said,

    Hi Admin,

    I’m not sure if somebody has pointed this out before, but I just noticed the MJ has a sort of 2 scars in the middle part of the middle finger of his left hand.

    see last part: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/8121209.stm

    Can you determine if ‘MJ’ at the O2 has it also?

    It looks faded on this pic but seems there: http://mjjgallery.free.fr/2009/appearances/o2press/081.jpg

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