Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

MJHD would like to thank all of the Members of this site for their valuable contributions to the theory that Michael Jackson Hoaxed his Death on June 25th 2009.

The MJHD Forum has reached it’s capacity and is now available in a Read Only Format.

We encourage believers of the MJHD to continue to post their findings as comments to the Posts and on the other pages within this site.

If you have any valuable theories you would like to share, we encourage you to send your information to


MJHD Admin still stands by the belief that all is not what it seems with Michael Jackson’s Death and would like to bring this site back to what it’s original intended purpose was:

To investigate the strange and conflicting circumstances surrounding the ‘Death’ of Michael Jackson.


  1. Thetruth Said,

    If I got everything straight, you are closing thé forum because of the childish beahavoir existing there?

    I hope this commentbox will be absent from those people whose indend is to destroy.

  2. Sosh Said,

    I’m really sad the forum is down now. It was a great place to change ideas about a possible hoax death. All news was analized there first. I hope you aren’t in trouble now by running this site.

    Do you continue to update the frontpages with new items if available

  3. flower Said,

    admin dont blame you to tell the truth you should of closed the forum down a long time ago it just got to out of hand it went right of track. it became a place to put other ppl down and attack ppls post (bullying is what i would call it) and please dont try to attack me because i dont care less what anyone has to say im here to look into the hoax death thats all, im not here to have a show down with anyone or to have my spelling checked by anyone lets just hope some ppl learn from their mistakes, once again thanks admin for all your time and hard work

  4. semserifa Said,

    It’s a shame the forum is closed! We don’t have any other way to share and debate our thoughts and ideas with each other. Still, I understand what might have been your reasons to close it! Thank you for all the information. I hope someday the truth will come out.
    All my love*

  5. Copenhagen Said,

    To Admin:

    I thank you Admin for opening my eyes in connection with Michael “passing”. I have learned a lot and have had many interesting discussions here from the very beginning. But I also understand why it must have reached its capacity now.

    AliaX and I were discussing a very interesting theory and I would like to continue this with AliaX. How can we do that ?

  6. RubyMJfan Said,

    I dont understand what uu have had to do and why??
    Can sum1 plz explain it 4 mee, thaanks x

  7. wecanhealit Said,

    Were the people on here too close to the truth?”

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