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Is the King of Pop really dead?



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Michael Jackson taken by Paramedics

June 25th 2009

The story was frequently updated with details about the timing of the 9-11 call, as well as a picture believed to be that of Jackson arriving at hospital via ambulance.

4:30 p.m. EST – TMZ.com posts: “We’ve just learned Michael Jackson was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Los Angeles … and we’re told it was cardiac arrest and that paramedics administered CPR in the ambulance … and it’s looking bad. He was picked up at his home around 20 minutes ago (4:10 p.m. EST) — we’re told his mother is on the way to visit him.”

5:06 p.m. EST – The Los Angeles times posts a brief story reporting that Jackson had been taken to hospital. Around this time, TMZ had already spoken to members of Jackson’s family, including his father, Joe Jackson, who told them “he is not doing well.”

5:20 p.m. EST – TMZ reports on its website that Michael Jackson was dead at 50, reporting that sources told them Jackson was dead when paramedics arrived at his home, and that the scene at the hospital was “absolute chaos” when Jackson arrived, with people screaming “you’ve got to save him!”

6:15 p.m. EST – The Los Angeles times updates its online edition to announce that the singer was pronounced dead at the UCLA Medical Centre. Fifteen minutes later, TMZ had spoken to a grief-stricken Tito Jackson who told the website he had regrets about not having spoken to his brother “in a while.”

6:30 p.m. EST - TMZ posts a photo of mother Katherine Jackson arriving at the hospital.

7:49 p.m. EST - The Los Angeles Times posts a news story about Jackson’s death that contains quotes from people gathered outside the hospital, none of whom were members of the singer’s direct family.

June 26th 2009

Police launch an investigation into Michael Jackson’s death following reports that the singer might have died from a drug overdose.

The announcement is made that a post mortem examination is due to be carried out to determine the cause of Jackson’s death, though it could be weeks before toxicology reports reveal whether he had any drugs in his body.

The Los Angeles Police Department is looking to find the doctor of Michael Jackson, who seemingly fled the scene after Michael Jackson collpased. Police were very anxious to question Dr. Conrad Murray after impounding his car from Jackson’s home Thursday night.

Information that Dr. Murray may have administered an injection of Demerol, narcotic pain medicine used to treat moderate to severe pain, to Michael Jackson just before he died, sparking rumours that the Doctor gave Jackson an overdose.

June 27th 2009

Police finally locate the personal physician of Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray who was said to be present at the time of his death and who  is also alleged to have administered CPR while Michael Jackson’s body lay on his bed. They begin questioning the doctor in regard to the unanswered questions that surround Jackson’s death.

The Family release a statement that they are ‘dissatisfied’ with the inconclusive results of the Autopsy given by the Los Angeles Coroner and announce that they wish to have a second autopsy performed on Michael Jacksons Body.

It is announced that custody of Michael Jacksons children would most likely be going to Katherine Jackson, his mother, however, Debbie Rowe, the children’s mother had also expressed a desire to gain custody.

June 28th 2009

Police release a statement indicating that they are satisifed that Dr. Conrad Murray, who is alleged to have been present during Michael Jackson’s last moments, was not involved in the singer’s death and that he is not a suspect.

Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, attended the BET awards in Los Angeles and appeared surprisingly calm and cool. When asked how he was feeling in view of the recent events he replied that he was ‘feeling good’. The comments of Joe Jackson are a complete contrast to the touching and emotional speech given by Janet Jackson during the awards that night.

Slow motion footage of Michael Jackson’s body in a helicopter on the way to the LA County Morgue is relesed, which shows what appears to be his body ’sitting up’ as the helicopter lifts off and moves away.


  1. SriMathe Said,

    news, entertainment, adult topics or just general topics. Keep up the good work.

  2. Mary Said,

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson!You might? be gone, but you will never be forgotten!

  3. perfumeflower Said,

    When I saw the photo of Michael in the ambulance,the first thing that struck me was the colour of his skin? I’m also sure his nose is a different shape. I also noticed that this person had much more ‘fat’ to his face. Michael had a slimmer face. I might just be looking into things that are not there, but nothing adds up.

  4. quesarasara Said,

    Okay, I’m just going to say this because I’m a healthcare professional and that’s all the credentials I have. CPR is performed in the middle of the breastbone, this looks like it’s closer to the collarbone. When you do cpr you have to be about an inch away upward from the xyphoid process (a little sharp point where your ribs come to a cross.) I’m just saying, the cpr doesn’t look right. It’s all the way up to the collar bone. Also, if he was ‘bald’ as Quincy said, why is there so much hair? And his skin looks way fatter then perceived in prior pictures.

    Also, any CARDIOLOGIST would know (especially a cardiologist if any doctor at all) that CPR can ONLY be perfomed on a hard surface, NOT the bed!!!

    Also, why the hell aren’t there burial proceedings in place? This is Michael Jackson for crying out loud!

    Lou Ferrigno said it best in his little interview on that LA morning show.

    I also like how according to some the kids are ‘great, playing and having fun at Katherine’s house’. What’s up with that? Why is someone announcing that these kids are having ‘fun’?

    Also, where is Macaulay Culkin? Why hasn’t he made a statement yet? He was extremely close to Michael, even testified for him in the molestation trial. What’s up?

  5. Mimi Said,

    ok say if he did were would he go common he like known all over the planet were would he go

  6. wishful09 Said,

    The ironic thing is that Michael Jackson is so unique looking that anyone could pretend to be him.

  7. Cutiesinger1976 Said,

    It is hard to see if this is or isnt Michael, the thing about his face being fuller, that could just be because there is a breathing mask over his face pushing any fat he has in his face up to give the illusion that his face looks fuller possibly? As for the CPR, I cannot comment on that as I dont know anything about it. I have been on this site and scoured loads of hoax stories on this and I just do not know what to believe! I would so love for Michael to still be alive and watching all this going on, albeit I would be well annoyed that he did this to us fans but I understand why he would have to do it also. The video of the body in the helicopter, that is clearly someone in the helicopter adjusting the body as far as I can see.

    All this hoax drama happened when Elvis and Jim Morrison died so it was inevitable it would happen to Michael since he has been such a key figure in so many lives over the years.

    I would just like to know where the hell his fans were when he was alive! It takes him to die (allegedly) before we take him back into our hearts! There’s no truer a word spoken than, “you dont know what you have until you’ve lost it”!

    Michael if you are dead god bless you my sweet, gentle soul and if you are alive I understand that you had to do this and I hope you find peace now because you deserve a break.

    I love you Michael always and forever.

    Marianne xoxoxoxoxo

  8. Mimi Said,

    Michael Jackson death certificate please please look at it and tell me what you think ASAP


  9. Cutiesinger1976 Said,


    I’ve looked at the Death Cert, what’s wrong with it? Cause of death, Deferred? What does that mean? I am royally confused!

    The memorial broke my heart yesterday, but I still kept thinking was he even in that casket? He was prob watching it on TV himself, at least I hope he was! I want him to still be alive, I don’t want him to be dead, it’s too sad!

    And if he IS still alive, do you think his family know and all those performers and people who read tributes to him know and they are all in on it or do you think only his close family unit know? I doubt all the people who contributed to the memorial would know, like, come on!! Far fetched much!

  10. Baldrick Said,

    The word “defeered” means delayed. So I guess the so called CPR should have kept him alive until he reached the hospital

  11. Mimi Said,

    His family would know but know one else, for an example if hea was really dead do you really think his family will bring the coffin and his body init for the sake of the fans or artist which some of them werent there for him wen he needed them. but were would he go and how, when and why has his children taken the masks off, plus ther ent no proof of his body apparently they buried him before they even went to the memorial.

  12. Kim Said,

    To many things point to the fact is a great big hoax,and Michael Jackson is still alive,
    Another question I have why didn’t anyone use ,Automated external defibrillators (AED) allow almost any lay rescuer to bring cutting-edge technology to victims of cardiac arrest. These devices deliver enough energy to reset a quivering heart and allow it to beat normally. Used with CPR, an AED can provide the jolt necessary to truly save a life.
    Also if you look at the picture of Michael Jackson getting CPR, why is the mask not over his mouth and nose.
    Another thing I would like to point out, I saw a news clip,I do not know with TV news station it was, about Michael Jackson transfer at the Hospital to the Helicopter, and the Body shape under the white sheet looked totally different on the stretcher, as the body coming of the Helicopter been transferred into the corners van. I been trying to find the clip, but had no luck so far.
    Also where was Liza Marie Presley, I thought she would have turned up to the memorial Service.

  13. flower Said,

    no i also do belive mj is dead to many things are just not right, and thats not him at 02 and not him in the ambulance no no no and their are a few ppl in on this hoax, all i hope is that he can get away with this and live in peace but its so sad that he had to do this, the last time i think the public truely seen MJ is the footage from the staples centre mj we love you so much and we understand but its breaking my heart more and more ech day

  14. flower Said,

    sorry that should have said not dead

  15. ejay5131 Said,

    Why were the Jacksons totally involved with TMZ.com that day? And how could TMZ be the first to know over anyone else, they reported it like that second. I believe it was Jermaine who said he heard Michael had died on the radio and then had to call his mother to confirm it. COME ON…you heard it on the radio??? NOBODY FROM THE MJ MANSION CALLED THE JACKSON FAMILY??? Something smells “hoax”y

  16. supermom75 Said,

    i agree with ejay

  17. bexuk Said,

    Not only was tmz.com the first to break the story, even before Jermiane had issued the statement saying MJ was dead, but ever since that day they have taken the lead in the story, posting regular story updates on the Mj death saga which are then being taken up and re-posted in the uk media.

  18. Juicypefkos Said,

    quite interesting theory there…very mystery,,,

  19. bghoppy Said,

    On Larry King’s Inside Neverland, Jermain told Larry King he heard about MJ when a CNN reporter called him.
    And i have read that TMZ took their story from a report at logged twenty minutes before on a site who’s name i can’t recall (it had the number seventeeen in the name). What time are they on the phone with 911? I have also read people in Europe were hearing reports of his death even earlier, from before the 911 call.

  20. nyla Said,

    ok jus say MJ isn’t dead isn’t dead and the whole thing is a hoax for whichever reason, does this mean that the family are in on it too?? even after the emotional statement from Jermain and Janet? also the daughter of MJ? Are the kids not grieving as such because they know that their father isn’t really dead. Although there is some evidence that MJ is alive, there are also some factors that indicate he is dead. At the moment his sister La Toya claims he was murderd and says at the time of his ‘death’ he was lonely. What i don’t get is that if you know that someone like a sibling or friend, someone you really care about is hurting then why wouldn’t you be there for them and stay true to them. As well as the celebrities like Mariah Carey who turned up to the memorial they wern’t the only fakes, some of his family members wer too. The only sibling who i think stayed true to MJ was jermain.
    Also can i just say that if MJ did die then why wouldnt Jermain do his utmost best to make sure he had an islamic burial?? this don’t make sense. you would do anything you possibly can to make sure someone was buried the right way in Islam even if you don’t know them as such.
    As for MJ’s body?? has anyone seen that?? Can the kids say how he looked at that time, whether he had long or shoulder-lenght hair, his skin tone, the fat on hus face. Can anyone recall that and truthfully give an answer that would make sense. They say that the rehersal footage was not that from a couple of hours before he died but was from several years ago. MJ hair was different. So someone is lying

  21. Samantha Said,

    What gets me the most is that, Why do they show on the news Katherine michaels mother, going to the Hospital?

  22. dragon Said,

    did all noticed as well,that the picture in the ambulance caravan ….that theres another strange thig?

    i have that pic in front of me in a bigger size.
    on his forehead u see over the nose end a big artery….even if someones almost dead,this wouldnt be so big,if it would be michael.

    and when u take look at michael in action,he doesnt even have such an atery……

  23. LadyVain Said,

    I think that the nose that many people see as different is cause by the shadows caught in the photo and by the fact that he had all those machines connected to his mouth.
    For example, i see his face all expressing anger in that photo in the ambulance, but i guess every single one of us has it’s own point of view.
    Sadly, there’s no one to confirm if we’re wrong or right…

  24. emmie Said,

    all im saying is that i hope he is alive and well and i hope heis resting.i dont think he want people to try and find him if he is alive.i think he will come back when he is good and ready..so i think he must just enjoy his music and keep his memory alive

  25. emmie Said,

    im keeping his memory alive bygoin to the 02 arena and just remembering him with many other…22nd july i wud have been seeing him in concert
    loveu michael

  26. mjfan Said,

    Okay I just want to say I think it’s truly bizarre that Katherine Jackson was shopping at target for a bunch of camping equipment the day after her son died. I saw the video of it. Now i”m not saying that means MJ is alive. I’m just saying,what kind of mother plunks down a bunch of cash at Target the day after her kid dies to buy a bunch of camping equipment.

    In what universe is that normal behavior?

  27. emmie Said,

    mayb she just wants to keep thinks normal for the kids sake,its not gonna be good for any1 if she just sits around crying all day. people have many ways 2 mourn.she now that she is responsable for the kids she has 2 mourn differently. its normal.
    even if michale is alive he did it because he wants to be left alone, but people are still trying to see if he is alive and try and find him let him rest

  28. Jessie Dai Said,

    I believe Michael is alive!

  29. artisticflare Said,

    I really hope Michael Jacksoni is alive and happy! Love you soooo much!1

  30. Shauna Said,

    I want to believe Michael is alive but sometimes I have my doubts. I agree with the ppl that said the memorial looked fake. I have been crying more than his family and i didn’t even know him. There is too much going on and the stories keep changing. That guy at the o2 press conference was not Michael. He wasn’t very convincing. Michael walks with grace and sort of glides across the room, that guy stomped and was humped over and looked confused the entire time. Michael was shy and that guy was acting cocky. I don’t know what to think. Maybe he is in Heaven and looking down at us right now.
    If Michael is still alive, he doesn’t want to be found. Look at all he did just to get a normal life. I hope he is still alive and finally getting some peace. I have always loved Michael and I always will.

  31. MjFerdina22 Said,

    First of all, I have no idea what to believe or not. But one thing I know for sure is, this whole dead thing is very strange. What I notice and I don’t know if there are more but, why does the media so wants to confince everyone that he is dead? Then I want to make a statement about his ambulance photo, and the imposter at London, If you look closely at the imposter you see a vein on his forehead, if you look good you see that same vein on the person in the ambulance who suppose to be MJ, and from what I saw from MJ he didn’t had that Vein, what do you think?

  32. How Does It Feel Said,


  33. How Does It Feel Said,

    so what is new? Has anyone heard any more news and i mean any new news?

  34. shell12 Said,

    Michael is dead,that is him on the gurney.I refuse to belive he would put his fans and children through all this pain,peole are killing themselves for God’s sake.

  35. Killah385 Said,

    Shell12, You say that you don’t think that Michael would put his children through all of this pain and what not, but who’s to say that they’re not apart of this whole hoax situation. Michael Jackson is a person who always wanted to live a normal life! He could not even go to the grocery store without wearing a mask for crying out loud! And as far as his fans killing themselves goes, his fans did that out of their own ignorance!!! I mean come on! Yes I know that it’s Michael Jackson, and yes I know that he has a major impact on probably the entire world! But why would you go as far as killing yourself just because your idol ‘allegidly’ died??? Do you think Michael would kill himself if he found out that one of his fans died???? He would probably be sad, but I highly doubt he would kill himself for that because he still has something to live for such as his family and his children, and i’m alomost positive that those people/his fans, had something of the same nature to live for as well…. I mean why would they kill themselves? what? because they wanted to be closer to Michael??? PLEASE! Give me a break!! The only thing they’ll be closer to is the wrath God would put upon them for taking there own lives!!! The last thing they did before they died was sin against God and broke His Commandments, so where do you think they’re headed???? Don’t get me wrong or anything, but I’m not the one who makes it a practice to judge another person, but when the time comes to speak the truth, I’m all for that! I mean, What’s going to happen now when we all find out that Michael is really still alive and well?? I know those people would wish that they hadn’t done what they did. If those fans really paid attention to MJ, especially in his interviews, they would remember this one very important thing he always use to say, which is ‘Do not become a tabloid junkie’, ‘Just because something is written in pen/ink does not make it gospel’, and lastly, MJ always use to say, ‘do not believe everything you read or watch on the news’… And if you would also read the lyrics to his songs such as xcape, and the others, you would realize that MJ has been sending messages out about his plan to escape for a very long time. So when all of the pieces of the puzzle comes together like this, it would really make you think that Michael is still alive and still out there somewhere, living the life he always wanted with his children…. I just pray that God keeps him safe and shielded, and Blessings will forever follow him and his family…

    Michael, Regina C. LOVES YOU MORE!
    Be Blessed!!!

  36. MjFerdina22 Said,

    Shell12 I’d love to make a comment on your message. First of all, If he is alive Im sure his kids are all into the whole hoax, second, even tho Michael loves his fans more then ever his own life is importand also. Im sure that on his age he would never be able to pull of 50 concerts. When I logged into this site today I readed that a newspaper wroted that He would die within 6 months, So or they can see the future, or they knew he was going to pull a hoax out. I believe MJ is alive more then ever, and i don’t think that he will come back,I don’t blame him.

    Much love.

  37. emmie Said,

    people are killing them selfs you say??
    but how come it hasnt been broadcasted…??
    if people really are killing them self how come its not all over the internet and papers and news..


    look at theses pics of michael every 1, so cute

  38. Mjiloveu Said,

    he is not an old when u saw him inside the ambulance! All news are shit! They went to MJ house but cant recognise the old man as what they saw was MJ. This all stories make me sick! Really miss u MJ!

  39. je Said,


  40. ILoveMichaelJJackson Said,

    I think that Michael is alive

  41. elizabethvitale Said,

    Good work. Thanks for all of the info. I have already pointed out your site to a few people.

  42. gusgonecrazy Said,


  43. elizabethvitale Said,

    Generally a person is placed head first into the ambulance, but I don’t know the rule. There is no way this photo was taken from outside of the ambulance. The windows are way too dark even for a high powered camera it seems. This whole story has so many loopholes. The reflections don’t substantiate the photo. I said it from day one of Michael’s stated death there is something not right about this stated death.

  44. mordor Said,

    we always had him in our hearts!just he didnt show anything new..people has their own lifes,troubles and worries..and also we have so many performers who still doing new songs.Michael didnt show him selv so often..people didnt reacted about him..thats natural….Im from slovakia and honestly i didnt hear much about him in last few years..I was a big fan as a child I was dreaming about to merried with him sily i know but i did love him a lot..then i growed up and i didnt hear much about him.but he was always in my heart..someone like him cant be forgotten…but..
    and know we all who was in the same situation as me,found him again..and start to feel him!doestnt metter thats it happend just know..important is,that it happend..he changed something in our hearts.the people are much better,sharing the love..because of him..hi did the change..the way he choiced is painful..but we nerer know when he is coming back.just keep the fait and love each other

  45. alley Said,

    #38 made a good point.

    I too heard on the news that the paramedics said they didn’t know that it was Michael because the person was so white and look like an old man. Well how come the ambulance picture has him with color.

    Also, remember on the 25 or 26 June they said that his skin was paper thin white. Well is it not strange that the ambulance picture tells a different story.

  46. icebluestarlight Said,

    Hi Guys

    Could this be the footage of the trick MJ played on the Paparazzi that Lou Ferrigno was talking about? He said MJ put a mannequin in the amulance to get rid of paparazzi in the past

  47. RubberDucky Said,

    this picture is from when his hair caught fire in the pepsi commercial. how is it that NO picture exists of Michael jackson at any point that day? Why is the media publishing this old picture?

  48. mjjforever72 Said,

    The pic above I have noticed something too about it, the nose, the nose I see in the pic is more pudgy, kind of more to the face. I know michael’s nose was more slim and had more of a point to it so I believe that is NOT him in that pic in the ambulance.

  49. D.Verboeket Said,

    Hi everyone,

    What the hell???? Forum closed? :S Chat is gone also? What the hell is going on? I read that it’s still possible to post replies (like the one I’m writing now I guess). I was just about to post about a Dutch newswebsite, stating, that Dr. Murray gave MJ propofol, went to sleep himself. During his nap, MJ woke up and asked for more painkillers/tranquilizers and that his housekeeper then gave him Deprivan, which in combination with the previously administered propofol proved to be a lethal combination…………..I can’t find anything about this on TMZ, nor on this or any website……Please get this forum back online! Pleaaaaaaaaaase! :S

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