Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

First of all, watch the video above and pay attention to some key elements about this person who is supposed to be Michael Jackson. Look closely at:

  • His Mannerisms
  • His Voice and Accent
  • The way he keeps touching and adjusting the Microphone, as if he has no idea what to do with it or where it should be
  • His hands
  • His walk
  • His Chin
  • His Smile
  • His Hair
  • They way he barely speaks and when he does only says certain words again and again, ‘This is it, this really is it’
  • The way he keeps his head down and keeps moving around all the time
  • The fact that he only actually speaks for a maximum of 10 seconds.

Now compare all of the above points with the Michael Jackson in above interview with Geraldo a few years ago, keeping all of the afore mentioned things in mind as you watch.

There is no way that this is the same person. We will agree that the face is very similar, however this is easily achieved by plastic surgery. The voice, mannerisms, and smile are all totally different. If you are still not convinced then take a close look at these images below.

Side by side comparison of Michael Jackson and the Imposter

The image on the left was taken a couple of years ago. Compare that with the image taken of ‘Michael Jackson’ at the Press Conference this year.

First of all there is a very distinct difference between the skin tone. Secondly the shape of the lips and teeth are are totally different. The imposters lips and teeth are very wide as compared with the more rounded shape of the Real Jackson. 

There is also a disctinct difference with the ‘cleft’ in his chin. The Real Jackson’s cleft is more of a dot whereas the Fake Jackson’s cleft is a defined chisel out of the chin.

The other thing we have to keep in mind is that the scars that are so noticeable in other close up images of MJ, which are present on the outsides of his nostrils due to excessive surgeries, are not visible on the imposters nose.

Finally the hair is very different, and I know it’s easy to say that is because it’s a wig, but wearing a wig doesn’t change the shape of your head, and this persons head is clearly very square, as opposed to the Real Jackson who’s head is obviously very rounded and pointy.

The more we watch the video footage and look at the image comparisons, the more we can see that this is certainly NOT the same person.

The REAL question is whether or not this imposter was put in place because the REAL Michael Jackson actually skipped out months ago, along with his REAL children. This would explain why the Death had to be staged, because this imposter was not qualified or talented enough to perform in any concert, let alone 50 concerts.

Any lack of ‘talent’ or ‘Original Micheal Jackson Energy’ that could be picked up on in the Final Rehearsal Footage, would easily be explained away by the fact that he ‘was unwell & fatigued’ the night before his death. Also that he was 50, and didn’t have the energy that he used to have.

This fact, however, will still not stop the release of this same Rehearsal Concert on BlueRay Disc by MJ’s father, Joe Jackson.

Perhaps Joe isn’t so upset by his son’s death, because he knows he’s hiding out. Meanwhile, Joe Jackson’s new company Ranch Records, which was so conveniently plugged by him at the very first interview he had after the announcement of his son’s death, is going to be funelling MJ the money that the explosion of sales of all of his Albums, Blue Ray Discs and Memoribilia has produced in the last few weeks.

Watch. Look. Listen.

These claims add up more so than the ridiculous stories that the Media is trying to force feed us.

  1. tis_ruthy Said,

    I have looked at what you typed and looked at both video’s extensively, as I have no life lol. Seriously though, when I first saw Michael here in England promoting the new tour my initial reaction was omg he looks so different. I have been told this is Michael Jackson, so it MUST be Michael Jackson, right? My brain is confused so I try and explain the difference to myself. People do look unbelievably different with different hairstyle. The sunglasses change a persons face too. As for the chin and shape of face I put this down to maybe more plastic surgery and forgot about it until now, here on your website. I agree his skin colour is different, the teeth are not the same and the chin does look different too. It could be an imposter, plastic surgery, make-up…it can be done, but there is one part of the face you cannot copy and that is the eyes…Michael has very distinctive beautiful eyes, no plastic surgery in the world could make a persons eyes like Michael’s….hence the sunglasses…his eyes are kept hidden…very clever!
    ok Do I get paid for this? lol

  2. tis_ruthy Said,

    You may like to read this newspaper report from March this year…..http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1159645/Trembling-gaunt-100million-debt-Michael-Jackson-makes-final-entrance.html…read the last section….seems otthers noticed the difference in Michael’s face…hmmmm

  3. Hatenessx Said,

    When I looked at the stance of Michael and his entrance on stage, I thought, typical Michael. It’s him. But the first word that came out his mouth was very low pitched, and it seemed that straight away he noticed this and began talking in Michael’s higher pitch. The guy is very overwhelmed with all this attention, which is weird since Michael has been apart of this attention ALL HIS LIFE and wouldn’t become as giggly and nervous as he was there.
    They’ve tried to cover his face as much as possible, the big wig, the sunglasses etc. And of course with Michael’s Vitiligo his skin gets paler, not tanned! This is all a cover up.

  4. Andrea Said,

    It’s obvious that is NOT MJ. But there is really no denying that the photos released of him from his ‘last rehearsal’ 2 days before he died, IS CLEARLY the real MJ. Along with the video rehearsal footage, HOWEVER. Who knows WHEN those videos were actually shot. With everything going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were actually shot 2 months ago, same goes for the ‘last photos’. Who knows. I know this entire thing is a scam, and there are too many people out there who are too blind to see it. I have a feeling he will come back, though. It’s in his NATURE to pull these kind of things. Why can’t more people seem to realize it instead of believing what everything the media has to say? Pft.

  5. Andrea Said,

    One another thing – Does anyone else agree with me on the fact that it has taken them ALMOST 2 WEEKS to ‘bury’ his body?! AND that the memorial is going to be at the Staples Center and they aren’t aloud to tell the fans what they can expect to see, but that there will be NO PUBLIC viewing of his body at all?!!!!! I MEAN WTF? Seriously.

  6. lionsroar Said,

    you may want to check out this report from march 6th 2009 in which they ask dermot o’leary what did mj say to you. “When Jackson finally arrived on stage, the first thing he did was give presenter Dermot O’Leary a big hug, even though they had never met before, and whispered something in his ear. So what did the superstar say to the TV presenter? The answer is prosaic. According to a bemused O’Leary: “He just asked me ‘Is there an autocue?’” why would he ask for an auto cue?.


  7. Cassandra Said,

    When I first saw this’comeback’announced I remember the first words out of my mouth were “That is not Michael Jackson.” How could no one else not notice this?! The voice gives it away as does the color of his skin! He’s out there somewhere…

  8. Yes555 Said,

    Well, whoever stood in for Michael at the press conference certainly bares a striking resemblance to the person rehearsing on June 23rd:


    Honestly, I don’t know what to believe. Many things simply do not add up. However, this website also states that the real Michael Jackson may have died on January 27, 1984. If that’s the case, then why are we even bothering to compare the ‘REAL’ MJ’s photo from ‘a couple of years ago’ with the ‘imposter’?

    A part of me believes he’s still alive, and maybe he is, I don’t know.

    “One another thing – Does anyone else agree with me on the fact that it has taken them ALMOST 2 WEEKS to ‘bury’ his body?! AND that the memorial is going to be at the Staples Center and they aren’t aloud to tell the fans what they can expect to see, but that there will be NO PUBLIC viewing of his body at all?!!!!! I MEAN WTF? Seriously.”

    I am just as puzzled as you are about that. 2 more days until we find out.

  9. nycscenie Said,

    When i first saw the first video a couple of days ago i remember sayin “wow michael has a little macho swag in his walk now”. And now i see why he walks like that; cuz it NOT him lol. I never saw the WHOLE video till now and it was very disturbing to watch cuz it felt like i was watching a different person on there. It didnt seem natural. Actually when i watched part of it a couple days ago on youtube, i had to stop it cuz i felt uncomfortable watching michael act like that. I thought he was high or something on stage! But yea, it makes sense now especially with the comparisons of the pics and vids. The only thing i wanna disclaim is what if he got more suregies and thats y he looks different now than a couple of years ago?

  10. wishful09 Said,

    That is definitely not Michael! I know people criticize people for having conspiricy theories and what not, but some of this makes more sense than what the media has been saying. I cant even follow most of their reports because the stories keep changing. I think we will find out Tuesday. Or at least in the comming months.

  11. Andrea Said,

    I would like to know, if AEG Live had recorded HOURS of footage from his ‘last rehearsals’ how come they only released 2 minutes of it AND they chose THAT song. Look up the lyrics, and you’ll see what I mean.

  12. bexuk Said,

    I read recently in anewspaper artcile that Michael was ‘as high as a kite’ giving that press conference (I will try and find the article and post it), which could explain the way he acts, the nervous giggling etc.

    Im not sure what to believe, he looked so different at the press conference but I just put his actions down to him being ‘Wacko Jacko.’ You never know what to expect with Michael Jackson

  13. bexuk Said,

    Found the article its here


  14. mrs h Said,

    I have said from when the tour was first announced that this was a hoax/scam. There was never going to be a tour – ever. This was a scam for MJs creditors to get their money back. They couldnt rely on a successful tour as Jackson was too unpredictable. They hatched a plan and poor Joe got the wrong end of the stick. When they said “pretending Michaels dead will get his music selling again” Joe being hard of hearing took that too mean he must promote his latest venture. I dont believe it was MJ at the 02 announcement, I dont believe he died last week.I dont know where he is but he is not in any mortuary I would put money on it. He has lied and scammed all his life, this was the biggest scam of all but he had to do it, he had no choice IMO

  15. edenmalfoy Said,

    The things that are much more troubling for me than the nose, hair and chin looking different is the way he acts. The walk is just 100% wrong, that walks looks more like that of a football player than that of MJ. The voice is completely wrong and the fact that he looks so uncomfortable is just wrong. Even being out of the spotlight for 12 years….he wouldn’t come back and forget how to handle himself in front of a crowd, not a showman like MJ.

    As far as the appearance goes most of it can easily be explained away, sure his facial features look different, he had plastic surgery all the time and a wig could easily make the shape of his head appear different. What gets me about the appearance is his skin color. MJ looks albino because, basically that’s what he’s become, that’s what vitiligo does to you. The person pictured above from that press conference looks like a caucasion man..with a healthy glow, no less. MJ hasn’t had that particular look to his skin ever. And it doesn’t look like make up caked on either, it looks like a natural healthy glow which is not something MJ would have ever been able to achieve…he couldn’t really be in the sun at all, hence traveling under an umbrella all the time.

    So, for me, it’s the voice the walk and the skin color that are really, really wrong with that picture.

    Let’s talk about the video footage of his last rehearsal for a second though; isn’t it a bit odd that out of 100 hours of footage (which they say they have) of him rehearsing they chose to show a two minute clip in which the king of all dancing legends does not dance? I think it’s also worth noting that he ‘misuses’ his wind machine in that clip, turning his back to it and allowing it to blow up the back of his jacket in a way that looked quite awkward. Our MJ knows how to work a wind machine and I don’t think would have made that mistake, even in a rehearsal.

    It’s also interesting to note that in that 1:50 clip he does not dance but does do two what I call ‘Classic MJ’ moves; he plays air guitar with his guitarist and does the pattened hand shake. But both classic moves seem off to me; usually when MJ was going to go play with his guitarist (which he did frequently) it was for longer than 15 seconds and he also would typically go behind them to do it, not get in front of them, turn his back to the audience and this is also the point where he misuses the wind machine.

    And with the hand shake, usually when onstage, he would do that while holding a hand mic in the other hand, therefore he almost always only shook one hand, often his left…perhaps stemming from the days of the white glove, can’t shake that hand, the glove will fly off! But seriously, he rarely would shake both hands and if he ever did it, it was usually in the midst of a huge bunch of dancing, not just ‘I’m going to go stand on center stage and shake both of my hands now’.

    Before I ever even really thought of his death being a hoax I thought that video footage seemed off in every possible way. The way he moved, the fact that there was no dancing, he seems awkward onstage and looks like every move he makes is highly choreographed. Which I’m sure every move MJ makes onstage is highly choreographed…but you never know that from watching him. For me, the MJ in that last rehearsal video looks sloppy, clumsy and certainly not like the MJ I’ve watched for the past 20 years.

  16. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Okey, now i have been watching both video`s several times, and let me just say. DAMN, i am confused. The 1st one with Micheal in London ponouncing his tour, well i have to admit i felt very uncomptble, watching him, because of the way he acted is DEFFENTLY not how Michael, used to act in public. I felt like he was high or something. ( Im not trying to make him look bad, i love him very much) But i am just saying, something was weird, with the way he behaved. I coulden`t really see any diffrens in Michael`s face, accept from the skin colour.About Michael`s voice, he has some very diffrent voices, when he speaks sometimes. Allthough, something is strange. But if the 1st Movie was with the IMPOSTER, does that mean, he gave his life for Michael?? And why would he do that. Who the hell get`s an IMPOSTER to perfom for them in public, that really dosen`t sound like Michael. I have been To Neverland, ive met Michael and talked with him, and something is completely off, that im telling ya. I don`t believe that Michael is alive, even though i wish he was . My sweet angel. I have to admit that i find it abit strange that Janet and the Jackson brothers are going to perform in in London, forewhat? It dosen`t really matter if Michael is dead, does it? If Michael was indeed alive, he would come back, i just know it. Some is saying that he will come back, on one of the concerts, enter the stage and reveal himself. But why put the whole world in pain 1st then? That dosen`t sound like Michael either. If he did come back, and revealed himself on stage, i would have a heart attack, for real, i would just die, seriously. He would put the whole world in entire chok, the world would stop. My god, his fans would welcome him with so much love. (Accept for me, because i would have died of a heart attack :/) I would be so chocked. I`m about to get insance, im going over and over this thing in my mind all day long, trying to think back, trying to find some answer, to all this mess about Michael`s dead. But i can`t, nothing is right.. It is all wrong. And it is hard, to not know the right answers, because it hurts so much. No matter what, if Michael was alive, he would come back to us, that i know. Michael my Engel, whereever you are, i hope that you are happy, and that you have gotten the peace, that you deserve. You will live on in all of our hearts forever. You will never be forgotten. Long live the king

  17. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I don`t get any of this. Have anyone heard of a detah satificate beeing signed? They will have a private memoriel for Mike tomorrow. I guess that means, that the would will not see Michael in a coffin?? That is a bit strange.. and the way Jermaine keeps saying : We have to see michael who he IS. and he is also saying. My brother IS the king. Why are he using the word IS, if Michael ia dead? Jermain also said that there will be many memoriel services for Michael!! Hmm.. Well there is so many unanswered questions. But i still don`t get why Michael would pus us all in pain.. ?? If he was indeed alive. Wich i think that he is not. Where are you my angel

  18. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    OH MY LORD!!! I can`t belive that Michael actuelly has a clone of himself.. a FRIEND OF HIS, who have had surgury, to look more like Michael, the friend said. And he looked kinda chinese. That is why, he sometimes have been wearing the mask… OH DEAR GOD. What the hell does that mean. Is he still alive?

  19. nycscenie Said,

    hmmm Yes555 does have a point about the comparisons of pics. Also does this site say anything that comes to mind cuz i thought this was to prove that michael was still alive, NOT dead like in the article about the real mj dying in 1984. Im starting to believe that maybe it wasnt such a smart idea 2 start believeing in this conspiracy stuff because you keep going back and forth with the articles. i reeeaaalllyy wanna believe thats hes still alive, but now after reading that article about him dying in 1984,this site is starting to make it harder to believe in anything thats written. ill keep coming back tho to check to see if anything new posted is believeable.

  20. idk Said,

    idk but you also got to remember that MJ has some pretty big hands. Thatuys hands could cover his whole face just like “The real Michael” could.

  21. melia8383 Said,

    yeah, but he thing is, this not Michael Jackson, bottomline! I don’t why they would send an impersonator? I don’t think Michael is sick at all, because if he was, they wouldn’t of “Anounced A Tour” I believe it was a Hoax! since the beginning!! Since they announced the tours!!

  22. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    That one article that was posted in response to Michael being high as a kite in the O2 interview. First of all, I find that incredibly ridiculous! Michael is not a pansy for one, He likes girls. And for two drugs cannot alter your natural voice. I have been on many crazy medications and my voice was never altered in any way. With that being said, I do not think Michael was a drug addict. I don’t buy that. Maybe he did have 50 different kinds of medications, Whatever. Just because he did doesn’t mean he was taking 20 pills each out of every different bottle. Besides, Why wait until he dies until his “drug” problem comes forth!? People are just out to be attention whores with no time on their hands. Elizabeth Taylor, For one, Would have came forth before anyone since she and Michael were pretty much best friends! Give me a break about his drug problem. It is utterly ridiculous. I don’t think this person is Michael. Too many things Michael would not even do. Even had he been on drugs! He would not have been about to spaz out to death on the stage with excitement. The fans are either 1. Staged because who really acts that way! Look at the guy at 0:47. He looks like he is going to die or something. Or 2. The fans are just stupid. They don’t even act right. Also, Notice at 1:55, Michael is like having a breakdown or something He is doing a fistful boogie. Drugs or no drugs, Michael Jackson would never act that way! Any real fan would know this! Maybe it is that Navi guy or whatever his face is. I don’t know, But it sure isn’t Michael.
    About this site having Michael having died in 1984. I think the site is just passing on the news. The site is intended for believing Michael is still out there. So, Don’t believe that hype either. I thought that was a stupid story. Who is the guy I had a crush on then when I was eight back in 1992!? Crazy.
    My own personal belief of Michael. Hmm, It’s hard to say. I just hope that he is alive and breathing.

  23. odettebennet Said,

    see..wat i told you guys…i posted the comment dat the one who is killed is an imposter turned out to b true….but i din hv a solid evidence…gr8 job guys…really well done you!!!haa..m so happy now to kno that he is very much alive sumwhere…and hey der’s another news of his 3rd autopsy…why wud they do this until they arent sure he is mj?? even his children said dat der dad’s behaviour ws weird in his so called “last days”i’ll soon send a link to that article…

  24. odettebennet Said,

    also..when he died his reportedly latest gf nanny gracy ws in london??wat ws she doin there…and why the rehearsals had to b in l.a. when the show ws nearing…perhaps she knew dat the one in l.a. is nt mj…also she never significantly commented on his death rather she said she ws upset wt the family bcoz dey searched 4 money in mj’s house rite after his death..

  25. odettebennet Said,

    and yes..m sry m bugging u guys but..lol..i really wanna mention all his close mates..the real close ones not his bros,sis ,dad,mom n all are going to gv a miss to his memorial..debbie rowe,elizabeth taylor,his children,grace etc

  26. Yes555 Said,

    He does appear to be high. *sigh*.


    ^^ Paris Jackson Leaves Dad Michael’s Private Family Funeral In Tears.

    Surely she couldn’t have faked that?

  27. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    No, she coulden`t. He is gone. Even though it is so hard to believe. I feel bad for the children. This day is going to be a very long and hard day. I know Michael has passed away, i just hope that he is looking down at his children from somewhere, and protecting them. R.I.P Sweet angel

  28. bexuk Said,

    Those pictures of Paris arent really clear to me they just show her sitting in the back of a car with red eyes.

    Starting to believe that MJ has gone though, why else would his family go through all this drama if it wasnt real?

  29. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    They woulden`t he is gone

  30. odettebennet Said,

    ohh cm on guys..she is jus a lil kid..and the children themselves said that they noticed weird change in der dad’s behav..m sure they are nt aware of this hoax thingy..n for his family…they r hardly depressed.they r jus greedy after mj’s money…none of them ws der with him during his rough days…

  31. odettebennet Said,


  32. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    That link posted with those pictures. How do we know she was crying? You can’t possibly tell from those pictures. She is hiding her face and therefore, You can’t see any kind of grief on her face. Also, In the pictures of her at the Encino home with that lady, Believed to be Michael’s sister and the dogs, You can’t tell what she is doing. The pictures of Paris in the car, They are tooken at what looks to be night time. Michael’s memorial service was not held at night. It is held today.

  33. melia8383 Said,

    I don’t know, but watching the memorial. I didn’t see anyone in his family tear up. The oldest child was chewing gum and the girl was leaning on her grandmother, the youngest boy, was just sitting there.
    I don’t know… I guess people deal with thing differently then others!!!!

  34. Andrea Said,

    I really think Brook Sheilds was faking her crying – I mean, she IS an actress. And Paris at the end..that was FAKE crying as well. And whether he is dead or not, I really don’t believe there was a body in that coffin.

  35. SuZQ Said,

    Just as a point of interest – if someone could get ahold of footage of Michael walking – and compare it to the footage seen of his “double” walking – that would be the indicator. Every human being has a different gait to thier walk – unique to them and them alone…kind of like a finger print. No two are alike. That would at least confirm that it was the double who in fact gave the tour announcement, and not Michael. I think the whole thing is just nuts…I also think it’s likely one huge hoax and the world will find out soon enough!

  36. astralartist4 Said,

    I’ve been following this too. The above speech he gave about his upcoming concerts – I’ve studied/worked in voiceover field, and it definitely does not sound like his voice, although the other person?? makes a good attempt at times, if it is another person. But also his mannerisms are much more aggressive than the typical michael.

    I watched a video about his rented mansion, where they showed the bedroom where the doctor tried to revive him, and they said (I think it was abc.com news) that the bedroom landline was not working, because michael had things set up a certain way, because he was afraid of the room bing bugged, etc, so no landline. Anyone think this is strange, a few days before his disappearance/death? Also, at the funeral, his brother remarked “Maybe now they’ll leave him alone”. Comments anyone?

  37. mysticallymagestically Said,

    I feel awful stating this, but the way that Paris trembled at the microphone when moments before she was playing with the straps of her purse just comes off as suspicious. I wouldn’t blame the girl, but she could have easily been told to say something so that her dad could be happy again?

  38. idontknow Said,

    I don’t really know what to believe – the concert announcement vid is definitely weird.

    Now, there’s something that I find weird : where the hell is Oprah Winfrey ? She hasn’t made one statement since MJ passing.

  39. melia8383 Said,

    The memorial just proved to me that “HE IS Alive” No open casket? NO Kids crying, oh wait… After Paris played with her purse for like 10 minutes, she did an 180 and started tearing up. Prince (the oldest) he was chewing gum, like let’s hurry up. The youngest kid wasn’t doing anything. I believe this was staged. The coffin could of been empty for all I know. He can be hanging out somewhere. Even in a video, Michael stated that he was dressed an a “Fat” suit, he went to Disneyland and sat on a bench to watch people walk by, no one knew it was him.” My own parents called me up after the memorial and said ” Yeah, you’re right “He’s Alive”. Everything was “too” I reapeat “too” staged.
    That’s exactly what they told me. I seriously have a feeling that he is well. He just didn’t want to do this anymore. He originally signed up for 10 concerts, not 50 concerts. He’s a very smart man, he knows, what his body is capable to do!!!!
    After the Staple’s Center, the Jackson’s went straight to the Hotel, anyone find that to be strange? Brooke Shields, to me, seemed like she was faking the tears.
    The hearst went like 5 minutes before, any of them did.

  40. melia8383 Said,

    I still think all of this is “Staged”!!!!
    He always wanted a normal life, with no cameras. As long as he’s Happy and Healthy, I’m glad for him. People treated him badly, now all of a sudden, these celebrities, that was talking about him, are his best friends, now…. Michael Always said he didn’t have friends, his lonely…. So yeah, I think it wasn’t real!!!!

  41. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    ANDREA, Those were my thoughts exactly @ the crying remarks for both of them.

  42. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Yeah i heardhe`s brother saying that. Now that i think about it, it is a bit weird. But MY GOD i would give all i owned to get Michael back, everything i got. If he wouls just come back. I do think people were upset at the memoriel today, but i don`t think there was a body in that coffin either. But the thing i am most concernt about is, the family doing some of his concerts dates. IM sorry but why would they do that, i mean they will have a Jackson 5 Reunion, ehh forewhat?? They are missing 1 brother it can`t be a reunion. All 3 children were Chewing gum, just like MIke always did, i notice that. But to me Paris looked really upset. Could she fake that? or don`t se have any idea of her father being alive or not? And why didn`t we see the body? Like SuZQ said, the world weill know soon enough, if he is alive.

  43. noisehammer Said,

    i got info from a person who i dont want to tell, so maybe MJ is really alive…

    i dont know what to say..
    i hope it will come true !!!!!

  44. Arual1979 Said,

    I find myself agreeing with a lot of the observations on this site.. First of all, Paris was not crying. She was making crying noises, but I didn’t see any tears. Maybe I just didn’t see any tears because the camera was not close enough to her face, but she didn’t put her hands to her eyes once – even just to wipe away a tear or two. Maybe she was worried about messing up her make-up (I”m just assuming she is wearing make-up since this was a nationally televised event), but it doesn’t even look like she put her hands to her face when she walked off stage.

    Also, I looked at the link with the picture above of “Paris” in the car crying. Good point earlier – the sky surrounding the limo was dark. It was night. Those pics weren’t of her coming from the funeral, and who knows if that girl is even her – you really don’t see enough of her to be able to tell.

    Also, I just read the full lyrics to the “They don’t care about us” song. All I can say is “wow”. Of ALL songs to show him dancing to? Please read these lyrics – they go along with our theory on what happened – he got fed up with all the hate surrounding his life and so he’s disappeared..

    These lyrics really stood out for me:

    Tell me what has become of my life
    I have a wife and two children who love me
    I am the victim of police brutality, now
    I’m tired of bein’ the victim of hate
    You’re rapin’ me of my pride
    Oh, for God’s sake
    I look to heaven to fulfill its prophecy…
    Set me free

    Now, I realize I may just be overly emotional right now and reading into things, but I just had to share these thoughts.

    Michael, wherever you are, I hope you are in peace.

  45. monij Said,

    That’s definetly not Michael Jackson. MJ never walked like a macho man. No offence, but this guy looks more like Julia Roberts than Michael Jackson!!! And like all of you, I don’t know what to believe anymore. First we hear in December that MJ was very sick, and only had 6 months to live (according to “his biographer” Ian Halperin), then we hear he was going on tour in London, 6 months after Ian Halperin’s prediction MJ dies!!! Is this just a coincidence, or was Ian Halperin telling the truth. Please Ian, if you are reading this, please confirm MJ was indeed very ill. Because this will shed some light about this conspiracy. If he really was sick, then there is no way this guy at the conference was Michael Jackson, this impersonator would have also gone through the medicals instead of MJ before the insurance was bought. It is more shocking if someone died unexpectedly than if we knew the person was dying (Farrah Fawcell for example, I bet you none of you was shocked). His death boosted his record sales, as you all know, and I am just wondering if this would have happened if we knew MJ was dying. Maybe not. So if Ian Halpering was right about MJ being sick, then there is no doubt that MJ really died, but not of cardiac arrest…

  46. perfumeflower Said,

    After watching the ‘memorial’ I knew in my heart that it didn’t look right who were these people to suddenly come out of the woodwork and claim they were Michael’s ‘friends’? Load of baloney. We all knew that Michael was always lonely and without so called friends. When was the last time these people actually saw Michael in person? I bet my money it was years. Diana Ross admitted on TV that she hadn’t seen Michael for years, because she had been so enwrapped in her own ‘new husband’ and family. At Michael’s memorial we all saw his big family, brothers, sisters, mother, father, cousins, etc etc. Bullshit. If you were a true friend of Michael or a close member of his family you would be there in his hour of need, and believe me, he had no one. He was always alone. Physically and emotionally. The only people who were with him were the hangers-on and leeches. After watching his children at the memorial couldn’t believe what I was seeing, his eldest son and his father chewing gum, (Obviously Joe’s idea!)Who the hell chews gum at a memorial? Why do I feel that this whole memorial was a fake? Is it just me?

    Nothing has really added up since that 911 call. Too many discrepancies, too many contradictions and too many questions and not enough answer

  47. feyaya Said,

    i was thinking the same thing about oprah having not said anything! i do find it strange. i’m so glad someone pointed out paris’ breakdown; i do feel guilty questioning her sincerity, but i honestly did not see any tears either. same for jermaine…no tears. the only time i saw tears from him was during his interview with matt lauer. but when you look online at yahoo for instance, they say things like, “jermaine and paris’ tearful breakdown.” but i’m like, “there were no tears!” i feel insensitive for saying that though, because people really do have different ways of grieving. but paris did seem somewhat coached and i wondered what janet told her when she was playing with her purse. like what, “stop fiddling and get into character.”

    honestly, the memorial was so saddening because i felt like it was closure. however, there’s still this gap because we haven’t even see his body (except for the one where he’s in the ambulance, which is controversial in itself) and as far as we know, he hasn’t been buried yet. tomorrow it will have been 2 weeks! that’s a long time to keep a body floating around. and i’m no expert in the field, but i thought the embalming fluid only lasts a few hours. so, not trying to sound insensitive, but i’m sure by now his body would be severely decomposing. and if he was in the coffin, wouldn’t an odor be present?? i dunno, i hate to sound morbid. farrah fawcett died the same day and she was buried a few days later.

    i also did notice at the end of the service, the screen said something to the effect of, “i’m alive.” and about those picture of paris crying in the car, who knows when they were taken, because it can’t correlate to the memorial as that was during the day and the pics were taken at night. if she was crying, it could have been about anything; she’s only 11 or 12. there are just countless things that are odd about the whole situation. i’d like to know reliable the sources are of the hospital staff who said something strange was going on when michael came in.

    if this whole thing is a hoax, michael gets an A+ for pulling it off. if it’s not, i beleive he was systematically murdered and i look forward to those doctors getting their punishments.

  48. Andrea Said,

    PERFUMEFLOWER, it is NOT just you! The kid’s behaviour was so strange, and some may say it’s because they’re ‘young’ BUT SERIOUSLY. If my father had just died I WOULD NOT BE ACTING THAT WAY! Sorry. And, someone else mentioned on here when Paris spoke she said ‘I LOVE him so much’ NOT ‘I LOVED him so much’.

    This entire hoax couldn’t be more obvious if people stuck MJ in the middle of Times Square, haha. I’ll continue to think this way till the story ends up being believable and straightens out and I get more proof other than some UNSIGNED ‘death certificate’.

  49. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I have to agree with all of you on this. But i still don`t understand why paris, would do something like that, at the end of the memoriel. has someone told her to say those things, to make daddy happey again? Or do they, the children even know if Michael is till alive? Someone wanan coment on that?. Oh yeah and 1 last thing. As i think you all know, Michael loves Disguses. Check out the 1st singer in Heal the world i think it is. BTW all the rehearsel video`s, that is Michael, he talks, in the songs also, if something is wrong or something.. Listen to his voice. THat is him for sure

  50. noisehammer Said,

    just another question…
    if michael would plan a sort of comeback, wouldnt it have any consequences for him, just like getting charged ?
    i dont know about laws.. and im not living in amerika.. maybe his fans would explode, me of course .. but what about the law ??

    you are so sweet.. really!
    im with you, holding hands and praying it will come true…
    my newest information gives me some hope back.

  51. heisalive Said,

    Of course the childrn were NOT told of and do not know about MJ’s “escape” act, and rightfully so, children prattle things out and if that was to happen it that would blow the lid of this whole thing.

    I am convinced 100+% that Michael Jackson staged his own death to escape and go on with a NORMAL live elsewhere … that is what my inner voice has been telling me since the moment his “death” was announced and it keeps quickening me ongoing. I am also a legal professional and am looking at this matter as a “case” and all the elements thereof, like Discovery to name just one. Michael Jackson certainly has the brass bleeps, the contacts, resources, loyals and most of all the MONEY and wherewithall at large to inscene such a “show” like this ! He married Elvis’ DNA, Lisa Marie and while married to her, got the goods from her on how Elvis’ death was staged and successfully “sold” to the public by the satanic media back in 1977. Based on extensive research and existing evidence by several credible individuals and successful tripup’s by journalists of Lisa Marie and Priscilla both, it is VERY clear that Elvis did not die at Graceland and is in all likelihood in hiding via the US Witness Protection Program as a former official Federal Agent.
    No doubt in my mind that Michael Jackson, for his own set of reasons staged his “death” like Elvis did and like him is alive somewhere and is watching this “Event” as his ever greatest encore with the moneymill continually $pinning on and on. If Debbie Rowe does not receive custody of MJ’s children (in lieu of cash of course), it remains with Katherine Jackson as stated by MJ’s will. This arrangement will ensure 100% easy access for MJ to his kids and will they be surprised once he returns from the “grave” to visit them at some point !
    *Breaking news case update: Starwitness No. 1, Elizabeth Taylor whom MJ loves with his heart and soul and likewise has “declined” to “appear” at the “memorial” shindig at staples center stating she “loves him too much”. Ms. Taylor is the ONE person Michael trusts implicitly and was imaginably the first person to hear about his elaborate escape plan and thus proved her loyalty to him by not “appearing” at this his sendoff which, after Elvis’ “death” and funeral, is by far the greatest lie ever told, a lie that billions of people have swalloed whole .. oh yea of little faith !!!!
    * Breaking news case update: Starwitness No. 2, Diana Ross announced via released statement she was not “attending”, speak: she is also in on this ! These 2 individuals, Ross and Taylor both a-r-e known to be closest to MJ, are part of his intimate inner circle of confidantes for years. and in all likelihood aided him with his “Getaway” and might admit it on their deathbeds some day, or … not ! The evidence keeps mounting and the case keeps gaining muscle.
    * Breaking news case update: 2 more importants of MJ’s inner circle were missing at Staples Center: Uri Geller and Chopra Deepak, 2 more persons in on his well staged “death escape” ?? A likely possibility !
    After the end of the “Memorial Service”, did anyone other than me notice, see and read – at the stage backwall of Staples Center – these words appearing in blue lettering: “I am alive and I am here forever” ???? Did MJ leave a “message” here himself only SOME of the “mourners” caught onto and while the rosedraped, gold coffin, probably empty or with a puppet inside sat there without giving off a single whatsoever vibe that it actually contained a dead body, any “body “at all ? …. Thanks for reading what are your thoughts about this? I’d sure be interested to hear

  52. dirtydiana Said,

    The first time I saw this video, I knew for a fact that this was not Michael Jackson. I don’t want to sound repetative, but I agree with what everyone here is saying about this imposter’s mannerisms, features, walk, and skin tone. This is not Michael.

  53. dirtydiana Said,

    When I first heard of Michael’s death, it never occured to me that it may have been a hoax until I saw this video, online which led me to a link for this site. I am a big MJ fan, but I am not a hysterical fanatic like we have seen in the past. Why aren’t the fanatical fans who claim to know everything Michael commenting on this imposter? Why aren’t the media circuit questioning if this is MJ? Why hasn’t his family and friends come out to protest that this is not MJ? At the memorial Randy told a story of Michael disgusing himself as an old man in a record store with ragedy clothes and fake crooked teeth. He was picking up a bunch of CD’s with his back turned to Randy. Randy approached him and asked Michael what was he doing. Michael was suprised Randy noticed him. Randy replied he would know Michael anywhere.
    If this is true, then why can’t he recognize that this imposter is not his brother? This just furthers my suspision that something fishy is going on, and the media and the family is in on it. By no one commenting on this O2 appearance leads me to believe the family are in on something.

    I don’t want to say MJ isn’t dead, but all this suspicious behavior keeps telling me, “Somethin’ ain’t right!!” When I started getting these feelings, I thought to myself, He wouldn’t put his kids through all of this to fake his death. But now looking at these photos…. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1159645/Trembling-gaunt-100million-debt-Michael-Jackson-makes-final-entrance.html
    Why in the Hell would his youngest child, Blanket be photoed with this imposter? Why does Joe Jackson seem so nonchalant about this whole sad situation as if to say, “Yeah, I’ll do my best to act as if I’m hurting over my son’s death?” (sarcasim)
    Either he isn’t in on what the family knows and he wants the public to know that he is on to their sham or he does know about it and doesn’t want to play along. Why does Joe (Not the family)have his own lawyer for the autopsy? Why is he acting as though he doesn’t care? Why does he say, “And?” when the reporter talks about how tough it was on him and the family. Maybe he is just a cold heartless man or he is just as suspicious as us with what is going on or doesn’t want to play along. I am leaning towards the two latters.

    At the memorial, the family’s emotions just seemed strange to me. I know if I mocked up a funeral for a loved one, I would still get emotional knowing that this could be my loved one’s funeral one day. With all the people, the coffin, the sad singing and having to speak in front of thousands and millions of viewers, the whole experience would probably make any young child cry for their father, even if it is a hoax.
    All i am saying is that the pieces don’t fit together. People say, why would he put all his friends and fans through this if it is a hoax? Aside from assuming the money issues MJ was having, why in the hell would anyone want to keep living their life being hounded everyday, not being able to go just about anywhere in the world without a crowd. The man was or is 50 years old and probably finally was fed up and planned his escape. To where, I don’t know. Why wouldn’t his loved ones wouldn’t want to help him. I would, just so he can escape this sanity and have peace of mind regardless of who is hurt. The only people MJ could confide in a conspiracy like this are family and his closest TRUE friends. In a conspiracy, with too many people knowing, someone is bound to slip. I feel pretty soon, Joe Jackson will have alot to say.

    In conclusion, I am not saying MJ is not dead, but the first thing everyone should start doing is look at this O2 video. If you truly believe this is not him, you need to ask yourself, why didn’t the media and most of all family have anything to say about this imposter? And with all the other fishy stuff going on, you will start to get suspicious of something.

  54. Sosh Said,


    Dutch newspapers report Paris speech was not planned at all. The fact seems she took the microphone herself with only Janet, Latoya and Marlon Knowing. Now the rest of the Jackson family is upset about this. Rumour or fact, I don’t know but mebay a sign there’s more than we are allowed to know.

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