Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

The Author and Contributor of the following post is the member of this site called He.Is. Alive. We would like to share your observations and insights with everyone.

Having read numerous entries on this website, as well as examined and considered the contents of them, I have developed the following theory about Jackson’s “death” and escape, one I deem most factual and plausible:

The real Michael Jackson never showed up at that rehearsal the night before his “death” at Staples Center, the dark  video footage that has surfaced showing him chewing gum is NOT the real Michael Jackson, no, but instead, he sent one of his doubles to the rehearsal to just “show up” there for a few minutes. Since the video has been proven a fake by an expert and said to be photoshop “fixed”, we have no proof whatsoever at all that the real Michael Jackson attended the rehearsal at all, but a gum chewing lookalike did instead. Hence: it is safe to assume that the real Michael Jackson made off to a waiting plane and left forevermore goodbye, in all probability so. New information of his secret “departure” from LAX in an unmarked Lear Jet has surfaced, it bears credibility and logic.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the lookalike decoy was being readied and prepared for the “cardiac arrest” show and the ball began rolling with the 911 call where the caller should have, but did not say “This is Michael Jackson’s residence and Mr. Jackson needs immediate help, please hurry” but instead, very controlled and unemotionally spoke of a “Gentleman” who was “not breathing” ???? All the while the REAL Michael Jackson was long gone to whereever and this explains why the ambulance “patient” photo does not look like nor could possibly be Michael Jackson, right on down to continuous other suspicious and questionable quirks that kept on popping up from all directions, nothing of which CAN possibly add up because the stage was set otherwise from the very beginning, i.e.: the REAL Michael Jackson was long gone, but back in LA the “Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest”-show with the decoy went on as planned, although with some leaks and without top notch planning or “rehearsal” and, for that reason, we arrive and continue to come back to the “nothing adds up” theory and hence are continually being served with more emerging questionables and suspicions stemming from the very beginning of this whole saga.

It is very highly questionable WHY his inner circle close confidantes did not show at the “Memorial” service at Staples: Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Liza Minelli, Uri Geller and Oprah Winfrey – who scrubbed ALL Michael Jackson data from her website – just to mention these few who come to mind. Why would the Jacksons deny Michael’s beloved friends to attend his “sendoff” ? Instead, an assortment of “fill-ins” showed up, some of which have never even met Michael Jackson and even freely stated so on a popular talkshow, others who had no communication with him personally in years ! Another “staging” ?

Jennifer Hudson’s performance was “backed” by the real Michael Jackson singing, where he, during the spoken monolog of the song she performed, mistakenly substituted the word “PainS” with an S for the original word in the text: “Pain” without an S ! How many viewers noticed this faux pas or …. did not ? Was it a hint, a deliberate “throw it out into the crowd and see who catches it” hint ?

Why did the very particular phrase “I am alive and will live forever” from one of his songs appear in blue lettering at the backwall of the stage at the end of the service ? Why THESE VERY WORDS ? Why not ANY OTHER words, but these one in particular ?
The casket during the Memorial service did not give off one whatsoever SINGLE vibe that it contained the dead body of Michael Jackson, nor any other body at that ! “Vibes” that I experienced over mere TV airwaves viewing the public funeral of former US President Reagan back in 2004 ? Very simply, the golden casket said to bear Michael Jackson’s body was empty and, with helicopters hovering above, very mysteriously disappeared into thin air after the service with the whereabouts of the “body” emerging the latest media spin to keep the public focused on the “death” of Michael Jackson? and the beat goes on …
Are there enough hours in the day to state/document/blog the numerous other pieces of questions/doubt/evidence/observations that keep carving themselves out during this entire madness? Are the questions of Michael Jackson’s staged death and successful escape not higher in number then the facts “confirming” that he really …. “died” ?

Fans around the world held their breath for an image of the “Body” of their idol to appear, so far, of all the media coverage and internet traffic, no such image is available and even if it was, how could it be positively ascertained that the body is in fact Michael Jackson’s ? We will never know, will we ? Bloggers posting doubts and observations, etc. etc. are supporting the remarkable traction this “death” has gained around the internet and, mind you, these facts are never even mentioned by so much as a mere breath by the mainstream media ? Why not ? Since all of them broadcast their news with laptops in front of them, it is not so that they are not aware of it, is it ?

What we do know for absolutely certain is this: somebody/s knows something and their silence/s has been bought for a logically high enough price for the real truth never to be revealed on their part, however, the old theory that the truth is self-evident and always prevails will not ever be compromised, not even by millions of dollars that sealed this deal, why? Simple: there IS a God …

The lyrics of Michael Jackson’s song “Xscape” clearly state what his longtime coming intentions were, intentions that he put into practice with what was in all likelihood helpfully aided by former wife Lisa Marie Presley who during their marriage learned of his desire to “escape” like her father did and hence “coached” him on how to successfully stage such an event, details to which she is certainly privvy to and hence constitute obvious similarities to Elvis’ staged death and escape, most befitting to that of Michael Jackson’s “death” and “disappearance”: the “cardiac arrest, dead on arrival at the hospital” spin … an airtight scenario where hospital personnel, doctors, emt’s, police officers, security, etc. as well as the coroner and other authorities are judicially prohibited from publicly disclosing any whatsoever information regarding the admittance and aftermath of the patient, all the while the public is being thrown bite sized bones, information that could possibly not be “misconstrued” or “twisted” ?

After Elvis’ disappearance, one of his many personal items missing was t-h-e largest of them all: his personal Airplane ! This plane did not “poof” disappear into thin air if you pardon the punt, ergo: who is to say that the waiting, UNMARKED, ordered by radar/control tower personnel to be “ignored” waiting plane at LAX was for Michael who – emerging fully masked out of a black suv to board the plane – was not that belonging to Elvis Presley ? That it might have been Elvis Presley’s personal plane is the MOST plausible explanation because it stands to reason that Michael Jackson would never ever have to worry or fear means of his “Getaway” becoming exposed or public, because IF it did, Elvis and Michael Jackson both being actually alive would constitute and become international news in a hurry !

The Jacksons as well as the media keep on keeping on floating and spinning clutter “news”, some of it pretty outrageous, but all designed to distract the public from focusing on what is clearly emerging as very much an “OTHER” scenario for this … ‘tragedy’ …..

Critique as well as additional input by other bloggers is most certainly invited, thank you for reading.

  1. jazzlvr66 Said,

    Tried to find that ‘He Is Alive’ site but couldn’t. Does anyone have the correct url? Also, who’s the female he is holding hands with? Any proof of when the pic was taken? Any proof it’s actually MJ? How could all the people that are supposedly in on this not get into any kind of trouble, never mind MJ himself???? If someone could get a snapshot of him only nano-seconds after getting off of his “get-away” plane, what makes anyone think he is going to be able to remain in hiding forever?

  2. svangel Said,


  3. jackoforever91 Said,

    oh wow…. i dont even know what to say

  4. doonbuggy Said,

    Well the story sounds good, but I believe the picture is just an example because it looks like that is Paris who is with him.

  5. luvmj Said,

    Are you guys saying that the picture above is new? Cause that is when he went to London to announce his concert date.
    I hope he is alive though…

  6. Becky Said,

    I would really like for all this to be a hoax of some sort. It just seems that any scenario that anyone has come up with is so involved. I can’t imagine that if that many people knew about it that someone wouldn’t be talking. I really do hope he’s gotten away, and can finally have some peace.

  7. thriller777 Said,

    sorry i dont know any links or anything but i do have some stuff to say. this is by far the most believable blog i have read. kudos to you. seriously. i just wanted to say im behind this 100percent. and he cant hide forever, and i honestly dont think elvis can either. one day the media will catch on, hopefully. but i also think he doesnt want to be hidden away forever. he will return, stated in his diary (i forget the link, just type in google michael jackson death diary) but it will only be when he is ready. and if he isnt doing this for money fraud, which i know thats not the case, then he cant get in any legal trouble. he knows what hes doing, and hes doing it well. its just his “workers” and “partners in crime” that is messing this whole thing up to where us believers will catch on. they keep messing up then covering it with something different which makes it even more confusing. but i honestly believe with the help of michaels diary, and this blog, the truth will be out sooner then expected. it has to. its michael jackson, and his name means “epidemic and phenomenon” haha.

  8. blanka Said,

    Why all the pictures you’ve got has no dates??? An image in this case a picture worth more than just words, that guy can be Michael Jackson and the girl can be Paris but, the pictures has no dates, maybe it’s an old one… And according to you he was arriving to which place??? Your theories are interesting but with simple words and thoughts you can’t prove he’s alive like you said. If the double of MJ you said really died of an heart attack he had serious health problems right? and why nobody can discover that the guy that’s death isn’t MJ?? If MJ is death or no is just something you have to prove with more than words and images without dates that will let us confirm your theory is true!!!
    If he’s alive that will be good for all his fans (like me) and actually we don’t care about the whole big teather but if he’s really death you’ll have a lot to regret… SHOW US THAT HE’S ALIVE, PROVE US YOU’RE RIGHT!!!

  9. i87 Said,

    is that a pic of michael on june 25???…or is it just some random pic…………and @ jazzlvr66, i assume that girl is his daughter…not sure tho

  10. admin Said,

    *Please note* We are not in any way saying that the image in this post is Michael Jackson escaping from his life…it is merely an example picture to back up the visual dynamics of the story. The picture was taken in London a few months ago.
    MJHD Admin

  11. luvmj Said,

    Are you guys saying you think Elvis is alive still though?:S

  12. wilkesxgurl Said,

    what r u going to do if u do really find him ?

  13. LadyV Said,

    Oh shut up blanka!! On the flip side, prove he’s dead! Go find his dead body and bring us a pic. Go on… prove it!

  14. pammy Said,

    @he.is.alive and admin:
    thanks for the update.
    I love this site! I cant stop reading and doing research by myself….its all strange and really confusing. It so wish that you theories are right and he will be back someboday and hopefully he won´t get into more trouble because of his hoax anyways…do u really believe Elvis could be also still alive???

  15. ejay5131 Said,

    It hurts more knowing he’s alive but gone than it did hearing he died!
    Love ya MJ, wish you could’ve stayed!

  16. Samantha Said,

    If michael wanted to escape, he wouldnt want any pictures taken would he? It’s really confusing I just don’t know who to beleive anymore. But this site has aome really GOOD points.

  17. wozniack Said,

    I heard Oprah is supposedly having a psychic talk to Michael on her show. Wouldn’t it be funny if that happened, then months/years later MJ emerges out of nowhere? How would she explain that, lmao.

  18. tatylovesmj Said,

    Oh my goodness. (: This site is making some very good points that actually make sense, but I… this is so confusing, haha! This is like one of those… stories; you don’t know what’s gonna happen next… very unpredictable, right?! Honestly though, I don’t know what to believe anymore. But I just hope and pray to God this is true and that our Michael is still out there somewhere, anywhere. I just hope. Oh.

  19. Sara Said,

    I knew the monolog at the end was different!
    Especially when he said “Pains”!
    I remember sitting there with a face like, “What the…”
    You guys have been saying it a lot and I compared the original and the one at the memorial for myself and I freaked out!
    Crazy stuff.

  20. morefiyah Said,

    No time/date stamp on the photo and mj is getting OFF a plane not ON it. Next!

  21. BeenTown Said,

    Everyone here is Michael’s body in a casket,


    It is also on this site


    Does anyone think it is real?

  22. BeenTown Said,

    I thought Michael was dressed in the following as supposedly quoted by Latoya;

    LaToya Jackson picked out the clothes Michael wore in the viewing casket — two black gloves, black pants beaded with black beads, a pearl-beaded white jacket he wore to the Grammys and an over-sized gold belt that resembled a championship boxing belt. Embossed on the jacket were cherubs with large wings.

  23. escepticaYK Said,

    Cuándo un cuerpo llega al forense, no se supone que le toman HUELLAS DACTILARES????? aahhh que por cierto, son únicas para cada persona…..

    When a body reaches the forensic not take fingerprints? That certainly is unique for each person

  24. escepticaYK Said,

    How do you explain that????

  25. dirtydiana Said,

    I just finished watching Joe Jackon’s ABC interview about MJ’s death being foul play. I can’t believe they showed video of the O2 press conference and ended the closing credits with this imposter’s face. You mean to tell me that the media is still pretending to be blind to the fact that this is not MJ?!!! I am sure that the whole interview was edited after Joe Jackson gave it. But even if he views it himself with no clue of how it was being edited, he will not come out and say it is not MJ nor will any family or close friends. This along with all other info on this site furthers my suspisions of something fishy going on.

  26. wishful09 Said,

    I agree with thriller. I dont think Michael will stay away forever. Yes, he will come back when he’s ready. But he will come back.

    Continue to do a great job with this site!

  27. wozniack Said,

    It’s photoshopped. Someone put his head on James Brown’s body, I think. =/

  28. Priya78 Said,

    WOW! That entire “PainS” thing threw me off my rocker!!!! WHAT A CATCH MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!

    Here you go: Youtube WITH Lyrics….look at the 5:08 mark. You will HEAR MJ say the word “PAIN” SINGULAR (AND YOU WILL SEE THE WORD “PAIN” ON THE SCREEN)

    Now look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5SUjWtpgc8 Jennifer Hudson singing at MJ’s Memorial…..at the 3:30 mark you see the word “PAINS” PLURAL AND you HEAR MJ pronounce it PLURAL!!!

    I would think, if I were a musician, once my lyrics were decided upon, I wouldn’t change them in some songs from singular to plural. I have seen however when Ive gone to look up lyrics to songs, that sometimes the webpage has them listed as singular when they should be plural and vice versa…..which is why I felt the need to actually provide you with youtube video that has the words posted in the video visually as you are listening to the audio. That is just insane!!!

  29. lets talk Said,

    Those pics in the casket are fake, Michael is laying at the foot of the
    coffin. Plus, it definetly does not match up with LaToya said she dressed him in. Although it sounds like a garrish outfit. The only thing that sounds great is the belt buckle with cherubs
    on it.

    Heu Guys I would be sp surprised if Michael is alive to see him come back. Why should he back to all of that drama and no personal life. It does not make sense. Too bad he has so many people who are so quick to judge him, he probaly could have come back had it not been for them.

  30. Priya78 Said,

    WOW! That entire “PainS” thing threw me off my rocker!!!! WHAT A CATCH MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!

    Look HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRqYVFr7sL4
    Youtube WITH Lyrics….look at the 5:08 mark. You will HEAR MJ say the word “PAIN” SINGULAR (AND YOU WILL SEE THE WORD “PAIN” ON THE SCREEN SINGULAR)

    Now look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5SUjWtpgc8 Jennifer Hudson singing at MJ’s Memorial…..at the 3:30 mark you see the word “PAINS” PLURAL AND you HEAR MJ pronounce it PLURAL!!!

    I would think, if I were a musician, once my lyrics were decided upon, I wouldn’t change them from from singular to plural. Therefore I find this VERY believable to have been “a set up”….the hoax that we all believe that it is.

    I have seen however when Ive gone to look up lyrics to songs, that sometimes the webpage has them listed as singular when they should be plural and vice versa…..which is why I felt the need to actually provide you with youtube video that has the words posted in the video visually as you are listening to the audio. That is just insane!!!

  31. Andrea Said,

    @dirty diana – I THOUGHT THE SAME THING! Even my mother said to me ‘why do they keep showing that MJ imposter?’ hahahaa I have no idea why no one has come out yet and said wait a minute, that is not MICHAEL!

  32. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Admin, I Really Do Think This Is A Great Site. I Know That Your Not Saying You Have Proof That He Is Alive, Because You Cant Prove Something That You Dont Know For Sure. Your Simply Giving People Examples Of Why You Think This Is Hoax, And People Are Just Confusing Themselves, Which Is Quite Entertaining. People Just Need To Think Positively And Discuss These Matters In An Intelligent Way, Instead Of Attacking Eachothers Opinions. Im Pretty Sure Thats Why You Created This Site, To Come Together And Educate Eachother Without The Media Interfering. I Do Have To Say, Whoever Made This Site Is Brilliant. Plus Michael Jackson Was A Brilliant Intelligent Individual And If Anyone Can Pull Off A Hoax, It Would Have To Be Him. If He Is Dead, Which I Hope He Is Not, But If He Is, Then People All We Are Doing Is Hoping A Certain Individual That We Care So Deeply About Is Still Alive, We Arent Going To Feel Like Fools If He Is Dead, We Are Simply Going To Have To Come To Grips With It, But Until There Is Proof That He Is Dead, We Can Still Hope This Is Just A Hoax, That Will Be In The History Books Forever, If He Comes Back, Which The Comeback Tour Does Make Sense, He Fakes His Death, Then Comes Back Through Thriller In His Tour, Back From The Dead? And Put On The Greatest Performance In All Of History. Plus If He Is Doing This For A Hoax, He May Also Be Doing This, To Prove To Everyone, That Your Shouldnt Listen To The Media, He Is Just Trying To Make The Media Look Like The Fools They Truly Are. Everyone Has Their Own Opinion. And Everyone Has A Right To Broadcast It, And This Is What This Site Is For. So Please Stop Attacking Eachothers Opinions And Come Together And Educate Eachother On Evidence You May Think Is Correct, We Dont Need To Be Negative. So Calm Down And Be Openminded.

  33. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    If you should ever find Michael, do him the favour of leaving him alone. He will face the public when he is ready. But i think he needs some time to “heal”, he has been through alot, the past 5 years. He knows we love him, that is why we should give him the time to recover, and leave him alone, if someone should know where he is. Please, i hope you will show our angel that respect

  34. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    That picture is a FAKE. It llok excatly like the close james brown was wearing when he died. and if we for once should believe Latoya, this just proves once and for all that Michael is still alive. Why would she say that he was burried in something that he is not lol

  35. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Plus Beentown, Those Photos Are Fake Of Michael Jackson In The Casket, Plus Im Pretty Sure It Would Be All Over The News And Brand Name News Shows Would Have This First. Not Websites That Have Never Been Heard Of. Please Take A Closer Look At The Pictures, He Is Backwards In The Casket, Its In Black And White, Which Would Make Sense Due To The Fact That Its More Than Likely Fake. His Casket Was Gold, So It Would Show Up Brighter Than That, It Looks Like A Photo From James Browns Funeral, Just Cropped To Have Michael Jacksons Head On. Dont Believe Anything That You See And Only Half Of What You Hear.

  36. charliechaplin Said,


    Here are pics of James Brown’s open casket:




    same jacket as that of MJ’s inside his ‘casket’


  37. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Oh And He Is Alive Is Not A Site, He Is Alive IS A Member On This Site, And He Gave His Opinion Which Became A Believable Story That Michael Jackson Could Be Alive. But The Photo Does Look Old, Since That Would Be Paris Getting Off The Plane Behind Him And She Looks Really Young In The Photo.

  38. littleEARTHQUAKE Said,

    I said it once before and say it again, “I doubt it that Mr. Jackson will ever come back even if he DID fake it. The man gave us a good portion of his life for us. Can’t we just… leave him alone?”

  39. littleEARTHQUAKE Said,

    Rather, “TO” us.

  40. SJlovesMJ Said,

    Yup! I also don’t believe that, that pix ( MJ in the casket ) is true..

  41. charliechaplin Said,

    When the ‘death’ of MJ 1st came out, Dr Murray allegedly said that he just happen to be there in the house. But, how come La Toya is saying the MJ on the Dr. Murray’s bed?

    That means, Dr. Murray also has a room inside the house of MJ right across the hall. Therefore, the Doctor sleeps inside the house of MJ. Which brings me to my question why Dr. Murray would say that he just happen to be at the house of MJ when his cardiac arrest happened.


    And about the open casket with MJ in it, MediaTake out is saying that a close relative of the Jacksons gave it to them to put to rest all internet rumors that MJ is still alive. Can you believe the Admin of MediaTakeout would really believe right away that it was MJ inside the casket without 1st investigating? How gullible could they be?

  42. loveandpeace Said,

    Yea, plus his head is on the wrong side. They’re usually on the left. Plus that’s a pretty hoaxy website.

  43. MissC Said,

    Well, I believe Michael is alive but for me, Elvis died in 1977, and even if he did indeed fake his death, highly doubt he would be alive by now.

    escepticaYK – leíste bien lo que dice ahi arriba?. Sí, las huellas dactilares son únicas en cada uno pero obviamente la policia forence tiene que estar metida en ésto.

  44. melluvsmike25 Said,

    Yeah, that is not MJ. Like wonzniack said, it’s James Brown body with Michaeal’s head photoshopped on it.

  45. saeed1237 Said,

    that picture is deff photo shopped because the casket had a blue background not white.wozniack i agree its James brown

    heres James browns picture :

    heres mj supposedly :
    the picture has been put in to black and white, reversed, and photo shopped with Jacksons head.

    Michael i know your out there, I just hope your finally happy =]

  46. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    Hey guys!! Here is some stuff I found out… tell me what you think…
    Honestly, in the beginning I kind of started to believe that maybe Michael was really dead but honestly things just DO NOT add up, and it’s not the little things either….. We aren’t being told the whole freakin’ story!!!
    - Wasn’t Michael given a four hour medical in order to go ahead with the O2 Concerts in London and he PASSED the test. Also,the night before his death he was full of energy, he put on an amazing rehearsal performance (which just happened to be video taped…what a coincidence) and then just happened to die of “cardiac arrest” the next day. Honestly wtf??
    - Remember his ‘doctor’ who supposedly injected the singer with Demerol half an hour before he collapsed, happened to ‘find him on his bed’, and didn’t call 911 til 30 mins AFTER his death, and then the ‘doctor’ refused to sign his death certificate and the most bizarre thing! The doctor disappeared moments after the ambulance took Michael to the hospital! Weird huh?
    - Hey! And we can’t ignore the behaviour of Joe Jackson! It’s totally appalling! This is how E! Online put that, ‘At this point, Joe Jackson knows more about his own record project than his son’s funeral plans’. I remember someone said in the comments section that “if they found out that their father was gonna act like this after their death they would come and haunt their father’s ass”! Honestly I totally agree with you!!!
    Serioulsy This hoax is doing more than Michael Jackson favours!!!…. it’s giving Joe Jackson publicity which he totally needs…. he is using this as a way to promote his new record label…How disturbing!!! (MJ TURNED OUT TO BE SMARTER THAN PEOPLE THOUGHT, but I have always loved him so it’s all good)
    Joe Jackson and Al Sharpton were at this Press Conference at the BET Awards in Los Angeles and Don Lemon from CNN was trying to interview Joe Jackson about the death of his son and checkout mj’s dad! HE didn’t answer the questions properly, he passed the mic to his spokesperson and attorney, and then randomly started promoting his record company.
    Some of Joe’s answers were also pretty strange. Lemon asked him how he’s doing, and Jackson replied, “great, I’m doing pretty good,” which is such a stupid thing to say after someone has just ‘lost’ a son. So then, I guess when Joe Jackson realized that he wasn’t making sense and he had to do waay better acting than that, he says, “It has been really tough. Remember, we just lost the biggest star in the world.” Honestly someone should refer Joe to a good drama school or something if he’s trying to pull this Michael Jackson death hoax off!!! (I wish I was contacted for acting as a part of this, I would have done such a great job!) Ok, also, when Don Lemon asked how Janet Jackson and the rest of the family are coping with the news of Michael’s Death and Joe Jackson’s replies, “They’re all fine, but I want to make this statement… Marshall and I own a Record Company called Ranch Records”, and by the way he was showing lots of enthusiasm when he said this.
    Judging from this… Either he is just a money hungry idiot or he is so carefree because he knows that his son Michael is actually still Alive. Then again, it might be both… considering Michael’s and his father’s relationship. Actually, you know what I think that despite everything, Michael was still his son and for a father, losing your son should be pretty traumatic and umm… ok this is not making sense, Michael MUST BE ALIVE…. HE JUST HAS TO BE!!!
    OMG there is another thing. Ok well reports that were issued in April this year said that there was going to be an auction to sell off most of Michael’s possessions which included the amusements, a custom made horse-drawn carriage, antique automobile replicas, renowned international awards, arcade games, concert costumes, Disneyana, garden statuary, furniture, the actual grandiose entry gates to Neverland and also his white-jewelled glove. All these items were part of the Neverland ranch. BUT WAIT, there’s MORE!!! Ok, some of the money from this auction were said to be going to MusiCares(a charity of The Recording Academy) BUT most of the money was going straight into the pocket of Michael. But THEN…. the Auction was cancelled by Michael after all the O2 Concerts in London sold out. Apparently he found another way to get some EXTRA CA$H for his new media free life!!!
    And you know how they found drugs and stuff in his house, well I think that was exactly their plan so that everyone could easily see that all those DRUGS would have definitely physically killed him. Ok I understand that his life was pretty stressful and he did use painkillers (obviously) but he was MICHAEL JACKSON…. if anyone could be saved, it was him!!! OMG I DUNNO??? I think I’m just in denial because I loved him so much!!! I HOPE HE IS STILL ALIVE SOMEWHERE!!! HE CAN’T BE DEAD… HE JUST CAN’T BE!!! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL… I ALWAYS WILL!!!

  47. melluvsmike25 Said,

    Here is my theory on the whole thing.

    I believe this theory that is at the top of this post, mostly. But, I do not believe that Michael just killed someone to escape.

    I think he found someone with his same body type that was terminally ill, and took him into his home. I would say that he told the person that he would take care of him until the day he died, if he would get plastic surgery to look similar to MJ. If someone was going to die anyway, and you got to live out your life getting waited on hand and foot, no worries about hospital bills, wouldn’t you go along with the surgery. I think I would.

    So, this guy has been living with MJ for awhile, being taken care of by his personal physician. MJ knew this would eventually happen, and had made plans to escape then. And then he dies.

    Now think back to what Latoya said that she saw when she went in to see MJ at his house.

    She saw drugs everywhere, oxygen tanks lining the walls, and an IV drip. That does not sound like someone addicted to drugs. That sounds like a room of a terminally ill person. Also, not sure if this part is right, but I saw somewhere that he was found in the doctors room, not MJ’s room. Well, Michael would have been is his room. The imposter would have been in the doctors room, being taken care of.

    A perfect set up! Now also remember that Latoya and other members of the Jackson family has said that they were kept away from MJ by MJ’s group of people. Maybe it was MJ keeping them from him. So, they would not see the imposter. And like we all know, when you don’t see somebody for awhile, any differences you see in that person, you just put off on age, or in Michaels case, maybe some more plastic surgery. So, he kept them away, to make them believe that was him in that room dead.

    Latoya identified him as MJ. My question is if there is anybody that knows about forensics or coroners, do they fingerprint a body, if a family identifies that body as being who they say are. Do you get what I’m saying?

    Maybe because Latoya identified him as her brother, they just assumed she was right, and took her and the other family members word for it. If they hadn’t seen him in a long time, they might have been fooled by the imposter also.

    Or a lot of you may be right, and all of the family is in on it also.

    All I know is that I miss him, and wish that he could have had peace in his life. I watched him as a teenager, fell in love with him then. Have been a devoted fan since then. I hope with all my being that he is still with us. And is happy.

    If you faked his death will he ever be back? I don’t know. But, even though he was hounded by his fans and the press constantly, I think MJ has to have some of the love. I think he’ll miss it. At least I hope he will.

    Michael if you ever see this, I’m sorry for what they did to you. Miss you and love you more!

  48. CosmoKramer420 Said,

    Yup, i just did a quick search on google images, and they definitely used the picture from James Brown in his casket. They just reversed the image and zoomed in so that you can’t see those ppl’s heads.


  49. luvmj Said,

    ok so let’s say MJ is alive (fingers crossed) what are your views on like Whos body went through an autopsy and when Jermane Jackson was on larry king was he acting? And when the corener guy went to see the doctor today … I’m just wondering. You guys have great points on this site I’m just confused and don’t know what to think…

  50. jackoisalive21 Said,

    the photo is a pure FAKE, i mean the death photo btw, its totally fake i mean the head is where the feet should be….duh!

    and why in the world would they put him in a coffin with a ROBE on, wtf! even though he’s dead they wouldnt put him in a coffin dressed like that, what a load of crap.

    i really like your theory and i think elvis is alive.



    check out the other articles not just that one.
    let me know what you think!

  51. He.is.alive Said,






  52. Sosh Said,

    Things are getting more and more confusing. Day by day.

    Infact, it shouldn’t be confusing according to the media. Michael is just dead. But why are there so many different and contradicting stories out there with all those loose ends?

    I keep running in circles. One time I think MJ really died, next time I believe he is alive and enjoying his life…

    One more thing, I also started a topic about this on the forum (a lack of pictures!). If he faked his death and never wants to surface again, couldn’t they just have taken some fake pictures of him laying in a casket? The whole death would have been more believable.
    This brings you also to the point that he maybe really dead and was too messed up to show, or he isn’t dead and preparing for a massive comeback. In that case pictures of him in a casket wouldn’t be necessary.

    It may be all hints for him being alive, but it keeps me running in circles…

    I think it’s just confirmation i’am searching for. I hope he’s alive, but the more I hope he has peace now.

  53. He.is.alive Said,

    To BeenTown:

    About your posting of the picture of Michael Jackson in the Casket … with all the very doubtful and suspicious information we have all stated and exchanged on this forum, H O W could we possibly know for certain that the body is that of Michael Jackson’s in that Casket ?
    What prove do we have ? What proof could we GET ? Somebodys “say so” ? Sorry, but that is not good enough ! For all we know, this could be a dummy, a puppet or … whatever else imagination or fotomontage could come up with ?

    I happen to have a professional photographer friend who SAYS, that in our age of high technology, absolutely “anything and everything” can be done with fotomontage .. might this be an example of it ?

    For all the mystery, confusion, uncertainty and half-truths surrounding this “event”, isn’t it very probable that an image like this suddenly appears online ? Might it be to purpose us, the 2nd guessers, to button up and “go away” ? Are we so close to have figured out what really happened that only an image of the “body in the casket” will silence our voices ? I DONT THINK SO !

    How do others bloggers feel ?

  54. Dee Said,

    Im with everyone who said, he will return and when he does he will shed light on a whole lot of debauchery. I don think he will change his looks, we’ll know its him, I for some reason think there was a reason more deeper than what has been stated for his exit.

  55. 12fear Said,

    “He.is.alive”, I too developed a theory… Yours is similar to mine… but, I believe that he was a target for murder, and the wrong person was killed…one of his doubles/look-alike. & has not escaped… but is in protective custody…. Loved your post man! AWESOME! Again Irie similar, but we in the same thinking thought…. Here it is…

    …I’m quite sure The City are payed off as well, I’m just sick and tired of all the BS. Why can’t they just freaking do a DNA test on the supposed cadaver and get it over with? (they never will, it’s not Michael). Where the hell is the higher authority? (Hello Arnold!), I swear to God if a DNA test was done on that body—by a neutral source, this crap would be cleared up in a minute. Why can’t they just take care of it BAU? Why not? Because it’s all a big freaking lie. F**kers are going to come out saying that he was murdered by Diprivan overdose or some crap.(but not the real Michael) I’m positive! I liked Michael in the good times and in the bad times, but god damn it man… by now I’m sure you’ve seen all his body doubles, hence the phrase–the man in the mirror–it’s like looking at him in person man, specially the Carley one. With that many anything is possible…(one of them is dead) for all we know, Michael has not been in the country for a while. (Not!) I know this…I have read every freaking article out there in the Internet on a daily basis, all the contradictions, all the lies, all the imposter’s, all the conspiracy theories, all the probabilities that he is not dead, how he was “disappeared” and let me tell you this… The Guy is Alive, maybe not by choice, but by luck…Maybe he really was the target…but one of his doubles took the hit accidentally…By the paid off Cardiac Doctor. This Theory would explain… why the 911 call was so weird, No Mention of Michael Jackson, In reality when they were giving him cpr they discovered it really wasn’t Michael… and the Doctor was shocked he killed the wrong person and couldn’t do jack shit about it and didn’t know what to do with his lame self. The caller was confused and didnt know what the hell to say……By instinct one would give the address and tele #, to make sure they could arrive at the right place & save the king of pop right? Also consider this…. Lets say this actually happened…In the presence of Michael Jackson/ or he discovered the plot— in his rented- home, let’s say the police came… Michael Jackson greets them…tells them that they tried to kill him, but instead killed his double…the would be assassin ran out the kitchen (as noted by the media) from his house the Cardiac Doctor that is!) Michael knowing of this attempt…asked the state to keep the story as it was 1st presented to the media and public… so that he’s would be killers believed that he really died…and his life could be protected “accordingly” Let me tell you this Michael Jackson & Arnold S. are super close friends… “trust me” it would only take a call to get it done. This my friends would also explain the delayed—ambulance with smoked out windows arriving and backing out of the home in a delayed fashion, There was no need to rush- the king is alive and the the “other” guy is already dead. The dead body was put in the ambulance as was Michael too….the ambulance was “escorted by lapd” to UCLA- The dead body stays at UCLA— it does not end there… we all saw Michael Jackson Move in the Helicopter…Indeed it was him…He was being flown to the morgue…YES! (side note: LAPD stayed escorting the morgue for a long long long time…, they needed the crowds and the intensity to disipate in order to then transfer Michael to an undisclosed location—Michael Joseph Jackson is in PROTECTIVE CUSTODY—-which means:”placing a person in a secure setting to keep him from harms way”…, why else transport a dead body to a morgue on a helicopter…makes no sence right ?.(there was a sense of urgency to take care of the REAL Michael…thats why!!!—> Why the delay with his Burial? 3 autopsy’s to figure out what happened?….all they are doing is buying time because they are sorting out what to do with the actual dead body of the other person, at the same time trying to keep and maintain the story that the king of pop is still dead while they investigate & protect Michael —>Haven’t you noticed, the DEA is involved, the FBI, even the NSA is freaking involved…ladies & gentleman, there is much more that meets than eye on this one… PLz understand… DEA, FBI, NSA— don’t get involved just because of Prescription drugs issues, xanax, demerol, or Diprivan Issues…..This is much bigger…you just wait and see….

    Some interesting links….
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..re=related ( Dr. Murray ) the Killer…the Cardiac Doctor,

    Someone asked me who could possible want to kill him… heres ur str8 to the point answer….( murdered by banksters), soooo they think…)

    …..”Someone thats knows the truth”

  56. beyond anguish Said,

    oh my gosh admin i blame your for causing my addiction to your site ( well i like the addiction) but i think i need rehab lmao .. ps im on here so much I think my eyes are starting to burn… sorry to get off subject

  57. He.is.alive Said,


    Hi Pammy In response to your question “Is Elvis alive” … Yes, affirmativ, I most certainly do believe and am 100% convinced that Elvis is alive. I never felt the “mourning” come on after his “deat” and have henceforth spent many many hours of my time researching and reading about it and also have a sleuth of websites whereon undeniable prove is posted that Elvis IS undoubtedly ALIVE. It is widely believed that he is hiding out in the US Govt. Witness Protection Program due his “Undercover Federal Agent” Status, but has surfaced in public on numerous occasions and has phoned different people, audio of the the calls IS on one of the websites and a photograph taken on another taken by a Graceland visitor on the grounds and after developing the film, discovered ELVIS watching visitors walk past his “grave” at graceland trough a glassdoor ! A picture is 1000 words ?

    I am convinced that Michael Jackson patternd h i s “death” and escape after that of Elvis Presley, the similarities in the details are UNCANNY !

    Google “Is Elvis alive” and see for yourself

  58. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    LOL guys dw, it IS james brownn !!! LMAO !

    that one ‘MJ’


    and that one james brown.

    LOL who found this site ?

  59. Synthara Said,

    I heard someone might be planning a memorial concert on his birthday in August, will he then please show up (alive that is)?! It would be awesome. I think it is very confusing that all the ppl at the private ceremony who loved him so much saw him in an open casket if he was as messed up by the autopsy as someone stated as a reason for why there was no open casket at the public memorial service. I mean why would ppl who loved him and knew him personally feel better by looking at him messed up than the rest of us? That does not make sense. But then again, this whole “death of MJ” or not is pretty weird.

  60. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    Hey Dee Im agreeing with you…. and I’m kinda worried cuz like, if say he does come back (IM DESPERATELY HOPING SO).. then isn’t faking your death illegal and would there be a way for him to make a comeback and not go to jail??

  61. YouRockMyWorld Said,

    The photo of the body in the casket is a photoshop and a BAD one. This photo is on YouTube too, you can read the comments to it….They say pretty much all…There also other bad photoshops of his body in the casket…You don’t have to be a photographer to see it..

    And regarding his comeback – I’m totally with some guy who commented the previous post, I think Cath (sorry, if I spelled wrong) – he said that Mike was really a National Treasure, he was sick and tired of all the trials and dirt that was put up on him and his escape was planned and organised similar to the Witness Protect Programms on high level and some of the powerfull people were involved in his vanishing….That would explan – how it was possible to fool medical stuff, police and others… THEY DID NOT FOOL THEM, THEY WERE SPECIAL PEOPLE HIRED FOR THAT…

    I don’t think that there was some other lookalike dead body involved, the results of autopsy and everything is just on the paper….

    That brings me to think that he will probably will never comeback… I hope he could enjoy his normal life…As soon as he is happy – we are also be happy…

  62. dynamite Said,

    http://www.showbiz.sky.com/michaels-last-christmas look whos also in the picture klein

  63. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    Hey Synthara.. yes i hope he does do something quick coz im running out of tears!!! And you know how they said that his face was too messed up to be shown to public, well I don’t think anyone in their right mind would let little children (i mean paris, prince and blanket) see their father in that state?? And OMG!! apparently Paris tied a heart bracelet onto Michael’s hand??? omg seriously one minute i’m believing that he is dead and the next i feel he HAS to be alive!!! aaahhhh omg MICHAEL!!! come out wherever you are!! IM GOING CRAZY!!!

  64. helibr Said,

    I do believe Michael is alive!! i really do, but elvis?? c’mon!!

  65. dynamite Said,


  66. dynamite Said,

    lol i was just on digitalspy forum and they all think we should be in straitjackets for thinking hes still alive

  67. martha Said,

    just thought of one more thing…maybe all those doubles appearing in the recent months were just to try and see if they can cheat the general public? and we can certainly say they succeeded.dont you think its quite scary that most people got fooled by that? what does it mean? it means that most of us will believe everything they feed us with…i have to say I didn’t question it in the beginning myself.
    I was wondering about one more thing though…if MJ was to fake his death and escape wouldnt that be easier if he hadnt announced all the comeback concerts and had done it quietly barely apparent in the media? We all remember last few years when he was kind of absent from the media, living somewhere in the Irish mansion. He had quiet and wasnt bugged by papparazzis too much. So my question is…if he really faked his death was it really to escape the world and the media or rather to come back bigger than ever and to make a lot of money, not only for himself but also his whole family? plz tell me what you think…im so confused…?

  68. sita Said,

    everytime when reading new “trueth” about his
    death, no better words: his vanishing I have
    one idea in mind: Why? Why should michael fool the public,
    why should he live under such a “pressure” that he
    simply has one idea: lets start the beginning with a death?

    we have several “superstars” and groups that had a normal
    breakdown in their success. some of them did it, to go back
    to normal life. some famous names are: ABBA, Beatles, Cat Stevens.
    they all did it without using any hoax. And why? they simply dont
    need it!!! Tell your fans, the public the simply truth.
    And that’s it. Where is the point? Why should Michael Jackson be somehow
    under such pressure, that he should vanish suddenly with faking his death?


    I’m happy to see, that nearly all members of the beatles are alive.
    I feel very good with all 4 ABBA members beeing alive and doing
    their own things. Though also I wished they would perform some ABBA
    concerts and more. But I CAN ACCEPT IT, as it is!
    I turn on the radio and still like their music.
    SO WHY SHOULD MJ FAKE HIS OWN DEATH? and fool all is loved fans??
    Can you really believe this? I can’t!. If you love someone, you don’t go
    ahead to fool him! Every true fan of michael jackson would have helped
    him out of the pressure, without doing hoax and tricks and more.

    I agree with you that the inner circle of mj has a strange behaviour.
    But wasn’t that always in the past?

    You asked:”Why did the very particular phrase
    “I am alive and will live forever” from one of his songs
    appear in blue lettering at the backwall of the stage
    at the end of the service ?
    Why THESE VERY WORDS ? Why not ANY OTHER words,
    but these one in particular ?”

    one answer: mj lives on in every heart and in his music.
    I dont care much about these words. I dont believe they are
    again signs to point out, that mj is still really alive.
    How often can we hear it, listening to words spoken at a funeral,
    the departed one will live on in our hearts? Yes-heard it very often.

    Question back to you: if you planned your vanishing. do you think it would be
    a good idea to spread out some puzzles and hints, that all your vanishing
    was long-hand planned and you are very well??
    you would not and mj also would not like this!! if he really had a special reason to vanish
    why then leave hints and traces!?!??!!? NO REASON at ALL!!

    come back to normal live an cool down.

    even air planes are fully traceable, they can very easily be identified.
    internet usage can be identified even months later.
    so why all these riddles and sign from a person who wants to stay alone
    and “rest in peace” somewhere on this world? i doubt.
    If a would really like to plan and do this, i will not give hints to the public.
    I would take off and say goodbye and thats it. game over and no more connection.
    And I would have to break with family, good friends and even with my children.
    Because this personal circle could break me secret. And I would be thrown back
    to the starting point. So senseless.

    Michael really left us. I dont see any other reason, why this hoax is
    taking place.

    The prob is: day by day we can read a lot of good stories. But they are
    only stories, without any proof, without nromal conclusions.

    folks come back to normal life or a little better proofing for us all.

  69. dynamite Said,

    @Martha he was in ireland in 2006 for 3months he was suppose to buy a house over there, he was recording music with will-i-am, and he did say he like the peace and nobody hassled him, the video is on youtube, i think that maybe he wanted out of the spotlight and a chance to live a normal life

  70. dynamite Said,

    Or knowing michael hes planning a spectacular comeback and whats more spectacular then coming back from the dead lol

  71. martha Said,

    12 fear thanx for addressing my question but that particular blog doesn’t exist anymore…weird!!!

  72. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    Hey martha… I think he announced the comeback concerts coz he needed money and he probably knew that most of his die hard fans wouldn’t ask for a refund. Honestly, my aunty took the tickets and got them framed, wtf?? She isnt even a huge huge fan but whatever you know the tickets earned him tons of loofah!!

  73. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    Yea lol ppl!! I also believe dat michael is alive but honestly i don’t really think elvis is alive….

  74. Narcosis Said,

    His face wasn’t messed up! In an interview, La Toya reveals how she led Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket to Michael’s side to say goodbye to him just after he died. (btw; ALL three children were so shielded from the world they DIDN’T KNOW until recently their dad was a superstar ????)

    “He just didn’t look like he was gone. His eyes were half open, it was as if he was resting”.

    Paris bought a metallic split-heart mood pendant and put one half of the heart into the casket. Paris was wearing her half-heart at the memorial service…So the heart has to be on MJ’s body in the casket, we have to pay attention on that ‘fact’. (?)

    btw; The ‘last picture’ of MJ is not taken at the ambulance but into the UCLA hospital emergency room!! See full picture:

  75. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    @sita ok u have a point but who knows what goes on behind closed doors, u know the media doesn’t have access to almost half the things they think they do (they like to think they do and that’s the reason they make up all that crap)…. anyways and omg i know like why would Michael do that to his fans but maybe he will give us back more than he ever took from us??? OMG I REALLY REALLY HOPE HE IS ALIVE!! HE HAS TO BE RIGHT??

  76. Sosh Said,

    That’s another great approach of all this hoax thing.

    You’ve got a point when you say Michael was already out of publicity and the media almost forgotten him.

    The only reason I can think of: Earn lots of money to pay his debts, which he had according the rumours.

  77. charliechaplin Said,

    Regarding the song of Jennifer Hudson during the Memorial wherein in the last part MJ was supposedly saying the last line of the song with S in PAIN. I think, if MJ’s death is indeed a hoax then the line may have been recorded by MJ himself for the Memorial. It was a new recording by MJ himself after he ‘died’. And like what He.Is. Alive pointed out, it may have been a clue for the fans given by MJ himself. Anyone agree?

  78. kjmj Said,

    the picture by MTO is indeed fake.. I just copied the James Brown casket picture and opened it in picture manager, where it´s very easy to rotate a picture, and it´s very easy to flip the picture so it looks different than JB. All of you can do the same if in doubt.. open the link posted earlier by other, save it an open it in microsoft office picture manager(other programs probably do the same). Choose the flip og rotate function in the top-menu”functions”. An the urn it black/white – there ya go!! Maybe we should sue MTO?

  79. kjmj Said,

    is it possible to upload the picture? I can send the picture of jb – converted to MJ:) very easy

  80. charliechaplin Said,

    Look here 5:34


    PAIN without the S

  81. Dee Said,

    Hi MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive,

    I don’t know, I sure hope not, we should do some case studies, to help out. Its crazy… as I sit here and read all these phenomenal posts and realize there are so many of us like minded individuals; it makes me feel sane. Many times, when you have insight and can see through things that others cannot, it makes you feel kind of alone… Folks call you a skeptic, a conspiracist, etc. People really just don’t get it. Its like in the Matrix, when home boy wanted that steak… although he knows its not real. My question is, how can a fake steak quench your appetite?

    Michael, has been dealing with the press for such a long time, the ups the downs, he’s smart and strong and this is the nature of his world, no matter how confining it is, its his… For him to leave in such a way, I sense its much bigger than what we have all talked about, while those things too play a role. In his disappearance, he gives up his kids, his family and his life that he knew. While he’s away, he’ll be able to free himself from the leeches and cleanse his heart and mind from the pain; that’s wonderful….yay Mike!

    There are a lot of so called powers out there, that are resisting and trying to keep the world the same, they want to remain in control (ie: Bilderburgs, Rockerfellers, the elusive Illumanati) and we the people are sleep walkers, please wake up and check the scene.

    Michael has a connection with people globally, no matter what happened, what was said he had done, he had and still has a huge following. Doves were released at a child molestation trail, I mean c’mon…. His music bridges generation gaps, as someone above said… 4 yr olds in 2009 are being introduced to MJ and will forever be fans. There is no other person on this planet with such a following. He speaks about healing the world, he told us how “They” don’t care about us, he spoke metaphysically about the planets aligning and bringing messages of love, he was THE HUMANITARIAN and the list goes on.

    Once Michael, could no longer be exploited (as so many people like to call him the biggest brand ever), he became dangerous…He can unite a PLANET, WTF…. Crossed racial barriers and ethnicities, his music has messages of love and unity, his melodies are harmonious, the universe is created on tones and sound. OHM! kid….. Michael created sounds, spoke in in tongues, the boy taps into your soul. His music being the sound track of our lives, is really an understatement.

    He knew heads of state and dignitaries, his memorial shadowed everything, as did his supposed death. Obama, was on a historic visit to Russia the day of his memorial and yet… The world was watching and mourning Michael. This man has something, that both negative and positive forces want, Michael had to leave to save himself from some real ish…

    He will return and the world is going to stop again. We mustn’t look at this surface wise, we have to go to the core of this.

    If you think that the assholes that say, they are the new world order, if you think that Obama who really wouldn’t comment until days later because it didn’t look right and it showed how pissed he was… that the attention wasn’t on him. If you think that figure heads aren’t checking this out and saying “how in the F can Michael Joseph Jackson a little black boy (they said the other word) from Gary, Indiana, have all this power.”

    I got a couple of steaks on the grill.

  82. dynamite Said,

    No way that picture was taken in the emergency room it looks way too cramped to be an emergency room

  83. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    wow!!! IM BACK TO SQUARE 1 NOW!! i think he may really be dead.. this article brought me to tears again… http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/showbiz/michael_jackson/402816/They-stayed-with-Jackos-body-for-30-minutes-La-Toya-Jackson-interview.html

  84. Goldie Said,


  85. Smiile1929 Said,

    For Tha People Who Are Saying Michael’s Gonna Come Back As Himself .. I Think Its Very Much Doubtfl Cos Do Remember About 12 People Committed Suicide Because Of Him & If He Comes Back .. He Would Be Put On Trial Or Just Get Taken Straight To Jail .. I Think Its More Like 50/50 He Would Come Back & Even If He Does Then He Won’t Be Himself ..
    Oh & About Tha Song .. LOL.
    I Thought It Was Jus Be A Minor Little Mistake Wher They Wrote ”Pains” But When I Looked At His Lyrics He Says ”Pain” & Not ”Pains” & Even At Tha Memorial Michael Says ”Pains” .. =/ .
    Now I Found Tha Completely Weird & Fishy Or It Might Be Jus Me Again .. Ha.

  86. sita Said,


    a conference was held by Clonaid, the scientific arm of the Raelian movement, a bizarre sect that believes cloning is the key to eternal life.

    On its website, the group advertises human cloning services for $200,000 and claims to have already replicated several people.

    LAS VEGAS, July 8 – After fielding numerous inquiries
    about the possible cloning of Michael Jackson,
    Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, head of Clonaid,
    today reaffirmed the company’s policy of strictly
    respecting the privacy of each of its patients.
    Clonaid reaffirms its privacy policy !!

    folks, wait some years, and we will see MJ coming back to US ALL,
    while we are aged and greyed.
    -> It was Michaels OBSESSION to do this and it was his hope
    with this technique to live for ever!!!!

    maybe michael jackson kids already care for the new born baby michael

    think of it..

  87. nehaheartmj Said,

    now i surely believe tht mj still alive….and wht made me believe tht? well the pain and painS thing….now do you think tht someone who knows the truth is reading the contents of this site????what are your thaughts????btv admin…..you are doing a great job….i guess you should get a job of detective or something….imao
    well….mj, if you are reading….b happy forever….i don’t mind if you show up or not…its your life and u hv a right to live it your way…..we love you….and will always do…no matter what……

  88. Goldie Said,



  89. Narcosis Said,

    Dynamite, I don’t think ambulances have cabinets with glass windows in it (left above) I believe it is really into UCLA hospital emergency room…

  90. MissC Said,

    Narcosis – You can see the reflection of a red car there. I don’t think that photo was taken in the emergency room.

  91. minimalany Said,

    even if he faked his daeth theres no way to come back as MJ.he would go to jail for this.we will never know if he is alive or not.but i dont think so.he would be always be recognized.there;s no way.i dont think so.

  92. minimalany Said,

    plus if it was his double who died of a terminal illness the autopsy wold show it.they would say that MJ had a terminal ilness.but there was nothing like that have ever been told.

  93. dynamite Said,


  94. dynamite Said,


  95. flower Said,

    hi, wow this is news to me about elvis plane where has this come from ive not seen anything about this b4 is there a link which gives more info about this if so can someone post it please thanks in advance

  96. dynamite Said,

    @narcosis maybe your right it just looks small to me cause im viewing it on my mobile

  97. monalisa Said,

    Maybe the using of a double at the London press conference (if indeed it was a double) was a test by Michael, to see if the fans would fall for the double being Michael. And it appears that they all thought it was him, or were so excited to see him and the thought never crossed their minds that it would be a double, so they didn’t even think to have any doubt. Then on re-watching it on youtube or tv, that’s when it became more obvious. But maybe when Michael saw that the double fooled everyone, he knew the hoax would work, and continued ahead with planning it. Just a thought.

  98. monalisa Said,

    For me, everything falls into place for it being a hoax, but the part about the autopsy/bodytoxocology reports, and them saying they were testing the brain, well that part is harder for me to imagine. As in, who’s body do they have? I read the post about the possiblity of a look-alike with a terminal disease staying with Michael until he died, that would be the only explanation I could imagine. Anyway, I am happily believing that Michael is alive, and that the explanation will be amazing once we find out how it was pulled off. Even if he stays in hiding forever. Maybe they’ll announce that the body they have is not Michael, and then he will simply never be found, but we will at least know he is alive.

  99. emo_pinkt Said,

    Wasnt the word “Pains” also on the screen?I do think that it was the real MJ at the rehersal though.

  100. bubblesthechimp Said,

    Nice try,the MJ who chews gum is indeed very strange. At first I thought the footage referred to the auditions and not to the rehearsals .This is the original footage of the auditions that aeg put on youtube in May.


    you can see MJ there ,he chews gum, but he is whithout sunglasses, and uses normal glasses to read the papers.So maybe the footage of the MJ with the sunglasses was made another day?

  101. Narcosis Said,

    Minimalany, you have a point there. But are you sure the reflection is from a car? Maybe it’s from sirens outside the hospital or so…because I still don’t think there are glass window-cabinets in ambulances, that’s way to dangerous. But don’t know, maybe you and Dynamite are right…

    Just saw two (new to me) pictures of MJ’s final rehearsing and he looks allmost happy, and then he just died? Can’t imagine, he looks so strong on this pics…Are they real?

  102. MrsBenjamin Said,

    He may just be in Ireland because the last article i had posted on here about “someone” who was part of this whole thing knew where he was and that he is doing well…was said he was staying in a castle!! but it was said to be not in Ireland though =)

  103. MrsBenjamin Said,

    @Narcosis..How did you get that picture? great job!..so we see someone supposedly giving “MJ” CPR with ONE hand..and it is in fact in the back on the ambulance..and i have a stupid question…when someone is put in the back on the ambulance..don’t the always go head first??..can someone answer this please

  104. darkfeather Said,

    Somebody put some pictures of Elvis laying his coffin (see a recent post in the forum under ’seven’). Well he is dead for sure no doubt about it. Same for Tupac btw. If you want to believe something realy hard, then you come to actually believe it. We got to stay more objective about this all, also around the death around MJ.

  105. sita Said,

    sorry @folks, i also wished the truth is the hoax, but


    if michael is alive would he ever hurt his children with watching him, beeing DEAD!?!??!?!

    NO, no, no.
    look with your heart. Michaels childhood was terrible for him. and he would never hurt his children!!!!

    so all cool down. michael passed away from us!
    Before you judge me, try hard to love me,
    Look within your heart then ask,
    Have you seen my Childhood?

    People say I’m strange that way
    ‘Cause I love such elementary things,
    It’s been my fate to compensate,
    for the Childhood I’ve never known…

    Have you seen my Childhood?
    I’m searching for that wonder in my youth
    Like fantastical stories to share
    The dreams I would dare, watch me fly…

  106. martha Said,

    i agree with monalisa when she says that doubles appearances were just to try and see if the public would fall for it. I wrote almost exact same post before. It was like reading my own, haha

  107. monalisa Said,

    Oh sorry, I didn’t see yours, haha – but glad we think alike

  108. MrsBenjamin Said,

    Twitter me


    haha..promoting myself on here..and I LOVE THIS site..seriously!

  109. cathedralfolk Said,

    Dee….re: your post….dont know about death threats or illumuniati MKUltra theories although President Clinton did officially apologise to the victims of MKULTRA in the 1990s…

    but I agree with you everthing else vis-a-vis Michael’s sheer global clout (1 billion viewed his memorial service from around the world).

    a friend of mine who has studied extensively the role of U.S. public diplomacy, via the arts and how it is used as a mechanims of foreign policy/national security in promoting the american brand abroad, anyway she recently wrote an Op-Ed and sent it to the NY Times….it follows below….

    Michael Jackson’s Contribution to American Foreign Policy

    Music as an art form provides the cultural and anthropological DNA of man in past and present societies. Michael Jackson was the cultural DNA of the United States of the 1980s and 1990s. All one has to do for evidence of this is look at the international records he broke, e.g., 100 million world-wide record sales for two music albums recorded in the 1980s and a memorial service viewing audience, as reported by Wikipedia, of 1 billion people from around the world. That’s one sixth of the global population.

    In considering the sheer global force of Michael Jackson, as a cultural phenomenon and imprint of American society in the 1980s and 1990s, when American power and influence was at its apex in the 20th century, it must be acknowledged that Michael Jackson was an extraordinarily powerful and useful instrument of United States foreign policy during the Reagan, Bush and Clinton years.

    What traditional public diplomacy could never accomplish, Michael achieved. Through his music, dance and energy, he provided the imagery of American prosperity and freedom that was unknown to millions upon happy millions of his generational peers in the former Soviet Union, China and the Middle East during the 1980s and 1990s. Through mechanisms like the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and the like, kids in these countries got a taste of Americana. What politicians, industry and the American intellectual elite collectively could not accomplish, a cute little black kid from Gary Indiana was able to single-handedly, and that is to promote an image of American prosperity and freedom to an international youth audience that may have never been otherwise reached.

  110. Dee Said,

    The last pic of Michael is in anambulance, you can see the gut at his forehead sitting on a seat and inside ambulances they do have cabinets with supplies. Many of them with glass doors, its definitely an ambulance photo.

    As for the kids, the other day on Anderson Cooper 360 (I’m sure there is footage somewhere) Anderson asked Rev. Al, how are the kids and Rev. Al said, they NOW understand that their dad is gone. This was several days after the memorial. Huh?….. Were they confused before?

    Also Admin, Please look into the fact that, Jermaine during the memorial was the only one of the siblings wearing a black ear piece. When you see him sitting with the family, watching the memorial you can see it. It wasn’t the ear pieces that performers wear to hear their music. When he got on stage to sing Smile, he was using light colored ear pieces for the music and this time in both ears. Who what was he listening to with the black one in.

  111. Wendy Darling Said,

    I have doubts, From what magazine or source this phto is taken? Perhaps the kid is not Paris, we can´t see her face.
    He looks too skinny here. Michael is broad shouldered i think.

  112. Akasha Said,

    So I’m new here and I have to say first of all I’ve never been a die-hard MJ Fan (I’ve listened to his songs, but that’s it). But nevertheless I think that he might be alive after all.

    @sita I may be wrong but who says that everything said in that interview is 100% true. IF it is a hoax and the family is part of it as well, don’t you think that it’s possible that even interviews of that kind are made up? I mean nowadays you can say almost anything and people might take it seriously. Maybe LaToya is just a good actress, prepared for her role and told a fictional story about the kids being with her dead father for a few minutes. I mean there’s no proof that this actually happened, is it?

    Stupid example I know, but just skip school today and tell your teacher the next day that you were in bed at home all day since you didn’t feel well, although you’ve been completely fine and were just too lazy to go there. A story thats totally made up, but how should your teacher prove that it’s true or basically a lie. I hope it’s understandable what I tried to express ^^

  113. elde Said,

    Ppl plz. Are we talking about Michael or about the Lord Himself? Even if it really were a hoax, so what..
    I’ve always respected Michael as a performer and as an artist (i even have his Thriller LP and several singles with the beer and wine stains on the cover due to heavy partying…those were the days). He was (or is) a human being with his qualities and faults like everyone else. But lately, watching all the coverage, news, rumours, suspicions etc., i get the impression he was (is) some sort of divine creature with one sole purpose to fool the world!!???? C’mon Ppl get real. I for one, if ever I would see him again, i would never ever gave him a second glance because he betrayed me and disrespected me in faking his own death. As a mother of 2 (meanwhile adult) children and having a handfull of real friends (f.i. people you can call at 3 am…)i would never pull this trick on anyone of them out of respect. Everyting that happened to him (allegations, accusations, trials etc.) happened because he let them happen to him. Same goes for the rest of us : if you don’t want something to happen to you, simply don’t allow it to happen. Everybody is in control of his own life. How you deal with events that happen is your own choice. If Michael decided to disappear…well, what can i say. But then again, Michael is a Virgo and i’m Sagitarius..
    Anyway, where ever he might be, i sincerely hope he’s doing well.

  114. charbour Said,

    That picture of MJ in the casket is 100% FAKE.

    If you look at James Brown in his coffin:

    and MJ supposedly:

    Take a look at the hands, they’re in EXACTLY the same place. Also same jacket, same coffin lining (MJ’s was meant to be BLUE velvet interior whereas this is clearly white)

    Its obviously in black and white because James Brown was black, and Michael was white and after they photoshopped it in colour you would have seen James’ neck coming through. Keep up the great work, admin!

  115. noisehammer Said,


    yes… i havent read the whole text, but its really strange… its a good point to have doubts..

    i think we have to talk about this !!!
    what do you all think ??

  116. noisehammer Said,

    but imagine, if it IS REALLY a hoax,
    so the whole family (children included!!)
    would do EVERYTHING, really EVERYTHING to cover it !

    woww… now the news on tv are talking about that police is trying to discover who has killed MJ…

  117. blanka Said,

    To reply the comment of LadyV: Oh shut up blanka!! On the flip side, prove he’s dead! Go find his dead body and bring us a pic. Go on… prove it!

    I think we can say whatever opinion the hell we want right?? I just say that I believe he’s alive when SOMEONE show a picture with date of MJ, so LadyV don’t be such an ass, you can think whatever you want, respect my opinion! Obviously nobody saw the body of MJ but the family. I’m not saying he’s dead or alive because I don’t know the truth, if he’s dead or alive I hope he’ll be fine!!!

  118. westin Said,

    think – he kinda be back in tree years – that’s a judicial term

  119. odettebennet Said,


  120. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    ok supposedly 12 people committed suicide. 12 people were back up dancers for the this is it concert. did they release the names of the people who committed suicide?

  121. alive Said,

    does anyone else find this strange… latoya identifies his body, takes the children in to see him, signs his death certificate, picks out his clothes, takes the children to see him at the funeral home, goes into his home to look for missing money etc, paris tells latoya she wants to say something at the memorial, latoya knows he was murdered and knows who did it. did i forget anything else? it seems latoya took care of the whole thing. with that big family and all the key moments were handled by her. it sems odd that she did it all. but i think he must be gone. i don’t think mj would subject his 7 year old son to go and view an imposters dead body. too tramatic for someone so young to be invovlved in a hoax don’t you think?

  122. alive Said,

    oh i forgot ..it was also latoya who ordered the second autopsy… wow amazing ahe took care of the whole thing… yeah right..

  123. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Ok Im Officially Done Trying To Find Out If Michael Jackson Is Alive Or Not. I For One Believe He Is Alive And Dont Need No More Proof. So Have A Nice Life Everyone And When That Comeback Tour Happens, We Will All Be Surprised. Anyone Wanna Chat My Yahoo Is Dragonfire_barbie_sweetheart

  124. elde Said,

    I stand corrected :
    He couldn’t avoid this

  125. Amlet Said,

    @sita That’s all BULL. Look with your heart? The same children who chew gum and didn’t had a tear? Those same papers where writing about traces of needles on his arms and tons of pills in his stomach… Bull Bull Bull. I don’t believe nothing from them

  126. ilovemichaeljackson Said,

    when is that michaeljacksonsightings.com site going to update their photos they claim to have? lol….

    seriously though, they haven’t added any more since the site started nearly a month ago…

  127. loveandpeace Said,

    @MIchaekJacksonIsStillAlive Yea, it’s pretty obvious there’s a red car in the reflection. If you watch the video of the ambulance, there’s a red car on the right side of the ambulance. Solved. But was it really him, is the main question.

  128. MissC Said,

    Sita – If you truly believe he is dead, then I really don’t understand what are you doing on a site that claims MJ might be alive. Sorry if I come of as a b!tch but really, come on.

    Anyway, I think this is one of the best theories so far. Very realistic and possible. Only thing I would rule out, the Elvis thing. I seriously doubt he is alive.

    About this picture:
    Not only I notice like what appears to be a red sheep, that golden reflection, I think is the sun’s reflection. It was taken while he was on the ambulance, Now the question is: WHEN WAS IT TAKEN?.

  129. svangel Said,

    @ sita… um u do realise that his kids put on a show to right.. have u read the BBC reactions on the behavior of his kids.. only Paris did a little cry thing… hell my 2 yr old cousin can cry on cue…. he is alive…..

  130. MariannaB Said,

    And if secret services would be involved, then this would be a national affaire and much bigger than anybody would imagine to date.

    What about this bioterrorism story? What about hostage-taking?
    What if MJ were just another celebrity being abused for complete different interests?

    Are we short-thinking?

  131. Girl21GER Said,

    Wow the open cascet picture really is a fake. The flowers in the back are exactly the same.
    Where did that picture come from?! Who released it to the press? Or did someone just played around with photoshop?

    What about the picture in the article? Where and when was this taken?

    I couldn’t find the he.is.alive site either. Anybody has a link?

  132. misskillah24 Said,

    Ok. I’ve been reading this blog for a coouple of days now and I have to admit it’s really gotten into me. At first, all the details were so unbelievably true and after reading a few entires, I ended up almost convinced Michael Jackson isn’t dead.
    But contrary to that, I noticed that all the information posted here becomes more and more absurde with every day that passes. I was never a Jackson fan, though I’ve always know his lyrics and music by heart. That’s why I can express my opinion from an objective point of view.
    I believe Michael Jackson is actually death and this blog makes it easier for all his fans to deal with such a loss. Of course it makes you feel better imagining that MJ is alive and well, instead of thinking the world is never gonna see him again, right? It gives you a certain feeling of relieve, it’s like a small ray of light that makes you happy. But by posting this anomalous stories, speculations and theories … I believe it’s a bit childish.
    I mean, Michael Jackson was know worldwide, he was THE MOST FAMOUS ARTIST ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. Do you think he’d pull such a stunt? Come on, we’re talking about a planet, not a country, not a few states! Do you think he’d manage to lie to bilions of people in each single corner of the world by “buying” a few doctors and give some acting lessons to his daugher? That’s a bit ridiculous.
    And even though ok, let’s say you MIGHT be right, he’s faked his own death (?!), ok, but how cand you actually say, or even believe or conceive something as amusing as saying he was in the backstage of his own funeral doing backing vocals for Hudson? Come on guys! Really! I mean, really! I don’t want to be mean, but how old are you, like 13-14? How can you say that?
    I got that CNN video, that “no open casket” theory, that HD rehearsal and even that good Photoshop work, but come on, that’s enough. I mean, leave the guy alone, now that after 45 years of terror and spotlights, he may actually be in “the better place” he always dreamed about! You tend to be a bit paranoid by posting all this things on a blog. It’s amazing how many things human mind can invent.. And if you think about it well, this was actually the main thing that killed Michael: the human mind.
    You should think about it from this perspective: sadly, Michael Jackson is dead. And what are you doing? You, his real fans? Instead of mourning him, cherishing his memory, watching his videoa, buying Tshirts or CDs, you’re wasting your time playing detectives on a blog? It’s disastrous… Days, months and years will be passing by and people will still think about him. Will respect and honour him as one of the greatest artists in the world. Decades will pass and everyone will talk about him as they do about Elvis nowadays. We should all be proud we were contemporary to such a music genius and try to honour his memory as he deserved, with no speculations, no theories and no more lies about him. He’s had enough of that, don’t you think? 45 years of stalkings, speculations, stardom and spotlights. Don’t you agree he needs some time to rest? Come on…

  133. melluvsmike25 Said,


    The only reason I think this is because we still don’t know anything about the coroner’s report. Now, if and when they come out with the report and the body had some terrible terminal disease, we know something is up. Because he just passed that physical right before he died. Of course if it’s not a terminal illness, then my theory is shot out of the water.

    I watched Larry King last night, and they are saying that the reports should be released at the end of this week or mid next week. Let’s all hope for a terminal illness, so my theory is right.

  134. roxy101 Said,

    Okay. I admit, I very much like this site as it gives me a smidge of hope. I don’t want to downplay any of the theories on here, because truly I want to believe them, but will some of you guys please discuss with me how this could really be a hoax? I mean, his body,…or “body” has been autopsied, and his dermatologist has been subpoenad. Please explain to me how all of this legal action could be taking please if he were really faking….
    And what about his kids?…the issue over who has custody over them is a big news story….how could this be happening if he were alive…how could he let this happen?

    Please give your thoughts, and once again I’m not disagreeing to the theories, I just want explanation… I’m open to whatever you have to say….

  135. melluvsmike25 Said,

    Also, I wanted to add that I was thinking the same thing about introducing the double to the public to see if we would fall for it, and get used to him looking that way. The same with his family. They haven’t seen him in awhile. Maybe the imposter come pass as him even to his own family.

    The only reason I keep holding on to this theory is because I don’t think that he would trust most of his family with the plot. Maybe his Mother, but that’s about it. And since MJ is who he is, and wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble, this would cover that. Latoya identified him because it looked like him. So, she wouldn’t be in any trouble. Same with the family. They wouldn’t get in trouble because they thought it was him.

    Also, there was some posts on the legal issue. Would MJ get in trouble. I have a son who is studying to be a Forensics specialist, so he knows a lot about the law. He said there is no law against lying. He would get in trouble though if by his passing, he collected insurance or something similar. Now as far as the 12 suicides I’ve heard of, that might be trouble for him. But, again we’re listening to that wonderful media, and we don’t know if that is true. Just my thoughts! What do you wonderful detectives think?

  136. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Priya78. I just watched it. OH MY LORD. 1st i would like to say, that is sounds like Michael were there himself, saying it, pretty spooky, i threw up once again. (Im getting a bit sick of it, but i am throwing up every time i hear some kinda “hin” you, about his dead) I have to control myself. Im getting sick becuse im so sick of grief. But you are right about the word, normally it is pronouncced “pain” and not “pains”, this is the first time ive ever heard that. I know i sound crazy, I just love him so much. My heart is with you Michael, whereever you are sweet angel

  137. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    THEY DIDNT SEE MICHAEL, when does people get that. And Latoya just wants her “15 minutes of fame” No offense. I don`t believe he is dead. Somehoe i can feel it in my heart, like you normally can, when someone you loved has passed away. But i don`t have thet feeling. The 4 other things latoys has been saying is not true. Why should this be?

  138. luvmj Said,

    Hmmm I’m kinda thinking he’s really dead..There is Photos of his kids going to church on Tmz

  139. Corbett002 Said,

    sorry i thought that person in the red coat was his monkey lol

  140. Francesca Said,


  141. Synthara Said,

    Hey melluvsmike25 I you said if the coroners report says anything about terminal disease something is up. But about a year ago MJ was seen in a wheelchair, it was rumoured he had skin cancer or a rare lung condition (look up Ian Halperin’s theory). So is it not possible – and everyone please think about it – that he was actually terminally ill? It is a bit disturbing I remember seeing photos of him coming out from a doctors office and his skin (the part not coverede by a mask) looked kind of spooky blueish/red in spots.. LaToya on the other hand is not important because she always talks crazy so I will not believe one single word from her mouth.

  142. Mojofi Said,

    Guys am now confuesd by all these TOPICS here . :-s.

    Looks like he is gone for good you know. Why are the Police investigating the matter? How can the family say MJ is dead if he is not? How adn why will Paris cry if she did not know her daddy want dead and gone? Ok now am more confused then ever. I was thinking he is ALIVE but now am very DOUTFUL .

  143. twan75 Said,

    Narcosis : The last known pic of MJ is most certainly taken from the ambulance. If you pay close attention to the reflection in the picture, you actually see a RED CAR and (on the lower right part, just beneath the arm of the man holding the sack of air) TREES. Also the man who is ’supposed’to give CPR, is in fact holding something in it’s place.


    But respect for your (and the admin’s) determenation ! My comments maybe sounds a bit negative, but I’m only trying to seperate the false from the right evidence, so that we have the correct pieces to solve the mystery surrounding the dead of MJ.

  144. luvmj Said,

    @MissC That photo was taken when the ambulance was leaving his home, if you look at the video which you can find on hollywood.tv you can see a guy taking pictures at the side window of the ambulance and you will see a parked red car in the video. And I think someone said why did his legs go in first..They didn’t, cause the photo was taken at the side/front of the ambulance which you can see he would have went head first…..But I still have hope?:(

  145. iheartmj Said,

    i know this is off topic
    but check this out


    i don’t believe the drug abuse allegations.
    what do you all think???

  146. Mojofi Said,

    Ok am here again, and i have seen the SO CALLED Photo od MJ in the CASKET.

    It’s not just FAKE but it’s actually JAMES BROWN in his Casket and EDITED to a LIGHTER SKIN colour.

    Am a Photographer and imgae mamupulater so i have looked at teh 2 photos.

    Why is it black and white and not coloured? Cos you will see it’s the as JAMES BROWN.

    The photo was also rotated which makes his head go to where his legs are meant to be.

    The FLOWERS are same as in JAMES BROWN’s photo.

    Now i think i should been doutful but on the other hand again who got the pic if ONLY the FAMILY or RELATIVES of MJ were the only ones who went to teh funeral? HHmm :-S

  147. Mojofi Said,

    ************BAD SPELLING so corecting myself ************

    Ok am here again, and i have seen the SO CALLED Photo of MJ in the CASKET.

    It’s NOT just FAKE but it’s actually JAMES BROWN in his Casket and EDITED to a LIGHTER SKIN colour.

    Am a Photographer and image manupulater so i have looked at thr 2 photos and they are the SAME.

    Why is it black and white and not coloured? Cos you will see it’s the as JAMES BROWN, though the coluer could still be changed.

    The photo was also rotated which makes his head go to where his legs are meant to be.

    The FLOWERS are same as in JAMES BROWN’s photo.

    Now i think i should not be doutful but on the other hand again who got the pic if ONLY the FAMILY or RELATIVES of MJ were the only ones who went to teh funeral? HHmm :-S

  148. noisehammer Said,

    now i got the info there seem to be much more in it.. really bigger than we can imagine!
    apperently there are infrared pictures of MJ attending his owm mem. so this really adds up to the “pain(s)”

    have you ever noticed barack obama calming himself down and giving no real respect to MJ ? i say.. cmon.. either barack obama is the worst president !! (which i doubt) or there seem to be much more in it…

    i still think he is alive..
    but when he will return.. he wouldnt return as the old MJ we know him..

    im gonna rest and watch this story going on with a nice beer in my right hand ..

  149. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Okey, I have to post this one. I just (once again) Watched the rehearsels with Michael, and the song ” Will you be there” When he is starting to talk at the end og the song he is saying “Pain” and not “Pains” Like at the memoriel. This “Mistake” is a very BIG one and can only be done in one way. If Michael attended his memoriel himself. Now, you will proberbly say that I am crazy, and stuff like that. But think about it. Why is that the only time EVER that word have changed, and it was Michael saying it, at his own memoriel. Please feel free to stop me at any minute.But i have to do this for myself, until i see a body or any other reliable prove that Michael is dead. And so far i haven`t. This is the only way, i can hinder myself drom falling apart completely. The rest of you should see those rehearsels aswell, and listen carefull when he does that little beat thing. I JUST LOVE THAT . It makes me love him even more.

    Roxy101. !st of all, the children are going to be with Janet, Michael closest sibling, that way he can have contact with them everday. If you find this link in another site inhere, about how he has planned this, then you will see that there is about 35-36 people who is devoted to Michael, wich have helped him escape, and keeping him safe until he is ready to face the public again. He had a completely breakdown, and no wonder, if you think of what he has been through. I just hope that he is getting the help he needs, so that he can be well and start smileing again.

  150. luvmj Said,

    Ok I don’t know what to think at all…Sadly I’m leaning towards he’s not alive…But I do find this video weird cause if you listen in the beginning Latoya Jackson said “He appreciates everything your doing” as present tense…So I don’t know, it could be that they’re so in denial. Cause I know when someone in my family passed away I didn’t want to believe they were gone.

    …But here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwVdZrlie74&feature=channel_page

  151. truthseeker1002 Said,

    This just in – a quote from tito jackson:

    “He left Neverland and went on this search to find a comfortable place – somewhere he could relax and get over everything.

    “Sadly, I don’t think he ever did find that place. He was searching right up until he died.”

    Heres the link: http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/news/2009/07/16/michael-jackson-was-ruined-after-child-molestation-trial-tito-jackson-115875-21522795/

  152. svangel Said,

    Come on ppl… i cant believe u all turning ur backs on this… HE IS ALIVE… so what if his kids went to church… its just church…i mean if u knew u were saving ur Dad from this cruel world…wats a few tears… @miss killah…. hun..i understand ur point about he being famous… lemme ask u this…Ben Ladin was also the MOST WANTED man on the earth at one point in time… and yet he still managed to be around…Michael was once critised for wearing the female traditionsl wear…which covers everything but ur eyes…yes he cud pull it off…if you were coverd from head to toe and i cudnt see anything but ur eyes den u cud go anywhere in public… he has a feminine voice… it wud be hard for ppl to figure that out….then again.. its just my theory

  153. she_can Said,

    According to LAPD, his death is due to a Propofol overdose.

    Why would MJ ask to be injected Propofol (sedative) at 11am in the morning?


  154. Samantha Said,

    Just leave him be, he wanted to make this escape for a reason, his not going to come back that early obviously. It’ll take time.

    Where ever you are michael, i love you so much <3

  155. Jamie Said,

    About the pain/pains lyrics thing. What does this prove?

  156. charliechaplin Said,

    Hey Guys!!

    This is another off topic again. They’re showing Martin Bashir’s Living With Michael Jackson interview again. You remember, Martin Bashir? That double faced reporter who jeopardized MJ with that Gavin boy? Well, I hope they don’t show MJ in a bad light again. We better be vigilant!!!

    It’s showing Thursday, July 16 at 9pm on ITV1.

    Read here:


  157. Dee Said,

    Thanks for that cathedralfolk, that was very insightful, I will be researching into that more. What a wonderful piece your friend wrote, it bringing more pieces of the puzzle together, thanks again. An apology from Bill Clinton…..wow!

  158. fm89 Said,

    i am a little scepticle to some of the theorys like a very few others on this site, alot of the theorys are pure pure speculation and imagination, while i also feel somting is definatly up with this whole death, i mean he looked perfectly ok physically and mentally 1 moment, and from what i know hes a perfectionist and would not want to let down the fans which would contradict his drug abusive behavior prior to the “death”.

    Also the fact that aig make money if its a drug over dose makes me feel even if he was murderd there pushing for it to be a death by drugs overdose.

    1 element that hasnt been discussed alot i feel is his song Xscape, i found this the most alarming thin about the whole “death”

  159. Dee Said,

    To the people that are convinced of his death due to the autopsies, have you seen the body, are you in contact with the examiner, how do you know the examiner is not on a golf course in Jupiter? The media said there was an autopsy and yet another, the media said that they have Michael’s brain and we await a toxicology report with a bunch of numbers and codes that none of lay person would understand and those in the medical worl could easily be interpreting the tox report of another individual.

    We saw the body in the copter move, how in the hell is there a pap photo in an ambulance? The casket when it left the memorial disappeared, yet they have from the moment of his supposed death at his home to the hospital to the morgue, all on tape.

    People will say that we want him back and cant cope(we do want him back) people will ridicule and say that its Elvis and Tupac all over again. That is THE PLAN…. to take away the credibility of those that think outside the box, your freaking TV screen, your square mag or newspaper, your freaking boom box commentary. Lets stop letting the BOX control our minds.

    Latoya said there was a towel on his face, huh…. I saw my grandmother and my bff’s Mom at the hospital right after they passed and they were resting peacefully in the their bed, wrapped tightly with linen, faced exposed as if they were sleeping and had gotten tucked in. A towel, Is she serious?Latoya said the children saw him and that she dressed him and that they had a private open viewing. That Paris put half a heart on her Dad and kept the other for herself saying that she will never take it off. I don’t know..but did any of you see the other half of the heart on Paris at the memorial? We cannot confirm or deny what Mike was wearing as WE DID NOT SEE HIM. The private viewing with immediate family just before the other short family memorial the morning of the public memorial, could have very well been a farewell. Rev. Al did tell Anderson that the children now know that that their father is gone, huh…. If they saw him at the hospital and at the private open casket viewing and then again at the memorial before the public memorial, shouldn’t they already know this.

  160. jinx46 Said,

    I don’t know. I just don’t think he would ever leave his children…

  161. jinx46 Said,

    Don’t you think that if he did fake his own death, that when he returned his fans would be merciless and furious with him?

  162. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To Michaeljacksonisstillalive: You are not in denail sweetie. I can see that you love Michael. I do to, very much indeed. And it makes me so happy to see that, cause Michael needs all the love he can get these days, that will help him recover. Im not in denail, i would be if we saw the “real” Body, in the casket, but we havent. Michael changed my life, not with his music or his moves, but with who he is. I would like so much to tell him that face to face, but that is kinda hard, when we don`t know where he is. And yes i know (im talking about him in pressence sence) Why wouldent i, there is no prove that Michael is infact dead. Until that happens, i will continue talking about him, like he is still with us. I just want to say one more thing. If someone in a real way, where ever to find Michael, i would like for you to respect his privacy. Not that Im the oone to deside on that, but im thiking of Michael here, if you know what i mean. I think we owe it to him, to leave him alone, for now. He will come back, and face the public when he feels ready. Until then, i hope that people will leave him alone. If he is alive, i really hope that he is reading this, so he can see how much we love, and care for him. I think that would make Mike very happy. In the mean time, we just have to compford ourselves with his voice, music and dance moves. I love his voice Look at the interwiews. And when he is laughing, It makes me smile. I just love him so much, and i feel it in my heart, that he is not completely gone. Bacuse if were “dead” for real, trust me my heart would be so broken, i would feel it right away. I hope i don`t sound to much like a nut. I will go to sleep now, talk to all of you tomorrow.

    Ohh And Thank you all so much, for the love you are showing Michael, It means alot, i just wish he knew

  163. lovelidae Said,

    Hey guys. I have been visiting this site everyday since the 27th of June and I really think most of the people here are on to something. At first I was crushed because I thought our beloved MJ was gone. I cried and grieved and then common sense started to come into play. I think for the most part we are on track. The “Hold Me” part of the memorial stating pains instead of pains is just another clue given by our very own MJ. I truly believe that he is still alive and is just waiting until all the media hoopla simmers down so that he can be reunited with his children on some remote private island. Don’t you think it strange that just shortly before his death he allowed the world to see his children (never done before by MJ). I think he was allowing us to get a good look at his brood, because we probably won’t be seeing them anytime soon (if we ever see them again, they will probably be full adults or close to adulthood). I for one support that decision, and hope that they are given a life outside of the spotlight with their dad (every parent deserves the right to protect their children). The casket photo is definitely a bad photoshopped version of James Brown, even if taken by a camera phone what camera phone takes pics in black and white? I truly feel that MJ is alive and well and is just waiting to put the pieces of his new life together. I for one am at peace and happy with that. This beautiful man who gave so much of himself to help the greater good deserves to live his life in peace and quiet. I truly love you with all my heart Michael and I know that you had to do this to keep your sanity and finally break out the fishbowl. I truly believe that in time the old Michael will emerge from the ashes of his burdened past like a phoenix rising (only he will look totally different, I don’t think we’ve seen the real Michael Jackson for quite some time now). Just like Marlon said in his closing words at the memorial, now maybe the world will leave him alone (eventually anyway). And if by chance I should ever cross paths with the old Michael Jackson in new form I will simply smile at him and say I glad you got away and I understand why you did it (I don’t care about him screwing AEG, they are a bunch of distrustful crooks anyway, and believe me they have been screwing entertainers for quite some time now). I also believe that Michael probably checks this site (we haven’t really heard from supermom75 since someone asked was she Michael) or will one day come across it, so I just want to send him my love peace and blessing. Oh yeah, and trust all the Jacksons are not in on this plot (I’m not in the family and even I can see that they can not all be trusted). Latoya Jackson has always searched for the spotlight and likes to suck up the shine whenever and wherever she can and this time is no different (can we not remember that she came out against Michael during the first child molestation trials) she is not on my list of trustful Jacksons. She is trying to grab her 15 minutes of fame as well as some of the others (most notably Tito and Joe Jackson) her story changes little by little everytime (I don’t buy her for a second). Anyway I pray that Michael is getting plenty of love, rest, and peace. I love you my Moonwalker man.

  164. lovelidae Said,

    oh yeah and thanks admin for hosting such a great place for all of us MJ fans to come together. Some have stated that MJ would never leave clues he would just go away, then all I have to say is that you don’t know Michael like you say you do. True Michael Jackson fans know that he is a genius and people as mischievous as he would always leave clues. He only wanted to die to the media, not his true fans. Michael always knew that we’d find the clues, just like Elvis and Tupac’s fans found their clues (Tupac is still sending clues to this day), and yes I still believe they are both very much alive (Call me crazy but I saw Tupac with my own two eyes after he was supposed to be dead, and I stand by that to this day). Even if Elvis has met his true demise, he was very much alive in well for a very long time after the 70’s. These people only want to die to the mainstream media and the fickle masses, not to their true die hard fans. I bet you many more MJ clues are to come, he is brilliant. Again, I am glad that for once in his life he did something for him and not to please the world (many of whom only want to be entertained for their own selfish reasons). I’m happy for MJ the man, the father, the brother, and the son for finally making the decision to live a life free of scrutiny, pressure, and public hurts & humiliations. Go on MJ, do your thing boy.

  165. niccih Said,

    Here’s something I’ve been mulling over-If MJ is in fact dead, wouldn’t his death be a bit more clear-cut and not allow room for speculation?

  166. sita Said,

    correct, everything has been told. and again i repeat: LOOK with YOUR HEART. Michael would never hurt his children. Now we had learn his children saw the dead body, they touched it. This Game is over.

  167. wozniack Said,

    According to this link MJ’s ‘ghost’ was spotted in the UK? Also, they said, “Michael Jackson died at his apartment in Los Angeles on June 26, aged 50.”


    The date is June 25th, and I didn’t think he dwelled in an apartment? But yeah, I’m not buying it, haha. How many more ghost stories will there be?! =T

  168. Narcosis Said,

    melluvsmike25, actually the last time the family and MJ met was at the 60th wedding anniversary celebrations for their parents in Beverly Hills three weeks before MJ’s death! Michael seemed strong and healthy to his family…

  169. Narcosis Said,

    Shocking pictures which show Michael’s drug-ravaged legs as police say they are treating his death as homicide,

    The photo’s had been released by MJ’s father Joe to show his son had vitiligo, the skin-whitening disease, which Jackson had always claimed he’d had…

  170. ejay5131 Said,

    as long as that death certificate remains unsigned, MJ is in no danger of any type of prosecution.

  171. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    omg i really don’t wanna believe that mj is dead omg omg omg urrgghh sum of the comments are giving me second thoughts…. omg come out mj wherever you are!!! I love you soo much!!!!

  172. seven7seven Said,

    Let me start with this: I love this site and everyhting that is questioned here and brought to my attention. I think there is a lot wrong with the death of mj, all the happenings since the first moment and everything that happened ever since.

    But the more I visit this website, the more ridiculous thoughts and theories I read, and I truely think that’s a shame. For a website which goal is to uncover the truth about this, to answer questions or even to ask them more than answering them, the current level of blog items and discussions is not much better than the media is reporting and everyone despises.

    A small summary: body doubles (the more the merrier!), Elvis lives, cloning…

    Of course, it is just theory, just thoughts, but why make life so hard on yourselves? Things like these are nut only hard to believe, but even harder to proove. Impossible if you ask me.
    Elvis sending his lost airplane to pick up MJ at LAX? Arnold Schwarzenegger involved? Protected Witness Program? The murder of a body double? The illuminati (If it wasn’t for Dan Brown most of us wouldn’t even know they exist or existed!)?

    Ask youself: why? who? what for? Where in all theories I read about a body double? Why would he need one?
    And about the painS: sure it was Michael who spoke those words, but not for the memorial but for his O2 shows. Why he changed the lyrics? I don’t know. But for sure, the visual was made after the recording was done. So there is the S in the lyrics, not as a sign, but because that is what he said. painS, so pains it is. There is nothing more to it. With this I agree to a former poster, name forgotten sorry: If you want to escape, assuming he did, why leave hints? It makes no sense. And thus he didn’t leave them.

    I admit it is entertaining. I love the stories, and the more fantasy, the better. But as soon as people are repsonding that this could be true, it starts missing the point.

    And with all this gossip you cover up all the great findings made, the true facts that need to be questioned, researched. The imperfections in the interviews with the family, the coincidences in the happenings, the contradictions.

    Like in this piece, where a website claims to have a picture of MJ inside his casket. You explore, you research and finally find out it is a fraud. Like the picture of the rehearsal with the missing S part: same story. Just two examples of good work, snowed under a pile of recent rubbisch. No offense intended.

    If you want to express your wildest theories, go ahead, be my guest and entertain me. But keep them apart from the true findings.

    Question yourself and stick to the facts. Keep a summary somewhere – now really hard to find – of all facts, imperfections, contradictions and (true) questions found so far, ordered in a time frame.

    For me: I don’t know if he is still alive or not. And francly, I don’t care. I hope he is well and happy, dead or alive, wherever he is. But that there is something fishy about his (so called?) death, it sure looks that way.

    There is so much information I miss, I wonder why it isn’t there: Why aren’t there more pictures, more witnesses, more stories of what happened on June 25th? Where is the rest of the rehearsal footage? Where is the doctors statement who did the AEG medical?
    And compared with the information that is brought – by tmz mostly – I wonder why, what does it add? All it does is raise more questions, more doubts and most of all: more dirt on someone who is no longer avaiable to defend himself. Easy target, cheap entertainment if you ask me.

    That is why I come here: to enjoy your stories, to get more ideas to question, research. The more we find, the closer we will get to the truth. So keep up the good work, but please: keep it divided.

  173. kjmj Said,

    I also found it very weird that Jermaine(I think?) was the only one wearing an ear-piece during the entire memorial.. check it out-> http://www.usmagazine.com/photos/inside-michael-jacksons-memorial-service?slideshow_id=1146&o=25
    It doesn´t look like the ´normal´one artist usually wears on stage.. Your thought? Was MJ calling the shots via the earpiece?

  174. MrsBenjamin Said,

    You know i really dont know what to think anymore…i saw that pepsi commercial they aired yesterday from that accident…that was terrible when i saw that whole on top of his head…which mad me extremely sad….and all i can think of is when they said they(paramedics) saw “MJ” laying there he was completely bald…that just tell me that maybe he really is gone?….sad again.

  175. MrsBenjamin Said,

    and one more thing..that picture on the front cover of the OK magazine…i remember someone talking about MJ’s ear..i believe that’s him as well

  176. luvmj Said,

    I cont know want to think anymore…Urrgg

  177. Synthara Said,

    Someone wrote “apperently there are infrared pictures of MJ attending his owm mem” Do you have a link to an article about this or something?

  178. Copenhagen Said,

    To noicehammer: Do you have proof about the infrared pictures of MJ attending his owm mem ?

    What I also found weird at the memorial was why did a lot of them look up in the ceiling while performing and while they were making speeches – what were they looking at ? First I thought that they were looking at “the Lord” to give them strenght but know I am confused – Lional Richie also looked up while he shoked his head. Jennifer Hudson looked up, Brooke Sheilds, Paris etc…

  179. protski Said,

    hey, jus wanted to point out, have you guys saw the pictures of mj legs? they were taken in 2002 and shown in ABC, but:


    and there is this other picture:

    just wanted to point out, it’s weird that his is facing down on the second picutre and every news about it just mention one black spot in his leg.

  180. Lenora Said,

    I realy do not know what to think anymore. I would like to beleive MJ is still alive, but what about his children? Is he capable to do this to his beloved children? Something is not right.. I just read this


    and get more confused. What do you think about it?

  181. jpresley Said,

    Guys, I’ve been reading all of the theories and posts on this website for two days now and I gotta say that I truly want to believe that MJ pulled off the perfect escape and finally got away from all the vultures in his life. However, there are a lot of things that don’t add up. Namely, as roxy101 touched on, the legal issues surrounding his doctors and the custody of his children. These are HUGE news stories and at least one of the docs is very likely to face indictment. I have a hard time believing that MJ would let that happen, he was too kind a person. And as far as the kids are concerned, he loved them more than life itself. I just can’t see him putting them through the tramua of losing their father. Can somebody please give me a plausible explanation?

  182. jazzlvr66 Said,

    You know guys, concerning the whole “pain” vs “pains” thingie in the song ‘Will You Be There’? —- there could be, and often are more than one finished versions of a recorded song. Many retakes are done during a recording session…maybe they used a ‘different’ take of Michael’s spoken part because it fit in better with the live version they were doing up on stage? Think about it.

  183. jpresley Said,

    Admin: do you have any theories as to my points above? Anyone?

  184. fm89 Said,

    never buying pepsi again!

  185. melkes86 Said,

    I was just looking through the pictures found 2002 (I think it was 2002) of the raid at the Neverland Ranch. And the letter, the one stated, “This is it” the whole, 5-7 day program for a “solution” before MJ was to start a “second chapter…” Is it slightly possible that maybe Michael was planning on attempting a death hoax sooner?

  186. melkes86 Said,

    Also, here’s the link to the medical center listed at the top of the letter…. http://www.arthritisusa.net/procedure.asp. The FAQ section was interesting.

  187. lovelidae Said,

    I’m starting to believe that some of you (i.e. @sita) are here to throw us off track. Sita, this may sound crazy, but I think your sole responsibility in this is to throw us all off with doubt. I can understand that by bringing in doubt and making some people question themselves you are helping to protect Michael. That’s cool, I’m sure some of our theories are spot on and it’s scaring you guys, but you don’t have to worry because the mass media is too stupid to ever catch on. Sita, please tell Michael that we love him and support his decision when you see him next. Again, Supermom75 has been a no show every since someone asked her was she Michael Jackson. My wheels of suspicion just keep on turnin’

  188. ishealive Said,

    I don’t know what to believe. I was convinced he faked his death but with all the legal things that are going on like the toxicology tests & police involved and custody battle it makes it hard to believe. If he is alive I don’t believe he will be coming back, if it was an open & shut case and no law involved then maybe he would. I wish someone could prove he’s alive & if he is I hope people respect his need for privacy.

  189. monalisa Said,

    If he was completely bald, why did he have hair on the ambulance pic? Would they take the time to put a wig on him before taking him to the hospital? I sure hope not! Also, to me, the ear doesn’t even look like his…
    Also, on a video of him taken in May & seen on TMZ, you can see the top & back of his head and it’s clearly his own hair with a few grey hairs mixed in.

  190. Perfume Said,

    OMGosh after trying for several days now to log in here finally I can…hello everybody….I have been visiting this site every day to read updates and also to read the comments posted….first of all kudos to the admin for starting such a site.

    Ok here goes with my thoughts…first of all what I found strange was the 911 call, secondly the caller not identifying who the person is, and thirdly there was no urgency in the voice of the caller.

    What I found strange was the comment the paramedics made, I cannot remember which site I saw it but that comment has stayed with me ever since, the paramedics said when they entered the house they noticed that something did not look right and they went on to comment further saying that the person they found did not look like MJ at all, as there were scarring on the face as though the person had recent facial or plastic surgery, the said they could not put their finger as to what seemed different with the house and the appearance of the person.

    Also another site commented that MJ’s eldest son saw him convulsing in the lounge and he thought that his Dad was messing around as usual, now according to my knowledge children are curious he is 12, my speculation is this, he sees his Dad convulsing so he must of seen the doctor or someone carry his Dad to the bedroom, and also being his Dad he could of been curious as to what was happening, so why did the child not alert 911 as to what was happening in the house, like I said kids are curious but they also have this insight when something is not right.

    Thirdly I saw numerous pics of MJ being posted after his “passing” and then I was surprised to find out that he used body doubles for number of years, so I began to do a bit of google search to see if it was true and I came across quite a few guys that he had used, and when comparing them to the real MJ one would never know the difference, so what makes us all think that it was really MJ in the house, going back to the paramedics comments of the facial appearance of the person they were tending to.

    The I looked at the O2 press conference and the first thing I said to myself MJ never swaggers or bounces like we say in my country, he had the demeanour of a true gentleman, I looked closely and realised the person was way too tan for my liking, I listened to the voice, went back to listen to MJ’s voice on Youtube, our local tv stations aired some of the highlights when he visited my country, I heard him speak, he had a very soft manner of speaking which truly showed the type of person he was.

    I noticed that the guy kept on pounding his fists or hitting at something on the side, I noticed that he kept on stuttering “This is it, this is it people, the final curtain call” now the MJ we know has done numerous press conferences in his lifetime he was used to being under the spotlight so he conducted himself in a professional manner being the gentleman that he was. Note the chin of the guy doing the conference and note MJ’s chin, MJ’s was like Michael Douglas chin.

    A lot of things did not add up for me and still not adding up, I will come back and comment lol…I am just excited that I can be a part of this

  191. lou Said,

    I found interesting what seven7seven wrote, especially this part:

    “Question yourself and stick to the facts. Keep a summary somewhere – now really hard to find – of all facts, imperfections, contradictions and (true) questions found so far, ordered in a time frame”

  192. roxy101 Said,

    To: MyBelovedMJ

    okay you make a good point,
    but what about the autopsied body?

    Don’t you think it would have been out by now that the body in fact isn’t really his?

  193. jetgrrrl Said,

    Regarding the ambulance pic, I believe now it is real. Check out the link with the full frame pic posted previously, you can see the reflection from a red car parked just outside MJ’s house. You can also see the paparazzi that took it snap it on the video that shows the ambulance leaving his house towards UCLA. On that pic you can also see the red reflection of the red t shirt this guy that shot it was wearing.
    He took it from the outside the R side window of the ambulance not the back door. Check the video and you’ll see the guy snapping it just before the ambulance speeds off towards UCLA.

    In this last video taken just days before his death leaving a medical center he was already wearin curly hair, listen to 1:57, the paparazzi shouts I love your curly hair ….that explains his looks on the last rehearsal vid doing the choreography for they dont really care bout us.


    I have a theory, he really had terminal cancer and knew his time would come up soon. He was taking all those strong painkillers to relieve the horrible pains he must have been suffering.

    I feel so bad for how terribly the media treated him over his last years …He was such a wonderful person with the biggest heart ever..Please check the documentary where he comments his private home movies…He was constantly misanderstood, All he ever wanted was to be able to live a normal life and tabloids kept putting his reputation down instead of showing his caring and loving side where he used to donate loads of money to charity, visit hospitals and helped as many people he could….I sincerely hope the truth starts coming out now and people can understand him and respect him when they see the other side of the coin they never bothered to show us.

    MJ was a grown up kid with an angel heart aswell as a genious and the biggest artist we or any future generations will ever see.

    So sad… Wherever you are Michael wish you all the peace and joy you can ever have

    Long Live the King

  194. elde Said,

    Well, look at TMZ.com. They just obtained a trackt from Michael’s newest unreleased song “A place with no name” based on ‘A horse with no name”. Strangely enough the lyrics don’t match up with the title coz’ he uses double negatives ‘Take me to a place without no name’…!!?? hidden message maybe? He may not be with us in the flesh, but his voice sure is….

  195. ilprincipe Said,

    When I first heard that MJ had died i was really shocked and didn’t believe it. Ok, I’m also a fan of conspiracy theories. So my first thoughts were “No! This can’t be true. Either he must have been murdered or he faked it.” Then i searched the web for more facts and finally found this page.
    I’m still torn between.
    Some “facts” are to speculative. But some facts are really speculative…but some really make sense.
    1.) the vain you could see on the forehead.
    2.) the Story with “Pain” and “Pains” is also a mystery and I don’t know any solution.
    3.) There are more then 200 unreleased songs. That’s great. But who knows if they are ALL really “old ones”.
    Maybe in 2012 one of the unreleased songs will smash the charts….the media will claim it was written and recorded in the late 80`s or beginning 90’s. But for real it was written and recordet in 2010….who knows?
    TMZ released a part of an unreleased MJ Song called “A place with no name”. It’s partially a cover from the Band America’s song “a horse with no name”.
    I cannot really believe that MJ covers..because he was so unique and genious and didn’t need it.
    Here you can listen:
    I’m german and i don’t understand the lyrics proper…but i think in the chorus he’s singing “take me to the place WITHOUT no name”
    without no = minus-minus….
    that’s weird.
    Maybe another clue. And who can prove if this song is so old. Maybe it was recorded b4 his death. But maybe it was written at a time, where the hoax was already planned. On which place wants MJ to be taken? What will he express with this lyrics?
    No we have point
    4.) We use part of his lyrics e.g. the song “Xscape” to prove that he’s alive.
    And the media, the police investigators orient themselves at the song “Morphine”.
    For me the circumstances are constructed. Especially the story with the drug addiction.
    @ mrsbenjamin: yes, they said MJ was completely balded. But that’s for me no evidence for his real death. As you can see in the video an (which was taken 4 weeks after the accident at the pepsi commerical). Mayb he wears a toupee, because he didn’t lose his complete hair…but this is no wig.

    One thing which i’m doubt of is the role of his children. He really loved them and i believe also that on the memorial have been his kids. Maybe Michael Prince I und Paris are not his biological kids. But he raised and educated them. Blanket looks totally like MJ in his childhood. I see a big similarity.
    What about his alleged son
    Omar Bhatti from Norway? Does anyone have more precise facts?
    here a video of him. I don’t see any similarity to MJ if i compare him with blanket.


    The only thing woh

  196. Ninanina Said,

    The one ‘thing’, that contradicts every hoax death idea is Michael Jackson himself.

    If he was able to hoax his death, to leave so many people in that much grief, he would have been able to do all the things he was accused for and more.

    Is that the Michael Jackson you love and want?
    Well, it’s not mine.

    I’m very sure e died, although it breaks my heart.

  197. phoenix180 Said,

    seven7seven, well said. I agree with your post completely.

  198. Can.You.Feel.It Said,

    Michael is gone you guys

    But I feel that I must put a few things out there that I think that this site has not address or noticed
    First if by some miraculous manner Michael was alive that man lives and breathes his children or did you no listen to the son “You are My Life”
    A he could not an would not do this to his children
    B if he did where ever he is he sure as hell is not happy here oon the news everyday that his children are crying about being gone
    C he would make sure as quick as possible that those kids were returned to his custody because if he was alive he would not survive without those three kids

    Now some of you might say oh he’s doing it for the kids so that when all is said and done they will go back to him but Michael dies not look like a patient man to, which brings me to my next point he would go stir crazy by himself especially without his kids and he would be back out there so fast your head would spin to save them if for no other reason

    And hello this is Michael were talking about Michael can’t stay out of the spot lie for a short matter of time forget the rest of his life span, he is too well know, yeah you are contradicting me I can already hear you. But whatever it’s my opinion.

    But there is one thing I wanted to point out maybe two
    The photos from the last rehearsal and the and the video from the last rehearsal are both from June the 23, Not the 24, all marked 23rd, unless your trying to tell me that he wore the same shirt same jacket, and the same pants 2 days in a row, I don’t think so… it think that video is from the 23 and everyone was just making comments that they saw him on the 24 but I truthfully think they didn’t release the video from the 24 the some reports state they were practicing the effect for throughout the concert others state they were rehearsing which make me wonder, A why… B what was he doing on the 24 and was he even their because there have been reports he hadn’t even been showing up for rehearsals until the 23 and 24. So Was he even there

    Last Latoya just got paid off a handsome sum of Over $100.000 for selling the story that Mj was murdered to the rag and rumor has it Tito’s about to get paid as well, so if he somehow is faking this thing and I’m not saying he is the family doesn’t need to collect on any damn insurance policy they just need to feed the media and they’ll get there cut… that is if he is alive

    But guys he’s gone I know it I’m starting to accept it I just wanted to mention that much to feed ya’lls conspiracy theory, I just wanna see what yall are going to do with the information really

    If you want to find the photos with the date next to it search MJSites.com and your going to have to go back through the news archives a bit to the stories posted June 3 or 4th

  199. francisca81 Said,

    the same for me!
    seven7seven i agree with your post

  200. Akasha Said,

    Ok did I get that wrong or did that site Lenora posted actually state that the “real” Jackson died about 20 years ago and all albums including “bad” have been released by an imposter?! I mean WTF?!?!

    Sorry for the stupid question but it’s late over here in Germany and I’m too tired to think correctly…

  201. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    @wozniack…. i think it is stated as being the 26th of June because of time difference. I live in New Zealand and for us, Michael died on Friday the 26th and I watched his live memorial on wednesday. Yea… i think that’s the reason….

  202. Severin Said,

    I’ve been following this great site since a few days and I’m so happy to find a lot of my own thoughts here!! I love MJ since 20 years and when I heard that he died I felt totally sick and devastated, but my first doubts came with the memorial service. It felt so strange and “wrong” to look at it, just too many thinks didn’t fit together and since that moment I’m trying to find out the truth behind it all. I’m not a person who just refuses to believe he’s dead or something like this. I can accept the truth. But I always have the feeling that the truth is NOT what we see and hear from the media and the Jackson family – I’m 100 per cent sure.

    And maybe some of you like to share their opinions about this interesting article:


    Just forget the “adopting a child” thing, I don’t know if this is correct or a rumour or whatever. I’m talking about the fact that MJ wanted to come to London 3 weeks before his shows there.The question is : If he wanted to arrive there AT LEAST 3 weeks before the shows, how come that he’s been in L.A. on June 25th?? Could it be that somebody (whoever?)died, but the real MJ was not even in L.A. and left the town already days before? Just a thought: If I was in his situation with the London shows, then I would arrive in London one month or so before the first show! You have to get familiar with the venue, the stage, the musicians, the light show, in fact with a lot of things, and you need rehearsals there.. and this takes time. Did you ever notice a statement after his “death” about this whole thing? It always seemed strange to me to see rehearsals in L.A. if the shows were planned for London.

    And by the way, please read this:

    Yes, I know, this is something that already a lot of people were talking about on this page, but it’s just one of the facts that I’ll never understand: He passed all the medical check-ups and now everybody is trying to tell us he’s been a drug addict?? C’mon!!

    And I think it could be possible that if his death is a hoax (and I absolutely think so) that his children are informed? Could be a reason why he didn’t stage his own death a few years before. Now these kids are old enough to understand it all. Maybe Janet, his mother and his kids know the truth… and some people at the hospital. It’s possible. Think about it.

    And one last thing about the photo from the ambulance: If you would have the chance to take this picture, wouldn’t you have the time (and a few seconds were enough!) to get much more, at least two or three? But there’s only this one, and maybe I’m completely wrong, but for me it looks as if the photographer told them what to do and where to stand and then to hold still, to get such a pic?? It looks too “perfect” for a random snapshot in a situation that should actually completely messed.

    My little contribution for today… take care of yourself and please let me know what you think!

  203. emmie Said,

    hi ok what i dont understand and no 1 seems to be giving me there opinion on is the fact that the people doing the autopsy on the so called ‘michael jackson’ will no that aint the real michael.wont they?
    like when the autopsy results come back they will have the persons DNA wont they??
    so eiter way if that isnt michael they will find out right???
    another thing,latoya said how paris, michaels daughter put a changing colour necklace in with her father and she kept the other half but she was wearing the half befor her father died, inface she was wearing it when her father was with her. do u think she had this necklace from before???
    but im sure in an article they say she brought it after he died????
    soo confused

  204. heavencanwait Said,

    My first contribution.
    WE KNOW HE IS ALIVE BECAUSE OUR INSTINCTS IS TELLING US SO, and that, people, is a force nobody can control! I don’t know if I care about Michael that much but something is bothering me and that’s why all of us are posting here…if it was just me that will be alright but shamone 450 000 hits!!!…

    ADMIN the forum is getting a little confusing to read with posts everywhere, can’t follow a tread and we need that to be coherent in what we’re trying to undercover with facts…

    I wanted to post about the Impersonator E’casanona (not sure where the link is now). I think he is the key and the BODY they have. All of this could not have hold up with no body . A good source told me… a friend of friend of friend…he washed his body and tagged his toe. Very reliable source. So they have a body. The answer is WHO’S BODY? Ecasanova dying, probably changed his name to Michael Jackson (and why not?) and Michael Jackson is dead..nobody is lying there. Legally All aspects have been covered I am sure.

    If we can find, have proof of Ecasanova alive today, than it’s another theory..but except the mypace update that E’casanova is feeling like “dying inside” ( which can be ANYONE posting it after his death…) has anyone seem him?

    gotta go will post again later

  205. Dee Said,

    Tonight on Larry King, Miko (Michael’s best friend and Marlon Brando’s son) is back, Larry just said to him its been 3wks to the day that Michael died, Miko how are you dealing with it. Miko said that he goes to so many emotions, some times he gets so emotional when he HEARS his voice or….then he paused and switched thoughts.

    Huh?….. He didn’t say when he hears his music, he said when he hears his voice. Now where and how is he hearing his voice?

  206. 12fear Said,

    …There is one way to debunk the Ambulance photo that we have all seen of Michael Jackson…I have been studying the picture closely…this is what i found. (This photo was not taken in Los Angeles and the Patch that is visible on their arm does not belong to LAFD or LAEP. Look at the picture again; Look at the Insignia Patch in their upper arm, pay attention to detail… http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j259/elbuay/80678247.jpg

    Now look at the “Currently Used” LAFD & LAEP Insignia patches used IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY… http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/7118/eyuoghyc2i8ljfi.gif
    (the 1st patch that shows up is the one in the picture), Look at the other two that follow–> those are what they use now in 2009 @ least in LOS ANGELES COUNTY.

    That Ambulance picture of Michael Jackson was not taken recently and most importantly, it was not taken in L.A, and much less on June 25th, 2009. Debunked!!!!!!

  207. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    One Thing I Dont Get, If He Took 50 Or So Pills A Day Or Mixed A Bunch Of Pills In A Cocktail Like They Are Saying, Im Pretty Sure He Would Have Been Dead Sooner If That Was The Truth.

  208. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    To The People That Are Sceptical. Michael Jackson Can Get Anyone Out Of Anything. Im Pretty Sure That What The Media Is Feeding Us Is Pure Bullshit. I Think All Of This Was Set Up Ahead Of Time. Im Pretty Sure Everyone That Was Really Close To Him Are In On This Too And Since The Memorial Was Screwed And His Family Screwed It All Up And People Began Questioning His Death. He Probably Was Like, Damn Yall Need To Start Doing Better Acting. Im Pretty Sure The CIA And All Those People Are In On This Too. Why Wouldn’t They Wanna Be A Part Of Michael Jackson’s Plan? They Gotta Make This Look Believable At Least For Now. Im Pretty Sure He Will Be Coming Back Into The Spotlight, I Think He Is Just Taking A Break And He Probably Found This Site And Happy That His True Fans Have Caught On, Unless He Is Under The Names Trying To Make Us Doubt What We Believe. Michael If Your Out There. I Really Want You To Know, This Site And All The People In It Love You So Very Much. I Hope Your Doing Great And We Want You Back.

  209. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    This Link Is Some Bullcrap

  210. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Seven. How Are We Supposed To Keep The Truth Divided From False Findings, When We Dont Even Know If The Media Is Telling The Truth And Apparently Noone Knows The Truth. You Completely Contradicted Yourself And Made Me Even More Confused.

  211. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To Roxy101. Im gonna answer your question the way i see it, but that dosen`t mean its the truth. That otopsy report, i think its fake. Everyone can make those. Like the part that Latoya has signed the death satificate, well it isent really har job to sign it. A docter has to sign it for it to be legal, if you know what i mean. And all those unproven things, WEll none of it adss up, and i wont belive that Michael is dead, before i see the body. Even though i have had a tough day today, missing him alot, i still somehow in my heart belive that he is alive.

  212. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Ninanina. Have you been watchin the news lately?? Not to be rude. But why woulden`t Michael be able to do it?? He had enough. And who can blame him. Trust i love MIchael more than you would know. But because i don`t think he is dead, dosent mean i think he did all those things he was accused of. because i know he always was innocent for a fact. Thats just me i don`t know if anyone else inhere feels the same way.

  213. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    KJMJ. yeah i agree with you. Who was jermaine listen to in that ear piece. It wasent his cellphone or an ipod, that is for sure lol. Did someone tell him something?? HMMM

  214. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Im Pretty Sure Alot Of Individuals That Want Us To Believe Michael Jackson Has Passed, Found This Site And Decided To Give Us Doubts.

    I Dont Believe Anything The Media Is Saying, Nor Will I Ever Believe Them Again. Im Pretty Sure If The Media Told Us Michael Was Alive Again, I Still Wouldn’t Believe Them. You Need To Find Out Stuff For Yourself, Dont Believe Anything The Media Is Saying. Of Course, There Is A Few News Shows, That Do Tell The Truth, But I Have Yet To Find Them.

    I Say Lets Keep Michael Jackson At The Top Of The Charts. Lets Post Every Michael Jackson Music Video We Can Find Here, So People Can Keep Him At The Top. Im Gonna Start Posting Youtube Videos Of Michael Jackson And I Hope You All Go And Get A Youtube Account And Favorite The Videos, Rate The Videos And Watch The Videos All The Way Through. To Keep Michael Jackson Alive And Prove Michael Jackson Will Never Be Forgotten.

    I Dont Care What Anyone Says, I Dont Believe Michael Jackson Is Dead. I Believe This Is For His Comeback Tour Or Just To Get Away From The Media. Either Way, He Is Good At What He Is Doing.

    Plus Janet Jackson Was Michael Jacksons Closest Sibling. So Im Pretty Sure That She Is Gonna End Up Getting Custody. His Parents Arent Going To Get Custody Because What He Accused His Father Of Doing To Him When He Was Younger.

    I Just Hope Michael Jackson Is Still Alive. I Love That Man So Much. Hes The Best Entertainer, Showman, Singer, Actor And Best Of Everything. Noone Will Ever Take His Place.

  215. Priya78 Said,

    I just came across this. According to this guy MJ has been seen in Ottawa Canada….and states that other people have seen him there too, but i couldn’t find anything else on it.

  216. jackoisalive21 Said,






    ************MY THEORY ON THE KIDS****************

  217. sita Said,

    I love ALL, Michael would have said.

  218. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,


    omg thank u lol…. finally an uplifting post to read… everyone seems to be giving up on the whole thing and is ready to believe that he is dead (i was kinda slipping towards that side aswell)….. YUP now im gonna stick with the theory that Michael jackson is still alive!!!

    And about the crying Paris thing… there is a chance that the kids are on this hoax aswell cuz i seriously doubt that michael would put his children through all that (even if they aren’t his biological kids)… you know how everyone keeps saying that all the children have amazing talents, well what if Paris’ talent is excellent acting?? u never know.. and she is 11 for f**ks sake!! my lil sis is ten and she can fake absolutely anything and convince even the best of people!!! What do u think???

  219. Narcosis Said,

    Emmie, do you have ‘prove’ of Paris wearing her half of the heart-pendant before her father died? I’ve just read that she bought it as a farewell gift for her dad. How do you know she was wearing it long before?

    12fear, you have a point there, where are these insignia patches from?

  220. mysterylady Said,


    I was just looking at Liz Taylor’s twitter and guess what ? She is no longer following Dr.Arnold Klein from her twitter and all her tweets referring to this Dr are mysteriously gone ! If she had nothing to hide ,why erase them,what is going on ??? Something very,very fishy is going on here !! Even if she saw our blog ,did that make her feel as if her tweets could really be evidence of Michael really being ALIVE ???

  221. Narcosis Said,


  222. Narcosis Said,

    Strange: (?)
    Michael had an extensive security system in and around the house, recording 24/7 what is happening. According to a police source, the tapes are lost, however. Also there are black holes in the video material that was stored on computers. The police would do everything to find out where the material remained….

  223. asw44 Said,

    I’ve checked the song Will you be there. It’s really scary. Are you gyus sure he didn’t record another version when “still” living?

  224. naqy21 Said,

    I’m from Singapore and i am too am very devastated upon hearing the news of his death. and when i discovered this website and reading all the findings, i’m sure and am very convinced that he is still alive..so keep up with all your findings i’m waiting to hear more of it and michael Jackson wherever you are, i hope that you’ll be happy! and we miss u so much…Love you..

  225. jackoisalive21 Said,

    @ MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive

    thanks, i didnt hear about his “death” until hours after it happened, after i heard of it i moonwalked to all my classes and sang his songs during but i did not for onc second believe he actually died.

    I cant remember where i read it but i read somewhere that Blanket is an amazing dance, Prince has a good voice and Paris is the actress in the family, i have to say the memorial act was a good one and i cried when i saw it….but i know he is alive.

    and as his brother said. quote his brother here
    “HOW MUCH CAN ONE TAKE? (no sh*t hinting to all the crap Michael took from the press over the years), MAYBE NOW THEY WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE (i hope they will too darling i hope so too)

    i have a gut feeling that Michael was at the memorial or he recorded the “will you be there” ending before hand because he sounded very very EMOTIONAL when saying it, a lot more then usual wouldnt you agree?


  226. emmie Said,


    the top is a close up where u can see what looks like the same necklace


    this is from far and u can see she is with her dad…
    what u think

  227. emmie Said,

    hi me again lol
    i was just looking at the picture of the coffin and the flowers on top and i thought ‘ bloody hell them flowers are pretty tall and big’
    which then made me think that maybe he is in the coffin watching all that was goin on,because i think there would be enought space for him to sit up what so you all think??
    mayb its me being silly
    from london UK

  228. Narcosis Said,

    Emmie, You could be right but I can’t see her necklace good enough to be sure. It might as well be another one. We have to investigate more ‘old’ photo’s of Paris, searching for the (half) pendant ;-]

  229. emmie Said,

    narcosis, i no u cannot see it properly, but i mean it could be the same 1 and she just gave the other bit to her dad. it could be 1 she had before.i have tried looking but will have to look harder.

    what do u think about my coffin theory???

  230. jackoisalive21 Said,


    I searched for ages but ive found one. ITS NOT HALF A HEART, look closey.


    judge for yourself

  231. Narcosis Said,

    However, on a recent picture where Paris went to a Jehovah’s Witness service in LA with MJ’s oldest sister Rebbie, she is NOT wearing the necklace. Strange…

  232. jackoisalive21 Said,

    Narcosis, do you have a link to a photo?

  233. emmie Said,

    ive seen that and it does look like a heart,there is another part to it, but there is also a picture of her with a neckalce on that looks similar but u cant really see when her dad was alive that s strange

  234. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    LOL. That part with him sitting up in the casket is funny. But i think its possible. And whoever said the sing about him recording “will you be there”. I think you are right. I think he was there saying it. That can explain why he was aying “Pains” and not “Pain” like usual. Because the text was on the board. And if you look at Jermaine at the memoriel, i wore a ear thingy. It wasent his cellphone, and deffently not his Ipod LOL. Was he listening to someone? Mabye Michael, Am i makeing any sense?? Feel free to call me crazy

  235. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Ok. To Crazy, i can see the rest of your name, but you know. I will agree with you on the fact, that i also think his family is reading this site, mabye even Michael. And the more we have doubts, the more they have to make there stories better. And Im sure this is also some sort of a comeback thingy, If he ever comes back. Mabye we will get us a surprice on his Birthday who knows?. I love him so much, for who he is. I have been devasteded for 3 weeks. This is unbeareble. And another thing who bugs me. Why does EVERYONE keeps talking about him like hi is here?? Soulden`t they talk about him in pressence sence?? HMM, i was just wondering.

  236. Rofibbs Said,

    For all we know, MJ cud be workin as an undercover 4d CIA or FBI..who knows?? There has bin a lot of such cases where ppl who are assumed dead n buried suddenly show up somewhere. If MJ wuz tired of all the trash n allegations that made his life a livin hell, who’s to say he wont go into hidin?? If Mj cud leave NEVERLAND his childhood dream n creation wit the promise never to return (have U guys really seen that place? its sheer PARADISE!!), what wud stop him frm goin into hidin?? I hav followed this blog 4sum days readin comments n there seem to be sum truth in the arguments made here..i bet U’all, Michael got everything he ever dreamed of in life n all he wants now is rest from it all. He didnt escape leavin traces, ppl jus figuerd it out n the Authorities involved are not helpin matters..They shud jus stop the CIRCUS cuz were not in NEVERLAND..the King of Pop moved out, so did his FANS. Theres this news from the INSIDER HD that the tape that supposedly recorded his death in his home is missin. Im a very good Fisherwoman, but i cant seem to throw the net right in MJ’s “death” waters..there wuz no public viewin:-really?? for sum1 like him with fans all over the world? No final restin place 4 him as we speak?? Hell no!! Sumtin is definitely not right. U cant juggle the public’s intelligence, no ways!! i guess the THRILLER CONTINUES cuz we all know wit MJ, theres neva a dull moment. MJ, where eva U are..dead or alive..spiritual or physical, May the good Lord grant U contentment 4 every want n fulfillment 4 every desire. ROCK ON BROTHER!!

  237. Rofibbs Said,

    …besides MJ’s pics in the casket is as FAKE as WORLD PEACE, as 4 Latoya’s Story ’bout DOIN EVERYTHING FOR MICHAEL, we all know thats total BS..where wuz Janet, Randy or even Jarmaine that claimed to be his voice. I think she jus wants money her rent, since she claims 2live 3mins away frm Michael

  238. sinisha Said,

    Well I would totally agree with all the story. I didn’t belive that he is dead at all. In fact it makes more sense that he’s not dead than that he is. There’s so many things that just didn’t go with Memorial Service, specially behaviour of his family and as is for his kids I found out that he asked that nobody releases his new songs before he dies, becouse he knew that it would be sold fast and for big money after he would ‘die’, he sad so he could take care of his kids’ future with that money.
    That doesn’ make sense, how did he know that he would die while his kids were small yet. I don’t know but I just can’t buy the story that he’s gone. And all the things that I saw here just confirm all of things that I’ve noticed from the very bigining of this all story.

  239. a_guy Said,

    The patches worn by the paramedics in the ambulance are from the LA city fire department.
    Google: Official Black LAFD patch

  240. alive Said,

    i wanted to ask a question that i haven’t seen addressed. does anyone know if there is footage of mjs kids going to the hospital? did they follow the ambulance in a car maybe with the security guards? we know they were at home when it happened because they said prince was there and they said they viewed his body at the hospital but we know they didn’t arrive with katherine or janet or latoya because we saw footage of them arriving and leaving the hospital but who brought the children? is there any footage of any cars leaving mjs after the ambulance had left? we also never saw them leaving the hospital with katherine or janet or latoya. where were they? and how could they arrive there or leave without any photos of them when there was plenty of photos of all the other family members? just thought this was strange? did the media leave mjs home right away? I would think the kids would have followed immediately behind the ambulance. can anyone answer this question for me? thanks

  241. Andrea Said,

    The only way MJ knew he was going to die was if he really did have the Alpha lung thing.

  242. svangel Said,

    thanks…@momsword for clearing up the photo thing… cuz i was skeptical about the pics of his children… but as soon as that thought was over…i was watching e news and i remember they were showing fotage of prince with michael.. the baby has black hair… it wasnt ( blanket) it was prince the 1st… so why does he have blonde hair in the photos before,

  243. terror2k9 Said,

    I knew from the start that things were not normal in this case!the helicopter taking the body from the hospital struck me as odd in itself.I had this strange feeling something was not right.I searchrd the internet and found the body sitting up in the helicopter video and then the diary story also, but what always had me beleiving he might have faked it this was not something I had heard for the first time that he wanted to leave the publics eye I had heard something about that years ago. Then all of a SUDDEN the memorial seemed like a farse,and left me thinking was he there? they were talking like he was not dead! Then now his New songs are leaving messages like telling you his plans maybe he will return when his song named resurrection comes out? But his songs are speaking to the people that believe.Even his speach at the memorial sounded like he was the one speaking live=pain=pains thing is such a slip i believeor is he leaving obvious clues on purpose? He is the best..period this all seems very planned!by the way his new songs are awesome and the world seems to think the media is the final word on this stuff what happens if he returns they would look like the biggest idiots ever!Did he invite only people that he felt said they loved him but he felt betrayed by because i heard barbara walters ask stevie wonder if he just called to say i love you and stevie seemed like he was shocked she asked him that question he did not know what to say!he says i dont know maybe.

  244. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To Jacksonisalive. The pain and painS thingy. I had the exact same thought when i listen to that. It is a huge slip. To be hornest he could have been there, with noone even notice. We are talking about the master in disgueses.

  245. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    ok someone mentioned that saying that the government is involved in this hoax is abit far-stretched. People disappear all the time and the government usually assists in this… it’s called the witness protection program, here’s some sites if you need to read more into it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witness_protection http://people.howstuffworks.com/witness-protection.htm

    Yeaa so just look into that and let me know what you think…. it could be possible right??

  246. emmie Said,

    read this article,, dont u thinkthe family are getting on with things abit 2 well??? they have all these things like recording a song and goin autrala. i mean there brother hasnt been buried yet

  247. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    I gotcha. I think Miko is key in this. He has beena round MJ for so long, he’s the inside circle. I think he’s a bit of a hanger on but, whatever. He’s been on Larry King for weeks and he’s never shown any emotion. Never got choked up or shed a tear. He’s made plenty of goofs like the one you mention, tlaks about MJ in the present tense and such.

  248. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    The more I read this site the more I’m convinced thats he’s alive. Watchng the memorial I bawled my eyes out, I was starting to really think he was gone. I caught the ‘pains’ thing too, and how it sounded like he was crying. But I was so upset I moved past it, thinking I was wrong. Now I know I wasnt. I dont think he’d be careless enought to show up. He was long gone by then, but I think that monologue- along with the message at the end – (I am alive and I am here forever) was meant for his fans. He recorded that recently.

    About the casket. That casket was way too small for a man almost 6 feet tall. No way he could sit up in it. And again, he wouldnt be carelss enough to show up. He was long gone. Not only that, call me crazy but caskets give off some heavy mojo. WE’ve all been to funerals, theres a tension there, a feeling. There was nothing in that casket. Sure was purdy though.

  249. Mijac Said,

    E’ Casanova is ALIVE, in fact he was outside Mj’s holmby hills mansion on june 25, with a crowd paying tribute to the king, actually someone interviewed him. I saw it in the news.

  250. He.is.alive Said,

    Anybody, who besides me has noticed what I am about to post – PLEASE comment/respond:

    This is about the “gum chewing” double Michael Jackson sent to the rehearsal to Staples center the night before he “died”. The very darkened video footage of “Michael’s” appearnce shows him chewing gum, everybody has seen that, right ?

    WELL ! Of all the video and TV footage that is available on Michael Jackson, this evening 7/18 on the Geraldo Rivera Show (Fox TV in the US), video footage of “Michael” walking into the courthouse during his child molestation hearing/s was shown. I immediately noticed the uncanny similarity between “Michael” walking into the courthouse with “Michael” at the rehearsal at the Staples center the night before he died !

    Wait a minute !!! This IS THE SAME GUY !!!! i.e.: The “double” Michael”chewing gum ????????????? In all the tons of video / tv footage having been broadcasted, Michael NEVER CHEWED GUM, ever, except on the these 2 occasions I have mentioned here. One more interesting fact I remember is this: before one of those courthearings, Michael’s Attorney mentioned to the press that Michael could not “speak” because he had a laryngits infection, in other words, the voice of this “double” would not be heard … and a double it was. WHO else ? has seen these 2 pieces of video footage and has noticed this ???? OR: has anybody else seen the REAL Michael chewing gum on ANY occasion at all ? and if so, what occasions ?

    Is anybody questioning all the “delays” ? The delay of the autopsy report, the delay of the custody hearing, people in on this hoax are buying time while LaToya has piped down, busy spending the money she was paid for the heavy hitting “Michael was murdered” interview with a british rag.

    Anybody ? Please respond to my post … thanks

    ADMIN – ADMIN – ADMIN – the new version of your website is fabulous, nice looking and posting is much nicer – great job – THANK YOU MUCH

  251. Mijac Said,

    The patches worn by the paramedics in the ambulance are from the LAFD but you can buy them for 6.99 each, so anyone can disguise like a paramedic (very easy), remember “if you have money almost anything is posible” (a huge hoax) and “everyone has a price” (doctors, paramedics,etc…)

    I don’t know his reason for doing this, but i totally support him and i love him no matter what.

    Michael we adore you, and we will be here for you ALWAYS!!!

  252. Perfume Said,

    My thoughts exactly, a cardiac arrest patient, and not a normal person but one of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities, they send an ambulance to the house but have the body transported by helicopter to the morgue, my thoughts were “why not have him airlifted to the hospital in the beginning why was his “dead” nody being airlifted” just did not make sense to me at the time

  253. Perfume Said,


    Thanks for pointing that out I noticed that as well cause I looked at the “MJ” standing on the car with his bodyguards outside the court and I was like “that is not MJ” and believe u me I only noticed it a few days ago, with the guy at the press conference I knew straight away it was not MJ cause I sent the link to a friend of mine and she said immediately that it was not MJ, we must remember that the MJ we know was very shy, I recalled in a video he said “I am always in the spotlight but I am shy of the spotlight” the swagger thingy with the impostor caused me to sit up straight and take notice, I started goodling “MJ’s body doubles” and was surprised at how many he used over the period of years, MJ sure fooled the media, they thought they had dirt on the real MJ kudos to MJ for fooling them all these years. I also remember someone said that since the “accusations” arose MJ was acting erratic that is when people realised that it was not the real MJ but either impostors or body doubles to get the media off his back. In all my years of seeing video footages of MJ I have never seen him chewing gum, please take a look at the pic of the guy as he leaves the courthouse and the guy standing on the car with the bodyguards videoing the crowds u will see that it is in fact the very same guy at the O2 conference, I thought I was the only person to have noticed this. I read yesterday that the autopsy has been delayed for a further two weeks, what are they looking for now, or has it just hit the doctors/families that it is not MJ and secondly when Heath Ledger and Anna-Nicole Smith died autopsy results were released within a few days, “MJ” is “dead” almost a month and still no results

  254. Perfume Said,

    oops spelling error…….”starting googling MJ’s body doubles”

  255. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    Heisalive: I have never seen Micahel chew gum either but on youtube you can watch a home video of MJ’s where he is shopping in an empty grocery store, his freind closed it for him. He wanted to shop like a regulr person. At one point he picks up a pack of Big Red gum, show it to the camera, and puts it in his basket. It’s certainly possible he chewed gum though most singers do not chew gum, especially cinnamon gum. It coats the throat with sugar and goo and can make it scratchy. But if the singer was not planning on singing anytime soon, that may not be a factor. So who knows. I havent seen that vid of the gum chewing Michael but I dont think that 02 MJ was really MJ.

  256. MyBelovedMJ Said,


    I couldent agree with you more. Éveryone can dress like a paramedic. Ofcause we support Michael, noone would blame him for this. He just has to know that we lov ehim, no matter what

  257. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Yes i have seen Michael chewing gum. But only rwice. In one of his home videos, when he is out shopping. That is our Michael, and one time when he walked with the press to some thingy, at a place i cant remember lol. But that was it.

  258. emmie Said,

    i have never seen him chewing gum but it was so close to his face and it looked exactly the same, E’casanoca does look like michael alot but i think we would no the difference.the is another look-a-like of michael called navi.i think he lives in uk in london as ive seen him on english tele but he has a slightly different nose but when he has a mask on he looks the same sooo much.

  259. michaelismysoulmate Said,

    I just wanted to say that I have been devastated every since I found out about his death michael means so much too me more than words can truely explain. It goes beyond his art I mean I’ve never in my life seen someone who can bring out so many wonderful emotions that he has for me. Michael was a gift from god I know this to be true the messages he sends out are so powerful they send chills through my entire body. I know there are others who feel the same way. I respect him for all the positive things he was doing and trying to do for this hectic cruel world we live in never in my life have I experienced anyone like him he is for sure one in a lifetime. Michael was misunderstood the things he went through I would not wish on my worst enemy and it just goes too show like god said money is the root to all evil. The media is horrible the tabloids are a joke you can not take what the pathetic excuse for journalists seriously they twist every thing around to benefit themselves for profit and do not care whose life they destroy in the mix of it all just sick. I’m sorry if I sound upset but it’s just I really love and care for michael so much and every since the day he was pronounced dead I have been crying none stop over my broken heart. Watching videos of him and listening to his interviews to feel some type comfort. I don’t know if michael faked his death or not I would love for it to be true and I would even understand if he did I mean what he went through since the tender age of five no privacy no normal childhood and number of other things I would not blame him too want to escape from the circus that followed his every move. I will end this by saying I love you michael not just for your art but for who you were as a human being caring, loving, empathetic ,selfless individual with a enormous heart full of love you will deeply be missed so I will not say goodbye but I will say see you in heaven someday god bless you children, family, fans, and true friends. Oh and one more thing to anyone who wants to believe the filth that the media spews then think of what michael said do not believe what you hear or judge someone unless you have met them youseleves or seen it with your very own eyes they will always try to tear michael down he had too much of a powerful and positive of influence over us and they can’t stand it his true fans can see through the b.s that is for sure as I will never let you part for you are always in my heart peace and love too you all.

  260. emmie Said,

    another things people are saying that the person at the 02 confrence is and look a like
    i got this link of the man and it is a real close up
    what ya think??

  261. iheartmj Said,

    i’m not understanding.
    in one source it was said that latoya took the children in to see michael at the hospital and said that they stayed with him for about 30 minutes.
    however soon after they pronounced him dead they were transporting his body via stretcher to the helicopter.
    how could they have possibly had that much time to be with him?
    any thoughts?

  262. mjj29081958 Said,

    hi everybody!
    for all the people who is asking for pictures of mj chewing gum, here I leave a link where you can view it… is just a few seconds (minute 4:01)…. thanks, and keep the faith!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdcytuKhVQo

  263. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,


  264. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To Michaelismysoulmate.

    What you just wrote, Sounds quite familer to me, I have the extact same feelings for Mike as you do. MY god, you made me cry (No offense) But it just touched my heart, to see that you feel the same way for him as I do. We should meet . Your post was very powerful. I want to say Thank you, for writing this, i almost thought that you were my twin. How can you and I have the exact same feelings for Michael. Thats awesome. Thank you so much for loveing him. He would love to see this. I cant belive you almost wrote the same as me, exept form a few words Cool

  265. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    You know, I’ve collected a bunch of pics of MJ in last few years off the internet and compared them to the 02 guy and I gotta tell you I think thats the real MJ now. The lower teeth are the same, the upper lip, the tip of the nose, the chin dimple looks biger becasue he is smiling I think. I guess it was just a horrible wig. Maybe he was loopy on something. I dont now. Even more confused.

  266. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    @ Emmie. That Picture Looks Nothing Like Michael Jackson, He Never Wore That Much Makeup Ever. Plus Im Pretty Sure That Was Navi. If You Go To Youtube And Type In Navi, You Will See What I Mean.

  267. ThnxGodIfYouAreAlive Said,





  268. ejay5131 Said,

    Here’s what I was thinking. Maybe this IS MJ and this is what he wanted everyone to remember, how he didn’t look, sound, act, walk, like MJ. We could all see this guy on the street and not associate him as being MJ.

  269. twan75 Said,

    He.is.alive Says:
    July 19th, 2009 at 12:27 pm


    Michael in fact chewed a lot of gum in private. Just look in the next movie (taken from the private movies of Michael )
    at 1:54, he’s standing next to Elizabeth Taylor, chewing gum.


    In fact there is another clip in this movie/docu wich shows that Michael was also chewing gum. In fact it’s like he’s almost addicted to it.

    But like smoking and drinking, most stars/public figures know that chewing gum on camera is not the best way to be seen. So therefor Michael always would remove the gum when in public.

    To get back to the video where Michael is watching the rehearsels and chewing gum, it is really MJ that is chewing gum in his own way (really fast chewing that is…. )

  270. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Dont worry. Michael is happy

  271. michaelismysoulmate Said,

    To MYBELOVEDMJ: I wanted to say thanks for the message it is always nice to see that there is someone who truely understood him and cares for michael they way I do I mean I miss him so much I still cry every time I think about him yes we can meet if you want you can email me at diamondprincess2409@yahoo.com thanks and again michael I don’t know if you are alive or not but if not then I will say what I wish I could have said in person. I will always love you with all my heart and you will always have a true friend in me there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you my love for you is 100000000000000000000000000% real no doubt about it the world will never be the same without you and I no I want so again god bless you and your family peace and love.

  272. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To Michaelismysoulmate.

    OH MY GOD, You made me cry.
    We feel the exact same way for Michael, its amazing. My God, we can keep him alive. I know he is alive, I can feel it in my heart. I wanna write something to you, I hope this will compford you. Its some things i really feel about Michael, and i think you can relate to that. I have been writing you email down, and at the end of this message i will write mine aswell.. We can write to eachother, also on msn if you want. I wanna tank you for loveing Michael so much. You are so sweet. here is the thing i want to say to you:

    I wish i could answer that, but I dont know, I really dont know.
    As you might have notice, Im very devoted to Michael, and I have been for some years now, im not just a screeming fan, (You know what I mean). Im in so much pain, and i miss him more and more each day. He really changed my life. I cant imangine my life without him, what the hell am I going to do? My heart with all my love is with Michael whereever he goes.

    I dont think he is dead, something in my heart tells me that he is alive, and I have a feeling of where he might be, but im not sure though. But if you have heard the song Michael made called “A place with no name” you will know that the original song is called “A horse with no name”. I have listent to that song all day long, and that made me think that he might be in Saudi Arabien, or Baraihn, cause he lived there a few years after the last trial.
    If you listen to that song “A horse with no name” They are sining about the desert, and being on a horse with no name, that made me think og those 2 contries, and the horse can be a castle. I dont why i thought of that, but i got the chills, Its hard to explain, but something went through me, when that happent. Michael knows some pretty powerful poeple in these contries, they could eassily help him.
    For all i know, he really needed to get away from all the pressure, he has been wanting a normal life for so long, where he could concentrate on his art and his kids, and he havent been able to do that before. Like he really wished to, cause they got chased by papparazis whereever they went. Michael needs his peace, and I think we owe it to him to leave him alone, we will know if he is alive, trust me, he will find a way to tell us. There has already been his diary, those things in there sounds like Michael would have put them, and according to the diary he will come back at christmas or January next year.
    But like i said i really dont know.
    I dont think we will ever see him perform again, and to be hornest i really dont care about that, all I care about is Michael, and i only want for him, to be happy, healthy and start smieling again. He really needs that, the last trial destroyed him for good, those idiots marked poor Michael for Life. I wish I could be with him, support him, and tell him that I love him no matter what, and take his lonelyness away.

    In the matter of fact he might be reading this site, he has to, so he can keep track of what we know so far.
    I beg of all of you inhere, do not give up believing, and do NOT listen to the media, we all know they are full of bullshit. Look for the REAL facts, and listen to your heart, always listen to your heart.
    We havent seen any realible prove of him beeing dead, and aslong as that isent happening, I wont believe it.
    By the way, The song Im talking about, it havent been recorded yet, it just got released, and then i was wondering by who?. Who leaked it to the Television, was it Michael, is this his way to tell us something? The song aparrently came from a source, YEAH RIGHT. Who else knew about that song? NOONE.
    Michael have made a lot of songs over the past years, wich arent recorded, for one reason, his children. Michael knew what those songs would be worth with him “death”. With these kinda money he can secure his childrens future.

    One last thing. Remeber this. Michael belives in magic, and in magic, ANYTHING can happen. He could stand right next to you at the market, and you woulden`t even notice, he is the master of disgueses.

  273. kitkat Said,

    to MyBelovedMJ

    I love wat u said about “do not stop beliving” cause so many ppl have. Im never gona stop beliving. It may get to the point where im the last one that noes hes alive. Hopfully ther will be some of u tt will remain beliving with me. N wat u said bout him “finding away to tell us” i think he has been giving us clues all along. N somtimes when the media n his fam keeps goin o n bout how he’s dead i remeber wat he said to oprah “if a lie is told ofen enough you start to belive it” n tts exacly wats happening to lots of ppl. He also said to never trust the media its all lies. N at the end of his memorial it said “Im alive n here 4eva” cod it possibly be another msg. Also u said he could be veiwing tis site,well i think he is. Cause if i was a celeb n faked my death id look up these sites to see if anyones catching on. N exspecially if i gave lil msgs 2 my fans here n ther id wanna c if they cought on. N seeing they did id be verry proud.I wod noe in my heart that they really loved me. N we do mj wen i heard u died i felt like i lost a part of myself. I was depressed for weeks untile i started catching on to everything n i looked online top c if other ppl had suspitions,n sure enough. And who noes,maybe mj is (or will be) a person on tis site n no1 wod ever noe. He cod be talkin to us,leading us on wit hope n we wodnt even noe it Anyway i hope he comes bak,but tts up 2 him not me.

  274. ThnxGodIfYouAreAlive Said,


  275. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    hey kitkat.. again lol…. im never gonna give up on believing that michael is alive aswell….. sumtimes it seems to me that he is dead (always because of wats on tv or mags) but if i ask myself then i always know that he is still alive…..

    ppl add me :::: my msn is – pink__shopaholic@hotmail.com
    and my skype is ::::: xx_priinc3ss_out_of_control_xx



  276. kitkat Said,


    HEY! i was gonna ask em to marry me!! lmaoo!!!! oh well, beter i dont cus then hed really be dead (my bf wod kill em) lol =) and yes the medias trying to put us off and there VERY good at it but just keep remebering mj’s words and his lil clues,they will let ur mind bak on the right track (if ALL tis evidance dosent) and DAMN!!!! ITS ONLY BEEN ABOUT THREE WEEKS!?!?!?!?!? ive been losing my mind here! feels like hes been gone 4eva. Im so impatient 4 him coming bak. But like i said tts up to him. But hopfully we’ll all get to meet him 1 day. Or atleast talk to him,wow i cant belive i love sum1 so much tt dosent even noe i exsist, but its his fault he gave me millions of reasons to love em. hes my role model =)

  277. Samantha Said,


  278. MyBelovedMJ Said,


    Read my posts on one of the other sites, You will se how much i love Michael, and what he means to me. He is very special.

    I dont believe hes dead either, and especielly not because Joe Jackson blew it, (once again) yeasterday in an interwiev. He was asked where his sons body was and the answer was ” I dont know” Ehhh WTF.
    How can you not know where your baby are? Comeone its his son. Damn, Michael has to control his family and make them get their stories straight, before someone is gonna blow the cover.
    I know Michael is alive, read my post in the 1st and 3rd site, you will see

  279. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Trust me I think michael is reading this aswell. He must be very proud of us. And amazed of what we know. hehe.

    Michael if you see this:

    Wave. I love you, and I think you are VERY Handsome and sexy. Tihi.

  280. licinia09 Said,

    Dear Michael it doesn’t matter if you’re dead or alive.
    You’ll always be alive in my heart.
    I love you for who you are and for your beautiful soul.
    I’m sorry most of people didn”t understand you, you are one of a kind.

    “Dear Friend, what’s on your mind
    You don�t laugh the way you used to
    But I’ve noticed how you cry
    Dear friend, I feel so helpless
    I see you sit in silence
    As you face new pain each day
    I feel there�s nothing I can do
    I know you don�t feel pretty
    Even though you are
    But it wasn�t your beauty
    That found room in my heart

    Dear friend, you are so precious Dear Friend

    Dear friend, I’m here for you
    I know that you don�t talk too much
    But we can share this day anew
    Dear Friend, please don�t feel like you’re alone
    There is someone who is praying
    Praying for your peace of mind
    Hoping joy is what you’ll find
    I know you don�t feel weak
    Even though you are
    But it wasn�t your strength
    That found room in my heart
    Dear friend, you are so precious, Dear Friend”

    I Love You Michael. I hope you have found peace and hapiness

  281. Katrina26 Said,

    First of all i want to apologize for my english. i am not a native speaker.
    The fact he is on the witness protection program is the most realistic and believeable thought that was written here. Because people cant just decide to disappear one day. But is it possible to come back from this program?
    In one article i read, that his children didnt know that their father is a superstar. But MJs sister said, that paris is still wearing his T-shirts and singing his songs. So where does she have the songs from? I think MJs sister is lying.
    I think if he is hiding somewhere he is in Saudi Arabia or in surroundings, because it would be easier to hide here because of being veiled by clothes.
    Michael, dont be afraid to come back one day, if there wont be obstacles such as police or law and so on. We will be waiting for you!
    I am so sorry for people, TV, newspapers that were hurting you so much for many years. It is sad to see that only after your “death” you see how much we loved you. Whatever was said, you must know that you are very good looking man.

  282. emmie Said,

    i dont think michael wants a wife,all i think he wants and needs is a loyal and trust worthy friend,but he will never really trust people nomatter how much you try and prove to him,he has been so let down by people he letin to his life and all they did is let him down…all he ever wanted was a friend to talk to and to play with.but he never really got that did he….

    i wish i could have known him and gace him the biggest hug and just forget about his fame and talk to him the way i talk to my friends..because at theend of the day he is just a normal person and has feelings like a normal person.
    i love you michael so very much xxxx

  283. kitkat Said,

    @ MyBelovedMJ

    where are ur other comments? on tis site? or a diff website? and im glad he just noes we love him soooo much. N lol ur right bout the family needing to get the story straight n other ppl in on it. Mj must be pullin his hair out of his head screaming “ur gonna ruin the plan!!” but dont worry mj no one can ruin ur plain cus every1 is so ignorant. They belive ur dead and nothing will change ther minds.

  284. kitkat Said,

    n im sooo glad tt theres others tt wont lose hope wit me. Im sure mjs proud of tt 2

  285. kitkat Said,


    y? did sum1 in the press say he was ugly or somthing?


    i feel the same way, u noe wanting to talk to him like a regular person. N yea i noe thanks to stupid asswholes mj cant trust any1,its so sad wat ppl do to each other. N they get joy outa it to!! n mj has alot of friends (us) he just dosent noe it. But ill always be ther 4 him (along wit u guys im sure)

  286. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Yo Kikat.

    I have posts on the first site in here with the helicopter and the site with he faked his death, and the 2 imposter things. Look at it. You will see my love for Michael there. And I hope it Can compford you all a bit. Im crying all day long, thinking about him. I feel so empty inside, he took a part of me with him.

    Please comment back, when you have been reading this

  287. kitkat Said,

    @ MyBelovedMJ

    yes i noe how u feel,ive been crying non stop 2…until i found tis site. Cause b4 i thought he was dead, now i NOE hes alive. Somtimes i still tear up because hes dead to the world cause his in hiding. N i can never tell him how much he’s loved n stuff, but hey i rather him be in hiding then actually dead. I just hope he decides to come bak. Then i can go bak to living a completly happy life. n if he came back id be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy u have no idea.

  288. Katrina26 Said,

    -maybe i didnt find the right words.
    Nobody said he was ugly ( because he isnt!), but there was still some jokes about his nose, pictures of his changing face and so on and i think this could be unpleasant for sensitive person like he is. Many actresses have so much plastic surgery (much more than MJ has) and nobody cares about them and there are not so stupid articles about them.

  289. emmie Said,

    michael looked beautiful no matter what, it not about the outside (even hou he still looked beautiful outside) but its about whats inside that counts and all the love he had to offer the world. the press didnt wanna reflect on how loving he was or how he treated people he loved, they just wanted to talk about his plastic surgery which is none of their buisness at all. michael doesnt have to explain himself to anyone . and im pretty sure the people who are making fun of the plastic surgery michael may of had they probaly had tuns more…
    people all over the world have plastic surgery, michael wasnt the 1st person ever to have it and thats wat bugs me,, many people have there reasons to have surgery… i wanna have a nose job because ive got a little bump which people say is stupid coz its not noticable, but its noticable to me …
    he should have just been left alone for a bit,, no 1 gives any 1 space. look at britney shaving her head, they need SPACE!!!!

  290. kitkat Said,

    @ Katrina26 and @ emmie

    I noe right? ppl r so anoying. And they picked on him all the time 4 getting lil stuff done to his nose, wata bout girls tt walk around with FAKE boobs?? how come no one says ANYTHING to them? but they’ll pick on him 4 his nose. And so many other celebs get plastic surgery,wayyyy more then him. N so wat if he got alot? its HIS life and HIS body. N yea ppl over reacted wit Britney, They returned her products n everything. Like wtf???? she cod do wat she wants wit her body. Anyway ilove mj soooo much hes the sweetest person ever. I love him as if he were family.I mean tt wit all my heart to.

  291. Katrina26 Said,



    Hi everybody! Please read this articles. Its crazy- maybe we are mourning needlesly.
    There are many informations about MJs girlfriends he had before his death on the internet, but on the other side MJ is told not to be very interesred in relationships with girls when he was young. Could this mean that it wasnt MJ who died now?( If he died, because here we believe he is still alive. So dont judge me, its just another interesting theory).

  292. knirketrold Said,

    what will happent if michael jackson is alive?

  293. nora Said,

    First of all pardon me if my English was not that good. But hopefully what I’m going to write here will be understandable. To Katrina26, do not worried to much as I’ll believed most of the paparazzi, journalist or tabloid are also keen to visit this page. Though they will study every aspect and make their own story in their blog, assume they already treasure all the hoax story, but do not forget to watch out when was the date they actually subscribe their blog!, a very recent one and again they are trying to make this hoax story real to their judgment and try to digging more – they used our theory that Michael Jackson really used an impersonator since long time ago and MJ already gone since after – I don’t buy that statement as I’ve been to MJ History concert at Malaysia in 1995 and meeting up with him personally at Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the Hotel owner – Syed Yusoff, which MJ and his brother Jermaine Jackson was a good friend with and I don’t think his impersonator was cheating MJ friends together with our Royal Your Highness member at that time who are very kind enough to provide transport and security to MJ entourage.

    I remember the next day after the concert, in the news, it was the headline written “King of Pop was so amaze and impress with Malaysians fan behavior”, as 80,000.00 of his fans are so calm,enjoy watching and singing together without screaming or jumping from their chair. And non of them are fainted. In fact the chosen female dancing partner with MJ was so shy (normally MJ was the one who are shy, but that was our Malaysian culture and behavior) It’s true… in our country we are not too much obsess with celebrity, meanwhile our no 1 top singer can walk and shop freely without a ton of security – not because she or he not famous, they are famous throughout Asia and partly Europe with winning number of award – no paparazzi chasing them. Our Government really protected the privacy, and they have a good and peaceful private life. Their album sold out and they also earned good money. I’ll believed when MJ was here for a week he do not facing so much trouble with our local paparazzi, million of people knew him of course but we just treat people at normal life as possible and I just regret why was MJ treated that way in his country. I hope the government will do something to stop the tabloid – give the celebrity privacy and protection before sooner or later they will lost all genius and talented creature artist in this entire world.

    One more thing, I believed the interview with Oprah Winfrey year 1993 cannot be with MJ impersonator !, so the statement that MJ already passed away year 1984 are false according to the http you posted here. And there are a lot of false statement in the blog which we need to study before attached here – if not I believe number of brain need to be send of for rehab.

    What we are trying to understand here was, if coincidence MJ was visiting this side as he still alive, I hope he will be proud of all of you here as he’s dearly fans who loved him, it’s phenomenon brilliant, intelligent and also genius while you all could posting fact and factor one by one with so much unseen topics and evidence to show that MJ was really alive. I was devastated a month ago, but once visited this page, I am becoming so much a life, not because to ask MJ to married me (ha..ha) but so much in that detective matter have inspire me to become addicted to find the answer weather it’s true MJ was still alive. I’m happy if he did and already escape somewhere protected by the other country. Just take care and be careful with whom you make friend in to your inner circle, I hope the theory he was under the witness protection program, will really work by protected of the US government, so what ever mistake the memorial does, or how stupid MJ family being acted, it’s doesn’t matter as long it’s protected by the government. How they do it while protecting – many of you already find the answer – just leave it there do not elaborate detail as many of unwanted person will be visited in this blog and start digging. We do not want that to be happen to MJ, just leave him alone and enjoy his peace of life that he eager for so long with his children.

    I think I know the reasons why he need to escape, just do not to elaborate further as this will invite controversy and I’ll understand that very much and will always supported him with my prayer where ever he are. There is so much error which I have notice, the impersonator at 02 arena, first time I’ve seen him walking, I know it’s not MJ, the voice also not the same as MJ – maybe not Navi or Casanova too, as this one at 02 Arena was too skinny, maybe its was William Hull, who have similar voice to MJ. And I don’t think 10 days it’s enough time for AEG to print the special memorial pamphlet about Michael Jackson to be given to 20,000.00 visitors at staples Center and Nokia Theater. It’s will take more than a month to complete. That’s does not include editing and binding – just printing process (I know as I used to print for my company brochures and catalog – a simple one will take about two weeks to get ready but its only for few hundred cover printing only by the super duper printing company which I used to deal with).

    And I don’t think someone have died during the ambulance drama. All was decoy – MJ will never want this to be happen – he was so loving person – and shy he..he.. could not be able to murdered maybe..but absolutely he was genius, all drama was special instructed – no risky life was involved – maybe the impersonator was to put in to sleep by Dr Murray – remember the Anastasie and Propofol drug found at MJ House?, maybe he was just dreaming becoming MJ until arrived at UCLA.- so no death was involved as until now we haven’t see any death body yet – so no criminal charges for MJ – what he did maybe to protected him as a witnesses criminal charges if somebody would like to kill him (MJ already give this hint to us about his Invincible album and Beatles catalog album ) or to avoid his life from the paparazzi etiquette. This theory could be the possibility!.

  294. jedigoddess Said,

    Hi I have been visiting the site for awhile now and just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. There are many questions about what has gone on my mind mind as well as thousands of others by the looks of things.

    I have my own theory have read lots and lots of things and watched the news and the family of Michael Jackson in various interviews.

    One thing that no-one seems to mention nor has thought about is the fact that possibly he had to go into hiding for a short time in order for various people in his so called inner circle to be investigated for criminal activity.

    I have watched as much as I can from the media and most certainly do not believe alot of what I am seeing. There seems to be too much emphasis on his drug use and if the man was using as many drugs as they say he would not have survived to this point.

    Various people have stated that they felt he was being controled and manipulated and that the people in his inner circle were not looking out for his best interests lately. In order for him to get away from these people and to have them investigated and brought up on charges of fraud or illegal use of drugs would it not make some sense that he would have to disappear for awhile so these people could not continue to manipulate or drug him to get him to do what they wanted? No-one seems to remember the CNN interviews with Liza Minelli the day or so after his death and there were a few others from people who stated that this will be bigger than we can imagine and we should just wait to see what happens. The atitude of his father and other family member is very suspect also. I have watched the video of the O2 announcement and I must say ti does not seem like him at all. The whole atitude and persona is very strange. Why was the video removed from this site by the way?

    Well that is my 2 cents worth.

  295. Speeddemon777 Said,

    Here is a site that you may want to read too, i know alot of it is really far fetched but i just wanted to know what everyone else thought of this, now bear in mind that this is just a theory and i have no idea who the real person is that wrote this but i found it interesting in a morbid sick way. i mean i really beleive that it is possible that he faked his death and i dare not say that to anyone that i know because they would ahve me committed, maybe i’[m holding one last shred of hope that he is out there somewhere. i have a theory myself alot of it i have read on here after o thought of it, so i know i’m not completely crazy, but has anyone wondered why Rebbie is the one that is going to raise the kids if Kathrine is awarded guardian ship? well my theory is that no one knows where to find her, well that makes it perfect for him to see his kids if he is alive. i have had so many good points but i never wrote them down but i will and i’ll post it on here. the only reason that i bring this site to you is because of what was said in this blog reminded me when i read post #47. read and let me know what you think.

  296. heisalive Said,

    After over a whole month of Michael Jackson’s “Death”, the hoax of it all has not lost any of its personality, but more distorted details of his “Death” continue right on emerging.

    ** Has anybody read that the ambulance EMT’s after arriving at the mansion, did not “recognize” the patient as being Michael Jackson, but instead they spoke of some “frail old man” ? Hmmm … isn’t that very darn peculiar now ? The decoy must not have looked a thing like Michael, however, the patient could easily have been recognized by THE CAVED IN NOSE had it IN FACT been Michael Jackson, this is a dead giveaway piece of prove that the patient was NOT Michael Jackson, this one was a no brainer, come on EMT’s !!!!

    ** Whatever happened to chatty sister LaToya after her “my brother was murdered” interview with a british rag ? She must be busy spending that juicy payday she received for this heavy hit float. She has not been heard from since ? Is that because she is working on exposing Michael’s murderer/s ? WATCH ! LaToya might “sell” another interview before long with new “Spin” on this theory, she WILL eventually run out of money and will need a $-refill.

    ** That Michael Jackson did not really “father” the 3 kids a blindfolded blind man can see. It is noteworthy to entertain the idea if he ever underwent a judicial process (like adoption!) to legally eliminate any and all legal leverage for the “real” father, that being this Dr. Klein as a possibility ? ABout Dr. Klein: Has anyone placed photos of the Jackson kids and Dr. Klein side by side on their computer screens and compared him ? Hello ??? no rocket science here ….the eldest boy, Michael, looks especially like Dr. Klein, Paris also to a degree, whereas Blanket is an entirely different type of human being compared to the 2 older siblings, isn’t that so ?

    ** What about the autopsy? Surely, the LA and privately hired coroners both have sufficient to announce results by now to determine the “cause of death” don’t they ? However, no autopsy results/information has been made publi, not even a hint of it, and, fi this info is EVER forthcoming, the public is coerced into swallowing whatever information it is being fed, like it or not. Whenever whatever information becomes public, we have NO proof whatsoever that any of the information of the autopsy results is for real, true and otherwise ascertainable ! Why is autopsy information not being made public ? What IS the holdup ? Is it all being “photoshop”-like being prepared to “hit” the public ? It would certainly be no surprise !

    * About the “body” ? No word of proper burial has come forth thus far, has it ? First of course, autopsy results would need to be announced and then the “body” – which is said to be on ice at this point – can be buried ? Right ! Are they just waiting for time to pas to help them eliminate any confrontation about autopsy and burial ? OR ? .. is there nothing at all to be reported and a deliberate lulling the public is taking place ? I think SO !

    ** TMZ – along with other boulevard press – is bending over backwards to keep the ‘death’ theme alive by floating clutter/fill in “information” of various mixture, the lawyers, then the doctors, then Katherine who is “broke” ??? However longer the “story” goes on, very contradictory information keeps coming forth …. Don’t anybody fall asleep on the job here people, Michael has been “gone”, THAT IS: he
    e-s-c-a-p–e-d since over a month now and has recouperated some by now and hopefully continues in that direction to one again become a healthy human being, the Michael Jackson we all loved and still do.

    Sorry folks, but all of the information that is being “floated” by the main stream media is “clutter”, as Sarah Palin put it so well during her swan song speech: “JUST QUIT MAKING IT UP” ! Be not sidetracked by any of the media froth, because this is exactly what the “inner circle” wants to accomplish, DON’T fall for it, but keep right on posting your observations, your doubts, arguments, questions and suspicions and remarks.

    *** To Michael: wishing you very well and praying for you

  297. elizabethvitale Said,

    How long in length was that casket? I didn’t really watch the memorial so I didn’t get live shots. Just wondered if Michael’s body would have fit?

  298. blu Said,

    Dear Michael,
    If you are alive like many people think that you are, and you happen to see this. I just want to say one thing. THANKS

  299. elizabethvitale Said,

    There should be an investigation into the dates Debbie shot him up with drugs and the dates of the agreements signed to give Debbie money for the children. If he was under the influence this would be illegal activity. The same goes with his will or any contract. At any of the doctors visits then to the attorneys who supposedly has his last will. Even to the agreements with AEG or anyone else. Not only is it immoral and unethical it is illegal to have anyone sign a contract in California for the sale of any goods, property (children debbie sold as property) and anything else to bring financial gain or agreement to. This whole freaking stated MJ death and other events has too many loopholes through the years not only now.

  300. lady babcat Said,

    Nora, I´m impressed by your post, I hope that it´s true and he´s alive, with all my heart.

  301. lady babcat Said,

    Dear Michael,
    If you are alive, I hope that you have found the freedom and the happiness that you desserve.
    Live in peace and I hope that sometimes in this life maybe i´ll meet you, nobody knows.
    Thank you for all that you have made for this world.

  302. MJ_fan_for_40_yrs Said,

    Okay…so when I heard Michael had passed I had some doubts. I wasn’t truly emotional, which I found odd. The days following his death just brought about more and more suspicions of a faked death — of which I’m glad!!

    As I watched Paris at the memorial, I felt “bad” for thinking that she was pretending to be sad, pretending to cry. And Prince Michael chewing his gum the entire time, looking bored. It just didn’t feel believable. And the AEG director or promotor, never ONCE have I seen him look even remotely sad that MJ has passed. Even in the footage of the memorial, he’s reading a teleprompter and looking PROUD of what he’s “pulling off.”

    I could go on as to why I believe Michael Jackson is still alive, for many of the same reasons already mentioned…. But what I really want to point out, that I haven’t seen pointed out anywhere, is the concert promo/clip that AEG has put out….go and listen to it again.

    The message/WORDS in that clip:



    “Some things in life they just don’t wanna see……”

    I truly believe Michael is Alive………<3

  303. blu Said,

    I am also a MJ fan for over forty years. And you are so right. I hadn’t noticed that. And it sends chills down my spine. Wouldn’t it be amazing of he could pull something like this off.

  304. missp09 Said,

    i dont get that ‘painS’ thing at his memorial when Jennifer Hudson sings.. he does say ‘pains’ and you see ‘pains’ in the written sentence too. so whats the issue?

  305. knirketrold Said,

    I think those little … if MJ really is dead and lay in the coffin … hmm would not be a little smell of corpses? after which he would ha been dead for 12 days?? can some explain?

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