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Is the King of Pop really dead?

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“THIS IS IT! – Isolation Cam – Audition Final – LA Staples Center
This is the full 4:16 raw and unedited clip released by AEG Live Group of the June 23rd, Staples Center Rehearsal and Final Cut Audition [no Network Logos], showing MJ observing, relaxed but frantically chewing gum, then standing, and briefly addressing dancers chosen for O2 London tour. The second half is the clip you’ve seen all over the media and YouTube.”

It seems very odd to us that the first clip of Michael Jackson at these Rehearsals has him looking as we had all seen him during that time…the shoulder-length straight hair. But the clip which is cut directly after that which is supposedly of Michael Rehearsing for these concerts, shows him with Long Curly Hair, which is reminiscent of his style from several years ago. Why would he wear a wig of a hairstyle he had several years ago for a concert in 2009?

Could it be possible that the footage of Michael Jackson ‘Rehearsing’ for these London O2 Concerts was in fact a rehearsal from several years ago…cut together on the same tape, to make us all think that he was doing the rehearsals the night before he died, just like AEG told us….when in fact he was already hiding out, half way around the world, ready willing and able to put his whole Death Hoax Plan in Place?


NB: Thank you to Francesca for bringing this to our attention.

As you can see by this video, the Crazed fans that mob Navi in Japan, all believe without a doubt that they are seeing Michael Jackson. During the video when they show the comparison between Navi and MJ both masked, it is VERY hard to tell the difference. It would be even harder to tell the difference between these two in a fuzzy image for example….perhaps like the slightly blurred image below left?

This is the only image in existance that gives any kind of validity of the 'Death' of Michael Jackson.

For some strange reason, this is the only image that has been taken of Michael Jackson when he was put into the ambulance, in spite of the fact that there were several people present at the time. The reflection of the window, colouring of the image, and slight fuzziness make it very suspicious as to it’s validity.

This is also the ONLY image that exists of Michael Jackson that shows us that he was dying, or being taken to the hospital. All other images exist show a shape of a body in a white body bag on a stretcher, which as far as we’re concerned, could have contained anything.

It has also been brought to our attention that the paramedic who is doing chest compressions on MJ (CPR) has his hand placed right up near his neck, when in fact, he should be doing CPR further down over the brest bone. Perhaps this was all ’staged’ to help all of us to believe the story that Michael Jackson is dead. Think about it…if no image such as the one above had been released, then everyone would be a lot more suspicious! If there was no image, and we were all expected to believe that it really was him in the body bag that went to the morgue, many people would be doubting the validity of the stories we were being fed by the media.

However, since there is one image in existence, the image above, we are supposed to go…’Oh okay, yes it looks like MJ in there, so I guess he really is dead then’. Just because of ONE image???

This image of the Loch Ness Monster was considered as photographic proof for 60 years until it was proven to be a Hoax.

Let’s talk about another single image that tricked people into believing a Hoax for 60 years. This image was that of the Loch Ness Monster. Supposedly taken by Robert Kenneth Wilson, a London gynaecologist, the image was published in the Daily Mail on 21 April 1934. This single image, is one of the most iconic images of Nessie and is known as the ‘Surgeon’s Photograph’, which many formerly considered to be good evidence of the monster. The image was revealed as a hoax in 1994.

Are we comparing Michael Jackson’s death to the Loch Ness monster? You bet. This proven hoax indicates just how quickly and easily people will believe something, just because it was in the media, and because there is a photo to back up the story.

Are we saying that the above image of Michael Jackson in the ambulance is a fake? No of course not, you obviously can’t fake that. What we must question about this image is this, Is it really Michael Jackson in the ambulance? If it is Michael Jackson in the ambulance, is he really dead or in Cardiac Arrest?

Since we have learned from the video above that Navi was Hired by Michael Jackson himself on several occasions to be a decoy, who’s to say it wasn’t done again, only on a much larger scale? We have also heard Michael Jackson’s personal trainer Lou Ferrigno recall in an interview how MJ put a mannequin of himself in an ambulance to put off the Papparazzi…what’s to say he didn’t do that again??

Don’t believe everything you read, hear and see.

What about this site? I hear you saying…

Well, we encourage you to make up your own mind.  

We are not stupid like the media thinks we all are.

We can all see that none of this adds up.

This Exclusive Footage was obtained by CNN and shows Michael Jackson rehearsing for his O2 Concerts the night before he died.

The clip, which sees Jackson performing “They Don’t Care About Us”, appears to add some validity to the belief that the iconic pop star was indeed healthy in the days prior to his death. It was apparently recorded in multi-camera, high-definition video and multi-track audio (how convenient), and could be released in the coming months….

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