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Michael Jackson’s body was transported to the Los Angeles County Morge via Helicopter. This shows footage of his body ’sitting up’ in the helipcopter as it moves away.

Skeptics will say that his body was being ‘moved’ by someone out of shot, however, if he is dead and strapped down on a stretcher, then why would he need to be moved?

This footage just confirms what we here at MJHD already believed from the start. Take a look for yourself and see what you believe.

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NB: We would like to thank Billy for bringing this to our attention.

UPDATE: In response to the people who have made comments such as ‘He looked like a sack of potatoes’, and ‘He’s dead, so of course his body would move around on take off’, please keep the following things in mind:

The 911 Emergency call was made from Michael Jackson’s Mansion at 12.21pm. This is a half hour AFTER Dr. Conrad Murray found Jackson ‘Unresponsive’ on his bed and allegedly began performing CPR.

Jackson’s body arrived at UCLA Medical Centre at 1.14pm local time and a Team of Doctors and Cardiologists worked on him for over an hour until they gave up and pronounced him dead at 2.26pm.

Michael Jackson’s body was transported to the Helicopter which would then move on to the LA County Morgue another 35-45 minutes later.

Rigor Mortis will begin to set in after 3 hours. His body would not have been like a ‘Sack of Potatoes’ or ‘Moving around on take off’, because it’s not possible.



It is reported that Michael Jackson’s family is very unsettled and suspicious regarding the circumstances of his death. It has emerged that the family members may wish to seek an independent autopsy, amid mounting anger and frustration over the final hours of the tragic pop icon’s life.

The preliminary autopsy on Jackson was inconclusive and a final cause of death would not be known until exhaustive toxicology tests are completed in “six to eight weeks.”

This time frame is just too long for the shattered family to wait for answers regarding what really happened in the moments of Michael’s death. The Jackson family members were focusing their attention on the role of the singer’s doctor, identified as Conrad Murray.

They, understandibly have many unanswered questions and desperately want to know things such as: 

“When did the doctor come? What did he do? Did they inject him, if so with what,”

The reports claiming that Murray had gone missing in the hours immediately following the singer’s death have also deeply disturbed the family.

 ”His absence raises questions of substance that will not go away until they are answered,” Reverend Jesse Jackson said on behalf of the family.

If Michael Jackson’s own family are confused, suspicious and frustrated by the circumstances surrounding the singer’s death, then why can’t everyone else be?

If his own family are considering a second autopsy, clearly they are not satisfied that they are being told the WHOLE story….just like the rest of us!

Michael Jackson waves to fans at his Final Press Conference in March 2009.

There seem to be so many conflicting stories in regards to the true state of Michael Jackson’s health prior to his death on Thursday 25th June. It’s a well known fact that Jackson had been following a gruelling schedule in preparation for his much anticipated ‘This is it Tour at London’s O2 Arena.

After the announcement of the Concerts, demand for tickets proved to be enormous, and the run was eventually extended to 50 concerts, with hundreds of thousands of tickets sold. The dates were spread over several months, starting in early July and stretching well into 2010. The first four dates were later postponed, ostensibly because the singer needed more time for dress rehearsals in the venue. Some people close to the singer expressed doubt whether he would be able to pull off so many concerts.

In preparation for the London performances, Jackson had to undergo a five-hour physical examination. AEG Live Chief Executive Randy Phillips said in March that Mr. Jackson had “passed with flying colors.” Mr. Jackson’s agreement with AEG Live, owned by Denver billionaire Phil Anschutz, included an option to extend the concert series even further into a world-wide tour over three years or more. All told the tour could have earned him $400 million.

While rehearsing for the tour, reports began to surface that Jackson was addicted to several different ‘painkillers’. 10 hour-a-day rehearsals, depression and massive amounts of pressure to ‘perform’ at an optimum level have painted a picture that Jackson allegedly ‘upped the anti’ and relied heavily on these drugs in order to ‘get through each day’.

There are reports from sources who were in attendance at the Concert Rehearsals which give the impression that there was no evidence of any fatigue or health problems prior to Jacksons death. 

“He was working hard, setting the example, overseeing the choreography, kicking butt and taking names,” said Johnny Caswell, president of CenterStaging Musical Productions Inc., a Burbank sound stage where Jackson rehearsed until late May. “He was ready to blow everybody out of the water. This was going to be the biggest extravaganza, entertainment spectacle ever.”

On the night before he died, his rehearsal went into the early hours of Thursday morning. “He looked great and had great energy. He wasn’t singing at full level, but it was as beautiful as ever,” Ed Alonzo said, a concert magician/comedian hired by Jackson. “He didn’t even take a moment to grab a bottle of water or take a rest. He went from one number to the other. ‘Let’s do that again.’ He wanted to look at props for the ‘Thriller’ number, a gigantic spider. He was dancing, singing, joking with the crew. If he was having any aches or pains, nobody knew about it that night.”

Other conflicting reports are telling a much darker story. The Guardian’s Sam Jones reports on Jackson’s last hours of life.

‘At 10pm on Wednesday Michael Jackson arrived at the 20,000-seat Staples Centre arena in downtown Los Angeles to rehearse for a comeback tour that he would not live to embark on.

His band, backing singers and dancers had been kept waiting for three hours to go through the show that was intended to regild his crown as the King of Pop. They saw a thin, listless and lethargic figure take the stage.

Despite his frailty and increasingly fading resemblance to the vigorous showman he had been two decades ago, Jackson practised late into the night. If he was unusually ill or upset, those present at the Staples Centre say they saw no sign of it.’

With all of the speculation in mind, perhaps Michael Jackson NEVER intended to perform any of these concerts. He did, after all postpone them, which also gave fuel to the fire that his ‘health’ was to blame. If we think about it for a moment, if Michael Jackson had died of a ‘Cardiac Arrest’ without having had these Concerts scheduled, the gruelling rehearsals, and the pressure to ‘keep in shape’, wouldn’t we all be VERY suspicious? If he hadn’t been ‘working so hard’ at rehearsals, why then would we believe that he simply dropped dead at the young age of 50 with no prior history of heart disease?

The concerts scheduled in London were a perfect way to point the spotlight back to Michael Jackson in order to make us believe that they were the cause of his untimely death. The media, fans and the world were all very quick to believe that’s why he had a heart attack. Once again, a veil has been draped over our eyes, and we are only seeing what they want us to see. The story just seems too set-up and ‘rehearsed’ as it were, to be believable. It’s almost too convenient that as soon as Michael Jackson started rehearsing again, he started taking more drugs, worked too hard and had a heart attack.

What we are all forgetting is that THIS IS WHAT HE HAS DONE HIS WHOLE LIFE! If you believe the heresay, you will also believe that he has also taken drugs his entire life. Why is it now a defining factor in his death? If stress and drug taking was to play a huge part in his death, then wouldn’t he have died during the trial of Child Sex Abuse in 2005? That must have been an extremely stressful time for him. Much more stressful, depressing and taxing on his health than preparing for performances which is something that would most likely be second nature to him.

The body of Michael Jackson being taken into UCLA medical center

Why is it that Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, fled the scene moments after Michael Jackson is said to have collapsed?

Police were unaware of Dr Murray’s location for several hours before they were able to establish contact, prompting speculation he had fled. They have already interviewed him once and plan to do so again.

Perhaps it was a classic case of  ’Misdirection’ – a popular technique used in performing magic tricks. ‘Misdirection takes advantage of the limits of the human mind in order to give the wrong picture and memory. The mind can concentrate on only one thing at a time.’ (sourced from Wikipedia).

With ‘misdirection’ in mind then, is it not possible that while the paramedics, police, staff and media were focused on what was happening at the front of the house, on the drive to the hospital, at the entrance into the hospital (you get the idea), that Dr. Conrad Murray and the real Michael Jackson were fleeing the scene – TOGETHER.

Apparently, Police wanted to question Dr Murray specifically about a possible administration of an injection shortly before Jackson lapsed into a coma. What if the injection Dr Murray administered was a sedative, to enable him to have a safe & stress free journey – AWAY FROM HIS CIRCUS OF A LIFE.

It is reported that he had frantically tried to resuscitate Michael Jackson before a staffer in the home where Jackson was staying called 911 for emergency help. You see, the ’staffer’ is a key witness here. Their role in this enitre plot is to tell the police that without a doubt they did see Dr. Conrad attempting to resuscitate Jackson. They did not have to know that it was all fake – designed to let them see what Conrad and Jackson wanted them to see. It was also perfectly designed so the ’staffer’ would be the one to call the police, giving Conrad ample time to switch Michael Jackson with the imposter that was to be transported to the hospital.

What imposter? I hear you. Michael Jackson had a mansion. Is it not possible that another person could have been ‘in on it’, shoved into an ambulance, and rushed to hospital? If you think about it, how many people actually had contact with Michael Jackson’s body after he died? Five, Ten maybe? With hundreds of Millions of dollars in the pot here, it’s not hard to buy off a couple of paramedics and doctors to say Michael Jackson died of Cardiac Arrest and that he was pronnounced dead on arrival.

The media circus certainly took care of the rest, as per usual, that was certainly something Michael Jackson could rely on. Within a matter of hours of his ‘death’, Television networks had already cut together ‘tributes’ and ‘The Life of’ film footage. Sheesh, they were all very quick to take the bait! The autopsy report hasn’t even been released yet, and EVERYONE believed he was dead within hours of the announcement just by the say-so of a few people?

It is understood Dr Murray refused to put his name on the death certificate. Well, obviously he didn’t want to associate his name with the death of Michael Jackson, because he knew beyond a doubt that The King of Pop’ was still alive and well, and on his way to his new life, away from the media spotlight, impending bankruptcy and twisted public image. 

The boost in album sales alone upon the singer’s death would have provided him ample finance for his new life, assisted by Conrad, who of course, would be taking his cut, not to mention the millions of dollars in ticket sales for the O2 concerts in London.

Conspiracy or not, dead or alive, let us only hope that Michael Jackson finally has what he always seemed to crave – Peace.

According to YouTube, this video was originally made a few months ago. It is either very accurate in accordance with the developments of the fate of Michael Jackson over the last few days, or it paints a very real picture of the possiblity of how easily a rumour can be started, and how quickly people will believe something.

Unconfirmed reports from the United States Customs and Border Protection have indicated that two witnesses who wish remain anonymous for their own safety, saw what they described as the unmistakable sighting of Michael Jackson and another man who is yet to be identified, crossing the California-Mexico Border late on Thursday night.

When questioned as to their certainty of the sighting of the ‘King of Pop’ the first witness was quoted saying,

‘How could you mistake a face like that? Yes, I’m certain it was Michael Jackson. His hair was cut short and he was wearing dark sunglasses, but I’ve got a couple of his albums and seen him on TV and everything, so I have not doubt in my mind that it was him’.

The witness has also said that they had no idea that the singer had died at the time of the sighting as they had worked a ten hour shift and had not seen or heard the news headlines that day.

‘Stars cross the Border here all the time, since we’re so close to LA, so it hadn’t occured to me at the time that it was that important’.

The validity of the witnesses story is still being verified, however the recent developments in the case of the Death of Michael Jackson have given Conspiracy Theorists cause to believe what would otherwise be thought of as ‘far-fetched’.

With the strange circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, the possiblity of a lethal injection, the postponement of the autopsy information, the delay of his O2 Tour this year and his incomprehensible amount of personal debt, perhaps a Death ‘Hoax’ is the only Logical explanation at this point.

Who would have more reason to fake their own death and flee to Mexico virtually undetected, other than Michael Jackson?

 Think about it.

Reports that Michael Jackson’s doctor was missing after the singers death on Thursday 25th June sparked speculation that he administered the fatal injection of pain killers that ended the life of the ‘King of Pop’.

POLICE have been investigating the claims that Michael Jackson received a pain-killing injection of the drug Demerol a short time before his death, amid intense pressure to prepare for a series of lucrative comeback concerts in London next month.

Michael Jackson’s autopsy results are delayed while his body is tested for prescription drugs. Cardiologist Doctor Conrad Robert Murray has spoken with police after it was revealed he was with Jackson when he collapsed on Thursday, but did not sign a death certificate and was attempting to revive him while an ambulance was called.

Murray is at the centre of the police inquiry amid claims that Jackson had been receiving daily injections of Demerol, a synthetic pain-killer similar to morphine. Detectives had earlier seized a car linked to the doctor and Karen Rayner, a police spokeswoman, said that it might contain “medications or other evidence that may assist the coroner in determining the cause of death”.

Let’s take a closer look for a moment here. Apparently Murray was hired by the concert promoter AEG Live and at Michael Jackson’s request, he was to accompany him to London to assist his health during the O2 concerts this year. Dr. Conrad Murray is a Cardioligist and practices at the Acres Home Heart and Vascular Institute. Why did Michael Jackson have a live-in Cardioligist? Why not a General Practitioner?

According to a report by KHOU in Houston, a medical assistant at the Acres Home Heart and Vascular Institute confirmed that a cardiologist there, Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, was living with Jackson at his rented mansion and was with the pop star when he was stricken.

But a woman who answered the phone there refuted the reports that Murray had been treating Jackson or had been in any way associated with him. “No. No. No,” she said. “That’s not his patient. No.”

There has been much media speculation about the doctor’s identity and what type of care he was providing Jackson, who reportedly had been taking a mix of antidepressants and painkillers. There is still a question as to whether Murray was licensed to practice medicine in California, and he is not known at all by many of the leading ‘Physicians to the stars’ in the Los Angeles area.

The doctor did not sign the death certificate, which is protocol for a death that occurs under the watch of a physician. If the doctor does not provide the police with the details and circumstances surrounding the death and does not sign the death certificate, the case will be transferred to the coroner’s office, where it will be investigated as a homicide.

We are starting to think that either Michael Jackson ordered his ‘Personal Doctor’ to give the injection, against the Murray’s better judgement, which is why he later fled the scene, or that this is yet another clue in the tangled web of lies that has been sewn together to form the greatest Death Hoax of the century.

The self-proclaimed “King of Pop” who died suddenly on Thursday 25th June occupied the top 15 slots on online retailer Amazon.com Inc’s best-selling albums within hours.

The No. 1 disc, not surprisingly, was the 25th anniversary reissue of his 1982 blockbuster “Thriller,” the biggest selling album in history with estimated worldwide sales of almost 50 million copies. Three different configurations of “Thriller” came in at number 12, 13, and 14.

By Friday, Jackson’s albums had taken 14 of the top 20 places on the Amazon.co.uk sales chart – despite a commercial appeal which had been largely in the doldrums for years as his private life overshadowed his music.

The lack of new material for many years also contributed to the public indifference, although this started to reverse as Jacko fever began to grip following the announcement of his record-breaking run of O2 shows.

With such a huge response worldwide to his reported death, tragically, the singer is now doing better financially in death, than he was while alive, or perhaps this was all part of the plan?

Interestingly the release of his autopsy report is now set to be delayed for 6 weeks. Hmm…we smell a rat!

In an article posted on CNN.com it has been revealed that Lisa Marie Presley has announced on her My Space page that Michael Jackson knew and spoke of his fear of meeting the same fate as her father, Elvis Presley.

Jackson talked with her about his death during “a deep conversation” 14 years ago about “the circumstances of my father’s death.”

“At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, ‘I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did,’ ” Presley wrote.

“I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that.”

That conversation haunted Presley as she watched television coverage of Jackson’s death on Thursday.

Coincidentally, as we know, Michael Jackson was found in his home on Thursday 25th June having suffered Cardiac Arrest at the age of 50. While, Elvis Presley was also discovered dead at his home, Graceland, and was reported to have died from Cardiac Arrhythmia, which was later found to be a cover up. In his system was a cocktail of ten prescribed drugs, taken in doses no doctor would prescribe:

The painkillers Morphine and Demerol. Chloropheniramine and Antihistamine. The tranquilizers Placidyl and Vailum.
Finally, four drugs were found in “significant” quantities: Codeine, an opiate, Ethinamate, largely prescribed at the time as a “sleeping pill,” Quaaludes, and a barbituate, or depressant, that has never been identified.

It has also been rumored that Diazepam, Amytal, Nembutal, Carbrital, Sinutab, Elavil, Avental, and Valmid were found in his system at death.

There is currently speculation surrounding the personal doctor of Michael Jackson who was supposedly with him when he died and is suspected of injecting him with a large dose of painkiller drugs. This doctor is still yet to be questioned by police.

The similarities between the deaths of ‘The King’ Elvis Presley and ‘The King of Pop’ continue to mount and the confessions of Lisa Marie Presley only add to our suspicions.

View her Blog Post in it’s enitrety here: http://bit.ly/5wR7p


Michael Jackson Death | Conspiracy Theories

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With the news that the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson passed away by Cardiac Arrest on June 25th, several conspiracy theories have emerged, especially with Internet news reports questioning why his personal doctor had been with the singer at his home but unable to help him and why reports of the singer’s death took so long to confirm.

Crowds at UCLA Medical Center for death of Michael Jackson

Early theories posted on internet forums included the suggestion that Michael Jackson had faked his death and pocketed money from his upcoming comeback performances to solve his financial difficulties which are estimated to be more than US $200 million.

A message on digitalspy read: “Millions in debt and realises that he can’t deliver on a 50 gig comeback tour, so he fakes his death, assumes a new identity (which he’s been trying to achieve for many years) and disappears?”

One posting on Twitter suggested that the original internet report that the star was dead had been wrong but that he had been “covertly” killed because a “media bandwagon” had already got out of control.

Claims that the singer’s decomposed body had been found at his Neverland ranch and that an impostor had taken his place circulated four years ago but originated from a spoof story on the satirical site The Onion.

There is also speculation that he perhaps comitted suicide and the story of ‘cardiac arrest’ was a pure fabrication in order to preserve his dignity.

Or perhaps just like Elvis, he had had enough of his debt, accusations, lack of privacy and hectic schedule and took advantage of a mastermind effort to ’stage’ his death in order for him to start a new life.

Wherever you are Michael Jackson, we wish you well and there is certainly no denying that you are and always will be ‘The King of Pop’.

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