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Michael Jackson Hoax Death has been created for those of us who’s first thought when we heard the news that Michael Jackson had died was ‘No way, it’s definately a Hoax’. Our aim is to try to explore and answer some of the many questions that surround the ‘Death’ of the King of Pop in June 2009.

We would like to ascertain that we are not die hard Michael Jackson fans, hoping that he ‘faked his death’ so he will come back better than ever. Nor are we ‘unable to accept the truth’ about his death. More to the point, that is what we are trying to discover here…the truth. There are just too many circumstances that don’t add up and too many variables in the stories that have been told about to us by the media about the happenings on the day Michael Jackson died.

We understand that some of our Posts may sound contradictory at times, however by no means are all of the posts on this site of our own opinion. We simply wish to provide you, the readers, with all the information we can find in regard to the suspicious circumstances surrounding the ‘Death’ of Michael Jackson and the possiblity of his still being alive. Whether you believe our posts to be realistic or fantastic we hope that in reading them you will make up your own mind about what really happened on June 25th 2009.

We would like to say to all the people who are leaving comments expressing that our content is ’upsetting’ and ‘hurtful’ , that it has been your choice to visit our site. You have obviously come to our pages, because somewhere within yourself you believe that ’something just doesn’t add up’…just like the rest of us.

We would also like to express to the Michael Jackson Fans that are sending us comments begging us to remove our site and to ‘respect the dead’ and ‘let Michael Jackson RIP’, that if you find the content disturbing or offensive that you should leave our site. Perhaps your thoughts and comments would be better shared on a Michael Jackson Fansite of some kind where you can mingle with others like you who believe that your idol simply ‘dropped dead’ from a heart attack one day.

All we want to do is explore the true events surrounding the ‘death’ of this colourful and talented performer.

We ask to be granted the freedom of thought and speech.

MJHD Administration

  1. heisalive Said,

    Even before finding your website, I was and still am convinced 100+% that Michael Jackson staged his own death to escape and go on with a NORMAL live elsewhere … that is what my inner voice has been telling me since the moment his “death” was announced and it keeps quickening me ongoing. I am also a legal professional and am looking at this matter as a “case” and all the elements thereof like Discovery to name just one. Michael Jackson certainly the brass bleeps, the contacts, resources, loyals and most of all the MONEY and wherewithall at large to inscene such a “show” like this ! He married Elvis’ DNA, Lisa Marie and while married to her, got the goods from her on how Elvis’ death was staged and “sold” to the public by the satanic media back in 1977. It is VERY clear that Elvis did not die at graceland and is in all likelihood in the US Witness protection program. No doubt in my mind that Michael Jackson, for his own set of reasons staged his “death” but is alive somewhere and is watching this “event” as his ever greatest encore with the moneymill continually $pinning on and on. If Debbie Rowe does not receive custody of these children, and it remains with the Katherine Jackson set up by MJ’s will, this will ensure easy access for MJ to his kids and will they be surprised once he returns from the “grave” to visit them.

    As to my own “case”: breaking news !!!! The “Starwitness”, Elizabeth Taylor whom MJ loves with his heart and soul and likewise has “declined” to “appear” at the “memorial” shindig at staples center saying she “loves him too much” Ms. Taylor is the ONE person Michael trusts implicitly and she’s proved her loyalty to him by not “appearing” at t his his sendoff which after Elvis’ “death” and funeral is by far the greatest lie ever told, a lie that billions of people have swalloed whole .. oh yea of little faith !!!!

    * Breaking News Update on my “case”: Starwitness No. 2, Diana Ross announced via released statement not attending, speak: she is also in on this ! These 2 individuals, Ross and Taylor both have been and are known to be closest to Michael Jackson, part of his circle of confidantes for years. People: wake up ! the evidence keeps mounting and the case is gaining solid ground,

    Next Breaking News Update on my “case”: Two more importants of MJ’s inner circle were missing at Staples Center: Uri Geller and Chopra Deepak, two more persons in on his well staged “death escape” ??

    After the end of the “Memorial Service, did anyone at all see – on the stage backwall of Staples Center – these words appearing in blue lettering: “I am alive and will live forever” ???? Did Michael Jackson give a “message” here himself while the rosedraped, gold coffin, probably empty or with a puppet inside sat there without giving of a single whatsoever vibe that it actually contained a body, the body of Michael Jackson or …. whoever .. thanks for reading and .. what ? is everybody else thinking about this ?

  2. Andrea Said,

    I second the comment above me! He is alive, people need to wake up!

  3. elde Said,

    I’m not a diehard fan of MJ; I loved some of his songs, hated some, but always respected him as an artist and a perfomer. Whether he’s alive or dead, it doesn’t really matter. Your site has every right to exist; people enter it on their own free will… As much as I would like him to be alive (I had tickets for the second concert in London which was postponed untill March – and I was really looking forward to that), if he were still alive I would feel betrayed and disrespected because I’m really hurting and empathising with his children (never mind what colour they are..) and siblings. But hey, everything is possible and in his search for some peace and quiet he could well be still alive. But then again he would never be able to perform again while looking straight in the eyes of everyone who respected him…

  4. lorihehir Said,

    Look closely at the images of the “Press Conference”. There is a large blood vessel running down the center of the impersonator’s forehead. This same blood vessel can be seen in the image of the person in the ambulance. Now look at the right hand of the impersonator, he has a cyst on the top of his hand just past his wrist. I defy anybody to capture a photo showing Michael Jackson with either of these markers. Also, one cannot perform CPR to the extent that is will create the vessel to swell in the head, the person in the ambulance is alive with a fine blood flow. Lastly, listen to the 911 tape closely. After years in law enforcement, I have never had a dispatcher not ask if the patient has a pulse after he/her is told the patient is “not breathing”. This is one of the first things asked, and yet, this is never asked in this audio.

  5. britishjacksonfan Said,

    hello all,
    I myself have become very interested in this possible hoax. I have always enjoyed special effects makeup e.g fake wounds and facial prosthetics, like micheal used to disguise himself with. I am wondering hasnt anyone else noticed that in the picture used in ‘o2 imposter’ that the ‘imposter’ is wearing a latex hand glove. you can see the latex seem which hasnt been blended very well at all and the obius change of the skin tone. also the fingernails dont look real and you can see the latex wrinkle. people doubt micheal would fake his own death but as a man always interested in magic and peter pan ‘running away to a place where no one can find you and you never grow old’ what would be more magical for him than living his dream?

  6. Conspire2Me Said,

    This site is amazing!!!Whoever U are your passion and enthusiam to reveal the truth is applaudable.I like many just don’t think things are adding up quite the way they should be.The imposters used over many years are quite obvious and you would have to be batshit blind not to see this LOL.MJ could have just pulled off cleveriest magic trick of all time.I would say that most of the family members would know of this except one.I am loving this site like a lot of people and enjoy reading updated information on a daily basis.Keep up the good work your work is appreciated and respected to many.

  7. AngelW Said,

    Joe Jackson is getting cold feet and open up to ABC Media
    there is Foulplay..suddenly just like that..has he remourse? And for wat??


  8. AngelW Said,

    video to catch or see and more


  9. roxana Said,

    amazing…I can’t say I supected this lie from the begining (i was driving to work when i heard it at the radio), but searching info on the internet led me to wonder just how stupid does the press think we are??? come on, nobody has actually seen hsbody, the death certificate released on 7th of july (they were so busy preparing the circus-memorial-lie, that they forgot that a dead person is leagally dead if there is a death certificate?), then the person who declares him dead, latoya??? am i crazy, or the only person who can decalre a person dead is a DOCTOR???
    and how bout the coffins?? i saw on tmz 2 diffrent photos, one from an outdoor space, probably on a roof, with a black coffin in wich they said that it was sure 100% that michael’s body was in it, and inside staples center, a gold coffin…come on??? let’s say i didn’t saw the pics well, but EVERYTHING about this story is smelling like a circus.
    probably he didn´t faked his death just for the money, but for his own peace, but i think there were ways to do this less obviuos.
    well i can’t wait for more of your articles and even though the media has his own power to sell good or bad lies, well that can never break down intelligence and LOGIC.

  10. truthseeker1002 Said,

    Concerning the video in the article “michael jackson at o2 concert rehearsals”, im convinced that the michael jackson in the first half of the video was actually his stunt double (called dimitrie) and that the real michael jackson was in the second half of the video performing. The video was definitely made by cut and pasting and slotted together.

  11. elde Said,

    ppl plz check this out http://illuminatimatrix.wordpress.com/40-princess-diana-give-me-liberty-or-give-me-death-paris-rock-pa-rise-pa-ra-dise/ I can’t believe what’s on the net… if Elvis wouldn’t have passed so soon, servers would crash all over the world. Mj & AEG are on p. 40. You have to scroll down all the way… but, OMG, I love a good mystery. CREEEEEEPY isn’t it
    Sincerely hope this one has a good ending.
    PS Admin wouldn’t it be possible to post a comment after all articles, coz the comments here could also relate to other articles. Somewhat like a general reply? greetings from Belgium

  12. nyla Said,

    hi ok, first of all i would like to say thank god there are people like you still living. With a mind which is far from anyones control.I appreciate the fact that you could consider all possibilities on the Michael Jackson fiasco. Its true the most of the media (i.e CNN FOX NEWS etc) is owned by a satanic group illuminati some may call it i dunno wateva. The same group that 2pac exposed to people before he was ‘murdered’. I think this could be the same in MJ’s case. I don’t really care or am botherd about Elvis personally i don’t think he was all that, not my kind of rock but thats my opinion. Nor am I such a die hard fan of MJ, i did like some of his music and dances but not all that crazed. But anyway your articles have stimulated many people’s minds and gave an insight to me defo. Thank you for this site and i hope you bring more evidence to light. At first i thought he did die but not entirely sure how. But because of the all the contreversy of the autopsy and funeral and the family not coming to agreements i like many other am beggining to have my doubts. I don’t think he is dead and the people who were very close to him know this is also true. Its such a shame that in this day and age a man would have to fake his own death just to try to escape the media.

    Well thanks again, I look forward to reading more of your articles. also who is the editor of this site??

  13. littlesuemj Said,

    I have just watched the documentry on channel 4 about michael jacksons last days, it was very hard to watch but as a fan i just had to. It seems latoya is telling the truth about some things, the whole family was kept away from michael by the people around him, simply because they wanted to help him. They were going to try and get him off the drugs and michael himself decided that it was time to stop taking them. But sadly because he was detoxing himself he had an accident during the rehearsals and hurt himself he was in a lot of pain he went back to his la mansion and was given a shot of demerol by dr conrad murray which to our great saddness stopped michaels heart, the paramedics were called but it was already too late michael had passed away. Even now i dont want this to be true but unfortunately it is, i am distraught and devastated but i know in my heart that michael will always be with us. So i am asking all the people on this website to disregard all of the theories that have been posted and give MJ the respect and peace he deserves.

  14. wilkesxgurl Said,

    if you can prove he is alive what are you planing on doing about it ?

  15. BeenTown Said,

    I love your website, it gives me hope. There is something inside me that says he is not dead. Then I think to myself Michael is human like everyone else, he is not invincible and then I start thinking he is not alive.

    When I think like this, I feel it would end up becoming true s but websites like yours give me hope.

    I had a dream the very night that Michael “passed” he was alive in it. (sort of ambiguous he was either dying or just very alive, or someone was jeopardizing his health) My dreams are something serious they are not ordinary dreams.

    I don’t want to sound like a nut but I am hoping he is alive.

    When I heard of Michael’s passing I shed tears. This was my first time shedding tears in 4 years. The last time I cried was 4 years prior when my beautiful aunt passed.

    I have never met Michael but the thought if losing him proved so great to me, that I actually cried. There have been relative’s funerals that I have never cried at.

    Please be alive Michael.

  16. MJGIRL18 Said,



  17. MsKadiJ Said,

    I’m not sure if I do believe he faked his death, but there is room for doubt. The one thing that makes me think it’s possible are the pictures of Michael. Every picture of him in the last few years are different. Some taken a few weeks apart. I no longer no what to believe. I do know that the picture from the staples center and the one of him leaving the doctors office are two different people. As well as the one of the person in the ambulance is a different person. I wonder if the real Michael Jackson was elsewhere when all this went down at the mansion that day and was unable to return.
    I was also a little perplexed during the memorial service. Not by Paris’s speech, but she kept looking up like she was looking at someone. Maybe someone could watch that again. Prince Michael seemed a little disconnected, not very grief stricken, that is not to say he wasnn’t, because children do act a little different than adults.
    But, From all the different stories that have been thrown out there, and the pictures, I have no idea which picture is really Michael. NO idea, whatsoever. Has he really shown up at any event in the last few years? I don’t know. I also heard that the video from 6 months ago about the drug overdose was thrown out there to see how fans would react.

  18. BelieverAngel90 Said,

    I third the comment above me! He is alive, people need to wake up!

  19. summer_sc3nt Said,

    Hello, I’ve just join this site. Although I’m not a Michael Jackson’s fan I do love his songs. Answer to MsKadiJ, I do noticed that Prince Michael I, Paris Michael and Prince Michael II kept looking above. At first I thought that maybe it was the globe they must have hanging above the Staples Centre. Then again maybe it’s someone else. Although I’d think MJ will be somewhere else. I’ve read most of what is written here and I do agree with some though my views tend to differ… Gotta rush now and will come by tomorrow to post my feelings on this matter. Whatever it maybe and maybe because I’m never MJ’s fan and will never feel let down (though I know if I am his fan I’d thank the Lord he’s safe as long as he’s alive..). I’d say good for him. The guy needs some peace and time for himself. The sad thing is that he might be residing somewhere else under a different identity. Then speaking as a non-fan.. I’d miss him not being him too. Catch ya all later and hopefully to find time to do my post. I’ve visited MJ’s Guestbook Memorial site and been doing that trice already. JS ~PG ~M’sia.

  20. emmie Said,


  21. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hi there,

    Now here’s a thought from my hubby – who is not prone to thinking very often – LOL

    How do the people at the hospital know it’s MJ? The doctors, nurses, paramedics and the coroner only have the word of the family. The atopsey could have been performed on anyone…We only have their word.

    Profound stuff oh hubby of mine… He thinks I’m nuts by the way.

    He’s quite right, in the event of death, if a positive ID is not established then they are un-named John Doe’s. The doctor, or whoever says to the family member “Is this the body of so and so?” and they reply “Yes”, then that is how the ID is made…They have to go on that word, not the fact that the person was famous. Even Prince Charles went to Paris in 1997 to formally identify the body of Princess Diana.

    The coroner would not have ever met MJ, so would have to rely on the ID that was formally made….Unless he was in it as well….Makes you think.

  22. kitkat Said,

    i love this site! u guys are always adding new info 4 us! keep up the good work! =)

  23. kitkat Said,

    lol u say “how stupid dose the media thinlk we are” well if they thought we were stupid ther right. Soooo many ppl actually belive the story tt hes dead,and when they hear things like ”hes alive” they think we’re crazy. Even tho all tis evidance is right in front of ther face!!!! n NO MATTER WAT they will never belive he faked his death. I mean even if he himself said he did they’d think it was n imposter,even if his family said “oh he did fake it n we were in on it” they’d say “his familys just sAying tt so they can get moiney off of tis fake mj” im sirious! i can bet theyd say tt. Luckily 4 MJ ppl arent as smart as me,you and other ppl on tis site. Cause if they were he NEVER wod have gotten away wit this =)

  24. fabii Said,

    Micheal wanting never die. to him were so important his kinder and I could fancy nich he to itself around brought. I still believe this he would be killed and this will also remain always so the Ärtze always has to him many pillen gegben, nevertheless, he is clearly irgenwan depends this becomes would become always clearly I cannot simply fancy yet he any more this is not I will always remain meinung he was mord and everybody saq he mord was JACKSON MICHEAL I love YOU SO MUCH.
    All legends He has itself 50 times oparienen leave this, nevertheless, everything does not tune at all so many hollywood stars leave you op only he becomes for it angegriefen or what is not this everything simply fehr and this white also everybody leute have to do himself for the moment look then can talk ma further I find just badly what everything think so. in meinsten tuhn to me anyhow his kinder leit they simply do not know any more further them have lost best vater welt and now mussen manage this The people should collect themselves sometimes even to the einge nose -.- MICHEAL JACKSON THE KINQ OF POP I LOVE YOU SOO MUSCH x3

  25. fabii Said,

    I have micheal Jackson very incredible ones belovedly I have his musik belovedly simply everything I have in king of pop belovedly I will never forget him. you were and are the first black musician of the world I love yours musik so much this nobody can fancy I come from Germany and there the people are not thus micheal jackson fan, however, this makes no difference to me shit. I am always a fan of you and this will also remain always so you are simply everything for me you have to me with yours musik simply thus helped this you do not believe at all I have you once in live seen and this was easy so already I will never forget you I love you so much this you do not believe at all.

    You Becoming of always wide lives

  26. ishealive Said,

    Please watch documentary on Michael Jackson last days on youtube. In my opinion it proves that Michael faked his death. Michael pushed back his concerts in March, Kenny Ortega & Randy Philips went on MJ fansite and said not to worry all is fab in the land of This is it concert. Apparantley the dates were pushed back because the production for the tour was huge and they needed more toime with it and Kenny Ortega said that he’d love to swith bodies with Michael because he was in such great shape – by the way I didn’t buy any of this, Kenny Ortega had such a fake smile on him the whole time, I wasn’t sure if he was trying to convince the fans or himself. Another guy Terry Harvey said if the U.K. got wind that something was wrong then Michael basically would have been slaughtered by critics and fans who had paid for tickets to see him. Michael was well aware that he couldn’t do these 50 shows – everyone knows their own limits, I believe that Michael faked his death because if he cancelled the 50 shows then he would have been up to his neck in more debth and in alot of s**t. He wants to remain the King of Pop and be loved. This is just my opinion.

  27. ishealive Said,

    (Left out one other thing) by Michael dying AEG still make alot of money, if he just cancelled the concerts then AEG lost alot of money and more than likely that would have been another law suit for Michael. Maybe this is just me but I think it makes alot of sense.

  28. Fabienne Andrade Said,

    I love micheal jackson so incredible ones I am not thus trauig he any more there I am weeps everybody meet because of him I have seen him already so often live and now I am not able to do it any more without shit, however, I need him so much

  29. gusgonecrazy Said,

    I am a father of 3 and 35 years old and love michael jackson in everything BUT a gay way. I followed his career his ups,downs,everything but we have to learn to LET GO Michael has gone from this world,from his (once) beloved neverland home to his new found foreverland (my copyright) with the greatest GOD ALMIGHTY himself. Michael will feel no more pain(s), shame,fear,insomnia,etc,etc,etc. He is at rest and will be loving every single millisecond of it i’m sure.

  30. forevermine_mj Said,

    well i’m fully convinced that he’s alive. not because i’m a lovesick fan but because there are so many evidences out now with the family reacting strange. there are so many proofs. but i do believe that he’ll make a comeback if the diary found by his friend is a true one then i’m sure he’ll show up in 6-8 months time.

  31. Fabienne Andrade Said,

    Dear Micheal jackson I does not know like I should say it I wanted you already so often long everything has tried, however, always unsuccessfully you are all best überhaubt and I was not even allowed to do you long even if I only 16 I am this knows only one hears itself now shits in, however, is thus I love you really and irgenwann I will stand with you in dig and become you everybody meet you visit is simply everything for me and this white, unfortunately, none and you do not know it also if I you only once long would be able to I would say to you everything what I you wants to say. I would become to you sterne from himmel hollen I would do everything for you I would say you should stop with the tablets and thus I would live to you this, however, much more nicely do this now does not go, unfortunately, any more. I Were every day in cry because of you I need so much this you do not know, unfortunately, in latter zeit it goes for me so shits because of you because I you so much I love is not able to simply any more I want to be with you you are him reflect in mine do not live, however, there you any more is there I also do not want to live any more then without you nothing more goes. If you cannot be simply with me this would be so clarifies. I have already wished since 15 jahre you once in live to long, however has never clapped I have to me even play cards for yours konzert gehollt. you should only know I love you so much and I am always for you there all the same what comes even if you no more there I am loves you and needs you still so much=( I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

    In meinsten I am not sorry your children now because any more further they know have lost you you Were And Remain king of pop =(

  32. JoyceBuckley Said,

    I could be wrong, but in the 911 call, if the caller for help wasn’t using a house phone, but a cell phone, how did the 911 operator finish out the address, when the caller only said the house numbers? If a cell phone has GPS tracking, can a 911 operator tell your location. Not saying the cell phone had the GPS, just wondering. I hope I am making sense.

  33. elizabethvitale Said,

    I never was convinced he is dead and I am still not. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure there is more than being told to the public and all of the discrepancies are just down right getting boring. I feel as a member of the public I am to only believe what I am being told or shown to believe. Thanks for the reading. I was able to place time and date a bit more to my experiences from living in Hollywood and knowing Michael and many artists he played with and didn’t play with. There are certainly many questions not getting the correct answers that with feeling can be easily figured. If Michael is dead eternal freedom and life to him I pray and give from my gifts from the lord. If Michael isn’t dead I congratulate him on a final move to get away from the business for what ever reason he chose and live in what peace he may find for himself and enjoy the rest of his life on this earth his way.

  34. jo1971 Said,

    I found this site by mistake as i was doing a search on MJ clicked on different links and i ended up here.I never ever thought of searching “Michael Jackson Hoax Death” even though there was a few things that didn’t seem right.Like the person in the Ambulance didn’t look like Michael,the 911 call was really strange as you would think the caller who rang would of said it is Michael Jackson who needed the Ambo,the day he died was also the same day as Farrah Fawcett passed away (God Bless Her Sole) i really thought that was so unreal!!..The memorial service i thought that there wasn’t much emotion,gee i didn’t meet him & i was so down in the dumps for days every time some one spoke i felt like crying….And he always wanted his own kids so i find it a bit hard to take in that he would have done some thing so stupid to have this stuff injected into him knowing that it could kill him & he wouldn’t be around for his most precious thing in the world to him….But i do find it hard that some many people may have known he was going to do this – How could some one keep this a secret…….I do have one question though what if Dr. Conrad Murray is charged with Manslaughter…….. I am torn in the middle – My Heart tells me he is so sadly gone but my head tells me other wise…I do like reading on this site it makes me feel better knowing that MAYBE?…..I do really wish with all my heart that he is some where he can enjoy life & be in PEACE…..Will always have a special place in my heart for you MJ xxx

  35. libra_ girl Said,

    I was just reading that apparently Joe Jackson said that the fans rang him to tell him about Michael,he was also asked did he turn the tv on to have a look & he said no…So i don’t know – Was he in denial – Or is this just another thing that we haven’t worked what is true & what is fiction…

  36. blu Said,

    jo1971. I am with you. I too want so much to believe that Michael is alive and somewhere safe, And so many things just didn’t add up from the beginning and that’s why I began to search for answers. The Michael Jackson that I have watched and loved for over forty years, would never allow another human being to be imprisoned for manslaughter when he is still alive. I ask myself, would Michael have this stuff injected into him in his home, knowing that something could go wrong and his three little children could walk in and find him dead? The childern would be tramatized for life and they didn’t appear to me like they suffered any trama at the memorial. Only a selfish person would have him/her self hooked up to an IV to get sleep knowing that it could possibly leave his children without a father and Michael Jackson wasn’t selfish. He loved his children more than he loved himself. If he did indeed died of an overdose, Then it was murder and not manslaughter.

  37. lady babcat Said,

    I think we hurt him, looking for in his life. If we really love him and wish him all the best, leave him alone, to enjoy his new life and be happy. I thik he has very solid reasons to disappear, so LEAVE HIM ALONE, PLEASE.

  38. Natasha Said,

    Thanks big for yours blog!!

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