Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

Unconfirmed reports from the United States Customs and Border Protection have indicated that two witnesses who wish remain anonymous for their own safety, saw what they described as the unmistakable sighting of Michael Jackson and another man who is yet to be identified, crossing the California-Mexico Border late on Thursday night.

When questioned as to their certainty of the sighting of the ‘King of Pop’ the first witness was quoted saying,

‘How could you mistake a face like that? Yes, I’m certain it was Michael Jackson. His hair was cut short and he was wearing dark sunglasses, but I’ve got a couple of his albums and seen him on TV and everything, so I have not doubt in my mind that it was him’.

The witness has also said that they had no idea that the singer had died at the time of the sighting as they had worked a ten hour shift and had not seen or heard the news headlines that day.

‘Stars cross the Border here all the time, since we’re so close to LA, so it hadn’t occured to me at the time that it was that important’.

The validity of the witnesses story is still being verified, however the recent developments in the case of the Death of Michael Jackson have given Conspiracy Theorists cause to believe what would otherwise be thought of as ‘far-fetched’.

With the strange circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, the possiblity of a lethal injection, the postponement of the autopsy information, the delay of his O2 Tour this year and his incomprehensible amount of personal debt, perhaps a Death ‘Hoax’ is the only Logical explanation at this point.

Who would have more reason to fake their own death and flee to Mexico virtually undetected, other than Michael Jackson?

 Think about it.

  1. MJ Killed by Illuminati Said,

    The Illuminati sure knows how to throw people off track but they’ve lost their touch. Michael Jackson has vitiligo and can’t stay in the sun because of skin cancer. Why would he run across the border with his face open to the sunlight?

    This reminds me of the king assasination that too was an Illuminati inside job. You had the patsy standing in the window with the gun and then had him saying “a man name Raul did it.” All this is bull shi.t to throw off who did it.

  2. kk593 Said,

    i think this is bull shit why is it all over the news and stuff, they even have pics of him in the ems on the way to the hospital they had a oxgen mask on him giving him cpr. you think about

  3. MJ4ever Said,

    The picture of MJ in the ambulance could be a fake. if you look closely it dosn’t really look like him, for example the nose, skin colour and eyebrows. the ear looks wierd too? MJ is the perfect person to fake his own death. It’s a typically Michael Jackson trick !

  4. heisalive Said,

    MJ4ever .. thats right, I agree, that ambulance picture is NOT Michael Jackson at all ! MJ’s face had fallen in stemming from excessive plastic surgery and looked gaunt, unhealthy skin and all .. the ambulance picture shows a person with a REGULAR face and normal looking skin … that is NOT Michael Jackson, NO at all … not even by a long shot ! Moreover, this was a bad choice as a ‘double’ question is.. who took that picture and why ?? Did MJ want that picture out for the world to see it .. to make some kind of point ? A blind man can see that is NOT michael jackson ??? !!! LIke !

  5. closepaltomj Said,

    The pieces of he puzzle are just sll falling into place now. I have to be careful how I word this as I am an internationally known close friend of Michael’s. I want this site and its members and the curious public to know that this has been the only way he could get out of the gruelling 50 concerts and the myraid of people unscrupously sueing him.
    I talked to Michael, at length, just a few months ago and I knew for a fact he needed a good break from it all. Won’t you get tired ofbeing so talked about everywhere? Exactly. HE SAID NOTHING ABOUT THE 02 AND NOT EVEN ABOUT HIS TRIP TO LONDON COMING UP. I KNEW ALL ALOMG THE 02 WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

    So..yes..it is a hoax but I am proud of his ingenuity and am delighted he is finally getting that good privacy he has always wanted.

    He might be reading this maybe I will close for now.

    Smile..he is very much ALIVE!

  6. Mojofi Said,

    Why will MJ flee the country? He could still be staying somehwere still in the USA. It’s a big place you know. But how can the family fool the celebs who were there? Steve Wonder, Leon Richie and the prechers too? The only way will be that they really belived MJ was dead. I don’t see how they will want to make a fool of them selves in that way. What do you guys think about that? After saying all this, am sure MJ is ALIVE though.

  7. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To Closepalofmj! I don`t know if what you just wrote is true or not. But if it is indeed true i want to tell you a few things.
    1st of all, I want you to know that I don`t hope that it was just a joke what you just said, because I woulden`t be able to handle that, mentally. When I first heard the news, of Michael`s death, i was so devasteded and heartbroken, that I didn`t even eat. I wasen`t able to talk to people, and I turned off my mobile, wich I still have. When I wacthed the memoriel Tuesday, i was convinced that he was dead, throughout the entire memoriel, until these words in blue writing appeared on the screen behind the stage: Im alive, and Im here forever. I totally got the chills, and i threw up. I don`t know why, but somehow i saw that as a sign from Michael, is that stupid? I was prepared to go to the states, and give Michael my heart, just to get him to breath again, when i first heard of his death. I would give anything, like i said, even my heart. I love him so much, not only for his music, and what he could do with his body, but for who he was/is. Even though people are saying that i don`t know him in person, and just from a distance, I have to disagree. I haven`t had much of a childhood myself, my parents got devorced, when i was only 10 years old, and i had to take care of my 2 younger siblings. I had to grow up pretty fast. My father was abusive towards me, both psysiclly and emotionel, that was pretty hard on me. So that is why i somehow always have felt like i knew him in some way, i know how it has been to grow up like that. I would never blame Michael, for wanting some peace, NEVER. I totally understand that, who woulden`t. he has been in the spotlight his entire life, no wonder i just wanted to have some peace. I never misunderstood, 1 singel thing that Michael did, NEVER. And everytime people complaint about him consieling his childrens faces, SO WHAT. That was not a problem, i coulden`t agree more with Michael on that. The only thing he wanted, was for them to grow up normal. If you ever should talk with Michael again, I want you to tell him something for me. Tell him that i love him more than anything, i cannot put it into words, it would take to long, and it will be on the entire page.And i don`t care if he ever comes back to perform, if he wants to stay in hiding, he should do that. as long as he is happy, that is all that matters to me. A wise person once said: Do not pass judgement on anyone before you have talked to them one on one, i don`t care what the story is. Boy was he right. I wish that everyone would do that, and not pass judgement, just because of what is been written in the tabloids, cause that is BS. Michael, I love you more

  8. nansta Said,

    i also thought the minute i saw the ambulance pic, the person’s face looked too ‘fresh’ to be that of jacksons. The face looked too normal, not as plastic sorry to say but true.

  9. Samantha Said,

    Agreed, the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, first time i heard headlines “MJ DEAD AT 50″ i just broke into tears, i was speechless i felt like my guts was going to fall out. But i’ve loved michael since i was a little kid, i’ve got bio’s and cd’s and watch shows about him and he seemed pretty healthy with his food etc. He didnt like drugs and drinking, So it’s obviously pretty staged, and one time i was in the car and the radio station was talking to him LIVE and Michael sounded pretty sneaky and radio people were like “So are you making a comeback?! blah blah..” and MJ seemed pretty ah i dont know the word but he was saying things like “Yes, yes i am it will be good, it’ll be like no other” no other? you see, its finally falling into place.

    We’ll get to the bottom of this, we know his out there somewhere.

    I love you michael x x x

  10. kerwin Said,

    ok I think that he planned it, it is a hoax and I too remember reading the words on the screen I am alive. And I have looked at the ambulance photo It is so not Michael.

  11. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Samantha!!! You are right. Michael has been telling us for some years now that we “havent seen nothing yet” and that he would make a comeback like no other. I have heard that 2. And you are completely right, he was NOT on drugs or drinking. And he was not murdered. I feel like he is alive.

  12. thriller777 Said,

    the man is alive and walking! moonwalking would be a better word, huh? haha. all my friends think im crazy. all i tell them is if they dont believe me come to this site, and just as i thought it would, it made a believer out of them. this site is so great its my homepage! i always look forward to new updated blogs and i enjoy reading others comments and being able to post my opinions. kudos to this site. anyway, about the crossing the border thing, im half and half on this one. wouldnt this be on the news? and he has that skin disease thing that makes it where he cant go into sunlight. why would he move to such a hot country? im sure he wouldnt want to live his days in a house all the time and never go out. but at the same time, this could just be temporary. i mean if he did fake his death, which we all believe, he is able to come back with no legal problems as long as he doesnt do it for money fraud, which i doubt thats the case. he faked his death for peace, not money. so i do firmly believe he will come back, ecspecially knowing he cant get in trouble about it. as for paris “crying” at his memorial, that was staged. u can tell. so im sure he has something in plan for his kids. you have to remember these are celebrity kids. they can learn to act at a young age. there are millions of child stars. michael planed this all out. he is a very smart man. very smart. he has more than one look-a-likes. he can fake his death as it is easy for a cheetah to run. think about it.

  13. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Thriller777: You are right. But to confirm your doubt of Michael being dead. Listen to this song It is called: Xscape. Yes it is spelled that way. he is telling it all in this. BTW, He is not seen by the mexican border, Michael, can`t be in mexico with his vitaligo. But then again, he is the master of disguses. Remember that. Just listen to the song. He is tellling us something

  14. thriller777 Said,

    ive just listened to it, and i have 2 say ur exactly right. i cant say this is total proof, but i can say its another stepping stone to prove hes alive. and you cant have proof without stepping stones. good job pointing this out. i really appreciate it

  15. closepaltomj Said,

    Who cares what people think..they will think unti they stink. hahahaha

  16. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Very Mature.

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