Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?


Michael Jackson’s body was transported to the Los Angeles County Morge via Helicopter. This shows footage of his body ’sitting up’ in the helipcopter as it moves away.

Skeptics will say that his body was being ‘moved’ by someone out of shot, however, if he is dead and strapped down on a stretcher, then why would he need to be moved?

This footage just confirms what we here at MJHD already believed from the start. Take a look for yourself and see what you believe.

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NB: We would like to thank Billy for bringing this to our attention.

UPDATE: In response to the people who have made comments such as ‘He looked like a sack of potatoes’, and ‘He’s dead, so of course his body would move around on take off’, please keep the following things in mind:

The 911 Emergency call was made from Michael Jackson’s Mansion at 12.21pm. This is a half hour AFTER Dr. Conrad Murray found Jackson ‘Unresponsive’ on his bed and allegedly began performing CPR.

Jackson’s body arrived at UCLA Medical Centre at 1.14pm local time and a Team of Doctors and Cardiologists worked on him for over an hour until they gave up and pronounced him dead at 2.26pm.

Michael Jackson’s body was transported to the Helicopter which would then move on to the LA County Morgue another 35-45 minutes later.

Rigor Mortis will begin to set in after 3 hours. His body would not have been like a ‘Sack of Potatoes’ or ‘Moving around on take off’, because it’s not possible.



  1. Jeanine Said,

    Looks to me like the wind is blowing the blanket. However, I do not believe MJ is dead either. Im not even a fan of his but I firmly believe that something is not right with this whole story- I believe it is exactly that, a “story”. Again, let me stress, I am not a michael fan and this is not wishful thinking

  2. Jeanine Said,

    I would like to make a second comment in regards to this video. I have since watched it again and have come to the realization that it appears the body is moving because the chopper was ‘turning’- the angle of the camera, along with the direction in which the chopper turned makes it look as though the body was attempting to sit up.

  3. Rickster Said,

    I ‘m glad I’m not the only one that sees all what you people have said….My question is….WHERES OPRAH WINFREY???…..never heard condolences from her……!

  4. Diana Said,

    LOL yes, where the hell is Oprah? Anyway, yeah, there’s just something ‘weird’ about the whole thing.

  5. jonn Said,

    The media is saying that he had no hair at the time he died. Guess what ? just take a look to last photo in the ambulance, he actually had long hair!

    These kind of inconsistencies make you think something is weird.

  6. oliver Said,

    For me the whole thing does not add up, i think theres alot to be accounted for and one day someone will be somewhere around the world and will see the king and things will start coming out of the wash

  7. Me Said,

    I can’t even see the body ! I am a fan but am not sure what happend. I can’t imagine him dead and am not sure that he is actually dead. I hope not !!

  8. Me Said,

    omg i can see it now !!! wow it does look like him sitting up. btw John, he wears a wig as he has lost most of his amazing hair.

  9. bob Said,

    Guys seriously, if you were such big MJ fans I’d have thought you’d have a bit more respect than this. The news reports of his missing hair have been retracted as they came from an unreliable source. The way he moves is quite clearly lifeless- you try turning yourself over without moving your head or arms. Infact he looks like a sack of potatoes. It seems logical to me they are moving the strecher to get him out the door easier. If you had any shread of decency you’d just accept he’s gone. Look at the way his family have reacted. If you were in their position would you want people saying “It’s all just a hoax”? I’m quite disgusted by some of these comments.

  10. oxmjf Said,

    Nostradamus – Century II 28

    The penultimate of the surname of the Prophet

    Will take Diana [Thursday] for his day and rest:

    He will wander far because of a frantic head,

    And delivering a great people from subjection.

  11. Lis Said,

    People – GET A LIFE !!! Conspiracy have gone too far.
    People die too young EVERY DAY!!! there is no reason, it is just sad. Accept it!!!

  12. Katie Said,

    When a body has died the muscles contract as air is being released from the body, they have been known to burp, sit up, move for a long time after death still.
    I am a nurse and have seen it first hand many times.
    He is dead. Let him rest in peace!
    I am a fan of MJ and do think their is something wrong with the whole story but I do believe he is dead.

  13. Jamie Said,

    There is someone out of shot and if you watch the full video, after the helicopter lands you will see him appear. Maybe he was making the body more secure or something.

    However, I expect you are suggesting it is someone else pretending to be the dead body since Michael was spotted leaving the country. So are all of the hospital staff, family, Police, helicopter and coroner staff etc in on it?

    I think as conspiracy theories go, some are quite possible but this one doesn’t have any substance for me.

  14. Mrs Joy Bell Said,

    Much as I would love to believe that Mr Jackson is alive, the fact that the body moves does not prove Mr Jackson is still alive, even if the body were to sit up.
    When person dies, their body fills with air, and it’s this that causes the body to move, you can look this fact up on the net, or listen to a song about it called ‘Sitting up with the dead’ on you tube.

  15. Syn Bitch Said,

    I don’t get it, why use his actual self if it’s a hoax?? surely you’d just use a manican or summink??

  16. MJ Said,

    Hi guys, just thought i’d let you know that i’m actually NOT dead, i was just planning a huge comeback on stage in my upcoming gig. And yeah, i agree, these comments are all fake, but, they do have some truth, i am in fact bald, but only around the genital area.

  17. DJ Naija Said,

    If you know MJ well enough….this can be just another stunt, he has wild and wierd imaginations and the machinery to pull it off as always.

    To get out of the Media, Controversies, Debt and make a Massive Comeback, the death hoax is worth every time and resources spent on it as already the divident is evident and still mounting.
    Honestly, this was the first thought that came to my mind on the news break.

  18. brian Said,

    He’s dead. just accept it, move on, and get a life

  19. Cheeseball Harry Said,

    Michael is right now in some mountantop Villa in Brazil sipping green tea with Elvis.

  20. TeddyC Said,

    It’s the shadows moving across the bodybag. The bags not moving.

  21. Jodie Said,

    I can not believe everyone really thinks MJ is still alive.
    You who are “true” fans should accept that MJ has gone to a better place and now should be allowed to R.I.P.
    You lot are unbelieveable!
    Leave the man alone!

  22. MS Said,

    It is sad, but we must let him go. Even if this would all be true, we should leave him alone. He has earned his peace … here or wherever he may be.

  23. Jasmine Said,

    I totally do agree with admin about Rigor Mortis..

    Here is what I just read on Wikipedia and WikiAnswers.

    Rigor mortis is one of the recognisable signs of death (Latin mors, mortis) that is caused by a chemical change in the muscles after death, causing the limbs of the corpse to become stiff (Latin rigor) and difficult to move or manipulate.[1]

    Rigor Mortis, a stiffening of the muscles, usually starts to take place at around 3 hours after someone is dead with full rigor occurring at about 12 hours after death. After the 12-hour mark the rigor slowly ceases and at around 72 hours rigor disappears.

    So,basically, you just cannot manipulate or move a body that has rigor mortis set in after 3 hours. The body would be as stiff as a board.

  24. Sascha Said,

    1th: who filmed this from above? God himself?
    2th: a strecher can be lifted up. If you look carefully you can see a hand lifting the strecher upwards. If you lift an upperbody up, the patient might be able to breathe better. However, I think this movie is the real hoax

  25. Antoine1975 Said,

    Guys, c’mon, if you pay attention on the orange suitcase (doctors case)on the right site of the blanket, you will see that someone in a black suit picks it up, and thus creating the illusion that the body moves/sits. No conspiracy over here….

  26. JC Said,

    I’m sorry, but he is dead folks. He would never leave his children behind and cause his family heartache.

    He could never hide, due to his extensive surgery, he looks very individual. If you know what I mean.

    If you think that he has done this on purpose, and wants to make a comeback, it would be the most distasteful thing that anybody could do.

    He wouldn’t do it to his fans.

    Time to move on people, he has gone to meet Elvis.

    What?? Elvis isn’t dead either??

  27. JC Said,


    He was bald underneath the wig that he wore. That’s why he had long hair in the last photo in the ambulance.

  28. Flashy Said,

    Oh please! Are u kidding me?!
    What do up see?!
    There is nothing to see! Not even half a second. I would love it to let him faked his own dead!

    If he did:
    Why in this helicopter? Why not a doll or a double like u read in other stories?

    Get real people!

  29. Annette Said,

    Wouldn’t Michael be in a body bag if he was dead or covered over its not normal to have a corpse sitting upright surely

  30. Tatyana Said,

    I seriously wish this were a hoax… even though faking your death is wrong on so many different levels. But guys, he’s really gone.

  31. Madason Said,

    its a hoax
    and he is definately NOT dead.
    thats all im gonna say.

  32. kanindo Said,

    Still sounds more complicated for my beliefing. For instance, a part of the theory assumes that Jacko’s father can’t sound saddened to his son’s death as he secretly knows that Michael is still alive somewhere. Fine. Then how do you answer on Jackson family being suspicious surrounding Michael’s death? Or is the father not playing his part on this?

  33. brizom Said,

    why dont you all accept MJ is dead, peolpe do die, its life. with the amount of drugs often plumled into is body on a daily basis it was only a matter of time. As for the hoax, this is common for most bigtime stars as soon as one is declared dead someone shout hoax and then spends inappropriate amounts of time with, look at this look at that, explain this etc to name a few Elvis, JFK even Opera Winfrey and she is still alive!! lets all enjoy his music and let his legacy live on not the hoaz. King Brizo

  34. bghoppy Said,

    What about the photo of him in the ambulance? He has a vein popping out on his forehead (that Julia Roberts thing) Is that medically possible with a recently deceased body? And how do you even get a photo like that? Why does no one ask the identity of the actual caller to 911? And when the operator tells him to get Jackson on the floor, he just says OK, and quickly changes the subject. Shouldn’t he need to help the doc right here? I don’t hear the doc grunting to lift a lifeless body onto the floor. 120 pounds of lifeless body is no joke for any one, I don’t care how big the non-board certified cardiologist is. He’s offering up no medical info for the paramedics. And no one seems in a rush or panic to get the dying king to help and to get that vehicle out of the driveway, not to mention the shitty driving, it took more than a minute to get backed out. They towed the doc’s car, how did he leave? To the hospital as his lawyer claims? To be with the family. The same family who doesn’t know this doctor? Nothing adds up, and even Sheryl Crow said it out loud on TV, what most of us thought, I believe she was talking to Larry King when the first thing she says is, you know when I first heard I thought and hoped this was just a stunt, to get away from his enormous debt, but that now she’d realizes he is dead. Plus if there is one coroners office in the world to work with on a stunt like this, it would be the one that has it own TV show, Mission Road. And how do you do a death investigation scene on a possible drug over dose, and not pickup every Advil, herbal supplement, band-aid, whatever, anything slightly medical that should have been put into evidence immediately? Its seems unbelievable they would need to go back for two bags worth of evidence, after moving trucks and what not? What if this HAD been a murder? Incompetence of unreasonable proportions. Could LA really be that sorry?

  35. YuRiSiO Said,

    i don’t deny he really die or not but if MJ didn’t die i think the one and only will know exactly it.she’s lisa marie presley elvis’daughter because she is the one know clearly about her father really die in 1977 or in another time.

  36. bghoppy Said,

    And for Rickster, Great question! Herweb site says she and her crew are on a 2 week 8 million dollar cruise to Istanbul, and on her site, she has no comment, people on there are asking why not, and you get NO results if you search micheals name, you can’t even find the interviews of 93. But you do notice she has the same friends he does. Janet, Lisa Marie, Quincy

  37. Hatenessx Said,

    I could never see Michael hoaxing a death to escape his debts. His children may not be biologically his, but he loved them more than life itself. He loved everyone for god sake. No, if it was a hoax, then he would return.
    There are a lot of queries, some are suspicious and need to be answered to get a full picture.
    However, o2 tickets are getting refunded, his funeral plans at Neverland are gradually progressing and a viewing of the body is planned.
    Sure, you could get a waxwork as the body, but that is beyond sick, and he would never go THAT far.

    I love Michael Jackson, and I would love it more than anything if he was alive. But, sometimes you have to ask how far he would go.
    Although on terms of the family’s reaction, they could easily be in on it.

  38. vicky86 Said,

    Hi all!

    When I first heard that MJ was dead I was devastated but a part of me wondered if it was a Hoax! But I think its all gone too far now its been too long the one thing I have always believed is that MJ loved his fans and I really dont think that he would put his fans (or his family) through so much heart ache!

    With regard to the whole moving on the stretcher thing, it seems obvious to me that someone has moved the stretcher round slightly and so it gives the effect hes moving!

    I wish it was a Hoax, as I love Micheal so much. I do agree with most of you though that the circumstances surrounding his death are somewhat suspicious but it is still early days and for some part the tabloids are only speculating.

  39. jesse Said,

    When this death was announced I was kinda errmmm. The following morning when I began to analise what the press had to say and the actual response of his family and associates AND the fact that everything was going WAY too fast AND the money was pooring in! I smell a HUGE RAT! The same huge rat I smelled when Brandon Lee died! Which had me look at Bruce Lee and two other world-wide celebrity deaths… errrrrmmmmmmm…..

  40. sobaytransplant Said,

    I don’t know if he is really dead or not (Kinda hope not) I can see agruments on both sides of the fence, though. He might have been sick enough to have died suddenly that way… then again, his life was in so much trouble that this might have seemed like his only way out. (I have NO DOUBT that he would come back and get his kids… which is why his will was SO adament that his mother get them.) I have to admit that faking his death was my first thought, too. I mean, he’s pulled some pretty huge stunts before and if ANYONE had the resources to do it… who knows? Maybe we’ll find out in due course. IT certainly WOULD be the biggest deal in music history if he came back with some return-from-the-dead tour or something. That DOES sound like him. But I would like to point out that it was announced today that there will be NO viewing at Neverland as previously planned – and there will also be no funeral or burial there. So, I’m not sure what that does to bolster the hoax theory.(?) Now they aren’t going to let anyone SEE him up close for themselves? Are they protecting the corpse and the family from the throngs of fans… or are they hiding something? And about his will… are you telling us that a MEGA superstar like Michael Jackson made a will in 2002… and it just appears mysteriously from some lawyer’s files AFTER MJ has presumably died??? Hey, Madason… what exactly do you mean that it’s a hoax and that’s all you are going to say? Do you have inside info?

  41. sobaytransplant Said,

    One more thing… if he IS still alive and makes some sort of triumphant return, will he end up being guilty of all sorts of fraud charges or something? Can someone actually DO that and not be in serious (legal) trouble for it?

  42. bghoppy Said,

    When I tried looking up his spokeman Dr. Tohme Tohme (dr. toh(urt)me?) cant find anything but more mystery. the following is from 12/23/08 article about mj’s health (reuter’s):The statement, attributed to Jackson’s “official and sole spokesperson, Dr. Tohme Tohme” and issued by Los Angeles firm Scoop Marketing, cites an interview with writer Ian Halperin in British newspaper the Sunday Express in which Halperin said Jackson was suffering from Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency.
    An endocrinologist with a specialty in osteoporosis is your spokesman and issues statements about your health and rumors surrounding it, thru a company called Scoop Marketing?
    And why does Geraldo believe “there are only 4 possibilities to explain michaels death”, and the most sensaltionalist, conspiracy theory benefit -of-the-doubt proponant, and he can’t come up with a 5th possibility of faked death? REALLY?
    And the Oprah silence speaks volumes, the more I think about it.

  43. monij Said,

    If you look closer you can see a shadow at the back and a hand sliding underneath the body, so there was someone moving the body. As for Michael being alive, it is my wishful thinking. I am still waiting for a miracle to happen. How about the latest speculations that his funeral will be held at the Staple Centre by the same people MJ’s family wanted answers from regarding their son’s death. And tickets being sold? So many questions are left unansered, leaving us, us the fans, to answer them as we wish, creating more and more turmoil, and shedding more and more mystery about the guy. Wow, I just hope from the bottom of my heart, that MJ will come back from the dead on July 7 to perform infront of his fans at the Staple Centre. That is why there won’t be a viewing on Friday as speculated earlier since there is no body to view. Nice suprise for the mourning fans, and maybe just a small fine for MJ for disturbing the peace. My wishful thinking!!!!

  44. bghoppy Said,

    from topix.com Dec 27, 2008
    Editorial: Dr. Tohme and World Tours That Will Never Be
    Do you realize if you add an “uc” to Wacko’s Dr.’s name, his name is Dr. Touchme Touchme?
    In fact, “Toh” is Ma’ya for “erect”. (Okay, how many of you just screamed? And I’m not talking girly/Wacko screams, I mean real loud, long, horrified screams?)

    Is it possible that someone is pulling an not-very-elaborate and thoroughly distasteful joke on his fans? Oh, well, it’s not like they won’t gobble it up with sugar on top and defend the lie to its death. They always do. After all, they still believe Wacko is going to leap out of that wheelchair and find backers and insurers and go on a whirlwind tour around the world in 2009 — which I want to point out is only a few days away without even a hint of one costume being sketched on one newsprint pad.
    Don’t worry, for those who want to tell me how crazy I am thinking like this, I’m not sure you are wrong, and certainly do not feel well the more I try to wrap my head around a subject matter I believe we all feel touched by. All of the inaccuracies, questions, contadictions, missing relavant information are making me question everything. This is the same free press that is supposed to save us from the unknown evils that can stop a democracy in it’s tracks when no one reports the truth?

  45. sobaytransplant Said,

    By the way, my friend (who is a medical person with a history of transporting dead bodies) watched this video. She said that while it IS freaky, it’s an opitcal illusion and he did NOT sit up. She said i looks to her as though an attendant (or two attendants) inside the helicopter are maneuvering the body to be able to exit the helicopter more easily once they land.

  46. dave859 Said,

    read this http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20090702/ten-jermaine-jackson-i-wish-it-was-me-5f8abb3.html

    “I wanted to see Michael, and I wanted to see my brother, and see him there lifeless and breathless was very emotional for me, but I held myself together, because I know he’s very much alive,” he said.

  47. Happytomato Said,

    THank you very much for you website. I will follow your post. I was shocked when I read the news.
    than I wanted to know more about Michael Jackson. (I was not a real fan, but very curious about this strange man).

    So I have noticed something in regard to the interviews found on Internet

    Some closed friend say that MJ was in a good shape during the preseahal, and other add that they have never seen him taking drugs.
    Moreover to play several tours, MJ has too be in a good shape, so the medical insurance has definitly agreed that he was ok for the tour (accoring to the one who says that he is taking drugs), it seems to be a very long time.

  48. Ali Said,

    he is alive… i truly believe it

  49. wishful09 Said,

    well, we will all know the truth soon, since Debbie Rowe is now seeking custody. There is no way Michael would sit back and let her get custdoy of his children. Unless, he knows there is no way a judge will give her custody. Miss you Michael.

  50. nycscenie Said,

    For all those who were rude or those who are planning to be rude calling believers of the hoax crazy, or saying “get a life” are the obvious ones who need a life. If you dont believe it was a hoax or didnt care, then y waste your time and read and comment on this. If u leave any type comment, obviously SOME part of u (including myself) believes in this or is starting to believe in this.

  51. Happytomato Said,

    I have read a comment on a website saying that :
    “The serial number on the helicopter that left Neverland with Michael Jackson in it, and the serial number on the helicopter that arrived at the hospital with a dead body in it, do not match each other.”
    Is it true ?

  52. admin Said,

    We’ve analysed the footage of both the Helicopter that left the UCLA Hospital (not Neverland) and the one that arrived at the LA County Morgue and have concluded that both are the same LA County Sherriff Rescue 5 Helicopter with the serial number N9500G. This serial number is present on both sides of the craft on the front just below the cockpit. So, this rumour is not true.

    MJHD Admin.

  53. OriginalDavid Said,

    ok, to all the people saying its shadows, or angle perspective…have you noticed that more of the table/stretcher becomes visible as the body rises? just look at that…i will wait….

    ok, see it? how can shadows do that, or the angle of the camera make his shoulder transparent?

    he is faking it.

  54. OriginalDavid Said,

    also, cnn just announced that the drug they found in his house can medically induce a coma. so, yeah, there’s that.

    they revived him james bond style as they were taking off, and he just sat up a bit too early.

  55. Andrea Said,

    I too, agree with the fact that the ‘last footage’ of him performing being recorded in High Def, mult-track, etc. is way too convenient.

    I also have to agree with almost everything else everyone has said – the 911 call, the 30 minute gap from when Dr. Murray found MJ ‘dying’ and from when he decided to have the ’staffer’ call 911. Joe Jackson not even grief-stricken – and so what if he and his son never got along? It was still his son, you’d expect him to show a little more bereavement than that of which has been shown in television interviews as well as the BET awards. I also believe the man in the ambulance photo could very likely NOT be MJ. His ears are completely different. Has anyone else even noticed that? MJ’s ears never curled like the one that is visible in the photo clearly does. And yeah, it is highly possible that the breathing tubes in his nose that is around his head could create the illusion of his ears curled, but did anyone else notice that his sideburns are significantly larger than that of the ‘last rehearsal’ photos that have been released? Also, his pigment is completely off. Too much of a yellow-ish hue.

    And, to conclude my speculation – I watched the interview last night with Matt Lauer and Jermaine Jackson on Dateline NBC, and there were a few hints that I’m not sure if anyone caught onto but such as him saying ‘I knew he was still very much alive’ but then he immediately pauses and says ‘his spirit, I mean’ FISHY FISHY?!?!!? And then he also mentions ‘I still feel him because I know he is here somewhere, still’. COME ON?!? Is it not that obvious?! Yeah he could mean ’spiritually’ and not physically, but everything surrounding his death is just all too strange. Jermaine also mentioned that he and MJ had talks of having a Jackson 5 reunion and that they were going to perform in London. And how convenient, that now it is being told that the Jackson family is actually going to London to do a show. Hmmm…it really makes you wonder, doesn’t it? JUST THINK ABOUT IT. Jermaine ALSO mentioned that they let MJ’s kids see his dead body. NO doctor is allowed to let ANY child see their parent’s dead body. The most they can do is just say ‘Daddy has gone away’ or ‘He’s gone to a better place’ or something along those lines. Who has ever heard of it being best ‘psychologically’ for the kids to see their father’s dead body?! I mean, don’t you think them SEEING the body would traumatize them more psychologically then NOT seeing the body?! I have a feeling yeah, maybe the kids DID get to see their dad after he ‘died’ but just so they could see him and realize he really wasn’t dead and to say goodbye for now, but daddy will see them soon! THINK ABOUT IT!

    Also, just my two cents – but I believe if MJ IS in fact still alive, and faked his death, I would NOT be angry nor upset – in fact, GOOD FOR HIM! I’d give him props and applaud him. He has been and always will be THE MAN. I have a feeling his ‘comeback’ tour has a lot more meaning to ‘comeback’ than everyone thought!

    One last and final thought on all of this – his ‘announcement’ in London back in March for the 02 concerts….THAT CLEARLY WAS NOT HIM! That is all I’m going to say. It’s obvious, his mannerisms, talk, walk, movements, his hands were LARGE, his smile was different, his teeth had gaps, and who could NOT notice his tone of voice?! Pft, IMPOSTER! I TELL YOU!

    I am clearly not mentioning everything else that seems to speculate he could have hoaxed his death, as it has been said plenty of times before. But I just thought I’d let everyone know to LOOK BEYOND the media, and look closely at the obvious, and the facts. However, if he faked his death and comes back, OR faked his death and wants to stay in hiding – I hope he gets the peace he ever so longed for.

  56. Happytomato Said,

    I have found a another news. It is better to check
    265. Michael Jackson was murdered. Key evidence in the 911 Call. Listen to it CAREFULLY.


    Michael Jackson was murdered. The 911 Call Proves it.The person who made the 911 call said Michael’s body was on the bed and the doctor was performing CPR on the bed. Besides the fact that the doctor didn’t KNOW WHERE CPR is administered, on the floor, no CPR was ever administered on the floor.

    Listen at 57 seconds into the 911 Call
    Youtube: Michael Jackson 911 Call

    911 Dispatcher: “Is he on the floor? Where is he at right now?”
    Caller in Home: “He’s on the bed sir…he’s on the bed.”
    911 Dispatcher: “Get him to the floor”
    Caller in Home: “Ok”

    STOP RIGHT HERE!!! The caller said: “OK?” as if he was the one giving CPR when it was the doctor. The caller never instructed the doctor to get Michael to the floor. You don’t hear anything to suggest a body was moved. He doesn’t even call Michael by name, no “Michael”,”MJ”,”Mike.” Wouldn’t you think he would say something like this “Get Michael to the floor?”

    Posted at 4:43PM on Jul 4th 2009 by MJJMurdered

  57. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I love Michael with all my heart and soul, and as much as i would like for the sweet angel to be alive, i don`t believe that he is. Why would Micheal go so far? He would never leave his children i know that for a fact, he loved them more than life itself. About the family dooing the concerts, well that seems a bit strange, but i think they are doing it to honor Michael, together with the world. You see Jermaine, in the interwiev really cry, with tears, do you really think that he faked that? I don`t, and what about Janet at the BET, she was so upset. I have always loved Micheal, not for his Music, but for who he was, and that is why i don`t believe that he would hurt the ones he love, by fakeing his own death. That does not make sence to me. Allthough, you are makeing some very good, points. Even if Michael was alive, i don`t think that we would ever find out. He can`t go anywhere without consieling his face, why would he take that risk of getting “caugt” and be exploded to the world for that. Hmmm, dosen`t really make sence to me. I would like more than anything in this world, to Get Michel back, but as we all know, you cannot “come back rom the Dead” unfortiently . I just hope that my sweet angel, finally have gotten the peace that he has deserved. Rest in peace my love. You will always live in my heart. R.I.P My beloved. You are greatly missed, and loved.

  58. Yes555 Said,

    Jacko’s coffin will be in the centre of the 11000-seat stadium. Tributes will be read out by singing legend Diana Ross and Jacko’s brothers and sisters Jermain, Tito, Janet and La Toya.


  59. bghoppy Said,

    If Michael loved his kids so much, why would he allow himself to succumb to such a tragic end despite ALL these people that claim to have said something to him? I think it’s BS to blame doctors and dealers for all the drug problem. The problem itself is one of demand, not supply. If you do not possess the preservation instinct within yourself to find the help needed to stop before you die, that is no one else’s fault, and a weakness of your own. He kept these children from having a mother, then dies of drugs, then wills them to Katherine, who at 79 and the stress of this death and her shit marriage to the devil, could die at any minute?
    We have no proof of and I want to see a body before I believe he’s gone. And if he is, it’s the saddest thing I have ever seen.
    I also think the treatment of Debbie Rowe is the big shame in all this mess. I feel so sorry for her. There is no move she can make without people tearing at her SOUL. So wrong.
    And why cut her out of the will, but let Joe go unmentioned. Since his parents are still married ( I know not living together, but I guarantee she doesn’t divorce for religious reasons only) when he bequeths something to her, it is also his by law, no? That makes no sense, not that one single thing about this makes one lick.
    My theory now is that he has been messing with drugs, but more like hormones and different prescriptions that would help him alter his voice and skin, ect, but at this late age it is now medically imperative to stop these actions, and so the “natural” MJ that results would be exteremly shocking (he had 20 years to get to look like this). I think with the help of Deepak and Rabbi Schmuley he has re-evaluated his whole life and has made personal changes for the better spiritually and medically. So what bigger way to totally reinvent yourself to the world that come back to life, at your own f’n funeral.
    I agree with Adrea, when she says she understands why he would do it, and would encorage almost, if that’s what was best for him. I’m only going to be pissed about how hard it has been on me emotionally. I am questioning my mental sanity on an hourly basis, but then if I feel i can’t be wrong, I go insane watching these people on TV not question anything, the way his family reacts. If he is not dead, the Jackson Family (and all their friends) are without a doubt the largest group of related psycopaths in the world and should be studied by scientists.
    As for Janet, she did not seem appropriately upset to me, and no one seems to notice she talked about him in the present tense. “To you he IS an icon, to us he IS family” That keeps happening alot in interviews, talking about him in present tense. Jermain is a freak one way or the other, and I don’t think faking crying is hard at all. It concerns me there was not more crying, if he really is gone.

  60. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I guess we will see Michel then.

  61. bghoppy Said,

    And surely you can’t do enough drugs to kill yourself with, and have NO liver or kidney damage evident at autopsy?

  62. Wish-Tis-True Said,

    Did anyone hear about Michaels ‘ghost’ supposedly haunting the ranch. I would love if people just laid off his back. If he is still alive (which i would love to believe and I HOPE THAT ITS TRUE) I honestly wish its true. My heart aches for his children and his family. The media are money hungry pigs. They will go to any extent to make money. Urghh makes me sick.Whereever you are Michael we love you dearly and with all our hearts we miss you madly.

  63. bghoppy Said,


    Above is a link to an interesting article of Quincy Jones talking about MJ. Certainly a different tone than he has when on CNN.
    Why is it that every story about MJ comes from TMZ and all video is from hollywoodvideo?

    Did you guys see on e-bay someone is selling their ticket for 8G, opening bid, and another freak is selling the soil from where he died, that also contains his ghost.
    My faith in humanity and the future is being tested like no other time in my life. Isreal may launch a bomb at Iran’s nuclear sites, VP Biden says the US won’t try to stop such a decision, which can mean nothing but destruction for untold innocents. And I can’t stop thinking about THIS.

  64. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I totally agree with BGhoppy on everything. I won`t believe that he is dead either unless we get to see the body. Michael, we all love you so much, and you are greatly missed. I hope you are happy whereever you are our sweet angel. We love you with all our hearts.

  65. wishful09 Said,

    Thank you! People are not thinking. There would be immediate evidence of such an voerdose. His liver would be shot to hell. They either already know the answer and are not telling the public, or something fishy is going on.

    As for Joe Jackson, I can not imagine any father “feeling great” after a child has passed. It’s not reasonable. No matter how strict he was, he loved his son. Even Michael admitted that. Joe wanted more for them, he just went about it the wrong way. As for people saying Joe was money hungry, that is not true. I think Michael even said Joe never took money from them. He was just too damn controlling. So, for Joe to feel great is odd. Something is wrong here! Even an abusive father would find the passing of a child unbearable. Men who beat their spouses are grief stricken, when they lose them. His reaction is as suspicious as it can get.

  66. wishful09 Said,

    Also, when I lost my father at a young age, I DID NOT see him in the hospital. I did not see my father until the funeral. So….

  67. wishful09 Said,


    I also find it difficult to watch people not question anything. Everyone keeps comming forward talking about this and that, and they just accept it.

  68. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Michael will be burried tomorrow morning in Forest Lawn Memorial park, i Hollywood hils. Jermaine have said so. But they still want to try to get purmission to get Micheal burried at Neverland. So i guess that means, that we wont be allowd to see Michael for the last time, in a public wievieng. But i don`t understand why, they would have him burried at neverland. Michael didn`t want to go back after his last trial . I guess that Michael is really is gone. It will be a hard day tomorrow . Rest in peace Sweet, sweet angel. I will love you for the rest of my life

  69. Andrea Said,

    I also agree with bghoppy. Too many PRESENT tense talking when referring to MJ. That definitely raises more suspicions as well, for me at least. I guess we will all see on Tuesday at the memorial. Who knows.

  70. Happytomato Said,

    The explaination of Michaels’ghots’

  71. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Ive just seen the full interwiev with Jermaine Jackson, and what i don`t understand is that he is saying, and i qoute: We gotta remember Michael for who he IS??? Ehh i guess he means for who he was?. And at last he is saying, My Brother IS the king, again, i though he ment, was? Why does they keep saying is?

  72. elde Said,

    Michael has left the building..

  73. Yes555 Said,

    I am afraid Elde is right.


    ^^ Paris Jackson Leaves Dad Michael’s Private Family Funeral In Tears.

    Surely she couldn’t have faked that?

  74. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    i have just seen all the rehersels, for last month with Michael, and i have to say, if you are totally on drugs, and sick like they said, he was, there is no way in hell, that you can dance like that. He laughed, talked, made fun, ran around, and danced like he was 25 again.. On all the rehersels. THat is why it has been such a big chok for all of us, that he died so sudden. There is no way you can perform like that, if you are near dying. That is all im gonna say

  75. bghoppy Said,

    is is legally possible to bury a body without a death certificate?
    I don’t understand how those pic’s “of Paris” prove anything at all. First, why are we to be convinced that is her? Second, who are those people in casual dress leaving a memorial service? Why are her pics the only ones out there? Why whould she not be in the family car?

    But more important, it’s disgusting that there are people willing to take such shots, print them, and then view them. What is wrong with you folks interested in such morbidity.
    I also have a huge problem with the claims the kids asked and then were allowed, at the encouragement of the hospital therapist, to see him dead, and so soon. That’s what viewings are for.
    I guess all we can do is just wait and see what happens.

    I’m praying for a Miracle.

  76. mysticallymagestically Said,

    So this entire memorial service seems like a promotional event for some, or is it just me?

  77. Andrea Said,

    I agree with you, mysticallymagestically. The entire thing seemed too thought out and planned to be a ‘memorial’. And where the hell was Oprah, Dianna Ross, etc? Come on. and as I said before, BROOK SHIELDS IS AN ACTRESS. She gets payed to cry, which is exactly what I’m sure she did at the memorial. As for Paris, if ANYONE really thought that her last few words and ‘emotional outbreak’ was sincere, you have issues, haha. Blanket had an MJ DOLL in his hands, while Prince was chewing gum and really showed no signs of emotion or grieving. And why a closed casket? Things still don’t add up to me. I’ll believe it when they release either autopsy PHOTOS, or someone signs the death certificate and I actually can SEE the death certificate. And wtf is up with them not even knowing what they’re gonna do with his body?! I think it’s been disrespectful enough as it is that they waited this long for the ‘memorial service’ IF he is truly dead.

    Also, didn’t anyone else notice how Janet was trying to hold in a laugh at the end after Paris turned away from the microphone and she went to comfort her? Pft. I am still not a believer till I get full proof.

  78. noisehammer Said,

    “she hold in a laugh at the end” ???????

    well, sadly as it is, loosing believe he is alive, thats what ive to watch again…
    can anyone confirm it that it was a real laugh ?

  79. Yes555 Said,

    Andrea, here is Michael’s death certificate:


    And why on Earth would a little girl fake cry over something like this?

  80. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I saw all 3 kids, chewing gum. Seems kinda normal, their father did it all the time, all day long.. But they didn`t show any emotions, that is right. Exept from Paris. Some is saying that Michael will reveal himself at the jackson 5 reunion, wich some of the family members will do, at some of his concert dates. OMG. who can believe that. He is dead. But why buy a gold Coffin, and do this memorial, if it was all a fake, would the entire family stand behind Michael?? Or, do they even know if he was really dead or what?

  81. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Ooops, forgot something. I will have to admit, that i also thought it was kinda weird, that we didn`t get to see the body, and the fact that their havent been a 3rd otopsy. Hmmmm

  82. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    The janet thing. She didn`t smile. I seems to me like she tried not to cry, to be there for Paris

  83. bghoppy Said,

    Me too, mystic. Felt like a “comeback” for alot of fading stars, alot of self promoting statements, and the lack of emotional involvement on everyones part is unnerving. Like I said before, whatever has happened the whole Jackson clan should be studied by scientists as the largest known group of related psycopaths and/ or scitzophrenics in the world. Not one tear, until marlon mentions his twin, and Paris “cries”. once again talking about him in the present tense. The two boys looked bored and uninterested the whole time, and I think it’s weird too that the youngest has a doll of him. None of these Jackson freaks should be allowed near these kids. They don’t seem normal at all to me. Unless they do know he is ok. Still why is Katherine so venerated? She raised 8 kids and married a man who all have serious social and emotional problems. I question the mental health of all of them. Not to mention she could die at any minute, but since this memorial shows just how emotionally attached they all were to MJ, I;m sure her passing wont hurt them much either. If my dad or brother died, there is no way I would have been able to make it thru that whole show without completely breaking down. Especially if congress passed legistlation to honor him forever, and ever. OMG, that didn’t move a single one of them.
    The absence of Liza, Oprah, Lisa marie, and diana ross is weird.
    And if he hated Debbie Rowe so much why does his guitarist look just like her, except younger.
    And the weirdest (I hope) thought I have to drop here is, check out the first guy to sing during “we are the world”. Who is that guy? A former decoy? Or him w/o make up? He’s kind of what I am expecting to see, if MJ is ever to return.

    I was moved and disgusted so many times in two hours, I’m still exhausted, still not sure what to think.

  84. sobaytransplant Said,

    I would dearly, dearly love to think that he was still alive. However… I have to say that I don’t believe that is true. I think he’s really gone. There are LOT of things that are still a mystery and pieces to this puzzle that are absolutely missing. But I didn’t see anyone “acting” at the memorial service. (I’m a trained actress of more than 35 years and can usually spot someone acting – even the good ones.) I didn’t see Janet holding in a laugh… what I saw was her making a face in reaction to the child’s tears. It looked more like “OMG… poor baby” to me. The other kids’ demeanor was a bit strange, I agree. Then again, they were raised in a VERY strange environment. The older boy seemed to react to his sister’s tears by reaching around Janet when Paris fell into her arms, but the younger one didn’t seem to re-act to anything. One thing is almost certain… if he DID fake it, we probably won’t ever know about it. If he’s trying to start a new life, wouldn’t he do just that? Somewhere out of the public eye for the rest of his (natural) life? Potential fraud charges notwithstanding, it seems like a LOT of trouble to go through to get a new life – only to blow the whole thing by showing back up again.

  85. Andrea Said,

    No matter how believable they tried to make that ‘memorial’ seem, I didn’t buy it. Open-casket, THEN I would have thought he is TRULY dead. There is still so many things that do not add up. Give me some death photos, and I’ll be happy. Haha. Till then, I will assume he is alive. Coming back? That is another story.

    If no death/autopsy photos ever emerge, but months go by with no word of him, I will have assumed he either went into hiding or is, in fact, dead. Either way, I’ll continue to stick to the facts and everything I have seen so far since DAY ONE of his death and the minute I heard he was in the hospital, with a heart attack, then he died, then he was in a coma, and then he ‘died’ for real. Since DAY ONE the story has been off. Come on folks, get with the program.

  86. sobaytransplant Said,

    In fact… all of this sounds VERY familiar. I’m old enough to remember the “Paul McCartney is Dead” hoax of 1969 and 1970. http://www.turnmeondeadman.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3&Itemid=10
    I also remember the whole Elvis faked HIS death business… which is still going on to this day. All these years later, no one has ever proven EITHER rumor to be true.

  87. Andrea Said,

    Just so everyone knows, I take back what I said about Janet holding in a laugh when Paris goes to her arms. It’s when Marlon is talking and turns around from his ‘break down’. TO ME it seems as if she is holding back from smiling. I have re-watched that part over and over, and none of them look sincere. That’s just my opinion. Who knows.

  88. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Sobytransplant. As long as no death sertifacte isn`t beoing signed, or a erd otopsy isent there, it would not be aligal to “FAKE” your when death.

  89. feyaya Said,

    in response to bghoppy…i nearly flipped out when i saw the first guy to sing “we are the world.” not because i thought he was an mj decoy, but his face just stood out so outrageously. but now that you mention it, he very well could have been a decoy. however, i’m pretty sure it’s not michael without makeup. i think he really did suffer from skin complications. but even if he didn’t, i know his skin was not brown and merely covered up with white makeup almost 24/7. his skin had to have been bleached, vitiligo or not.

  90. feyaya Said,

    oh, and to andrea, i thought the same thing about marlon’s speech; it doesn’t even seem to be just janet who looks as though they are trying to hold in a laugh. it looks like it’s marlon too, and i think jermaine. basically, it looked as if something funny had just happened. it was pretty odd. perhaps they just couldn’t keep a straight face with trying to be so sentimental? then the comment about michael hugging brandon (marlon’s twin) really took the humor up a notch! who knows.

  91. heisalive Said,

    To Andrea; I entirely agree with your statements posted and I am convinced 100+% that Michael Jackson staged his own death to escape and go on with a NORMAL live elsewhere … that is what my inner voice has been telling me since the moment his “death” was announced and it keeps quickening me ongoing. I am also a legal professional and am looking at this matter as a “case” and all the elements thereof, like Discovery to name just one. Michael Jackson certainly has the brass bleeps, the contacts, resources, loyals and most of all the MONEY and wherewithall at large to inscene such a “show” like this ! He married Elvis’ DNA, Lisa Marie and while married to her, got the goods from her on how Elvis’ death was staged and successfully “sold” to the public by the satanic media back in 1977. Based on extensive research and existing evidence by several credible individuals and successful tripup’s by journalists of Lisa Marie and Priscilla both, it is VERY clear that Elvis did not die at Graceland and is in all likelihood in hiding via the US Witness Protection Program as a former official Federal Agent.
    No doubt in my mind that Michael Jackson, for his own set of reasons staged his “death” like Elvis did and like him is alive somewhere and is watching this “Event” as his ever greatest encore with the moneymill continually $pinning on and on. If Debbie Rowe does not receive custody of MJ’s children (in lieu of cash of course), it remains with Katherine Jackson as stated by MJ’s will. This arrangement will ensure 100% easy access for MJ to his kids and will they be surprised once he returns from the “grave” to visit them at some point !
    *Breaking news case update: Starwitness No. 1, Elizabeth Taylor whom MJ loves with his heart and soul and likewise has “declined” to “appear” at the “memorial” shindig at staples center stating she “loves him too much”. Ms. Taylor is the ONE person Michael trusts implicitly and was imaginably the first person to hear about his elaborate escape plan and thus proved her loyalty to him by not “appearing” at this his sendoff which, after Elvis’ “death” and funeral, is by far the greatest lie ever told, a lie that billions of people have swalloed whole .. oh yea of little faith !!!!
    * Breaking news case update: Starwitness No. 2, Diana Ross announced via released statement she was not “attending”, speak: she is also in on this ! These 2 individuals, Ross and Taylor both a-r-e known to be closest to MJ, are part of his intimate inner circle of confidantes for years. and in all likelihood aided him with his “Getaway” and might admit it on their deathbeds some day, or … not ! The evidence keeps mounting and the case keeps gaining muscle.
    * Breaking news case update: 2 more importants of MJ’s inner circle were missing at Staples Center: Uri Geller and Chopra Deepak, 2 more persons in on his well staged “death escape” ?? A likely possibility !
    After the end of the “Memorial Service”, did anyone other than me notice, see and read – at the stage backwall of Staples Center – these words appearing in blue lettering: “I am alive and I am here forever” ???? Did MJ leave a “message” here himself only SOME of the “mourners” caught onto and while the rosedraped, gold coffin, probably empty or with a puppet inside sat there without giving off a single whatsoever vibe that it actually contained a dead body, any “body “at all ? …. Thanks for reading what are your thoughts about this? I’d sure be interested to hear

  92. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I didn`t see that. It was at the end of the show?? OH MY GOD. I hope he really is alive, i love him so much, not for ehat he can do with his voice or body but for who he is/was. I would give anything to get him back, everything i own. Damn. Where are you angel? I have to see that. You said at the end of the show, do you mean before the casket was driven anway?

  93. sobaytransplant Said,

    MyBelovedMJ – you are mistaken. When taxpayers have to foot the bill for your memorial service (too say noting of all the other money that has been speant for various police activities and investigations) and it turns out you aren’t really DEAD, it IS illegal.

  94. sobaytransplant Said,

    There have been TWO autopsies thus far and that’s more than all that’s necessary for him to be considered deceased officially. And according to Fox news as of today’s date – “The certificate is signed by Los Angeles County Health Officer Jonathan Fielding. Other information has been redacted.”

  95. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    OH MY LORD. OH MY LORD. I just saw those words 2. What does that mean? Is it Michael sending us a message? Why did the family cry on the stage then? Would they stand behind Michael in all of this? And the Children, do they no that he is still alive.? I believed yeasterday that he was gone, for real. I believed it, when i saw Marlon, and Paris speak. They were both so upset. But seeing that message just gave me the chills. He must be out there somewhere. He will come back to us if he is, i know it. I wish Michael, could read all of this, so he could see how many of us, who understood, him, loved him, and NEVER judge him. A wise person once said: Do not pass judgement on anyone before you have talked to them one on one, i don`t care what the story is. He was so right. If he is indeed still alive, wich i belive now more than ever, after reading those words, i am pretty sure that he will come back. Probely on one of his concert dates. I don`t know i am about to laugh or cry. If Michael, someday should be able to read this, i hope that he will give us a sign- any sign, of him beeing alive and well. That would for me, bring myself into peace again, and stop thinking about him all the time. Love you Michael

  96. sobaytransplant Said,

    By the way, his name is Deepak Chopra (you had it backwards) and he’s a WELL-KNOWN author on spiritual/metaphysical matters. Has been for YEARS, which is why Michael wanted an association with him, I suspect. Doubtful he would help Michael fake his own death. Bad for his own kharma, which he takes quite seriously.

  97. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I guess i have to find a way to learn how to live with this then . Even if i don`t know if i can. Why have they waited so long to sign teh death satificate?? Was anyone talking about that on the news aswell?? Why the hell, would someone print blue writing on the wall in stapels center with the words: I am alive, and Im here forever? I want to know who did that then, because if it wasen`t Michael, then it is a VERY sick joke. OMG

  98. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I just have 1 question. What the hell happent to Navi? Michael`s double body, who so often has performed in public for michael, where is that dude? Has anyone heard about what has happent to him? Is that him in the ambulance. He looked so much like michael, that even the fans, thought he was the real deal. Well i guess we will never know

  99. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    I read those words, I missed them on TV yesterday. I believe that is a part of a song? Even if it was part of a song, Why choose those words, “I am a alive”. I looked up that part of the memorial today, And my heart just lit up. My depression went away. I was so down and so upset since I saw the memorial yesterday because I felt he was truly gone. I then come to this site, Found out about his hands and read some of the comments about that “I’m alive” message. I can’t believe it. I hope he returns! It would be amazing if he did one last final farewell tour if he doesn’t ever want to perform anymore. God, I want to meet him!

  100. Yes555 Said,

    “After the end of the “Memorial Service”, did anyone other than me notice, see and read – at the stage backwall of Staples Center – these words appearing in blue lettering: “I am alive and I am here forever” ???? Did MJ leave a “message” here himself only SOME of the “mourners” caught onto and while the rosedraped, gold coffin, probably empty or with a puppet inside sat there without giving off a single whatsoever vibe that it actually contained a dead body, any “body “at all ?”

    You mean, “I am alive, and I am here forever?” They’re lyrics from a a Michael Jackson song he sung with Paul McCartney called “The Man”



    There’s a man
    Who plays the game of life so well
    Ooh, there’s such a man
    His thoughts you can never tell, ooh
    And it’s just the way he
    Thought it would be
    ’cause the day has come
    For him to be free
    I’m alive and I’m here forever

    This is the man
    And it’s just the way she
    Thought it would be
    As he says, something has
    Happened to me
    Then he laughs, he kicks
    And rolls up his sleeves
    I’m alive and I’m here forever
    This is the man

    There’s a man
    Everybody thought they knew
    Ooh, there’s such a man
    He’s not like me and you, ooh

    And it’s just the way she
    Thought it would be
    As he says, something has
    Happened to me
    Then he laughs, he kicks
    And rolls up his sleeves
    I’m alive and I’m here forever
    This is the man

    And it’s just the way she
    Thought it would be
    As he says, something has
    Happened to me
    Then he laughs, he kicks
    And rolls up his sleeves
    I’m alive and I’m here forever
    This is the man

    And it’s just the way she
    Thought it would be
    As he says, something has
    Happened to me
    Then he laughs, he kicks
    And rolls up his sleeves
    I’m alive and I’m here forever
    This is the man
    (this is the man)
    Ooh yeah
    (ooh, yeah)
    This is the man
    (this is the man)
    This is the man

  101. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Yes that was the sentence. Pretty spooky

  102. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    You are complete right. They are lyrics from a song, but why use exactly those words, like you said, and only those. Why not the whole song? These words are telling us something, i am sure of that.

  103. dogolian Said,

    MJ seems really to be still allive. We got information that he hides in germany near berlin in a place he baught in 2006

  104. Sosh Said,

    If he really is alive and hiding in Berlin, he must have left the country before his death was publicly known. Maybe th sightings from him in Mexico are based on true stories.

    I think he most likely needed a private plane from someone to escape the american borders. Also, how did he pass the german borders?

  105. heisalive Said,

    sosh: how did he get past the german borders? For lack of a better phrase: Intricate, intelligent planning and shrewd action, and/or: Money money money .. or both, that’s how ! We are talking about T H E Michael Jackson here – like ?!?!?!?!

  106. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Michael is a master in disquses. He could have done that. I am pretty sure he is alive, and we will know soon enough. Dogolian, you are sayiing: We got information”. Who is we?

  107. feyaya Said,

    yeah, who is “we”?

  108. Mojofi Said,

    We do know MJ like to wear white tops but how can we tell if it was really him sitting or maybe the body moved as the helicaptor moved? I did not see his face in that clip it was just a white top. hhmm :-s not sure. But I know he is ALIVE and i have my reasons.

  109. carelesslove46 Said,

    was the body dressed in red?
    I cant make out anything..It’s just a blur to me. I dont think Michael is alive, but if he did manage to break away..There’s
    no way he will ever make a comeback. I have heard of at
    least 12 sucide’s associated
    with Michael’s death..He wouldn’t be able to come back now even if he wanted to.

  110. flower Said,

    mj is alive cause nothing about this whole story just dont add up nothing from the o2 thing thats not the real mj no way the only true thing about this story is im sure that it is the real mj at the clip from the staples centre the rehersal and i think this is the last time we will see the real mj but as for everything eles its a load of rubbish mj is alive and he had to do this to get away from what was going on around him i hope hes well and happy but its so sad that he had to do this MJ WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS IF THIS IS WHAT YOU FEEL YOU HAVE TO DO TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT FOR YOURSELF WE WILL STICK BY YOU WE LOVE YOU

  111. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I agree with you flower We will always love you with all our hearts, and we will stand by you no matter what. Like dhe said, if this is what you had to do, to make it right for yourself, then it was the best thing you could do. We love you more Michael. Don`t you ever forget that

  112. Samantha Said,

    Where ever he is, wouldent someone reveal it? Like if he went to another country and got off the plane or whatever wouldent someone see him?

  113. Samantha Said,

    To MyBelovedMJ
    They had to throw a Memorial, to make it seem more real.

    The family obviously knows, MJ Just wanted to get away, i don’t blame him for what his been through.

    I Love you so much Michael, i hope you’re Living in peace somewhere. x x x

  114. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Funny how people are saying that he would never come back, if he is alive. MY GOD. The man is not stupid, he has been planning this for a very long time, if you do something like this, and planning to return, you have it all figured out. TRUST me on that

  115. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Im With you samantha

  116. wishful09 Said,


    I have not even came back on this site until now, since the funeral because I wanted to take everything in myself. I too thought they were trying to hold in laughter. I asked my sister, and she said no way! I watched with my sister and she did not notice it at all. We wathced it again and she still did not notice it. I saw it though. I saw Jermaine and I saw Janet. Of course we cant be sure of anything because true emotion is in the eyes and their eyes were hidden.

    Just to balance all of this out though… Why would Marlon mention such a sad situation about his twin, if this was all a fake? I cant comprehend anyone taking it that far.

  117. wishful09 Said,

    Also, if this was a real memorial, did anyone else find it tacky to show the title of the tour in the background? I know they were trying to be positive by showing how ready he was for the tour, but the title would be to much for me to take if I was a family member. I dont want to see a big display of “This is it” in the background.

  118. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Wishful09. I totally agrre with you. That was a odd thing to do, i woulden`t have been able to handle that either. There is alot of mystery going on here

  119. bghoppy Said,

    I think the whole thing was generally tacky. Don’t get me wrong i couldn’t stop crying the whole time, but still a lot of inappropriatness. Even the gospel song refering to the king. I think it’s wrong to end a memorial with I am alive, not matter what. I found usher’s whole performance out of line. EWWW touching the casket! I know we were all holding our breath for a miracle there tho (precicely why he should not have done that). I love Q Latifa, but she didn’t even know him? WTF? I saw the snickers, too. I also noticed Lionel Richie looking PISSED during ‘we are the world’, shaking his head and rolling his eyes. And am I the only one who thought Sharpton (I did love his speech tho, which is a first for me and big al) took a dig at jesse jackson when he said that jesse had ’stood with the family, until now’? What was that about. But over all, I think if MJ really is gone, this service was a shame. Where were his real friends? Aren’t you socially obligated to attend, wheter it is public or not. I just didn’t get the feeling people were paying their respect, seemed more like a promotional event for fading stars. And Mariah should apologize.

  120. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I hear yoy. The latest news is that Latoya thinks that Michael wasmurdered. PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK. She signed the death satificate. HMM WTF, she is not a docter. They said she was close to Michael. BULLSHIT No she wasent. The only sibling Michael was close to is Janet. Why is all of a sudden Latoya who speaks up, and not Janet?

  121. Sosh Said,

    to BGhoppy:

    I totally agree with you on that one. Allmost all stars performing at the memorial have (at least in europe) faded away. Brooke Shields didn’t make any movies or series that I remember. Last thing about her I remeber she merried that tennislpayer Andre Agassi.

    About Usher and Mariagh Carey, haven’t heard from them for a while. What the fu&k where these people doing there?

  122. nyla Said,

    i agree wid you bghoppy. the whole thing was a publicity stunt and was moneymaking. Also did you kno that LA council are launching an investigation on the cost of the memorial, they felt that their being ripped off. I mean the cheek of it!!! MJ isn’t dead they may have brainwashed half the world but they aynt brainwashed mine. Seriously people who just readily believe everything they hear on the news really need to get their facts straight. :X

  123. wishful09 Said,

    You are absoulutely right bghoppy.

  124. wishful09 Said,


    I can see how you found the gospel song referring to the king inappropriate. It was a bit wierd simply because this is Michael (King of Pop), but that’s the same song my family used for my dad. I think a lot of black families use that song.

  125. GermanLady Said,

    latoya is changing in interviews the Story of the Day of MJs Dead again and again. Somewhere on a German site i read she said that she was at Mjs House to fetch his Children and then were driving to Hospital, and now she said she were at home and called her mother, then was driving to hispital, where katherine was sitting with the children. Then she said Michael died in his bedroom, in this room were a lot of bottles oxygene and medicines, empty pill doses and whatever, but now she said Michael was in dr.murreys bedroom while he died. i think they cannot really lie and the story is gonna change everytime they want to talk about

  126. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    IM gonna be so pissed the nest time, someone mentions, that Michael was adicted to drugs. MY GOD. What the hell are thay doing. She has changed her story 4 times now. Wich is it? They have to deside, cause everytime the story changes, there is more to believe that he is alive. DAMMIT, someone knows something. I just wrote that it can take months, to get the toxicoligy report from Michael`s body. OMG. This is getting worse everyday. Why can`t they just come forth? Some of them. Something is really wrong.

  127. bghoppy Said,

    wishful, i hated making that comment, it just seemed off, since he was the KING of Pop and we all want to see him again. Please, i hope no one took that personnally or as against a religious belief.

  128. trinidad Said,

    come on people some one thatcrazy of pain killers and abusing it like that is not likely to live remind you his kids are 7 , 11, and 12 a 7 year old knows but how much do they really know the two older kids know a little prince michael is 12 how much do they really know so what he change in to islam his mother his alive and if she wants to put her son back in to what she raise him thats her business he is dead janet was close to him when some one close to some one they whole inside shut down and plus she is the youngest se she felt it more come on guys he is dead and when god read for you he take you and you can tell his spirit already left his body when he say this is it tour i am a huge michael fan and i miss him a lot may god bless the jackson family and his kids may his soul rest in peace

  129. trinidad Said,

    you guys did not see when he was talking on the this is it tour in london looks can be deceiving you guys think he look strong and healthy
    come one his and and alll them strong pain killer druges he taking come one that shit will shut your whole system down why don;t you guys try taking them same drugs what he had in his house see if you gonna live i miss him so much if he still alive then elvis tupac biggie aaliyah left eye still alive then they on an iland by them self please they only place they is is next to god

  130. He.is.alive Said,

    GermanLady, guten Tag

    “Luegen haben kurze Beine” …. hence the story changes constantly and LaToya probably scored a nice paycheck with the interview she gave. Ich glaube ganz bestimmt dass Michael Jackson lebt, ja, sich sogar irgendwo in Europa aufhaelt. in the Ostblocklaendern, Rumaenien, Polen, da irgendwo.

    Lb. Gruss nach DE

  131. admin Said,

    The Michael Jackson Hoax Death Forum is now up and running and ready for use. Please feel free to start new topics and continue your discussions there, in an easier to manage environment.

    MJHD Admin

  132. wishful09 Said,

    I was not offended, bghoppy. I hope no one else was either.


    We are always on the same page. I cant take anymore of these drug stories. Either prove it or sit down. Who are some of these people comming forward? Oh, and you all are patient because I didnt bother to read any of the articles about Latoya. If she aint crazy, I dont know who is! If Michael is reading these posts, he needs to tell his family to get their stories straight or the cat will soon be let out of the bag.

  133. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Wishful, lol i totally agree. I am so pissed about the drugs stories also. It`s all BS. MY GOD. Like you, said, they need to get their stories straigth.

  134. mm04 Said,

    Someone further up said something about the body wearing a white t-shirt in the footage…it isn’t a t-shirt it is the body bag! Hmm is it just me or are body bags usually black? Don’t know what to think about all the drugs stuff…I think he’s out there somewhere!

  135. GermanLady Said,

    i was looking at google for body bags, ill find them in 4 colors, white, black, Red and grey. So because of the body bag we cannot find another detail for the hoax

  136. Copenhagen Said,

    Samantha: I am sure that MJ can disquise himself so nobody can recognize him. He can wear different wigs clothing etc. You will never know – if he is alive I am sure he already has put on a new identity

  137. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I takk it back. Liz Taylor does not now anything about if Michael “Faked” his dead. She has been comitted to a mental hospital in LA, because she can`t live without him. They were soulmates. Poor Lizzie. I guess that Means, that Michael is really gone. My worst fear just came true. And i can`t stop crying. I feel like writing her a letter or something. Nothing can remove her pain, or mine for that matter. I hope she will recover. But no matter what, they will meet in Heaven

  138. demonhybrid13 Said,

    I’d also like to state that if u believe michael jackson is dead. Then why does his Myspace state that…….ohhh I dont know…..HE LOGGED IN YESTERDAY!!!

  139. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    His Myspace? What are you talking about?

  140. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Okey, It has been 3 weeks today since Michael “Died” and still no sign of a burrial. What is happening?. This is soon getting to much for me to handle. What is borthering me the most, is that, i am almost 100% sure that there were no body in that casket. But where is he then? I hope he is safe. My god, i pray everyday, asking God to keep Michael safe, whereever he is. I just hope he is listening. I need a sign, anything, just a tiny one. I need to know if he is alive and well, before my head explodes, and my heart breaks. Well, i have my faith in god, and that he is looking after Michael wherever he is. That is a bit compforting. Michael are you happy? Are you healthy? OHH dear god, let him be alive, and safe. Sorry, I just needed to get this of my chest, this is one of these days, where its all dark, when it comes to this thing about Michaels “Death”

  141. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    OH MY LORD. I just listen to these two songs called “Never-Neverland” and “I´m Flying”. It broke my heart. Please GOD Keep Michael protectet and safe. MIchael you will always be my Peter Pan.

  142. wozniack Said,

    I heard he was cremated before the public memorial at the Staples Center… I also heard he was buried before that, too. But someone at the hospital claimed to be “pushed” by a herd of people, and in the middle was MJ walking out.

    I didn’t think about his MySpace account… Someone could have logged in for him, though I wish it’s really him.

  143. wozniack Said,

    MyBelovedMJ, this might give you some peace of mind: http://blog.taragana.com/e/2009/07/16/liz-taylor-denies-jackson-death-sent-her-to-hospital-16834/

    It was already mentioned on this site that it wasn’t because of MJ. I forgot to include this earlier with my other post.

  144. lillina Said,

    Mike, at the time is probably buried at the forest lawn, but the family is waiting for Neverland (money makes the world go around).
    According to Roger friedman

  145. grecialove Said,

    i wish he is still alive ..and watching our love for him

    but even if he is…
    when he will return
    and why no one tell that he is alive in magazines…

  146. lovelidae Said,

    To: @MyBelovedMJ
    I completely understand where you are coming from. I had to shake myself out of it. Since June 25th I went through this weird series of emotions ( I was lethargic with no energy and all), but then I realized that this is no way to live my life. I had a couple of days of crying it all out in the shower, but the most helpful was to write out all that I was feeling. We all have something special to offer the world and God would not want us to waste away when we can carry on Michael’s legacy of striving to heal the world and make it a better place. I do truly believe he is alive and probably reading this site, so he most probably knows how you feel. Whether he comes back to us or not, we should all strive to be the beautiful people God wants each of us to be and do like Michael and look for the beauty, magic, and light in life. Take care of yourself.

  147. Brooklyn Said,

    To MyBelovedMJ

    Have faith I don’t think Michael is gone. I have not seen the story on Liz Taylor yet but maybe she was ill anyway and someone evil decided this was a great opportunity to use this as yet another lie to make people believe Michael died but this time using poor Liz to fuel the fire…Don’t be upset I am here for you…

    Don’t give up believing we all need to be strong for each other on here… Lets all be like Michael would have wanted, a family helping each other…

  148. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    OH MY GOD. You people are so sweet, I started crying again, but this tiome it was happy tears. I also want to belive that he is alive, and if he is, i hope he is reading this, Im sure, that would make him smile again. I just wrote the thing with LIzz, and it did help. Thank you so much for posting it. I cant tell you how much it means to get this kinda support, you made me smile, i think i needed that. But im still gonna pray to god every night, asking him to look after Michael, proctect him, and keep him safe. I will continue to have faith, and i have all of you to thank for it. Thank you so much.

  149. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I Gotta stop watching these rehearsel video`s. They always make me cry. But i feel that its the only way i can keep him alive for now. His beautyfull voice, damn i love it. And in the song “She`s out of my life” Michael is saying : There will be some stairs here, so I can hug a couple of girls” I cannot believe he just said that. That little beat thing he does, MY GOD, I just love it when he does that. He Can`t be dead. he has to be alive. I think he just needed to rest. And his eyes, his beautyful eyes, those will never be forgotten. I just wish more than anything, that I could see him smile again, that would mean the world to me. He has the voice of an Angel.

    Dear God, hear my prayer. please I beg of you, keep Michael safe, let him be alive, he has so much more to do, for himself in this life. Let him have the chance of getting the life he always wanted. He has entertaint us for many decates, now he deserves a life in peace and harmoni, with his children. He has always been loyal to you. You muct have giving him your smile of aprovel. Keep him safe, proctect him always. You dont need another Angel yet, we do, here on earth. Give him back to us. Im not ready to let him go yet, I will never be ready for that, but this is just to early. Let us know that he is alive. Proctect him, keep him safe.

  150. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I just watched some Hollywood thing at youtube. MY GOD, those papparazi are SICK. They are all over him, even though he dosen`t want them to take his picture. I understand why he needed to get away, that was sick. Poor Michael baby. I mean he knew it came with the territory but anyway, they could have giving him some privacy. He couldent even open the windows in his car comepletely, they would have torn his arm off if he reached out. I understand why he had to disguise himself and his children. I just hope that he will live in peace for the rest of his life. Without those IDIOTS following him. And all the screaming people, I remember my first thought was ” Oh my GOD, give the man some space, would you”. That havent been a easy life for him. I totally understand why he had enough. I just love him so much, I wish the best for him.

    Michael whereever you are, I will always support you in your dission, you did what you had to do, to keep yourself safe. Noone knows how it has been for you. I dont want you to feel lonely anymore. I wish I could take your lonelyness away from you. You need to get strong again, so that you will be able to smile. That is all that matters. I want you to be happy. Just wish that people would have supportet you more, when you were with us, I hope they have found out now, what they lost. The most beautifull Human being ever lived. My heart are with you and your Children Michael. I wish I could give you a hug of love, and tell you that it would all be okey. And be there to compford you, in these hard days. I love you.

  151. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    cant handle this anymore. Im still very heartbroken, because i have been so devoted to Michael for some years now, im haveing a very hard time talking about him, but somehow i feel i have to, just to keep him alive.. What is happening? It has been 4 weeks, and still no sign of a burriel, and no deathsatificate? WHAT IS GOING ON. Why are they so disrespectful to Michael? Joe jackson have said in a interview, thet he dosent know where Michaels body is. EHHH WTH. How can you not know where the body of your baby is?
    So what if they werent on that good terms, Michael is still his son, he has to know. Seriously this family is so close to burn the bridges of Michael whereabouts, that im sure Michael is pulling his hair screaming : You need to get your stories straight, before you are going to ruin everything.
    Where is he? I have to know. Even though I have a thought of where he might be, im not sure.
    Im thinking about Michael all the time, all day long, trying to think back, and trying to find, some more clues and answers in all of this. But i need help. Im about to have a complete Breakdown.
    I know he is alive, I feel it in my heart. My heart is with Michael, whereever he choose to be.

    I cant believe that people are still trashing his name, What are they thinking, they should leave him alone now, he deserves that. Not even in “death” He can have peace aparrently, and it hurts me alot to see and hear. Because he cant even defend himself. Oh Michael, where did you go?

    I miss him more and more each day, and i cant imagine my life without him, he really changed my life, i just wish i could tell him in person. I keep thinking of Christmas, I cant imagine a christmas without MIchael. I mean, christmas is about love, and Michael is about love, thats who he is. I have always been listening to his music or seen something with him on christmas, and i know how much he loved it. It has always been helping me alot, to watch him at that time of year because i lost someone i loved alot the 25th od December 8 years ago, and somehow Michael voice and music could always compford me. But know im just crying whenever im hearing his voice in interwievs or something. I know its early to think about that, but it just crossed my mind.

    I really hope he is readin this, and i hope he knows how much i love him.
    I would never blame him, he did what he had to do. I dont care about all that stupid stuff the media and tabloids are saying, I only care about Michael. It dosent matter to me if he ever comec back to perform again, I just want him to be alive, and smileing.
    Im sorry for writing this guys. But i just needed to let it out, It hurts to much to just keep it inside.

  152. popcornscrunchy Said,

    Do you really think he had time to log on to MYSPACE? when he was alive or if he is still alive why would he risk looking at his account seriously I dont think he would have then or now.

  153. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Why are u in here, if u dont believe Michael to be alive? You entered the wrong page

  154. Layleen Said,

    I’m Not so shocked or surprised to see this video, but my only wish is that he actually is still alive. With all the stories I’ve been hearing that he died from overdose or whatever is an obvious story an only way that AEG or AGE or whatever can get insurance money. But I hope that if he still is alive and when he decides to make a comeback that everyone would understand why he faked his death.

  155. diane Said,

    I grew up listening to MJ´S music, my life lost it´s rainbow when i heard MJ has dead. I have mixed fealings … i don´t want do belive that:

    1st – he´s dead
    2 nd – he´s alive and it´s a hoax

    but at the same time, i think that anyone can do anytthing if driven/pushed far enoughf ,in pure dispare…

    Mj – nor any parent – wouldn´t do this to his kids….

    I´m sadend, but can´t change the past… if only it was possible….

  156. elizabethvitale Said,

    I don’t know this post constitutes my belief in whether Michael is dead or alive. But, there is a lot of other evidence points to Michael being alive. Problem is the studios and wax museums can make a person look just as if it is the real person. I know I can tell so far any impersonator is not him. That isn’t hard.

  157. elizabethvitale Said,

    This picture doesn’t look like Michael’s ear. it looks more like pictures of his double E. Michael’s fingers are much longer than some of the pictures shown. If you look real close and listen to anything about Michael you can tell the differences.

  158. elizabethvitale Said,

    the picture in the hat and jacket with the mask over his face. Sorry I didn’t describe the picture I was talking of.

  159. Blackpanther Said,

    I was just looking at the video footage you have here, actually I watched it a few times and then I watched some footage just after the helicopter landed and I’m sorry to say but if you have a look at both vids you will see a man in orange overalls in there lifting Michael;s body up to take the blue strap off and he layed him back down again just before the landed so he could be taken to the morgue. I will say I’m sorry, I too wish so much for him to be alive but what I have seen in those vids is he is being moved.

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