Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

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To investigate the strange and conflicting circumstances surrounding the ‘Death’ of Michael Jackson.


Paris Michael Katherine Jackson at the Memorial for her Father

We would like to take an objective look at the Michael Jackson Memorial held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. We believe there are many things that just don’t add up which took place at the Memorial, that must be pointed out.

In regards to the Memorial service itself, Michael Jackson was confirmed to have converted to Islam in February 2007. His memorial was conducted as a Jehovah’s Witness Ceremony. If it really was a Memorial for HIM, why did they not conduct it within the Islam faith? Is this not what he would have wanted being of that faith? We understand that MJ’s parents were Jehovah’s Witness, however this meant to be a Memorial for Michael Jackson, or his parents?

The Gold coffin that allegedly contained Michael Jackson’s body, appeared to be too small for his nearly 6 foot height. The family said that it was not an open casket, because of the damage that his face had endured during CPR and resuscitation. This seems to be a very odd statement to make, and sounds very made up.

Another very obvious thing to note is the absense of certain ‘close friends’ of Michael Jackson that refused to attend. It seems very odd, that all of the people who were close to him, apart from his immediate family, did not show up. Excuses like ‘I love him too much, to attend’, given by Dame Elizabeth Taylor, just seem very transparent. If someone meant that much to you, was known to be your best friend, and was a person whom you loved so very much, it would be out of respect and duty to attend their memorial. This reasoning can also be said for other close friends such as Diana Ross, Oprah and  Macaulay Culkin.

The second thing to consider is the appearance of celebrities that had little or no connection to Michael Jackson at all. Such as Brooke Shields, Usher, Mariah Carey, and John Mayer. Why did the Jackson Family feel the need to put on a ’show’, inviting these singers and entertainers to pay tribute to Michael Jackson? The way it was percieved was that they were more interested in gaining Media Attention and Ratings than acutally honouring the memory of their dear brother.

As we know, Michael’s three children attended the Memorial. First of all their presence, we believe, was in very bad taste. Any child who is made to attend the funeral or memorial of a deceased parent would surely not be able to hold in their absolute grief and sorrow. However, these children, who are at the tender ages of 12, 11 and 7, seemed completely fine. Not a tear or saddened face was shown. The eldest child, Prince Michael, showed absolutely no emotion throughout the entire service, and vigorously chewed gum to keep himself occupied. Paris, as we know displayed some emotion when she gave her short speech, however prior to this, and immediately after this, she was smiling, singing and showing no signs that she was upset or greiving in anyway. In fact, it appeared as though she was enjoying herself and was completely fine, until a quiet word was whipsered into her ear by Aunty Janet just before her ‘tearless’ speech.

The youngest child, Prince Michael II, otherwise known as Blanket, at the tender age of 7, also showed no emotion. Not a tear or a sob. No turning into the arms of Aunty Janet with a tear stained face….nothing. Either these children are mature beyond their years, or they had absolutely no reason to show emotion, because they knew they would  seeing their father again very soon.

All of the Jackson Family wore sunglasses throughout the entire service. This was either because, they were so grief stricken and wanted to hide their tears, or because there were no tears to begin with. We believe it’s the latter. Not one of them ever attempted to wipe a tear from their face. Not one of them ever used a tissue or a handkerchief. During the speech that Michael’s brother Marlin gave, he made lots of crying type noises, but once again…no tears. The Jackson’s all appeared to be taking the loss of the most loved one in their family, surprisingly well.

During his speech, Kenny Ortega, Michael Jackson’s Choreographer and life-long friend mentioned that ‘a little less than a week ago Michael was rehearsing here at the Staples Center, which why we had to have his memorial here’. Michael Jackson ‘died’ on Thursday 25th June, and his Memorial was taking place on Tuesday 7th July. The memorial was more than a week after his ‘death’, in fact it was actually closer to two weeks ago. This was a huge slip by Ortega and is highly suspicious. Perhaps Michael was there less than a week ago, secretly laying down the plans for his memorial himself.

A Message from Michael Jackson at his Memorial

La Toya Jackson also made a very big slip by speaking about her brother in the Present Tense yet again, when she said: 

‘Michael loves his fans, he always said family was 1st the fans 2nd. He is watching every single one of you right now. Thank you for comming out and supporting him. He loves you so much.’

He is watching every single one of you right now? From his hideout no doubt, not from heaven.

One of the most chilling elements of this Memorial took place right at the end when they displayed this image with the words ‘I’m alive and I’m here forever’.

What an interesting way to put it. They could have said ‘I’m alive in my music forever’, or something to that effect, however the obvious truth is written there clear as day.


They couldn’t have painted the truth more crystal clear if they had tried as far as we’re concerned. This memorial just confirms our mounting suspicion that Michael Jackson is still alive and well.

If you’re still a little skeptical, then allow us to leave you with this thought:

After their brother’s Memorial, The Jackson Family went out to lunch, while his ‘coffin’ sped off in an unmarked van. His body is now nowhere to be found and they STILL have not decided where to bury him

….maybe it’s so hard to decide where to bury it because there is no body.



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