Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?


In recent days, several new developments have come to light in favour of the theory that Michael Jackson has Staged his own death and pulled off the greatest Hoax of the Century. As we are already aware, the several inconsistencies surrounding his ‘death’ have opened our eyes to the fact that we are not being told the whole story.

We believe that if he really was dead then it would have simply been an open and shut case. For example: Michael Jackson was discovered to have passed away at home from Cardiac Arrest, 911 Emergency was called, he was picked up by paramedics and then sadly, pronounced dead. However, as we all know, it was not an open and shut case and there were far too many ’strange’ happenings and unexplained events that took place on the day he died.

We have been told that he was given a four hour medical, which he passed, in order to go ahead with the O2 Concerts in London. We have also heard that the night before his death he was full of energy, put on an amazing rehearsal performance (which just happened to be video taped…what a coincidence) and then just happened to die of a Heart Attack the next day.

We have heard the strange tales about his ‘doctor’ who allegedly injected the singer with Demerol a half hour before he collapsed, happened to ‘find him on his bed’, didn’t call 911 until a half hour after his death, refused to sign his death certificate and who disappeared moments after the ambulance took Jackson to the hospital.

We have seen the footage of Michael Jackson sitting up in the Helicopter ride to the Morgue, no doubt thanking everyone for putting on such a great ‘act’ and then saying ‘I’ll be off now’, as he was wheeled into the Morgue, then disguised himself and walked out the back door.

Now it seems, even more strange things are taking place, which place our Hoax theory as being very possible. Let us share a few points:

Michael Jackson and Deborah Rowe during their marriage in 1996.

It has been announced by Deborah Rowe, the Ex-Wife of Michael Jackson, that the late star is not the biological father of their two children. Deborah ‘Debbie’ Rowe, the mother of Prince, 12, and Paris, 11, has spoken of her “sham marriage” to Jackson in her first public interview with British tabloid newspaper News of the World.

Rowe, who married Jackson at the Sheraton Hotel Sydney in November 1996, said she was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor and likened herself to one of the thoroughbred mares she now keeps on her California ranch.

 ”I was just the vessel. It wasn’t Michael’s sperm,” Rowe told News of the World. “I got paid for it, and I’ve moved on. I know I will never see my children again.” Rowe revealed she and the Thriller singer never had sex and did not share a bed during their three year marriage, describing the union only as a friendship. 

Rowe reportedly then gave away her parental rights to the children in exchange for a $US 8.4 Million payout over nine years. Rowe said their’s was a shotgun wedding.  ”He wanted to pretend that we were a family.” She was 37 and pregnant and he was 38.

With this admission by Debbie Rowe, it puts to rest all of the skeptics who are claiming that Michael Jackson ‘would never stage his own death because he wouldn’t want to leave his children’.

Why wouldn’t he when they aren’t even his?

Secondly, we have the bizarre behaviour of Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson. It was quoted on E! Online that, ‘At this point, Joe Jackson knows more about his own record project than his son’s funeral plans’. Very disturbing.

Michael Jackson’s Father Joe Jackson and Al Sharpton at a recent Press Conference

At the BET Awards in Los Angeles a few nights ago, CNN’s Don Lemon attempted to interview Joe Jackson about the death of his son. Jackson answered Lemon’s questions with abrupt, detached answers, passed the mic to his spokesperson and attorney, and then promoted his record company.

Jackson’s answers were strange right off the bat: Lemon asks him how he’s doing, and Jackson responds, “great, I’m doing pretty good,” which seems like a peculiar thing to say after one has just lost one’s son. He then switches gears and says, “It has been really tough. Remember, we just lost the biggest star in the world.” Which also seems strange, as it seemed like a fairly detached way of phrasing things.

Don Lemon then asks how Janet Jackson and the rest of the family are coping with the news of Michael’s Death and Joe Jackson’s response is this,

“They’re all fine, but I want to make this statement…this is a real good statement here, Marshall and I own a Record Company called Ranch Records”, and shows great enthusiasm as he plugs the Record Label.

Either he is just a money-hungry heartless bastard or he is so composed and carefree because he knows that his son Michael is actually still Alive. Or perhaps it’s both!

Third, Reports that were made in April of this year stated that an Auction was planned to sell off several possesions belonging to Michael Jackson which were apart of the Neverland Ranch Estate.

Items such as amusements, a custom made horse-drawn carriage, antique automobile replicas, renowned international awards, arcade games, concert costumes, Disneyana, garden statuary, furniture, the actual (and quite) grandiose entry gates to Neverland and Jackson’s iconic white-jeweled glove.

A portion of the  procedes of this Auction were said to be going to MusiCares, a charity of  The Recording Academy, however the bulk of the funds was said to be going straight into the pocket of the King of Pop himself. This Auction was then cancelled by Jackson after the O2 Concerts in London sold out. Apparently Michael Jackson had found another way to generate some extra cash for his transition into a new Media Free Life.

With a life that claimed Depression, extensive use of Pain Killers, Debts estimated to be in the arena of US$400 million, constantly being hounded by fans and the media, and the pressure to deliver on 50 spectacular concerts at the age of 50, why wouldn’t you consider the possibility of faking your own death to enjoy a peaceful life on an island somewhere with nothing to worry about?

We’ve noted here that those of you who are non-believers are maintaining that Michael Jackson would never be able to pull this off, as he is too recognisable, or would never do it to his fans, but we want to say WAKE UP PEOPLE.

If ever there was anyone on the face of the planet who would have the means to pull off a Death Hoax with access to plenty of money hidden away offshore, transportation whenever and wherever he wanted to go, staff who would do anything for him, and the motive to want to leave his circus of a life…it’s definately Michael Jackson.

He may now be ‘dead’ to all of us, but he is absolutely physically alive…. somewhere.




  1. MJ4ever Said,

    As much as I want to believe he is still alive, there is one thing thats bother me.. Why would the family put his body on public view if he was stil alive. die hard fans would maybe be able to see if it’s wasn’t really him, but a lookalike. would they not ?

  2. Hatenessx Said,

    Well said.
    My personal theory is that Michael Jackson is alive and kicking, but not hiding out with “Tupac and Elvis”.
    Michael Jackson does this kind of shit, starting rumours of sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber and buying the remains of the elephant man. It’s all a facade.

    Nah. I think some memorial concert at the o2 will emerge and Michael will reveal himself, go on with the show, and present himself as the biggest genius of them all.

    Who can beat the prospect of a comeback when he’d be coming back from the ‘dead’?
    No one. People would be pissed, inevitably, but it would be the greatest.

    As a ticket holder myself, however, I may just be being hopeful.

    Who knows…
    Keep up the good site.

  3. MJ4ever Said,

    The Jackson family has just announced that there will be no public viewing in Neverland ranch as earlier reported, so there is a little hope there, there will maybe be a public memorial in LA probably and i’m not quite sure what means. Will there be a viewing or not..? if not there is something wierd about all this ?!

  4. MJ4ever Said,

    Michael’s brother Jermaine said that he saw Michael’s body at the hospital, and that he held himself togehter because Michael was still alive, that his spirit was still here and his body was just a shell.. it sound a little wierd to me.. maybe it’s just me.. :S

  5. Ali Said,

    i truly belieive he is alive… come on ressurection tour??? he is alive!

  6. momsword Said,

    actually that Debbie Rowe interview was proven to be a fake. She spoke to Radaronline about what the truth was, she also said a few years ago that those ARE Michael Jackson’s biological kids.


    do I think he is alive? There is a chance. And if he staged his death and came back for the concert, it would be awesome …but I don’t think he is. sadly and I actually met him in person before. RIP MJ. I wish and hope I am wrong.

  7. edenmalfoy Said,

    I would love nothing more than for this to be fact. I have loved Michael Jackson for as long as I can remember and have felt like I lost a very important member of my family ever since I heard the news.

    I bookmarked your site here because I’m really anxious to follow your thoughts on this in the coming weeks, you make good points here.

    Just wanted to add my two cents;

    I heard on the radio this morning that members of the family have offered to go to London and cover his concert dates for the fans. Wouldn’t it be incredible if at the first concert one of them went out to sing Billie Jean as a tribute to Michael and during them singing the song Michael comes moonwalking onto the stage, alive and well.

    I would be so happy.

    I hope and wish for this to be true; that he’s faked his death and will come out of hiding in a few months but I just don’t know if I think it’s true or not….

  8. Cassandra Said,

    He’ll come back when music officially dies, which shouldn’t be too long now….

  9. odettebennet Said,

    well me n my sis hd pondered a lot over the thot of mj’s so called death until we came across this site….guys even i believe dat he is still alive and the one who is dead is his look a like…even da 1 in chopper…this is a big scheme which we cant even imagine…and its perfectly logical…

  10. wishful09 Said,

    First of all, that Debbie Rowe story is fake. So, lets leave that alone. But that is actually even better news. That means that the media has gotten so caught up in this they themselves believe anything until proven otherwise. They even believed the fake autopsy story. So, it is possible for Michael to pull off a fake death because the media latches on to everything. In my heart, I feel like something is going to surface at the memorial. I know that may just be wishful thinking but the way people involve phrase things are wierd to say the least. They keep saying its all about the fans. Well, a memorial should not be all about the fans. It should be about Michael, right? Jermaine is too damn persistent about having Michaels body buried at Neverland. He says its what Michael would have wanted. He says lets look at what Michael wants. Well, didnt MIchael say he would never return to Neverland, so it’s almost as if Michael changed his mind and is letting his family know. See, it feels like they are trying to change the public’s negative image of Neverland. If you have wathced Larry King Live, then you probably have found your self loving that place. I know I have. Just listen to Jermaine when he talks. I know people always say I feel them in spirit, when someone dies, but the way Jermaine says it is interesting. Even Miko’s wife said it’s like he hasnt left. And I have yet to see a tear roll down Jermaine’s eyes. He has had watery eyes, but no tears. Anyway I hope not to offend anyone by offering my thoughts, but if you are on this site, then you yourself believe something is going on as well. Sorry, if my thoughts sound jumbled. I have somewhere to be in a few, and I really wanted to leave my thoughts on this. Have a happy holiday people. Remmeber, do not believe everything in the media. The media barely knows what is true or false themselves.

  11. Happytomato Said,

    Which I do not understand, during the 2005 trial Lawyer thought Jackson ‘would kill himself’ during trial

    In this report (on tv) we learn that MJ was taking 7 painkillers per day.
    (I do not know the consequences with those drugs on the body), could he performe like we can see on this last Final Rehearsal Video Released ?

    Why is there interview with Dr. Conrad Robert Murray?

  12. ladylee1979 Said,

    im afriad i dont agree with the latest footage of michaels last performance either the routine is identical to the history world tour having seen the history tour 12yrs ago as soon as i saw this new released footage i had a feeling id seen it before so i did some comparing and viewed both bits of footage the lastest one and they dont care about us history tour and suprise the dancing and the song set are the same he sings they dont care about us then u hear the american theme from history then u hear a car horn from she drives me wild along with his marching soliders so why keep the routine identical after 12yr gap with no changes?

  13. bexuk Said,

    I really hope this is a hoax, Im half expecting him to jump out the coffin tommorow and do thriller or something.

    It just doesnt add up. If he has faked his own death then it is completely genius, and totally succeeds at mocking the media who are so quick to latch onto a senstaional story. It reminds me of the heydey of ‘Wacko Jacko’ when reports circulated in the press that Michael had bought the elephant mans bones, or that he wanted to look like Liz Taylor, or that he slept in a hyperbaric chamber. Some of the stories featured in the press are so conflicting right now its hard to know what to believe, the latest one today being that Michael is going to be buried without his brain!

    I mean has anybody actually seen a death certificate? Maybe the Memorial service will hold the answers

  14. melia8383 Said,

    I haven’t heard anything about a Death Certificate. I don’t believe he’s dead. I know people might say that is disrespectful, but I just have a feeling that his not. There’s way too many stories out there on different news stations, including the internet. They’re saying Michal Jackson was addicted to painkillers since 1984. I kind of find that hard to believe, because, someone would at least came out years ago and said he’s addicted to Pain Meds.
    The family do not seem at all sad?
    Especially Joe Jackson, WOW!!!!

  15. melia8383 Said,

    His mother katherine was seen shopping basically a day later? I don’t recall the media ever showing a corpse being flown in the air to be picked up by the coroners? If he was addicted to drugs the autopsy would of shown it or if he died of cardiac arrest it would of been in open and shut case. They let Janet in the house to get Michael belongings about an hour later? And moving trucks was there pretty quickly!!!!!
    And on the O2 press conference, that was definitely not Michael Jackson, including when he was wathcing the dancers for the audition of “This IS IT” tour that was not him, because Michael never chewed his gum like this guy was doing it!He was blowing bubbles? Crazy! The so called new footage that’s being aired. I actually think I seen that , like back in 1996! Same dance/music style! Michael even looks the same along with his hair.They “suppose to” have a private ceremony tomorrow morning (tuesday) at 8am. So, michael is not going to be at the Public memorial! I honestly believe he just wanted to give his musical career up, because he became mentally unstable because of how the public treated him and no childhood, that can affect someone. The 911 call, just seems “UNREAL” to me! And now all of a sudden everyone is coming out the “dark” saying yeah, michael was addicted to drugs, I tried, to get help but no one would listen? That’s crap! I’m sure it would of “leaked” out years ago about the drug abuse. AEG (the insurance company) took out a policy that covered Jackson’s accidental “death”, including from a “DRUG OVERDOSE”, but not if he died of natural causes. So apparently he “died” of an overdose of demeoral or prescribed medication? There is so many holes in the story. But no one is paying attention, they’re buzy listening/believing the media (which is bullshit)!!!!

  16. melia8383 Said,

    Just my opinion!! I know he is out there somewhere, but not in America!!!! I don’t blame hime for doing any of this, if i’m right. He was mistreated so badly for so many years. The Hyperbaric chamber story, Michael himself actually “leaked” that one.
    I don’t know, something’s just weird!!!!

  17. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    Michael started his own rumor about the hyperbaric chamber??

  18. bexuk Said,

    Why is it that we can see Michael’s will, and his childrens birth certificates but no one has bothered to look at the death certificate? We are just accepting what the media tells us.

    I sincerely hope that something happens at the Memorial today, if not then I will just have to accept that Michael Jackson is no more. What better way to kick off a world tour than by coming back from the dead and performing at your own memorial-when all the world is watching!!!

  19. wishful09 Said,

    If nothing happens at the memorial today, I will accept his passing as well. I can not go insane with this. However, even if nothing happens today, I know in my heart something is going on. Everything is just not adding up. I want nothing more but to come back to this site and discuss with all of you how we all knew what was going on. It will break my heart if I can not get some answers on this. I just do not believe he is dead. It’s not denial because I have lost a family member before. I know the grieving process. I just know something is not adding up. My goodness….

  20. wishful09 Said,

    You are right. Why hasnt anyone questioned the death certificate? Isnt it odd that neither of the doctors would sign it?

  21. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Nothing happent today at the memoriel. People were sad. Exept one thing, Paris, was the only one who shoed emotions for her father. Neither price or Blanket did. Seems a bit weird. But i think that he is gone. When i saw Paris talk to him, and be so devasted afterwords, i just knew it, right there. He is really gone. MY GOD. I could not believe it, my heart just stopped, and rigth after it was broken. I felt a huge whole in my stomack, and i have been crying nonstop ever since. Why Michael, why not Joe Jackson? I hate that Man, for what he did to Michael

  22. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    But, i would like to know about the Death certificate also, because if someone dosen`t sign it, you are not dead, on the paper. I have hoped that we got to see Michael`s Body, but we didn`t .

  23. MJ Said,

    Something is definitely going on and someone knows something. I just typed in http://www.mjhoax.com and it goes to the World Internet Authority website. Maybe MJ wanted to see if by faking his death how popular he was with his fans. When in history have we ever had a tool like the Internet to gauge how successful someone is? And I bet he is in some secret location watching in awe how this circus gets more and more ludicrous and out of control. All I know is that I have “accessed all areas”

  24. melia8383 Said,

    I believe the “memorial” just seemed “different”, if he really was “dead” why didn’t they have the casket open? The family wasn’t really tearing up. Especially his children, so that was weird. No on is questioning how he “died”?
    They just taking about “drugs” and “what’s going to happen with the children”? After the Staples Center, the stopped at the Hotel, while the hearse went elsewhere? That seriously does not make sense. He supposely been “dead” for almost 2 weeks, how can you not know where to bury your family member. In plus, no one knows where his body is at…. The death certificate, I believe is fake, anyone can make those. It’s not even signed by any doctors.. It doesn’t matter if it’s deferred, a doctor would still sign the certificxate.
    Things are not adding up, Usher, was more emotional then his “OWN” family. Yeah paris got emotional after she played with her purse straps for about 5 minutes. Then she did a 180, as soon as she stepped to the microphone. The eldest son was chewing gum like crazy, he didn’t even seem sad. And the youngest was doing anything, but staring…. I doubt if there was a body in the coffin. I still think he’s a live.
    Why have a “Private” funeral first, then transfer his body to the Staples Center, it could of been the other way around.
    At the end of the memorial, it showed “I’m still Alive” Huh? No one is questioning anything, they’re believing the media!!!!

  25. bexuk Said,

    I have to say after watching that Memorial yesterday I know believe MJ is officially dead.

    His cause of death on the death certificate has been ‘deferred’ until results from the toxicology tests come back.

    There are some serious questions which you have to ask yourself-
    1. If MJ faked his own death and his family know then how could they display such emotion as they did last night?
    2. There is no way Michael Jackson would ever be away from his kids, so if he is faking it then he will send for them or he will return to LA. No father would put their children through the ordeal of a memorial service and funeral is it was all fake.
    3. I agree there are some suspicious things about this which dont add up, but I feel the whole thing has now gone too far for him to ever come back.
    4. Talk of imposters or decoys being used, and the belief that it wasnt mj in the ambulance photo-how many of us actually know what MJ really looks like, I mean without make up, close up?

  26. wndrwmn67 Said,

    I do not believe that Michael Jackson is dead either. There are too many inconsistencies in all of it for it to be true. First of all…the 911 caller is very calm and if my employer were Michael Jackson and he was not breathing, I would be hysterical on the phone or you would at least be able to hear a sense of urgency in my voice. He never mentions that it is Michael Jackson, either. I would. Now, do you want to tell me that a medical doctor with years of experience would be attempting to perform CPR on a surface such as a soft bed? C’mon! I’ve taken many CPR classes and the very first thing they teach you is to try to have the body on a hard surface…the dr. had to be told this by the 911 operator? Ludicrous! And it wasn’t as if he had been in an accident and could have had broken bones and that’s why he hadn’t moved him to the floor! Also…none of his family is showing any type of emotion concerning his death. I can’t believe it when I see the videos of them. No one is crying or anything. When Matt Laurer interviewed Jermaine at Neverland, he might have had one tear stream from his eye, but it almost seems as if he had to force that. And, he said that he saw Michael’s Michael’s body because he needed to and his last statement was, “he’s very much alive.” (He meant in the hearts of all people or it was said in that manner so we would understand it that way.

    I personally do not believe that the man giving the press conference in London was Michael Jackson. He was just so wrong in every way…the look, the sound, his mannerisms, even the way he walked. You cannnot convince me that it was him. I am not sure of what the significance of this is and how it relates to his death, but it is still very odd.

    There are more inconsistencies…there was going to initially be a public viewing and that didn’t happen. No one has seen the body. Even when Elvis died, there was a photo of him in the coffin. How are we to know that Michael’s body was even in that coffin at all? It could very well have been empty for all we know. And, I agree with the person on here who said that it is strange that the family have a private memorial service at the cemetary before the public memorial service. Now we hear that Michael is not even going to be buriend in that cemetary at all.

    I would believe if it anyone had seen his body, but I cannot find anything on that anywhere on the internet.

    I know I’m rambling, so I’ll sign off for now and see what develops.

  27. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I am curious as to where the bosy has gone!!! I thought that it was going to a temporary grave in Forest Lawns, but according to the media no one went back there after the memorial service….Seems a little odd for them to do that if there wasn’t good reason!!!! The LA police said that he was being buried in some cemetery or other, but could not be specific. The whole thing seems to be embroiled in ambiguity, secrecy and anomolies that don’t add up.

  28. Sosh Said,

    I agree its very strange there are still no pictures of the dead Michael Jackson. Not in his coffin, no pictures of the family at Forest Lawns. Makes you wonder… as the paparazi are following these people like vultures, there should have been any photos.

    This also makes the picture of Michael being rushed into the hospital more suspicious. At that moment almost no one knows about his situation, how is it possible that just at that moment the only photo is taken at that exact place? It should have been unknown that it was Michael jackson as the 911 call doesn’t reveal a name of the gentleman.

    There is a lot of media coverage on his assumed death, and this picture is all we’ve got. The paparazi should be fighting theri ass off for exclusive pictures!!!

  29. Tiffany Said,

    I am glad that there are other people who believe that that was an imposter at the 02 Arena. I watched that video on youtube and I was immediatley convinced the moment I seen the imposter walk, then of course when he spoke. But I am still trying to figure out “WHY” Michael needed an impersonator. I have been doing a lot of research, and I have also noticed that it seems like since 2005 there has been other imposters working for Michael.. Do your research and compare photos and videos. If you know MJ’s face, then you will see the difference. I also think that was am imposter interviewing with Geraldo, and rehearsing on stage for the concert. I believe Michael has been planning this hoax for quite some time now, he is very clever and had the money to hire the best of the best imposters in the world – and probably pay for their plastic surgery. Either MJ has these imposters to do his appearances while he is plotting his get-away,,, or he was murdered way before this and these imposters were trying to cover it up this whole time… I really don’t know what to believe.. anyone have a comment on this?

  30. Sosh Said,

    To Tiffany:

    It’s possible that Michael died a couple of months ago and imposters took his place. Maybe he was killed for his debt to the Bahrein Princes. All possible..

    But from that point AEG had a problem, as the ‘this is it’ (doubtfull name) tour was already planned and a lot of monney was involved. So they put an imposter in place and crafted the plan to let him ‘die’ a couple of days/weeks before the first concert as the imposter was not able to do the shows without being noticed as different. That may also be the reason for a delay of the first concerts.

    After the staged death, they know sales of CD’s, DVD’s and other merchandising will be sky high, trying to minimize the losses or, as it looks at the moment, make or are going to make lots of money from the ‘Last rehearsal DVD’, the ‘Memorial DVD’ and tribute concerts.

    This leaves me with one question: How could the imposter fool Michaels children and family or other relatives. They would easily know the differences. He can look the same, but he won’t have the same memory as Michael.

    (However rumours/news in the netherlands is now that the coronor still has Michaels brain for further investigation)

  31. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    After watching the Paris thing over again, It does make sense that it sounds like it is a front. I thought the same thing as to seeing her smiling throughout the memorial and then at the end, She just ups and volunteers for her public speech? I think not. Michael was 5′10Ft, And the first thought that came to my mind when I first seen the coffin rolled out was that it was too small! Never in the history of deaths though have I heard of a body not being buried in two weeks. That is just normally unheard of. Something is up, That I know. I think the memorial was staged. Maybe everyone is paid off in this case. IF, Michael ever does manage to surface again, The police won’t arrest him because of a money agreement. Anything is possible. After all, If Michael staging everything is possible, Anything is possible. I feel more at ease in knowing he is still alive. A burden has been a bit lifted from my shoulders. I cannot imagine a world without him in it.

  32. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    If foul play were suspected, then why didn’t the suthorities keep the body???? If this were Joe public, then they would until all avenues had been explored and then the body would be released for burial. No cremation would be sanctioned because they may need to exume the body for further tesing. I know this as a fact because it happened to my friends Mother who died in the early 90’s under suspicious circumstances and they would not allow a cremation. Her body was dug up some months after her death for a second PM.
    I have just been discussing this with a friend who is a police woman and she agrees with me that she is confident that he is still alive and has escaped the “world” to try and gain some semblamce of normality in the later years of his life. She went on to say why she thought they did not have an open coffin like James Brown had or Princess Grace of Monaco. Why couldn’t people file past and quietly pay their last repects???? If it was “just a heart attack, then the head would be intact for viewing, even if it just had a voile cloth over it, it would in some way give confirmation of his death.
    Finally I agree with other comments about the sales of his albums and associated merchandising, the estate would once again be worth millions from that alone.

    Still not convinced he’s dead!!!!

  33. Sosh Said,

    There is certainly a lot wrong in this case. About the size of the coffin: From pictures i’ve seen, a body is not lying straight in the box, but there is some kind of ‘chair’ build in wich lowers the length used for a full body. Maybe thats the reason for the coffin looking too short

  34. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    It WAS Michael in the rehearsels video`s danceing and sining. !st of all, he goes up close to the camera, i paused the video, and looked at his eyes, NOONE, no matter how much surgury can have such beautyfull eyes. If you are watching it closely, you can hear Michael talk many times, while he is sining, that is HIS voice. And the damce, you can prectice forever if you want, but nobody moves like Michael. I am pretty sure, that that was him at the rehearsels. I have to agree with the coment, where there is written, that the police will not arrest Michael if he should ever appear again, not they wont. He can solve that with money. But if he is alive, he will come back. Probely to one of the concert dates. I am sure that the children knows that he is alive. I would have thought that he really was dead, if i haden`t seen the sentence : Im alive, am im here forever” I will make a bet on that that was a sign. But noone paid attention to that, some people just believe what the media is telling us. I don`t. I think Michael is alive, and the world will find out soon enough.

  35. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just analysed the 911 recording posted on “Youtube” and the garbled response from the doctor while the emergency services are talking to the caller is this “It’s Michael Jackson, tell him to come” The voice of the doctor sounds foreign, either European or Hispanic – Latin American – I slowed the recording down at that point and picked up what he was saying. Another intriguing piece is just before the caller is asked to put him on the floor, another speaker – not the caller, not the emergency operator – says “Is he on the the floor” Why! It is almost like being prompted to say particular things during the conversation. The operator then says “Is he on the floor”!!!!! There doesn’t seem to the “urgency” that you would expect from the voices in the background, who seem to be talking in a calm manner, in situations like this information is often passed between the parties at quite a hurried rate to ensure that the “injured” are attended to as quickly as possible. The “Golden Hour” is the first hour after an incident when in most cases the injured parties can be revived to full health, the doctor should have known this and responded immediately to ensure that Michael Jackson would have survived. BUT, if he had been administering drugs that were the possible cause of this, then he was covering his tracks, or making a lame attempt to do so.

  36. Rickster Said,

    I read about this years ago…MJ would stage his own death….(Messiah syndrome)…then return with the biggest comeback of all time….and the ony person that will be allowed to interview him about “how he pulled this off”….IS OPRAH WINFREY!!! he wanted to prove to the world that the “Media can be wrong”…this will put closure on Child molestation allegations….Whacko Jacko insults…and silence , espacially CNN…..from having any jounalistic intengrity from then on!

    That is why Oprah hasn’t been around at all!

    His best friends were not aat the Memorial…LIZ TAYLOR….LIZA MINELLI…OPRAH…CHRIS TUCKER….DIANA ROSS…..and so many others….MJs Family are all helping out with the hoax…to throw everyone off!

  37. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Rickster, To be completely hornest, i think that you are right. That has been my thought ever seen that message apeared on the stage backwall on staple Center. I guess we will have to wait and see til the Family are doing some of the concert dates, and the “Jackson 5 Reunion”

  38. bexuk Said,

    Maybe Mj has gone to start a new life in Bahrain dressed in arabic clothes like this-
    Or maybe hes walking round dressed as a woman like this-

  39. Synthara Said,

    Actually I recently watched the Oprah interview with MJ at Neverland Ranch. In the private theatre of the ranch MJ says something like “I try to imitate Jesus (then pauses) I mean I’m not saying I am Jesus”. He says this about helping children but if he tries to imitate Jesus, why not try a “resurrection” of some sort as well…? I also just read about a rumour saying that the O2 concerts will show the last rehearsal video which is shot in 3D and the article said “so it’s almost like he is really there”. I find that a pretty untasteful choice from the Jackson family if he really is dead. But I don’t know, it’s just a thought..

  40. heisalive Said,

    everyone’s contribution on this blog is offering different view points and observation of details, this tells me ppl besides myself are thinking … we can bring MJ’ “death” to one common denominator and that is: Michael Jackson staged is own death and has disappeared from view for now. All the “details” surrounding his disappearance have not been perfectly executed as many have expressed doubts and questions about this “event”. It is simply this: the media is seducing all of us with “Michael Jackson” mania and it is exactly this ongoing seduction with ever “new information” emerging that is done to keep distracting from the real truth, a truth so many on this blog have offered bits and pieces of. What we know about the truth are 2 things: 1. it is Self-Evident, and 2. it always prevails, but it takes its time to prevail and we may never again lay eyes on Michael Jackson live on stage or otherwise. While Elvis is hiding in the US witness protection program, MJ has another agenda and might decide to do a shock and awe resurrection act, we will see how long the truth will take to at some point prevail, and, reveal itself.

    There is no CREDIBLE evidence that MJ is dead, a “death certifiate” can be forged and put in circulation to dampen the curiousity of those of us who are doubtful, and more such “evidence” will be floated, they have quite a job to do to quiet this all down, after all, this IS Michael jackson …. Michael Jackson was/is loved the world over and if he decides to “reappear”, trust me, NOT ONE SINGLE person will hold against him having staged his own death, but everyone will be in total shock/pure joy that he is back … if he decides to stay in hiding, he might find a life he was longing for and may prefer to stay clandestine, we will see, won’t we ?

  41. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Heisalive. I agree with you of most of the stuff . Michael will not be “gone” for long, like you said, he is loved all over the world and NOONE would blame him for doing this. The entire would would be in chock, but it would be the greatest plug ever pulled. I would be so happy if he decited to reveal himself, on the concert at his birthday, wich his siblings are going to do. But unfortiently i also think that i would have amidietly heart failer lol, i would just die, if he came back. So you just have to love him for me

  42. dave859 Said,

    They were showing a picture of michael from the liberian girl video set alot at the end, ive made up my mind that the show was a MJ production all but the filming. Even Bubbles would see past this hoax. There is two many cues hidden in the whole memorial.

  43. heisalive Said,

    MyBelovedMJ … I did not say MJ “will not be gone for long” at all, re-read my previous posting and you will see I did NOT say, nor imply it, my point made has a different meaning altogether. Remember this: Michael Jackson is not a healthy man physically nor emotionally as was very obvious while he was visible. Ergo: He’ll require a great deal of t-i-m-e and care to reacquire his bearings before any “comeback” could be considered and materialize.

    “Loving him for you” is not an option on my end, the only man I really love is: JESUS and HE WILL BE BACK FOR CERTAIN, no question.

    Michael Jackson is made out of the same dirt we’re all made out of, he had the added blessing of great talent which was wrapped into a gentle, vulnerable soul which shows itself as eccentricity in an artist. It occured to me just this afternoon that MJ was born into and raised in a dysfunctional family, having had to endure an abusive father (who reminds me of the devil in person btw!) having had his childhood stolen from him by force and was made into a energizer bunny-like “money machine” for years on end, an overbearing load to shoulder and bear for any human, twiceover taxing for a kindred spirit and soul as it is Michael Jackson.

    Again, all of this logically supports the “escape/run away” theory of a “staged death”. I pray he is under the best medical care by REAL doctors and is receiving the “”don’t stop ’til you get enough”"-help he needs, in a safe place where noone can get to him, pray for God’s love to heal him …..

  44. heisalive Said,

    Dave859, you are absolutely right about “hidden clues in the memorial service”. I am convinced there was NO body in that casket for starters and moreover, important friends didnt show, but folks who hadn’t had contact with MJ in years and/or had only met him once, etc etc. This whole thing has a negligent “director”, Elvis’ parting was staged far more intricately and meticulously, dont cha agree ?

    The faux pas made are mounting and mounting, however recognizable only to those of us who are unto this whole thing. Meanwhile, the media is now stoned on all the “drug stuff” coming out and keeps floating more and more “seduction” …. Thank you for reading, please post back

  45. CuteAngel Said,

    bexuk: I thought about that too. Maybe he’s out on the middle east somewhere assuming a new name, new identity, and a whole new life, a life full of peace – something he’s been longing for his entire life.

  46. Tiffany1 Said,

    I agree that there is an ENORMOUS amount of conflicting information starting with the chain of events beginning at Michael’s home that even the media doesn’t seem to be addressing, or I’ve missed it. When someone you care deeply about passes on it’s natural to have doubts. I do have to say though that these conflicts are a bit much for me too. I do think it was him at the conference. I agree with the gal above that his gate didn’t seem like his when he walked in from the vehicle outside but I think that’s in part because the jacket was so large. And I do think that was him on stage at the conference. That was his face, voice and the hands were his. He seemed loopy. I think he was probably tipsy on something. Someone on another page on this site made a mention about Paris and I had to agree with him. She didn’t seem that upset. This could be because the initial shock at passed – so many days had gone by. I don’t doubt for one minute that she loved her daddy deeply. She was telling all the hateful people in the world how wonderful Michael was and he was. But it was when Paris spoke that I took a step back and thought hmmm….I wonder…could he still be among us. But let’s be sensible I tell myself…It would be quite an undertaking for all of these people to pull off this hoax. I’d like to know what the deal is with the DOCTOR that was at the house. Why in the world would he immediately surround himself with a legal team if something wasn’t amiss. Whether Michael is physically gone or not, one thing is certain..we will never see him again.

  47. bw69 Said,

    Most people around the world would attest that Michael Jackson is the greatest and most popular entertainer in the world. That said, if anyone could pull off a death hoax, it would certainly be him. Why would he do that? 1) He was in debt. His albums now occupy the top five spots on Billboard album sales and estimates indicate that within the week these sales will have paid off his debt. 2) He is very innovative, which is what keeps him at the top of his game as an entertainer. By faking his death and then reappearing, his popularity and worth will skyrocket. People will feel that they have a “second chance” to witness him perform, and they will not hesitate to pass up that opportunity. 3) The combined publicity from this event and from his future reappearance are quite strategic maneuvers, both career-wise and financially. 4) There was a recent article pointing out that Prince was now “on top” in terms of hit music, when compared to Michael Jackson. Also, Prince played for 21 nights in London last year, yet Michael’s shows were already up to 50 in London. Surely, that’s a sign of competition between the two.

    Possible evidence: 1) No tears were shed during the “memorial service” by any of the family members. Sure, there were several moments of choking up, but not a single tear — look at the picture from the cover of USAToday. 2) We have a symbolic tradition here in the U.S. that when you are hopefully expecting the return of a loved one you tie or display a yellow ribbon. All of the Jackson brothers were wearing yellow ties at the memorial service. 3) Jackson’s shows were scheduled to begin on July 13th and couldn’t have gone on much longer before the production having to move to London for those performances. They already had Staples Center rented out for rehearsals, which seems a bit much for just rehearsals in that it just so happens to be the largest indoor venue in one of the largest cities in the U.S. I mean, Pink Floyd practiced in an airplane hangar, not a prime venue at some exorbitant rate. So, having the largest facility in one of the largest cities already rented, they were able to pull off this “memorial service” bit.

    I’d also like to point out that James Brown, Michael Jackson’s idol as a performer, died on December 25. Michael “died” on June 25 — exactly six months opposite and surely symbolic. And even J.B. had an open casket.

    The difference between Michael and Elvis in the suggestion of them faking their deaths is that I don’t believe that anyone had suggested that a celebrity would do this until Elvis died. I believe Elvis is dead (though that movie Bubba Ho-tep is pretty funny), but the idea of a celebrity death hoax was born with him and for 32 years Michael has been able to ponder that scenario for himself. I don’t ever recall hearing that M.J. loathed or disliked his celebrity; from what I understand, he always knew it to be a part of his life, and with the upcoming shows, it is obvious that he intended on staying in the spotlight. Therefore, it is unreasonable to think that he would pull a death hoax to end his career, rather, he would only use it to catapult it to a level beyond where it had been before.

    Crazy? Possibly. Unrealistic? Not hardly. Will Michael Jackson be back? We’ll see.

  48. DawneVee Said,

    Good post Rickster…

    Usually Oprah is all over stuff like this and not one word has she spoken about MJ. No bantering to try and get interviews with the family, nothing.

    MJ’s true friends were not at the memorial (okay maybe Stevie Wonder and uh, what’s his name, I think Lionel Richie or was that Smokey Robinson, I don’t remember anymore…lol… but the Jackson family requested Queen Latifah, John Mayer, Jennifer Hudson to be there and they said they had never even met MJ! (I found that out on the Huffington Post).
    Now why would the family invite people whom Michael hadn’t met?

    The Huffington Post also mentioned that Usher and Mariah Carey barely knew MJ and that Brooke Shields hadn’t seen / talked to him in 18 years.

    What in the world is going on?

  49. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just been reading about the “disappearances” of prominent people over the years. One that stood out in my mind was the Premier of Australia – Harold Holt – He “vanished” after going swimming. No body was ever recovered, that was in 1967. There has been speculation about his disappearance since that time. Another is Lord Lucan, who vanished without a trace after, apparently murdering the families nanny back in 1974.



    I read in my local paper just after MJ “died” about one of his security men who comes from North Wales, where I live. He said that MJ had a secret companion, to whom he was absolutely devoted. She was kept from the publics gaze, and was never seen with him, but was in his life and that she may emerge after his death……Well, where is she???? Have they gone off together, has he planned this so well that he would never be alone if she were with him??? Too many questions and not enough answers. Another thing I saw today was on the front cover of The Star newspaper


    about a couple who claim to be the real parents of MJ’s children…..They are all jumping on the band wagon now, but it will be interesting to see if the claims are founded!!! No smoke without fire I say. As had been said a couple of times on this forum, he would never leave “his” kids, but if he were to discover that they were not his, then he may be so devastated that this is the sort of thing he would do, the anguise and torment would be too much for him.

    Just a thought!!!!!

    WHERE IS HIS BODY???????? Still no sign of a burial!!!!!

  50. How Does It Feel Said,

    hhhmm i don’t know what to say but keep praying for him where ever Mike is.

  51. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    The divine miss jones. The companion you are talking about, that Michael had. Ive heard that she got fired in December last year. But who know`s If they should be together, I hope he is happy

  52. Sosh Said,

    I don’t know much about Elvis and his claimed hoax death. But if Elvis faked his death, it would hav been much easier in the 1970’s. There was no Internet or Cell phone. It was much easier to cover things up.

    Now Michael possibly tried it again in the 21 century where almost evryone has acces to the internet, cell phone photo camera.

    It would be much more difficult nowadays to pull this off. There are so many things to take into account for such a fake death job. Now it seems there are some loose ends wich they cannot cover up (anymore).

    That may also be the reason why lots of negative stories about Michaels kids, his drug abuse and his debts are in the media. They try to distract people from what really happenend. Most sources of thes articles are close to the family or former employees of Michael. But none of them (OK, some exceptions) is called by name in these articles.

    I hope ther will be a comfirmation the comming days wether he really died or he faked his death.

  53. supermom75 Said,

    he did sleep in a hyperbaric chamber that is true

  54. supermom75 Said,

    he is not with anyone i know this for a fact i will not give my info out but he is single and was never involved after debbie i do not know where you heard that lol

  55. supermom75 Said,

    wow new info mother katherine gets kids and debbie rowe now asked for a delay to decide ok why the change she wanted them she said they are my children now she has to think about it who has talked to her about plans lol who is paying her off she was very determined to get her kids now she needs time to think the plot thinkens why is everything michael wanted unfolding must be for a reason i wonder how many ppl are getting paid off to complete this

  56. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Supermon75, well one of his bodyguards, said it on an interwiev. Don`t remember his name. but he did.. well good to know that he is singel. Cause i think he is sexy

  57. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Former bodygurds, i should say. a few days after michael “died”.

  58. Angel36 Said,

    The family was furious that the hearse was drove by a white SWAP member.They wanted it to be an African American who drove the hearse.
    After the memorial there was no body of mj in the hearse.
    What does it matter who drove the hearse.
    You can read it at the following link:

  59. Angel36 Said,

    The body of mj is being held in the crypt of Berry Gordy.
    The family has not decided “yet” wher he should be buried.

    If you still don’t know that after more than 2 weeks then you’ll never know.
    But then you can stretch this as long as possible.

  60. Angel36 Said,


  61. Angel36 Said,

    my other comment had to be SWAT member.And the link is:

  62. Angel36 Said,

    They firts said there was no evidence of foul play.
    And now they say it can turn in to a homicide case.
    Can anyone tell me what is the difference.

  63. He.is.alive Said,

    this MJ saga is getting real ugly now with all the drug info coming out and poured all over him. Was it a wonder that MJ was addicted to drugs ? Were drugs his only escape ? This is very very likely. As to his chronic insomnia: this one goes to monster Daddy Dearest Joe Jackson who when Michael was a young boy, appeared with a werewulf mask at his bedroom window to “teach im a lesson” to keep the window closed at nite. Imagine how this “trick” from Daddy Joe must have petrified little Michael at the time this took place. Incidents like this one created irreversible damage to the psyche of a human, especially a young child. This ghoulish experience and fear grew with Michael and the fear part would not let him sleep normally, so he reached for help and over did it.

    As a young child, I had several incidents with a variety of animals who attacked and hurt me, so much so, that I could never shake the fear of them and this fear is still with me very much, so in a way, I can relate to Michael’s fear of going to sleep. I deliberately choose a community to live in where housepets are shunned on and are forbidden so that I can feel TOTALLY SECURE to not be attacked by an animal.

    Michael was petrified, fearful of a whole list of things, what better motivator to escape it all .. escape to: SAFETY !!!

    Anyone ?

  64. dikki Said,

    bt dont you think lapd is intelligent enough to check the dna of mj and of that imposter or the police dept. is also involved. i really want to believe that mj is still alive.

  65. dikki Said,

    every day new drug is been published to which( the media claims) that mj was addicted to. i think had mj been doing so many drugs at one go he would have died years ago . come on yaar i really wanna know the reality

  66. dikki Said,

    how can media nt hound upon a single clip of mjs dead body is beyond my understanding

  67. dikki Said,

    how can mj fool the docs the police the media and everything which goes into it. i am hoping for an answer soon..

  68. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    My husband – whose initials are MJ – runs a business from home and yesterday a woman called to ask what the MJ stood for, when I told her she went quiet, then I twigged, and said, “Did you think it stood for Michael Jackson?” to which she slammed the phone down. People are doing some very strange things.

    I have asked around about the “temporary” burial of a body. In Britain that cannot de done because it requires special permission from a Government Department called the Home Office to move the body once a burial has taken place. In order to remove it from one spot to another you would have to be granted an exumation order. I am sure that similar rules apply in the US and if this is the case, you need to be looking at City Hall records and Government Departments to find out if such a request is being made.

    Lsstly, a comment from my 11 year old son…Why did President Obama seem so unmoved by the event, during an interview he had to be prompted to say something about it. Considering MJ’s popularity you would have thought that to “humour” his fans a Presidential recognition of the death for have been one of his main topics.!!!!!!

  69. dikki Said,

    i dont know how to put this bt honestly i believe whether he is gone into hiding or god forbaid he is even dead . i think he is in a better position in a better state than he was earlier. out of all this media hooplah the crazy stories.he deserved every bit of peace he wasnt able to get. it hard bt lets face it we never deserved mj we never respected him when he was alive and giving us so much to cherish . and know we are remembering him and wishing him to come back. how stupid of us. he was the best he was like jesus who went into so much of suffering for his children (the world) and what we gave him crucification ditto we have done with jackson.

  70. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Dikki. Do not say, “WE” Never did. Speak for yourself. Some of us actuelly did

  71. dikki Said,

    i said we bcuz we were sitting silent in our homes when allegations were being charged on him. we didnt do anything we could have bought protests or something may b u r tryin to over react read my sentence in the context am saying

  72. dikki Said,

    and as for me i have been fighting with my friends and relatives who have been telling me that he was what media framed him to b. i love him and i know it.

  73. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Now here’s a thought, and it’s just a thought. Thinking back to a personal experience of mine. My step-father died very suddenly from a heart attack about 6 weeks after having a pace maker inplanted. For the 6 weeks that he lived he said he felt great, and he looked fine, then WHAM! Gone. The PM in his case found a blood clot that had been sitting in his blood stream for goodness knows how long, once the pace maker was in place the heart beat regulated and the blood flow increased, accelerating the clot to his heart thus giving him the heart attack. He actually died mid sentence while talking to a friend.

    Now, lets do a “what if” senario for MJ. What if he too had a blood clot. Years of plane travel can apparently cause one of these beasts. “What if” the rigorous dance routines and rehearsals had acclerated the heart beat, thus pumping the clot round to his heart. He may have felt some chest pain prior to dying, he may have asked for pain relief. We don’t know, we were’nt there. This could have been missed by a physical, just as my step-fathers (prior to his surgery).

    As I said, it’s just a thought, but I feel it is one that I should voice.

  74. licinia09 Said,

    so everybody thinks he faked his death…..
    well to be honest if i could choose i would love that he would still be alive.
    But i got a question…..
    they have that last photo from him on the ambulance, he went to the hospital, that might have happened.
    Let me tell you this, I’m from portugal and before they broke the news in the states that michael was dead, here in postugal that had already done that, in US media there was only the news that he went to the hospital, nothing more, probably an hour later they gave the news that he died… so does this mean anything i don’t……
    But why say that he faked his death????? did anyone thought of the possibility that he might be in a coma and and his managers and family faked his death??????
    Well i really don’t whta to believe, maybe we all never thought that we would die someday, that he was invincible, maybe he died and just can’t cope with that, we are so desperate to believe that he is still alive…..
    To be HONEST i really want him to be alive, it just feels like music died

  75. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Okey. I hear ya. I can only speak for myself here . Im not to desperate to think that he might still be alive. But i am pretty sure that he aint dead. Look at sll the facts, all the hints at the memoriel. Nothing adds up. NOTHING. And to be hornest, the one to tank for that is Latoys, she really blew it, at that thing where she was talking. She said: Michael always said, Family 1st fans 2nd. He loves you very much, and he is watching every singel one of you right now. He loves you with all his heart. Let me just say!!! DOHH!!! That was pretty stupid of her.. She should have talked about him in pressence sence. Not like he is still here, if she wanted to keep up his cover. Im glad that she aint my sister, incase i ever needed to fake my own death. That would be bad

  76. tmorris15 Said,

    I am convinced this is a hoax at the 02 arena Michael Jackson said I am serious this is the last curtain call and gave a suspicious look He stated “This Is It”. When Oprah did not make a public announcement. Something was strange when the family managers set up a crisis line and told fans please do not kill themselves. And when his brother said Michael Jackson maybe they will leave you alone. I believe the memorial service was a goodbye to his fans and career as an entertainer. He was saying good bye to his music career to peruse a peaceful life away from the media attention. Michael Jackson if you are out their alive I don’t blame you thank you for all the wonderful music. Your music will live forever

  77. He.is.alive Said,

    Well well well, somebody else besides me has FINALLY noticed that the video footage from the rehearsal the night before MJ’s alleged “death” is OLD FOOTAGE. NO human as weak as MJ appearing in the media weighing only 112 lbs is physically able to pull off a dance routine like shown in the vido, no way !!!! I am a dancer myself and can say with credible certainty that it is NOT possible ! My “this cannot be MJ”-hunch with this video was right on target. This net of lies being spun and presented to the public is outrageous in that these ppl, AEG and the Jacksons think we are all stupid ???

    Not one single member of the mainstream media has so much as breathed a word that MJ staged his death, with one possible exception: Gerald Hessler from “The daily beast”, a US rag last sunday stated on the Geraldo Rivera Show that Michael “did not want to do this at all” referring to the London gig/s and said further that MJ wanted to use “Swine flu” to get “out of the gig” .. Hessler barely got the last cylable out of his mouth when he was CUT off and the subject was abruptly changed, did anyone besides me see that show ???

    Hessler was on again this evening, 7/12, but this time hummed an altogether different tune and talked “nicely” …’hint’

    LaToya’s interview with some british rag is real heavy hitting, have the Jackson’s become aware that the public is onto them and gave this interview to up the score ? Very possible !

    I consider it a likely possibility that MJ made away right after his appearance at the rehearsal,that is: if that was him at all OR one of his doubles; that the person in the ambulance was definitely NOT MJ is very obvious as well as the double at the London press conference; that NONE of MJ’s close friends like Taylor, Ross, Minelli, Uri Geller and many others did not show at the memorial AND are still NOT speaking out is highly questioable and beyond bizarre; that LaToya “gave” an interview to some british rag to inject a new hit of crack-cocaine into more “these are the facts” media floating ??? How LONG can these ppl keep up this act ?

    What they NEED to do is button up and stay in total seclusion if they want the public to believe that MJ has really “died” …

    This is a conspiracy and whatever “information” is being floated and coming, whatever, I just pray that Michael is under the medical care of doctors he can trust and are are treating him to become well again, mentally and physically so that he can live a life he has yearned for elsewhere. We may never see him again and if that is so, remember: we did have the best of him for years and he is entitled to live a life in peace and safety.

    What is everybody else thinking ?

  78. supermom75 Said,

    he was not 112 that was a lie

  79. supermom75 Said,

    they said in the autopsy michael was very helthy and no signs of foul play and they ruled out natrual causes already

  80. supermom75 Said,

    he wanted air time is is all gossip do not believe anything you here like one of his former house keeper trie to say he locked children in his room feed them wine in baby bottles come on now he would never do that

  81. Andrea Said,

    I think MJ would have been better of saying he caught Swine Flu to get out of these gigs he so obviously did not want to do and was pressured into! If only he knew what type of circus and media frenzy he would create by instead faking his death.

    Then again, he probably just didn’t care anymore. I hope he is well, wherever he is.

  82. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I agree with you. I don`t care if he ever comes back to perform. As long as he is alive, safe and well. That is the only thing that matters to me

  83. supermom75 Said,

    michael would never inject himself i do not belive he was an addict at all and the media is cooking something up cause then they will not get paid if he is not found dead by overdose as it is stated in his insurance claim for the this is it concert they cover over dose but not natrual causes

  84. supermom75 Said,

    here is another one for you all xanax if he was taking as much as they say he would be to tired to do anything he would not have sleep ap ok and most of the drugs he was doin are downers so how do they get he can not sleep out of that i do not understand

  85. He.is.alive Said,

    Correction: “The Daily Beast” reporter’s name is Gerald POSNER (I am sorry I misunderstood the name and got it correctly the 2nd time) apologies – thanks

  86. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    My 11 year old son has been playing detective regarding MJ. Now here is an observation that he made about MJ’s right hand….Follow me with this one because you have to be quick. I am attaching a video of “The way you make me feel” from Youtube. At 3.14 – just after he shouts “Hey”, he extends two fingers and his thumb of his right hand. The thumb is the bit you need to concentrate on…You will notice that the tumb itstself curls at quite an acute angle and the bone just above sticks out to give an almost triangular appearance.


    If you look at other footage ie the press conference in O2 arena London check out his right hand…for the same anomalies that I have already mentioned.


    You could possibly trace his entire career by just looking for that one over-riding physical – dare I say – defect – I am, but not in a malicious way.

    Now look at the “final rehearsal” video…At the end of the routine he extends his right arm and hand…check it out. Unless he had surgery to correct his hands, which could explain gloves and gauntlets in the past…then it looks to me, and this is a personal observation…to be someone else.


  87. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,


    This is the rehearsal footage that I watched. Sorry…repeated the youtube links. Take a look following the thread about the right hand.

  88. divershay Said,

    Mrs. Jones: I agree about the “defect” but if you look at this video at about 45 seconds, he extends his hand and the bump is gone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz_J_do9hzY&feature=related
    But if you look at the O2 Press Conference video, “MJ” calls the guy over and puts his hand on his shoulder and the bump is there!
    However, I do NOT think it was really MJ at the press conference. The chin, smile, moves, etc. MJ would not get up there and talk the way this guy did. He sounded like an idiot. MJ was/is very well spoken in front of the camera. Look at any of his interviews. One thing about his hands, he seems to have the longest hands on a human! Really! His fingers are so long! But at the press conf, his hands are shorter and fatter it seems. MJ’s hands are so skinny too. Not at the conference, yet he doesn’t appear to have put on any weight. I know when most people put on weight, your fingers get fatter too. don’t they? Anyway, at the press conference, that is NAVI! Not MJ. Look at Navi’s pics. He has a wide smile, and his lips look more like a normal mouth than MJ’s (normal?). Whether or not MJ is really dead, that is NOT him at the conference. That is Navi! Your son is very observant! Keep it coming!

  89. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Over lunch the family came up with some other theories. One of which is this, MJ borrowed money from a Saudi prince – Yes! He was then asked to repay the money back – If he was as broke as they say, where did the cash come from? Our over lunch theorizing was this – and you have to remember that we were allowing our minds to do overtime on the conspiracy
    theory – what if he borrowed it again from the Mafia, couldn’t pay it back and the doctor was paid to see him off. With the so called pain killer adiction, no one would question too deeply what the doctor did…As I said, it was over lunch, and it was a bash at a theory.

  90. bexuk Said,

    I miss him, the world was a much better place with him in it, I only wish I had appreciated him more when he was here.

  91. Mojofi Said,

    I KNOW that was MJ at the 02 confrence.

    Navi has a deeper voice then MJ.

  92. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hi Divershay, And Hi there everyone from a warm and windy North Wales.

    Now, let us suppose that if you are told something often enough, you start to believe it!

    If we, the fans, are told that the person we are looking at is MJ, then, are we not drawn into the plot to keep the real MJ from prying eyes. A confidence trick.

    During the 2nd World War there was a chap who looked like General Montgomery. A plan was devised to use this man to impersonate Monty and go to North Africa.


    This makes the impersonator theory a good one, because we do not see the man – MJ – all the time, the person thrust infront of us, who we are told is MJ, we beieve is MJ. We only see photos that are tarted up and made to look enigmatic. We so want it to be him, that we truly believe that it is.

    Tonight, on British Television – Channel 4 – was a documentary about the passing of MJ. I am attaching a link for those who missed it. You may be able to watch it on line. I am making no comments, but will leave the story to unfold and see what you think.

    Another suggestion by Benjamin – my 11 year old – Try this for size…..The gold coffin with the seat like interior was designed so that a “living” Micheal Jacksin could attend his own memorial service. The huge bunch of flowers on the top hid an oxygen tank so that he could breath and the length of time for the service was determined by the amount of oxygen in the cylinder. Daft, but plausible!!!!!

    Hey, you know what, it’s more plausible than daft.

    Previous comments about his friends who were mysteriously not at the memorial is strange. If someone of that stature passes and you are asked to attend a memorial, you would put everything on hold, pull out all the stops and turn up. No Oprah, no Liz Taylor just folk who had maybe met him once, if that. Catterwalling some tune out – some of it was terrible – it was dreadful.

    And I still wonder what the hell they did with the coffin afterwards!!!! Is it like a kind of transformer and changed from a coffin into a set of matching suitcases. Carried out so no one noticed.

  93. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,


    The link to Channel 4’s documentary about MJ.

  94. ejay5131 Said,

    Here’s what I don’t get. The Jackson were okay with helicopters flying above Forest Lawn the days before the memorial, the day of the memorial AND even let the helicopters follow the motorcade with the hearse to the staples center BUT would not let the coffin leave staples center being recorded? It’s being “said” that the coffin was taken through the tunnels under the Staples center and loaded into an unmarked van and taken away. WHY?? YOU JUST LET EVERYBODY FILM YOU BRING IT THERE!! And seriously…who lends out their family crypt(reporting that MJ is temporarily being held inside the Berry Gordy family crypt) Which he has now denied. MJ IS MISSING!!!!

  95. Andrea Said,

    @ The Divine Mrs Jones – that last paragraph made me laugh! I could just imagine the coffin turning into a bunch of suitcases. OR MAYBE LATOYA WAS HIDING MJ IN HER DAMN HUGE HAT! (not seriously, but damn that hat needed it’s own zipcode!)

  96. divershay Said,

    “And I still wonder what the hell they did with the coffin afterwards!!!! Is it like a kind of transformer and changed from a coffin into a set of matching suitcases. Carried out so no one noticed.”
    HAHAAHAH!!! Priceless!
    And yes, I would have thought Liza, Liz, and several other closest friends would have been there. But no! They couldn’t be “bothered” to show. Very strange.
    And what ejay5131 says makes us wonder too! The whole thing with the media is weird. Only ONE pic since MJ “died”? Come on, ONE! That’s silly considering how many pics they get of everything else related to anyone famous or even a little bit famous.
    This whole thing makes me mad that they think they can pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. The fans aren’t stupid! We have loved him for too long and scrutinized every physical detail about him through the years.

  97. melia8383 Said,

    Ok everyone I found a song, It’s really Crazy unreleased from Michiael Jackson, It talks about how he’s “planning” his escape from the “system” and “pressures” he has to find a place to hide away.(thats what he says in the song) the name of the song is xscape(yes, it’s actually spelled that way.
    If he faked his death, he’s away from the pressures, he has to leave his children behind, if he don’t want people to know he’s “dead”). If the children is with his family, he will always see them. Latoya said, he didn’t want to do the 50 shows, that’s probably why it was an impersonator at the O2 conference! It was him rehearsing in the video, if he’s planning his get away, he has to cooperate, right? AEG insured for “overdose”? WHY?

  98. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    This song tells it all. OMG. It is not a old song. He is sining of how he wants to get away from the media, and just want to be in a place where he dosen`t need to hide from everyone. Where he can be himself. He is telling it all in this song. It can be more clear. Michael has “escaped” The pressure. He just wants to be in peace. I wonder whan he made this song, it can`t be that long ago. MY GOD. Mabye he really is alive? I really hope so. I would make me smile again. I guess we just ahve to leave Michael alone. I just hopes that he is happy and in peace.

  99. supermom75 Said,

    now this should answer everything something is wrong i think the women of the family are hiding michael he is alive and his brother and father have been using michael for his money jermaine is broke his brother jermaine said that the jackson 5 were goin to have a reunion but in an interview with michael he said he was never going to sing with them again so maybe latoya knows it was her brothers father and AEG in a plot and they are protecting michael right now in hiding till the truth comes out also new news that there is another will from 2007 he wrote a new will every 5 yrs now michael might have it or they do and they are goin to pull it out saying michael wanted his sister rebbie to mother his children and debbie and katherine have agree to keep joe out of the childrens life cause he is now tryin to get costody of the chikdren and he wants to make them the jackson 3 so the ploy thickins

  100. dikki Said,

    la toya is now saying that there is a big conspiracy behind murder of mj. she is saying that $2 million are missing from his rented home when world believed him to be totally bankrupt.. she is also saying that mj was fed up of taking these drugs which some people were giving to him to keep him submissive. if it was truly there then why the family never protected mj out of all this. why they let him die and are now creating all this fuss and making autopsy over autopsy.

  101. admin Said,

    The Michael Jackson Hoax Death Forum is now up and running and ready for use. Please feel free to start new topics and continue your discussions there, in an easier to manage environment.
    MJHD Admin

  102. He.is.alive Said,

    This is LaToya’s biiiiiiiiiiig chance to “shine”, to propel herself into center stage, but most importantly, make some monnnnnnney!

    Her credibility equals Zero as she is insincere and phoney. when Michael was accused of Child molestation, it was LaToya who on national US television spoke out in support of the accusers and against her brother, I remember it well, does anybody else at all ? ? Shame shame on you big sista !

    LaToya is a diva wanna-be, a sensationalist, an opportunist and extremist. Her only claim to fame is showing her coochie for a few bux to a trashrag like “Playboy Magazine” … and here, she suddenly has turned into and acts like Florence Nightingale ?

    These rags she is talking to are paying her a nice dollar for the drama queen act she’s just pulled off here, she makes me sick

    Sister Janet who worked with Michael on videos is surprisingly hush hush, isn’t she ? But then again,Jan had a good run in show business and has money and, all she showed was her nipple at the superbowl half-time show and called it “wardrobe malfunction”. Neither one of them has any lady-like qualities.

    The more details emerge, the more ground the ’staged death’ gains. These “interviews” are nothing but a mechanism to redirect attention to a new theory they are spinning, Murder … they stop at nothing to create sensationalism and seem to think we are all stupid or something ?

    I pray that Michael is safe and secure. What must he be thinking …. ???

  103. ejay5131 Said,

    I’ll tell you what Michaels thinking…True fans can NEVER be fooled!!

  104. He.is.alive Said,

    ejay, thank you for your reply, I think you are right, great answer

  105. MJJ Said,

    yes maybe michael is still alive. bt i dont think he did this. maybe a threat to him or he was kidnapped to get money? blahblah lol

  106. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I wonder if he’s reading this???? Maybe scanning the internet to find what people are saying!!!! If so – Hi Michael.

  107. ejay5131 Said,

    What the heck is this????


  108. He.is.alive Said,

    Divine Mrs. Jones: that not only the Jacksons and other parties, but MICHAEL HIMSElF might be reading the postings on this website occured to me too just today. I also thing the “staged death” concept is gaining traction around the internet, more and more ppl are blogging on different sites expressing their doubts that Michael “died” …

    I am wondering about if anybody is controlling this and will at some point shut websites down who are exclusively dedicated to this hoax, what is your thought on this ?

  109. supermom75 Said,

    ejay that was a tv reality show that the men of the family were tryin to start up before his death

  110. supermom75 Said,

    or should i say his disaperance

  111. He.is.alive Said,

    Bloggers: have any of you seen this ? This is a “protocol” type order of occurences synopsis of the events surround Michael Jackon’s death, take a look and check it out:


  112. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Ok, I’ve read the Escape lyrics and seen the video on Youtube.

    Now, seeing as we are all open to speculation and possibility. Try this for size…and remember this is just me voicing an opinion…I have listened to his press conference again at the O2 Arena in London from March this year. The person speaking at the podium did NOT sound like MJ, the voice was too deep for my liking. Now, just suppose for a moment that the “This is it” Tour title is actually relating to the fact that he’s had enough and by July he be out and gone. The last time he’d be in London – July – Hummmmm!!!!!
    Is he hiding in London? Was the talk at the press conference a metaphor for I’ll be back, but you won’t know it.

    This thought has just sailed through my head…Here goes…If you want to hide a tree you put it in a forest. If you want to hide an apple you put it with other apples. If you want to hide a person you put them with people. OK…Here it is, just suppose that the people you were hiding with had relinquished all worldly goods and chattles…monks!!!! OR even a Amish community. It may sound silly, but if we are going down hoax road then we have to explore every possible avenue that leads from it, whether it seems daft or has a dead end.

    As it used to say on the X Files – “The truth is out there”

  113. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,


    There is a series of Youtube videos about MJ’s home movies. On the first one, at the end, he says he doesn’t like to tour because – quote “I go through hell”

    Maybe the thought of 50 shows was enough to start the ball rolling for the disappearing act. Not only the mounting debt to deal with, but being pushed by record comapnies etc to do the tour. It must be very hard work – and that’s an understatement – to be consistently good, to be as viberant on day 50 as you were on day 1. Not an easy gig.

  114. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hands up who believes in the “after life” No joke. I belong to a ghost hunting group – http://www.theorbwhisperers.com and our resident medium has something to say on the MJ subject. If you want to hear what it is I’ll tell you. I do not want to offend anyone, because even I am a sceptic, but I do think I should allow for all possibilities that life – and death – has to offer. I you think that this will offend, I will gladly keep it to myself.

  115. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just watched a History Channel documentary called Cities of the Underworld, and in this episode it talked about a huge complex of tunnels cris-crossing the underneath of Los Angeles. There was once a subway that ran the length and breadth of LA, but it was closed in the post war period and the “land” was bought up by GM, closing the railways meant that people would have to buy cars…I can seen their point. My point is that maybe they have accessed some of these tunnels whilst building the stadium, and after the so called memorial, have ushered MJ away through them.

    Look at season 3 “Land of Manson”

    You can google LA’s underground railways as well.





    You have to allow for the fact that I am trying to come up with every plausible possibility as to how to “magic” someone away. The memorial was the smoke screen.

  116. divershay Said,

    No, please share! This is a place for our individual opinions and thoughts. So far yours have been so insightful! I can’t speak for anyone else on this page, but I would be interested to hear what you have to say.
    And I really want to thank you for posting the link to the home movies. I had not seen that! I am going to watch all the segments now. So far I have watched the first and loved it!
    As for the O2 conf, I tried to say that was Navi who was up there speaking and someone on here said it’s not Navi, that Navi’s voice is deeper than Michael’s. Now you say you think the person’s voice was too deep to be Michael. So you confirmed for me what I thought all along. Navi’s voice is deeper, the person on stage has a deeper voice. We don’t even need to continue on the physical differences of the two. They are clear to anyone who really looks.

  117. divershay Said,

    “Mojofi Says:
    July 13th, 2009 at 5:23 am

    I KNOW that was MJ at the 02 confrence.

    Navi has a deeper voice then MJ.”

    Yeah, and uh….that’s what we are saying….
    that the person on stage has a deeper voice than MJ. Hence, why we think it is not MJ but his double.

  118. divershay Said,

    As far as trying to “magic someone away” I still like the transformer casket turning into a set of luggage to be carried. I still laugh when I get a visual! This whole thing isn’t funny, but the way you put it was. LOL!

  119. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I will first set out what Dave, our group medium told me. He said that when some one passes suddenly their spirit is in shock and does not realise that they have died. Dave has a “spirit guide” and has asked from time to time whether the guide can tell him if MJ is “in spirit” and, apparently the guide has told him no, not yet. Dave takes this to mean that he is still alive and has not yet passed.

    I, on the other hand took a totally different tack, and being the EVP (electronic voice phenomena) queen of the group, I took my voice recorder and simply asked the question….”Is Michael Jackson really dead?” To which I got a quick response, a mans voice saying “No”

    If I could find some way to put the voice recording on this site I would post it for you to hear.

    Back to Dave for a moment. His spirit guide often helps him move spirits on into the “light” but it cannot find the spirit of MJ.

    I am a sceptic, but there are those amongst us who feel that some spiritual comfort is required in times like these, and this is mine through Dave…Cheers Dave.

    The “Ghost of Neverland” he says is not MJ…..Too soon, but the house has been standing for many years and has witnessed many families living there. The “ghost” is probably an old one, that has walked the halls and corridors for a long time. OR – my opinion – it’s a reflection/shadow from outside. I would love to go with the group and investigate…Get some great EVP’s from there.

  120. divershay Said,

    Yeah, I saw that. It was proven to be a crew person walking around in there and passed in front of a light. If you look through the window and the way the walls are on the outside, you can see there looks to be a room over in that area. It looked to me like the person was walking in that room and happened to pass in front of the window with sunlight shining through and the person’s shadow was thrown out into the room. At least, that’s what they are saying in this video:
    At about 2 minutes, it is clear and sharp. But I tell you what, I did get chills watching the original part in the first half again. Even after I knew they “debunked” the ghost story. Originally it was not as solid of an image so to speak. It was so transparent you almost don’t see it. But when they show how it was not real, the image is more solid. I am a big skeptic as well. Then again, I am not so much a skeptic as I have to see it to believe it but I don’t necessarily wanna see it! I am a big chicken so I guess it is easier to say oh, that stuff isn’t real than to actually think about how I would react if I saw something paranormal.
    I too have had friends who believe in spirit guides and they would totally agree with what both you and Dave are suggesting. These are things we can never truly know.
    I just did a little poll on a website about do you think MJ faked his death and is still alive. After you vote you can see the results. Like 88% (or around there) voted yes!! After watching all of the home movie segments, I really hope he is still alive somewhere. He has the cutest personality I have ever seen. And to hear him giggle while watching the movies in his theater, I hope he is somewhere laughing again. The sweetest sound! Anyone who has not watched them really should. My favorite is the first one where he’s all excited over the super soakers. Too cute!

  121. divershay Said,

    Also an awesome part is where he is saying he hates touring and they are telling him they have to redo that part. He is so sweet to watch. I know this isn’t the place to discuss the home movies and such, I just wanted to throw that out there. Peace!

  122. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hi Divershay

    I take on board everything that you have said, I to think that the home movies are fun to watch.
    That was then, we have to concentrate on “the now” That entails all of us putting our collective heads together and coming up with a rational explanation as to where the devil he might be hiding.
    On the Channel 4 documentary that I mentioned earlier, one man who knew the Jackson family well said that just before his latest tour “This is it” they had tried to get to Michael to spirit him away to “clean him up” This chap believes that MJ wanted out of the adiction spiral that he was in. His “insiders” who perpetuated the adiction kept the family from him.
    The final rehearsal footage shows some strain on MJ’s face, that could be because he has been out of the loop for so long, but it could equally be withdrawal symptoms kicking in!!!! To be honest, he looks like he’s in pain, he had apparently suffered from back trouble for some years. Channel 4 also interviewed a doctor who specialised in helping “well known” drug addicts. He said that he thinks that MJ was NOT taking heroin, but he was having a medication usually given to patients who they want to keep in a coma. That could explain the theory that MJ IS in a coma and it has been said that he would not come out of it. This would kind of explain the “death” announcement, and the lack of a body.
    MJ was not pleased about the fact that the tour had gone from 10 dates to 50. Ironically the dancers assigned to work with him were originally contracted for 2 years. Why so long if the tour was supposed to be ONLY 10 dates????? Makes you think what else the record company machine had up it’s sleeve.

  123. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Just been looking at the supposed final photo from the ambulance – that photographer has made his annual earnings in one shot – anyway – I saved the picture and set it up so that I could rotate it for a better look.

    Now, to me it seems like he is grimacing a little, his eyebrows are not relaxed, they are furrowed slightly just over his nose, the ventialation contraption in his mouth doesn’t seem to be in his mouth, he mouth looks closed. The colour of his skin is that of someone who is relatively healthy. I’ve someone after a heart attack and they look grey/blue and their lips go blue as well. None of it adds up to a victim of a heart attack. Even the make-up that he wore looks fresh. If I were giving CPR to someone wearing make-up I am sure that it would smudge and they for a time would look a bit of a mess. And if they are supposedly giving CPR in the back of the ambulance why is the paramedics hand on his right shoulder and not his heart. And if he is supposed to have “died” at home, why bother giving CPR at all. They were there for about half an hour or so, if they couldn’t get him back in that time thay should just have covered the body and taken him out quietly. I thought then, and still think now that it was a ploy to kick start the disappearance.

  124. Andrea Said,

    @ The Divine Mrs Jones – your posts make me happy! I, too, am a strong believer in the paranormal! I wish I was a part of a ghost hunting group, though. I tend to just wander on my own and do my own ‘personal’ ghost huntings, if you will.

    As for MJ – I also believe that if his Family might be reading this website, it’s almost quite possible he is reading it as well!

    @divershay – I know, MJ is the sweetest person ever, isn’t he? he is such a sweet soul, so gentle and fragile! He would never hurt a fly <3

  125. supermom75 Said,

    ok take alook at this statement then i found a statement form dr.thome thome

  126. supermom75 Said,


  127. supermom75 Said,

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31740617/ns/entertainment-music/page/2/now this guy makes me open my eyes on who jackson really was and that ppl were tryin to hurt him

  128. wilkesxgurl Said,

    http://www.flipkart.com/fade-black-douglas-b-jones/1436352738-uox3f42f2d is not the cheif that worked for michael?

  129. licinia09 Said,

    Dear The Divine Mrs Jones

    I really don’t know if i should believe in what you say, even thought i truly want to……..
    But i go a question,
    if he’s not dead than why is Latoya always saying that she knows who killed michael?????
    if he was still alive wouldn’t they simply be quite????? Not pushing too musch atention from the media?
    if he was still alive shouldn’t his kids by now be with me?
    What about those updates where they say michael had needle marks in his neck, how would they make that up????
    To bo honest as time goes by my hopes that michael is still alive keeps geting smaller. What proves that he’s still alive????


    Dear The Divine Mrs. Jones if it’s true that you can hear taht voice and that Dave guy can’t “see” spirits, i want to ask you one thing:
    If he’s still alive, is he alright?is he sick?is he safe? is he happy now?

  130. MzMi87 Said,

    I’m sorry but there’s more than what meets the eye. To the administrator thanks for this site. When the imposter was at the press conference, not one time did the family step up and say “that’s not Michael.” And don’t tell me that the Jackson family doesn’t know about all the hoax rumors going on saying that Michaek is alive, and yet still no response? Something isn’t right.

    And then they have Latoya coming out saying all this stuff about her brother being murdered and that millions dollars and costly jewelry were missing from his home. Now correct me if I’m wrong but how the hell would she know what was missing in his home? Can someone answer that?

    Then she said his kids wanted to see their father when he died at the hospital and that his face was covered up with a towel. Ok, unless something changed over the years, someone who dies doesn’t get covered until the medical examiner comes in and take the body and asks everyone in the room to leave. And since when they cover your face with a towel.

    I agree with who ever said they’re glad they Latoya isn’t their sister. I feel the same way.

  131. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,


    Hope this opens up. Read it and see what you think. The Channel 4 documentary states that MJ did NOT know he was to do 50 gigs until it was too late. The tickets were printed and sold in a flash. AEG jumped on the financial bandwagon and this poor bloke had to turn up, perform and smile like a puppet. Well, it seems that the puppet cut the strings before the puppet masters could dictate the dance. I also think that Joe Jackson is quietly enjoting his new found fame.

    Earlier someone mentioned the “Escape” song from the album “Invincible” I have checked out the lyrics and get this, in one line it says – quote -”Don’t have a place to run, but there’s no need to hide” And in another it says – quote -”Gotta get away (tell my Mother)I gotta get away” Is there a message in there somewhere. MJ’s Mother hailed from Alabama I think…maybe there’s family there who would take him in?????

    In a BBC documentary about 4 years ago MJ was asked, while looking at a replica of an Egyptian sarcophagos that was covered in gold leaf – very elaborate – “Would you like to be buried in one of these” MJ ponders for a moment and answers “I’d like to live forever”

    If you take the Peter Pan stories literally, and if you’ve read them, Peters friend was a girl called Wendy. Wendy grows up and Peter is the perpetual child, remaining in Neverland. He goes back to Wendy’s house and is shocked to find that she is a woman, and has a daughter of her own. Peter wants Wendy to be his Mother. He has been searching for his Mother throughout the whole story. Peter returns to take Wendy’s granddaughter Margaret back to Neverland to do the spring cleaning…When he remembers!!!!

    Maybe the perpetual child that is Mj has returned to Neverland. Maybe the pull of the place that he loved so much was just too great for him to resist.

    By the way. If “they” turn Neverland into a place of pilgrimage I will start taking prescription meds…LOL The audacity of it all.

    The only good thing about Joe Jackson being on TV is that I can turn him off….LOL AGAIN

  132. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    That was interresting. More proof that this so called “Death” Of Michael is a hoax

  133. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    My youngest – Benjamin – the house philosopher – has just said to me “Why don’t we give people like him their ’space’” You can only slice a loaf so many times before it runs out. He has a point. We, the “fans” should back down. Although we enjoy what the entertainer is providing us with, there is an aspect of their lives that you really would not swap. He couldn’t enjoy being in a crowd without being swamped with well wishers. He couldn’t go shopping without about 20 people with him. His kids couldn’t go to a regular school because of who he is, imagine how much of that would effect you, and then think of how it effected him. I, personally, would want to run away.

    If I found him, I would not tell any one where he was, I’d let him be. Knowing he was OK would be enough for me.

    More profound stuff from Benjamin. He’s been watching me type this….Got to go to school soon hun! He has just said….Could he be hiding out at Althorp Estate…Princess Dianas family home. He and she had a “relationship” that was based solely on friendship. Their parallel lives could only be understood by them. I have to allow him his say because he thinks outside the box, whixh is what we want. To understand a child, you have to think like one!!!!!! And where does a child supposedly feel safe….HOME…..

  134. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Mr/Mrs Administrator… May I ask the question, where abouts in the world are you situated. This time difference is giving me a head ache…You are 8 hours ahead of me. That means, where you are I have already had my job interview….Did I get it? LOL and, here’s a thought…If you are 8 hours ahead you can get the lottery numbers for me before they have even been drawn…So whats next Saturday’s winning 6 LOL AGAIN

  135. admin Said,

    In regard to the headache…sorry but don’t think we can help with that…if we could fix it we would Yes we are ahead of you, but want to keep our location to ourselves if that’s ok…trying to keep the nasty non-believers at bay and deter them from banging on the door in the middle of the night with pitchforks and torches (we’ve had plenty of nasty messages from people such as this already believe me), but in regard to the lottery numbers, I’ve had enough trouble getting them right myself! Good luck with yours
    MJHD Admin

  136. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I can appreciate your need for anomimity. I really CANNOT understand why people would be so nasty to you. If they were followers of MJ and believed the things that he stood for, then this would not be happening to you.

    Maybe I am being silly, but you know when you get a gut feeling about someone, and you can’t shake it off!!! Well with regards to MJ’s “death” it’s not sitting right with me. I don’t have the empty and hollow feeling I got when my parents died, or when my friend was murdered (her name was Caroline and she was beaten to death by a bus driver, who dumped her body) I knew she had gone before they found her because I felt physically sick….Now, if I am to use this as a guage, then I do firmly believe that he is still living because I don’t feel anything like I have felt in the past. No hollow feeling, no sick feeling…..in fact, if I were truly honest, I feel elated…I feel that he is where he wants to be and that the “death” thing was a hoax.
    I mentioned in an earlier posting that I had been studying the so called “last photo” of him, he doesn’t look ill or dead. No palour, his face looks fairly relaxed, in fact he looks better in the back of the ambulance than I have seen him look recently. Hell, he looked better than I do this morning….I look like death warmed up. LOL….To end with a little black humour, my husbands late Grandmother – Hilda – used to say to us “I’m knocking on deaths door you know” (she was in her 90’s) One day I said that he can’t have been in because she was still with us, but went on to say ‘What colour it was?’, she never mentioned it again. Bless you Hilda LOL

  137. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,




    The lyrics are very “telling” Take a listen…..

  138. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,


    This page may disappear becuse it’s today’s Daily Mirror. Basically it’s saying that MJ’s body was kept in Berry Gory’s family crypt until the police were satisfied that they had covered all avenues of enquiry. They cannot bury him yet – apparently!!!!! It says that thousands of fans have flocked to the crypt because word has just leaked out about it…..I heard about it last week, just after the so called funeral.

  139. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    The coffin looks like an oversized jewellery box. It’s a bit tacky…The man had more taste than this…..surely. I still think it’s a transformer….Decept a coffin – transforms into Posh Spices matching luggage.LOL

  140. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    OK…I have just watched the footage of the helicopter taking the “body” to a waiting van…


    Dead bodies weigh a ton….no matter how large. they just lifted this one without much effort….were was the rigour mortice???? He should have been as stiff as a board, not flopping around Hummmmmmmmmm!!!!!

    It doesn’t appear to me to be a dead body on the trolley….way too thin…It’s just a shape, not like a dead person at all. Strange stuff, I am more convinced the more I read and look into it that it is a hoax. Some one commented that his new album was going to be called “Resurrection” co-incidence!!!!

  141. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    That turned out to be a lie. That Gary dude said so himself

  142. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Sorry “BelovedMJ” What turned out to be a lie. I’ve put so many comments on that I am not sure which one you are referring to.

    Ok, back to rigor mortis….I am now an expert in the field. Now, depending on temperatures etc Rigor Mortis can set in as early as 10 minutes post mortem, up to about 2 hours…Full Rigor is reached at about 12 hours and it can last around 72 hours, or 3 days. Quoting About.com, they say that “Rapid cooling can inhibit the onset of Rigor Mortis” If my memory serves me well, the day that MJ died it was about 33 degrees – give or take, it was HOT – Rigor would not be inhibited. After death the skeletal muscles contract and are unable to relax, hence the body becoming as stiff as a board, heavy and unable to bend. Now, it’s the word BEND that is the magic one. Even if someone moved the body in the helicopter, if they were dead as long as MJ was supposed to be, it could not have been bent, if you watch the footage closely when the body is wheeled over to the van, the two men inside just lift the body from one trolley to another it looks like the body bends at the knees!!! Maybe it’s just my imagination, but take a look and see if see what I saw.

  143. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    My kids watched the helicopter footage earlier and passed this comment. Considering who the body was supposed to be, and considering the whole episode was being filmed, they did not treat the body with any dignity and unceremoniously dumped it from one trolley to another inside the back of the van. Knowing that the eyes of the world would be watching you would have thought that the men involved at this point would have, at the very least, proceeded with a little more reverence.

  144. charmed6 Said,

    I wonder? Is this why they keep postponing the custody hearing for his children?

  145. Banessa Said,

    To The Divine Mrs. Jones: Your children are very observant, and you are right,(in my own words ) it does seem as if the men are just dumping and passing along a “rag doll” to each other. It even looks as “the body” when being handed down from the helicopter as if the head bumps onto the gurney?
    “It doesn’t appear to me to be a dead body on the trolley….way too thin…It’s just a shape, not like a dead person at all.” you are right about that! It looks as if they are carrying a stick or something. Now, I think Michael was a thin man but too be as thin as it appeared to have been there? I just don’t know!

    I also have a friend who states to be able to perceive when someone’s spirit has passed along and she like your friend does not feel in any way MJ’s spirit to have passed??? I do think that if he is with us, he needs time to get himself together, and get well. I can only imagine all the pressures he must have had, poor soul!
    I am not trying to sound crazy or anything but I do think that both Michael and his family need our prayers!!! God bless

  146. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Michael will come back to us, and face the public when he is READY! That is for sure. But he needs time. I just hope he is at some place recocering, from all the shitty things the media did to him, and all the false alligations. My heart is with Michael. I always believed in him, and NEVER once misunderstood him. I just hope that he will get the spark back in his eyes, wivh he havent had for a very long time, and mabye he will smile again soon. I really hope so. I love him so much

  147. dikki Said,

    dear Divine Mrs Jones i totally and completly agree with you that,”If I found him, I would not tell any one where he was, I’d let him be. Knowing he was OK would be enough for me” . bcuz even after knowing what mj has been thru and if people still disclose about his whereabouts or pics then they have to be money and publicity hounding wolves.

  148. ejay5131 Said,

    Do we all agree it’s not him!!!! Take a look, a REAL GOOD LOOK!! Especially at the eyebrows.

    24 hours before:


    Ambulance photo:

    Look at the shape in the eyebrows. The “ambulance MJ’ has eyebrows that go right towards the bridge of his nose. The “rehearsal MJ” has eyebrows that end much further in( there is a larger gap between them). The eyebrows are also arched differently. The only way the eyebrows could meet closer to the bridge of the nose is if he was “pushing his brows together” like we do when were mad(I can’t think of the descriptive name for that right now.)

  149. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    It’s 8.30 in the morning here and I have to get Benjamin to school…The older offspring is sick….It is Benjamins last week at this school and the kids are giving a concert with solo performances. For weeks now (even before MJ’s death) he had been practicing drumming to “Beat IT” His final performance, he said is, for MJ. Ahhhh!!! Benjamin is very sensitive and feels things really deeply. He often tells me that he does not believe for one minute that MJ is dead. My kids and I are best friends.

    Going back to the “sensitive” theme for a moment…Dave the medium often asks his “spirit guide” about MJ and the guide comes back with a poitive “NO” Not passed yet.

    On the forum of this site someone mentioned “remote viewing” which was used by the powers that be during the Cold War under the title “Stargate” It apparently worked. The government used RV because they found out that the Russians were using psychics to find locations of missiles etc. From what I have read it seems that the RV actually worked.

    I am a skeptic, but, as I have said before, I am open to all possibilities. I have lost too many family members and friends to think that there is “nothing” on the “other side” Now, the theory behind RV is that you lie comfortably some where clear you mind and wait for things to happen…You begin to see images that, at first, seem hazy, but do become clear after a while…The other thing is that you need…or so it seems…is specific geographic coordinates…that’s not too hard. Pick a place you think a person will be, find the coordinates and concentrate on those….again the theory is that you can see what is happening in that place, watch the proceedings as the happen. You can see them but they cannot see you.

    The mind is a very powerful tool, we do not fully understand how it works, but if the mind is “energy” then there is no reason to suppose that it cannot be sent elsewhere.

    REad this about RV and tell me what you think!!!!Got to go to school now….We’re late.


  150. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Just been talking star signs in the car on the way to school with Benjamin…Ben is an Aquarius, as is my husband. The older one, Adam is a Virgo and I am a Taurus.

    I was trying to explain the characteristics behind each sign to Ben. Aquarians have a thirst for knowledge, Taurians are slow to temper (which he said was not true in my case – hummmm!) And Virgo’s were perfectionists…That sums Adam up to a tee.

    Now, Ben said if MJ is a Virgo – which he is – then wouldn’t he make sure – absolutely – that his “disappearance” would be planned and timed down to the last nano second.

    Virgo’s make lists, then they make lists of those lists, and so on. They like order and they like to be in control of that order. MJ will have planned and devised his escape down to the last detail.

    I think – personal opinion oly folks – that he has said “Right, enoughs enough, I’m off” Despite having numerous people around him I do not think for one minute he trusted them completely and that they only kept quiet decause of water tight contracts that they had to sign. After all, he was their BOSS. He paid their wages, the piper calls the tune so to speak.

    Over the years the British Royals have had advisers, suggesting ideas to the reigning monarchs. Ideas for their own ends – I think so. MJ had “advixers” who suggested ideas to MJ. I think that he has said to them that he is going, they can do nothing about it because of the contracts. Were the contracts binding after death, unlikely, because I think MJ thought that he would go on forever, so he wouldn’t need to add that into an agreement. Why hasn’t someone from the entourage come forward – post death – and spilled the beans about all that they knew…The could make oodles of cash selling the story to the media. It’s because he’s not dead. They are still contractually bound.

    Food for thought.

  151. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Sorry about the spelling. I am trying to wax lyrical by typing in a small space. It’s like Shakespear trying to write a play while sitting in a match box LOL

  152. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just been washing the breakfast dishes, and while I was doing so I had a profound thought…Not again I hear you cry! LOL

    Lets go deep and spiritual for one minute. MJ’s very being, his songs and his credo were that people would learn to get along because they have a common bond. They’re all human…
    I am typing away at my computer everyday, passing on ideas and snippets of information to all who subscribe to this site, I don’t know you, you don’t know me. That, to us, doesn’t matter, we have our common bond – MJ. Whether we are black or white, abled or disabled…that hasn’t entered into it, what has, is our regard for the welfare of a “fellow human” who has been through hell to bring us joy, and has had only brief glimspes himeself of that joy that he brought to others.

    Thank you MJ for introducing me to some of the nicest, kindest people on the planet.

    (Wipes a tear from her eye) I love you all.

  153. dikki Said,

    VERY TRUE Divine Mrs Jones .INDEED TRUE.

  154. dikki Said,

    now tmz is coming with another one. it says the two docs( murray and klein) arent coperating with the police deptt though earlier they were. the bodyguards and the driver of mj are saying that when mj used to come out of klein’s clinic he used to be in sedated condition. he said he talked to mj about it and mj would deny about the drugged condition. i was reading another site which said that yesterday only a suicide note was found in mj’s clothes after 25 days of his death.. i am really not getting whats going out there..

  155. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Now then….Another opinion of mine is about to be unveiled….I have just been talking to a lady whose daughter Mara went to junior school with my eldest son, Adam. Four years ago school had closed for the Easter break, and Mara happily played with her friends, right through to the Good Friday. On the Saturday morning her Mother went to wake her to go swimming and found that Mara had died in her sleep. As you can imagine the entire school, children, staff and parents were devastated that someone so young should have passed away. The point I am getting to is coming….The funeral took place about a week later and alot of us attended, it was heart breaking to see such a tiny coffin being attended by her Father and older Brother. I sobbed my heart out…..Mara’s Mother told me today that she could not control her overwhelming feeling of inconsolable grief at the funeral and virtually had to be carried into the church. She went on to say that the empty feeling that you get when you lose a child is one that can never be filled. The void it creates is vast and bottomless.

    Michael Jacksons Mother must be made of steel…If I were her and one of my babies had died, I do not think that I could be that composed.

    When my Mother died I just about held it together, but the emptiness is still there, I do not think that I will ever truly get over her dying.

    Were the emotions displayed at the Memorial Service “controlled” or were they the true one’s because they knew that MJ was still living….I think that it was the latter.

    Benjamin wanted to ask why the youngest boy “Blanket” was carrying a Michael Jackson doll? Odd, carrying an effigy of one’s parent!!!!!

    He is quite right, I have watched the Memorial Service again, and there it is…white arm gauntlet, socks and all. He went on to add that he would not want a doll of me or his Dad, because – quote – “It would be toooooo creepy Mum”

  156. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just finished listening to the speech that MJ made in Oxford University in 2001. I think that it’s the longest I have ever heard him speak at one time, and because of the audience, he was allowed to speak without interuption – a rare thing I think.

    To hear him talk passionately about the plight of “The Child” “Lost Childhood” and his own up bringing was a pleasure.

    He came across as well read, intelligent and lucid…Not at all what we are supposed to believe in the ‘media’ He was absolutely sure about what he was saying and didn’t stumble through the speech – a daunting thing for anyone – let alone him.

    Hat’s off to MJ Well Done!!!!!

    Now, listening to him speak there and then going back to the O2 Arena press conference. Can this really be the same person???? Struggling to speak – I know that the crowd were noisy and he couldn’t get a word in edgewise, but – and it’s a BIG BUT – what happened to the lucidity, what happened to the speech maker. What happened to MJ??????

  157. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I think you are right. I really hope that our sweet Michael is still alive. Infact I am praying to God every night, asking him to keep Michael safe. I just hope he is listening. And i will agree with you on the part, where you are talking about Michael`s mother. I wouldent be ablt to keep myself together if i just lost my baby. NOWAY in hell i could have done that, the way she did it. It seems weird. And i wanna know aswell why Blanket had a doll of his beloved father. Hmmm. Am i sounding nuts here?

  158. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hi there MyBelovedMJ,

    I don’t think you sound nuts…You, like the rest of us are entitled to your opinion, however far fetched it might sound….Sometimes the most bizarre thoughts and ideas are the ones that bear fruit.

    The idea behind this website is to dig, and dig deep into the “strange” events surrounding the supoosed death of MJ….Thank you for the website Mr/Mrs Administrator – Great Job!!!…..We, the fans, have to ask ourselves -Is MJ dead? Do we believe he’s dead? The answer is an emphatic NO. No, he didn’t die in LA on June 25th. NO, it was not his body being transported by helicopter. NO, there was not a body in the casket at the Memorial. Way too many NO’s and not enough YES’S…We must, as a group, keep digging, spying, prying and theorising as to what happened. Who it is that are keeping the secrets of his actual whereabouts, and, if we ever discover the truth, are bound by a deep loyalty, to keep the truth safe.

    In other words, if we find him, we keep it to ourselves.

    On a personal note. I am the same age as MJ, just 4 months between our birthdays, I’m April 29th and he is Auguat 29th….I have sung and danced to the JAckon 5, the Jacksons and MJ himself. MJ’s birthday was on the calander of my friends and I, once mine had elapsed they knew how long they would have to wait until his was here.

    I grew up with him, I can follow the path of my life and it’s events by the songs he sung…I hear one and say “Yes, that’s when Karen and I got thrown off a dance floor for being too physical while dancing, and taking over the whole space” LOL at the memory…must phone Karen and ask if she remembers!!!!

    We all share personal moments with MJ, and the thought of him not being there for the duration of OUR lives is unthinkable. It’s like losing a member of your family…

    Finally….I do believe, most definately that he is still ALIVE and that he has gone into hiding. I’d run away if I couldn’t go from A to B without being mobbed. I’d run away if I were being hounded about my life style and behaviour. All MJ ever wanted was the unity of man, to stop man’s inhumanity to man and to be himself.

    Nuff said…..

    Keep searching, leave no stone unturned, no corner un-srutinised, no matter haw many dead ends…let’s keep looking…As I said before in a previous posting…Just like the X Files…The truth is out there.

  159. divershay Said,

    Yeah I said this last week “However, I do NOT think it was really MJ at the press conference. The chin, smile, moves, etc. MJ would not get up there and talk the way this guy did. He sounded like an idiot. MJ was/is very well spoken in front of the camera. Look at any of his interviews.”
    This speech at Oxford just proves my point. He sounded educated and practiced. The guy at O2-IDIOT! If that really was MJ then I hate to say it, but I am sorry to be offensive. But I just do not feel it was. No way!

  160. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To The Divine missJones. Thank you . And iI totally agree with you, If people should ever find Michael, keep it to yourself, dont even tell your dog or your cat. Leave him alone, he deserves that. OH GOD, i keep on praying, and have faith. Im sure he is ourthere somewhere. It was a hard day for me yeasterday, as you will see if you look at the 1st page. Thank you again, for giving me my hope back of him beeing alive. I cant imangine my life without him. Who is gonna heal the world if he is gone?

  161. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hi all,

    The latest head I that caught my eye today was that MJ could not have fathered his kids because he had been made sterile by all the beatings he had from Joe Jackson when he was a child!!!!


    It strikes me that MJ’s success was to impress his Father and to gain his respect. Perhaps thats why he strived to be the best he could…He IS the best he could be!!!!!

  162. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hi there,

    Someone elsewhere on this site pointed out that at the Memorial Service the children kept looking up at the roof of the building…Was MJ hiding up there?

    Was it a big game that he planned with them and he told them to pretend to be upset, but all he wanted to do was to play a “prank” on everyone. Were they brought into his confidence to that extent…Knowing how loyal kids can be, I can quite believe it. And knowing MJ’s passion for practial jokes, I can quite believe it. Did he say to them “I am going to be watching from the roof, so you will know that I’m around and don’t be afraid because it’s a game”

    In the roofs of most large buildings such as theatre’s and stadium’s, there are gantries and walkways built in for maintenance purposes. Is it possible that they were told that he would be on one of them watching the “joke” play out, and not to worry…Is that who they were looking at?

  163. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    On last thing…I had a meeting tonight and Dave the medium was there and he had this to say on the “ambulance” picture. Dave is a medic by the way….The aspirator was NOT in his mouth…No way. It didn’t even cover the top lip….He should know!!!!

  164. Renee Said,

    I’m just wondering if this were a murder trying to be covered up it would also take all this time and confusion to cover tracks if someone wanted him dead, Does anyone think this may be a murder?

  165. Renee Said,

    I’m sorry ya’ll but Michael would not pull this kind of thing on all of us. I know it’s hard to accept but he doesn’t have it in his heart to do something like that, he’s really gone..they are just trying to cover up a murder

  166. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    No, I do not think that he has been “Done in” – a victim of foul play – No, I think that he has been spirited away and the he has had the help of insiders.

    And if I had the means, time and backing to look for him, I would start in the last place you would look for him. In other words – the least obvious!!!!!

    On a lighter note, perhaps he’s run away and joined the circus!!!!! Do you know what people????? That’s not as silly as it first sounded….He said he liked slapstick comedy, he like Chaplin because of the pathos and the clown like way he acted….Hummmmmm!!!!!!

  167. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    When does people stop with saying “Oh he woulden`t put us through this, or his kids” Im getting pretty sic sick of hearing that. Mabye Michael for the 1st time in his life needed to be selfish, and let me just say, that was about time. He needed a break away from all the pressure, and the media. He just wanted a normal life. Im sure that It broke his heart, that he had to do it, but in my opinion, i dont think he had no other choice, I think he really needed to rest. It could have been Michael at the roof upthere in stables center, noone knows, and yes they kept looking up. And do me another favour, stop saying to us that he is dead. Where is the prove?? Do you have any prove?? NOPE! Thats the problem you dont. Im not in denail, trust me. But I have questions like everyone else about this, and when i see the body, or a final prove that he is dead, I will have a completely breakdown, but i will have to learn to live with it, someday. Im sorry, just needed to get this off my chest. Ohh and 1 last thing. There is NOWAY that the family has been able to get Michaels “body” when the otopsy havent shown cause of death, I mean, that there is noway he could have been in that casket at the memoriel. That is all im gonna say

  168. MsKadiJ Said,

    I’ve been reading all your comments and I am quite impressed by what I have read. I do believe that the person at the press conference was not Michael. It is my strong belief. I have watch about as much footage as possible of him speaking from youtube and videos posted around the web. That person in no way could have been Michael Jackson. He would have had to have had his entire mouth reconstructed, his voice and vocal patterns.

    To be honest I believe that person to be a female impersonator. Watch again and watch the hand gesture where the person pushes the glasses up.

    Anyway, I think he faked his death. I also think he’s died, so I’m torn. But the bigger part of my heart thinks he’s alive and sending messages to his fans and leaving clues to this fact. All the stories that have come out in the media are to throw people off. The stories in the beginning came too fast and then they slowed up. They are still coming, but not nearly as fast. However, the song snippet that was released the other day, I think that is a clue. In the song there is a clue. There are some saying this was a plan of Michael’s in the making for many years to disappear so if it is, then why not let your fans know you are ok..I think the first clue was at the end of the memorial , I’m not sure exactly what it said but something like “know that I’m alive and ok.. ” or something like that…I agree with the person who posted.. if you see him don’t tell anybody and don’t acknowledge it’s him. let him be. Michael likes disguises too, so it’s possible, he could be standing next to you and you wouldn’t even know it. Watch some of his home movies on youtube to find out more about his prankster side.

  169. MyBelovedMJ Said,


    I hope people will leave him alone if they should ever see him, and like you said, he can stand right next to us, without us even know. Im sure that the sentence: Im alive, an Im here forever. WAS a clear sign from Michael, if he had to fake his dead, Im sure that it broke his heart to to that to us, but the man is intelligent, he would leave us clues. Wich he have EVERYWHERE if you look closely. Michael`s true fans can NEVER bee fooled, he knew that. Watch the children like someone else said, why were they looking up all the time? He could have been there, trust me noone would know if he was. If you look at the memoriel once again, and listening to the song “will you be there” at the end of it, suddenly Michael was talking, you know the words he is saying. It totally freaked me out. But seriously it sounded like he was there. It didnt sound like something caught on tape. Now you can call me nuts, i really don`t care but the text was on the big screen behind the stage. And normally MIchael would said “Through my pain” But at the memoriel he said “Through my PainS” My heart stopped. I have been listening to that song everywhere, and that was the 1st time EVER that word was changed. I know its a small thing, but think about it, why suddenly change it? Another sign mabye? feel free to comment, and call me crazy, it wouldent be the 1st time. But im trying to find out what is going on. And I know for a fact, that if Michael is leaving us clues, its the smalle onces, nobody else would notice.

    Im just gonna write something ive just saw, mabye you will understand then, why i keep believing, in tha fact that he might still be alive, and wont rest until i find the truth.

    Dreams do come true, if you only wish hard enough.
    You can have anything in life, if you will sacrifice everything else for it.

  170. minimalany Said,

    there’s no way he would chnge his face.no way.come on now,what could he change on his face to make him not look like MJ?i dont think so.i think he really died.any where he goes he would be recognized.

  171. Rofibbs Said,

    Hmmmmnn.. Im lovin this site. No other person’s death has had so much puzzle as that of MJ’s..I mean the fact that his closest of friends were not at his Memorial, no public viewin (4sum1 internationally known like MJ) no final restin place as we speak..the very “emotionless” 911 call??( no panic/ commotion, no background sounds of any1 frantically tryin to save any1’s life, d all too perfect curt response..the list goes on). Jus got off a http://www.michaeljacksonsightings.com site where some1 claims to have seen him in the UAE with a middle aged woman n 2 black guys(probably bodyguards) on the 6th of July. Sum of the jacksons have bin seen in the UAE especial Janet n Jermaine..Micheal left the U.S with a promise neva to return so i wont be at all surprised if he’s startin a new life there, n interestinly, AEG is tellin us MJ has well over 200 unreleased songs..how sure are we that he wont be the one releasin these songs in the future?? Ha ha!! this is true life ” THRILLER” n who best can pull it off so well than the master of disguise/thrills himself…Dubai here i come!!

  172. Rofibbs Said,

    My good gracious LORD!!
    if theres any1 that shuldnt be walkin around so carefree is MJ’s Dad. Oh LORD, michael really went thru alot from him!!If MJ resurfaces today or in the future, dont think any1 wud prosecute him..hell no?? Wat evidence do U have? Did U see him dead? it could be anybody..did U see him buried?? How, where n wen wuz he buried??? I believe the authorities themselves are confused to sum point thats Y they havent come up with any substantial information yet. They shud get sum1 wit the “Horatio Cane” kick butt investigative attitude or sum1 with “Jack Bauer” interrogative techniques to grill sum truth outta their so called investigation.. With MJ!!..theres definitely neva a dull moment!!

  173. mm04 Said,

    Why on the 911 call didn’t the person who called say it was Michael Jackson! Totally agree that the call was emotionless…shame on them! If it was genuine that is.

  174. Rofibbs Said,

    ..2thumbs up to The Divine Mrs Jones..U keep the site rockin with ur in – depth theories..thanks Admin 4givin HOPE where theres none.The time difference calls 4alarm, guess i’l have to google search wat part of the world is 9:30 hours ahead..oh wow!!

  175. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    IF he faked his death, do not tell me he is running arounf in the streats without disgueses. LOL. The man is intelligent, mabye he will come back or show him to us someday, but i can almost gurentee you that he will not walk the streets as himself these days anyway.

  176. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Dear MyBelovedMJ and all of you,

    Lets stay focused people.

    I know that we do not want to believe him dead, I frankly think that he is alive and kicking. I do not feel in my gut that he has died. Tears of anger and frustration, but not sorrow.

    We are all entitled to our thoughts, ideas and opinions – the main reason for us coming together on this site is that we feel, deep down in our hearts, our souls even, that he is still living. Our main objective should be to keep this in mind and scrutinise every shred of news and evidence that comes our way….analyse it and point out discrepencies and log pile it until we have enough to “There you go, he is alive and we can prove it”

    I also think that we should all promise eachother, that if, by some miracle, we come across him on our travels. We keep that information secret.

    We are a great bunch of people who have come together because of one objective – MJ – “GROUP HUG”!!!!!

    What do you say people??????

  177. MsKadiJ Said,

    To Minimalany- Go to youtube. There are videos of Michael Jacksons private home movies of him showing him sitting in a makeup artist’s chair getting made over as other people (one as an older white male and one as a young black male with a full beard and mustache) and he goes out and sits in public to watch people. Because if he went out as himself, people won’t be themselves. So yes Michael can change the way he looks. I just wanted to point that out.

  178. velvetsilvergirl Said,

    Not only did Michael’s mother put up an excellent show of keeping it together, but she was videotaped at Target on June 26th buying sleeping bags and tents! What the hell is going on here? No one is that family has displayed an appropriate reaction to mj’s ‘death’. Not one. janet seemed emotional at the BET awards but shamone people! She was still AT the BET awards three days after his death. Wouldnt most of us still be hunkered down with our families and in deep mourning. And those kids at the memorial. No emotion at all. We;ve all been to funerals. Kids cry at funerals. The oldest is 14, old enough to be devastated that his dad is dead. He was the coolest of them all. Looked pretty bored to me.

  179. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Okey is this just me, or has anyone else noticed that, many pages are misseing from the web now. Many pages about “Michaels deaath” You know pages like this. They are gone, and some videos from his reherasel, are gone also.. What is happening here?? Someone in the jackson family has to know that we are on this site, talking about Michael, and then informs the rest of the family.. They have to keep remove things, to make it match their stories. Im I makeing any sence? Or am i going crazy here?

  180. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I agree about the missing information on many webpages. Stuff I read and saw a couple of weeks ago has disappeared from the net. I am trying to save as much stuff as I can to my computer and am storing it on an external hard drive.

    Still no word (from the horses mouth I mean) from his close friends. They are toooooo quiet.

    Benjamin suggested that he could be hiding on a yacht. Clever Ben!!!!!!

    He had friends in the Middle East, Princes and Sheiks etc. All of them owning what they call “SuperYachts” You can live on one of these monsters for months. He could be happily sailing the 7 seas as we speak. No one would see him because of this, he wouldn’t have to hide away. He could be himself for a while, gather his thoughts and plan the next move. Ben, your idea my love has substance to it….. We are all looking at airports etc when we should have perhaps looked at ports and dock areas…..It’s a hummmmmmm!!!!!! moment.

    Ben thinks outside the box and I do listen to him. His friends often think his is being illogical, but because of his lateral thinking he often has amazing ideas…Love you Ben. Nice one

  181. Rofibbs Said,

    MJ definitely wont be walkin around undisguised… accordin to the story he had sumtin like a veil on n had to lift it up wen he wuz comin off a boat. If MJ left the U.S, he definitely wont be usin the airports, so the sea is 1 sure way of gettin to anywhere he wuz goin.
    I know sum1 who left England n got to his village, i mean his village by sea n he didnt travel in a ship either..he used yachts n boats, stopped at different ports n countries untill he got to his village which is on the coast. Besides there are pics of Mj dressed traditionally like an Arab with covered veil and all. MJ has left Neverland, his family n fame b4, i dont see Y he wudnt do it again, this time 4 gud..with all the piled up dept n wat wuz mummy Katherine buyin camp beds n tents4?? who is campin where?, not MJ’s kids i guess

  182. Rofibbs Said,

    MJ’s disguise is no news..at the memorial, his brother Marlon told a story of MJ bein disguised as an older black man with crooked teeth n Afro hair in a record store buyin piles of CDs but i guess if U know him, U know him..no matter the disguise.

  183. Rofibbs Said,

    …n come to think of it, elvis presley’s daughter wuz said to be cruizin on sea wen the news of Mj’s death broke..puttin 2 n 2 together. Who knows??

  184. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I think that the boat idea is a good one.
    Lisa-Marie Presley enjoying a holiday crusing around would have headed for port and to the sevice. If we are to believe that they parted company on good terms, as he said, they have remained friends, she would have been there for sure. Odd, but some strange logic in there….Lets keep up the good work.

    The British tabloids have been busy this week…First they said that MJ could not sire kids because his father had beaten him so badly that it caused damage. NOW, they are saying that he had his sperm frozen…It just gets better and better…

  185. Brooklyn Said,

    The Divine Mrs Jones

    Yes I totally agree with you if anyone does find Michael by some miracle, the most important thing is not to tell anyone at all… Although we would all love to know he is alive, we must put Michael first at all times and protect him from those who may want to harm him… He needs to rest and get strong again before he can even think about his next move…

  186. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Okey Michale made this song a few years ago. ” A Place with no name” Im almost certain that this is THE main clue. He had purmission to make it from the one who made the song “a horse with no name” I just listen to Mjs song, he wrote the text himself. You should listen to that song. Seriously, if we can find that place with no name, we will find Michael. I have that song in my heard all the time now. If someone should come uo with an idea, of what that place could be, please say so. But lets all do him a favout. Lets not look for him or anything, let him be, it is enough for us, to know thet he is alive. This subject has also been posted in one of the Forums, and i listen to teh song. I feel like his telling us something. And the most spooky part is. It just “Jumped” out of the closet duddenly. Its not on a CD or a Singel, noone really knew about it, until some of it was released on Televesion. What do you think? Where is Michael`s place with no name?

  187. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Sorry for my bad spelling again. Im typing to fast. Hope you can read it anyway

  188. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Oh damn forgot something here. Someone in teh forum also mentioned, that when the perramedics arrived at the house, they were almost 100% sure that the BODY they took WAS NOT Michael. That can xplain, why they werent in a ruch. Okey, im sounding crazy, but im happy today havent been for a long time. You poeple in here and on teh forum, gave me hope with these informations. I think we will find the truth very soon. Sorry lol

  189. minimalany Said,

    come on,how long he would live like this-hiding and disguised?ppl know him everywhere.there’s no way he would do that.i dont think so.plus who’s body was for the autopsy if so?

  190. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just been thinking about the possible irrational behaviour of Mrs Katherine Jackson.
    Is it a Mothers way of dealing with grief?
    Is it a ruse to keep the press on their toes?
    What on earth would a woman of nearly 80 years of age want to go camping for???
    A soft warm bed and the comforts of home would be for me at that age, not camping !!!
    I have been speaking to a friend of mine, Joe, who is a sea captain and is currently working off the coast of Africa. I asked him about sea fairing yachts and he said…To get from LA to Europe the yacht would more than likely have to sail around the bottom of South America…Not a wise choice because of the reputation of Cape Horn. One of the most trecherous parts of the ocean to sail in a large vessel, let alone a crusing yacht. He went on to say that it would possibly have sailed straight out into the Pacific and to one of the many islands. Stopping off to refuel. MJ could be dropped off at a predetermined point, or they could sail straight on to South East Asia…China, Japan possibly Australia. It is not unheard of the superyachts doing journeys like this. He has often, on his travels, been in radio contact with these kind of boats and he finished by saying that they could easily make that voyage without getting into too much difficulty.

  191. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Joe has emailed me back and says that the yacht could transit the Panama Canal, but it would have to book in ADVANCE before it used the canal. If this is the case, then the “trip” has been planned in advance.


    The yacht could then sail on to the Atlantic and on to the Uk and Europe. With good whether it would take about 5 days approximately.

  192. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    One last thought. Who from the MJ entourage is missing? He could not have done this by himself. He would have to travel with the bare minimum – we can assume that other items of clothing etc would be in place at appointed destinations – a passport and a small bag perhaps. He would have to have customs checks. In the UK customs officers are bound to have a confidentiality claus in their contracts. Her Majesties Government and all that. So, if they came across him, they would not be allowed to say. As I say, it’s a thought.

    Ben just pointed something out. If they are doing tests on MJ’s body, why is it taking so long. If the authorities have the body, knowing who it is, you would think that they would have acted a bit quicker, giving closure to the case. Good point Ben.
    You would think that they would have pulled out all the stops and gone the extra mile with this one, wouldn’t you.

  193. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Agatha Christie “vanished” without a trace in the 1920’s Check this out. There could be a parallel between that and MJ – just a thought.


    I am not saying that he has lost his memory, but the break down theory is plausible.

  194. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,



    Take a look at these videos on youtube. It goes back to 2002, but the comments he made were “brave” to say the least. Taking on the establishment is not the easiest thing to do.


    Could Sony have something to do with his disappearance? Could financial threats have been made? Nearly half a billion dollars in debt, and this on top would push any man over the edge.


    Sony now stand to make a fortune with MJ’s “death”, it seems that in recent years they have been struggling and the MJ resurgence will in some way make up for that.

  195. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Take me to the place without no name.


    Now, does he mean a “PLACE without no name” or does he mean that he would have no name….You can take this both ways. It says “The Place” not a place. Meaning that the location is known. “Without no name” means anonimity.

    What do you think?

  196. Rofibbs Said,

    “Life is beautiful”, MJ said its the greatest gift of all n Oh yeah! its the best gift given to man by God…i dnt see him diein…it puzzles me that the Queen of Talk hasnt really said anything ’bout the King of Pop, not even a visit to the Family…surely; Oprah isnt that heartless.. ??

  197. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I wonder if he checks this site out and thinks, “Hey, THEY – ARE – GOOD!!!” Maybe we have hit more positives than negatives.

    Chin up everyone, give yourselves a big pat on the back for sticking with it.

    Excellent work one and all.

    I believe that a morale boost is needed from time to time.

    MJ liked practical jokes, leaving clues behind, such an MJ thing to do.

    By the way, the original song went – “I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name” – is he hiding in a desert somewhere??????


    You have to listen to the words – closely. It’s sung by a band called America.

    Odd choice of song, or maybe not.

    Keep digging people.

  198. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To The devine MIss Jones!

    I have been listening to the song. And you are right about that the clue thing is such a Michael thing to do. Im pretty sure he is reading this site. He knows what we are talking about. His also very proud of us i think, because we look for the facts, and with our hearts, and not believeing the media. I have also been wondering, Michael`s place with no name, is that a place he has, with no name, or is it a place he can be with no name? Hmmm. And one of the most importent things I have been wondering about. How did TMZ get that song? From a souce!! Yeah right, who is that souce? Noone else kneew about Michael makeing that song, It wasent recorded yet, and suddenly I jumps out of nowhere. Hmmmm. I would Like to know who the souce to TMZ is, i dont think they even know themselves. TMZ is a bullshit Television station, Michael could eassily give us clues through them, they would believe anything. Im just saying, everything is possible in this. But In my opinion, we are getting VERY close to know the trtuth. Like Michael would have said. ” The truth will prevail, and im about truth”

  199. MsKadiJ Said,

    So, again I am torn between what I believe. Nothing I read makes sense. All the stories in the media are confusing and baffling. They are as baffling as the man himself. No two stories are the same. I just wanted to point out a couple of things that still make me wonder about whether he is still alive. There was a tribute to Michael in our paper right after he “died” in the New York Daily News. It was about the Apollo Theater and how the Jackson 5 won Amateur night. Well the last paragraph of this article stated that a few days before he died he and his children had “strolled anonymously through the streets of Harlem for a visit.” Now, if he was rehearsing a few days before he died in LA, how could he be strolling through the streets of Harlem? When I first read it, I didn’t give it much thought, until after they released the pictures and the video of those final rehearsals at the Staples Center. So someone is lying.

    I also have issue with his mother’s behavior regarding contesting the adminstrator’s of the will. That makes no sense. Who is giving her legal advice. Why, when it states there is a “no contest” clause in this will, would you even open up this issue and possibly disenherit yourself? I’m not sure I follow. Also, is there an updated will? Are you mounting a legal issue because you are stalling? Same with custody of the children. Is this a stall tactic? I ask for two reasons. Are these stall tactics because he’s not really dead, and to actually have any issues of the will and the children be decided in a court of law could bring about real legal charges? Did Michael appoint his longtime trusted friends because he knew they wouldn’t really allow this to go forward?

    Another point, there is supposedly a security video from the house the morning he died. This tape has disappeared. What is on the tape? Who knew it existed? Who removed it? Also, all the people who worked there were fired. None of these people have spoken out. Janet and 8 moving vans showed up the next day to remove Michael’s belongings. But they didn’t remove any of the drugs that the police found 2 days later. I don’t get that.

    I have another questions. Everytime you saw a video of Michael leaving his doctor’s office or out in public he was covered from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet almost. Or he was in a wheelchair (mostly in tabloid pictures). But, you would see him at parties uncovered. So how do we know if the person covered up was Michael? Were we being duped? Was the person leaving the doctor’s office Michael? There are pictures of Michael at parties, at a lupus fundraiser a few months ago uncovered. Wouldn’t he wear his mask out in public?

    I agree about the song. I think it means something. I thought that from the beginning. I wasn’t sure what it meant. I don’t know all the lyrics, but that was my first thought.

  200. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Okey, i listen to the song called ” A horse with no name” We all know Michael got the purmission to use the melody from that song right? But he wrote his own words. I got a feeeling, and i got the chills when i heard it. Now im gonna say something, and then feel free to call me what you want its just a feeling. But suddenly i remembered something. Its a small thing, but anyway.

    Can Michael be in Saudi Arabia or Barahin? I mean, he lived there for a few years before he want back to teh states. The reason i though of this is because they are sining, og being in a desert, on a horse with no name.. That desert could be one of these places i just mentionned, and the “horse” can be a castle. think about it, Michael knows people there. Am i makeing any sence? I got the chills for some reason, I dunno why

  201. MsKadiJ Said,

    I was thinking about the song again and if there may be some meaning behind it, so if you all could just bear with me for a moment and put on your thinking caps, we may be on to something or at least headed in the right direction.

    I started typing into my web browser “place with no name”. Well of course Michael Jackson’s name popped up as the search result for several hundred pages. I kept going through them. So I moved on to typing in Bahrain and the meaning behind the name, and cities and towns in the Middle East. Then i went back to “place with no name”. I came up with an interesting article from the Telegraph.uk ( I will post a link to the article). It made me think about the fact that Michael was in Ireland maybe a couple of years ago, maybe not so long ago with Will.i.am recording music. I went to google and checked the distance between Scotland and Ireland and it’s about 9 hours I am assuming from the capital of both cities. So I am asking if this could be a clue? So I don’t think the idea is that far fetched that the song itself is a clue. as far as this article states about a place with no name.
    Read the article and tell me what you think…

  202. MsKadiJ Said,

    I’m sorry.. one more thing.. From watching the videos of Michael’s concerts from overseas, he did tour through Dublin in Ireland back in 1997. So he would have probably seen some of this countryside I would think.

  203. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Now it is….

  204. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Ok I am going rewrite everything I just wrote and lost, but I am going to submit it in bits, so please bear with me.

    MJ’s lyrics

    She said don’t you worry my friend,
    I’ll take care,
    Take my hand,
    I’ll take you there.
    Oooh! Take me to the place without no name.
    Take me to the place without no name.
    She said don’t you worry my friend,
    I’ll take care,
    Take my hand,
    I’ll take you there.

    Americas lyrics…
    On the first part of the journey
    I was looking at all the life
    There were plants and birds and rocks and things
    There was sand and hills and rings
    The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz
    And the sky with no clouds
    The heat was hot and the ground was dry
    But the air was full of sound

    Ive been through the desert on a horse with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    cause there aint no one for to give you no pain
    La, la …

    After two days in the desert sun
    My skin began to turn red
    After three days in the desert fun
    I was looking at a river bed
    And the story it told of a river that flowed
    Made me sad to think it was dead

    You see Ive been through the desert on a horse with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    cause there aint no one for to give you no pain
    La, la …

    After nine days I let the horse run free
    cause the desert had turned to sea
    There were plants and birds and rocks and things
    There was sand and hills and rings
    The ocean is a desert with its life underground
    And a perfect disguise above
    Under the cities lies a heart made of ground
    But the humans will give no love

    You see Ive been through the desert on a horse with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    cause there aint no one for to give you no pain

  205. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Right, now to business.

    The desert and yacht theory work for me. Who looks twice at the crew of a boat…Everyone stares in awe at the glamorous airline pilot. Air travellers are watched, but the crew of a boat….swabbing decks, not glamorous. He could have sneaked off a boat disguised as a crewman with out anyone giving him a second glance. Grow a beard, rough looking clothes…Whose going to pay attention.

  206. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I am on a roller here.

    Now, the song. MJ’s version….strange from the man who likes to tell stories with his music, sending out messages was his stock in trade. Messages about war, povety, cruelty and mans inhumanity to man. The MJ version is about 5 lines long and is repetetive. Have another listen and look at the lyrics I transcribed. WHO is the SHE who will hold his hand??? And who is the SHE who will take him THERE????

    All his songs have messages, there is no reason th think that this does not, because it repeats itself is possibly meaning, I am going to tell you and tell you until you get the message.

  207. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Yeah you are right, he is singing that. Who is that women?? Anyone?

  208. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I think the women is LIzz Taylor

  209. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hi MyBelovedMJ and everyone,

    Greetings from a wet, rainy and miserable North Wales…..I won’t the whether deter me. I shall press on regardless.

    Someone on this site mentioned that Liz Taylor had her bags packed ready to go to London to see Michael in concert at the O2 Arena. She said that she had been ready 3 weeks before the concert dates….What on earth for? Does she pack that much that it takes 3 weeks to get ready. Her Twittering back and forth with the doctor about a painting, a Matisse I think….Very expensive and a much sort after artist….Get it.

  210. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Lets be hyperthetical for one moment….Here goes.

    Mj decides he wants out….This is too much for him.

    It is something he has planned in the back of his mind for the last few years…Because of having kids, he wants them to be normal…As normal as humanly possible, having a father like him.

    He trusts Liz Taylor absolutely….He tells her everything. All his plans and ideas.

    Liz Taylor gets the ball rolling, using a series of codes to MJ’s doctor about a painting.

    The painting refers to MJ.

    Transportation is arranged, a yacht and finally some road vehicle….Not a plane. Too obvious.

    Mj is spirited away either the night before or the morning of the supposed heart attack….One of MJ’s doctors disappears aslo.

    Doctors, as we all know, are bound by the Hypocratic oath and part of that states that they “Have to preserve life” They are also bound by patient confidentiality!!!!

    The doctor gets MJ from the house, perhaps disguised as a nurse or a staff member.

    They go in an un-assuming vehicle to the port where everything is ready. Get on board ship and wait for 48/72 hours.

    While we are concentrating on the media stories, fans flocking to Neverland, the house in LA and any other MJ related place, they will not ne at the harbour.

    The boat quietly slips away and sails down the coast, through the Panama Canal and out into the Caribbean Sea.

    It only takes a few days to get to the UK. Slipping off the boat as a crew man, he could have gone in a car to a safe location for a few days.

    Now, the next part. If he were going back to the Middle East he could have gone on one of the many private jets that the Arab Princes have dotted all over the world.

    Or, the boat has continued on to Europe or through to the Mediterranean Sea and docked in somewhere close to where he needs to be, jump in a car – again dressed like a crew member. Bingo!!!! The plan has worked.

  211. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Michael, if you can read this…..Do you know what!!!!

    You are an OK guy.

    You were pushed up the mountain, not time to admire the view. You were left on the top to fend for yourself. Now, enjoy the “stroll” down the other side. Take in the views and breath the fresh air. Enjoy the life you deserve.

    Find some inner peace.

  212. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    A policeman friend of mine once said “If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck” I said “If it’s a parrot trained to quack like a duck, and act like a duck, is it a parrot or a duck”

    What I mean to say is this…If we are told something often enough, we start to believe it.


    Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce Mr Michael Jackson – The crowd pushes and shoves – they cheer – the room is full of noise. Camera flashes are going off. The “man” is trying to speak. The crowd is now part of the mass hysteria and frenzy caused by the appearance of the superstar.

    Now, remember what I said about the parrot.

    The crowd are so blinded by the ferver of the moment that they can’t see the wood for the trees. They are told it’s MJ when it could be Nigel, an IT expert from Nottingham who has been primed, coached and trained to replace Mj for events such as this.

    We have to stay focused and grounded. There are so many smoke screens that we have to wade through that the going is hard. But we can do it people.

  213. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I love this site!!!!!!

    I think that we have all made friends here, thanks Admin!!! You have attracted a real nice bunch of people. Well done!!!!

  214. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,




    I’m all Googled out

    Take a look at these.

  215. MsKadiJ Said,

    Hi MyBeloved and The Divine Mrs Jones-
    Remember that MJ’s version that was released to the public was just the chorus of the song. So there has to be more. Someone looped it over and over. It was reported that it was a “snippet” of the song. Which to me sounds like a clue. So keep digging for the rest of the clues.

  216. paranoidozzy Said,

    Just found this on MJ’s fanclub website: http://www.mjfanclub.net

    (21-7-2009) The body of Michael Jackson is temporarily interred in a basement at Forest Lawn Memorial Park and Mortuary in Los Angeles (USA). His family is reportedly still agonizing over the decision of where he will finally be laid to rest.

    A source close to the family says: “They [still] haven’t decided,” but adds that the entertainer’s family might be one step closer to an agreement.

    Katherine Jackson had previously objected to making Neverland Valley Ranch Michael’s final resting place because “She thinks it’s a place of horrible memories. She says that Michael wouldn’t want to be there.” However, she has since softened her opinion, according to the source.

    “Katherine is still opposed to Michael being buried at Neverland, but would relent if it could be arranged for Michael’s children to gain ownership of the property. If they could have complete ownership, Katherine would approve.”

    How this may play out continues to be seen as there is currently a majority state in the property held by private investors. The source cites that there could be possible income should Neverland become like Graceland, the Memphis home of Elvis Presley.

  217. Rofibbs Said,


  218. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Quite right about the song being only a snippet……If that is the chorus line, then we can speculate as to the rest of it.

    Now with an Ireland theme going on….Try this for size




  219. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Another test…Too many kids using up my broadband

  220. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,


    Read this

  221. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,


    Now read this

  222. Rofibbs Said,

    Sum of my friends n I were talkin ’bout the stunts Mj had pulled in the past n we all laughed to our heart’s content, the mere thought that he cud be sumwhere watchin these events unfold made us laugh even harder…Phew!! He takes my breath away!!

  223. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Now read this – I had to copy and paste.

    I was working with star on Africa gig says Irish surgeon

    The Irish cosmetic surgeon who counted Michael Jackson as a close friend has revealed the star planned to hold a major charity concert in Africa.

    PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 12, 2009 – Plastic surgeon to the stars Patrick Treacy, who was a friend of the pop idol for many years, paid tribute to the late star.

    And he revealed that his friend had cared deeply about the plight of others, despite his misunderstood and lonely life.

    He said: “Michael was largely misunderstood by the world.

    “He was the perfect embodiment of the rags-to-riches story, where celebrity took him from gifted musical child to global superstar.

    “Unfortunately, it also took him to another place of loneliness, continual lawsuits and being surrounded by problems like failed plastic surgery.”

    The founder of Ailesbury Clinic had only recently enlisted Jackson’s help in raising aid for African orphans and the pair were planning a concert.


    He said: “We talked many times about the problems of the world, and like myself he had a close empathy with Africa and the problems of that continent.

    “In many ways there was a similarity between them, both resourceful yet impoverished, both exploited by the unsympathetic greed of the white man, both at times facing into an abyss largely beyond their making.”

    The pair had planned to hold a concert to highlight the problem and raise badly needed money for medical treatment.

    He said: “Michael promised to bring me back down to Africa and had found a large place to do a concert in Rwanda, and in doing so try to heal some of the problems of HIV and the other horrendous diseases, which ravished that beautiful land.

    “I felt his gentle words and tender smile were in some way also helping himself.

    “Michael promised me at the time that he would fly me over on his private plane to meet Nelson Mandela, whose son would have been doing the organising on the ground.

    “It could have been fantastic if it had come off.”

    Patrick first got to know the American star after he returned from years of working in war-torn areas around the world and set up his cosmetic surgery clinic in Dublin.

    He soon developed a reputation for pioneering medical techniques and soon attracted star clients, including Jackson.

    He said: “I see a lot of celebrities and I do know half of Hollywood, but as a doctor it wouldn’t be right to talk about my patients.”

    This summer will see the Ailesbury Clinic going global with a rollout of 24 clinics in destinations as diverse as New York, London and Moscow.

    - Tom Prendeville
    # # #

  224. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,


    Now read this comment on a forum I found.

  225. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Do you think that a previous comment about the place with no name could be Ireland.?????

  226. Rofibbs Said,

    I remember bawlin my eyes out throughout the memorial, i cudnt even talk ’bout MJ without bein emotional 4days. im not surprised to see this Pics of Blanket with tears in his eyes, Yes he cried, but it might be becuz he misses his dad not becuz his dad is dead. More interestin is this report that Blanket thinks his Dad is on Holiday, didnt Jermaine n Latoya say that a therapist advised that the Kids should see their Father n they did see him after he wuz pronounced dead. Why wud Blanket think the same Dad is on Holiday after bein told hes dead.. maybe we shud ask Blanket..lol

  227. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Was Mj planning more surgery with the good Irish doctor? Had the doctor told him stories about Ireland and Irish folk tales?

    Why would he be in County Cork on “personal business”? House hunting eh!!!!!

    A bolt hole more like. A place where he can be himself and liaise with the doctor maybe. I suspect that the locals would close ranks and not divulge whether he had a place there or not.

    In part of the “Living with Michael Jackson” interview with Martin Bashir they were shopping in Las Vegas. Bashir commented that he had no room in Neverland for all the stuff he was buying and MJ answered that it was for his other home??????

    It’s at about 5.50 minutes in.

  228. Rofibbs Said,

    I made up my mind that Mj wuz alive after seein that NAVI guy on TV at the 02 memorial in London, i wuz so shocked that i sat up immediately from the couch i wuz layin on. Men!! that guy cud pass 4 MJ anytime at anywhere.

  229. Rofibbs Said,

    Jermaine wuz caught off guard n made it more obvious by referin to MJ in the present tense in his early interviews with Larry King, Janet even pushed it further by sayin “to U Michael IS a star, to us HE IS family” at the BET awards…more interestinly is paris sayin “i jus want to say, i LOVE him so much”..shudnt she have said “i loved him so much”?? C’mon, these ppl are homeschooled.. dont tell me they dont know the application of these words.

  230. Rofibbs Said,

    ….n i dont think MJ wud leave clues or traces jus yet, i mean they have not even buried his supposed “corpse” n a lot of ppl who know him have said hes more intelligent than we think he is. Who knows?? He might be on this site readin wat his Fans think ’bout.

  231. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Mskajd. I found more clues.

    That thingy you linked Paranoidozzy, I believe its bullshit.
    How can you not know where to burry your baby?
    I still dont believe he is dead. Just funny the fanclub is writing that, they seems to be the only ones who know where Michels body is. Hes family dosent even know lol

  232. Rofibbs Said,

    Lest i 4get, ADMIN U did a great job on the site…Keep it up. 2 thumbs up!!

  233. Rofibbs Said,

    Whoeva paraded as MJ since ‘06 did a gud job…

  234. MsKadiJ Said,

    Hey, you guys made me remember a video on youtube of Will.i.am and Michael! Will.i.am was talking to access Hollywood or somebody and Michael was sitting right there in Ireland talking about “putting a jolt back into the music industry.” I’m at work, and can’t really go find it right now, so I will have to do that later from home, but it was a really good interview. They were collaborating on something. Oh, wow! Getting good! While the drama in the U.S. plays out about lawyers, and wills and autopsies.. etc.

  235. Mojofi Said,

    Hey guys have you seen this linke?


  236. MsKadiJ Said,

    I would lean more towards either Ireland or Scotland. There are some articles about Ireland out there from 2006 and 2007. Michael was trying to buy a home in Ireland back in 2007. Also the link from the Martin Brashir youtube video is correct that he made that statement he was buying antiques for his other home (he had already moved out of Neverland). He had a desire to purchase a castle in Ireland and always wanted to live there.
    My story link was about a place in Scotland that at certain times of the year you can name the area because it has no name, so I didn’t think I was quite that far off, maybe by about 8 hours. But I did remember that he had been in Ireland with Will.i.am. recording. The video is on youtube about them discussing putting a “jolt back into the music industry”. Haven’t seen the jolt yet.

  237. How Does It Feel Said,

    Hi Guys just you let you know Mike will be on ITV 1 on SUNDAY at 8P.M. UK Time.
    Just in case you wanted to see it. Am yet to read more here and contribute but in the main time i thought i’lllet you guys know about this TV documentary.

    Thanks. Love you all and Mike of’cos

  238. He.is.alive Said,

    Anyone notice how natural a death the “death” of Michael Jackson hysteria died ??? All we are getting is teaspoon bite sized pieces of “legalities” … “Filler-in” media trick …

    Joe Jackson’s appearance with this “mouthpiece/frontman” on Larry King Live on CNN was a dog and pony show … although I am totally convinced that Larry King knew what he was up against in a hurry, Larry has been in the business way too long so as to n-o-t notice that he was being royally had by these 2 clowns who in all probabiliy crawled back under their respective rocks they live under …

    What comforts me is this:

    ** Michael escaped the trenches of all that burdened him and the more time that elapses since his “death” on 6/25, the more his escape cements itself as TRUE … BE SAFE Michael and enjoy life

    ** Joe Jackson is a primitive creature, substandard lying sack of s**t and will milk this “my-son-died” story until the cows come home and drop dead – BUT: ONE day he WILL find himself before the Judge of Judges where – after stearnly being told “Ok Joe, I am listening… talk” – there is NO escape and the very deamons who’ve controlled him all his life will be at the ready to escort him to this place: http://www.flairfordesign.com/hell.html where at best, there it NO air/conditioning ….

    What is everbody else thinking at this point ?

  239. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    There’s that Ireland theme again!!!!!

    I saw the youtube video about the meeting with Will.i.am and Mj….


    Recording in Ireland, WHY Ireland!!! There are hundreds of studios in the states, why fly all that way to just hear how Will.i.am is proposing musically??????

  240. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    You can tell it’s nearly 2 am, I’m typing like a twit.

    Now Ireland and the County Cork lead.

    I am doing my family tree…I have traced my ancestors through my fathers side of the family back to c1550 Bedfordshire, England. My great grandmother Sarah Ellen Lawrence, was (before she married my great grandfather Frederick), Sarah Ellen Rooney from County Cork in Ireland. I have been longing to go and visit the place to see where she came from, visit grave yards etc, and trace my Irish ancestry through her line…Do you get where I’m going with this????

    I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone and do a reccie of the place, ask questions etc. Once the locals realise I’m one of them, they may open up to me…..

  241. MsKadiJ Said,

    How true this is I do not know.. ET Online is reporting that the “drugs that killed Michael” are being traced to Las Vegas.. Dr. Murray had a practice in Vegas. Joe Jackson lives in Vegas. Coincidence?

    Anyway…this link is to ET online, and the picture on the front page is about the concert that AEG bought the rights to for the rehearsals to air sometime in October. I just wanted to point out that I think Michael looked really, reallly, really HOT in those gold pants : )

  242. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Back to my boat theory for one moment….If MJ travelled from the US by boat, he could easily slip off the thing in Ireland. Not going to the Middle East as we first thought. This idea just gets more plausible the more I think about it.

  243. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    MsKadiJ, Hi …..Hi Everyone.

    I have just read the articles that you posted about the Las Vagas connection……Joe Jacksons full of the brown stuff.

    On a recent Channel 4 documentry about MJ’s final days the interviewer spoke to several people who knew MJ well and were concerned that the unscrupulous members of the MJ “camp” were manipulating MJ and had taken over his life. They also said that there were those who tried to get MJ off the pain killers….Even that MJ himself wanted off them.. One man said that MJ did NOT know he was to do more thab 10 concerts….It was the elements behind the scenes that pushed it up to 30+ and then 50. I think that this was his que to get out.

  244. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Apparently Joe Jackson doesn’t even know where MJ’s body is!!!!!!!!!

    “Doh!!! Where did I leave that boy”??????? LOL


    “I’ve lost something. Hang on a minute,,,,,,, got my keys, got my wallet…No, there’s something else. Turned the srove off, put the cat out, put the garbage out. Got my coat….Still missing something…No, it’s gone, can’t remember. WAIT…Now I’ve got it….My production company paperwork. Thank God I remembered the important stuff?”

  245. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Sorry about that…But I have to see the funny side, otherwise I’d go nuts. And we must maintain a sense of humour.

    Keep Smiling:)

  246. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    The British TV show on Sunday is an interview with Uri Geller. Geller and MJ parted company after the Living with Michael Jackson fiasco of an interview.

    Geller had suggested Bashir as the one to run with because he had interviewed Princess Diana in 1995. Bashir is jinxed…It seems that everyone he interviews who is in the public gaze dies within a few years.

    Geller and MJ were not friends in the end, and MJ did not return phone calls to Geller. I honestly think that Geller has jumped on the financial band wagon by “sharing” his memories of Mj and apparently introducing previously unseen photos etc.

    It is thought that Geller got paid for introducing Bashir to MJ…I can believe it as well. Geller, along with alot of the others is taking advantage of Jackson fever and is lining his pockets.

  247. MsKadiJ Said,

    I went back to look at the video again with Will.i.am. Even though it was a couple of years ago. It seems rather odd now, but what was the jolt they were talking about? They guy interviewing them asked Michael about remixing Thriller and at that point, he had not decided to remix it, but it has been remixed now. So what was the jolt. Will.i.am said “what better person to put a jolt or inspire or aspire the young people today than the man who started all of this than the King of Pop himself.” What were they planning? Or what is going on right now the jolt? Something I have noticed is that since June 25th, a lot of people have gone nostalgice, including myself. We have revisited something we have forgotten as far as music is concerned. I know listening to Michael’s music has made me remember what a great humanitarian he is. His music makes me want to go out and save the world, to get involved. All of his music in the later years were teaching us about lending a hand to one another and taking a look at ourselves. Music that reached down deep into your soul and made you stand up and take notice of your surroundings.
    His song Cry on his invincible album has lyrics that he says “I can change the world, I can’t do it by myself.” We have totally missed the point. I mean today’s music is all about getting with this person and doing this to that person nothing with substance to it.
    What happened? Most songs all sound the same today. Where is the originaliity in music and artist today? Maybe that’s the jolt. I don’t know.
    Maybe The Divine Mrs Jones can kill those 2 birds with 1 stone.

  248. MsKadiJ Said,

    Joe says he doesn’t know where Michael’s body is? He is too busy making plans for other things to bother with Michael. Here is a story from Msnbc.com:

    Joe Jackson plans 80th birthday bash

    If Joe Jackson’s spate of recent interviews feels like a publicity tour, that might be because it is one. Michael Jackson’s father is ramping up for his big 80th birthday bash scheduled for Aug. 22 in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park.

    He’s throwing the party with his record label partner Marshall Thompson, who wrote on his MySpace page that the singer’s father is well-known for his “popular birthday celebrations each year.”

    If it seems like a strange way to work through grief, there is this: The celebration will double as a benefit for the new cultural center Jackson plans on building in Gary, Ind.
    “I wanted to give back to the city of Gary,” Jackson said. He added that plans for the cultural center include a large hotel, restaurants, a memorabilia museum, a movie theater, a performing arts theater, and a recording studio.

    However, representatives for the office of Gary’s mayor, Rudy Clay, weren’t aware of the big birthday party/fundraiser plans.

    “The Jackson family is still grieving the loss of their son, like we all are,” a spokesman said. “We’re always talking to the family, but there are no announcements to be made about fundraiser or the memorial.”

    When it was pointed out that apparently Jackson and Thompson were apparently OK with making announcements, the mayor’s office said they’d have to look into things further.

    In the mean time, Jackson is in New York, scouting out locations for future fundraisers.

  249. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Read this page quick, before the newspaper removes it.


    In the pictures the boy looks a bit like MJ, but hey, don’t his impersonators as well. In a tabloid last week it claimed that MJ could NOT father children because of the beatings he got from Joe Jackson as a child.

  250. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Refering to my last comment. And thinking a little more about it. The child looks as though he has been groomed to look like MJ.

    Maybe MJ did have a one night stand as the paper suggests…He admitted himself that he was only human and not a god. The flesh is weak and all that…However, I do not think that the father is MJ…How about you guys??????

    Perhaps he wanted children so bad that he was willing to believe that he was the boys child…

  251. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I’m talking rubbish again LOL

    The end of the last sentence in the lasy posting should end with the word father….Silly me

  252. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I’m typing with 2 left hands tonight LOL

  253. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just heard on the BBC news that Dr Murray’s place in Las Vagas has been raided by the police looking for MJ’s medical records!!!!!

    I think that the good doctor has cooked the books. He has 2 sets, one’s for the real MJ and one’s for the “body”


  254. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,


    This has the Ahhh!!! factor…

  255. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just remembered something that Ben said today. He was showing his friend the helicopter footage and made this comment to me. The body in the helicopter looks “fatter and thick” than the one one the trolley being taken to the waiting van. “Mum, does that mean that Michael Jackson stayed on the helicopter and a fake body was taken off? Have they flown him somewhere else?”

    I wandered why he would go to such lengths to achieve a get-a-way, but maybe this was the first leg of the journey.

    Remember, he’s 11 and makes all sorts of obvservations regarding our detective work. Some of them very good.

  256. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have found the studio that MJ was in with Will.i.am in 2006


  257. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    This place is across the road from the studio…It looks beautiful…Proberbly where MJ stayed


    It is accommodation for the people using the studio. On the home page “someone” has commented that it is child friendly….Now, I wonder who that could have been.

    For those of you who may have missed the link to the Will.i.am interview in Ireland…Here it is again


  258. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    One of the UK’s famous – or should I say – infamous – tabloids is running with the Son of MJ story…The headlines inplied that the ’son’ was going to tell the truth about his father….

    Making money out of the old man eh! Omar…..You and thousands of others…You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  259. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Am I talking to myself on here!!!!ROFL….

    Now, I am in the kitchen ironing…I know, but someone has to do it. The TV is on and I’m watching MJ videos from the year dot up to present day…With me so far?

    Regarding the so called son of MJ stories floating about…Somewhere I read that the ’son’ has a cleft in his chin like his father……but, if you look back to videos from the late 70’s and early 80’s -WHERE IS MJ’S CLEFT???? He doesn’t have one, they don’t appear over night…My brother has one, he’s 56 now and has had it since day one. MJ’s has been ‘manufactured’ Said son of MJ cannot have inherited the thing because it’s not in the genes….Get where I’m coming from people….

    Any thoughts…

    Watch the “She’s out of my life” video and then have a look at “Rock with you” Then come forward 20 odd years and take a look at “In the closet” or “Who is it”….That dimple/cleft in his chin has been man made.

  260. How Does It Feel Said,


    Do you think Miek will be coming out for the piblic to see him any time soon?
    What do you think guys?

  261. monij Said,

    You are absolutely right THE DIVINE MRS JONES. Michael Jackson does not even look like the Michael Jackson we knew 30 years ago. Surgeries may alter the way we look, but can never alter our DNA. As for this Omer, his mother (a Norwegian) stalked MJ while on tour in Tunisa. She showcased her son to MJ, and MJ took on to this guy. He even moved the family to Neverland to work for him. As I mentioned it earlier in a previous post, if we want to compare anyone to MJ we have to compare them to the pre-surgeries Michael Jackson. This Omer might resemble MJ with all the make up and all, but does he look like MJ of the Thriller era, and the MJ of the Jackson 5 era. NO!!! Sorry Omer, we know you are trying hard to look like your idol, but you cannot take advantage of the person who gave you shelter and food. Show some gratitude at least.

  262. monij Said,

    To the Divine Mrs Jones: I read somewhere, I cannot remember where exactly, that Michael Jackson castrated himself to keep his boyish voice, could that be true? If so, then he could not have been able to father any of his “official” and non official children. The world knows his official children are not his biological children, but why are the tabloids claiming this Omer is MJ’s son knowing that MJ can never father children?

  263. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To Divine miss JOnes.

    I believe that storie is BS. Michael does NOT have a secret son, he would have taken care of him. That Boy, has admired Michael hes intire life, and He has been to Neverland, but thats all. What people wouldent do for “15 minutes of fame”

    Christ its pathetic. That can really piss me off

  264. MsKadiJ Said,

    I found something very interesting today. Mind you this story really has nothing to do with Michael, but was found under a search about truths and half-truths about Michael Jackson. Don’t discount the story. At the end ask yourself this questions:

    Who really died at the Holmby Hills Mansion? Here is the story

    “Be careful of what you do ’cause the lie becomes the truth.”
    - Michael Jackson

    little something on the nature of celebrity, and identity.

    “It is normal to give away a little of one’s life in order not to lose it all.”

    Albert Camus.

    “Table for one, please.”

    The maitre d’ looks up from his diary at the two men standing in front of him. They are remarkably similar in appearance. Dressed in black, hair high and stiff with wax, artfully tousled. Very tall. Very pale. Almost translucent.

    “For — one, sir?”

    The taller of the two crooks his head.

    “That’s right. My friend here won’t be staying. He just needs to use the rest room. If that’s ok.”

    The maitre d’ blinks, and regards the two men for a moment. It’s a quiet night. If he had any excuse, he would have lied to them, told them they were fully booked, that a table tonight was impossible. Their stillness and composure bother him at a primal level, beyond the rational.

    But the room is half-empty tonight, and the receipts for the month are down. He does not have the luxury of lizard-brain instinct when his business is wobbling over a pit.

    “Of course, sir. This way.”

    The two men note the placement of the table (”a little close to the kitchen, don’t you think?”) then move off to the rest room. The maitre d’ quickly clears one place setting, and watches them as they walk away. They were disturbingly alike, yet each carried themselves in a completely different way. Side by side, they were easy to tell apart. Yet if one were to choose to impersonate the other, who could tell what mischief could be done?

    It would end in tears, the maitre d’ thinks. These two gentlemen are involved in games that can only end in tears.

    The wash room is empty. The two men take up position, and for a minute there is only the sound of water on porcelain.

    “Have you thought what you’re going to do yet?” They stand at attention, facing the tiled wall ahead, not looking at each other as they speak.

    “No. I thought something simple. Pasta, maybe. She likes pasta.”

    “Mmm. Simple. Good. A couple of bottles of red, though. You know how she drinks when she’s upset.”

    “Yes. Yes, I do.”

    The taller man lets a puff of air out through his nose, a huff of something that could have been amusement.

    “Have you thought what you’re going to say yet?”

    “The usual. It’s not her, it’s me. I can’t be the man that she wants. I thought I might make up an affair.”

    “Well, do what you must. Try not to be too cruel. I do still think highly of her.”

    The other one looks over now, his grey eyes calm, analytical. “But not highly enough that you’ll do this yourself.”

    “No. No, I suppose you’re right.”

    They finish and zip up at the same time. The other one quickly washes his hands, then steps to the door. “Well, then. I’ll be off.”

    “Good luck.”

    The other one looks quizzically at his companion. “The key?”

    “Oh. Yes. Of course.” He digs in his pocket, tosses over a single Yale, unadorned by any kind of key chain. “Will you be long, do you think?”

    “I’ll be done by the time you’re onto coffee. See you soon.”

    He nods, and the other one leaves. He moves to the sink, and begins to slowly wash his hands.

    Behind him, a cubicle flushes, and a short, dark man in a good suit comes out. He takes a place at the next sink. He glances over. Then again, a comedy double-take. He struggles for a moment with an inner dilemma, and comes to a conclusion.

    “Excuse me,” he says. “I hope you don’t mind, this is a bit of an awkward place but — you’re Calum Fry, aren’t you?”

    He allows his shoulders to droop for a moment, then straightens, and fixes the stranger with a cool, grey gaze.

    “Yes, that’s right. Hello.”

    “Oh. Wow. Erm, hello. I’m a fan, well, my wife, she’s a really big fan, and, well, blimey, wait till I tell her who I met in the bogs!”

    “It’ll be quite a story.”

    The stranger brays out an abrupt laugh. Then something comes to him, and the smile drops away.

    “Wait a minute, though. Aren’t you playing tonight? In Hammersmith? That’s a bit of a bus ride from here, Calum.”

    “Yes, it is. So it’s just as well I went on ten minutes ago.”

    Silence, as the little stranger soaks up the meaning.

    “Then that guy you were talking to, sorry, I didn’t mean to listen, but I couldn’t really help it…”

    “Is a split, yes. I have two. For busy moments in the schedule.”

    “Oh.” A quiet, wondering sound. “I know a lot of the celebs have them now, keep the paps off their back, means they can do loads of parties, but I never thought someone like you…”

    “You’d be surprised.”

    “Right. Yeah, I think I am. Calum, I hope you don’t mind — is it expensive?”


    “Does it hurt?”

    And Calum Fry looks at the reflection in the mirror, and has to think before he can reply.

    “Hard to tell yet.”

    And he flicks his cold, grey gaze onto the smaller man, who flinches back at its coldness. At its inhumanity.

    “Right, well, nice to meet you, I won’t take up any more of your time, good luck tonight! With erm, everything.”

    And he’s backing away even as he says that, and he’s almost running as he goes through the washroom door.

    Calum Fry turns back to the sink. With a soapy finger, he draws a circle on the mirror. Then another, intersecting it shallowly. Then a third, forming a kind of loose inverted triangle. He looks at the tiny rounded section in the middle. The fraction that was untouched, unsullied.

    Festival season was coming up, and he was booked so solidly that his management were talking about a fourth split. Another circle, and the bit in the middle gets smaller.

    Somewhere under a bridge, Calum gently plucks a guitar and sings a song about a girl he used to know. Somewhere near a park, Calum stirs a pot of simmering farfalle while a girl sips wine and chatters about her day. He waits for the right moment to interrupt her.

    In a restaurant, Calum looks at the three dots tattooed onto the web between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand, and tries to remember whether that means he is the original or not.

    And he finds he can no longer look into the mirror, for the face that he finds there is not one that he properly recognises.

  265. badkolo Said,

    Michael did things to shock us, to keep himself in the spotlight good or bad, janet did the same.

    Did everyone forget that janet willingly exposed her breast on national tv on a superbowl for gods sake on a sunday which is considered a holy day as well.

    So obviously the jackson have the ability to do things that other stars wouldnt. Justin was there as to cushion the blow and take some blame.

    Now i cant tell if that is michael at the london con but his left hand had bruising on it, he did look good but his legs where incredibly skinny.

    At the memorial paris had no tears and her behavior along with his son just gave it away, blanket looked confused not sad. NOW watch the part right before paris speaks and janet is about to adjust the mic, LOOK AT JANETS FACE and her lips, watch her lic her lips. She was licking her chops becuase she knows hes alive and its working. AT the end it said IM alive, no sh!t sherlock.

  266. badkolo Said,

    Also speaking of songs besides xscape listen to jam and watch ghost, read jams lyrics and watch the cryptic message in ghost which is michael versus the media.

    some jam lyrics.

    I Have To Find My Peace Cuz
    No One Seems To Let Me Be
    False Prophets Cry Of Doom
    What Are The Possibilities
    I Told My Brother
    There’ll Be Problems,
    Times And Tears For Fears,
    It Ain’t Too Much Stuff
    It Ain’t
    Don’t You
    It Ain’t Too Much For Me To jam(dissapear)

    The World Keeps Changing
    Rearranging Minds
    And Thoughts
    Predictions Fly Of Doom
    The Baby Boom
    Has Come Of Age
    We’ll Work It Out

    I Told My Brothers

  267. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hi there everyone,

    I love the story. How apt. It validates in literacy what we deem to be the truth in reality….And every story has a grain of truth about it. All tales have an element of real life, snippets taken from here and there.

    The character in the story has lost touch with his real self and has doubts as to who he really is. He cannot make the relationship with the girl last because she may discover the truth about him and his doubles. He frightens the man who sees him in the bathroom, the man has witnessed something that he shouldn’t have, the man has had a peak through the veil of deceit.

    I sometimes wonder why MJ did not want his kids to look into mirrors. Was it because they may one day see that they do not look like him, or perhaps he does not want them to begin the self loathing that he experiences. i read that a lot of the surgery was done because in the dim and distant past someone once said that MJ looked like his father. MJ took this to mean that he would “become” his father and the sub-conscious mind of MJ has geared him towards creating this “other self” How sad

  268. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    What is it that we love about MJ?

    Is it him, the music, the little boy lost. Each and everyone of us has taken something from him, and returned with our loyalty and love. What is it about him that makes us so devoted????

    Personally, it is because he has always been there, throughout my life. Although we are the same age, I feel like I did when I lost Benjamin in a shop oneday when he was about 5 or 6. Sick and anxious to hear news that he was OK. Why do I feel that about a person I have never met? May never meet. I cannot explain it. There is something spiritual about the feeling and it is as though something from my soul has gone. How strange!!!

  269. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Dave the medium said this to me….

    MJ thinks and writes on a “higher” level. The music and words come from his very being, his soul. Crying out to be heard and understood. Speaking up for those who have no voice, and betrayed by those who have no conscience. Used for gain by those who are amoral and manipulated by those who seek to ridicule publically.

    The words he writes are stories from his heart. An insight into his mind and thoughts. There is no time for being fanciful when all you perceive of the world is violence, hate and cruelty. Times of fun allow the soul time to heal from those perceptions. Not being judged by animals or children because their love is unconditional. Shunning “man” becuse the atrocities of the world are created by him. He has to be alone because no other person should REALLY see him feel the pain he feels and the sorrow he experiences in the deepest recesses of his heart. The world saddens him.

    To understand him you have to understand what he writes, read it not with the mind, but with the heart. Feel the words, and the truth will reveal itself.

  270. MsKadiJ Said,

    I’ve been feeling the same way. For almost 30 days now. I cannot remove this man from my thoughts. I have tried. He invades almost every waking moment. Even when I am sleeping he is there. I cannot even begin to understand why. When I listen to his music and read stories about Micheal (not the tabloid stories, but from people who knew him- my heart aches) I can feel the pain and sorrow of his life. It makes me think of the connection I have with my own mother. We have this special bond. When she was pregnant with me, my father passed away four months before I was born. She almost miscarried me. I held on and showed up a month earlier than I was supposed to. She called me her miracle baby. That was 44 years ago. Now, whenever she is sad, I’m sad. If she hurts, I hurt. If she’s happy, I’m happy. I have to call her sometimes to remind her to take her medicine or to cheer her up. I also sometimes have to meditate to turn off the world, because I sometimes get bogged down the “weight of the world.”
    But, back to Michael, I don’t know why I’m having a hard time putting on the shelf for a few minutes. It’s unrealistic to me. There is a part of me that says, he’s gone and you can’t change that, and another part of me that says, no he’s not, hold on, wait a minute, you’ll see. It’s that nagging women’s intuition that just won’t let me put it away. I have felt that almost from the moment they said he died. Only because they kept showing that press conference and I kept saying “that is not Michael Jackson”.
    There is also a picture supposedly of him where he is waving with his right hand, and in the middle of his hand is a red dot (if anyone has seen it, please post it). Someone linked this picture on another site an said this person was an imposter. I read on here that there were several imposters of Michael. So who’s to say that this scenario did not take place:

    “Michael got wind of a plot to take him out. He placed one of his look alikes in the house. This person was then murdered. Michael made certain individual aware of this (it had to look real) to sniff out the perputrators. and why.”

    He would have to have help. Not only that, according to certain people close to him, he updates his will every 5 years. The will they have is from 2002. That would mean there should be one from 2007. Why did this will not surface? Does that mean he really does not want the true will to be used? Is there a reason the death certificate has not been signed?
    Is the doctor being scapegoated? or did the doctor tip Michael off to what was really going on and aid Michael in escaping?
    only time will tell.. just needed to put my thougts on paper. If Michael is alive., I wish he would just come back and tell us and let us rest. If he’s not then maybe he’s trying to communicate with us and we aren’t getting any sleep, and I wish he would just tell us outright. I for one would like to get some sleep.

  271. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,






    These Youtube links cover the entire Ghosts short film. The las one is the making of Ghosts. Have a look at all of them…They are really VERY good.

  272. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I could have told you that

  273. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    It’s been a month and still nothing has happened regarding a “funeral”!!!! Odd, don’t you think?

    I’ve going over in my mind about the relationship that he has with his children. He LOVES them absolutely. The only thing I can think of that would make him leave them is if THEIR lives were being threatened, because of the fact that he is their father. To keep them safe, he would have to go. Maybe a kidnap threat!!! It is possible, it’s happened before.

    He adores the children and his face radiates when he is with them. He rarely or never travelled without them by his side, especially if he were going anywhere for any length of time.

    Another odd thing is the mask business…For years the childrens faces have been covered…Why now take them out un-covered? Not, I think, to reveal them to the world, but to show everyone what they look like incase they were taken. If they had been, the entire planet would have been out there looking for them, because they are his kids.

    I maybe barking up the wrong tree, but it is food for thought.

  274. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Another Benjamin observation…In the ambulance the supposed MJ is wearing his usual make-up, and looking pretty good, considering.

    Ben said…..”How did he have time to put make-up on if he was in bed having been given an injection by the doctor to help him sleep and then having a heart attack?”….Nice one Ben.

    I read on this site that he had been to rehearsals and did not arrive home until after 12.30am. He had gone to bed,. And that was where he was found the next day…So when did he go and put the make-up on?

    “I’m dying, but before I go, pass me the Max Factor”……….I don’t think so.

    A story in the British taloids today headlined “Prince found Michael dead”………These tales get longer and better.

    So WHO is holding the smoking gun????????????

  275. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,


    We, indeed, do not need telling twice about Mj’s genius

  276. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    “Keep On With The Force Don’t Stop
    Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
    Keep On With The Force Don’t Stop
    Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
    Keep On With The Force Don’t Stop
    Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
    Keep On With The Force Don’t Stop
    Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”

    These are the chorus lyrics from the song “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”

    I just caught Benajmin singing this!!!!

    “Keep on to the post office.
    Don’t stop till the letters gone”

    He told me that it’s what he thought MJ was singing. I laughed so hard I nearly blew my teeth out…:)

  277. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    TEETH…..Now let’s concentrate on the old gnashers for just a minute…..

    I have stared at the picture of the “fake” MJ at the O2 Arena, and the teeth don’t look right. I have just spent sometime looking at picture of MJ through the years, and in particular watching the Ghost video that I linked earlier….The teeth are just not the same….The guy in O2 has fangs…

  278. MsKadiJ Said,

    Benjamin is very observant…I didn’t even think about that. Who has time to put on makeup before passing out? You are right about the different and confusing stories. They started the day he “died”. They have not stopped. At the beginning they were coming out so fast, it made your head spin. Then, they sort of died down in the last couple of weeks. However in the last week, they have picked up steam again. And they are even more confusing than they were in the beginning.
    One of the stories out there that really grabbed my attention was that the estate managed to get about 5 million dollars returned to it from a former financial advisor. I wonder how many former financial advisors and former associates have money that doesn’t belong to them who were trying to destroy Michael will be finding their way to court to return mismanaged funds. This is probably where all his money went to. Maybe this was his way of getting his money back.
    Hey watch out for that Tohme Tohme guy, I heard he was a really bad guy…
    Oh, and by the way, that was funny about the lyrics..

  279. MsKadiJ Said,

    I had to come and write this….you asked about why he showed his children’s faces.. here is another thought. Remember when the children were born? When Prince Michael I was born, his picture was on the cover on People Magazine. Look at the picture. The child’s complexion was darker than the picture we saw of them wallking across the parking lot. Each picture we were recently shown of the children, they were of a different complexion. What if the pictures of the children we saw were not really him and his children? What if Michael and his children are all together? I mean, why not? You said it best. He loves them more than life itself. He would move heaven and hell to protect them.

  280. MsKadiJ Said,

    Also , the two men who have been named “temporary administrators” of Michael jackson’s estate are recovering money from people who had financial dealings with Michael. Is this the real story? I mean is it possible that Dr. Murray is a stooge? Or is Dr. Murray in on it with Michael to uncover a vast conspiracy to smoke out the real culprits. The judge has not finalized anything in open court. Keep that in mind. Everything has been moved back. Every proceeding has been postponed until August 3. The child guardianship hearings, the executor hearings, the cause of death has been deferred. Nothing has been finalized. So what is really going on? This story is far from over. I think it’s just beginning.
    The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that someone wanted Michael dead. Follow the money. If Michael is alive I pray he’s safe. If he’s not, I pray the people behind it are brought to justice for what was done to him.

  281. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    The girl who worked with him on Thriller only got her promised royalties last year. She thought that MJ had renaged on the deal they had, but it turns out that his financiers had not paid her.

    How do you lose $400 million? I bet they kept telling him that he was OK, but in reality they were speculating with his money, and helping him spend it.

  282. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    There’s no MJ’s body in that coffin. I bet they found a John Doe at short notice and it was a case of now or never. The time was right so MJ had to swing into action. Carrying out the plan that had been hatched years before.

  283. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I came across this posting on another page of this site….read on my friends!!!!!

    closepaltomj Said,
    The pieces of he puzzle are just sll falling into place now. I have to be careful how I word this as I am an internationally known close friend of Michael’s. I want this site and its members and the curious public to know that this has been the only way he could get out of the gruelling 50 concerts and the myraid of people unscrupously sueing him.
    I talked to Michael, at length, just a few months ago and I knew for a fact he needed a good break from it all. Won’t you get tired ofbeing so talked about everywhere? Exactly. HE SAID NOTHING ABOUT THE 02 AND NOT EVEN ABOUT HIS TRIP TO LONDON COMING UP. I KNEW ALL ALOMG THE 02 WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

    So..yes..it is a hoax but I am proud of his ingenuity and am delighted he is finally getting that good privacy he has always wanted.

    He might be reading this maybe I will close for now.

    Smile..he is very much ALIVE!

    Now that you’ve read it, what do you think???????????

    I should hate for someone to be playing a joke with us, because I’d get really mad. This is NOT a time for this kind of humour – if indeed it is a prank – we should all, and I mean ALL, be truthful on this site. Yes, voice an opinion or make a suggestion…even spectulate…..but don’t lie. It would be unkind and hurtful to us all if it was someone’s idea of a way to wind us up.

  284. MsKadiJ Said,

    That story about the paramedics saying he was already dead and that they didn’t realize it was Michael Jackson. They said he just looked like a frail old man. I don’t understand that. The picture that etonline posted and that Benjamin pointed out about the makeup don’t look like a “frail old man”. You can look at the picture and would be let to believe that it is Michael Jackson on the stretcher. I read on another post somewhere that the picture could be from 1995. I don’t know how true that is, I haven’t been able to find it anywhere to verify it. So it’s another clue. And no frail old man has time to put on makeup.The body at the house had been dead for at least 2 hours. And the 911 caller didn’t identify that it was Michael Jackson, so what gives? Supposedly, the doctor had Prince Michael come in and watch him give his father cpr. So,lets suppose this is true. Michael was actually in the room on the bed when this was taking place. The would explain the cpr on the bed story. He couldn’t actually give a live body cpr on a hard surface and take the chance of injuring Michael could he?
    How do the paramedics play a part in this? How did they get the body out of the house?

  285. minimalany Said,

    how come nobody speaks about MJ commited a suicide?dont you hink that is what really happened?i dont know what to beleive anymore.

  286. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Right….I want you all to click on this Youtube link…Turn your speakers up….Push the chair away from the computer desk…And dance…Wave your arms around and sing your hearts out.

    It’s Jackie Wilson “Higher and Higher”….A feel good song if ever there was one. Smile, feel good about youselves and know you’re loved.


  287. MsKadiJ Said,

    Thanks for the music. Everyone is quiet this weekend. Everyone ok?

  288. Hideaway Said,

    I think that post by “closepaltomj” is intended to yank our chains, based solely on the username alone. I mean, really, close pal to MJ? That’s almost as lame as believing ImJanetMsJacksonIfUrNasty came on posing as his sister.

    Did you all see this? http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/showbiz/michael_jackson/391996/Jack-in-the-box-Michael-Jackson-in-Charlie-Chaplin-photos.html A picture of Michael as a young man playing dead in a coffin at Madame Tussaud’s. Just more proof of his unusual sense of humor & unpredictability. Foreshadowing? A long-time plan? I think I’m analyzing this pic too much. But it does show yet again he had some fascination with death. His morbid streak is apparent in quite a few of his lyrics & music videos.

    My feeling is MJ’s alive. He could be in the witness protection program, hiding from elitist thugs, hiding from a murder plot directed towards him, thwarting a threatened kidnapping, escaping his life-in-a-fishbowl existence, escaping debts/tarnished reputation from the trials/legal troubles, lawsuits/responsibilities, or knowing when to retire & bow out with a spectacular bang. It does seem that some select people (like T. M. or the Arabian sheik he owed $…heck, even Wyclef Jean stated “MJ owes me money”), companies (like Sony), The Powers That Be (interpret that how you want) could want to “take him out.” Very scary. MJ was courageous & brazen in his anti-corruption-in-the-music-biz speeches…yikes. “Turn your cameras off for this part….Oh, what the hell, leave them on…Tommy Mottolla is a DEVIL” is to-the-point & playing with fire (no pun intended). That was mainly in 2001-02. Makes me wonder if that jump started a revenge plot against MJ & his reputation, thus more child abuse allegations/trial.

  289. Hideaway Said,

    If he’s alive, I hope if someone’s out to get him, they don’t find him. I hope he’s protected & the bad guys aren’t being helped in finding his location by reading clues on this site uncovered by well-intentioned blog-detectives. I hope he’s happy, healthy, peaceful & enjoying the shit out of watching the world fall in love with him all over again! I hope he’s laughing about the great Houdini stunt he pulled on the world (remember, he thanked David Blaine at one point, loved illusions, and even had a magic show stage complete with trap doors in the floor in his home theater). I too believe several people close to him, including family members, are in on this.

    Here’s hoping he hasn’t found out some of his fans committed suicide :-/ . If he’s alive, I doubt we’ll ever know. It would be stupid & risky staging a comeback. Although many of us would whoop with amazement & joy, Michael would be yet again back where he was: at the mercy of worldwide fame, accusations, expectations & responsibilities. He might be charged with treason for faking his own death (unless he petitioned the gov’t for a pardon & help going underground prior to “dying,” mounds of people would rush to throw new lawsuits at him for how this event has affected them, & who knows what the aftermath of the MJ fan suicides would be. Talk about sh!t hitting the fan. Although it would EXCITING & the greatest hoax pulled on the world in our generation.
    With all the conflicting information (junk) floating around, it’s hard to decipher WHAT to believe…what is real? It almost strikes me with a “The War of the Worlds” vibe. You know, the fake story which was broadcast commercial-free on the radio as news bulletins in 1938 & people freaked out thinking it was real, that aliens were taking over the Earth. The media’s doing it to us again. Most people believe every Michael Jackson story being fed to them, no matter how stories may clash, accepting it all as real & some getting hysterical due to it.

    Ugh, it hurts my head. But I can’t stop investigating it & thinking about MJ’s life & “death.”

  290. Hideaway Said,

    The username “closepaltomj” triggered my memory to that Illuminious Theo fake (but entertaining) story by “Father LingYu Fu” which, if truly a Chinese name, has the surname first with the given name following (opposite how we go by our names in the Western world). So it’s Father Fu LingYu…duh…Fooling You.

  291. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hi MsKadiJ, and Everyone,

    If the picture did come from 1995, then it would have been published in 1995….Too good a picture for any paparazzi to leave. It’s worth a fortune, selling to all the tabloids around the world.


    Take a look at this tv broadcast that Uri Geller did about Mj, it aired last night in the UK. If you listen closely MJ is sometimes refered to in the present tense!!!!!Odd. It strikes me that Geller has jumped on the financial bandwagon, as I have mentioned before in a previous listing. The tears are a mockery…fake…It’s all “I said this Michael, I said that to Michael. I took him here, I took him there.” Wow Uri, clever you. Uri Geller makes it appear as though he had MJ’s ear, when in reality he did not. He let MJ down when – for money – he introduced him to Martin Bashir. Bashir single handedly tore shreads.

    Why do people single out those who are different, abnormal…When really it is us who are abnormal. We fight, starve people, cause wars…all sorts of atrocities. When someone shows some compassion for their fellow man they are labled a freak, strange, not normal….When will we ever learn.

    Watch the video and see what you think.

  292. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hi minimalany,

    I do not think that MJ would EVER top himself. He thinks the world of the children, and NOTHING would ever take them from him, or him from them. He wants to live forever, and in true Peter Pan fashion, he believes he can. Peter Pan would never kill himself. MJ would never kill himself. Personally, I refuse to even let that idea enter the equation.

    What I do believe, and keeping with the Peter Pan theme, is this….MJ ia 50 years of age, and I am 51. I think like I did 30 odd years ago, but you know, my body does not work like it did 30 odd years ago. What I am saying is, that maybe these rehearsals and prospective tours made him suddenly realise that he is mortal, he isn’t going to live forever, and that what he did even 10 years ago, is now that little bit harder. The dance routines are a little more difficult. I think that he did not want to let his fans down by disappointing them with – to him – a half hearted performance. His dreams shattered, and his life scrutinised right down to the bear bones, he’s opted to disappear and allow us to remember him as he was in his hay day. He’s gone somewhere to come to terms with this and to gather his thoughts. I believe he is still alive, I believe he is very sad and lonely. And, I believe that the family know where he is….

  293. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Remember…MJ likes the company of younger children. They don’t judge and are not complicated. If he is anywhere, it’s going to be where there are children that he can lavish his affection on. This man has more love and affection in his little finger than most people I know. He could not exist without the presence of youngsters. If kids were not around, then I think that would destroy him….Just a thought.

  294. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just had a thought. MJ loved magic, tricks and illusions…..One of the people that he admires is David Coppefield…The man who made a yacht disappear, who walked through the Great Wall of China. It stands to reason that this is the greatest illusion, the greatest trick the world has ever seen. The disappearing King of Pop.

    Keep the audiences attention diverted, while the essence of the trick is being played out behind the scenes. Smoke screens, mirrors and slight of hand. The imitation, the fakes….all set up, while the real MJ slips quietly away.

  295. IloveMJ89 Said,

    I would like to put somthing I wrote on this site, it’s just my thoughts, and hopes.

    Former pop star Michael Jackson has “died” on June 25th 2009, but is that what really occurred? During the time of his death Michael’s home doctor disappeared mysteriously for a couple of hours, the question is where did he go? This question still goes un-answered. My theory is he helped Michael find a safe hide out until everything cooled down, I’m not the only one who has this suspicion.

    Many people around the world are starting to think, Did the King Of Pop fake his death to escape publicity for a while? Is he hiding out somewhere getting ready to make a huge comeback? Maybe he wanted to get rid of all his problems by disappearing? In my own mind I think Michael is indeed not dead, but hiding somewhere on this Earth, there are many reasons why he would do this, as there are many reasons to think he faked his death.

    To begin with, has anyone even seen his body? I don’t think so. They didn’t even bury it yet, and does anyone know why? I think we all have a suggestion, could it be he’s not dead? They are hiding his “body” somewhere, and no one knows where. He doesn’t even have a signed death certificate. In the last picture of him alive, he’s surrounded by paramedics, and air masks, you can’t see his face all that well, but what you can see is he has a fuller face, and he doesn’t look as white as he does normally. His nose isn’t the same either I think either that’s a impostor or a very old picture.

    Michael has been spotted entering the hospital a couple of times before his death they were minor encounters but long enough to plan his escape from the world. He also had a heath check not to long before he suffered a “cardiac arrest” and was fine, how could you be perfectly healthy dancing around on stage one minute, then the next suffering a heart attack? It doesn’t all fit.

    Michael wanted to make this concert the best that there can be, what better way to make a huge comeback then to comeback from the dead and perform an amazing concert? He “passed away” just weeks before he was supposed to begin his tours. It all comes together perfectly, he says he is going to have a big comeback concert then all of a sudden dies, everyone is desisted so the family plans a couple of tribute ceremonies, then out of no where the king of pop comes out and performs his amazing music. That would defiantly mark a point in the music history for Michael, even bigger then the ones he already marked.

    Or maybe it could be opposite maybe he wanted to hide away from all the pain our people, our OWN kind has caused another, Michael. He was born to entertain and he did, but what does he get out of all this? More and more pain, rumours, and hate. Who are we to judge on appearances? Who are we to accuse? He was/is a great man, and has done so much for everyone either inspiring, charity, changing the way everyone sees each other, helping us look through the eyes of people in need, and how to we repay him? Though hurtful things. Ever hear of the saying “innocent until proven guilty” maybe you should think about that next time you want to say something unnecessary.

    He never got to live a childhood and why? So he could entertain his own people, make us happy. He was a wonderful, caring, inspiring person, and if my conspiracy is wrong, he will still live, not through the air we breath, or the water we drink, but in our hearts. I believe he is still out there, I have hope, and that hope is all we have to hang on to, so don’t let go, and believe.

    That is just my thoughts and what I think.

  296. je Said,

    I have just found this site and have been reading all commnets. I to have doubts about MJ. I have watched the ambulance pic several times and to me the skin is much darker than his. He was pale in color. Hie looks as though he has a frown over his brow The video transporting the body if you look close into the helicopter the person on the stretcher looks bigger and when they remove the stretcher it looks flat This news has hit me very hard and it just does not seem real. Can’t shake it. At the o2 conference the walk, mannerisms, voice and skin color. I don.t think that was MJ.

  297. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I came across this about Neverland….It might be worth considering……..


    Have a read and have a think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember, all avenues have to be persued.

  298. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hi there Je…….And all,

    Welcome to this site…Call in anytime, we’re all friendly and have the same goals in mind. Any thoughts or ideas, how ever far fetched they may seem…Jot them down. You have to sort the wheat from the chaff!!!!!!!!!!

  299. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just been looking at the link that Hideaway put on for the British newspaper “The News of the World” If you go into the link you will come across never seen before pictures of Neverland and Michaels private apartments in the house…..Now the show complete and utter chaos..Stuff scattered about the floor, books open everywhere, clothes thrown about…..Now, for those of you with teenagers, expecially teenage boys…What does it remind you of???? Their bedrooms…Got it in one, well done. I saw the pictures and immediately thought of my eldest son, Adam. The only free space in Adams room is the bit around his computer. Adam has a tendency to chuck his clothes on the floor, he doesn’t know the meaning of making in his bed. I do not take this to mean anything other than he is just being a teenager, and it is a part of Adam. It’s not saying to the world that he has a problem, or is dangerous. Adam is just dispalying the fact that he has better things to occupy his mind.

    Now, I don’t know about you, but the pictures, to me, show the same sort of adolescent behaviour is being displayed by MJ as it is by Adam. It is quite often the genious that has a scatty mind. MJ, in Neverland, was learning about the world in the only way he could. He had rare glimpses into the outside, but only rare. Everything he learned about life came from books, TV and online. This was his comfort zone.

    HOW DARE THE POLICE RELEASE THESE PICTURES….I would be peed off of someone put pictures of my sons room in the paper, and so would he. MJ must being feeling dreadful that his inner scanctum has been revealed for all the world to stare at in awe and wonder. It’s a damn circus…dare I say it…A freak show. The police should be ashamed of themselves. What on earth do they hope to gain from this?????

    Anyway, I have to go to work now, but take care everyone and hope to talk soon!!!!!!!!

  300. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I had to attend an “after training meeting and dinner” with work last night and I managed to turn the conversation around to the MJ hoax death debate. The laptops came out and a lot of the others watched the helicopter footage and are in agreement with us that the body sits up…I did not prompt them by the way, I just asked them to watch the inside of the craft very closely.

    Now, one girl put her idea in, and it’s quite a sound one…Here goes!

    The addiciton to prescription drugs could not have been for MJ, but the impersonator. The man who was to be the body when the time came. Perhaps this man died and the swap had to be done at that time. Maybe the impersonator had been ill for some time and knew that the end was near. The painkillers would have been used for him and not MJ, hence why MJ was so secretive when questioned about his so called addiction.

    As I say, it was an idea thrown into the mix…What do you guys think?????

  301. FoundMe Said,

    The Divine Mrs Jones: Seems to me that your friend at the dinner last night and I have the same general idea. I had posted a theory a day or so ago that is kind of similar. Except my “imposter” was E’Casanova until someone shot me down and said, Yah, but Casanova would still be black after you remove the makeup and Michael has very light skin. Here is what I wrote which I posted under “Do you believe?”: Just substitute your fiends “impersonator” instead of my “imposter”

    I have been following this site for a few weeks now and would like to put forth this idea: (if the following has already been put forth by another poster, please accept my apologies)

    Referring back to #437 who suggested we go view this link:
    http://www.reidopop.com/mjbeats/showthread.php?t=2383 (for those who care)

    And coupled with this link from #449:

    Now, could it be possible, since E’ Casanova is announcing the end of his career due to a life threatening illness, as he states in the farewell poem (?), that he could have been at MJs house in his final months, because they were friends (as far as I know). That’s why all the oxygen tanks were found, plus IV drip, medication, etc. Also, this may be why this Dr. Murray was brought in??? As far as I can see (as per the link in # 449), no one was allowed upstairs in MJs house except MJ, his children and the DR.
    Then maybe E’Casanova dies sooner than expected (this is all speculation on my part) so the hoax plan goes ahead with the imposter posing as MJ??? Since there has been NO pictures of the real MJ (I believe this site has already established the ambulance picture as fake or an earlier photo of Michael about 1995??) since all this started, it would be easy to replace the real Michael with the imposter Michael.
    As to the DNA that may be taken from the fake Micheal posing as real Michael, it wouldn’t have to match with the childrens’ as there has been lots of speculation as to whether Michael is the real father or not. They would just put it down to “See I told you Michael wasn’t the real father.”
    I hope you are following me so far.
    Then while all this confusion is happening, the real Michael goes ahead with the rest of his plan to go into hiding??
    Check out Casanova’s myspace: http://www.myspace.com/ecasanovafansite
    He is the closest look a like to Michael I have seen. More so than Navi.
    Let me know what you all think???????

  302. MsKadiJ Said,

    Sorry for my absence… I have been doing some research and trying to piece together some things in my own head this week. I am still sitting on the fence, but as I have stated before I still lean to Ireland. I have been chatting with others who I’m not sure if they think MJ is still with us, but I am almost certain they do. I am almost certain they believe that the reason why it was done was to expose a great conspiracy done to MJ and this conspiracy is being exposed however slowly it may be done, hopefully each and everyone of them will rot in jail or hell whichever metes out the worst punishment!
    I was told almost point blank that what some of us can’t see the forest for the trees. I was also told to not allow the media to fool you and to not let the media mislead you. Most of what you have been told and what you see is fiction. It’s there because people will believe only in what they see. There are those who most likely conspired to do harm based on one simple thing: GREED. This story is far from over. Try to remember this number: 9 That number is important. 1 is a distraction. 8 are left.

  303. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Some, or most of us are experiencing some ridicule because of the fact that we know MJ is alive. Our friends and family think we’re nuts….or at least mine do, apart from Benjamin…my ideas man. My husband has just gone to bed saying “Why are obessing over a dead man?” to which I answer “He’s not dead, he’s hiding” There was a lot of tut tutting as he went up stairs. I felt a little hurt by this, but am more determined to carry on and focus on finding the truth.

    We will never experience what MJ has over the last 30 years regarding disbelief and ridicule, but I have to admit that it is not a pleasant feeling. I am not hurting anyone, I am not forcing anyone to believe me, but I would like them to respect the fact that I belive in what I am doing.

    I don’t know about all of you, whether your nearest and dearest think that you have lost the plot. Keep going and to heck with what they think of you. If people think I’m crazy, that’s their problem.

    I also feel sure that MJ’s close ‘in the know’ friends read this site. Maybe he does as well…we cannot be sure that he doesn’t. You never know, someone who submits to the site could be either him or one of his friends!!!!! Now there’s a thought.

    I know one thing about myself, I do not believe it’s “wishful thinking” I believe that it is the truth. I have no doubts about that. MJ is alive and kicking.

  304. t33 Said,

    Maybe the focus should be on WHO is actually driving the media!

  305. MsKadiJ Said,

    I think that is the better question. Misdirection…there is another question that I feel is important to ask. The chef that was interviewed on Larry King Live. She said that she had worked for Mr. Jackson and was let go and then re-hired for him. Said he “looked different” when she saw him again the second time.

    I have not seen the interview, but was made aware of this interview. If someone could follow up on this. Supposedly this was after he went to London to make the announcement. He looked different when he came back.
    Again, try to stay focused and not sidetracked by what is going on in the media. One other thing.. Maybe we could try and find out if there is a difference between the drugs they keep talking about Diprivan and Propofol. I am told there is a Diprivan used in hospitals and a Propofol that is generic and one used by vets (hi-grade) (oh, this could be a clue). I’m just throwing out clues that were given to me by someone. who said to try not to focus on the doctor but the who, what, why, when, and where.

    And if it is a “hoax” who would have the means to pull it off? and why?

  306. CC Said,

    OK, please don’t have a go at me guys but now after looking at this website hoping to find some answers as I really do sincerely want to believe that MJ is alive, the more I read the more I believe that he is dead. I think people are getting a bit too ‘James Bond’ with it all. Please someone if you can answer all of my points below I really will believe that he is alive. As I said before I started out a believer and I still want to be, so please just hear me out as I am not here to slate anyone or their opinions.

    1) I do not think that MJ’s body was in the casket at the memorial no, perhaps he could have been cremated beforehand or just simply kept at the memorial park which would explain why there would be no need tp move the body. I t would also explain the ‘lack of emotion’ on the families behalf, knowing that he wasn’t in there might have made things easier.

    2) As for MJ being in the roof how could he have gone into hiding with all of these theories of boats and things if he was still in LA?

    3) As everyone is aware LA is in a considerable amount of debt at the moment, why use the taxpayers money to stage a fake memorial? Surely the Jackson’s would have paid out for it if all this money is flying around? Surely if it is a hoax there would be a huge backlash on MJ for that.

    4) Again the time time and money being spent on the investigation, I understand we are only hearing what the media wants us to hear but again why waste all of that money if the police are in on it and know that MJ is alive? What will you all say if Dr. Conrad Murray is found guilty of manslaughter? Surely they wouldn’t let an innocent man go down.

    5) If the media are all in on it why would they cooperate with MJ after all these years to pull off this stunt. Money, you might say, but surely he could have paid them off years ago when he wasn’t in so much debt to leave him alone because lets face it sadly he did have more negative press when in fact he deserved much better.

    6) Somebody made a comment about red dots on hands, all I can say is who has never got ink or print rub off on their hands. Something to do with the shape as well. No offence to the guy he he went to the extent of doing that much surgery to his face sure he would have corrected a minor problem like his hand.

    7) I can also thing of reason for not having an open casket. IF and only IF his body was in there would you really trust all those people in that center. If you think about it there were sick people that had tickets and tried to sell them. Whats to say that those people that were neither close to the family or real fans wouldn’t try and grab a piece of him. For example his plastic surgery and nose tips have been largely talked about whether true or not. What if the family just wanted him to be left alone and not have some crazed person try and grab his body trying to see of things like his body were real or not giving someone another opportunity to cash in on his death. The other thing I ask is would you want your dead body on display to millions around the world? Maybe whether cremated first or not, his family just wanted him to have his privacy in death.

    As for members of the family talking about him in the present death, I know that when I have been grieving before I have also accidentally done this in error, simply because it is still difficult and hard to believe they are gone. When it is someone you know personally it quite often doesn’t sink in for some time.

    9) Maybe the coroner’s report has still not been released as it might hamper the investigation. I think the LAPD may have already made mistakes and maybe they want to investigate further into other things before they are made public.

    10) If all news/hoax death forums are being taken down off of the internet then why hasn’t this one been. If anything this is the most famous one of all of them which doesn’t make sense. Surely the family or MJ would want this one taken down dur to all of the theories and the amount of internet traffic it produces. Maybe the lack of news is simply because there isn’t any becasue the police are remaining tight lipped about it all.

    11) Again, IF and only IF the rumours are true that Prince Michael witnessed the CPR being administered he would have to testify this in court. Would MJ really let a 12 year biy have to go through all of that. I really don’t think he would, he loves his kids too much.

    12) With reference to the ambulance pic and the ‘make up’ it has been reported that MJ did used to wear semi permanent eyeliner and mascara which wouldn’t smudge. Meaning that it is almost tattooed on him for a good six months. The only make-up he may have usually worn would be a good powder adn foundation to even out his skin tone which tended to give him that very unusual really white appearance. That could explain why he had more colour in his face etc…..because he hadn’t applied any make up.

    13) Dave the psychic someone has also mentioned on here as well. Yes, I do like to believe there is an afterlife somehow, somewhere, in this life. But if this person was a real clairvoyant/psychic he would know that the first rule of it all is that you cannot communicate with people that have passed on until at least 6 months after they have passed as they are still in transition. Therefore anyone that claims they cannot find his spirit is becasue he is in transition and anyone who claims to have spoken to MJ’s spirit is also not likely to be real/, or they could be voicing there own opinions wanting yoiu to believe it is MJ’s.

    Believe me I would like nothing more than for MJ to come out and suprise us all and be alive. But unfortunately the more theories I read the more can be explained. Whilst I agree there is no hard evidence to the PUBLIC that he is dead, let’s face is what is the hard evidence to suggest that he is? and ironically, people say that he has done this just to be free from the public eye etc but isn’t that a contradiction because if he is in hiding he wouldn’t be able to go out and about anyway because people would notice him. I think the difference between his death and that of Elvis is that people said there were sightings of Elvis, there have only been so called sightings of MJ’s ghost, not of him in the physical sense and someone would have got a picture by now even if it was by cameraphone.

    I am going to continue to read these posts because I do want to believe, I don’t believe that you guys are crazy or anything like that but maybe you should take your theories and show them to the LAPD if yoiu really think that they are that real. Go and find some hard evidence, do what you can, don’t jsut make suggestions because by doing that doesn’t that make us just as bad as the media for making up stories? If this is all a hoax then I think MJ will have such a huge backlash that it wouldn’t matter how much money he had the amount of lawsuits that would be put against him would put him in even more debt than he would have started off with.

    Finally MJ if you are out there and reading this, come out now before it all goes too far and goes beyond the point of no return. Godforbid but if you have passed on may you R.I.P.

    Only time will tell if this is a hoax or not. But I think as time moves on surely it is looking more like murder simpliy because of the scale

  307. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I try to avoid the tabloids, where possible. It can be difficlut when the headlines are glaring at you. There seems to be very little fact based reporting and alot of speculation and rumour. Sometimes you have to pick up what is presented to you and run with it. It may take you down a blind alley, but you have to follow the “you never know” principle.

    I agree t33, perhaps we should focus on who is driving the media…sourcing rumour can be very difficult. Whoever it is or they are is throwing out snippets of information (whether correct or incorrect) into the media based arena and watching the news hungry wolves consume it with relish. They in turn forward it on the the public who lap it up. Now, alot of it repeats itself in many different ways. The legal battles, the children, the test results, to name but a few. We have to read between the lines to filter out all the crap (apologies for any strong language) and go with whats left, however minute.

    Somewhere in all of this there is going to be a hint or tip as to who is suppling the information…Could it be MJ himself? Creating what I call a smoke screen. When you are concentrating on one thing, you cannot focus on another.

  308. paranoidozzy Said,

    The Devine Mrs Jones……. I’ve said MJ has faked his death from the start, I’ve had all the ridicule from members of the family and I must say I expected MJ to burst out of the coffin at the memorial singing ‘I’m Bad, I’m Bad……..’ but sadly he didn’t!

    Luckily my nephew also believes MJ is faking his death, so I have someone to talk to along with this great website to keep me sane.

    I also have to say I’m not a MJ fan in the sense that many of you are, but appreciate that MJ had a God given talent and I dare anyone to say they don’t have a favourite MJ song or two, three….!

    I’ve never believed in Stars faking their death, I am an Elvis Presley fan, but don’t believe for one second that the great man is still alive. But when I heard MJ had died and after looking at the evidence of his death, there is no way he is dead.

    I’m sure that some of you may mock but hey keep it real and keep this site alive with your ideas and beliefs, we are the growing many that will show the world we are not wrong…… Michael Jackson is still ALIVE!!

  309. sw148 Said,

    Hey, I just wanted to say that I believe mj could be alive. There are too many weird goings on, I would also like to add, if you type mj o2 into YouTube and go on the comments section, a few comments say the way he’s acting reminds them of elvis like the way he moves and stuff. A bit strange seeing as what happened. Someone said to me that if he DID hoax his death, then he would probably come out sooner or later because firstly he’s lived in the spotlight his whole life and it’s where he’s most comfortable; I mean look at all the stuff he stirred up when was younger like the oxegen chamber. Secondly he’s basically a big kid and like a child would, he woulc have to tell someone or appear at some point. Xx

  310. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Hi paranoidozzy and sw148…Everyone,

    I am batting on your teams…I agree with you both. I am a ‘fan’ of the music and the talent of MJ as a performer. I am also a humanitarian and dislike and disapprove of the way he has been manipulated over the years. Some people will go to exceptional lengths to get money, even the destruction of another persons life. My late Mum used to say…What goes around, comes around..Meaning that the people who have done this will not enjoy their new found wealth because it comes with penalties and sacrifices.

    I have been looking at the changing face of MJ. His plastic surgeons have a duty of care, and part of that duty involves saying “NO” to anymore surgery. I watched the entire “You rock my world” video and at the beginning he could hardly smile because the skin had been pulled that tight it restricted movement. When the mighty buck enters the equation then responsiblity goes out the window.

    As I said earlier, I am a ‘fan’ of the talent of MJ and his music…He has an extraordinary approach to music and knows the right buttons to press in our psyche. BUT, if I had ever passed him on the street – an unlikely thing I know, but go with me on this – I would have kept going, because that’s the way I am, I’d let him get on with whatever he was doing.

  311. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    My husband tut tuts at the MJ theories…but this morning he was asking me about whether I fancied a holiday to St Helena…a remote island in the Atlantic…only accessible by boat. He then said “Maybe YOUR Micheal Jackson is hiding there” As though I own him or something. He then went on to say that you can only get there on an RAF flight to the Ascension Islands and then on the RMS St Helena to Jamestown. They do have yachts that call in there on their travels, but essentially it is a place that by tradition is difficult to get to.

    Now, going with what my hubby has said, and my yacht theory as a means of escape. It does not feel that farfetched an idea. Check out the St Helena websites I am attaching.


    Again, we have to explore every possible idea, becuse one day we might be right.

  312. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    How ironic that the St Helena website is called “Discover Our Secret”.

  313. MsKadiJ Said,

    I agree that if I passed him on the street I would keep walking. I saw how much his face had changed over the years. It was drawn very tight from the plastic surgery.

    I also noticed that the only features I recognize on him are his eyes and his lips (even if the tabloids try and say he’s had his lips done) His eys haven’t changed. You can’t fake the eyes.

    I understand why the poster would say he couldn’t fake his death, but I still would have to disagree on some level. MJ wasn’t broke, I believe that to be a rumor based on the fact that his executors of his estate have already stated that the estate is solvent (mj broke-lie #1).

    You have to look at the HOW he could pull it off not reasons why he couldn’t pull it off. He has friends who are rich and very powerful who could come up with the money at the drop of a hat. One or two in particular who would move heaven and earth to help him. Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Ross, two of his most trusted friends and confidants, women he trust and love dearly. And they are both wealthy and like mother figures to him.

    It’s not the money as much as why, who conspired to remove MJ from this world. The coroner has now decided to hold the autopsy results indefinitely. The investigation has moved beyond MJ. It is far reaching. So even if he is dead, it has given a much bigger stage into these doctors who prescribe pills to celebrities just because of who they are.

  314. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    By the way my husband has a contact on St Helena, so if we need someone to investigate the island for us, John is our man.

  315. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just been watching some Mj music videos with Benjamin. The “Who is it” one played through and Ben sat quiet for a moment after it had finished…He then piped up with this profound comment….”Mum, that woman in the film is Michael Jackson” and I, thinking he meant it was an imposter/impersonator, assured him that it was most definately a girl. “No! Mum, It’s the way we look at him. He was all things to different people” This remark peaked my interest and I asked him to go on. He then went to explain that he thought the girl was a representaion of the many persona’s of MJ. And how sad it was at the end of the film he ended up alone, again. Quite a statement from an 11 year old, but he has a point. I played it through again and tried to watch it through Ben’s eyes…He does have a point. Ben said that if it was his film the girl and MJ would get together and run away. But, as we all know, you cannot escape yourself. The lonely figure at the end is the Mj that’s left after the adoring fans have gone home, the lights have gone down in the concert hall and the house is quiet. It is actually full of pathos.

  316. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Now, it’s cheer the gang up time!!!!!

    This little ditty was put together by a chap called Martin Sexton, and ohhhhhhh!!!!!!! It does have the feel good factor.

    I defy you not to try and sing along or even tap your feet.

    Smile, enjoy….This will pick your spirits up.


  317. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just watched a series of interviews with MJ from 1988 with an Australian reporter…They are on Youtube under “Michael Jackson Rare Interview”….In part of it he says that he has many disguises, some of them were so good his own Mother didn’t recognise him….Food for thought guys!!!!!!

  318. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,





    Some transcibed CNN Live with Larry King interviews….Take a read and see what you think.

  319. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I have just re-read the last transcript with chef Tai Chase, and he said that Dr Murray asked him to get Prince..What odd behaviour!!! Why ask for the son and not the paramedics…Words fail me, he may as well have made a cup of tea while he was there for all the good it do. As Larry king kept saying “And this is a trained doctor?” Even he sounds dumbfounded by the way the doctor acted.

  320. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    CC…Hi there,

    Very wise words from you earlier. I applaud your comments. They are written with conviction. There are those out there that will criticise our attempts to debate or prove that the “death” is a hoax. Maybe it is because we want him to NOT be dead so badly that our judgement is clouded, BUT you must allow us our freedom of speech and opinion.

    Please CC, this is not a dig at you. As I said before, I applaud your words and comments. They are both intuitive and make sense. You mentioned Dave, the medium. He is my friend, and if my memory serves me correctly I said he told me that his spirit guide had said in response to the question, “Is MJ dead?” the guide answered, “No, not yet”. I am only passing on information that he gave to me. On a spiritual level it seemed pertinent to mention it on the site. I have no idea how long it takes spirit to evolve or to recognise that fact that they have passed on. It could be 6 months like you said.

    As I write this I am aware that I cannot speak for anyone else who subscribes to this site, I can only speak for myself. I try to bring something to it, whether it’s snippets of information, humour and sometimes a really up-lifting song or tune to cheer everyone up. I try to do “my bit”. We all do. And I personally welcome your input…I’m saying this and I am not even Admin…Sorry Admin!!!! Don’t mean to rain on your parade. LOL

    Lets just say it’s like Yin and Yang – Positive and Negative. One cannot function without the other. I welcome you to the fold with open arms and a virtual hug. I hope to enjoy more debates with you in the future.

  321. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I must say this on my behalf….I do not spend all day on my computer chasing down MJ….that would be inappropriate. I do, however, spend my day on the computer writing, my script. I have a script editor, poised and ready to read the damn thing if I ever get it finished. Poor old Dewi, he keeps harassing me for the final draft LOL. Sorry Dewi love!!!!!

    It was my hubby that prompted me to tell you this, he said “Those people must think you have nothing better to do” He’s right of course, so this was a way of explaining my constant use of the computer and why I seem to have so much time to investigate the reason why we are all on here.

    By the way, my script has nothing to do with Mj or the the events of the last couple of months, it’s all about a little old lady and an inheritance.

  322. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    I should be curled up in bed right now, but instead I chose to watch “Moonwalker”. The part in it when the bad guys have the little girl and MJ and the 2 boys go to her rescue and MJ confronts the baddies. The head bad guy says he’s going to kill the little girl first and MJ shouts “LEAVE HER ALONE” The sound of his voice and it’s anguish resonated through my very being…To me it wasn’t acting, that came from the heart, it was real. That came from experience.

  323. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,

    Psycho analyising MJ…..Should I do this???? Don’t know, but if this were war, then I would need to know how my enemy thinks!!!! In order to win battles I would have to be able to get inside the head of the opposition.

    I spent last night watching Moonwalker, and other interviews that he has done over the last 30 years. Now, regarding Moonwalker, taking out the beginning, and the music video clips, we are left with a cartoon fantasy and also a super hero figure. In the cartoon MJ disguises himself as a rabbit to escape fans and the paparazzi. In the manin body of the film he rescues the little girl from the bad drug baron. He becomes a ‘transformer’ like super being, from the stars. His mission is to protect the young from abuse and cruelty. The slter ego kills the bad guy and sets the children free, only to be sent to the heavens for his pains…The children are visibly upset and wish on a star for his return….which he does, out of the darkness he walks back into their lives. One thread through the film is that won’t leave them, and he kept to his word and returned.

    In a 1995 interview with Lisa-Marie Presley he says that he would like to leave the US and live somewhere like South Africa or Switzerland.

    Going back to my St Helena island idea…Try this for size…I have been scanning the net for information about JM Barrie, author of Peter Pan. On one site it has photographs of actors playing Peter Pan, and in some from the early 20th century it shows that Peter Pan dressed up as Napoleon to do battle with Captain Hook….Going back to St Helena, Napoleon was held prisoner there for years by the British and it’s located some miles of the coast of South Africa. And, as I said before, an easy port for a yacht to visit. Regarding the Napoleon theme, I am assuming…and it is only an assumption…that MJ has read everything that there is about JM Barrie, his life and works…including the use of the Napoleon figure. By the way, Barrie did not, or could not have children. He did, however adopt a family of orphan children.

    And, before I go..The interviews with Lisa-Marie…The interviewer asks him whether he was suicidal after the first allegations about child molestation….He said “No, I love life” And went on to state that his heart was broken, thats when he said that he would leave America for South Africa etc. Lisa-Marie did not look as enthusiastic.

  324. The Divine Mrs Jones Said,


    Maybe it’s a co-incidence, but JM Barrie has a cleft in his chin!!!!!!

    Have a look at this website. To access all of it you have to register. It is free, but it is a chaming site and is full of information about the author. There is also audio from early and mis 20th century broadcasts of PP. Ironically, in one of them Wendy says to Peter “What am I to you?” and he replies “Why, you are my Mother”

    If we are looking for ideas and clues. This is just one of the many roads that we must go down.

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