Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?


We have reached the incredible milestone of 1 Million visits to our site in 1 Month, and we are certainly gaining lots of attention worldwide! This just goes to show how many new people are discovering our site, as well as returning to our site to read our updates, findings, information and suspicions regarding the Hoax of Michael Jackson’s death. We all already know that so many things just DO NOT ADD UP…. but what does add up is the astounding number of people visiting our site in search of the TRUTH!

We will find out the truth and we will put to rest all of the nasty, untrue and ridiculous rumours that surround the information we’ve been fed by the media about Michael Jackson’s Death.

1 Million views by all of you prove that we are onto something…it’s only a matter of time!


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  1. ejay5131 Said,

    Congrats!!!! I spend endless hours here and can’t wait to hopefully see MJ again. Love you MJ always.

  2. BuBBLes Said,

    Good job Admin!!!
    Hope that the truth will soon be prevailed….

  3. SJlovesMJ Said,

    Go For It Admin!!!

  4. littleEARTHQUAKE Said,

    As Light from Death Note would proclaim, “Just as planned.”

  5. westin Said,

    That is one more proof! Lot’s of people are curious and do not believe in MJ’s death!!!!!

  6. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    Now thats wat im talking bout!!! Good On Everyone 4 not giving up!!!

  7. Nex Said,

    Great job Admin!

  8. ishealive Said,

    Well that says it all 1 million people have suspicions we all can’t be insane!!!

  9. STARFISH1 Said,

    To Admin,
    From all over the world we have, and search for the truth!
    We have so much more to say and show … should see our forums?
    Of course, all this time we have people that always imprisons us, sometimes we get to the edges, but we return, we are stronger together!!!

    I love you

  10. SmoothOperator Said,

    Best page ever ! Smart work by Admin

  11. mordor Said,

    and is all this good for Michael?what if he doesn´t want to be found???………hm..or……he needs our support..thats only way how to bring him back if he´s really still alive..I do believe..people around me saying that Im already mad and need a doctor But the feelings..intuition…. without all this and without all of you I would definitely thinking that Im mad..Thank you soooo much Admir for all your hard work and all information!thank you,that you care…Thank you that I found this chat and that Im not alone who still believe..love you all and love you Michael !!!!!!

  12. mordor Said,

    and…you probably already saw this,dont know,I´m new here,but just in case http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/m

    this is petition for nominating MJ -nobel price for peace 2010…if you can,sign it…he deserev it..thanks

  13. Cecilia Said,


  14. aldix Said,

    I am faithful and I know that Michael is alive and hidden. I am reading everything you say on this website and I thank you so much for giving me the hope that what I believe in, is totally true…thank you

  15. Lulu Said,

    hey admin!! i love you site..i watch every day on it..!!

    sorry for my english =)

    greetz from Germany

  16. dynamite Said,

    Wow thats awesome good job admin

  17. SJ1983 Said,



    GOOD JOB, A+


  18. SJ1983 Said,

    find on internet:
    Rowe Surfaces At Dr. Klein’s Office!
    Posted Jul 27th 2009 3:07PM

    How’s this for irony? Debbie Rowe just showed up at the Beverly Hills office of her former boss — Dr. Arnold Klein.

    Our sources say Rowe is there to visit Dr. David Rish, who practices in Dr. Klein’s office. We’re told she has an appointment.


    Debbie Rowe frequently injected Michael Jackson with drugs while she worked for Jackson’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein.

    We’ve obtained law enforcement documents from the 2005 molestation trial. Included in the records is an affidavit from a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputy who served a search warrant on Dr. Klein in 1993 to obtain Jackson’s medical records during the first molestation investigation.

    In the affidavit, the deputy writes, in August 1993, “…Ms. Rowe observed the back of Jackson’s body while she gave him massages to help him sleep. Ms. Rowe also observed Jackson’s buttocks on numerous occasions when she gave him injections prior to acne treatments.”

    The affidavit does not specify the type of drug Rowe administered. As we reported, Jackson sought out anesthesia and other sedatives for even minor procedures, including acne treatment.

  19. Mjisalive1 Said,

    Congrats Admin, keep upto the good work. Your justification for MJ’s being alive fact makes us feel that MJ is really alive. But, This truth has to come out one day. It cannot be hidden for so long. and I’m sure you will succeed to prove that MJ is alive.

    thank you so much for creating this website.

  20. SJ1983 Said,


    Dr. Murray’s Storage Unit — Files May Hold Clue
    Posted Jul 27th 2009 10:15AM by TMZ Staff

    We’ve learned the two women who went to a Houston storage facility the day Michael Jackson died and removed boxes had rented the facility just months earlier, in the name of their employer — Dr. Conrad Murray.

    The owners of the facility say the two women filled out a contract on April 1, 2009. They rented a unit in the name of Dr. Conrad Murray’s medical practice. Dr. Murray’s credit card was used to pay the rent for the unit.

    The unit contained boxes, furniture and other items. The two women arrived at 9:22 AM Los Angeles time — 3 hours before the 911 call from Jackson’s home.

    The women took 3 – 5 boxes though we do not know what was inside.

    The facility has a surveillance camera, but it was broken that day.

    OH COME ON THE CAMERA WAS BROKEN?!! PFF WHATEVER why not say again the tapes were missing lol omg it goes on and on incredible

  21. Mjiloveu Said,

    go go admin we love u too!!! very interesting site .CONGRATS

  22. Jessie Dai Said,

    Congratulations!! I really like this forum!
    Thanks for giving us so much information about Michael !!

  23. Fabienne Andrade Said,

    I being able to do it yet do not touch you micheal no more is there
    you have it simply not deservingly to go
    you will always hug in mine remain and for me you will live on and on all the same what comes
    I love you so much

  24. Hallevy1 Said,

    Hi Admin, aren’t you The Gloved One? MJHD site shines like, even the “Grand Plan” against the media & Co.! We love You and hope to see You soon Michael!

  25. romanrose Said,

    It shows that we aren’t as stupid as they think we are.

  26. SILVANA Said,

    Well done.
    Don’t give up until we know the truth.

  27. Dmitry A. Said,

    It is great that there is a place like that where the people can discuss the issues related to the Death of the greatest entertainer of all times.
    But I really wonder. Let’s suppose, for a sec that we have confirmed the hoax and there is MJ hiding somewhere. What next?
    Do we really want to pull him out of his hideout and expose him again to all his troubles he was escaping from?
    Yes, we all want to know the truth. But, once we’ve known it, shall we enjoy the troubles which MJ is going to face in connection with his hoax, and he surely will, for it is a crime: he has cheated so many people, faked his death, lied to people, and eventually…murdered a double of his…
    It is how it all looks like, in case he is really alive. And okay, I’d like MJ to be alive, but I hate the idea of knowing that he has become a felon for real this time…
    I am willing to discuss all possible matters related to this issue, okay, so please, have your say-)

  28. Perfume Said,

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Dmitry A. Said,

    Here is a fresh thought for you to ponder:
    MJ’s casket, allegedly, was some $25,000, okay? What does it tell us? Correct me if I am wrong, but MJ was a millionaireюююру was a very rich man and he spend a lot of money for things, charity, you name it…I guess, the sum of $25,000 is a funny price of his resting in peace place…don’t you think?
    It looks, that the casket was just a part of the “show”, it was only to show that it is there and it looks, kinda cool, but in fact, its price is simply ridiculous in from of the name MJ!
    A real MJ would not be buried in such a cheap box. I mean, have you seen the Rollses at his funeral?A longish queue of them…so…just compare the prise of the casket and one of those cars….Now think of it again and make your own conclusions…

    Why could not they have exhibited the body?It was a logical step to do. They had enough resource to make the body up, embalm it or what have you. It is not a problem at all, nowadays.
    They could have produced a crystal-sealed-up coffin so the public could have seen that there was a real body or at least some-body at all. They say that they did not want to have all that fuss about the body and the memorial. Really? So, why have they actually started all that show, to begin with?No, ladies and gentlemen, they did want to have the attention, attention of the whole world!And they got it!
    May be they did not open the casket in order to stimulate all these rumours that MJ is still alive.It is a clever move too, it will boost up the sales of music and stuff, you know.Who knows…

    What I do suggest, if we still want to know the truth is:
    1. Hire a private detective to find some more things out.Why not?The fans of his can easily do it, if they want to.
    2. We can search the net for the traces of this case, like the twitter, for instance.

    but, let me ask you one more time: what are we going to do with the truth and won’t it destroy what still might be MJ?

  30. tis_ruthy Said,

    You are so right! News is spreading like wildfire about this site! Whatever happens, death hoax or murder….someone set this entire thing up!

  31. tiux Said,

    And I’m one of them all the time online, 10 times a day, seeking for new information that HE IS ALIVE! And I know he is

  32. Shauna Said,

    I have visited a few times because I believe he might be alive. I am a huge MJ fan and I would love to find out he was alive but I hope he is never found. If he had to do all of this just to get some peace in his life, let him have it. He spent his entire life entertaining us. He deserves some peace and privacy. I will love him forever and I don’t blame him one bit. Part of me thinks he actually died. I have been crying my eyes out. Its so hard for me to believe what the media says. They have told so many lies on him. Well keep up the good work. The articles are interesting. Love you Michael wherever you are.

  33. Little Susie 01 Said,

    Congrats Admins. You have come up with an amazing Site. That is Full of Great Information thanks to you and everyone who has given thier piece of information including myself. I so spends nights that i cant catch sleep thinking on all this at some points i even cry of frustration.
    I feel michael has left he’s fans many clues. And only those who truly believe will see it.
    My message to michael .. Michael even though i never had a chance to meet you. When i was a lil girl i really wanted to live in ur neverland ranch i had made fantasies in my mind about a life with u as a friend. But since its so hard to make those dreams come true. because u are so famous. n it was one of those i wish things. But i learned to love you and appreciate you from my home which was far away from you. U were my imaginary friend and i talked to you all the time. As i got older i would watch ur dances and copy them. I grew up with you. my first baby word was beat it lol as odd as it seems but it is n its recorded on a tape. My mom once thought on sending it to you by mail. but i guess she thought ud never receive it. Im 26 yrs now and at first the when the announced you had died i felt like Confused.. i was like this isnt true. that night i was like wow it cant be and i cried for the first time, but once the 911 call came out and all the stories ppl were saying and how the day after they were moving ur house out and how ur mom was caught in target and the as well the pictures of ur family at the hospital it was all so odd to me since that very moment i started looking for websites to see if anyone else thought that there is a chance u may still be alive. And i came into this page a few days later. I hardly slept. And even tho i felt u werent gone.. just the thought of imagining u were was very painful and still i cried i cried for weeks because at the same time the media trys to make it sooo real that in fact ur dead, i have argued with my family and even friends defending what i believe trying to show them that so many things dont add up but no one seemed to believe me And the only way to release my thoughts its on this site.were soo many ppl think like me. and im so happy that im not the only one..but now its 1 million ppl who have the doubt. Michael i truly do love you and i know you are the greatest in all that u do. No one in the planet loves the world like you do. The media always attacked you the media wanted to destroy you because they saw a caring man with great intentions and the media has to make everything sour , bitter, negative. But the media will have what is good. The keep feeding ppl so many different stories and still many try to make u look bad. its disgusting. but i dont care what the media says. U teached us just because its on a magazine or a tv screen it doesnt make it factual. Im looking into what my heart tells me. And im waiting to see the Spirits Dance in the Light. I love you michael you will always be in my heart. And you will always be the greatest. I think you and the million ppl ion this site are going to create the biggest history event in the world.
    Hope u are doing well michael. I love you.
    i wave the peace sign to the skies. We are all waiting for you Michael. <3 i love you.

    And i write my message here because Michael may read it. I hope. and maybe its the closest ill ever get to him since i never really got my little girl dream come true.

  34. mjforever Said,

    that just proves alot of people don’t believe he died.
    i love this site, and i hope that one day we will see Michael again.
    congrats guys!

  35. CoCo Said,

    I heard today on the news that Michael’s dead body gone missing…..i have to search more….but i think its a lie as well as the “nose” gone missing too…pffff

  36. maria2284 Said,

    Whoohoo!!!!! People dont believe Micheal is really dead. Great website!! Oh and I think it was a wax dummy in the ambulance.

  37. elizabethvitale Said,

    Keep up the good work. I would love to be sure of the truth. TRUTH The most important of all about Michael and anyone else.

  38. kitkat Said,

    hey admin! i love u,ur doing such a GREAT job on this site. There isnt one bone in my body that thinks mjs dead. Hes definatly alive,no doubt about it. u give such great n true facts,i will forever love this site =)

  39. kitkat Said,

    @ Little Susie 01

    omgsh ur msg actually made me tear up, =’) it was really sweet and touching. I hope mj comes to tis site and feels all the love we have 4 him. And i feel the same way as u. Im so glad tt theres other ppl tt belive tis, n they belive it cus its 100% true. Hes definatly alive,theres TO MUCH proof that he is. Ad nothing, i mean NOTHING the media or anybody says will ever make me belive the lie tt hes dead. Hope u agree

  40. Rachel Said,

    Great news guys! Lets keep it up. We will be heard!!!!

  41. ebonyivory mj Said,

    hey everyone
    even after seeing that so called picture they say was michael jackson in the coffin.
    it really was james brown with michaels face on his body.they must have thought we were so stupid to fall for this mess!
    not us smart people on here we all knew he is still out there some where and it is just a matter of time before its all revealed.
    boy the people that said we were crazy for believeing he was still alive will be in for a shocker when its revealed he is!
    i cant wait too see the worlds reaction when it happens.
    i keep coming back here everyday just to read the new updates and new information
    keep up the great work
    god bless all
    ebonyivory mj

    anyone wants to write me who loves mj as much as all of us i would love to hear from you
    peace and love

  42. BeenTown Said,

    Admin, you deserve every single hit.

  43. MariannaB Said,

    Glad to know that the world cares, meets here and unites in the effort of finding truth.
    It is so important to share different angles of view, different horizons of knowledge and ecperience.

    All of us keep the traces up and analyze them from different points of view.
    Well done and thanks to all contributions to this site and all of us visiting, not only the admin.

    No matter what age, colour, believe, religion, origin, sex or all day life.
    This is important: tolerance and spirit, dignity and respect and a vision.

    Keep going but everybody keep in mind: what will “I” do when we have come close to truth?

    I still have doubts if we will ever know – not due to our incapabilities but due to all those messing the research up. There are quite a number of people out there that have done a miserable job to date.

  44. Hallevy1 Said,

    To 43. Q. “what will “we” do when we have come close to truth?”.
    Q. Only and always LOVING and CARING!
    Thank you Admin and All of You! You’re “Incredible”, MJ said.

  45. Hallevy1 Said,

    To 43. Q. “what will “we” do when we have come close to truth?”.
    A. Only and always LOVING and CARING!
    Thank you Admin and All of You! You’re “Incredible”, MJ said.

  46. becca26 Said,

    I am a bartender in downtown disney . Today I served Mariah Carey and her hubby. They are on vacation. She was all smiles!! I just though that it was strange that the same person a little over 3 weeks ago could’nt get threw her song. But yet today she was laughing and smiling. What another thing I thought was strange how she got a call from a Mr. London and left with her sercurity guard to the bathroom to take the call. She was in there for about 20mins? I just thought it was kinda weriod. MJJ FOREVER.!!

  47. charliechaplin Said,

    Just wanna share this:


  48. Event908 Said,

    yay I’v been posting things all over the net about this website so rawr

  49. iLove Said,

    What if we all one million people or more come together and call out MICHAEL MICHAEL WE LOVE YOU !!!

  50. LilithBelgium Said,


    I would like to say.

    I have just accepted the book ‘Michael Jackson : Unmasked (Ian Halperin)’ today, I almost ended to read it. To before it I doubted the death of Michael, since, I do not doubt it any more. Read this book you will understand then why all doubts left.

    I am sad since I read it and I begin understanding certain things since I read this book..

    Sorry for my English but I’m Belgian.

    Have a nice day.

  51. canette Said,

    bravo admin.j’ai recherché ce site à partir du 25 juin 2009 et je l’ai trouvé grace à vous .il faut le faire connaitre encore plus pour avoir beaucoup plus de membres pour que ce site serve de soutien à Michael

  52. thelostchildren Said,

    boycott Ian Harpelin. he’s just a celebrity-cash-in-ner. he has written biogrophies and works for other celebrities who in the end slammed his works for discredibility. why is it we only hear bout HIS biography right after the incident? publicity. no one even knew there was a biography in the works till the incident. can’t trust this man.

  53. charliechaplin Said,

    Aren’t we jeopardizing MJ’s grand plan for a new & private life? If the insurance will investigate and find out that it wasn’t MJ that died, will they pay AEG? I don’t think so. The media will crucify him all the more for trying to pull a hoax. Hhhhhhhhmmmmm….

    I wish we could continue our investigations without being known by others.

  54. Rofibbs Said,

    Great job Admin..i cant stop to look up this site everyday. All i need is an affirmation that MJ’s alive n well. The thrills that go thru me wen sumtin positively close comes on this site is beyound me. We’ll surely get there. Keep up the gud job!!

  55. nina Said,

    hmmmmm …….dont’t you have the filling that the story it is filling the holes as they scored in this site? I have the feeling that we say something… something appears on news…. ex : we said why one single picture of dr.Conrad ? …and bummm … more pictures appears ; or : why paramedics shut up? and statements appear…. this is good , we are helping him )

    admin… I am so proud of us ! I am still shocked that a single soul was able to connect with so many people and between them … but this is Michael Jackson , and he is a gift from God ! He could do that only through love …

    and about love, Michael said “Love it’s like a bar of soap in the bathtub — you have it in your hand until you hold on too tight. ” Let’s not hold on to him too tight , let’s not make him to lose what he earned so hard : freedom … I know he is with us and I know you all can ‘t explain why you have that feeling in your hearts that you KNOW he is around us ! Focus on that ! This is the important thing ! Also Michael said : “As long as love is in my heart, it’s everywhere.” That’s what we feel : he’s love, that’s why we all KNOW he is with us !

    Michael , dear, one request : whatever happens , don’t let go of our hands ! please….

  56. eurekh6700 Said,

    ohh goodness tats wonderful news.keep up the work team. im am really happy.I, BEING AN INDIAN GIVE the FULL SUPPORT TO FIND THE TRUTH OF THIS . YUP SOON THE cat s goin 2 be out of the bag. realyy congrats admin n the whole mjhd team. and i assure you v wil find the truth very soon. yup it s only a matter of time….

  57. thanameslilixd Said,

    great job Admin!
    It’s very likely that one of the family members or close friends of Michael have visited this site,
    this is all very strange.
    Keep up the good work!
    & under Do You Believe?
    There are new links & ideas
    you should look at them & post more.

  58. hecjosmen Said,

    I check this blog everyday and it’s great.

  59. CoCo Said,

    Ian Halperin is a joke~

  60. foreverlove Said,

    Oh, i missed him so much…. It doesn’t matter whether or not he do a omeback tour, just knowing that he’s alive and happy, live the way he wanted, is all that matters to me, to keep me living also… Any clue where he is?…

  61. Dmitry A. Said,

    I wonder, what if MJ is really and truly no more regardless from the sadness of the fact?
    Do you have a single thought in your heads that the chap could have died, just as all people do?
    Yes. it sounds unbelievable, even to me!But why not?If so, what else to discuss? Unless his life and work.
    Yes, he WAS, because he was in any case, even if he is hiding now somewhere, he was a wonderful performer, entertainer..what have you…and he will always remain such in the history of the planet.
    In fact, most of us have seen him on TV only, listened to his songs on tapes and CDs, so what a heck, he is still alive to us and no matter what the reality is.For instance, I can enjoy his songs and clips any time, as long as I live. Life is so short and he has done so much for the world. He was born to be our idol forever and this is great, I simply cannot imagine my life without this person. He is an integral part of it!
    As well as all other wonderful artists! People, it is so nice that we all live and talk!Let’s forget about the sorrow and enjoy ourselves, because when we D.I.E. only then THIS WILL BE IT….

  62. elizabethvitale Said,

    I just came from a quick trip up to BH and Hollywood because I dropped my daughter at LAX. I didn’t stop except in Hollywood to talk with some people about Michael. I think I am going to go again in October and stay a few days. I had to get back to Newport Beach, but BH seemed as it always does and Hollywood for the most part is the same as when I lived there except for all of the rockers (my friends) who lined the streets during the day, the head shops and Michael when he was around are gone. There was a poster, funny, of Michael in an apartment window on Wilcox where I used to live. It made me real sad and I just wished I could turn back the hands of time and return to all that fun. I think it appears to me this whole experience about Michael and drugs will eventually come to police screw ups and maybe a few slaps on the hand. I could be wrong, but where is the autopsy. I mean 6 weeks already. Hello!!!

  63. Bee Said,

    Check this out, this could be suspicious:
    But don’t be fooled by Jackson’s declarations about the Beatles catalog. Even though he retains a 50 percent interest in Sony/ATV Music Publishing, he has, as my source knowledgeable about the business side of things at Sony says: “A lot of debt with us here at Sony. We have no interest in foreclosing on it as long as Michael fulfills the terms of his agreement with us. He’s paying off the interest as far as I know, and that’s what’s going to happen.”

    In other words: Jackson will be in hock to Sony for the rest of his life. I think I’ve told readers of this column many times that Sony would not foreclose but instead let Jackson have a graceful exit from the company. To foreclose on the catalog would have been a public relations nightmare for Sony.

    Sony’s $60-million Michael Jackson gamble: Creepy exploitation or showstopping hit?


  64. carlotafores Said,

    Michael’s post-mortem details delayed, hmmmmm… so strange, I wonder why they’ll never go public.

  65. maria2284 Said,

    Hey you guys, I just found this video of Dr. Murray (7-28-09)


    i found it interesting because I have been reading this entire website and alot of people were wondering where the footage of Dr. Murray was, and now all of a sudden they have this footage of him, which isn’t even close up.. but still…


  66. alley Said,

    Please whatever we do, if anyone of us finds his whereabout please do not reveal it just give us a thumbs up or something to let us know but dont reveal his true whereabouts. Theres has to be a good reason why he would fake his own death. If he was threatened like the some of the media said then we should respect his privacy and let him stay hidden.

    I love you Michael.

  67. maria2284 Said,

    LilithBelgium, the book ‘Unmasked’ is the phoniest book out there about MJ. The author just took tabloids and wrote them together as a book. Check out the reviews on Amazon.com on it, that book is pure filth! MJ Lives!!!

    If you want a real book about MJ either get his autobiography “Moonwalk” by Michael Jackson or “The Michael Jackson Conspiracy” by Aphrodite Jones.

  68. kitkat Said,

    @ebonyivory mj

    omgsh i agree wit u all the way, i also CANT WAIT 2 c there face. I can only pic wat thoughts will go thro ther mind as they stand ther wit ther jaws droped while we nod our heads n smile. I love mj so much,its so nice to talk to ppl tt feel the same as i do. Hope we can keep in touch
    lots of love,kitkat <3

  69. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    sommeone please help me, im close to going insane!

  70. kitkat Said,


    lol wen did he say tt? =D

  71. Narcosis Said,

    And again;
    the results of the official autopsy, which were expected this week were postponed again!!!
    Unbelievable, five weeks after and still nothing…uhhuh…

  72. SJ1983 Said,


    and all of a sudden the murray workers appear
    this woman is lying her ass off
    she claims to only have moved a chair instead of taking files yeah yeah yeah
    she sais she doesnt even know if murray feels sad for the loss of MJ

    and then this woman denies it again with another different story

    To the people here that said that it is so obvious that people are watching this site, with the things we find strange and all of a sudden the people appear in interviews and denying it
    I think that is sooo true TZM is up in it sooo far
    Weren’t they the first ones to claim that MJ died only a few minutes after he “has died” while other tv stations and internet were waiting for confirmation.
    And how suspicious that TMZ is doing everything to look like MJ has died?!


  73. SJ1983 Said,

    We spoke with LaQuisha Middleton and her sister, LaQuanda Price, both of whom worked for Dr. Murray at the time. LaQuisha is the office manager. LaQuanda was laid off within the last month.

    The manager of the storage facility tells us the two sisters came to Dr. Murray’s unit at 9:22 AM Los Angeles time the day Jackson died and picked up 3 – 5 boxes, in addition to other items they carried out by hand. The manager says she personally spoke with both sisters at the facility.

    But Wednesday — outside Dr. Murray’s Houston office — LaQuanda told us she stayed in the office the day Jackson died and did not go to the storage facility. She says her sister went and retrieved one bio-hazardous box — filled with used needles. She says Dr. Murray did not call and direct either of them to go to the storage facility. As for why they would pick up a box of used needles and take it back to the office, LaQuanda says they were just moving things around in the office.

    LaQuisha told a totally different story. She says the only thing she picked up was a chair. She also says Dr. Murray did not direct her to go to the facility. As for why she went, she said “I always go.”

    They also don’t believe Dr. Murray administered a fatal dose of Propofol to Jackson.


    She says her sister went and retrieved one bio-hazardous box — filled with used needles

  74. shortandsweet Said,

    I have been watching this sight for awhile now and I have to say I am impressed. The day I heard that Michael had died I didn’t feel it in my heart that he was dead. I have watched every piece of video I could find and I saw alot of things that everyone on here has mentioned. The one thing that kept bugging me was the picture of them rolling Michael into the hospital on the stretcher. There was something that was bothering me about that particuler photo and I finally figured it out. The head of the stretcher is propped up. Not much and if you are not looking very close at it you won’t notice but it is. I come from a long line of EMTs and have a medical background myself. You NEVER lift the head of someone that you are trying to do CPR on and they did. Does anyone else notice this?

  75. lucrecia Said,

    Wy take so much time to verify what have a persone in its stomach?Wy we dont have any proof of his death? There are only words! and busines in the middle. Where are the photographers and the paparatzis in all of this? We are talking about the King of Pop! Keep doing this job, w have to make notice our voice! Sory for my english!

  76. Bee Said,

    This morning on the Today Show, Michael’s chef Kai Chase was interviewed. She had been hired last March and was let go for 3 weeks in May, then came back at the beginning of June. She said Michael had concerns and told her he wanted to make sure she would help ‘keep him healthy’. She said tho also that in the three weeks she was away he had gotten thinner.
    She said he was excited about and looking forward to his London shows.

    Here’s a weird thing: She said that ‘within minutes’ of Dr. Murray running down the stairs screaming about Michael, that the paramedics showed up. So why hadn’t Murray ’screamed’ when he first discovered Michael before starting CPR?

  77. The Truth Said,

    Congrats on the milestone. That’s a lot of people thinking MJ is alive.

  78. Shauna Said,

    I agree with the person that said TMZ is in on this hoax. (if it is a hoax) Whenever this site questions something in the media all of a sudden someone will come out and explain it. Why didn’t they explain it at the begining? I am really starting to think he is alive. Now the autopsy reports have been put off another week? Why?
    Katherine got custody of the kids which makes it easy for Michael to see them. Debbie Rowe only came out to fuel the media. I don’t know what to think about Dr. Murray. Either he will take the fall and go to jail or he will have the best lawyers and get out of it. He just showed up out of nowhere. If Michael was supposed to have all these doctors for many years why add another one? Plus the doctor had money problems and a history of lawsuits agianst him. He could just be a paid pawn in the entire hoax. I don’t think we have seen the real Michael for a while. Some of the pictures of him from this year don’t look like him. I compared some pictures from 2006-2008 and he looked pretty much the same but in 2009 he looked completely different. Maybe one of his doubles.

  79. answers Said,

    Regarding the below post…
    You might as well have burned your money..there is no way I am giving 1c to this creep Ian..
    He can go to HELL. He is a liar and a coward.. everyone tries to cash in on MJ.
    I saw a little of this animal speaking on TV about MJ’s “GAY LOVERS” what a load of crap-
    MJ had doubles and imposters working for him..how does this Ian know that it’s not them…

    Oh please any Mj fans out there please don’t buy a book filled with crap…
    this is the type of thing that MJ ran away from this is what he dreaded..ALL the lies lies lies.
    I hope that Ian Helperin burns in hell-once again Ian you are the scum in pools hellfire!!!!!!!

    # LilithBelgium Said,


    I would like to say.

    I have just accepted the book ‘Michael Jackson : Unmasked (Ian Halperin)’ today, I almost ended to read it. To before it I doubted the death of Michael, since, I do not doubt it any more. Read this book you will understand then why all doubts left.

    I am sad since I read it and I begin understanding certain things since I read this book..

    Sorry for my English but I’m Belgian.

    Have a nice day.

  80. thanameslilixd Said,

    August 1st 2009!!!

  81. dynamite Said,

    Wat a surprize delayed again lmao i didnt see that coming NOT!

  82. dynamite Said,

    lol and whats up with does sisters names i mean who came up with them, and when are we gonna see murray on video to prove the guy is real cuz i dont think he is

  83. dynamite Said,

    @Maria2284 Ur right that video is bad it could be any one

  84. supernurse1 Said,

    To: Maria2284……you are so right about “The Michael Jackson Conspiracy” What a book! It shows how the media takes things and twists them to suit their purpose. They hurt this kind, gentle man so much and it makes my heart ache. I hope more people read it so they can read the truth of the matter. I hurt so bad for him, and wish I could help in some way. I am four years older than he is, but I have loved and appreciated him for many years. I’ve always had the desire to discuss metaphysical things with him, as I am really into that, and I feel that he is too. I have found so many answers there to a lot of questions and feel more spiritual because of it…….not religious really….but spiritual….there is a difference. Anyway, thanks for your post…and congrats to admin.

  85. Hallevy1 Said,

    @kitkat :”lol wen did he say tt? =D”
    Hi, I red his message 3 days ago.
    Source : “Channeled Message Received From Michael Jackson on July 27, 2009″, http://www.cherokeebillie.com/Blog.html

  86. charliechaplin Said,

    I’m not sure if this has been pointed out already. Is it true that T M Z, who was the first to report MJ’s “death”, reported the “death” BEFORE that ACTUAL time of death on the death certificate ?

  87. ladywho Said,

    great job with site

  88. elizabethvitale Said,

    By the way, how many people viewed Michael’s body at the private showing and who? Does anyone know?

  89. maria2284 Said,

    They’ll NEVER release the “autopsy” results… because there are none. That’s the thing, and look at the memorial, why would they have to broadcast it worldwide for free?? Hmmmm maybe so MJ could see it from wherever he is, yeah? I think so. And why such an elaborate event? Sounds like MJ had his hand in this one from the very start, only he would construct such an event… I thought it was great, cried my eyes out… but when I saw that “Im alive and will live forever” through my tears, I knew he was still alive. And the fact that they never opened the casket, I mean.. come on. I think Elvis had a better idea with the air conditioned casket lmao with the wax dummy that started to sweat lol

    I wouldn’t worry about out baby Michael though, I think hes doing A-okay.


  90. maria2284 Said,

    Has anyone seen the Obituary in their local newspaper or online???

    Is there an Obituary for MJ?

    Just thought I’d bring that up.

  91. SJ1983 Said,

    Jackson Autopsy Delayed
    Posted Jul 30th 2009 5:36PM by TMZ Staff

    Law enforcement sources tell us the L.A. County Coroner has delayed release of Michael Jackson’s autopsy report.

    After meeting for several hours today with the LAPD and L.A. County D.A.’s office, the Coroner decided to push back the release of the autopsy results … the stated reason — need for continued investigation.

    Present at the meeting today … L.A. County Coroner Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran, Head Deputy D.A. Bill Hodgman, LAPD Detectives Orlando Martinez and Dan Myers.


  92. SJ1983 Said,

    @ dYNAMITE
    They sisters names sounds more like someone with a bad fantasy to come up with such not original ” black” names….further they look like they have been picked up @ Kentucky Friend Chicken, and being paid a little money for acting, but they still could not get their 2 stories right yeah yeah yeah
    We found it strange that no one seen anything other then 1 photo of Murray and no co workers and pooooof they are all of a sudden excisting yeah yeah yeah
    and then the suspicious video with what would have been Murray, it could have been anyone!!!?!!

  93. Narcosis Said,


    If this is true (and I doubt) why was there NO hart-monitor in the room?

  94. TheHitcher Said,

    Thanks admin. Been following the site for weeks and have converted my family into believers haha. Keep up the good work.

  95. Rofibbs Said,

    Thx #67 for hittin the nail head on…Ian Hal(wateva)sprin is a huge joke who jus wants to sell junk news for big bucks. I dnt see them releasin the autopsy results cuz they know the MJHD will dissect n interject the results for irregularities where neccessary, they know we are on here n they know wat we’re up to. As for Dr Murray, the Authorities are jus raisin too much dust but at the end, the charges against him will be dropped with the excuse that Mj had too many Doctors…the puzzle is beginnin to fall into place ((watch this space))

  96. Rofibbs Said,

    Another Funny question is “Why wud Debbie Rowe continue to recieve her spousal fee wen the said “spouse” is dead, she doesnt hav custody of the kids n wuznt mentioned in the will…seems to me that “whoeva” has been payin her is still alive n still wants her to be paid. Isnt she s’posed to get such fee if shes with the kids or her “spouse” is alive? Who’s goin to be payin her anyway since shes not in the will??

  97. Hideaway Said,

    Admin: Congratulations on the million+ hits!
    Thank you so much for providing an investigative forum for those of us who have suspected Michael Jackson is not dead! As soon as I heard MJ was sick, then suddenly *poof* he’s “dead,” (according to, of all sources, TMZ….a resounding “wtf ?”) it didn’t sit well with me. By that I mean I trust my intuition – it said “Nope, he’s alive.” I searched for MJ hoaxes/conspiracies the next day and have been checking in to your MJDH website ever since. It is reassuring to have a community of people who share this viewpoint…it makes me feel less crazy at least. The whole MJ news debacle since June 25th has had a positive impact already in that it is forcing us to question what information is credible & who are credible sources. If it’s not that serious, it’s still a fun game he has laid out for us. He left plenty of clues for us to piece together the puzzle in this nicely planned grand scheme. The truth will reveal itself eventually. I hope Michael & his trusted co-conspirators are enjoying the attention as much as we are enjoying sleuthing this case.

  98. Hideaway Said,

    I want to add I have a renewed appreciation for Michael’s intelligence, inventiveness, originality, creativity, vitality, and the exciting feelings he can generate in us. He is truly living up to his status as an icon, a living legend & a decent, honest human being. The more I learn about him & his integrity, the more impressed I am. I am also impressed with everyone on this site who shares their ideas and theories. Some smart cookies here.

  99. SJ1983 Said,

    @ Elisabethvitale
    only they claimed that Joe nore Tito have seen him cause his face was too damaged after CPR
    that should be the reason why there was no open casket
    while the rest didnt want too look was because he was too damaged?!?!!
    biggest bullshit ever !!!!

  100. m Said,

    hey , i don´t know what is true but, i read in a web site that the paramedics who took him to the hospital spent more than ten minutes to recognize him!!They knew that was Mj TEN minute LATER!!Come on!!How don´t you recognize his face immediately!!They said that he looked like an old and ill man, and nothing like the image of mj they have in their minds!!!This is sooooo strange, don´t you think?!?!

  101. m Said,

    i mean, if you watch the rehearsal footage, he looks the same MJ we all know, and not an old man!!And why the doctor called mj´s son to come to the room!?To watch his father dying?And some sites are reporting that when the paramedics arrived, mj was already dead, so if it is true,why all that breathing tubes?A paramedic knows if a person is dead or alive!!!!!

  102. heartbreak_hotel Said,

    First of all sorry for my English, I’m from Lithuania. I’m really glad that I found this site. Thanks, Admin! I would like to share with something what I have found out. I was checking E’Casanova’s twitter almost each day and then on 26th of July he writes a message: “August 1st”. Then 2 days later he writes this message on his twitter: “The date that will rock the world.” Is he mentioning something about Michael in this message? To me those two messages sound really weird.. Today I tried to open E’Casanova’s twitter site and it turns out that the page does not exist. How’s that? Isn’t that just really really strange or it’s just a coincidence? Personally I don’t know what to think anymore about the whole MJ “Death”. For me Michael will always be alive through his music and performances, because he had such a huge talent and just incredibly big heart that I think no one could ever really have like he did. I wish him joy and happyness whenever he is right now.

  103. leolady Said,

    ANYWAYS, what I wanted to say is: admin you said about ecasanovas twitter page that it was blocking everyone out? I had access to that up until today. And after the postings about the dinner at the castle there were two more posts, one from July 26th: “August 1st 2009″ (that’s all, just that date!) and then on July 28: “THE DATE THAT WILL ROCK THE WORLD”.
    Has nobody else seen this but me?? Nobody mentioned this. Isn’t that weird? I’ve been going crazy ever since I dicovered this page and sometimes I just don’t know what to think but I’m thinking more and more that this could be true and MJ is alive . I’ve been wrecking my brain about that twitter post, but.. August 1st is TOMORROW. So we shall see soon…
    When I heard what supposedly happened my first thought was no, that’s not right, can’t be, all wrong, no way, just didn’t feel right in my stomach. And usually my gut feeling is right on…

    And just in case…your reading this Michael.. I would have done the same if I were you and I would stay hidden if I were you..I’d love to see you again but if you decide to just live your life in peace and quiet and get away from all this craziness, I’ll be happy just knowing you’re happy. But it sure would be nice to know that you are indeed alive and well, that’s all…

    Would love to do this with you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQLfJG1hmcM&feature=related

    All my love,

  104. eurekh6700 Said,

    hey guys s tis wierd or wat?! i was following E’CASANOVA (thos thos who dnt knw he is the no.:! mj impersonator) in twitter for the past 2 weeks. at first he didnt remove or block me. so i was reading the updates. his last update waswritten as ”1st august 2009” and i waited for a day no update .then after a few hrs i checked it was updated as ”the DATE THAT WILL ROCK THE WORLD”.. wats hapeng?! wats d connection with the august 1st date and the words ”rock the world’ – (rembr mj’s song . rock my world)and jus nw in india its august 1st and i go n ckd my twitter. i see that ecasanova blocked me / removed me. it was realyy shocking. he dint tak any action all these days , bt suddnly on aug 1st he started to remove peopl n completely shut his accout?! for wat plss im sure somthing is about to happen. pls reply has anybody else noticed his last update.plsss reply

  105. Mijac Said,

    I found this extremely odd, i went to my twitter today, and i was trying to find E Casanova, and guess what: THE PAGE DOESN’T EXIST anymore!!!


  106. knirketrold Said,

    hey all.
    I would just start by saying that I hope i can understand what I write because it is translated from Danish into English.
    I first thought he is dead but afer I have been on this page and looking on the net I do not believe in it anymore. I very much doubt.
    after it emerged that MJ is dead. I thought ‘nope I do not believe it “(I have never been good enough game quite big fan of him, but he has since made some good music.)
    7/7-09 so they will display to remind him” hmm hmm “I thought. it was quick because the man had only been dead for 12 days.
    but the days came and I put myself in front of my television because I had to see it. and my first thought was. “He lies in an open coffin” but he was not.
    during the whole “show” seems to me that it seemed strange, even my boyfriend who has no interest for MJ said “just wait and see, he is cheating all of you and come up from the coffin because you can not in 12 day time to make such a great “show.”
    during the show you could see the family. and the boys was chewing gum appeared to be bored big time :-S.
    Having the speakers, only one who shaking was Brooke Shields (and she IS an actress) I wonder why?
    when the whole family came up on stage and singing the songs they all smiled even his children: S hmm hmm.
    6 March 2009 he says that he comes with a big show “THIS IS IT” his very gentle voice as he always had was not like him. + he said nothing only “THIS IS IT” and yes that was “this is it”! …
    when you look at the last picture of MJ in ambulance could not have been taken. in the first flash in the background is right, the red car is left but the picture is slightly tilted as if it should be taken such flash would be left. even my little brother who has a car with tinted windows, went out and took a picture into your car. induced the image he and brighten it. and yes it can be done but it would never be so good that you can see shadows on the background or that it would be so clerly as it is on pig off MJ.
    there are someting I do not understand! how can it be that you only see the ambulance in front the MJ house but you do not see him coming out and into the ambulance. (did’t he have many fans there).
    I do not understand how MJ can make the music less than 11 months before. and dance as good as he does 2 days before he dies and then be on drugs as they say in the news. for no one can do that. I found on youtube some links to it is a fake death. very intrest.
    there are 1-2-3-4


    but what will happen if he not dead?? hope some can explain it to me!
    I would like to say that whether or not MJ is dead or alive, I hope that he feels good were ever hi is

  107. mjlover4ever Said,

    I just wanted to say how happpy I am that this site exsist. I’m a big micheal jacskson fan, not only am I fan of his music, but im huge fan when it came to micheal being such and extrodinary human being. he had to most wonderfull personality ever, he was such a gentle, loving, caring, kind hearted man, with a smile that will light up the world.

    But I just wanted to share this article with you guy, It gave me even greater hope that he’s still alive:

    POP WARBLER Michael Jackson kept an astonishing “death-hoax diary” explaining how he would fake his death of a heart attack and telling when he would come out of hiding, a family friend who claims to have found the journal “among Michael’s personal effects” tells derekclontz.com exclusively.

    ALIVE – OR NOT? You be the judge.
    “There’s too much pressure, pressure, pressure … pressure everywhere I turn …” a diary entry dated Nov. 17, 2008 is alleged to say in part.

    “I don’t know who I am, not anmore (sp). Maybe I’m just a father to my children. Maybe I’m washed up.

    “The drugs are (illegible) a toll … (illegible) … I’m not addict. But I can’t stop …

    “If Elvis … (illegible) … so can I.

    “I’ll have a ‘heart attack’ from drugs like he did (yeah, right!)

    “I’ll come back, but only when I’m ready. Bigger than Elvis in ‘69.

    “Maybe 2009 at Christmas. Or maybe the New Year is better.

    “A back-from-dead tour, a real Thriller. But I have to rest. I’m tired. I’m not (thinking) clearly.

    “It’s the drugs.

    “A lot of fans still love me. (Some) people hate me. Thing (sp) will be different (after this) …”

    Jackson insiders declined to comment – officially – on the report. But as one privately put it, “We love Michael no matter what.”

    The friend who leaked portions of the diary also was tight lipped, saying only, “There are over 60 pages (of it) that I will release to the family through my lawyer and they can do what they want with it. It doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to Michael and his loved ones.”

    Other sources confirm that Jackson, 50, had spoken of a death hoax “on several occasions” in 2008 and also in 2009, although the reported discovery of the diary that outlines his plans seemed to come as a surprise to everyone contacted by derekclontz.com.

    A paint-by-numbers account of a death hoax, in the superstar’s own handwriting, could lead to serious legal problems, say legal observers, especially if the journal is perceived by insurance companies and the authorities to be a blueprint for fraud.

    “I hope to God the diary is legit,” said a Jackson confidante who requested anonymity. “If Michael really is alive, if he orchestrated all this, if he faked his own death, then nobody will be happier than me. As for fraud – nope, no way.

    “Michael wouldn’t commit fraud. He’s not trying to collect insurance. He’s protecting himself. He’s doing this for his children. I’ll guarantee it.”

    News of Jackson’s “death” on June 25 stunned the world. In fact, within hours of the ann0uncement by authorities, fans had already begun to speculate that he was still alive and had gone into hiding. Subsequent reports suggested that he was, indeed, perpetrating a hoax to escape the pressures of life in the public eye.

    Scooping the world, derekclontz.com reported Jackson had been spirited to Asheville, North Carolina and then to Eastern Europe, where it is thought that he might be holed up in Hungary, or even in Russia, where hundreds of people claim to have spotted him in Moscow.”

    I also believe micheal is still here because alot of other things just dont add up, they say micheal had camera’s outside of his home, so these camera’s must have showed micheal being put into the ambulance, why wount they release these footage to the world?? there alsoing saying that micheal might have died 8:30 that moring, but in the picture shown of him so call in the ambulance, you see a vein in his forhead, if he was supposedly dead I dont think a vien would still be proturding out someone’s forhead like that. I think micheal also hoax his death so that the doctor’s who were enabling him these dangerous drugs, could be punished, I think he came to realise that these doctor’s only wanted his moeny, and wasn’t concern about the fact that this could kill him if used outside of a hospital. also the pepsi video that was released, belong to him. he brought it from pepsi, so I think he released the video now, so the world could see how badly burned he was, and why he became addicted to pain killers. there’s so much other clues, that doesnt add up. but I do believe the #1 reason as to why he hoax his death, is because he needed to get away and he needed to go to rehab, and fight this addiction. he knew he wasnt able to do those 50 shows. micheal knows he has to live as long as he can. he belived in life, he never wanted to die.

    Micheal I hope your recovering and well. wheater you choose to come back or not, your ture fans will forever support you. and respect your decisons. so much people in this world love you, and this website shows this =]

  108. Rofibbs Said,

    One thing we shud understand is the Jacksons are very secretive…If they cud keep Janet’s marriage of 9yrs to J Alozondro a secret from the world n nosy media for so long, i wonder how long the truth ’bout Mj will take. Sum1 on here said the reaction U see on the Family’s face is RELIEF not GRIEF n i conquer..

  109. Rofibbs Said,

    Cherokeebille.com quoted MJ as sayin, n i quote..’i did my best to help children all over the world and i will keep workin on helpin children from spirit’ unquote…Wat a sick joke?? For starters:-
    1. Spirits who pass on with a lot of unanswered questions surroundin their death like MJ’s, dont rest. So the talk of bein at rest n love doesnt come into play especially wen reports are sayin the said “corpse’ hasnt been buried yet..

  110. Rofibbs Said,

    2. Secondly, When spirits go into rest, THEY REST!! “not help children’ in spirit. That task is left to the ALMIGHTY, Humans n the Angels, not spirits that have passed into light n love. Havent they heard that the dead has nothin to do with the living. Fakes!!

  111. Rofibbs Said,

    3.Thirdly, MJ’s communication with them shud be filled with Apologies for his unexpected exit from the world n the heartache he has caused folks who love him dearly not that JOKE they scripted.

  112. Rofibbs Said,

    4. Finally, the whole write- up sounds like a suicide note..we all heard from reports that MJ wuz very happy n went to bed with the intention of wakin up the next day NOT dyin. I cant stop wonderin wat ppl wont do to get attention.

  113. joan11 Said,

    In one of the reports I read that MJ’s people may not be able to claim any life insurance as someone incharge did not pay the premiums and used the money himself. I was wondering how this suddenly came up.

  114. joan11 Said,

    To be very sincere when MJ’s death was announced like all other fans I cried and then again at the memorial. Till then I had no doubts at all and I really don’t know what prompted me to go up to google and check out for any fake death reports. When I found this site I was really happy that so many other people over the world felt the same. Can so may people be wrong?

  115. joan11 Said,

    Hey guys, just check this: http://www.jlaforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=1867063. It’s about e”casanova…

  116. westin Said,

    Somehow the fact that Dr. Murray called Prince to his dad could be explained Michael could be alive and wanted to say something to him. I know this is a stupid theory but still could be an option…

  117. heartbreak_hotel Said,

    Wow! Thank you mjlover4ever for sharing with the information you have found. It would be great if there would be a special post about MJ Hoax Death Diary, so everyone could read about it. Waiting for the Christmas and New Years eve! (:

  118. westin Said,

    the twitter account of e’casanova doesn’t exist anymore….since aug 1…

  119. thelostchildren Said,

    hey guys remember sweet lisa marie presley’s blog post on his ‘death’? she commented that Michael KNEW how he would die, which he said, ‘ “At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, “I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did.”

    I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that’

    if Elvis’ death was a hoax, is this another possible clue that Michael is also modelling after him? though this may be just thinking on my part, but it’s enough to be thought-provoking. any comments?

  120. aseem Said,

    @ mjlover4ever
    i appreciate your thought….
    all the fans will definitely respect his decision and will support him forever.. and would even support if he come back..

  121. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    check this out. http://www.vegaslovesmj.com/

  122. nefferteareya Said,

    I am so blessed to have found this site. It is so wonderful that we have an outlet where we can all share our love and respect for Michael without having to read all of the accusations and negativity. I have been an admirer of Michael’s all my life. To me,he is so much more than an entertainer,he’s a teacher and I have learned so much from him.Much like the rest of you,I,too,feel that our Michael did not die on June 25,2009. I feel that he is still very much alive. I think he watches this blog closely,as he loves us just as much as we love him.Michael, I know you are watching this blog daily. i want you to know that you have touched my life in such a special way.In you michael,i saw love,compassion,humility,and just an overall wonderful and caring human being. I strive to be like you,Micheal.In everything I do.Michael,we,your fans love you and we miss you terribly. However,it does make us feel better to know that you are somewhere living out the rest of your life in peace. The press,papparazzi,and “haters” can hurt you no more.We understand why you did what you did and we don’t love you any less.Michael,I pray for you daily. You will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.I sincerely hope that you are finally at peace. I wish you love,peace,good health,and above all HAPPINESS.No matter what,you will always be “my mikey-poo”.
    your forever #1 fan,Nefferteareya

  123. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Yep This Whole Hoax Is Gonna Rock The World. There Are Alot Of Incompetent Individuals That Will Believe Anything The Media Tells Them. I Dont Believe Michael Is Dead And Noone Is Gonna Change That. Plus If You Believe The Media. Your Stupid. Michael Is Intelligent, He Is Pulling This Off Pretty Well. Im So Glad That There Are Intelligent Individuals Among Us. I Have A BlogTV Account And Im Gonna Be Talking About The Death Hoax. All Of You Are Welcome To View It. My Name On There Is CrazyInsaneBarbie.

  124. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    As I Already Said, Tons Of People Are In On This Hoax, Even People You Wouldn’t Suspect. They Are Watching This Website And Changing Their Stories Big Time.

  125. Perfume Said,

    @m I still go back to what the paramedics said that there was something odd about the house and that the person they were administering CPR had facial scarring as though the person had recent facial surgery, hence why they could not make the person out as MJ…..and what struck me is that the paramedics said they could not put their finger as to what was odd about the house and the person….still will stay with me cause I saw these words the day it was announced he had cardiac arrest we might never had met MJ face to face but we would sure know whether it was him or not so my guess is that the paramedics were nor even sure if they were administering CPR on a body double or MJ

  126. bghoppy Said,

    1 million hits! Is that gold, or platinum?

    But admin, no new article to remind everyone of the pertinant questions still unanswered? you don’t feel the need to question why the smaking gun has none of the paper work from the ‘investigations’, or that he’s not buried yet, or that now his cause of death is delayed indefinately? You spend alot of money on this site, removed the time regisitry (that you are 10 hours behind EST), news reports in the national media seem to follow leads laid out on this site, yet never actually broach the subject. I underestand you accept donations, but your time on this has obviously been substantial?

    Why is there not one reputable journalist reporting back with the answers and data surrounding the questions that are raised on this site. (Which got more complicated to communicate with other users rather than easier, after repeated requests for a singular line of thought. That was we wouldn’t have to read the stupid shit shit about the ‘fake kids’, and hand markings. Every source is unreliable, unnamed, or biased, but everyone believes what they are being fed. ‘Journalism’ and our own government have given this situation no light or dimension.

    The whole point we all should be reminded of is that there are NO ANWSERS and NO PROOFS, yet surrounding the unexplainable death of of a mysterious, famous, wealthy, loved man. And yet we are getting no closer to the truth.

    And that sucks, and I give up on caring what happened. It sucks that I did miss alot of what he was doing in the past talent wise, because of the lies of greedy fellow humans, and it sucks I wont get to see him do even more mindblowiing things with his body, mind, and soul. Great, he left 200 songs (maybe), but the price of those melodies are not worth it. I get to have people who know me think I;m out of my mind because i think mj is ok, and you are (probably). But now it’s obvious we are all alone and crazy, and I feel cold now. I guess i’m just jealous, i want out, too. RIP Mike

  127. RubyMJfan Said,

    Now IS THIS COINCIDENCE?????? June 25th 1979 and June 25th 2009???? Come on, I find it hard to believe that Jackson would die exactly, exactly 30 years later then this comment was made on Elvis’ death, but please draw your own conclusions!

  128. Coconut Said,

    Okay – I have to say something! I noticed something odd… This Site has now 1 million hits, that means that also the family, doctor and friends are watching this site. Remember – at the memorial, at other interviews and a few minutes after Michael’s ‘death’ Jermaine never waste a tear. We all wondered why nobody of the family cried and I think the family was reading it too. And suddenly, just in an interview, after the ’save the world awards’ Jermaine was crying hardly and he let a teardrop running down his face without any try too hide it. WHY? Why shows he now a months later such a tear that everybody can see it? I way crying right after the news of his ‘death’ and at the memorial but now I can’t because it’s so “long ago” and I’m just sad now.
    Remember at the memorial alle were taking sunglasses to hide their sad eyes and tears and suddenly in an interview this fact doesn’t mean anything.
    I’m confused and I want to understand it…

  129. hanhj Said,

    yep, that’s only the matter of time, i always believe in the first place. thank you!

  130. BeenTown Said,

    Admn, you deserve all o fthe hits. Great site!

  131. mylovermjj Said,

    RubyMJfan Said,
    Now IS THIS COINCIDENCE?????? June 25th 1979 and June 25th 2009???? Come on, I find it hard to believe that Jackson would die exactly, exactly 30 years later then this comment was made on Elvis’ death, but please draw your own conclusions!

    I think you are right. I have already heard that and I think that the “cardiac arrest” couldn’t have been in that exact day and 30 years later.


  132. theinformer Said,


    Kai Chase (Michael’s chef) is interviewed by Larry King. Listen to the question and answer from 3:15 to 3:47:

    Blanket is still unsure what’s happened to his father:

    The Blanket reaction completely conflicts with the answer Jermaine gave to Matt Lauer on the Today Show at 2:06 to 2:32:

    Contemplate, Ponder and Discuss. I look forward to your feedback.

    -The Informer

  133. maria2284 Said,

    Ruby you’re right… coincidence my foot!!

    And MJ was fascinated with Elvis……

  134. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,


  135. thelostchildren Said,

    it’s not that Michael wanted to stage this hoax EXACTLY 30 years after (btw he died on august, not june, I don’t see any coincidences in dates). the fact that Michael probably took Elvis death hoax if it were true as an inspiration, this is why lisa marie said what she said on her blog.

  136. Sky Said,

    Paramedics who attended to the call of the house of Michael Jackson on June 25 said that Sunday (26) that the body of the singer was an old man, according to the English tabloid The Sun. “It seems very weak, old and sick man,” said a staff member, they did not realise that ths was MJ. Isnt that wierd! I’m suree if any1 saw MJ any1 wud know it was him wouldn’t they?

  137. cherstars Said,

    Right no death cerfticate everything was settled out of court we haven’t seen the kids since the memorial, his mum was interviewed yesterday and was more concerned to talk about that joke she calls a husband than about her son she just lost? Hmmm MIKE KNOWS WHERE EVER HE IS HIS FANS WILL UNDERSTAND WHY HE DIDN’T WANT TO BE MICHAEL JACKSON ANY MORE THIS IS THE ONY WAY HE COULD BE RID OF THAT IMAGE. Notice how he was all covered up in the latter days too, what was he practicing for? Maybe a body disguise? That Medic pic looks so different from how he looked at the o2 conference,didn’t look anything LIKE his recent video or pics at all. More like a wax figure. MICHAEL JACKSON IS ALIVE! I DON’T BLAME HIM FOR GETTING BACK AT THE MEDIA AND IS THE WAY TO GIVE THEM THE FINGER FOR SURE! DR MURRAY IS WITH HIM. PERSONAL DR REMEMBER THE TIME? LOL YOU GO MIKE!!

  138. Sky Said,

    If there are one /numerous Michael Jackson “stand-ins”, are we really sure that the real Michael Jackson has died?…Only his very close friends / family would be able to answer this and if Michael Jackson were alive but wanted to escape the relentless press / legal harassment, it would be an ideal way to “retire” with the support of those close and trusted to him…..(who could blame him!) we may never know!

  139. Sky Said,


    Latoya wrotee ‘I love you deeply and cant wait to see you perform again’

    I thought this was a little bit wierd but that might just be me, What do you think?