Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

Let’s take a very simple look at this entire saga. As we know already, there are substantial ins and outs, reasons, clues and hints as to why Michael Jackson could have hoaxed his death, but for a moment, I just want to take a simple look at something that has been right in front of our eyes from the very beginning.


This excerpt was taken from an article on MSNBC dated June 29 2009.

” Chernoff, also on TODAY, said he didn’t think that his client (Dr Conrad Murray) was “ready for this kind of attack” on his credentials and actions in the case. But he said that “it’s expected, considering the circumstances.”

Once the full investigation is complete, Chernoff said, he expected Murray would be exonerated and the family would feel differently.

Jackson still had a faint pulse and a warm body when Murray found him in bed and not breathing Thursday afternoon, Chernoff said in the AP interview.

Chernoff said Murray was at the pop icon’s rented mansion when he discovered Jackson in bed and not breathing. The doctor immediately began administering CPR, Chernoff said.

“He just happened to find him in his bed, and he wasn’t breathing,” the lawyer said. “Mr. Jackson was still warm and had a pulse.” “


So, I know what you’re thinking…this is no different from any other report around that time regarding how Michael Jackson was found by Dr. Murray, bla bla bla. You are quite right, this is not any different, and I believe all reports are the same..which is exactly my point!


Let’s take a closer look at this statement from Dr. Conrad Murray, as quoted by his own Lawyer.


” Jackson still had a faint pulse and a warm body when Murray found him in bed and not breathing Thursday afternoon, Chernoff said in the AP interview.

Chernoff said Murray was at the pop icon’s rented mansion when he discovered Jackson in bed and not breathing. The doctor immediately began administering CPR, Chernoff said. “


Now, I’m not sure how many of you are trained in First Aid, but the key words here are that Michael Jackson STILL HAD A FAINT PULSE, and NOT BREATHING. If he still had a faint pulse, but wasn’t breathing, why the hell would you start administering CPR??????


Wouldn’t you grap a respirator, or start to exhale into his mouth in order to give him artificial respiration (Something we’ve all seen on TV many times)?


If you are still skeptical then please allow me to quote Wikipedia:


“The medical term for the condition in which a person’s heart has stopped is cardiac arrest (also referred to as cardiorespiratory arrest). CPR is used on patients in cardiac arrest in order to oxygenate the blood and maintain a cardiac output to keep vital organs alive.”


If what the Doctor said was indeed true, then the fact that he had a faint pulse means he was not in Cardiac Arrest, as we were all led to believe this is how Michael Jackson died. His heart would have had to have been STOPPED to be in Cardiac Arrest, which would then have required CPR in order to keep the blood circulating throughout the body, and the heart moving.


This is also from Wikipedia:

“If the patient still has a pulse, but is not breathing, this is called respiratory arrest and artificial respiration is more appropriate”


Perhaps you are thinking I am getting too technical?  Think about this though, this is a Doctor, quoting in his own words what happened. If he knew that Michael Jackson was in Respiratory Arrest and was in need of respiration, wouldn’t he say that? Why state simply that he began CPR?


The other flaw in Dr Murray’s statement is that he described Michael Jackson’s body as being warm. According to the Heart Attack/Cardiac Arrest symptoms listed on medicalcenter.osu.edu, the skin of the patient would be cold,  pale and clammy due to the fact that their blood circulation had severly dropped or was in fact non-existent.


This simply just does not add up. How could Michael Jackson have had a faint pulse, warm skin, but no breathing, but was also reported to have died from Cardiac Arrest?


The icing on the cake is the most obvious fact of all. MICHAEL JACKSON HAD A CARDIOLOGIST LIVING WITH HIM AND HE DIED OF CARDIAC ARREST.


I’m sorry, but this is like wearing gumboots and having your feet get soaked by the rain….seriously?!


If your chances of surviving a Heart Attack aren’t improved when you have a Cardiologist living in your House, 10 feet away from your bedroom, then why the hell have him living there at all? Not to mention the fact that he didn’t have a Defibrilator Machine available, being a Cardiologist and all? If Michael Jackson was indeed suffering from Cardiac Arrest, which is what we’ve all been told, then wouldn’t have using a Defibrilator have given his ‘faint pulse’ the boost it needed to awaken him out of his unconsciousness, hence starting his breathing? Isn’t that what those machines are used for?


All  I can say is if your own personal Cardiologist can’t save you, then why even bother to call 911 and the Paramedics? This doctor is a man who supposedly trained for many years to know everything there is to know about the heart, cardiology, cardiac arrest etc etc…and he couldn’t even save his own personal patient when the time came?


My theory is that Dr Conrad Murray is the Smoke Screen Folks. While the world is questioning whether he will be charged with murder, wondering who he is, wondering what really happened that day, Michael Jackson is swiftly moving into his new life, before our very eyes. We are just too distracted to see it.


If you don’t agree, then answer this….where are the children now?



  1. SaddleSketch Said,

    This sounds pretty Legit to me.

  2. leolady Said,

    What do you mean, where are the kids? Aren’t they with Katherine at home? Who says they’re not?
    It’s been real quiet lately..not even TMZ has MJ on the front page anymore..
    Maybe Dr. Murray is just absolutely incompetent, that would explain all he’s said and done was WRONG.
    But: why would MJ get someone like him? Did he not check his credentials? Wouldn’t you get the best doctor you can get?
    This is all very confusing and I just hope there’s some conclusion soon..

  3. CoCo Said,

    “If you don’t agree, then answer this….where are the children now?”
    I ask myself the same thing…..i would love for his kids to have privacy ofcourse..they are kids….but the media doesen’t want this…and still no new pics of them?
    Ufff some days i feel he’s dead some days i feel he’s alive…..would he do this to his fans?

  4. thelostchildren Said,

    if need of a little more convincing, here’s a little thought bubble I had. remember sweet lisa marie presley’s blog post on his ‘death’? she commented that Michael KNEW how he would die, which he said, ‘ “At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, “I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did.” I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that’

    remember that Elvis’ death has also been widely acclaimed as a hoax. if you believe that Elvis is still in the building, wouldn’t you believe MJ is around too (X

  5. scMJfan Said,

    wow you’re right! I never even thought about that, and I am trained in CPR der.

  6. MariannaB Said,

    What this doc apparently did not right in the past:

    Guess he’s now biting his toes off that he fooled himself this time so desastrously.
    Got into what kind of a mud and in the end he might end up stuck. For nothing.

    “Greed meets need.”

    He was just used. He just happened to have the perfect CV as ideal candidate for this job.

    1) This doc had a catastrophical record of professionnal career
    2) He was possessing nothing but debts and issues.

    1)This doc was hired by AEG, right?
    2) He had no certification of ABIM ? But the right to get drugs and administer them?
    3) He got into MJ’s house and even received a “guest” status with an own sleeping room?
    4) He would come in the evenings and leave the next day?
    5) There was a statement I remember that MJ called some days before “that there was something going on”?

    I would go and check every manager of AEG down to the last millimeter and raid their offices and PC.
    There were new names coming up in the management of AEG in March 2009.

    Don’t forget that US companies report their gains on a quarterly basis.
    Everybody there just thinks 3 months from now and whether their job evaluation will be positive.
    Check them out.

  7. Usagi Said,

    Dear Admin,

    Please help me out. I haven’t been able to post on the forum at all for many days and am only able to reply to other people’s quotes but my own messages won’t show up even then, most of the time. I get an error saying “No topic post has been entered. Post can not be saved” Here’s what I wanted to post in the ‘what brought you here’ topic:

    I used to be a huge MJ fan and had a very very strange experience right before he “died”. I felt a sudden need to watch one of his music videos (about 30 minutes prior to the start of the MJ news), even sent a link to one of my friends who can back this up, then a while later was suddenly shocked and convinced to have heard air alarms and immediately checked the news.. worried.. only to find out a minute later or so MJ had just been taken to the hospital. I know MJ has been taken to the hospital before, but because of the sort of “warning” or “sign” I got I immediately knew that it was really serious this time. It was very bizarre and makes me think MJ really died. I came to this website to try and convince myself that what my heart is telling me is wrong. I wonder if having been such a huge fan in the past has created some sort of telepathical bond? My heart just told me something disastrous had just happened. I wonder if anyone had a similar experience? It could have been a coincidence but it certainly didn’t feel like it.

  8. mjjforever72 Said,

    I feel that he did think of his fans alot but I also think that he had to think about his children and they had to come first above all! I know that I would think of my children first, those children are his life and he wants to have a life with them so he had to do what he had to do! He thought the only way to have a life with his children is to hoax a death so he and his children can have piece in there lives WITHOUT the media! I blame the media for all there crap on what they said about him over the years and putting him to the ground and never stoping with it either! SHAME ON YOU MEDIA FOR TAKING THE MOST BUEATIFUL, KIND, LOVING, CARING PERSON AWAY FROM ALL OF US AND NEVER TO SEE HIM AGAIN BUT ONLY IN VIDEO’S AND PIC’S FROM THE PAST!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL ALWAYS AND FOREVER MORE!

  9. nina Said,

    I don’t know what to think …. look at this :
    what if…..

  10. shimmeyjane Said,

    I don’t think Michael would never do a comeback. If he is alive, I think he would do a comeback, and if he doesn’t, then he obviously is dead. Michael wouldn’t be able to leave his fans in pain, whilst he has a happy private life. He’s not like that I don’t reckon.

    But the rest of the points you have made, have made sense.
    So yeah, I’m totally with you on the rest.

  11. Julie Said,

    With their grandma & family :



  12. vasia cy Said,

    i feel the same sometimes i feel that is dead and some times i just feel that is alive…i start believe that is alive from his diary in which said that plan his death…also in a news paper in 1994 a friend of him tell that michael wanted to fake his death and his history be like elvis…..and this is there is nothing with fans if somebody is in a bad condition and can’t live like this can do many things

  13. Rofibbs Said,

    Yes he wud this to his fans CoCo.. hes lived most of his life for us, its time he caught sum fresh breath for himself- Nobody cud be that selfless, goin on tours even when he didnt want to, openin his doors to total strangers to come live with him at NEVERLAND which tarnished his image, Donatin huge sums of money to charities n helpin helpless kids around the world with terminal diseases…the list goes on. MJ did what the UN, WHO, UNICEF, G20 or 8 etc, cudnt do with the snap of his fingers without a 2nd thought. He set the pace for a trillion others to follow, it wudnt be too much for him to ask for rest. “MJ, if ure readin this..REST EASY, dont let anything bother U or weigh on ur conscience. Although we are broken n restless to get news, we ought to understand that this rest is long overdue. I still love U no matter what.”

  14. lilliadebe Said,

    well, i d like to think he is not dead, i really do…
    I think this is possible to manage a fake death… I think, in michael case, that this can go very far…
    If we do suppose that his children and his close family and friends ( being incredible actors !! ) are aware of the hoax, i can’t buy that there would be fake police investigations…
    What about Conrad Murray ( funny thing : i mistapped the Conrad name in Conard and connard in french means asshole…anyway…) being searched and “arrested” by the police ??!
    i d like to but im not buying it…

  15. AliaX Said,

    It wasn’t a common heart attack, but one determined by the administration of anesthetic. Under anesthesia, if problems arise, it is possible that neither the specialist can not save the pacient. One of 1,000 patients who are under general anesthesia risks no wake up. Michael was lucky 100 times, but at 101-time, cracked. The real question is: how a good doctor allow general anesthesia when it is not necessary? At home? Without proper equipment? So many times, like an aspirin?

  16. juju3911 Said,

    …Alors j’ai une question pour Admin, pensez-vous alors que Michael est vraiment mort,ou que c’est un canular ?!!!Je suis désespéré !Répondez moi vite merci.

  17. MariannaB Said,

    And what’s about “THIS IS IT” ?
    An overwhealmingly smiling strange MJ announcing an event that was never meant to take place?


    Barnum’s “What Is It?” exhibit – which is a marketing students basic field of study
    Citing the link:
    ["ONE of Barnum's most manipulative uses of rhetoric occurs in the ambiguous language that used in the "What Is It?" advertising campaign. "It" was actually an African-American man named William Henry Johnson. Johnson was a self-made freak, and according to speculation his mother sold him into show business at a young age."]
    ["By describing the exhibit in both human and animal terms "What Is It?" is exists in a liminal space that resists definite classification."]

    Liminal – wandering between the worlds and realities.
    Gone or not gone, here or not here, alive or not alive – and no definite answer ever possible.

    As a result: individuals drifting in between the one or the other side, in any case stuck emotionally, hooked onto the plot, case, story or whatever they name it.

    And all of this planned in order to get attention?

    Marketing (=working the market, milking the market) is only about

    How many of us did follow this street in buying “one last item of memory of the beloved (maybe gone, maybe not gone)” MJ?

    Who is getting the money of all this?
    There’s the answer. It’s not the doc, he was just used.

  18. tis_ruthy Said,

    Sorry Alia, but I dont buy the diprivan story. I think its absolutely ridiculous we’re expected to believe he would risk his entire life every night for some sleep, when he absolutely adores his children. Those risks you mentioned, well he isn’t stupid, he would know them too. As for admin mentioning the fact that he hired a cardiologist and then goes into cardiac arrest is just toooo much of a coincidence. This is just laughable, it really is!

  19. boogieblamer Said,

    I really agree with this post….
    Why would you really bother to have your DOCTOR live with you if, his room is too far from yours…
    And he also said that, these things are all expected. And that, it’s just becoming too much…

    Does that mean, that everything was talked about already like…. “hey you Doctor you…you will be accused by like this blah blah….BUT you must be aloof about it, so that no one will notice MJ’s disappearance okay….”

    I’ve been following the news everyday….i swear and I do believe that MJ is well…

    I was wondering the same thing too… WHERE THE HELL ARE MICHAEL’S KIDS?
    I haven’t heard about them lately….

    what are your thoughts about their kids admin?

    admin…thanks so much for the infos!!!!!
    you guys are amazing!

  20. boogieblamer Said,

    PS… some may think that he won’t be having a comeback…

    But I think, there’s some comeback coming…

    He said that HE NEVER STOPPED WORKING…. Especially when music has been your life. It’s in your bloodstream, the pulse of it is unstoppable….

    He may be gone for a few months/years but, I believe there is a comeback….Some may be shocked, angry, surprise and happy…. But that his way of showing the world that he is different….and i like that!!!

  21. darkfeather Said,

    Admin, I think you are totally right. It’s exactly I pointed out earlier on the forum and also dr. Murray didn’t want to break his ribs, that’s why he did CPR on the bed and also with one hand.

  22. Copenhagen Said,

    Admin – Please keep the children out of this – my goodness now the helicopters are already hovering over the Jackson compound – Michael would not have liked this !!!

    Michael did what he had to do if he faked his death – so let us instead keep an eye on music, film etc. that is being produced from now on – try to check out the way 2Pac died and you will discover some of the same things that has happened in connection with Michael if you believe its a hoax. This is much more interesting than being nosy and interviening in Michaels childrens lives – they have been through enough until now so please again leave them out of this !!!

  23. LilithBelgium Said,


    Today I Found this


    It’s very strange, isn’t it ? Why now ?

    I never saw this picture.

    What do you think about this new ? Fake or not ?

  24. LilithBelgium Said,

    The most amazing is that c a paparazzo is who took the photograph of MJ during its transport in ambulance they see it definitely he is dressed in a t shirt red where from red image. Look at the video and stop in 1:30 and 1:32

  25. MJ supporter Said,

    Why did a member in MJ:s staff call the nurse Cheri Lynn Lee in Florida on the 21 th of June, 4 days before MJ died saying that MJ was feeling sick and that MJ himself said that one side of his body was feeling cold and the other side was feeling warm when there was a 24/7 cardiologist employed ($150 000/month) to serve MJ?

  26. Perfume Said,

    Have a look at the “pic” in the ambulance as admin quoted if he had suffered cardiac arrest his skin would of turned blue, and I have read many comments on TMZ where people have said that the “person” in the ambulance looked way too healthy, like I still say the paramedics said that something seemed very odd about the house and the person they were administering CPR on had recent facial scarring as though they had recent surgery, and if he had a pulse and not breathing but his body was warm then how come TMZ reported that he died at home, others said on the way to the hospital others say the doctors worked an hour on him at the hospital before his death……nothing stays hidden that cannot be revealed so when did Michael “die” was it on his bed in his bedroom on the way to the ambulance or at the hospital and how come they are still prolonging the release of the autopsy and what happened to the body why was there a memorial without a burial things just dont add up here…MJ wherever you are as you always said “I LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”….keeping digging admin you are doing a great job to the person that said TMZ does not have MJ on their front pages maybe they dont have anything solid to report on, many must be secretly watching this site

  27. Perfume Said,

    Just one question, through all these happenings in MJ’s house you mean to tell me that not one of his staff was curious to make a cellphone recording, just a thought

  28. gena Said,

    Totally agree with you! And I hope justice will be served, Conrad Murray was after MJ’s money and so was Arnold Klein and many others. If Michael wasn’t so rich this probably would not have happend. My personal sadness goes to the fact that Michael could truly love every single person in the world except himself. And I regret no one could interfere and take steps while it was still time… Michael, rest in peace, the world is with you!

  29. youarealive Said,

    Dear Admin and fellows,
    I have one point to add .
    I am putting here the video of the 911 call. It´s subtitled in potugese ( my natural lenguage) ´cause I am not too good speacking English.
    But the point is, when the person is making the call, there is a soft voice very similar to Michael´s voice in the background of the call. We can hear this voice when the caller confirms the adress and in other moments.
    Could somebody put type what this voice speaks?
    Maybe your cooperation be very important. Let me explain why. Here in Brazil we are following the hipotesys that this soft voice in the 911 record may be owned by MJ himself! But me and my friends can´t understand what is said. Please, pay attention in the backgroung soft voice. It looks similar of MJ´s voice?
    What does this person say?
    Thanks for the help!

  30. ejay5131 Said,

    If MJ did fake hi death to get out of the spotlight and have his children lead a normal quiet life, tell me this….how is hiding, and being in a constant worry that someday ,someone could see you alive somewhere, a quiet peaceful life? I’m not saying he’s not lifving a quiet life and I’m not saying he should have a comeback. I just don’t think a a giant game of “hide n seek ” for the remainder of your life sounds peaceful. Especially with the amount of questionable actions, photos, and statements that have been left behind.

  31. lou Said,

    It makes sense. According to the reports, this doctor made too many mistakes. It doesn’t even sound like a real doctor, at least, not a good one. A serious doctor would never accept to administrate anesthetic to a patient that didn’t need it, and in a totally unusual procedure – at home, and without the right equipments!!?? It sounds terrible that MJ hired the worst doctor in the world to make such a dangerous procedure, risking his own life! Concerning the last part of theory, supposing that it’s possible that MJ is hidding somewhere, he can’t go around with his children anymore, because NOW the world knows how they look like. I think that if it’s possible that he is indeed hiding somewhere, we cannot say that it’s to live a “normal life” as he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere with his children without being noticed. It would be more plausible that he was forced into it, but who knows?

  32. leolady Said,

    hey, TMZ has two new posts up… top front page.. very lame ones… but they had to put something, right?

  33. CoCo Said,


    I just watch the very end of the video when the lights turn off…its like Michael is crying or in pain.

  34. ilovemichaeljackson. Said,

    i’m not too sure i agree with you on this one, admin.
    its seems as if doctors can sometimes suck at what they do, lets not forget the past of this doctor: its not squeaky clean. so the fact that he fucked up, and had no idea what to do in my opinion, isnt a real issue to point out.

    this doctor really coulda just been a flunkie AEG and MIchael found out of desperation, and murray accepted the job. till this day, i am still not sure if michael is indeed alive, i sure do hope so, but the idea of questiooning the doctor’s motives is kinda not what we are trying to figure out..

  35. InLuvwithMJ Said,

    I had heard on the news a couple weeks back that Michael knew Dr. Murray from some time back when the doc treated Michael’s children. He and Dr. Murray developed a friendship and Michael trusted him. From that report I thought it was strange that this cardiologist would treat children since he’s not a pediatrician, unless one of the children had a condition that required a specialist. But even so, aren’t there pediatric specialists?

    I hope AEG didn’t hire this quack, because that would mean they knew about his shady past and would consider him capable of anything in exchange for money. But even if Michael picked him as his doc because he trusted him (and AEG’s role was to foot the bill) it didn’t help MJ in the end. This doctor has to be the most incompetent man in practice. I can’t believe that MJ would trust his life and health to some doctor with such a bad track record, unless he didn’t know about it. I’m so confused….

  36. nefferteareya Said,

    Well,I still think that he is here. My heart just wont accept that he’s no longer here. It is not a wishful thinking type of thing,i feel he is here..physically here.
    The main thing I’d like to explore is this “Doctor Murray”. personally,I don’t think that he even exist. When Michael first died they had one photo of him. This one photo was on news broadcasts and magazines all over the world.
    Then,once we at MJDH started digging and asking questions about the doc suddenly,more pictures started coming out.I believe Michael or someone is watching this site so that they can keep up with the mistakes and inaccuracies.Also,notice how there isn’t very much video of this “doctor” Murray and the 2 pieces of video that they do have are both of extremely poor quality,very blurry.I’m convinced that the video could be of anyone.TMZ, up until 2 or 3 days ago would post 2-3 Michael stories daily. now,even they are being quiet.Something weird is definately going on here,and i think it’s because our Michael is still here.
    I love you more,Mikey-poo.
    Your forever #1 fan,Nefferteareya

  37. veritas88 Said,

    Ok. I do understand your general point here and I do believe that MJ is alive for the many reasons previously stated, especially your bold statement about dying via cardiac arrest when in the care of a personal cardiologist. However, I think you are mistakenly thinking that “cardiac arrest” is a condition that a person can persist through. It is not. While MJ supposedly had a faint pulse and was warm and not breathing, he could’ve THEN gone into cardiac arrest a while later, and then died as a result. Essentially the condition he was in when Murray found him could have worsened and then he went into cardiac arrest when the paramedics arrived or later at the hospital.

    Another point, has anyone seen the ET interview w/ Tito Jackson? He seemed quite devastated to me. I do believe that MJ is alive but I really do wonder about the extent of the hoax. Do you think he’s told all or most of his family members, and if he has are they truly brilliant actors or what? I have a lot of faith that MJ is alive based on facts that don’t add up, but I get much more confused everyday. I truly want MJ to be happy, unconditionally loved and healthy wherever he is but I also hope he decides to re-emerge at some point. The truth has to reveal itself eventually. Besides, the KOP, the Greatest Entertainer that ever Lived would want to achieve the GREATEST COMEBACK EVER, right?! It would literally be a real-life “Thriller”! Well, I can only hope. Until then, I pray for, think about, and listen to the music of Michael everyday!!

  38. becca26 Said,

    Michael Jackson’s sister, Latoya, has published the following message for her brother:

    Michael, after 50 years of waiting, God has finally called you home to do what you do best.

    He shared your extraordinary talent with us all for many decades and now it’s time for you to spread your wings to a much higher level, which of course I know you will do, and join the other angels and give them an incredible eternal performance.

    Keep the angels smiling, Joker!

    I love you deeply and I can’t wait to see you perform again!

    Mike, you will always be in my dreams!


    La Toya

    Source: LatoyaJackson

    Kinda strange wording

  39. mjfan Said,

    @nina…. that particular psychic sounds more down to earth, sane, and reasonable than most of them. I’m not saying he’s right, but I don’t think he’s a huckster. He may TRULY BELIEVE he’s contacted Michael Jackson. Whether he has or not, I think he believes he has. And I don’t know whether he has or not. I have no idea if Michael Jackson is alive or not. If he’s dead there is just too much suspicious that happened for it all to be an accident.

    Then again, if MJ is dead, everyone is looking for someone to blame because he really should still be here. Though it’s probably selfish of everyone to want that, considering how hard his life was.

    I’m really not sure one way or the other. Though I know if MJ IS dead, then this is certainly plausible. And I know he would want to find some way to get in touch with people and calm them down. I know it would bug him a lot how desperate and upset the fans are at his passing. One thing I’ve said before is that, given an elevated spiritual status and all the things he did for the world, it’s likely that if MJ was dead, he would be MORE alive to many fans. Because spirit transcends all the rest. So fans who feel he is alive very strongly… even if he’s dead, they probably WOULD feel that.

    I’ve said before that we shouldn’t jump too much on how the family is mourning because if he really is dead, then that’s just cruel. Though I personally have little use for Joe or La Toya, (although if you read Magic and the Madness, both of them come across as a little more sympathetic despite their huge flaws), and I don’t understand why Jermaine keeps giving SO many interviews, still, to act like Paris faked her speech, or that none of the family seemed to be that sad, etc. etc. to prove a hoax, seems a bit cruel. And also selfish. In that, it’s selfish and cruel to dissect a family’s behavior at a memorial for their lost loved one, just because we want MJ to be alive and continue making music.

    I’ve thought for awhile that either MJ is in protective custody or a coma, or he’s been murdered. Though whether or not that psychic medium actually had any real contact with MJ, I think there is a lot of prudence in that message and fans should listen to it on two levels:

    1. We do not KNOW what happened. Though there is much speculation that if he was dead and he was murdered and it was a big conspiracy… maybe it was, and maybe it wasn’t. If it wasn’t and it just looks suspicious… well think about how everybody thought MJ was guilty because he “looked” suspicious.

    2. Fans need to really learn to cope with the reality that MJ might be dead. I see way too many fans on this forum who are SO religious almost about MJ’s comeback… it’s like Jesus’ second coming or something. I see some strong parallels in that. It’s almost freaky.

    I know there is a lot of turmoil and while for some this is more intellectually interesting. Don’t get me wrong I love MJ I love who he was, I identify with him on many levels and for a long time was searching for a person/being/avatar that I could identify with on that level. And I’m still trying to figure out what it means and what kind of changes I need to make to improve my own life. And I love his music and dancing and beat boxing and etc… but… as a fan, I’m relatively new.

    Though I cried through a lot of the memorial and am still sad about the situation, and still haven’t gotten to a “normal fan level,” I truly can accept any outcome here. Even if it was just an accident and he is really dead. It’s sad, but in reality, if you believe in a spiritual realm, in death he’s more alive than in life, for those of us who weren’t ever going to get to meet him in life.

    So for me a lot of the theories are more thought experiments. I’m curious, it’s like a big puzzle, I want to figure it out. But I don’t have that same desperation a lot of people have. And I’m worried about the people here who have that desperation for Michael to be alive. And I hope such people can get some peace about this, because Michael, whether dead or alive, wouldn’t want you to suffer like this. So I think people, whether they believe Michael is dead or alive, and whether or not Michael is dead or alive, need to take the “message from Michael” to heart. Because parts of it are true, even if it turns out Michael is alive or was murdered.

  40. Shauna Said,

    I haven’t liked this doctor since the first mention of his name. Something odd about him. I am still unsure about this being a hoax, but I know none of this mess makes any sense. I can’t imagine that Michael would want his fans to think he was an addict that stayed hooked up to IVs to sleep. If this is a hoax, it must have taken years to plan. Back during the Neverland raid the same drugs were found along with oxygen tanks and IV stands. I read somewhere that his lookalike E’casanova had a life threatening disease back in 2007. Could he have been the real one to die? In the ambulance photo it looks more like him than Michael. Michael’s skin was lighter. I am so confused. I think this whole Dr. Murray thing will go to court, he will have the best lawyers and be cleared on all charges. Then he will get his payment for being part of the hoax and disappear for good. Michael will be in hiding with his family enjoying his freedom. I hope Michael is alive and well cause I love him dearly. Maybe we will never know the truth. This site makes some really good points though. It seems like every time something is questioned on this site regarding a statement in the media, someone will pop up to explain what was left out before. Keep up the good work admin.
    Michael if you are out there, be safe and know that you are loved. I don’t blame you one bit.

  41. theinformer Said,


    Kai Chase (Michael’s chef) is interviewed by Larry King. Listen to the question and answer from 3:15 to 3:47:

    Blanket is still unsure what’s happened to his father:

    The Blanket reaction completely conflicts with the answer Jermaine gave to Matt Lauer on the Today Show at 2:06 to 2:32:

    Contemplate, Ponder and Discuss. I look forward to your feedback.

    -The Informer

  42. perfidy Said,

    While I try to be respectful of everyone’s opinions and thoughts; I have read this site numerous times and muttered to myself – “Okay, do they hate him or just love him so much that they cannot let go?”

    I wish he was still alive. I want for him to still be alive. Every night I close my else to sleep, I hope that the next day when I wake, this will have all been some sort of bad dream..
    BUT, Michael is gone.
    Aside from speculation and wishful thinking that somehow Michael Jackson, who couldn’t keep he own staff from running off at the mouth every time a controversy arose; there would have been way too many people needed to be involved in him faking his own death – and NO one is able to keep a secret THIS BIG.
    Aside from that, Michael not only loved his children (which you give a plausible explanation for hoaxing and reuniting with his children) BUT MICHAEL LOVED HIS FANS. (While many of them didn’t always love him – he never wavered).
    For you to continue to claim that Michael faked his own death (for whatever reasons) is to also say that he would intentionally HURT his fans. And that, he simply would NOT do – under any circumstances.

    You’ve not seen the kids – yeah, the Jackson family has been keeping them isolated inside the Havenhurst Compund. Wouldn’t you? Their father has died and STILL all the media concentrates on are 1) the allegations of which he was acquitted 2) the allegations he was a ‘junkie’ 3) the constant questioning of his ‘fatherhood’ to these children 4) the custody issues and that their ‘birth mother’ sold away her rights to them for a large sum and is looking now for more money 5) that little ‘Blanket” doesn’t even have a mother (and with the speculation that Michael isn’t even the father….)
    So, as a parent, sister, brother… would YOU expose children to the media?

    The photos/ambulance/etc: While I admit, the photos of him performing only 2 night before and the photos of him announcing the O2 Arena dates do seem to suggest that they are of 2 separate time frames – this could just be AEG trying to market OLDER footage of a previous tour to recoup whatever losses from his death – or just simply more greed.

    The theory that E’Casanova is indeed Michael or that the man who died was E’Casanova, I must admit is the most intriguing. I will also admit that I would prefer to believe that this was the case (while in the same breath I mean no harm to E’Casanova)… but you must also take into consideration the fact that the LAPD has invested thousands of man hours in this case investigating – don’t you think that they would have discovered ‘differences’ in a relatively young man compared to a 50 year old? Although someone posted a link to something that E’Casanova reportedly posted about retiring… ummm.. he was performing in Japan (w/ Michael in the audience) in 2007. Additionally, the ‘twitter account’ that was referenced wasn’t him either. He has a MySpace page which lists his legit accounts – NO FaceBook – No Twitter listed.

    With regards to CPR. IF this doctor ever did CPR on Michael. I believe like most rational people that Dr. Conrad Murray fell asleep while he was supposed to be monitoring Michael. That after finding Michael dead, he tried to do everything in his power to cover his behind and THAT is why there are so many conflicting stories regarding the death.
    It is NOT uncommon for people to be ‘calm’ on a 911 call – have none of you heard the Billy Mayes 911 call? The gentleman speaking (which I believe was a brother-in-law) was freaking out there – by your standards – that would mean that Billy Mayes is still alive too.

    Whatever YOU want to believe… I appreciate the fact that for the most part, you’ve been respectful of Michael on this site. (Well, aside from saying that he’s faked his own death)
    I think we should just accept that Michael has passed on and allow this man peace. He was scrutinized his entire life. He was humiliated, chastised, victimized and lied about – do we really need to continue the speculation into his ‘death’?

    I did not support Michael while he was alive. I do not mean the accusations – I mean I just didn’t listen to his music (I was a head banger). But in his death, I have supported him. I have bought his albums and the magazines which have tastefully told of his life and of his tragic death.
    I support his charities and his message.
    That is what I believe we should be focused on – not trying to ‘once again’, make him look like a liar and a freak.

  43. Smile Said,

    nina,why do you believe all those things?

    people can’t talk to dead people that’s just wrong.you can’t communicate with the dead.

  44. SJ1983 Said,

    @ shimmeyjane how could you think that there is a returningpoint in all of this, if he ever would come back he would be arrested duhhhhhhhhhh
    soo ofcourse he will never ever come back, why pull of a hoax to get away from all the problems in the first place, then to come back and face sooooooo much more problems!?!?
    So in a way he has died, cause he can never come back as MJ
    That makes me very sad, but at the same time he took care for us and the kids by leaving us hundreds and hubdreds more songs to come out the next years…
    I think MJ is very relieved now to finally have found peace living without the media, but is also very very sad that he cant be with his second love ever again HIS FANS!!
    This sadly was the price he got to pay for finding finally peace!
    I think it was a good decission of him!

  45. maria2284 Said,

    I completely agree that this is too “coincidental” to be real. Out of all the doctors he could have chosen, why that one?? One that is sooo bad, and not even certified? And one that is a cardiologist, and then all of a sudden MJ “dies” of a heart attack??

    I don’t think so. And good thinking Admin when it came to the CPR. I would have NEVER thought of that at all.

    Where ever MJ is, I hope he is doing well.. resting peacefully, and able to enjoy himself and having a normal life.

    I love you Michael!!! :)

  46. SJ1983 Said,

    @ Rofibbs very nice written sosoooooooo true

  47. SJ1983 Said,

    @ Nina oh come on, eighter this person was looking for attention or money or was sponsored by TMZ hahahahaa
    3 times saying pls people I am not physically alive yeah yeah I say big B.S.

  48. SJ1983 Said,

    omg after reading all this about Murray, more hoax more hoax!!
    Why would a person such as MJ and AEG with so much money hire a person with such a bad reputation!!!!!!!!!?????????????????
    NEVER would they have done that, except if they knew that they needed someone to be the suspect for the murder case in order to claim the insurrance money, while it couldnt be claimed if it was a dead with a natural cause

  49. Tatum Said,

    Well, forgive my English …
    Like most, I ‘m confused whether or not to believe his death was forged, there are many contradictions in fact … but I prefer to believe that he’s alive until I prove otherwise. About the fact that he back or not (if alive), I ‘m afraid to return because I don’t know how would be the reaction of fans … but say he ’s alive and back one day … people please be understanding with your attitude, Mike lived a whole life to others and doing everything that the other wanted, annulled, it only wanted to live normally like us, was the Michael Jackson on stage, but at home he just wanted to be the father, Mike … If the love of fact should not be selfish, we should be with him all the time and the more difficult it is, understand it. MJ I love you! Be Happy

  50. UserWicy Said,

    source: http://cherokeebillie.wordpress.com/
    to NiNa
    i donno, cherokee billie didn’t go into a lot of details didn’t she? but that’s what religion is, no exact details. Well Mr jackson if ur really a free spirt now, than good for you( i’d like to be invisible and free)and if ur really not dead, enjoy ur holidays.
    There are so many facts that people can make anything sounds convincing, it is really up to you to decide what makes the most sense. BUT no matter what u believe in, there’s only one truth, and no one can change it.

  51. kristindean88 Said,

    Someone please, PLEASE read this and respond to me, I’d love some elaboration and insight.

    I am not the kind of person who easily believes in conspiracy theories, yet for some reason, I do not doubt for one second that Michael Jackson faked his death. He strikes me as the kind of person who would do just that, in order to finally live a life of normalcy, especially for his children.

    There are several questions that I need to find the answers to, because I think they coincide.

    First, when did AEG announce that Michael would be doing 40 more tours than he agreed to? Second, when were his trusted staff fired, rehired, and new people hired? Could this have happened after AEG’s announcement? Kai Chase, Dr. Murray, Grace Rwaramba, Leonard Rowe, Cherilyn Lee, John Branca, etc. I can’t imagine Michael had a high turnover rate for employees, it would not be safe to have people coming and going from his life on a constant basis. Why would he fire some of the people closest to him, rehire one of the executors on his will, and hire a whole host of new people to accompany him to London?

    Michael truly felt this final tour would kill him. I think he meant it to be his last tour ever, and he has stated, “I go through hell touring. I go through hell.” I think AEG really caught him off guard when they announced 40 more shows. Not 10 more, not 15 more, but 40 more shows, 10 more months of his life. That’s 10 months away from his children, 10 months of grueling work that would be so taxing on his body.

    If I were Michael, knowing that I didn’t want to do this, knowing that my body physically COULDN’T do this, I would look to any way out. I presume that for many years Michael has always held in his mind the idea of faking his death. To finally die as Michael Jackson and live as a normal person. I wouldn’t be surprised if the controversy surrounding Elvis’s death first sparked this idea.

    Rather than cancel his tour, disappointing millions of fans and being remembered as a wash up and a failure, he could *die* and forever secure his position as the greatest entertainer of all time. No one will ever top the King of Pop, it can’t be done. His death forever guaranteed that position, and I’m sure he knew that.

    Perez Hilton was incredibly callous in his initial response to Michael’s alleged cardiac arrest, but there may have been something to it. It seemed SO convenient that Michael would die RIGHT before this tour, not during, not after, not several years ago when he went into rehab for addiction to prescription medicine, but weeks before his final tour.

    It does not add up. There’s so many other oddities, which this site has listed very well, but for me, the bottom line is this:

    Rather than cancel the tour and be remembered as a failure, dying would ensure Michael’s place in musical history forever. If I had that option, if I had the option to restart my life and become an entirely new person, I would do it in a heartbeat. While most of us can’t do that, Michael no doubt had the resources to do it. I have no idea who may be clued into his faked death, I suspect a lot of people aren’t, possibly including his family, people who worked for him, and people he worked with him on the “This Is It” tour. My honest gut feeling tells me he is not gone.

    “Michael Jackson” died, but I don’t think his body did, I really don’t. I don’t think he’ll ever come back as Michael Jackson, but I do think he will finally be able to find peace with a life of normalcy and simplicity, which is the only thing that matters.

  52. freeak Said,

    Thats all very strange. i totally agree with you admin. and i think at the memorial was just one friend who was very close to him…BROOKE SHIELDS. I mean she is an actress.all i know is we will know the truth soon. the whole story sounds soo arranged and planed but they made some mistakes! =) whatever, all i know is that we love michael and always will. it don’t matter if he hoax his death, but, pls michael, if you read this, when you feel ready, come out, just take your time, don’t feel ina hurry, just rest for a time and fill up your strength. don’t allow the media and the haters to get you down. you were always there for your fans now its our time to be there for you. I LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL.
    love and greetings from austria,vienna. (i was just 2 years when he did his last concert in vienna and 3 years when he last visited vienna =D)

  53. mahana Said,

    When I saw the ‘right before our eyes’ comment, I thought it was about the name of the clinic! I think the CPR-slip is waaaayyy too subtle to be an actual ‘tip’. Even doctors misspeak sometimes.

  54. morgane Said,

    I noticed while watching several pictures on the Net that Michael Jackson had perfect teeth or on the michael of this conference is it is not the perfect teeth
    look good on the lower jaw
    I may be wrong but ….. and I repeat myself but the kids did not look sad

  55. BeenTown Said,

    Great points. Clearly does not make sense.

    I thought the kids were with Katherine but the only photo I have seen was weeks ago when they were going to church.

  56. kitkat Said,

    OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SOOO BUGGIN OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!!!!!!!!!!! first of all i feel soo stupid 4 not realizing tt CPR wasnt needed wen the doc found em!!! n other ppl guesses were right about the doc being accused being all part of the plan. I mean i took it in2 consideration,but i wondered y wod it be part of the plan? i thought the poor doc wod be accused of somthing he didnt do n tt mj wod either be forced to admit he faked his death or hope the doc gets out of it alright. But now it makes PERFECT sense! tis whole time my attention was on the doc! not the kids!

  57. mordor Said,

    hi nina where did you get this???It seems..hm..need to think more..some of the things the lady is saying are …like..Dont know..the spirit is never talking about the bad things because they are not important anymore..But we can believe to it..maybe….but we have to be careful as everyone is trying to make money -the easiest way is use his name…Now she can becom very popular as she is saying tha she have conection with Michael..Bit this can be just one of the other fakes…we need to contact some of the other spiritualist..my feelings doesn´t lie to me..something is not ok ..I can´t get the feeling that she is really honest..what do you think?????

  58. m Said,

    hello!!I saw on a web site an article from 2007 saying that mj double e´casanova was suffering from a serious disease and because of that his doctors asked him to retire.So i went to his myspace and i saw a lyric wrote by him in july 18, 2007 called ” IF I DIED TOMORROW ” weird.Does anyone knows or check it out if it´s true that he was so sick??!Maybe he died instead of mj!Maybe they swaped places!!! I know he has a myspace but is a fansite mypace…so anyone can be updating his site… Or maybe i´m crazy!!

  59. Helia Said,

    The children are with Katherine Jackson. Easy Question.
    And your whole article is useless because it is obvious that Dr.Murray lied. He lied when he said that Michael Jackson had a faint pulse. It is obvious that Michael Jackson was already dead and that’s why he began administering CPR. I guess he felt guilty for what happened and wanted to say that he did everything to save MJ’s life and it wasn’t his fault and because of the pressure he didn’t realize that what he is saying doesn’t make sense for a doctor. You did your best to explain this but the problem is that your are trying to convince people of something that is not true. Michael Jackson is dead and resign yourself to it.

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson

  60. mjjforever72 Said,

    I was just on cnn.com and I was reading alittle about michael’s estate well i thought I would like to share it with all fans and the admin to this site. I copied it and here it is below as follows;

    control of estateStory Highlights
    Katherine Jackson looking for some control of her son’s estate.

    Lawyers’ petition accuses executors of keeping Katherine Jackson “in the dark”

    Jackson wants executors to answer questions about business arrangements
    updated 30 minutes agoNext Article in Entertainment »

    By Alan Duke

    LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Katherine Jackson’s legal battle for some control of her son’s estate returns to court Monday in front of the same judge who is expected to award her permanent guardianship of Michael Jackson’s children.

    Katherine Jackson has accused the executors of her son’s estate of “keeping her in the dark.”

    Dozens of lawyers are expected to pack a Los Angeles courtroom where a judge will consider the Jackson family matriarch’s challenge of the lawyer and former music executive who were named as executors in Michael Jackson’s will.

    Katherine Jackson’s lawyers filed a petition last week accusing the men who now control the estate of being “intent on keeping her in the dark” about deals they’ve made or are negotiating.

    Londell McMillan, Jackson’s lead attorney, raised questions about “a suspicious circle of relationships” involving John Branca, the singer’s longtime personal attorney, and John McClain, a music industry executive and longtime friend.

    Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff gave Branca and McClain temporary control of the estate until Monday’s hearing.

    Katherine Jackson is asking the judge to order Branca, McClain and others to answer questions under oath about their business agreements to determine if they are “fit and able” to administer the estate. The men also were served with a 19-page demand for documents.

    Branca has refused to let Katherine Jackson see Michael Jackson’s contracts with AEG — the company that was organizing and promoting his planned concerts — unless she agrees to keep them confidential. Branca’s lawyer argued in a court filing that he has no choice, since the contracts have a provision requiring confidentiality.

    Don’t Miss
    Issue of Jackson doctor-shopping for drugs raised again
    Jackson’s personal chef: House went from happy to hysterical
    Search warrants seek evidence of drug addiction
    Deal reached for custody of children
    Branca’s lawyers also argued that Jackson’s demand for documents was too broad and burdensome.

    “Such measures will not be necessary if Mrs. Jackson is appointed a co-executor of the estate,” McMillan said.

    McMillan, in an interview with CBS Thursday, estimated the Jackson estate was worth $2 billion, while the executors have estimated in court that its value is around $500 million.

    The will written in 2002 places all of Michael Jackson’s assets into a family trust benefiting his mother, his three children and unnamed charities.

    Judge Beckloff will consider at Monday’s hearing who will have permanent control of the estate.

    The judge is also expected Monday to finalize Katherine Jackson’s guardianship of her son’s three children. An agreement between Jackson and Debbie Rowe, the mother of the two oldest children, cleared the way for an uncontested custody hearing.

    Rowe, who was briefly married to Michael Jackson, agreed not to fight for custody in exchange for visits with the children as recommended by a psychologist.

    The agreement does not involve any financial payments to Rowe “apart from the continuation of spousal support payments” that Michael Jackson personally agreed to make to Rowe after their divorce, their lawyers said in a joint statement.

    Jackson’s children have been living with their paternal grandmother at her Encino, California, home since their father’s death.

    The oldest child — Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. — was born in February 1997. A daughter — Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson — was born the next year. Details of how the children were conceived — and who was the biological father — have been closely guarded amid much public speculation.

    The couple divorced in 1999 with Rowe giving Jackson full custody while she got an $8.5 million settlement, according to court documents. Jackson later agreed to additional support.

    Rowe gave up parental rights to Jackson in 2001, but she changed her mind more than two years later and sought temporary custody of the children. A California appeals court later ruled her rights were improperly terminated, opening the door to a possible custody battle.

    While the coroner’s report on what killed Michael Jackson has been delayed indefinitely, new evidence emerged that the singer shopped for a doctor who would give him the drug investigators suspect led to his death.

    Dr. Allan Metzger, whose name appeared on a search warrant served this week, refused Jackson’s request in April for the anesthetic propofol — commonly known by the brand name Diprivan — Metzger’s attorney said.

    Investigators suspect another physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, gave the drug to Jackson in the 24 hours before he died, according to a source, who asked not to be named because the individual was not authorized to speak to the news media.

    Metzger, who practices in West Hollywood, California, told Jackson during a visit to his Holmby Hills home that the drug was “dangerous and potentially life-threatening and could not be used outside of a hospital,” attorney Harland Braun said.

    Metzger’s medical records for Jackson, whom he treated until 2003, have been given to the coroner, Braun said.

    He said Metzger prescribed drugs for Jackson under the alias Omar Arnold and Michael Jackson, which was not illegal since he used both names together. The doctor did that because he thought it was “his duty to protect the privacy” of his patient, Braun said.

    Omar Arnold is one of 19 aliases listed in the warrant used by Los Angeles police and federal drug agents Tuesday to search the Las Vegas office and home of Murray, a Texas-based cardiologist.

    The warrant also mentioned Cherilyn Lee, a nurse practitioner who treated Jackson earlier this year. Lee told CNN Jackson begged her for the propofol to help him get a good night’s sleep. She said she refused, telling the pop star that if he took the medicine, he might never wake up.

    The same warrant, signed by a Las Vegas judge, implied that investigators suspected Jackson was a drug addict.

    Dr. Deepak Chopra told CNN in a recent interview that when Jackson asked him for a narcotic, he told him absolutely no. “I said to him, ‘Michael, you’re going to die one day from this,’” Chopra said.

    During a world tour in the mid-’90s, sources close to Jackson told CNN, the pop star suffered from insomnia and traveled with an anesthesiologist who would “take him down” at night and then “bring him back up.” According to a report on a 2004 Santa Barbara police investigation, security guards in Jackson’s inner circle said he traveled the country getting prescriptions from doctors.

    The Los Angeles County coroner, who must rule on the cause of Jackson’s June 25 death, met Thursday with the Los Angeles District Attorney, who must decide if anyone will be prosecuted for his death.

    During the meeting, it was decided that an announcement of the coroner’s findings would be delayed indefinitely, according to a source close to the investigation. An official in the coroner’s office had previously indicated to reporters that the findings would be made public within days.

  61. dirtydiana Said,

    I am pretty sure that this has been posted and talked about, but what are your thoughts on MJ’s personal chef. I am sure the family gave her the go ahead to do this interview so anything coming out her mouth is questionable.




    Sounds a bit scripted to me, especially the praying part. It’s funny how she said the children were crying hysterically on the day MJ supposedly passed but not one tear shed during the memorial??!!

  62. dirtydiana Said,

    Why is the toxicology report being delayed?


    If MJ died for whatever reason, why the need for continued investigation? If he died from this so called drug over dose with the help of Dr. Murray, shouldn’t he be in custody by now? Everyone has been playing to this long waiting game knowing the only person being eyed from the beginning is Dr. Murray. I don’t know how the law works, but if they already have the results and it turned out to be caused by him, shouldn’t he have been in custody by NOW? What do they need to further investigate? Please someone keep me updated on the facts, but did Dr. Murray ever admit to giving MJ the shot? Please correct me if I am wrong.

  63. Dee Said,

    I agree, I finally got someone other than my friends here on board. My Dad was all caught up into the diprivan thing (we had this talk just this afternoon) MJ this and MJ should have known bettere, wtf this and wtf that. I said Dad this is Michael Jackson, he has access to all there is, if he wanted to take diprivan nightly (which physically-scientifically and biologically impossible) why wouldnt just have anesthesiologist. instead of a cardiologist with a supposed shady past…. He went off and started with the media BSing and so forth and so on.

    Admin, you always come through and I agree with “where are the kids” I asked myselfthis just last night. We will never see those kids again, I even thought MJ may have beenheld up in Katherine’s home somewhere. Who’s going to go there, who is going to expect him there. We dont even how nig or small that joint is, what the inside looks like.

    Question Admin, do you think he’ll return? I do, and thats because if he was ever going to get missing, he’s done that already. He left the country and we didnt see him for a while. he was left alone in Ireland and Bahrain. He had no real need for a comeback tour, or to be intimidated by 50 shows, there was no need. He was being saught after in Vagas, a longing running show which he was obviouly considering, he was looking for his wonderland there. His dad is there, they have obviously mended fences to some degree….as he was part of the O2 negotiations. He ducked out for something serious and he will return to explain. If he was ducking out on the show, bills and the media….He doesnt need to die, to do that, he could just leave the country again. The death lets us know that there is something more serious going on….If he is danger, it makes more sense to die lay low until you can expose your danger safely.

  64. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    I Love Michael Jackson, Wether He Is Dead Or Alive. He Is And Was A Great Actor, Musician, Dancer, And The List Goes On. He Will Come Back When ANd If He Wants To. I Dont Blame Him If He Is Doing A Hoax Death, He Needs His Piece Of Mind. I Love You Michael Wherever You Are!!!!!!!!!!

  65. lets talk Said,

    Great Post !! Ok so where are the children if they are not with Katherine. Do you know something we don’t know ? Cmon Admin spill the beans ?

  66. iJustCantStopLovinMike Said,

    that makes much sense

  67. thanameslilixd Said,

    Admin, thank you for this post. The facts are there & that’s the most important.

    I have a question that I’m hoping you can answer.

    Michael Jackson would read a book to his kids EVERY NIGHT.
    I heard that in an interview with someone somewhere & I KNOW it is true.
    Did he stop doing this after those young years?
    I’m pretty sure he read a book every day to them?
    Please answer if possible (others too).

    1. Is it possible that Michael hired this man so that when he “died” the doctor would screw up in what he was saying because he isn’t a real doctor, but a man who does fraud. Maybe he wanted to expose him & tht’s why he hired him; not because he’s a good doctor.

    2. Maybe Michael just wanted a cardiologist and found whatever AEG told him to get. Maybe Dr. Conrad Murray is actually uneducated and all so he didn’t know NOT to do CPR on him. HONESTLY, what type of doctor (WHO GETS PAYED 150,000 A MONTH, i believe) doesn’t know how to take care of a man-especially someone as giving as Michael himself. That’s horrible. This is what the medical system has become.

    It’s so frightful to think what that man has gone through in his life.
    I’m so doubtful and confused.

    This site gives me hope that he is alive.

    I know he will read this if he is passed away. He’s watching over us.
    But if he is alive, he may as well be checking this website out.. who knows?
    Time will tell…

    @Nina, I don’t know if that Blog is true or not, but we can never stop thinking he is alive until all the facts are laid out correctly ); If those are his words indeed, then I hope we do stop this.

    I’m just confused.

    There’s so MUCH I would ask Michael if I met him. I would love to sit down and talk with him for hours and hours. He’s extremely insightful & loving. A beautiful heart lays inside him. It’s golden.

    We need to stop worrying about the negativity around us. We need to stop putting ourselves down for what we humans have done to society. We need to reverse this damage before it becomes irreversable. We need to be POSITIVE & look in a new light.
    I am starting to think of ideas that would benefit children-especially those orphaned & those in foster care.

    When you walk out of the supermarket, DONATE to those men standing there in white suits or during the holidays, donate to the red salvation army buckets. DONATE & FEED the homeless on thanksgiving. Little amounts of money can go far.
    I’m thinking of buying boxes of popsicles & take them to an orphanage, or foster home. Think of how much it would light up the children’s faces!
    Concentrate on making the young ones happy & delightful- they will benefit so much later on. They could be the ones to find that cure!
    Come on, open your hearts! That;s what Michael wanted us to do all along.
    I’ve been thinking of reading to little kids at my community library & even if I wasn’t to get community service hours, I would do it anyway!

    Excerpt from Dancing the Dream by Michael Jackson [this book is gold]

    “I said you had to do it. You said you didn’t want to. We talked about it, and we agreed that maybe I could help.
    I said you were wrong. You insisted you were right. We held each other’s hand, and right and wrong disappeared.
    I began crying. You began crying, too. We embraced, and between us grew a flower of peace.
    How I love this mystery called We! Where does it come from, out of thin air? I thought about this mystery, and I realized something: We must be love’s favorite child, because until I reach out for you, We is not even there. It arrives on the wings of tenderness: it speaks through our silent understanding. When I laugh at myself, it smiles. When I forgive you, it dances in jubilation.

    So We is not a choice anymore, not if you and I want to grow with one another. We unites us, increases our strength; it picks up our burden when you and I are ready to let it fall.

    The truth is that you and I would have given up long ago, but We won’t let us. It is too wise. “Look into your hearts,” it says. “What do you see? Not you and I, but only We.”
    -Michael Jackson


    I love you Michael!<3 with all my heart & i Smile tho' my heart is aching

  68. Mijac Said,

    Law enforcement sources tell us when paramedics arrived at Michael Jackson’s house he was already dead … and it took them a while to even realize the victim was the famous singer.

    Our sources say when paramedics got to Jackson’s home he was flatlined. There was no electrical activity in his heart and Jackson showed no sign of life.

    Multiple sources say paramedics wanted to pronounce Jackson dead at the scene but Dr. Conrad Murray insisted that the singer be transported to the hospital.

    Paramedics didn’t realize for nearly 10 minutes the victim was Michael Jackson. As one emergency worker put it: “It just looked like a frail, old, sickly man.”

    All this make me think two things:

    1) Michael need the presence of a doctor in his home because he wanted a higher medical authority than the EMTs (Dr. Murray had the power to overrule them)

    2) Paramedics didn’t realize the victim was Michael Jackson. (because wasn’t Mj)

  69. thanameslilixd Said,


    they havent claimed his life insurance!?
    i dont understand this. what is up with this???

    Please do a post on the whereabouts & if he has insurance & if it has been collected.
    if it has, then if he comes back that’ll be fraud right?

    agh, i can hear the news right now >_<

  70. thanameslilixd Said,


    aww this picture is so cute!

  71. thanameslilixd Said,

    1. Is it possible that Michael hired this man so that when he “died” the doctor would screw up in what he was saying because he isn’t a real doctor, but a man who does fraud. Maybe he wanted to expose him & tht’s why he hired him; not because he’s a good doctor.

    2. Maybe Michael just wanted a cardiologist and found whatever AEG told him to get. Maybe Dr. Conrad Murray is actually uneducated and all so he didn’t know NOT to do CPR on him. HONESTLY, what type of doctor (WHO GETS PAYED 150,000 A MONTH, i believe) doesn’t know how to take care of a man-especially someone as giving as Michael himself. That’s horrible. This is what the medical system has become.

    It’s so frightful to think what that man has gone through in his life.
    I’m so doubtful and confused.

    This site gives me hope that he is alive.

    I know he will read this if he is passed away. He’s watching over us.
    But if he is alive, he may as well be checking this website out.. who knows?
    Time will tell…

    @Nina, I don’t know if that Blog is true or not, but we can never stop thinking he is alive until all the facts are laid out correctly ); If those are his words indeed, then I hope we do stop this.

    I’m just confused.

  72. thanameslilixd Said,


    is this true?
    i hope shes okay!!!
    & i hope that if he is alive,
    he lets her know that hes okay…

  73. MJFAN1972 Said,

    Of cource. I never even thought about the doctor being the smoke screen, Everyone is destracted trying to find out who he is that we are stearing way off course. There is probably no police investigation, the media is just feeding us this to throw us off course and then we’ll consentrate more on finding out who this cardiologist is. Good thinking.

  74. jedigoddess Said,

    I was a First Aid / CPR instuctor for almost twenty years and I have always trained students that you DO NOT perform chest compressions if there is a heart beat. You would only do AR. If what was going on WAS going on why would a Cardiologist not know that and why would he not have a difibrillator?

    You can buy them for under $500. and here in Canada they are everywhere. As a Dr he should have had a Ambu bag and a mouth piece at least. These would have been sufficiant to perform AR and if performing AR this would keep the heart pumping on it own. The brain has a Carbon monoxide trigger that if doing AR fools the heart into thinking it is still getting oxygen so therefore the heart keeps beating as if the person was breathing on their own. If AR had been performed on its own the heart would have not known the differance.

    Either DR. Murray was totally incompetent or the media thinks we as the general public would not know this .

    I also wonder why DR Murray ( if he was giving drugs) would not have had a drug called narcan available. Narcan or narcanon ( not sure of the name) is a drug that is given automatically in the ER if the patient has a suspected drug overdose. It is in effect an anti narcotic ( I think ) that reverses the effects of any drugs in the system. Look it up. If this was a DR who was giving a phenomenal amount of drugs or was dealing with someone who he knew was taking a large amount of various drugs would he not have some of this on hand???

    I am not a DR but if I was to transport or deal with a patient with a known drug problem that is one of the first things I would use or request from paramedics. (They carry it I am sure but so not know about USA ) There was a brief reference to this on one of the news shows but it was not followed up on…..ever

  75. Samantha Said,

    I agree the most about he did this to help his Kids, and ofcourse himself, i think Michael was going to be murdered, and he knew it so he escaped And when people think that he wouldn’t hurt his fans, yeah i know… but He didn’t really have much of a choice, He had to go before he actually did get killed, Well its what i think.

  76. Samantha Said,

    Just because it’s in print doesn’t mean it’s the gospel.
    - Michael Jackson

    People write negatives things, cause they feel that’s what sells. Good news to them, doesn’t sell.
    - Michael Jackson

  77. hummmmm Said,

    Three things impress me about this case. One….the strange smile on michael’s face as the camera fades out at the very end of the world tour video. Two….that Prince saw his daddy convulsing on the floor and thought it was a prank. And three……When you look at the tourist’s video in front of the mansion as the ambulance pulls away…..why are there already wreaths on the front gates? The tourist even comments there are “Christmas Wreaths” on the gates. Christmas wreaths in June? Or could this have something to do with a new song being released on Christmas?

  78. Vanessa Said,


    I have some additional facts that im affraid might be a little too close to home, its from old news regarding an actor and MJ, i believe it has something to do with MJ whereabouts..God, i even got chills writing this

    Also, one thing that caught my attention is that, A LOT of the staff were fired and the re hired..
    Another thing, MJ once said in Geraldo Revira interview that his current passion is directing, something thats beyond movie, said he wanted to take directing to a whole new level…a comment thats worth considering

    I feed weirdly saddened by his passing, super weird coz i wasn’t particularly his fan, i was born in 1982, only listened to his black and white and several songs after that, HOWEVER, the whole publicity made me take alook at his career, and while at the same time i realised what an amazing and inspiring person he is, i also can not seem to LET GO SOMETHING THAT BUGS me since the day he was mentioned passed away…something sound really wrong in the whole scenario, the funeral looked odd, and maybe after looking through his videos and listening to his song, i believe that Jackson is strong (as he repetadlly said) and that he would want to live forever… He escaped embarassing news about his lifestyle, 2 years allegations and he said, he has rhino skin, very strong and immune to all of the negativity around him

    Personally, i believe that, thats why i don’t believe His story ends just like that, in a quite afternoon due to drug abuse…

    So there it is, combination of instincts, facts (which have been well laid by everyone here) and my judgment on MJ,s characterisitcs…

    One more thing, i also believe that this website is being followed by more people than we would’ve expected…check this out, people in this site have been ranting about the lack of sadness on MJ’s family and the whereabouts of his children, all of the sudden we found news articles about Katherine Jackson saying how devastated she is…I feel for Mrs.Jackson should Michael really has passed, but i just TOO MANY coinsidences around this case…

    Refering back to the begining of my post, i have a hypothesis regarding MJ wherebaout, im just too scared to put in in public forum like this…i was browsing thru old articles about MJ and something caught my eye..try it yourselve and see whether any1 of you found that too

    Regardless the controversy, MJ is an inspiring person, i can’ even begin to explain how recent news about him and his career affect me, the way i see accomplishment and excellence and begin to re examine my own life…

    Love you MJ

  79. Nobody Said,

    All this proves is that MJ hired an incompetent doctor. Personally, I think MJ knew the risks of using the anesthesia medication and thought he was being cautious by hiring Murray. He obviously made a huge mistake.

    Sure, its still possible that MJ faked his death, but all the theories could easily be proven wrong by a little cooperation from the family and authorities. Unfortunately, this will never happen and internet sites such as this one will continue speculating until the end of time.

  80. CuteAngel Said,

    This site has definitely given me hope that MJ could very well be alive, however, I’m not convinced that we’ll ever see him again. I dunno, it just seems too far-fetched that he would concoct such a huge and elaborate scheme, only to expose himself to the public again. I dunno. I think the MJ, the entertainer, the artist as we knew him is no more, BUT, MJ the person, the human being, could very well still be….and if that is the case, I hope he’s doing well and is finally at peace.

  81. MissRenee Said,

    perfidy – You said it. I completely agree. I like how you look at it with common sense… You’re like, come on, he is dead, but I would prefer he wasn’t. We just have to accept that he is gone. I have the exact same points of view. Thanks! xx

  82. STARFISH1 Said,

    I’m so tired of all these storys!
    When would the time to go back!

    I love you


  83. MissRenee Said,

    Check out his myspace, he posted a blog about how he feels about Michaels death! Geez…


    There you go. E’Casanova DID NOT die instead of Michael. He is very much alive!

  84. nina Said,

    OK , you all know my bad english, forgive me for that .
    @mjfan – we are thinking exactly the same, thanks for your response and I hope you read all the posts with messages of MJ, some of those words touched me, sound like MJ’s. You’re right, if he died is alive for us !
    @ Smile, I am sorry, but if you or I can not communicate with the dead, that does not mean that is not possible . I really belive in this communication between worlds.
    @SJ1983 do you mean that all messages posted on that blog that no one make you to ask : what if …I’m not say this is true, but … ..
    @ UserWicy – very wise what you say … .. I do not know what to think that’s why I asked you to read the blog
    @ Mordor – I know …. Same feeling, I do not know what to think, I just know that when I read that I had a strong sense of guilt and I started crying and that says a lot …. In spiritual
    @ thanameslilixd You are right, really I hope we don’t make him harm, dead or alive …. We need to stop!

    For all people : think about this … what are we doing here? digging … I am afraid that we are turning in paparazzi, TMZ & comp … … even if he is dead or alive, what we doing here makes no well … and please, please, please people LEAVE HIS CHILDRENS ALONE! Children are very good, they have been through a lot with a lot of dignity, I admire them very much and I pray for them every night. Think of them , think of his mother,think of Michael … .. please! No matter if he is dead or alive … .. we doing wrong… ..


    For Michael:
    -if you are alive …. Stay alive and take care of yourself and please…. do NOT come back, ever ! we’ve had you for all your life and thank you for that ! nobody knows how it is to be in your shoes…..
    -if you are in spirit ….forgive us , forgive me …. Please do not be upset that some people could not face your death than denying that… Sorry, I am one of them, I’ m so sorry that I disturbed you … I hope you can forgive me … now I know, actually my brain think you are a spirit, the heart did not want to accept … I am sorry, forgive me !
    I can imagine what your family goes through, I pray every night for them … for your children….I hope we never hurt them with our thoughts….
    I hope you feel how much I love you and I hope you know how much did you touch my life and I say thank you because you unchain my heart and you teached me so many things. ..Your songs, your voice …. It is like you are walking with your fingers through all my heart , my soul…. Thanks for everything!I wish I had so much luck that I was something in your life, anything, someone with a little bit of importance to you…. maybe in another life .. I hope . I know it’s a lot of hope in here……

  85. Rofibbs Said,

    Theres a likely possibility that the person who died on the 25th of june is E’cassonava. Accordin to Kai Chase, the only ppl allowed upstairs to MJ’s quarters are, Dr Murray, The kids n Michael himself…its possible MJ bein the ever-lovin n supportive person hosted E’cassanova in his home till his death. Its weird but considerin all the reports on drug abuse n the rest of the bull that has been said ’bout MJ’s addiction since the 90s…i dont think MJ wud hav lasted this long. How can any1 tell me that an individual takes 40 to 30 xanex, demerol or oxycodone tabs with alchohol on an empty stomach n wake up the next mornin?? n it has been happenin for over 10yrs..Uhhhhuh, i wont fall for that.

  86. SILVANA Said,

    Yeah I think Michael had to do this for some good and strong reason, but who wanted to kill MJ ??
    anybody knows?? I am confused about it…. why and who wanted to kill MJ ???
    Please God Michael must come back !!! he can’t leave us this way !!! You can’t imagine how sad I am…
    I have never cried so desperately until this whole thing.

  87. nina Said,

    I know you all know this poem, but how beutiful is this….
    “We Had Him” by Maya Angelou:
    “Beloveds, now we know that we know nothing, now that our bright and shining star can slip away from our fingertips like a puff of summer wind.
    Without notice, our dear love can escape our doting embrace. Sing our songs among the stars and walk our dances across the face of the moon.
    In the instant that Michael is gone, we know nothing. No clocks can tell time. No oceans can rush our tides with the abrupt absence of our treasure.
    Though we are many, each of us is achingly alone, piercingly alone.
    Only when we confess our confusion can we remember that he was a gift to us and we did have him.
    He came to us from the creator, trailing creativity in abundance.
    Despite the anguish, his life was sheathed in mother love, family love, and survived and did more than that.
    He thrived with passion and compassion, humor and style. We had him whether we know who he was or did not know, he was ours and we were his.
    We had him, beautiful, delighting our eyes.
    His hat, aslant over his brow, and took a pose on his toes for all of us.
    And we laughed and stomped our feet for him.
    We were enchanted with his passion because he held nothing. He gave us all he had been given.
    Today in Tokyo, beneath the Eiffel Tower, in Ghana’s Black Star Square.
    In Johannesburg and Pittsburgh, in Birmingham, Alabama, and Birmingham, England
    We are missing Michael.
    But we do know we had him, and we are the world.”

  88. dynamite Said,

    @Samantha i agree i think he knew people wanted him dead and he got away or hes in protective custody, LMAO at the shit the media have come up with in the last month, i dont buy that drugs crap one bit Mj was sensible and wouldnt do that crap with his kids around, Im still hoping the movie theory is true that would be so awesome

  89. Rofibbs Said,

    Where’s that crook Ian Halsprin n the new will he wuz runnin his mouth ’bout…every1 comes out to give fake news with the term “close sources, my source, their source” every1 has a source…well i’ll take their fake news with a plat of fish-sauce anyday…SHADY BUNCH!!

  90. michaelcadaver Said,

    Man you are so right. Its whay I’ve said all along. MJ is alive and it is all a hoax. A big hoax. We all know it. We all can feel it. We are not stupid. We all have a brain. He simply copied Elvis way how he hoaxed his own death and still lives except a little cheesier. The facts are facts. They are all plain to see. If the paramedics begin to call the coroner because a body is dead then why did the doctor intervene and say no take the body to the hospital. We know why. Because the doctor was in on and knew of the elaborate hoax to be played out ‘right in front of our very own eyes’. MJ we know what you did. The papparazi will find you and hunt you down. Your bald head. We know why. For your new disguise. What are you now MJ a cab driver? a bus driver? a waiter perhaps. An MI3 masker. We know what you did MJ so give it up man!!!

  91. michaelcadaver Said,

    I could sit here all day long and tell the world the corny mistakes made by MJ in his death hoax. I wont. Ok OK just a few. An artists rendition of the so called body had big pores all over face MJ had no high cheek bone fast food type pores we all know that. The doctor says take body to hospital. No on there questions is MJ. The 84 peppsi commercial is fake. The list goes on and on. Did the gov help him like in elvis hoax. I think so. Maybe. He had to have high up help. To pull it all off.

  92. michaelcadaver Said,

    Lets define and break down what MJ was really doing all those years. Thrilller-the nose and all-that was to be in disguise so when he left for good he could grow hair back and skin blac again to be normal so he would not be recognized. The hair missing- for later disguise. The nose- so he could make an army of mj doubles and the death hoax decoy look alike. The white skin-so later when he left he could stop taking the white skin pills to be blac again and non noticable everyday normal lookin. The moving van-so he could dress as mover and leave house. The rented house-ez access back up for ambulance pix taking and leaving with body double decoy. UCLA-to make the dead alive again. RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES.
    Yes and much much more. Yes MJ used cia type central activities to pull it all off. Takes no rocket scientist to do.

  93. michaelcadaver Said,

    All i will further say on this is it was done for the money and because 50 yr olds cant do anything any more. Can you imagin mj goin hee hee or shumon at 55 on some peanuts for money tour where his handlers get it all and he gets nothing. NO. N O! No way. Why when you can fake your death and feed the entire family forever they all make money and get yearly attention and interviews and oh and by the way can you buy this now with your credit card while you are crying for me and mj ha ha ha. MONEY rules!!!

  94. Perfume Said,

    The person that made the call to 911 said “We have a gentleman here and he is not breathing” why did the caller not announce that it was MJ surely help would of been despatched even quicker, why was the identity of the person kept out of the conversation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I make a call to our local emergency surely I will state the name of the person that has fallen ill so that the person taking the call will identify that it is a high profile person, and would of also known that help was needed immediately especially when the caller said “the person is not breathing”…I know this question has been asked by many since June 25, 2009 and then an hour later breaking news across the world “Michael Jackson the king of Pop has died of cardiac arrest” does not make sense to me at all, who were they administering CPR on and who was the gentleman that had fallen sick!!!!!! Remember Liza Minnelli said “all hell is going to break loose and I am glad that he is not here” what did she mean by this

  95. Perfume Said,

    @theinformer then why did she not make the call, listening to the 911 call I dont hear anybody screaming in the background and neither do I hear any anxiety in the voice of the person that made the call…someone is lying

  96. m Said,

    Hey peolpe look what i found on the site msn about the doctor:
    Who is Dr. Conrad Murray?
    He’s not been named a suspect in Michael Jackson’s death, but were his actions suspect?
    As investigators continue to look into the cause of Michael Jackson’s death, most of their activity has focused on Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray. Here’s more on the cardiologist.

    Background: Murray, 56, was born in Grenada. (Where’s that?) He graduated from medical school in 1989. (What college did he attend?)

    His time with the King of Pop: Jackson hired Murray to be his personal physician while he prepared for his London concerts. (How did they meet?)

    The discovery: Murray found Jackson unresponsive in his bed the day he died, but it was reported that he did not call 911. (Who did?)

    Questions raised: Authorities reportedly are investigating whether Murray administered a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic to Jackson the day he died. (What is it?)

    The first search: Police and federal drug agents raided Murray’s Texas clinic on July 22. (Why?)

    The second search: Investigators searched Murray’s home and office in Las Vegas on July 28. (What were they looking for?)

    Money problems: Murray reportedly was never paid for his work with Jackson and faces foreclosure on his million-dollar Las Vegas home. (How much does he say he is owed?)

    Been there, done that: This isn’t the first time Murray has been strapped for cash. (More on his past financial troubles.)

    Family ties: Murray’s late father, also a doctor, was cited for medical misconduct in 1994. (What did he do?)

    Party animal? A British tabloid described Murray as a married man who drank and partied with much younger women. (More on the rumors.)

    And know he is saying he was sleeping when mj woke up and ask for anesthesia and an assistant gave mj the letal dose, then the doctor woke up and found mj already dead (and the body was warm?) …Blaming the assistant now..and it is true that the body would be cold and pale, not warm as he said.

  97. Perfume Said,

    @kristindean88 well said and nobody in the music industry is able to topple him dead or alive he still remains the number one all time seller in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Perfume Said,

    @mijac because the paramedics said that the person they were administering CPR on looked as though they might have had recent facial surgery due to facial scarring that is what I saw when the announcement of his “death” was made and why I remember these words cause I called a friend to tell her and ask her “what did the paramedics mean by that?????” so if they did not recognise the star then who were they administering CPR on and who is the person that died on June 25

  99. mjlover4ever Said,

    I just wanted to say how happpy I am that this site exsist. I’m a big micheal jacskson fan, not only am I fan of his music, but im huge fan when it came to micheal being such and extrodinary human being. he had to most wonderfull personality ever, he was such a gentle, loving, caring, kind hearted man, with a smile that will light up the world.

    But I just wanted to share this article with you guy, It gave me even greater hope that he’s still alive:

    POP WARBLER Michael Jackson kept an astonishing “death-hoax diary” explaining how he would fake his death of a heart attack and telling when he would come out of hiding, a family friend who claims to have found the journal “among Michael’s personal effects” tells derekclontz.com exclusively.

    ALIVE – OR NOT? You be the judge.
    “There’s too much pressure, pressure, pressure … pressure everywhere I turn …” a diary entry dated Nov. 17, 2008 is alleged to say in part.

    “I don’t know who I am, not anmore (sp). Maybe I’m just a father to my children. Maybe I’m washed up.

    “The drugs are (illegible) a toll … (illegible) … I’m not addict. But I can’t stop …

    “If Elvis … (illegible) … so can I.

    “I’ll have a ‘heart attack’ from drugs like he did (yeah, right!)

    “I’ll come back, but only when I’m ready. Bigger than Elvis in ‘69.

    “Maybe 2009 at Christmas. Or maybe the New Year is better.

    “A back-from-dead tour, a real Thriller. But I have to rest. I’m tired. I’m not (thinking) clearly.

    “It’s the drugs.

    “A lot of fans still love me. (Some) people hate me. Thing (sp) will be different (after this) …”

    Jackson insiders declined to comment – officially – on the report. But as one privately put it, “We love Michael no matter what.”

    The friend who leaked portions of the diary also was tight lipped, saying only, “There are over 60 pages (of it) that I will release to the family through my lawyer and they can do what they want with it. It doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to Michael and his loved ones.”

    Other sources confirm that Jackson, 50, had spoken of a death hoax “on several occasions” in 2008 and also in 2009, although the reported discovery of the diary that outlines his plans seemed to come as a surprise to everyone contacted by derekclontz.com.

    A paint-by-numbers account of a death hoax, in the superstar’s own handwriting, could lead to serious legal problems, say legal observers, especially if the journal is perceived by insurance companies and the authorities to be a blueprint for fraud.

    “I hope to God the diary is legit,” said a Jackson confidante who requested anonymity. “If Michael really is alive, if he orchestrated all this, if he faked his own death, then nobody will be happier than me. As for fraud – nope, no way.

    “Michael wouldn’t commit fraud. He’s not trying to collect insurance. He’s protecting himself. He’s doing this for his children. I’ll guarantee it.”

    News of Jackson’s “death” on June 25 stunned the world. In fact, within hours of the ann0uncement by authorities, fans had already begun to speculate that he was still alive and had gone into hiding. Subsequent reports suggested that he was, indeed, perpetrating a hoax to escape the pressures of life in the public eye.

    Scooping the world, derekclontz.com reported Jackson had been spirited to Asheville, North Carolina and then to Eastern Europe, where it is thought that he might be holed up in Hungary, or even in Russia, where hundreds of people claim to have spotted him in Moscow.”

    I also believe micheal is still here because alot of other things just dont add up, they say micheal had camera’s outside of his home, so these camera’s must have showed micheal being put into the ambulance, why wount they release these footage to the world?? there alsoing saying that micheal might have died 8:30 that moring, but in the picture shown of him so call in the ambulance, you see a vein in his forhead, if he was supposedly dead I dont think a vien would still be proturding out someone’s forhead like that. I think micheal also hoax his death so that the doctor’s who were enabling him these dangerous drugs, could be punished, I think he came to realise that these doctor’s only wanted his moeny, and wasn’t concern about the fact that this could kill him if used outside of a hospital. also the pepsi video that was released, belong to him. he brought it from pepsi, so I think he released the video now, so the world could see how badly burned he was, and why he became addicted to pain killers. there’s so much other clues, that doesnt add up. but I do believe the #1 reason as to why he hoax his death, is because he needed to get away and he needed to go to rehab, and fight this addiction. he knew he wasnt able to do those 50 shows. micheal knows he has to live as long as he can. he belived in life, he never wanted to die.

    UPDATE: joan11 added this link pertaining to e’cassanova: http://www.jlaforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=1867063,

    it say’s that E’cassanova was diagnose with a terminal ill disease…. so if you look at micheal at his come back tour annocement, he wore his hair straight, now towards the end he went back to wearing his hair curly…..could it be that E’CASSANOVA was the one who died and was in the ambulance?? E’CASSANOVA always wore his hair curly….COULD it be that MICHEAL went back to wearing his hair curly because he knew E’CASSANOVA was close to his death, he wanted his hair to be like E’CASSANOVA?? maybe Micheal made a deal with E’cassanova to take care of his family after his death and etc?? idk it just seems wierd because micheal did stop wearing his hair curly for a very long time. and E’CASSONVA mention that micheal would show up to his last conert in sep. that article was posted july 2007. so maybe it took about two years for this disease to kill E’cassnova?? and now also everyone is saying E’cassanova’s twitter account no longer exist..I dont know it just my thought

  100. CoCo Said,

    We should also read between the lines all the time…because you see when Michael spoke at the conference that was his real goobye…thats why so few words…thats why the delay…he also said “i love you…i really do you have to know that i love you so much from the bottom of my heat.” wich almost got him to tears….like” i love you all no matter what i might do” and thats a good point like someone said ” he couldnt say no to the concerts that would make fans angry and also he would have lost many money….
    Thats all i had to say…..i hope im not wrong i hope this site is not wrong…all we have to know is that michael will tell us “im alive but you will never see me” ill be so damn happy that at least he’s okay he has a real beautiful life!I love you Mike no matter where you are !!!

  101. zealot Said,

    Good Post Admin:
    Keep those type of facts coming. Maybe we should revisit the ambulance footage as well as statements from Michael’s staff (i.e. the chefs, nurse, Jackson Family, AEG Live ,ect.) I wonder why none of the security guards were given authorization to come forward and speak considering that they may have in fact saw Michael in distress in his deathbed?

    Deathbed Photo:
    If that photo of the Michael’s room is real, then I wonder what happened to the IV Stand and Oxygen Tanks that Latoya Jackson and others are claiming they saw in his room after his death.

    Video Footage of Michael’s Home:
    I wonder if LAPD retrieved video footage inside and outside of Michael’s house on the 24 of June (the day prior to his death) and the days after his death (when Michael’s sisters and the moving vans arrived). I am sure all those hours of security footage could not possibly have been on the one tape that has gone missing. I wonder was that indeed Michael who returned to his home on 24 June after his last rehearsal and if Dr. Murray put him to sleep that night as everyone is claiming. Those video footages would put to rest a lot of speculations.

    There could be reasonable explanations as to why security footage went missing for the 25 June because some of the security guards , who were left behind after the ambulance left, could have easily decided to take advantage of the situation and go on a free shopping spree for cash and other expensive assets and then take the security tape. But, if footages is missings from other days it becomes a little sus.

    Dr. Murray’s Discovery:
    Many are speculating that Murray may have discovered Michael earlier (possibly 9:00am LA time) than reported.

    If Murray was aware of Michael’s security cameras, then there isn’t much he could do. He would have known that he was assed out because the security cameras would have had him wide-open the night before “administering the drug” to Michael ,and the cameras would have had him the next morning discovering Michael dead. Money is power and I am not sure that Murray have enough power to buy off the secuirty guards to get those tapes if that happened. If Murray was aware of the tapes and discovered Michael in distress or dead at 9:00am there is not much he could have done, except come down those stairs carrying the oxygen tanks “as usual” and make his way out of that house and then head for the borders and disappear. Or, he could be honest and tell on himself and face 5-25yrs in jail.

    His behavior that day could be either of a person who was not aware of the security cameras, of a innocent person who could claim ignorance, or of a person who knew that everything would play out as “planned”.

    If Murray was not aware of the security cameras and he did put Michael to sleep, then I wonder why he didn’t take time to stage the deathbed scene to lead authorities to have reasonable doubts as to what really happened that day. I mean there are reports of IV stands and oxygen tanks being left behind, are you kidding me. You divert the focus of the investigation away from you: make it look like accidental sucide by self injection or something.

    Why go to the extent of having his two assistants clean out his storage in Texas when Murray is just going to leave crucial evidence behind anyway. I believe that Latoya Jackson drives a black mercedes benz just like the one that was at that storage facility in Texas but we cant verify because those security tapes are missing as well, come on, are you kidding me.

    Come on LAPD, check everyone’s phone records for those time periods (including all staff members and the Jackson family). All Speculations could be put to rest unless a disposable cellphone was used.

    Overall, Dr. Murray behavior that day is leaning more toward an inside man who was fully aware of everything. I doubt very seriously that Murray is that incompetent; he can’t bs me. If he was not up to anything, he would not have disappeared from the hospital and gotten a lawyer so soon.

    It only really takes a few shady doctors, a dead body, and someone to identify the decease as Micheal to pull off this hoax. All the other agencies could all just claim ignorance. I doubt that any jugde would grant authorities permission to perform a dna test because they do not really have probable cause, unless a insurance fraud is happening. Why waste tax payers dollars if the means (dna test) dosen’t outweigh the end. California is already bankrupt.

    AEG Live fired Michael’s staff prior to Michael departing in the ambulance:
    This could lead to speculations of a murder theory with Dr. Murray as a accomplice. But why and for what reason. AEG Live is a multi billionaire corp. the money that was to be made from this is it concert is pocket change compared to their net worth. AEG own the O2 arena (I think) so no one can sue them if Michael cancel the tour. If Michael decided to back out, all AEG have to do is sue his pants off just like the other entertain concert promoters have done in the past. I really do not see a motive with AEG, but who knows the depth of their business relationship with Michael.

  102. shydog59 Said,

    why wasn’t there a defribilator (sp)?a heart specialist that does CPR on a bed?why was he so panic stricken?something strange is going on with this whole case.

  103. Tammy Said,

    Nina… at first I just wanted to cry, while reading that blog, BUT…. there are some words which made me think that whoever this person is, he/she’s just using Michael’s name to be famous or something like that. Like these: “I passed away peacefully from a drug overdose” – C’mon… do you believe in this? and how this person gets “messages” from spirits anyway?
    I believe that there IS the life after death, I believe in ghosts, I believe in spirits etc, but, it’s more like another trick to get money. This world is too cruel you know…

    The thing is we have many facts, questions, signs etc… We need answers, when we’ll get them, then maybe we’ll stop thinking that he is dead or alive…

    And about the new article…. it’s pretty interesting))) We have more facts and questions (well unanswered though), but it’s one more step forward I think….

  104. kristindean88 Said,


    I look like Paris Jackson is ALREADY wearing the necklace she supposedly wrapped around her dead father’s wrist.


  105. mjjforever72 Said,

    m Said,
    hello!!I saw on a web site an article from 2007 saying that mj double e´casanova was suffering from a serious disease and because of that his doctors asked him to retire.So i went to his myspace and i saw a lyric wrote by him in july 18, 2007 called ” IF I DIED TOMORROW ” weird.Does anyone knows or check it out if it´s true that he was so sick??!Maybe he died instead of mj!Maybe they swaped places!!! I know he has a myspace but is a fansite mypace…so anyone can be updating his site… Or maybe i´m crazy!!

    That’s what i’ve been trying to say on here is that e’casanova took michael’s spot and e’casanova took that op to give michael the freedom that he wanted. I went onto myspace and signed up for it and tried to add him as a friend but no responce YET! I know someone keeps signing in on his page cause it says last sign in was the 3rd of aug which is today but didn’t add me yet!!! Hmmmmmmm I find that alittle funny knowing that I went on the offfical michael jackson page for myspace and asked for a friend request and got it back the same day hmmmmmmmmmmmmm funny again eh! I don’t know who is the one that is signing in on e’casanova’s page but its VERY STANGE that they haven’t added me as a friend yet. So I do believe that it was e’casanova that was in the house and got the meds and he was the one in the ambulance that day too! I wrote everything above and on the page of do you believe too and tried to say the same thing that you are saying

  106. veritas88 Said,

    People like Helia and perfidy — why do you come onto this site if you believe 100% that MJ is dead? If you didn’t think he was alive you wouldn’t be on this site, so stop fooling yourselves. Another thing, people can come to grips w/ the fact that MJ died if he did infact die, but there are too many conflicting facts for one to just blindly believe that he died. For example:

    There is the ambulence photo of MJ in which the person looks like MJ. And yet, why has it been reported that the paramedics couldn’t recognize MJ and thought he was a sickly old man? How does it make any sense that any person on the internet can look at that photo and recognize the person as MJ, yet the paramedics, WHO WERE PHYSICALLY THERE w/ MJ could barely recognize him? How does this make any sense?!

    LaToya Jackson said that she chose the clothes for MJ to wear on the day of his private family funeral and publicly televised memorial. Okay. She said he looked peaceful and that the kids were able to see their dad that day. However on tv during the memorial the casket was closed. The casket was closed b/c apparently MJ was too damaged from CPR and did not look presentable. What? Again, these facts conflict w/ each other! Even if MJ was “damaged” how does CPR completely damage one’s face? How could someone of MJ’s wealth NOT afford any reconstructive work to restore one’s image? Again, things are NOT making sense.

    I can accept that MJ has passed away if he has, but things are way too suspicious. Also, I agree that regardless of whether MJ is alive or not, it’s not right to question or judge the reactions of MJ’s family. I don’t think he’d want us to do that. Live well, MJ, if you’re still with us!!

  107. Smooth Criminal Said,


  108. mjjforever72 Said,

    Can someone answer this for me, well did anyone see mark lester at his mamorial? he was supose to be a good friend of michael and isn’t he the godfather of the kids?

  109. xodasha Said,

    yea, Michael didnt really need a cardiologist with him after he passed a 5 hour physicall with flying colors, he just got a shady doctor to make his death look so real!!
    what would be the most amaxing and ironinc thing, is that is admin was actually Michael letting the ones that believe know the truth! Michael if this is you, I LOVE YOU, and i mean love you <3

  110. xodasha Said,

    isnt it so obvious!!! look at all mj has said previously! look at all hes done! it all adds up to him faking his death, because NO ONE and i mean no one feels their death commig so accurately and for so long! he was saying such things and puling acts to make this look this real! and of course, the medial is ALL OVER this now, they start to make up stories and all he had to do is give a little push. the media just rolls it from there.
    but just answer this simple question, where the heck are all the ‘unreleased’ videos are surfacing from? the pepsi, the private home footage? the answer is in fact very obvious.

  111. mjjforever72 Said,

    Its funny all of a sudden when everyone is asking including myself on where are michael’s children.
    Well today I went on my youtube acount and signed in as usual and found new PIC’S of michael children lol how funny eh well i think so anyways. My point is that I also believe some one from the family or maybe mike himself is going on this site and seeing everyone asking the question “where are pic’s of the children and haven’t seen any new ones lately” well here you go folks look below at the link;


    Its funny how things just keep poping up when everyone asks questions about one thing or another cause somehow we always get a answer! funny eh???????????????

  112. mjlover4ever Said,

    UPDATE: joan11 added this link pertaining to e’cassanova: http://www.jlaforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=1867063,

    it say’s that E’cassanova was diagnose with a terminal ill disease…. so if you look at micheal at his come back tour annocement, he wore his hair straight, now towards the end he went back to wearing his hair curly…..could it be that E’CASSANOVA was the one who died and was in the ambulance?? E’CASSANOVA always wore his hair curly….COULD it be that MICHEAL went back to wearing his hair curly because he knew E’CASSANOVA was close to his death, he wanted his hair to be like E’CASSANOVA?? maybe Micheal made a deal with E’cassanova to take care of his family after his death and etc?? idk it just seems wierd because micheal did stop wearing his hair curly for a very long time. and E’CASSONVA mention that micheal would show up to his last conert in sep. that article was posted july 2007. so maybe it took about two years for this disease to kill E’cassnova?? and now also everyone is saying E’cassanova’s twitter account no longer exist..I dont know it just my thought

  113. mjjforever72 Said,

    There has been alot of things concerning around e’casanova on this site and including myself as well. Some of us are asking about e’casanova was it him in the ambulance and i think it was, well I know non of us including myself as well is not thinking about e’casanova (if he did die) on what he did for michael. If it does turn out and the truth does reveal all truth of this one BIG SAGA well my heart goes out to e’casanova for the nobal thing that he has done for michael. He gave michael TRUE FREEDOM with his children! You e’casanova are a angel sent for michael and gave him what he deserves FREEDOM from the meida and all the crap they have put him through the years! I love you for that e’casanova!

  114. elizabethvitale Said,

    I think Michael is still alive. I think the doctor will never be charged with anything and or any of the other doctors. The delay of the autopsy reports is another decoy to make our minds think differently. I don’t think the death certificate will ever be signed. I thought this after the first time the report was delayed and there are too many discrepancies in the story or to prove murder as La Toya states. Thanks for all of your expertise detective work. It verifies what I believe to be true.

  115. lucrecia Said,

    In the theory of E casanova, I suppose that the employees of the Dr. Murray, or the same doctor, might have been concealing information about the real patient who was attending. Probably there was neither any assassination nor any suicide, only the death of someone ill lodged at MJ’s house (death that was facilitating to MJ disappear). Also, because of it ,they have not arrest the doctor, only they are investigating about what all that treats itself. Confirming who is this person and where MJ is, or concealing it.
    But I found this the date : jul-09, in the last note of E casanova:
    Sorry for my english!
    What do you think?

  116. ASHIMA Said,

    Hi there,

    I really hope MJ is still alive.. But i know it wont be any difference.. He will not be seeing in the news, television and any media no more .. Would be sad though.. Anyway if this is the best for him, we will respect him in any way.. i really do want the best for Michael and his kids… But if MJ really did hoax his death, how can the Police get really into it.. Wont he get fine and stuff when it got to do with govt bodies.. But i heard sources that MJ has donated millions to the police team there.. idk.. anyway, why are MJ private footage all came out??? weird… can you investigate it.. thanks.. i miss MJ so much.. :’(

  117. thanameslilixd Said,

    thank you Starfish1 for the video.
    i never heard that before.

    akon & mike’s voices go together so well
    & RnB is great for MJ too

    here it is if others haven’t seen it


    Hold My Hand by Akon ft. Michael Jackson

  118. Mijac Said,


    Omg, you r so right on EVERYTHING!!!

  119. thanameslilixd Said,


    wow if that’s true,
    how amazing !!

    I completely agree with you with the Ecasanova idea & all.

    Michael is an extremely smart man & UNLIKE others who haven’t graduated from school,
    he took the time to study, to learn, to read, to write in his spare time.

    God bless him <3

  120. thanameslilixd Said,

    i wondered that too

    admin i thank you so much whether or not you are michael aha
    this is a great website

    & sorry mike if ure in heaven & i shouldnt have congratulated the website >_<

    i saw that too & came up with the same conclusion.

    oh, we must be on to something, yes?

  121. thanameslilixd Said,

    oh & also,
    of course this site is being followed & the fact that things are being said to prove what we say here is wrong, makes it so much more evident.

    i don’t know if mike wants us to continue this site, i hope he doesn’t get mad as we start figuring things out.

    michael, i love you <3

  122. Mijac Said,

    It is my hope that once Gavin comes forward, he will then set an example for others to come forward publicly and state the truth about Michael! We are all faced with choices in life. We must then be able to live with the choices weʼve made. I do not know how on earth the Arvizo family can live with themselves knowing the choices they made ultimately led to the demise of such a caring, compassionate soul. The Arvizoʼs will never find peace in this lifetime, unless they do the right thing. I ask every Michael Jackson fan to please share this letter with everyone they know. It is crucial that this letter is received by the Arvizo family. Gavin speaking up and exonerating Michaelʼs name from his false accusations is a critical part of the healing process that is needed for everyone who loved Michael, and are now mourning his death. Some may say that itʼs too late. I say better now than never. Michaelʼs legacy will forever reign and touch lives around the world. The Gavin I know is a remarkably brave young man. I know he is capable of speaking the truth even amid the controversy. Letʼs all make sure that the truth is told for Michael, his family, and his millions of fans.

    Azja Pryor

  123. Mijac Said,

    (3-8-2009) Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson talked to Geraldo Rivera in a recorded phone interview which aired on his show “Geraldo at Large” on the Fox News Channel on Sunday night.

    Mrs. Jackson said that she doesn’t believe her son died of natural causes.

    “All I know that my son is dead, and I don’t think he just died of natural causes or whatever He’s too young to have that. Something happened. I don’t know what it was. And I can’t say.”

  124. zealot Said,

    “Dr. Murray born in Grenada, where is that?”

    Grenada is a island located in the Caribbeans…southeast of cuba I believe. Quite interesting I believe…maybe Micheal fled there or to Cuba. Cuba is known for granting asylum to African Americans….look at Assata Shakur and many others.

    “Where did Dr. Murray Attend Medical School”
    I think Dr. Murray went to medical school in the state of Arizona there isn’t much relevency to that information I don’t suppose? Unless, we can connect Murray to other Drs. who attended school there to the drs. in Michael’s life….

    All the Jackson family and LAPD have to do is view the security footages for these past months to determine if Michael was being put to sleep by Dr. Murray or not. Something is very suspect if all that footage has gone missing as well. If I was a part of the Jackson’s family, the first thing I would have done was collect all the security footage and closely examine every second of it before I made public accusations about anything/anyone pertaining to his death. Someone is definitely doing some major lying.

    “white skin pills” lol that’s too funny. I like your theory… anything is possible, question everything. The moving vans….yeah that is something there….No telling what went on in the home then. That’s why I’m like where the heck are the footages from that day then (26-27 June)?.

  125. ilovemichaeljackson. Said,

    i am so confused.
    katherine is right..
    how did michael passs such an tedious test physically;
    and to have claimed to have had so many problems health wise?
    is this kinda fishy?
    do you think this is said to throw us off?
    or is michael… truly dead, and this was a murder plot?

    shrjdkjknh HELPPPPP!

  126. Vanessa Said,

    Guys, another findings…soon after somebody posted a question on this site regarding other pictures of MJ on the press conference, i found these on the internet (look at the first picture) – Btw, the article is interesting too, basically confirming that MJ does from time to time use body double for public appearances


    Also please read this story regarding MJ’s curiosity on James Brown’s funeral preparation (including his casket) – found out later that MJ’s casket was similar with James Brown’s


    No intention to disrespect MJ, i love him so much, owever the discussion ball is rolling, im just adding something to think about


  127. Peace Said,

    Well i was starting to believe that Cherokee Billie stuff, then i scrolled down to the Neverland ghost part. ahahaha fake! Even CNN proved it was just the shadow of a crew member, and now it’s totally obvious that that’s all it was. So he tried to connect the fake ghost with a psychic reading that Michael was visiting Neverland. Well i don’t know how much was communicated but that definitely wasn’t a ghost in the video.

  128. thanameslilixd Said,

    A new single had been released by Muse called “The Uprising”

    I love the lyrics & the song
    & i feel as if it connects with Michael.
    like Tabloid Junkie & Scream & stuff like that.

    Here’s the video & lyrics.


    The paranoia is in bloom, the PR
    The transmissions will resume
    They’ll try to push drugs
    Keep us all dumbed down and hope that
    We will never see the truth around
    (So come on!)

    Another promise, another scene, another
    A package not to keep us trapped in greed
    With all the green belts wrapped around our minds
    And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
    (So come on!)

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious

    Interchanging mind control
    Come let the revolution take its toll if you could
    Flick the switch and open your third eye, you’d see that
    We should never be afraid to die
    (So come on!)

    Rise up and take the power back, it’s time that
    The fat cats had a heart attack, you know that
    Their time is coming to an end
    We have to unify and watch our flag ascend

    They will not force us anekatips.com
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious

    Hey .. hey … hey .. hey!

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious

    Hey .. hey … hey .. hey!

    I love it !

    & i can’t wait to get to the bottom of this conspiracy.
    I wonder if we ever will…

  129. SJ1983 Said,


    AEG no motive, they could not find anyone to do the insurrance for such a thing unless (yes there was 1 option) they would get their money back if Michael did not die of a natural cause


  130. SJ1983 Said,

    after reading on the site about Murray through your posted link, I could not believe my eyes!!!

    OMG why would such a person as Michael or AEG, with soo much money hire a doctor with soooooooooooooooooooooooo many mistakes!?!?!
    NEVER would they’ve done that unless they needed a person as a victim, so that they could claim the insurrance money for not a natural death cause!!!
    I say more HOAX HOAX HOAX

  131. SJ1983 Said,

    2 ADMIN

    can you compare the time they released the statement that MJ should have been supposibly death, with the time TMZ made the statement that MJ was supposibly death
    Wasn’t TMZ way too soon in it, while other websites/tvstations all were waiting for confirmation…
    If TMZ was sooner, that would be VERY suspicious!!!

  132. SJ1983 Said,

    Last night a source close to inquiries into Jackson’s death said the star was “clearly not mentally or physically equipped to cope” with his 50-night run at the O2 Arena.

    Rehearsing … for O2 shows

    Getty Images
    But he added: “Michael was always adamant the show must go on – to the point where he was obsessed with the idea he would be ‘killed’ if he couldn’t go on stage.

    “He had been backed into a corner and was falling apart under the strain.”

    The psychiatrist, who has not been named, saw Jackson twice.

    The first time he spoke frankly about his childhood, his problems with prescription drugs and his obsession that his skin cancer was “God’s punishment”.

    Jackson, 50, was warned his painkiller addiction was dangerous. He was even urged to employ a personal “sober coach” to control his dosage on tour.

    The psychiatrist told other Jackson medics, including skin specialist Dr Arnold Klein, that the follow-up visit on June 12 caused him “deep concern”.

    He said Jackson fell silent after refusing to show a small scar from cancer surgery on his chest.


    And he clammed up again as a programme was outlined to gradually wean him off the drugs which claimed his life less than two weeks later.

    The source said: “Michael had been candid at their first meeting, but showed clear signs of cracking up when he saw him again.

    “They discussed if it would be possible to cancel or postpone the gigs.”

    Jackson had already put back the start of his O2 shows from July 8 to 13 – saying it was for fine tuning. But, after the star’s death in Los Angeles, there were claims he had been struggling with gruelling rehearsals and stage fright.

    Meanwhile his mum Katherine, 79, voiced her suspicions about his death.

    She told US talk show host Geraldo Rivera: “All I know is my son is dead, and I don’t think he just died of natural causes or whatever. He’s too young.

    “Something happened. I don’t know what it was.”

    JACKSON wanted to make a new Spider-Man movie, it emerged last night. Marvel Comic legend Stan Lee, 86, said they spoke about it at the star’s Neverland Ranch – and Jacko might even have played the main role.

    Lee told a San Diego comic convention: “He wanted to do Spider-Man. I’m not sure whether he just wanted to produce it or wanted to play the role.”

    Pressed on whether he thought Jacko would have played the superhero, he replied: “I suspect so.”

    His behaviour was disturbingly erratic – one moment he was excited and “almost manic” about his spectacular comeback, the next he would lapse into silence while staring into space.

    MJ knew he just HAD to make a plan…….while the 50 concerts were just tooooo much

  133. mo2kidzs Said,

    I’m sorry admin for some ppl who cannot act their age and you had to close the froum. I will continue to read your posts here…

  134. Copenhagen Said,

    Admin – I also wish Michael the best where ever he is.

    AliaX – I would very much like to answer your question etc..

  135. flower Said,

    hi admin, just like to say thanks for all your hard work and time so sorry you have to close down but i could see this coming so many ppl conducted themselfs in a very bad way. hopefully they will learn by their mistakes??? it all got so out of hand to the point where it was going right of track and not really about the hoax more about spelling mistakes/gold pants/who knows who etc. it got so bad that i think a lot of ppl stopped posting( well i did) i know someone will now have reason to attack me but i really dont care. all i can say is admin you done a great thing here and i wish you all the best love and respect always xxx

  136. Sosh Said,

    I feel myself rather sad now the forum had been closed. This was a good place to talk about this hoax death. If the reason for closing the forum was for some childish acting by some, I don’t think that will be a solution. As long as we can post to the blog, these people have access too and can continue with there childish behavior

    I hope you reconsider opening the forum. Maybe more moderators is an option to keep everything in control and ban members, delete or close topics faster.

    I can agree with your decision to close the forum, but I hope you agree with my (and maybe others) opinion that there must be a solution to keep the forum running.

  137. Rofibbs Said,

    Too many unanswered questions…my heart still bleeds. Now MJ is the Richest Dead Man of all time after his death, my heart really bleeds but i’ll resign to the fact that all is well that ends well..unfortunately this didnt. Thx Admin 4 openin up our minds to the fact that MJ might possibly be alive. I’l look U up from time to time. Be well.

  138. sunnyscrapper Said,

    Thanks for everything Admin. I have just returned and was horrified to find that you have shut the forum down. I would just like to say how sad this is as I am sure others felt as I did that the forum was a special place where we could feel safe talking about our theories on the hoax. I feel all my hard work on Barnum has gone to waste now and I feel lost and alone without people to talk to about the news. Your site has helped me cope with everything and I am not sure what to do next. I am hoping you might reconsider your actions as I feel so let down.

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