Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

There are few who would deny that when the news of the death of Michael Jackson was announced on June 25th 2009, we all believed it to be true…well almost all of us.

The story sounded very credible. The image that was released of Paramedics desperately trying to resuscitate Michael Jackson in the back of an ambulance , the live footage that we all saw and the statements to the press given by the Jackson family members had us all saddened and ready to begin mourning the loss of the greatest Entertainer of our time.

Then, as the days went on, cracks began to show in the tightly woven fabrication of Michael Jacksons ‘death’. Flaws in the events that took place the day he died, conflicting information given by the Jackson Family and the Media and unrealistic coincidences began to appear, raising more and more doubt as to the validity of the claim.

Too many questions are still unanswered, and more questions are popping up each day in regard to his final resting place, where his body is currently being held, when the illusive toxicology report from his two autopsies will be released, why his death certificate has not been signed, and on and on it goes.

Michael Jackson Hoax Death has analysed all of the information fed by the Media in the weeks following the death of ‘The King of Pop’ and has made many conclusions of it’s own.

Whether you personally believe Michael Jackson is dead or alive, the facts and analysis of these facts below are undeniable. We have not fabricated any of these facts, we have merely pointed out the obvious, and have collaborated all of the information that has already been fed to us by the media.

                “The Truth is like the Sun, You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away”

                 Elvis Presley


Before the ‘Death’ of Michael Jackson

Even before his death, different ears and teeth had been observed on Michael Jackson in various images since the late 80’s creating a general suspicion in regard to just how often his ‘decoys’ were used in place of the ‘real thing’.

In December 2008 someone called in a radio show in the United States and claimed Michael Jackson had died from a drug overdose.  After investigation it was all put down to a hoax, but not before many distraught fans had heard the news and a local TV station reported it. View the Report Here: http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com/?p=84


From December 2008 – February 2009, it was reported that Michael was suffering with a serious skin infection that could lead to flesh eating bacteria, had emphysema, needed lung transplants, and had intestinal bleeding.  It was even reported that Michael felt that he was going to die shortly.  He was photographed on wheelchairs, and was at the point that he could not even walk.  

However, a couple months later – he rocked the world with news that he will be launching the O2 concerts.  Not only that, but AEG released footage of him dancing on stage in perfect form, 2 days prior to his death.  It is rumored that Michael used illness as a means of seeking media attention, something that he had learnt from his close friend Elizabeth Taylor.  In fact, he once even ‘collapsed’ prior to a concert – which was cancelled.  In addition, he reportedly used illness as a means of not attending public events.  How is this not different then, only on a larger scale? 


Body plastinated posthumously

Michael was obsessed with mannequins, and had these placed all around his residences.  He was a very lonely person who wanted to have people close to him in his life.  The only company that he could have were mannequins.  There are reports that Michael’s staff contacted Gunther Von Hagens to have his body plastinated posthumously.  


Was this only posthumous or did he have replicas of his body created?  Michael’s trainer admitted that Michael loved pulling pranks, such as sending mannequins in ambulances to throw off the Paparrazzi. How do we know that what has happened now is NOT a prank??



  • Michael Jackson was acting strange at the O2 Concert announcement in London and very unlike his usual self, and there is much speculation about whether or not this person who conducted this Press Conference was in fact Michael Jackson, or a ‘look alike’
  • Michael Jackson’s hairstyle was changing frequently between straight hair/curly hair during his appearances. At the O2 conference, he had a very fluffy straight hair style and in the ‘final rehearsal’ footage, he is sporting a curly longer hair style, similar to the hairstyle he wore 10 years ago.
  • There are conflicting reports at to the true state of Michael Jackson’s health in the lead up to his London Concerts. Some say he was healthy, some say he was very frail and fatigued.
  • Michael Jackson made a phone call to a nurse to discuss medical problems on Fathers Day when he allegedly had his own LIVE-IN doctor LIVING with him (Dr. Conrad Murray).
  • Michael Jackson hated touring and it is reported that he initially only signed on to perform 10 concerts in London. Due to all 10 shows selling out in a matter of minutes, AEG, the concert promoters, released another 40 shows without Michael’s permission, taking the final tally of concerts to 50, over the period of 10 months, against his will
  • How did Michael Jackson pass a 4-5 physical health examination by an independent doctor for Lloyds of London to insure his concerts if he was “frail,” “sickly,” or “drug addicted?”
  • Cherilynn Lee, claims Michael Jackson had begged her for the drug Diprivan, although she is only a NUTRITIONIST.  Why would he call her? Especially when he had his own personal doctor, and especially when he hadn’t spoken to her in three months anyway and supposedly owed her money.  (Could owing her money be a motivation for her coming out with this ridiculous story?)
  • Michael all of a sudden begins to take his kids out in public minus veils in the weeks leading up to his “death”.
  • In a coincidental move, Michael Jackson re-hired the prominent entertainment lawyer John Branca just three weeks before his passing after John Branca has resigned from being Michael’s lawyer in 2006.
  • Michael did not hire any dancers or choreographer for his upcoming concert. View video…


  • All of Michael Jackson’s London concerts were postponed – from the 8th to the 13th July, the concerts from 10th July moved to March 2010.
  • The recording by AEG of Michael Jackson’s ‘Final Rehearsal’ was conveniently recorded in Full HD Audio and Video.
  • A friend of Michael’s, Gotham Chopra  on the 10th July tweets: Had the most fascinating dinner last night with that guy that runs the world from behind the curtain. View it here: http://twitter.com/GothamChopra
  • Michael Jackson’s clip of Liberian girl, where he directs everything from behind the curtain.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjtI2WZTZ9k
  • There are too many conflicting stories about what really happened the day he ‘died’ (and the night before – some say he was awesome during rehearsals and others say he was lethargic).

 Addicts do all kinds of things that hurt their friends and family.  The argument that he wouldn’t abuse drugs because it would hurt is children just doesn’t work.  He already admitted to a dependence in the past.  It wouldn’t surprise me if it had happened again, especially if the rumors about his health issues were true. If in fact Michael Jackson had been abusing the drug propofol for 15 years how is it possible that it could never had effected him before?


The 911 call

Why are there conflicting stories about finding Michael Jackson collapsed/not breathing?

Joe Jackson said something about him going to bed night of the 24th and not waking up. Other reports state that he got up on the 25th June, walked across to Dr Murrays room from his room saying he wasn’t feeling well, and collapsed, and somewhere else states that he was already in the Doctors room. Latoya later says that Michael was found in Murray’s room, not in his own room.

We have also heard reports that Michael Jackson’s son Prince was in the room and thought ‘Daddy was joking’ while he was convulsing on the floor – because he could be quite the prankster? Hrmmmmm…

With so many guards and other personnel in the household was there nobody available to make an immediate phone call to 911?

When the 911 call was finally made it was not until 30 minutes after Michael Jackson collapsed?

The staff member who finally did make the call to 911 was very polite and mentioned that there was a “gentleman” who was in need of assistance – why didn’t he say it was Michael Jackson?

The 911 operator HUNG UP on the caller saying “call us back if you need any more help”. This is 100% against 911 protocol, the 911 operator is to stay on the line until authorities arrive. Why wouldn’t they need more help – THERE IS SOMEONE DYING!

 How and why was the famous 911 call released? And how was it released to the public so soon? Wouldn’t this be very private and kept under lock and key?

It is a widely known fact that cell phones have GPS tracking.  Even without knowing Michael Jackson’s full address the doctor could have used his cell phone to call 911 immediately and they could have been able to track him.  Also, Michael Jackson lived very close to the UCLA Medical Center and if he’d just said it was ‘Michael Jackson’s house’, they would have known where to go.

Dr. Murray claims there was no land line in Michael’s room as he was paranoid about ‘phone taps and bugs’ which is his excuse regarding the delay of the call to 911.

I’m sorry but no phone or didn’t know the address?  Ridiculous. 

Everyone in L.A. knows where that house is.  All you have to do is scream “MICHAEL JACKSON IS DYING, PLEASE HURRY.”  Trust me, they would know where to find him.  A house phone would have produced the address anyway.

 Other strange inconsistencies are that the person who made the 911call was never questioned by police and has disappeared without a trace.

The person making the call was entirely ‘too calm’. This was Michael Jackson that was lying there, not breathing, not to mention his own employer.

The person making the call never identified himself, which is standard procedure for 911 operators.

The person making the call never identified Michael Jackson.

The 911 operator says ‘to call back’ if they need to and disconnects. Standard procedure is to stay on the line until paramedics arrive. The operator cannot verify that there is a doctor in the residence and it does not matter if there was.  They have to stay on that line.

 Paparrazzi WOULD be there at his house quickly.  They have police scanners and as soon as a call is placed, they would be there (again, everyone in L.A. knows where he was living).

 As far as the details of what actually happened, they are very hazy…Did Michael Jackson collapse or did he die in his sleep?

Why did Michael Jackson’s personal doctor and cardiologist, Doctor Conrad Murray perform CPR on the his BED?
Did Michael Jackson die in his own bedroom or the doctor’s room?

 It was reported that the kids were home…when did they leave the house? With whom?


The Ambulance

The Ambulance that is filmed backing out of Michael Jackson’s driveway is going extremely slow with no hint of emergency, without sirens or lights.

Footage of the ambulance leaving the residence show an extremely slow moving ambulance. It appears to have trouble backing out. The sirens are not on. The guard at the gate is not helping the driver manoeuvre out of the driveway, although Michael is supposedly near death inside of it.

There are two ambulances pictured : one of them seems to obviously show that Michael Jackson, in the ambulance, is frowning with a large vein protruding out of his forhead. An unconscious person doesn’t frown or have ‘veins’ protruding. (interpretation, not fact).


The last pictures

The breathing apparatus in the picture is not properly over the mouth of the person or over his nose, nor are the chest compressions being performed in the right place. This from trained paramedics?

There has been much speculation as to whether or not the person photographed is actually Michael Jackson or not.

 Why was there the need to have News footage of the ‘body’ of Michael Jackson being flown via helicopter from the UCLA Medical Center to the Morgue? Why was the ‘body’ flown via helicopter in the first place? If he was indeed dead, then what was the rush to get him there? Driving and getting caught in traffic wouldn’t have really made much difference.


The Hospital

There has been No information from ONE single staffer at UCLA confirming/denying that Michael Jackson was even there. There are conflicting reports about the true state of Michael Jackson’s well-being when he arrived at the hospital. Some say he was DOA – Dead on Arrival, having officially died at his home – which would explain why the ambulance that picked him up was in no rush – however the Jackson Family have stated that he was in ‘A Coma’ upon arrival at the hospital, and they were hugging him and that he ‘looked peaceful’ like he was ‘sleeping’, and later died while doctors and a medical team were working on him for a further 60 minutes. On one hand you have LaToya saying that MJ was still warm when she saw him in the hospital, and Jermaine saying how cold he felt when he saw him.

Conveniently a fire alarm went off while Michael Jackson was at the hospital – the hospital had to be evacuated.

It was reported that many members of Michael Jackson’s family were already at the hospital when he arrived, his mother, his children, Jermaine and LaToya though there are no eye witnesses to verify this. If this is in fact true, how did his own children make it there before he did, when he was taken via ambulance? How is it that Jermaine made it there before his brother when he supposedly heard the news about his brother on the radio (which he states during an interview with Larry King at Neverland).


House and staff

Within a few hours of the cardiac arrest, Michael Jackson’s close staff personnel were fired.  It seems like a very bizarre and prompt decision.  

The Jackson family were permitted to enter the House and promptly took carloads of items.

There are news clippings of this in youtube, where you can see that even bed sheets and blankets were removed from his house.  The Jackson family stated that they were concerned that these would be stolen.  However, the LAPD investigation into Jackson’s death resulting from drug overdose and possibility of homicide was launched on the 28th.  At this point, his belongings from his rented house had already been removed by the Jackson’s.  Despite this, the LAPD investigation contends that they found IV stands, IV bags, prescription medications and oxygen tanks.  So if Michael’s belongings had already been removed, what exactly did the LAPD find and how do we know that these were firstly even present, and secondly if they had not been ‘planted’ there by the family? This took place before the police arrived at the scene and closed the scene for investigation.

Another convenience is that the Survellience tapes from the Security CCTV went missing (or never existed because the system was turned off) of the events surrounding Michael’s “death”.

The “collapse” was allegedly recorded and then the tape cuts. The Hard drive where the CCTV footage of the house and grounds was auto downloaded is erased.

Jackson always kept a few million dollars in cash and certain items of jewelry with him where ever he went. These items are missing and no cash was found in the home.



There were no drugs found in Michael Jackson’s home until the second search by Police (after the Jackson family and others had been inside the home.)


The Annoncement of the death

A Report from the entertainment gossip website TMZ announces Michael Jackson’s death before any serious source gets the information. They were reporting the news only minutes after Michael Jackson had been confirmed dead by doctors at UCLA.


Death certificate

From the coroners office, Michael Jackson’s death certificate was not signed by a physician.  DR. Conrad Murray, Michael’s personal Doctor refused to sign it, as did the physicians at the coroners office – why??

Currently Michael Jackson has no legal death certificate (there has been one issued and released to the public, but it is not signed by a doctor or coroner).

All of the doctor’s involved in Michael Jackson’s case at UCLA Medical Center refused to sign the death certificate. 



There is no official cause of death.  Toxicology reports are impatiently anticipated which could take up to six weeks from the death, we have 2 ½ to go.

There are reports that the family are waiting for Michael’s Brain to be released back to them before the bury the body…he has been dead for 4 weeks now, and is still not buried.


Dr Conrad Murray

 Conrad Murray had been Michael’s doctor for 11 days, and was hired by AEG the promoter for the London O2 Concerts.  A couple month’s prior to this, Michael had passed a 5 hour fitness test for insurance purposes, with a clean bill of health.  So why exactly was a cardiologist hired for Michael, and that too only 11 days prior to his ‘death’? 

Apparently, Conrad Murray was a ’shady’ physician to begin with, he even had declared bankruptcy in the 90’s.  His prior activity is certainly suspicious, and he of course makes an easy candidate to blame for Michael’s ‘death’.  Also note that the heaps of drugs that the LAPD has supposedly located, must have been there prior to Conrad’s employment.  Not only that, but to build an addiction and tolerance to them requires years, not just 11 days.  So unfortunately Conrad is a poor physician who is possibly being framed for a crime that does not exist.  Michael was a close friend of physicians such as Deepak Chopra – so why would he settle for a shady doctor?

Murray was to earn a monthly salary of $150,000; but according to AEG Live, the concert promoter, Jackson had not signed the contract at the time of his death = not hired yet + not allowed to practice in the UK and California apparently = why was he with Michael Jackson then??


Michael Jackson’s live-in cardiologist doesn’t have a defibrillator. This same Cardiologist doesn’t know how CPR is done?  He performs it on the bed, rather than a hard surface?

He has no possession of drugs to counteract the effects of propofol (there is one), and  No defibrilator?  Hmmmm

Minutes after Michael Jackson is taken away by ambulance, Dr. Murray disappears, and his car is impounded by police and searched for evidence.

It is announced that there is “no foul play” suspected after only 1 day, and that Dr. Murray is not a suspect in any dealings with Michael Jackson’s death. 3 weeks later homocide is suspected?

Why is it that Dr. Murray was to accompany Michael Jackson to London, when he is not licensed to practice medicine there?

Oddly, there seems to be only one picture in existence of Dr. Conrad Murray. Even the papparazzi can’t seem to find him.

Dr. Murray “is not a suspect but only a witness” and yet he hires an attorney anyway and has the attorney speak for him in interviews.

Some articles state Dr. Murray as a holistic doctor.  He’s also not licensed to prescribe any medication which could have harmed Michael Jackson in the state of California.  He also couldn’t administer such medication legally.  Why would Michael Jackson allow this doctor into his life if he couldn’t even prescribe any drugs he may have needed/wanted? 


The Family

Katherine Jackson Michael’s Mother was seen shopping at Target for Camping Gear the day after her son died. She also went to get her nails done the day of his Memorial.

Janet Jackson and the Jackson family removed Michael’s belongings from the house that he was renting in LA on June 27th.  

Debbie Rowe Days after Michael’s death claimed she wanted custody of their chilren then retracted her intention days later.

Joe Jackson when asked during the first interview after Michael’s death how he and the family were doing, takes the opportunity to promote his new record label – he also reported that Michael Jackson’s kids who had just lost their father were doing “great”.

Also, Joe Jackson and Jesse Jackson were seen laughing outside the family home, less than 2 days after Michael died! while Joe gave a thumbs up to the media?…



LaToya Jackson Two and a half weeks after her brother’s death, LaToya is claiming that Michael was murdered and that she knows who did it. She also stated that if the persons responsible did not come forward, that she would expose them. Interestingly she was paid quite a large sum for the interview in which she voices these claims. If your brother had been murdered and you knew who did it, wouldn’t you want to tell the world without the promise of a paycheck?


The Memorial

 There are many strange and odd occurances which took place during Michael Jackson’s Memorial. Here are what we have taken note of:

  • The gospel choir singing the Return of the King
  • The tearless speech from Paris Jackson
  • The words on the screen at the end of the Memorial ‘I’m alive and I’m here forever’.
  • No one in Michael’s family cried
  • No real freinds attended the memorial – no close friends like Diana Ross, Liz Taylor, Macaulay Culkin, Quincy Jones, etc.
  • The extra “s” on “pain” in the ‘Will You Be There’ monologue at the memorial. Michael Jackson never would have recorded a “mistake” and allowed it’s release.
  • La Toya stating that ‘Michael is watching all of you’ referring to the people in the Nokia Arena.
  • The picture Micheal directing a video clip.
  • Kenny Ortega at the memoriaL, saying “Michael was here a week ago” when Michael had “died” nearly two weeks ago.
  • Marlon Jackson feels the need to share a story about when Michael was disguised as someone else and that he knew it was his quite easily…was this an appropriate story for a memorial? And why this particular one of all the stories he could have shared after spending 50 years with his younger brother?
  • Final slide at the memorial is MJ at the end of Librarian Girl, behind a movie camera directing unsuspecting participants in his music video.
  • The entire memorial was conducted as a Jehoviah’s Witness ceremony, even though Michael Jackson was reported to have converted to Islam in 2006.


The Corpse

 The family INSISTED on having the casket at the public memorial although it was a closed coffin. The reason as stated by the Jackson family was that his face was damaged by CPR and attempted Resuscitation, however, other reports say he looked peaceful and like he was sleeping moments after he died.

With the family giving this reasoning that the body was not viewable for the public because of the damage during CPR how is it suitable then to allow his children and family to view body?

In a final twist, this same body disappeared after the memorial. Nobody knows where it went or where it is currently being held. What we do know is that is STILL has not been buried.


The will

Michael Jackson’s will was at first not found, but then later miraculously found, however it was dated from 2002.



Michael Jackson was apparently in debt for hundreds of millions of dollars before his death. Record sales of albums and merchandise shot through the roof after his death.



We have been led to believe that there may have been 3 different autopsies performed on Michael Jackson’s body.

The angle that Michael Jackson was drug addicted at the time of his death has been pushed from day one and the long awaited toxicology report will shed light on this theory.

UCLA Medical Center refused to release an official report on the death of Michael Jackson.



Michael Jackson is still not ‘buried’ as far as we know, although it had been expressed by the Jackson family that they wanted him to be buried at Neverland. California law would not allow this to take place as it was private residence.

Neverland was gussied up before Michael Jackson passed away, even though he had expressed no desire to ever return to living there. The gardens had been replanted and the property was being maintained again after neglect.

Neveland ordered 32000 lbs of concrete – no one knows why but its in there somewhere.

Jermaine Jackson says in an interview with Larry King, ” Oh its hard to point where my brother will be, right over there by the train station, there’s a place for him.’  Huh?


The Children

The custody hearing for Michael Jackson’s children keeps being delayed. It was expressed in Michael Jackson’s will that he wanted his children to live with his mother, Katherine Jackson.



Also, mysterious source releases Pepsi accident video which reportedly MJ wanted released back in 1984 but Pepsi refused. Pepsi is angered by the video’s release.

I read some where that Michael Jackson apparently bought all of the footage from the Pepsi commercial shoot so that the video could never be leaked to the public like it has now been.  The article I saw this in also states that this footage was in Michael’s possession and that the only way for it to be leaked to the media is through someone close to him who has betrayed him.


Why has the Pepsi footage been released now after his death? Why does everyone all of a sudden need to see what he went through?  Why not do that during the trial if it was his camp doing it?


E’Casanova :

E’Casanova is a Michael Jackson and impersonator who has one of the biggest likenesses to all of the Michael Jackson ‘doubles’ that exist. There has been speculation that it was E’Casanova who attended the O2 Conference as Michael Jackson, rather than Jackson himself. Strangely, E’Casanova’s twitter page blocking everyone out – does he have something to hide?


Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor’s reasoning for not attending her ‘best friend’s’ memorial was that she couldn’t bring herself to “mourn in public” and stated that her feelings were private. She could, however, bring herself to tweet about it which is even more public and impersonal. For that matter, why does Liz Taylor even HAVE a Twitter account, which she started back in March?  Conveniently her first post ever mentions Dr. Klein who was Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon.


Dr. Arnold Klein

Michael Jackson’s skin doctor Arnold Klein was completely rebuilding the star’s ravaged face in the run-up to his This Is It comeback shows.

Klein desperately tried to make the King of Pop appear “more normal” for his 50-date run at London’s O2 Arena after years of cosmetic surgery left the singer’s face severely scarred and acne-ridden



AEG Live

AEG Live, the company who were in charge of promoting the London O2 concerts, who hired Dr. Conrad Murray as Michael’s personal physician, who insisted that he pass a 5 hour medial prior to signing him on for the concerts, who initially announced 10 performances, then upped it to 50, who took out an insurance policy that specified that if the artist (Michael Jackson) died of self induced circumstances and not natural death, it could get it’s money back.


So there you have it..a full summary of the strange and unexplained events surrounding Michael Jackson’s death. Obviously much of this information is open to interpretation, however even the most believing person who insists that he has indeed died, would have to admit, that this  is very far from an open and shut case.

  1. thelostchildren Said,

    I found the un-telling of Michael Jackson’s identity by the caller to the paramedic who answered the emergency call suspicious, but my mom said coz he’s such a high-profile megastar if people were to know it was him, the media will cause a frenzy which is the last thing Michael would’ve wanted if he really was in such a situation..

    …but that pales in comparison to the rest of the suspicions and loopholes uncovered by you admin. I’m more and more convinced this just does not add up. we need to know at least some confirmative cold-hard information, and we’re not receiving dirt. great great job admin. btw, I came across this site a week after the whole incident, and I suspect this must be up a lil while before. how’d you know there was something fishy going on and what prompted you to set up this web? just a wonder, coz it’s a great site (X

  2. serendipity Said,

    Thank you for posting this summary of facts and information. These are really overwhelming…

  3. jaded Said,

    Bravo bravo admins!!

    This was well written and brought out some things that I did not even notice (like the liberian girl scene at the memorial). Thanks for outlining things for us…

    So im guessing that this Dr. Murray guy is real and not nonexistent? I too find it strange that he only has 1 photo floating around…can we verify his previous employment etc?

    With all of these facts, how can a non-hoax believer still think hes dead?? wake up the clues are in front of you!!

  4. fm89 Said,

    Great work, this sums it all up

  5. forevermine_mj Said,

    i visited deepak chopra’s website today. this is the tribute article on michael i got there- http://deepakchopra.com/default/a-tribute-to-my-friend-michael-jackson/ i don’t know what deepak is playing at. michael is alive that’s for sure. i don’t know whether he is aware of this hoax or not but the tribute didn’t appear emotional to me. all of you read it n tell me how u feel about this. however i’ve left a comment i’ve asked him to visit this site. however i’ve stated the site’s name MJHD.com ’cause michael wouldn’t want us to go public about the hoax in a site that believes in his death. this is the comment i wrote. do u think its good?

    July 25th, 2009 at 10:29 am

    hello deepak, i’m zinniya from India i read ur post ’cause i’ve heard earlier that u are a close friend of Michael. no matter whatever the media says, whatever Michael’s family says, we, the members of MJHD.com are never going to believe the supposed truth about our adorable star. sorry to make this public ’cause there’s no other way i can contact you. we are not putting forward our theories in the site out of wishful thinking. they are not the fan wishing of his love-sick fans. we’ve strong reasons to believe. if u wish to know about the theories just visit the site once( i hope u work out the fulform of MJHD. ’cause i don’t want to hurt Michael by publicly stating what we think in a site which believes the ’supposed truth’). we know that whatever he does, he has a reason for doing it. we just want him to know that no matter whatever the media says about him, tries to put him in bad light, talks rubbish about him & his children, he’ll always remain our idol & hero with a golden heart n iron strong mind. we love him from the core of our heart n he’ll always remain the PRINCE OF OUR HEART. unchallenged n unbeaten.

  6. Mijac Said,

    Please read this:

    Michael was a dear friend and a
    consummate professional.

    This was the most exciting collaboration of my life with a man who has inspired
    me like no other.

    He will be deeply missed. I am terribly sad.

    We had a 25 year friendship.

    This is all too much to comprehend.

    This was the world’s greatest performer and the world will miss him.

    My heart goes out to his family and fans.

    -Kenny Ortega

    Michael Jackson’s partner in the creating,
    producing and directing of the
    THIS IS IT Concert Series

  7. Mijac Said,

    And now go there and read:


    pay attention to all Mj related tweets (jun 22, 24, etc…)

  8. Rofibbs Said,

    I jus watched the MICHAEL JACKSON’S TRUE HOLLIWOOD STORY on E!…it wuz said that MJ learnt at a very young age to manupulate ppl into believin wat he wants them to believe. It also states that while everybody thought MJ started singin at the early age of 5..he wuznt really 5. Its also interestin to know that a FIRE ALARM wuz activated wen MJ wuz still in at UCLA…who knows?? He might have left the buildin with other staff as the buildin wuz bein evacuated, leavin a make believe MJ to stay back at the ER to decieve the public…once a prankster, always a prankster

  9. Samantha Said,

    Another thing in the Ambulance is that When you’re in one, you’re head isnt facing the door Because its a Saftey issue, the head is not headfirst, it’s got to be the other way.
    hahah! we are dealing with a bunch of amuters.

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    great admin like the way you done this putting all the facts in one place this might help clear up the forum a bit as it was gettig hard tryin to keep up with all the post you have put a lot of work into the site and cant thankyou enough, for all your time , thats what we wanted FACTS and you sure found them once again a big THANKYOUXXXX

  11. Rofibbs Said,

    Theres a folk sayin where i come from n it goes “Wen the birds learns to fly without perchin, the hunters learn to shoot without aimin”..since the media learnt to follow MJ around smearin dirt on him, he also learnt to go into hidin without a trace..like i said, with MJ..theres neva a dull moment.

  12. dynamite Said,

    Great work admin I never heard about the alarm going off at the hospital that is very fishy indeed

  13. Rofibbs Said,

    Thx for the update Admin…kudos!

  14. Rofibbs Said,

    Whether or not MJ’s name wuz mentioned in the 911 call, there wuz no urgency in the call. There are also reports that 2 sisters workin with the “only on picture” Dr conrad went to his Texas office earlier on the 25th of june to remove sum documents n almost a month later the authorities are visitin the same office…hmmmn, they of all ppl shud know that the crime scenes “MJ’s home n the Docs office”(if eva there wuz one) have bin seriously compromised.

  15. westin Said,

    hello. i was reading Depak’s tribute to Michael….and i’ve found smth strange there………read it, please http://www.huffingtonpost.com/deepak-chopra/a-tribute-to-my-friend-mi_b_221268.html

    He says there – “His children’s nanny and surrogate mother, Grace Rwaramba , is like another daughter to me. I introduced her to Michael when she was eighteen, a beautiful, heartwarming girl from Rwanda who is now grown up.”

    Does it mean that she’s the surrogate mother for Prince II ??????

  16. P Said,

    I agree with this post. Something does not add up. According to the Media, Dr Murray disappeared after the ambulance arrived at MJ’s home. Sun reported that Dr Murray continued CPR in the ambulance until they arrived at the hospital.


    The 911 call was very suspicious. I called 911 and the operator remain on the line until paramedics arrived.

    I was telling a friend that someone was performing the chest compressions the wrong way before your post. If you are performing CPR, your fingers are not going to be almost touching the shoulders. If that person is Dr Murray performing CPR in the ambulance he was doing it wrong and that is probably why MJ died or maybe he did not want the paramedics to know that he was still alive.

    I do not believe that MJ will fake his death due to debt. He had business debt not personal debt. There is a difference. Filing bankruptcy for the business will have solved that problem. Someone in MJ’s inner circle made a comment that MJ was paranoid and he thinks someone was out to get him. This why the family is talking about that think MJ was murdered.

    Jermaine Jackson said that he wanted the media to leave his brother alone then he is coming out with a book about MJ’s drug abuse.

    Something does not add up.

  17. Rofibbs Said,

    …the other fact that the tour wuz insured based on “self induced danger” is really beyound me, makes it seem like a pre-meditated arrangement n that the drug overdose wuz meant to happen. I hav neva heard of such an insurance policy.

  18. Cecilia Said,


  19. quesarasara Said,

    Brilliant Forevermine, and brilliant Admin. You’ve covered all bases. It really puts things in perspective. I’ve been working on some things myself I will post later.

  20. ishealive Said,

    Excellent work admin, it’s becoming very clear that what happened on June 25th does NOT make any sense. I really think this is all part of “THIS IS IT”
    AEG said this would be the biggest comeback in history – well if it really does happen then it certainly would be, there’s no bigger comeback than coming back from the dead!!!!

  21. Rofibbs Said,

    Dr Deepak Chopra told Larry King in their 1st interview that MJ called him n left a voice message on his machine 4days before his death sayin there wuz sumtin he wanted to tell him, but that he (Dr Choopra) deleted the message frm his answerin machine…Which brings the question–wat did MJ want to tell him?? n why did he delete the message??

  22. Helia Said,

    I am on of the fans who unfortunately believe that he died. Yes you are right, some of the things you listed are very, very suspicious. BUT, that is no prove that he faked his death and I have just ONE aspect against ALL of your claims and this aspect is : His pursuit of perfection! What he did was always perfect…he always gave 100%…no more that that 1000000%. So if you claim, that he planned his death for a long time, wouldn’t he do the best to make his death as convincing as possible?He would think about every single detail…he wouldn’t give hints during his memorial. His friends and the family members wouldn’t say things to hint that he is still alive! Michael Jackson was a perfectionist. His brothers and sisters would arrange what they want to say so they sound convincing and more and more!So don’t tell me that he lost his sense for perfection by the biggest thing ever he would to….faking his death!!He would do it more than perfect and as we can see it is not perfect at all!!!So all the claims you listed are also against your claims that he is alive and unfortunately he is not.

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson

  23. Rofibbs Said,

    Joe jackson said Conrad Murray disappeared for 3hrs wen MJ wuz taken to the hospital…Wat happened within that interval?? Biddin the real MJ “farewell” n clearin their tracks i s’pose..

  24. Rofibbs Said,

    …like i said earlier…alot of people are tellin alot of lies n they are doin a bad job

  25. westin Said,

    You know, people – i have never seen E’casanova ( impersonator) before – but now i’m 10000000% convinced that there was him on the O2 press conference.

    just look at him – Michael has a much wider jaw – this could be easy seen – just compare all the photos. it couldn’t be MJ on conference. The person there was completely different by appearance, moves, voice and style of speech.

  26. michaelismysoulmate Said,

    I just thought of something I was watching entertainment tonight the other day and something odd stuck out to me. I can’t think of the guys name at the moment but he was claiming to be best friends with michael and i remember the reporter asked him something about michael and i remember him stating that michael was a big practical joker which where all aware of but what caught my attention was when he stated that michael like to pretend he was high and out of it. Then i thought back to the incident at the 02 conference where he seemed high and out of it my point is i think michael was faking it that day something else that makes you go hmmmm. I believe michael is still alive without a doubt.

  27. Rofibbs Said,

    Isnt it surprisin that MJ’s death is very very similar to Presley’s n more interestin is that MJ wuz married to Lisa-Marie Presley, hmmmmn….case dismissed, coooooourt!!

  28. lettruthspeak Said,

    Thanks admin, well done!!! I have never become so suspicious about sb’s death, but the summary here just brings me to this point naturally. There are a lot of inconsistences in the whole thing, but we still need to find more hard evidence to prove the theory, otherwise it would be just as unreal and seemingly plotted as the death thing. The king of Pop will be back!

  29. closepaltomj Said,

    I too hit the entire planet with my own pr release..if you saw it–great!

  30. loveandpeace Said,

    Good article, this summarizes everything we have posted about.

  31. MariannaB Said,

    More and more questions are getting on the table.

    As the security tapes are missing as well – I cannot help from thinking even at hostage taking.
    Make him sleep like in a coma, get him away (UCLA fire alarm what a chance!), pretend that he was dead, collect the money, leave him somewhere?
    I mean, did anyone look into this variant? Is this too strange? I don’t think so.

    The longer MJ is absent, the more fairy tales are being told, the more mystery is being added, the more sales and dollares are to be expected and sum up on the bank accounts.

    Why was the staff fired so soon? And who did it? I mean who did take the speech and replace MJ so fast?
    There was one boss only and this was MJ. He was gone and nobody was set in place by law to give orders on his behalf. Who had the keys and codes to get into the house to take MJs proprietary out? Murray who had lived there?

    Maybe Murray is the punching ball to cover up others involved. But the most of dirt is on his shoulders if the story did in reality develop as it was developped by reporters. And Murray had a clear motivation.

    It’s becoming Agatha-Christie-like more and more.
    So many having a good motivation to take advantage or even force destiny to their advantage.
    Read the data I posted on the last admi’s publication. Really interesting.

  32. serendipity Said,

    I suggest Michael’s fans worldwide make a signature campaign requesting for a DNA test on the “dead body..” I think a DNA test is the only way to know the true identity of that person.

  33. Laila Said,

    Hello Everybody,

    I’m from Belgium so first of all: Sorry for my english
    I cannot believe Michael jackson is death. I think this whole thing is too strange for words.
    AND I took a look on the TWITTER page of E’Casanova and this is a little bit strange…read this:

    Has been invited to dinner in Germany with a special guest! Should be fun:) Lets hope its who i think… E
    12:42 PM Jul 19th from web

    AND after this message… The next one …

    Wow, turns out its tomorrow, planes all booked and paid for! Dinner at a castle… May not be on for a while. come and ‘gone too soon’ E xx
    12:52 PM Jul 19th from web

    Owkay, maybe I overreact. But could this be something?
    I check this site every day.
    Today in the newspapers in belgium there was horrible news:

    The nose of MJ should have been stolen.
    I was in such a state of shock!
    please…I hope he is alive and OK.
    If we just got one sign of him !!

  34. Dee Said,

    I agree with everything said Admin, but please look at Larry King Live @ Neverland. Jermaine flew up to Never land with Larry.
    Larry asked Jermaine, how he find out about Michael’s passing. Jermaine said, I was on the other side of town in Azuza and got a call from you guys on my wife’s phone and Larry interjects and says CNN. Jermaine laughs and says yes and goes on to say, they said did you know your brother was rushed to the hospital. Jermaine said what and called his mother immediately and I got her on the phone and she said she was on her way. Jermaine then says, a little time went by and I talked to Janet and few of my other sibblings . 45 minutes later I call my mother back and I hear the sound in her voice and she says he’s dead. Larry said did you go right over to the hospital. Jermaine says that he had top go another route and as soon as he got close to where he was, he saw the copters in the air and a chill came over him. Once he entered into UCLA, he went straight for his mother and he went to look for his baby and he saw him laying in the room lifeless breathless as if he was an empty shell.

    Also, if you look at the interview I posted with two Sony producers. One of them stated that Michael had what was called dancer’s feet. That due to years of wrapping that the feet were often dry and cracked splintered. he said that Michael suffered from it real bad and that it was very painful. This amy be the reason why he was wheeled in the the chair often.

    His PR guy said that he wore those masks for the hell of it, that he knew how to keep himself in the media.

  35. mjforever Said,

    I just went on to E’Casanova’s twitter- http://twitter.com/ecasanovaMJ

    and two of his posts i find extremely odd. He started the twitter on July 19th, the same day he posted these things:

    Has been invited to dinner in Germany with a special guest! Should be fun:) Lets hope its who i think… E
    12:42 PM Jul 19th from web

    is this special guest Michael Jackson? I wasn’t convinced until I looked at the next post written just ten minutes later…

    Wow, turns out its tomorrow, planes all booked and paid for! Dinner at a castle… May not be on for a while. come and ‘gone too soon’ E xx
    12:52 PM Jul 19th from web

    Dinner at a castle in Germany certainly sounds like something extravagant that Michael would do. And the very last part: come and ‘gone too soon’.
    As we all know Gone too Soon is one of Michael’s songs.

    All of this is very suspicious. I am so glad we have this website. You guys are doing a great job with it. The article above was well written and informative. This site is great, keep it up

  36. CoCo Said,

    Thank you for this site…I love Michael very much but this doesen’t mean that i can be manipulated very fast to think he is really dead. I believe everything you guys say here because i think the same things..its like i wrote this site …and i communicate with many fans and they believe he’s alive also…I one don’t believe ” i feel! And with these infos the media and mj family gives us we tend to believe that he;s alive more than dead… Please keep this site alive and dig much more…I want to know that Michael is alive and happy at last i dont want to know where he is…..because he deserves a normal life …if i were him i would run far away from the fans and the media long time ago…
    Michael you’re a smart man if you did this! truly a magician! Thumbs up to the site once again!

  37. SJ1983 Said,

    The Man Who Secretly Held M.J.’s Millions
    Posted Jul 25th 2009 10:40AM by TMZ Staff

    How’s this for a plot twist? Yesterday we broke the story that the Special Administrators of Michael Jackson’s estate filed legal papers saying they just recovered $5.5 million is cash from a former financial advisor. The advisor is Dr. Tohme Tohme, who got involved with Jackson in the last year-and-a-half of his life, and he claims the money was “a secret.”

    In an interview last night, Dr. Tohme said the money came from recording residuals and that “It was a secret between Michael and me.”

    Dr. Tohme claims the money was going to be used for a Las Vegas “dream home.”

    Tohme says Michael implored him, “Don’t tell anyone about the money.” He says when the singer died, he came forward and said he had the stash.

    We’ve now obtained documents filed yesterday in the Michael Jackson probate case.

    The Special Administrators have recovered $5.5 million in cash from a former financial advisor. The documents do not name the advisor.

    In the documents, the administrators predict Jackson has enough cash to pay off his estimated $400 million in debts — and still have money left over for his heirs.

    The docs also say Jackson’s children are the beneficiaries of an insurance trust established by Michael Jackson. The proceeds have not yet been collected, which explains why lawyers for Katherine Jackson have asked for a temporary allowance.

    The Special Administrators expect to generate tens of millions of dollars of revenue from various business deals that are now in the works

    WHAT BOTHERED ME : Dr. Tohme claims the money was going to be used for a Las Vegas “dream home.”

    Reported was that he children were in Vegas, did th ehouse get there
    and now we know that katherine is in it for the money,it didnt make sense to me with all those depts

  38. morla Said,

    Well done – and please (someone from the media perhaps – you are visiting this site – not so sure??? ) who believes that Michael has died indeed- could you write an unquestionable summary of the other side of the story before calling us “nuts” here – I’ll think about it…

  39. artisticflare Said,

    We are all in shock! it is just unbeliveable to imagine that Michael Jackson has died!!?? for the love of God! when the hell did this happen!!! i am still weeping like a baby”" i cant remember the last time i cried so much i am 56 years old for Gods sake !!! It just hurts so much You gave so much love Michael, thats why we are all so deeply affefected!! you did make a difference! Lots of love and hugs! Artisticflare xxx Love you sooooo much!

  40. ejay5131 Said,

    To post#5-I think that was a bad idea if you really did that.

  41. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    This Was An Awesome Post And If Any Non Believers, Still Doubt. Then They Are Crazyier Than We Are LOL. Good Job Admin! I Love Michael Jackson, NOW And FOREVER.

  42. hOtSfOrMj91 Said,

    @ mjforever but e cas doesnt have a twitter. he even said so on his myspace page.

  43. forevermine_mj Said,

    thank u quesarasara for reading my comment. i hope then that its good. n i also hope that deepak chopra do visits this site. looking for more from you. i’ve written an article on mj’s hoax death similar to this one in my blog, i’ll post it here soon as soon as possible. here is the link- http://blogs.ibibo.com/KOLKATAMAIN/michael-is-alive-you-be-the-judge. read it if u like.

  44. thelostchildren Said,

    @ Helia, no 22 : sure we all well know bout MIchael’s perfectionism – that alongside with this godly talent is what made him The King. however, that does not mean ALL mistakes can be eliminated.
    just watch the famous 1995 MTV video awards performance he gave. there were mistakes made in his attempt to sing, and he missed out some of his dance moves, but he gave the best show MTV has seen; how can a man lone on stage captivate AND mesmerized all of the world?
    it doesn’t mean that he’s a perfectionist that his family, friends and those involved are going to be 100% smooth criminals to this operation. there’s a chance we might be folly to this folly, but the fact that there are too many loopholes just makes you wonder doesn’t it.

  45. BeenTown Said,

    Admin and all of you fellow posters;

    Your thinking is fantastic. I don’t even have to think I just come here and read your posts. I beleive that something strange is going on and I am so glad that this site exsists.

    Thank You!

  46. BeenTown Said,


    Your wsite is full of great quality. This post was very extensive, well written, and well thought out. Thank you again for giving us beleivers to learn and discover together.

  47. Emanon Said,


  48. CuteAngel Said,

    An outstanding synopsis of all the pertinent facts and information surrounding this story. Great work, admin!

  49. charliechaplin Said,

    Someone from the Press or whoever must be following this site and are trying to rationalize what we see as ‘blunders’


  50. wicki Said,

    Very convincing. Keep it up! For another perspective on Jacko’s death, hoax death, undeath, whatever you want to call it, check out -http://www.undeadmichaeljackson.com

  51. Jessie Dai Said,

    Thank you so much, Adimn. What you have mentioned is quite a good job! There are so many suspicious points in that case. I still believe Michael is still alive!
    As the day went on , I’m convinced Michael faked his death because he really want to relax and enjoy his rest life. He wants to spend more time with his children. He loves them so much! We should accept the fact that he may won’t appear to the public any longer. I’ll get used to it. Michael, enjoy your life! I love you!

  52. MariannaB Said,

    It does not matter whether this or that person claims to have twitter account or not.


    This is the best ever invented means to manipulate the world.
    Anybody can set up no matter which account and can utter whatever he wants.
    How do you want to prove that behind kennyortegablog is really Kenny Ortega?
    No way you can prove it.

    Twitter is PR, publication and mass advertisement without any cost. How practical.
    It is childish to believe Twitter messages. This is yellow press at it’s worse.

    As long as there is NO IMPRINT on a web site, a full name with address, the content is not relieable. Full stop.
    In most places on this world, internet sites are set up and kept going without saying who’s behind it.
    So you might be used to not asking who is behind things and think good and swallow everything in internet as ok. But if a person does not stand behind the content to the full degree of having in worst case to answer questions about their publication to lawyers, the website cannot be trusted. Full stop.

    A “nobody” or an alias signing under a website or a web content is not a TRUE person and does not mean any responsibility. A “nobody” or an alias does not mean anything. A “nobody” and an alias is just another pink bubble “as if” and a “hide and seek”.

    Even comic figurines are twittering now. Come on – how much do you WANT to cheated?

    I do not believe one single word I hear that has been twittered and I keep a good amount of doubt on any website without an imprint.

  53. J.A.N.E.T. Said,

    Hi, admin. Great addition of the order of events, informations and the sources, which they come from.
    Again, I don´t think that the little girls speech was “fake” and it´s annoying to read this here over and over again – the roughest person should have noticed, that every single word that she said (and please listen exacty WHAT she said) came straight from the heart! And it moved (not only) me to tears.
    But an other really unusual fact isn´t mentioned in your list above: what about Jermaine`s interpretation of “Smile” at the Memorial: “Light up your face with SADNESS – hide every trace of GLADNESS” – changing these words and so the whole meaning in a completely different direction.
    I really don´t think such a mistake would happen in a celebrated musician family – especially on that very sad occasion….
    If we are talking about “hints” – to me this is one of the clearest!

  54. MJSmile4Us Said,

    to Admin:

    thank u so much for posting this !!

    In my opinion, I really believe that Michael is still alive. Honestly I was so close to believing that he is really gone after watching Entertainment Tonight and when someone from this site posted the photo of Blanket with a tear on his face at the memorial service. But I realized that if this hoax was going to work out, everyone involved in it including the children had to be perfect. Although Blanket is 7 years old he is so smart like his dad and can be a agreat actor and it’s so hard to ever think that he is on it especially with his adorable face!! But one thing that I am stuck on is the fact that Dr Murray’s clinic was raided byr th LAPD this week and have reported that a manslaughter (or even murder) charge could be laid against him. If this was a hoax would it go as far as sending an innocent man to jail (I think somebody also mentioned ealrier on other post)? Or my guess is that the doctor was paid either by Sony or AEG to kill MJ – but being a smart man as MJ is, he realized this and escaped by using one of his doubles or whatever method? BUt I think back to the article where it stated that it was Michael who insisted that the doctor be with him 24/7 which made me think that perhaps MJ used him in his escape/death hoax plan? BUt some people on this site believe that AEG was the one who hired the doctor making them question why as MJ passed his medical test with ‘flying colours’?

    To be honest, I am so tired and wish this mystery could be solved soon coz I can’t concentrate neither on my studies or work or even have a good night sleep as millions of questions float around my head constantly.

    If Michael had to stage his death to get away from SONY who is out to get him for the half of its shares he owns and for speaking against the company back in 2002 (I think it was), I doubt that he will come back not until it is safe enough. BUt if this is the case, how could he ever see his children again? Some people on this site stated that maybe Janet could bring the children to him after winning the custody battle and make such excuses as sending them off to boarding schools for their sudden absences. But aren’t the paparazzis like vultures who will expose someone and trace one’s every move till the end?

    I really pray that Michael is still alive somewhere – don’t care if he can’t come back but as long as he is safe and sound I am happy

  55. nina Said,

    admin … THANK YOU!!!!
    one question : where is Grace ??? we know nothing about her since he’s “deth”…. and what about Chopra have dinner with the “guy that runs the world from behind the curtain.” ……WOW … this is proof ! only Michael could do this !

    I know one thing : if Michael is dead or not ( I think NOT !) he is happy … and this is what we all want for him… THIS IS IT !
    Michael… I hope you feel our love … LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE ! WE ARE ALL UNITED BY LOVE ! WE ARE BETTER BECAUSE OF YOU ! and Michael ….. thank you for all the signs, I know you send to us this signs only because your love for us is very strong …. THANK YOU!

    sorry for english

  56. MJSmile4Us Said,

    to nina:

    I read that Grace is back in the house in Encino with Katherine and the children. I guess u heard a few weeks ago that there was a report that stated that she was seeking the custody of the children as well but it turened out to be another false claim fabricated by the media. I mean anyone could see that she had no chance – she is not the biological mother (not sayin Debbie has any chance although she is coz she’s just a baby seller with no heart or brain) or have any connection to teh children. She just looked after them – the only people that te children should be with are their grandmother and Janet Jackson.

  57. charliechaplin Said,

    Our original premise for MJ’s faking death is that he was heavily indebted. Now, this issue comes out that he actually have secret money which is enough to pay off his debts. So, are we back to square one as to why he had to “die”? If it’s because he wanted to live a private life, why choose to “die” a few weeks before the biggest concert of his life? Why not make 1 or maybe 5 of the 50 “This is it” shows just to showcase one-last-time that is indeed the greatest performer of this generation and to delight his fans, or leave a lasting memory, after which stage the ‘death’ since in the 1st place he only wanted to do 10 shows?

    So, where are we now?


  58. Bee Said,

    Here’s another inconsistency to add to your list:


    tmz reporting that MJ had been dead for awhile before paramedics got there, and paramedics claiming they did not recognize MJ at all and thought it was a sickly, frail old man. Lots of people in the comments there are pointing out that the pic of MJ in the ambulance does NOT look like a sickly, frail old man.

  59. charliechaplin Said,

    I don’t think it was E’Casanova who was at the O2 Arena.

    Look at E’Casanova’s teeth, they big & even:



    Look at the teeth of “MJ” at the O2. Third teeth from his 2nd front teeth. It’s smaller & somewhat pushed backwards than the teeth:



    Compare them both to the real MJ’s teeth:



    Look at E’ Casanova wearing the same get-up as that “MJ” at the O2:


    It may have been E’Casanova inside the ambulance. But, I don’t think it was him at the O2.

    At first I thought it was NAVI at the O2, but look at his teeth here (pause it at 1:26)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clHycBsEZUs and Navi doesn’t have the wide smile as that MJ at the O2.

    Although there’s a little similarity with the “MJ” at the O2 here (pause at 2:07):


    Both impersonators, E’Casanova & Navi are taller that the real MJ. The “MJ” at the O2 was wearing boots with heels (pause at 5:54)


    Neither E’Casanova nor Navi needed the boots with heels if they had to be a convincing MJ at the O2 conference.

    So, I think it must have been another impersonator with smaller set of uneven teeth at the O2.

  60. Bee Said,

    Here’s an interesting observation someone left in a comment on tmz regarding computers in ambulances:


  61. mjfan Said,

    @ #22, I don’t necessarily believe MJ faked his death, but if he did, and part of it was to show how full of crap the media is, then he WOULD leave all sorts of holes in it. Just to watch the media falling all over themselves, changing their stories, and not questioning anything. Also he would likely leave it messy to give his fans hope, because in case you haven’t noticed, a lot of people have questions about this.

  62. CoCo Said,

    Agree with nina # 55 .Maybe Michael knows very well how the media can be fooled and maybe he knows that us fans we like to search for the truth..that’s why he gave us hints.
    To me Jermaine is a person that can cry right now and laugh in a second….he’s an actor to me…I can fake dead now…..i used to do it when i was little and scare my mother…..so dealing with fame and all of its results you change…you have different emotions…family issues and stuff..you tend to cry often..like i do..if i see a dead cat or a dead dog i cry like a baby….It’s easy.
    Paris had crocodile tears….when children cry they really cry ! tears fall down easily….but when they want a candy and try to fake crying :no tear falls.I don’t want people to think i insult Paris or any member of the family (that is not my intention)…but when your father/brother/mother dies its like the world goes to an end…i would commit suicide without my mother….they were chewing gum like nothin happened (!!!!!)
    Blanket was crying because he wanted to go to his father who never were apart and when he saw himself near the family crowd he just panicked..he wasnt aware really what they are doing in there because he’s too little (hmm).
    Michael will never come back i’m sure….because with this situation you can never come back to the spot-light..people will hate “you”.He wanted to retire long time ago and this was it.About the wheel-chair the press thought he was really sick : but us the fans we knew and felt he is well…..so that prooved once again how the media can be easely manipulated.Doctor Murray is a person noone knows much about…some people are trained to sacrifice for someone or something….that’s why Michael changed all of his staff so that they will “dissapear” easely……VIP’s cry for Michael because its like their goodbye to him…Mike won’t come back to them…He’s dead to the media and fans but not to the normal world….normal life has him now i guess.wich is a good thing if its true!

  63. Mijac Said,

    Law enforcement sources tell us when paramedics arrived at Michael Jackson’s house he was already dead … and it took them a while to even realize the victim was the famous singer.

    Our sources say when paramedics got to Jackson’s home he was flatlined. There was no electrical activity in his heart and Jackson showed no sign of life.

    Multiple sources say paramedics wanted to pronounce Jackson dead at the scene but Dr. Conrad Murray insisted that the singer be transported to the hospital. Dr. Murray — as a higher medical authority than the EMTs — had the power to overrule them.

    Paramedics didn’t realize for nearly 10 minutes the victim was Michael Jackson. As one emergency worker put it: “It just looked like a frail, old, sickly man.”

    All this make me think two things:

    1) Michael need the presence of a doctor in his home because he wanted a higher medical authority than the EMTs (Dr. Murray had the power to overrule them)

    2) Paramedics didn’t realize for nearly 10 minutes the victim was Michael Jackson. (because wasn’t Mj)

  64. Amlet Said,

    Grats to admin for his excellent work! Keep up the good work !

  65. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,


    ok omg apparently sum1 noticed that michaels nose was missing as it was lying on the autopsy table… freeaakkkyyyy…..

  66. kristindean88 Said,




  67. Samantha Said,

    Helia: I agree with what you mean Michael was a “Perfection” but nobody’s perfect, Michael was a human being like all of us Sure he was Perfect at his Talent, but you’re not going to get everything Perfect when you’re planning a death unless you’ve done practice for years & years. I beleive Michael’s done this to Protect his children as La toya said ‘Family 1st Fans 2nd’ I know he wouldn’t want to dissapoint his fans, and i know most of us arent, but he needed to protect his Children.

  68. hecjosmen Said,

    But if he comes back alive as Michael Jackson, wo uldn-t he go to prison for faking his own death?

    I wish it would be the biggest comeback in History. We miss him so much.

  69. Rofibbs Said,

    Michael Jackson has set the world on stage n the tape is rollin, a stage where the detractors are his PAWNS, his family the SCRIPTWRITERS, his fans the DETECTIVES, AEG the FILM DIRECTOR, the title: DRUG OVERDOSE, his doctors the BADGUYS, the Authorities: SUPPORTIN ACTORS n ofcourse the best actor of all time..MICHEAL JACKSON, yeeeeaaaah!! or shud i say the best PRODUCER??

  70. Rofibbs Said,

    If MJ wuz as sick as sum ppl said he ‘wuz’ since 2002, how did he sing his unreleased songs? We’v heard “a place with no name” n it sure doesnt sound like (1) sum1 strugglin to sing or (2) sum1 that had a collapsed lungs n needed a transplant (3) sum1 who’s voice wuz openin up like Mr Ortega said..it sounded like ‘normal MJ’..they give us this picture that hes always heavily sedated with painkillers/anesthetics with a gas mask. Really?? n he has over 200 unreleased songs..really?? Are these “WRITTEN SONGS” or “UNRELEASED SONGS”?? anyone??

  71. Rofibbs Said,

    Neva heard of any1 in the History of Entertainment with 200 “unreleased” work,..ive heard of a couple of unfinished songs that were completed n released. Our MJ has over 200…wow!!

  72. Little Susie 01 Said,

    Ok.. Maybe im lookin into this too much. But Michael Has these to Songs From the Blood on the dance floor cd. GHOST and Is it Scary .. both have same Lines to the Song except for the Chorus and some parts change But what made him Change the lyrics? ( look it up almost the same lyrics)
    Now when u read it makes total sense Could this Be a message to whats really happening I want to believe so.
    He explains About feeling ghosts everywhere We warned him to be the stranger in our lives. ( Media Messed hes Life the evil is the MEDIA) That its exactly what we want to see.. He says Am i amusing u or just confusing you is he the monster we visualize and if u want to see eccentricalties he will be grotesque before our eyes and let them all materialize. ( Is this a WARNING?)
    He then talks about a Ghostly Smell around .. A place where there restless Souls ( Meaning a Funeral) Where ppl cough and yawn. And restless souls Spoke( But there nobody to be found) ( so stating nobody does it mean there indeed isnt a body to be FOUND?)
    He also says… Did we come to him to see our fantasies Perform infront our very Eyes. A haunting Ghostly Treat ( so is this performance of our fantasies a ghostly treat?) A foolish trickery he says ( foolish trick?) Spirits Dance in the Light .. (SPIRITS DANCE IN THE LIGHT?)
    But if u came to see the truth and purity is kept inside hes lonely heart so LET THE PERFORMANCE START? ( So the truth will reveal it self) You know the stranger is you. is it scary for you!!!
    Masquerade the heart ( meaning hide ur true emotions) its the Height of Haunting SOULS ( So these souls are at the Highest Point ) just not what u seek of him (we never saw the truth) Can the heart reveal the proof like a mirror reveals the truth ( doesn’t this make u wonder? Heart Can reveal proof and mirrors the truth?) And see the evil one is You ( Who is the Evil ? all of those who made hes life miserable)
    So is that scary for you. ( he doesn’t want to talk about it. Hes tired of being abused he know u scaring him too . Is that scary for you ?
    I find.. so much in this song like Things are happening right infront of our eyes and only those who can find the proof in our heart will reveal the truth. or am i just going crazy?
    Michael Jackson is Alive. And I love him so so much.
    Here are the lyrics see what u can make out of it.

    There’s a ghost out in the hall
    Theirs a goul beneath the bed
    Now it’s coming through the walls
    Now it’s coming down the stairs

    Then there’s screaming in the dark
    Hear the beating of his heart
    Can you feel it in the air
    Ghosts be hiding everywhere

    I’m gonna be
    Exactly what you wanna see
    It’s you whose haunting me
    Your warning me
    To be the stranger
    In your life

    Am I amusing you
    Or just confusing you
    Am I the beast
    You visualised
    And if you wanna to see
    I’ll be grotesque
    Before your eyes

    Let them all materialise

    Is that scary for you baby
    Am I scary for you oh
    Is it scary for you baby
    Is it scary for you

    You know the stranger is you
    Is it scary for you baby

    There’s a creak beneath the floor
    There’s a creak behind the door
    There’s a rocking in the chair
    But nobody sitting there
    Their’s a ghostly smell around
    But nobody to be found
    And a coughin’ and a yawnin’
    Where restless soul’s spoke

    I’m gonna be
    Exactly what you gonna see
    So did you come to me
    To see your fantasies
    Performed before your very eyes

    A haunting ghostly treat
    The foolish trickery
    And spirits dancing
    In the light

    But if you came to see
    The truth the purity
    It’s here inside
    A lonely heart

    So let the performance start

    Is that scary for you baby
    Am I scary for you oh
    Am I scary for you baby
    Am I scary for you
    So tell me is it scary for you baby
    So tell me is it crazy for you baby
    Am I scary for you

    You know the stranger is you
    Am I scary for ya

    Masquerade the heart
    Is the height of haunting souls
    Just not what you seek of me
    Can the heart reveal the proof
    Like a mirror reveals the truth
    See the evil one is you

    Is that scary for you baby
    Am I scary for you oh
    Am I scary for you baby
    Is it scary for you
    So tell me am I scary for you baby
    Am I scary for ya baby
    Is is scary for ya baby
    Am I scary for you
    (I don’t wanna talk about it)

    Am I scary for you baby
    Am I scary for you
    I’m tired of being abused
    You know you’re scaring me too
    I see the evil is you
    Is it scary for you baby

  73. Perfume Said,

    Admin I rest my case, your statements are well laid out, I want to ask the following questions:)

    My questions:

    1. When did he die, the doctor said he was not breathing lying on the bed
    2. The ambulance is called and they try administering CPR
    3. The ambulance take their time reversing out of the premises, MJ is then taken to hospital the doctors are working an hour on him

    My question, was he “dead” on the bed, was he “dead” in the ambulance, or did he “die” in the hospital.

    And my final question “How long was MJ’s hair cause the person in the ambulance has shoulder length hair”

    And in closing was the alarm set off so that staff wud not know such a high profile person was in the hospital I guess not, and why was the helicopter hovering, and again why take him by ambulance to the hospital but by air to the morgue, it shud of been vice versa….keep digging admin u r doing a gr8t job, kudos to you

  74. watching Said,

    look what I found sometime in 2007:


    in this website:

    (on first post)

    let us know what you know more about him (E-Casanova)

    keep posting and I will keep watching…

  75. Perfume Said,

    #58 adding t your comment the paramedics said when they entered the house something did not look right and they said that the person they were administering CPR did not look like MJ at all they said that it looked they there was scarring on the person’s face as though the person had recent facial/plastic surgery, the paramedics said they could not put their finger as to what looked odd about the house or the person, this comment has stayed with me ever since his “death” was aired worldwide and I sat and asked myself as to why the paramedics would say such a thing, then another thing struck me is that the doctors said they had to keep the “body” under lock and key and then they said the body was then moved to a secret morgue, why all these secrets if he was dead he was dead, who body was the paramedics working on, what seemed odd about the place, did the person they were working on perhaps have surgery to look like MJ….why was the body under lock and key in the hospital and then why was the body moved to a secret morgue??????? Admin help and don’t stop digging, I believe at present nobody knows where the body is it is a month now

  76. veritas88 Said,

    Hi everyone. Thank you so much, admin, for creating this site. It is very informative and really examines the facts in lieu of pure speculation. I think this is a great site which tries to honor MJ. After reading the blogs on the site and coming to my own conclusions, I really do believe MJ is alive. Yes, I’m a fan and of course I don’t want to believe that MJ is passed, but I’m not delusional, in denial or crazy. Simply looking at the facts, which you’ve nicely summarized in this post, it is clear that A LOT of things are not adding up.

    *Also, many on this site are questioning the existence of Dr. Conrad Murray, because there is only one picture available of him. I think there is something very strange about him and I too wonder if he is really who he claims he is. But about his “one” photo– this morning on the Today Show (Monday 7/27/09), they included ANOTHER PICTURE OF DR. MURRAY!!! the picture has a white background, he’s wearing a blue tie, looking to the right and his facial expression makes it look like he’s worried. Did anyone else see this? I saw it on my tv, so I can’t link it to this site, but to see the picture, you should go to the Today show website and find video of the MJ segment from the show on 7/27/09. i wonder what are the implications of this second photo.

    Also, I agree that MJ most likely hoaxed his death so he could rest for some time and enjoy a “normal” life, but I too hope that he comes back into the spotlight to shame the media and put on the GREATEST COMEBACK TOUR EVER!!! He always said that performing was the one thing he always loved to do, and he’s only 50, so I truly hope he does. Either way, all I really want for MJ is for him to realize that he is unconditionally loved and appreciated by me and millions of others, and I want him to be happy and healthy. That’s all that matters.

    Once again Admin, I thank you for this site. It is respectful, decent and fact-based, not trashy and purely speculative like many other sites on the web. If MJ was aware of this site, I think he would like it. But one last thing, is there a way that each comment for each of your blog posts could have time stamps, like before you redesigned this site, or maybe everyone could start adding the time and location of their posts? (This was posted Mon 7/27/09 at 4:30pm EST in NY) I think this would help keep things organized better so we all know when new info is posted. Thanks!

  77. bghoppy Said,



    bghoppy Said,
    Dianafan, i agree with you about Miko, he seems like a scumbag. Really, your the guy that threw the towel on his head back in “84’s burn accident? And I think there is some resemblance b/w him and blanket.

    I also posted a comment under one article you removed about the ‘84 burning might have killed him. Well, i wrote that i never believed the whole story in the first place that he was burned, and faked it so that he wouldn’t have to keep working with his brothers (which really was an issue, them hanging onto him). I can’t find it now. I had said how there was a picture taken the next night with him and webster going out to dinner, and how his hair looked just fine at the grammys one month later.


  78. youarealive Said,

    Admin or somebody can help me?
    when I read this post and specially the part about Mr Chopra´s Twitter I cryed, laughed, jumped as a crazy girl,´cause MJ is indeed the man behind the courtain. It was a moment of joy for me. I became depressed with Michel´s death. My world lost all colors… So it was so great to see a so clear clue about him.
    But when I read about the death certificate I started to confuse myself .
    Because you say that there is no signature in his death certificate, but I saw a copy of this documentation and there is a signature.
    It´s signed by Jonathan C Fielding MD VE
    I am from Brazil, co I am not very good in your lenguage and I couldn´t find a clear copy of the certificate, but isn´t it the signature of a responsable doctor?
    I am trying to investigate too. Can you help me?


  79. youarealive Said,


    There is a site wich shows clearly MJ´s Death certification.
    There is a signature in the paper.
    I don´t understand this paper. Is it suposed to have another signature?
    Can anybody solve this confusion in my mind?

  80. bghoppy Said,

    Can that fire alarm story be cooberated by any more people? What’s with the helo hovering overhead before Jermaine gets there? I wonder where it reurned to after dropping the body at the van?
    Now they say the 911 caller was a woman? That is totally not my percepion. What’s her name and what is her job at the house. I’ve heard he is now debt free, thanks to us fans. You know that Liberian Girl video mentioned above, where were ANY of those people at his memorial. BS You still go to your junkie friends funeral. It’s amazing there are two books out about MJ and his life and death before he is even buried (after more than a month, this is getting gross) , but sony cant press out some of this new music he was doing? Now he’s the biggest drug addict in HIStory. Keith Richards never did as much drugs as sweet old child like mikey.

    I wanted to ask a favor from Bee, who mentioned a tmz link to computers in the ambulance, could you be more specific in how to find those comments, please? I’m very interested in the amulances and firetrucks at the scene. I dont know that it’s normal to have an amb call #71 and an engine call #71. Does anyone else have ideas about the legitamacy of the vehicles and employees shown in the famous video?


  81. bghoppy Said,

    The differences in the death certificates is the red lettering in the background indicates it is not a regular ceritfied d.c., but an informational certified copy, which means it is meaningless for proving identity of the body, and you could probably buy a blank one somewhere. Nor have they produced the common in CA, proof of death letter.

  82. bghoppy Said,

    Since when has there been a case where every person of interest is invisible, and only speaks through multiple lawyers. I get presumed innocence and all but how can you not get any pictures of Murray ducking in and out of a police station.




  83. Chumoan Said,

    I was reading somewhere online someone has made a very good point:

    At the This Is It press conference, you say that it is an impostor, and that its all in the hands. However, if you look at the middle finger, right underneath the midpoint of the finger, there is this mark, kind of like a dent in the finger. It is darker in the image on the left, but clearly it’s also in the picture in the right.


  84. Little Susie 01 Said,

    to YouAreAlive Post 79

    I believe it has to be Signed by the Doctor. And not a single doctor has not yet Signed it because the certificate says its cause of death is Deferred..

    But i strongly believe he is alive

  85. Smile Said,

    @ bghoppy post 77

    Maybe it is better for him to hide,because now you’re saying what you want,but america wasn’t a healty evironment for Michael Jackson. He had to do this to live in peace with his children.

    He has been here for us for years,now it’s time for him to do what HE wants.

  86. SJ1983 Said,


    Sadly Michael can not ever return to the public, that’s the price to be paid for us as fans and for Michael!
    So in a way he is dead………Despite that Michael took care of us and for himself to record 200 songs!
    As for the people saying that he was such a perfectionist, TRUE!
    To plan such a big hoax in every detail you have to work on it for years..
    I believe that he has had this idea for years, knowing the children would grow up and not knowing how much more shit he can take from the media….etc etc
    I think the ideal situation was there when AEG planned 40more concerts against his will, he didnt want to leave the fans down if he couldnt make the 50 concerts!
    Thats my view on it…..

  87. SJ1983 Said,

    so in order of that he had to plan this hoax in a very short time
    although the idea was there for a long time

  88. P Said,

    To bighoppy on ur post #77

    Please review the Grammy clip again. You can notice MJ has all of his hair comb to the front. He was hiding the burnt spot.

  89. Sky Said,

    Hellooo, great work!
    There is defiantly something wrong about this, it just doesn’t add up.
    Although i am beginning to believee he has really gonee however whenever i visit this sitee it always brings back hopee.
    But if he hadn’t of died why would the family keep saying different things and not just leave it at the fact that he has died of a heart attack?
    Loveyhooo MJ, xxx

  90. Perfume Said,

    I am logging back in tomorrow to read more of the comments but moreso on what admin has researched on….again kudos to the admin:D

    #80 @bghoppy I saw a movie called “Fireprood” and the ambulance and the fire engine both had the same numbers on them, is this normally done in America I am going to ask some paramedics and firemen here in South Africa if that is common for the ambulance and fire engine to have the same numbers, unless this is done in the USA….can anyone else please help with this, can the admin answer on this as well …nothing stays hidden that cannot be revealed…..this article was in our local newpapers

  91. MariannaB Said,

    Would like to come back to post #74:

    what if MJ and E’Casanova changed places and identities and the dead is E’Casanova?
    wondering about differing age but a person with a life threatening illness may become look like an old person – what’s your thought?

    [watching Said,
    look what I found sometime in 2007:


    in this website:

    (on first post)

    let us know what you know more about him (E-Casanova)

    keep posting and I will keep watching…

  92. msichanamrembo Said,

    Jambo ,writing in from Nairobi, Kenya. I’ve been following this site since i googled and found it — about four days after MJJ’s supposed death and the minute I shut out the regular news it’s been easier to think outside the box with the facts surrounding this case. I have read and re read everything posted on this site and echo the sentiments of most people on this site. My questions:

    1. Why hasn’t the media bothered to address the people who think/ believe it was a hoax — lack of objectivity?
    2.What happens now that Dr Murray admitted to administering the drug
    3. I think AEG have a huge role to play in this…how much money are they supposed to make out of all of this? They benefit from a drug overdose result right? Like someone said on this site…follow the money
    4. I think we should watch Miko very closely he’s been at the forefront since the 26th of June…
    5. Ever since his friend(blankets Godfather and the father of MJ’s Goddaughter) in the UK divulged that MJ was/is a master of illusions the one thing that hasn’t stopped running through my mind is Misdirection. It’s a simple illusionist trick…google it — but I think there’s a lot of misdirection going on. From the Media, to Miko etc

    Whatever happens or wherever you are Michael…..remember that you are loved. Never forget that

    Nakupenda sana rafiki….

  93. elizabethvitale Said,

    Very interesting info and a lot of it positive to prove a hoax. Way to go Michael. I knew you would never leave to anywhere without a good amount of attention.

  94. nehaheartmj Said,


  95. Narcosis Said,

    It now appears that doctor Murray admitted two days after the death of MJ he gave him Propofol and maybe fell asleep!! (Maybe??) However Murray refuses currently further coöperation in the investigation.
    So last night the drugspolice invated his home in Las Vegas and searched for the medical records of MJ.
    Murray was present during the search.
    Are they not a bit late with this?

  96. Ivonne Said,

    @ nehaheartmj Nr. 94 :

    Making-of Stranger in Moscow^^

  97. Rofibbs Said,

    The Authorities???…sloooooooopy!!

  98. Rofibbs Said,

    Any news yet Admin?? tired of surfin sites to get tangible news..everybody seems to be repeatin wat we know already.

  99. maria2284 Said,

    Now they have footage of Dr. Murray…


    I think that they are watching this site since there was no footage before, people here brought that up several times.. and now all of a sudden there is video footage of him…..

    …. give me a break.

  100. maria2284 Said,

    They know we know hes not dead..

  101. lucrecia Said,

    I surprise that nobody does these questions except us. There are many important things without resolving. Witnesses to look, to asking what happened and that, besides, they are not contradicted to each other. I am far from where the facts happened, probably there you have more information or another sensation. I am Argentine, hope you understand my english!

  102. lucrecia Said,

    Do you remember this?:
    because I dont…
    What is this?

  103. Cabokat Said,

    To respond to #80. if you go to the link in the facts statement to Jenelle’s blog, you will see the fire alarm information (at least as of today, 7/29/09, is stated in that blog to this website) is not correct or true.
    But I agree with you, will have to check that ambulance out it’s at http://www.hollywoodtv.com or probably on youtube. Twitter about Gotham Chopra is true, so,,,,maybe Michael is alive and well and happy as hell
    not to have to put up with the media! If true, good for you Michael, if you see me let me know it’s you!

  104. Cabokat Said,

    I think you should all check out @ecasanovamj on twitter, he has a few things to say. Very interesting and he sent one to @KennyOrtegablog Said Augus 1, 2009, the date that will rock the world……

  105. Cabokat Said,

    Okay now this is weird,,,,go checkout this website http://www.myspace.com/ecasanovafansite very eerie

  106. Narcosis Said,

    Jenelle’s Journey:
    PLEASE READ: If you have made your way to this website via “Michael Jackson Death Hoax” dot com, please know that the administrator at that website has used this post to support incorrect information. The fire alarm that is discussed below was for the 200 Medical Center Building in the Peter Morton Center. This building is next door to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Hospital where Michael Jackson did in fact die on June 25, 2009. The hospital did not have a fire drill, nor was it ever evacuated during the time that the Jackson family was there. It was later determined that the fire alarm at the 200 building was pulled by a paparazzi to create a distraction so he/she could sneak into the hospital…

  107. Narcosis Said,

    This womans version of what happened that day seems a little odd to me…(Thursday, June 25, 2009)

    Btw I just bought the magazine “Michael Forever” and there is a picture in it of Janet, LaToya & Rebbie in the catacombs of the Staples Centre, just right after the memorial. They were laughing if as someone just told them a good joke…That seems strange!

  108. monij Said,

    to Closepaltomj. what is your pr, i would like to have a look at it. Thanks.

  109. Copenhagen Said,

    Please read Michaels fantastic speech at Oxford University in 2001. Maybe some of this will explain why he might have faked his death.


  110. Seekeroftruth Said,

    Narcosis… what an intriguing user name (congrats). You based your whole theory around a fire alarm? This website has pointed out several discrepancies since its launch into cyberspace. It is easier for many to believe MJ is alive than “dead” I hate the word die and all its variants along with it.

  111. monij Said,

    To MariannaB, that is interesting your post # 91. Did your really find this link in 2007, or did you just find the link these days. Your theory will really make sense if indeed you came across this piece of info back in 2007!!! what if they “switched” places. For an MJ fan that would be an honor to leave this world as “the idol” .

  112. Seekeroftruth Said,

    Narcosis, I may have misjudged you. Who is Janelle?

  113. Narcosis Said,

    Seekeroftruth; Don’t know who that woman is but apperently she was at UCLA the 25th of june and has something to say about it. http://jenellesjourney.blogspot.com/
    And about my username, I use this one for years now…

  114. elizabethvitale Said,

    Where are the pictures of the iv and air containers taken from the estate? Where are the camera tapes? How did the Jacksons go in in 2 days and remove everything so fast leaving all of these drugs behind? There are so many unanswered questions and a media circus already out to sell books, give bios and make money. Could be Michael was paid to leave because he wouldn’t be able to do the tour. Where are the pictures from the hospital? So noone took pictures of their dear family member after death. Why keep all of this secret? This is a public figure. Why only one photog and one ambulance picture that doesn’t even look real? So many compromises sounds like typical error and leaks will be brought the evidence that may have will be tainted. Too many discrepancies I always said. I don’t even think the people investigating would let a real detective work on the case. The real detective would probably uncover more truth. Too much hiding and too many loopholes. What about Michael’s car? Where was the investigation on this?

  115. youarealive Said,

    To Copenhagen,

    I read his Oxford speech, tears have come to my face.
    I hope everybody here spend a little time to read his words. So deep worls could only come from a blessed soul like his.
    I am broken hearted, but also I am full of hope, ´cause I´ve never could imagine a human being could be so greater than all of the foolish behavior and thoughts that we usually have in our minds.
    He was/is a man with a mission in this world. He took his mission seriously and taught us how to love our children.
    He loved us all around the world from the botton of his heart. I wish we could be able to express back to him the same kind of love he felt/feels.
    I ask averybody who read this humble post to spend one minute for making a pray for him. No metter if dead or alive… but a pray expressing all of our deep love for him.
    Just one minut of support.
    Just one minut of a heart opened pray for his freadom and peace.
    We can also heal the world, with unconditional love.

  116. MJ_fan_for_40_yrs Said,

    Okay…so when I heard Michael had passed I had some doubts. I wasn’t truly emotional, which I found odd. The days following his death just brought about more and more suspicions of a faked death — of which I’m glad!!

    As I watched Paris at the memorial, I felt “bad” for thinking that she was pretending to be sad, pretending to cry. And Prince Michael chewing his gum the entire time, looking bored. It just didn’t feel believable. And the AEG director or promotor, never ONCE have I seen him look even remotely sad that MJ has passed. Even in the footage of the memorial, he’s reading a teleprompter and looking PROUD of what he’s “pulling off.”

    I could go on as to why I believe Michael Jackson is still alive, for many of the same reasons already mentioned…. But what I really want to point out, that I haven’t seen pointed out anywhere, is the concert promo/clip that AEG has put out….go and listen to it again.

    The message/WORDS in that clip:





    “Some things in life they just don’t wanna see……”

    I truly believe Michael is Alive………<3

  117. ilovemichaeljackson. Said,

    ive been reallllllly distraughhht over the death of Michael. i wasnt able to eat, drink, talk, or sleep for weeks. and i am still having a very difficult time. i have been searching despersatley to find some kind of ideas, or other people who belivee it was a hoax, and i am sort of happier that there is hop.e b ut the more i read this stuff, the more i question if this really if fake.

    i mean, there have beeen so many people speaking out, and crying, and weeping.. it doesnt make sense that SOMEONE wouldnt have slipped already and “accidently” said something about michael really being alive?

    i [onder this because i am so in love with Michael, and it lirerally makes me want to die when i watch the news abbout him…
    i want to know the truth, so that my heart will finally be a rest… i want to live my life normallly again, i feel this is all making me miserable.

    help me admin.

  118. maria2284 Said,

    #102, there was a rumor that MJ had passed away 18-20 years ago and this rumor was being passed around via email a few years ago. But get this, on Larry King Live, Jermaine Jackson did say “I think there is a place for my brother here, somewhere over there, near the train”

    Now isn’t that strange??? That Jermaine would say over there near the train, when indeed this rumor has the picture of the supposed MJ near the train……….

    I swear, these people need to get their STORY straight and stick with it!

    MIKEY LIVES!!!!!!!!!!

  119. keegi Said,

    Well, I do believe that he’s dead. Yes, we have a lot of things that don’t add up but this is life. Life isn’t perfect .. it’s completely normal that things don’t add up because if they would then we should question few things. BUT there are two things that make me smell a rat:1. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Michael at O2 in march. 2. the day he died CNN covered everything and showed how the helicopter took his body to morgue (and it’s not weird that they used helicopter, he was famous and so what, that’s not something to question), after the door was opened you could see the body in that white thingie and I honestly thought that someone moved there. I can’t find that footage but it’s out there. At that time I really thought I was seeing things but it really moved before medics started to move it out. That’s my 2 cents. Sry for my English, it’s not my first language.

  120. maria2284 Said,

    #106, I read her story too and she clearly states that she was inside the hospital when the hospital alarm went off. If it were next door, I doubt many would have heard it.

    If they set it off to let the paparazzi inside, wouldn’t they have caught a glimpse of Michael? One picture? Even a room number of where he was? A hall way leading to where he supposedly was?

    I think maybe this woman is changing her story now since there was soo much attention given to her website about MJ and what happened that day. Shes changing it now, to get away from all of the MJ hoopla… in my opinion.

  121. bghoppy Said,

    smile – The US is unhealthy for all of us, and this stunt doesn’t help. Why does he get to be so much more sensitive than us?

    P- I did say I stand corrected about all that. Sorry

    Cabot- that link doesn’t seem to work, but if it’s the normal amb view from youtube/hollywood.tv, I’ve studied that to death, so many things are wrong there. It’s just someone else had mentioned an inconcistancy that would have related to the onboard computers or something, but that link wouldn’t work either.

    Perfume – American movies (like Fireproof and BackDraft) are notorious for getting important realist details all wrong, entertainment over fact. I just called my local fire department, and they say there is no reason, if fact they should not, have the same call numbers.

    Anyone – Can anyone explain why Rebbie was so invisible in the family in the early years? Never in a family photo?

  122. bghoppy Said,

    I called LA county and LA city FD, and they said the county used different ambulances (more like SUV’s and PU’s) and for the city they gave me conflicting explinations. (like if they did use the same #’s they would put a letter in from ) Like the ambulance should have said A71, and the truck E71. And then said no they don’t always match. It’s weird tho. And the tour bus that pulls up is 71 or 17.

  123. Meglio Said,

    I’ve come to pretty much the same conclusions the past few weeks..but I still don’t know what to think. Part of me thinks its wishful thinking. I’m somehow not even a little bit surprised that the facts around Michaels death–if it’s real- are vague. “Facts” about Michael and things concerning him have always been messed up. I mean, there’s always someone who have something to say for god knows what reasons. For example, I just read that a UFO had been sighted over Neverland only hours after his death………. -_-* When it concerns a superstar ppl will talk for money, for attention, they will present their theories (made out of love or malice) as facts and so on…so…as I said, I’m not surprised the facts seem contradictory. Media speculates around Michael, as they always have.

    I really hope Michael is alive and well. With all my heart. I’ve been a fan for 18 years. Nothing would make me happier than Michael “doing a Jesus” (which is pretty much the only thing he hasnt done yet right). Has anyone read the letter Lisa Marie wrote about Michael..titled “He Knew” and stating that Michael was, in his own words, “afraid that he was going to end up like him, the way he (Elvis) did.”. Does anyone remember when Michael, supposedly at least, said he wouldn’t survive 50? As we all know, Michael had vitiligo- a disease that’s often accompanied by a heart disease that cause inflammation in the ventricles of the heart. Patients with these conditions often die from heart attacks in their 40’s-50’s. I think that’s the only thing that really points to Michaels death being real. And maybe that’s what he had in mind when he stated those things about the way he’d go…or maybe he has planned “dieing” ever since.

    I don’t believe the “death diary” is real. I dont think something like this would be put on paper and carelessly left around for someone to find, by Michael or anyone else who was in on it. The strongest (in want for a better word) “evidence”, in my opinion, that this is staged is the children. Michael has always kept them hidden from the public eye and gone out of his way to protect their identities to allow them to have a normal childhood (as normal as it can be when you’re the son/daughter of the worlds most famous man). It doesn’t make sense that he would let them show their faces and have their pictures taken a few weeks before his death. I do, however, don’t believe for a second that they were actors (an actor, even a young one, would have made a better “spontaneous” speech at the funeral and, lets face it, they look like him). I also think its strange that the coffin was closed..we’re many who love Michael and who would have wanted to see him one last time. On the other hand, maybe it was Michaels wish..and I have a feeling if it had been open we would have said “why was the coffin open, was it to “prove to us” that Michael is really dead? Why was it so important that we get to see “Michaels” body?” the way we now question the fact that it was closed. If it was Michaels wish that he got some privacy at his funeral it’s not so strange that the family respects that. However, Michael was muslim. It is muslim tradition that the body is placed directly into the ground, without a casket. An extravagant final resting place is discouraged (and I think a golden casket qualifies as extravagant) and the funeral should be 24 hours after death. Jermaine supposedly educated the family on these rites because he felt it important that Michael was buried the muslim way. But he wasn’t. Is he even buried yet or are they still doing autopsy on his body?

  124. monij Said,

    To watching POST # 74 and to MariannaB POST # 91
    Look what i found: a poem from E’Casanova posted July 18,2007, “IF I Died Tomorrow…”. http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=84750892&blogId=289095549
    I think the mystery is SOLVED. Michael is not dead, E’Casanova was the one who died. That explains it all:
    why the paramedics felt something odd about MJ (according to post 75 by Perfume)
    why no real tears from the family
    why no real friends attending the funeral
    why the money and jewelery disappeared from MJ’s house
    why they hired a shady doctor to take care of MJ (they needed a doctor who could be bought)
    WOW, what if this is what really happened!!!!! that would be awsome, where is E’Casanova now? maybe the one posting on twitter is MJ, about the dinner at the castle, but who might be the guest?

  125. nehaheartmj Said,

    @Ivonne: thank you so much……i am glad you cared……
    now…… today i ws watching michael jackson’s chefs interview where i found that something can b wrong here….she said that as soon as the investigating team came….all people from the house were sent home….how can this happen….because if someone has died and that too MICHAEL JACKSON….nobody should have been allowed to move out of the house…..well this is what i think…..
    i m frm india and i wanted to ask if i can get the book moonwalk(autobiography of michael jackson)…..can someone please tell me where can i get tht book from…..in india…..

  126. Samantha Said,

    BEST QUOTE BY MICHAEL JACKSON EVER: “if i want proof, i’ll find it in you”

  127. ilovemichaeljackson. Said,

    meglio: i so agree with you.
    youre ideas make alot of sense.
    ive been wondering the same things?

  128. Samantha Said,

    Wait! i gotta question, Michaels been hiding his Childrens Identiy for years, right?
    so why the day he “died” they’re all over the news? etc.. like without masks, Michael tried to keep the idenity/privacy as much as possible, i don’t get it? Michael wouldn’t want that to happen right? or is there an answer to that?

  129. Bee Said,

    This is interesting, showed up in the comments on tmz the other day:

    251. 48. Apparently there’s a castle in Romania that secretly belonged (belongs) to Michael.

    He had it built – modeled on the Castle of Bran. Very, very few people have seen it, as it’s hidden in a ravine in a remote mountainous area – which has been completely fenced off. The public simply cannot get to the place.

    The location is to the north of the mountain resort of Borsec. (Btw, Borsec is famous for its pure mineral water – Michael used to drink it all the time.) This forested region – one of the most remote in Europe – is home to many bears and wolves, making access even more difficult.

    Michael visited the area only once – during the second leg of the History Tour (i.e., summer of 1997). The castle took ten years to build; it was finished in 2007. There are rumors that Michael wanted to go and live at the castle after the O2 Tour.

    A friend in Borsec has told me that three days after Michael’s death, he saw three helicopters flying north over Borsec in the direction of the Castle (which locals have named Mihalyvar – or Michael’s castle).

    Posted at 11:24AM on Jul 25th 2009 by Ringadingdong

    Posted at 12:23AM on Jul 31st 2009 by Tstorm


  130. kristindean88 Said,

    I think it’s odd that so much of Michael’s staff was fired/rehired, and new people were hired only a couple of months before his *death*. Kai Chase was hired in April, Dr. Murray had only been there for a month or so, etc. Also, where is the person who made the 911 call, why hasn’t he been found? It’s all very, very odd.

    In my heart of hearts I think Michael was killed by Dr. Murray’s negligence, but I want so badly to believe that Michael has staged his death. I’m hoping we’ll eventually see a story about his children going to a prestigious boarding school abroad, or some other kind of story. That would be the biggest indication to me that Michael is still alive.

  131. kristindean88 Said,

    Also, it looks like E’Casanova has deleted/disabled his Twitter account.

  132. leolady Said,

    Hi I’m finally here, tried to register three days ago and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting a confirmation.. the mail ended up in my spam folder..mentioning this in case this happens to somebody else

    ANYWAYS, what I wanted to say is: admin you said about ecasanovas twitter page that it was blocking everyone out? I had access to that up until today. And after the postings about the dinner at the castle there were two more posts, one from July 26th: “August 1st 2009″ (that’s all, just that date!) and then on July 28: “THE DATE THAT WILL ROCK THE WORLD”.
    Has nobody else seen this but me?? Nobody mentioned this. Isn’t that weird? I’ve been going crazy ever since I dicovered this page and sometimes I just don’t know what to think but I’m thinking more and more that this could be true and MJ is alive . I’ve been wrecking my brain about that twitter post, but.. August 1st is TOMORROW. So we shall see soon…
    When I heard what supposedly happened my first thought was no, that’s not right, can’t be, all wrong, no way, just didn’t feel right in my stomach. And usually my gut feeling is right on…

    And just in case…your reading this Michael.. I would have done the same if I were you and I would stay hidden if I were you..I’d love to see you again but if you decide to just live your life in peace and quiet and get away from all this craziness, I’ll be happy just knowing you’re happy. But it sure would be nice to know that you are indeed alive and well, that’s all…

    Would love to do this with you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQLfJG1hmcM&feature=related

    All my love,

  133. maria2284 Said,


    I think you are right on. Does anyone know what disease (life threatening) E*casanova had??? He wrote that it was “non-sexual”… but still, it might’ve been. Anyone have any idea?

  134. MJSmile4Us Said,


    I agree with u in that Michael is still alive although I am not so sure it was E’Casanova that died on June 25th. I mean how could Prince have chewed gum whild looking so bored out of his mind imo at his father’s ‘funeral’. Although he is only 12 years old, he would have been traumatized by the thought of not ever seeing his only parent right?

    But there is also a small part of me sadly believe that Michael did really die ever since I heard the custody battle reult – Katherine became the permanent legal guardian of Prince, Paris and Blaket while Debbie was given the visitation rights. I thought to myself that MJ would never allow this happen if he was alive – how could a money whore like Rowe get the visitation rights? I really wish this was not real and please refute this coz I am on the verge of losing my hope and need some encouraging words…

  135. oana Said,

    hi…i don’t know…i’m confused…you are right but still…about the memorial…the words on the screen at the end of the Memorial ‘I’m alive and I’m here forever’…maybe they thought about Michael’s song “i’ll be there” and Michael said once that he wants to live forever so maybe that;s why they put those words there…..and about the fact that no one in Michael’s family cried… well…true…i cried a lot…but still…maybe sometimes you have no more tears to cry… i don’t know… about the fact that LaToya talked about Michael at present…well he just died and most of the people can’t talk about him at past…as far as i know he wasn’t a muslim, he didn’t convert to islam…i don’t know what to think…there are 12 fans of Michael who died … i don’t know… i know there are some things that don’t match…

  136. oana Said,

    btw…about the fact that Prince have chewed gum at his father’s ‘funeral’..that was weird…i also thought it’s weird…but he’s a kid…i don’t know…kids are kids…

  137. youarealive Said,

    To leolady,
    I took a look at e-casanova Twitter too. I saw the mesage about August 1st.
    But I have another clue:
    E-casanova has just deleted his twitter acount!!!!!!!!!

    If you try to enter rigt now you will receive a non existent page message from twitter!!!!!!!!!
    Dr.Klein and Damme Elizabeth stopped posting!

    Mikey! Wherever you are, please notice that you are really beloved.
    But if you´re reading it, please DON´T COME BACK. It will be too DANGEROUS for you.

  138. blu Said,

    Reply to MJSmile4us. I know the feeling, some days I’m filled with hope and then others, I feel dispair and hopeless. Hold onto every bit of hope that you can find the strength to hold on to. I prayed and ask God to reveil things to me and last night I had a revelation that I am kind of excited about and I know that it was God’s answer to the question that I ask him. I know that this site is looked at by many that may not love Michael like we do and I am kind of afraid to reveil my revalation right now. I trust and believe in God and he alone will direct my path. You know, I have been on this site posting, reading and answering questions. Still in the pit of my stomach, I wasn’t sure about anything. I wasn’t sure if Michael was alive and I wasn’t sure that he was dead. Spirit high one day and low the next. I believe with every fiber of my being now that Michael is alive. He’s not dead. Keep your hope alive.

  139. Perfume Said,

    To monji thanks for your comment…..this is an email I sent to a friend July 08, 2009
    “Remember MJ stopped making music at 38, and he would of stopped with his plastic surgeries at about the same time, so why did he not have a come back at say 40, why wait 12yrs later at the age of 50 to have a come back, when his kids were born he could of celebrated their births by doing come back concerts. So who knows where the “real” MJ is, what if he had gone into hiding then cause remember as well, he used body doubles as decoys all the time, so from a quiet man why suddenly would he become eccentric giving the media something to feed on, “drugs” molestations etc, I am just speculating, in hiding the decoy must of been used timorously to take the media off the scent by acting eccentric, he loved his children and in London I think it was when “Blanket” was hanging over the balcony the person had a mask on, so who says it was the real MJ hanging that baby off the balcony like that, where was Navi at the time of MJ’s death, why did Jermaine Jackson have to give a press conference of his brother’s passing and not the doctors that “worked” an hour on him, they would of had more insight of what to say to the media, like I said just speculations.

    Today with internet technology photos can be altered to make as nose was falling off etc, it could of been masks that were made to fool the media of his ever changing faces, who knows.

    Joe Jackson seemed a bit too calm for my liking and then Janet that was close to him did not have anything to say at the memorial, strange by the day and minute for me, I am like a dog with a bone, not going to let it go until the truth be found, where is the body, also the casket looked a bit too small for a person his height

    And I will still go back to what the paramedics said that when they entered the house something seemed odd and that the person they were administering CPR to did not look like MJ at all and that there was recent scarring on the face of the person as though the person had recent facial surgery they said they could not put their finger as to what was odd about the house and the person still will stay with me, cause this was the highlight when it was announced he had gone into cardiac arrest, so was he in cardiac arrest at home or at the hospital. The most famous person is rushed to hospital and only one photo is released of him mmmmmmm very strange when Princess Diana died they even had photos of her released when she was in the car, so how come nothing of the world’s most famous icon and humaitarian

  140. Perfume Said,

    If his entire staff was fired or told to go home that means they must have enough evidence that will blow the minds of many, somebody will come forward and speak and knowing how rich MJ was he must of had staff that were very loyal or faithful to him, but what happens if one of them cannot keep their mouths shuts, and going back to the comment of his kids being revealed why now MJ never wanted the world to know what his kids looked like even when “Blanker” was dangled over the balcony he was covered why suddenly are these kids exposed to the world they have now become the worlds most famous kids the media cannot get enough of them neither can the public, moreso Paris her “speech” the day of the memorial has made her the darling of the media and public

  141. youarealive Said,

    Take a look at these videos .
    These videos show how desperately he needed his freedom
    In the first one he says that he wanted to be a morfing superhero for being able to diguise himself and go anywhere.
    The second show that episod when he lost his car and was followed by paparazzi and crazy fans. He couldn´t have peace to buy his own clothes!!!!



  142. Mijac Said,

    found this extremely odd, i went to my twitter today, and i was trying to find E Casanova, and guess what: THE PAGE DOESN’T EXIST anymore!!!


  143. xy558 Said,

    the person who called 911 was MJ’s bodyguard Alberto Alvarez.

  144. Perfume Said,

    I know this is off topic right now but I have to share it, Kanye West has just made an announcement that he is the new “king of pop” and that he is ready to take MJ’s place I think the little puppy wants to play amongst the bulldogs what makes West think that he has what it takes to give himself that title and what records as he sold to earn him that title what has he done to bring recognition to that title there will only be one king of Pop, there was one king of Rock ‘n Roll and one king of Soul so what confusion is West trying to create right now the music industry is still battling to topple MJ nobody has toppled Thriller from its number ONE spot the media is still in a love/hate relationship with MJ and now West comes with this bullshit announcement…sorry admin I just needed to vent my frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. SydneyKrazy Said,

    Very well written and actually very interesting. But common sense tells me that there is a problem with this theory the way it is. First of all, the odds of having that many people covering this up and to have not even one person leak info is pretty low. Someone always talks. We’re talking A LOT of people here! Something that would have to be kept this secret would only involve a few people. And you are saying that there was no dead body. Again, in order for there not to be a dead body this hoax would have to involve way too many people. Especially since there is always an autopsy performed in death cases that are not explained. The only way he could attempt to fake his death would be to kill off that look-a-like and have only a few people involved. Not just transport a look-a-like alive to the hospital and then have him sneak away. The theory would have to follow a story line that includes a dead body but I highly doubt MJ would kill someone in his place. Sadly this doctor did not monitor MJ’s vitals through the night like he should have been doing and MJ’s heart shut down.

  146. ilovemichaeljackson. Said,

    ive commented this site many times, and i think this might be my last time.
    i have been a huge fan of michael jackson. as i stated earlier, when i found out he died, i couldnt eat, sleep, or talk.. i became deeply depressed, and i started seeing a therapist… and no, i am not crazy, it killed me how and when michael supposedly “died”. nobody deserves to die, especially in that manner, and at that age…he was a wonderful and beautiful man.

    for weeks, i searched for an answer, i wanted to know, “”was this all real?” “how exactly did he die?” “whats going on?” as i am sure all of us were, then i came across this blog on wordpress, written by this guy named derek clontz. i read it, and for a few days, my depression went away, i felt i had my answer, and now things would be better.

    then i started religiously visiting the site, and more weird things were being posted, and i started questioning the validity of it all. so i stopped going there, and came here to this site in hopes of more answers. everything sounds good, everything are really great points but i am positive that if it had been anyone else, we wouldnt have seen all these little, obvious, questionabel things that admin and other people have found throught the internet and/or paying close, close attention to the memorial.

    i love michael jackson, i really do, and i alwyas will.. if i could, i would go looking for him myelf… but to be honest guys, i really have this feeling that he really is dead. yes, it is weird the doctor left, yes, it is weird that his close freidns couldnt attend, and yes, it is EXTREMELY weird, he predicted his death years ago, and repeatedly statted how he wanted to die, if he ever did. but you know what? thats life. and we have to deal with it, and as heartbreaking as it is to hear, to deal with…and as many days in the future where i cant eat or sleep because i am thinking of him, i know for a fact michael woild not fake his death, even if it was for happiness… especially because of all the crazed, phsyco fans who would literally “die” for him.

    what man would do that? especially afetr numerous times of telling us, he loved us? and for him to pick up and leave? i dont see it. i admit, i did, but ive watched over 45 televised and internet programs on him.. and ive cried at what an amazing man he was, and i really cannot see him ever having put his fans thru this.. no mattter how unhappy he was. he loved us, he really did.. and my heart will be forever broken at the fact i was neevr able to meet him, or kiss him.

    but this site ( in nothing but an opinion) is a beautuiful site, built on nothing, (and i am sorry admin) but wishful thinking. thank you admin, and all you others who dug so deep, and continue to do so, to find answers and clues to make you happy, it definently helped me. and i hope i am helping the others who are seriously hurting. i am. and i always will. i love you michael, more than you could ever imagine. my last request: give my dad a hug for me.. he really loved you.

    thanks to you all for your precious time.

  147. meagy Said,

    michael had his own private double, and the double says himself at the end of this first video that michael one day decided to dress up in a wheelchair… so the weehchair was a joke… and the double even performed for him at times



  148. Smile Said,


    I don’t think you were on the cover of tabloids
    I don’t think you were charged for molestation of a child TWICE!
    I don’t think you had a bad childhood and no one seems to understand you
    I don’t think you are lonely like him,maybe you are i don’t know. Even though he was surrounded by people who said they loved him,he said he doesn’t love those people(in a phone conversation on youtube)
    He just needed to be with people,that he loves too, his family and his children. And start living

    Can’t we just be happy for him?

  149. meagy Said,

    btw, the original video of the neverland rach near the end shows the ghost too…… what do u guys think?


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