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Is the King of Pop really dead?

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Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson were often described at Best Friends.

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It’s quite apparent Dame Elizabeth Taylor is covering up something, regarding Michael Jackson’s death.

1. Why does a 77 year old such as Liz Taylor have a twitter account?

2.Why is Liz thanking Michael’s doctor, Arnold Klein for a Matisse drawing three days before Mike’s death, as well as asking Dr.Klein what he has been up to since he’s been back on Twitter???? Why wouldn’t she just call him ?

3.Dr.Klein was known for treating MJ for vitiligo with creams that lightened his skin as well as rebuilding his nose. First off, what dermatologist do you know of that also does reconstructive surgery? Is Dr.Klein trying to disguise and reconstruct a whole new Michael Jackson, one we would never recognize?

4. Why was Liz packing as per twitter “I was packing up my clothes to go to London for his opening when I heard the news. I still can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it.” http://twitter.com/DameElizabeth when  Michael’s first concert was pushed to start on July 13th, that’s three weeks before the opening !!

5. Why would Liz not attend Michael’s private or public ceremony, yet be able to tweet a day after his death ? She knew the tabloids would be following her updates but she wasn’t too smart about it .

Ok, now the strange thing is why Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Dr. Arnold Klein are both referring to one another without actually mentioning each other.

For those of you who dont have a Twitter account, the only way you can know someone is referring to you is by checking @ + your username. So how did they correspond back and forth with one another unless they planned it all along, to make it more real!!

I think the answer here is as clear as day. Ladies and gentlemen Michael Jackson is NOT DEAD !!!! Check out these posts from ARNOLD KLEIN !!!!

 “Was sent a link to TMZ. Ridiculous. The paparazzi needs to stay away from my patients. Period” http://twitter.com/awkmd

Now ,why is Mr.Klein addressing TMZ the first website to confirm MJ’s death as ridiculous and to stay away from HIS PATIENTS ON JUNE 18TH, 7 days before Mike’s death!!!!

It gets even weirder folks !!! THIS IS OUR ANSWER RIGHT HERE!!!


“Today, the world is a little less beautiful. We say goodbye to the lovely Farrah Fawcett” , “It was an honor to have known Farrah Fawcett a vision and a visionary, a true Angel who will be missed around the world. 3 kisses my darling”,  ”I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear friend Michael Jackson. He truly was a gifted soul who had boundless love for all.”

Then 2 days before MJ passes, Dr.Klein says he’s working away on a patient, they’re like treasures of fine artwork, interesting way to compare your patients to art work, don’t you think ? HOW ODD FOR DR.KLEIN TO RETURN 2 DAYS BEFORE MJ’S DEATH !! Working away… “My patients are my treasures. Like fine artwork, each one has beauty and character”

I think I know the truth now!!!

For those of you who don’t get the whole Matisse reasoning, allow me to explain.

What does a Matisse painting have to do with anything? Matisse was a famous artist whose characteristics, as far as natural talent resembled Michael Jackson. Coincidentally Dr Klein sends a Matisse drawing to Liz Taylor three days prior to Michael’s death, in which the time this Dr. Klein was out of town working on a patient. He even compared his patients to fine art work!!!!!

Strange right??

Get this, Matisse died in 1954 of a heart attack. The same thing Mike had supposedly died from when we first heard the news of his passing.

C’mon this is TOO coincidental. It’s also rather odd for most of Dr Klein’s patients to be Michael Jackson’s closest friends – Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor…

Mr Klein’s Twitter account has only been active since June 17th. 8 DAYS BEFORE MICHAEL PASSES. Why would Dr Klein feel the need to have a Twitter account mysteriously so close to his dear patient’s death, corresponding to two of Michael Jackson’s beloved friends? I’ll tell you why… He knew he would have to update others on his upcoming interviews as he would be called upon the spotlight! Another thing peculiar is you never notice Dr Klein looking sad or distraught over losing his most valuable patient of over 20 years in any of the interviews.

This is all very strange…

MARILYNN MARCHIONE, AP Medical Writer on news.yahoo.com reports:

When Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest, rescuers took him to a place known for bringing the dead back to life. A world-renowned surgeon at the UCLA Medical Center has pioneered a way to revive people that most doctors would have long written off, including a woman whose heart had stopped for 2 1/2 hours.

Tested on a few dozen cardiac arrest patients, 80 percent survived. Usually, more than 80 percent perish.

“They took people who were basically dead, not all that different than Michael Jackson, and saved most of them,” said Dr. Lance Becker, an emergency medicine specialist at the University of Pennsylvania and an American Heart Association spokesman.

Could Jackson, too, have been saved?

Crowds at UCLA Medical Center mourning the 'death' of Michael Jackson on 25th June 2009

It’s impossible to know. Doctors at the hospital worked on him for an hour. The UCLA expert, cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Gerald Buckberg, said he was not personally involved in Jackson’s treatment, and that too little is known about what preceded it.

“We have no idea when he died versus when he was found,” Buckberg said in a telephone interview.

However, the results in other patients show that “the window is wide open to new thinking” about how long people can be successfully resuscitated after their hearts quit beating, Buckberg said. “We can salvage them way beyond the current time frames that are used. We’ve changed the concept of when the heart is dead permanently.”

They call it “the Lazarus syndrome” for the man the Bible says Jesus raised from the dead.

Let’s be clear: No one is saying that people long dead without medical attention can be revived. The lucky ones in Buckberg’s study received quick help, and the reason they suffered cardiac arrest was known and could be fixed: blocked arteries causing a heart attack, in most cases.

Buckberg’s method requires:

_Prompt CPR — rhythmic chest compressions — to maintain blood pressure until the patient gets to a hospital.

_Use of a heart-lung machine to keep blood and oxygen moving through the body while doctors remedy what caused the heart to quiver or stop in the first place, such as a drug overdose or a clogged artery.

_Special procedures and medicines to gradually restore blood and oxygen flow, so a sudden gush does not cause fresh damage.

Without all three elements, patients might suffer brain damage if they survive at all.

“You can save the heart and lose the brain,” Buckberg explained.

UCLAand hospitals in Birmingham, Ala.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; and in Germany tested Buckberg’s method on 34 patients who had been in cardiac arrest for an average of 72 minutes. All had failed resuscitation methods with standard CPR and defibrillation to try to shock their hearts back to beating.

Only seven died. Only two survivors were left with permanent neurological damage. Results were published in 2006 in the journal Resuscitation.

Dr. Constantine Athanasuleas (pronounced uh-than-uh-SOO’-lee-us), a surgeon at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, treated one man in the study who had been in cardiac arrest for about an hour and a half. The man’s wife, a nurse, did CPR until a helicopter brought him to the hospital.

“He was flatlined,” with a heart “as still as your dining room table,” Athanasuleas said.

Doctors put him on a heart-lung machine, whisked him to the catheterization lab to see if he had artery blockages, then did bypass surgery to detour around them.

“The guy went home and was neurologically perfect” at least two years later, the doctor said.

Buckberg treated a woman who had been in cardiac arrest for 2 1/2 hours.

He would not send her to the operating room until her CPR and blood pressure could be maintained so further treatment could be attempted, he said.

Sadly, the woman survived all this but died several weeks later from an infection.

Buckberg has taken his work further in experiments with pigs in cardiac arrest. He deliberately deprived their brains of blood flowfor half an hour, then used his resuscitation techniques to bring them back, with normal or near-normal function. Results presented at a heart association conference last fall stunned many, including Dr. Myron Weisfeldt, a cardiologist and chairman of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

“He’s doing extraordinary things. You almost don’t believe the results that he got,” Weisfeldt said of Buckberg. “Most of us carry around in our head that if somebody’s brain is deprived of blood flow for 10 to 15 minutes that we’re just not going to get them back to any useful function. His data suggest it’s possible.”

Doctors in Japan, Taiwan and elsewhere in Asia have tried approaches similar to Buckberg’s with excellent results, said Becker, who is about to try it in Philadelphia.

“It takes training. It takes rethinking” to get doctors to adopt something this new, and funding for bigger studies to prove it works, Buckberg said.

This report gives even more credibility to the notion that Michael Jackson’s death was a Hoax. What now seems very likely is that he was sucessfully resuscitated by his doctors that worked on him for an hour, and was then transported via helicopter to the Morgue, where he could make his exit, unnoticed and undetected.

The following excerpts  have been sourced from a Blog called Inside Illuminus Theo which is available to view in it’s entirety here: http://bit.ly/19rPT1

Illuminus Theo claims that they were the secret organisation behind the Michael Jackson Death Hoax.

Jackson’s Staged Comeback
Jackson, better than anyone, knew the rigors of dancing, and that his body could never handle a comeback such as he promised the world. But he craved not only immortality of body and soul but of name and fame, and of the love that he felt had eluded him his entire life, even in his so-called marriages (which he was quite serious about, but having never been loved, he found to his dismay that he could not love). Michael set out to show the world that he was as youthful and capable as ever by promising a series of performances that even someone half his age would have found impossible to pull off.”

“That he could even manage a practice session is testimony to his desperation, as well as his genius and determination. But he only planned to perform the practice sessions. He had no intention whatsoever of actually engaging in the performances because, once the world had seen what he was still capable of, he would “die,” and then sit back and watch the world mourn him.”

“Let’s set one record straight. Michael was a health fanatic, and did not abuse drugs–at least much. His pleas to doctors for sleeping remedies were ploys to set the stage for his death (which was fitting, as his entire life was a stage). Poor Deepak Chopra was aghast at what he saw as Michael’s growing dependence upon prescription drugs, but Michael knew that, once he had “died,” Deepak would remember his pleas for drugs, and share them out of sympathy for his extinguished friend–and thus reinforce the fiction that Jackson had died of drugs. To further reinforce this fiction, Jackson phoned other doctors, begging for drugs, and some doctors did provide them, but he never used them. He was too terrified of death to allow anything to weaken his body’s tenuous hold upon life.”

“Jackson’s “Death”
The night before Jackson’s “death,” he danced his heart out, almost literally (which underscored the impossibility of surviving the grueling schedule he’d announced to his public). He returned to his rented home, and was spirited away to a waiting jet at Burbank airport, which transported him to a location in the Southeastern U.S. that I dare not divulge (yet). But I must explain that the man who died of an alleged heart attack under the very hands of his personal physician (get real!) was not Jackson but a 47-year-old Romanian named Dimitrie Draghicescu, whom Illuminus Theo disgracefully dragged into this morbid affair.”

“Dimitrie Draghicescu–the Dead Jackson
After fully 3 years of plastic surgery and training, Dimitrie could easily pass for a live Jackson, not to mention a dead one. But unlike the mighty Michael, Dimitrie did die. Dimitrie, not Jackson, was the one whisked to the hospital. Did you not wonder why the man who phoned 911 did not say “Michael Jackson” was the victim? It was not to avoid publicity but to insure that, should the 911 calls be analyzed by voice experts and electronic analyzers, no one could detect the stress from the caller’s blatant falsehood.”

“Dimitrie agreed to die in Michael’s place only because he had a terminal illness, and because Jackson had promised a generous reward to his family. And had Dimitrie refused, our Order would have revealed the Draghicescu family secret that had brought them to the attention of Illuminus Theo in the late 1700s (we too are familiar with the gold carrot-iron stick argument).”

“Michael Jackson is alive, and given the information he forced out of Illuminus Theo, he may well reach his goal of living to 150, but I don’t think he will enjoy those extra 100 years (and neither will we). But in the meantime, Michael Jackson is enjoying immensely the spectacle of the entire world in tears. He has achieved the fame and even a measure of love and respect, that eluded him in life. His eccentricities are forgiven; those he alienated are reconciled. And perhaps this is not a bad thing. What I fear, personally, is where Michael Jackson is headed now. With the exception of his father, no one could ever say “No” to Michael–and that was to a mortal Jackson. How will the world handle the Michael Jackson that is to come? Of course, no one will recognize the new Jackson for who he is.”


Photographic analysis between the hands of Michael Jackson and the Imposter in London
A Comparison between the left hand of Micheal Jackson & The Imposter at the O2 Press Conference


These images are a side by side comparison between the two left images, which are the left hand of Michael Jackson, and the left hand of ‘Michael Jackson’ at the O2 Press Conference in London in March 2009.

We believe these images prove beyond a doubt that it was NOT Michael Jackson that attended the Conference.

This discovery, in view of his recent death, begs the question, why would he not attend his own press conference? Was the use of this Imposter the first of many strange events that has possibly turned out to be the greatest Hoax the world has ever seen?

 If we take a closer look at the hands, side by side, we can see the many differences between the two.

It is clear that the two hands are not the same.

 Firstly, Michael Jackson has quite long and thin fingers and a long palm. The Imposter has short stumpy fingers with a very rounded circular palm

 The other obvious difference is the lines on the hand.

The Line of Mars, also known as the Life Line, on Michael Jackson’s hand is quite close to his thumb. The Imposter’s Line of Mars in much further into the center of the hand.

 In the images on the right, look at the pinky finger. MJ’s is quite dainty, thin and petite. The imposters is chunky, fat and flat.

If you look at the width of the palm, from  just under the index finger and extending across to the pinky. MJ’s is quite a small width compared with that of the Imposter, whos hand is quite wide. 

The base of the Imposters hand is very much like a fatty and chunky V shape. MJ’s base of his hand is very round and small.

 We now have proof.

If he has faked this appearance, one of the most important in his career, then how can we not believe that he didn’t fake more? 

 To view more information about Michael Jackson’s hands and the Palmistry analysis visit it here http://bit.ly/m5MFT


As you can see by this video, the Crazed fans that mob Navi in Japan, all believe without a doubt that they are seeing Michael Jackson. During the video when they show the comparison between Navi and MJ both masked, it is VERY hard to tell the difference. It would be even harder to tell the difference between these two in a fuzzy image for example….perhaps like the slightly blurred image below left?

This is the only image in existance that gives any kind of validity of the 'Death' of Michael Jackson.

For some strange reason, this is the only image that has been taken of Michael Jackson when he was put into the ambulance, in spite of the fact that there were several people present at the time. The reflection of the window, colouring of the image, and slight fuzziness make it very suspicious as to it’s validity.

This is also the ONLY image that exists of Michael Jackson that shows us that he was dying, or being taken to the hospital. All other images exist show a shape of a body in a white body bag on a stretcher, which as far as we’re concerned, could have contained anything.

It has also been brought to our attention that the paramedic who is doing chest compressions on MJ (CPR) has his hand placed right up near his neck, when in fact, he should be doing CPR further down over the brest bone. Perhaps this was all ’staged’ to help all of us to believe the story that Michael Jackson is dead. Think about it…if no image such as the one above had been released, then everyone would be a lot more suspicious! If there was no image, and we were all expected to believe that it really was him in the body bag that went to the morgue, many people would be doubting the validity of the stories we were being fed by the media.

However, since there is one image in existence, the image above, we are supposed to go…’Oh okay, yes it looks like MJ in there, so I guess he really is dead then’. Just because of ONE image???

This image of the Loch Ness Monster was considered as photographic proof for 60 years until it was proven to be a Hoax.

Let’s talk about another single image that tricked people into believing a Hoax for 60 years. This image was that of the Loch Ness Monster. Supposedly taken by Robert Kenneth Wilson, a London gynaecologist, the image was published in the Daily Mail on 21 April 1934. This single image, is one of the most iconic images of Nessie and is known as the ‘Surgeon’s Photograph’, which many formerly considered to be good evidence of the monster. The image was revealed as a hoax in 1994.

Are we comparing Michael Jackson’s death to the Loch Ness monster? You bet. This proven hoax indicates just how quickly and easily people will believe something, just because it was in the media, and because there is a photo to back up the story.

Are we saying that the above image of Michael Jackson in the ambulance is a fake? No of course not, you obviously can’t fake that. What we must question about this image is this, Is it really Michael Jackson in the ambulance? If it is Michael Jackson in the ambulance, is he really dead or in Cardiac Arrest?

Since we have learned from the video above that Navi was Hired by Michael Jackson himself on several occasions to be a decoy, who’s to say it wasn’t done again, only on a much larger scale? We have also heard Michael Jackson’s personal trainer Lou Ferrigno recall in an interview how MJ put a mannequin of himself in an ambulance to put off the Papparazzi…what’s to say he didn’t do that again??

Don’t believe everything you read, hear and see.

What about this site? I hear you saying…

Well, we encourage you to make up your own mind.  

We are not stupid like the media thinks we all are.

We can all see that none of this adds up.

First of all, watch the video above and pay attention to some key elements about this person who is supposed to be Michael Jackson. Look closely at:

  • His Mannerisms
  • His Voice and Accent
  • The way he keeps touching and adjusting the Microphone, as if he has no idea what to do with it or where it should be
  • His hands
  • His walk
  • His Chin
  • His Smile
  • His Hair
  • They way he barely speaks and when he does only says certain words again and again, ‘This is it, this really is it’
  • The way he keeps his head down and keeps moving around all the time
  • The fact that he only actually speaks for a maximum of 10 seconds.

Now compare all of the above points with the Michael Jackson in above interview with Geraldo a few years ago, keeping all of the afore mentioned things in mind as you watch.

There is no way that this is the same person. We will agree that the face is very similar, however this is easily achieved by plastic surgery. The voice, mannerisms, and smile are all totally different. If you are still not convinced then take a close look at these images below.

Side by side comparison of Michael Jackson and the Imposter

The image on the left was taken a couple of years ago. Compare that with the image taken of ‘Michael Jackson’ at the Press Conference this year.

First of all there is a very distinct difference between the skin tone. Secondly the shape of the lips and teeth are are totally different. The imposters lips and teeth are very wide as compared with the more rounded shape of the Real Jackson. 

There is also a disctinct difference with the ‘cleft’ in his chin. The Real Jackson’s cleft is more of a dot whereas the Fake Jackson’s cleft is a defined chisel out of the chin.

The other thing we have to keep in mind is that the scars that are so noticeable in other close up images of MJ, which are present on the outsides of his nostrils due to excessive surgeries, are not visible on the imposters nose.

Finally the hair is very different, and I know it’s easy to say that is because it’s a wig, but wearing a wig doesn’t change the shape of your head, and this persons head is clearly very square, as opposed to the Real Jackson who’s head is obviously very rounded and pointy.

The more we watch the video footage and look at the image comparisons, the more we can see that this is certainly NOT the same person.

The REAL question is whether or not this imposter was put in place because the REAL Michael Jackson actually skipped out months ago, along with his REAL children. This would explain why the Death had to be staged, because this imposter was not qualified or talented enough to perform in any concert, let alone 50 concerts.

Any lack of ‘talent’ or ‘Original Micheal Jackson Energy’ that could be picked up on in the Final Rehearsal Footage, would easily be explained away by the fact that he ‘was unwell & fatigued’ the night before his death. Also that he was 50, and didn’t have the energy that he used to have.

This fact, however, will still not stop the release of this same Rehearsal Concert on BlueRay Disc by MJ’s father, Joe Jackson.

Perhaps Joe isn’t so upset by his son’s death, because he knows he’s hiding out. Meanwhile, Joe Jackson’s new company Ranch Records, which was so conveniently plugged by him at the very first interview he had after the announcement of his son’s death, is going to be funelling MJ the money that the explosion of sales of all of his Albums, Blue Ray Discs and Memoribilia has produced in the last few weeks.

Watch. Look. Listen.

These claims add up more so than the ridiculous stories that the Media is trying to force feed us.


In recent days, several new developments have come to light in favour of the theory that Michael Jackson has Staged his own death and pulled off the greatest Hoax of the Century. As we are already aware, the several inconsistencies surrounding his ‘death’ have opened our eyes to the fact that we are not being told the whole story.

We believe that if he really was dead then it would have simply been an open and shut case. For example: Michael Jackson was discovered to have passed away at home from Cardiac Arrest, 911 Emergency was called, he was picked up by paramedics and then sadly, pronounced dead. However, as we all know, it was not an open and shut case and there were far too many ’strange’ happenings and unexplained events that took place on the day he died.

We have been told that he was given a four hour medical, which he passed, in order to go ahead with the O2 Concerts in London. We have also heard that the night before his death he was full of energy, put on an amazing rehearsal performance (which just happened to be video taped…what a coincidence) and then just happened to die of a Heart Attack the next day.

We have heard the strange tales about his ‘doctor’ who allegedly injected the singer with Demerol a half hour before he collapsed, happened to ‘find him on his bed’, didn’t call 911 until a half hour after his death, refused to sign his death certificate and who disappeared moments after the ambulance took Jackson to the hospital.

We have seen the footage of Michael Jackson sitting up in the Helicopter ride to the Morgue, no doubt thanking everyone for putting on such a great ‘act’ and then saying ‘I’ll be off now’, as he was wheeled into the Morgue, then disguised himself and walked out the back door.

Now it seems, even more strange things are taking place, which place our Hoax theory as being very possible. Let us share a few points:

Michael Jackson and Deborah Rowe during their marriage in 1996.

It has been announced by Deborah Rowe, the Ex-Wife of Michael Jackson, that the late star is not the biological father of their two children. Deborah ‘Debbie’ Rowe, the mother of Prince, 12, and Paris, 11, has spoken of her “sham marriage” to Jackson in her first public interview with British tabloid newspaper News of the World.

Rowe, who married Jackson at the Sheraton Hotel Sydney in November 1996, said she was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor and likened herself to one of the thoroughbred mares she now keeps on her California ranch.

 ”I was just the vessel. It wasn’t Michael’s sperm,” Rowe told News of the World. “I got paid for it, and I’ve moved on. I know I will never see my children again.” Rowe revealed she and the Thriller singer never had sex and did not share a bed during their three year marriage, describing the union only as a friendship. 

Rowe reportedly then gave away her parental rights to the children in exchange for a $US 8.4 Million payout over nine years. Rowe said their’s was a shotgun wedding.  ”He wanted to pretend that we were a family.” She was 37 and pregnant and he was 38.

With this admission by Debbie Rowe, it puts to rest all of the skeptics who are claiming that Michael Jackson ‘would never stage his own death because he wouldn’t want to leave his children’.

Why wouldn’t he when they aren’t even his?

Secondly, we have the bizarre behaviour of Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson. It was quoted on E! Online that, ‘At this point, Joe Jackson knows more about his own record project than his son’s funeral plans’. Very disturbing.

Michael Jackson’s Father Joe Jackson and Al Sharpton at a recent Press Conference

At the BET Awards in Los Angeles a few nights ago, CNN’s Don Lemon attempted to interview Joe Jackson about the death of his son. Jackson answered Lemon’s questions with abrupt, detached answers, passed the mic to his spokesperson and attorney, and then promoted his record company.

Jackson’s answers were strange right off the bat: Lemon asks him how he’s doing, and Jackson responds, “great, I’m doing pretty good,” which seems like a peculiar thing to say after one has just lost one’s son. He then switches gears and says, “It has been really tough. Remember, we just lost the biggest star in the world.” Which also seems strange, as it seemed like a fairly detached way of phrasing things.

Don Lemon then asks how Janet Jackson and the rest of the family are coping with the news of Michael’s Death and Joe Jackson’s response is this,

“They’re all fine, but I want to make this statement…this is a real good statement here, Marshall and I own a Record Company called Ranch Records”, and shows great enthusiasm as he plugs the Record Label.

Either he is just a money-hungry heartless bastard or he is so composed and carefree because he knows that his son Michael is actually still Alive. Or perhaps it’s both!

Third, Reports that were made in April of this year stated that an Auction was planned to sell off several possesions belonging to Michael Jackson which were apart of the Neverland Ranch Estate.

Items such as amusements, a custom made horse-drawn carriage, antique automobile replicas, renowned international awards, arcade games, concert costumes, Disneyana, garden statuary, furniture, the actual (and quite) grandiose entry gates to Neverland and Jackson’s iconic white-jeweled glove.

A portion of the  procedes of this Auction were said to be going to MusiCares, a charity of  The Recording Academy, however the bulk of the funds was said to be going straight into the pocket of the King of Pop himself. This Auction was then cancelled by Jackson after the O2 Concerts in London sold out. Apparently Michael Jackson had found another way to generate some extra cash for his transition into a new Media Free Life.

With a life that claimed Depression, extensive use of Pain Killers, Debts estimated to be in the arena of US$400 million, constantly being hounded by fans and the media, and the pressure to deliver on 50 spectacular concerts at the age of 50, why wouldn’t you consider the possibility of faking your own death to enjoy a peaceful life on an island somewhere with nothing to worry about?

We’ve noted here that those of you who are non-believers are maintaining that Michael Jackson would never be able to pull this off, as he is too recognisable, or would never do it to his fans, but we want to say WAKE UP PEOPLE.

If ever there was anyone on the face of the planet who would have the means to pull off a Death Hoax with access to plenty of money hidden away offshore, transportation whenever and wherever he wanted to go, staff who would do anything for him, and the motive to want to leave his circus of a life…it’s definately Michael Jackson.

He may now be ‘dead’ to all of us, but he is absolutely physically alive…. somewhere.




Michael Jackson waves to fans at his Final Press Conference in March 2009.

There seem to be so many conflicting stories in regards to the true state of Michael Jackson’s health prior to his death on Thursday 25th June. It’s a well known fact that Jackson had been following a gruelling schedule in preparation for his much anticipated ‘This is it Tour at London’s O2 Arena.

After the announcement of the Concerts, demand for tickets proved to be enormous, and the run was eventually extended to 50 concerts, with hundreds of thousands of tickets sold. The dates were spread over several months, starting in early July and stretching well into 2010. The first four dates were later postponed, ostensibly because the singer needed more time for dress rehearsals in the venue. Some people close to the singer expressed doubt whether he would be able to pull off so many concerts.

In preparation for the London performances, Jackson had to undergo a five-hour physical examination. AEG Live Chief Executive Randy Phillips said in March that Mr. Jackson had “passed with flying colors.” Mr. Jackson’s agreement with AEG Live, owned by Denver billionaire Phil Anschutz, included an option to extend the concert series even further into a world-wide tour over three years or more. All told the tour could have earned him $400 million.

While rehearsing for the tour, reports began to surface that Jackson was addicted to several different ‘painkillers’. 10 hour-a-day rehearsals, depression and massive amounts of pressure to ‘perform’ at an optimum level have painted a picture that Jackson allegedly ‘upped the anti’ and relied heavily on these drugs in order to ‘get through each day’.

There are reports from sources who were in attendance at the Concert Rehearsals which give the impression that there was no evidence of any fatigue or health problems prior to Jacksons death. 

“He was working hard, setting the example, overseeing the choreography, kicking butt and taking names,” said Johnny Caswell, president of CenterStaging Musical Productions Inc., a Burbank sound stage where Jackson rehearsed until late May. “He was ready to blow everybody out of the water. This was going to be the biggest extravaganza, entertainment spectacle ever.”

On the night before he died, his rehearsal went into the early hours of Thursday morning. “He looked great and had great energy. He wasn’t singing at full level, but it was as beautiful as ever,” Ed Alonzo said, a concert magician/comedian hired by Jackson. “He didn’t even take a moment to grab a bottle of water or take a rest. He went from one number to the other. ‘Let’s do that again.’ He wanted to look at props for the ‘Thriller’ number, a gigantic spider. He was dancing, singing, joking with the crew. If he was having any aches or pains, nobody knew about it that night.”

Other conflicting reports are telling a much darker story. The Guardian’s Sam Jones reports on Jackson’s last hours of life.

‘At 10pm on Wednesday Michael Jackson arrived at the 20,000-seat Staples Centre arena in downtown Los Angeles to rehearse for a comeback tour that he would not live to embark on.

His band, backing singers and dancers had been kept waiting for three hours to go through the show that was intended to regild his crown as the King of Pop. They saw a thin, listless and lethargic figure take the stage.

Despite his frailty and increasingly fading resemblance to the vigorous showman he had been two decades ago, Jackson practised late into the night. If he was unusually ill or upset, those present at the Staples Centre say they saw no sign of it.’

With all of the speculation in mind, perhaps Michael Jackson NEVER intended to perform any of these concerts. He did, after all postpone them, which also gave fuel to the fire that his ‘health’ was to blame. If we think about it for a moment, if Michael Jackson had died of a ‘Cardiac Arrest’ without having had these Concerts scheduled, the gruelling rehearsals, and the pressure to ‘keep in shape’, wouldn’t we all be VERY suspicious? If he hadn’t been ‘working so hard’ at rehearsals, why then would we believe that he simply dropped dead at the young age of 50 with no prior history of heart disease?

The concerts scheduled in London were a perfect way to point the spotlight back to Michael Jackson in order to make us believe that they were the cause of his untimely death. The media, fans and the world were all very quick to believe that’s why he had a heart attack. Once again, a veil has been draped over our eyes, and we are only seeing what they want us to see. The story just seems too set-up and ‘rehearsed’ as it were, to be believable. It’s almost too convenient that as soon as Michael Jackson started rehearsing again, he started taking more drugs, worked too hard and had a heart attack.

What we are all forgetting is that THIS IS WHAT HE HAS DONE HIS WHOLE LIFE! If you believe the heresay, you will also believe that he has also taken drugs his entire life. Why is it now a defining factor in his death? If stress and drug taking was to play a huge part in his death, then wouldn’t he have died during the trial of Child Sex Abuse in 2005? That must have been an extremely stressful time for him. Much more stressful, depressing and taxing on his health than preparing for performances which is something that would most likely be second nature to him.

The body of Michael Jackson being taken into UCLA medical center

Why is it that Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, fled the scene moments after Michael Jackson is said to have collapsed?

Police were unaware of Dr Murray’s location for several hours before they were able to establish contact, prompting speculation he had fled. They have already interviewed him once and plan to do so again.

Perhaps it was a classic case of  ’Misdirection’ – a popular technique used in performing magic tricks. ‘Misdirection takes advantage of the limits of the human mind in order to give the wrong picture and memory. The mind can concentrate on only one thing at a time.’ (sourced from Wikipedia).

With ‘misdirection’ in mind then, is it not possible that while the paramedics, police, staff and media were focused on what was happening at the front of the house, on the drive to the hospital, at the entrance into the hospital (you get the idea), that Dr. Conrad Murray and the real Michael Jackson were fleeing the scene – TOGETHER.

Apparently, Police wanted to question Dr Murray specifically about a possible administration of an injection shortly before Jackson lapsed into a coma. What if the injection Dr Murray administered was a sedative, to enable him to have a safe & stress free journey – AWAY FROM HIS CIRCUS OF A LIFE.

It is reported that he had frantically tried to resuscitate Michael Jackson before a staffer in the home where Jackson was staying called 911 for emergency help. You see, the ’staffer’ is a key witness here. Their role in this enitre plot is to tell the police that without a doubt they did see Dr. Conrad attempting to resuscitate Jackson. They did not have to know that it was all fake – designed to let them see what Conrad and Jackson wanted them to see. It was also perfectly designed so the ’staffer’ would be the one to call the police, giving Conrad ample time to switch Michael Jackson with the imposter that was to be transported to the hospital.

What imposter? I hear you. Michael Jackson had a mansion. Is it not possible that another person could have been ‘in on it’, shoved into an ambulance, and rushed to hospital? If you think about it, how many people actually had contact with Michael Jackson’s body after he died? Five, Ten maybe? With hundreds of Millions of dollars in the pot here, it’s not hard to buy off a couple of paramedics and doctors to say Michael Jackson died of Cardiac Arrest and that he was pronnounced dead on arrival.

The media circus certainly took care of the rest, as per usual, that was certainly something Michael Jackson could rely on. Within a matter of hours of his ‘death’, Television networks had already cut together ‘tributes’ and ‘The Life of’ film footage. Sheesh, they were all very quick to take the bait! The autopsy report hasn’t even been released yet, and EVERYONE believed he was dead within hours of the announcement just by the say-so of a few people?

It is understood Dr Murray refused to put his name on the death certificate. Well, obviously he didn’t want to associate his name with the death of Michael Jackson, because he knew beyond a doubt that The King of Pop’ was still alive and well, and on his way to his new life, away from the media spotlight, impending bankruptcy and twisted public image. 

The boost in album sales alone upon the singer’s death would have provided him ample finance for his new life, assisted by Conrad, who of course, would be taking his cut, not to mention the millions of dollars in ticket sales for the O2 concerts in London.

Conspiracy or not, dead or alive, let us only hope that Michael Jackson finally has what he always seemed to crave – Peace.

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