Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

Digitally Created, this image is said to be Michael Jackson’s Final Rehearsal the night before he died.

This image has sparked a lot of controversy over the past couple of weeks. What at first appeared to be the ‘only’ image in existance that placed Michael Jackson at Rehearsals for his Concert tour the night before he died, now seems to be something very different.

Several users on this site have previously pointed out the possiblity that this image may have been ‘photoshopped’.

With theses suspicions pointed out, we here at MJHD decided to take it one step further and have the image analysed by a professional photographer.

The professional photographer who analysed this image under a microscope and also using digital editing software, unfortunately wishes to remain anonymous, however their findings are none-the-less fascinating and we would still like to share them with you.

Firstly, the most obvious problem with this photograph is the fact that the bottom part of the ‘S’ is missing from between MJ’s legs. Some people have said that that is because of the angle of where he is standing, and the ramp.

Our expert disagrees.

He analysed the width of the top of the ‘S’ and said that without a doubt, we should at least see some part of the curve of the bottom of the ‘S’ between his legs. Secondly, there should also be some kind of scaffolding or lighting between his legs, but it is completly matt black on close inspection.

Secondl, he began looking at the background as a whole, and found that it is completely digital, according to our expert. It is missing vital elements of light and dark. The shadows, are not dark enough and there is no flaring of the lights on the floor of the scaffold, or the metal scaffold itself. The only ‘lighting’ present is the bluish ‘lensflare’ that can be seen, however our expert agrees that this is a simple element that can be added with Photoshop.

Also, the light at the bottom left foreground of the shot is very rendered, which apparently, is also a tell tale sign of digital work.

When we showed our expert the ‘footage’ of Michael performing ‘They don’t really care about us’, wearing the same clothes, but with NO ‘THIS IS IT’ background, he agreed that it does look as though his image has been taken from this time (which could have been years ago judging by the hairstyle) and placed as a layer on top of this pre-designed background.

The other thing to consider is that Michael Jackson was rehearsing for his concert in the Los Angeles Staple Center. The concerts were never going to be performed here. Why then, would there need to be any kind of background at all, considering it was just rehearsals? Wouldn’t such an expensive and important background needed to be in London’s O2 Arena?

Take a second look at the footage here, and make up your own mind.


It has been noted by many Michael Jackson Fans on this site that this particular routine is the same as a routine Michael did on one of his tours years ago. We believe that this is true, and that this rehearsal footage is from that same tour…years ago. Why then is the Media ’selling’ it to us as footage from the 23rd June 2009?

We believe that for the ‘Death’ of Michael Jackson to be believeable, it’s vital for all of us to be fooled into thinking that he was rehearsing late into the night 12 hours before his death. Someone wants us to think this is where he was and this is what he was doing. According to our expert, this image could have been created at any time….which begs the question…if Michael Jackson was NOT rehearsing the night before he died in LA like we’ve all been told…then where was he?

  1. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    OMG! i soooo knew it ! its a fake ! like i know that MJ is alive and there are ALOT of points that show that he faked his death BUT what about the things that make his death seem real?
    such as :

    - teh memorial, soo much money was spent
    - how passionate that Latoya is about about MJ being ‘murdered’
    - the legal issues
    -the fact that alotta people have killed themselves over his death, like i dont think MJ would want that.

    ive sorta gone blank at the moment, but there are alotta stuff, anyone agree with me or think otherwise, id like to know ur opinion

  2. dianafan Said,

    Canyou ask the camera expert to get a full face pic of MJ rehearsing and compare that to the O2 pics of “real” and “imposter”.

    I agree with the question of why they were rehearsing at Staples, because MJ was supposed to come to UK 8 weeks before concerts started (Latoya), but made excuses not to come – swine flu, etc. He didn’t come to UK to rehearse because his escape plan wouldn’t work here, us Brits would have found him in half an hour tops!

  3. dianafan Said,

    I don’t know a great deal about technology – but just looking closely at the still fo the rehearsal, MJs pants seem a bit see through – at the bottom where the vase thing is.

    Also – the person shown in the rehearsal almost certainly weighs more than 8 stone, to get to look like that he would have to be wearing padding.

  4. sita Said,

    self killing with drugs/painkillers kills the complete money story. a star kills himself beeing alone and bored and so on.
    nothing interesting in it..

    but: beeing killed through murder theories gets the money back, even from life-insurances to the family and the complete production company.

    dont think too complexe, think only in the direction: who does profit from?

  5. He.is.alive Said,

    I have this theory to offer: The real Michael Jackson never showed up at that rehearsal the night before his “death” at Staples Center, but sent one of his doubles instead. Since the video is fake, we have no proof that the real Michael Jackson attended the rehearsal at all, it is safe to assume that the real Michael Jackson made off to a waiting plane and left forevermore goodbye in all probability.

    Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the lookalike decoy was being readied and prepared for the “cardiac arrest” show and the ball began rolling, all the while Michael Jackson was on a plane to wherever and this explains why the ambulance “patient” photo does not look like and cannot be Michael Jackson, right on down to continunally other suspicious and questionable quirks popping up from all directions, nothing of which CAN possibly add up because the stage was set otherwise from the very beginning, ie.: the REAL Michael Jackson was long gone, but back in LA the “Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest” Show with the decoy went on as planned, but without “rehearsal” and for that reason, we are arriving at the “nothing adds up” theory and are continually being served with more emerging questionables and suspicions stemming from the very beginning of this whole saga.

    This in a nutshell from my perspective.

  6. twan75 Said,

    - The footage of the rehearsels are quite recent. The reason I know is that Timor Steffens (wich is one of the selected background dancers) is quit visible. He participated in the Netherlands in a show ‘So you think you can dance’ and is 22 years old. He was also present at the memorial, just like the other background dancers shown in the rehearsel-footage. So we can say without a doubt that this video is from a recent date ( and not several years old)

  7. sita Said,

    they all need(ed) money. michael also.
    a lot of experts had a lot of doubts
    that mj was able to do 10 concerts, or even 50.
    a lot of friends noticed the misusing of drugs/painkillers
    i believe: mj was not in a good constitution.
    so they (family and producing company) presented us a mj double, impersonator to make us all
    feel he is well and will flash us all.
    finally he was suffering.

    to hide this they presented us
    a well performing michael. a photshopped version of this is it shooting,
    a well doing mj at the o2 press conference.
    so michael is the king, and will be in future. no doubt allowed
    from the producing company, from the family.

    there “must” be someone who murdered him..
    so the story remains interesting for the rest of the world. thats
    their plot. their money making plot.

  8. idontknow Said,

    Remember that Perez Hilton first reported his death on june 25th as a publicity stunt ? He took down the article minutes later but the screencaps are still out-there…. Perez Hilton is not a credible source of course, but he sure had his doubts at first.
    And since when is TMZ the god of all news sources now ?

  9. MissC Said,

    If the video is recent, then there’s no way the picture is photoshoped. or maybe it is, but how do you explain he’s dressed with the same clothes?. So confusing.

  10. sita Said,

    i have to add:
    even “Debbie Rowe Injected Jackson with Drugs”

    the people aroud mj knew his probs! the public was fooled. sometimes with mj-doubles/impersonators!!

  11. Funkey Said,

    I must say I have never been a fan of MJ, but ever since I heard of his death I said to myself no way, just another stunt and I waited and I waited just like the rest of us and Since then I have google,youtube, my fingers to death on everything i could find on MJ. I do agree that there are some questions we need answered, but my question is what will seal the deal that MJ has passed considering we can pick at everything to be false and if MJ is to make a rise from the dead would we believe it to be MJ?

  12. Smiile1929 Said,

    Does Anyone Have Tha Link Wher Michael’s Doing Tha Same Routine ..??.. I Can’t Find It.

  13. martha Said,

    i totally agree with twan75 that it actually is a recent footage cause we can see the same blond guitarist girl at the memorial and she looks unchanged to me. but we dont know for sure that it was actually the real MJ. it seems to me that it was but who knows?

  14. Smiile1929 Said,

    To IDon’tKnow ..

    I’ve Heard Tha TMZ Has A Insider In Tha Jackson Family & Thats How They Find Out About Michael .. Don’t Know If Its True Buh Thats What I Heard.

  15. Copenhagen Said,

    I too thought that MJ looked much younger as if the picture had been faked but then I thought that this may be his comeback image like he looked years ago. MJ looked fake at the press conference with very dark sunglasses which he also wore during the audition. I mean why wear dark sunglasses inside and during an audition where you have to be able to see all the details ? MJ was a perfectionist and he didn’t look concentrated at the audition – he was busy chewing gum…One of our very clever dancers in Denmark went to the rehersel but was not selected because he was too tall. He managed to say hello to MJ – I don’t know if he thought if it was the right MJ or not. He told the press that he was very pleased that MJ had bothered to say hello to all of them. Who said that MJ passed the insurance test ?

  16. idontknow Said,

    I don’t think the pics or the video are from a long time ago – they’re both very recent.

    This picture could be photoshopped for some reason, though. Someone said that could be the “entrance” for the dancers though.

  17. twan75 Said,

    Please look at the video and pause it at 1.37, on the right side of Michael, there’s Timor (with the hat). After you paused it, go to http://timorsteffens.come2me.nl/1018762/Timor–Mj-verhalen and you can see exactly the same guy. Although in Dutch he telss the story of being selected foir the tour, wich gives him the chance to work with Michael for two years (so clearly a world tour was awaiting AFTER the 50 shows in London) Otherwise look on youtube for “Timor Steffens So you can think you can dance” Hope it will be evidence enough to prove that the video of the rehearsels is from a recent date (the rehearsels for “This is it” started end of May btw)

  18. littlesuemj Said,

    hi did anyone see the documentry on channel 4 lastnight michael jackson what really happened? ifso please give me your thoughts cheers.

  19. jackoisalive21 Said,

    yeah i said it could be the entrance for the beginning of the show i mean it could have been used at the start of the show for a different song and MJ didnt change for the other songs because his costumes wernt ready or something.

    i do believe the footage is recent and i believe he is alive, but i dont know what to say about the photo. anyone agree?

  20. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    jackoisalive21: i agree fully and i too are completely confused about the photo.
    but still a very small part of me thinks he is dead. today its the 13th, the day of the first concert, does anyone kno wats goin on?

  21. sita Said,

    maybe they simply tried to
    emphasize with a photoshopped version
    of this picture, that it is a picture of
    the living michael.
    in case we wouldN’t have read the letters
    “this is it” we would have doubt from the beginning.

    but it should be very very easy for aeg: as far
    as i remember they should possess video recordings and photo
    shots for more than 2 hours play. these recording should have been
    done the day/weeks prior. why dont thy release simply
    more stuff of it?

  22. mysterylady Said,

    Ok,first off I’m not so sure about the whole MJ conspiracy hoax theory but I came across something very interesting tonight and I thought I should share it with you all.
    I ran across Elizabeth Taylor’s twitter profile tonight. I remembered the media broadcasting her updates through out MJ’s death. She even posted she wouldn’t be attending Mike’s memorial service via twitter. I immediately thought it was strange for someone her status,given her age and background to tweet. But what really got me was her tweets six days prior to Mj’s death
    “Somebody I care for very much sent the following note to me with flowers and I wanted to share it with you.


    “Dearest Elizabeth, You make the sun shine, the clouds move and the world spin. So many people love you and so do I. Love Always,______”


    It’s quite apparent she’s referring to Mike in these last two tweets but this is where it gets strange. Three days later she’s tweeting to no other than Dr. Arnold Klein !!!! What makes it even stranger is Dr.Klein doesn’t have a twitter account !!!

    I will never be able to thank my dear friend, Dr. Arnold Klein enough for the stunning drawing by Matisse.


    Dear Arnie, What have you been up to since you’ve been back? Twitter me back. All my love, Elizabeth


    Back ??? Where did the DR.go and come back just in time, three days prior to Mj’s death?? Once again she’s not tweeting Dr.Klein directly,she’s sending out an update !

    Then to make matters even more suspicious she starts tweeting one day after her beloved friend’s death ! This is the same woman who claims Mike was her best friend and she loved him with all her heart ,yet the best she can do after he’s gone is tweet updates rather than attending his memorial service,claiming she was too incoherent !! But yet she’s not incoherent enough to tweet multiple updates on how she misses Mike and how her world will never be the same without him !!!

    I don’t know what’s going on ! Either all these people who claimed to be so close to Mike were in fact a front all along hence he may have been murdered, or he may very well be alive as well. But I just don’t believe Mike would do that to his fans and most importantly his children.
    But I think everyone needs to really pay attention to Liz Taylor’s tweets,she’s sending out some type of message. And it’s beyond her tweets !!!


  23. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    how are we ever gonna find out the truth, anyone hav any idea ?

  24. Sosh Said,

    I agree with Sita and I mentioned it on the forum aswell.

    AEG claims to have about hundres plus hours of video footage. The only thing they release is this short clip of a relative unknown and not as popular song from MJ.

    If I were AEG, i would have released a part of Billy Jean for example (we don’t know, but it probably is in the show).

    Or did they wan’t to make a statement with the text of the used song?

  25. Sosh Said,

    Does someone know if MJs close friends like Dianna Ross and Liz Taylor were at the private/family memorial?

    If they were not, this may add more to the theorie his dead is faked.

  26. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    nopes they werent, neither was ALOT of other people, and i mean ALOT !

  27. sita Said,

    the german newspaper “FOCUS” titles this picture: 2 days before his dying michael did training..

    have a look at this:

    is this also from staples center?

  28. jaded Said,

    Attention fellow Hoax believers!

    I have a theory, and it’s a pretty good one if I may say so myself. I started typing it on here last night and then all of a sudden it erased from the comment box! I’m typing it again as we speak! Trust me you are not gonna want to miss what I have to say… See you later & remember — believe NOTHING, question EVERYTHING!

  29. Wendy Darling Said,

    Mistery Lady, Thank you for posting that! I hear something about him that he loves Miguel Angel artworks. This prove that his closer friends have incredible art collections, Does Michael too?I wonder if Michael loves vanguardist painters or French Painting, like the fauvist Matisse or others, but obviously it is part of his private life. I´m Art Historian and i would like to know if Michael was interested in visiting Art Museums in Europe! It would be so moving to me see the same beautiful master artworks and imagine if he have seen the same beautiful things and how he could feel in front of them. (sorry for my bad english)

  30. Sara Said,

    The picture is without a doubt fake.
    Look at the right hand side, you can see an arm!
    And is that a head I see on the bottom?
    Also if you look closely at the light fixture on the bottom left hand corner and then at michael, it looks way out of place….

  31. Wendy Darling Said,

    Yes, it´s really odd. I don´t think we´ve have to see an occult message, but why Liz Taylor twit this, is not a note from a fan it comes from somebody actually close to her. I read somewhere that she was preparing herself to travel London and be with Michael, is it true?

  32. Dutch Said,

    @sita: Appears to be like that. Same dancers in the background anyways as in the other images/clip.

    Something what I noticed (but maybe true MJ diehard fans can shed a more definitive light on that): MJ wears his headset microphone from the leftside in the recent rehearsal images and clip, while I recall in footage from other live shows he wears it from the right. Now, I know quite a number of musicians personally (locally, but also internationally known) and, like many sports people, all of them are very particular when it comes to routines. They’d never break a routine they had for years…not without having a very good reason to do so. Maybe something very insignificant, but maybe someone knows more about this?

  33. CuteAngel Said,

    Wow, very fascinating information!!! The plot thickens!

  34. souza81 Said,

    Wow, I don’t know what to say. Either this is a really good hoax, or MJ is murdered and there are a lot of people who know about it. I don’t know what to believe anymore now. And why isn’t there a (real) news site or program paying attention to these odd things and questions? I don’t usually believe these kinds of theories, but this story is getting stranger and stranger!

  35. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    First Of All I Would Like To Point Out That The Reason The Photo Looks Photoshopped Is Because More Than Likely It Is, But Only Because If It Doesn’t Look Right Then It Wont Look Good And It Was Probably Supposed To Be A Poster, And Why Would You Want A Poster On Your Wall That Looks Like Complete Crap? Photoshopping Pictures Are Needed To Make The Photo Look Better. Im A Freelance Photographer, I Know That.

    The Video Has To Be Recent Because The Girl Playing The Guitar Was Singing At The Memorial, So If That Video Was From Years Ago, How Is She Still Young? Come On People If Your Really Researching Any Of This, You Would Know That.

    What I Think Is, Since The Celebration Was Gonna Be About Thriller, And Since He Likes To Play Jokes On People, And He Wanted To Make This The Best Performance In The History Of Mankind.

    He Faked His Death, Not Because He’s Leaving Us, Not Because He Wanted To Run Away, He Would Never Run Away From His Problems, He Survived The Child Molestation Issues, And Never Ran Away From Them. He Wanted To Put On The Greatest Show Ever And What Better Way Than Faking His Death And Then When The Memorial Tours Start, He Jumps Up Out Of The Bottom Of The Floor Just Like In Recent Concerts And Surprises The World Like Never Before.

    He Stated That We Aint Seen Nothing Yet, So What Do You Think That Means? Plus He Would Never Commit Suicide Or Take Drugs And If He Was Taking Drugs, Why Did He Have Custody Of The Children, More Than Likely They Would Have been Taken From Him.

    The Memorial Looked Fake, The Casket Looked Smaller Than His Stature, People Didnt Produce Tears Just Made Crying Noises. The Memorial Was Meant To Celebrate Life, Memorials Dont Always Have To Be About Death.

    Plus In The Rehearsals Video When The Director Says Hold For Applause, Compare The Voice To Kenny Ortega, That Is Him.

    Michael Jackson Would Be The Only One In History Who Could Pull Something Off This Huge. He Just Wanted To Prove To The World That You Shouldn’t Listen To The Media, They Feed You Bullshit. And If I Am Right, Then The Media Will Be Presented As The Biggest Fools In History And If His So Called Fans Are Buying What They Are Saying, Then They Arent True Fans. And If You Buy Tons Of Michael Jackson Crap After He Supposedly Dies, Then Your Really Not A Michael Jackson Fan, Your A Fan If You Love His Music And Care About Him As A Person Yes. You Dont Need To Buy Tons Of Memorbilia To Prove Your A Fan.

    Plus Just Because He Was In Debt, Doesnt Mean He Doesnt Have Money. This Is Michael Jackson Were Talking About, Noone Stopped Buying His Music. He Is The Most Famous Individual In History. He Had Tons Of Friends, That Didnt Show Up To His Memorial And Tons Of People That Doesnt Have Anything To Do With Michael Jackson. Hence A Huge Show Is Going To Happen. You Just Watch And If Im Wrong, Then May Michael Jackson Be Happy In Heaven. I Have More To Say But Im Ending This For Right Now, If You Wanna Talk To Me Further My Yahoo Is Dragonfire_barbie_sweetheart.

  36. lady princess Said,

    to mysterylady, di you have the exact date when liz taylor reply ?

  37. wishful09 Said,

    mysterylady, keep us updated with her tweets, please. Very interesting.

  38. supermom75 Said,


    ok look at this video of the tryout auditions for the dncers can you match them up in the photo and the rehersal video i only seem to find one that looks the same tell me and no liz and diana were not ther at the memorial

  39. MrsBenjamin Said,



  40. jetgrrrl Said,

    I found the video from the HIStory tour and as you can see the choreography and medley used for the They dont care about us song is exactly the same as the one shown on MJ suposedly last rehearsal from 23/06
    Check it out from 2:22 to 3:49


    I just cannot understand how he could have thought of using the same dance routine than on his previous tour when he had announced that his comeback tour would be the best ever and full of new stuff…The British press would have nailed him!!!!
    Please let me know what you think.

  41. Sosh Said,

    Wow! that looks like it really would have been a great concert. Can’t wait on AEG releasing a DVD of the rehearsal.

    As I compare this picture to the so-called rehearsal video clip, I think the clip is not from the final-rehearsal. The background is much more livving in this shot. Not a plain backdrop.

    But that again, maybe the released clip is only complete when the Dome Project is included.

  42. Dweeby Guy Said,

    I don’t believe the footage from the rehearsal was from years ago, like twan75 said. The guitarist Orianthi would not have been qualified to play for his concert if this was years ago, she’s only in her early 20’s. I do believe however the picture was photoshoped, for what reason? I have no clue.

  43. He.is.alive Said,

    Elizabeth Taylor is twitting to throw off the public – hello ? She is MJ’s most intimate, trusted friend who was a no show at the “memorial” why ??? of all people would Ms. Taylor be a no show ?????? I consider it higly likely that all of his inner circle confidantes: Diana Ross, Liza Minelli, Uri Geller AND Oprah too are in on this ! That none of them showed up at the memorial and are now deadstoned silent is sending a message ?

    People, People: get real and get onto the tricks these people are using floating “info” as public as twitter all designed to DISTRACT the public from factfinding and figuring out what really happened ..

    That MJ staged his death and escaped continues to gain serious traction on the internet, more and more people are onto to it and are digging for information and posting blogs, questions, “what if’s” everywhere .. where there is smoke there is fire, the flames are getting higher and higher ….

    We live in an age of the highest ever technology and everyting can be forged to perfection: like video footage, photos, sung lyrics “pain” vs. “painS”, there is no limit ! I am beginning to believe that Michael Jackson used this technology to his full advantage so as to create mass confusion ! Back in 1977 when Elvis disappeared, this was not possible and people had to use other means to discover the real truth, but they DID.. and the real truth about Michael Jackson’s fake death and successful escape WILL likewise be all uncovered some day, some day soon if you ask me ..

    The questions about his staged death far outweigh the reality of his having died for real …

    Michael LIVES !

  44. Little Susie 01 Said,

    these picures seem extremely strange.. the other pictures has THIS IS IT in the back round.

  45. Sarah. Said,

    sita, i am not sure about that. it’s possible, because the dancers seem to be the same. but michael looks a bit different in this picture than in the rehearsal video i think.

    “AEG claims to have about hundres plus hours of video footage. The only thing they release is this short clip of a relative unknown and not as popular song from MJ.”
    It is often said that there are many hours of footage, but only this short clip is released. This is what makes me think that there’s something wrong. But i have to say i am from germany and my mum told me today that she heard in some news that they want to make a dvd with all his rehearsal stuff from LA, which should be released in december. It was said that he also sang some completely new songs and you could listen to them on this dvd… I don’t know where she heard it, but i do not believe that this dvd will be released… Because if they have so many stuff, why do they only show us this short clip and not some seconds of another song? it’s so strange…

  46. MrsBenjamin Said,

    I also found this website

  47. MrsBenjamin Said,

    Also MJ kept a hoax death diary…..
    OP WARBLER Michael Jackson kept an astonishing “death-hoax diary” explaining how he would fake his death of a heart attack and telling when he would come out of hiding, a family friend who claims to have found the journal “among Michael’s personal effects” tells derekclontz.com exclusively.
    ALIVE – OR NOT? You be the judge.

    ALIVE – OR NOT? You be the judge.

    “There’s too much pressure, pressure, pressure … pressure everywhere I turn …” a diary entry dated Nov. 17, 2008 is alleged to say in part.

    “I don’t know who I am, not anmore (sp). Maybe I’m just a father to my children. Maybe I’m washed up.

    “The drugs are (illegible) a toll … (illegible) … I’m not addict. But I can’t stop …

    “If Elvis … (illegible) … so can I.

    “I’ll have a ‘heart attack’ from drugs like he did (yeah, right!)

    “I’ll come back, but only when I’m ready. Bigger than Elvis in ‘69.

    “Maybe 2009 at Christmas. Or maybe the New Year is better.

    “A back-from-dead tour, a real Thriller. But I have to rest. I’m tired. I’m not (thinking) clearly.

    “It’s the drugs.

    “A lot of fans still love me. (Some) people hate me. Thing (sp) will be different (after this) …”

    Jackson insiders declined to comment – officially – on the report. But as one privately put it, “We love Michael no matter what.”

    The friend who leaked portions of the diary also was tight lipped, saying only, “There are over 60 pages (of it) that I will release to the family through my lawyer and they can do what they want with it. It doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to Michael and his loved ones.”

    Other sources confirm that Jackson, 50, had spoken of a death hoax “on several occasions” in 2008 and also in 2009, although the reported discovery of the diary that outlines his plans seemed to come as a surprise to everyone contacted by derekclontz.com.

    A paint-by-numbers account of a death hoax, in the superstar’s own handwriting, could lead to serious legal problems, say legal observers, especially if the journal is perceived by insurance companies and the authorities to be a blueprint for fraud.

    “I hope to God the diary is legit,” said a Jackson confidante who requested anonymity. “If Michael really is alive, if he orchestrated all this, if he faked his own death, then nobody will be happier than me. As for fraud – nope, no way.

    “Michael wouldn’t commit fraud. He’s not trying to collect insurance. He’s protecting himself. He’s doing this for his children. I’ll guarantee it.”

    News of Jackson’s “death” on June 25 stunned the world. In fact, within hours of the ann0uncement by authorities, fans had already begun to speculate that he was still alive and had gone into hiding. Subsequent reports suggested that he was, indeed, perpetrating a hoax to escape the pressures of life in the public eye.

    Scooping the world, derekclontz.com reported Jackson had been spirited to Asheville, North Carolina and then to Eastern Europe, where it is thought that he might be holed up in Hungary, or even in Russia, where hundreds of people claim to have spotted him in Moscow.

    website is on here

  48. MrsBenjamin Said,

    “NEW DETAILS OF MICHAEL DEATH HOAX REVEALED … and we know where he is hiding”

    On this website

  49. phoenix180 Said,

    I have to say..I honestly believe that Michael has really died. I went back and forth especially since I had discovered this wonderful site, but it doesn’t really add up. Everyone has wondered why on earth would the ambulance take so long to get out of the driveway? Well, because they knew that Michael had died. Why rush when you know that the patient has died. The EMTs wanted to call it then but Dr. Murray didn’t allow them to. I mean after 30 minutes, Michael wouldn’t have survived a full cardiac arrest..you have 3 minutes to possibly survive a cardiac arrest. As for the confusion on where the body will be buried-the family is smart to confuse everyone. We love Michael and die hard fans AND media alike would crowd around his burial site, trying to take a picture. Some might even try to vandalize it. Admittedly there several other inconsistencies but I’m sure there is a rational explanation for it all. Until then!

  50. Mijac Said,

    This rehearsal it’s real, look at the dancers, they are new guys, also the guitarist(her name is ORIANTHI) and also Mj’s clothes are from his trip to london when he went to see the musical “OLIVER” he was wearing that same shirt and that same jacket.

    Look at this:



  51. phoenix180 Said,

    Pardon..I forgot to add something: thank you for this site. It does provide a great amount of hope and does try to look for the truth. Even if I feel like he has passed on, at least I can keep my mind open and also remain aware of the nonsense that is being spewed on television and other various websites.

  52. MissC Said,

    Where is he?! Nobody knows where the body is, some newspapers said he’s already been buried, then some say he was on drugs, now Latoya says he’s been murder. This is a complete mess, either they are finding it too hard to keep it up or I don’t know. From all his family members the only one who speaks up is Latoya and that’s weird. Now, this photo might be photoshoped, it’s all a mess. Everyday I found more reasons for suspecting this because nothing his family says makes sense! One day he had a heart attack, then he’s been murder, and the other day, he was on drugs. Jeez, I can’t even sleep thinking about all this. I’m seriously going crazy.

  53. Usagi Said,

    The picture and video are both recent and definitely not fake. There’s a huge screen behind Michael and the dancers (just look at the video, the screen shows something on it in the first part of the video). You can also see the curtain in the video which is in the exact same position on the This Is It picture and the reason why a part of the projected “This Is It” image on the screen is missing.
    Sorry, but I do think that’s Michael we’re looking at.. doesn’t mean he’s dead though.

  54. dynamite Said,


  55. dynamite Said,

    michael was suppose 2 have told paris a month before he died that he was dying,
    link dosent seem to be there anymore, i wonder if it was true or just more bullshit

  56. dynamite Said,


  57. dynamite Said,

    Interesting http://www.metrolyrics.com/2009-elizabeth-taylor-snubbed-by-jackson-family-over-friend-michaelaposs-memorial-service-news.html

  58. Priya78 Said,

    To mysterylady: Re: your statement “What makes it even stranger is Dr.Klein doesn’t have a twitter account !!!”

    Arnie Klein DOES in fact have a twitter acct: http://twitter.com/awkmd

  59. Ghost Dsc Said,

    Everything seems has a scheme,a perfect frame, media want make us believe it.This image should belong to Michael’s Final Rehearsal ,uk press said 2 days ‘fore he left, I better think it has some days,but not that long. He need a rest,but not a lifelong rest…If u see the video,in the really end Michael is smiling…like if he would say “ok,this is it”.That is just a frame media wanna show us,we have to focus better on signs,like this and just from Michael eyes we can understand if is old o new one.Eyes are the mirror of a person,do you know really Michael Jackson? Do you?

  60. Samantha Said,

    12 people commited suicide… Media could of said it? Never beleive them.

  61. Samantha Said,

    So, this means his not going to do some comeback at his concert. Unless his never going to reveal his alive, or his Birthday he’ll come back, or at the Jackson 5 Reuinion.

    awww *Crosses fingers*

  62. dorleac Said,

    WE are JUST GENIOUS hahahaha
    PICS june 24 are fake also! (pics june24 are from 2003)

    have u msn?

  63. EverNorton Said,

    STOP THIS stupid expeculation… The rehearsel video is real and recent… Why try to make excuses that everything is a hoax??? Have you Taken a look at the dancers?? they are the same that won the audition a couple of months ago and they were all aproved by michael.. A video of the audition is on youtube.. You can see it..The photo may be fake but the video is recent and real.. About the coreography.. have you look at the Billie Jean coreography since the Bad Tour?? it has always been he same.. He walks in with a suit case.. takes of the coat, the gloves and the hat.. And the Beat it coreography as always been the same too.. Only someone REALLY BLIND couldnt realize this…

  64. Nickname1984 Said,

    The background on the picture looks digital, because it is digital! It is in fact a giant screen. A screen is easy to set-up, or to ship it to London too.

  65. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    He looks sexy . Like always

  66. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    It IS our Michael, at that video. I can reganize one of the dancers, from the orher rehearsel Videos. AND WILL EVERYONE PLEASE STOP WRITING ABOUT THE F***ING DRUGS.? Im so sick and tired of hearing about that. ITS NOT TRUE. Sorry for caps, but it just pisses me off. About this being the day for the first concert. Well we have to wait ans see to his Birthday, where there will be a concert going on. We will get us some kinda surprice i think. Other than the “lifelike” “Hologram” Of Michael on the stage. We will see

  67. serpentina Said,

    Concerning the video footage – I very well believe it is recent. MJ’s current guitarist, the wonderful Orianthi Panagaris, has only replaced Jennifer Batten in the last year or so (at least to my knowledge). This footage HAS to be recent (last 6 months or so).

    Whether it is the actual MJ performing is the real question….

    As for the photo, it certainly has the background and foreground photoshopped. Who knows what else isn’t factual about it.

    If this was in fact his decision to fake his death, may he be happy and peaceful wherever he is.

  68. HomicidalClown Said,

    I figure this is going to do nothing but fall on deaf ears, but if you look at this picture: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2187167744/nm0001391 you can see that the background is a matte painting, large cut-out, or a large screen. You can also see that in the video when Michael’s standing by the guitarist. Different background, but same shape to the one in the picture. Just thought I might bring that to your attention, though I doubt you’ll believe me.

  69. dorleac Said,

    hi friend check it. i just add negative effect at the picture (use more zoom) so michael have ‘green spots’ around him http://img238.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=38168_p122_122_495lo.jpg diferent of anothers dancers http://img252.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=40967_p12_122_213lo.jpg and http://img253.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=38121_p1222_122_572lo.jpg .

    one friend my who loves photoshop exam. the pic, he thinks it have signs showing that the picture was edit. http://img194.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc86&image=38276_recortes_122_86lo.jpg#

    what you think???

    see ya.

  70. saeed1237 Said,

    hey there is a petition going around i was wondering if you guys would sign and it lists all the facts.
    check it out

  71. wozniack Said,

    I’m not sure if this has been discovered yet, but this blog is mentioned on a news site: http://www.foxcharlotte.com/dpp/news/is_michael_jackson_death_a_hoax

  72. svangel Said,

    i believe that the rehersal is real i think we have to stick to one story …this is micheal jackson we talking about…he wud not involve so many people in a death hoax…cuz someone cud crack and spill the truth… i do believe he is alive thought..here is a point for u all …previously u all saw a pic of his imposter speaking at the opening at his tour( thought i donno how his imposter can sound exactly like him) well look at the picture of the imposters hand and in the rehersal video ..it looks the same.. same marks… either 2 things happened…there was no m.j on the tour… or that was him all along and we were being paranoid

  73. mysterylady Said,

    To Priya78 He.is.alive MrsBenjamin wishful09 lady princess Wendy Darling

    Please follow my forum post on Elizabeth’s role in Michael Jackson’s death and all your answers shall be answered !! I also took the liberty of posting everything from forum as a comment here ! But it’s all the proof we need ladies and gentlemen !

  74. loveandpeace Said,

    One thing, it doesn’t sound exactly like him! He actually sounds nothing like him, until he starts saying i love you at the end.

    Today i watched the first episode of The Wendy Williams Show, and they talked about Michael Jackson. Someone in the audience asked “how does LaToya know he was murdered, is she a psychic?” TRUE. Then Wendy says, “i think LaToya’s about ready to spill the beans, whatever the beans may be!”

  75. dynamite Said,

    Svangel i agree they put sound the same and when he is talking about how much he loves his fans he kinda looks emotional like he knew we wouldnt see him again, so maybe it was him afterall idk, even the presenter guy said he got emotional and was looking at him for support

  76. dynamite Said,

    Svangel i agree they both sound the same and when he is talking about how much he loves his fans he kinda looks emotional like he knew we wouldnt see him again, so maybe it was him afterall idk, even the presenter guy said he got emotional and was looking at him for support

  77. dynamite Said,

    And i agree the rehearsal video is real

  78. lucaslight Said,


    I’m also a professional in photoshop and video compositing. i know, it looks weird and artificial on the photo, BUT it’s because of a projection on a big canvas in the background. Here you can see a widescreen picture, there you see on the upper left, that it is a canvas.


    In the video you can also see the changing backgrounds of the video-installation. especially, at second 0:25 to 0:36.
    That’s why everything looks so digital in the background!!!

    Ok, hopefully everybody is satisfied.

    Nevertheless, it’s sad that he died, he was a big performer and a great musician.


  79. dianafan Said,

    Well I’m not keen on the MJ isn’t dead site. Ours is way better. The posters are quite rude.

  80. flower Said,

    take a read of this they have some great photos of mj here ,www.michaeljacksonnotdead.wordpress.com

  81. anka Said,

    Hi,a just wanna say that as much as I wann`t michael is not dead, today I saw this pictures about his ear, tell me what you think. I hate to say it but to me is the same person.Exuses for my english
    so lokk at this http://images.google.ro/imgres?imgurl=http://www.foxnews.com/images/538738/0_62_michael320.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,525868,00.html&usg=__kGn1gLq6am2CNEbt0jhuJYwrz1U=&h=240&w=320&sz=23&hl=ro&start=4&um=1&tbnid=x5c1pd6T-6bWBM:&tbnh=89&tbnw=118&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dmichael%2Bjackson%2560s%2Bear%26hl%3Dro%26sa%3DG%26um%3D1 and this one http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Y9FS63BF0Tw/SkRq9Xko2rI/AAAAAAAAAPI/4Z0r6O2EHmw/s1600-h/michael-jackson-last-photos.jpeg

  82. dynamite Said,

    It definetly looks like the same ear but the nose looks two flat to be michael

  83. anka Said,

    I hope you`re right, but I have doubts…I hope with all my heart he is alive,i really don`t know waht to think, after I saw this 2 pictures….

  84. artisticflare Said,

    artisticflare did anyone notice any of the 12 dancers picked doing rehearsal with michael in the footage of they dont care about us? just a thought??

  85. mjfan Said,

    While he did this exact choreography on earlier tours, he never wore THIS outfit for it. So I find it a little hard to believe that this is old footage.

    Also, his last tour was over ten years ago. While I think his face looks a little different on stage than in other footage released of him sitting and watching others rehearse and chewing gum, this face is “new enough” that it can’t possibly be from an old tour.

    As for the hair, it’s a wig. So what he performs in and what he wears ordinarily have nothing to do with anything.

    I think it’s a bit of a stretch personally.

  86. mjfan Said,

    @#22, I too thought that Liz was talking about MJ in that post about the flowers and note. I think it’s very odd personally that she won’t reference his name there, but she’ll reference it after he’s died.

    I also find it VERY weird that she wouldn’t go to the memorial. Supposedly according to her her feelings for MJ were private and MJ wouldn’t want her to go to a public memorial. HUH?

  87. mjfan Said,

    #35 yeah cause nobody can buy lots of MJ CDs and be a real fan. *eye roll* Maybe some people just want the CDs they didn’t have, it’s not a “prove you’re a real fan” thing.

  88. shell12 Said,


  89. wozniack Said,

    Okay, I know I shouldn’t buy into this, but this really bothers me: http://www.sdparanormal.com/Michael_Jackson.html

    There are two youtube videos of a psychic communicating with Michael, and is relaying his message.

    I found it in these comments: http://parabook.wordpress.com/2009/07/09/michael-jackson-death-hoax-evidence-mounts/

    Also, what do you think of this? Someone who commented said he “appeared” to her several times. I don’t know what to think anymore.

  90. alive Said,

    i’m pretty sure you are right about mikes headset mic. i always saw him wear it on the right. strange it’s on the left anyone else out there ever see him use it on the left?

  91. alive Said,

    do you think that professional photographer could examine the death photo too and see if he can find anyhting that may have been faked in it?

  92. svangel Said,


  93. stephykat Said,

    well, all I can say is..I do believe he’s alive and reading and beginning to see who really believes in him and his art..at the end..I can spend many days thinking about him since I felt his presence and still do, but I can’t prove anything. I just hope he’s better than before and continues with his messages to the world.

  94. dynamite Said,

    Amen to that stephyKat

  95. emo_pinkt Said,

    I do not think that the video is Fake. IF YOU WATCH tmz’s videos of MJ coming out of the DR’s office. You notice him with straight hair..That is until June. Then his hair is curly. That is definately Michael.

  96. melluvsmike25 Said,

    Well, I’ve been reading all of your posts for quite some time now, now finally I have joined the group. A lot of you have pointed out several interesting ideas about MJ not being dead. Good work guys! I think after we find out the truth, we should all thing about taking up detective work. I’ve been setting here reading all the responses, but now I’ve got to add something.

    First off….when that picture that you guys keep referring to came out, it had no “This Is It” behind it. Am I the only one that saw that? I saw it a while back, I would guess at least a week ago, with nothing behind him but those metal things. No words. But what does that mean? Not being sarcastic, just wondering what does it mean if someone did photoshop in the words?

    Also, the deal with the added “s” at the memorial. I have listened to my own cd and all that youtube how to offer on “Will you be there”, and on the original and all others, the s is not there. He only says it on the memorial. Unless there is another recording of that song that is not on youtube or the original cd, it certainly makes me wonder.

  97. melluvsmike25 Said,

    Also, I would like to add that I’ve noticed several people referring to the ambulance pic. My son, who has been learning detective work since he was 11, and he’s 17 now, and I both, think that there is no way that that picture could have been taken from that window in the back of that ambulance. Let’s just say that someone had a super dupper camera that can take pictures through a tinted window. And even though, no press was supposed to have been around, the angle is wrong. Picture someone in an ambulance. Here is the one of him in the ambulance.


    Now here is the ambulance


    Even if you could tilt to the side of that window, there is no way that you would get that much of his face in the pic. You would have to have been IN the ambulance. Mostly you would have gotten a shot of the top of his head with a little of the side of his face. So, let’s assume that one of the ambulance drivers took a bribe and let them in. It seems awfully strange that no one else was bought off also. Not at the hospital, the coroners office, the funeral home. Nobody but that ambulance driver? Seems strange to me. I think that pic was staged a long time ago.

  98. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Im Pretty Sure Ambulance Drivers, Can Drive Better Than That, Plus They Cant Possibly Be Driving That Slow With Michael Jackson Dieing Inside. I Think The Whole Video Was Staged, Plus If He Was Already Dead, Ive Seen Ambulances Drive Faster Than That With Dead People Inside. Watch The Video Closer And Listen To The Audio Better. It Doesnt Make Any Sense

  99. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    I Would Also Like To Point Out The Part Where Jennifer Hudson Is Singing At The Memorial And Then Michael Jackson Says That Poem Or Whatever, If Seen The Concerts Where He Says The Same Thing And At The Memorial He Sounds Like He Is There And His VOice Is Very Emotional. Heres The Links To SHow You The Differences.

    Michaels Concert

    Michael’s Memorial

    I Really Think Alot Of Us Could Be Detectives LOL. We Have Shown More Evidence Then The Media Has, Because They Make More Money On The Lies Than On The Truth. We Arent Getting Paid So We Are Taking Our Time And Finding The Truth Faster Than They Could Possibly Do So.

    This Site Is Also Becoming Huge And I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If This Site Ends Up On The News Or Newspapers Or Whatever, Because You Know Some Media Or Paparazzi Has To Eventually Come Across This Website.

    Oh And I Dont Know If Yall Noticed But Almost Everyone At The Memorial Was Looking Up At The Ceiling Alot, Maybe To Look As If They Are Looking To The Heavens, But Its Being Done Quite A Bit.

  100. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,


    I Think Some Of These Psychics Might Be On Some Crack, Or Need To Be In An Insane Asylum. She Is Like Some CrazyNess. Going Back And Forths About His Music Being In Her Head, She Is Just Alot Of Confusion, None Of This Video Made Any Sense And She Just Confused The Crap Out Of Me.

  101. Tiffany Said,

    I really think that the person rehearsing is another imposter. He doesn’t move like Michael and he is not as smooth as him, and Michael doesn’t shake 2 hands, I thought it was just 1? He seems too tall to be Michael in my opinion… When I seen this, I just didn’t get a Michael vibe! I might be wrong, but I feel as though this is new footag with an imposter doing a copy cat version of Michael’s old rehearsal. And let me just mention, that Michael has been wearing wigs for the last couple of years that cover his ears… because he had to get cartilige removed fron his ears and inserted into the tip of his nose to rebuild it again, due to the tip of cartilige collapsing.. his plastic surgeon suggested to rebuild the tip because it started to look too thin and unnatrual. Ok so now that we know about the reason why Michael has been hiding his ears lately.. now we see his ears exposed? I think this was totally an imposter doing a horrible rendition of a Michaek Jackson dance.

  102. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    i have to say something, remember his song stranger in moscow? people in moscow supposedly saw him there after his death. im pretty sure he has been planning this for forever. it makes more sense that he is alive than he is dead, if he was really dead, we would see a body and wouldnt have all these people thinking that he isnt dead.

  103. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    If Michael Jackson Is Alive And Came Across This Site, I Think He Would Be Very Happy With Us. Plus We Have To Be Positive, Since He Stated In His Diary He WIll Comeback Only When He Is Ready, So Be Positive And Ask Him To Please Come Back And Give Us A Great Comeback Tour.

  104. Tiffany Said,

    And another thing, that hairstyle of the guy dancing at rehearsal is so 90’s for Michael. Michael changed his hairstyle a long time ago, and he hasn’t had it curly in years, let alone a poinytail that exposed his ears. That looks more like real hair than a wig if you ask me. hmmm makes you wonder if that really is MJ standing up there or not.

  105. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Oh And Michael If Your On This Website And Sitting Back And Reading All The Comments. We Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. loveandpeace Said,

    It’s already been said many times that it was taken on the right side of the ambulance through a small, yes tinted, window. There’s even a reflection. There wouldn’t be a reflection if they were in the ambulance with him. I wish hollywood.tv would of kept the camera rolling following the ambulance. Wonder if they stopped to get food on the way. Also, someone usually goes with the person. Dr.Murray should of went with them.

  107. ILuvMJ Said,

    Hmmm…where to begin….WELLL, as much as I would love to hear that MJ is still alive, I cant wrap my finger around how he can possibly make this work; someone is bound to slip up and blow his cover. MJ believed in conspiracy theories so I could see him BEING a conspirator and attempting to pull this off but would it be successful? And for those that think that he will “comeback” and have some back from the dead tour, KEEEP DREAMMMINN Even if he did fake his death he wouldnt comeback from it lol…for what?? Everybody knows he wanted to escape, be free, and do the things that all of US do. Even Marlon said it at the memorial.
    Is it just me or did his speech sound insincere? especially at the end when he brought up his twin?

    In regards to post 99, I think everybody was looking up at the megatron screens. They had shown them before the memorial had started and they are really high up in the middle of the building.

    The ambulance picture I believe is legit, If you look carefully youll see a reflection of a red car and youll see the same red car parked in the road just watch the two videos that melluvsmike25 posted or post #97.

    The memorial was extremelly emotional for me to watch I cried the whole way through it, but the MOSTT emotional part was when MJ started reciting the poem…his voice sounded real, not prerecorded, it had a very clear and distinct sound.

    There are soooo many questionable things going on here, but I seem to find a somewhat reasonable explaination for almost all of them. For example, WHY IS NOBODY SHOWING EMOTION?????? I never even met him and I was cryin like I lost my first love!! And I thought, well maybe they are all cried out, or maybe they resent him for refusing to let them help him. I just seems like EVERYBODY around him is fake. Man I could go on, but Ill stop there for now….Share your feedback with me.

  108. dynamite Said,

    Tiffany i agree with you the hair looks real, if it was fake wouldnt the wind machine knock it off or when he put his head back, he looks like mj to me

  109. dynamite Said,

    It is possible the ambulance picture is real my dads car has black tinted windows and on sunny days you can see through the tint into the car, depends on what kind of tint it is, you can get light and really dark tint, but i dont think he would have got that good of a picture

  110. stephykat Said,

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz-G7RsZFL4..this seems to have happened late feb/march 2009..he seems ok with the press..a little ironic like oh are you really interested in my music?aha..and frankly seemed really relaxed and I love that normal manner he’s dressed in..plus check him out with Ed Hardy, I really think he was creative, normal and was ready for a show and yes he did look older. I hope he is alive and reading but if not, I do hope he left a ton of music behind.I bet he had a lot of fun during his seclusion and did have many cool friend, I would’ve loved to have met him to share many musical projects and new sampler rhythms..at your feet as always..

  111. anka Said,

    about the photo taken from the ambulance.Guys take a look at the video, and will see in the right side of the ambulance a window, thru that window was taken than picture, pay attention at this think, and all the mistery wil disapear.I have no doubt, just look …

  112. melluvsmike25 Said,

    Yes, I see the tinted window in the front of the ambulance guys….but don’t they put you in an ambulance feet first? So, if they took that shot through that window, wouldn’t they have gotten his feet? Any body know about ambulances? I thought they put you in feet first.

  113. melluvsmike25 Said,

    I’ve been trying to find what is the procedure for when they put you in an ambulance. Feet or head first. Does anybody know the correct way?

    What I am saying is that if they took the picture of him through that back window, they couldn’t have got that shot. If they took it through the front window on the right side of the ambulance, wouldn’t they have gotten his feet?



  114. melluvsmike25 Said,

    Also, I’ve noticed in another post that someone said something about MJ having to wait for a tour bus to move out of the way. All I see is an firetruck. So, are they saying that MJ was in that firetruck. I don’t think that’s possible.

  115. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Trust me on this one. The rehearsel Video where they are doin “They don`t really care about us” . That is Michael, look at his eyes. Trust me thats him

  116. dynamite Said,

    @melluvmike25 I was wondering the same thing, shouldnt they have got his feet?

  117. Ninanina Said,

    OMG – this pic is NOT photoshopped.
    You only see, what you wish to see…
    Have a look at the video AGAIN, and you’ll see, that there’s a movie going on in the background (soldiers), shown on a HUGE screen.
    This screen shows various pics or movies for the different songs.

    I can’t believe you didn’t show the fullsized pic to the professional…

  118. KARENM14 Said,


  119. KARENM14 Said,


  120. MrsBenjamin Said,

    I just looked it up…it say Feet first

  121. HomicidalClown Said,

    To dorleac:

    The only thing about the pictures that look fake is the background (because it is) and possibly the lights (not necessarily fake, and if it is could’ve been added to see how it would all look).

  122. wozniack Said,

    I was in an ambulance 5 years ago, and my feet faced the door once I was in. That’s how I always thought it worked.

  123. anka Said,

    I agree with you MyBelovedMj is Michael, I have no doubt, 100% is him.
    About the procedure regarding how they must put a pacient with feet or head first in ambulance, I have no idea.

  124. Goldie Said,

    i really love this site so much all of my friends think im crazy and they all say that michael is “Dead and gone” … But i dont believe in that i belive he is dead and michael has been on this website

    dont you Guys thinks ist weird that “Supermom75″ havent wrote anything since somebody asked her if she was the real michael jackson because the person knew A LOT of michael ??

  125. melluvsmike25 Said,


    I thought so too.

    Where did you find that? I looked all over the net for it and couldn’t find it.
    You said you went in head first huh? Are you sure?

    If anyone knows anybody that had rode in an ambulance or knows anybody that drives an ambulance, please ask around. Because if it’s feet first, this picture was fake and taken at another time. Please other’s investigate this.

  126. melluvsmike25 Said,

    Hey ADMIN maybe you could find out!!!!!!!!

  127. melluvsmike25 Said,

    Never mind. I just found out through my ex-hubby, and finally found it on the net. They put you in head first.

    So, this means that the ambulance pic could be him. It still doesn’t look like his nose though. Now I’m depressed.

  128. lillina Said,

    ok u really passed me off
    maybe this picture is a fake and aeg created only for the fans,maybe not…but the fact that u analyze everything about him it’s so bad!
    You are always the same?? I don’t think so…
    Some times I have curly hairs sometimes no,and i can look different from the other days…and sure this could happen even to Mr Jackson, but that doesn’t prove for sure that he was not him

  129. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Goldie: I don`t think Michael is the person with the name: Supermom75. Ehh nope, and for one reason. Michael woulden`t write anything inhere himself, Im sure he has been reading our posts, but i don`t think he would write anything.

  130. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    They are always outting you in an ambulance with your feet first. Not yout head. So Michael is placed wrong in that ambulance

  131. KARENM14 Said,


  132. ejay5131 Said,

    Okay, I’m not saying this photo is or isn’t a fake BUT, if you watch the rehearsal footage that AEG has released you can clearly see the balding white guy in the bottom right of this picture, in the rehearsal video at the same spot.@1minuute 17 seconds.

  133. emmie Said,

    i think that the person in the ambulance is E’casanova… if you look on his myspace there is a picture of him with no makeup on and his eyes are closed and it kinddalooks like him,the eyebrows are the same aswell have a look and see…

  134. emmie Said,

    i really hope michael is alivebecause if he is dead i will feel so bad that i ever doubted hi

  135. emmie Said,

    it is goin to be easy to get a picture from the tinted winsow, i mean u can see the light coming from in side the ambulance and with the cameras the papz have which are used to catch good pictures,but it still is quiet weird how there is only 1 picture when there was more then 1 paparatzi there….
    also how come there was another ambulance going in2 the house as 1 was leaving ???

  136. Mojofi Said,


    Hey i turly belive MIKE IS REALLY HERE and writing here and reading here with all of us .

    I know how much Mike loves us and always wants to know what we the fans think of him and am sure he will see how we feel about anything to do with him and i know he is more closer to us then peopel think.

    I feel he is a VERY HUMBEL man so he is sure going to say something here with us.
    He can even confuse us just for the fun of it .

    We know he like to play pranks on people so anything can happen you know. I know he is here but am not going to point so pls don’t ask hehe .

    Well that is if he is not REALLY dead.

  137. Mojofi Said,


    Ok i have read this post very weel now and i must say if teh family should go for insurance then it REALLY means Mike is TRULY DEAD .

    I know for a fact that if anyone claims inscurance for the dead and if it not true that the person is dead they can be SUED.

    That ia the only way Mike could get into trable if he has faked his death.

  138. Mojofi Said,


    Yes that is really Mike in the Video.
    He is always handsome and smiling and his eyes are uniqe .
    Am too much in love with him hehehe .

  139. popcornscrunchy Said,

    Does anyone think that the performers dont seem to be in synch with each other Orianthi on guitar looks bored if MJ was dancing in front of me and I was blasting my guitar I would have had a bit of expression going on in my face and the dancers as well it looks strange they dont seem to be performing together. Its like MJ did his bit they did their bit and they were superimposed somehow together . I dont know it looked like that for me from the start, something is not right about this last footage. The pic could have been done for publicity promos etc but the footage……

  140. Chubby Bobby Said,

    As from what I know, nothing is coincidental with MJ, neither are his white socks, tape or gloves, which he wears so it’s possible for the audience to spot him even from a far.. From other entertainers I know, rehearsal often takes place in the same outfit as you will wear at the concert, just to make sure everything is in the right place, it fits and it’s possible to move around in.. I don’t see anything in this rehearsal outfit that would make it possible for me to recognize MJ on stage from a far distance…??? Just a thought..!!

  141. TruthSeeker01 Said,

    Hey everyone.
    I only just found this site a few days ago through a youtube comment, and i have to say that you have found out some really interesting things and your doing a really good job. I just flicked through the articles on the home page when i saw this one and remembered that the same routine he does ‘two days before his death’ is very similar to the one he did on his history tour. Not sure if anyone else pointed this out already but heres the link anyway.


    At 2:30 he does the same routine until the end as the one released as rehearsals for the upcoming ‘This is it’ tour. Obviously he isn’t wearing the same clothes and neither are the dancers, but ironicly his hair is the same curly style.
    Dunno, just a thought, but it could just be old rehearsals for the history tour they released, to make it seem like he really was rehearsing for the ‘This is it’ tour.
    Sorry if this was already mentioned.

  142. atomvseve Said,

    Notice at 1:14 in the video he says, “They dipped me in fire, I’m here to remind you.”

    Those words are not anywhere in the actual song.

    Makes me wonder.

  143. nora Said,

    The rehearsal definitely was the actual rehearsal done by MJ and the back up dancers for that 02 arena this is it tour was real!, AEG are planning to sell the video as a final video of Michael Jackson. So cannot be AEG wanted to published a fake album to Michael Jackson fans as this involved a very big criminal I think – once this hoax story have ended so impersonator performing on that so last rehearsal was not true.

    By the way with all this diary and hiding story review – I just wonder how the media getting nuts on searching Michael Jackson news and location – he he – it could be some of them need to go for rehab – or buried their camera at Memphis at Graceland . Bravo it’s a good lesson for them but I just hope this is one for all – as a devoted fan I just do not want to be hurt for a 2nd time.

  144. nora Said,

    sorry Mrs Benjamin i think I already got the clue here, by the way just wanna confirm with you, did you have any idea that Michael Jackson have confirm in to Islam?, hopefully you can find the official news. I know it’s so difficult to find a real one but wonder if you have any idea as the memorial doesn’t show anything. The hoax story it’s ok fans will accept and forgiven but if really he have converted be brave enough to said it out – I’m very sure most of us are educated and respect what he believed but if pertaining of GOD – do not hide from his will – as God (or Allah) was the king among the King – I am not try to be religious here but I just want to know if you have any related news which I can trust so that I can pray for the health of Michael Jackson in my prayer!.

  145. blu Said,

    Hey guys,
    I have been a fan of Michael Jackson for over forty years. I think that I know as much as anyone can know about Michael without being in his circle. I would like to say that Michael wouldn’t do this, but I just don’t know. For years I was hoping that he would just go somewhere so that no one would find him and keep the media dogs out of his face. I don’t know if Michael is dead or alive. None of us can really be sure. I hope that he is alive somewhere enjoying the rest of his life.

  146. elizabethvitale Said,

    All I can say about this post is it definately is Michael. I knew some of the guitarists and other musical players in Michael’s life in the early to mid 90’s since I lived in Hollywood til 1995. I hadn’t thought of this being an old shot, but I did question his look being repititious with the time I was in Hollywood and not present time. I think there is a lot more to the story of Michael’s stated death than the public is going to be told. The public is fed what the public is wanted to read,hear and see. Most people would take the first glimpse as true. People to know Michael would notice other issues in contradiction even if Michael stated such himself. I know the business well and have caught a few thoughts don’t fit in with the time frame or his actions during his life.

  147. Layleen Said,

    That is so true, omg for a minute they were going to fool me. His hips and thighs (probably spelled it wrong lol) look very different from the video, if anyone has any doubts watch the video and analiyse the picture. The video of him was made weekes before his death so how can this picture be taken the day before his death and why would he be wearing the same out throught the whole thing? NOT HEALTHY lol.

    But then there is another post on here where it was said that the video of Michael rehersing was taken from years ago which is impossible because the dancers were selected this years and not a couple of years back because they all attended the memorial service.

  148. I_luv_MJ98 Said,

    If you think about why would he tape a simple rehearsal if he ofcourse had no plans of ehum……faking a death! most celebs don’t take pictures or tape their rehearsals because they’re just rehearsals. no big deal right? unless…. u get the picture right?

  149. Speeddemon777 Said,

    okay something else that i noticed from this video, it may have already been posted, but why are the Pics from the last rehersal different from the stage in the vid where is the sign in the back that says “This is It”? you don’t see it once in the video. Maybe it’s just me though.

  150. missp09 Said,

    another point about this photoshoped pic is that you can see light hitting MJ on his face from where hes pointing but you dont see any shadows on the stage in any direction, given there are so many lights above. weird. thought I’d point that out.

  151. missp09 Said,

    and is there no way to talk to the dancers or the guitarist to see when this happened?

  152. lilliadebe Said,

    well, the pic may be photoshoped but the vids of the last rehearsals are definitly real guys…
    About the curly hair, there are some recent pics were his hairdo is like that… like the old style… ( fans were happy : ” curls are back !!” )
    You can observe too that his hair in the ambulance are curly too…
    Another point that make the rehearsal vid real are the dancers and the guitarist… you can recognize some of the dancers from the casting for This is it tour and the guitarist was supposed to be the new one too , instead of Jennifer…
    So, of course, this is a very recent video..

  153. Eliana25 Said,

    Hi you´re right in some things but, yes i know something is not ok in this photos yeah its true, but think about it: the blonde girl with the guitar, she was also in the memorial with sunglases ( sorry my english ) the point is, she´s the same person so the video of the rehearsal is recent.

  154. Eliana25 Said,

    Also, he always do the same coreography for each song, so why don´t do it for this is it tour if he will sing the best songs with the best coreographys?? it´s ok he did it before. I really hope he reappear soon because the pain and sadness are hard…..MICHAEL I REALLY LOVE YOU SOME MUCH !!!

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