Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

The following video is an interview with the photographer who allegedly took the one and only image of Michael Jackson as he was taken via Ambulance to the UCLA  Mecial Center.

Watching this video, at first had me believing that these men did indeed capture this image as they claim. However upon closer inspection, I am now very doubtful about the validity of their claims.

If you pause the video at 3.06, you will see the still image of the photographer at the window of the ambulance, the very moment he supposedly captures the image of MJ inside.

The reason I have pointed this out is all to do with the ‘red car’ which is parked on the curb to the left of the screen. As you will see by the full size image below, minus the ET Logo and other graphics, there is a very clear reflection of a red car.

With this in mind, how is it possible for this image to have been caught by the man in the video above judging by the way the ambulance is positioned and by how far away the ambulance window is from the red car?

This may be getting technical, however, let’s not forget that this is the only image we have that gives any kind of valiadity to the story that Michael Jackson has died.

If you look at the image (left), you can see by the reflection that there is a red car, which is very close by, as it takes up most of the window.

Now look again at the video above paused at 3.06. There is now way this guy in the video above got this image with this reflection in the position he was in as it came out of the driveway. He was too far away from the car and the angle is completely wrong for that much of the red car to have been reflected in the ambulance window.

The other issue is that if there was in fact that much reflection of the car on the window, then why is there no reflection of the photographer himself, or his camera/phone?

As you can see by the footage above paused at 3.06, he is very close to the window, so if the car is reflected, shouldn’t he be, or his arm, or the camera..or something?

The final issue we have with this story and these so called ‘photographers’ is that in the live footage that we see above when the ambulance is backing out of the driveway, there is a guy with a red shirt at the window with a camera, then in the still image at 3.06, it is a guy with a yellow shirt snapping the image.

It looks as though we have just another element of this enitre story that just does not add up….so we would just like to say a resounding…what the?

  1. tis_ruthy Said,

    Hi Admin…some really interesting key points there that really don’t add up….can i just ask how did this Ben guy know Michael was being taken to hospital because he never mentions why he was there just that he was there.

  2. tis_ruthy Said,

    I mean really…does this guy just camp outside Michael’s home lol….

  3. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    As You Can See With These Paparrazi People. They Only Care About The Money. That Is Ridiculous.

  4. mbc080709 Said,

    Well, it can be that the reflection comes from the red shirt the guy was dressing and not the red car which is located at a different angle. However, the problem is that at 3:07 of the footage the guy is dressing a “yellow” shirt, what the hell??!!!

  5. meeyaah Said,

    this story doesn’t add up either…will we ever learn the truth about mj
    and now the saga continues…

  6. Mojofi Said,

    Ok so let say if even it was Mike in the ambulance it could be that, when get got to the hospital he was moved else wehere. I still don’t belive Mike is dead, btu it’s possible that he was in the ambulance and taht was his pic but i don’t know if in America, the Ambulance have clear windos adn not tinted ones :-s.

  7. Mojofi Said,

    Looking at the pic again and a again, i think it’s really Mike in this pic but it seem to me he is alve but he is beening still.

    If you take a close look at his “forehead” you can see he seem a bit uncomfortable so i think that indicate is alive, and mind you if Mike planed this whole thing, maybe he planed for them to take this pic too.

    You never know, if this guy say they have been taking pic of Mike for over “10years”.

    What do you guys think?

  8. Rachel Said,

    Arghhhhhhhhhh this is getting more confusing by the day! I don’t know what to think anymore. There’s just too much conflcting information to be able to make a proper juudgement IMO. I love reading all of the others users views though!

  9. Mojofi Said,

    Ok am back again, i Noted that the name of this campany is called “NATIONAL PHOTO GRORP” does that mean it’s the photo agency for “NATIONAL ENQUIRER”?

    How come they are the ONLY photo group that got this pic at this time?
    What where they doing there at Mike’s house at this time? Could it be a planned thing?

    At some point yes i belive if Mike planned his “death” he would want peopel to see him sort of dead but NOt in the CASKET. This way he is able to breathe which we can’t see on still photos.

  10. How Does It Feel Said,

    Hhhmm this looks very spooky but i think the pic looks like Mike.

    His eyes are the same eyes just that he closed it this time .

    I don’t belive he is dead at all no matter what.

    Like Mike said in “JUNCKY TABLOID” —”Just b’cos you see it on TV and Magazine Don’t Make It Factual” so we don’t have to belive it.

    This could be just like the “OXIYGIN CHAMBER” thing.

  11. ejay5131 Said,

    I agree with everything you said, the red car IS in fact at the scene but like you said it’s on the other side of the road and the window is just way to high on the ambulance for the car to be caught in the picture. The bottom of the side window is almost level with the photographers head
    @1:30 you see the dude in the red shirt, I think the guy behind him is the dude in the yellow shirt
    @1;33 you can see what the reflection in the picture SHOULD be, which is the top of the trees

    My point is how did the picture published show us the car as the reflection yet the video shows it it should have been the trees??

  12. ejay5131 Said,

    Also I forgot, the red car in question appears to be parked almost directly across from the gate to MJs house, but the photographer took the photograph as the amblance was angled out the driveway which means he should have had the reflection of things that were further up the street NOT things infront of the gate. I hope I made sense:)

  13. iheartmj Said,

    if you notice he said,
    “mj is always going to the hospital it’s always drama with mj who knows he could have been going to get out of the concerts….”

  14. dona Said,

    About the video of the exclusive-photographer: at 0:53 we can see the man with the right shirt and just behind him, the man with the yellow one.

  15. Perfume Said,

    I have come to the conclusion that the media is obsessed with MJ, he laid low when he was alive now in “death” they are more obsessed with him than ever before….and looking at the video the writer is correct there would of been a reflection of the photographer on the window….and the plot thickens

  16. Dee Said,

    You do realize that we are helping those involved tighten up their stories, by the questions we are asking. All of the sudden some dude appears and he is the one that took the photo. Where was he at a month ago? I have asked Larry King on his blog site several times, to get the guy that supposedly photographed Michael.

  17. Callisto Said,

    Hi there,

    first of all, thank you for updating this page regularly. It’s really interesting to read your articles and so far, I really agree with you. Can’t believe that this is happening and everybody’s watching with eyes shut.
    As for the photo, the red reflection is really really strange. Maybe I’m blind but I can’t see any other red car except for the ambulance. I guess the reason why you can’t see the photographers arm or even camera is because he is using some kind of special lens. There is one filter (of which I don’t know the exact term in English) you use in order to avoid reflections (we call it polarisation filter). But I really don’t understand where those red reflections are from. Really really strange.

    For Michael’s sake I hope that noone finds out about what really happens (although I’m really curious, for this whole story doesn’t sound authentic), because if he isn’t dead, it’s better for him to enjoy his life in peace, far away from media.

  18. Dee Said,

    The photographer said he had been following MJ for 10yrs and that he was recognizable to him. I believe that it is possible that he was hired him.

  19. dane86 Said,

    good job again ADMIN! I hope more articles will be shown here regarding this matter, honestly I’m starting to believe that he did really pass away, but people like you helps me see the other side of the story clearer with all your evidences and articles. I love this site, and that photographer and his pictures seems odd, way too ODD! and because of all of you guys, I can still feel deep inside my heart that our beloved MJ is still alive, somewhere in a safer and better place..

    he’s stll alive and he’s here forever!!!.

  20. flower Said,

    not only that but WHO is this guy in the photo in the ambulance????? cause it aint the real MJ NO WAY

  21. Cecilia Said,

    guys if you look at the 3:06 minutes you can see the man who has taken the photo the man with the red shirt he is just behind the red car… he has taken the photo.. I think that he has sold the photo to this paparazzi and they take all the merits! in that ambulance lay the body of michael but why they brought him so slow and without sirens??? and why not by helicopter?!

  22. MariannaB Said,

    There is even more to the pictures.
    E.g. the picture of the street scenery shown in the video seems to have been taken in bright sunshine. However the street in front of MJs house was shaded by trees. Even if you think of the angle of taking the pic from the right side and the location (the street is going upwards from the right side to the left when standing in front of the house), the scenery picture does not provide the real situation (see fifth conclusion).

    In the private video of one of the bus tourists broadcasted via TMZ you see the following:
    The ambulance is backing out onto the street. The guy with the red shirt is waiting at the red car’s left front and getting to the ambulance side window relatively late. The one with the yellow shirt had already been at the side window, in the video hidden by the ambulance.

    As the ambulance takes pace and gets away, there are two guys taking pictures at the side window: the one with the red shirt and behind him the one with the yellow shirt.


    In order to get more details of the scenery picture shown in the video with the paparazzi, I changed the picture with some photoshopping from laying down to standing up.

    First conclusion: in the picture there is bright sunlight not only upon the ambulance but also on the firetruck behind it whereas in the private tourist video there is a lot of shadows from the trees on the firetruck.

    Second conclusion: the guy in the yellow shirt did not shoot the picture as shown in the picture as he is far too far away from the red car. In addition there is a lot of shades from the trees in the ambulance pic.

    However it proves that the red shirt guy was getting from the red car to the ambulance as we have seen already in the private video.

    Third conclusion: the pic was shot when the ambulance was really close to the red car – either by the one in the yellow shirt or by the one in the red shirt.

    Fourth conclusion: there was another photographer outside the scene to take evidence of the complete scene (and by the way the pic shooting persons).

    Fifth conclusion: the pic of the photographer was photoshopped as it gives the impression of bright sunshine which was not the case in this shady narrow street.

    This gives the ambulance pic as s whole:

    You see the camera reflection on the back of the right paramedic.

    Seems the lady Mini3005 on youtube had access to the original picture on her PC without the ET logo in it. She broadcasts also pics of MJ led to the chapel that I haven’t noticed so far:
    Would be interesting to get in contact with her.

  23. westin Said,

    The red reflections on the photo could be some kind of mixes with the color of the emergency car – you know – this photo was taken in action – so may be that is sort of force majeure =/

  24. westin Said,

    he was taking that picture from the right side of the emergency car – so there was no red car on his back…

  25. kto nado Said,

    good job. this is fake, indeed.
    this story could be great idea for the full next
    season “Lie to me” & Dr. Lightman

  26. closepaltomj Said,

    something is “forced” about this whole video and picture scenerio…still doesn’t look like him in the picture.

  27. Reflection Said,

    I have not been able to watch the video yet but thank you for the link.

    Regarding the red car…
    I am no photography expert but I would probably agree. It does seem a little too far away.
    I had expected the red car to be driving past the ambulance…

    Regarding the different colours of the T-shirts:
    Perhaps the footage is not from the same day, which would explain the different clothes?
    Admin (or anyone else), what do you think?

  28. JoyceBuckley Said,

    Hello, you are very good. I was wondering how a picture was taken through the dark glass.

  29. AlBSureLove Said,


    I am at a point where I don’t know what to believe.

    I hope that MJJ is somewhere in peace away from all of this negativity and pain. I feel for the man.

    This is a great site with a lot of great theories and etc!
    I’m glad I found it.

  30. MariannaB Said,

    Wanted to point out sth. I posted earlier already:
    the large picture reveals two paramedics in the ambulance:, but not so active as if it
    were about life or death. The one in the back is standing aside and not giving CPR. Which
    means either the person in the ambulance was dead or breathing.
    The mask doesn’t mean that the person is not breathing.

  31. STARFISH1 Said,

    Frozen until I see this picture, that is false or not? But certainly one to know is: I do not believe that for a hundred years and maybe more, like him man to walk this planet.

  32. Coconut Said,

    Okay – I’m sorry for my english, but I think you can understand me.
    First of all I want to say that I love Michael and it would be the best day of my life when I hear that he really is alive. But I have to see the truth and I must say that the photo isn’t a fake because when the ambulance leaves, the photographers (the red one AND the yellow one) both try to make a photo on the side-window of the ambulance and before the ambulance is getting faster the yellow one got his best shot and this is when also the red car is in front of that window. I think the photographer is not reflected at the photo because he isn’t in that position – he has the camera sideways.
    What I also recognized: in the film when the two guys are trying to take a shot at the back-windows of the ambulance, there is a black bodyguard who has its hands in front of these windows. There you can see this white thing inside of the ambulance…I don’t know what it is called – but you use it to make the charge breathing… and at the photo you see this thing, too.

    It makes me crying to see these facts but I don’t want to lie to me and others. I know we all love Michael and wish he really is alive, but he isn’t. I don’t think he died of an overdose – there is something strange. But please…he’s gone…

    I hope you could understand my explanations of the photographers position and that stuff…

  33. mj4life Said,

    I believe that Michael is alive, however I feel you did not look at this video as well as you should have before posting this.

    If you pause the video at 1.25 you will notice a man getting a photo from the back of the ambulance. he is at a good distance from the ambulance and if not using a flash there may have not been a clear reflection of him. However – if you look behind him there is a red firetruck which could explain the red reflection in the glass.

  34. loveandpeace Said,

    A few questions:
    So the actual moving footage is courtesy of Hollywood.tv, and as you can see in the stills, the guard is blocking the back windows, that’s the camera guy, solved. What i would like to know is where is the moving footage of the guy in the yellow shirt? He had a video camera up to the side window.

    The guy in the yellow is the only visible one seen in the picture by the side window given the short time being, the only possible way for the guy in the yellow to have gone over to the window was before they show the guy in the red in the moving video. But then again, why would the guy in the yellow leave the window? According to the pictures the guy in the yellow was there first, so why would the guy in the red leave? Or when did they have time to switch places? You think they would of both been there at the same time.

    I know that was confusing, but if you read what i said carefully, you will see what i mean.

  35. Susie+Me Said,


    how on earth did the red car get in the pic?

  36. Helia Said,

    Still not convincing enough arguments. It sounds to me like someone is absolutely trying to convince the world that Michael Jackson is still alive. I don’t understand the sense of this page. First of all he is dead and secondly, it is none of our business if he is alive. It is his life not ours so just leave him alone. Let him rest in peace. This is just disrespectful. Shame on you, and shame on these Paparazzi guys. They say he was a friend of them but they prefer money and reveal these horrible , humiliating pictures of Michael Jackson’s dead. No person deserves pictures of his last minutes spread all over the world.

  37. carpenoctem Said,

    Isn’t the still picture and the picture at 3:06 supposed to be the same? I was wondering because if you scroll between those two pictures you’ll notce that the position of MJ’s head is different. on the 3:06 picture his chin is closer to his chest than in the still photo.

  38. Anita Said,

    The red car reflection in the window – could it be the large fire truck at 1:25 ? The red door has the same height as the ambulance. Also there is a guy there in front of the red fire car taking a picture.

  39. jpresley Said,

    Doesn’t anyone else find it peculiar that the first interview this douche does is for a Norwegian news show?? Not that I have anything against Norwegians, but this did happen in the US. At the very least, shouldn’t he be talking to US news show or , I don’t know, US officials??!

  40. bradrach321 Said,

    Do we know whether the red car was moving or not? And how do we know either way?

  41. ctan Said,

    Photographer Ben Evenstad is from National Photo Group. Vanity Fair had an exclusive interview with him in July 2009

    The team of paparazzi who took the now infamous final photograph of Michael Jackson had fixated on the King of Pop—both with their cameras and without—for years, camping outside his gate and communing with his most fervent fans. In exclusive interviews, they recount the play-by-play of the shot seen round the world.


  42. ctan Said,

    this news link throws some light on what happened that day the paparazzi took the final photo


  43. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    First Of All, I Would Like To Point Out, Im A Freelance Photographer And No Camera Can Take A Clear Photo Through Tinted Windows.

    Second, Why Did The Ambulance Have Tinted Windows? Usually Ambulances Dont Have Tinted Windows. This Had To Have Been Planned Out. Nothing Is Adding Up.

    Third. Im Pretty Sure, This Is The Most Informative Site On Michael Jackson’s Death, So Im Pretty Sure, With Us Talking About Stuff Like This, They Would Have To Cover Their Tracks. Im Pretty Sure, They Made The Photos After They Realized They Screwed Up Their Stories. Plus The Photo With The Dude In The Yellow Shirt And All Of Them Around The Ambulance, Could Have Been Taken At A Location Other Than That Day, Because The Photo Looks Set Up.

    I Think This Site Gives People Too Much Information And Gives The People Behind this Hoax, Information To Use Or Information, So They Can Fix The Screwups And Noone WOuld Believe Us Because People Have Said Many Times, We Need To Be In An Insane Asylum.

    Just Watch Out For The Stories They Create And Look At Our Dates ANd Look At Their Dates, Research, Because They Are Using This Site As Means To Cover Up Their Tracks.

  44. westin Said,

    right! – the FULL WHOLE new season of Lie to me =) there’s so much material that some of it can go to House also

  45. charliechaplin Said,

    @ westin

    I agree with westin. The red could be the reflection of the ambulance red light/s which is mounted at the upper portion of the ambulance– refer to 3:10

    Oh my…. I dunno what to think anymore.

  46. Samantha Said,

    I heard somthing that Prince watched Michaels death, and This morning i heard that someone sneaked in and Saw Michaels Corpse (if there is one, which i hope not) And he said it’s not somthing we would all except. :O

    I’m starting to think his gone, oh mann I hope his nottttt :’(
    *crosses fingers*

  47. Sosh Said,

    In the full frame picture you can clearly see the car. What I think is more interesting about this car on the picture: How come it’s there. You can see the photographer is pretty close to the ambulance. The window in the ambulance is pretty small, so the photographer should have been blocking of the red car with his back.

    Besides, I agree with the admin: Where are the reflections of a camera, photographer?

    And then there is also the heavy lensflare / hotspot in the full size picture. Its on the right side. When I look at the video, I don’t see any flare/hotspot hitting the window. This was allmost impossible as the sun was coming from directly above (you can verify the shadows if you don’t believe) and the window seems completely flat (no surface to reflect sun from above)…

  48. popcornscrunchy Said,

    I have been trying to avoid looking at this pic as a type of silent protest…..but here it is sorry Michael. I am so disturbed that people take these photos it is NOT reporting the news its a wierd fixation that its o.k to see everything and anything with no respect even in someones supposed death. I know most of you believe it is not MJ and to tell you the truth I am not sure all I know is that I feel guilty I have looked at it. Why are there no laws to protect celebs against these wierd photographers that have no boundaries….I feel it is to take mass populations focus off important issues not that the death of MJ is not important but really this is too much.
    This photographer says he became close to MJ, why would MJ become close to someone like this he chases him all over the place and I feel is really insulting in this interview, he does not even seem upset so odd. It has got to be a set up, I am sure he was paid very well for his effort.

  49. Copenhagen Said,

    Today it is said that Prince saw his father die…and that he had been dead at least 2 hours before he arrived at the hospital – why then this picture ??

  50. Rofibbs Said,

    Wow!! sum indepth insight.. Madoff, made-off with ppls monies, Micheal, mic-HEALED himself from the controversies surroundin his Life. Hav a wonderful Life dearie!! all the best

  51. darkfeather Said,

    NO IT IS NOT FAKE! Please look at this closely. At 3:06 the ‘yellow man’ is taking a picture but that is not the picture we know of MJ in the ambulance!. That was at the point the ambulance was still cornering, you can see the wheels turning to the left. The picture we know of MJ was taken a little bit later when the ambulance was trying turning his wheels to the right to get straight forward.

    Another video from the tourbus you can see that at 00:19 the picture was taken and the ambulance was at that point ready to go drive in to the street straight ahead:

    The red car is in front of the tourbus and this car even had it’s lights on so I believe it drove away as well as the tourbus.

  52. Rofibbs Said,

    Sum folks keep askin “why wud michael ask his goddaughter to dance on stage for him” or ask a “cancer patient to come visit him wen he knew wudnt make it” or ask the Britains Got Talent finalist to grace the stage with him wen he knew it wudnt happen wen the real question shud be “why did he sign to do the concert tour wen he knew he wuz as sick as Ian Halperin said”…We shud understand that MJ is a permormer, he had to set the stage n the ball rollin so ppl will truly believe he wuz ready for a COMEBACK. Wudnt y’all be shocked if he had a concert n wuznt preparin n gearin up 4 it??

  53. Rofibbs Said,

    His death is jus a drop of water that has created the many ripples we’re seein n witnessin today. Im very sure MJ is recuperatin sumwhere ( thats if he wuz as sick as they claimed he wuz).. n why wud he pass a 4hr medical with flyin colours if he had all those terminal illnesses. Were the Docs Blind? He already told his imposter to announce the the concert as “the final curtain call”..which means he wuz more than ready to take a bow n leave the stage 4good..He had seen, heard, participated, witnessed it all, its not too much 4him to want to plan 4…as 4 the Pics, lyk i said earlier- MICHAEL JACKSON is a brand name n a very lucrative one at that..ppl are free to cash in.

  54. Rofibbs Said,

    Even if a body’s bin buried its definitely not MJ’s…Do U think sum1 lyk Mj will be buried with nothin to commemorate his existence or the site where lies his body?? Wat are the Jacksons really hidin?? The more reason why they wont say where the “”body”" is for fear of the truth bein discovered n they are doin such a baaaaaad job so far…one day, one trouble

  55. The Truth Said,

    At any rate, for the photographer to say that he “cared” about MJ is a complete joke. He didn’t care for MJ at all…only the money. Actions speak louder than words.

  56. thelostchildren Said,

    am glad the admin shares my view that the whole thing is pretty inconsistent, enough to make it doubtful. here’s the interview the photographer had with vanity fair about the whole incident and his relationship with Michael (I’m pretty sure they had a good working relationship with each other – Michael trusted people wholeheartedly coz of his pure heart). The things he says about Michael do not seem like lies at all, it really does seem like he’s worked with Michael, but when he goes on to talk bout the photographer, that’s where he gets a little incoherent and just plain doubtful. have a look at it and post what you guys think. admin hopefully you can spare your busy time to take a look too and evaluate!

  57. hOtSfOrMj91 Said,

    If the photo was taken while the ambulance was moving then why is it not blurry? And how was it taken so clearly?

  58. dynamite Said,

    @Rofibbs i agree he had to make the whole thing belivable that he was ready for it even if he wasent, And when he said the final curtain call he had a serious look on his face like we weren’nt gonna see him again,
    i still think he is alive but wont be coming back

  59. MariannaB Said,

    You are right, the pics differ. the large pic and teh ET pic are not the same. A professional photographer will use a camera with a drive to get as many pics of a sequence as possible. Seems the ET pic was the “sharpest”.

    tmz – the gossip channel – talks again – what’s now about AEG and their claims?

    (all cited from their page):
    [Jackson's Death 'Almost Certainly' a Homicide
    Posted Jul 24th 2009 2:15AM by TMZ Staff

    Law enforcement sources tell us the L.A. County Coroner is scheduled to release the autopsy results in Michael Jackson's death next week, and the cause of death will "almost certainly" be homicide -- death at the hands of another.

    We're told the Coroner himself will make the call mid-week, after he gets the final toxicology report from an outside consultant. But based on the draft report as well as what has become "clear evidence," causes other than homicide -- natural, accidental, accidental overdose, and suicide -- have been ruled out.

    We've already reported that for weeks, the LAPD has treated Jackson's death as a homicide. They have served multiple criminal search warrants -- most recently at Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston medical office. Dr. Murray is actively being investigated as the person who may have administered the powerful anesthesia Propofol to Jackson the day he died.

    We're told both the Coroner and LAPD have significant evidence that Propofol caused Jackson's heart to stop. ]

  60. Bee Said,

    I really applaud your eye for detail in many of these posts, especially this one! Our society and culture have become so bombarded with speed and noise, very ADD-inducing I might add, that to be able to retain an eye for detail is almost a lost art.

    Continuing to pay attention and keep record of all of the details-that-don’t-add-up is going to solve this mystery, I’m sure of it. Keep up the good work!

    (Now, if we could only get all commenters to spell out their words and stop using shorthand…. lol!)

  61. Dilos Said,

    Hey there,

    well I found a much better pic of Michael Jackson in the Ambulance were you really can see that the reflection is a red car.


    I can imagine that this is him, but we should not forget if someone is faking his death, especially MJ, they need to be in the ambulance or even show somethings that will make the people believe it.

    What makes me wonder more about all this too, is that the guy from the paparazzi is taking instead of the guy who took the picture. Why is that? Ok maybe he want to be famous or what ? *stupid* He was taking the video, right?!?! So why is he talking?
    Second thing is, he is talking that he was taking the video, but what happen to that then? why not even getting the money for the video and showng it? I mean he must have something … Is it because MJ was breaving or showing some reactions?

  62. mjfan Said,


    In the above photo: I think a really important question to ask ourselves is… Is it really possible for all the following circumstances to happen:

    1. A moving vehicle (even slowly) a person can capture a picture of someone INSIDE the vehicle with tinted windows… and it be CLEAR and nonblurry?

    2. Is it really possible to have a photograph with tinted windows come out that clear of what’s going on INSIDE while at the same time having such a CLEAR reflection of what is on the outside?

    Some photography expert let me know, if there are any on here.

    One would THINK that EITHER you are somehow able to get a picture clearly inside OR you get a clear reflection. Not both. A window tinted and that reflective is not IMO going to give anything but the fuzziest view of what is going on inside.

    It looks very much to me like this photo is composited. i.e. we have TWO separate photos, one laying on top of the other, to get the effect of the car reflected in the background. I also think tabloid journalists know how to doctor photos.

    AND I agree with earlier posters that it seems highly likely that people are using this site to try to fill in the holes in their story. But that doesn’t work, because we already have ON RECORD all the contradictions. If you change your story later, or dig up some person to explains away some question we had, it’s a little too convenient and makes you look more guilty. IMO.

  63. Dilos Said,

    One more issue I want to add. Look at the page with the pic of Michael in the ambulance, did they give him CPR? I do not see any movements on the pic to make his heart beat again. The guy who is holding his hand way up to high is just holding him…

  64. portschica81 Said,

    OK I have always liked MJ but I was not one of those crazy fans who would faint in his mere presence so I’m not just in denial about his death. I do, however, love a good conspiracy theory so I wanted to add my 2 cents for what its worth!

    1. I find it extremely odd that with all the paparazi that is constantly surrounding MJ that we have somehow only gotten ONE picture or clip of everything. And very little actual video footage!
    Why is there only this one picture of the doctor? Nobody has another picture of this guy? There is no footage of him walking in, around, near Mike? Really? And he supposedly has “quit his practice” due to harrassment? Does anyone think that perhaps this doc doesn’t even exist? If there were more pictures, we would have seen them, right? I mean, the pap can make a ton of $ off of anything related to MJ in his last days. So where is all the footage?

    2. So we get this one picture through the window of the ambulance. I’m sure these paps were snapping away, obaining more than just one shot if they were truly there. Even if the other pics didn’t come out that well, you’d think they would have gotten something, even if just a blurry image, right? The fact is, they didn’t want to leak more than one of anything for people to analyze. The more pictures that are leaked the more people can analyze and pick them apart.

    3. The “press conference” at O2…with all the “paparazzi” that was in the “audience” wouldn’t there be more pictures of this, other than just still images from the video?

    4. The footage from rehearsal. Very little footage released from this rehearsal. And a random song that doesn’t require any of the dancing that everyone, even nonfans, have memorized. Nobody can duplicate Mikey doing Billie Jean, but this song…who knows? I had only heard it a few times and he doesn’t dance in the video, really.

    5. The kids at the memorial. Looked like their hair was darkened…darker than how it looks in the pix of them leaked a month ago. Also, I think I was more emotional watching from my tv than they were. And like I said, I wasn’t exactly a superfan! Maybe I’m just oversensitive? When my grandmother died, I was 24 and could barely keep it together at her service. Just sayin…

    Anyway Mike, if you really did it, that’s awesome! I love it F the press, Michael ur the best

    OK I guess that was 5 cents. Any thoughts?

  65. How Does It Feel Said,

    Thsi guys said in the VIDEO that he is a fun like US but in the Video he did not seem sad but happy to do “bussiness” if Mike is really gone. How can he be a fan?

  66. Ivonne Said,

    Hello, my English is very bad, I use this because of a translator’s program. I hope, you understand, nevertheless, what I mean. The red car is no fire engine, this is a normal car. Susie+Me has put a link to this picture on which one can quite exactly recognise that it does not concern a fire engine. Here is once more the link to the picture. In the picture one sees a normal bonnet which does not have a fire engine thus, they go in front just upwards. I hope, you understand me.

    Für alle deutschen hier Das ist doch kein Feuerwehrauto, die Teile sind “drüben” relativ groß und das Auto auf dem Bild hat eine ganz normale Front “Motorhaube” und ist zu klein, die Reifen sind zu klein. Nur wo kommt das Auto her?

  67. Shauna Said,

    I want to believe Michael is alive because I have been crying my eyes out since he died. I just don’t know. It really doesn’t look like him in the ambulance photo, unless he was wearing full makeup. Michael’s skin was lighter and the coroners said he was very pale. The guy in the photo doesn’t appear to be pale. I am confused. I agree with all that was said about the memorial looking staged. I am hurting more than his own family. I didn’t get that sense of grief from them at all. About the video and stills with the photographers; It looks like the windows are tinted so wouldn’t that cause a reflection of the camera? I don’t know anything about photography but it seems like the camera guy and camera reflection would be in the shot. Who knows? Somebody needs to shut Joe Jackson up. Sometimes when he speaks it sounds like Michael is alive, then he will hurry up and cover what he said or let someone else fix what he said. The most honest Jacksons haven’t said much at all. (Katherine, Janet, and Rebbie) The only ones talking are attention seekers. (Jermaine, Latoya, and Joe)
    I hope MJ is somewhere with his family resting and at peace. As much as I love him, I hope he is never found. Look at what he had to do to get some privacy. (if he is alive) At least some of the lies that were told on him are getting cleared up now. Love you forever Michael

  68. Ivonne Said,

    OK, now I have really found the red car, it is not the fire engine as I have already said, but on this video one sees that almost directly compared with the entrance to the property a normal car stands parked. One sees the car only quite briefly on the video and also only one small part of it, but it is a red car.

    00:05 – 00:06

  69. lets talk Said,

    true enough we all know this pic is fake. especially when you consider that the ambulance in the
    back had black on black tinted windows. You can see the reflection of the car, in the pic. The oicture
    inside was light how did someones camera enable them to shoot through heavily tinted windows, it is impossible. If the doors on the ambulance opens to the back, why is Michael’s head photographed with
    his head towards the door. No ambulance does that it is against compliance !!

    More info see- YOUTUBE- Jonellstar TV , the Michael Jackson conspiracy… its very interesting !!

  70. Perfume Said,

    I have a few questions “Was the ambulance stationary when this guy managed to take this photo?” because if they were then I find it strange having a high profile celebrity in the ambulance who just had cardiac arrest and then they still find time to allow the photographer to take a photo of “MJ” lying in the ambulance, how strange…and the plot thickens…secondly “how come he was the only photographer at the scene?” perhaps someone can answer

  71. Perfume Said,

    #43 well said, which means the ambulance was stationary and this gave this photographer to take the pic of the “person” in the ambulance….I still go back to what the paramedics said, their comments are forever etched in my mind :D:D

  72. Perfume Said,

    oops sorry for commenting so much lol @#46 the first report said that his eldest son Prince Michael said he saw his dad convulsing in the lounge and he thought his dad was messing around, he also mentioned that MJ would fool around like that when playing with them, another question is “Prince is 12yrs old I am certain he was in the house at the time” and my gut feeling tells me that this young man knows a lot what happened that “fatal” day of June 25, 2009 nothing stays hidden that cannot be revealed what is done in the dark must come out into the light, and because he loves his Dad so much I dont think he would tell on his father, even if MJ is alive, it will be a secret between MJ and Prince

  73. Mijac Said,

    Check this:

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray was not in Michael Jackson’s room when his heart stopped.

    As we first reported, authorities believe Jackson died from an overdose of the powerful anesthesia Propofol. Sources say the LAPD believes Dr. Murray may have administered it.

    This raises an even bigger question. Dr. Murray called 911 at 12:21 PM. He says he discovered Jackson in distress a half hour before. But why, then, did Dr. Murray’s employees make a sudden trip to the Dr.’s storage facility in Houston at 9:22 AM Los Angeles time? Could Jackson have been lifeless hours before the 911 call?

    We’re told by the storage facility manager the women who picked up 3 to 5 boxes became nervous when the manager began questioning them about why they were there.

    I think there is something really odd in all this…I THINK he is dead, but i FEEL he is alive, im oficially loosing mi mind, i don’t know.

  74. Mijac Said,

    Another thing:

    Two people went to Dr. Conrad Murray’s storage facility at 11:22 AM Houston time the day Michael Jackson died and took files from the storage and put them in two cars.

    We’re told the women who picked up the material took 3 to 5 boxes and other items. The two women are sisters who worked for the doctor, according to their grandmother. They came to the storage facility in a Mercedes and there was a car that followed them. The women were there for 30 minutes.

    The timing is interesting. It was 9:22 AM Los Angeles time when the women showed up. Dr. Murray called 911 at 12:21 PM. The question — what time did Dr. Murray realize Jackson was in distress?

  75. Mijac Said,

    We’ve learned Dr. Arnold Klein once took Michael Jackson to the office next door to his — run by a gynecologist specializing in vaginal rejuvenation — to perform a minor acne treatment on the singer under full anesthesia.

    We spoke with Dr. Harvey Richmond who told us … around 2003, Dr. Klein asked him if he could use Richmond’s surgery center in his office to perform a procedure on Jackson.

    Dr. Richmond says, per Klein’s request, he got an anesthesiologist and a scrub tech who worked on Jackson.

    Dr. Richmond says he found it “odd” that Dr. Klein performed “some sort of acne treatment” with full anesthesia. Dr. Richmond says he believes the anesthesia used was Propofol, the same drug that may have killed Jackson.

    Dr. Richmond says the 2003 procedure was the only time Dr. Klein used his office for Jackson.

  76. Mijac Said,

    n interesting turn in the Michael Jackson investigation. Several items were seized at Dr. Conrad Murray’s Houston office — “Pamphlets on Sleep Center.”

    We’re told Jackson may have taken the powerful anesthesia Propofol the day he died because he couldn’t sleep. Police believe Dr. Murray may have administered the drug.

    The Sleep Center is located near Doctor’s Hospital in Houston. Dr. Murray was suspended from Doctor’s Hospital — the administrator tells us he believes the doctor was suspended for not completing medical records in a timely fashion.

    As for Dr. Murray’s affiliation with the Sleep Center — a rep from the company hung up when we told them we were TMZ.

  77. Mijac Said,


    There is something fishy in all this, the story keep changing every second, Arnold Klein is the key. He knows the truth.

  78. Mijac Said,

    Law enforcement sources tell us the L.A. County Coroner is scheduled to release the autopsy results in Michael Jackson’s death next week, and the cause of death will “almost certainly” be homicide — death at the hands of another.

    We’re told the Coroner himself will make the call mid-week, after he gets the final toxicology report from an outside consultant. But based on the draft report as well as what has become “clear evidence,” causes other than homicide — natural, accidental, accidental overdose, and suicide — have been ruled out.

    We’ve already reported that for weeks, the LAPD has treated Jackson’s death as a homicide. They have served multiple criminal search warrants — most recently at Dr. Conrad Murray’s Houston medical office. Dr. Murray is actively being investigated as the person who may have administered the powerful anesthesia Propofol to Jackson the day he died.

    We’re told both the Coroner and LAPD have significant evidence that Propofol caused Jackson’s heart to stop.

  79. Mijac Said,

    Dr. Conrad Murray is now officially the target of a manslaughter investigation into the death of Michael Jackson.

    A search warrant authorizing seizure of documents at a storage locker in Houston says law enforcement was hunting for “items constituting evidence of the offense of manslaughter that tend to show that Dr. Conrad Murray committed the said criminal offense.”

    The person who runs the facility says people from Murray’s office visited the storage locker six times — the last time the morning of Jackson’s death.

    We’ve been reporting for several weeks … the LAPD has been treating Michael Jackson’s death as a homicide and Dr. Murray was the focus of the investigation for possibly fueling the singer with a lethal dose of the powerful anesthesia Propofol

  80. Mijac Said,

    If Michael is alive, then why let all this grow further, this is damaging to Dr. Murray and I do not think that is something that our Michael would do.

  81. heavencanwait Said,

    Here’ s what my 12 year old niece has to say:

    ” MICHAEL IS ALIVE AND WE CAN PROVE IT! We made an experiment. We took a picture through a tinted glass/window and nothing came out! it was completely dark. which means that the death picture of Michael was set up! we suggest you all try to take pictures through tinted windows and share your thoughts! Microwaves has tinted windows, sunglasses as well…you won’t see anything!

    And I will add “If the gloves don’t fit you must aquit..well if the windows don’t show a thing HE IS ALIVE!
    HEAVEN CAN definetly WAIT!

  82. STARFISH1 Said,

    Ok people, and if alive, is gone from all of us! The better life!
    Life without stress, trauma, persecution, camera, bad people …. In life as we live, ordinary life.
    We forget how beautiful is this life!
    How nice to be free, relaxed stroll with your loved ones, enjoy morning coffee in a nearby cafes, see the most recent film premiere, to go on vacation and enjoy the beautiful places, jump in the public fountain when the heat … . and so much more,that is the ordinary life and freedom you have!
    However, we have only one life, it should be in the best way to use.

    I love you people !

  83. watching Said,

    Hello all,

    interesting, everything, and always keep in mind what someone said that they may be reading about this…

    just look at the following:




    tinted windows: someone said before that ambulances do not have tinted windows, really? Well, look at the pictures and you do want to know more just continue looking the pictures you will find on the last 2 links because it comes straight from LAFD Fire Department relate website to their incident reports.

    still a big question, some ambulances have tinted windows and some don’t. (look at the first video).

    until then… I will be watching you all

  84. watching Said,

    another pic:

    hands: very delicate:

    not so delicate or looking like it:

  85. Hideaway Said,

    The photographer said it himself: “It’s Michael, you know, it’s DRAMA. Maybe he wants to not do the concerts, so he goes to the hospital to get out of the concerts, you know, who knows?”

    If this photog knew MJ for 10+ years & has many personal photographs of MJ with himself, who’s to say he wasn’t in on the escape plot? MJ may have paid him handsomely to take a staged pic.

    Or, on the flip side, if MJ knew this guy was constantly on the prowl to take pics, he would have known this guy would be outside ready to snap a shot, & MJ played dead in the ambulance knowing this guy would snap some pics. Odd though, isn’t it? That there is only ONE pic of MJ on the way to the hospital? Usually paparazzi pictures are one after another…between the red-shirted guy & the yellow-shirted guy, they could have gotten at least two pictures per second as they stood there several seconds (5-10 sec) at the ambulance’s side window.

    It could have been a body double playing dead, too. Or the body double may have been murdered & the pic shows the double actually dead. Or it could be a MJ mannequin/wax figure. I think it is more likely that it is the real MJ or an imposter playing dead…or a wax figure because he had supposedly been dead for a full hour or more at the point this pic was taken, so he would have shown signs of full blown cyanosis (lack of oxygen in the blood, leading to a bluish tint to the skin). His skin does not look even slightly blue at all.

  86. Lana Said,

    After comparing information from this interview, the interview in Vanity Fair, and Hollywood.tv’s and tourist’s videos, it seems to me the story of taking the last photo sounds very realistic.
    There were 4 guys waiting for the ambulance in the street. Ben Evansted, who gave this interview, was in yellow shirt. We can see him holding his camera during the first seconds at the Hollywood.tv video. Excerpts of the video taped by Ben you can see here
    Chris Weiss, who took the last photo was in red shirt. The guy from Hollywood.tv was in the black.
    After the ambulance got to the street, all guys except Ben were trying to take pictures through the back windows, while Ben ran to the right side window. I think the photo showing yellow-shirted guy near the side window was taken at that moment. Then Chris joined him. He can be seen holding his camera beside the right side window at both the videos Hollywood.tv’s and tourist’s.
    The red car was parked nearby, so it could be reflected by the window.

    But it’s not clear for me why Ben told that only one photo had been taken, while I counted at list 4. Here they are

    1. http://www.etonline.com/news/2009/06/75724/ and the full version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAm3NDJiMds
    2. http://www.theinsider.com/news/2306335_Michael_Jackson_Exclusive_Last_Photo
    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p39uGeJYjsk
    4. http://s291.photobucket.com/albums/ll281/d-va100/?action=view&current=80678247.jpg

    There are different positions of the paramedic’s hands. The 4th is like the 3d but the reflection of the red car is different.

  87. boogieblamer Said,

    I have been following this site… And i still believe that he is alive and well…

    Check this out:

    This was a letter from someone…

    Then, as I was reading it…There was something about a ‘chapter’ of his life. And they are hoping that they will succeed..

    Is this about his escape?
    And just left the drugs to put drama onto the picture?what can you say?

  88. Perfume Said,

    #81 it took a 12yr old to prove the photo was a like kudos to the kid, there is more to his “death” than meets the eye again I will say nothing stays hidden that cannot be revealed and again I will always remember what the paramedics said that day. Which way is his head facing in the ambulance??

  89. MariannaB Said,

    There is a letter of C. Murray in the news dated June 15.
    I believe this is letter is fake and hoax, too, as we have already read about this “once in a lifetime chance” when he was hired one year ago.


    I am getting the impression that he’s the one being the punching bag all want to concentrate on now.
    As this guy was in debt’s so much – why not he is being well paid for playing the punching bag?
    I believe he will have the best advocats of the US, may go to jail in the worst case and will get out with all his problems solved.

    The only thing that makes me think is the fact that this Murray had been working on “sleeping disorders”, that he was having a connection to this “sleep clinic”, that MJ complained of not being capable to sleep anymore and that this mysterious Propofol in general may be used for artificial coma in hospitals (read wikipedia details, ti’s really interesting).

    I have a big doubt whether this doc did not sell his close contact to MJ in order to abuse MJ for either a hoax planned by third parties in order to make money or either for his studies and / or potential treatment on sleeping disorders. In any case he would have earned a lot.

    My impression is that he was the last person to be around MJ.

    How many famous persons did die from betrayal by their entourage in history? A lot.

  90. MariannaB Said,

    Here is said that C. Murray was in the ambulance and practising CPR until they reached hospital.


    This would mean that the hand on teh body should be the hand of C. Murray. I doubt this as the person with the hand on the body does wear a uniform.

  91. MariannaB Said,

    Very interesting data on C. Murray, the Jacksons, A. Klein etc.:


  92. MariannaB Said,

    And this about C Murray not being certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine since Dec 31, 2008:

    a strange repution record isn’t it?

    my best guess he was sneaking to MJ in the Las Vegas days and just tried to stick there.

  93. Mijac Said,

    And now this:

    Law enforcement sources tell us Dr. Conrad Murray kept a stash of drugs — including the powerful anesthesia Propofol — hidden in his closet at Michael Jackson’s home.

    Sources say when the LAPD first searched Jackson’s home the night he died, they did not turn up Propofol or many of the other drugs that were in Jackson’s house.

    Dr. Murray talked to the LAPD the following Saturday and the information he supplied triggered another, broader search warrant. Cops returned to the house the following Monday and discovered “various drugs” secretly stashed in a closet of the guest room where Dr. Murray was staying.

    Here’s the amazing thing …law enforcement sources say Dr. Murray himself told LAPD detectives about the closet when he was interviewed the Saturday after Jackson’s death.

    One law enforcement source says: “The drugs were concealed…they weren’t obvious.” Among the stash — Propofol, the drug authorities believe killed Michael Jackson.
    See Also

  94. Mijac Said,

    How’s this for a plot twist? Yesterday we broke the story that the Special Administrators of Michael Jackson’s estate filed legal papers saying they just recovered $5.5 million is cash from a former financial advisor. The advisor is Dr. Tohme Tohme, who got involved with Jackson in the last year-and-a-half of his life, and he claims the money was “a secret.”

    In an interview last night, Dr. Tohme said the money came from recording residuals and that “It was a secret between Michael and me.”

    Dr. Tohme claims the money was going to be used for a Las Vegas “dream home.”

    Tohme says Michael implored him, “Don’t tell anyone about the money.” He says when the singer died, he came forward and said he had the stash.

  95. Ivonne Said,

    @boogieblamer No. 87:

    I have also perused the letter. Funnily I think that he should come from the year 2002 and what is strange for me, why stands there in fat writing “This is it”????? This was the Moto for his comeback and the letter is from the year 2002!!!!!

  96. lenoksru Said,

    agree with admin and many others here – too many things don’t add up, i’d never in my life believe this paparazzi guy was able to get quite easily through the tight security that Michael obviously had around the house, they wouldn’t let a single camera anywhere near. and seeing him take a pic at such a crucial moment – they still let him do it?

  97. maria2284 Said,

    He really had this preplanned, years and years in advance.

  98. elizabethvitale Said,

    There are a lot of very logical and questionable points to this entire event. I find more to agree Michael isn’t dead.

  99. Layleen Said,

    People were saying that this isnt him in the picture because the person looks like a real humain thats totally BS, because if you look closely at the nose it’s him and when he dosnt have havey powder and make-up on his skin, his actually skin colour is the colour in the picture. He look perfect and he dosnt look sick at all it only looks like he was lying down till the pic was taken and he got out of the ambulance before the other ambulance arrived.

  100. maria2284 Said,

    My first question… how in the world could you NOT tell if was MJ if it was MJ… So, right there just shows it was not MJ.

    Also, I saw an ambulance today that had tinted windows.. I tired my hardest to look threw the windows, and I couldn’t see a thing.

    So I know there was no way they could take such a clear picture like the one they are showing.

    Ugh, this is so messed up… but I guess Mj felt like he needed to escape from the media.. and I don’t blame him, these people are ridiculous.

  101. maria2284 Said,

    ****not MJ because the paramedics said they didnt know WHO it was. How could they not know if it was truly him they were working on? lol come on….

  102. tiatialuvsummj Said,

    On my cell, I’m able to turn the ambulance picture upside down and get a good look at the left ear. According to Dr. Klein, he used cartilage from Michael’s ear to rebuild his nose. The ear does look mangled, like the other ones circulating the internet. Michael is a brilliant man, and he knew that his fans would pick on the “ear” in the picture. I believe that it is MJ on the pic but he was very much alive when he took it. According to TMZ, MIchael died around 9:00AM if not earlier. By 12:30PM, his skin tone would have been grayish, if not blue. This picture his skin looks fresh and healthy.

    I love you Michael!

  103. Kela Said,

    POR FAVOR – Espero traduzcan lo que escribo, porque hablo un poco de inglés, pero
    es un poco dificil expresar tantas cosas en otro idioma.

    He notado varias cosas, en el 1:28 se ve el reflejo de alguien con una cámara,
    de ropa blanca, y en el 1:29 al lado de la mano del
    guardaespaldas, se ve el reflejo de un hombre que viste camisa
    y una gorra blanca, y tiene una càmara.
    Esto es en la ventana de la parte trasera de la ambulancia.
    Y si ponemos pausa en el 1:30 veremos a los 2 hombres, el de camisa roja,
    y el de camisa amarilla, juntos, ambos con cámara en mano,
    De hecho, el de camisa roja, aparentemente toma una foto, o
    por lo menos tiene la cámara justo en la ventana del lado derecho
    de la ambulancia, y en el 1:32 está una vez mas con la cámara en la
    ventana y rápidamente se hace a un lado, PERO, en el 1:33 se ve claramente
    cómo el de camisa amarilla coloca su cámara en la misma ventana,
    aparentemente toma una foto y también se retira.

    Cuando la cámara se da vuelta, en el 1:37 podemos ver al
    auto rojo y al camión de bomberos estacionados.
    En el 1:43 se puede ver claramente a un hombre caminando hacia la entrada
    de la casa, y podemos tener una idea de donde estaba colocada la ambulancia.
    Asi que vemos el camión de bomberos a una altura que puede
    darnos el misterioso reflejo color rojo. No sucede asi con el auto, por la altura.

    El reflejo rojo debe ser (por lògica y angulo correcto)
    del camión de los bomberos, que queda estacionado casi
    detrás de la ambulancia en el momento que toman las fotos.
    Así exactamente como sucede con el autobús de turistas que
    pasa por el lugar en el 1:54 y que se estaciona en el 2:17 y
    sucede lo mismo, ahi está el reflejo! justo en ese momento! en la
    parte trasera del autobús de turistas.
    Con ésto queda resuelto (para mí) lo del reflejo.

    Ahora, todo esto, encaja perfectamente! por lo menos para mí, pero ahora mi duda es,
    ¿quièn habrá tomdo realmente la imagen de Michael en la ambulancia? (la única
    imagen y que todos conocemos), el hombre de la gorra blanca 1:28, 1:29, o
    el de camisa roja, o el de camisa amarilla? Por que habiendo 3 camaras en
    ese momento, y solo conocemos una foto? No será nada raro que después vendan
    mas fotos “exclusivas” cuando se agoten sus recursos con la foto que todos
    conocemos. Para saber quien de ellos la tomó tendriamos que saber de qué lado de la
    ambulancia estaba la cabeza de Michael, hacia los conductores, o hacia la puerta
    trasera. Todo esto lo analicé por la pregunta de quién tomó la foto, si el de rojo o el
    de amarillo. Veo que ambos realizan disparos. Y el del 1:28 ?
    Ustedes qué opinan??
    El análisis es del video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuXRaJFdmKU&feature=rec-HM-r2

  104. Kela Said,

    Y, en esta página, en el video de la entrevista al fotografo, en el 3:06 y 3:07 puede verse al de camisa amarilla tomando la foto, porque un segundo antes el de camisa roja corrió hacia atrás de la ambulancia, y ahi mismo podemos verlo, pero tambén podemos ver a OTRO hombre en la ventana trasera de la ambulancia,, tomando una foto, justo al lado del guardaespaldas que tiene su mano apoyada en la ventana para impedir que tomen fotos. Y DETRÁS DE EL está el camión de bomberos, que a mi razonamiento, seria el que dá el rflejo color rojo. Entonces quien tomó la foto que todos conocemos no fué el de amarillo, sino el hombre que está en la ventana trasera en ese instante!!!. OBSERVEN y diganme qué opinan???

  105. Kela Said,

    FINALMENTE, lo del reflejo color rojo cuadra perfectamente con la posición de la ambulancia adelante del camión de bomberos. Y entonces no seria el de marillo quien tomó la foto, ok, como sea, de ser asi, y que la foto haya sido tomada por la ventana trasera de la ambulancia (por quien haya sido), entonces no lo que no cuadra seria la posición del cuerpo de Michael dentro de la ambulancia. Porque para que tenga el reflejo del camión de bomberos tiene que haber sido tomada por la ventana de atrás, y entonces no concordaría con la foto de la cara de Michael, porque la foto está como de lado. Y entonces ésto cuadraría con el de camisa amarlla. Entonces???? Seguimos en las mismas. Continúa el misterio…….

  106. youarealive Said,

    to tiatialuvsummj:

    yes. That´s the point. Why the only photo is taken from his left side? As u said , he knew that his fans would pick on the ear in the picture!
    Why not his right side?
    So much coinscidence!
    And the other point is correct too. He has vitiligo, so his skin is whiter than a “normal white skin”. So in an anoxia condition, he would be very gray or really blue!

  107. xodasha Said,

    yeaaaaa look at the “comeback announcement’ (that was abody double) and the “june 23″ rehersal photo…can you really say thats the same person or atleast from the same recent time??? NO! then why not make the doubly douby look similar to the michael jackson they were gonna show that ‘died’? idk, but im just saying that the ambulance picture, the rehersal and the body doublt DO NOT LOOK LIKE EACHOTHER while trying to pass for one person at one time. of course ppl are too disctracted to realize This, i mean, DR CONRAD MURRAY IS a MURDERER!
    michael is too good

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