Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

The following excerpts  have been sourced from a Blog called Inside Illuminus Theo which is available to view in it’s entirety here: http://bit.ly/19rPT1

Illuminus Theo claims that they were the secret organisation behind the Michael Jackson Death Hoax.

Jackson’s Staged Comeback
Jackson, better than anyone, knew the rigors of dancing, and that his body could never handle a comeback such as he promised the world. But he craved not only immortality of body and soul but of name and fame, and of the love that he felt had eluded him his entire life, even in his so-called marriages (which he was quite serious about, but having never been loved, he found to his dismay that he could not love). Michael set out to show the world that he was as youthful and capable as ever by promising a series of performances that even someone half his age would have found impossible to pull off.”

“That he could even manage a practice session is testimony to his desperation, as well as his genius and determination. But he only planned to perform the practice sessions. He had no intention whatsoever of actually engaging in the performances because, once the world had seen what he was still capable of, he would “die,” and then sit back and watch the world mourn him.”

“Let’s set one record straight. Michael was a health fanatic, and did not abuse drugs–at least much. His pleas to doctors for sleeping remedies were ploys to set the stage for his death (which was fitting, as his entire life was a stage). Poor Deepak Chopra was aghast at what he saw as Michael’s growing dependence upon prescription drugs, but Michael knew that, once he had “died,” Deepak would remember his pleas for drugs, and share them out of sympathy for his extinguished friend–and thus reinforce the fiction that Jackson had died of drugs. To further reinforce this fiction, Jackson phoned other doctors, begging for drugs, and some doctors did provide them, but he never used them. He was too terrified of death to allow anything to weaken his body’s tenuous hold upon life.”

“Jackson’s “Death”
The night before Jackson’s “death,” he danced his heart out, almost literally (which underscored the impossibility of surviving the grueling schedule he’d announced to his public). He returned to his rented home, and was spirited away to a waiting jet at Burbank airport, which transported him to a location in the Southeastern U.S. that I dare not divulge (yet). But I must explain that the man who died of an alleged heart attack under the very hands of his personal physician (get real!) was not Jackson but a 47-year-old Romanian named Dimitrie Draghicescu, whom Illuminus Theo disgracefully dragged into this morbid affair.”

“Dimitrie Draghicescu–the Dead Jackson
After fully 3 years of plastic surgery and training, Dimitrie could easily pass for a live Jackson, not to mention a dead one. But unlike the mighty Michael, Dimitrie did die. Dimitrie, not Jackson, was the one whisked to the hospital. Did you not wonder why the man who phoned 911 did not say “Michael Jackson” was the victim? It was not to avoid publicity but to insure that, should the 911 calls be analyzed by voice experts and electronic analyzers, no one could detect the stress from the caller’s blatant falsehood.”

“Dimitrie agreed to die in Michael’s place only because he had a terminal illness, and because Jackson had promised a generous reward to his family. And had Dimitrie refused, our Order would have revealed the Draghicescu family secret that had brought them to the attention of Illuminus Theo in the late 1700s (we too are familiar with the gold carrot-iron stick argument).”

“Michael Jackson is alive, and given the information he forced out of Illuminus Theo, he may well reach his goal of living to 150, but I don’t think he will enjoy those extra 100 years (and neither will we). But in the meantime, Michael Jackson is enjoying immensely the spectacle of the entire world in tears. He has achieved the fame and even a measure of love and respect, that eluded him in life. His eccentricities are forgiven; those he alienated are reconciled. And perhaps this is not a bad thing. What I fear, personally, is where Michael Jackson is headed now. With the exception of his father, no one could ever say “No” to Michael–and that was to a mortal Jackson. How will the world handle the Michael Jackson that is to come? Of course, no one will recognize the new Jackson for who he is.”


  1. quesarasara Said,

    It’s not credible enough. I’m sorry. It’s just heresay. And since when do we know there is such a cult established? Where are the FACTS!!!! Free press is such a bitch.

  2. supermom75 Said,

    he was into vampires and the meaning behind imortal i know this a am a close friend but this is very far fetched for micheal i am goin more with this one i am strongly believing but i want to find out the source and who told him go to derek clontz in search because for some reason i can not put links up he has three pages on it and evidence of convo with close ppl to michael and it sounds so much more like michael i feel this person did this for attention …..so check out derek clontz in search and checkout all his info on his sight

  3. nycscenie Said,

    I would love to believe this but i dont really think its true cuz annyyoone can make up an organization and tell this story. And if there was such an organization, y would spill the beans on the hoax and so early? A real organization who be more careful with what they write. Unrealated to the point, Jackson DID feel love. If anything he felt love from everyone except his dad and loved everyone so the part about him not being able to love, is not credible to me.

  4. melissa_177 Said,

    Dimitri Draghicescu was a politian, sociologist, diplomat and writer, how could you say that?, we need more information, maybe where is hiding Michael Jackson,

    God Bless you

  5. Parakeet Said,

    Dimitrie Drăghicescu (or Dumitru Drăghicescu) (1875 – 1945) was a Romanian politician, sociologist, diplomat and writer.

    Dimitrie Drăghicescu was born on May 4, 1875 in the village of Zăvoieni, Vâlcea County, Romania. After finishing grammar school in his native village, he attended Carol I High School in Craiova and thereafter the Law Faculty of Bucharest University. In 1901 he left for Paris where he studied at the Collège de France where he studied with Emile Durkheim, Gabriel de Tarde, Henry Bergson, Theodule Armand Ribot. He also attended the lectures organized by the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques.

    On May 17, 1904 he obtained his doctor’s degree in Sociology. In 1905 he was appointed associate professor of Sociology at the University of Bucharest.

    During World War I, from 1916 to 1918 he lived in France where he is active in promoting the ideas of a national Romanian state. On April 9-12, 1918 he attended the “Congress of Nationalities” in Rome with Nicolae Lupu and Simion Mândrescu, as members of the group supporting the right of Romanians to a state within their national ethnic borders and demanding the recongnition of Romania as a cobelligerent country.

    From 1934 to 1936 he was minister plenipotentiary in Mexico.

    He committed suicide on September 14, 1945.

    taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimitrie_Dr%C4%83ghicescu

  6. supermom75 Said,

    like i said i really am starting to believe derek clontz story on this go to his sight i do not know why i can not send links on here right now but look up derek clontz on search

  7. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Im trying to believe it aswell. Some of the things written, sounds like Michael. But who knows, mabye he just want some money. But then again, we will figure that out fast, casue it it goes out to the public, we will see how the family reacts. That will be the main key, in all of this

  8. feyaya Said,

    i had read about this illuminus theo before. and while it all sounds like the missing puzzle piece, anyone could have written it. and i googled that dmitrie guy and found the same wikipedia entry. not that people can’t have the same names as other people, but still. the name is so unique…but hey, maybe it’s a common name in romania and there really was a double who went through years of surgery and learning to become his double. who knows! i’m pulling me hair out! lol. has anyone googled illuminus theo and found any other info on them to back up their claims?

  9. dianafan Said,

    Sorry guys – I think this is a non starter – or a massive clue! I know I’m UK and spell a little different


    Wasn’t Tohme the manager or something. Or have I completely missed the point?

  10. dianafan Said,

    OOoh – I’m getting excited now – are you all asleep in the USA

  11. dianafan Said,

    or how about


    obviously with the extra o which is the english spelling and if Tohme is anything but American he will have learned queens english!!!! Oh god – sonmeone wake up out there and let me know what you think – its only 6 pm in UK, I won’t find out until I have been to bed – I hate time differences!

    Come on supermom – opinions

  12. dianafan Said,


    I’m giving up now – someone has been very clever in doing this, but is it true? Hope to have lots of opinions when I come back on in about 14 hours, that will give you plenty of time! Sleepless night coming up. I just knoew there was something fishy about that title.

  13. dianafan Said,

    Last one I promise

    Illusion hides me (with INTO fitted in nicely somewhere)

  14. dianafan Said,

    its getting worse


    FAME EVIL A REVOIR (french for goodbye – could be missing a u – should it be au revoir?)

  15. perfumeflower Said,

    After reading Parakeets post above, I am now trying so hard to get my head round all of this. How is it possible for a man to be born in 1875 and commit suicide in 1945 and then to be the very same man who had plastic surgery to pass himself off as Michael Jackson? Surely this just does not add up? Or have I just missed something? (lol)

    anyone got any ideas?

    As far as all the other blogs about all the strange happenings,discrepencies,contradictions and so forth,yes I do really believe Michael is
    still alive somewhere…

  16. supermom75 Said,

    ok i am goin to post this anyways cause i feel this is the truth now i talk to this sight and i have not been able to get much info on who he has talked to yet but i goin to keep trying here it goes admin please remove the phony one it is not truely true please here check this out please



    Remember: Your World Report is the world’s fastest-growing newsmagazine.* Welcome to our family of readers – 2.5 million strong.

  17. iangee Said,

    I do not believe MJ is dead at all…
    BUT I’m not convinced by this…
    In this era of technology HOW can there possibly be no references to this illuminous theo organisation ever,,, I mean I know they’re a “secret organisation” but!

    And secondly I find it too coincidental that
    THEO is a character in a strategic online game called LUMINOUS ARC…

    This has to be made up by some ponce having a laugh.

  18. she_can Said,

    For those who believe that MJ’s death has been staged:

    I am concerned about the whole autopsy thing. I need your help figuring it out

    When carrying out an autopsy, DNA testing is not done systematically, only when necessary (unrecognizable person…etc)

    Blood samples are taken, samples for DNA testing (as and when necessary but not necessary in all autopsies), and toxicological tests are carried out on the heart for signs of poisoning if no physical injuries have manifested themselves.

    source: http://www.exploreforensics.co.uk/performing-an-autopsy.html

    Is it possible that the family members are the only one aware of that staged death and they actually helped him carry it out? I mean they all happened to be not that far from the hospital on the 25th June, they seem very united, children apparently are doing ok, father Joe is even thinking of the next step (bringing mini Jacksons in showbiz).

    What is the worst think that can happen if, let’s say, MJ makes a comeback in a couple of years?

    Since no DNA testing is necessary, LAPD can not be held responsible if there happened to be a staged death (someone else’s body) – they would say “the family confirmed his identity”. The family will be sued? Ok then they would say that they were under shock, they were not staring at him since they were comforting the children and each other, the autopsy disfigured him etc…

    What do you think? does it make sense?

  19. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    I very much do believe that MJ is alive, but the thingo doesnt sound rite, like cmon MJ isngt gna hire a dead guy to pull this off, and if this is real why would he leak the details on the hoax so soon?
    Does anyone know if the actual news or media are talkin bout MJ’s death being a hoax???

  20. bghoppy Said,

    Yeah, what happened to DR. Tohme?
    And why does everyone talk as if he had just one home, neverland. John McCain has 7 homes but MJ just one?

  21. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Michael has way more than 1 houses. You can count on that. He could be anywhere.

  22. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Feyaya Michael had a double body, named Navi, he have had surgery to look more like Michael

  23. bghoppy Said,

    JC, I think it’s weird that NO media outlet has even concidered a hoax, not even Geraldo. I wish that we would all dismiss those (i feel) unbelievable parts like a DEAD double, and illumious theo is involved, and he might have died in ‘84 and the story about UCLA being able to revive the dead. In fact, (no offence) I don’t understand why admin has included those stories, when i thought the point of this site was that we are searching for the truth and the reality in this unfortunate situation, and i don’t feel they help at all. I sort of wish you could change the forma so that the comments are hooked to specific article but we are all commenting about the same topic as a whole. Now we are getting into redundant posting of ideas, and I feel some of the good ones are getting lost in the site mapping. Just a suggestion. Still love the site and reading the posts.

  24. bghoppy Said,

    I mean I wish the comments were Not grouped to the specific article, but instead as one larger general thread at the end of all articles. that way we are literally all on the same page.

  25. smileygirl24 Said,

    i do agree with you bghoppy .. i love this website it brought everyone close together because we all have the same LOVE for michael

    I hope he sees how much we truly love him and want him to be happy.

  26. smileygirl24 Said,

    omg MICHAEL is really alive
    someone pleeeeeeeeease explain this picture for me please?
    Is it really what i think it is?
    Michael kissing his impersonator on the forehead OPEN CASKET>?
    Or am i just going crazy?? LOL

    OMG am like freaking out I Love You Michael FOREVER !!


  27. elde Said,

    I agree with bghoppy. Sometimes you know you read something interesting and you can’t remember which article it was related to. Other than that, I love your site.

  28. flower Said,

    hi i also agree with bghoppy i love this site but im going crazzzzzzzzy all the comments need to be on one pg im spending hrs just trying to read all of this im getting to the point where i feel like it would be good if we could all meet up and get all are thoughts 2geather. adm please can you sought it so all comments are on 1pg, guys i tell you something i really cant sleep to well cause of all of this this MJ thing is makeing me bad if it wasnt for all of you i dont know what i would do, this gives me hope , mj we LOVE YOU

  29. Scotty Said,

    What do ppl think of this?


  30. Goldie Said,


    jesus main
    thats not Michael´s impersenator are you blind
    it was JAMES BROWN :b
    you can even se it on the URL in the last line is say brownjackson

    it is michael who kissed his idol JAMES BROWM in the forhead….. lol

  31. flower Said,

    HERE we go now tmz reporting on the dentist thing what the hells going on how much more crap they going to give us, well its not working but i have to say i like how mj has done this its goood

  32. i87 Said,

    hey guys…ive been reading articles and comments on this site for some time now… i decided to sign up today… all of this makes sense… reading stuff on this site makes me feel so much better… my world literally paused when i found out michael jackson “died”…i remember.. i got my license that day… when i came home.. my dad told me MJ passed away …but im so sure… hes still alive… he needed a break for a while.. anyhow i found this article and wanted to share it with u guys..


  33. feyaya Said,

    it would be much easier if all the comments were lumped together. i’ve even gotten to the point where i keep track of the last amount of comments that each topic last had. then i refresh like crazy. and i can relate to FLOWER, cuz this whole thing has interfered with my sleeping too. i never met michael but of course always wanted to. i only wrote him a letter when i was little, lol. anyways, i hope we get somewhere in all of this.

    oh and about the post, i read the original article at the site and the person was saying michael would not return as an entertainer, but to watch the HIStory video for a clue. what is that supposed to mean?? is he gonna be some kind of russian leader or something?? someone please read that and tell me your opinions…

  34. Andrea Said,

    I AGREE WITH BGHOPPY! I cannot keep up with all these comments! I wish they were all on ONE page. Or I wish I could be apart of the admin so I could read them all before they are posted! HAHA! Seriously though I wish they could all be on one page somehow. It’s so hard, everytime I refresh there are new comments in different posts and AHHHHHHHH! And yes I am going CRAZY as well with all of this going on. When I wake up the first thing I do is check this website to read the comments! HAHAHA. All of you though, who also think MJ faked his death, you guys are awesome!

  35. abstract42000 Said,

    Unfortunately the illuminus Theo is a joke too.
    Read the last line, the article written by Father Lingyu Fu.
    Now read it this way…Fu Lingyu….or otherwise “fooling you”
    Don’t get sucked in because people tell u something you want to hear.

  36. i87 Said,

    @ abstract42000

    omg are you seirous??… wow i feel stupid… so thts wat it stands for eh…”fooling you”…omg whoever wrote tht blog is such a jerk!… for many ppl like myself… this isnt a joke.. we seriously are trying to find facts that prove MJ to be alive….

  37. Sweedishgirl Said,

    I don’t know if it’s true but have you heard of issue 36? I read about this number on a webbsite that there was 36 friends might have helped to fake MJ death! Then you might wonder from where the number 36 wolud come from…. So I started looking for personal data.
    The first personal facts you think of is 1958 – 2009 right? And to get the number I used the mathematichs! So I used the easiest method to calculate this number by using addition.
    I added : 1+9+5+8+2+0+0+9= 36 (Given that I expected figures were the zeros counted as number 1 )This is just a theory I thought was interesting since several years and other figures can create the same speech! (Thus figures innom Michael Jackson area)Possibly be the children’s ages with different calculation to get pretty interesting responses. Try you like to and see if you get something out of it! Use as much data about Michael Jackson as possible to get the best and serious answers! Here’s a link to the page where this was written about … Thus the number 36 :

    Unfortunately, my English skills are not the best but I hope that you understood what I wrote ..
    Thank you for your website … I like it very much because as you write are things that I think of when Michael Jackson story goes …

  38. AliaX Said,

    I think Fr. Lingyu Fu makes up stories. If Draghicescu changed place with Michael, tell me more, where is Draghicescu family. What place, what city? I’m from Romania, in 5 minutes I will go get you Michael!

  39. steffik Said,

    Hi everybody…just watched the memorial again-the “we are the world” part with this strange singer at the beginning.Before they started to sing this song Michael’s Choegrapher was talking and behind him we can see the pic of his last rehearsal, that this page already found out was a fake…cuz the “S” had to be between Michael’s legs but its not..The Choreographer must have known that this is a fake right?The Memorial was a nice one but for a USUAL singer it was a sad no named memorial for the KING OF POP.Where have been all the REAL stars and his closet friends?Where was Quincy Jones?Something heard about him?And what about to burry him if he is really dead?Nobdy is saying a word about this anymore since the memorial.They all talking about bullshit and bad things but never mentioned the good things Michael has one for the world.WHY???? Michael we love u wherever u are but PLEASE just let the fans just know if u are alright.We want peace too.this is too sad.The Media is just tryin to fool us and all the ppl who think they are involved with all that

  40. MJFAN1972 Said,

    smileygirl24 big hug 2 u. I saw that picture and it makes me more convinced than ever.

  41. MJFAN1972 Said,

    that he is alive. Sorry, I 4got 2 add that part.

  42. Shar Said,


  43. niacox Said,

    I think Michael is hiding from a “Queen” because he ignorantly revealed his extreme interest in a well known royal.

  44. niacox Said,

    Many people saw the body of the late James Brown. No one wants to see a dead body, but have you considered the fact that no one has seen a dead body of Michael Jackson? Not even the Reverend Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton or even Diana Ross has reportedly seen the remains of Michael Jackson. The coffin at the much celebrated memorial was empty. Brilliant people prey on the minds of the simple. Wake up and smell the roses! The beloved Michael is in hiding, here on earth. This is not fantasy because we cannot accept his death, its common sense. No one has seen the man dead except coroners “supposedly.” This is very unusual. Someone of credibility must have seen the remains if the man is really dead.

  45. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Remember Michael Jackson Was Very Intelligent And Believed In Subliminal Messages. I Believe That Illuminous Theo Was An Illusion All Together.

  46. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    The First Link Seems So Believable ANd Its My Thoughts as Well. This Sounds Like To Me, Michael Jackson Has Decided To Come Up With A New Name. Because This Derek Clontz, Doesnt Seem To Have A Real Photo. Plus He Seems To Know Too Much. I Believe This Information. In Fact, I Really Think That Derek Clontz Is Michael Jackson, Just Frontin. This Indivdual Seems To Know Too Much. More Than Anyone Else.

  47. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    I Know This All Seems To Make No Sense. Im Pretty Sure It Was All Staged ANd The People That Encountered The Michael Jackson Death Are Probably Behind It As Well. Just Watch, Pretty Soon Everything Will Die Down And Then Kaboom, Michael Jackson Is Back And Better Than Ever.

  48. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    None Of The Media Is Talking About The Hoax. This Is weird, Because the Media Looks For lies To Spread At All Times. So Why Are normal People Like Us, Thinking Twice? Because We Know Its The Truth And We Will Just Be Called Crazy. People Are Stupid And Believe The Media.

  49. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Michael Jackson Had More Properties. For Some Reason The Media Is Not Telling Us Everything, Or They Really Finally Believe Something About michael Jackson. Im Pretty Sure This Was ALl So He Can Prove The Media Is Bullshit.

  50. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    On One Of Michael Jackson’s Banners. You Can Tell Navi Is In The Picure Instead Of Michael Jackson.

  51. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Im Pretty Sure if Michael Jackson really hoaxed His Death. He Probably Is looking To See If Anyone Caught On. His Death Is Only Believable To People Who Believe The Media.

  52. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    You Can’t Really Tell. The Picture Doesnt Really Prove Anything. It COuld Be Someone Else.

  53. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Why Are You On This Site If You Dont Believe Michael Jackson Is Alive?

  54. shyone Said,

    Why has Elizabeth Taylor mysteriously come on twitter to say that Michael Jackson’s death taught her something. No one has heard from her all of this time. Also, why has the custody trial of Michael’s kids been delayed? Why is his mom trying to get control of his estate when the trust factor specifically says anyone that challenges his decision will be disinherited? I find everything surrounding his death very fishy. Lastly, why is the media playing that lost song he made about going to a place with no name? Supposedly, he could have made it years ago. I can say one thing. I don’t put anything past MJ. He was a genius and always intrigue by Barnum, Chaplin along with other eccentric people throughout history. I have no doubt that he is alive. Thank you for putting my suspicions to rest.

  55. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,


  56. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    You know what SHAR. DO NOT TEELL ME THAT EPOPLE WHO IS REALLI GRIVING. You know what i have been doing for the past 3 weeks.? aparrently NOT. You Dont know what you are talking about. there is NO death satificate signed. NO Burriel place, NO family memmbers are griving. and the 1st 2 otopsy reports turned out to be FAKE. Im sorry for saying this, But do NOT pass judgement. Aparrantly you dont know how much I love Michael, and i dont think he is dead, and i can tell you why. THERE IS NO GOD DAMN PROOF. Nothing. A bunch of shit from the Media, and 1, seriously 1 picture of Michael in all of this, in a ambulance, and then its not even him. DAMN. I believe his dead, when i see his body. No sooner. If you can give me one realible prove of him being dead, be my quest, but im not gonna stop beliveing, before i see some prove. And most importently, when you love someone as much as some of us in here really Love Michael, you can feel it in your heart if they are gone.

  57. MyBelovedMJ Said,


    I hear ya. That Derek dude, has revield Michael`s diary, and some people might say that it is fake, and his only out to get money. Well one thing, look at it again, and look closer, read between the lines. All that is written sounds like Michael. Watch every singel video with him on youtube, watch it, and you will see that it adds up with the things in his diary. The reason why its not gonna be released to the Media and only to the family is, if the media get this Michel is screwed, they will never stop looking for him, they will hunt more than they ever did. Thats why, Im pretty sure Michel is reading this site. He knows what people are thinking. But seriously, you should read it. All the answers is in there. And then peopel will say: Oh comeone why would he leave it behind if he hoaxed his dead. Well let me put it this way. Michael didnt want to hurt us, he wanted to put some clues out to his fans, he wanted us to know that he is alive, and he EILL be well again, he WILL comeback again. He just needs something. And the new song. Well, like with the diary, listen to the lyrics. Remeber what Michael taugth us. Do Not believe in ANYthing the Media,l newspepers or tabloids are saying. Believe in the facts, wich we are. And i Believe the truth will prevail soon enough. Am I Nuts?

  58. britney Said,

    I realy like this website..
    thanx YOU for making this .

  59. mjfan4evr Said,

    more on mj and MRSA INFECTION? with dr christian von lahr?? this is strange?? if mj had mrsa, why are everyone in the media blaming the death? on drugs?

  60. mjfan4evr Said,

    heres a link http://www.mystoftheoracle.com/WEB/MAINPAGES/Media2.htm

  61. Fabienne Andrade Said,

    If you cannot live simply again I need you everything say to me what comes away with you, however, it is nurmal thus I have seen you sometimes live, however, we were both alone and have and have maintained. what was so nice and I must say one you wanted to have mine nummer and these were so cool ones I would never have thought you are also much older ya than me, however, this was so we bomb we were not already like freunde only to us have got closer. but we have spoken with each other and have got on so. I still know where you have said you me to yourself in this live, however, wanted to invite this, unfortunately, did not go because I not in the USA, however, lives I love you so much. I have cried thus because of you where I have belonged you from myself geangen I am was not able to any more and then I have to me geschwören I in the USA comes and to your grave is a matter and me once again richrig from you of dismissing. I white still so much because of you I am not able to do simply any more it hears itself gives a bollocking, however, without you have mine live nobody reflect more and this is right also Dearest now I would also be gehn around with you to .Du is mine I live does not know any more further without you mine has live nobody reflect more, however, this, unfortunately, I can say nobody because they think then what you have then and thus this is just embarrassing for me I know still where I you first sometimes has seen and I have wept something like that from and you have said not cry not cry because I also not so well English can have you I a little have helped. You Were my life Gewurden And my heart does not belong only to you and nobody other even if you any more there is this, however, makes no difference to me you and only you were best überhaubt better said you are best I love you so much and still need you I love you so much I could say to you huntert sometimes

  62. blu Said,

    Shar. Why are you here? Is it just to see how stupid everyone else is? If we’re not still greiving, and Michael was just a distant memory. do you think that we would be on here doing this? Nerver, never underestimate anything because everything is possible. We don’t know what the truth is but we do know that something just isn’t right and we will get to the bottom of it. People die every day. I have lost loved ones. I greived and moved on, but this, This is strange. something is going on. I am not a youngster. I had a birthday on Juy 4th and I’m 49 years old and by no means a fool. I began searching the net because of this strange feeling I had in the pit of my belly that something strange was going on and it thickens day by day. I won’t 100% say that Michael is still alive, nor can I say that I am 100% sure that he is dead. I just don’t believe everything that I hear. Rather it’s on the news or coming from someone elses lips. When my gut tells me that everything that have been reported is indeed the truth, then I will let it rest.

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