Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

Michael Jackson could go on tour from beyond the grave. Plans are being hatched for a hologram image of  The King of Pop to appear on stage beside his brothers for a series of concerts, News of the World reported.

Jackson’s dad Joe and his brothers Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Jackie who were part of the Jackson 5, are behind the idea. They aim to have footage of Michael from his past group and solo tours projected at gigs next year.

The Thriller star would be following Elvis Presley, who “toured” the world in 2006 – nearly 30 years after his death – when a hologram of him was projected alongside a band and orchestra.

A friend of the Jackson family said: “They think the best memorial to Michael would be to have him back on stage for that final time – like he wanted. Michael’s dad and brothers think a world tour, where footage of Michael is projected on stage alongside live musicians, will go down a storm.” Yes, and we’re sure they also think we all believe that they’re just doing it as a ‘Memorial’ – with absolutely nothing to do with the insane mountain of money they would make in the process.

“They also believe Michael’s children will appreciate seeing him on stage in front of his fans as that’s something they never did. They think Michael would love the idea that he did fulfil his comeback dream by following what Elvis did. It is the perfect tribute to their superstar brother,” says News of the World.

It’s interesting to note that even the family are saying that Michael’s dream was to follow what Elvis did…..like faking his death for instance?

…and, Tribute? Right. Putting his children in the spotlight once again, the same children that he so desperately kept hidden for 95% of their lives before his ‘death’, is something I’m sure he would never have wanted…especially after having made their debut at his Memorial.

We believe that if the family is indeed going to perform this tour, that it is just more evidence to suggest that Michael Jackson is alive. The money made from such a tour would set all of them, and Michael up for the rest of their lives. Michael’s debts would have already been written off, due to his ‘death’ and he can enjoy his hassle free, relaxed life with his real children, while watching the concerts (for a change) from the comfort of his living room sofa in his new house hidden somewhere in Bahrain or Mexico.

  1. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I think Michael will reveal himself on stage. He have talked about for years that the children have “Bugged” him to go on stage with him. mabye it is just wish thinking for me, but DAMN it could be cool if Michael revealed himsefl at that stage. I know it sounds stupid, again, just wishfull thinking, cause i love him so much.

  2. dynamite Said,

    I dont think he would reveal himself isnt it illegal to fake your own death but yah that would be cool if he did

  3. DawneVee Said,

    I am so glad I can finally comment on here…been having login trouble for days and wasn’t able to post.

    Hmmm…if MJ’s family was to perform again in time, I don’t see how that is evidence he is alive. :-/ Maybe I am missing something.

    I honestly was hoping he was going to pop out of his casket at the memorial and blow the world away, but obviously that didn’t happen.

    So, okay let’s say he is still alive (which part of me still thinks so), where (country or state) will he decide to break the silence? And how? A concert? A news cast? His family?
    And when? By his birthday in August? Next year?
    Hope there will be more clues in the future.

    Crossing my fingers in TX.

  4. Andrea Said,

    I honestly wonder if at all he would ever make his ‘come back’ even though – rightfully so – this concert WAS supposed to be his ‘come back’ tour. How awesome to come back..from the dead! It’d be the perfect publicity stunt, which of course, we all know he is quite notorious for those type of things.

    Totally unrelated, but does anyone know how to upload a photo to your profiles on here?

  5. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Dawnedwee. The reason i think he is alive, is because these words, appeared in wrting next to his picture at the memoriel: Im alive, and Im here forever. It scared the hell out of me, but i saw it as a sign, (again, mabye i am just naive) And it is this august his family will do the concerts, as a Jackson 5 Renioun, and there will be a lifelike monogram as Michael on the stage. Im sorry if i sound Crazy, but i cannot get that sentance out of my head. And i won`t until i am completely sure that he is gone FOR REAL. I think he will blow the world away someday, who knows. I love Michael so much, and i would give anything to get him back, even my own heart ( if he is really dead), just to get him to breath again. I just hope that Michael sees this someday, if he was ablte to, to know that we love him and support him, no matter what. Love you angel

  6. dynamite Said,

    lol it would be so amazing if he did come back and his comeback was in ireland, he was over here in 2006 and stayed for 3months with his kids and recorded some songs over here, he loved it, he wanted 2 buy a castle in cork, the people over here left him alone and didnt hassle him which he liked, lol he liked porridge in the mornings, he was spotted moon walkin at night time in the lawn by the owner of the place he was staying,
    they said how nice and shy he was and was great with the kids and how he found it hard 2 trust people, i wish i got 2 c him wen he did his last concert here

  7. supermom75 Said,

    the thing is i hate to blow the whistle on the media again but they said michael just barely shows his kids before he dies wrong again in 2005 9r 2006 i believe he unvails them in home video’s on fox take a look at this the media lies there are ten or 11 of them and they hid all the things he did out of love too even michael says the media likes the negitive

  8. supermom75 Said,

    sorry it was 2007 i was mistaken still

  9. Sosh Said,

    Within a week a new Michael Jackson Album is announced. Instead of earlier rumours it’s not called 7even but resurection. Resurection is also the first released track. The video clip is what people currently call ‘The Dome Project’

    Before the announcement, every major television/news show is tipped on this for breaking news.

  10. Sosh Said,

    And my previous post is wishfull think ofcourse.

    Unfortunatly the brackets for my – Dream Mode on/off – dissapeared in the post.

  11. m2kg Said,

    Okay, this is just freaky. Just one day short of being exactly 6 months to June 25th.


  12. dezyte Said,

    Well my idea would be this….He isn’t dead he just decided to live quite and peaceful life.Coz he wasn’t 20 anymore As he went to bed klnowing that he signed 10 concerts and woke up signed for 50 and that he doesn’t know how is he going to pull 50 gigs as he is not a big eater…And before he said he rather would die then go on stage and embarrass him self in front of a millions of his fans.So when you puttin it up together it make a sense.He chosen to sacrifice everything but to keep the good pic of his self…and now his family like gonna do memorial tours around the world or smg…Its just to make a money…

  13. jackoisalive21 Said,

    Michael isnt dead full stop. He is alive and im glad that now he can have some peace. I said it from day one that he wasnt alive and my family thought i was crazy. Everything after and before his death was and is sus. And thats that.

    But can i please say to all the people that think he will make a comeback from the dead, trust me its not going to happen, as much as it would be great its just not possible. It would ruin his image completely and would be the point of faking your death only to come back?

    Michael i know your out there, i truely hope you have finally found the peace that you deserve, oh and im 100% his kids and family are in on this.

  14. dezyte Said,

    ohhh absolutely he won’t make any comeback!He is gonna live his peaceful,normal life!That’s what he deserves!I luv u MJ and im 100% with ya!!!U know what u r doing….

  15. sita Said,

    beside the idea of the greatest hoax,
    I simply want to focuse some ideas on

    mj wants to clone himself
    result-> With Michael, anything is possible


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    * If you simply want to be cloned, whatever your reasons may be.

    -> uri geller
    -> michael’s kids and maybe womens
    should all be focused as involved persons in such a plot!

  16. Francesca Said,

    I don’t know what to think about it. I would not attend the holotour for sure. I’s not about paying tribute to Michael, it’s about the family making money out. I wish they did this for him because he needs money in order to pay all debts, but I think they’re just greedy. I did not like the memorial, it was a tacky event. As taky as the holotour. Bad taste.

    I saw a very sad picture of Michael in which he looks weak and old, wrinkles around his neck. Maybe he was not able to perform and now is hiding and recovering somewere.

  17. Hideaway Said,

    Yeah, I read this, too, yesterday & am glad you posted it. Michael showing up in a hologram for his “final” performances? How convenient. This is as fishy to me as the last dress rehearsal (& 100 more hours) just happening to be taped by multiple HD video cameras. How convenient. Plus he just happened to complete a video project (The Dome Project – complete with a nostalgic Thriller-type cemetery & large poster of Mike as a werewolf) two weeks before he died. He admitted to always striving to top the success of Thriller, so what better way than to include parts of it in the next big project? I remember when it was announced a couple days after his death that luckily his last live rehearsal performance of the “This Is It” tour was captured on camera. Oh serendipity! Then I learned not just on camera, but in multi-camera, high-definition video and multi-track audio. “What?! All right!” I exclaimed, calling my brother. He agreed how opportune this was. We both got excited, joyous at the world’s luck that this had been recorded to its fullest. We talked about how MJ probably wasn’t physically up to doing 50 shows anyway, & this was the best possible outcome for him & his audience. Plus it could help pay off his $$ debts. We even discussed how it would be awesome if they might release it in movie theatres as the final concert. Lo & behold, days later news came out that it “Michael Jackson’s Last Tour Rehearsals Filmed For Possible Release, CD/DVD/Theaters.” Even though it was what I hoped for, I became suspicious. It seems perfectly strategized & executed to get Mike & his business associates off the hook while still appeasing the fans.

  18. Andrea Said,

    @ jackoisalive21 – I am not saying he is DEFINITELY going to make a come back or anything of that sort. All I’m saying is that if he DID, it would pretty much be the definition of AWESOME.

  19. Andrea Said,

    And I believe, as well, that his kids and family are in on it and know he is alive. It’s quite obvious!

  20. Solid121 Said,

    I think AEG played a massive part in this and gave subtle clues in the run up to the “This is It” concerts. Watch the press conference with Ortega and Phillips when they announced the dates were being rescheduled. They’re reactions to some of the questions and the way they keep going on about how good Michaels health is and that he never had skin cancer or any illness. Then read this http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31716678/ns/entertainment-music/ This is one of the strangest clauses i’ve read about for someone who passed a four hour medical “with flying colours” including blood tests and toxicology reports. Also at the memorial Kenny Ortega said “we were right here a little less than a week ago and Michael was with us”, the memorial was held 10 days after he ‘died’ so shouldn’t he have said “just over a week ago”??

  21. Sara Said,

    Ok so I found something Joe Jackson said.
    He said he didn’t know anything about the drugs but he did know whatever it was, it was to help him relax from working so hard. Than he said, “Anyway, he didn’t wake up. He never woke up. He died in his sleep.”
    Now I understand he was on the bed and the doctor was giving CPR to him but didn’t they say he callapsed?
    Did the doctor see it happen?
    I’m just on the confused side right now.

  22. sra0123 Said,

    I fully agree with jackoisalive21. Michael cannot appear because he would definitely ruin his reputation and besides, he would have legal problems.Let’s leave him live a life of anonymity as he couldn’t do before, away from people who try to find something about him to speak about and hurt him. Unfortunately, the world has lost a true humanitarian who did more than nobody will ever do to heal this world.

    A question: What do you mean with “real” children? Do you think these childrena are fake as well?

  23. Mariah Said,

    I’m curious about Liz Taylor. It seemed odd for her not to attend the memorial, or make any kind of public statement at all. Her and Michael are extremely close.

    Since no one has really heard from her since his “death”, I was thinking that maybe she is with him right now. Maybe she is a key player in this hoax.

    That’s just my thought. What do you guys think?

  24. idontknow Said,

    I don’t know what to believe and I don’t know if MJ would reveal himself or not.

    Those children are definitely his real kids – watch the home videos, same kids.

  25. Yes555 Said,

    My head hurts, haha! I don’t know if he’s alive or dead, but if he really is alive and has started a new life somewhere else, well, he may as well be dead, right? Surely he wouldn’t go through all that trouble of faking his death just to return? O_O Either way, we should let him rest in peace. He obviously does not want to be bothered.

    But check this out:

    The death certificate published by TMZ is not a certified copy, it is a certified informational copy. “INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY” is imprinted across the face of the copy. A certified copy, however, can be used to establish the identity of the person named on the certificate.

    Despite reports Michael Jackson’s body is at Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills, TMZ says it is not there. Yet on the certificate, the name of funeral establishment IS Forest Lawn. What gives?

  26. edenmalfoy Said,


    I definitely think Elizabeth T. would be a huge part of this hoax as she was the one person he knew he could trust completely.

  27. DawneVee Said,

    Between the trash on TV (Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Access Hollywood, etc) and the trash on the Internet (TMZ, ET Online, Extra, Radar Online) claiming that “sources” found all kinds of injection markings on MJ’s body, so of course everyone assumes MJ is a full blown junkie.

    Well I think all that’s a bunch of crap.

    #1. MJ passed a 4 hour physical so AEG could insure him. If MJ had all these markings on his body, it would have been seen during the physical and AEG would have let MJ go as they wouldn’t insure an addict.

    #2. Isn’t it amazing all these trashy websites / shows keep naming “sources” for all their new juicy gossip? The autopsy has not been put out. So where are they getting their information? Oh that’s right, they are making it up.
    The coroner doing the autopsy said he didn’t see any markings on MJ’s body (I can’t remember where I read that now, I have read so many things lately that I can’t keep things straight). I believe he made that statement once MJ’s body was delivered to him.

    #3. If MJ had injection markings on his neck, and he supposedly had an open casket during his viewing, those markings would still be seen, even through the makeup, wouldn’t you think?

    Be careful and use wisdonm when watching the TV and reading these gossip monger websites. They’ll say and do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame.

  28. Angel36 Said,

    Everybody is eating what the press is feeding them.
    It looks like the most people can’t think for themselves.
    Every tv show or internetsite wants to dig up as much dirt the can find about mj.
    And every tv show is copying from eachother.
    It’s all about how much money the can make out of this milkcow.
    Doesn’t he have enough gone trough when he was “alive”.

  29. Andrea Said,

    I agree with dawnevee and angel36…everyday the media (tv, as well as online websites) has something new to talk about – even contradicting themselves each time they do! Not even the MEDIA has their stories straight, as per usual.

    As I keep saying, and will continue saying, something is up. And since day one, nothing has added up. There are reports now that his body is at the crypt owned by Berry Gordy? Well, last night he confirmed that those rumours were not true. SO. People are lying, the media is lying, the Jackson family is terrible at keeping this a hoax. YOU HAD 2 WEEKS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU WERE GONNA DO WITH HIS ‘BODY’. Instead they decided to plan that entirely STAGED memorial. For shame. He is obviously alive, and people don’t know how to keep it a secret any longer.

  30. Andrea Said,

    And what I mean by the Jackson family is terrible at keeping this a hoax (it came out wrong) I mean as in like, they are terrible at HIDING the fact that he is still alive.

  31. svangel Said,

    ppl you cant seriously think that Paris crying could prove that he died right… there were reports of his children acting reall happy and could hardly be bothered… so wat children cant fake a cry to.. of corse they can….plz.. this death thing is too planned, love you M.J…. i wnt cry cuz i know u alive

  32. CuteAngel Said,

    About Liz Taylor, you can check her twitter page for comments she left there: http://twitter.com/DameElizabeth

    She gives her reasons for not attending the memorial.

  33. bghoppy Said,

    I think this guy Kenny Ortega seems suspicious in all this. You know when he introduces the finale, “all michael worked on this so hard, this was his comeback”, I thought he was building us all up to new material or more of the video they supposedly had, and then we just get 2 old songs. He seemed pretty pumped up for a memorial, too.
    And now the LAPD Chief says homicide is now a possibility, but they are awaiting the toxicology reports. WTF? Does that sound ridiculous to anyone else, that you could start to suspect that someone might be criminally responsible for his death, but you are going to WAIT to proceed? And no reporters question this. If it was homicide (I still think he’s alive), how in the world can you possibly prosecute someone, after you seal his scene of death for a couple days (when it seems there might have been drugs involved in the death) collecting evidence, then open the scene to ANYBODY and everybody, then send police BACK to find more drugs (how did they not find EVERY medical item the first sweep?), not bury the guy after 2 weeks, but slowly admit a possibility of foul play, at the same time saying you have to wait for toxicology? Why? In case you actually had a chance in catching and proving this act? WOW That’s what passes for justice and police work in LA I guess.
    I would also like to share an amature psycology trick. When people are talking, if they are not making direct eye contact with the interviewer, when they are accessing the areas of the brain that hold memories, the direction of their eyes involuntarily move to their right, or your left. When the speaker is accessing the areas of the brain concerned with creativity, the eyes will float in the opposite direction. So when a person is telling the truth you will normally see their eyes move to their right as they mentally gain access to actual memories, but when a person must create their memories their eyes move to the left. When Joe Jackson has to access the memories of what happened to his son and how he feels about him his eyes drift down to his left.
    I think this is a good way to measure BS from all the talking heads you see on TV. What’s weird is the nurse who claims he asked her for Diprovan only looks straight ahead.

  34. DawneVee Said,

    Here’s another head scratcher for ya…

    Go to http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2009/07/exclusive-drugs-found-michael-jacksons-mansion-match-those-doctors-car

    Well, well, let me see here..

    Why would it take 2 weeks for LAPD to finally figure this one out?
    Dr. Murray’s car was impounded the same day MJ died. It wouldn’t take 2 weeks to find pills in the car.
    He was given his car back a few days later and nothing was found in it.
    If police had searched this car and came upon these drugs, they would have taken Dr. Murray into custody.

    Don’t know if that has meaning or not, but thought I would send it in as a post as I continue to do my research.

  35. dirtydiana Said,

    All anyone has to do is look at this damn O2 press conference video and see that this is not Michael. I can understand how the mass media isn’t picking up on this for the obvious reasons of maybe hiding something. But for true Jackson fanatics and most of all his family not being upset that this is not MJ is lunatic!!! This shows that the family is hiding something. This would be a major part of any type of on going investigation into his so called death. Maybe the imposter replaced him because he was sick. I DON’T KNOW!!! But this can answer alot of questions for the family and investigators. But obviously if the family is pretending not notice, they are hiding a secret.
    I mean come on!! 2 months (correct me if i’m wrong) before his death, after passing AEG’s physical for a major concert, he sends a body double. Something is so not right. Like i’ve said before, all anyone needs to do is watch this O2 press conference. If you are inteeligent enough to believe that this is not MJ, then you need to ask yourself WHY? Still photos of the press conference trully show that this is not him. I am a huge MJ fan but not a crazed fanatic. Where are the MJ impersonators, crazy fanatics, media and finally Family to say, “This is not our MJ!!!”? Because something is being hidden whatever the secret is.

  36. mysticallymagestically Said,

    Regular Joes on the street are totally buying into the fabricated media-created theories that MJ was a drug addict and that they found a cocktail of drugs in his posession or some say in his body. Idiots. Journalistic integrity and truthfulness has officially died. Even respectable networks that are supposed to uphold facts over speculation (like the major cable networks) are succumbing to this huge money-making frenzy. I don’t know what to believe anymore, but all I know is that TMZ is the ONLY source that all these networks and news sites (LA Times, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, AP) got their initial reports from. That is, itself, a big sign that this is all complete bull shit. Toxicology reports will not be released for a week or more, so all these reports that he was found drug-addled are FALSE

  37. Andrea Said,

    @bghoppy – the amateur psychology trick makes sense. no wonder the entire Jackson family was doing the whole MIB glasses thing at the memorial. They had to hide their lying eyes.

  38. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I think there was some hints in that statement from Lizzie. 1st one: Michael, woulden`t want me to share my grief with the world, that is between us, by us she means( Michael and herself). She was the love of his life, as a friend, ans so was he to her. I think that she has a part in this. But i like Lizzie, she has always been there for Michael, and i know she is now aswell..

  39. goslinger1 Said,

    Do they do DNA testing, fingerprinting, blood type analysis, etc. before they sign the death certificate? OR, do they just need an “okay” from a family member who ID’s the body? So far, there is NO proof that it was Michael that died. . .not one piece of evidence. EXCEPT a fuzzy picture in an ambulance. . .even that doesn’t show he (or an imposter) is dead.

    I don’t think he will resurface if he is alive. If he thought he was hounded a lot before he “died” then he would certainly be scrutinized and hounded more if he is “resurrected.”

    Someone made a good point on this site, though. They said that if Michael did resurface, he probably wouldn’t be found guilty of faking his death. . .afterall, his death certificate hasn’t been signed yet.

    Hmmmm. . .

    Love this site, by the way. It’s great to know others are out there that are seeing and feeling the same things I am!!! Great work, administrator keeping us up on all the news!

  40. feyaya Said,

    as hard as it is, i try not to watch all the crap about it on tv, specifically ET…that woman gets on my nerves anyway with her “startling, NEW revelations behind the death of michael jackson!!”

    i just read today that the custody hearing has been postponed again by another week. how many times and things are going to get postponed in all of this??

  41. svangel Said,

    the only question bothering me is why would michael jackson do this to us… we all love him…. is just thoes stupid ppl who slandered his name…. i think there are too much speculations…to my falts in the death hoax… to many fake michaels… wat if he reall did go into cardiac arrest and was saved by the doctor and then decided oh well maybe the world thinks im ded might as well stay that way…den they decide that they bring out the decoy… that sounds like something joe cud do…

  42. flower Said,

    i have also said from day 1 that something not right from the 02 thing how could anyone think that this guy is the real MJ no way he looks odd,and when he said this is the last curtain call!!!!!!!! i said to my friend no theres something wrong here i dont know what it is but it aint right , that day i heard mj had died it all came bck to me i knew something was not right and i was not at all shocked for some reason . i m 100% sure hes alive the medias not going to fool us with this drug thing no way i think he has been planning this for some time there was never going to be a tour i july rubbish, guys go bck and look at the 02 thing its not him which i know you all know there was never going to be a tour its funny how they have 100 hrs of his rehersal footage and 200 unreleased records, thats not him in the ambulace im a theatrical +media makeup artist i know about makeup etc the last photos we seen of the real MJ are him in rehersal at staples, and i dont think he will every come bck well not as we know him MJ IS ALIVE AND HIS FAMILY ARE IN ON IT AND ITS ABOUT TIME THEY DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR HIM, i hope now he will have the life he has so long for.i also think that he must be so sad that he had to do this knowing his close friends/fans/family are hurting so many ppl made his life hell to the point that he has to fake his death thats sad its also very hard for the ppl that are in on this hoax death harder on them than on mj himself cause its them that now have to play this out and keep the secret, i know liz +DIANA WILL Keep the secert but as for the jackson family they might not do so well i also think his kids are in on it i bet we dont see them to often i think his mum +janet will keep this secert , but joe i dont think hes in on it can the jackson family trust him? i dont know i get mixed vibes from him does he know or dose he not know??? only time will tell but trust me MJ IS ALIVE. LIKE IVE SAID IN OTHER POST IVE MADE ON HERE i read on tmz comments that one of the paramedics who went to mj home when they got the 911 call there 100% sure the body they removed from MJ home that day WAS NOT THE REAL MJ and the staff at the ucla SAID SOMETHING WAS NOT RIGHT WHEN MJ BODY WAS BROUGHT IN SOMETHING STRANGE WAS GOING ON???? all these thing are so clear mj is alive

  43. Sosh Said,

    I’ve been thinking about this whole situation and tried a different approach

    Michael and AEG planned everything that happenend the last few weeks. The plan was to help Michael out of his (suggested) financial troubles and give him big comeback so Michael can live a happy life after.

    What nobody did know at the moment the tour was announced, was that it never was going to happen. The tour was all a coverup to give Michael his King of Pop title back. Wich is what happend after 25th of june. Everybody was talking about Michael. Sales of Michael products went sky-high. This was his ultimate comback. His debts can be paid, AEG had a deal with Sony so both share in the extra income.

    Besides this, they will earn a lot of money on his next new album(s). New albums you will say? But how can a dead man make new records or songs? The answer is simple:

    It’s said that MJ wrote about 100 songs for a single album. Only 10 – 13 wher put on the album, so lots of songs are still not used on his albums. I think there are hardly any people who know what kind of songs there are left. Probably some of these songs are recorded and still available to put on a new MJ record. However, lots of songs will only be some text on paper. Here comes the trick! As MIchael isn’t dead, he can still finish these songs or better, make new ones. As his unreleased stuff is mostly unknown, he can create everything he wants. Quincy Jones, also part of the plan, will produce the new songs and album(s).

    Think about it: – Michael is a free man, without any pressure.
    - AEG and Sony earn lots of money by record sales etc.
    - There is enough material to create new albums with so-called ‘unreleased material’.
    - There can be new songs, wich ofcourse will be released as ‘unreleased material’

    What do you think about this?

  44. dynamite Said,

    I knew frm day 1 he was never gonna do 50 concerts, the guy at the 02 clearly isnt him even dermot o leary said he was acting weird,
    it was him at the rehersal i believe, did anyone c the article about what michael would look like dead they posted a picture of him with scars all over his face
    frm surgery collapsed nose, swollen eyes, burns on his face frm the pepsi ad, it looked nothin like him and in the picture he was black, i think it was frm the star newspaper

  45. dynamite Said,

    Heres the link http://www.dailystar.co.uk/posts/view/88647/shocking-mask-of-pop-king-Jacko

  46. dynamite Said,

    Omg now they are saying he took 55pills a day in the last month of his death, i cant believe the crap the daily star comes up with, Where are they getting this bullshit from
    and why didnt anyone stop him from doing it if he did take them, it dosent make sense

  47. ejay5131 Said,

    Did you all see the posts out now of the drugs etc they found at Neverland when they raided it years ago during the trials? And nobody thought that was unusual back then? So what they found it and left it there? Come on, somebody is helping to fuel the OD and drugs rumours. Family and friends that are in on it? Anybody else think they had a ggod plan but things got Messed up as soon as the 911 call was made? Oh and about the 911 call, since when do they tell you to call back if you need anything else? Ummm, HELLO…almost dead person here, I THINK THEY NEEDED SOMETHING! And why did they feel the need to release the 911 call? And EVERYONE knew where Mj was living, how could the doctor not know the address but the the tour bus that came by knew the address to MJs house. How convenient that they came along for a tour at just the right moment?? And nobody wants to talk to the people that were on that tour??

  48. kastueck Said,

    I really hope is alive and well somewhere. When I was watching the Memorial on CNN, I noticed that there were a lot of dry eyes in the crowd. That just didn’t set well with me. I think maybe Katherine had a few tears, but everyone else didn’t seem that upset.

    It would take a tremendous amount of money and planning to pull off a stunt like this.

    I am wondering if there have been any recent “sightings” of MJ or better yet, if there are any recent photos of him proving that he is alive.

    The Memorial that I watch was closed casket. I find that strange, of course, the family can make that choice, but it just seems strange to me.

    I bet, Michael is reading this right now, for all I know, he’s the administrator of this site.

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