Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

MARILYNN MARCHIONE, AP Medical Writer on news.yahoo.com reports:

When Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest, rescuers took him to a place known for bringing the dead back to life. A world-renowned surgeon at the UCLA Medical Center has pioneered a way to revive people that most doctors would have long written off, including a woman whose heart had stopped for 2 1/2 hours.

Tested on a few dozen cardiac arrest patients, 80 percent survived. Usually, more than 80 percent perish.

“They took people who were basically dead, not all that different than Michael Jackson, and saved most of them,” said Dr. Lance Becker, an emergency medicine specialist at the University of Pennsylvania and an American Heart Association spokesman.

Could Jackson, too, have been saved?

Crowds at UCLA Medical Center mourning the 'death' of Michael Jackson on 25th June 2009

It’s impossible to know. Doctors at the hospital worked on him for an hour. The UCLA expert, cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Gerald Buckberg, said he was not personally involved in Jackson’s treatment, and that too little is known about what preceded it.

“We have no idea when he died versus when he was found,” Buckberg said in a telephone interview.

However, the results in other patients show that “the window is wide open to new thinking” about how long people can be successfully resuscitated after their hearts quit beating, Buckberg said. “We can salvage them way beyond the current time frames that are used. We’ve changed the concept of when the heart is dead permanently.”

They call it “the Lazarus syndrome” for the man the Bible says Jesus raised from the dead.

Let’s be clear: No one is saying that people long dead without medical attention can be revived. The lucky ones in Buckberg’s study received quick help, and the reason they suffered cardiac arrest was known and could be fixed: blocked arteries causing a heart attack, in most cases.

Buckberg’s method requires:

_Prompt CPR — rhythmic chest compressions — to maintain blood pressure until the patient gets to a hospital.

_Use of a heart-lung machine to keep blood and oxygen moving through the body while doctors remedy what caused the heart to quiver or stop in the first place, such as a drug overdose or a clogged artery.

_Special procedures and medicines to gradually restore blood and oxygen flow, so a sudden gush does not cause fresh damage.

Without all three elements, patients might suffer brain damage if they survive at all.

“You can save the heart and lose the brain,” Buckberg explained.

UCLAand hospitals in Birmingham, Ala.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; and in Germany tested Buckberg’s method on 34 patients who had been in cardiac arrest for an average of 72 minutes. All had failed resuscitation methods with standard CPR and defibrillation to try to shock their hearts back to beating.

Only seven died. Only two survivors were left with permanent neurological damage. Results were published in 2006 in the journal Resuscitation.

Dr. Constantine Athanasuleas (pronounced uh-than-uh-SOO’-lee-us), a surgeon at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, treated one man in the study who had been in cardiac arrest for about an hour and a half. The man’s wife, a nurse, did CPR until a helicopter brought him to the hospital.

“He was flatlined,” with a heart “as still as your dining room table,” Athanasuleas said.

Doctors put him on a heart-lung machine, whisked him to the catheterization lab to see if he had artery blockages, then did bypass surgery to detour around them.

“The guy went home and was neurologically perfect” at least two years later, the doctor said.

Buckberg treated a woman who had been in cardiac arrest for 2 1/2 hours.

He would not send her to the operating room until her CPR and blood pressure could be maintained so further treatment could be attempted, he said.

Sadly, the woman survived all this but died several weeks later from an infection.

Buckberg has taken his work further in experiments with pigs in cardiac arrest. He deliberately deprived their brains of blood flowfor half an hour, then used his resuscitation techniques to bring them back, with normal or near-normal function. Results presented at a heart association conference last fall stunned many, including Dr. Myron Weisfeldt, a cardiologist and chairman of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

“He’s doing extraordinary things. You almost don’t believe the results that he got,” Weisfeldt said of Buckberg. “Most of us carry around in our head that if somebody’s brain is deprived of blood flow for 10 to 15 minutes that we’re just not going to get them back to any useful function. His data suggest it’s possible.”

Doctors in Japan, Taiwan and elsewhere in Asia have tried approaches similar to Buckberg’s with excellent results, said Becker, who is about to try it in Philadelphia.

“It takes training. It takes rethinking” to get doctors to adopt something this new, and funding for bigger studies to prove it works, Buckberg said.

This report gives even more credibility to the notion that Michael Jackson’s death was a Hoax. What now seems very likely is that he was sucessfully resuscitated by his doctors that worked on him for an hour, and was then transported via helicopter to the Morgue, where he could make his exit, unnoticed and undetected.

  1. melia8383 Said,

    It seems like a Hoax, just my opinion.
    But anyways, I was searching on youtube about Michael Jackson, and this one video back I believe January 6,09 (at least what the video states)….
    TMZ asked him if there was going to be a “Tour” he said “Yes”, then the TMZ reporter asked if there was going to be a Jackson 5 reunion on the “tour” and he said “Yes”.. Don’t the Jackson “5″ suppose to do some of the shows?

  2. CuteAngel Said,

    The first time I saw footage of the ‘body’ being taking out of the helicopter and into a waiting van, I knew something looked off about the whole thing: the ‘body’ looked unusually flat underneath the white sheet. We all know MJ was skinny, but, seriously, if you looked closely, it did not look like there was a body underneath those sheets at all. Just my two cents.

  3. Andrea Said,

    melia8383 – yes, they are supposed to do a show! even Jermaine was talking about how him and Michael had talks of doing one. And now it is confirmed that on August 29th, Michael’s 51st birthday, they will be doing a show at the london 02 arena! Also, there is gonna be a giant ‘life-like’ ‘amazing’ ‘hologram’ of Michael on stage that will dance and perform……..strange, huh? ahah

  4. mysticallymagestically Said,

    This article comes across as a big, fat red herring. Just my two cents.

  5. Andrea Said,

    @ CuteAngel – I absolutely agree! And the way that paramedic handled the ‘body’ in the van was TERRIBLE! Let’s say it WAS a REAL body, who even DOES that?! COME ON! People need to WAKE UP. This hoax is so completely obvious.

  6. Andrea Said,

    As far as this article goes – I’m not too keen on whether or not it really ties in. But you know, I was thinking, maybe he did recover from the alleged ‘heart attack’ and is now either in a coma, or a vegetible, and techincally he would be ‘DEAD’ to everyone since he wouldn’t be able to perform or sing anymore. Either way, I still think he is alive. I also believe nobody is getting their story straightened out and I believe everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off right about now since no one expected the ‘hoax’ to get this out of hand and sloppy. So now, they are trying to come up with new plans and things are just not working out the way they wanted it to. Just saying. We’ll see soon enough.

  7. ejay5131 Said,

    I agree with Andrea, I think this “death” was meant to be “cut and dry” and now it escalated into something they never prepared for. I think the media”sources” giving the major drug info. are the people in on this. They are trying very hard to push the Od and drugs in the public eye so noone who really thinks about it will ponder the questions this site raises. and why was Janet acting so NERVOUS at the memorial, it was like she couldn’t wait to get outta there. I think the whole custody battle is a fake too, Debbie is faithful to MJ because of the children, she could be in on it too. It won;t matter who wins the custody battle, if Mj is alive…the children will be back with him anyway. If Katherine gets them, they’ll remain in the Jackson family, kept unseen like Michael had them for the most part. And If Debbie wins them..it won’t be long before we see the kids and Debbie disappear into a “private” life away from prying eyes. Both scenerio’s bring the kids back to MJ. Maybe not immediately but eventually. Any thoughts?

  8. carelesslove46 Said,

    Joe Jackson has said he thinks Michael’s kids may want follow in their father’s
    foot steps..And that Paris wants to do something and that ‘Blanket’ is supposedly
    a good dancer..He may try and
    push these kids out there..
    Just in the way he did his own. It’s my feeling the
    kids will stay within the Jackson family…Although
    probably not with the Grandmother who at 79 is far to old to cope with three young kids..I want to know
    exactly what was wrong with Michael…Remember the photo’s of him in a wheelchair?? The talk of him
    only having 6 months to live?
    The song recorded years ago..
    ‘Gone too Soon’?? Perhaps if
    he did fake his death he has
    been planning this for literally years..Maybe he was
    trying to let fans know in
    some subtle way. As Michael
    said in an interview once.
    “The truth will prevail”.

  9. Goldie Said,

    i love this website

    keep on the good work

    love from Denmark

  10. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Yes he said that. Michael is about truth, and that is why there is so many “hints” in all of this. I think that somehow Michael is trying to tell us something. Mabye it`s just me.

  11. feyaya Said,

    i agree, MYBELOVEDMJ. there’s so many hints and subliminal messages being thrown at us from every direction. and SO many contradicting stories! especially about the private service before the memorial and whether or not it was open casket. i keep hearing so many different things. oh, and CARELESSLOVE46, that song called “gone too soon” was made for michael’s friend ryan white who died of aids sometime in the early 90s.

  12. DawneVee Said,

    The doctor who owns this device or whatever you want to call was in an interview on television a few days after MJ’s death and was telling people how it worked and how many lives have been saved on it, etc.
    I think that’s awesome! I hope more hospitals will look into getting something like that.

    He never mentioned using it on MJ, didn’t mention him at all actually.

    My questions are…

    If one goes back and reads any news source from the 25th, it’s been quoted that the hospital staff went about as doing their normal thing after MJ arriving.
    Hmmm..wouldn’t the throng of fans outside the hosptial be a clue to something was up?

    Another question, why wasn’t this device used on MJ. All that’s mentioned is that doctors worked on him for an hour.

    All possible ways to keep MJ ‘alive’ were not used in my opinion like they should have been.

    I thought about also that day on the 25th and someone here commented about the ambulance leaving slowly and didn’t bother to turn their lights on, blare their horns or anything…I mean, hello…this isn’t just Joe Schmoe off the street. Somebody has cardiac arrest and the ambulance wants to stay silent about? Bullcrap!

    And someone else mentioned somewhere about the paramedics. I haven’t read anywhere that MJ’s heart was trying to be re-started by those paddles that EVERY AMBULANCE CARRIES.
    Aren’t paramedics supposed to shock the heart in cases like this?

  13. flower Said,

    HI, iread one of the comments on TMZ in that 1st wk of mj passing?????????? and someone said that they heard/read that one of the PARAMEDICS that attended MJ HOME when they got the 911 call said that the BODY THAT THEY REMOVED FROM MJ HOME IS 100% NOT THE REAL MJ, and also some of the staff at the ucla SAID THERE WAS SOMETHING VERY STRANGE GOING ON WHEN HIS BODY ARRIVED THERE. has anyone eles heard/read this i have try to look this info up but cant find anything

  14. supermom75 Said,

    gone to soon was not involved with this i am a close friend of michaels he wrote that song in tribute to alliah’s death it was for her

  15. supermom75 Said,

    310. look i do not beleive a word of it get this first th autopsy says no signs of foul play body looked healthy now he had needle marks all over his body get dna from the corps please cause i do not feel it was him i feel the doctor who also was not licenced to medicate in cali would already have broke the law giving him meds all the ppl who closly knew him say he was afraid of needles and pain and that if you look at it the ppolice have been paid off before who says they are not know none and i mean none of thier stories match i am a ex cop plus don’t they have to prove in an autopsy that is indeed michael jackson and why has no doctor signed the death certificate also here is another thing why would his body guard say a man not michael jackson a man is not breathing only to cover there trail because they did disclose michaels name second think about it set up put meds all over the house janet went in the home before they searched it why is that i thought no one is aloud on the scene till it has been searched michael had alot of money alot of the media and news make no sense and here is the kicker michaels family said that when they veiwed him for the last time he look wonderful just like he was asleep but no open casket michael would have wanted that for his fans to say good bye here is the new excuse there was no open casket because there was too much damage to his face sence when does respt cpr damage to a face and you can fix that at a mourge so to my conclusion the la pd is way off also the changing stories where the doctor was all the time and him refusing to sign the death certificate no answer to that either no emotions at the funeral and here is the kicker the insurance policy for london will cover over dose but not natrual cause any normal person could figure this out get finger prints from the body get dna from parents prove michael is michael before you decide on homicide

  16. supermom75 Said,

    this is something i wrote on a sight for tmz for our look on it and all of a sudden my server started acting up after i posted it has anyone been having freezing problems or interference on there pc when the try to discuss michael not being dea or your out look on the case iam x cop in a small stae and if i can come up with all this info in less the a week then something is wrong and la pd is being paid off like with elvis when ppl started looking into his death thier info started being deleted from the internet and books were being removed from the shelves how funny is that

  17. supermom75 Said,

    ok here is some real evidence you all know they said the reason there was no open casket is because hid face was messed up from repitory treatment to the hospital from cpr not possible we all know this so read this

    Coroner’s officials have said that with no outward signs of trauma to Jackson’s body or evidence of foul play, they would have to wait for the results of toxicology tests and other studies to establish a cause of death.

    Few other details were released about the autopsy’s findings, but Fox News reported on its website that investigators had found his body to be healthier and stronger than they had expected, with some scarring on the face.

  18. supermom75 Said,

    yet there were needle marks all over him they are not doin to well on this

  19. DawneVee Said,

    I haven’t read that flower, maybe you can find a link for us so we can read it, if the link is out there.

    I read TMZ, mainly for pure entertainment. It’s amazing how many of the commenters there believe all the crap TMZ promotes as truth.

    So, here we are on Day 16 since MJ’s ‘death’ and he’s still not buried.

  20. bghoppy Said,

    Oprah should be back from her cruise to the Mediterranian any minute, since it left on the Sat after his “death” for 14 days.
    I love how every other poster on this sight was a close personal friend of MJ. H By the way supermom there was no internet when elvis died.
    I’m even starting to wonder about admin. Who are you? Obviously you are twelve hours or so different in time zones from east coast america, based on the log times. Is he there with you? And can supermom please come visit her long lost friend, now? And why has cut-n-paste been disabled on this site?

  21. A-curious-mind Said,

    Supermom75, if you were/are a real close friend of Michael Jackson you would know that “Gone too Soon” was written back in the early 90’s by Michael for that little boy Ryan White who died of AIDS…oh and another thing since you are a “close friend” of Michael Jackson, respect his privacy and go tell Uri Geller and all the other 15 minute-of -fame so called friends to stop going on TV fronting like they gave a shit bout Michael & airing all his personal issues for the world to hear pretending that they knew him so well…Michael was a man of privacy, i never knew him “close” and I knew that much…

  22. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    LOl BGhoppy, you made me laugh. I really needed that. Thank you so much. And i agree with you on the friend part. It seems a bit funny. I wonder if any of these friends, were at Michael`s memoriel, and how well do they know him? Obiviesly (not to be rude) close enough. But i will also thank for all the info. It helps me keep my hopes up. Thank you so much

  23. wishful09 Said,


    You may be on to something there!

  24. Andrea Said,

    bghoppy, you made me LOL as well!

  25. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    Omg since I found this site I have been crying alot less…this site is keeping my hopes up that MJ is not dead. My friends think im crazy and in denial. I really really hope he is still alive. And apparently there have been sightings of Michael after his so called “death”. The photos and accounts are pretty cheesy but whatever… I LOVE MJ AND ALWAYS WILL!!!

  26. feyaya Said,

    LOL, too funny about the “friends.” i find it interesting that even though some may not claim to be someone who knows him personally, but they talk as if they just simply KNOW everything that’s going on. as if they were in on this whole death hoax plot. yet they can’t be more specific. that frustrates me. i’m addicted to this site but sometimes it creeps me out…i saw a post earlier saying they think someone else in here posting is actually michael. Lol…wow. i noticed that the copy and paste had been disabled too, cuz i always like to right click on the link to open it in a new tab. but it seems the right click works now…any highlighting doesn’t though. i need to go to bed!

  27. dianafan Said,

    As no one has picked this up on the other thread

    is near enough, with one letter change
    TOHME ILLUSION, I’m sorry but I thought this could be significant.

    I was curious too about admin, this site does seem pretty professional and was put together pretty quickly.

    MJ is that you giggling at us?

  28. smileygirl24 Said,

    my friends think am crazy for telling them everything i know about michael jackson .. they think am crazy and i need to stop it.

    i say i wonty stop until i see his body lying in a casket and dna that proves hes michael…period !!

    i wont stop or give up…i love michael so much i’d give my life up for him.

  29. smileygirl24 Said,

    i just found this out please someone explain it !!


  30. smileygirl24 Said,

    omg MICHAEL is really alive
    someone pleeeeeeeeease explain this picture for me please?
    Is it really what i think it is?
    Michael kissing his impersonator on the forehead OPEN CASKET>?
    Or am i just going crazy?? LOL

    OMG am like freaking out I Love You Michael FOREVER !!


  31. idontknow Said,

    That picture is of Michael Jackson kissing dead James Brown on the forehead – remember, MJ’s casket is the same one as Brown’s.

  32. A-curious-mind Said,

    that is a pic of Michael at james Brown’s funeral..Michael kissed him on his forehead at the funeral…the casket Michael had is the same as James Brown’s…calm down smileygirl24…lol

  33. dane86 Said,

    OMG! where did you get that photo?! I’m soo like being crazy right now too! was that really him?

  34. dianafan Said,

    That’s a strange photo- could be Rebbie? All the sisters wore hats so we couldn’t see their hair style. Its a possibility – but I doubt its him – would you trust all those people with a secret like that? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? (I think that’s who are in the picture) – plus looks like they are outside on a car park

  35. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    TMZ is a Tv channel filled with bullshit. I would like to know, who the hell is reporting to them, so they can tell the news to the world. MY GOD. LOL. Who was it who said that someone talked about Michael posting a post inhere LOL. I don`t believe so, but it could be rather funny if he did LOL. he could see all of this, and then laugh at us. But i also think he would think it was kinda sweet. Mabye we scared him with all that we think and know hehe..

  36. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    OMG THAT WAS A DAMN CREEPING PICTURE. 1 thing is for sure. IT is not a IMPOSTER whi is kissing that body. That can only be MIchael. But how the hell did Michael get in there without disguses. Who took that picture? And IMPOSTER woulden`t walk around like Michael if Michael was dead. IS he really alive.. OMG. I felt sick again, and was about to throw up.

  37. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    It can`t be the imposter kissing Michael can it? This picture is taken for 1 reason. Someone wants to show us something. I think it is Michael kissing someone else. But who the hell is dead then? 1 think is for sure. Michael`s family would NEVER invite a imposter to Michael`s funural. I would like an explanition on that picture to. It freaked me out lol

  38. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Apparently there was someone in that casket. But do not tell me that is Michael. Smileygirl124, where the hell did you find that picture LOL.??

  39. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    OH 1 lst thing. Look at how white Michael`s hand is. NO imposter what so ever, can be as white as michael. He is alive. OMG. Im getting sick here. Whoever took that picture, wants to tell us something.

  40. clueless Said,

    or maybe the double is giving his last good bye to Michael Jackson?

  41. prince Said,

    I think I will go crazy. I’m investigating day and night about his death. I just deeply feel there’s something wrong with it.
    I have no words about this photo.

  42. Arual1979 Said,


    sorry to say this, but it looks like this picture came from the James Brown memorial. I found a video of it..


  43. flower Said,

    HI DAWNEVEE sorry i dont have a link it was in a comment posted on tmz from someone in the public the person was saying that they had heard this (what i said in my post) so i just wanted to know if anyone here had heard this 2 because the day that info comes out from the paramedics we will know a 100% but a friend on mine told me she also saw this in one of the newspapers that the staff at the ucla said that something strange was going on when they bought the body in, im not sure what this means but i sure want to know but yes in the 1st day or so of mj passing i did see at least 2 comments on tmz (from public) saying that they heard that the paramedics were saying that they were 100% SURE THAT the body they removed from the house was not the real MJ THAT IT DID NOT LOOK LIKE HIM , but that would make sense because the guy in the photo in the AMBULANCE IS NOT THE REAL MJ NO WAY LOOK HOW DARK HE IS IT JUST DONT LOOK LIKE HIM, SOMETHING JUST AINT RIGHT SORRY I KNOW WE ALL KNOW THIS JUST CANT HELP SAYING IT, I LOVE THIS SITE ADMIN KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP AND THANKYOU SO MUCH

  44. goslinger1 Said,

    He is leaning over James Brown in the casket. Not his own impersonator.

    I checked it out on google.

  45. wishful09 Said,


    I think that’s James Brown funeral. Im not sure though. I just know Jesse Jackson was not present at Michael’s funeral. Well I dont think he was. Which is odd in itself. Why would he not be there. This is getting so bizarre. At least my mind is being distracted. I love you Michael. I always have. I hope you are happy and finally in peace. The folks in the media are the dumbest people alive.

  46. wishful09 Said,

    Also Smiley,

    My friends and family think I am putting too much in this as well. That is why Im glad I found this site because I have no one else to discuss my suspicions with. My sister is like please, just let it go. But I cant. I know something isnt right. Too many things not going together.

  47. wishful09 Said,


    If you all know where Michael was, you would tell us right? LOL. Cant you see we’re going crazy?

  48. Sosh Said,

    Smileygirl24, It’s indeed Michael Jackson bending over the casket and kissing the person inside the casket. That person seems to be James Brown as he has almost the same casket. And yes, at that point Michael was publicly known alive. Now only we (Michael Jackson Hoax Death), ans some others, know MJ is alive!!!

  49. admin Said,

    Don’t worry, if we knew where Michael Jackson was, we would be the first to report it and let you all know…we are working on it! We obviously believe he’s not dead, which is why we’ve launched this site…at some point someone will see him, get a photo or have a proper and believable ’sighting story’, and when they do, we will be there, ready and waiting!
    MJHD Admin

  50. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    It is not james brown in that casket. It`s Michael`s family who are there. The one lying in the casket has black hair like Michael. But i bet he is the one nbending over the casket. The family would never invite the imposter to Michael`s funuarl

  51. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Clueless: Im pretty sure they family wouldent invite Michael`s imposter to Michael`s funuarel, it would cost to much attention. It is not james browns funural, Im almost sure of that. Some of the People in the funral, was not attented to James Browns. Im telling ya, this picture is telling us something

  52. Andrea Said,

    @ my beloved MJ, it IS James Brown’s funeral. If you watched the special ‘Living with Michael Jackson’ he talks about how he attended James Brown’s funeral and even spent a few hours alone with James Brown’s body!

    and if you still don’t believe me here is the full proof – http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2009/07/03/article-1196917-05957755000005DC-132_468×304.jpg

    and if you just image google search ‘michael jackson james brown’s funeral’ a bunch more photos of that day will come up!

  53. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I saw it at teh fist link. But it just looked to me like Michael had a white jacket on At James browns. And on the other a black one.

  54. He.is.alive Said,

    In response to:
    admin Says:
    July 13th, 2009 at 5:17 am

    Entirely yes on the “someone will see him, take a photo” etc etc .. Just as a few of a group of doubters have gotten to the bottom of Elvis being alive, some most certainly will dedicate their time or life to finding out WHERE Michael Jackson is, that is, if he can be found …

    I have a number of websites I collected that have credible evidence leaving no doubt that Elvis is a-l-i-v-e, if you permit I’d be glad to post them for anyone interested to examine this this information. It is a tool to compare order of ocurrences and draw conclusions between the 2 “cases”.

  55. supermom75 Said,

    @belovedmj you must not follow michael very much becuse yes indeed hun it is micheal leaning over kissing james browns head


  56. supermom75 Said,

    well i know that i ment i must of wrote it worng with all the confusion on here sometimes i get lost were i wrote last michael wrote the song in memory of Ryan White, who died of AIDS after contracting the disease via a blood transfusion during surgery. Before his death, White was expelled from school because of his condition and eventually became a national spokesperson for the AIDS crisis. He passed away in 1990 at the age of 18. he sandg it at a tribute for alliyah when she died man i am really confused on all of this

  57. smileygirl24 Said,

    LOL see i was up till 4 am last nite
    and when i seen that photo i was freaking out
    i thought i was gonna have a heart attack..
    but then i just read all this and was like
    OMG hes kissin g JAMES BROWN LMFAO
    i thought he was kissing his double or imposter
    ha ha ha
    and i was like watch the drama unfold people are gonna think am a lunatic
    like all my friends.

    they think am driving myself crazy about this

    BUT he is aliiiive people =D it would be funny if he was reading this

    he’d see how crazy in love we are with him and want him to be happy and safe =D

    you guys are so much fun on here
    am so glad we are a circle of friends YAY
    michael the king brought us all together don’t y’all see it?? he he he !!

    maaaaaaaaaaauh love you you mikey forever!!

  58. Andrea Said,

    @ smiley girl, haha you are too cute! but yes, I do believe it’s nice to have a place to go to discuss my thoughts that are driving me completely MAD! At least everyone here agrees with me that’s he still alive! (well, almost everyone. there are a few skeptics I’ve seen in here posting, but like..why post on a MJ HOAX SITE, if you don’t believe he is still alive? surely you must want to inquire about him faking his death if you stumbled onto this site)

  59. melia8383 Said,

    Ok everyone I found a song, It’s really Crazy unreleased from Michiael Jackson, It talks about how he’s “planning” his escape from the “system” and “pressures” he has to find a place to hide away.(thats what he says in the song) the name of the song is xscape(yes, it’s actually spelled that way.
    If he faked his death, he’s away from the pressures, he has to leave his children behind, if he want people to know he’s “dead”). If the children is with his family, he will always see them. Latoya said, he didn’t want to do the 50 shows, that’s probably why it was an impersonator at the O2 conference! It was him rehearsing in the video, if he’s planning his get away, he has to cooperate, right? AEG insured for “overdose”? WHY?

  60. smileygirl24 Said,


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    You make me sick baby
    You soul survivor

    She never cut from me
    She never cut baby
    I had to work baby
    You just a rival

    Always to please daddy
    Right up and leave daddy
    You’re thorwing shame daddy
    So undesirable

    Trust in me
    Just in me
    Put all your trsut in me
    You’re doin’ morphine

    Go’on babe

    This won’t hurt you
    Before I put it in
    Close your eyes and count to ten
    Don’t cry
    I won’t convert you
    There’s no need to dismay
    Close your eyes and drift away

    Oh God he’s taking demerol
    Oh God he’s taking demerol

    He’s tried
    Hard to convince her
    To be over what he had
    Today he wants it twice as bad
    Don’t cry
    I won’t resent you
    Yesterday you had his trust
    Today he’s taking twice as much

    Oh God he’s taking demerol
    Oh my Oh God it’s Demerol


    He got shit baby
    Your dog’s a bitch baby
    You make me sick baby
    You are a liar

    Is truth a game daddy
    To win the fame baby
    It’s all the same baby
    You’re so reliable

    Trust in me
    Trust in me
    Put all your trust in me
    She’s doin’ morphine


    You just sit around just talkin’ nothing
    You’re takin’ morphine
    Go’on baby
    You just sit around just talking about it
    You’re takin’ morphine
    Just sit around just talking nothing about it
    You’re takin’ morphine
    You just sit around just talking about it
    You’re taking morphine
    You just sit around just talkin’ nothin’
    And takin’ morphine

    I’m going down baby
    You’re talkin’ Morphine

    Go’on baby!
    Do it!
    He’s takin’ morphine

  61. dynamite Said,

    I also taught it was him kissing his double cause i just took a quick look at it cause it was late and taught omfg michael is alive and why is he kissing his double on the head lol

  62. thriller777 Said,

    um are u sure thats a MJ song? i never heard of that before, and i certainly never heard of him cussing like this. he stated in a documentary he makes songs for the kids. idk, that song has coincidence in it, but i find it hard to believe because of the cussing. thats just not MJ.

  63. melia8383 Said,

    This is actually his song, I believe it was on blood on the dance floor? If i’m not mistaken?

  64. Ann7 Said,


    I thought this was interesting… In the picture you posted http://www.mjinnocencebracelets.com/061230brownjackson.jpg

    Look closely at what Rev. Jesse Jackson is wearing at James Brown memorial.
    I found this video of Rev. Jesse Jackson at Michaels memorial


    Is it me or is he wearing the same thing, was this picture really from James Browns memorial?

    I also thought that James Brown had blue inside his casket not white.

  65. admin Said,

    The Michael Jackson Hoax Death Forum is now up and running and ready for use. Please feel free to start new topics and continue your discussions there, in an easier to manage environment.
    MJHD Admin

  66. loveandpeace Said,

    Yea it’s James Brown’s casket. Jesse Jackson wore the same thing to both!

  67. emmie Said,

    listen to this song. its heartbreaking,
    its michael jackson singing about is own addiction..

  68. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Actually If You Listen To The Music Lyrics, He Is Stating A Fact That People Believe He Took Demerol. When The Media Told Us Bullshit, He’s Stating That People Are Stupid For Believing The Story.

  69. mjfan Said,

    NO, poster number 68, MJ ADMITTED in a 1993 announcement close to the Jordie Chandler situation that he was going to get help for an addiction to pain medications. He SAID this out of his own mouth in a video. THEN a few years later this song comes out. It is about HIS addiction and HIS problem with Demeral. That is not in dispute.

    WHat is in dispute is the issue over whether or not he was STILL on these drugs, and if he was, how extensive or constant the problem was.

  70. emmie Said,

    yh i thought it was something like that becausehe wasdoig and interview and had a tooth ach and he hadto go off andstop the pain. when he came ba ck he said ‘i took something to stop the pain’
    i feel sorry for him.
    i was looking at E’casanova and he looks like the person in the abulane he skin colour and when he closes his eyes what u think??

  71. gusgonecrazy Said,

    lol MJ was giving us hints to his death hoax years ago, like in the song from the album blood on the dance floor “morphine” in a sentence he says a heart attack baby i need your body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well planned MJ…….well planned.


    Wow…these allegations certainly are very telling!!! I first wondered if something wasnt right during the public memorial when Paris and the kids didnt seem upset. THEN she made that speech and I immediatly noticed there were no tears.

    People have asked on here about it being illegal to fake your own death and the answer is YES!
    AEG was supposedly to get a hefty insurance payout in the event of MJ’s death…a drug overdose no less…it is HIGHLy illegal to fake your death and even more illegal to fake it if someone is to recieve an insurance payoff as a result. BUT as far as I know right now the cause of death on MJ’s death certificate says “deferred” …so Im not sure about this one. And the fact that the police are supposedly involved???? hmmm…also…Latoya herself said MJ is worth more dead then alive….

    I have a few other things that Ive noticed that I didnt see mentioned on here…yet. This is my first post and havent gotten a chance to read everything yet, so forgive me if this stuff has been mentioned.

    1. MJ’s doc supposedly performed CPR on a bed. Anyone who knows anything about CPR ESPECIALLY a dr., knows you do NOT perform this procedure on a friggin bed!!

    2. I feel the family has got to know that these rumors are swirling on the hoax. They HAVE to know…I feel that they havent issed a statement squashing these rumors is also very suspicious.

    3. MJ’s brother, Jermaine held a press conference announcing MJ’s fficial” death. Strange. I could be wrong, but isnt announciong something like that, especially the death of a very high profile celeb, the job of the coroner, the doctors or at least a law enforcement official?

    4.As I stated above, MJ’s death cert. says cause of death: DEFERRED. Well we all know it was a heart attack as a result of drug use, so….?? The fact it says “deferred” may be their “out” in avoiding legal action for falsifying a death. Again, I may be wrong on this. Just my opinion.

    5. Ian Halperin. The author of the book : Unmasked, The Final Years of Michael Jackson. He claims to have said he gave MJ 6 months to live. Well, 6 months and one day later…..POOF…he’s dead. Also fishy is the fact his book came out one week AFTER MJ died.

    6. Ok….We all know MJ kept his kids masked in public. now at the memorial they are shown. I beleive these were his real children. Now as this website claims, they will see their dad once again someday, somehow. BUT now that we all know what they look like, won’t it be a little hard for them to appear in public, say in another country where their dad is hiding out? I mean, you cant keep those kids locked in a dungeon. They need air and to play outside…have friends and go to the ice cream store. Even if MJ gets more surgery to completely change his look wont it look a little odd to see all 3 of them walking out in public with a strange man that no one has ever seen before? This man being the “new” MJ.

    I am so glad this site exists!! I have been telling everyone I know about my theories and they look at me llike Im nuts. But if he IS alive…..I dont think we will see him again…at least not the way he used to look, which by the way, was insanely HOT!! He will be a new person. I feel horrible and my heart aches for him that his life has come to this. Wether he was forced or did this on his own….it is most definately the most elaborate hoax the world will know. Its even sadder that MJ or his people thought this was the only way out.

    What do you all think?

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