Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

As you can see by this video, the Crazed fans that mob Navi in Japan, all believe without a doubt that they are seeing Michael Jackson. During the video when they show the comparison between Navi and MJ both masked, it is VERY hard to tell the difference. It would be even harder to tell the difference between these two in a fuzzy image for example….perhaps like the slightly blurred image below left?

This is the only image in existance that gives any kind of validity of the 'Death' of Michael Jackson.

For some strange reason, this is the only image that has been taken of Michael Jackson when he was put into the ambulance, in spite of the fact that there were several people present at the time. The reflection of the window, colouring of the image, and slight fuzziness make it very suspicious as to it’s validity.

This is also the ONLY image that exists of Michael Jackson that shows us that he was dying, or being taken to the hospital. All other images exist show a shape of a body in a white body bag on a stretcher, which as far as we’re concerned, could have contained anything.

It has also been brought to our attention that the paramedic who is doing chest compressions on MJ (CPR) has his hand placed right up near his neck, when in fact, he should be doing CPR further down over the brest bone. Perhaps this was all ’staged’ to help all of us to believe the story that Michael Jackson is dead. Think about it…if no image such as the one above had been released, then everyone would be a lot more suspicious! If there was no image, and we were all expected to believe that it really was him in the body bag that went to the morgue, many people would be doubting the validity of the stories we were being fed by the media.

However, since there is one image in existence, the image above, we are supposed to go…’Oh okay, yes it looks like MJ in there, so I guess he really is dead then’. Just because of ONE image???

This image of the Loch Ness Monster was considered as photographic proof for 60 years until it was proven to be a Hoax.

Let’s talk about another single image that tricked people into believing a Hoax for 60 years. This image was that of the Loch Ness Monster. Supposedly taken by Robert Kenneth Wilson, a London gynaecologist, the image was published in the Daily Mail on 21 April 1934. This single image, is one of the most iconic images of Nessie and is known as the ‘Surgeon’s Photograph’, which many formerly considered to be good evidence of the monster. The image was revealed as a hoax in 1994.

Are we comparing Michael Jackson’s death to the Loch Ness monster? You bet. This proven hoax indicates just how quickly and easily people will believe something, just because it was in the media, and because there is a photo to back up the story.

Are we saying that the above image of Michael Jackson in the ambulance is a fake? No of course not, you obviously can’t fake that. What we must question about this image is this, Is it really Michael Jackson in the ambulance? If it is Michael Jackson in the ambulance, is he really dead or in Cardiac Arrest?

Since we have learned from the video above that Navi was Hired by Michael Jackson himself on several occasions to be a decoy, who’s to say it wasn’t done again, only on a much larger scale? We have also heard Michael Jackson’s personal trainer Lou Ferrigno recall in an interview how MJ put a mannequin of himself in an ambulance to put off the Papparazzi…what’s to say he didn’t do that again??

Don’t believe everything you read, hear and see.

What about this site? I hear you saying…

Well, we encourage you to make up your own mind.  

We are not stupid like the media thinks we all are.

We can all see that none of this adds up.

  1. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    It is obivious that it`s NOT Michael. Already the 1st minute i knew. He has the white strip on the wrong arm. Michael always has it on the RIGHT arm, Navi has it on the LEFT!! BIG BOMMER

  2. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    That is way to scary

  3. wishful09 Said,

    Nothing adds up. When wathcing interviews, I become so frustrated. I feel like jumping through the screen sometimes. I wana shout please, ask the right questions. You all have just jumped on this story of Michael being a druggie. You believe something as outlandish as Michael being addicted to anesteshia(sp), when we have never heard anything about this going on before. I mean really!!! Are we just to assume the nurse is telling the truth. How convient. Oh, and now here comes a chef to further validate her story. Really, buddy. You saw oxygen tanks and you waited until now to say something?? Give me a break. If these people are telling the truth, they are some of the strangest people around. I dont care who Michael is, I would have told somebody if I saw oxygen tanks leaving his house. It doesnt get stranger than that, but yet people believe it without questioning it. I could not even watch Larry King last night because how is it that so many people have come forward to label him a druggie, but people who actually knew him well and spent time with him everyday working and what not, have never seen him. Could he really be that good, that he could fool them all? I dont know, but at least I am questioning it, unlike the media. I hope the truth comes out. I hope the media ends up looking foolish. I find it so disturbing that people believe everything in the media.

  4. Sosh Said,

    First of all, I can’t say if his death is a hoax or not. When I look at some articals on this site I tend to believe it is indeed a hoax. Unfortunatly, we will probably never know for sure.Maybe it is even murder, taking in account the strange behaviuor of the doctor. One thing we can say for sure at the moment: we will never see him again dancing or making music. If it was a hoax or not he can live or rest in peace. Something MJ has deserved.

    Now my opinion on some of the things that happenend last week regarding Michaels death. Starting with the photograph where we can see MJ being rushed into the hospital. It is already mentioned that the person doesn’t look like Michael. His ears, eybrows and hair is different. Also his skin does have a more yellow cast to it where Michael always had a rather pale color in his face. I think the person on this picture isn’t Michael. The quality of the picture is pretty bad so it had to be a cellphone camera or something. These cameras tend to be pretty slow, so taking a picture when everybody is in a rush and hurrying to save a life won’t be easy, if not impossible! The person also had to be very close to the bed to take this kind of shot. I don’t think it was possible to take this photo at that particular moment.

    Besides this, there are (unconfirmed) rumours from the hospital staff that something strange was going on when ‘Michael’ was rushed in. Things went different as they should. So I doubt it was really Jackson on that picture.

    The second pointing to a fake death could be the rehearsals that, according to AEG live, where recorded in HighDef Video and Audio. Looks like it was all planned this way. Put Michael back in the picture with a massive 50 concerts tour wich he wasn’t gonna take. The news of his death will raise the total number of records sold rappidly. Also, a little more of a gamble, but let ticket buyers return their ticket and give the choice for a refund or a special ticket designed bij MJ himself. Of course their are eight, so real MJ fans need to collect them all. If 50% of the tickets is refunded, AEG Live has a much lower financial debt. Add to that the millions off DVD or BluRay (Joe jacksons company wich he nicely plugged during the interview?) discs that will be sold with the final rehearsals and AEG will make a big profit. There is also the song they used (They don’t car about us). Did they wan’t to make a statement to the media?

    Point three: Is MJ (if at all it is MJ) moving on the helicopter. Difficult to say. It’s possible, but when he is transported out of the helicopter into the van, we can see the black straps are removed. Removing these could cause the body to move when still inside the helicopter. The thing I find more interesting is the shape of the body in the body bag. It doesn’t actually look like there is real a body in it (or is CSI misleading me?)

    Then on to point four: Lots of people are telling lots of different things. To me it looks that most people that can make a profit of the stiuation look to talk only bad things about him (Uri Geller for example). Other people (Lou Feringo) talk about Michael as the healthiest person on the planet. Is the truth somewhere in the middle? Who can or must we believe. With the rehearsal in mind and seeing MJ dancing like he was only 25, I think we can disregard allmost all negative news. Michael was probabbly physically, mentally and financially in a good condition, but he wanted to escape the media. The best moment would be when the world was respecting and seeing him again and ‘die’ in a way appropriate to the King Of Pop at a newly created historical moment.

    So to me it looks like a hoax. And definitly, Michael is the one person who can make this possible. R.I.P Michael. Whether you’re dead or alive. We’ll miss you! As learned tonight from the memorial service, we at least learn we will never se you again and a possible hoax-death was not staged to perform the ultimate comeback

  5. charbour Said,

    You’ve done it again.
    I’ve just finished watching MJ’s memorial on TV and have been really said for the past 40 minutes since it finished.. but know I just read that you’ve got me thinking he could really be alive again!! When Paris broke down I thought I was gonna cry! It was so sad..
    You are so right though, I just wish the truth would come out soon. Where is this death certificate? And as you said, this whole thing just doesn’t add up.

  6. mysticallymagestically Said,

    He may be dead or even “dead” but even after the memorial service today and even after the heart-breaking words of his daughter Paris, I am still unsure. The memorial was exactly what one would expect what with all the honorable pomp and elegies, yet none of the suspecting questions were addressed and at the end of it all, I believe it served as merely a distractor. We may never see Michael again, but until all this clears up, there is reason for empirical doubt.

  7. noisehammer Said,

    me too @wishful09 !

    im from germany,
    ive watched the memorial, my face was full of tears, so sad…
    at the beginning of all these days, i was really believing he could be alive. but at this point, i cant believe it any more…
    everything appears to be so true, especially Paris at the end. this is a very dark day for me….

    the only thing how it could be true he is still alive:
    the whole family dont know about his fake, the family members gets faked by MJ himself. thats the only way i could imagine he is alive.
    ive heard rumors, that Joe Jackson is a part of the coverup.. well maybe.. but his brother and Paris surely NOT!

    there have been so many posts during the last few days…
    i still remember this one:

    this makes me still believing there must be something wrong!
    And.. this JoeJackson seems to be the real one there! i’m in contact with one of those forum members. .. but they dont believe his word.

    after all, i dont know what to believe..
    its so sad.. im starting to think hes really dead!!

    as ive posted it on another page,
    if michael comes back, i will throw the biggest party of my life!!!!!!!!!!
    if there will nothing happen during the next few weeks… then im 100% sure he is dead! sadly
    Michael, if you are really alive, dont do it to us that pain!

    i wish i could kiss his face right now..!!

  8. Yes555 Said,

    Michael’s death certificate:


    After the memorial service today, I am 99% sure he’s dead. Especially after seeing Paris cry.


  9. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    This may sound like a bonehead thing to say, But maybe Paris was staged to act that way at the end of the memorial? If you take into consideration all of the facts that are not adding up and taking into consideration the picture of him at the hospital above, Maybe someone or the family know that he is still alive. And that they haven’t told the children about it. OR, Maybe they thought they had seen Michael when it was really a decoy. I’m just trying to figure everything out because after watching the memorial service, Deep down inside, I am convinced he has really gone out of this world because of Paris’ reaction and also Jermaine’s. HOWEVER, Even at the memorial service, Things didn’t add up. Supposedly, There were two coffin’s, The gold one we saw on TV looked too short and tiny even for Michael’s stature of 5′11 and 120LBS, And the family held a “Private” memorial at 8AM. Why would they have a 30 minute memorial service for Michael, Rush him through the streets of Los Angeles, And not even have a proper burial plan!!??? There is a circulation of the death certificate of his out now, But I can’t comment on that because I don’t even know what they are supposed to look like or have written on them. Here is the link:

    I’m on the fence now after seeing the memorial service, And am starting to ask some questions about him and the possibility of him still being alive. I just don’t understand it though, Why would Paris just up and talk like that? She was always very quiet and shy. It sounded so real though. My hope of Michael still being here is fading. I’m very sickened and hurting.

  10. Shikster Said,

    Ok I watched the Memorial. I almost thought this was real and he was dead. The family all wore sunglasses because knowing that Michael wasnt dead….they couldnt create the tears needed. Jermaine did his best to produce tears while singing the song smile….what made me go hmmmm was at the very last moments when the whole family was on stage ……watch Paris……..shes more into her pocket book then the whole thing…..then Janet turns to her and says something……..then she forgets about her pocket book and tries to look sad…..then Paris speaks……..she does an average job trying to cry but doesnt shed a tear and then is whisked away by Janet. Michael is worth more in death than life……..I have been a fan since the Jackson 5……….Its easy to break down when shielded by sunglasses like Marlon did. They are all going to be crying their way to the bank. Michael will be gone long enough to pull himself outta debt………..but his fans will not forgive him.

  11. noisehammer Said,

    i got information from a person who i dont want to tell. So maybe MJ really is alive…!

    i dont know what to say..

  12. Madason Said,

    Ok. where was michaels body double ‘clone’ Navi when he was supposedly dead. Can anyone vouch for Navi, or is his whereabouts unknown.

  13. mysticallymagestically Said,

    Also, every major network is more concerned with the details regarding the birth of his children, his marriage(s) and relationships, his alleged drug usage over the simple matter that is his DEATH! Why are we inundated with all these details regarding his possessions and debts instead of how unlikely it is that a 50 year old man who was checked to be completely healthy just mere months away drops dead without cause.

  14. edenmalfoy Said,

    I tried my best to not see the pic of him in the ambulance…but it’s inevitble I suppose. Upon seeing it however, I think it looks a bit odd, it seems that there’s tension in the forehead of the person in that photo. Which would be impossible if you were actually in a position to need a breathing tube…

    Did anyone else think it odd that they closed the memorial with a photo with the words ‘I am alive’ on it?

  15. nycscenie Said,

    Seems believable about the navi and mannequin thing but how do you explain Paris’s breakdown at the memorial service? Could an 11 year old girl really be lying and acting? I hope 2 read in the future his children’s role in the hoax cuz i really do believe hes alive but maybe im just wishing too hard.

  16. Andrea Said,

    edenmalfoy, I hear you. I found it rather odd that the backdrop said ‘I am still alive..’.

    Clues? Perhaps. The world may never know. He was a mystery when he was ‘alive’ and I’m sure he’ll remain so in ‘death’.

  17. Andrea Said,

    I find it funny that the certificate says that Forest Lawn Cemetery was a ‘temporary’ disposition of the body, though final burial is ‘pending at an unknown location’. and that he was living in his parent’s home, haha. Also still, obviously, no one has signed it., right?

    HONESTLY, WHO EVEN FREAKING KNOWS ANYMORE WITH THIS WHOLE MJ ORDEAL! Frankly I WISH death photos would come up so it would squash the faked death rumours, OR I wish he would pop out of hiding and say PSYCH! Just so I (as well as many other people) can ease their minds a little.

  18. mbc080709 Said,

    I watched the memorial last night and it is now very difficult to say that it’s “not dead”. But, what about this “fantastic story”, wouldn’t it be wonderful it that will happen?:

    - Imagine that MJ is already “passed away” since several years, let’s say many years (at least since before 1993), as he was hard-pressed by media, fans, media and wanted a relax annd easy life. We knew the real MJ has several doubles (sosia) and had agreed with the best of them for him to take its place fully, but not knowing that one day it came out around the huge troubles that’s been (debts for an opulent life, the accusations of pedophilia of the double MJ – sure that at this point this is true – the life of unbridled sosia filled in massive doses of drugs, medicines and different – in short, a double then became an impostor). At this point the real MJ has resumed contact (just from the place where he is) with his best friends, his producers and the organization of concerts just to organize a series of crazy dates in order to create a BIG return. The real MJ was staged with the help of the doctor Conrad Murray of double’s murder (which is almost as if he were already dead for all that has combined with his body), who did reharsal at Staples Center in LA two weeks ago and that it sees fit well in the videos and photos is HIM, the real MJ as of charm that you will find on stage in London @ O2 Arena on 13 July 2009, the first date of his 50 concerts (please note that they didn’t cancel the dates). This will exonerate all the sins of pedophilia, unbridled life, etc…and come alive to the immense joy of the true MJ fans. This one will be the real MJ, the one who has always been up to just before the new millennium. Perhaps he’ll pay a fine for everything but imagine the money that would be!

    However, whatever is: R.I.P. MJ!!!

  19. SFAN Said,

    I would very much like MJ to be alive becos’ I really appreciate his talents and his contributions over these years and it will be such a great waste to have him gone too soon, not able to see his 3 lovely children grow up and to be groomed by him.

    To carry out a death hoax seems too big a scale to imagine at his point. What would the world thinks of him if he really comes back alive. Wouldn’t he be legally charged by carrying out a death hoax with already the death certificate being issued? No doubt if he really comes back alive, his fans will be the most happy people around but I dun think his friends and colleagues would find it funny! Unless all those superstars present at the memorial already knew this is a hoax including The House whom they have presented him with a special memorandum.

    I think if he really would want to carry out this death hoax it would be the sole purpose of retiring in peace, away from the paparazzi and frenzy media whom over these years has destroyed part of his career, rather to come back again into the limelight with much more topic for the media to scrutinize about.

    Media all over the world especially pertaining to the entertainment industry has been well known to be able to bring up a ‘Star’ and also to bring down a ‘Star’ with both their truthful and untruthful reports. And sadly Michael Jackson is one of the unfortunate victim.

    R.I.P Michael Jackson, The Lord loves you much more than anyone else and that’s the reason you are by His side now in peace and comfort. Though we hate to lose our loved ones but those who left us are definitely in a better place with The Lord. All of us will meet again one day in front of the LORD! Ciao!

  20. edenmalfoy Said,

    Oh yeah, also, I think it’s pretty easy to explain Paris’ breakdown. It’s not really her. Neither are Prince Michael’s 1 and 2. If MJ has faked his death, those are not his real children, the real kids are with him. And what a simple thing to do; get body doubles for three kids who’s faces we’d never seen until a couple of months ago. It would support the claims that it wasn’t him in the March press conference (which to me, it’s pretty clear that that’s not him); Michael skipped town months ago with his beloved children in tow…because he would never leave them…and put in body doubles for all four of them.

    And if you stop and think of it; what a perfect cap to his memorial to get people to think he’s dead; have his daughter sob out a heartfelt goodbye to her daddy. I really think he is alive and I was in tears because of her, it was heartbreaking. So, he switches out the kids, his double and theirs parade around the streets of LA, completely unmasked, a couple of months ago, get the kids pictures in a magazing or 12 and then he dies and the little girl photographed with him a couple of months ago, goes onstage and breaks down. It’s perfect. People aren’t going to question that.

    Then again; how many family members would have to be in on this for him to swap out his children for fakes? Because..surely the family could tell his children apart from body doubles…

    Oh, and has anyone else noticed how now on CNN instead of saying the death of a legend it’s ‘MJ’s Mysterious Death’? At least someone’s finally saying something’s fishy somewhere.

    Maybe it’s just wishful thinking…I just don’t want this to be true, it seems too horrible to be true.

  21. oldgregg Said,

    I would love for MJ’s death to be a hoax, but I too will reserve judgement. I can kind of understand why he would want to do something like that- after all he was hounded by the media for the later part of his years. I thought Marlon hit the nail on the head with what he said, when he said about his dressing up to go to the record store, not one of us could imagine an existance like that- he didnt have a life really.

    I feel sad for that, and for what he has been through, and for that i can fully understand if he has decided to fake his own death (hell i’d be tempted after what hes had to put up with!)

    But with regards to the Navi impersonator aspect of things, im afraid Navi appeared on BBC breakfast on Friday morning 8.oo GMT speaking about Michael’s death, and about how he had been a decoy for MJ for a while a few years ago. So it couldnt have been Navi, but it sure as hell could have been someone else. I cried my eyes out last night at the memorial- specially when his little girl got up, that totally broke my heart.

  22. bghoppy Said,

    Why does Paris crying really resonate with so many? There were no actual tear from her eyes, it is THE PERFECT ending, and everyone there is or was or knew child stars. All these people started out in show biz as children, and despite the “troubles and pain” they all bitch about from the “loss of their childhood”, they are all still willing and encouraging to send these little lambs into the spotlight, even more sickeningly using their fathers death as their debut.
    Fake crying is easy as hell by the way, just ask any traffic cop with a female speeder.
    I have a question for medical and/or legal folks. Is is normal for a death cert. to say “Informational Only Not a valid document for indentification.” in red background lettering?

  23. elde Said,

    I have 2 VIP tickets for what was normally the second concert in the O2 and that had been postponed to March and received message that these tickets are refunded or parially traded for a memorial ticket; think it means there is a sort of damage control going on… On the other hand I just heard that these 3D memorial tickets were designed by Michael himself!!??

  24. bghoppy Said,

    I looked it up about the death cert:General Information on Ordering California Death Certificates
    Effective July 1, 2003, there are two types of certified copies of birth and death records:

    Certified Copy: This is a regular certified copy identical to those issued prior to July 1, 2003. These will be issued only to authorized individuals as defined by Health and Safety Code 103526 (see list below). A Certified Copy can be used to establish the identity of the person named on the certificate.

    Certified Informational Copy: This is also a regular certified copy, but it will have a legend across the face with the statement “INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY.” A Certified Informational Copy cannot be used to establish identity. Persons who are not eligible to receive a Certified Copy can receive a Certified Informational Copy.
    looking this up I found out in California here is also a document called a Proof of Death Letter.
    I want to see that letter and an autopsy pic before I can put my mind at ease.
    Remeber this is SHOWBIZ, folks.
    And the more I think about it, if there is not a company out there that helps rich people fake their own deaths, or facilitate a complete change of identity, I’m going to start one myself. Obviously there is a demand.

  25. feyaya Said,

    take a look at this alleged “death hoax diary” i found here. astounding, to say the least! but i don’t know if it could be fabricated. what do you think???

  26. Bee Said,

    Interesting site! I watched the entire memorial yesterday and was moved to tears at numerous points. But, two things did stand out to me as a bit odd:
    1) The gospel song at the beginning, “Soon and very soon, we are going to see the king…..” Now, that could have been just a coincidence and a favorite gospel song.
    2) The children: sure, they’ve had a week to grieve, but I didn’t see any signs of them having cried during the service once! They seemed awfully laissez-faire, so perhaps they knew they’d be seeing their father again soon?
    Also, Paris, at the end (bless her heart!) her little speech seemed very stilted, and when she ‘cried’ she turned away awfully fast to her aunt Janet. At the time, I was carried away by all the previous songs and tributes and emotions, but later upon looking at the video, it felt like a rehearsed speech.
    I wouldn’t blame Michael one bit if he was able to pull this off, and be able to live peacefully with his children and closest allies off on an island somewhere.
    With all the new technology that exists that did not exist at the time of Elvis’s death, I wonder if it will be easier to track him down one day?

  27. mysticallymagestically Said,

    I agree with all your statements Andrea. We’re all still waiting for the toxicology report results, right? That’s gotta say something. And of course, the fact that he’s temporarily “buried” at Forest Lawn, or is he? I mean, goodness…why is this all taking so long if he simply died of a natural cause like cardiac arrest, hmm? Billy Mays was buried within days, Farrah Fawcett was buried within days, what’s the issue here with Michael?

  28. Andrea Said,

    I also find it quite odd that after the ‘memorial’ NOBODY saw anyone take the coffin out of the Staples center or into a hearse or anything. And the family went to the hotel for lunch afterwards? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Hahahaha. This is the most funniest event I’ve ever seen, and I say event as in MJ’s entire death scam. Now they don’t even know where they’re gonna let poor Michael be ‘buried’. HMM, HERE’S A THOUGHT. Maybe NOWHERE, because he’s not dead. Sheesh.

  29. zealot Said,

    At the memorial Service, I found it interesting that MJs brother Marlon Jackson included a story about MJ wearing disguises in his speech. Marlon said something about MJ was dressed like a old nasty looking man in a store and he recognized him and MJ was shocked that marlon recognized him at that store. Marlon put emphasis on the fact that he can always recognize his brother no matter what. It seemed like marlon knew MJ was watching his own memorial service from somewhere so marlon was sending a subliminal msg to mj letting him know that he knew that the person who had died was not MJ. I also questioned the fact if Marlon Jackson was indeed crying. Since he was wearing sunglasses in the building, I could not tell. However, I noticed that when he was having his crying frenzies, he did not once remove the sunglasses to wipe his tears away. I believe Usher was indeed crying and he in fact removed his snnglasses to wipe tears away. I believe Marlon Jackson is/was an actor in the past so he could have easily been putting on an act. I also found it interesting that little paris jackson showed no emotions throughout the entire service until the end. She was playing with a MJ doll throughout the service and on the stage, until Ms. Janet told her something. Then, little paris gave her farewell and started to cry but her face did not appear to look flushed like brooke shield’s when she cried. I saw no tears on little paris face, she quickly hid her face. I first began to ask myself was MJs death a fake when his brother, Jermaine Jackson, gave the news conference at UCLA hospital. He spoke into the camera and said may allah be with you always Michael. It seemed like he knew MJ was watching the event somewhere in a reclusive place and he was just giving MJ his best wishes at a new life. IDK maybe that’s just jermaine’s nature, but I found that a bit questionable. When Janet Jackson appeared at the BET awards. I said to myself, “wow, janet jackson is an extraordinary strong woman or a very good “actress” Considering that Janet has been acting since like the tender age of 12, if MJ death is indeed a fake Ms. Janet could have definitely pull that performance off. She said that her family “elected” her to speak at the BET awards. I asked myself why would they elect the babygirl to speak and not jermaine since he’s been the voice of the family. Maybe they needed the event to appear more believable and to achieve that they needed a actress. Considering MJs financial problems, pending lawsuits, and tarnished image, faking his own death is not to far fetched. In an interview he once said that he did not like to tour, he hated it, so I’ve been asking myself why is he touring again ever since the ‘this is it’ conference at o2 arena. I am not making any claims nor speculations that MJ faked his death. Rather, I am just sharing my observations. If MJ did indeed faked his death, I hope he finds the peace that he’s been searching for. May allah forever be with you and your loved ones brother Michael.

  30. jaydogg Said,

    Did anyone not notice that when Paris was crying (or acting) that there were no tears in her eyes? OK, aside from that if this is all a big hoax than I hope it never comes out or it was all in vein. Don’t you think that Michael for once in his life deserves a break from all this? Let him relax and enjoy his life for once if he is still alive. And if he is not than God bless him and all he has had to put up with throughout his life. RIP or LIP

  31. nycscenie Said,

    @edenmalfoy I can believe that maayybbe the children/paris were acting but body doubles for kids? I dont think so. If you look at a pic and vids of them from when they were little they look the exact same way now. Princes hair got darker but paris looks exactly the same.

  32. feyaya Said,

    AGREED. there has only been speculation about where his “body” is going to be buried. i have never heard of a body staying unburied for this long.

    um, does anyone find the first man to sing “we are the world” at the memorial a bit peculiar?? someone said it could it be michael, but looking at his hands, it would seem hard to make makeup look that natural. what does everyone else think about this man?

    another thing. IF michael is indeed alive, the memorial seemed to have been swarming with subliminal messages. i.e. the “i am alive” statement at the end, “michael we love you more, now join us.” at the beginning of the last performance, excessive use of present tense when referring to him. i read an article earlier when i trying to find out more about uri geller. it was saying that michael had agreed to work with him to add positively influencing subliminal messges to his songs. if that’s true, and this is all a hoax, why wouldn’t michael and uri collaborate again to add little hidden messges throughout the memorial??

  33. Andrea Said,

    @ nycscenie – I second that notion. It clearly IS his kids. However, I still think they are in on the entire thing.

  34. Andrea Said,

    Also, I thought it’d be appropriate for me to mention that on an interview I saw last night on the show ‘extra’ the lady was interviewing one of MJ’s older doctors and friend – I honestly forget his name, but I’ll never forget what he told the reporter. He said that once Michael Jackson even told him that he knew he’d be on top again if he ‘died’ and that one day they were having dinner together and he brought him into another room and Michael told him that should anything happen to him, to make sure he (the doctor) teaches the kids the ways of Jehovah’s witness or whatever, and to make sure his mother gets the children.

    HMMMMMMMMM. Suspicious huh? But I can’t really trust anything anyone says now in light of his ‘death’. People keep springing up from everywhere these past few weeks to say things about MJ that they should have said a long time ago. Just raises more and more suspicion for me.

  35. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    They should do a DNA test on every kid because Debbie Rowe even said she carried the two oldest kids, But it wasn’t Michael’s sperm. So obviously how can they be his biological kids? Think about it. LoL. The youngest of the kids, I don’t know about, As does anyone because no mother’s background. He is a mystery child. All I know is that these kids do not have that black people hair. They have fine, White people hair. It just makes no sense! If these kids were mixed, It would show with at least some black people hair!

  36. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    Please, Someone send me a link to the picture of Michael with the words, I’m Alive on it. I watched the memorial, But I must have missed that picture.
    About that diary, Okay, THAT was really weird. I wonder how credible a source that Derek is though?? It would be amazing if he came back and did a tour like the Derek site said. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks that the memorial was entirely staged. Good points being pointed out by everyone here. It makes total sense!

  37. dirtydiana Said,

    Is it me or does Michael’s oldest son and one of the Jackson’s brothers appear to be laughing after Paris’s questionable reaction? The same Jackson brother appeared to be laughing earlier also. This whole situation just gets weirder and weirder. Notice how Reebe Jackson walks over to MJ’s eldest before Paris speaks as if to make sure the kids don’t slip up. It all looked staged to me. And notice how not one Jackson has a tear rolling down their cheeks. I know that everyone takes death differently but come on, I still cried more, even with all my suspisions.

  38. dirtydiana Said,

    Maybe the Jackson brother isn’t laughing and is crying the more I look at the video but MJ’s son does appear to be smirking.

  39. monij Said,

    To OLDGREGG, one of the readers [Tis_Ruthy] posted an interesting link to an article in relation to MJ’s March conference in London [You may like to read this newspaper report from March this year…..http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1159645/Trembling-gaunt-100million-debt-Michael-Jackson-makes-final-entrance.html…read the last section….seems otthers noticed the difference in Michael’s face…hmmmm]. In this article, it is mentioned that Navi was in the audience at the time of the conference, could this have been a decoy too, so that people do not go thinking that the person on stage is not the real MJ?

  40. SkylinexBleedsxRed Said,

    feyaya: That man at the beginning to sing We Are The World. That can’t be Michael. It looks nothing like him. I know when Michael played the mayor in Ghosts, I could easily recognize him. Michael has distinct eyes that I would know anywhere. The guy at the memorial doesn’t add up to Michael. IF it is him, Wow, Okay, Fooled me.

  41. ly9512 Said,

    Okay – weird. When I first saw that picture of him in the ambulance I thought his face looked so swollen. Especially from his nose to his mouth. Like its so much bigger than MJ’s face. Some people said it could’ve been because of the drugs but they weren’t 100% sure!

    I completely agree that not everything adds up from this story. Everything is just kind of a mystery! I can’t wait until everything unfolds.

  42. Yes555 Said,

    IF michael is indeed alive, the memorial seemed to have been swarming with subliminal messages. i.e. the “i am alive” statement at the end, “michael we love you more, now join us.”

    “I am alive, and I am here forever?” They’re lyrics from a Michael Jackson song he sung with Paul McCartney called “The Man”



    There’s a man
    Who plays the game of life so well
    Ooh, there’s such a man
    His thoughts you can never tell, ooh
    And it’s just the way he
    Thought it would be
    ’cause the day has come
    For him to be free
    I’m alive and I’m here forever

    This is the man
    And it’s just the way she
    Thought it would be
    As he says, something has
    Happened to me
    Then he laughs, he kicks
    And rolls up his sleeves
    I’m alive and I’m here forever
    This is the man

    There’s a man
    Everybody thought they knew
    Ooh, there’s such a man
    He’s not like me and you, ooh

    And it’s just the way she
    Thought it would be
    As he says, something has
    Happened to me
    Then he laughs, he kicks
    And rolls up his sleeves
    I’m alive and I’m here forever
    This is the man

    And it’s just the way she
    Thought it would be
    As he says, something has
    Happened to me
    Then he laughs, he kicks
    And rolls up his sleeves
    I’m alive and I’m here forever
    This is the man

    And it’s just the way she
    Thought it would be
    As he says, something has
    Happened to me
    Then he laughs, he kicks
    And rolls up his sleeves
    I’m alive and I’m here forever
    This is the man
    (this is the man)
    Ooh yeah
    (ooh, yeah)
    This is the man
    (this is the man)
    This is the man

  43. SFAN Said,

    A person who really planned to hoax their death will not allow themselves to reappear in the public ever again with the same identity so fans out there can drop their hopes of MJ suddenly popped out from no where with a surprise and staged a comeback concert, he is not stupid, so it is as good as MJ is already dead! His ultimate aim is to have peace and privacy.

    If MJ is really dead, he could be feeling really sad now because while he was alive, people chose to believe the bad things about him and when he died, people still chose to believe that he actually staged a death hoax, he may be asking ‘Why nobody just believed me just for once!”

    Deep in my heart, I hope he is really not dead but out there somewhere having his peace finally and live to ripe old age because he deserves it. If he is really dead, I hope everyone can just respect this truth and give comfort to his loved ones that he had left behind because they are the ones that are suffering in pain right now.

    God bless u MJ, no matter where u are now because I know you are in a better place rite now!

  44. curious_george Said,

    Glad I’m not the only one who is wondering if this is all a hoax. And for the record, I was never a huge fan of MJ so it’s not like I’m just having trouble accepting his death.

    I found the speech by daughter Paris to be extremely fake and stiff; rehearsed. For all of the noise she made, not a tear. While Marlon was giving his speech, she was fiddling with her little hand-bag a lot; and twice Janet turned to her and said something at which point she finally strung the purse strap over her shoulder and then in a really ‘fake’ sort of way, leaned on Janet. It was as if Janet told her “lean on me, try to look sad.”

    Also, it was bizarre the the Jackson brothers all wore dark shades. Something you might expect at a MIB Convention but not a memorial. At times they appeared to have the facial expression of someone ‘choking up’ but never a tear to be seen rolling down their face. When you’re that choked up, tears can’t help but fall – duh. And when Marlon started with his speech, his voice was all shaky and cracking up…but again, not a tear to be shed. I call BS.

    as for the pic of MJ in the ambulance; as someone in the healthcare profession for many years, who’s actually DONE CPR, the hand placement of the paramedic is way off. It appears the palm of that hand is on the upper chest, just below MJ’s left shoulder; definitely not the correct hand placement for doing chest compressions.

    I listened, last week, to the 911 call and something seemed off with that call. The dispatcher sounded very aloof, he asked strange, irrelevant questions but didn’t seem to ask the questions you’d expect one to ask. The caller was overly polite; ended every sentence with “sir.” Do you really think that if you’re in the presence of a non-responsive celebrity, one in which a doctor is there performing CPR and it’s obviously not helping, is going to be so polite? So calm? And then there’s the whole issue of the caller admitting that the doctor present was doing CPR on the bed. WTF? To me that was a screw-up. Even people with a basic CPR course know that you can’t deliver effective chest compressions on a soft, cushiony surface; you gotta get the person onto a hard flat surface, down on the floor if necessary. A doctor would have known this for crying out loud, particularly one who would be frantically trying to save someone like MJ.

    I found it strange at the end of this call, when the caller advised that a doctor was there w/ MJ, and that MJ was ‘cold’ (implying it was too late), that the dispatcher then just said something to the effect of “okay, well they should there right away”….I would think a real dispatcher would not be so quick to determine “it’s too late”……and at the end of that call, the dispatcher tells him “if you need anything else, call us.” WTF? What a strange thing to say. And I thought that EMS dispatchers were to stay on the line until it was confirmed that paramedics/EMS HAD arrived.

    Oh, and I thought Brooke Shields’ speech was a little fake, too. There were times that she was choking up a lot…..but amazing, no tears….eyes didn’t even become glassy or watery.

    Lastly, I think it’s bizarre that the family would have brought the 3 children up on stage like that. I thought these kids were very sheltered and protected from the media…….now suddenly they’re on stage for all the world to see? How inappropriate on the family’s part for deciding to allow this……….but then again, if MJ isn’t really DEAD, it’s not such an inappropriate thing to do because it’s merely part of the ‘act.’

    Oh……and the oldest boy didn’t seem the least bit upset, either. If these kids were as close to MJ as it’s been reported, don’t you think they’d have been crying? red swollen eyes? I mean, you can’t stop a kid from crying.

    I call total BS.

  45. Goldie Said,

    i love this website

    i belive michael is alive and in a better place alone with his kids <3

  46. Sosh Said,

    About Michaels Kids: Isn’t it possible the kids at the memorial tuesday, arent’his kids? It was only recently that Prince and Paris are seen unmasked. It could have been Michaels Imposter with just a few kids hanging around to show the public their faces. This way they can be easily staged. Or was it just a coincidence this happenend only some weeks ago?

  47. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    About the whole “Children” thing. To be hornets, i think that the children know`s that ther father is in fact still alive, i think they saw him at the hospital, to say “goodbye” for now, and Daddy will see you soon. If Michael faked his own death, i am pretty sure that he would reveal himself, at one of the concerts, but that would also be the last time that he would ever perform again. All that crap with Michael beeing on drugs, and skinny and all that shit, my god, i have never in my entire life heard so much BS as that. If you look at teh rehearsel videos, you can see that Michael is in Great shape, and Danceing and sining like he always have done. I`m pretty sure that it infact was him on the rehearsels, between the sings, Michael is talking, and that IS his voice for sure. I love his voice, so that would not be so esaly forgotten. And in some of the reherasel videos, Think it is Billie Jean, Michael goes upclose to the Camara, you can see his entire face. And let me just say. NO FAKE THERE. But what concerns me most, is that he was in such great shape, as he was, and then duddnly he “drops” dead. NOWAY. I don`t believe that, I think he is alive. I will believe he is dead the day i get to see his body. I have a feeling that we would get us a surprise at the Concert the 29th of August. Just a thought.

  48. alive Said,

    Did anyone hear what Latoya said to the fans at the Nokia? She said Michael Is Watching and he Sees all of you and he Loves you all so much. She would be the one to let something slip. If she meant he was watching from heaven or up above then why didn’t she say that? It doesn’t feel right and your gut feeling is usually the right one. Anyone else think this was strange?

  49. Andrea Said,

    @ alive – no, I didn’t see that speech, but LOL at Latoya. IF ANYONE could mess this hoax up it’d be her.

    I do find that strange, though.

  50. feyaya Said,

    that’s hilarious about latoya. it would probably explain why she wasn’t “elected” to speak about michael’s death at the BET awards. about michael’s physical condition: how ignorant is the media when they say he was skinny and all that crap?! michael has ALWAYS been skinny. ever since he was a little boy, he’s been thin. they act like he was once a macho man, now he’s bones with skin wrapped around them. get real!

  51. MariannaB Said,

    There is one thing that puts a full stop to “Michael intended to get away from all the pressure, heal the debts and thus planned and executed the fake”.
    Michael would NEVER intentionally have left alone his children. Certainly not to the any possible influence of his father.

    Michael loved to play with the media that had treated him so badly. But nor for the price of his children.

    If the tragedy was a fake put to scene then the origin is to seek in the greedy entourage.

    Michael was sold from the very beginning of his life – so were his brothers and sisters. None of them experienced a normal life.

    Now it’s the turn on Paris, Prince and Blanket – and THIS, Michael would never haved allowed. Paris was sold at Stapels and Janet took her back like “well done”.

    Not one of Michael’s closest friends was seen or heard in public except giving a “I don’t participate in this”.

    To me, two possibilities: the whole thing is initiated by the entourage to the monetary wellfare of all involved.
    Or it happened as an unintential chain of unforeseen complications with the “in first place not-wanted” death of Michael.

    Real tragedies are written by life in a more uncomprehensible way than we can imagine. My brother had a stroke at age 41 and is ever since 100% handicapped. My sister-in-law works in a hospital. My brother was not seen by a PhD for 5 hours. And? She failed to help, that’s all.

    I agree to the fake at the conference, I agree to the questionmarks with the ambulance, photo in the ambulance, uncomprehensive details of the last 2 weeks. I agree to the selling idea behind Staples and the play around with media for creating another mystery which sells well.

    But Michael would never have given up his children.

    R.I.P. Michael – I just hope they bury you soon and do not sell your bones as well as your voice and gifts before.

    My daughter has become fond of you at age 7 and she answered immediately: oh no, Michael is dead. He loved his children.

    All our love and gratefulness keep accompaniing you whereever you are.

  52. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    The pic of him in the ambulance doesnt prove anything. I love MJ wid all my heartt and i believe that he very capable of faking his death, hes known as the guy who had many disguises. You know wats weird, how marlon spoke of how MJ was in diguise in a CD storee, is it just me or does any one else think that hes tryna send out a message that MJ is capable of disguising himself? As for the decoy, has anyoen seen Navi anywhere? like has he even commented on the deathh ? Its a tad weird how no ones heard from him, and the pic of MJ in the ambulance, he has the money and the mind to pull it off, its people like us who are able to question, I for one believe that he is alive. I just hope hes okay tho.

  53. Sosh Said,


    How can Michael reaper at a concert 29th of august if these concerts will be canceled. Without Michael there is no use in having a this is it concert.

  54. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    Sosh: theyre not cancelling the concerts, they sed something about it being like a tribute thingg. right ?

  55. Sosh Said,

    Thats right, I’ve read in another topic and annother post by MyBelovedMJ that there are plans to have a concert at his birthday, 29 of august.

    Last week I heard that if the concerts go on like tribute concerts, they will be held in the LA Staples Center and not in the O2 Arena. Can anyone confirm this.

  56. Goldie Said,

    if michael is faking his death he´s not going to be in public ever again he is going to hide..

  57. Dweeby Guy Said,

    short after MJ’s death, Navi was on a morning talk show talking about MJ’s death and also BBC did a segment on him where he talks about how devasted he was when finding out.



  58. edenmalfoy Said,


    Where did you see this footage of the rehearsal with all that extra stuff? All I’ve seen is the minute and a half of They Don’t Really Care About Us…

    I would love a link to see the extra parts you were talking about.

  59. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    You look it up at youtube. Just type, Michael jackson Performence 2009, and they will all appear. I must admit, that mabye you will laugh in some of them, they are pretty funny . And listen to Michael`s wonderful voice. Then you will never forget it

  60. Samantha Said,

    It’s simple, the day i heard he was dad, i broke down into tears, i was almost going to commit suicide, i love mj. But another side of me was saying that his Alive, and its easy to beleive because michael only wanted to escape, He didnt like touring, and he owed to much money so he probably faked this. And his family knows and is going along with it, if you watch Paris theres no tears.. And none of them look really that upset, Like imagine if your brother died? you’d be in tears or if you’re trying to hold back. But i dont know its what i think, i reckon his just hiding somewhere and wont reveal because 12 people commited suicide and if he reveals his not dead the world will be angry. But dead or alive, your alive in my heart, and i love you so much michael, forever i adore you and i hope your alive away from ur troubles. But wether or gone or still out there somewhere i love you michael, live in peace or rest in peace.

  61. supermom75 Said,

    @mariana_b i knew mike for a long time and his kids were his most loved possesion but he would leave them in the care of his mother knowing they are safe also diana ross has said she made a promise to mike not to let debbie rowe near his kids so he has them protected by ppl he loves in his life if he said his good byes in the hospital and told his kids he loves them and will be back his kids are very trong and i know this and they will listen to daddy and they will wait till the time is right to be together again everything is falling in place to the will so far and debbie rowe who once said i want my kids now asks for a delay do you not think that is fishy she wants time to think about weather she wants her kids hmmmm so who told her what is really goin on and who is paying her she already took 8.4 mil on her kids and signed her right away i think michael knows what he is doing love you mikey

  62. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    thanks dweeby guy.
    there isnt any thing to prove that is the real MJ in the ambulance, he had impersonators all over the world, who knows.
    This is the only site keepin me sane.
    But just a word to all those people who want to commit over his death, think about it, he would never want anybody to take their lives away over him.

  63. MariannaB Said,

    The kids seemed to be set under drugs. Paris has been acting like a trained poodle in a circus to deliver what the world was waiting for (or what the family intended to deliver in their performance). And gee what a circus indeed.
    Now it’s a romanian who got paid to die on behalf of MJ. And Romania is home of vampire castle and vampires are representing the non-dead and MJ wanted eternal live… lol… what a morass of absurdities and short thinking. If you ask me, the spider in my room played the main part in the story.

    It’s so ridiculous to read the hundreds of “revealed truths”.

    There’s only one thing for sure: there are immense monetary interests involved.
    And as we learned from the prof. financers: money does not know neither shame nor borders.

    Let Michael rest in peace – the whole plot and digging after it is too much of a shame and disgusting.

    What is YOUR personal interest in digging after MJ? What is YOUR personal greed or hunger?
    Isn’t it time to care for the LIVING close to you and do something about YOUR life?

    Turn to the one in the mirror.

    Michael knew what he did and if he didn’t, he’s responsible for his life anyway.
    He deserves like anybody else to be left alone in peace.

  64. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Michael would never have people to take their own lives, because he “died”. And in my opinion, those people who did that, Im sure they loved Michael, but if they really did love him, they would have been living on. FOR HIM. That is what he would have wanted

  65. bghoppy Said,

    marianna, liitle hypocritical are you? You found this sight yourself, you felt deserving of adding your own opinion, and just because there are outlandish ideas like the romanian and that he died in ‘84 (I wish they were not), doesn’t mean we all believe those parts or even include them in our analysis of this case.
    U bring up they money. That’s part of why myself and others are worried. What if he was harmed in some way to get as his money?
    You ask what OUR greed or need is? My main problem here is in every aspect surrounding this story, there is an obvious failure on the part of journalists to cover it in a way that is professional and complete. These are the same people we entrust to flesh out BS if and when the government tries to decieve it’s public. How can these same people ask he right questions of our govn’t officials when they are afraid to ask Jermain Jackson relavent questions and tell him he is lying when he does.
    And I am tired of this crying on behalf of famous people for their loss of privacy. To crave attention and shun it at the same time is ridiculous.


  66. MariannaB Said,

    Very good analysis – thank you. I believe this site and forum are absolutely necessairy and helpful.

    The journalists have been fed from the first minute. The entourage are professionals in working with media. M played with the journalists.

    Now a brandnew cake is being created. You cannot prevent from parts of the truth to leak through. So in order to make facts the less harmful possible some nice artificial add-ons are appended: some mysteries, some unusual, some scary, some all too common.
    And everybody runs after the cake, no matter how strange the thing appears with a distant look.

    It’s good that this site aims to disclose the added aspects and the intentions behind.

    It’s good that the questionmarks are being placed.

    Never trust a person, authority or not, without knowing their intention behind. If you know why they do it, you can deal with it.

    Personally, I don’t care whether it was Michael or Joe or anybody else behind this thing. I feel that this time the stage is too big for them to be able to handle the scenery.

    Who pulls the ropes will be unmasked in the end – thanks to today’s communication infrastructures.
    If there are people in L.A. being paid to hold back information – the information will anyway leak out in New Zealand or Dubai.

    Times have changed and all this money of those involved is not enough to buy the whole world.

    I don’t agree on the point that we should not let celebrities go.
    We paid them already for the pleasure of sneaking around them. We bought their music, tickets, fan items, newspapers. So everybody got already what the deal was about.
    If we in addition start getting emotional from afar, this is our own personal decision and thing. I am convinced that running after the person of celebrities soon takes the shape of stalking.

    Letting go hurts.
    If M is behind this story, he wanted to be left alone and to start a new life. It was the right moment to do so. He will never come back as before – millions of misled fans will not forgive.
    So this is it.

    If the entourage draws the curtains, we have to let him go as well and concentrate on the living.

    You asked about my mirror – I’m looking to all that from a distance. I’m neither in the US nor in AUS.
    I like M, I am not a fan, I would have liked to meet him one day and have a nice talk about this and that. I think he did and left a lot of very nice things in his first life. Besides, I have no interest except to avoid foolishness in my life if feasible.

    Our newspapers got fooled with 3 year old pictures of M. It’s not only the US or English press suffering from manipulation. Some of our journalists who covered the story did not even know MJ, mistook the songs, even misinterpreted what was said. They did not even get a glimps of a position to ask questions. They thus did the same shameful job you mentioned above.

    It’s a global significance of deterioration – press profs doing the same miserable job as the financial profs and politicians fed by advisors and lobbyists.

    There’s only one good thing about it: times are changing, people are getting aware and a wave building up will break.

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