Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

This Exclusive Footage was obtained by CNN and shows Michael Jackson rehearsing for his O2 Concerts the night before he died.

The clip, which sees Jackson performing “They Don’t Care About Us”, appears to add some validity to the belief that the iconic pop star was indeed healthy in the days prior to his death. It was apparently recorded in multi-camera, high-definition video and multi-track audio (how convenient), and could be released in the coming months….

  1. ladylee1979 Said,

    Does anybody know if this last live footage is recent as in 2009 having watched the footage the set looks exactly the same as the history world tour the moves and the songs are identical and just wondered why an artist would use the same routine twice with almost a 12yr gap between perfomances i guess michael didnt intend to change the routine in anyway for the this is it tour?

  2. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    IT is from his last rehersal`s. I have been watchin all his rehersels videos on youtube

  3. ladylee1979 Said,

    i too watched this last rehersal on youtube then i watched this song being preformed at history world tour having watched it live i can honestly say the routine hasnt changed one ounce and of course he would look fit and healthy on his last preformance if this was shot 12 yrs ago? you compare the two he sings they dont care about us then you hear the history american theme the at the end the car horn goes off into she drives me wild why keep the same routine?

  4. heisalive Said,

    How is it that – with media’s floating stories today – how MJ described as 112lb weak, living sceleton, skin white and thin as paper, wrung out from drug abuse having hardly eaten, “performed” ? !! as it is being shown the night before his “Death” on the stage of Staples Center ?? Has anybody besides me noticed that, that “MJ” dancing on the rehearsal video weighs considerably MORE than 112 lbs and does NOT look like a sceleton … there is NO WAY on God’s green earth that a near dead man could perform a strenous dance routine like that on a stage .. it is humanly IMPOSSIBLE by the lowest of standards … something is very very fishy here and does not add up !

    The media keeps showing the pic of the FAKE MJ at the London Press conference, each time I see it on TV, I cringe … do they know and get paid for floating it .. OR .. are they still swallowing whole that MJ is “dead” .. .somebody PLEASE comment .. thanks :)

  5. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    Only time will tell whats goin on.
    I do believe he is aliveeee !!
    and another thing, he looks perfectly healthy, this is all too confusingg.

  6. Mojofi Said,

    MJ did not die 25 years ago if so then we have loved teh fake MJ for over 25years. I don’t know where this is going now. All these topics. Time will Tell as you say JC.LOVES.MJ

  7. Happytomato Said,

    More about the rehearsal

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