Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

AEG Live were the promoters behind Michael Jackson’s comeback tour. As a condition of performing the O2 Concerts, Michael Jackson was required to pass a five-hour medical exam. Lloyds of London, the insurance company hired to cover any losses associated with the Concerts, had an independent physician fly out from New York to give the exam, and AEG Live was told he passed with flying colors.

If Michael Jackson was taking the amount of prescription drugs that the Media is alleging, wouldn’t that have been picked up in a blood test during this medical exam months ago?

As a result of the exam, AEG Live secured insurance cover for the first 22 concerts but were unable to get coverage for all full 50 shows at a cost of $500 million. They’ll now being paying millions to refund tickets, unless however the fans opt to have their tickets exchanged for the specially designed ticket created by Michael Jackson himself, a convenient way that AEG could re-coup some of their monetary losses.

AEG Live, will receive a multi-million dollar payout from the show’s insurers if reports linking the superstar’s passing to drugs are correct – because their policy covers death by overdose.

AEG Live bosses took out a $17.5 million insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London in the event a health crisis that would cause Jackson to pull out of his 50-date London residency.

If drugs are proved to have played a part in Jackson’s death, AEG executives will be able to recoup some of their massive losses – but not if he’s ruled to have died of natural causes, according to the company’s chief executive Randy Phillips.

It seems very convenient that the insurance policy held by AEG Live covered death by overdose, but not death by natural causes. It appears to be even more convenient that the Media almost immediately began to report that Michael Jackson’s Cardiac Arrest was almost certainly the product of repeated drug use and an overdose of the drug Demerol just before he ‘died’.

Claims have been made by the Jackson Family, that they knew of no such drug addiction and reports that the singers body was covered in needle marks are also said to be false.

So why then does it seem that the Media is so desperate to have us all believe the drug addiction story? Is it simply so AEG Live will recoup some of their money? Or is it because it’s the most believable story to make us all accept that Michael Jackson really is dead?

  1. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    The MEDIA is idiots, just look at how they always treated Michael. They are a bunch of moreons, who will believe enything. But i think they know that something is up aswell, but they have to keep it to themselves, they cannot say it on television, cause then the whole world would start wondering.

  2. DawneVee Said,

    All over the Internet, newspapers, TV, it’s quoted MJ is taking up space in Berry Gordy’s crypt while the family figures out where to bury him.
    I found that rather odd, so I looked into it.



    I wonder who began that lie in the first place. Maybe I’ll check that out.


  3. littlesuemj Said,

    i would also like to point out that i will never come to terms with mj’s death, the world is not the same without him.

  4. DawneVee Said,

    Another person beginning to question MJ’s ‘death’. It’s a good, short video.


    Love you MJ!!! Wherever you are!

  5. DawneVee Said,

    I know I’ve been posting a bit much today, but this here link also has some good facts for us all. Be sure to read the comments too.


  6. wilkesxgurl Said,

    my theory …on the investigation of Michael Jackson death, after doing over two weeks now of observation and reading all the articles I can find and all the past articles I can find I have come to this conclusion because too many source just don’t add up,,, how do you turn a black man tee shirt white ? and I do think at one time he was addicted to pain medication when the trial was going on about the child molesting cases .but is it any wonder look at the stress it caused him which he was proven not guilty, I think he sough help on his drug problem and got a hold of it ..also I think even though he was sad about his childhood he became accustom to the spotlight and was missing it. it is so hard getting old so you grab on to anything you can to hold on to your youth such as kids ,plastic surgery, some of the wacko gimmicks he came up with .but all in all I really think he tried to help the world I think he thought one man alone could heal the world .wow was he fighting a losing battle… and for his giving nature I think people didn’t understand so they made up all kind of rumors about him they wanted to put him on there level. but he believed in the truth and always wanted to set the record straight so he fought back believing what he was always taught the truth will prevail.. …after two weeks now all the doctors have come out with all the news of his addiction maybe the family did a intervention plan in 2003 .. what about the last year don’t you think they would have a know what was going on in that house..? he’s been planning a come back tour for a year and a half so we were told bigger than thriller and I think this is it that’s whey you cant get a straight answer now back to my theory I think the white man that died at the Jackson house was a Jackson imposter who was terminal ill and Jackson paid for all his treatment is why his medical bills was so expensive and I believe Jackson was already in London awaiting his hick off tour and I think he will rock the world with this comeback and clear his name all one comeback

  7. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    And he was NOT on drugs, DAMN i am tire of hearing the media eveywhere talk about that.

  8. Samantha Said,

    Of course the MEDIA are idiots!
    They ruined michael, And like the time they spread the Rumour about him molesting children,
    it hurt michael. It was so sad, i love him so much


  9. Mimi Said,

    samantha you go gurl wooooooooooowooooooooo lol

  10. DawneVee Said,

    Oh the media had something to do with his ‘weirdness’ (I call it uniqueness) alright.

    I can’t imagine being called a child molesting pedophile freak all the time. I would probably go on drugs too.

    The media is full of heartless men and women who only care about one thing…themselves…and they will say and do anything to move up in the ranks.

    They are pathetic vultures and honestly play a huge part in the way MJ has turned out.

    But you know what I say?

    Screw you media…. WE (the fans) LOVE YOU MORE MICHAEL!!

  11. YOY Said,

    did anyone watch on ET or some show where joe jackson and joe jacksons friend who apparently was a close family friends for many years Majestik Magnificent finally broke his silence? both of their claims made absolutely NO SENSE what so ever. Joe jackson said at first he had no idea about michael jacksons drug addiction then when he passed away he was so mad and angry because no one did anything about his drug addiction when the family tried to attempt an intervention?? WOW he said he was clueless. Also Majestik Magnificent said that he also knew about the drug problem for many years. And then i watch a video on Michael Jacksons former publicist who claims there was never a family intervention and all the drug claims are false! and shes trying to clear his name. Sounds way too odd!

  12. supermom75 Said,

    look i do not beleive a word of it get this first th autopsy says no signs of foul play body looked healthy now he had needle marks all over his body get dna from the corps please cause i do not feel it was him i feel the doctor who also was not licenced to medicate in cali would already have broke the law giving him meds all the ppl who closly knew him say he was afraid of needles and pain and that if you look at it the ppolice have been paid off before who says they are not know none and i mean none of thier stories match i am a ex cop plus don’t they have to prove in an autopsy that is indeed michael jackson and why has no doctor signed the death certificate also here is another thing why would his body guard say a man not michael jackson a man is not breathing only to cover there trail because they did disclose mmichaels name second think about it set up put meds all over the house janet went in the home before they searched it why is that i thought no one is aloud on the scene till it has been searched mmichael had alot of money alot of the media and news make no sense and here is the kicker michaels family said that when they veiwed him for the last time he look wonderful just like he was asleep but no open casket michael would have wanted that for his fans to say good bye here is the new excuse there was no open casket because there was too much damage to his face sence when does respt cpr damage to a face and you can fix that at a mourge so to my conclusion the la pd is way off also the changing stories where the doctor was all the time and him refusing to sign the death certificate no answer to that either no emotions at the funeral and here is the kicker the insurance policy for london will cover over dose but not natrual cause any normal person could figure this out get finger prints from the body get dna from parents prove michael is michael before you decide on homicide

  13. LostHighlander Said,

    La Toya says it was murder.


    Every time I read an article like this where they are quoting people who knew MJ, it sounds like they are describing two different people. One was the healthy MJ, the other was someone else, someone near death, full of painkillers and other drugs, and had lots of needle marks. Maybe that was the dying Romanian, not the real MJ.

  14. m2kg Said,

    I don’t buy the whole ‘drug’ thing either. Does anyone remember “Moonwalker” in 1988? Joe Pesci’s character? Michael was against drugs in the movie. Michael Jackson wrote the story. I don’t believe he’s a hyprocrite. If he’s so against drugs, why would he be on them?

  15. m2kg Said,

    LostHighlander –

    According to the link, it states that LaToya was closest to Michael… I was under the impression “Dunk” was. (Janet)

    Also, that’s a bigger photo of ‘him’ in the ambulence. A couple of things I wanted to point out…

    The eyebrows, Michael’s eyebrows have a high point, they’re not round.

    The skin color, Vitiligo removes all pigment from the skin. This guy looks like he has a pretty nice tan.

    The paramedics, CPR is not done on the shoulder, it’s done on the chest. (I’ve taken CPR courses…)

    The whole thing is just so fishy.

    Oh and the article, I think it’s B.S. Newsoftheworld isn’t the most accurate of sources IMO.

  16. carelesslove46 Said,

    The photo is of Michael in the Emergency room at the hospital..There really isn’t
    that much room in an ambulance. I have been looking at everybody’s comments over the past few days and there have been times that I have been convinced that Michael did indeed stage his own death..After reading the LaToya interview though, I am now not so sure..Even Lisa Marie Presley stated that Mike was surrounded by leech’s and hanger’s on..She tried in vain to penetrate that wall of people to get close to him but it was futile. This whole thing is just sickening..

  17. thriller777 Said,

    the man is not (and i say that in the present tense because hes alive) on drugs! im sick of hearing that! and yes the media is garbage, they just wanna stir up controversy to get ratings. thats all they ever done. i mean come on. Michael is a loving man who would never do a thing like drugs, plus he is terrified of needles! lets get real ppl!

  18. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Samantha, i have to corret you They fans were yelling : F**k the press, Michael you are the best. (And Michael, if you shoould ever see this, sorry for swearing:)) About Michael`s body being at some Bary dudes place, that turned out to be another lie. They should seriously get their storys straight. And Jermaine, saif that he one day wanted to have Michael burried at Neverland. Ehh “one” day. What the hell does that mean. Tomorrow, in a week or 10 years lol. Again, this family is bad to help michael on this. Sorry No offense

  19. tati Said,


  20. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    I really don’t care what’s going on…. I keep coming back to this website to keep reminding myself that Michael is still alive.. I REALLY REALLY MISS HIM… I CAN’T STOP CRYING… OMG I JUST HOPE THAT HE IS TAKING SOME TIME OFF TO CALM DOWN AND STUFF……. THE MEDIA HONESTLY RUINED HIM…. FUK THE PRESS, MICHAEL UR THE BEST!!!!

  21. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    @mg2k :
    i totally agree with the moonwalker thing, i actually watched it last night.and i fully agree that he isnt a hypocrite cos he sang so passionatly about the things he believed in, so i higly doubt hes gonna go do drugs wen hes completely against them, its like him singing the song heal the world and then going and killing all the whales and giving the children of africa to eat rats.
    anyone else agree ?

  22. wilkesxgurl Said,

    i wonder who put his wig on him in the death photo ?

  23. LostHighlander Said,

    I know these are tabloids, but this is what La Toya is saying and here’s a longer interview with her (and other news media is picking up this story)


  24. ejay5131 Said,

    Rehearsal MJ, O2 Mj, and this new video MJ all look different. I have never looked that different in only 3 months time. I totally don’t believe the media, how can one man”supposedly” be on so many different drugs at once? The only thing I don;t understand is if the police are closing in on the doctors who were prescribing, how will those doctors avoid being prosecuted? I can’t see people going to jail just to help MJ escape life? How could that outcome be avoided? And how could MJ pass a physical if his body was covered in needle marks, and if he was drugged out like their claiming, wouldn’t that show up in the physical. I titally agree that the ambulance photo is NOT the MJ from the rehearsal video. And how did anybody get this photo, does anybody know the name of the photograper or what media outlet he/she works for. Why were the Jackson specifically talking with TMZ during the time MJ was in the hospital? I know the real MJ is alive, but he’s definately dead to us. He could never come back and risk all the scrutiny from fans and the media. Look at how everyone reacted whenhe was accused of…you know. The whole MIA ody thing is messed up too, and AS IF Berry Gordy is going to open his crypt to hang on to MJ while they decide where to bury him. That’s what the funeral home is for. Why did his family say he looked peaceful and sleeping at their private viewing but 2 hours later we, the public, could not have a open casket because it was reported his face was damaged from CPR. I’m sorry but WHAT exactly were they doing to his face that would cause such trama that he could not be viewed?

  25. loveandpeace Said,

    No, the emergency photo was taken outside of the ambulance. It was taken by a guy named Chris Weiss. Too me it was taken on the right side of the ambulance, not the back, as you can see the bodyguard blocked the windows with his hand. If you look at it, there’s shades of red as a reflection, Chris was wearing a red shirt. He said the ambulance took 20 minutes to leave, which was odd to him, because they said it was cardiac arrest. The should of left within 8 to 10 minutes. He is a paparazzi going to Medschool.

  26. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I haer you totally. People need to get their storys straigth. But in my opinion, it is only a matter of time, before someone reveal the truth of michael being alive. Latoya almost did it lol

  27. wilkesxgurl Said,

    can somebody point the drug out to me in the neverland photos on tmz

  28. ejay5131 Said,

    another question, the photo at the top of this page. If this is just “rehearsal” why to they have the big “this is it” in the backsground? They don;t need this at rehearsals in the Staples center, and why is it only present in this photo but not seen in the rehearsal viseo?

  29. ejay5131 Said,

    Sorry VIDEO

  30. supermom75 Said,

    i am sorry but i do not believe a wrd latoya said in that it sounds so staged out and they went in the house before they had the search i do not kno man i do not believe it one word of it and if he can fool the world with imposters he can fool his family who knew little about him trust me also

    @yoy funny you bring up Majestic Magnificent i was just browsing it is funny but read this
    and this maybe this is why michael ran away so all the bad info about his past would clear him


  31. bghoppy Said,

    Plus the family says it was an open casket before at forst lawn.
    If you watch the ambulance shot on you tube, you can see one guy step up to the side of the ambulance and take a flash. It’s after they take an hour backing out onto the street (which is another flag, b/c any professional truck driver would tell you upon arrival, you would back in as soon as you saw those gates, or in the very least have had the vehicle turned around while retrieving the patient, also you can hear them picking on the driver, there is no siren, and no one is very excited about the dying king of pop), you will see a big guy block the back windows with his paws, but a guy jumps up to the side window right as the amb starts pulling away.

  32. carelesslove46 Said,

    Michael probably did pass the physical for his tour insurance..He may have been into alternative therapies.
    Perhaps he was injected with something that he reacted to in a way that ended up killing him..Also, if he were
    taking lots of prescription medicine, then perhaps he felt that was acceptable as the drugs were ‘prescribed’
    by Doctor’s. He would never have used illegal drugs.
    Either way..We’ll probably never know the complete truth. They’ll be debating this for years..Just like they still do with Elvis. I think now that Michael has died..But there were people around him that clearly were no good for him. I just hope his family can get to the bottom of this horrible tragedy.

  33. ejay5131 Said,

    can somebody post the ambulance link with the sudio, thanks!

  34. ejay5131 Said,

    Ahggh, Audio(darn keyboard)

  35. Sosh Said,

    To Ejay5131

    The last rehearsal was a final rehearsel. So everything is tested for a last time. Also the lighting , video an audio.

    But if you compare the ‘last’ photos to the ‘last’ rehearsal video, it looks like the photos are photoshopped. They are colourfull, ther seem to bee more effects active in the back and foreground than on the video. Maybe that was the reason for the delay in releasing thes pictures and videos.

  36. MissC Said,


    This guy could really well be part of all this. Maybe “the Michael” who was rushed to the hospital? I mean, his skin resembles from the one on the ambulance and we know Mike is very pale, much pale and he would ever more pale if wasn’t breathing or dieing.

    Also, a few hours ago daily mail published this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1199092/La-Toya-Jacks on-Michael-murdered–I-felt-start.html though I don’t know if we should take LaToyas word SO seriously.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one on this, hopefully one day (and soon) the truth will come out. It always does.

  37. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    i dont think he would inject himself seeing as he hated needles and drugs altogether, confusing :S

  38. mjfan Said,

    I also found it extremely odd that he’s supposed to have a drug problem, but it didn’t show up on the physical. If he had a drug problem that had been going on for awhile, then it WOULD have shown up on the physical. The only way it wouldn’t have shown up is if someone fudged things to get him covered so the tour could go on… or… he wasn’t on drugs.

    Now, no doubt he has been addicted to pain medication before. He admitted as much in a televised clip in 1993 during the first set of allegations.

    I also find it very interesting that the insurance would cover him if he died of a drug overdose but not from natural causes. That’s very odd.

    If he had any drugs in his system when they conducted the physical they would NOT insure him for drug overdose. Insurance companies try to get out of insuring anything that is “pre-existing.”

    Though I would think that the physical being passed, PLUS the stipulation that the insurance would pay for drug overdose, looks to me like a murder plot, not a faked death.

  39. idontknow Said,

    I don’t know if I believe that MJ is alive – but dead or alive, there is something very STRANGE and mysterious surrounding his death. Why are all the reports conflicting ? Why do we not know where the body is right now ? Why is the doctor refusing to cooperate ? Basically, what the hell is going on ?

  40. wilkesxgurl Said,

    i found this quit intresting since they said the body was paper white http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMGcJFCmnCg

  41. michaeljacksonnotdead Said,

    it still looks like a fake death to me – not murder.


    michael was paid to ‘die’ – not to actually do the concerts.

  42. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Do not take Latoyas words for good. I mean look at what she said at the confference where she was speaking, she said: Michael always said family 1st, and fans 2nd. He is watching every singel one of you right now, and he loves you all very much. DOH!!! Why talk about him in pressence sence. Im glad she aint my sister, cause if i needed to fake me own death, she would screw that up. Aparrently lol

  43. wishful09 Said,


    Im certain if Michael has faked his death (which I believe) we will know the truth soon whether planned or not. Michael doesnt seem like the type to keep this a secret. He would want to reveal it, Im guessing. I mean it’s genius. If not him, somebody is going to slip up and the truth will come out. We just have to wait and see!

  44. Andrea Said,

    Maybe now Latoya is saying that he was ‘murdered’ to fix the slip up she made at the Nokia centre! Haha.

    Honestly, I have no idea! These people better get their stories straight until MORE people start to speculate!

  45. loveandpeace Said,

    So yesterday, allegations started arising about Jimi Hendrix being ‘murdered’ by his manager for insurance money. He was forced to take pills and drown himself with wine. This all seems to familiar. I wonder why it took so long for them to figure out what really happened to him.

  46. loveandpeace Said,

    This is so obvious. AEG hired the doctor to do the physical, Dr. Tohme(Too Me?) this could have easily been fixed for him to pass it, even if he was in bad shape. How more obvious could that have been, someone had to of been paid off for those ‘flying colors’ results. Forget Dr.Murray, maybe he’s the crooked doctor

  47. melia8383 Said,

    I just found this on a website….
    Jackson’s sister says he died in doctor’s bed

    London, July 12 : Michael Jackson died not in his own bedroom as first reported, but on the bed in the room of his doctor, Dr Conrad Murray, across the hall, according to the late singer’s sister.

    ‘I don’t know exactly what happened, whether he was giving him oxygen, but Michael ended up in the bed. The doctor was trying to give him CPR (resuscitation for cardiac arrest) on the bed,’ News of the World quoted her as saying.

    La Toya tried questioning Murray when she arrived at the UCLA hospital where the King of Pop had been taken.

    She said: ‘Paris was in tears and said to me, ‘There’s Dr Murray. He’s the best cardiologist in the world, how can this happen to Daddy?’

    ‘I said to him, ‘Tell me what happened?’ But he was vague and simply said, ‘He just didn’t make it.’ I wasn’t pleased with that answer, but you have to be careful as the kids were there. I felt weird and not right.

    ‘This was the only man who knew what went on, but he wasn’t telling me. And then he disappeared,’ she added.

    — ANI

  48. loveandpeace Said,

    Check out the comments about ‘doctor’ hired for Michael’s physical.


    “awful! disaster! worse! rude! huge ego! arrogant!”

    I’m sure the good comments are probably from him and his staff.

    I clicked medical board record, and no profiles matched, what is this guy? Leonardo DiCaprio in catch me if you can?

    Is this the right doctor.

    Is he Dr.Jack F. Tohme or really just Dr.Tohme Tohme.

    Apparently he goes by Jack and Jacques. Are you kidding me?

  49. wilkesxgurl Said,

    I am wondering how tmz got pictures of the neverland raid and cant get a copy of the proscription printout from the drug store if anybody can explain this to me please do so

  50. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    TMZ is a shitty television station. But i just wondered. We all now know that the “ghost” in Neverland, was a shadow. Well i would like to know who that shadow was, because if you look at it over and over again, the shadow has long hair, and it look likes it is curly, just like Michael`s. Please stop me if i sound to crazy lol. IM JUST SAYING.

  51. mjlives Said,

    why aren’t any of his family members defending michael against these drug allegations? you’d expect them to be infuriated with the media for tainting their brother/son’s image even in death but maybe they want people to think he overdosed after all the bizarre insurance policy would pay out big time if the toxicology reports show he did and yet they’d get nothing if died of a simple heart attack

  52. bghoppy Said,

    Has anyone seen a copy of this ‘policy’? NO Why is anyone willing to believe Lloyds of London would actually write such a policy? No coverage for natural death, but overdose is ok? There has never been
    and never will be a policy like this!
    Physical proof is the only truth you can trust. Pictures, and videos, and heresay prove nothing.

  53. dynamite Said,

    did anyone see this latoya said she will reveal the names of mj killers if the police dont http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/view/88853/jacko-s-killers-named/

  54. dynamite Said,

    did anyone see this latoya said she will reveal the names of mj killers if the police dont http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/view/888853/jacko-s-killers-named/

  55. Andrea Said,

    that link will not work for me for some reason! it says the page cannot be found. any one else getting that error?

  56. dynamite Said,

    sorry the second link is wrong the first 1 is right

  57. mjlives Said,

    dynamite that article seems to have been taken down wow almost like latoya’s being silenced

  58. melia8383 Said,

    Ok everyone I found a song, It’s really Crazy unreleased from Michiael Jackson, It talks about how he’s “planning” his escape from the “system” and “pressures” he has to find a place to hide away.(thats what he says in the song) the name of the song is xscape(yes, it’s actually spelled that way.
    If he faked his death, he’s away from the pressures, he has to leave his children behind, if he don’t want people to know he’s “dead”). If the children is with his family, he will always see them. Latoya said, he didn’t want to do the 50 shows, that’s probably why it was an impersonator at the O2 conference! It was him rehearsing in the video, if he’s planning his get away, he has to cooperate, right? AEG insured for “overdose”? WHY?

  59. Andrea Said,

    first link does not work for me either! I agree with mjlives. It seems Latoya IS being silenced.

  60. melia8383 Said,

    I meant if he wants people to know his dead

  61. dynamite Said,

    Thats strange the first 1 works for me, anyway its on the dailystar.co.uk if u want to check it out

  62. supermom75 Said,

    ok here is the thing is with latoyas statement is she once said he had 2 mil in his home and jewelery vanished and this was about just hours after his death come on latoya and janet went in the hous after his death before they did the search and they better get thier stories straight because jermaine said he was the closest he was his back bone hmmmm and i am still working on finding this page i found earlier man it says the girls of the saw the body first and that jernaine and his wife showed up after and only thgirls saw him he said he brought the kids into see thier father and then it says latoya did come on man

  63. dynamite Said,

    Why is it that latoya and joe jackson think he was murdered and the rest of the family have said nothing, janet has been very quiet since she appered at the awards show, i taught he was closer with janet and not latoya?

  64. melia8383 Said,

    yeah I always thought he was the closet to Janet?

  65. dynamite Said,

    I never liked latoya she always seemed devious and out for herself, theres something about her thats off putting to me

  66. mjlives Said,

    true michael was closest to janet out of all the siblings and she hasn’t said a word
    also if anyone was his “backbone” it was katherine not jermaine as he stated at the memorial although to be fair maybe he just said that because he felt close to mike at the time

    dynamite that website is working now and i read what latoya said, apparently she believes someone or rather a group of people conspired to murder michael to make money.. it’s possible. maybe AEG had him killed because he refused to do the 50 concerts, and they knew his records sales would go through the roof after his death (which they have)
    has anyone considered though that maybe latoya is intentionally misleading the public so people will think he was murdered and therefore definitely dead, and would stop questioning the possibility that he faked his death? this could be another way to lead people away from the truth and the more details that come out of this so called homicide the less likely people will consider his death a hoax. i also find it VERY suspicious that foul play was ruled out almost immediately and now weeks later is being looked into again. either it was never ruled out and someone was lying or they are trying to throw us off the trail
    love this site btw the comments are annoying to keep up with though admin maybe you could organize them better

  67. dynamite Said,

    I think that maybe they are tryin to throw us off with the whole murder thing,
    if he was murdered i hope the scum who killed him rot in jail for it, but i still believe in my heart that hes alive.

  68. supermom75 Said,

    check this out the plot thickens

  69. supermom75 Said,


  70. supermom75 Said,


  71. supermom75 Said,

    look at this AEG said they paid but they did not for his service

  72. supermom75 Said,

    see this is really a sad case look at all the changed stories now

  73. dynamite Said,

    I found this interesting family issues with his brothers tells a close friend of MJ weird situations he describes,

  74. supermom75 Said,

    wich one is michael lol i mean come on too many impersonators

  75. supermom75 Said,

    @dynamite i knew i just knew it and ty you for finding this thank you

  76. He.is.alive Said,

    These MJ impersonators are great looking and the resemblance they bear to our dear absent friend seems to be right on target, wow ! I liked them all … only, how well can they “Moonwalk” ???

  77. dynamite Said,

    lol they are so many doubles im starting 2 forget what michael looked like

  78. admin Said,

    The Michael Jackson Hoax Death Forum is now up and running and ready for use. Please feel free to start new topics and continue your discussions there, in an easier to manage environment.
    MJHD Admin

  79. loveandpeace Said,

    To me they look nothing like Michael, possibly E’Casanova and Carlo Riley the most. Well anyway, one his impersonators hasn’t logged onto his myspace since June 25. myspace.com/benjjackson. Though he does not exactly resemble Michael, it just makes me wonder.

  80. charliechaplin Said,

    =Michael Jackson’s comeback tour. As a condition of performing the O2 Concerts, Michael Jackson was required to pass a five-hour medical exam.=

    Maybe MJ passed the medical exams because it was originally for 10 shows. He may have been declared physically FIT for 10 shows BUT NOT for 50!!!

    Make sense?

  81. ejay5131 Said,

    Hey admins/ another really helpful feature would be to categorize the photos and videos that YOU post so we can find them easier when people make comments on them, sometimes I spend alot of time looking for them.

  82. Little Susie 01 Said,

    the images of michael where in the back it says THIS IS IT.. why doesnt it show in hes rehersal video? isnt it the same place? lol ppl are so blind to see that this picture was photoshopped

  83. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Supermom75. It is so obvious that NONE of them is Mike, But thank you for posting, it just shows us “ONCE# again, something is worng lol. How many imposters did he need?

  84. YouRockMyWorld Said,

    Don’t know if you guys seen it…Aperantly this video was uploaded 6 monthes ago…Same reason of the “death”… Was a hoax then…Could be a hoax now…


  85. Goldie Said,

    this is all to weird?

  86. emmie Said,

    do you have anymore news on the next door neighbour??

  87. dora5132 Said,

    what i would like to know is this:who fired the household staff? and why? why is it that not one staff member has leaked anything to the media?and last but not least how come not one news rag ,has mentioned that MJ ’s death could possibly be a hoax?

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