Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

It is reported that Michael Jackson’s family is very unsettled and suspicious regarding the circumstances of his death. It has emerged that the family members may wish to seek an independent autopsy, amid mounting anger and frustration over the final hours of the tragic pop icon’s life.

The¬†preliminary autopsy on Jackson was inconclusive and a final cause of death would not be known until exhaustive toxicology tests are completed in “six to eight weeks.”

This time frame is just too long for the shattered family to wait for answers regarding what really happened in the moments of Michael’s death. The Jackson family members were focusing their attention on the role of the singer’s doctor, identified as Conrad Murray.

They, understandibly have many unanswered questions and desperately want to know things such as: 

“When did the doctor come? What did he do? Did they inject him, if so with what,”

The reports claiming that Murray had gone missing in the hours immediately following the singer’s death have also deeply disturbed the family.

¬†”His absence raises questions of substance that will not go away until they are answered,” Reverend Jesse Jackson said on behalf of the family.

If Michael Jackson’s own family are confused, suspicious and frustrated by the circumstances surrounding the singer’s death, then why can’t everyone else be?

If his own family are considering a second autopsy, clearly they are not satisfied that they are being told the WHOLE story….just like the rest of us!

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