Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson at the Memorial for her Father

We would like to take an objective look at the Michael Jackson Memorial held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. We believe there are many things that just don’t add up which took place at the Memorial, that must be pointed out.

In regards to the Memorial service itself, Michael Jackson was confirmed to have converted to Islam in February 2007. His memorial was conducted as a Jehovah’s Witness Ceremony. If it really was a Memorial for HIM, why did they not conduct it within the Islam faith? Is this not what he would have wanted being of that faith? We understand that MJ’s parents were Jehovah’s Witness, however this meant to be a Memorial for Michael Jackson, or his parents?

The Gold coffin that allegedly contained Michael Jackson’s body, appeared to be too small for his nearly 6 foot height. The family said that it was not an open casket, because of the damage that his face had endured during CPR and resuscitation. This seems to be a very odd statement to make, and sounds very made up.

Another very obvious thing to note is the absense of certain ‘close friends’ of Michael Jackson that refused to attend. It seems very odd, that all of the people who were close to him, apart from his immediate family, did not show up. Excuses like ‘I love him too much, to attend’, given by Dame Elizabeth Taylor, just seem very transparent. If someone meant that much to you, was known to be your best friend, and was a person whom you loved so very much, it would be out of respect and duty to attend their memorial. This reasoning can also be said for other close friends such as Diana Ross, Oprah and  Macaulay Culkin.

The second thing to consider is the appearance of celebrities that had little or no connection to Michael Jackson at all. Such as Brooke Shields, Usher, Mariah Carey, and John Mayer. Why did the Jackson Family feel the need to put on a ’show’, inviting these singers and entertainers to pay tribute to Michael Jackson? The way it was percieved was that they were more interested in gaining Media Attention and Ratings than acutally honouring the memory of their dear brother.

As we know, Michael’s three children attended the Memorial. First of all their presence, we believe, was in very bad taste. Any child who is made to attend the funeral or memorial of a deceased parent would surely not be able to hold in their absolute grief and sorrow. However, these children, who are at the tender ages of 12, 11 and 7, seemed completely fine. Not a tear or saddened face was shown. The eldest child, Prince Michael, showed absolutely no emotion throughout the entire service, and vigorously chewed gum to keep himself occupied. Paris, as we know displayed some emotion when she gave her short speech, however prior to this, and immediately after this, she was smiling, singing and showing no signs that she was upset or greiving in anyway. In fact, it appeared as though she was enjoying herself and was completely fine, until a quiet word was whipsered into her ear by Aunty Janet just before her ‘tearless’ speech.

The youngest child, Prince Michael II, otherwise known as Blanket, at the tender age of 7, also showed no emotion. Not a tear or a sob. No turning into the arms of Aunty Janet with a tear stained face….nothing. Either these children are mature beyond their years, or they had absolutely no reason to show emotion, because they knew they would  seeing their father again very soon.

All of the Jackson Family wore sunglasses throughout the entire service. This was either because, they were so grief stricken and wanted to hide their tears, or because there were no tears to begin with. We believe it’s the latter. Not one of them ever attempted to wipe a tear from their face. Not one of them ever used a tissue or a handkerchief. During the speech that Michael’s brother Marlin gave, he made lots of crying type noises, but once again…no tears. The Jackson’s all appeared to be taking the loss of the most loved one in their family, surprisingly well.

During his speech, Kenny Ortega, Michael Jackson’s Choreographer and life-long friend mentioned that ‘a little less than a week ago Michael was rehearsing here at the Staples Center, which why we had to have his memorial here’. Michael Jackson ‘died’ on Thursday 25th June, and his Memorial was taking place on Tuesday 7th July. The memorial was more than a week after his ‘death’, in fact it was actually closer to two weeks ago. This was a huge slip by Ortega and is highly suspicious. Perhaps Michael was there less than a week ago, secretly laying down the plans for his memorial himself.

A Message from Michael Jackson at his Memorial

La Toya Jackson also made a very big slip by speaking about her brother in the Present Tense yet again, when she said: 

‘Michael loves his fans, he always said family was 1st the fans 2nd. He is watching every single one of you right now. Thank you for comming out and supporting him. He loves you so much.’

He is watching every single one of you right now? From his hideout no doubt, not from heaven.

One of the most chilling elements of this Memorial took place right at the end when they displayed this image with the words ‘I’m alive and I’m here forever’.

What an interesting way to put it. They could have said ‘I’m alive in my music forever’, or something to that effect, however the obvious truth is written there clear as day.


They couldn’t have painted the truth more crystal clear if they had tried as far as we’re concerned. This memorial just confirms our mounting suspicion that Michael Jackson is still alive and well.

If you’re still a little skeptical, then allow us to leave you with this thought:

After their brother’s Memorial, The Jackson Family went out to lunch, while his ‘coffin’ sped off in an unmarked van. His body is now nowhere to be found and they STILL have not decided where to bury him

….maybe it’s so hard to decide where to bury it because there is no body.



  1. ejay5131 Said,

    When I watched the memorial I cried like a baby through the whole thing. For this man I only knew as an awesome entertainer, how could family not shed a tear for their loved one when I could? After the pastor said his praye and the photo with the caption “I am alive and here forever” came up, I literally stopped my own heart. Could it be??? Through out the evening I watched all the clips from the memorial on many different shows, and also found the whole thing to be very weird. I noticed ALL the things you just described. Something was up that morning and many slips were made. Why are no media outlets questioning any of it????

  2. dynamite Said,

    Yes i cried 2 until i watched paris fake tears on youtube and no emotion from the family, i was like what is wrong with u people show some kind of emotion, the ending made me so happy seeing that message, michael would have wanted 2 let his true fans knw that hes alive

  3. supermom75 Said,

    i am a very dear friend of mikes andfirst blanket is 7 not 5 and they say his casket is at the gordy’s but it is also very noticable that there was no emotions from no one and brook shield was a very very dear friend of his but still i question why diana and liz and muaculy were not there imean not even chris tuker or eddie murphy there is alot the media does not know about the jacksons and like i said in alot of my comments i loveyou mikey stay strong to many stories and to many changes in them your family made to many mistakes on this you mey get found elvis is now out and believed to be alive and his son came out of hiding last yr and is now talking so it is not 1977 it is 2009 we know to much now i love you stay safe i know you are still alive

  4. carelesslove46 Said,

    I just dont know what to believe anymore..I did read that a private service conducted in the Jehovah Witness faith was done for Michael prior to the Staples
    Centre memorial..Jehovah
    Witnesses believe that when
    you die..You no nothing and
    sleep in the grave until the
    Second coming when all the
    rightous are risen into new life again..Many years ago
    I used to do bible study with
    Jehovah’s Witnessess so I know
    their belief’s..Why would the
    family have this message flashed on the big screen at
    the end of the memorial??
    It contradict’s their faith.
    I know that Michael was a very spiritual man and spoke of reading the bible and his belief’s..I dont know if he
    left the Jehovah Witness faith or not but that last
    message does not go along with what Jehovah Witnesses

  5. carelesslove46 Said,

    His body is to be temporarily interred at Forest Lawn Cementary..Perhaps the family are trying to clear the mountain of legal hurdles needed so that his body can be buried at Neverland..Also if autopsy
    tests are inconclusive more
    tests may need to be performed. Another thought.
    If Michael did die..He could have already been buried days ago..For those of you old enough to remember..Three
    men tried to steal the body of Elvis Presley out of the
    crypt he was first placed in.
    I’m sure this would be a concern for Michael’s family.
    I can see arguments for both
    sides of the story now..
    There are things that are strange..I must admit..
    Look forward to more of your posts.

  6. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    OMG ! when kenny ortega said a little less than a week ago, i was like wtf?
    and me and my mum were watching it at like 5 in the morning cos of the time differences. How weird is it that just before paris’ ‘breakdown’ she was playing with the straps of her purse. If MJ really wanted to hide that hes not dead, well then these people arent doing a very gopd job, right? UGH !
    i hope he is alive, and how come people like queen latifah and kobe bryant and brook shields gave speeches and not his own parents or his ‘closest’ friends such as liz or liza minelli or even Iman ? well i guess these people either didnt love him as much or theyre all in on it.
    tell me what you think ?

  7. nansta Said,

    I’m not the only one who thought it’s almost like janet was trying to hold back any emotions from her face, other than of real greive and pain. She like look she try to hold a stern face, none of the kids looked like they have gone through a huge loss with heaps of distraught on their faces. And also, have anyone also realised near the end during the speech from one of the Jackson’s brother, he said ‘maybe now they will leave you alone’. He spoke of MJ not like he has passed away and will be left in peace, but he is still alive but now will be left alone.

  8. wozniack Said,

    I feel they may be in on it, at least Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Ross. It’s just really odd that his close did not attend. Not even one from what I have read. And the date of his death stuck out to me as well– June “25.” Someone posted dates of numerous people, which had had me thinking… Honestly, we may never know unless he makes sn appearance, and I pray that happens. Too many things don’t add up though, which keeps me believing. If he is out there, I hope he’s happy and doing well. He deserves a break.

  9. carelesslove46 Said,

    Hi Supermom75..Not doubting
    you hun, but do you know the truth?? If so PLEASE put us
    all out of our misery.

  10. Mjisalive1 Said,

    This is entirely a hoax…now I can say this with complete honesty….this site has been proved as a eye opener for those who believed that MJ is no more…

    and i’m completely shocked to know that Paris Michael Jackson….who was playing with the straps of the purse of Aunt Janet Jackson…seemed very calm before she cried….

    secondly….MJ’s(or we can say the “imposter”) hasn’t been buried yet….

    this mystery is getting even deeper…

    now what should we believe in…is MJ really dead or not?

  11. supermom75 Said,

    i can only tell you that i know michael wanted out he wanted to be normal he was very hurt and confused why the childrens parents would make them lie about him touching them in his words loving a child is important he would say and they are our future in this world he was afraid to die he would say he hated pain and he hated needles he never wanted to do the 50 concerts he only thought there would be 10 the story’s on the news are changing over and over again i am still piecing this together the last time i saw him he was healthy he has always been thin and it does not make things easier when the media says he did not want to be black michael loved his race he looked out for it he had vitiligo and lupus he was healing but still it bothered him too he hated the changes but he learned to deal with them it is this hateful world that could not except him for him he is so gentle and kind and loving giving he gave more then he got he was a hurt person inside he did talk about faking his death in 2008 i do know this but i did not think he would i know he talked about wanting to be normal for once like other ppl they even one time closed a store down for him and all his employees dressed like normal ppl for him and let him shop like a normal person lol it was wonderful in my heart i feel he is still alive for some reason my heart is not letting me let go so easy maybe it is in hope i love him with all my heart but i promise this i know what ever unfold it will be messy i just hope the kids are ok and safe and i hope he is safe and happy i hope he never forgets that we all love him dearly exspecially my oldest son i mean the change in where the doctor was at the time the new info about oxygen tanks now and the gaurd not talking who made the phone call i can say he did take pain killers yes but michael would never take his own life or risk his own life he loved his children to much i also feel that he was working on another will that is what i can say for now love you mikey

  12. Parakeet Said,

    The quotes that appeared on the big screen were all taken from songs Michael Jackson has written. “I’m alive and I’m here forever” was taken from the song “The man”. It supposed to be comforting, I guess. His children are so small. How can they possibly grasp what was happening around them? You know what? I believe he started dieing in 1993 and his last push towards death was the Martin Bashir documentary in 2003. How much can someone take?

  13. supermom75 Said,

    and another thing the jackson family is not all perfect they have thier own little secrets too

  14. Samantha Said,

    Michael hated touring, he says it in Some of his Home private videos, and another the interviewer asked MJ “so when do you think it’ll be your time?” and MJ said “Well, i want to live forever” Which pretty much sums up his alive. How could michael be so healthy and active and rehearsing for the Tour then suddenly come down with heart failure? It’s because people who think his dead need to open up and stop beleving what the media say, It’s like when they said he was a Child Molester everyone beleived it. Stop beleive everything you see.

  15. Samantha Said,

    And hear!

  16. supermom75 Said,

    another thing just to say when the i am still alive come up on the screen i saw and my heart stopped i got this really weirrd feeling so in my heart i believe know michael he is still alive only because cor does not ruin the fcae make up is done when some is layed to rest and he would of wanted an open casket for his fans to say good bye he LOVED his fans and if james brown could have anopen casket i believe he wouldof wanted it the jacksons stories do not add up i just pray to god the kids do not end up in the greedy hands of debbie and that joe stays away too he is already talking about making them stars michael would not want that and the way those kids loved him and no tears at all no something is not right at all with this i am goin to do as much finding out as possible i may even take a trip to neverland soon just to find out more

  17. sita Said,

    in moments of saying “good bye” the religious
    faith must be the central point. I’m not so firm with
    “Jehovah Witness”, but finally I would like to ask:
    did they really live a life according to the rules
    of Jehovah witness? So would this give comfort or
    safetiness to the living ones, while mj is in the grave?
    I doubt.

    One of Michaels best friend was/is Uri GELLER.
    have a closer look on http://site.uri-geller.com/mj.
    What can be read there:
    “Michael Jackson had a probing mind, and many times
    we talked about life after death.
    Once we discussed Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity,
    which states that energy cannot be destroyed.
    My friend has died but he is a pure energy source now, and that will live forever.”
    Uri Geller is also Jehovah witness. But finally they believe
    now in pure energy after death, not in being in a graveyard.

    Michael had for sure plans to live for ever.
    To live for ever, the keys can only presently found in
    -> get frozen and wait till new medicine new therapies can do it
    -> clone Michael on the present things what they have done with “Dolly”,
    the lamb and hope that your spirit lives in the new creature.

    To live in such a way on: this will give comfort for the kids, for the family and all involved
    others. They will see in near future.
    Think over cloning aspects or beeing frozen!!

    Michael was terribly afraid of dying.. I CAN’T believe that he should
    have done suicide. He wanted to live for ever.

    Uri Geller writes, and when reading his memorial about mj
    think of the fact: Uri is a brilliant illusionist. Mj hat a lot
    of such “conections” to professional illusionists.
    Here are the word
    “One exceptional memory will never leave me.
    Michael had a magical imagination, filled with Hollywood images
    and children’s dreams. The immediate thing that
    struck me when I walked into his hotel suite at our first
    meeting was the immense poster of E.T. bicycling
    over a full moon. Beside it stood an eight-foot cardboard cutout of
    Anakin Skywalker, peeping from behind the robes of Darth Maul.
    Michael adored the concept of space travel —
    even his trademark dance was called the Moonwalk.
    And when the prospect of a rocket voyage to the moon
    itself became a brief, tantalising reality, Michael was like a rich kid in a sweet shop
    — he wanted it all and he wanted it now.

    I have an answerphone message,
    recorded at about 3am, with Michael’s
    whisper barely audible above the transatlantic crackle:
    “Uri Geller, this is Michael Jackson calling. Please, I wish,
    I pray that we do the moon trip. I want to be the first
    one to do it in the pop world. All these people are trying to do it,
    I want to be first! Please! I love you.”

    He truly believed it was possible,
    and part of his magic was the mesmeric,
    hypnotic force of his charisma,
    which made everyone else believe the impossible too.
    He never did make that trip to the moon,
    but Michael and I discussed life after death on several occasions
    and I know he believed that our souls are indestructible. Our energy lives after us.
    Somewhere in the beyond, Michael’s star is burning with all his unquenchable briliance.”

    Lets simply close with: Michael wanted it all, Michael had/has the personal friends
    and the money to be the first on the moon, to be being cloned or to be revived after years
    for the ongoing king of pop.

    Simply think over the fact of the body double at the o2 press conference.
    The is a secret. If they or mj fools at a press conference, they will fool
    us in other things too!

  18. carelesslove46 Said,

    The one thing I just dont get though…Why would Michael allow his daughter to get up and lie like that.?
    Yes, I know it makes things all the more believable..
    But to me it wouldn’t be
    appropriate to encourage
    a child to lie..Obviously
    the kids had to be part of
    the memorial, but still….

  19. msnieta Said,

    hi all!
    i don’t want to believe that Jackson has died, but one thing is that I think Ortega said: “A little less AND a week ago”, and that is true. but it’s so weird that the media can show MJ’s death certificate, and the phone call with the emergency, but they have no idea about the burial place? it’s so weird.

  20. carelesslove46 Said,

    Ok, I’m gonna answer myself
    here…I guess Paris wasn’t
    lieing..She said..”Ever since
    I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine”. “And I want
    to say that I love him..So much”. I guess she’s not talking about him in past tense but present..So from that view point it wouldn’t
    be a lie if Michael was alive. Really enjoying this
    site now..Some great comments
    and observations from people..
    And Supermom75 I look forward
    to more of your post’s..Thanks.

  21. Samantha Said,

    This kinda gives me second thoughts, Michael had a heart of gold, and wouldnt wont the world to be like this He always wanted Peace, so why would he pull a stunt like this? He knew his fans would be upset and 12 Have already commited suicide, and Michael wouldnt want that to happen. So is it true or not? another half is telling me that his alive Which i truly agree but its so hard :’(

  22. sita Said,

    only one simple question:
    which person was sent to pass the medical exam?
    in times where they fool worldwide with the “wrong” michael jackson
    at the o2 press conference, i doubt that the medical exam doc(s) did an dna test
    and were aware of this.

    according to uri geller, one of michael’s best friend,
    uri also knew his painkiller and drug probs for longer times!
    compare for example here:
    friends knew it, the family must have known it, so
    how can it be, that michael was able to pass the exam/test ?

    so again my simple question: who was there to pass an medical exam
    for an uprising 50 concerts event?? who?
    give yourselve the answer and u have the key:
    we have several michaels; the question is: who died?
    not the real one, i believe.

  23. dane86 Said,

    I wish this is really true! from the moment I heard of his death I was really thinking of the possibilities that maybe he’s really alive and hiding somewhere,but i told myself that “stop it! it’s impossible that he would fake his death” but when I saw this site and read all the articles all my hopes started to come to life again.
    I completely understand why he would do such thing, and I won’t judge him for that. all of these evidences really make sense, and I wish that wherever he is now, I hope he’s doing fine and he’s happy. I will wait for his comeback together with all of his fans.
    “long live the King!”

    by the way, this site is really great! and so are the people who still believe that MJ is still alive^^

  24. dane86 Said,

    I wish this is really true! from the moment I heard of his death I was really thinking of the possibilities that maybe he’s really alive and hiding somewhere,but i told myself that “stop it! it’s impossible that he would fake his death” but when I saw this site and read all the articles all my hopes started to come to life again.
    I completely understand why he would do such thing, and I won’t judge him for that. all of these evidences really make sense, and I wish that wherever he is now, I hope he’s doing fine and he’s happy. I will wait for his comeback together with all of his fans.
    “long live the King!”

    by the way, this site is really great! and so are the people who still believe that MJ is still alive^^


  25. brando13 Said,

    I must admit for such a high profile popular loved by so many peopole alot of them famous eg liz taylor, lize minelli, david guest,culkin,quincy jones,all the famous people that have appeared in MJ videos where were all of them I have to say I love MJ through and through but I think his memorial was a very poor turn out to say the least and if he is really dead I feel so sorry for him at the lack of ‘friends’ who should of come to honour him and pay their last respects

  26. vyse Said,

    Hi again. I dont know why you deleted my post back there but ill try again. This is not SPAM. See the letter that was published some days ago that some doctor sent to michael. read what is written in bold and compare to michaels “this is it” speech. sry for my english. cya and plz say something.

  27. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Supermon75. When i saw those words: Im alive, and Im here forever, i threw up. I felt it was some kind of a sign, and yes i know it is from a song. But why use only those words? Michael was also asked once, what he wanted to happen to him and he said: I don`t ever want to be burried. Then he was, what do you want then. And he asnwered: I would like to live forever. My mind will not rest, before i know where Michael is. I would have believed that he was really dead, if we had seen his body, at the memoriel, but we didn`t. and for the latoya part. DAMN let me just say, i watched it to, and i am glad that she aint my sister, incase i ever needed to hoax my dead LOL. She woulden`t be able to play along with it, aparrently

  28. Goldie Said,

    i din´t belive paris´s cry<<?
    she has been to Movie classe´s or what ist called.

    and also why did they janet take her away from the scene ?

    "because she wasn´t crying and if she still was on the scene people would think "why is she not crying"

    sorry for the "Tekst" i am from DENMARK :b

  29. admin Said,

    Vyse, we attempted to source the letter you brought to our attention on the TMZ website, however the site kept crashing, most likely due to high usage, so we will continue to try to get this infomormation and report on it as soon as we can.
    MJHD Admin

  30. Goldie Said,

    to ADMIN uhmm

    i just wanted to know if .. how old are you?
    because you write some interesting things
    and good stuff and where do you live because i dont know when to tjek the site because of the time zone difrence … <<?

    sorry for the language i am from Denmark

  31. she_can Said,

    is this the letter you are talking about Vyse?


    the paragraph with This is it in bold characters is really strange

  32. admin Said,

    We’re pleased you are enjoying our site. We prefer to keep our location anonymous, but will do our best to post the updates as often as we can.
    MJHD Admin

  33. lenoksru Said,

    i don’t mean this as disrespect to anybody but the whole memorial ceremony did seem strange to me and wasn’t sincere, in my opinion. i know many ppl already said this but seriously, MJ as we knew him and anybody of his friends – nobody, i mean nobody was there (i’m not talking about the family), it was just a bunch of people unknown to us and some performers. i’m surprised to hear most of people saying the ceremony was so sincere, so personal – i got the opposite feeling. i was crying a lot in some parts of it but then when i saw his family with their calm and unemotional expressions, i don’t know – it just made me feel weird. to me the whole thing looked like a big staged performance and even the last part with Paris – sorry, but i think it was so staged and didn’t look real..children can be very good actors as we all know and sorry again, i don’t mean to judge anybody but that really looked like acting. and why do some people say tearful – there wasn’t a single tear from the whole family, and Marlon’s broken voice and sobbing – that wasn;t sincere either because when you are truly heart-broken you might not even say much but cry instead, however after all this sobbibg he seemed to compose himself very fast and made a very coherent speech without any tears what so ever. people grieve in a differnt way, of course but their “grieving” looked so staged and rehearsed.do i really think if MJ still alive and staged his own death? i don’t know what to think; i’ve seen “MJ’s” appearance in London – i think this is undoubtedly not Michael, how can one even argue about it. The fact that his family is very united in his “death” but we don’t see any of his other close people and friends makes me think that perhaps he died some time ago and they staged this whole thing with London performances just to make this big hype around his name and as trivial as it sounds – make money. i mean the info about MJ’s state of health for the past year is so contraversial, you don’t know what to believe. and when was his last public appearance except this London concerts’ announcement and his “last rehearsal”?

  34. Sara Said,

    When this came at the end of the song, “Will You Be There”, I thought to myself, this is just too weird….

    “In Our Darkest Hour
    In My Deepest Despair
    Will You Still Care?
    Will You Be There?
    In My Trials
    And My Tripulations
    Through Our Doubts
    And Frustrations
    In My Violence
    In My Turbulence
    Through My Fear
    And My Confessions
    In My Anguish And My Pain
    Through My Joy And My Sorrow
    In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
    I’ll Never Let You Part
    For You’re Always In My Heart”

    I mean it fit so… perfectly.
    Just some of the lines there,
    “In my darkest despair.”
    “Through my trials.”
    It just kind of scared me a little.
    I know it was recorded a while ago and all but he was basically questioning if we the fans would be there in his time of need….
    And we were/are….
    Another thing was when the one spotlight was on the microphone,
    Geez I thought he would just walk on stage….

    The fact is just getting closer and closer…
    It’s almost scary…

  35. feyaya Said,

    I notice people questioning why michael would basically enable his kids to lie up there at the memorial. but i think of it this way: the media was against michael from day one and did their best to make him look like a monster. michael has every excuse to play and deceive the media just the way they did him, and more. his kids will always be loyal to him, and so will his family. so it can all be a genuine scheme of getting back at the media, even if the kids are in on it. it makes it all the more believable (excluding the fact that there was lack of emotion, etc.).

    i think his relationship with uri geller says alot, too. i read an article where they had agreed to use subliminal messages in his songs to influence people to do good in the world. if they can do that just for a song (and trust me, i know they can; i did a full research project on it in college),why couldn’t they have joined forces and done it again for the memorial? there were subliminal messages all throughout it.

    i’m not jehova’s witness, but in my faith, i believe the same thing concerning when people die, they are merely buried and they do not return until the second coming. so i do find it interesting that, if those were the core beliefs he was raised with, that phrase at the end of the memorial service was used to throw everyone off and give his REAL fans an ounce of hope. so thanks, michael, lol!

  36. Andrea Said,

    Everytime I come to this site, every article that it’s being updated with are my own very thoughts! I read the headlines and I say to myself ‘THAT’S WHAT I JUST SAID YESTERDAY!’.

    I love how I’m really not the only one thinking he faked his death. It’s hard when I try to talk to my friends about this and they all say ‘NO HE IS DEAD’ blablabla. It’s nice to have people who actually see the truth and I can relate to. ^_^

  37. Andrea Said,

    Another thing I do not get is the fact that the woman whom of which I SAW say in the interview that the reason it was a ‘closed casket’ was because of the extensive damage done to his face during CPR. Number one, that entire excuse is a bunch of BS. And number two, I have studied the art of Mortuary Science in past years and there is a little thing called RESTORATIVE ART. Let’s just say his ‘face’ WAS extensively damaged from whatever reason it may be – THEY CAN FIX IT. They fix faces who have been completely mangled by terrible terrible deaths. So to say that, on national television, is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

    Then to hear that the Jackson family had a private service before the memorial with an ‘open casket’ and that MJ looked ‘peaceful’ and as if he was ’sleeping’. Well..then WHY NO OPEN CASKET FOR THE MEMORIAL?! Oh, here’s a thought – MAYBE CAUSE THERE WAS NEVER A BODY TO BEGIN WTIH.

    God, the media is so effing retarded retarded. And so are the people that are behind this entire sham! Should have planned it out more.

  38. CuteAngel Said,

    Awesome post. And I’m glad you pointed out the slip from Kenny Ortega. I caught wind of that too as soon as he said ‘less than a week ago’. It could have just been a harmless slip of the tongue, but then again, given everything else, it could have very well been a sign of what’s really been going on.

  39. jewell Said,

    wow, i can’t believe i found this site!
    My husband and i were watching a news clip of the press conference and my husband said that he thought it wasn’t MJ…
    so we started talking about what a great pr stunt
    so i googled to see if anyone else was thinking what we were,
    and i see there are!

    It just doesn’t add up.
    I see that the official MJ.com site has removed the video of the conference from there and the link on the home page to it.

    The dr letter in the link above is very strange indeed!!
    why is “This is it” in bold letters?
    and that is what was repeated at the press conference..?
    And why is “u aint seen nothing yet” in bold and in quotations?
    also the date on the letter is strange, 7-21-20 … why keep that letter around all these years? I believe that it was planted and was suppose to be found for some reason…
    it is all very strange,
    it will be interesting to watch it unfold.

  40. TheTruthSeeker Said,

    I’ve been following the news on this site for a week now, and most of the articles and comments do make me ponder if Michael is alive.
    “I’m alive and I’m here forever”. Did it mean he’s literally alive or it meant he’s alive in his fans’ heart?
    Everything is so confusing and nothing seemed right since they pronounced him ‘dead’.
    And the so-called dying picture of him just doesn’t seem recent to me, it seems like it’s been taken many years ago.
    I just want to know the truth, whether he’s alive or otherwise.

  41. mir26 Said,

    amother strange thing I just found read this first

    (When EMTs arrived at Michael Jackson’s home yesterday, the medics wanted to pronounce him dead on the scene — but Michael’s personal doctor refused to let them “call it” — this according to sources close to the situation.

    When EMTs arrived there was evidence someone had been performing CPR on Michael for “quite some time.” There was evidence of Lidocaine — an old-school drug that can be used to treat disturbances in the heart’s rhythm. Medics took over performing CPR but determined Jackson was lifeless — and wanted to call the coroner to pick up the body.

    We’re told Jackson was flat-lined when EMTs arrived.

    But our sources say M.J.’s doc demanded EMTs continue performing CPR anyway, and demanded that they take Michael to the hospital.

    Once they arrived at UCLA, we’re told Jackson’s doc continued to personally administer CPR — even though it was clear Jackson was already gone.)

    wtf?? and here I was thinking the doc was gone right after they took MJ to the hospital and now he was there with michael somethins is very wrong here.

  42. supermom75 Said,

    ok why is this comming out now how is it that they just got this info or they found it in 2003comeon now something does not soundright http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,531410,00.html

  43. Little Susie 01 Said,

    Another important message… Is when Jermaine singls michaels favortie song..SMILE he changed the phrase it originally goes like this Light up your face with gladness
    Hide every trace of sadness But Jermain Said:: Light up your face with sadness Hide every trace of gladness..

    ok he swtiched the words… this to me is showing me that something is defintly wrong. U can make one mistake but not 2.

  44. supermom75 Said,

    someone need to match that writing to his music he wrote or the hand writing on the will or something cause i just think those were planted there to make him look like he died of an overdoes and any one i mean anyone can make a typed out letter like that i know i could lol

  45. idontknow Said,

    I looked at the letter TMZ posted, the one allegedly written by the doctor…. weird letter. The phrasing is very eerie, there’s talk of a “second chapter”, and what’s with the random “This is It” in bold ? Either this letter is a fake and that puts TMZ’s credibility down the toilet OR those are codewords and there’s something very weird going on, whether MJ is alive or dead.

    Apparently, the letter was written a week after or before (can’t remember, some points it out on TMZ) before MJ wrote his will ?

  46. Iknowitall Said,

    I’m just going to say it.. This site is full of crap in a lot of ways. Just the same there are a lot of valid things here.. The truth is, you guys can’t even BEGIN to wrap your heads around the reality of the situation.. First hand knowledge, Michael Jackson is very alive. First hand knowledge, he’s reading all of this stuff and loving it.

    Michael Jackson the entertainer has died.. He’s gone and never coming back..

    Paris did not have fake tears. That was the declaration of her love for her father. Blanket was VERY upset and clearly you can see it all of the pictures. This site needs to get some shit clear before posting these blogs because it actually makes the truth harder to believe…. Just a tip

    He is not dead.. The truth will come out very soon.. Its not going tbe so great though.. Sad to say..

  47. atomvseve Said,


    I don’t know what to make of that song.

  48. bexuk Said,

    The letter was weird, glad you guys also thought so. Just the lines ‘I have evrything ready. This is it. Do it before you start your second chapter.’

    Looks like MJ might have been planning this hoax way back in 2002. Unless I am reading far too much into this, I just thought it was strange to use the line ‘this is it’ considering that was the name of his final ever tour.

    Also, about the memorial, did anyone else think that Michael Jacksons talking bit at the end of Will You Be there didnt sound pre recorded or wasnt the same as the one that appears on the cd? It sounded raw, full of emotion, maybe even live?

  49. bexuk Said,

    Check this out- If it wasnt for them beautiful eyes I wouldnt know this was MJ!!


  50. Smiile1929 Said,

    I Don’t Get One Thing Though .. If James Brown’s Casket Was Open On His Memorial Howcome Michael’s Casket Wasn’t Open .. Fair Enough Don’t Leave It Open But Atleast Open It For A Few Mins So Tha ”All Tha Rumors” Are Put To Rest & I’m More In Tha Middle .. Mj Could Be Alive Or Not .. I Don’t Know.
    But Its Funny How All Tha Media Keeps Saying That He Had A Drug Problem & Coming Out With Other Pills & Stuff & Apparently Liz Taylor Knew He Had A Drug Problem & Said She Was Gonna Help Him ..?!
    Arh It Jus Doesn’t Seem Like To Me That Mj Would Be That Dopey Enough To Take Aload Of Medicines U Kna .. =S .
    Apparenly One Of Tha Sources Even Said Tha Mj Was Really Annoyed About Tha Whole Tour Thing & Was Willing To Go To Any Extent Even Say He Was Really Ill Or Have Tha Swine Flu But His Lawyers & Everyone Said Mj Can’t Get Out Of It .. =S . I’m Not ”In Denial” Or Anythin .. Its Not Like I Can’t Accept Mjs Death But Alot Of Things Jus Don’t Make Sense. !!! =/

  51. wishful09 Said,

    I am so thankful for this site. I will not add anything else because others have done a great job already. If you have read my other posts on other stories, then you know how I feel. I am so frustrated with things going on, and my family just thinks Im loony, so I dont even talk to them about anymore. So, Im glad this site exists. Please, keep up with the posts. You are doing a great job. At least some people realize things are not adding up!!!

  52. wishful09 Said,

    Well, I must say one thing. For those who say Michael would not fake his death because of his fans. Well, maybe he started to realize that he should be more concerned with his own happiness for once. He lived for his fans, so maybe he just needed time for his self.

    Why do my posts always post a day later? does that happen to everyone?

  53. bghoppy Said,

    Dear supermom75, I think you are Michael. Am I close? I love how you spell especially with an x. Do we have to wait until your birthday to see you again?

  54. supermom75 Said,

    look what i found omg were did this leak come from guys read this
    Re: (POLL) Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death?
    Michael Jackson may have faked his death, there are reports showing that the autopsy wasn’t a match to MJ’s DNA. Its still unclear, so lets wait till its 100% clear. It’s still too early to decide if he has faked his death or if he’s really dead. He was a man not caring for himself but for the publicity so i would say he would fake his death, but in due time, we shall see.

  55. bghoppy Said,

    You know how it took two months to bury James Brown, I wonder if they didn’t just hold a memorial for him while he was still alive, but at deaths door, then buried him two months later when he naturally expired. I mean isn’t that one of the basic human desires of the ego, don’t we all wish we could see who would show up to our funeral, and what they would say, how we would be remembered? I say this because beyond launching a new drug war on pharmacuticals, i think this was done so that MJ could flesh out who his true friends (and family)are and reinvent his image that was tarnished and overshadowing his music.
    Another thought I am having is that I never really thought about what MJ was really trying to do or say with Thriller. I mean that I always loved the song and the video, but never really wondered why he chose that undead theme? now i do.

  56. supermom75 Said,


  57. Angel36 Said,

    That letter what you are showing is from a center who does researsch to stem cells and are for diseases like cancer and MS and liver failure heart diseases and more.
    I think it was to make his healt better.
    But this letter is from 2002.
    And it’s curieus that it’s called This Is It.
    Her is the link to the site:

  58. Angel36 Said,

    I also looked at the site of tmz when they found all the drugs in 2003.
    And i think that the letter means a detoxicification program was for 5-7 days.
    If you see all the pictures you can see a letter with a detoxificationsheet.
    The succesrate was about 93-97%

  59. Angel36 Said,

    The media brings this up now but that was about 6 years ago.

  60. Bee Said,

    Don’t forget, at the very beginning of the service, the gospel song the choir was singing was “Soon and very soon, We are going to see the King…” check it out if it’s there on youtube.
    While I was saddened and moved by the memorial, it did strike me as an odd choice at the time.

  61. Angel36 Said,

    And they show also empty bottles of drugs you can”t even see the name of.
    So they want to suggest that there bad drugs.
    It could be vitamine pills or antibiotic.
    And they were no drugs but medicine.

  62. supermom75 Said,

    i also just found a pic that i am sure michael did not know was on here i wonder what staff took this i remember the nights he would sleep in it i asked him do you really think it will work it is the hyper chamber


  63. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Supermon75. To be hornets i don`t think that you will find any answers in Neverland. The house is compoletely empty. And Michael NEVER wanted to go back there, after his last trial. He didn`t see it as a home any longer, but as a house. But if you are going to Neverland, to try to look for answers, and you should find something. PLease report back. But i don`t think that anyone can enter the gates these days. The last one who tried, was a women, and she got arrested, because she said she was married to Michael LOL. But as i said before, if you should find something, please report back . Just 1 good advise if you go there. Go to his “giving Tree”. Mabye you can find out something there? I don`t know, it might sound stupid. But he loved it. He could spend hours there, as far as i can remember.

  64. beyond anguish Said,

    I read this site everyday and alot of thing make since

  65. supermom75 Said,

    sorry wrong link lol my bad so much goin on

  66. sherre34 Said,

    Until i see his body in a Real Coffin and Paris stop fake crying, michael is still alive. Maybe he hiding at his mother’s home. Just thinking.

  67. she_can Said,

    For those who believe that MJ’s death has been staged:

    I am concerned about the whole autopsy thing. I need your help figuring it out

    When carrying out an autopsy, DNA testing is not done systematically, only when necessary (unrecognizable person…etc)

    Blood samples are taken, samples for DNA testing (as and when necessary but not necessary in all autopsies), and toxicological tests are carried out on the heart for signs of poisoning if no physical injuries have manifested themselves.

    source: http://www.exploreforensics.co.uk/performing-an-autopsy.html

    Is it possible that the family members are the only one aware of that staged death and they actually helped him carry it out? I mean they all happened to be not that far from the hospital on the 25th June, they seem very united, children apparently are doing ok, father Joe is even thinking of the next step (bringing mini Jacksons in showbiz).

    What is the worst think that can happen if, let’s say, MJ makes a comeback in a couple of years?

    Since no DNA testing is necessary, LAPD can not be held responsible if there happened to be a staged death (someone else’s body) – they would say “the family confirmed his identity”. The family will be sued? Ok then they would say that they were under shock, they were not staring at him since they were comforting the children and each other, the autopsy disfigured him etc…

    What do you think? does it make sense?

  68. she_can Said,

    That would also explain why there was no open casket…

  69. lordbanks Said,

    I knew it way before the service that he faked his own death. I told my mom just watch the casket be closed and it was. I said look how small that casket is, MJ has very long legs so there is no way he was in there. None of the family cried, they tried to make the tears fall but nothing. Yes Paris was so cute and adorable but not one tear. Let me ask you all this, have you ever cried and no tears came out? Michael Jr was just chewing gum and looking around like he wanted to play videos games instead, Blanket was playing with a doll and looked like he wanted to go home and watch cartoons. It was all so fake. They say Michael was so high on drugs but everytime I seen him shopping with his kids he was wide eyes, walking and talking normal. Michael even said he would never get hooked on drugs like alot of starts who died. He said he hated drugs. He just told Ebony that he wanted to retire and raise his kids out of the spotlight. There is so much proof. Look at that picture of him in the ambulance, that is not Michael. Look at the skin tone, Mike is very pale, that person is the color he was on the bad album, the hair was not the same, Mikes cheekbones are different. I don’t blame him for faking it. He was $500 million in debt, every week there was a new lawsuit, he was tired of cameras in his face 24/7, he was sick of people asking him to perform. The man was burned out. I mean damn, he has been doing it since he was 6. Why do you think his kids speak 4 different languages? even Blanket. They are in another country living in peace. As for some one saying that those are not his kids, yes they are, they look just like him. I have mixed kids and tons of mixed kids in my family and they all look different. My niece looks asain but she is white and black, my son who’s named after MJ Michael Joseph looks like he is from Isreal, My brothers son looks like he is mexican, my cousin has a son who has bright blond hair and blue eyes but they are all mixed with black and white. Anyways. Have a great life Mike in your castle in some beautiful part of the word and enjoy your beautiful kids=)

  70. Mimi Said,

    youu guys we need real strong proof about this lyk dates,times, pictures , video, letter witness other wise were just hovering over nothing

  71. Mimi Said,

    don’t get me wrong i do believe hes alive i just want this website to have strong facts ok

  72. Mimi Said,

    cus its all just possibilities other wise and what use is that just makes us go round and round in circles with no real facts

  73. supermom75 Said,

    just to show how distant jermane is with michael i think he forgot about this one time here he betrayed his whole family including michael so the plot thickens he was his back bone my a$$
    Jermaine: NBC “lied” to Jackson Family
    Jermaine Jackson claims NBC producers told a “vicious and blatant lie” to lure Michael Jackson’s family onto an episode of Dateline NBC. This according to a statement released by the singer yesterday.
    Jermaine stated that producers of the show told him that the episode would be about “the family’s legacy and that they later learned the program had an insulting, degrading and insensitive story line about his face.”
    An NBC spokeswoman says Dateline NBC producers still plan to air Michael Jackson Unmasked on Feb. 17 and “hope Jermaine Jackson rethinks his position and grants us an interview.”
    Michael’s family is not the only one up in arms about NBC’s plans to utilize an hour of news programming to examine the King of Pop’s appearance. Fans have also expressed outrage through letters and emails to NBC.
    Below are a few e-mails addresses that should make their way back to the powers that be at NBC. If you are equally upset over NBC’s decision to air this special, you are encouraged to write the below staff at the network (please send separate e-mails; not copies to all of the below).

  74. Iknowitall Said,

    This is so great. He is a genious.. Pure genious.. Have to give him props. Didn’t think he’d do it. So are there any other sites like this? Just curious?

  75. amazonrm Said,

    augh, I really wish this is true and that he is still alive doing well. But how can that be with the police, doctors/nurses, and everything else? Truly that would be the ultimate comeback if he surprised everyone in the future.

  76. Iknowitall Said,

    He isn’t going to come back as an entertainer though.

  77. smileygirl24 Said,

    Thank you so much for all the information submitted SUPERMOM75
    I have been reading your posts these past few days and today i decided to make this account and thank you


    i love michael so much … that in my heart i know hes alive and not dead.
    i as well want him to be happy and at peace and wish him blessings.

  78. tatylovesmj Said,

    Oh god. I just hope this is all true and our Michael is still alive and well!!

  79. A-curious-mind Said,

    I am a bit confused about the circumstance surrounding Michael’s death. The media is runnig around with stories like headless chickens. I watched the memorial and felt very “empty” and when Paris Jackson cried, i felt very uncomfortable watching her because it didn’t seem sincere. After she turned and sobbed on Janet Jackson, you could see Toldest boy Prince Jackson patting/stroking her back with a look of sheer boredom on his face. People are so quick to buy into anything the media spews and just like when they were reporting ignorant folly about Michael sleeping in a hyperbaric Chamber, everyone bought it and ran with it as though it was the gospel…never was the truth about his photo in the chamber “reported in the media because that won’t sell!! This entire “death” is a bit too movie -like for me to grasp as reality and I’m just gonna watch and see because everyone i tell about the “act” of Paris Jackson thinks i’m heartless…something is up…..oh and btw, Michael usually sports a faded mustache outline on his upper and bottom lip and the “michael” in the press conferance had a smooth face with no trace of shaven facial hair…it might be that we are seeing things that are not there but still…check it out…

  80. dynamite Said,

    Same i hope he is still alive and i dont believe all that crap about him takin drugs, he dosent seem like the kind of person that wud, be abusing drugs, he always said dont believe all the crap u read in the newspapers, why are they bringing up the drugs now and not b4, even if he isnt alive then i think he was murdered and i dont think he would ever commit suicide, and why didnt they take the kids off him if he was doped up on drugs most of the time, im glad i came across this site keep up the good work

  81. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I hope that Michael, sees all of this. How much we support and stand by him, and love him for who is. If he wants to stay in hiding, it dosent really matter, all that matters for us, is for him to be alive and happy. Michael this is from all of us (your devoted fans) to you. We love you more

  82. Smiile1929 Said,

    SuperMom75 Do U Really Know Mj ..??

  83. Smiile1929 Said,

    Heyy Everyone Erm ..
    This Is Really Random But I Have To Say .. Don’t U Guys Think We’re Looking To Deep Into This ..? I Mean I Personally Think Tha Mj Is Alive Or Maybe Not .. But Apparently Some People Are Saying That Tha People Who Think Hes Faked It Are Tha People Who Are ”Grieving” ..? I Don’t Agree But Does Anyone Else Think Its True .. *Puzzled* =/

  84. supermom75 Said,

    ok here is the thing he loved his muxic if he comes back he will sing again i know he will i think this is clearing his name and pulling all the scandle out on him that were false because now his name is cleared about jordan chandler he is 29 now and came out of the walls and asmitted it was alie and a scam by his father to get money from michael and as far as the hyper chamber there is photos here they are i do not even think michaels knows they are online http://gossip.commongate.com/post/creepy_as_hell/

  85. supermom75 Said,

    ok he was 28 in these photos with the hyper chamber look at the one of him sleeping side ways click on it make it larger now look at the face in his supposed last photo does it look the same hmmm remember when he burnt his hair they had to rush him in the ambulance i am goin to try to find pictures of that stay tuned

  86. supermom75 Said,

    tell me what you think of all theses faces please it has a pic for every yr

  87. supermom75 Said,

    in number 9 if you look michael always had that left side of his bottom lip that slanted now in some of these photos i see it and in some i do not you tell me

  88. supermom75 Said,

    i think michael was tryin to show ppl about himself but no one knew then media hid it

  89. MrsBenjamin Said,

    Okay how would we all know for sure that you are telling us the truth supermom???????? i mean I love this site so far, because I, myself was suspious about the whole MJ thing..and I had that feeling when AFTER i saw those words “im alive and im here forever”..and crazy thing is that ONE light was on the word “ALIVE”…

  90. feyaya Said,

    IKNOWITALL, you speak as if you have solid facts and “first hand knowledge.” is this true, or are you assuming? i mean come on, we all want him to be alive. but if someone in here knows EXACTLY what’s going on, why not make it clear? this stuff gives me headaches…but i can’t stop reading and pondering, lol. seriously, i’ve had dreams at night about it. but anyways, if people really KNOW, then tell us!

  91. MrsBenjamin Said,


  92. MrsBenjamin Said,


  93. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    OMG and isnt it weird how Debbie Rowe never turned up to the memorial or funeral… she said cuz she didn’t want unnecessary media attention… hmmm???

  94. loveandpeace Said,

    Why do you think this was deleted from Wikipedia?


    It says, he didn’t plan to retire anytime soon. Then i read a LaToya interview saying he didn’t want to go on tour anymore. He wanted to make a movie called Thriller.

  95. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Ohh yeah to sara: I got the chills totally. I felt like Michael was there, you know that he was behind stage talking. So creepy

  96. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    I Want To Let You All Know That This Is A Really Good Site. Michael Needed Fans Like This In His Life.

    First Of All I Have My Own Theory On This “Death”
    I Think That His Death Is Fake And That He Has Been Planning This For Quite A While. Remember He Said He Wanted To Make His Last Concert, A Concert His Fans Will Never Forget And The Concert Was Gonna Be His Last. Plus He Wanted People To Stop Listening To The Media, The Media Lies Alot And Makes You Believe Things That Arent True At All.

    From The Time I Found Out He Died, I Was Like WTF? In My Heart I Felt Like It Wasnt True. So After All This Went Down After The Memorial, I Decided To Research This. I Research Everything, Before I Pronounce Something Is Real Or Not.

    1)If You Go To Youtube And Look Up Michael Jackson- Ghost Music Video, You Will See And Hear Something Odd. Have You Ever Heard The Saying “You Dont Know What You Have Till You Lose It”? Well Michael Believed In That 100%, Plus Who Else Could Pull Something Off So Huge? Michael Jackson Is Very Intelligent, If He Wasnt, He Wouldn’t Have Been The Worlds Best Everything.

    Part Of Me Believes If He Is Faking His Death, There Could Only Be A Few Reasons For It. He Is Childlike And Likes To Play Jokes On People, Therefore This Could Be A Joke And He Has To Have A Reason For It.

    I Think That He Decided To Make This The Best Concert In Anyones Lifetime. So He Decided To Fake His Death To Prove Many Things To His Fans And People Who Believe The Media. He Wanted To Know Just How Much He Meant To His Fans And His Comeback Concert, Really States What It Means, He Is A Very Ellaborate Individual. So He Had To Be Planning This Out For Quite Some Time. Therefore He Is Doing This To Make His Concert Awesome And The Reason Would Have To Be. Dont Listen To The Media. The Media Has Built A Shithole Around This Man And He Was Just Tired Of It. I Dont Believe He Killed Himself, I Dont Believe He Was Murdered And I Certainly Dont Believe He Would Hire Unintelligent Individuals To Take Care Of Him.

    If This Was All Planned The Authorities And Tons Of Others Would Have To Be Behind It And Believe Me He Had Enough Money To Do It. Debt My Ass. He Never Stopped Having Fans. Im Pretty Sure This Is Just Something He Wanted To Do, To Have Fun With, Find Out Who His True Fans Were, Show The World That The Media Is Bullshit And Make Those Kids Speak Out That He Never Touched Them.

    He Knew What His Death Meant. He’s The Most Famous Person In This World For 50 Years. My Idols Are God, Jesus And Michael Jackson. He Is A Great Man And Will Never Falter.

    My Conspiracy Theory Was Extremely Different And It Makes Sense In Many Ways. I Really Doubt He Faked His Death To Run Away, He Always Faced His Problems Head On And He Wasnt Scared Of Anything, Except Dieing And He Had The Best Docters, So He Could Live As Long As He Could. He Wouldnt Commit Suicide Because He Loved His Family Soooo Much. His Children Meant The World To Him.

    I Have More To Say, But Im Really Tired For Now.

  97. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    to Iknowittall. Aparrently you are the only one who think the children looked upset. WATCH THE MEMORIEL AT YOUTUBE. You will see that they were not. And why did you even bother to post a note here, if you think it`s all crap?. I want to know that

  98. Samantha Said,


  99. ejay5131 Said,


    Do these two know where they are???

  100. Samantha Said,

    and one time i was in the car and they were talking to MJ LIVE on the phone, and they were talking about his comeback, and they asked him like typical questions like “So your comeback? hows this ganna be” and MJ was saying things like “Yeah yeah, i am, and it’ll be like no other”

    No other aye?

  101. supermom75 Said,

    omg reading this you know what i just thought maybe michael caught on to the doctor and his staff and aeg and he told his family about it and he just wants to pay them the insurance he won’t get in trouble for it they will cause they collect not him then he comes back and explains the whole thing of why he faked his death maybe he has evidence and it is funny that latoya mentioned another will remember i can not find it right now but someone said they came to get michael for something and he said he was writing his will this was this yr hmmmm and those notes they found in scribble wouldn’t you test them the hand writing in an investigation to see who wrote it the doctor or michael they keep mentioning michael in everything but what if he set them up think about it after the doctor fled janet and latoya went in the house before the serch was done they could of planted anything without the doctor knowing then she said his body was still warm in the hospital what if after everyone left and they moved the body to the helicopter and that is when he got up omg cause when the doctor found out he was dead michael might have had his heart slow down but he was revived without the doctor knowing gosh i have to look back at all my info

  102. supermom75 Said,

    @ jewel i am glad you sent that link cause it did have the london confrence up there on that sight and they put the old one back up for the 10 instead of 50 this is really funny wow good catch

  103. supermom75 Said,

    i think they found this sight and they are finding out that other ppl have too and i have been feeling this for a day or so no cause just weird things happen after i find things and post info on other sites like i posted my thoughts wide open on tmz

  104. supermom75 Said,

    here is something new look at this another addition to the case

  105. supermom75 Said,

    pmg look at this
    http://www.tmz.com/2009/06/26/michael-jacksons-doc-quit-medical-practice/ and this sick

  106. supermom75 Said,

    i bet the police do not know this
    i am good

  107. supermom75 Said,


  108. supermom75 Said,


  109. smileygirl24 Said,

    OMG i soooo agree with you 100%%
    You and SUPERMOM75 are the best so far
    i can NOT sleep am up reading everything listening to all his music
    I never believed anything the media said about him or any of the B-S … If anything i learned from him unless you have spoken to that person don’t believe everything you read or hear in the media.
    I honestly believe he’s alive
    if he was dead then i would feel it…BUT
    i really don’t … I hope he is alive and well and hope he’s living peacefully now.

    BTW listen to this song jennifer hudson did will you be there

    and listen to when he starts talking or praying
    do you guys notice the ecghoe in his voice??
    i actually cried hearing it…SO SAD

    I love you Michael forever ,, You mean the world to me.

  110. ejay5131 Said,

    Everybody is talking about Oprah…where’s Oprah??? I looked into her website and low and behold they have REMOVED all the MJ content they once had on it. WHY????

  111. Samantha Said,


  112. supermom75 Said,

    yeah well now they are saying the found porn in his home the secong time he was accused but in the court hearing they said they found none i am so confused on this

  113. supermom75 Said,

    yes i do

  114. supermom75 Said,

    @ crazyinsanebarbie lol like the name i think u are dead on on alot of it but the thing is it is goin to be his last he planed on working with his children and doin songs with them as a family and he was looking into the movie buissness i have to give it to latoya she is not goos at holding back info but he loves his children and the children of the world he has such a uniqueness about him that no one will understand he is so tender and kind and gentle he would not slap a fly lol but he wanted to make this a better place for all of us he belived he could do it he would say so in hopes that this all a plan to frame his greedy producers and see if his family really would take care of his kids if something happen to him i think he did this because he stopped knowing who to trust he had a very hard time with trust

  115. Happytomato Said,

    Concerning Michael Jackson’health


    Jackson, healthy or not? Depends on who’s talking

  116. A-curious-mind Said,

    Supermom75…you are kinda being like the media now, running around this site with so many pieces of “evidence” that it’s seems you work for TMZ or one of those celebrity sites. Calm down and breathe for a while…btw, you said you are a close friend of Michael jackson so how come you don’t know squat and gotta be catching at straws like the media…(shaking my head)…tsk tsk tsk “supermom75″…i see what you are doing..i do and it sure as heck isn’t cute….

  117. Goldie Said,

    to “Supermom75″

    hmm i wanna ask you a question maybe ist a stupid one but hey .. i can ask

    “are you michael jackson” :*

  118. clueless Said,

    as my nick states, i have no clue … but what i see is that you ppl do exactly what the ‘oh so loved press by MJ do/did’ … you create/hear a rumour and repeat it til it’s the only truth.

    MJ himself denied sleeping in that oxygen chamber in an interview, he had to though after his accidant at the pepsi commercial … but naive as he was he let a reporter talk him in to show how he layed in it, and “BOOM” a “Freak” was born .. also watch his video “leave me alone’ .. ppl should just do that …

    and @Supermom75, you asked him that this really works? … well no comment.

    just to quote 1 sentence of the song “Morphine” … “you’re so reliable”

    as for they sighed and made noises, but no tears rolling out of any eyes … might it be because they were out of them? ever thought of that? … yes you can reach a stage where you’re not able to share anymore tears.

    and also i guess i was the only 1 who’s 1st and only thought was “please don’t” when there were rumours to open his casket on stage, to finally feed the vultures in the media one last time … and then reading articles about “that wasn’t him anyways” or “even a blind 1 can see this was staged” …

    i’m waiting for some1 saying “the white house or better yet Obama himself helped him to hoax his death, cause he didn’t cried or didn’t looked sad enough … if that’s no proove” …

    MJ never had his own life, we had it like on that movie with Jim Carrey
    about Trueman … at least grant him his death.

    and yes he will always be alive and here forever in our hearts.

    Love you Michael may your soul rest in peace.

  119. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I know our Michael had a hard time. I also believe what you said about that he would come back to wxplain, why he did it, and that he have paid his ensurence already. You are totally right about Latoya LOL. She is very bad at this. And now she is saying that Michael was murdered. OH MY GOD. How long will they keep this up? How mnay excuses will they come up with, before the truth leaks? I think it wont be long, before the world will get a serious surprise. Michael has said for years, that “you havent seen nothing yet”. What did he mean by that? I wont believe that he is dead. He has to be out there somewhere. I can feel it in my heart. But Supermon75, if you are a friend of Michael, you have to kow something? Mabye he said something once? Just a little thing or 1 word, wich hadent had much meening then, but mabye it has now? Just a question

  120. Andrea Said,

    I agree, ejay! WHERE THE HELL IS OPRAH?!?!?!?! Lord KNOWS she has ANYTHING to say about EVERYTHING! She gives out free cars and shit to people all the time. But now MJ has ‘died’ and she silences herself? Oh come on!

  121. wishful09 Said,


    I have been thinking that all along. I even posted concerns about that on Yahoo Answers! Most people there just didnt want to agree. It’s like his family and friends keep saying little stuff, and the media never picks up on that stuff. How many times can someone say Michael is mischevious or likes to play pranks before the media starts to question it? Have you all seen the video with the trainer on this site? If that doesnt spark the interest of others, besides us, then people just dont want to believe it. Watch that video. Its like they are pretty much giving it away.

  122. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Im Pretty Sure Im On Top Of This 100%
    It All Makes Sense To Me
    I Am A Really Big Fan Of Michael Jackson
    I Research Everything On Him
    He Believed In Hiding Messages In His Music
    At His Memorial I Saw The Same Messages
    The Memorial Wasnt As Big As You Would Think The King Of Pop Would Have
    Plus He Said Before That He Wanted To Be Buried In His Peter Pan Clothes
    He Wanted His Fans To See Him Off
    Therefore There Was No Open Casket
    Noone Agreed To Doing What He Wanted
    Which Doesnt Make Sense Further
    You Have To Listen Closely To His Music
    You Cant Listen To The Media For The Truth
    He Already Stated That A While Back
    I Have Looked For Information On Him Everywhere
    Alot Of It Seems Like Total Bullshit
    My Heart Believes This Is All For The Comeback Tour
    I Would Truly Know If He Was Dead
    I Still Feel His Presence
    Plus Nothing Adds Up
    This Is Only Proof That The Media
    Can Never Get Their Story Straight
    Plus TMZ Is The Only Place That You Can Go To Find The Truth
    If You Go To TMZ And Look At Everything About Michael
    You Can See Messages Within The Site That He Is Still Alive
    Plus All His True Friends And Family Wasnt At The Memorial, Odd
    His Kids Seemed Fine Till They Got On Stage
    And Janet Said Something In Her Ear
    She Was Believable But Michael Jackson Was A Great Actor
    She Learned From The Best
    I Know People Think We Are Looking Too Much Into This But Im Not Gonna Think He Is Dead Until We See His Body Or There Is Real Proof
    There Is No Real Proof In This
    Michael Jackson Liked Jokes, Subliminal Messages And Scaring People All In Fun
    He Wanted To Change The World And Noone Was Listening Until He “Died”
    Why Do You Think People Were Trying To Drag Him Into The Ground?
    He Was Trying To Change The World.
    Theres So Much Evidence He Is Still Alive.
    I Have More To Say, But I Like Looking At Everyones Elses Views And Then Letting Them Know What I Think Of That.

  123. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Oh And Go To Youtube And Look Up Michael Jackson Memorial With Jennifer Hudson. Listen To That Song Carefully.
    Will You Be There?
    He Is Saying To His Fans. Will You Be There After I Die?
    He Was Good As Disguises, He Could Be In Disguise Walking Around, Seeing If People Actually Cared About Him

    He Researched Everything And Made Sure He Knew All The Facts
    So That Song Is Saying Will You Be There? Will You Still Care About Me?

    Plus In The Beginning When Mariah Carey Sang I Will Be There? Coincidence?
    Everyone Was Trying To Take Control Of Him, Seems Like The World Got Something Wrong With Me, So Therefore, He Gonna Fake His Death For His Comeback Tour, To See Who Still Really Cares.
    Obviously Alot Of Big Names Are Behind It
    Noone There At His Memorial Had Any Signifinance To Him. Jennifer Hudson? Mariah Carey? Usher? Where Was AlL The People WHo Cared?
    Plus I Had A Dream About Maculey Caulkin Last Night, The Dream Had Me Running Away From People, It Was Odd But Made Sense In A Way

  124. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Thanks I Like Your Name Too.
    Pretty Much This Is All Proof That You Shouldnt Believe The Media.
    Theres So Much Bullshit Going Around Its Crazy
    Michael Jackson “Death” Is Making People Go Crazy
    The Suicides Seem A Little Much, Why Would Anyone Kill Themself. After He Stated That He Would Never Do Such A Thing And Then When He Died People Start Commiting Suicide

    He Would Have Been King Of Actors, In Ghost He Was Amazing, Plus He Pulled Off Being The Bad Dude In The Ghost Music Video And Noone Believed It Was Him. He Was Good At Everything
    I Have Looked Everything Up About This Man And I Only Believe Half The Crap I Come Across
    TMZ Is On Target On Alot Of Facts
    Odd That TMZ Was The First Newscast On The Seen Before All The Others
    Usually Ambulances Dont Have Tinted Windows Either
    And You Couldnt See Inside The Ambulance At All
    The Somehow ET Gets A Picture Of Him Inside The Ambulance
    Plus Extremely Close To Being Inside The Ambulance
    And If You Seen That One Video The Dude That Was Trying To See Inside Couldnt
    And Didnt Even Time To Take A Photo
    Plus If I Called 911 For My Boss And It Was Michael Jackson, I Would Be Screaming Into The Phone, They Were Soooo Calm And Noone Found Out Who Called 911.
    Plus If You Look Up That Prank On Michael Jackson On Youtube From Ralphine Who I Swear Was Eminem, You Can Hear Michael Changing His Voice And See That Michael Caught On To The Prank Early, He Has A Machine That Can Change His Voice, So The 911 Call? More Information To Come Soon. lol

  125. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Plus This Link, Lets You Know Something Is Odd With All The Going Back And Forth

  126. prince Said,

    Well, anything will be the end of all this I hope from the bottom of my heart he is ok no matter if he is going to make a comeback or not.
    I love him with my entire soul as I loved him until now. ANd anything he done I will understand and I hope one day Ill meet him no matter in what circumstances. I just want to tell him he is the another part of my soul and he is not alone I’m here with him. I’m here because he was there When he was needed.

  127. loveandpeace Said,

    Lies, lies, and more lies. This is the biggest celebrity sendoff of all time, while also being the biggest investigation into cause of death.

  128. lilpleb Said,

    supermom75, you are a friend of Michael Jacksons?

  129. bexuk Said,

    The more infomation the Jacksons reveal the harder I find it to believe that he is alive..or that he would come back how could he possibly explain his way out of this one?

    Please read this article-http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1199092/La-Toya-Jackson-Michael-murdered–I-felt-start.html

    The article states that the Jacksons already have the results from the 2nd autopsy and it gives details about where Michael was found, what happened in the hspital etc but then waht threw me was when La Toya said this- La Toya says: ‘It will all come out. You will be shocked.’

    the artcile then says’The official coroner’s report is due soon along with the results of a second autopsy, which La Toya arranged, She says: ‘We want to sit down and compare the two reports before anything is made public. I have a strong idea of what the outcome will be but
    I cannot say anything at this stage.’

    I smell a humungous rat and it aint Ben!!

  130. charbour Said,

    I agree with you Goldie.. Supermom75, are you Michael Jackson?

    You seem to know an awful lot!
    Also if you’re not MJ, then these people who claim to know Michael.. could you please just put us out of our misery and reassure us that he is okay?
    Thank you

  131. bexuk Said,

    If Michael Jackson wanted to fake his death to clear his name then he has succeded.

    Aside from the drug stories, most of the press coverage has been positive. For example MJ was a great dad, MJ really did have a skin complaint, MJ was wrongly accused of child molestation etc. Why didnt these people say that stuff when he was alive?! His death has provided a time for reflection, and has possibly made the media review their part in his demise.

  132. bexuk Said,

    Anyone in UK, tv programme Michael Jacksons last days on Channel Four at 9pm tonight

  133. i87 Said,

    omgggggg ahhhhhhh….read this! michael jackson said this “If you come into this world being loved and you leave it being loved then everything in between can be dealt with.”………….. hmmmmm… ok i know this is random but… perhaps do u think he faked his death because he wanted to see how much people really loved him… and by noticing how valuable he is in our hearts… he can finally move on from all the crap that the media has forced upon him??? this way he can finally come back and be free of all accusations… and he can be assured that he is loved and cared for by millions of people around the world….i mean sure.. there are some bad apples everywhere but i think i can say this with confidence that at this point in time… most of the people wud go outta their way to bring him back…. i dont know but this quote kinda gave me the chills…… or maybe im just going crazy… lol…. i have an assignment due tomorrow and i cant concentrate… o well.. screw everything.. as long as MJ is baq..i dont care abt anything else!…as weird as this sounds.. im gona give this quote a twist and say:”If you come into this world knowing that MJ is alive and you leave it knowing that MJ is alive then everything in between can be dealt with.”

  134. Mojofi Said,

    Guys am watching the documentary on Channel 4 right now and it really looks like MJ is REALLY DEAD.

  135. Andrea Said,

    @ mojofi! of course it does! it’s a documentary! they wouldn’t air a documentary with anything stating that he’s ALIVE!

  136. i87 Said,

    I agree with Andrea…. thats the whole point of the documentary.. they want people to think hes dead….thats why its aired on tv in the first place

  137. lilpleb Said,

    Mojofi, I am watching it too. It depends how you look at the whole situation. The problem with this sad world is that there are too many liars.

  138. jewell Said,

    Would his fans be mad at him if he did this to them,
    and made them suffer with grief,
    just to make a comeback?

  139. Andrea Said,

    I sure wouldn’t be mad because since day one I knew he wasn’t really dead. At first it was a shock, but AS SOON as the 911 call was released (that same day) I started to really speculate and since then, nothing has been right. If he had to fake his death FOR WHATEVER REASON, I’d still support him and heck..MJ WOULD BE ALIVE. COME ON NOW. You can’t be upset for too long anyway. It does suck though for the people who are really hurting over this and believe he is truly gone, but then again, they should start taking a closer look at the facts instead of believing the entire media hype BS.

  140. ejay5131 Said,

    I LOVE Michael and always have, I would forgive him in less than a heart beat! He will have proved to us how the media can take a story and totally run with it. Hence, putting to rest the 1993 and 2005 accusations. Just watch ans see, no Dr. will ever be charged and if they are They WILL get off. Somehow, someway. MJ would have thought of that too.

  141. i87 Said,

    i agree… i totally understand as to why michael had to fake his life… i dont blame him for anything… if i were him.. i wudve done the same… hes been thru enough… for once he should think about himself

  142. supermom75 Said,

    @ a-curios -mind very hurt by that to let you all know when someof his close friends found out we were not in the loop of this i am just as shooked as all of you i have been micheals friend sense 1998 and i am not tryin to do anything and it hurts me the way you talk about me i am alot like michael but i am not michael and i miss him very much he would always say he loved his fans more but i would say i loved him more because he is more then a man he had a heart of gold he thought of everyone but himself gave to everyone but himself and i would not be mad if he ran and yes why i found this site is because as a friend of his he had mention several times faking his death to get a normal life to see what it is like but he also was afraid he would disapoint his fans too so please do not make commits about me on here umless you really know me thank u let there be peaece in the world some day

  143. i87 Said,

    sry tht was an error.. i meant to say fake his death

  144. Mojofi Said,

    The man is really DEAD. A doctor in the documentary, said he think’s MJ might have accidenatlly killed himself by take the pain killers he took, b’cos he think MJ was coming off the pain killers but maybe by taking pain killers after his rehearsals, it may have meen too much for him and probablly killed.

    On other hand, others said he did not really want to do the 50 shows and that was why he left London, saying he had the Swine Flu.

    HULK also said MJ could not use 3lbs weight dum bells, cos it was too much for him.

    Others said, MJ’s family wanted to get him off durgs, but peopel around him will change his phone number and his mum will not know how to contact him for weeks before she got his number. I think if that was true then it’s very sad.

    On the other hand am thinking did MJ faked his death to help himself to be free from all this presure?

    I belive if there was really a good woman in MJ’s life she would be able to help him out of this stiuation of pain killers.

    Poor MJ this documentary has really made me sad for sure and am really thinking MJ is REALLY REALLY DEAD .

  145. wishful09 Said,

    I would not be mad at all. I am not mad now. I am curious more than anything. When all is said and done, and the truth comes out, everyone will be stunned. How could this one man pull all of this off? I will be relieved, happy, excited… The best thing out of all of this will be the fact that the media looks foolish.

  146. Ann7 Said,

    I would like to point out, in the begining of the memorial the choir sings

    Soon and very soon we are going to see the king

    I thought that this was kind of interesting. Here is the link


  147. i87 Said,

    believe me… michael is still alive!… im a strong believer of god and trust me…i know for a fact that god will never allow such a good person as michael to have such a tragic ending to his life…. believe me ..i know hes out there somewhere… we are all a one big family on this site.. and we are gonna work together and the truth will come out! i dont care wat tht documentary says..

    *f* the press… michaels the best!

  148. Andrea Said,

    HE IS NOT REALLY DEAD! Don’t you see that all of those doctors, coroners, as well as LAPD could have all been EASILY payed off? LAPD are full of corrupt cops anyway. If anything that just makes me believe he faked his death even more to get away from everything. Good for him.

  149. ejay5131 Said,

    Hey, administrators…how many people are on this site?? Just curious to know how many of us all think alike.

  150. jewell Said,

    Yes, I caught that also and found it really strange!
    I feel like i am reading the da vinci code or something,
    where there are little clues everywhere that tell the hidden story…

  151. admin Said,

    We don’t have the exact number of registered users on our site, as new people are registering daily, however we can tell you that there has been over 1100 comments made and over 450,000 visits to our site since it’s launch on 26th June…there are many of us who think alike!
    MJHD Admin

  152. GermanLady Said,

    Whats going on with Latoya ? She tells different storys about the day of dead. First she was saying in an interview that she arrives Michaels home and in HIS bedroom she found a lot of oxygen bottles everywhere, under the Bed and some Pills and stuff, now in an other interview she was saying that Michael was dieing in the Bedroom of Dr. Murrey, not in his own !!! Which is across a large hall from his own away. So he walked from his room to dr.murreys room ?

    Sorry for that bad english, i am from germany!

  153. ejay5131 Said,

    Thanks alot Admin. This tells me that over 450,000 have some type of suspicion on his death. Keep up the great work!

  154. clueless Said,

    and on another note, the memorial wasn’t really about grieving and who sheds more tears.

    it was a celebration on life.
    to reminisce and sharing good thoughts of a loving person, who just happened to have pass away WITH the ppl who loved and cared for him.

    so there really wasn’t anything weird about to even see a smile here and there ,just as there was nothing weird about shaking words and sighing. or reminding shared or personal memories about Michael, like how he liked disguising, having fun … or how caring he was.

    and for the Jackson family to have shared that precious moments with us … knowing Michael really loved his fans and thinking we the fans also do

    I on behalve of all the fans wanna send out my respect to the Jackson family and thank you very very much.

  155. i87 Said,

    omg..apparenly theres been many michae; jacksons sightings in ottawa, canada…. does anyone know more about this?

  156. i87 Said,

    michael jacksons sightings*

  157. How Does It Feel Said,

    Am reading this and most of you seem to be saying that Mike will PAY and PAY and PAY off peopel for anything?

    If the man was in deut why and how will he pay to get away? I hae seen the Channel 4 doc: The Last Days Of MJ. What really Happed?

    It looks like Mike is really gone and i don’t know what to think any more. Am more then confused now.

  158. supermom75 Said,

    actually i would be very pleased that he final cleared his name ….@sexyinsanebarbie lol i can not get over that name lol here is more confusion if you read this jermaine said he saw the body in the hospital this states that only the females were there that the guys wanted an open casket the gurls did not hmmm so were they men left out of the loop because they have been pushing him and wanting his money you all read this and they have the so called gaurd who called but it says he is staying with friends i saw an ad saying he was staying with the jackson hmmmmm

  159. Andrea Said,

    @ how does it feel. yes, he was in debt. however, he wasn’t COMPLETELY ass out of money. this is MJ we’re talking about.

  160. Andrea Said,

    also – I have heard numerous times that ‘whatever Michael wanted, Michael got’.

  161. loveandpeace Said,

    Look at Rebbie after the Staples Center Memorial…


    Looking very happy?

  162. Wendy Darling Said,

    Hello friends! Thank you for this comforting site. The world is coloured grey since Michael flew away. That was what I was thinking when I saw the alleged “ghost” at Neverland ranch. ( Now it is clear that it was like the lost Peter Pan´s shadow)Michael will get back to recover it! would it be a trick made up by Michael and some magician friend to give us a hide message? All this stuff is like a hide -and- seek play, isn´t it?
    But I have a terrible fear. What if Michael decide not appear again in the public life and prefer stay living a quiet and anonymous existence? Maybe he might face up to legal problems if he comes again!
    Sorry if i write something incorrect, i´m not english.
    Michael, we will waiting for you forever with the windows open, with eternal love…

  163. Samantha Said,

    What if michael is alive this moment?
    Whats ganna really happen if he does die?
    thats if his actually alive.

  164. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To Wendy: Im sure that Michael is alive, and mabye he wont come back. That dosetn matter as long as he is happy and healthy. But we can only know that if we find the truth. About the rebbie thing. She looks pretty happy. Totally weird, considering she just lost her brother

  165. A-curious-mind Said,

    Like i said….if you were a real “friend” of Michael you won’t be on this site saying the things you are saying trying to razzle dazzle people…you actually have people on this site thinking that you are Michael Jackson and it makes my skin crawl…do you think that by saying you were a friend of his will make your posts more believable? I really don’t think you knew Michael and i think you are just like all the other “Friends” out there trying to get attention off his name and his “death”…and btw, you are not like Michael because I’ve never known of him exploiting any of his friend’s death for attention…he was either sincere or silent..I never met him but I know that much…

  166. Banessa Said,

    Hello everyone, I am so glad that I am not the only one who thinks that everything surrounding the “death” of Michael Jackson, is weird. There are a lot of clues all of which have been mentioned in this site. I have to admit I have never been a die hard fan but nevertheless, I do admire him for his great talent and now even more so, for pulling the biggest “Publicity stunt ever”. If anyone could pull something like this, it will be MJ. He always wanted to be “Larger than life” and that he has accomplished. If he was to re-appear at the “memorial event” planned in the 02 arena on the day of his b-day he would have accomplished so much. Not only the biggest come back ever but like a lot of you have said he would prove that not everything the media feeds us or wants us to believe its always true. Besides I believe I read somewhere in this site as well that as long as his “death certificate” remains unsigned, he wouldn’t be in any kind of legal problems ( It was something along those lines) Also did anyone see the TMZ clip of Queen Latiffa stating that she is joining or will be signing upn to be part of the “Michael Jackson Memorial tour”. To me this seemed sneaky and tacky! For someone to say they have signed up to do the tour??? I don’t know what you all think about that? Or maybe I’m just making too much of it???? I also agree with the question on where were MJ’s “So called best” friends in all this? Lastly, I do agree it is odd that Rebbie is smiling in the picture. Also, in the video of the tree sisters at the Nokia, when LaToya is speaking her hands the way she extends them out…I don’t know her whole mannerism is just weird! I have to admit I am hooked on this site and I appreciate reading everyone’s comments and input. Michael is truly Loved. And for the sake of his children I do hope this is all a big Publicity stunt! God bless you all

  167. Wendy Darling Said,

    MyBelovedMJ, Of course he is alive! and laughing at the stupid media wherever he is now, seeing how they believe completely this performance.Is a paradox that now the media thinks real the fake of his death,when before they were always suspicious about him. If he will come back it would be a never-seen-before in the human history!

  168. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    First Off I Would Like To State That People Should Stop Attacking Other People On This Site. People Can Say And Think Anyway They Like, Plus Supermom Is Doing Nothing Wrong, Plus Michael Wouldn’t Want You Attacking Other’s To Protect Him. Supermom Is Just Stating What She Feels And Thinks, I See Nothing Wrong With That. Plus This Site Was Made To Speak Your Mind On What You Think Michael Jackson Is Up To.

    Supermom I Like How You Added Sexy To My Name LOL.

    Michael Jackson Was The Best Man On The Face Of This Planet. Im Only 22 But If I Had A Chance To Be With That Man, Id Take That Chance In A Heartbeat. All He Wanted Was Someone To Love And Love Him Back The Same Way, All He Found Was Money Hungry Individuals, Or Women Who Pressured Him.

    A Curious Mind, Please Dont Attack Others On What They Find Or Present To This Site. Supermom Is Not Being Like The Media In Any Way, Shape Or Form. You Have Your Opinions And She Has Her’s. Leave It At That.

    Clueless, We Are Not Creating Rumors, We Are Just Stating What We Think. If Your Not On The Same Page With Us, Please Do Not Attack Us, Just Simply Leave. We Are Not Like The Media In Any Way, The Media Makes Money Off Of What They Think, We Are Just Here To Support Michael Jackson. Plus The Memorial Didnt Seem Real At All. He Believed In Subliminal Messages, And There Seemed To Be Alot Of Messages There. Yes People Can Stop Crying Once They Get To A Certain Stage, But Michael Jackson Helped Change The World And He Was Better Than Alot Of People In This World, He Was Not Perfect But He Did More Than Alot Of People Ever Has Done In Their Lifetime. Plus If He Really Passed Away, Where Was All His Real Friends? Alot Of Important People Are Disappearing And Excuses Are Being Made. Plus Yes Obama Could Be In The Hoax As Well, Since This Would Be The Biggest Hoax In History Just To Prove A Point, Plus Obama Is Part Of History As Well. Michael Did Say “You Aint Seen Nothing Yet” And Michael Never Disappoints.

    The Thing About His Debt, Doesnt Mean He Didnt Have Money, It Just Means He Didnt Have Enough Money To Cover To Pay Something In A Certain Amount Of Time. We Are Talking About Michael Jackson, The Most Famous Individual In History, People Never Stopped Buying His Music. Im Pretty Sure He Has Enough Money To Cover The Biggest Hoax In History.

    Of Course He’s Gonna Have To Explain Why He Did Such A Thing. Which He’s Intelligent Enough To Explain And Will Make So Much Sense To All Of Us. One Reason Would Have To Be, That The Media IS Full Of Crap And He Wanted To Prove That And Make Them Look Like The Fools They Really Are. Plus He Wanted To Make A HUGE Comeback And He’s The Only Person That Could Truly Pull It Off. He Wanted To See How Normal Life Is Like Without The Paparrazi Hounding Him. Plus He Wanted To See Who Really Loved Him And How Many People Supported Him. And See If The Kids Would Finally COme Out And Tell The Truth. He Didnt Have Anything Else To Lose. So Why Not?

    Plus He Would Never Die Before His Father DIed, He Wouldnt Want His Children Falling Into His Hands After All The Shit He Put Him Through.

    The Death Certificate Isnt Being Signed For A Reason, If Its Not Signed It Means He Is Not Dead, Therefore He Cant Get Into Trouble If He Really Is Alive And His Memorial Tour Isnt That Far Off, Plus His Birthday Is Coming Up, So A Good Birthday Present To Come Back To Life As So To Speak. They Have To Keep Pulling This Off Until That Tour Happens And Then They Wont Have To Pretend Anymore.

    To The True Fans, Its Obvious To The So Called Fans, They Are Blind And Didnt Research Him Like We Did.
    Plus He Had Some Crazy Ass Fans, And There Was A Limit To How Many People Would Be Able To Attend His Memorial And People Werent Screaming Or Crying Or Trying To Run Up To The Casket.

    If This Turns Out That We Are Right, Then I Hope People WIll Stop Listening To The Media

  169. ejay5131 Said,

    Is anybody else wondering IF the media will pick up on this site and start acknowledging it? I know when I first starting talking to my husband and sister about how I thought MJ was alive, I swear..the look in their eyes was like they were going to commit me! Hmmm, low and behold..they now check this site like I do and are now questioning it as well. I now very rarely check any other site related to Michael except this one. Good job admins. Thank you for creating a place for all of us believers to come together.

    MJ-I just can’t stop loving you:)

  170. melia8383 Said,

    yeah, I was trying to figure out why no one has signed the certificate, they do not need the autopsy reports for that?

  171. smileygirl24 Said,

    Your absolutely right @CRAZYINSANEBARBIE
    everything you said was true its’ exactly what i been saying and wondering.
    am tired of people judging me and callin me crazy
    i know how michael must of fealt.
    but seriously i will not let this be until there is proof out there
    we all need some closure soo…

    DNA DNA DNA THAT proves hes dead Or perhaps an open casket??

    but DNA would be the best … LOL

    but other then that no waaaaaay in hell am believeing hes dead sorry.

    i mean come on people listen to the song MORPHINE
    hes talking about DEMEROL and saying oh god hes taking DEMEROL
    doesnt that sound suspecious isnt that what the media is saying rite now?
    read the whole thing it gives me the creeps…
    but i looove it and its on my profile on myspace page…LMAO

    Morphine lyrics
    He got flat baby
    Kick in the back baby
    A heart attack baby
    I need your body

    A hot kiss honey
    He’s just a bitch baby
    You make me sick baby
    So unrelying

    I’m such a swine baby
    All down the line daddy
    I hate your kind baby
    So unreliable

    A hot buzz baby
    He’s one of us baby
    Another drug baby
    You so desire

    Trust in me
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    You’re doin’ morphine


    They got place baby
    Kicked in the face baby
    You hate your race baby
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    She never cut from me
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    So undesirable

    Trust in me
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    Put all your trsut in me
    You’re doin’ morphine

    Go’on babe

    This won’t hurt you
    Before I put it in
    Close your eyes and count to ten
    Don’t cry
    I won’t convert you
    There’s no need to dismay
    Close your eyes and drift away

    Oh God he’s taking demerol
    Oh God he’s taking demerol

    He’s tried
    Hard to convince her
    To be over what he had
    Today he wants it twice as bad
    Don’t cry
    I won’t resent you
    Yesterday you had his trust
    Today he’s taking twice as much

    Oh God he’s taking demerol
    Oh my Oh God it’s Demerol


    He got shit baby
    Your dog’s a bitch baby
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    Is truth a game daddy
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    You just sit around just talkin’ nothing
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    I’m going down baby
    You’re talkin’ Morphine

    Go’on baby!
    Do it!
    He’s takin’ morphine

  172. MJJ Said,

    hmm? ok that makes sense. bt usher is one of michael’s close friend. usher idolize him. they love each other as brothers.

  173. He.is.alive Said,

    to i87 .. read one of your posts where you state y/faith in God … I am also a believer and pray for Michael that God will help him through work through this time

    Some Bloggers wrote about Oprah and how she has scrubbed her website of all MJ data and is hush hush about it all – really ? how strange is that ???

    If somebody of Oprah’s caliber pulls a stunt like that, it is CRYSTAL clear that she did so for very good reasons, reasons we will never know ! If anything, if Michael was really dead, she should have some formal announcement/acknowledgement/mourning note of his passing posted as well as a condolence book for fans and interested parties to express their “grief” and leave messages for the “dead” Michael.

    Since this is NOT so, What message is Oprah sending us all by having done what she has ? Along with Ms. Taylor, Diana Ross, Liza Minelli, Uri Geller etc etc etc ??

    There can only be ONE plausible reason for this: Oprah and the rest of them are ALL in on MJ’s escape and are in unison hush hush about it. To whom ? if anyone does this also make sense to ? Why ??? were these ppl NOT at the Memorial and/or at the private service for family and CLOSE FRIENDS service at Forest Lawn ???

    Where they all paid off to keep hush, or threatened if they didn’t ? Or .. what ?? Something does not jive here at all … not even Larry King can get any one of them on his show to quiz them about their “position” on this ? Why not ? BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL HIDING SOMETHING and are for whatever reason not speaking up or out about it …. very very perplexing and suspicious indeed …

  174. ejay5131 Said,


    These people are sick and twisted first the record company, now this!

  175. supermom75 Said,

    oh i am so sorry @crazyinsanebarbie sbout ur names that was my fault so sorry well i am very thankful there ppl out there like you still caue the world has turned to the worst in some i have not come up with new info yet but i am working on it i wrot a 4 page theory on it so far but as new info comes in i am try to figure it out it out myself i knew fishy stuff was goin on but i mean more info i did not think came in and i am shock just like everyone else on here i know in a round of events it will all come out and yes a dna test should be brought into this i would of thought they would of thought one would be done by now i believe he is tryin to pull out the ppl he could not trust and he was being used and scammed and believe it or not i think the father and brothers are involved if u scroll up to the last link i put in i believ it shows the whole idea that jermaine lied and said he brought the kids in ti see mj after he past although latoya says she did and only the females saw the body so the more info this site i notice says a new story comes up like the life insurance thing now london is saying it will not cover over dose and they never heard a life insurance that does AEG lies and now l.a; is in dept 1.7 mil over the memorial service and that AEG or the father must pay for it it is getting deep maybe mj is tryin to show that AEG is the scam and they changed the 10 concerts on mj to 50 and he told them he could not do 50 and they told him he had too

  176. supermom75 Said,

    i feel they were all slowly tryin to kill him and knock him off and i think he relized it and made a plan to reveal them for who they are i think latoya hinted to much in her report cause i feel there is to many ppl who were tryin to distroy him

  177. supermom75 Said,

    he was very smart when it came to his surroundings

  178. Samantha Said,

    CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE : Everything you just wrote in that big paragraph, was one of the most best things i’ve seen on here. You are so right, thanks it makes me feel much better now. Haha and i agree on what you said “You’d be there in a heartbeat” Yes, so would i, His a beautiful person with a heart of gold. Hopefully his out there somewhere withh the life he deserves. And its true that he would of Pulled a stunt like this to do it to the Media to give them a taste of there own medicene.

  179. ejay5131 Said,

    The Jacksons tv show on A&E


  180. stacer6169 Said,

    Hi I just want to say I love this site and i do believe he is alive!!! And he so deserves being happy and free from the media!!!! And also supermom all the post that you have been putting up is awesome you are great thank you again ADMIN for this site!!! Michael Jackson love you very much!!!!!

  181. dane86 Said,

    folks let me just ask one thing? how many times did he record the spoken parts of will you be there? If you will pay close attention, you will realize that in the memorial the “playback” said, “In my anguish and my PAINS” while on the original version he said, “In my anguish and my PAIN”

    was it just me or it’s really different?



    listen and compare for yourselves…

    this is really a great site! looking forward for the upcoming clues…

    Let’s not lose hope! He’s still there…somewhere…

  182. Wendy Darling Said,

    Oh Supermom75 the photos you linked in post 88 where he shows his skin makes me weep. It´s so sad, he was so pure, candid, sincere as a child is, without prejudices or double standards. Why they never believe him? If Michael would have been a typical star life, with all kind of vicious ( drugs, alcohol, orgys…) i´m sure he hadn´t have any problems. He is a misunderstood person because he only wants have some fun and help childhood.Too much hypocrytes and corrupts minds to stay here, under the spotlights..
    I love you M.

  183. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    First Of All I Would Like To Point Out That The Reason The Photo Looks Photoshopped Is Because More Than Likely It Is, But Only Because If It Doesn’t Look Right Then It Wont Look Good And It Was Probably Supposed To Be A Poster, And Why Would You Want A Poster On Your Wall That Looks Like Complete Crap? Photoshopping Pictures Are Needed To Make The Photo Look Better. Im A Freelance Photographer, I Know That.

    The Video Has To Be Recent Because The Girl Playing The Guitar Was Singing At The Memorial, So If That Video Was From Years Ago, How Is She Still Young? Come On People If Your Really Researching Any Of This, You Would Know That.

    What I Think Is, Since The Celebration Was Gonna Be About Thriller, And Since He Likes To Play Jokes On People, And He Wanted To Make This The Best Performance In The History Of Mankind.

    He Faked His Death, Not Because He’s Leaving Us, Not Because He Wanted To Run Away, He Would Never Run Away From His Problems, He Survived The Child Molestation Issues, And Never Ran Away From Them. He Wanted To Put On The Greatest Show Ever And What Better Way Than Faking His Death And Then When The Memorial Tours Start, He Jumps Up Out Of The Bottom Of The Floor Just Like In Recent Concerts And Surprises The World Like Never Before.

    He Stated That We Aint Seen Nothing Yet, So What Do You Think That Means? Plus He Would Never Commit Suicide Or Take Drugs And If He Was Taking Drugs, Why Did He Have Custody Of The Children, More Than Likely They Would Have been Taken From Him.

    The Memorial Looked Fake, The Casket Looked Smaller Than His Stature, People Didnt Produce Tears Just Made Crying Noises. The Memorial Was Meant To Celebrate Life, Memorials Dont Always Have To Be About Death.

    Plus In The Rehearsals Video When The Director Says Hold For Applause, Compare The Voice To Kenny Ortega, That Is Him.

    Michael Jackson Would Be The Only One In History Who Could Pull Something Off This Huge. He Just Wanted To Prove To The World That You Shouldn’t Listen To The Media, They Feed You Bullshit. And If I Am Right, Then The Media Will Be Presented As The Biggest Fools In History And If His So Called Fans Are Buying What They Are Saying, Then They Arent True Fans. And If You Buy Tons Of Michael Jackson Crap After He Supposedly Dies, Then Your Really Not A Michael Jackson Fan, Your A Fan If You Love His Music And Care About Him As A Person Yes. You Dont Need To Buy Tons Of Memorbilia To Prove Your A Fan.

    Plus Just Because He Was In Debt, Doesnt Mean He Doesnt Have Money. This Is Michael Jackson Were Talking About, Noone Stopped Buying His Music. He Is The Most Famous Individual In History. He Had Tons Of Friends, That Didnt Show Up To His Memorial And Tons Of People That Doesnt Have Anything To Do With Michael Jackson. Hence A Huge Show Is Going To Happen. You Just Watch And If Im Wrong, Then May Michael Jackson Be Happy In Heaven. I Have More To Say But Im Ending This For Right Now, If You Wanna Talk To Me Further My Yahoo Is Dragonfire_barbie_sweetheart.

  184. prince Said,

    Well I feel deeply in my heart that’s something fishy here.
    But anything it is. I do know that Micahel Jackson is a very clever and intelligent person. If he is hiding and want to come back he will do it. And it will be the biggest “show” ever seen.
    If he lives and don’t want to show himself to the world he WONT.
    Anyway I hope from the bottom of my heart anywhere he is right now he’s just smiling on this insane world. And I want him to know I will always love him no matter what he had done or he will do.
    And Im waiting to see.

  185. MJFAN1972 Said,

    TheTruthSeeker The picture you are refering to, doesn’t it like lke the same picture from when he got his hair burned off in that pepsi commercial?

  186. MJFAN1972 Said,


  187. Little Susie 01 Said,

    Ok i have also some things to say about this As all of you i also believe michael is alive.. it all started with that suspicious 911 call… What made no sense was the dude over at the 911 says put him on the floor… and the ( guy who is calling to say a 50 yr old gentelmen is not breathing) He never tells the So called doctor to put him on the floor. And never did he mention michaels name. Now the second day after hes death there were 2 moving trucks who had moved michael out of his house.. So how did the LAPD find pills? Hes mother katherine was found shopping at target for sleeping bags? ( Temporary ) bags for the kids? What they dont have enough room to put the kids in? On michaels rehersal nothing in the backround says THIS IS IT like the pictures they have. And why would they have THIS IS IT like if he was in concert in london? Michael was sopposibly dead at 2:26pm so says the UCLA but when michaels Brother comes out in the press conference.. He says My brother died at 1:!4 pm? ok so what time did he die?
    Also another thing .. The song that was picked to show on tv was they dont care about us.. (rehersal video) its the very ending of the song where michael in the backround of this song.. uhe says martin luther wouldnt let this be no no and in the back round he says.. they dipped me in the fire, im dead to remind you. ALL i wanna say is that the dont really care about us. Also… i found odd how they showed a BODY being pulled out of the helicopter i mean ive never seen anyone do this before its like there trying to shove in ur face he’s Really DEAD? This Doc Murray applied CPR ON A BED and then said he had given michael a shot around 11:30 and then he says he never gave michael anything.. Weirdly enough SEG doesnt cover natural cause of death but a death in drug over dose? This has been unheard of doesnt make sense.Jermain sings SMILE at hes memorial Where this song is super easy.. and he reverses the words. Light up ur face with sadness hide every trace of GLADNESS… i mean come on there so many clues… Hes daughter scene was an act. never did u see one tear.. Another thing he’s brother was speaking.. and said May michael they will leave you alone now? why maybe? i mean if hes dead wouldnt he be finally free from all the pressure ? If there are 50 concerts only 10 was sold.. the day prior to michael death the otehr 40 concerts were soppose to be open for sale. But that never happened. The tickets were never sold.Joe jackson doesnt at the bet awards was more concerned of selling hes blue ray crap. Many sites are confirming michael weighed 112lbs i weigh 109 and im 4′9 michael is 5′11 so ur saying he was like skin n bones.? doesnt make sense. Michael history cd is the past, present and future. i have found some clues in there as well. Tabloid Junkiie :: just because u see it on tv or a magazine dont make it factual. what u guys think about the picture of MICHAEL In the Ambulance? it was impossible to get a picture of him they had body guards all over the placce covering the windows etc. how did this picture magical appeared.? and a few days later after he died. the doc left hes car at hes house but then he was no where in site? he was hiding weird too.. wheres oprah? i been asking about oprah since it all started.. all hes real close ppl are like closed in .. i found it so weird hes close loved ones weren’t at the memorial. Not just that… but so many other things that are off….tmz puts up a video where michael is visiting doctors and supposedly leaving high? WTF michael looks normal just he looked like he was stressed with so much media. They are trying to dig in our brains hes dead due to DRUGS. michael was a health freak. yes he may have taken medication but i highly doubt he abuses it. It seemed to me that the casket looked to small too.. michael has long legs.. the casket looked average size to me. And hes kids looked pretty bored and not at all in grief. chewing gum and like looking around singing heal the world with a smile on thier faces. if i was them i would be dying. i have many other things to say but i cant think of it all.. i mean there just so much that doesnt add up.. keep posting things.. this website is awesome.
    Michael is u ever go one here.. just know ur true and loyal fans who have always believed in you. We havent stopped beleving and in our hearts we know ur alive. And we are seeing past what the media wants to prove. I hope ur well and im not mad at u faking ur death.. but ur real true fans wont be mad at you either we understand why u had to do this. Just know we love you. And we always have . And we are by ur side through it all.

  188. clueless Said,

    you not getting money off of this is the only difference between you and the media.

    and Michael hid subliminal messages in his songs how? he always sang out straight forward what he thought or felt … he hid nothing, he gave his all. that amoung oher things made him what he was … a very special person … a warrior of love.

    how did the memorial seemed unreal? it was a gathering of his family/friends/fans to reminisce and share your thoughts/love you had for him … so there’s nothing wrong to even see some1 smiling at times, remembering how fun he could be.

    i nearly cried for 2 weeks straight, then i seen the clip where Michael and Mac set up that ‘pie party’ for john landis .. and i laughed.

    Michael also always smiled for his fans, you think he never smiled even though he wasn’t feeling like it at times? i can’t believe that… so seeing Jermain singing him his favorite song, to me was very touching and emotional.

    you know i believe in god, i really do … and i think for him to show us his presence, he sends very special ppl to us from time to time.
    and i think Michael was 1 of those … now i’m not saying Michael is godlike or couldn’t be mad or not having mistakes … but he walked in his spirit, and that’s why it is so hard for us to let go.

    he lived and made dreams come true for many, many ppl …
    and now it was time for him to let his dream come true …
    to spread his wings and fly …

  189. wilkesxgurl Said,

    I was always a Michael Jackson fan he was one of the most perfect celebrity in my eyes I ever followed on TV I always felt like I kinda knew or should I say felt some of the things he felt with all the emotional problems he had I would have never in my wildest dreams would I have never believed he had a drug problem I just don’t understand this mess I sure he did have a messed up life childhood but I never believed any of the molesting charges or do I believe he had this bad of a drug problem and nobody wouldn’t do anything to help this man ,,,a man I truly from the bottom of my heart I thought I loved everything about him sometimes all I had was a dream that he was going to come sweep me off my feet and take me away to neverland someday’s that was the only thought that kept me going with my own life.and I have had a lot of demons to battle but I never turned to drugs I have shed so many tears but I would have given anything I own to in some way or some how tried to help him.. I know one thing I would not gave up on him ..cause his music never gave up on me he did so much good for this world somebody please give me a reason why ? with his giving loving nature
    hurt all of him fans like this if he aint dead

  190. Samantha Said,


    So sad it never got to happen :’(

  191. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Michael If You Are Alive. And You Came Across This Website. Just Know That We All Love You Sooooo Much And We Really Dont Want You To Be Dead, If Your Faking We Dont Blame You One Bit. The Media Is Full Of Shit. I Love You Sooooo Much And You Have Been The Greatest Man Alive. I Hope Your Doing Ok.

  192. Wendy Darling Said,

    One thing, (i´m paranoid i see impersonators all around)… Is the real Michael in the photo of “I´m alive and i´m here forever”? The face is blurred, but …i canot assure he is.

  193. Samantha Said,

    Don’t you think it’s rather strange how they made people buy Tickets to michaels memorial? Maybe just another way to make money? It’s kind of sad that some of MJ’s true fans never got to say a farewell to him if he really is gone, which i hope his not i love you so much michael<3 i hope you're living in peace somewhere. Because if you're really gone, i'm gone.

  194. Banessa Said,

    To Wendy Darling: The photo used for the “I am alive…” is him at the end of the video Liberian girl, at the end of the video they are asking where Michael is? and he rebeals himself behind a camera. They all noticced he had been watching all along through the camera directing.
    I have a question why use that picture of him when there are so many more they could have used to cose the memorial? Perhaps it was because he was directing everything???
    To Supermom75 your posts give me hope. I think you are awesome! and definetely on to something. Thank you! Do you think he really did this to expose people? and not as a publicity stunt as it has been said? Either way, After all the display of support and love people have showned for Michael, I don’t think people would be mad at him. Also, again regarding the certifiate It has been posted before that he would not be in any legal trouble as long as the certificate remains unsigned. What do you think? God bless!

  195. MrsBenjamin Said,

    Samantha those tickets for the memorial i believe were given out for free

  196. Wendy Darling Said,

    To Banessa Thank you for asking, but I think in Liberian Girl he wears red clothes, But you made a good point, sure Michael is directing all this.
    In the background are something flying looks like butterflyes ???!!


  197. Banessa Said,

    To Wendy Darling, Okay I must say they do look like butterflies. They could mean something? This is insane lol I cant believe how much thought one can put into something! I believe Michael said it was his favorite song from invincible.
    Also if one wants to make assumptions on why the use of butterflies on the picture, specially the one with the words “I am alive…”, Butterflies, as a symbolism are said to be the meaning of 1.Celebration 2. Transition 3. Time 4. someone’s soul and finally 5. Resurrection.
    I am telling you, it just seems as more clues. As his last CD to be released is said to have the title of resurection. ???
    Or could it be what a lot of people is hoping for and that is a huge comeback?
    btw I like your name “Wendy Darling” reminiscent of Peter Pan
    What do you make of all this? What is your take? If I may ask God Bless!

  198. Banessa Said,

    To Wendy darling I am sorry I confused the pictures with another one that was posted of him. Which is the one with, you are right, red clothes directing the video. Sorry for the mistake

  199. ejay5131 Said,

    Love Love,Love this site. Kinda bothers me that the homepage says “is Jacko really dead.” He always hated being called Jacko. But awesome work on the forum and constant site updating:)

  200. Goldie Said,

    thats right “ejay5131″ he didn´t like Jacko because they called him ” Wacko jacko” what a stupid name …


  201. MrsBenjamin Said,

    hey what happen to supermom =(

  202. MrsBenjamin Said,

    OFF TOPIC BUT @Goldie did you see that one video on you tube when Michael had said that “F * C K the PREESS MICHAEL YOU ARE THE BEST”

    It was tooo funny when he said that..such a big kid he was =)

  203. german wing Said,

    This is german wing from Germany

    Did you notice this: at the end of the memorial where Jermaine and Marlon were talking about Michael there was a picture of Michael behind them. This picture is from the music video Liberian girl. In the music video you can see many celebrities and they talk about Michael Jackson. At the very end of the music video we can see Michael sitting on the director chair behind a camera (in red shirt). He was observing all those people and they did not know who was the director. How strange that they showed exactly the same picture at the end of the memorial show. So I see a parallel between the music video and the memorial: many celebrities talking about Michael Jackson. And who was the director?? Do you see my point?
    While showing the picture behind the family, it is interesting that Marlon was talking about Michael being in a CD shop with a make-up and Marlon knew that this disguised person was his brother. Maybe it was a kind of message – the picture, the memorial and the parallel between the music video and the memorial and talking about a disguised Michael at the end of the memorial.
    What do you think about it?

  204. Banessa Said,

    Did any one see the abc(USA) special last night? I think it was called “The Jackson’s family secrets” it was somthing “secrets” nevertheless, Joe was being interviewed and he referred to Michael in present tense. When he stated “Michael is a kid” and “He is too nice”… Hmmm…Again, maybe looking too much into it but why keep referring to Michael in present tense still if he is no longer alive?
    Maybe someone else saw this special, please let me know what do you think. God bless

    btw he looked mischivious and at times it seemed as if he was recalling what his answer was supposed to be…

  205. Goldie Said,

    @mrbenjamin Year i saw that clip he is so sweet an funny

    and to @german wing You make a good point right there i ws thinking the same thing

    auf wiedershen <? maybe it isnt rigth i am from Denmark

  206. Banessa Said,

    I found this link and thought the article to be interesting.


  207. lovelidae Said,

    @german wing, i think that is brilliant observation, my mom said the same thing about Marlon’s speech. She said it was as if he was sending a message to Michael, like he was saying if I see you around I’ll know exactly who you are. That was rather a weird story for a memorial don’t you think, and then he goes and says maybe now they’ll leave you alone (his speech started my wheels to turning). I forgot about the Liberian Girl video but I will definitely go back and watch it. keep up the great work guys and where is supermom75 (just asking)?

  208. wildchild Said,

    I have now spend several hours reading most of the comments here on this blog entry. And as most of you I wish he is alive and well and I would not be mad if he faked his death. But has it occured to you that he can’t just come back and explain himself? I don’t know the american law that well – I live in Sweden – but faking one’s death must be something you can’t just get away with, right?
    Not to mention how the media would react. Sure, they love him right now. But only because he’s popular now and they wanna sell. But if he came back they’d be hunting him more than ever and paint a picture of him A LOT worse than what they did through the years. Don’t you think?

  209. Wendy Darling Said,

    Hey!!! Watching the video, when Paris spoke i think the photo behind is taken of Liberian Girl” with Michael smiling with the camera!!!
    And the last photo is one of the young Jacksons and little Michael wear a striped shirt in red and white like the shirt of a cartoon called Where is Wally? or Where is Baldo? at States, I think.
    Is really funny, isn´t?


  210. lolita Said,

    I talk about him in the present I just can’t beleive he is dead, when I use present time to talk about I feef better, it’s very helpful maybe Latoya had the same feeling. He is alive in the heart of his fans, his children, his family HE IS ALIVE. LOVE YOU MICHAEL, LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

  211. lolita Said,

    I wish he his alive and stay away from tabloids, from detractors, everything have new life. I really wish that cause people make his file so miserable, I can’t stop my tears since I know he’s dead but I won’t be mad at him if it was fake death, would be happy for him at least he is in peace, away from all rascals. LOVE YOU Michael

  212. sanchezqueen Said,

    Supermom75 your post on 7/13 prompted me to post. I. Too. Believe that Michael knew that people were out to destroy him. I believe that Michael was aware that he would be worth more dead than alive and that there were people around him that definitely did not have his best interest at heart. In reading all of these great posts. I’ve noticed that people have mentioned almost everything that raised my suspicions. I’ve also noticed that there are speculations of government officials, media, etc being possibly being involved. I’ve also seen questions of why would Michael do this to his fans and how it would be received if it is proven to be a hoax. My theory, while it may seem far fetched, addresses all of these speculations. If Michael knew that his life was in danger, could it be possible that in order to save his life he would have to make those that were out to kill him believe they succeeded? Why would government officials be involved? What if Mike had evidence to present to law enforcement as proof of the attempt to kill him? What if the media is emphasizing the involvement of drugs so much because that was supposed to be the method used to kill him? Remember AEG can collect on insurance if his death is due to an overdose. As questioned by someone else, why insure overdose specifically? As we all know there are many others who would stand to profit from a dead Michael as well. Supposing that this is the case, it would stand to reason that law enforcement, media, government officials, and many others could have been involved in helping one of the biggest names in history save his life and bring the culprits to justice. This would explain why the death certificate is not signed yet. It would also explain why the robbery/homicide unit would be handling the investigation. And what better way to make people believe he is dead than to “leak” a picture of a lifeless Michael to the media? I’m sure that just as we have noticed inconsistencies in the story of Michael’s death, the media has as well. Why would they not bring attention to them? Unless of course they have overlooked them on purpose. If Michael did this to save his life, I don’t believe he would have to worry about the public being mad at him. As a matter of fact he would probably be considered a hero. That’s just my possible theory. But whatever the reason really is for this staged death we may never know unless Michael decides to come back and tell us himself. Michael, wherever you are, I think I speak for almost everyone on this site when I sayi hope that you are finally able to live the life you truly deserve. You have brought so much joy to so many but never truly were able to experience it yourself because of all of those that judged you without even knowing you. Whether or not you decide to reveal yourself doesn’t matter as long as you and your babies are happy. I love you and wish you all the best. My prayers will always be with you.

  213. sanchezqueen Said,

    One more thing. I’m sure that the media is well aware that there sites like this that exist and that there are a lot of people questioning whether or not he is really dead. I find it odd that they have not yet addressed this issue. Not even as much as to compare it Elvis. This along with the fact that noone has ever pointed out all of the inconsistencies makes it seem like they are going to great lengths as to not raise any suspicions at all.

  214. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    SanchezQueen. Your Post Is By Far The Most Believable One. I Too Believe What You Believe. Because Usually The Media Picks Up On Everything, They Arent Thinking About His Hoax For A Reason. Usually The Media Likes To Screw Him Over, So Why Are They Helping Him Now?

  215. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    For Everyone Asking Where Supermom Is, She Has Been Posting Links On All The Other Titles, So She Is Not Gone, She Is Just Posting To All The Titles. She Didnt Disappear LOL

  216. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    This Link Is Very Believable. http://hubpages.com/hub/Michael-your-death-was-just-an-elaborate-hoax–right-Right

  217. wildchild Said,

    sanchezqueen, what a great post! Absolutely makes sense. As for the media attention on the possibility of a hoax: I found this very site by reading about it on my e-mail site. But if the media report about sites like this one they usually make fun of them. Nothing else. We are being callad fanatics and insane and you name it. Even this fits in with your theory.

  218. emmie Said,

    there is voice records from people and if you go on number 3 which was recorded on the 17/7/09
    at 8:53am its sound the same as michael
    i mean when i heard it i freaked out…
    tell me what you think of it

  219. How Does It Feel Said,

    (——Andrea —–)

    So we can be a bit sure that Mike is alive right?
    When do you think he we will see him again or you think he may stay away for good?

  220. gusgonecrazy Said,

    your own minds are playing tricks witchu, Michael has gone, we are her to remember a legend and he will remain that way, do not soil his leaving……….he has gone in body only. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  221. supernurse1 Said,

    Hello everyone. I have been reading this site everyday now for the past 2 weeks. I just want Michael to know, and I am almost certain that he reads this, that I am a Registered Nurse. If he needs me for anything, I am here. I have registered with my e-mail address. You can contact me. Obviously, I can’t leave my phone number or address on here, but I know you can get in touch with me if you want. God Bless You, and I love you MORE.

  222. tiatialuvsummj Said,

    I find it strange also that the media has not mentioned that so many of us are questioning his death as being a hoax. I also find it weird that there was only one photographer out front of Michael’s house on the day of his death. I would think that the paparazi were always camped out there. I watched the video of the ambulance departure and can anybody please tell me why there were no sirens and why they were driving so slow? Even his security didn’t seem to be in a hurry. Wouldn’t you think that his security would have been yelling at the EMT guys to hurry up? The security staff were very calm and didn’t seem to be upset at all about this life threatening situation. I was watching it and thinking WTF? By the way, I luv you MJ!

  223. michael.jackson Said,

    it’s just like in the video games you think the head boss is really DEAD? but isn’t and notice that michael’s world is sort of like that ONE BIG GAME!! O_O HE’S FAKING IT DEFINITELY.

  224. michael.jackson Said,


  225. bradrach321 Said,


    i listened to that recording and although it says it was recorded on the 14th of july 09- different to what you said- it REALLY sounds like michael and is really freaky! and he says he is from the UK but seems to have an american accent?


  226. artisticflare Said,

    I really dont think any one can mistake Michaels voice, that really freaked me out!! He said he was on msn on facebook! Love you Michael !!

  227. maria2284 Said,


    I just heard that voice message that Emmie (post 218) brought up, and I swear to you that it is Michael. And like bradrach321 said, why woukd this guy have no British accent if he says he is from the UK?

    Very strange. When I was listening to it, I, obviously, heard it was Micheal, felt it was Micheal, and oddly enough this person goes on and on about how Michaels music is “no longer meaningful, and thats why Micheal went to work with Will.I.Am”. Who else would know why he worked with Will??

    I think that was him, and who better to call in to a website dedicated to MJ?

    Micheal, I love you.

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