Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson were often described at Best Friends.

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It’s quite apparent Dame Elizabeth Taylor is covering up something, regarding Michael Jackson’s death.

1. Why does a 77 year old such as Liz Taylor have a twitter account?

2.Why is Liz thanking Michael’s doctor, Arnold Klein for a Matisse drawing three days before Mike’s death, as well as asking Dr.Klein what he has been up to since he’s been back on Twitter???? Why wouldn’t she just call him ?

3.Dr.Klein was known for treating MJ for vitiligo with creams that lightened his skin as well as rebuilding his nose. First off, what dermatologist do you know of that also does reconstructive surgery? Is Dr.Klein trying to disguise and reconstruct a whole new Michael Jackson, one we would never recognize?

4. Why was Liz packing as per twitter “I was packing up my clothes to go to London for his opening when I heard the news. I still can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it.” http://twitter.com/DameElizabeth when  Michael’s first concert was pushed to start on July 13th, that’s three weeks before the opening !!

5. Why would Liz not attend Michael’s private or public ceremony, yet be able to tweet a day after his death ? She knew the tabloids would be following her updates but she wasn’t too smart about it .

Ok, now the strange thing is why Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Dr. Arnold Klein are both referring to one another without actually mentioning each other.

For those of you who dont have a Twitter account, the only way you can know someone is referring to you is by checking @ + your username. So how did they correspond back and forth with one another unless they planned it all along, to make it more real!!

I think the answer here is as clear as day. Ladies and gentlemen Michael Jackson is NOT DEAD !!!! Check out these posts from ARNOLD KLEIN !!!!

 “Was sent a link to TMZ. Ridiculous. The paparazzi needs to stay away from my patients. Period” http://twitter.com/awkmd

Now ,why is Mr.Klein addressing TMZ the first website to confirm MJ’s death as ridiculous and to stay away from HIS PATIENTS ON JUNE 18TH, 7 days before Mike’s death!!!!

It gets even weirder folks !!! THIS IS OUR ANSWER RIGHT HERE!!!


“Today, the world is a little less beautiful. We say goodbye to the lovely Farrah Fawcett” , “It was an honor to have known Farrah Fawcett a vision and a visionary, a true Angel who will be missed around the world. 3 kisses my darling”,  ”I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear friend Michael Jackson. He truly was a gifted soul who had boundless love for all.”

Then 2 days before MJ passes, Dr.Klein says he’s working away on a patient, they’re like treasures of fine artwork, interesting way to compare your patients to art work, don’t you think ? HOW ODD FOR DR.KLEIN TO RETURN 2 DAYS BEFORE MJ’S DEATH !! Working away… “My patients are my treasures. Like fine artwork, each one has beauty and character”

I think I know the truth now!!!

For those of you who don’t get the whole Matisse reasoning, allow me to explain.

What does a Matisse painting have to do with anything? Matisse was a famous artist whose characteristics, as far as natural talent resembled Michael Jackson. Coincidentally Dr Klein sends a Matisse drawing to Liz Taylor three days prior to Michael’s death, in which the time this Dr. Klein was out of town working on a patient. He even compared his patients to fine art work!!!!!

Strange right??

Get this, Matisse died in 1954 of a heart attack. The same thing Mike had supposedly died from when we first heard the news of his passing.

C’mon this is TOO coincidental. It’s also rather odd for most of Dr Klein’s patients to be Michael Jackson’s closest friends – Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor…

Mr Klein’s Twitter account has only been active since June 17th. 8 DAYS BEFORE MICHAEL PASSES. Why would Dr Klein feel the need to have a Twitter account mysteriously so close to his dear patient’s death, corresponding to two of Michael Jackson’s beloved friends? I’ll tell you why… He knew he would have to update others on his upcoming interviews as he would be called upon the spotlight! Another thing peculiar is you never notice Dr Klein looking sad or distraught over losing his most valuable patient of over 20 years in any of the interviews.

This is all very strange…

  1. ejay5131 Said,

    Admins, what’s your thought..will we ever see MJ again???

  2. Banessa Said,

    Thank You…Thank You…Thank You! Those where my exact thought on Dr. Klein’s twitter account, when I saw it. It is too much coincidence for him to have the same close friends as Michael? And the whole time he and Dame Elizabeth are sending messages to each other is as they are in fact speaking in codes.
    This whole ordeal is getting weirder by the minute. I just hope and pray that Michael is doing okay and is safe getting well.
    I also read somewhere about Michael thinking of his face as “a piece of art”! Hence the referring to the Matisse. You are right and dead on to something. Thanks for these observations God bless

  3. admin Said,

    We obviously believe that his death was a hoax, so considering the amount of trouble he’s gone to in order to pull it off, it seems doubtful that he’d throw it all out the window, just to come back into the spotlight again.
    We honestly think that the only time he’ll be seen again, will be in the form of sightings from fans around the world…most of whom will be deemed as ‘Crazy’, so he has nothing to worry about. He can enjoy a hassle free & relaxing life…wherever he may be.

    MJHD Admin

  4. sirspencer Said,

    yes this is all strange but thos article don´t convince me right now.

  5. kristin514 Said,

    I only wish all of this was a hoax, and sorry to bust your TMZ link theory, but go to the TMZ website and search Michael Jackson… THIS is the reason he posted that on the 18th, not because he already knew what was going to happen… http://www.tmz.com/2009/06/18/michael-jackson-jacko-dr-arnie-klein-arnold-dermatologist-vitiligo-child-jmolestation/
    I too am a huge fan of Michael, and I miss him desperately, but let
    s be real with ourselves… Let the man FINALLY… REST in PEACE!!! 4 ever loved, never forgotten, REST in PEACE Michael!!

  6. mysterylady Said,

    Thank you for posting this ! As for Michael,we’re not in denial over his death we only want to know the truth. And it’s rather apparent that he’s alive and well,which I hope and pray.I believe Dr Klein and Liz Taylor have set this scenario up because they wanted to protect MJ from some undanger coming to him or Mj really wanted to disappear from the spot light for good.In any event,I wish the best for Michael,wherever he is !! I want you to know we truly love you and consider you a gift,a blessing from God !! Though you’re leaving us for now it is not forever.
    Never can say good-bye to our man in the mirror, of all time Thriller !!

  7. mysterylady Said,

    to kristin514 That’s not what I meant by his TMZ theory qoute..I said it’s rather odd he mentioned TMZ 7 days prior to MJ’s death.It’s almost as if he or some1 around him tipped TMZ off the day of June 25th MJ’s passing. That’s just a small part of the whole picture. If you look closer you will understand that all these coincidental strange current events don’t ADD up ! Why for one is DR.Klein promoting his business on May 22nd of this year as well as on twitter 8days before his death !! Coincidence ? I think not ! That doctor knew he would be in the spotlight a month ahead of time, he was just getting warmed up ,bringing publicity to his business in the process .

  8. smileygirl24 Said,

    OMG this is getting crazier…i can’t get enough of all this…i from day 1 new something was up.
    he is aliiive and i hope he’s happier then ever our beloved michael king of kings =D
    admin i truly admire you for doing this site a big


  9. dynamite Said,


  10. dynamite Said,


  11. dynamite Said,

    I find it weird that the two of them are twittering, does it show when they joined twitter?

  12. sita Said,

    again one/two simple questions:
    the accounts
    are owned by whom?

    how can we be sure, that these twitteraccounts belong to the real existant persons we are speaking off??

    simply create an twitter account with
    the name e.t. does not proof the extraterresitcal one makes use off.

    and where should be the keyrole of mrs taylor? why use twitter to communicate? tcp/ip adresses are traceable. phone cells/mobile devices at this point completely
    harmless. why should they talk with riddles instead of using normal phones???
    no investigation is around them at this point.
    remember: tcp/ip adresses are even NOW TRACEABLE!!

  13. mysterylady Said,

    to dynamite I find it hard to believe Liz Taylor wouldn’t get a front seat in the audience.Barbara Walters and Larry King were seated right behind the family. And as long as she attended the memorial service why would Liz care if they invited her to any of the other services ?? She was Michael’s friend ,not the Jackson’s . I don’t think there’s much truth to that article ! Furthermore why did Liz tweet she was packing 3 weeks before the opening of MJ’s show ? Last but not least,she can find enough energy and drive to attend to his London concert but not his funeral ???

  14. mysterylady Said,

    to dynamite Dr.Arnold Klein joined 8 days before Mj’s death and oddly Liz Taylor joined March 27th as This is it concert was announced March 5th.

  15. dynamite Said,

    Exactly if my best friend died id make sure i would be there no matter what

  16. mysterylady Said,

    I can assure you these accounts do in fact belong to Dr. Klein and Liz Taylor as the news broadcasted Liz’s tweets as to why she wouldn’t be attending Mike’s funeral also that she wasn’t on suicide watch as some of the cheaper rags would have us to believe.As for Dr Klein he’s been promoting his business via twitter and facebook.

  17. dynamite Said,

    Yah why use twitter and not your mobile phone or email to talk.

  18. dynamite Said,

    How odd they both joined not long before he died, lol very fishy

  19. melblue87 Said,

    I first started suspecting there was something strange when I found out Elizabeth had not gone to the public or private memorial. As well as other famous friends of MJ, Maculay Culkin for example. I mean, if my best friend dies, i go to his funeral, no matter where or how it is, even if its a circus, I go because he is my best friend. Yeah, i dont think he would be making a comeback, if he wants to be away from the spotlight, thats where he’s gonna stay, if he came back, the media would be twice as much all over him,, so it would be worse. Have a happy rest of your life Michael!!

  20. mysterylady Said,

    It’s obvious Liz and Dr.Klein are working together to cover up MJ’s death. Liz finds twitter more reliable and less public as she wouldn’t have to put up a show in front of a audience,or maybe she’s not capable of acting anymore ,given her age and health condition. At any event, there’s lots of subliminal messages exchanged between her and Dr Klein. Like I said before,the only way one would know some1 is corresponding to you via twitter is with the @+username added. Liz did no such thing..So how did the Dr know to respond to her tweet if he didn’t see it !! Let me tell you how,it was planned, to make it more real. But they weren’t smart enough .

  21. sita Said,

    i wish all theories would come true
    and i could follow you up in the hoax and i would
    like to see michael alive.

    twitter does not give me any comfort of believing
    what we like to see.
    presently i dont believe that these accounts does
    give us any right to construct that micheal is alive.

    simply think over one aspect: why should anyone use
    an internet platform to speak and communicate, even
    in riddles, with partners, intimate friends?

    would u do this?? with the knowing, that probablly the greatest hoax
    on earth will take place?
    my personal opinion is: if i would like to talk and communicate
    with them i would make use of normal phone calls.

    i would say: cool off!
    not with pseudo internet evidences !!
    for this we need more thinks to follow up.

  22. sita Said,

    @ mysterylady: can you pls provide this? i want some proofing of this..
    i really would like to follow u

  23. BeenTown Said,

    Hey Dynamite good link. I have the answer, everyone read!!!!

    I have an idea on why Elizabeth was snubbed. I heard that she was very overbearing and that she tried to take on a mother role to Michael, and Katherine Jackson did not like this, she in fact became jealous of Elizabeth.

    Michael would often turn to Elizabeth during hard times and not to Katherine. Could you imagine how any mother would feel if this were to happen?

    I would feel jealous too. I would be envious. This is most likely why she was snubbed. Remember Katherine has all say on the funeral and the arrangements, she is the boss, and if she did not want Elizabeth to sit with them then that is what she got. I would have done the same.

    Also if anyone watched Michael’s private home videos on youtube you will see that a while back that Elizabeth decorated Michael’s home for Christmas (he did not celebrate Christmas at that time because of his religion) and Elizabeth knew but still she went against it and got presents a tree, the whole works.

    Michael had never celebrated Christmas until that day Elizabeth overbearingly decided he would have Christmas. Could you imagine, someone breaking his tradition like that? His religion? This is what he knew since a child.

    Michael said that he cried after opening those presents and participating in the Christmas activity because he felt guilty as though he did something wrong.

    I think it was wrong to go against someone’s belief, their religion. She should have respected his wishes. I too am a Virgo like Michael and if I were in his position I would not have said no to Elizabeth and the Christmas theme (because of the fact that I am meek and wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings) but I would be dying inside (while having a smile on my face, just like Michael) knowing that I am going against something that I believe in.

  24. charliechaplin Said,

    Hey Guys!!!!

    This is off topic, but I’m just wondering if you saw this already:




  25. dynamite Said,

    I wish they would have had an open coffin to put my mind at rest that hes dead the fact that they didnt makes me think he is alive and the excuse they gave was stupid sayin his face was damaged when they where doin cpr wtf? then they said when they saw him he looked peaceful and looked like michael as if he was sleeping then why didnt they let us see him

  26. YouRockMyWorld Said,

    I didn’t exactly understand this post, cause I’m not from States and I’m not familiar with Twitter. But I also do believe and hope that Michael is alive.
    Although I really don’t belive he would ever make a comeback, because it took such a complecated strategy and resources to make his escape…which I think was done in order for Mike to finally have a peace and normal life – the thing that he missed so much(he says about it almost in every interview)… In 50 the artisric career is coming to its ending, all the best was already done and comes a time for enjoying life and resting, but there is no way to do it under Media pressure and eyes…
    With all my hope I still try to stay sceptical about every proof on hoax…So here are my points:

    - I don’t belive in body sitting up in helicopter ( Because if Mike’s death was planned – they sure would do it perfectly without any faults)

    - I don’t belive in sightseeing of him after his death (cause surely he is not coming into the streets, or if he is – that in such deguise that nobody would ever think it’s him)

    - I don’t believe he is a mystery man-singer

    - I don’t believe that his doctor was taking him to the save place when he was missing for 24 hours


    - The hoax was planned almost perfect. He escaped long time before the ‘heart attack’ scene was played.

    - The 911 call was feelingless and strange

    - The behavior on O2 conference was VERY strange (espesially the WALK) (although the hands of the impersonater and his teeth look very simiral to Mike’s – so don’t know what to think )

    AND THE MAIN STRANGE CLUE FOR ME IS of course – THE MEMORIAL….When I was watching it – I tried to feel in with it…But somehow it looked not right. Mostly of all the OTHER people being there and CLOSE FRIENDS of Mike were absent. Paris’s speach….not real (or at leat it seemed not real)….Prince’s gum, sunglasses…

    Admin, thank’s for this site… And let’s all hope…

  27. mysterylady Said,



    How much more proof do you need ?

  28. mysterylady Said,

    @sita Exactly my point ! Why tweet when you could phone one another ? Coincidentally Liz says she tweets because she finds comfort in doing so from the hospital. How was Liz able to attend MJ’s opening if she was confined to a hospital bed ?
    Furthermore,Dr.Klein set up his twitter 8 days prior to Mj’s daeth and 1 month prior on facebook. Each have their own reason for starting these twitter sites
    1 Liz finds it easier to communicate with media and suspicious fans who wanna know why she wouldn’t be able to attend her best friends funeral.
    2 She finds it easier because she doesnt wanna slip up in a public performance, as neither her health nor her age permit her to “act” as once did.
    3.Dr Klein sets up these social sites 8 days and 1 month prior to his most famous and beloved patient of 20 years ! Why ? Because he knew he would be in the spotlight,questioned, and interviewed once MJ passed. He would go along to say he rebuilt Mike’s nose and recieve even more business worldwide !
    3. The publicity and promotion linking back to DR Klein must have been part of the arrangement for this dr to agree hence become part of the hoax.
    4 Liz sends subliminal blank tweets to this Dr whom she fails to formerly mention! The correspondence between the two almost sound comical,staged.She says thank you for the Matisse drawing,he compares his patients to fine art as he claims he was away ,returning 2 days before Mj’s death !
    5.What kind of work did this doctor perform on a patient he relates to art when he was out of town ?
    6.Dr Klein made MJ lighter for 20 years and rebuilt his nose ! Don’t you think he can make him a whole another color as well as disguise him perfectly ? He could have very well done this during his time “away” working !
    7 The Matisse drawing Liz was referring to can very well be The NEW MICHAEL JACKSON Dr.Klein reconstructed !!

  29. sita Said,

    again my opinion. and its not to
    annoy you. pls simply think over the fact, how
    YOU would react in the same situation?

    michael jackson plans to start a very very great
    hoax of faking/fooling the world.
    he has to make use of friends and partners to do it.
    would u say at this point: it’s a very good idea
    to make use of an internet platform that his friends,
    doctors and partner talk via twitter amongst them?

    makes absolutly no sense to me. and for the people
    who have to act in the plot also.

    would would u think of people acting so foolish
    in the greatest hoax plot of the world?
    they were involved in (all) details; they were talking amongst
    them via twitter and the complete internet public can
    read their signs!?

    what would you think of such friends??
    i’ll tell you: kick their asses to hell because they risk
    all your hoax plans to became public.

    @mysterylady: thanks for your work. and the other side? the doctor..?

  30. luvmj Said,

    I’m still unsure … You guys have really good points and are good investigaters lol . I really hope he’s alive. Keep us updated.

  31. dynamite Said,

    @Mysterylady u come up with really good theorys that make so much sense,
    looking forward to more of your post

  32. mysterylady Said,

    He may have celebrated his first Christmas in ‘93 but he had converted to The Islam religion in ‘07. In fact there’s pictures of Michael Jackson and his family celebrating Christmas last year with Carrie Fisher and Dr Klein..Im sure Katherine has since then long forgiven Liz. Matter of fact Katherine is a very forgiving person. She even let Alejandra Jackson who first produced two children with her son Randy thus turned around and married her other son Jermaine as well as having two more of their own children. Matter of fact Katherine is taking care of Alejandra and all her kids,including Donte whom Alejandra and Randy adopted till this present day !
    So I don;t buy that whole Liz was snubbed by the Jackson family rubbish !

  33. Mari Said,

    I hope he’s alive! Is it true, admin?

  34. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    I added liz on twitter.
    may i just ask how we know that this is reallt their actual twitter?

  35. luvmj Said,

    wait but mysterylady whos the person in the ambulance if its not him? And if it’s a double did he die? And jermane Jackson said on Larryking that his children saw MJ to say goodbye at the hospital while he was laying there lifeless on the hospital bed… I hope he’s alive and you can proove my comment wrong lol

  36. mysterylady Said,

    @sita It is rather strange but then again this whole thing is strange !! There’s so many unanswered questions ! The media reporters happen to be the biggest fools ever ! They seem to publish anything on MJ, weather it’s credible or not. For instance,they showed MJ’s prescription bottles from Dr Klein on tmz. Upon seeing the 2 or 3 bottles of xanax I knew the media was blowing this whole drug addiction thing way out of proportion ! Fist off, xanax is not a very hard drug to get in California,via a physician or from the streets ! And these xanax pills were only 0.5 mg 1mg at a quantity of 50 tablets with no refills allowed. God forbid they prescribe Mj anti anxiety tranquillizers upon his trial in which he was innocent ! They were reporting Mike took 30 to 40 pills a night, which I found very hard to believe ! After seeing the bottles,it proved my theory to be correct !
    Like I said before Dr.Klein made his twitter account 8 days prior to Mj’s death ! Don’t you find that rather strange and coincidental ? This dr was getting ready to launch publicity and traffic on to his site as everyone around the world would wonder who is this Dr Klein who treated MJ for 20 years? He used twitter and facebook as promotion sites as Im sure his business is booming with new clientelle right now !

  37. mysterylady Said,

    Proof this is Liz Taylor’s twitter account via cnn and tmz



  38. mysterylady Said,

    Thank u dynamite !! I try my best to shed some light and make sense of it !

  39. miu Said,

    I posted this on the forum but I’ll post it here again as I do want to know the answer to this.

    Q. How, at the supposed open casket memorial they had at Forest Lawn, were 70+ people able to view his body if it were a hoax?

    Like, if I were MJ I would have wanted a few close friends and family to aid me during the hoax but to have around 70 people there and ‘view’ his body…it seems weird to me. What if someone broke their silence about the hoax? If there really is a hoax.

    I do want to believe he’s alive but, I don’t know, the open casket thing is really bugging me.

  40. bubblesthechimp Said,

    you can see the doctor’s twitter page is directly linked to his website.So it is really his.


  41. idontknow Said,

    About the open casket thing…. It’s just hearsay ; not proof, at least right now I mean.

  42. lilpleb Said,

    with regards to MJ’s vitiligo, I read somewhere that once you go through the depigmentation process it is permanent, so he wouldn’t be able to go back to being black.

  43. cathedralfolk Said,

    hmmmmmm this is all very interesting. Mike was my contemporary (my generation), born a year apart (Aug 1957) and while I heard his music over the years, I never followed his life and times until his sudden death was announced to the world. And I am a world away from the USA on the other side of the globe as an American expat. But even so, Michael still got top billing even here. Since his death was announced, and perhaps because he is my contempary and has always been associated with my generation, I’ve poured over hours upon hours of video clip interviews of him including the March 2009 announcement of the “This is It Tour”. It wasn’t until I saw the video clip from London that it all became very sus. My take on the London announcement is that it wasnt Michael. The person walked with a swagger and was overtly masculine in comparison to the MJ I viewed in the various interviews. In my most humble opinion, I think that after the entire debucle with the 2005 trial and the past 12 years of horrible media scrutiny and dozens and dozens of law of frivolous suits, that he’d probably had enough and therefore this plan was in the making for some time. The only way that he could something of this magnitude off is with assistance at the highest levels of state and probably national govt. (He is after all a national treasure, recognised by Herbert Walker Bush as the American Entertainer of the Decade). People go into federal witness protection programs all the time. Even the State of California has a witness protection program, which does not require that the reason for the relocaiton of personage be attributable to a person seeking safety from a potential criminal act, and allows for reloction as a result of extraordinary circumstances. In my review of the life and times of our dear Michael, he is most deserving of a new life. Whilst I have not followed his life and times until recently, I have found his story to be gutwrenchingly painful and I pray for his happiness whether that be in heaven’s fields of green or in some far off island in the south pacific. He deserves to have a life and FREEDOM that we all take for granted. Rest in peace michael and enjoy your freedom whether in heaven or earth.

    And by the way Charlie Chaplan……that was a very naughty video clip……OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

    Love and peac to you all – please dont search too hard for him.

  44. luvmj Said,

    I just wish we had proof that it was or wasn’t him in the ambulance…Cause then we would know for sure…Ughh

  45. jewell Said,

    I wouldn’t be surpised if those tweets dissapearred now that attention has been brought to them!

  46. sita Said,

    to haven an open casket
    that everyone can see mj lying there
    would’nt finally take away all doubts.
    and finally having one photo of that would
    arise the wildest photoshopped images then ever.

    a signed deathpaper with a done dna-test
    would help us more, but finally it also could be

    thanks to all who helped to get my anti-twitter
    theory down.
    it’s fishy, or somethin stinks.
    but finally my pure human brain tells me:
    such friends, who know mj very well and all the probs
    with the public would convert into the greatest enemies
    to talk over the hoax (even only in riddles) on an
    internet platform.
    again from me: if we would be in such a situation
    we tried to make phone calls!! whereever you are:
    you have your mobile with you. and its so easy to dial
    the number of your friend!

    maybe (maybe!!)
    personal emails, but never twitter or any other
    stuff of this. no way!!

    this plot does not give sense; but only we others
    (misused) these accounts to lead others into a wrong direction.

    no; finally i doubt the more I overthink twitter accounts..

  47. MissC Said,

    Liz Taylor is right now at the hospital, supposedly collapse due to the stress of Michaels ‘death’. Maybe she isn’t part of this and if she isn’t, Michael would never NEVER put her through this. Jeez, everyday everything gets even weirder.

  48. mjfan Said,

    Comment on the Liz Taylor “overbearing” Christmas thing. I watched the Private Home Movies too. And I’ve watched it recently. MJ had DECONVERTED from being a JW ALREADY.

    The guilt he felt was leftover guilt. I experienced the same thing when I deconverted from my religion. While you intellectually don’t believe in something, you still often have the emotional response to certain things for awhile.

    This is a normal part of the deconversion process.

    Celebrating Christmas was not against MJ’s beliefs at that time because he was no longer a JW at that time. Liz Taylor wasn’t being “overbearing.”

    As for Katherine Jackson being jealous of Liz Taylor, that’s just stupid. Michael loved his mother, but he also loved Liz. And it’s unreasonable for a mother to expect her grown son to not love anybody but her. If that was the case, she’d be a nightmare mother-in-law.

    Though I’ve seen no actual evidence that MJ’s mother was jealous of Liz, sounds like hearsay to me.

  49. jewell Said,

    i just wanted to add
    that i was looking at the dr’s twitter page
    and he sends Anderson Cooper a tweet…
    “@andersoncooper My dear friend Bryan Lourd suggested that we become friends. I am following you. AWK”

    Now this strikes me as strange,
    because when i was watching the begining of the memorial Andersoon Cooper was talking and he said several times…”this just doesn’t seem real” I think he said it a few times because it struck me as strange…
    now i see the dr wants to be his friend on twitter???? STRANGE!

  50. emo_pinkt Said,

    OMG this was brilliant..thnx mystery lady. Isnt Liz Taylor’s tweet more than the 140 characters allowed for twitter? Anyways the news site all get their info from TMZ…Isnt it wierd?

  51. jewell Said,

    alos some interesting info on Bryon Lourd…


  52. sita Said,

    to sum up: we will never see a living mj again, even if he is alive.

    maybe some of us will see/meet the perfect impersonator, one of his doubles.
    and these meetings will be found somewhere in the internet.
    but will they be able to proof us that this is the real king? in most cases:NO.

    if mj ist still alive he has “departed” from us.
    these days I was totally reminded of cat stevens. when
    he converted to be beeing islamic we all would’nd have had
    one chance again to recognise him. only if he liked too.
    and so it would be the same with michael.
    michael will have some very perfect connection for his hoax
    also in the arabian countries. and we will may see him somewhere
    but won’t recognise him!!

    the conclusion is: say good bye to mj, even he is alive!!

    ask yourself: if mj is alive, he faked all and now he comes
    suddenly back somehow: would you still love mj as before?
    or would your heart say: hey, this guy fooled me; i dont trust
    him ever. i don’t want to be fooled again from him. and this
    was probably all done because of the money??
    give yourself the answer and you will see the door remains

    if michael now is dead: what would give us the
    safety that this is the fact? what do we need?
    an open casket? we still would doubt and think: his skin
    does not look like on tv. or his nose is somehow strange.
    and so on.
    so finally we need an authority that simply would testify with
    an dna test: yes michael is dead.
    would we really believe in this case?? we are finally not
    ready for the truth!! or?
    somehow i doubt. we are at the moment in the mood to say:
    mj, his family, AEG or anyone else tried to fool us with the press conference
    for example. and we believe: they had nearly success with it.
    but we are now clever and broke it all.

    now we have a lot of
    probs and doubtfull reactions in the way he left, simply
    think of the moving dead body in the helicopter. very clever
    twitter signs and hints and so on, a fake background of
    his show with a mj performing 120%. we doubt, that mj was
    in a bad shape. if mj was in a good shape, why would they
    send the impersonator to the press conference? why?
    mj himself loves the audience, loves to perform. why was
    he personally not there? correct: only one possibility resides:
    he was to weak, too sick.
    we can read a lot of people, of his friends
    who gave the advice to mj: keep your hands off
    all these drugs/painkillers and medicine.
    we ignore it.. the same as michael did propably.

    this is the stuff hollywood movies are made off. illuminati
    and friends. your’re welcome and directly in the show, just now
    while reading this stuff!

    yes: the jackson family gives us more doubts with their life and their reaction
    and they want money. who wouldnd do this?
    yes: michael loved his children. now he had to leave them alone
    in this very cruel world. this wouldn’t mj to know and to see.
    yes: AEG tried to milk the cow as long as she gives some money.
    and more. 10 concerts, ‘no thats to less, we must do 50..’
    and so on and on..

    keypoints to get GOOD hints, where mj is:
    I. -> have a special eye on his children.
    the children we can see today, are they the same as in former days?
    where are they? who takes care of them? if mj is still alive, they
    play a keyrole because mj will also take his eye on them!!!!

    II. -> his personal friends and his (former) wives good give hints
    dont forget: names like uri geller and david blaine can be found there.
    these people are living from this business to fool the public.
    thats the job of a magician. and not more are they! magicians, who are
    able to live from this job. and believe me: they dont have
    any overnatural power. it’s just an illusion, a trick they are presenting us!

    III. -> finally whereever mj is: there must be some kind of moneyflow
    to this place. this focuses much more on very personal and
    bank connections. i doubt that the public will ever get one chance
    to have one sight behind this curtain/wall.

    my personal and good hint is; and i know you dont like
    this version. i also took some days to accept it.
    I know it sounds morbid; it sounds strange:
    mj is dead, they conserved his body with the wellknown
    german plastinator gunther von hagens. one member of his team
    was seen at the press conference of the coroner.
    mj passed away!
    only if you prepare the body of a dead one with formaline and other
    stuff, you are able to conserve him for a longer time!
    medicine students know this very well. when they have to practice
    their doctors life they are often presented bodies, that are prepared
    with similiar stuff.
    hagens team had to do an unplanned visit in the usa around the 26.th of june!
    think of this!

    i would like to see michael alive as you do, believe me.
    he left toooooooooooo early;
    as michaels children would love to see him, and also his friends.
    i believe the hoax plot is too huge to come true, even for the king of pop.

    i still would love mj if he would have decided for him:
    never again i will sing and perform. that WAS it. i’ll stay
    somewhere where the public also knows it. but no more singing
    no more shows and so on!
    thats ok for me and for him I believe.

    i would hate him, if he had fooled us all and come back and tell us
    all: hey u stupid people, listen to me and my music, I’m the king.
    no: this isn’t what people like to see and here. i wouldnt buy any song
    and any piece of memory from him from this day on.

    so say good bye to him and come back to reality!

  53. A-curious-mind Said,

    Like everyone else here I want to belive Michael is alive and laughing his ass off at the so-called friends that are running to every interview in town.. but although you do have pretty good points and i do think also that there seems to be something fishy going on but some points on this site are a bit too far fetched…(mystery singer, body sitting up in helicopter)…that is a bit out there…lol..but in any case..keep digging…lol

  54. MJ_forever Said,

    hey guys… I found out something strange in Liz taylor words…She is speaking about Mike in present time. Always! Why? She says constantly :i LOVE him and every time she use the present time. Isn’t that strange? Check out carefully all her words on her twitter account.
    Sorry for my bad english. Have a nice day!

  55. sita Said,

    @mysterylady: how can I contact you?

  56. Samantha Said,

    I’ve read about you said that michael would of probably escaped, while the memorial or even before all this happend like (planned it) but would he leave his kids? Or taken them with him?
    Someone please answer.

  57. dianafan Said,

    mystery lady – should we start becoming twitter detectives and see if Liz is being contacted by someone “new”? BTW – Liz is definitely in the hospital now – heartbroken I believe.

  58. VanillaCream Said,

    He converted really to islam? I thought it was a hoax?

    My ex hubby is a moslem…

    Is MJ REALLY a moslem??? Can´t believe that: he was suspected as a pedophile and to be gay. They would never accept him as one of them.

    MJ a moslem… It scares me, I have so so so bad expieriences with moslems.

  59. beyond anguish Said,

    http://www.mediatakeout.com/2009/34125-mto_world_exclusive_the_final_pics_of_michael_jackson__we_have_a_photo_of_the_king_of_pop_inside_his_casket.html yall should check this out.. they say its his casket pic

  60. sita Said,

    hi there,
    i was just twittering for some test.
    to talk about twitter is senseless. they even don’t use a secure http encryption. this means: acount phishing/hacking can be done very easily. we should no longer discuss why on twitter we can read strange things of dame and the dr.; twitter is senseless due to insufficient security !!

    sorry for that.

  61. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    If anyone for sure know where Michael is, it is Liz Taylor. I love her so much, for the support and love she has giving Michael all these years. I just hope that he someplace recovering and that he will be happy again soon. If someone should ever see him, I think in my opinion, leave him alone then. See him, know he is alive and well, and then let him be. That would be the best thing to do. For Michael`s sake.

  62. bexuk Said,

    Dear oh dear now we are suggesting a frail, 77 year old is covering up the conspiracy?

    Every celeb has a twitter these days its no big deal.

    I find it odd Liz Taylor didnt go the memorial, but hey she is 77 has had a brain tumor, pneumonia, numerous strokes so I

  63. bexuk Said,

    am not surpirsed she didnt want to grieve in public. Check this out:


  64. stephyy Said,

    MJ is still alive… I think MJ wil come back… mabey hi is in a coma.. en wassup with latoyo.. She is the only who is speaking.. She is now saying that the kids are with joe en kat,en that paris wright her father a letter every day. Paris also wearing tshirt of MJ..and her room is full with stuff of MJ.. But JOE&KAT dont life toghetter RIGHT???

  65. goslinger1 Said,

    The press is saying that they may the results of the autopsy as early as next week. So. . .I’m still wondering WHO they did this autopsy on? Ed Winter is the coroner in charge, I believe. Does anyone know anything about him?

    He would definitely need to be in on the “hoax” if there is one. If AEG wants to cash in on the insurance money, then Ed needs to state Michael died of an overdose. So, is the guy legit? Has he been paid off by AEG. . .by Michael’s family (to state he was murdered) or Michael himself (to just state that the singer was indeed “dead.”)

    Or, perhaps Ed Winter is a victim himself. He gets a body that looks a bit like Michael. His family said it was Michael. There is no further DNA or other identity testing necessary–so he conducts the autopsy as normal. Could he be working on an imposter Michael? LEt’s be real, Michael’s appearance varied greatly! I’m sure Ed Winter wouldn’t know the difference visually.

    Will Ed back his findings up with solid DNA evidence or something to prove to the world that it WAS Michael? Or, will they just release a statement to the world and the press will eat it up like they always do!

    How many people (other than the family) have actually VIEWED the body?

    I know this seems a bit morbid, but without solid evidence that the body is Michael’s–this hoax thing can go on forever!

    I need to brace myself for these results. I am curious what will be said and what PROOF will be released.

  66. Bee Said,

    Re: open casket; haven’t you ever been to open casket funerals? The deceased never truly look ‘real’ or ‘like themselves’ completely, and look like they could be made of wax. The open casket with a likeness of Michael made of wax or something else would be the easiest thing to pull off, imo.

  67. stephyy Said,


    MJ is still living. why is latoyo the only one who speaks? She says now that the children are with grandparents in the house. and paris writes a letter every day for her father.Paris also walks in her fathers clothes. The room of paris is full of MJ stuff Posters photo’s ect.

    But Grandma and Grandpa do not live together?

    so why is latoyo saying this?

    or am I likely to be crazy. that I think this is an indication.

    sorry if I did not write corect english. I am from the netherlands

  68. He.is.alive Said,

    all of this twitter action on the part of Ms. Taylor and Dr. Klein is a WELL PLANTED destracting technique … the media is running out of props and so, other avenues of floating and spinning are pursued … sheeesh .. get onto it people ..

  69. MJsongfan Said,

    I found this site yesterday, and I read most of the posts that this site offers to explain MJ’s death…this is a very good possibility. I also went ahead and did some research of my own as well…and it seems that your story has a high probability of being true.

    I would, as much as anyone else, like to believe that Michael Jackson is alive beyond a reasonable doubt to his fans. But I came across a lot of controversial
    issues during the course of my research. If anyone can clear up these issues, please respond and comment.

    1) I saw that many people are “posing” as Michael Jackson on posts regarding his death, proclaiming that “I am alive”, but the people posing as MJ on these sites, quickly reveal that they are not MJ. Rather, just some teenager playing a prank on us.

    2) A lot of this evidence presented on the site is really circumstantial and really speculative. The picture proclaimed as a fake, may have been used as a promotional tool for Jackson’s upcoming London O2 concerts…and may have been photo shopped specifically to promote the tour, and to make him look good.

    3) I think as to the context regarding Dame Elizabeth and Dr. Arnold Klein’s conversations on Twitter, it may have some hidden message, or it could be two friends catching up with each other…we will not know unless someone actually interviews her (in the greatest secrecy).

    4) Speaking of circumstantial, a user on this website, closepaltoMJ has admitted that he is alive. However, I question the validity of his statements, purely due to the fact that this person is relatively unknown on this site, and decides to suddenly admit that MJ is alive.

    5) I know MJ has the tendency to joke around with both the media and the general public…which is why I am wondering how his unreleased songs, such as Xscape, have been released to the general public. I would assume that it may be a publicity ploy, or it could be Michael Jackson himself signaling something to those of us willing to listen. Either way, there is only pure speculation on our part to those, who believe that Michael Jackson may be currently in hiding.

    Before I saw this site, I was convinced that Michael Jackson is dead…but as of now, I am not able to tell what is pure speculation and what is the honest truth. I would like to believe that he is alive, because he was inspiration for joining music, and actually being good at it (according to some people). I had serious depression and withdrawal symptoms when I heard the news that he was gone. Such as not eating/sleeping for a couple of days, and I wasn’t able to stop singing anything besides MJ songs, even currently.

    I was able to relate to him, because I have been through many of the same experiences as well. Especially to many aspects of his life, so I never did question his actions. Based on public opinion and increasing pressure from the media, I don’t blame him for faking his death, if he did…However, the confusion regarding his “death”, I don’t think will ever be cleared up unless Michael himself reveals it. There are too many holes, too many unanswered questions.

    Michael, if you are reading this and are still alive, then I wish you nothing but the best for you, in the years to come. I hope that you finally get to enjoy that long deserved freedom and vacation that you wanted. No matter what, you will always be known as the King of Pop, especially to me.

    Michael, if you are truly dead, I hope that the lord is with you. And that heaven will bring much joys to you. I also hope that you are enjoying heaven, and I know that you left nothing short than a legacy to those of us, that loved you. You will always be the King of Pop.

    Best wishes, wherever you are! <3

  70. AliaX Said,

    I don’t think Liz is
    mentally healthy. is decrepit. you can not rely on her if you want to set up a perfect scenario, even if she was actress.

  71. MJsongfan Said,

    Ah, sorry for the long comment.

    Just wondering if anyone has considered the possibility that Michael Jackson may have used a drug, that made him appear dead (as I believe there are such drugs now), and that could’ve been him in the picture…but he could have faked his “body” going into the hospital, or to the different “supposed sites” when Michael “supposedly escaped”.

    Also, I was researching and apparently he also changed his religion as well to Christian just a couple of days/weeks before he died. Does anyone think that this may be related to the “hoax” if it is true?

  72. loveandpeace Said,

    LaToya was paid to say he murdered in the interview!


    If he’s still out there, he probably laughed at Corey Feldman in his Michael Jackson costume at the memorial.

  73. loveandpeace Said,

    to say he *was murdered, oops.

  74. serpentina Said,

    I just wanted to get it out…what does it seem so unbelievable that Ms Taylor was going to London several weeks before the event?? I’ve done this myself – go to a destination far in advance just to enjoy the sights. Strange that we can’t believe this…

    I also agree with what lilpleb said…..the vitiligo process is permanent. As far as I know (and this is MJ we’re talking about, he has the means to do anything) you can just inject junk into him and make him a black man again.

  75. Engel Said,

    Hello from Germany!

    Michael, if you read the test, then I congratulate you, about you from the dust you’ve done, what other option for a did you want? No, because you simply have your head across and has set thee 50.Konzerte aufgebrummt is that you never would have done to life and, unfortunately, unfortunately, everyone just wanted your money, even though you are also without money such a valuable human being are, your soul and your thoughts have made you so lonely and I can very well understand, but it can only the people who have felt just like you! you you never would have killed myself, because you have children and they liebst.Ich am increasingly convinced that you live and I wish you so much from the heart that you undetected Be up and you all leave, which is only your money wollten.Ich am sure that if your fans around you had, it would not happen with you, which had so much attention on you, you’re not on the the crooked train arrived and also when wert thou wert become so stubborn, because you did not get medication then, did you just gebockt no problem, you do not like you have calmed down again and if not, then I would give you a kick in the ass where ))) I love you and will always do it, you’re always with me, which I feel! God bless you and your children

  76. odettebennet Said,


  77. CosmoKramer420 Said,

    Police are investigating suspicious calls being made to the office of Michael Jackson’s Beverly Hills dermatologist.

    Police Lt. Tony Lee says an officer responded Friday to a report from the office of Dr. Arnold Klein about harassing phone calls.

    Lee says the calls haven’t been threatening but are considered suspicious in nature. He would not elaborate or say if the calls involve the Jackson situation.


    I wonder what that is all about ?

  78. MrsBenjamin Said,

    I had posted a few articles last night…about where MJ really was.. i posted on the other pages as welll….



  79. MariannaB Said,

    Concerning this famous pic of the ambulance – a paparazzi fooled the press here with 3 yr old pics claiming them to be “just before the day MJ died”.
    The pic in the ambulance shows a younger MJ or a puppet. MJ would put puppets of him in an ambulance – why not also for pics – and get in a wheelchair for the press just to laugh about the idiotic stories they produced. He was nerved by the helicopters over Neverland and the paparazzi everywhere. If I’d been in his position, I’d have done the hell to fake stories fot these respectless idiots.
    Oh and the open coffin: a wax puppet. Why not.
    Why not open in the memorial? My thought was – somebody as a crazy fan could jump on stage and hurt the body or a desire could be born to steal the body. So my guess was always: they don’t open it. The memorial was a show for media, not more.

    LT and Dr. Arnold used the internet to promote whatever they thought necessary. Twitter is not reliable at all. Twitter is a virus. It has a good use for all cases where free speach is limited or prohibited just like the internet access. Thinking of Iran – we would never have known what’s going on there.

    Another thought: if cellular phones are under survey (intelligence agencies etc.) – how do you want to communicate without witness? Is any military prof out there to help us out with communication strategies in war times? How do you communicate top secrets? Either on a secret way (and have intelligence agencies on your footsteps) or completly in public where nobody expects secret messages.

    Be assured that the whole entourage of MJ is under surveillance. I just wonder whether the Twitter accounts will continue to send out messages. My guess: no, they won’t, they have done their job.

    Michael, time to turn to newspaper ads
    Have a lot of peace with you.
    My birthday is one day prior to yours, I know what doing things right means. Hope it turns out the way you want it to.

  80. Copenhagen Said,

    Sita: Corresponding in codes on Twitter is much more safe than using e-mail or phones. If it comes to a serious investigation you can trace all calls and mails – investigators easily get acess to phone nr. and mail adresses when they investigate criminal matters. Klein and Taylor did the most safe thing by corresponding on Twitter. Look we are all doubting what the code language means and we can’t proof anything.

    There is something I don’t get – was Taylor at the hospital when Mike died or was she at home packing for his concert ?

  81. MariannaB Said,

    Just to notice: there are data being erased from internet concerning fake: Yahoo deleted a question and comments on a fake death, it is available only on google cache of July 13:

  82. alive Said,

    OMG! what if liz was thanking klein for the matisse drawing he sent her meaning MJ. Maybe MJ is with her and klein was away fixing MJ’s face like fine artwork and then MJ goes to liz and liz is sending code to klein that MJ is with her by thanking him for his artwork he sent her. Get it. what do you think? i think this is too much for it to be a coincidence.

  83. alive Said,

    i forgor to mention that klein also said on larry king that he was rebuilding his face for this past year and maybe he totally changed the way he looks and the beginning of his face starting to change could have been at the 02 press conference which is why everyone was shocked at how he looked and couldn’t believe that it was him and he had 3 more months to change him even more. i thought he was a dermatologist why was he rebuilding his face? is he also a plastic surgeon?

  84. alive Said,

    did you say klein opened his twitter account 8 days before mj’s death? that’s the 17th right? well mj also rehired his lawyer/friend who is the executor in his will on the 17th after firing him back in 2003. now he just happened to be lucky and rehired him eight days before he dies so he can carry out his wishes in his will without being contested that he had been fired back in 2003. i don’t think so. something is going on here people. you can’t i’ll say it again, you can’t have this many coincidences happening in such a short period of time all surrounding your death. no way!

  85. wndrwmn67 Said,

    Don’t forget…tonight ABC is airing a special with Katherine and Michael Jackson and they are allowing the reporter into the Jackson Family Compound. I am so anxious to watch it and see what, if any mistakes the family makes.

  86. dirtydiana Said,

    great research Mysterylady. also Bubblesthechimp confirming the Dr.’s twitter link through his webpage. I don’t know why they would take such a risk by twittering throw ufor the public and media to see but obviously they put a imposter in place of MJ at o2 and no one has picked up on it. or should I say chose to pick up on it. either they think the media and public and real dumb or they are trying to

  87. wndrwmn67 Said,

    Oops! In regards to my prior comment, that would be Katherine and JOE Jackson, not Michael. Sorry for any confusion.

  88. Subliminal Said,

    The reason why his Dr wasn’t sad, was probably because Doctors have to deal with death everyday.

  89. Sweedishgirl Said,


    This link which show a youtube clip from the last piece of GHOST video. At the end of the clip can you see how MJ is maked-up to completely diffrent people.
    What is intresting is how well you can get a man to see completely difftrent with the help of makeup! What I mean is that MJ could in principle look like anyone… But there will always be be one of his facial features of the person he is disguised as.I thought it would be an interesting clip to watch. If the link does not work you can always search on youtube. “Michael Ghost Video” or similar.

  90. luvmj Said,

    Also I don’t believe the family didn’t want Elizabeth there because on her Twitter page she wrote “I’ve been asked to speak at the Staples Center. I cannot be part of the public whoopla.”

  91. Mijac Said,


    Presents make everybody happy. My friend Arnie Klein gave me a Matisse today! Happy.
    5:10 PM Mar 27th from web



  92. Mijac Said,

    Check this out and look at the date:

    Dearest Elizabeth, You make the sun shine, the clouds move and the world spin. So many people love you and so do I. Love Always,______
    7:06 PM Jun 19th from web

    Somebody I care for very much sent the following note to me with flowers and I wanted to share it with you.
    7:04 PM Jun 19th from web

  93. Mijac Said,


    Spoke with Frank Gehry about rebuilding the beach house and hoping my darling Elizabeth is enjoying her Matisse.
    7:40 PM Jun 17th from web

    Research, research, research.
    7:05 PM Jun 17th from web

  94. Mijac Said,

    What is the obssesion with the “MATISSE”???


    or is Mj the “matisse”

  95. Mijac Said,

    He gave HER the MATISSE ON MARCH 27, THEN HE EXPECTS MORE THAN TWO MONTHS TO CREATE his Twitter account, and the first thing he does is to wonder if Dame Elizabeth is enjoying the mentioned MATISSE…THIS IS REALLY ODD.

    sorry about my english everyone.

  96. LadyV Said,

    You guys have come up with some really good points throughout this site but this post doesn’t convince me. I am 50/50 to wether MJ’s death is real or not. Like someone said, it isn’t strange that someone like Liz Taylor has a Twitter.

  97. pammy Said,

    @luvmj:wait but whos the person in the ambulance if its not him?

    I dunno if u saw this one here posted a few days ago…

    what about this theory? I didnt read anything new after it was posted. Does anyone believe this could be true???

  98. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    This Site Is Brilliant And From The Time I Got A Text Message On My Phone Stating Michael Jackson Was Dead, I Had Doubts.

  99. wozniack Said,

    On the casket, read some of the comments here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QofHF2Z37lI

    One person stated, “This is BS people come on…first of all Mike’s casket was gold so it would show up much lighter than that on a picture and the lining was royal blue, second, this shit is in black and white, who takes pictures in black and white and take a good look yall, he’s at the damn foot of the casket! Who puts a body in a casket backwards. THIS IS TOTAL BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!”

  100. Arual1979 Said,

    The photo of MJ in the casket is photoshopped. Someone photoshopped MJ’s head on James Brown’s body when James Brown was in the casket? How do I know this? Simple… MJ has on the same clothing as James Brown. Compare the pictures.



  101. dynamite Said,

    That picture is fake and yah why the hell is it in black and white and why is he at the foot of the coffin wtf?

  102. svangel Said,

    ppl the key player isnt who Dame.. its Diana… come on…M.J died and she wasnt in his funeral… she gets costudy if M.J’s mom cant take care of the kids… oh plz im sure some BS is gonna happen where she gets the kids… and well m.j will be reunited with his kids…

  103. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    hi people!!! omg i totally believe that michael is still alive although sum of the stuff said is just over the top… i still believe he is alive…. my msn is “pink__shopaholic@hotmail.com” if u wanna catch me up or sumfin…. this mj hoax thingy gets better by the day doesn’t it??? and honestly he can’t be gone..i love you michael.. with all my heart!!!

  104. wozniack Said,

    The reason it’s in black and white is to cover up James Brown’s blue jacket. What bother me is the content on the site,

    “July 14, 2009. The below photo was sent to MediaTakeOut.com by a person close to the family. Apparently there are a number of INTERNET RUMORS going around that Michael may be alive. The insider wished to end all speculation ONCE AND FOR ALL by releasing the photo.”

    A person close to the family sent that, huh? And yeah, most people know about the internet rumours, lol. After seeing photo I got chills, but then I started to realize something was up…

  105. mysterylady Said,

    Well ladies and gentlemen,for those of you who don’t believe Michael is in fact alive,I believe the twitter conversations conducted between Liz and Dr Klein are concrete evidence. This isn’t here say or a conspiracy theory,it’s the quite obvious !

  106. monij Said,

    Good point Miu #39, I want an answer to that question too!!!

  107. serpentina Said,


    If you aren’t familiar with Matisse’s work…. http://nga.gov.au/exhibitions/Matisse/images/Romainebig.jpg This was drawn in 1938. Looks FAMILIAR right???

  108. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    I Checked Out The Dr.s Twitter And He Has Also Been Sending Messages To Ashton Kutcher About Helping With A Memorial, Which Ashton Kutcher Is A Prankster, Plus He Has Sent Messages To Justin Timberlake Stating The Same Exact Message, And Im Pretty Sure He Has Sent Them To Others As Well. Justin Timberlake Was A Huge Fan Of Michael Jackson And They Performed Onstage Together.

    Either The Media Are Clueless Like Michael Jackson Told Us, Not To Believe A Word They Say, Or The Media Is Too Busy To See The Subliminal Messages, Or They Really Dont Have Any Intelligence, I Know For A Fact They Arent In On The Hoax Because Michael Jackson Hated The Media. I Think This Hoax Was Meant For The Big Comeback Tour And To Prove That The Media Are Stupid And We Should Educate Ourselves, Instead Of Listening To Them, Plus He Wanted Those Kids To Tell The Truth, Which Has Happened.

  109. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Plus Liz Taylor And Dr Klein Could Simply Be Helping Send Out Subliminal Messages, Because We All Know Michael Jackson Believed In Subliminal Messages And Illusions. And They Know That The Media Will Be Watching Their Every Move And Probably Know The Media Are Incoherent To The Truth. They COuld Be Simply Throwing Off The Media And Everyone Else, Which Michael Is Setting Up His Next Moves, Have You All Thought, Maybe Michael Is Making All This Happen, Maybe Liz And Dr. Klein Let Michael Use Their Twitter And Jumble The Stories Up A Little More. And Maybe Michael Told His Family In The Beginning To Keep A Straight Story And Somehow They Screwed It Up, To Either Cover Their Tracks Or Confuse People More. There Is So Much Media Tracking These Stories And They Are Writing Everything They Hear Down. Wouldnt Be Awesome To Make The Individuals That Hurt You So Much, Look Like Fools? Maybe He Is Also Seeing What Might Happen If He Really Did Die. Plus He Wouldn’t Leave His Children In The Hands Of His Father Whom He Said Beat Him As A Child. Plus I Read In This Commerative Magazine About Michael Jackson, That His Children Are In The Studio And Has Been In The Studio Making Music. Some People Just Cant Tell A Lie Or Keep The Truth Hidden For Long. Please Remember This Site Is Simply To Help Educate Eachother On Evidence We Find For Ourselves And To Think Positively Without Media Coverage, So Dont Attack Eachothers Opinions.

  110. monij Said,

    To Vanillacream: this site is dedicated to Michael Jackson. We should not use it to voice our hatered to certain people!!!! And to answer your question, I am sorry to tell you that MJ converted to Islam last year and changed his name to Mikaeel. I would like to apologize to all Moslems on this forum for Vanillacream’s comment.

  111. demonhybrid13 Said,

    Admin I read what u wrote to another person on here that michael jackson wont throw it all out the window just to show himself again. well what if he were to find out about the Jackson 3? Or about the fact that his father is making his children become famous? It is his worst nightmare.

  112. VanillaCream Said,

    as I wrote: ->myI<- have bad experiences with moslems. It´s MY oppinion and my lessons I´ve learned, so where´s your prob?

  113. sita Said,

    sorry @folks, i also wished the truth is the hoax, but


    if michael is alive would he ever hurt his children with watching him, beeing DEAD!?!??!?!

    NO, no, no.
    look with your heart. Michaels childhood was terrible for him. and he would never hurt his children!!!!

    so all cool down. michael passed away from us!
    Before you judge me, try hard to love me,
    Look within your heart then ask,
    Have you seen my Childhood?

    People say I’m strange that way
    ‘Cause I love such elementary things,
    It’s been my fate to compensate,
    for the Childhood I’ve never known…

    Have you seen my Childhood?
    I’m searching for that wonder in my youth
    Like fantastical stories to share
    The dreams I would dare, watch me fly…

  114. ilovemichaeljackson Said,

    she wasn’t put into the hospital for MJ’s death. :


  115. westin Said,

    Dr. Arnold Klein gifted Matisse to dame Elizabeth on 27 th of march. I’ve read it in here – the first mess http://twitter.com/dameelizabeth

  116. mysterylady Said,


    One thing is for sure,I believe if Michael Jackson wanted to disappear and pull off the biggest hoax in history,,it can be done and is more than possible !
    Michael loved his kids but in the last decade or so he really wasn’t living. He appeared unhappy and very withdrawn from society,even more than normal. His appearance and personality changed drastically. He didn’t look or act like the Michael we knew for more than four decades. One thing I found quite odd after following the abc interview last night with Joe Jackson was the fact Joe was not showing any remorse or sorrow for the loss of his son. He was cracking jokes,saying MJ was too naive and surrounded himself with people who were not looking out for Mj’s best interest.Even though he said he believed it was foul play,he didn’t sound convincing whatsoever! When the reporter asked how he felt about losing his son,Joe replied that it was a sad loss because of all the work he put into Michael. Joe seemed more concerned with trying to convince the world he was a good father as well as not being the horrible person everyone thought. We can speculate as well as come up with more theories of MJ being alive but the truth of the matter is the Michael Jackson we’ve known and loved for 45 years is gone,weather he has escaped or is up in heaven looking down at us right now,we will never have the opportunity of seeing and knowing him once agian,as the MJ we once remembered.

  117. MariannaB Said,

    The office of Gunter von Hagens confirmed to have had aninformation request from MJ. They confirmed that they gave respective informations out. They confirmed that MJ is NOT listed on their list of donators. I would never think of MJ seriously getting on their list as an autopsy destroys too much of the body.
    And as MJ is such an important person, an autopsy is 100% sure for him.
    In addition, the donators of bodies always remain anonymous. This would contradict MJ’s experience of fame and applause.

  118. iheartmj Said,

    dame elizabeth taylor was also supposed to accompany michael at his london concerts.
    this explains why she was not able to attend the memorial.
    so whereever michael is elizabeth is with him.
    or am i the only one who has thought of this?

  119. kristin514 Said,

    to mysterylady… Thank you 4 clarifying. I am in such a weird place like millions of other people. I WANT to believe he is alive and happy, and you r absolutely right that it is definitely plausible and possible that he is, on the same note, people die EVERYDAY all the time completely unexpectedly and sometimes for etiology unknown… I’m sitting right on top of the fence with this because all of your research is excellent and you’re so right that most of this doesn’t “ADD UP” but again, what if you ARE absolutely correct, and he did have this “plan” to disappear, but did legitimately “die” before he could carry it out… I sincerely appreciate all of your research, because again, I would LOVE 4 him to be alive and happy, and if he is, I hope no one ever does know for sure, because he deserves some kind of “Peace” in his life. Then again, my mind goes back to the fact, that people DIE… Yes he was young, my dad is alive and well at 58, but it happens, and I’m just so damn torn because I would love to know the truth, but is that REALLY what we would want for Michael? If he wanted to disappear so he COULD be “happy” and we really do love him, shouldn’t we leave well enough alone and accept it as the way he wanted it. If he is alive and we somehow do find out, then that screws up his whole game plan, and he goes right back to the absolutely unfair circus that the latter part of his “life” became. IDK MAN, I’m so damn confused, both theories are plausible, death AND disappearance, I’m just really questioning the moral issues of delving too deep into this and not just letting him REST whether he is here or in heaven… Toss me your thoughts on that and point me in the right direction here… Thanks!!!

  120. kristin514 Said,

    BTW, one other thing that’s been “bugging” me about this whole body sitting up thing… Look when they pull the stretcher out of the helicopter, WHATEVER is on it, body, dummy, blankets underneath, whatever, the way it is positioned assuming it is a “body” it comes out FEET FIRST… So how in the world does it “sit up” if when they pull it out, it was clearly the foot end we were looking at anyways… What do you think?

  121. kristin514 Said,

    I answered my own question on that one… I was paying so much attention to the “moving” that it took a few more times of watching to see that DUH they turned the body around on the way out of the helicopter… So that was the head end we were looking at, but here goes one more shot at trying to make sense of this in my own mind… There is someone in the helicopter with the “body” what’s to say someone else wasn’t moving the “body”?

  122. kristin514 Said,

    Hey mysterylady, how creepy is this, and what in the world do you make of it??? http://www.theonion.com/content/news/neverland_ranch_investigators

  123. kristin514 Said,

    I swear this whole thing is more of a circus act than the last few years have been for him… The nice “WHITE” glove still white after supposedly being burried for 20 years, then they use the creepiest pic of Michael to call the “creature” OMG get a grip…

  124. Mijac Said,

    Go there and watch that picture of Michael, and then compare with the “Michael”of the press conference, they are 2 diferent people!!!


  125. Mijac Said,

    Plus, he didn’t take his children’s with him, because he is “dead”, so he can’t take them with him don’t you think?? it’s most credible leave them with his mother at least for awhile

  126. Goldie Said,

    Omg i am so confused …..

  127. Samantha Said,

    this is driving me INSANE.
    i don’t know what to do or think
    ah! i just want you michael <3

  128. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    hey crazyinsanebarbie…. i also went to justin timberlake’s twitter account and read the comments, ok first off, since he is such a huge fan of mj, i noticed that he only slightly mentions michael and he seems more sad or wateva over farrah’s death rather than michael’s. He says “RIP Farrah” but i haven’s seen RIP Michael or something like that (weird huh?? i think there is more to this than we think). I mean honestly, if I was in place of jt i would be really really depressed and stuff… u know??

    Can someone get back to me on this??

    Here is a link to justin’s twitter account: http://twitter.com/JTimberlake

  129. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    ohh WAIT!! Justin Timberlake doesn’t even mention michael once i think…. i went back to his page and actually i don’t see anything to do with mj??? help someone… is it just me or is something really going on???

  130. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    What a piece of bullshit, that picture is. The real Michael, is the Michael we all know. This has got to stop. What the hell are people doing. And thet officer with the scelet of someone with a while glove, could easilly have been put in that picture, just to fuck up Michael`s life like they always have done. MY GOD, never in my intire life have i seen so much bullshit about 1 person. They need to start show him some respect. I think they Media, press and TMZ owe it to him. The Michael we know is “Dead” yeah offcause i believe that, nothing has proved that he is.

  131. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Sorry for swearing. But im getting pretty upset, when i see that the media is still trasching his name, in evryway. Even after he is “Dead”

  132. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    omg has anyone seen this footage of michael’s pepsi commercial?? it made me burst into tears again…. awww why did it have to be michael… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAJLq4hHUjQ

  133. mysterylady Said,


    I was just looking at Liz Taylor’s twitter and guess what ? She is no longer following Dr.Arnold Klein from her twitter and all her tweets referring to this Dr are mysteriously gone ! If she had nothing to hide ,why erase them,what is going on ??? Something very,very fishy is going on here !! Even if she saw our blog ,did that make her feel as if her tweets could really be evidence of Michael really being ALIVE ???


  134. emmie Said,

    hmmm tht is true because i last looked at her profile bout 3days ago and i was reading the comment liz was sending to klein and now they have all gone so she must have done that recently. and she took him of her friends… wonder why

  135. berkeleygal Said,

    Liz’s very first post is still there…quote “Presents make everybody happy. My friend Arnie Klein gave me a Matisse today! Happy.
    2:10 PM Mar 27th from web” the rest are indeed gone. anyone check arnies site? for liz msgs?

  136. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    omg omg is it possible to get a psychic or something involved? i used to watch this show on tv and i dunno, they were pretty spot on with most of the information…. ???

  137. emmie Said,

    hi i was just looking on liz taylors twitter

    ”I’m home from the hospital sore, but intact. Of course I’m still grieving for Michael…I always will.

  138. emmie Said,

    hi i was just looking on liz taylors twitter

    ”I’m home from the hospital sore, but intact. Of course I’m still grieving for Michael…I always will But as I said before I went into the hospital, “I am a survivor,
    I’ve had many tragedies in my life, but I guess they have all taught me something. I have to look at it that way.I have to be stronger and more appreciative of what I do have.
    she sure dont seem all that sad about his death, considering how close they were.

  139. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Something is not right in this. She is not griving, Trust me. She knows Michael is alive.

  140. ishealive Said,

    I think the meda need to back off, why show the Pepsi commercial now??? Leave the man alone, they’re like vulchers they make me sick. On another note Michael’s friends don’t seem that upset, Miko Brando and the Incredible Hulk don’t seem too upset at all. Also I was watching Jermaine’s interview with Larry King after Michael died and he said he heard the news from CNN and then laughed, if I heard the news that god forbid my brother died from the Media I certainly wouldn’t be laughing, I’d be annoyed even pissed off about it. They all seem ok, a little upset but not like you should be. After my Nan died I was inconsolable for weeks.

  141. emmie Said,

    i dont even no how they can be speaking to the media so early.i mean even when latoya went to the house she didnt seem sad. its pretty weird, she got more upset when she talked about her dads violence toward the children in a different interview and even cried,

  142. svangel Said,

    check this out yo…. this is from her twitter account I just don’t believe that Michael would want me to share my grief with millions of others. How I feel is between us. Not a public event.2:25 PM Jul 6th from web…. yet she posting she missing hima nd the memories they had… oh plz… why wud she say wat i feel is between us… unless he is alive… shudnt it be… wat i felt form him wud have been between us

  143. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    To ishealive.

    I will agree with you, I think thay commercial is WAY OUT OF LINE. They know how affected Michael was after that, WHY THE HELL ARE THEY KEEP ON TRASCHING HIS NAME. BACK OFF. I feel like sueing them. ASSWHOLES

  144. LEA613 Said,

    This is a very interesting site. Since we are talking about Twitter, here is something I noticed that is a bit strange on Nicole Ritchie’s (Michael Jackson’s goddaughter) twitter acct: On June 25, she says RIP Farrah Fawcett. No mention of her late godfather? I was like oh, that’s odd. No mention of Michael on her twitter even on the day of the memorial. She just tweets about other stuff. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I found it a bit odd.

  145. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    @LEA613.. hi.. yea i noticed that and i also noticed on Justin Timberlake’s twitter aswell that he hasn’t mentioned Michael even ONCE!!!!

    Ok this is too weird.. one minute im thinking he is dead (usually by wat i see on tv)…. and then i think about it carefully and tell myself that he has to be alive.


  146. emmie Said,

    im the same i dont no what to think,but u no what hopfully he is now out if his pain and anguish.
    weather he is dead or alive. its something we unfortunatly will neva really no…

  147. shyone Said,

    Of course, he’s alive. Why would Elizabeth Taylor say Michael’s death taught her something. What did it teach her? How to fake your own death? Dr. Klein as far as I am concerned would sell his mother’s soul to the devil. All he can see is dollar signs. He could care less about Michael. The money was all he was interested in. The same for Debbie Rowe and LMP. Michael was surrounded by shady people of all sorts from all walks of life and he was smart enough to know that. Yet still, he used them to elude the famous life he had created and wanted to escape. The truth will come out eventually. By the way! why are the Jackson’s performing in August at O2 in London? Supposedly, they are going to have a halogram of Michael and play his lost songs. Is it possible Michael will be resurrected on his birthday in August? That short film Thriller just didn’t come out of nowhere. That was the largest grossing album he had ever sold during his career. Something will be happening next month? Lastly, if wherever MJ’s body is located is being guarded by armed guards 24 hrs; why would Joe Jackson be interviewed from that location on Larry King? Everything will come to a head in the near future. Closer than we think. That you for keeping those of us who think outside of the box in the loop. God Bless!

  148. Solid121 Said,

    When the report came in to an American news agency (I think it was Fox) that Michael was rushed to hospital not breathing and unconscience, they said they had recieved a statement through Elizabeth Taylor’s PR that said “Michael IS alive and he IS breathing”

  149. MyBelovedMJ Said,


    I think something will happen at that concert next month, we will just have to wait and see.

    There is NO body. Joe Jackson said in that interwiev, when he was asked where his sons body is he answered ” I dont know”. OMG WTF. How can you not know where your babys body is?? I felt like (no i dont wanna say that word).

    Like Michael always says. The truth will prevail.

  150. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    And I know he is not going to tell it, because of the public, but then he could have said something like. I cant or wont reviel that. Or, Im not gonna say or something, But dont say he dosent know.

    DAMMIT. Whats wrong with that family?

  151. phoenix Said,

    @admin. Do you know if Liz Taylor deleted the message, where she thanks Dr. Klein for that Matisse painting? because to be honest i cant find it…..
    however i want to believe that he is alive- but i disagree, that he is not going to come back: i think he loves the stage too much- why wouldnt he want to show the press, which was so terrible to him, that he is much stronger than media- that he made right in front of the press the hugest fake ever? maybe we just have to wait a bit- like 2-3 years…. i would want him back…or even just alive and happy- not matter where he is.

  152. nora Said,

    I think Michael was with us

  153. blu Said,

    I have been a loyal fan Of Michael Jackson for over forty years. The reason I got on the internet and began looking up things is because something just didn’t feel right to me. I think I know Michael about as well as anyone could without being in his circle. There is no dout in my mind that the person in the This is it announcement video was not Michael. Not the real one anyways. I don’t know what it all means and I can’t say that I am sure of anything else, but I just know that something don’t feel right. I just don’t want to be like the people in Elvis days that just would not let go of the fact that he was dead and was made the laughing stock of the rest of the world. All I know is that I had a dream about the Michael on June 24th and it is still freaking me out. I wish that I could shake this uneasy feeling that something is just not right.

  154. blu Said,

    Let’s say that Michael is alive. If he went though this much to disappear, Do we think that we will ever know the real truth? Or for the rest of our days we will only be guessing? i couldn’t torture myself like this for the rest of my life. If he is alive and ever want to return, then he will. If he don’t want to return, then he won’t. I love Michael sooo much now and always.

  155. elizabethvitale Said,

    Now, they are delaying the autopsy reports another week. I can almost tell the outcome of this. Everything will start to disappear and no more will be heard about the entire case. I don’t even know if charges will be brought on anyone. In my opinion it will be stated as natural cause of death or some stupid rhetoric of words, slap the doctors hand, and to try to keep the peace with the public. I don’t know. There is just something doesn’t fit right in all of this stated death stuff.

  156. elizabethvitale Said,

    There is something strange in this whole story. Watch, no charges will be brought on anyone, the doctor’s hand will be slapped and the report will be worded with rhetoric around the stated reason for the stated death. With no evidence and no witnesses how is anyone going to prosecute anyone. Even with doctor records and the alias and the pharmacies these have nothing to do with the final reason for Michael’s stated death. So, the drugs were there. Did anyone see the doctor administer anything? Too many loopholes to prosecute. Too many discrepancies in the entire story of Michael’s stated death. Too many reasons not to prosecute. I just can’t wait for another week. hmmmmm.

  157. elizabethvitale Said,

    Oh, and then the records will be tainted. LA politics. Raids compromized. info leaked to hurt the case. and on and on the saga will go with the news posting little tid bits to keep the public at peace and make it look like something will be done. What a bunch of bull.

  158. Eliana25 Said,

    I have a question………..What do you think about Lisa Marie Presley´s comment in her blog??, i read it and really makes me think …….if MJ really fake his death ……he don´t say anything to her?? or she´s helping him?? read it, it´s very confussed her words apparently his words are real and honest………..what do you think??

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