Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?


In the weeks since Michael Jackson’s death, there have been an unending amount of comments pointing toward the fact that the ‘reason’ why Michael Jackson’s death is NOT a Hoax is because he would ‘never hurt his children’ and because he ‘loved them too much’. We would like to say that we totally agree with these statements, and believe that this is the exact reason why Michael Jackson’s death WAS a Hoax. Please allow me to explain.

The day of Michael Jackson’s death, June 25th, we were told almost immediately that his death was due to Cardiac Arrest. As the days following his death progressed, we were then given information that his Heart Attack was caused by excessive drug use. Although the results of the two, possibly three autopsies of Michael Jackson’s body are yet to be released as well as the toxicology report from the first autopsy, we are only able to asses the information that we’ve been told by the  unrelieable sources of the Media and such websites as TMZ.

However, I would still like to explore the reasons why I believe his children are the number one reason he is still alive.

If Michael Jackson did indeed take a cocktail of drugs each day, which is what in turn caused his heart attack, how could he have done this as a father? I understand that an addicition is something that is extremely difficult to overcome and deal with, however, apart from a few minor incidents, Michael Jackson is reported to have been an excellent father, giving his children plenty of his time and all of the things they could have ever wanted. If the statement ‘He would never hurt his children’ is in fact true, which I’m sure it is, then why would he ever have comprimised his health in such a way that would risk leaving them without a father, especially at such a young age?

Secondly, it has been reported that moments after Michael Jackson was announced dead at the UCLA Medical Center, Katherine Jackson took the children to see their father. (Although there is no photo evidence to support this claim and Katherine Jackson was not seen with the children at the hospital at all.) We were also told that at the private family memorial before the Public memorial at the Staples Center, Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, placed a necklace of a half heart around her fathers neck, while she wore the other half.

If Michael Jackson is indeed dead, then how could his family subject his children to the traumatic experience of seeing their fathers dead body not once but twice? The second time the children would have seen his body, he would have already been dead for over two weeks. Personally, I don’t think this is something that a Father who loves his children so much would have appreciated or ever consented to.

We were also told that the reason that Michael’s casket was not an open casket at the Public Memorial was because his face was bruised and damaged during CPR and resuscitation. Keeping in mind that this reasoning is absolutely ludicrous anyway, if it is true, then why on earth would you take the man’s children to see him again? Showing his children their dead father with a bashed up face not once but twice? I don’t think so…..he loved them too much to put them through something as traumatic as that. I truly believe that any child that would have had to endure something like that would undoubtedly be scarred for life.

The final reasoning I have to back up my theory is how the children appeared so unbelieveably calm during the public Memorial. Excuse me for saying so, but I would even go so far as to say that Prince Michael II, the eldest, even looked bored at times. I know that many people will say that everyone deals with things differently and perhaps they were just in shock (although I wouldn’t blame them considering they’d just had to endure seeing their father’s corpse for the second time.) But if people are trying to say that three children are dealing with their father’s death in the same calm and collected way (apart from the speech Paris gave which seemed very rehearsed and planned and was also completely ‘tear-less’), then we have to say that that is a ridiculous claim. Show me any child that is calm, composed and ‘bored’ during their father’s memorial with no tears or sobs, with a coffin in front of them which was supposed to hold the body of their father…I doubt you’d find any.

Michael Jackson's children at his Memorial

I honestly believe that the only way Michael Jackson’s children could have made it through that memorial so easily and ‘emotionless’, as well as enduring two ‘viewings’ of their father’s corpse would be if their father wasn’t even dead to begin with. They know their father is very much alive and well, they have seen him alive since his ‘death’ and they know they will be with him again soon.

How could he do this to his kids? We are talking about a man who didn’t see anything wrong with dangling his baby out of a hotel room window, four stories above the ground. ‘My fans wanted to see the baby, so I showed them’, Michael Jackson said when questioned about the incident. If Michael truly didn’t see how this incident could be a problem, then wouldn’t it make sense that he probably thinks there is no problem with making the world believe he’s dead while he goes on to live a long and relaxed life somewhere else?

Keep an eye on these children over the next 2,4 and 6 months. Guaranteed they will be sent to ‘boarding school’ or to live overseas to ‘get out of the spotlight’ or some such excuse. We all know they will be with their father again soon…he loves them to much and he would never do anything to hurt them.

  1. jackoisalive21 Said,

    agreed, 110% agreed. esp the last bit i said it on the last post that after the media is done talking about jacksons ‘death’ the kids will mysteriously dissapear and if the media get sus they will just come back to make them unsus again.

    mark my words. hope your happy michael i agree with what you are doing and i love you.

  2. dynamite Said,

    I agree with everything you just said none of the family shed any tears what so ever,
    i felt uneasy watchin the memorial it just didnt seem right to me, and now the autopsy results are put back 2 weeks WTF, something is definetly up, The truth will come and sooner or later

  3. dynamite Said,

    lol typo i meant the truth will come out sooner or later, I also heard the doctor guy has took off somewhere else again hmmmmmm

  4. jackoisalive21 Said,

    also just wanted to say welcome back admin, glad to see you back keep up the great work with this site and hope to see more posts soon.

  5. Anxelica Said,

    Congratulations for this page. I totally agree with this post. The children were very quiet, and when Paris talked seemed rehearsed.

  6. lillina Said,

    that’s not a prove!!!
    everyone can react to a death in very different ways…
    Sure many of us cry, but i can tell u that some of my friends don’t like to do that and they keep their emotions inside..but i can tell they suffer so much!

  7. AliaX Said,

    Paris is a good actress. She
    dominate the public
    very well, at 12. This is not out of the ordinary. Her father was a consummate artist when he was on half of her age. Girl played an important role in this sketch.

  8. Smiile1929 Said,

    I Agree With Everything U Said Admin .. I Mean Tha Three Kids Wher So Close To Ther Father .. He Spent Alot Of Time With Them & Its Abit Weird How Latoya Or Tha Family Members Say Tha Paris Has Been Crying Alot & Stuff & When U See Her At Tha Memorial Shes Looks Fine .. =S .
    I Mean I’m Sure If Your Really Close With Your Parent .. Mother Or Father & U Spend Alot Of Bonding Time Together Then Your Parent Passes Away .. U Would Oviously Feel Really Hurt & Upset U Know & When I Saw Those Kids At Tha Memorial They Just Looked Fine To Me .. Oh & When Paris Was Making Her Speech She Started Crying But STILL Janet & Tha Others Kept Telling Her To Speak .. I Mean I Wouldn’t Force A Kid To Still Speak When Shes Crying & Stuff U Know ..
    Could Be Just Me Thinking Like That .. I Don’t Know But It Jus Really Didn’t Feel Right & I Was Thinking Tha Exact Same Thing .. Just Give It A Good Few Months When Everythings Over Those Kids Are Gonna Dissapear .. Then Tha Jacksons Would Be Like They’ve Gone ”Boarding School” Whatever .. Seems Pretty Obvious That Thats Gonna Happen .. Hmm.

  9. VanillaCream Said,

    My grandmother died when i was 10 yrs old. My grandpa took me to the open casket deatwatch. I saw my dead granny without breathing, white skin, mouth open and the cramped position of her bluish (nails and fingertips) hands. Hell i´ll never forget these horrible scene. About for 3 yrs. I had nightmares, I saw her casket upon the closet, had fear: granny under my bed grabbing my feet and so on. But at all: my granny had NO injuries at all and I was scared nonetheless.

    Admin: you´re right, the kids would be scarred for life.
    Another option: the kids were given a sedativum.

    Paris wore the necklace at the memorial, it´s the blue spot on her dress, you can see it when she´s on the stage. I noticed it because I thought it was a stain.

  10. VanillaCream Said,

    And Michael loves his kids really, honestly and deeply, s do they.


    hi im new on here and totally agree with you a 100% you would of thought the family would of been crying their eyes out especially when you heard mj at the end of the song will u be there but there was none the sort just fake crying especially the childern they looked bored and were chewing gum and had no emotion at all and when mj said pains i was shocked i can,t believe how many people believe the media and the crap they come out with its gettin silly now i kno mj is alive as i have this feeling and has anyone heard his unrealeased song its called a place with no name its very strange that their bring it now now it makes even more sense he faked his death heres the link if u havent heard it http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2540324/Michael-Jackson-unreleased-song-found.html listening to it its very strange and adds up to hoaxing his death

  12. emmie Said,

    i understand what ur sayin admin,but do u think all thefamily and close friends that was there know he is alive,because if the family is saying that it was an open casket someone had to be in there in order for the other people to see.i cannot imagine all of them are in on it. when user proformed he genuinly looked sad and cried.

    what do you thin katherine has told the kids then about the funeral and why they had to attend it??

    it would be good if there was pictured that someone might of seen michael alive then there would be good hard proof

    but it is so true, there never was a picture of the kids with katherin or anyother member of fsmily going to the hospital, and someone whould have got a picture with the press all there you wouldnt miss erm unless they were hiding.

  13. emmie Said,

    yes all people react differently, but not the whole family, i mean there has 2 be some emotion… i mean even when jermaine was singing ’smile’ yea he looked so sad but no tears

  14. Copenhagen Said,

    I am really confused about the whole thing. One day I believe he is alive and the next day I believ he has died. I don’t understand what they were looking up at at the memorial ? Were they looking at him – look at Paris – what is she looking at ?One on this site said that infered pictures had been taken of MJ at the mem ?? I haven’t seen them – have anybody here heard about that ?

  15. dirtydiana Said,

    I totally agree with their reactions at the memorial. I know everyone reacts to death differently, but all three? None of them including the family show not one tear fall. Are you kidding me? The casket is sitting right there with you knowing your father is lying in that casket? I am pretty sure Paris and the oldest understand death. I know my neices and nephews would be balling their eyes out knowing the only real parent they knew and have been with all their lives is lying in a casket dead. They would probably be hysterical.

  16. Girl21GER Said,

    Seeing the dead body of your father seems really strange… and doing that twice… I agree with you, no child would be able to handle that.

    I thought about the boarding school stuff myself and I’m sure they will be taken to a secret place, like the “body” to be out of the spotlight.

    But to compare the balcony story with faking his death feels kind of wrong to me… these are completly different things

  17. momsword Said,

    Admin, you (and everyone on here) might find this interesting:

    I wanted to post this topic since to me it doesn’t make sense why they are delaying it.


    Michael Jackson Autopsy reports delayed 2 more weeks… now why is that?

  18. wndrwmn67 Said,

    I was really hoping that they would show Michael’s children on the Dateline special with Katherine and Joe at the Jackson family compound. They interviewed Joe and Katherine, but it was mostly Joe who talked. They did go inside and show some video of the other Jackson grandchildren that Katherine is raising and I thought they might briefly show Paris, Prince, and Blanket if even for a moment just to show that they were there and doing well. However, they did not.

  19. dynamite Said,

    How many more times are they gonna put the results off, just get it over and done with already

  20. jackoisalive21 Said,

    people react to death differently yeah ill give you that but not one person in the whole damn family cried, even Marlon (not sure if it was him) cried while talking about Michael…give me a break!

    When the kids were on stage they were smiling and singing along just like his brothers and sisters were. Katherine was the only one that looked remotely sad.

    USHER WAS SAD! yes but i dont think he knows about the hoax.


    im sure michael himself explained this to them beforehand to get them ready

  21. Synthara Said,

    Does anybody know where the “body” (??) is? Might be slightly disrespectful to not have him buried after nearly a month and I don’t know what a really good reason for not having done it yet could be.

  22. ilprincipe Said,

    @ # 11: I heard the song….but am i wrong? I understand always “Take me to the place WITHOUT no name”
    that’s weird. Who knows when this song really was written and composed…Maybe MJ wrote it two weeks ago and combined it with the covered tune from “america”…nobody knows …
    @ admnin: Thanks for your research and close monitoring and everything which is related to MJS “Death”
    @ momsword: I heard about this morning. If you compare MJs case with Anna-Nicole Smith or Heath Ledger => both had overdose on drugs/pills etc.
    The autopsies did just take some days and not more than 4 weeks or longer…
    I’m very sceptical.
    Does anyone know results of the autopsie which was made privately by the Jackson family?

  23. Nancy Said,


  24. grecialove Said,

    i saw my grandma dead in a the coffin and there are been 3 years later and i am still scared ,not to mention i had seen my other grandma dead by a car accident with a broken head..and it was so much painfull…..

    i agree with this post i can think any child beins so quiet in this!!i mean they didnt cry at all..in the whole night …
    wonder why,

  25. VanillaCream Said,

    Right DirtyDiana: “The casket is sitting right there with you knowing your father is lying in that casket” – and you hear songs of your father you even hear your fathers beloved VOICE saying “will you be there…”(if not previously this would be THE moment when I start to cry)???
    And still no tear?

  26. dynamite Said,

    Latoya said the results will be shocking to everyone, whatever she means by that idk

  27. dynamite Said,

    She was also to suppose 2 have said he had needle marks on his arms and neck, that story came from the sun so it was probaly bullshit

  28. Helia Said,

    Well, I am one of these people who say that he is dead because he wouldn’t let them suffer by pretending their fathers death and I still do because the claims in this text are totally trite. It is just like someone is desperately trying to convince us that he is alive. I don’t know if you watched the memorial with much attention but Blanket had tears on his face in the second half I think of the memorial and Paris didn’t stage her speech…it was totally real. And have you seen Janet oder Michael’s Mother????And Marlon Jackson???There are people who don’t want to cry in front of the whole world…I can imagine they did everything to stay calm. I can imagine that Michael told them once if he dies they shouldn’t cry for him cause he is with the angels.
    Sorry, but he is dead.


  29. emmie Said,

    i even cried when i was watching it and when the camera when on 2 his coffin and i am just a fan.i mean i when my nan died i went to the hospital and saw her,she was still warm getting cold and had liquid coming out of her mouth, i couldnt stop crying and even at the funeral i was crying so much just knowing she was in there and i wud never see her again. so how come family didnt show emotion

  30. Narcosis Said,

    More to question?
    According to a police source, Michael had an extensive security system in and around the house, recording 24/7 what was happening. So there must be video-material of the last hours of MJ before he died. However, the tapes are lost!! Also there are black holes in the video material that was stored on computers. The police would do everything to find out where the material remained…

  31. Brooklyn Said,

    To Copenhagen,

    I have noticed that also…. What were all of them looking up at???

  32. Sosh Said,

    It were not only the kids who didn’t show any grief. Also his brothers are laughing at the memorial whil all standing on stage with the last two songs. Als look at Brooke Shields when ‘dancing’ in the songs. Doesn’t seem to be so sad as she was while speaking.

    But what about the rumours that Michael wasn’t messed up but looking like he was asleep. I thought the children saw that version of the body.

  33. jackoisalive21 Said,

    version of the body? yes because when people die there are different versions, OH CMON!

    all these theories make sence, the press has fed us nothing but crap making up heaps of crap about debbie rowe and grace (the nanny) and all this other junk.

    there is no way michael died it just doesnt add up. im not in denial im looking at the facts!

  34. emo_pinkt Said,

    After I watched the memorial I remember telling my mother and sister that I dont think anyone at the memroial seemed genuine. They though I was crazy..so I just kinda forgot about it.

  35. MariannaB Said,

    Oh the results will confirm to the broad public that he was killed with overdose of medication. The doc will have the best lawyers in the US and it will be an accident in the end. Thus the insurance can be claimed (as it was no natural death) to cover up all monetary expectations of the entourage (family included). So everybody will be paid off.


    As tons of unknown items have been removed from the house (named “toys for the children” before the police checked the house, there will be kilometers of unreleased songs, videos and enough material to live on it’s sales forever and ever.

    A second battle will begin on these leftovers.

    Meanwhile the children’s case is resolved and media have calmed down.

    In one year, everything should be settled for a calm future.

    The autopsy for sure will reveal a drug overdose.
    No other result possible in order to get the insurance money.

  36. emmie Said,

    when my nan dies i always looked up at the sky. if he is dead they was probaly looking up at heaven if not the i dont no

  37. ilprincipe Said,

    I agree with the most of you. I also saw my beloved granny in the casket. This was very traumatic to me
    btw at this hard time then, i was accompanied by MJs “will you be there”….it was fall 1993 and this song was big in the german charts.
    I keep to my conclusion. He’s not really dead. If he ever will return in the way we all knew him? I don’t know..but I suppose not.
    The so called “unreleased” songs may contain some clues for insiders. So watch the lyrics!
    Don’t believe everything what TMZ, CNN etc. try to make you to believe.
    The yellow press is not the gospel of truth. Don’t forget that

  38. barnicals07 Said,

    Hi, this will be my first post as I’m a new member. Firstly thank you admin for setting up
    a forum for this disscussion, as soon as I heard
    Jackson had died I automaticly thought ‘bollocks to that, he’s alive, living on an island with all the millions from his sell out tour’ so thanks for letting us pessimists vent our frustration with likeminded people, I have debates with my friends, they see what they want to see, I see what I want to see too. All of you’re posts (well, mostly) have massive amounts of logic to them, so they feed my morbid facianation. Though I do have to argue some of you’re points, some of them are so far-fetch (yet plausable) like what you said about there being an ‘original’ mj whom died in 1984 and was replaced by a lookalike and then carried on brand mj to make money…plauseable but still so ludicrous, keep in mind I’m not a mj obsessive who is trying to dismiss all of you’re claims, because most of them seem perfectly logical, apart from the above, I know messed up shit happens but that claim is just madness. I go from day to day beliving that he is dead and then something happens that makes me think he is alive, I agree with somebody else that some sort of hard evidence is needed. There are holes too, the ‘this is it’ announcement, I was fasinated with that post, but, with what you are saying that somebody had plastic surgary to look identical to him, obviously for a price, what exactly would that person do now? Sit indoors with millions of dollas looking like mj? That seems extreamly unlikely…but with what you were saying about they got a terminally ill person to get plastic surgary to fill in as his body…did they pump that person with drugs to throw the sent? Was that person the same person as the one at the this is it announcement? Or multipul lookalikes…something for you to think about…

  39. goslinger1 Said,

    I agree with this post! Nice work!

    I was crying my eyes out watching that memorial. I usually don’t cry very easily, but it was so emotional for me. I couldn’t help it.

    I was shocked (and embarrassed at myself) that I was more emotional than his own family! Brooke Shields was the only person who was as torn up as I was. This doesn’t surprise me–as I wouldn’t think Michael would keep an old childhood friend in his “loop” of things if he did stage a hoax.

    It is in my belief that Michael wouldn’t leave his kids–he would easily disguise himself or have surgery to create a new persona. THis way, he could visit his children as much as he would like without going noticed and recognized. If you consider this possibility, then why wouldn’t he stage his death? He would still be able to see his family and children at his leisure.

    By the way, he wouldn’t think twice about having surgery. He’s done it many times before and LOVES disguises and fooling people!

  40. jackoisalive21 Said,

    agree with the last post.


    June 25th Michael’s big day, he “dies” in LA

    Fans in shock, speculation on death mounts as it is announced cause of death is unknown

    Weeks pass,public and private memorials on same day,no emotion shown

    More weeks pass, we get autopsy results…reveals what we already know..death by overdose

    AEG claim insurance money, world is in shock more speculation rises

    Mags & the net puzzes with Michael Jackson news for months to come until it finally settles down, the family is left in peace.

    Kids disapear to be with their father who calls them throughout these to tell them that he misses them and is fine, Jacksons make up an excuse for kids not being around

    Michael has a normal peaceful life..

    it would be too messed up trust me.


  41. jackoisalive21 Said,


    mags & net buzzes, not puzzes

    their father calls them throughout this not these

  42. sita Said,

    “I LOVE YOU ADMIN, from the bottom of my heart” Michael would tell you.

  43. dora5132 Said,

    mariannaB,i concur with everything that is in your post.the kids are going to relocate,thus Joe Jackson’s statement about a world tour.while on this Tour will the public be fed some B.S. about them going missing.i don’t believe for one minute the MJ is dead.why is he still not Buried?why is the tox report taking so long?something is not right!!the family should not have been allowed in michael’s house without LAPD.

  44. dora5132 Said,

    mariannaB,i concur with everything that is in your post.the kids are going to relocate,thus Joe Jackson’s statement about a world tour.while on this Tour will the public be fed some B.S. about them going missing.i don’t believe for one minute that MJ is dead.why is he still not Buried?why is the tox report taking so long?something is not right!!the family should not have been allowed in michael’s house without LAPD.

  45. Narcosis Said,

    The Jacksons are very religious (Christians/Jehovah’s Witnesses I believe -though his brother Jermaine was converting to Islam-) so all that ‘looking up’ has to do with ‘asking’ strengh and the Lord and that sort of stuff I think. (Remember all the so-called Reverends at the memorial?)

  46. sita Said,

    and dont forget: LOOK WITH YOUR HEART

  47. Copenhagen Said,

    On the same picture LaToya is smiling under her big hat… I also noticed it was almost too dark at the mem but thought is was to respect the people mourning but I noticed that none behind the Jackson clan were crying either. Twice I hear a person calling out for Michael. It was the same person becauce the voice was the same … ? I also noticed that when people came out from the private mem service their bodylanguage didn’t show that they were mourning. I saw one woman being more interested in showing another woman what she had in her shoppingbag…that was very weird ??

  48. hesalive Said,

    oh yeah..kids will be sent somewhere,im 100% positive.an the heart bracelet will be joined again

  49. dita Said,

    Hello! It is the first time that I write and always follow the site every day. Like many here, I believe that Michael is alive somewhere. Everything is very strange and mysterious from the day on June 25. I read the comments and narcosis commented on the security system of the house of Michael: Where are the tapes from security cameras? If they are gone, that really is very strange. I have many questions: Why do the police have not questioned the staff of the house? The first autopsy results came out the same day and the doctor said he did not find anything, the family requested a second autopsy and that is taking so long to leave the result? They say the body is in the cemetery, I believe that the press is on duty there, nobody saw this coming coffin? Why not the police banned the house when the ambulance left the house of Michael? Dr. Murray has talked with the police and they said it was not considered suspicious, but a witness, now the police are after him again and dermatologist Dr. Klein. What happened? Is that the police are even investigating? Why is there a video of the ride the ambulance to the hospital? That the body was taken from helicopter (Why not drive?) The office of coroner to the first autopsy? Why the autopsy was not performed in the hospital? Because I believe that every hospital has a coroner and a refrigerator to keep the body. Yesterday I was looking at one photo of Michael “dead”, that picture from inside the ambulance and I was not one person in mind: E’Casanova. Who is this man who seems to be a cover of Michael appearing at the ceremony? I saw his picture on some site. This story of the day Michael is really true? Will the police do not believe that Michael could have forged his own death? Who knew the plan to help Michael and who that? I believe very few people and hand them the money to be deployed and collaborate. Sorry, but it really is very confusing and mysterious to me and I believe that for many here. Gradually we all joining and drawing conclusions. Sorry for the giant post! lol!

  50. auntygrace Said,

    I totally agree with the theory! when I’ve heard of MJ’s death I immediately felt that there was something wrong. I mean I’m really not one of his fans, I just like his music, but nevertheless I really had the feeling that something was strange… a few days later I finally accepted that MJ passed away. then I watched the memorial and it made it clear for me: michael jackson is not dead! i mean you are absolutely right by saying that the children behaved in a strange way, the whole Jackson family did. I just was there in front of the TV crying a lot (and again, I am not a fan!) and his children were sitting there as if they were just thinking “when is all this over, it’s sooo boring, like maths at school!”. it was really strange… I’ve though about a few things and I agree with most of the theories on this side, and I do believe that MJ is alive. but I also noticed, that if the memorial was just a “show”, than really a lot of people must have known that MJ is alive in order to plan all that and to make it real. I think it must be very difficult to keep such a secret… I mean sooner or later someone must lose a word and reveal everything, don’t you think?! and I don’t understand because MJ hasn’t be buried jet. and the delay of he of the autopsy results is too very, very strange! I seems as if they aren’t done with the planning yet. it’s just crazy, they all want us to believe that MJ is dead, but with all their actions they just support our theories that something must be wrong. don’t they realize that?!
    I mean, OK, MJ faked his death because he didn’t want to be in the media anymore, because he probably knew that with the tour starting, the media would only talk about him and so on, but look at the situation now: no matter which channel I am watching at, MJ is the main topic, it’s just MJ here, MJ there and every day new stories come up, all kind of stories and some of theme are really personal and so on. I think if I was MJ, I didn’t want the media to talk about me like that and inventing such stupid stories about me, that I am gay and that my dad hit me so much that I became sterile. I just couldn’t handle all these stories and would try to make a cut. I mean what is MJ thinking about all that?
    however, I will continue following the news and all that, because I want to know what will happen next and to which conclusion they all come. I’ll wait and see…

    greetings from Germany (and therefore sorry for the possibly bad English…)

    ps. some of you were wondering what the people and especially the kids were looking up to at the memorial: I just think they looked up to heaven, symbolically for the place where their father is now.

  51. VanillaCream Said,

    Michael´s house was a crime scene, right? So the police had to save the crime scene immediately but they didn´t right? So the evidences against this Doc are not worth the paperbag of transport. Am I right?

    I don´t know the right words, hope you unterstand what i mean.

  52. charliechaplin Said,

    Here’s the picture of Paris wearing the necklace at the Memorial:


  53. Nancy Said,

    I can’t figure out how you would not cry if you know that your father is lying in his coffin over there….You immediately would start to cry when you turn around and look at his coffin because immediately will come memories in your head and there is no way to don’t start to cry but THEY-THE CHILDREN didn’t break off ANY TEAR!!!!!!!!!

  54. lovelidae Said,

    Admin, I believe this theory all the way. My sister is in the same age group as Prince Michael I & Paris and she would be more than capable of understanding such a complex plot. As a matter of fact she has come up with some of the same theories as you guys and has studied Michael so closely that she can go through pictures and spot the real Michael from his impersonators. So I definitely believe that the children have some clue as to what is going on. All through the memorial the children kept looking up. I think MJ was at that memorial and told them where he would be in case they needed some courage to be strong (they eldest two knew that daddy wasn’t far away). All those reports about the kids seeing their father’s body came from Latoya Jackson, COME ON PEOPLE SINCE WHEN HAS LATOYA JACKSON BEEN A CREDIBLE SOURCE OF MJ INFORMATION. I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her, she tried to throw MJ under the proverbial bus during the child molestation trials (which I never thought he was guilty of). So, if you are reading this my dear Michael know that I love you and completely support your decision. You have left enough clues for your true fans and I know that you are alive and well. I pray that all this stuff quickly disappears from the media so that you can be reunited with the 3 loves of your life, your children. I love you and pray for you everyday. I have always appreciated your courage, love, kindness, beauty, and bravery. I love you always MJ!

  55. melia8383 Said,

    I think he’s still alive, hopefully.
    It doesn’t make since that they delayed the autopsy for another 2 weeks? Why? I think the people that comes on the website saying he’s dead! Give it a rest! Those are the people that want to put doubt in your mind, they want you to second guess yourself.Any other celebrity would be open and shut guess, I mean Anna Nicole test did not take this long! And I doubt he was addicted to anything, within the recent years of course. There’s so many stories out there about his “death” it’s crazy!
    But yeah I do believe that when the autopsy reports come back, it’s going to report that it was a drug overdose, I can see it coming, I believe he’s alive though.

  56. martha Said,

    emo-pinkt that was exactly what I thought after watching it and I said the very same thing to my boyfriend. but then I thought that sth is wrong with me. Now I see it wasnt only me…

  57. Wendy Darling Said,

    The only point that make me lose hopes about the hoax was the kids at memorial, but maybe the only way to make the plot belivable to everyone was showing the kids.
    In any case, to the media, the public presence of his own kids,so well educated and charming as they are, has cleaned in some way his image as a good father.
    I don´t think Paris was acting, she was really moved because she would know that his father is doing somethig difficult, and she was talking about her love for him. She´s only a child.

  58. Lenora Said,

    Every day I am most certain that MJ is still alive. According to TMZ the autopsy reports will delay again and I wonder why? Is the body which was taken to hospital and than to coroner realy MJ’s? I just remember that a couple years ago our media (I am from Slovenia) reported that Michael bought a golden plated casket which was delivered to Neverland- so that makes me beleive that he was planing his own dead long time ago. And there is a picture of memo on TMZ – MJ drug pictures – where some doctor uses words This is it – read it, it is interesting. Everything is so strange.
    With all respect to the Michael’s cute kids, I must say they all looks like they are at the baseball game not at their father memorial. Some of Jackson family said that Michael’s face was damaged because of CPR he received, and than let the kids seeing him like that. I don’t belive it. Unfortunately, I don’t beleive a word what latoya said. She was paid for that interwiev, and it looks like she is a money grabber too. She also accused Michael that he is a child molestor, so this don’t need any comment.

  59. feyaya Said,

    i have never lost anyone very close to me, and my heart goes out to all of you who have lost a loved one. but i can say with 100% certainty that if i lost a loved one, i would lose it in general. i’m 25 but i cannot fathom seeing someone i love in a casket, let alose losing them to being with. so, how much more these 3 kids, all below the age of 12? it doesn’t make any sense. even as prince was sitting there looking bored out of his mind, paris sat there with such a look of serenity; as if everything was fine and ok. i do believe michael is alive, and this is just one of the things that supports the idea.

    it is no surprise that the autopsy results have been postponed yet again. i think it’s all part of the ploy; the further things are put off, the more time is bought for the hoax. either that, or time is being bought for a possible case of homicide but nonetheless, i’m not losing hope that michael is alive

  60. fm89 Said,

    I also agree with this,on top of this according to the C4 Doc what happend in the last days aired the other day, they paint the picture that he was taking drugs for long periods, and that he died when he tried to stop taking them days before comming to the uk.

    in the program it also showed him training with the Hulk (sorry i forgot his name) , however before the memorial when sky news were questioning the “Hulk” (his personal trainer who was getting him ready for the concerts, he also got him ready for the history tour) He said there was no injection marks etc and no signs of him being on drugs at all.

    so was he or was he not on drugs, i know in hollywood its very common, but as you said, he has a family etc, and im sure AEG would not be happy with him taking drugs with so much money and reputation on the line?

  61. Smiile1929 Said,

    Okay Some People May Think Mj’s Dead ..
    But If U Think About Tha Whole Thing From When It Started Till Now .. Alot Of Things Don’t Make Sense .. Somethings Jus Not Right About It .. Yeah I Might Be ”Loosing My Mind” But Its True Though .. At Tha Memorial Something Just Wasn’t Right .. Might Be Just Me But When Your Having A Memorial For Someone .. U Feel Each Others Pain & See How Sad They Are U Know But Mj’s Funeral .. It Jus Looked Completely Fake To Me .. =S .

  62. artisticflare Said,

    i just love this site, i think Michael is alive too, but how awfull to have to go this far for a bit of peace and quiet!! i mean WTF! i was shocked at first when my 23 yr old son told me at midnight Michael Jackson was dead i just couldnt belive it! i was so upset i cried for days i mean come on i am a 56 yr old fan who was 6yrs old when Michaekl was born, i was bought up on Mowtown i lived slept and ate it!! But as the weeks are going by i really do belive it is all a hoax, and i really hope Michael is not dead! I think we probably wouldnt recognise the Michael we all came to know and love, i wouldnt be suprised if he had more plastic surgery to change his face completely! I agree what you are saying about the drug overdose to get the insurance money there is no other way. But i wish they would sort the children out and get them settled with Katherine or Janet already! Now what we have to look forward to is new songs being released on Michaels Birhtday and at Christmas1!

  63. Shauna Said,

    I am about 75% sure Michael isn’t dead. I agree with the statements about the children looking bored at the memorial. I think Paris was coached on what to say and do. She was fine before and after her breakdown on stage. I don’t blame him at all for faking his death.I would have done it years ago. Maybe he can finally get some peace for once in his life. I love Michael and I wish him the best wherever he is.

  64. jpresley Said,

    At the end of the day, only time will tell if our theories, speculations, and hopes are indeed correct. If the kids end up in ‘boarding school’ out of the country or just essentially vanish altogether. I also think it’s going to be extremely important how all the legal stuff works out. Admin, thanks for addressing my previous query re the kids with your most recent post. Now, what’s your take on Conrad Murray (sleazeball that he is) and Dr. Klein? What if they end up facing criminal charges? Also, would someone PLEASE explain (or offer a theory) on how a man who is 5′11, weighing only 112 lbs (for those reading this out of the US – sorry, I don’t know the conversion of that to metric, but trust it is considered anorexic by any definition and I would hazard a guess not far from death)and injesting upwards of 50 pills a day in ADDITION to regular injections of demerol and propofol PASSED a rigorous 4 or 5 hour physical?? That simply does NOT, NOT, NOT make sense. I do think that MJ had a dependancy on prescribed meds, not even going to debate that, but COME ON! Seriously??!

  65. nina Said,

    Sorry for my English, but I am from Romania, and although I understand very well, I can ‘t say the same about my written English , I hope you will understand … Here is what I think about the reasons to MJ hoax deth:
    1.What he can do to return in the attention of all, globally? the concerts were not enough for the attention he need.
    2.How much longer could he hide kids? They are teenagers (2) and want a life of their own …
    3.He’s Music… wonderful, brilliant … must heard it again …
    4.Debts must be paid …..
    5.50 concerts are too much even for him ..
    6.Then silence which he need and never known …
    Now evidence:
    -the discourse O2 arena: \ “This is it! This is it! Final curtain call!… I love you , I really do… \”He wanted to announce us …
    -the secret that took place in all though his whole life was in the papers ..
    -Absences memorable from his funeral ….
    -delay funeral …etc.etc … it leads to the same conclusion: he is still alive!
    But above all… :
    Michael, you always say : look with your heart … Our hearts sees, understand, accept and … loves you. THANK YOU for all your life! You need rest and you deserved.
    Take care of yourself wherever you are!
    I love you more !

    Thank you admin. For this hope…

  66. Jessie Dai Said,

    I totally agree with what you said. Your analysis is so reasonable. After seeing the memorial, I thought Paris could not tell a lie. But after looking at your words, I began to understand. It is true Prince looked quite different from others and just like he was bored of it.
    I really hope Michael is still alive!
    I love you!

  67. dani Said,

    These children in public are not his real children. How come they are all so white. I know Mike has vitiligo but that doesn’t affect the genes. These children are actors and Mike left America 3 weeks ago with his real children that the world has never seen before. He would never ever show his real kids in public. NEVER. He knows that these sharks would eat them.
    And by the way the eldest boy looks exactly like me. No joke. My mother said the same!!
    Have a nice day!

  68. Perfume Said,

    Hello from South Africa all…in response to his kids being behind the “death hoax” one question…children cant keep secrets, and if they are in it then soon or later the truth will come out…speaking of not showing emotions when my Mom died I was 16 and everyday I went to school, came back and nobody knew that I had lost my Mom, I would come home from school expecting her to be there and would sit on her bed weeping my heart out, did this everyday u until her funeral the only time I did cry publicly was when the coffin was being lowered into the ground that is when it hit me the finality of her death…..MJ loved his kids more than anything in this world, I doubt he would of let his kids onto the secret, I am not being negative here dont get me wrong, just stating the obvious, I think he would of told someone very dear to him as to what he was going to do, as he knew the media had a love/hate relationship with him, even know weeks after his “death” they cant get enough of him even if it means they are falsley giving reports, they are even digging up old news cause they dont have much to say about him right now, and wherever he is he must be sitting back and screaming with laughter knowing that the media right now is the biggest fools…..my observation he wont let LaToya into it cause she is not to be trusted, he wont let his Dad into it cause they did not have a good relationship, if he would let someone into it then it would be either Janet or his Mom, the rest of the family, I cant see him letting them into the biggest secret of his life…just an observation….AEG would be in on it knowing they will get millions off him for the rest of their lives

  69. loveandpeace Said,

    Great post, i agree 100%. Those kids saw how it was in public with him. When they would go to a toystor, they would get bombarded with paparazzi outside, and then they go inside, they get bombarded with fans who want picture or autographs. Neither of them could of liked that, they had no life. They just wanted to be free, and live normal.

  70. danisnow70 Said,

    The Jacksons are headed to Jamaica! http://www.stumbleupon.com/s/#1fogaZ/www.tmz.com/2009/07/17/michael-jackson-brothers-jackson-5-jamiaca//

  71. Funkey Said,

    MJ realeased this song after his “death” i think the words the media is looping says something. Take a listen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSg0bbQM7D0&feature=related

    My question with all the music kept under lock and key why this song?

  72. Bee Said,

    Thanks for posting this, it’s been exactly my thoughts as well, that he would do this EXACTLY so he could live and raise his children in relative peace and quiet.

    That thing about his face having been ‘too banged up’ for an open casket is ridiculous; all funeral homes have Restorative Artists who can put even the worst car accident victims back together in a presentable way! A few bruises would be nothing to touch up.

    Also — I forget where it was, perhaps in a comment thread somewhere here, that Michael had been planning on releasing new music with other artists and also some new music under a pseudonym? It’s quite possible, since it’s been stated that he has “over 200 unreleased songs”, that he can continue to record and produce music, it can be released as having been recorded prior to his death, but who will know?

    Considering his MESS of a family and all he’s been through, I wouldn’t blame him one bit for choosing this route for he and his kids! Michael, if you’re out there, bless your big ol’ heart, I wish you all the best in the world.

  73. bubblesthechimp Said,

    take a look at this article:

    It’s originally from E! online ” Paris Jackson Impromptu or Planned?”


  74. hesalive Said,

    take me to a place without no name..weird..maybe it doesnt mean that the place hasn’t got the name,maybe the subject of the song wants to go somewhere having no name?

  75. roxy101 Said,

    Okay, I agree partially with some of this. I’m not entirely sure want. I’m beginning to feel that maybe I’m just in denial…
    The points you have are really good, and I agree that it is weird that they didn’t show a little more emotion……as I’ve sat at my grandfather’s memorial, front row, and cried uncontrollably….I also have attended funerals for people that I hardly even knew and still cried ….but maybe that’s just me…

    Now I know we want to believe that if anyone could pull off a hoax this big, Michael could, but don’t you think there would have been a slip by now?
    And even if the kids are in on it…how do you explain the legal action taking place? The court proceedings over who will attain custody over them…etc

    discussion please..

  76. BeenTown Said,

    I love your site. You theories are well thought out and well written. Everything you have just written makes perfect sense.

    It just doesn’t seem like he is dead, and all I hear in the media now is how Latoya Jackson was preparing everything. It just seems very odd.

    I think if they would have let us see the body in the casket this speculation might be over (just a bit.)

    The perfect time to open the casket would have been right after all the Jackson’s left the stage right after Jermaine’s, Marlon’s and Paris’ speech.

    If they had done it this way, the kids would have already been in the back by then and so they would not have to view their father a third time in front of everyone.

    If the Jackson family could have so easily had a private viewing an hour or so right before the Staples center memorial, then they could have easily done it again.

    I keep looking at the photo of Michael in the ambulance and his nose just looks wider and his skin a bit darker.

    Something is definitely up here.

  77. roxy101 Said,

    Also ADMIN ..I’d appreciate if maybe you could touch on the E’Casanova theory yourself? It’s a great theory yet, according to his myspace page, he seems to be very much alive as well as very devastated himself… so I’m confused on this whole theory


  78. He.is.alive Said,

    @@ Mariannna: exactly my sentiments, I so agree with all you are saying.

    As the mainstream has been doing and WILL continue to do is feed the public “information” = ‘FILLER information” for the public to focus on in an attempt to “distract” from what has been and still is really going on behind the scenes.

    I cannot recall ONE single other celebrity’s death and passing in the past that was/is as controversial as it is the saga of the “death” of Michael Jackson, even Elvis Presley had a “public funeral” and thus convinced the public that he was really “gone” …

    To each of those funerals, the press had a certain amount of privvy access and reported images of the event for the public to gain “closure” of.

    Why ? was that not the case with “superstar” Michael Jackson ? Surely, he is by far in and/or even above the ranks of some some of them … Does the Jackson clain REALLY they think we would swallow tha Staples Center “Memorial Service” whole ? Right along with all other “information” constantly being fed by the media ? Alas ! Some of us have a working brain above the waistline and are effectively using it !

    With Jermaine Jackson wearing a mysterious earpiece ? The “will you be there” PainS faux pas monolog ? Queen Latifah who never even met Michael Jackson and said so on David Letterman show herself ? While best friends never showed ? The list goes on and on and on … as many of discerning and suspicious bloggers have so eloquently posted, including ADMIN’S posting which poignantly outline other profound aspects of the “death and escape” of your dear Peter Pan friend.

    The more time that elapses – as Marianna said “in one year from now”. the world will be back to normal, although I have a feeling that “What about michael jackson’s death” will be a never ending source for doubters and 2nd guessers to attempt uncovering what has really happened, just like it happened with Elvis.

    ** To Elvis: in case you are reading these blog entries which I am sure you are, WE DO KNOW THAT YOU ARE ALIVE, BUT UNDER FEDERAL PROTECTION MEANING YOU NEED TO REMAIN IN HIDING. EVEN SO, THOUGH YOU ARE AN OLD MAN NOW, DOESN’T MATTER, you CAN come out anytime, everyone still loves you ….

    ** To Michael Jackson:

    Michael: while you are reading the entries on this blog, I hope and pray you WILL happen upon this one especially:

    You probably don’t remember this incident, but I DO quite well and so clearly still! During your Victory Tour back in 1984, you had a show at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC where I was in attendance at a 3rd row seat off the front of the stage. You wore a striped, shiney outfit and boots and, at some point, stepped OFF the stage while singing, to the disdain of security, walked a few feet into the audience. You walked far enough that you were ONLY about 2 FEET away from me when I, quite aware of your presence, noticed your absolutely beautiful hands clutching the microphone, but moreover, WE MADE EYE CONTACT and when I looked into your eyes, I remember the very powerful jolt to my heart when I saw and experienced the undeniable pain your eyes … dear God, I NEVER FORGET THAT as long as I live and it is that same “Pain” (and not PainS) you speak of in the spoken monolog part in your “Will you be there” song.

    I did hear you say “PainS” at Staples arena and I can only imagine that the Pain I saw in your eyes back at RFK in 1984 really grew, so much so, that you decided to “die” for the World to believe, but in the right now reality, you have are at your chosen place, to have escaped a world that in some part has caused you this pain, that same pain that I saw in your eyes, forever lodged in my heart. May the best part of your life now be before you, for you and your 3 brave children who best showed their love for you by their loyalty. May God be with you, whereever you are, and heal that pain … that pain I saw in your eyes 25 years ago …

  79. ishealive Said,

    Just looked up youtube again at his press conference in London in March, he kept saying “this is it the final curtain call” is this just ironic or was he planning his death all along?????????? The way he walked was a dead give away, MJ walked like a gentleman not with a swagger. The more I think about it, it looks like a hoax, to me it looks like he waited ’til he was back in the spotlight again and then died he knew people were thinking about him again and knew he’d make alot of money if he died. Some guy on Larry King said shortly after he died that Michael dying was a brilliant business move but of course he was saying that thinking MJ was dead. Joe Jackson also said MJ would be bigger in death than life. I wish someone had a picture of him or if the family made a big slip up then that would clear this up a bit.

  80. Sosh Said,


    Don’t take it to litterary. I mean some people said that Michael look like he was asleep whil others say that his face was prety messed up. Of course I know that if there is a body, there will be only one. But according the stories his children saw the ‘good’version of his body. Not the messedup one as stated in the blog article

  81. closepaltomj Said,

    Excellently written. I would like to sponsor this site.

  82. persia Said,

    Yes The family acted strange. I personally was balding my eyes out and I am not a member of the family and I am not even a huge fan. But here is the thing: even if he faked his death we should compare it to a witness protection program. If you have a neighbor who was being harassed or threatened and the program removes him/her out of the area or the country and we all the neighbors know about it, do we go and try to prove that so and so is alive or under protective custody!! Are we being a good friend and a neighbor or are we helping the enemy find our friend.
    From day one I had the Fake theory, but now I think if he has gone as far as to pretend being dead we should leave him alone to get on with his life. But I have been checking your website everyday and thank you for putting this together.
    Like MJ says: peace

  83. zealot Said,

    I was closely watching the video footage of MJ in the ambulance as well as the photo of him in the ambulance and I noticed some interesting things:

    1. Dr. Conrad Murray was quoted as saying that he rode in the ambulance with MJ to the hospital and was trying to resuscitate MJ by administering CPR the entire time in the ambulance.

    – However, I do not see Dr. Murray anywhere in this photo administering CPR. It doesn’t even look like he is in the ambulance unless he is at the back giving MJ a foot massage or something.

    2. Closely watch the video footage of the ambulance leaving MJ home. At 1:22 minutes you can see an image of (i think) one of the paramedics from the inside of the ambulance looking out the window. If Mj was in cardic arrest why is the paramedic looking outside the window and not attending to MJ.

    -I thought it could just be a reflection of a man standing behind the ambulance while observing the scene. But I asked myself, why is his reflection the only one showing up because there were a lot of people in that area including the camera man and by-standers but his image is the only one reflecting from the window.

    3. Closely look at 1:33 minutes in the video footage. This is the side window of the ambulance where the photographer suppose to have taken the last photo of MJ. The view is a bit blurry, but it appears that the paramedic man in the ambulance does not have on any gloves. I do not see the oxygen thingy that was on MJ face. Excuse me if I say that I do not even think MJ is in that ambulance. The video footage of that snap shot is not consistent with the photo image that the guy claims he took of MJ while in the ambulance. Maybe that guy photoshopped that photo? I am not a image expert so I can not tell if the photo’s real or a fake. Or, the photo could have been taken at an earlier time or day?

    3. Closely look from minutes 1:42-1:47. Mj was already in the ambulance and being rushed to the hospital. The fire truck is on the road in the process of leaving the scene as well. However, you can see an unmarked ambulance entering into MJ home in the background after he is suppose to be on his way to the hospital already.

    - At first, I thought maybe they are just replaying the footage of the ambulance that was taking MJ to the hospital but I noticed that the ambulance that is suppose to be carrying MJ has the ID number 71 on it. The ambulance that is entering his home after the first one left has no ID number on it. I am not familiar with LA paramedics but I thought that all ambulance had ID numbers on them. Then, I thought maybe that ambulance had a communication problem and did not know that a ambulance had already taken MJ to the hospital. However, If MJ was already taken away in the first ambulance, then why are the security guards letting that ambulance enter into the gates? They should have said that MJ was already taken and they no longer need a ambulance, but that is not the case, they let that ambulance enter.

    - Maybe that first ambulance was a decoy or something but if MJ was really in cardic arrest could he afford the time to stage a decoy?

    Here is the link to the video footage:

  84. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    okk well i kinda agree with the disguise thingy cuz have you seen the documentary “unmasked”? Well every insider states one way or another that michael was the KING OF DISGUISES and if anyone could pull it off michael could…. HE WAS ABLE TO FOOL ANYBODY WITH HIS DISGUISES!!! so i think there is a possible chance that he could change his appearance, but then again, maybe not… who knows???

  85. A-curious-mind Said,

    I have ralised that my last post about these theories has not been posted but in anycase I have this I’d like to share. Michael seemed to really have been addictted to drugs because if you listen closely to this clip you will hear the woman telling him when he says he’s not feeling well that she’ll inject him with something….


  86. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    THERE IS ANOTHER THING!! Well apparently michael jackson has an official youtube channel “http://www.youtube.com/user/michaeljackson”….. is this able to be confirmed or something… and also, someone clearly updates the channel regularly (check the ‘last sign in’)….. so whoever is responsible for updating the channel must kno michael or something…. i dunno we shoould look into it or something, lyk try to find an official facebook or myspace or something like that.. don’t you think?? maybe that could let us get further with this.. cuz at the moment we only have ideas which can’t YET be proven…..

  87. blanka Said,

    As I said before I’m a huge Michael Jackson Fan… and one of the things that I can’t understand is if he killed himself with and overdose of propofol or demerol that cause the heart attack, and before the comeback tour he had to take physical tests and he was in great shape and healthy why the doctors didn’t see he was consuming prescription drugs and he had a health problem??? is kind of confusing!! That should appear on the test right??

  88. A-curious-mind Said,

    I could be wrong but it sure sounds like that’s what she told him and just look at him…he looks totally medicated….it’s very sad ….

  89. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    I Stick With My Theory. He Said That We Aint Seen Nothing Yet And The Concert Was Gonna Be Like You Never Seen Before. He Is Probably Doing All This For His Comeback Tour, Hence Comeback? Plus Im Pretty Sure That Everyone Cant Hold Back Tears. I Cried More Than Anyone At That Memorial. So Im Confused. I Feel He Is Alive And I Hope He Is Fine.

  90. MrsBenjamin Said,

    I have a comment but i may be wrong…im too lazy to get that article…the article that LaToya Jackson had put out not to long ago claiming that her MJ was murdered…well..about that necklaces…she stated something that Paris had a blue necklaces…and she gave her dad the other half..PLEASE PLEASE correct me if i am wrong about this one…but i believe it was said that the necklaces Paris had is a necklaces that CHANGES color from body temperature or something?..sorry im not good at explaining things…but she said the other half( which MJ had) turned purple because he was so cold…but Latoya said his body was warm when she was there with the kids when she first went in the room??….PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS…..Im so -thumbs down- at explain thins…sorry!!

  91. LadyV Said,

    I saw Paris’ speech after I was told it was totally real, so I watched it thinking it was real but it just looked fake to me. I don’t doubt Paris meant what she said but the cry at the end looks staged.

  92. MrsBenjamin Said,

    and anyone knows where “supermom” went?? just curious

  93. charliechaplin Said,

    I agree with jackoisalive21.

    We can’t out fingers on it, but our instinct is telling us the MJ is alive. We may not be able to prove it, not now or perhaps in the future, but we know that he is out there safe & starting to enjoy the normal life that he has always wanted.

    For that, I wouldn’t wish for MJ to come back into the limelight again and be lambasted again as before. He deserves to be happy having made all of us happy ever since the start of his career at the age of 5.

    If ‘dying’ is his way of retiring at 50, then we might as well support him on that decision. Like I said, we may never have a proof that he is alive but our hearts tell us that he is.

    For me, out way of supporting him is defending him as much as we can from those who still stain his persona even after his death by calling him a pedophile or molester or a freak.

    Let’s show our support by stating from which countries we each belong so that MJ’s detractors will be fully aware that he did not belong to his home country alone but to the entire WORLD. And so, if anyone messes up with MJ’s image again after death, they will have to face the anger of his supporters WORLDWIDE.

  94. charliechaplin Said,


    We can’t out fingers on it, but our instinct is telling us the MJ is alive.


    We can’t PUT our fingers on it….


    For me, out way of supporting him is defending him as much as we can from those who still stain his persona even after his death by calling him a pedophile or molester or a freak.


    For me, our way of supporting him…

  95. Jori Said,

    Thanks so much for all of the hard work and thought that has gone into compiling this information so comprehensively and so quickly. I’ve had my doubts as well, and a number of the issues that have been raised have piqued my curiosity as well.

    I read just today that Janet has split with her longtime beau Jermaine Dupri. How timely.

    I do not believe that Michael is gone. He’s pulled a fast one on those greedy hounds at AEG Live, all the while bolstering his bank account, clearing his reputation, and becoming front page news once again.

    Bloodsucking parasites apparently mistook Michael’s gentleness and quiet demeanor for weakness. Big mistake. Michael has always been an astute and formidable business man. This was probably the wisest move he’s made yet. Hats off.

    Wherever Michael is I hope he’s enjoying the peace and quiet that total anonymity provides. I imagine he’s off someplace at the end of the earth, deep in the bush or the mountains of Nepal where no one has ever heard of Michael Jackson…Delicious!

  96. wildchild Said,

    jackoisalive21, I agree with you. I don’t think he will return either. I already wrote that on a another post. Imagine what would happen, if he just came back. Not everybody would be as happy as most of us here.

    Thought of another thing. i heard that his kids never had seen him perform, not even at a rehearsal, becasue he wanted to save that for the This Is It shows. Surprise them. Maybe that’s just another thing to increase the credibility on this death. But if it’s true it’s kind of sad. They probably will never see him perform either way now. Not in this life..

    What do you think?

  97. navyblue62643 Said,

    while watching a youtube video of the memorial service for Michael an ad flashed on screen for an underwater memorial park near Key Biscayne, FL 3.5 miles off the coast Is it possible the body has been cremated and placed here. The name of this underwater cemetary is “Neptune Memorial Reef” Also while watching the memorial I observed quite a few people looking upward. Could they have been looking at someone”MJ” standing in one of the boxes ready to trip the sign”I am Alive and Here forever” at the end of Rev. Smith’s speech. I also looked at the photo of the open casket and is sure looke Michael bending down and kissing the dead person while Al and Jesse look on. The hand on the body sure looks alot like Michael’s.

  98. taylor Said,

    i must admit that during his memorial service i was moved, and especially when paris said “that ever since i was born daddy has been the best daddy and i love him so much”. and then i thought she just spoke in the present tense.

    it is almost automatic how when a person dies that we start to refer to them in the past tense. i am not saying that her tears were faked…i cried everyday that my parents were gone on their 10 day vacation when I was around her age.

    i carefully watched how they especially paris sang all of the songs and clapped her hands and enjoyed the tribute put on in her father’s honor.

    i was moved when people spoke of all of the good that michael had done for the world. in my heart i believe that michael jackson is still alive.

    i can not imagine his family completely disrespecting his wishes like that…they would still cover the children, and why on earth would mj want his mother to raise his children if he had such a problem with jehovah’s witnesses.

    i was watching entertainment tonight and for the first time mrs. katherine jackson is not going to home school michael’s children they will be attending a private school…mrs. jackson has home schooled everyone else.

    another thing about this photo leaked to the press that the children were going to the kingdom hall. being raised as a jehovah’s witness i find their dress too casual, and if mrs. jackson is as active as they claim…the boys would have been in shirt and ties and paris would be in a dress, and you usually don’t hold a book upside down and backwards…this was done so that people could see that those were jehovah’s witness song books…

    which they have changed and gone to paper backs those look hard bound…older models.
    i still believe that michael jackson is alive and well.

    final thought mj is enjoys illusions. He has raised the bar so high within the music indy…what could be bigger than coming back from the dead…NOTHING!!!

  99. lets talk Said,

    I think Prince 1 looks bored, or like “I hate i have to do this”. he could have told them I will be away for a while, but just do this for me. If Michael did this I still am not mad at him, sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

  100. lets talk Said,

    I wonder why is Michael was such a drug addict. Why did’nt anyone threaten to expose him to child protective services, with all of the scandalous people around him, it would have been a easy way for someone to blackmail him, even his family, that would have been a great motivating factor for him to quit using drugs.

  101. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    He LOVE disguises. That is correct, and i don`t care if he should ever return. I just want for him to be in peace, and have the life he so ever longed for. That is all that matters to me.

  102. Samantha Said,

    I Agree on this, but i don’t agree that he will come back, the world will hate him for what he did. And already 12 people commited suicide, or the media is making up lies like they always do.

    But who knows, i wont hate him
    I love you michael, where ever you are <3

  103. KARENM14 Said,


  104. KARENM14 Said,


  105. svangel Said,


  106. svangel Said,


  107. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,


    i agree, and as much i believe that he is alive, he just isnt the kind of person to make his fans upset, wat about the costs of the memorial and all that stuff, like isnt he just making things worse for himself in a way? please make me understandd;

  108. itsme Said,

    The reason why she look up is because there is a big screen in that hall…so she is looking at herself at that moment.

  109. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    ==== PLEASE READ ========
    Ok everyone remebers Macaulay Culkin right?? (the kid from home alone)…. he was really really good friends with michael and he even stood up 4 michael with the child molestation trials…… but macauley hasn’t once spoken up about Michael’s “death”….. weird ryt??

  110. momsword Said,

    speaking of his kids, has anyone seen these photos??? his kids are beautiful…. such a sweet and caring dad:


  111. Andrea Said,

    Please does anyone know where the body is?? I heard the so called ‘body’ of MJ is STILL missing?? Please does anyone know anything about this??? Why does no one seem upset that his body is missing for so long?? It just isn’t right!!!!
    About the kids Katherine and Janet will maybe get them. Rebbie Jackson is a lovely mother and she could look after them as well?? ‘Rebbie’ is cool!! Joe Jackson wants to turn the kids into the “Jackson 3″ not sure that will happen? they will probably go to ‘boarding school’ abroad. Doubt ‘Debbie’ or the ‘Nanny’ or ‘Diana Ross’ will get the kids. ‘Kate’ (Katherine), Janet and Rebbie are the best bet!! Joe Jackson really should not get the kids as Michael would be upset if Joe got them!! Oh dear who would want Joe Jackson as a Dad? I would rather have Michael Jackson as a Dad as he is/was much kinder!!!!

  112. Mjisalive1 Said,

    Michael…pls come bck…we miss you a lot….music is incomplete without you..

    we want our gem back…we know tht u r alive….somewhere…

    I guess Michael will come back with a bang!

  113. Mjisalive1 Said,

    @ ADMIN- thank you so much…ur website always makes my thoughts alive that maybe MJ is alive yet.Your theories are well written and clarifying.
    Please keep up to the good work….

    I guess you’ll keep opening our eyes wide…[:)]
    But whatever, I really really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart…

    God bless you.

  114. zealot Said,

    re: paris Jackson mood ring/necklace-

    I believe that paris jackson put the mood ring/necklace on “MJ” at the private memorial which could explain why the color was purple. His “body” was cold by then. However, I remember someone saying that his body was already cold b/f paramedics came to his house. wtf? I forgot the source of info but I think it could have came from the 911 call or something. If that is the case, then Latoya claims of his body being warm at the hospital is inconsistent.

    re: MJ passing physical exam-

    If MJ did have any type of medical illness, he could have paid a doctor to say that he passed it. Although it may seem unethical, for the right price I probably would have said that he passed it with flying colors. Sure, the doctor(s) could risk losing his/her license but the money made from that transaction could surpass the average lifetime earnings for any medical doctor. I think Dr. Arnold Klein knows way more than what he is telling. I find it strange that MJ was going to Dr. Arnold’s office like 3 time a week throughout this year. On some days, he would leave Dr. Arnold’s office carrying a bag that says skin cancer treatment or something (MJJ Pictures, 2009).

    When Dr. Arnold was on CNN, Larry King said that MJ’s entire body was as white as a lily flower. Then, Dr. Arnold’ s face became full of confusion, shock, or fear. I thought something was sus. about that.

    I’m still trying to figure out how MJ was bald headed unless he shaved his head within a week or so prior to his alleged death. A wig can be easily spotted and sometime he did wear them, but other times he had to have been wearing weave extensions because I could see his scalp in his hair. In order to wear weave extensions, you have to hair a nice length of hair to attach the weave piece to so being bald just doesn’t make sense.

  115. Reflection Said,

    To Nr. 111 Andrea:
    Quote: “Please does anyone know where the body is?? I heard the so called ‘body’ of MJ is STILL missing??”

    Hello Andrea,
    I don’t have any inside information but I would assume that Michael’s body would be in a safe place, which is unknown to the public. If you read up on James Brown for example, it seems that he was buried 2 months after his death. This suggests that it is possible for a burial to be delayed for such a length of time.


    IN THE BEGINNING, after I heard the news I was not doubting that Michael was dead. I didn’t want to believe it but I accepted it. Then a couple of days later I noticed that the stories did not add up. I started looking online on June 28th and have been reading here ever since. I was not going to post but I feel it would be better to say something because thinking about this in the quiet of my room isn’t helping much.

    I WAS CONVINCED that he is alive.

    A FEW DAYS AGO however I got doubtful again and now I am unsure. I would say that the reasons speaking for and against his death now weigh up about equally.

    I THINK THAT careful reflection is needed when certain claims are made. Yes, there are many irregularities, changing stories and confusing points. On the other hand, claiming that an 11-year old girl is acting at her father’s memorial, that the police is involved, as well as the hospitals, ambulance staff, all the entertainers who were close to him, his family and even the government is inappropriate and far-fetched, in my opinion.

    WE SHOULD BE careful not to confuse facts. It would be naive to provide only one answer to an unanswered question. If a question is unanswered that doesn’t automatically mean that Michael is alive, or dead.

    FOR EXAMPLE: Paris’ necklace
    She could have given her father half of that necklace. She could be wearing the other half beneath her sweater.
    Or she could have damaged the chain and it has to be repaired. Maybe she keeps it in her desk or in a special drawer.

    THE TRUTH IS, we don’t know anything for sure.

    I WOULD LOVE it if Michael was here with us. He was a wonderful human being who did so much for this world. He really tried to make it a better place. Sadly many people did not appreciate that fact. Many people did not understand him. They got interested in silly facts like monkeys, facial surgeries and hyperberic chambers.

    In my opinion he wouldn’t have needed those surgeries because he was BEAUTIFUL, inside and outside. But he was a very intelligent man and ultimately it was his choice.

    I AM SORRY that Michael seemed to have people around him who gave him bad advice. Who knows where their interests lay. We cannot trust everyone who is now coming out claiming to be Michael’s best and long-time friend.

    THE MEDIA RIDICULED him and many people caught on. It is only now that a lot of people are realising what a wonderful person he actually was. But if that is his legacy, so be it.

    WE CAN HONOR MICHAEL’S MEMORY by becoming better, kinder and more patient people. If we all put our energy into becoming better people, then this world WILL become a better place. Have you seen the film “Pay it forward”? If not, you should.

    Thank you. And congratulations.

  116. Reflection Said,

    I HAVE ONE QUESTION THOUGH… There was a poster on here called “IKNOWITALL”. I haven’t seen him or her on here for days. Where is he/she?

  117. Subliminal Said,

    Kids get over deaths quickly, the memorial was ages after his death.

    This whole ‘because he wouldn’t hurt his kids’ theory is seriously laughable.

  118. Samantha Said,

    Those children were his children.
    And i don’t understand why Debbie is after the Children now, its kind of making me feel he really is gone. But i look at this site everyday and it makes me beleive his alive, I don’t want him to do some comeback, i just want to know for sure his alive and happy somewhere which he deserves.

  119. Samantha Said,

    Oh! i kind of get it now… Well in my opinion They want Katherine to have Custody of the 3 Children so that They can send them back to Michael, you know what i mean?.. so Debbie Rowe dosen’t have because his still alive (hopefully).
    Well that’s what i thinkk…

  120. Samantha Said,

    Does anyone know if People won or payed tickets for the Memorial? Because if they payed, i bet people will be pretty angry to waste it on somthing that wasn’t even true. If his alive!!

  121. Samantha Said,

    & i’m now never going to listen to the media, i now know that Part of this Hoax is to prove to never listen to the Media. Trueeeeee!

  122. Samantha Said,

    ok! last thing ahah.

    There was never a tear actually shed……..Paris is more interested in her pocketbook till Aunty Janet nudges her and she goes into acting like shes sad. The pre Family memorial was not a private memorial at all……it was a practice session to make sure Paris had how to fake cry down……you never see a tear from anyone…….Jermaine did his best but nope.

  123. Samantha Said,

    and i saw when i was watching at the memorial people yelling out “I LOVE YOUU JANETTTT” its like its not a music concert? I know they were fans of her, i know i am but it’s a memorial people be quiett! And i saw Prince was laughing on stage. Hmmm….

    ok! enough from me.

    Thanks Admins! I love you’re work.

  124. YouRockMyWorld Said,


    I’m totally with you on this. I also think that these 3 kids that are shown to public are not MJ’ real kids. Because if Mike would really want to protect his real kids and make sure that noone would ever see them – he could really do it…

    Think about this…

    At the beggining he put some masks and scarfs on their faces to “protect” them from paparazzi… It was done to show off that he is relly concern about them being in public…AND on the other hand – to drag the attention to them….
    Cause please!!! – are the half transparent scarf is so protective????

    And some time before the hoax there were pics of th fake kids all over the Internet without masks….Why??? So the world will concentrate on the them and leave Mike and the real kids alone…

  125. Reflection Said,

    I just read this interesting article about AUTOPSIES: http://health.howstuffworks.com/autopsy.htm

    The article contains some information, which some readers may find disturbing but there are NO disturbing pictures. It just gives you the facts.

    It seems that DNA testing is not done often.

    “We can’t do DNA on every case and match up every little thing. Even though it happens on TV, it’s not within our capabilities. Very often it’s not within the lab’s capabilities. Sometimes there are financial constraints on what we can do.”

    Of course in this case it could be different. The truth is we don’t know whether it was done in this case and what the result was.

  126. Seekeroftruth Said,

    No… kids do not get over deaths quickly, especially
    a parent’s death. I know this to be true first hand.
    My own father transitioned from this life when I was only eight years old. You never get over something like that. My neice’s dog got hit by a car and the dog died. Here we are, a couple of years later and it still affects her today.
    My father’s passing made me grow up. I would see and hear my mother crying very often. There is nothing quick when it comes to “death”.

  127. Seekeroftruth Said,

    For people who believe MJ is truly gone…why are you here? This website is entitled “Michael Jackson Hoax Death”, right? You must have some doubts or you would not be here. People and the government stage “deaths” more than you realize.

  128. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    oh my god, i love the new look !
    and i LOVE MJ !
    hes aliveee, trust me.
    i know these things

  129. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    kool… im luving the new look of the site.. its good that now there is a reply button… keep it up!!

  130. calmz74 Said,

    I agree with everyones comments and i,m confused just as much as anyone else is.I believe that he is alive and somewhere safe and somewhere where nobody will bother him especially the crappy media.BUT look at what happenned to Heath Ledger???? Only 28 not a long time of prescription of drug usuage and the one time he took more than his body could cope it destroyed him….The other side that makes me believe mj is alive is because the way the family have dealt with all this…Jamaine the brother seems to be the main spokesperson for the family .He has done a few interviews (you can see them on you tube) he seems to be the strongest and always keeping it together very well and on each interview always saying the same story word for word its like its been roled played incase he leaks or makes a mistake.The other reason i believe he is alive is we have only seen the same footage on tv and read in the papers over and over but no proof of anything???? Like when he was rushed to hospital who was the doctor that treated him and pronounced him dead? what about the people in the hospital? the staff? knowing there was such an icon in the hospital nobody rushed to take a photo or speak about it on the news? When princess diana died the doctor made a statement and he pronounced her dead on tv…he explianed what they done couldnt save her…etc etc
    I could go on and on i believe he would never resurface he planned this very well and after all this settles he would reunite the kids with him at a place unknow if you listen to his new song it even tells us BRING ME TO A PLACE UNKNOWN…….??????

  131. jackoisalive21 Said,


    i find it strange that MJ showed their faces before he disappeared too but i think it was part of the plan. Im 100% they arnt random kids who the public thinks are his i am sure that the kids shown are actually his.

    michael could only go so far to protect them from the public who couldnt hind them forever and apparently the kids hated the masks michael made them wear (N).

    michael is alive.

  132. Wendy Darling Said,

    @ Momsword,
    thank you for the pictures. Beautiful family, the children are really lucky to have such daddy. so sweet.

  133. nina Said,

    what ???? tell us more !!!

  134. dane86 Said,

    wow! this site really looks great now ADMIN!

    I still believe he’s alive,..I hope more articles and reliable evidences will be posted in this site. I’m always checking this out everyday, through my laptop or my phone and I noticed that it’s taking a long time for a new article to be posted in this site, I hope more clues and proofs will be revealed…

    again, this site is really great and so are the people who still believe that he’s alive,happy and safe…

    Michael, wherever you are, I hope you’re always happy and fine^^

  135. MJthebest Said,

    how on earth could any member in the family would take a photo during his lifeless and breathless body lying on the hospital during that sadness emotional moment? . Press are not allowed to get in on that private moment. if ever he hoax death which i hope coz i miss him so much singing. wherever he is now hope he finally found happiness and peace

  136. Seekeroftruth Said,

    dane86 that is why I trust this website because they don’t post just anything.

  137. mjfan Said,

    To the person way up in the comments who thinks it is unlikely someone would have had plastic surgery to look like MJ to give the O2 announcement, Navi, one of MJ’s official body doubles HAD plastic surgery for that purpose. THat is a fact. Many other MJ impersonators have also had plastic surgery to look more like MJ. So the idea that another one could have done it is not far-fetched at all.

    I’m from the “I believe MJ is dead, but find all this interesting” contingent. THough I DO believe the O2 announcement was done by an imposter. That wasn’t his voice/accent or walk, or mannerisms, or etc. PLUS, he was in an awful hurry to get out of there. That’s not MJ. MJ LOVED his fans. He would have stayed longer. He would have said more. This just wasn’t very convincing.

  138. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    If you know things, then you should tell us. Just dont say it to get attention. Some of us, love Michael more than you would know. And i think that we deserve to know the tuth. If you know something, please tell us. This is killing me.

  139. sita Said,

    starting with an investigation will every time start with the verifycation of the dead one.
    the complete lapd is goint to cheat us?? u all think that? easy going for them to start a dna test. the have the dna result of former years. no easy going for them.
    think over it, cool down and LOOK WITH YOUR HEART

  140. IloveMJ Said,

    He is not dead well time wil tell

  141. louisa Said,



  142. dani Said,

    Hello guys!
    I just heard this new song “A place without no name”.
    I am sure he is singing about Liz Taylor. I believe it was her idea to fake his death or to finally do it. I believe Mike wanted to do it a long time ago but it just never was the right time. Even this great website here says that Mrs. Taylor is one of the key figures. He loves her very much and she was or still is a dear friend to him. So I believe that Mike wanted to thank her through this song and he also wanted to inform his fans. He is somewhere maybe in the Middle East in a place that nobody knows util his hype around him calms down.
    Maybe later he is going to find a new place to live and we will be informed later through a “new song”.

  143. svangel Said,

    can someone tell me why on e new prince michael hair was black and not blonde…or did they mix it up with blanket…cuz enews showed a pic of michael playing wiht prince michael and the baby had black hair….

  144. jpresley Said,

    Dane86, I agree, seems like it takes forever for comments to post?! How cool is it that all of us are here, from all over the world? US, Europe, South Africa, Phillipines, etc. Michael brought us all together. After all, he wanted to “heal the world, make it a better place”. I hope wherever he is that he knew that impact of his presence and his music. We are all one because of him. Peace.

  145. jpresley Said,

    I love you Michael.

  146. emmie Said,

    the more i stay away from this web site the more i think he is dead but when i come back i think he is alive.. today i wen to the 02 arena and there was people there sitting around a tree crying. there was canddles and teddys and pictures and the hole wall was signed from so manny people.and i started thinking mayb he is dead.
    i just dont no anymore and it is so fustrating…

    i heard that paris sang in a public jehovahwittness place is it tru?

  147. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    ===Another thing that is worth noting====
    Well his staff said he was worried about the London concerts. “He wasn’t eating, he wasn’t sleeping and, when he did sleep, he had nightmares that he was going to be murdered,” they mentioned he thought he’d die before doing the London concerts.
    This seems like Michael was smart enough to make them think he was going to die soon and btw there is no that Michael could have known that unless the “death” was planned!!! RIGHT???

  148. she_can Said,

    I wonder what Liza Minnelli is implying

    “All of us who knew him well really know what he was like. [...] I’m sure when the autopsy comes, all hell’s going to break loose. So, thank God we’re celebrating him now”

    source: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2009/06/liza_foreshadows_michael_jacks.html

    Any thoughts?

  149. Ninanina Said,

    I was 11 when my mother died.
    At her memorial, I played with my best friend and giggled about the pastor – and I didn’t cry one tear. Only the music at the end of the ceremony made me feel the sadness again in this very strange place.
    By the way: look at Blanket’s face after Paris’ speech…

  150. atchou45 Said,

    i read that micheal jackson have cancer and is terminal 6 mouth to live ok but my cousin is dieying of cancer it been one month that she cannot talk or sing in bed all the time so if it true his was diying he s in great shaps dansing sing eating gum making hi 5 wow that guy is very strong so i do t believe that he was that sick because cancer eat you fast and make you very hill with the drug that they gave you so i believe he s alive that mj is very intellegient i do t feel is dead so thing not right excuser mon anglais je suis de quebec merci

  151. lovelidae Said,

    How close are you to MJ?

  152. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Thats The Only Thing That Matters To Me As Well. Disguises Was His Passion. if He Does Return, Its Gonna Be The Biggest Thing In History.

  153. acullen21 Said,

    Dead or alive…The Michael Jackson we’ve all known as the King of Pop is dead and forever gone. Now Michael Jackson the man apart from the music maybe alive somewhere and I hope hes happy and at peace thats all that matters in the long run.

  154. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    The World Would Not Hate Him. People Miss Michael More Than Anything In This World Right Now. He Was What Held The World Together, Wether People Wanna Believe It Or Not. Everyone Would Understand. Plus If 12 People COmmited Suicide, Why Didnt They Say The Individuals Names? Plus 12 people Were The Dancers That Won The Contest To Be Backup Dancers. Odd Thing Ya Know. If 12 People Committed Suicide, Im Pretty Sure, They Would Tell Us The Names ANd Show Us Photos Of These Individuals. Dont Listen To The Media. Michael Jackson Even Told Us That.

  155. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    I Completely Agree, With Everything You Stated. Michael Jackson Will Be Back And The Comeback Will Be The Biggest Thing In History. He Wanted To Direct Movies, He Wanted To Play In Movies. He Wanted To Sing With His Kids. Media Is Full Of Shit, Thats Why I Research On My Own.

  156. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    I Agree. There Has To Be A Reason Behind That.

  157. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Yes Those Children Is His. We Saw Them In The Bashir Report, They Are His, They Had Their Masks Off Before He Died As Well. They Were Getting Older, So They Gonna Do What They Wanna Do ANd Im Pretty Sure They Didnt Wanna Wear Those Masks Anymore.

  158. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Thanks For The Link.

  159. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Michael Jackson Had Alot Of Money. Just Because He Was In Debt Didnt Mean He Didnt Have Money. Im Pretty Sure He Would Do This For A Reason. Although He Hurt His Fans, His True Friends WOuld Forgive him And Understand And He Would Let Us Know Why He Did It. Alot Of People Could Be Behind This. No He Is Not Making Things Worse, He Will Let Us Know Why He Did It.

  160. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    Alot Of His So Called Best Friends Werent There. It Didnt Make Any Sense.

  161. MJSmile4Us Said,

    Hi! I am new here but have been kwwping up with all of the posts ever since MJ’S tragic news broke out.

    THe more I read the more confused I get about the truth behind Michael Jackson’s death. I really wish he was faking hid death – it’s such a shame how the media showered him with so much praise and loving words after his death b4 the whole despicable rumours started circulating again (e.g. his sexuality and plastic surgery issues, MJ did not suffer from vitiligo but bleached his skin etc..).

    like many of you here, I couldn’t eat or sleep properly when i first heard the news. When I talked to my family and friends about his death and the possibility of his death being staged, they all looked at me as if I was out of my mind. I felt like I was talking to a brick wall.

    When I watched the memorial service again, I still felt there was something weird and I still stand by ny initial belief that the emotions expressed by the Jackson family and especially Paris was not genuine. I also read an article online that infact Michael’s daughter was forced to make a public speech despite her hysterical reaction to the idea. Or maybe it’s just another hearsay – it was a planned act for Paris to fool us into thinking that Michael has indeed passed away..

    On the other hand, it seem very doubtful for the Jackson family and Michael to fool the police, coroner department, the hospitals and the celebrities who attended his public memorial services..there are too many people involved here. wasn’t the police who raided his Neverland ranch back in 2003 during his trial and publicly humiliated him by cuffing him for the whole world to see, not to mention such a despicable treatment it gave to poor dear Michael? In my opinion, the police wanted to to destroy him and I doubt that they would support Michael’s hoax death play..

    Also when an autopsy is carried out on a deceased, DNA test to identify the body is one of the first things the coroners do. If Michael did pay them off to report that the body is him when it isn’t , wouldn’t their jobs be on the line. Some may argue that they would be far better off woth how much Michael could afford to pay, but wouldn’t they face jail time if the truth gets revealed?

    When Janet Jackson spoke at the BET awards shortly afte his death, she seemed so emotional and appeared to be fighting back tears. In fact, seh seemed the only family member of MJ’s that showed genuine emotion. It was so obvious Marlon Jackson was faking his crying. If u r so emotional there bound to be SOME tears at least. I cried more than the Jackson family combined during the memorial service! I mayb wrong coz I don’t know Jackson clan personally but it coudl be possible that they are that much cruel and ccouldn’t care less that their brother and son has just passed away – look at the Jackson brothers for example (they couldn’t waste another minute b4 taking off to Jamaica for a concert). LaToya Jackson just realeased her song dedicated to Micahel (what a load of rubbish!).

    what do u guys think?

    I love you wherever u r Michael – just aches so bad to think that u had to go to this kind of extreme to get a bit of peace and quite..damn those paparazzis!!

  162. thelostchildren Said,

    I really do not support this view. if so, please explain the home videos. they were already released back in 2001. we aren’t sure what their roles in this matter are, but it is safe to say those are his biological kids.

    btw dr arnold klein’s self-proclaimed former lover spoke out saying he was told by dr klein that dear Michael Jackson was physically abused by his father, kicking him in sensitive areas and leaving him infertile. cannot believe there are such blood-sucking money-prioritising-and-sucking leeches around.
    wait, the media.

  163. thelostchildren Said,

    ages? it’s a few weeks. even if the fastest-planned memorial were to be organised, do you expect it to be a few days after to keep that trauma of losing your father ‘raw’ and ‘fresh’?
    death is where someone is gone and you have no idea where the person is, what’s the status of the person, how’re they doing etc. all the more excruciating is when you love the person, you want to know how they are. when they’re dead, that curiosity is never gonna be fulfilled, leaving a permanent gap in you.
    people who have not even met the person, or the deceased might have been before their time, but someone people can still be affected and struck by it. death is never gotten over quickly, even with kids (who by the way might be the most affected; this is a defining moment in their lives. your life being shaped by death of a loved one? ouch.); in fact it’ll never be over.
    even if you do not endorse this theory, or others, have the respect for others’ work.

  164. dynamite Said,

    Exactly why are they here if they think he’s dead, did they just happen to come across this site by accident

  165. dynamite Said,

    Loving the new look but im finding it hard to post in forums using my mobile, does anyone know how to?

  166. charliechaplin Said,

    Here’s a nice article about MJ. Left me teary-eyed:


  167. thelostchildren Said,

    cannot. agree. more. hope, and some parts of objectivity and observation on the provided information, has relished in me the possibility he might still be alive. supposed ‘reality’ (ie do you REALLY think such a large-scale affair can be convincingly pulled off) and on my part a lil of skeptism has always drawn me back. I’m 50/50 on this, but 100% hoping he is alive.
    however, we need to distinguish facts from fictitious factuality, if not won’t we be like the blasted media who draws reports from ‘undisclosed’/'related to the’/'long-lost’ family/friend/employee sources and reportedly/supposedly/apparently hands us the infomation that we are supposed to take according to their supposed authority? what will separate us, and hence make our case as convincing as it is, from the media is that we separate hypothesises and assumptions that can be decevingly convincing from the hard cold truth. let’s do this for truth’s sake.
    whereever he is, he is def gone for the moment; let’s continue his life by living it, the exemplary way he did (X

  168. charliechaplin Said,

    Here’s a nice blog about MJ.


    Left me teary-eyed.

  169. sutranovia Said,

    MJ knows what to do to get people to belive he is gone and that thru media ma nipulation. who knows what this man has gone thru and is going thru maybe he was threaten to point where he had to do this hoax for his own good and the good of his family. maybe its a big joke like the old war of the world.,or MJ wants to see how this situation can be played out by introduceing bits and pieces of fact and fiction and making it into its own big reality of media truth.

  170. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    well my cousin who lives in Cali, is a pilot, and he said down at the offices, people have been saying MJ booked his private or one of the companies jets a week before, so he can be flown outta the country 2 days after his death. The plane was indeed used. I dont think anyone else but MJ is gonna use it. I have my doubts over iy, but then again we are talking about THE Michael Jackson, he has a history of doing such things. Wat are peoples thoughts on this?

  171. Samantha Said,

    As they say, “good things come for those who wait”.

  172. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    LOL. dont worry i know how you feel, and trust me, if i did kno more, this is the first place id tell. I love MJ sooo muchh, i cried soo much, i swear on the sun and moon that i havent listened to a full song by anyone else since the day he died. so dw, if i do find anything out, i would tell you all. And its killing me too. We all deserve to know the truthh

  173. MJSmile4Us Said,

    I think one of the main reasons for many of us to believe that Michael Jackson is still alive is that his body was never shown. I know that he is a high profile celebrity (but to me he semed like a regular guy who was mistreated and misunderstood – he was so caring and not obnoxious like so many so-called celebrities today) and maybe that’s one of the reasons why the Jackson family kept the whereabouts of the body a big secret. Or maybe there is no body coz MJ is alive somewhere?
    James Brown’s body was opened for display and the photo of his body at his memorial service was shown for the world to see, allowing his fans to get some closure. But I really hope there is no body and that MJ is alive somewhere!!

    I just read online on yahoo news that LAPD will not consider MJ’s death (if it is true) as a homicide. This made me think twice about its involvement in MJ’s death unlike my last post. Or maybe AEG paid the LAPD and the police officers prinarily involved in the case to keep quiet coz they were guilty of killing MJ and making it look like an accidental drug overdose or even suicidal?? Is it possible that AEG was planning to kill MJ (if he is dead of course) for insurance media from the very beginning by paying the doctors who passed MJ’s medical tests. I mean how could Michael have passed the tests “with flying colours” and end up dead showrtly after the last rehearsal during which all of his backup dancers thought he danced better than most 20 year olds???

    I think it’s not impossible to pay the judge or those involved with the juridical system. I can’t remember which state in the US but there was this judge who put minors who committed small crimes (meaning no murder or other serious ones – of course every crime is bad and should be punished) like stealing a bike were sentenced to some months in juvenile prison for money.

    It still bugs me that Michael Jackson’s best friends (Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Mac and Liza Minnelli) did not attend his meemorial service. Some articles state that it may be because of Katherine Jackson – MJ’s mother was the one who decided everything from what songs to be sung to who whould be invited to attend. It’s claimed that she did not approve who MJ hung out with. From looking at the guest list I believe that MJ might still be alive coz why on earth would u ever invite the first-class loser Corey Feldman to MJ’s memorial service? After MJ was acquitted of all charges during his 2003 trial, he had to deal with yet another drama from the media coz Feldman started claiming that MJ used to act inappropriately around him when he was a teenager. And why was Queen Latifah invited, someone that MJ never spoke to in his life? This also got me thinking that Joe may have caused this – he wanted a controversial memorial service by inviting these people? Or maybe as some of u guys pointed out it was because MJ’s best friends knew about Michael’s ‘death’ plan from he very beginning?

    The main reason for the delay in the autopsy report is because the coroners want to make sure they haven’e missed anything, that it is easy for the minute quantity of chemicals in MJ’s ‘body’ to be undetected. But Anna Nicole Smith’s autopsy result managed to be released wks after her death?

    Also I think it’s another hearsay that MJ was seen crossing the border towards Mexico (I think it was), provided by those who are trying to cash in – no surprise there.

    Ian Halperin is another vulture who’s trying to cash in by stating a whole lot of ridiculous stuffs about MJ. I will never read and certainly NOT buy his crappy book even if they are the last books left on earth!!!

  174. she_can Said,

    Concerning the autopsies and the fact that there are several medical people implicated in a possible hoax death, my understanding is that there are no need to make DNA testing during autopsy if not necessary. In other words, several people brought him in the hospital screaming that it is MJ and that they have to save him + the family arrived = the coroner didn’t need to find the identity of the body. DNA testing is used in sexual crimes, confirm paternity etc…Maybe they will have to perform one to prove that MJ is the biological father of the kids…


    Another interesting point, in the following interview about the toxicology results: if it’s confirmed as a death by overdose of several pills = doctor will not be held responsible (since MJ had several doctors, they could not know all the prescriptions he has been given) and AEG can get their payout from the Lloyd’s insurance company.


  175. she_can Said,

    concerning MJ’s friends not attending his memorial


  176. MJSmile4Us Said,

    I read that Michael’s kids will no longer be home schooled but will attend private school soon – something Katherine Jackson never did for her children when they were starting out as the Jackson 5. Wouldn’t this be against what Michael believed – he tried so hard to shield his kids from the media by covering them up with masks and home schooling them? But then again he revealed their faces shortly b4 his ‘death’. BUt I found out that as soon as he realized they were being photographed, he quickly covered them up again with masks. But I am sure he knew that there is no way he wouldn’t be followed wherever he went. Anyways, if MJ was alive, wouldn’t he be opposed to his mother’s idea of sending the kids to school? But the more I think about it, he may have realized that he couldn’t hide his kids’ identities from the public 4eva and they may have got sick of hiding behind the masks (how uncomfortable would it be to walk around with either a mask or a veil over your face wherever u went?).

    In my opinion, Janet Jackson is the second most popular Jackson after her brother Michael of course. She has stated that she is more than happy to become a legal guardian of Michael’s children if that’s why they want. But if she does, how will Michael be reunited with them in the future when the media circus around him dies down? Being a high profile entertainer herself, it would be difficult to take the children to her brother without being noticed..Although Michael is a master of disguise, wouldn’t people get suspicious and track her every move?

    Somebody posted on other topic that there was a report of MJ’s deeath hoax 6 months prior to June 25th. Is that true and if so could u please post the link for the article?

    Michael I love u regardless of your death hoax (if it’s true) – please reveal urself and give us your fans some kind of hint to tell us that u r alive and well:-) To be honest, it’s killing me not knowing the truth!!!

  177. dane86 Said,

    ok, now I get it, but still I hope that more evidences and articles will be posted here soon. thanks for the reply.

    you’re right, he’s like a magnetic force field who gets us all here, ONE and UNITED.

    - I would like to share something to all of you:

    : Latoya said on one of her interviews that when she first knew that Michael was rushed to the hospital she called her mother, but her mother’s assistant was the one who answered the phone, Latoya said that he was not talking on the phone that’s why her mother shouted to him, “why don’t you just tell her?!” and then she grabbed the phone and told Latoya “he’s dead!”
    -now, was that a natural reaction for a mother who loves her son dearly? it’s like she can’t wait to tell her daughter Latoya that her brother died…

    : Latoya also stated there that a nurse told her that Michael was still alive, when she arrived in the hospital, that’s why she ran hurriedly only to find her mother and her niece and nephews crying because Michael was ‘dead’
    -that’s quick!from one moment he’s alive and after a nanosecond he’s dead? and why would the nurse tell her that he’s still alive if she saw that he’s dead?

    : Watch the video of the memorial carefully, when Marlon was done talking he told the audience that Janet would like to say something but his sisters and brothers told him that Paris was the one who will speak, and when they were arranging the microphone all of the other Jacksons were talking to Paris like they were giving her some instructions on what to say, and contrary to what Janet said on her interview, “while we were sitting there Paris told me that she would like to say something about her daddy”, on the video, you would notice that it’s like they were the one who gave her the instructions on what to say.
    – and it’s really strange that they’re always telling her to “speak up”?

    –What if Latoya was not informed about this hoax because Michael doesn’t trust her because of what she did to him before?

    I just wanna share some of my insights, let’s not lose all our hopes! I BELIEVE HE’S STILL ALIVE HAPPY AND SAFE!

  178. Copenhagen Said,

    Has anybody read the passus “Why did the body look different ?” on the Forum post here?

    There are 2 videos – one were the body is taken from the hospital to the helicopter and the one from the helicopter to the coroners office. The first video shows a kind of volumenus body and the other shows a flat and thin body – that is really really strange..

  179. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Hello guys!

    I dont`t believe that Michael is dead. NOTHING adds up. Nothing. I love him so much, i cannot put it into words, and you wouldent know. But i can tell you this much. You are NOT allowed to get your lovedone, and to burry that person, withour the otopsy showing what killed them. NOONE knows what killed Michael. No death satificate has been sigend, by others than Latoya, well it isent really her job, to sign it, last time i checked she wasent a doctor. And how the hell can you not know where to burry your lovedone? It has been over 3 weeks now. I will NOT believe that Michael is dead, unless i get to see his body, or some realible prove that it is real, and so far i havent. Michael loves disgueses, and he belives in Magic, he can be anywhere. he can stand right next to you in a supermarket withour you even notice. But i believe that he will come back, he just needs to rest. The damn media and papparazis destroyed him, stupid moreons, how much can one person take? No wonder he needed a break. And by the way. Everone can buy those badges, to put on your close, so you look like a peramedic. Hell i was a nurse at halloween, and i looked exactly like one for real lol. Remember what Michael always tod us, do NOT believe in anything the media is saying, look at the facts. Do not pass judgement on a person, before you have talked to them one on one, i dont care what the story is. REMEMBER THAT! And as long as the cause of dead is “Deffered” On the death satificate, (wich i believe is false) No charges can be made against him, when he desides to come back. I totally support him in all of this. I always have, and i have always defended him, whenever people were saying something about him, that will never change, i will always do that. Im not in denail trust me on that. Im not ready to let Michael go yet, I will never be ready for that. But i want people to look at the facts in all of tthis, and not belive what the media are telling us, cause that is pure BS

  180. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    I Believe He Hoaxed His Death And Believe Me It Was Needed. Why Do People Come On Here, If You Believe He Is Dead? Dont Compare This Site To The Media. We Are No Where Near The Media. We Actually Research For Ourselves, The Media Just Makes Up Lies. As You Can See, Some Individuals Are Still Ignorant.

  181. ejay5131 Said,

    @#116- I believe that username was changed to “Ella”

  182. emmie Said,

    to JC LOVE MJ
    i think it could be possible. and if he did get causgt out then he could again use an imposter and let the imposter say it was him who booked it. do u no where michael wanted to go??

  183. Seekeroftruth Said,

    People who believe that MJ has departed this life have a right to their feelings, after all that would be the point in faking ones death.
    I love MJ very much. He is like a father figure to me. I believe people know each other on a spiritual plain. The King of all Kings saved my life through MJ’s music more than once. I personally do not believe MJ
    will make a return to the world stage (at least as the
    living breathing Michael Jackson) I think he will treasure his new peaceful life. We have over 40 years of stellar entertainment from him. Its all about him and his three kids now. We will hear new music very soon. Michael, I want to say
    I love you forever and I support whatever you do like always. I couldn’t help it if I wanted to!

  184. jpresley Said,

    Latest news is that Katherine is contesting the executors MJ named in his will. Any thoughts as to why she’s doing this given that Michael gave her 40%, plus wanted her to have custody of the kids? As with everything else, something just seems ‘off’.

  185. ishealive Said,

    Just a thought but did the family stage an intervention??? Is this how they intervened, for him to recover and stop self destructing fake his death so he could escape from his fame.
    Just another part of this puzzle! I agree that the whole family didn’t look upset,Marlon wasn’t very convincing when he was apparantley crying, hope that doen’t sound too harsh! I don’t think Brooke Shields was very convincing either, it was nice to hear her speak about their friendship but I felt alot of it was acting.

  186. artisticflare Said,

    Why the hell is Arnold Klein saying he is the father of Michaels 2 children and wants to fight for custody??? I feel so sorry for those children, how the hell are they expected to turn out normal now after everything they have been through? I dont think Michael would want this for his children if he were alive! I dont think we will ever know the truth about what really happened to Michael Jackson, I have felt really sad believeing he died from caric arrest just 2 days before he was due to go on tour, but now i am confused. I love you Michael xxx

  187. emmie Said,


    has any1 seen any recent pics of michael jackson, coz i dunno if this is really him just because of the hair???

  188. MariannaB Said,

    There are more videos of the ambulance story, look:

    There are 2 black vans following the 71 ambulance – maybe Dr. Murray was in one of them but certainly not in the ambulance.

    This is the enlarged pic of the persons in the ambulance:

    The paramedic on the right was looking outside – no wonder when the mob arrives.

    From watching the videos, there is no doubt that Ben Evenstad, a paparazzi from National Press Group ,took the picture from the side window when the ambulance backed out into the street.

    However: why is there a second ambulance in the yard and the gates are getting closed after it entered, why are there two black vans just like the ones at the memorial day following the 71 ambulance?

    And yes, the large picture reveals two paramedics in the ambulance:, but not so active as if it were about life or death. The one in the back is standing aside and not giving CPR. Which means either the person in the ambulance was dead or breathing. The mask doesn’t mean that the person is not breathing. Any docs out here to help further with CPR?

    By the way, the ambulances usually are so narrow that more than 2 persons are not allowed in the back. So Doc Murray could not be there.

    And: I am absolutely convinced that from the very start several people from Michael’s entourage drag and tear the whole thing back and forth for their profit and are by all means hooked on messing everything up. I do not trust a single person in his family circle.

    We have a saying her: the family are the only persons you may not choose in your life. I would have sent them all to dust and if I couldn’t, I would go to the desert myself.

    This is where I think Mike has gone. The desert is just wonderful, a place of sudden miracles and constant surprises, a place to fall in love with and never escape.
    I believe he’s in a big sand box right now and hey, don’t chase the camels around, they are so sweet…. Enjoy the heavens and the incredible milk street of stars there, best wishes from good old Europe.

    Remember Cat Stevens? Have to think of him a lot recently. Great guy taking his rest and coming back when HE decided to do so.

  189. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,


  190. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,


  191. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,


  192. ishealive Said,

    Regarding Arnold Klein seeking custody I hope to god that’s not true they need to be with Katherine. His so called friends and family are like vulchers trying to make money out of him look at La Toya with her tribute song, where’s the money for that going and his brothers going to Jamica for some concert, seems like his fans were the only ones who actually cared.

  193. bradrach321 Said,

    I don’t think that Michael realised the extent of the danger he was in in taking such drugs, especially if he was surrounded by the type of money sucking leeches that are drawn to superstars; I’m sure they will have cut him off from anything that would make him question what was happening to his body. Also, although Michael was questionably one of the most.. expuisite men alive, if someone is addicted to something they cannot see sense. I know that if he thought for a second that by taking these drugs he was endangering his kids of losing him, he would have stopped instantaneously.

    Also, a program on Channel4 looked at his ‘Last Days’ and suggested that Michael was trying to ween himself off of the drugs as to prepare himself for the concerts, and thats why when he took the Demerol or whatever, the dosage wasn’t apt since he had been using less than usual and thats why it caused him to suffer Cardiac arrest.

    On the (DISGUSTING) Martin Bashir Document Michael said that he would live forever- maybe he just refused to think about death? Including when he was taking drugs?

    Having said this, I really hope he’s alice. Really.

  194. bradrach321 Said,


  195. danisnow70 Said,

    I keep going back to the post on the forum “Why did the body look different ?” and can’t explain why one body (taking “MJ” from hospital to helicopter) looks soooo different from the other body (taking “MJ” from copter to coroner van)… doesn’t make sense at all!

  196. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    omg!!! help me, im falling towards the side that he may be dead cuz i just watched entertainment tonight (i kno.. i shudnt believe media) but apparently katherine jackson is really upset over michael’s death and “now it’s her turn to grieve”. And also, brooke shields was really emotional during the interview aswell.. is this part of the hoax.. or am i just not wanting to take in the facts??? OMG HE CANNOT BE DEAD… I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH MICHAEL AND PLEASE SHOW YOURSELF SOON…. I CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE… IM GONNA DIE WITHOUT YOU….

  197. ishealive Said,

    Just found this on Google News – don’t know how true it is but anyway read below:

    Michael Jackson advised Britney Spears but could not help himself!.
    A few weeks before his death, Michael Jackson reportedly advised Britney Spears to retire from the music industry to focus on life with her family.
    The late ‘Thriller’ star – who died of a suspected cardiac arrest on June 25 – reportedly telephoned the ‘Toxic’ hitmaker and warned her not to ‘end up’ like him. “Michael told her, ‘Don’t end up like me.’ His warning was eerie, like he was trying to tell Britney he was going to die,” Contactmusic quoted a friend of Britney as saying
    He thought she should retire after the ‘Circus’ tour so she could focus on the things that mattered – her sons and family.

    What do ye think?

  198. MJSmile4Us Said,

    to jpresley:

    I think Katherine Jackson is contesting the executors in order to protect her son’s estate – no one has the best interest of her son and his wealth as much as her (his own flesh and blood). I bet that Michael was tricked into naming those two men in his will.

    To ishealive:

    Tito Jackson said on his inyerview that he and his sibilings (Randy, Janet, Rebbie and LaToya) went to Michael’s house once to confront about his drug use which his little brother denied. They talked with him for hours trying to get through to him to quit using them but Michael brought his doctor in to explain to his sibilings that he was fine. After that day the Jackson tried again to contact Michael but the security guards made sure they were not allowed in Michael’s house.

    I just saw ET online and found out that some so-called close friends of the Jackson family claimed that the reality of Michael’s death (if he is dead of course) had hit Katherine now adn breaks down every time her son’s name is mentioned. But of course it’s difficult to believe what anyone says, especially the media and these unverified sources.

  199. MJSmile4Us Said,

    Check this site out. It’s ‘Moonwalk’ by Michael Jackson if u haven’t read it yet:-)


  200. MJSmile4Us Said,

    i guess it’s very possible for Michael Jackson to stage his death as he is the master of disguise. To be honest, I did not realize that Michael played the aged man in his ‘Ghost’ video until I read an info on it. I was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe he looked and sounded so different to the extent that I had no idea tht it was him! If he did stage his death then I guess it would be three cheers for sweet revenge to the media and all of those who harrassed and ridiculed him throught his life!:-) Who’s laughing now right?

    I love u Michael. Hope u r well and resting that has been so overdue. Remember ur fans will not judge or hate u for staging ur death if u decide to comeback:-)

  201. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    That man Arnold klein. He is one big PIECE OF SHIT: (Sorry again for swearing, i have to control myself, and sorry Michael i know you dont like that but i just had to ) Prince, Paris and Blanket IS Michaels children that will NEVER change. When is people gonna get that. And even if they werent, that man would be alloed in 10 feet of them, they have never known him lake that. The Children is going to stay with Janet, just watch. A Judge would NEVER put them though this, They will be stying with their family

  202. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    That is Michael

  203. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,


  204. MJSmile4Us Said,

    to she_can:

    thank u so much for the links!1:-) I really wish that Michael is alive. After all 90% of what the media feeds us is a load of rubbish right? I love MJ’s song Xscape – like he said on the song, all the media cares about is selling a story at whatever cost. I don’t know if any of u guys heard but a magazine company (can’t remember which one though sorry..) hacked into the voice mails of some celebrities including Gwneth Paltrow.

    I think if Michael’s parents didn’t invite his close friends to his memorial service was out of line. After all, the event was 4 Michael not them. THose closest to him should have had the time to say good bye. But mayb it was a way for the Jacksons to make us believe that Michael did die when infact he isn’t. What baffles me the most is the timing of his death. From what I know it was 2 days b4 he was to fly out to London for the shows. And the fact that Sony was aiming to buy MIchael’s share of the music catalogues. I feel sick thinking that mayb he was a target and was murdered like LaToya said. BUt then I read on TMZ.com that she was paid to say that.

    Michael I love u and wich the truth comes out really soon!!

  205. monij Said,

    Michael Jackson wanted to live forever, he was fascinated by both immortality and death (he spent 5 hours at James Brown’s funeral home all by himself with the casket!!! http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2009/06/28/2009-06-28_fascinated_by_death_spent_5_hrs_with_james_body_had_many_questions.html.)
    His fascination with death can only be explained by his desire to challenge death, maybe even cheat death. If I wanted to live forever, I would do everything to keep healthy. MJ was clever; he surely knew what pain killers and drugs can do to your body. And for someone who wanted to live forever, I doubt it very much he would go near them. My theory is, MJ was not an addict. Whether he is dead or alive, I cannot really tell. Maybe he invested all his money in science to find a way to live forever (maybe that is why he is half a billion in debt), maybe they made a breakthrough in their research, and it was time for MJ to be away temporarily. If higher authorities are involved in this hoax, then it would make sense that everyone else is in on it, whether they know about the hoax or not.
    This has all been a cover up.

  206. MJSmile4Us Said,

    After watching the following video on YouTube, I am more convinced than b4 that Michael is still alive and that his ‘death’ has been staged. please share ur thoughts on this


  207. MariannaB Said,

    I forgot to mention one thing:
    don’t believe what you see and hear!

    This is essential!

    The first video of hollywood.tv is cut together. The first sequence shows the “more important”, the ambulance backing out. The second sequence shows there is still an ambulance in the yard. Actually the reality began with this second sequence.

    Why? If you look at the private video of one of the tourists in the bus (the TMZ video), you’ll find that the bus arrived BEFORE the ambulance backed out, not after. And two vans are following the ambulance and when on the street, everybody hurries and gets into pace. There is one black van still in the yard but no ambulance.

    Beware from the pics that media distribute. They are cut, put together in a new sequence and point to things that want to be seen as important.
    The pics and stories you get over the media are artificially modified in order to get a “good story”.

    From Europe to the folks in the US and especially in CA: I always wondered how crazy press has gotten over there. We also have a yellow press but you can avoid it easily and you can laugh about it because you know that these guys are lying. There are enough law suits going on from celebrities where the newspapers had to pay enormeous sums just because the published a certain photo.

    Looking at the internet sites of the yellow press of the US, I cannot stop from shaking my head. Are there really people out there who want to get fed with such stupid stories? And the worse: believe them?

    When I saw the video of Mr. Bashir, I only said: I would have thrown him out the first second he started his psycho attacks. Michael was just too kind of a person. I would have stopped immediately and have kicked him out.
    Just the fact that he was authorized that kind of interview makes me shake my head.
    Just the fact that helicopters are allowed with paparazzi on board makes me shake my head as well.
    What has happened with the Americas I used to see 20 years ago?

    I mean this whole development is unbelievable and shows a deterioration in moral and respect that is hard to believe from the outside.

    It’s just like artificial cheese on a pizza – who the hell would buy such a thing? But everybody does and does not speak out.

    Maybe it’s time now to speak out what we want and what we don’t accept.

    I don’t accept the whoopla at the Memorial which was a pure shame and I understand every close friend of Michael to not participate in such “fake” and “do as if”.

    For you having grown up with all these circumstances, it may appear normal. From the outside, they are weird.

    This does not mean that we don’t have to deal with lies, missing respect and moral and values that go over Jordan. I just was shaking my head over what I saw the last couple of weeks.

    Just wished MJ had not choosen to live in this surrounding. Any way, he’s better off now.

  208. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    @ emmie.

    no im sorry, my cousin said hes not allowed to get a hold of imformation like that seeing as it has noting to do with him. Guys just be patient, i for one are not a patient person at all, and im scared to death even if/tho MJ is alive, we will never see him again.
    But we will find out soon, hopefully.

  209. MJSmile4Us Said,

    curious_george posted this link which shows Katherine Jackson at the hospital as well as Jermaine Jackson and LaToya. Does this mean that Michael Jackson has indeed passed away? OMG my heart felt it was breaking into pieces all over again! let me know what uu guys think of the photos..


  210. MJSmile4Us Said,

    there are ridiculous reports of the possibility of MJ being assassinated by the US CIA. it’s a hoax right? people will fabricate any stories to get money…

  211. kitkat Said,


    i hope u get to c my reply cause i couldnt fine a reply button so i could reply directly 2 u,but im so glad theres someone out there tt is going thro wat im going thro. I NOE mjs alive but the media keeps makin me lean towards the other side. Me n u gota stick 2gether n help each other never lose hope. N i seen tt of her griving it really made me think “damn he might be dead” but then i realiazed she got be part of the hoax!! n 4 those of us tt r saying “tts crazy they’d never do allll this just to fake a death” well actually ppl tts WAT THEY WANT US TO THINK. I noe hes alive cus of that emotionless speeech paris gave n the emotionless family makes me noe hes alive. Cause a family wod never not give a damn. Also ofcourse brook sheilds wod be crying,shes not in on the hoax thing. Shes fooled just like so many other ppl. Im happy tt hes alive n im thankful 4 tt, but im sad cus after i heard his mom pretend to grive (cus hes really alive) i realized tt maybe he wont come bak. I mean y go thro all tis work just to reveal urself? but we never noe. Mj loves his fans. Maybe he’ll do it 4 us. Or maybe he can find a way of emailing us or somthing. I mean the press would neva noe cause we wodnt rat em out. Oh n 1 more thing sometimes wen the media is geting convincing tt he cod be dead, i remeber mjs words on his interview wit oprah, he said “if a lie is told enough,u begin 2 belive it” n he said tt more then once. Hes so right,so everytime i start to belive it i just think of that. He also said “never belive the media” i feel he was flinging clues out to his fans so tt we wod noe in our hearts tt he faked his death. Not to mention at the end of the memorial it said “im alive and here forever” could he be flinging us another clue? i think so. Oh n not to mention we never saw his body!! hes the first celeb tt never had his body shown! theres to much evidance hes alive. Its actually more logical to belive tis then to belive he died. Cus tooooo many things just DONT add up. On the other hand so many things add up that he indeed faked his death. WE LOVE U MJ!!!!! pleaz dont hide from us 4eva!!!!

  212. MJSmile4Us Said,

    as ishealive mentioned earlier, I don’t get why that Arnold Klein suddenly decided to publicly announce that he is the biological father of Michael’s two eldest kids when in fact it was not so long ago that he denied the claim on Larry King Live. I believe that he is teaming up with Debbie Rowe to strengthen their case against Katherine Jackson – two biological parents VS grandmother. But I am confident that Katherine will win for two main reasons: the kids will get to have their say on who they wish their legal guardian should be; Michael specifcally pointed out in his will (legally bound and signed on every paragraph by MJ) that he wanted Debbie no part whatsoever in his children’s lives. Game over!

    check out the following video – Michael looks so adorable as he always does !


  213. Samantha Said,

    He better not be dead.
    I’ll be crushed to pieces. </3

  214. Ispy Said,

    Just a question:
    If the autospy had cover the fingerprint match

    Thanks a million !

  215. kjmj Said,


    Check out E´Casanova on twitter.. interesting.. Going to Germany to meet with someone special – at a castle!! Wasn´t it mentioned in a post, that he was hiding and restitute?

    Keep the faith

  216. kjmj Said,

    Forgot the link… here it is:


  217. Samantha Said,

    I was watching a ET today, and there was this guy I think he was the author of a book he was writing about michael. And he was saying that Michael had a cocaine addiction and alcohol problem.. and it looked like he was reading off a screen. Is this true that he had a cocaine addiction & alcohol? Because Michael said once he hated Drugs & Alcohol, i really hate this guy… He was a fat jerk i don’t beleive him tho. >.<

  218. kjmj Said,

    Samantha – I think it´s Ian Halperin You are thinking of.. He also claimed i december 2008 that mj had 6 more months to live, due to serious lung-infections….

  219. jazzlvr66 Said,

    Sorry if this picture has been posted here already — but I think there is a SLIGHT chance that Blanket looks a little like Michael. I know it’s been said that none of the kids were biologically his, but there’s just something about the little one’s face. I dunno…


  220. ishealive Said,

    Just went into E`Casanova’s Twitter, very interesting “He’s been invited to dinner in Germany with a special guest and he hopes it is who he thinks it is”
    What’s that all about I wonder?

  221. dane86 Said,

    hey people!

    Listen to what E’Casanova said on his Myspace account…

    ” I’d like to thank you all for your continued support and your messages and comments of goodwill, I have alot of great plans for the 09 and I hope to see you all there, also, I ask that you please support my new song ‘What’s wrong with your mind’ DON’T GIVE UP THIS TIME, it’s for a great cause SO UNTIL WE MEET IN PERSON, YOU GUYS STAY STRONG,HANG IN THERE AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON…”

    -there’s something about his statement and I don’t know what it is…something weird I guess ~?

    also, pay attention on how he delivered those lines, there’s something in it…something DEEP… or I’m just being paranoid?

    what do you think? http://www.myspace.com/ecasanovafansite

  222. dane86 Said,

    and by the way, take a closer look on his picture there, the one wherein he’s wearing a red jacket,

    -the picture of ‘MJ’ in the ambulance and his picture kinda look the same? right?


  223. dane86 Said,

    I forgot to say, the title of the message is ‘PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM E’CASANOVA’ it’s on his music player.. http://www.myspace.com/ecasanovafansite

  224. Lyn Said,

    arnold klein father or michael’s kids?? and is fighting for custody??
    is it like in the media or something?

    come on… michael has said that the children are his…..

    why are they doing this??

    did arnold klein said that himself or it was reported by the media??

  225. ishealive Said,

    Dane86 thanks for this, it is really odd to hear this, in my opinion it’s Michael.

  226. nina Said,


    he is the biological father !!!!

  227. MyBelovedMJ Said,


    I like Seekeroftruth, belive in soulmates in spirit, and in my spirit Michael is mine. I love him so much, and i mis him more, and more each day. I will not go into details about my love for Michael, it will take to long. But trust me, I love him more than words can say.

    I believe that Michael is still alive, something in my heart tells me. I have a feeling, a very weird feeling.
    All The media is bullshit. I hate it. I dont watch TV these days, i stopped it, cause im sick and tired of hearing all the bullshit, they are talking about, and how they are trasching Michael`s name. Most of us st this site, are doing our own invastigations, and we can se above the media, and look at the facts.
    I dont really care if we ever see MIchael Perform again, thats not why I love him. I just want him to be happy, and have the life he so ever longed for, with his children.

    ARNOLD KLEIN is NOT The father of Michel`s children. ITs all bullshit. And even if he was so what? He never had anything to do with them that way. As far as i see it, Michael is their ONLY father, that will never change. I belive that you are not a parent of name, but a parent of what you áre to your children. Michael is everything to them, and so are they to him. He loves them more than life itself.

    No matter what, no judge would never take children away from their family. I dont believe in ANYTHING the media is saying, as far as I know, its all crap.

    Sorry if I sounded to upset, I just had to let it out.

    Thank you

  228. LilithBelgium Said,

    Hi !

    First : Excuse me if my English’s not perfect but I’m from Belgium.

    Like you I think Michael Jackson isn’t dead.. Because, there are very strange things.

    I would like to show something :

    Jermaine Jackson’s Interview on France 2 TV (French TV)

    Watch it (Interview translate in French Language)


    What do You think about it ?

    Jermaine seems very sad, and he’s crying on it.

  229. Perfume Said,

    Just checking in to see if there is any further developments, I am curious, and why is the ADMIN so quiet.:) I log in here everyday to read the updates as well as comments

  230. edenmalfoy Said,


    If Blanket looks like anyone, I think it’s Miko Brando.

  231. eurekh6700 Said,

    hy im one of mj’s fan frm India. MY NAME IS SUREKHA.i jus want to sy tat he is alive.tho i hav not personally seen or i do not hv muc proof of him aliv nw bt thes r some info evidences i found to support your forum to prove he is alive

    okk…first of all lets start from the beginning. gues u pepl will rembr the time wen thy tok up michael’s body in the helicopter…1
    c this video u can c mj’s body moving up n tryg to sit up after one of the media copter’s accidently caught this video.whc the otr copter caryg the dead body (haa) is not aware off.
    2 the 911 cal was made casually .the person did not mention any name wen he cald up.jus said the man is uncnscious n pls cme n attend. while he cud hav very well said it was michael jackson

    3 the gap in the cal was just to shift up the body double.if u dnt knw mj wanted to pul up tis stunt for a long time. he usd 2 writ suicidal notes n tear them up.but kept 1 always safe n read it continuously.n v al knw hw muuc he admired elvis.he had 2 muc pressure n work lif n his social life so 4 d past 16months thy hunted and found a guy atlast who was in verge of his death bed n gav him exact mj’s nose replica operation n to beliv he had heart attack ,paramedics evn gave him shots of adrenalin injs .watevr that double was a dying man already n he was promised if he cud help n this fake death, his family wil be taken care off,.
    4 yup. the casket was empty. as u cn cc mj is 5ft 10.n if u hv seen living wt mj videos mj says he nevr wantd 2 be buried n wantd 2 always be alive — rembr the oxygeated bed?!n c this video 2 confirm it
    5 it seems his family members were not up for this idea of mj n evn his close frnds for that matter. rembr debbie rowe (ex wif) n elibth taylr did not cme 4 d memorial.

    — many websistes hv released pics of mj –alive afte his death
    mj wantd his fans 2 knw this bcos he herd that aftr his death news 12 pepl al ovr the world mj’s fans have committed suicide so mj nevr wants anytg bad for his fans to happen.

    6 pepl say that he is now presently found in hungry in e.europe. n has changed his face completly n cut his hair very short.one cud nt recognise him nw.unless u take a vey clos look

    7 initially mj had signd only for ten concerts bt some ppl forced him 2 tak up 50 concerts in a row. come on ppl watevr our moonwalking star is 50yrs old hes not the before always young mj. he can dance nly up to his energy. acceptg for a 10 was more than enough. but apparently d money frm thos cud not covr up his debt of 500millions. tats cruel 2 force mj 2 take up tat.whc he was not informed

    8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj0q7wC4l…
    c tis video.tis a dupe.hes not real michael. c lok at the mannerism.mj nevr walks lik tat. c the hair n c closely the nose .it looks like he was born with tat. wher as in d real mj v can c his grafting clearly n d skin tone

    9 navi – tis is mj’s official double he uses to get past the paparazzi or heavy crowds tis video proves it – decoy mj
    agree wt the points of his first kid of mj chewing gum n fathers funeral, prince mj the 2nd givn d mj doll, the gold casket being small, parents of mj didnt utter a word n d mike , al d pepl stars who attended hardly knw mj lik maria carrey, usher, etc,.

    yup michael changed into Islam in 2007-08 chgd name into ”micheel jackson”
    2day mj’s neverland cctv cameras are being searchd..it seeems wen the heart attack inccidnt whc pepl say d reason y mj died it sems d cctv has captured the whloe seen. but d tapes were missing? pepl,pepl plsss it was wholly plannd 4 d past ten yyrs n u tink thy wil lev al thes evidencs out.

    d press imagine b4 evn a smal news abt mj usd 2 host it up for abt 6months or so,but nw c his death news not evn a month thy hav started 2 lev it out. mj was harassed by the press bt at d same time pepl pepl its all money ..thy say press s also coverup in this. dnt knw whtr tru
    it seems mj s watching all this wt his tv hooked up n laughing .recently it was said that mj bursted ot laughing hearg wen d mad comments d media made again esp his ghost in neverland video shown by cnn.
    rembr pepl mj trid to do this during his hbo show in 1995 he fainted fakely n went away of the concert.
    mj more thn a tour he wanted to direct a movie cald ”thriller”wt al his songs featured in it,
    finallyy mj is alive n well. is n good contactt wit his kids. mj’s family n close frnds knw abt this trick .mj is not cmg back as mj. he has startd a new life. the non celebrity life whr he cud do all he wantd 2 do as a normal person. watevr a tru mj fans we mus all accept his privacy v r happy if he is happy.

    remember mj hated the press but always welcomed his fans. so pls stop commentg bad abt him.
    let him live, …he needs rest…give him time,,,,..”and this is it” i guess i have proved most of the evidences., will be really happy if you people could put this up in your webpages.
    thank you
    s.surekha – India

  232. emmie Said,

    its reported by the media LYN they are just trying to feed us false info…
    im starting to believe heis dead because now jermaine and tito are questioning the docter about things..im so sad if he has died…
    i cant wai to watch the uri gellar documentary on ITV in london. on sunday at 8. then we can see if he shows any new clues….

  233. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    I have a question to all of you. Feel free to comment. You`d might find this question weird. But im asking for 1 reason. Michael believed in magic. Everything can happen when you believe in magic. I do believe in it. Do you?

    Do you believe in Magic?

  234. kitkat Said,

    i went to tt myspace account u guys were talkin about n i almost went insain!!!! i couldnt tell which one was mj in the pic.

  235. He.is.alive Said,

    Information is now forthcoming very sparingly, and MJ’s “death” hysteria has quieted down. All we are now getting is legal matters mambo jambo and delays, delays, delays.

    ** Where is the body ? The dead man’s body who died in in place of MJ ?

    ** Why is there not one single word on “Michael Jackson was cremated, ashes strewn here/there/someplace and/or has been buried at an undisclosed location.

    ** HSN just now reported that “murder” was not in the picture at all, while LaToya in$i$ted to a british rag that it WAS and as the dollar signs in the word “insisted” indicate, received compensation for the interview as the editor of that rag on the Larry King show said that “information like that” was not being “disclosed” ? What’s LaToya gonna use as more “floating” now, if any ? I bet she’ll quiet down and put it off on the “LAPD investigation”, a legal excuse to keep mum about it ???

    ** “Michael Jackson dead at 50″ hysteria has died down considerably and will die a natural death, if you pardon the pun !

    In consideration of all the foregoing, plus the enormous input from other bloggers, speculation on the “death” speak HOAX of Michael Jackson will only gain more momentum because this “lack” of forthcoming information makes wider room for more speculation. My conviction is this: Michael KNEW the global mass hysteria his “death” would cause, hence made off clandestine and timely, is/has been watching it from afar whereever he is and in all probablitiy is glad this is all over, that he is finally free and is praising God for his safety and peace.

    “let noone deceive you ….” Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:4

  236. zealot Said,

    If Michael really did faked his death, I find it odd that his brothers, Tito and Jermaine, are saying that they do not want their brother’s death to become a mystery. They want the truth about Michael’s death to become manifest. If I knew that my brother faked his death, I would try to let the whole thing die down with new developing stories hoping people would forget about it soon rather than keeping the death story alive. Then, if there were a body I would quickly have it cremated to rid any further evidence from emerging. Also, it seems like Michael should have had his affairs in order, if he’s been planning this, so his mother Katherine would not have to battle over control of his estate. It all seem so strange and it’s making me to believe that he really is gone too soon but I hope he is not.

    I am still questioning the validity of the last photo taken of Michael in the ambulance. Maybe, we can do an experiment with a high quality camera and the exact paramedic ambulance to see if we can produce a photo that is clear and visible. Someone who has access to a high quality camera and access to the exact ambulance that Michael was in should take a picture through the side window to see if the results of Michael’s ambulance photo can be replicated. Then, we can put to rest all doubts regarding the validity of the photo and focus more attention on other aspects leading up to his alleged death.

    Oh yeah, someone replied to one of my comments; thanks for taking heed to my observations regarding Michael’s alleged death.

    “Tourist bus arrived before ambulance 71 backed out the drive way”

    -Yes, the tourist bus in fact arrived before ambulance 71 began backing out of the driveway. However, the tourist bus is stopped further in the back to allow room for ambulance 71 to back out of the driveway. The tourist camera recorded only what was viewable from that angle at the time, which was mostly the side road. On the other hand, the person with the hollywood camera was on foot, I assume, and he was more focused on capturing a close up of the ambulance leaving Michael’s home, thus missing the two black vehicles departing behind the ambulance. Since the hollywood camera was on foot, he was positioned in a better position to see the gates at that moment, thus capturing the second ambulance entering the gates. Whereas, the tourist camera was still in the back and making it’s way forward toward the gate view, thus missing the view when the second ambulance enters the gate and makes its way toward the back. The cameras gives us different views of the scene, one objective and the other more subjective maybe, but when the footages are combined we can get a better interpretation of what happened.

  237. kitkat Said,

    well actually them keeping the case alive is part of the plan to make us think “if he really did fake his death theyd remain quite” which is EXACLY y ther not remaining quite

  238. emmie Said,

    i believe is magic,not card magic but some kind of magic,its good to believe in something and its good to live in a dream world sometimes,to get away from the crap in this world, i live in london in UK and i know i would liketo get away fromm all the knife and gun crime.. all the people getting killed just for going in a different area, i wish i could where michael is now if his not dead…

  239. she_can Said,

    Blanket at the memorial


  240. He.is.alive Said,

    I read in the european press that this Dermotologist Dr. Arnie Klein has admitted in an interview that he is IN FACT the biological father of Michael Jackson’s children ….. as if that wasn’t bad enough, but this guy is ………..a HOMOSEXUAL ~ holy cow …. what a shocker … my heart goes out twice as far now to Prince Michael and Paris and I will have them added to as many prayer lists I can find that they both grow up with N-O-R-M-A-L and natural sexual orientations …. God bless and protect you Prince Michael and Paris … … ….

  241. shell12 Said,

    How does anyone knows what Michael’s face looked like if they were not there at the viewing.Michael would never put his children through such pain and misery.Michael did not intentionally try to kill himself he just wanted to rest and he trusted that his so called doctors would watch him sleep I guess somebody messed up,but that still does not mean that Michael did not love his children,again Michael just made a bad choice.Nobody knows the inner pain and hell those children are going through since the death of their father,and maybe they didn’t want to share that with world.However I applaud Paris for being unscripted when she humanized her father,rest in peace Michael,these people stil won’t leave you alone,not even in death.

  242. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    Little blanket baby, is to young to understand why his Daddy had to do this. I think he dosent know. But he will..

  243. MyBelovedMJ Said,


    They are Michael`s children. NO MATTER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE SAYING. He is/was there father, nothing will ever change chat. And they will not be taken away from there family

  244. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    heya thnx 4 dat.. i read ur reply : ) I really think i needed that…. i didnt watch entertainment tonight at all today and im just staying away from all that bullshitting media…. im literally addicted to this site…. i can’t really talk to my friends or family and stuff… they honestly think im fukin retarded (in fact my brother told me to go see a doctor)… anywayz… michael has to be alive.. i honestly cannot express in words how much i love him… im lyk 17 and i know hes old enuf to be my father.. but i feel that michael is the only person i have felt that way about (he is the perfect human being)….. he is alive, i know it…..

    michael please show urself soon…. i miss you soo much!!!

  245. mjfanfromfar Said,

    I agree with this account. Coz first of all into my idea, the memorial wasnt that good for a real presenter, MJ. He organised his musical shows such a grand scale & for his death, no one could do it for him better.
    Accept few, others who participated in the memorial were not that close to him.
    And I agree that no one in the memorial showed a real tear for this most beloved man. I, my self cried so hard; cried several times; and still make me cry when i think about him. I live far away from USA, but He effected poeple all around the world, like myself.

    By the way, what my first problem, acutally who is behind this web site? With lots of infor and links, whats the main reason to prove that he is alive? Even after few weeks, still this site is in a big scale & whats ur relation to michael?

    Michael jackson is the most talented musician even for more thousand years.

  246. Samantha Said,


  247. Lyn Said,

    Thx emmie 4 the info….:)
    I’ve been staying away from the media too…
    Practically, they have been BS-ing…they have no consistency in what they are writing…they twist and turn the stories and get people confused…and they write really stupid stories that when you read you will ROTFL…

    ok, to the media, he has passed away….
    when someone dies, you shouldn’t write all the nasty things about them..
    no respect at all..
    but i guess that’s what the media are good at…
    gossiping from a to z….
    they are willing to do anything for money, attention, whatever…
    and they have forgotten the human values!


    I believed that Michael is still alive…
    I hope that he is safe and is leading a peaceful and quiet life…
    away from blood-sucking ‘leeches’…

    i love u michael…:)

  248. Samantha Said,

    omg, same i tried talking to my family and there jst like “his gone, his not coming back” and i’m just like “you wait and see” But it’s so hard to explain it and whenever i try to i start crying
    It’s so good i get to talk to people on this site and share things that people beleive his hopefully still alive, which seems pretty true with all the points and facts, nothing sums up his death. Only a few things do, and when i read them i feel like his actually gone for example when i watch things on tv (even tho i shouldnt because its probably all lies) but it makes me feel like his actually gonee But i think they’re only trying to make us beleive his gone, like They made us beleive he was a child molester! Maybe part of this HOAX is to make the family come out with the truth, i don’t really know if they have already because i never payed attention to that story, because i know it wasnt true anyway, but yeah it maybe part of it. this site is the only one i trust I read it everyday and the comments . Michael also has a quote “If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between cant be dealt with”. 2001 .
    MJAAAY i love youu, i hope you’re still out there xx

  249. CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE Said,

    If You All Haven’t Noticed, Ever Since This Site Has Been Put Up And We Have Been Expressing Our Doubts About Michaels Deaths. His Family, The Media ANd Everyone Has Been CHanging Their Storys Around. Im Pretty Sure they Are Following This Site And Since This Site Makes People Think We Should All be Put In An Insane Asylum, Im Pretty Sure Noones Gonna Really Believe Anything We Say, Except The People That Actually Know The Truth. Just Watch More Closely. I Havent Been Wanting To Follow The Media But I Know They Are Bullshit, But Theres No Way You Can Avoid It, Michael Jackson’s Death Is Everywhere.

  250. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,


  251. MJSmile4Us Said,

    I can’t believe that an 80 minutes long movie will be released at the end of the year which will show Michael’s last reheardal footage at Staples Centre.


    This made me feel so frustrated at AEG as well as the whole media in general for exploiting MJ (again!) after his ‘death’ – why didn’t they love and show appreciation of his work when he was alive? They are playing with MJ’s fans like us who are confused and crushed at his sudden passing (if it’s true but I believe he’s alive!!) to make big bucks. From looking at the interview that LillithBelgium posted earlier, I still believe Jermaine was faking his emotions – those tears don’t look genuine. Maybe he shed a tear or two.

    If MJ did really die, I strongly believe the police are despicable and as bad as the media for finding excuses like lack of evidence to bring murder charges against Michael Jackson.

    What dou guys think? Please refute any of the ideas I pointed out – I really wish and pray that Michael is still alive..I really need answers. It’s been so hard to get proper sleep as millions of questions run thu my mind constantly!!

    I love u Michael – please be safe and let us know or give hints that u r alive and well

  252. kitkat Said,


    ok good i was scared u wouldnt get it, and dont try n convince ur fam 4 some reason certian ppl refuse to belive things no matter how much evidance ther is. My parents n grandparents belive he did after i told em all the things ive gathered from these sights. I talked to my thearipist about it n even she belived me,so tt proves were noit crazy lol. But ppl such as my moms bf refuse to belive it,i guess because of the medias constant lies that they always think are tru 4 sum reason. n yea im 15 n i wod totally spend the rest ofg my life wit em, hes so sweet,u dont meet ppl like tt everyday. Hes my role model n we’d live in such a great world if every1 was like him. Anyway trust me he’s alive cause theres way 2 much evidance

  253. Samantha Said,

    :’( http://www.hoax-slayer.com/michael-jackson-dead.html is that true? Or just another load of bullshit?..

  254. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    yaay lol so u know exactly wat im talking bout aswell right… i guess the best thing we can do is just stick together and make sure that we dont let the media get to us cuz i know that lotsa ppl have already been fooled (lol i can hear my family’s voices telling me that im the actual fool haha but i aint gonna let that get to me)…. yes michael is alive cuz like there is just too much evidence telling us that hez alive rather than dead…..


  255. MJSmile4Us Said,

    It is weird like Joe Jackson said that why on earth would a cardiologist was on payroll to be with Michael 24/7 when he passed all of the medical tests ‘with flying colours’? I think AEG was behind it all and it would be a lie to believe what they said – that Michael INSISTED the doctor be with him.

  256. MJSmile4Us Said,

    the link for the article is;


  257. MJSmile4Us Said,

    hope, one of the members of this site just posted this link (thank u for posting it – someone who was at UCLA medical centre at the time of Michael’s ‘passing’. I feel like crying coz stuffs like this make it real that MJ is really gone. But I am hoping that the fire alarm that went off during his stay was a way to give time for MJ to escape?? I hope he is alive.

    What do u guys think?


  258. mjfan Said,

    In response to number 209: So clearly people were INSIDE the hospital snapping photos. If this is true, then WHY did no one get a photograph of Dr. Conrad Murray who was also supposedly at the hospital. None of this washes for me. The more weird things that don’t line up the more I think there is a conspiracy of SOMETHING. Whether it’s murder, or a death hoax, this certainly isn’t a normal situation.

  259. charliechaplin Said,

    Could it be that the Jackson family are really under the belief that MJ is ‘dead’? Could it be that the ‘death’ of MJ is part of a grand scheme made by AEG? Could it be that it’s AEG that’s hiding the living MJ right now? Could it be that AEG is behind the conspiracy of MJ hoax death?

    Dead or alive, AEG will gain from MJ’s concert because of the backing of the insurance. AEG owns Staples Center where MJ allegedly last rehearsed and where his Memorial was held.

    It’s a win-win situation for AEG & MJ if they successfully pull off the ‘death’. AEG will get it’s money while MJ can go on and have the private life that he has always longed for. MJ can still participate in the music business under a new name or persona. He still can make hit songs but not be bothered anymore by the press or ridiculed by his detractors. His 3 kids will not be starving because of his 200 yet unreleased compositions.

    Maybe AEG & MJ are just waiting for the right time to tell the truth to the Jackson family.

    Click the video link below. Watch it carefully. It’s how I was able to come up with my theory.

    Listen to what Rowe is saying that MJ was being ‘controlled’ by AEG. I think that AEG ‘controlling’ MJ is just part of the facade. Maybe, the fact is: MJ’s ‘death’ was a collaboration of MJ & AEG.


  260. charliechaplin Said,

    The ‘MJ’ at the O2 arena press conference has a bump ( or is it 2? ) on his smallest finger of his left hand:



    And why was his left palm dirty? Probably stained by his constant touching of his make up.

  261. charliechaplin Said,

    This could have been the ‘MJ’ at O2 conference:


  262. mo2kidzs Said,

    What bothers me is no hospital official or doctor who worked on MJ came out to say a word about him. Almost in every case of sudden death and high profile case a spokes person for the hospital or doctor who treated the person comes out with a statement. A family member came out to tell the world MJ is dead????Also on Larry King live last night with Joe Jackson. Larry asked him if he said goodbye to mj, joe replied I said goodbye to up in.. well I said goodbye to him at the memorial??? It’s like he caught himself just as he was about to say something wrong? AND with all these media whores coming out to say something about MJ.. Not one single person who works at that hospital had a comment?So much of this story don’t add up.

  263. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    If the Jackson family is under that believe something is VERY wrong.

    Yeasterday Joe Jackson was asked in an Interwiev where his sons body was, and the answer was ” I dont know”. WTF. how can you not know where your babys body is, I know they werent on that good terms, but comeon its his son.

    CharlieChaplin I think you are on to something. Michael could have fooled his family, They havent seen him for a while before he “Died”.

  264. charliechaplin Said,

    Could thishave been the ‘MJ’ at O2 conference?



    If so, the impostor might have been practicing us or making us get used to seeing him as the real MJ. We’ve been conditioned to believe what was in fact a grand plan which started by him ‘dying.’

  265. charliechaplin Said,

    @ MyBelovedMJ

    I’m thinking if a lot of people ( whether MJ’s own family or maybe his very close friends ) know about the Grand Plan, it’s bound to get busted sooner because – maybe, somehow- someone might make a blunder or a make ’slip-of-the-tongue. A Grand Scheme needs to be tightly guarded which is probably why the Jackson family were barred from seeing MJ before hid ‘death’. And that’s why, MJ was already telling Paris that he may not make it to father’s day and also Paris not get angry or upset. The conditioning of the minds of the ‘onlookers’ or those not involved in the Grand Plan was already set a long time ago, I think.

    I think everything from the O2 Press conference attended by “MJ”, to the day of the cardiac arrest, to the arrival of the ambulance etc was set-up by AEG complete with ‘actors’ posing as Paramedics, etc.

    By the way, it was MJ’s bodyguard who called 911. He didn’t say it was MJ who was having a heart attack because it was his obligation as a body guard to protect the identity of the person he is guarding. I read that somewhere. I took note of the link to the site, but I need time to look for it.

    Look, if MJ has to sell his 200 unreleased compositions, he still needs a promoter, you know.

    I read somewhere here that a hollywood film will feature the rest of the last rehearsals of MJ. AEG will earn from it, of course. And, since it features MJ, the King of Pop will get a share of the money too, but in some other ways since he is already “dead”. Don’t you think that’s a good start? MJ will still be earning, maybe earning more now that he is ‘dead’ that when he was ‘alive’ , but safe from the press, safe from detractors, safe from judgmental people, safe from ridicules. But, we do have to expect some publicity stunts to promote his music. So, we should expect to be hearing controversies like ‘he was murdered’ or ‘12 of his fans to commit suicide’ etc every now and then.

    The MJ we know is a genius, clever being, right? And only he can think of a Grand Plan such as this. And only he can pull it off.

    Cheer up, guys. MJ is alive. At least, for me he is. And, if we’re his fans, let’s just support his decision of not wanting to show up as his old self again. There’s so much ahead to come for him and for us to enjoy his talent.

  266. Samantha Said,

    Why did they only get 1 Picture of Dr. Murray, does he even exist to be Michaels real doctor?
    Why no real live footage, theres only 1 picture…

  267. emmie Said,

    no matter what michael is there father even if his isnt the biological father he brought them up and made them who they are today. rowe and klien are nothing to them children and i do not think they should getthe kids.michael taught them all they no.he loved them more them life its self and he was the best thing that could happen to the children…

  268. emmie Said,

    isnt it weird how the youngest child ‘blanket’ thinks herfather is on vacation??
    this way they are not lying to the child so no harm is done

  269. Little Susie 01 Said,

    Just like all of you on this site. I also believe he is Alive. So many things dont add up Especially he’s memorial. I had said in another of ur Posts Jermaine’s Had reversed the lyrics to a line in Smile oddly enough it makes sense. Lighten up ur face with sadness hide every trace of gladness Bascially they have to show to be sad and hide away the gladness. When i heard it i was like whoa wtf u just switched the the words. Another thing i dont understand is how did ppl know that the person in the ambulance was michael jackson? the tour bus knew they said Michael. And when ur rushed to a hospital.. u usually have sirens and when taken into the hospital there always a mass of ppl everywhere, ppl that are sick waiting around in bed or docs and nurses walking around.. I mean none of these ppl talked about what they saw? Is like no one saw michael except for hes family and dr murray?: Everything is just not making sense.Those pictures of him at the staples center shows this is it n the backround. I mean was the staples center staged up just for rehersals? or that was photoshoped Cuz the actual footage of hes video doesnt show THIS IS IT in the back round. and i also believe he should of been in londin by then practicing at the actual arena where he was soppose to perform. I even dream with all of this since June 25 sometimes i cant catch sleep because of it.because im trying to come up with my own conclusion. In fact they change the story everytime. I dont understand how Liz taylor who loved michael couldnt attend to the memorial. And where is Oprah? i dont understand so many things… the closest people to michael is silent. I saw a video on u tube when michael was going through the trial and Janet says she was her studio singing.. and all of a sudden she started to cry in there because she felt her brother not because something would go bad at the trial but just because of what her brother was going through. She seemed very moved by this. But when Michael “died” she was the most coldest person ever i mean it doesnt even look like she was mourning. so many things are just off. And indeed i believe the family has to be aware the many ppl believe this is a hoax. And im pretty sure they have done the research on the internet to see what ppl believe i dont doubt that have come across this site. But i want them to know. That we s stand behind michael all the way. And to Michael if he ever come across this site. Michael i love u very much. And just like me many ppl wont hold anything against you. We know what the media has done to you. And its about time that we prove how sick the media is. Everyday is a new story some talk good n others bad. But in our hearts michael we know the truth. i love you michael.
    And JOE jackson How the hell do u not know where UR SONS “body” is ?
    To all of MJ’s fans who believe in him keep up with ur conclusions and thoughts and research just like u im doing the same. because i know michael is alive. And to the admin. Thanx for giving us a site where we can express our thoughts. since many ppl want to believe we are crazy.

  270. ishealive Said,

    Yeah I saw that interview with Larry King, Joe was acting very strange. I know he and Michael weren’t on the best of terms but to not know where Michael’s body is and also he didn’t see Michael’s body – he wants to remember him as he was while alive i’m sorry but that’s BS, fair enough if it’s a friend or relative but not your son, jesus was he that cold hearted?? I think there’s more to it than that. Rowe was saying Michael was being controlled by AEG that’s a big statement to make, AEG won’t be too impressed with that, I wonder how they’ll react to it.
    This story is getting very weird, going back to Joe he isn’t behaving like a grieving father, I know everyone deals with things differently but it’s like he’s grieving someone else’s son, I can’t put my finger on it but he’s not very convincing.

  271. Little Susie 01 Said,

    Guys watch this Video.

    I mean this is so confusing.. Are they Changing the Story again, are they drifting the story now to AEG manipulating michael? I mean WHAT is going on.

    Joe says He doesnt know about the autopsy Ask someone who knows. WTF


  272. Seekeroftruth Said,

    Yes mo2kidzs, usually the attending physicians would report
    a celebs death to the media and fans. Not one of the hospital
    representatives said a word. How did Dr Murray disappear
    for 30 hours without his car? Some people actually believe that
    MJ was murdered…what the heck? You will never get me to believe that
    Michael Jackson overdosed himself. If an angel came and told me that I would
    look at him cockeyed. Please listen to his song Xscape and read the lyrics while
    you do so. It is not impossible for MJ to pull this big of a hoax off but I feel there is more
    than meets the eye here. Please be open minded everybody. These are the times
    of great miracles and mind blowing wonders. No matter what side of opinion
    you fall on, peace and love to all!

  273. Seekeroftruth Said,

    To MybelovedMJ: The world abounds in love, hope, mystery and
    magic (I call it miracles and wonders) Nothing is out of reach
    for the spirit person. We catch a glimpse of what shall be when
    we dream. The natural world is a product of what takes place on the
    spiritual realm of reality. Keep dreaming and hoping. We need people like
    you on this earthly plain, for it is you who shall manifest OUR CREATOR’S
    vision for his children.

  274. Seekeroftruth Said,

    I am so full right now…. I could write all day!

  275. gabyan2001 Said,


    Check this out, for the people that have not seen this video.
    It’s Navy (Michael’s impersonator) he says in the interview that he used to work for Michael, that when they needed him to prentend to be Michael, he would do it..Like going in a hotel, go to public places while Michael was dissapearing of public places.

  276. kitkat Said,

    its in his will tat wod be efed up 2 go against tt. n lol opps maybe blanket shod have spoken wen the cameras were off (he must noe bout the plan n thats y he asked his grandpa tt) poor lil guy almost gave his dad away,but the worlds stupid so they didnt even catch on 2 tt lol. But if these arent just actors n these really r the children mj has been caring 4 then hes def gonna come bak.

  277. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    How the hell can people fall for that, Navi is so cool, but WILL never be Michael. There is only one Michael. Even though navi is a good dancer, No doubt aboutt hat) but nody moves like Michael. I would have spotted that miles away, trust me, i know exactly how Michael moves, and walk, but mostly his eyes, oh his beautyful eyes. And Navi is wearing the strip at the letf arm. WRONG!!! Michael always has it on the right arm. Like Nvi said. Michael will always surprise us. HMMMM

    But i still think its cool that Navi would go in places for Michael, so Michael could have some space.

  278. danisnow70 Said,

    does anyone know if AEG filed an insurance claim on the cancelling of the shows??

  279. Alfaomega Said,

    OK,# emmie Said,

    yes all people react differently, but not the whole family, i mean there has 2 be some emotion… i mean even when jermaine was singing ’smile’ yea he looked so sad but no tears

    Yes, and Jermain was telling those who know that they also had to look sad, but he did it in a very discrete way:
    Interchanging 2 sentences in the son “Smile”

    Instead of:
    Light up your face with gladness
    Hide every trace of sadness

    Jermaine sang:
    Light up your face with sadness
    Hide every trace of gladness

    This is a message to all those who where really MJ very close friends.

    The rest of the public there and those ho watched the memorial on TV or Internet wouldn´t take notice, because it was done in a very subtle manner and the public was listening and watching the whole.

    Interesting post admin!

  280. MJSmile4Us Said,

    To Alfaomega:

    I couldn’t agree with u more about such little emtions that they showed at Michael’s meemorail service. Although I am not a family of Michael’s but I cried till I was tired to talk – after watching the service it was impossible for me to get anything done.

    Somebody here posted earlier a photo of Blanket with a tear on his face at the memorial service. Some may say that this is an evidence that MJ did really die but I think it was another ploy to make us the fans as well as the rest of the world to believe the lie. He especially looks convincing with his little adorable eyes just like his father !!! And there is a report on TMZ.com which claims that Blanket asked his godfather whether his dad was on holiday making MJ’s ‘death’ even more real. But come on – how many child actors out there? Kids these days cathch things on pretty quickly, more than we would ever expect. Although Blanket is merely 7 years old, he is a smart cookie! And Paris’s performance at the end of the service was a dead give away. while watching the service, I knew that something was not right – not just emtionless Jackson family but because to me it was so strange for a 11 year old girl who just lost her nly parent to be so together and strong. PLus, none not even one family member shed a tear except for BLanket- how is that possible – ok maybe the children coz they may be still to young to understand and grasp the concept of death yet, but what about Michael’s grwn up sibilings??

  281. JC.LOVES.MJ Said,

    @ Alfaomega :

    I noticed when mixed up the words straight away, but i thought it was an honest mistakee..
    can someone please explain wats going on wid AEG? like i have no idea wats going on, no single clue..

  282. MJSmile4Us Said,

    Also I think another clue that was given by Joe Jackson that coudl prove that MJ is still alive. During his recent interview, I noticed the movement og his mouth and his hand gestures (he couldn’t keep them still). He stuttered alot and was stuck on words on many of the questions that Larry asked. HIs eyes looked nercous. To me he was a nervous wreck!! Also what father regardless of his turmoil relationship with his son in the past could be so calm. Although he did express his anger about the way MJ died but in my opinion if my son had presumably died in an ‘unnatural’ way with some particular group of people to blame for it, I would show more anger and frustration at the doctor or somebody else. Ok maybe accusing either of them without solid evidence could end him up in court by the hell with lawsuit! HIs son’s life is involved here for goodness sake! and a father with such great love for his son as Joe openly expressed on the show would do whatever it takes to bring justice and punish those involved in his death and stand up for his son till the end.

  283. ishealive Said,

    Yeah my thoughts exactly, something isn’t right with Joe he isn’t behaving like the grieving father, at one point Rowe said “if Michael was in good health then why would he have a personal doctor living with him, he said I don’t have a doctor living with me & asked Larry if he had” Joe then laughed at this, there’s something not right. Joe said he said gooodbye to Michael at the memorial but before that he said something like “I said goodbye to him up at…….. and then said I said goodbye to him up at the memorial” sounded like he was correcting himself. I found myself laughing at some parts of his interview, I know that sounds bad but Joe was like a comedian at times!! And why the hell would Joe not know where Michael’s body is??? I know he lives in Las Vegas but come on it’s not like he’s living in Mars. WTF is going on??????

  284. val123jason456 Said,

    all this makes so much since, when fans shed more tears that the family then somethings up! But I absolutely love Micheal, so I hope he is not dead.

  285. IloveMJ Said,


  286. Perfume Said,

    #269 I also find it strange that nobody at UCLA Medical Centre has not said anything, I am sure some staff must of seen MJ who was a high profile person being wheeled into the hospital why is it that their are quiet, I am certain somebody would of wanted to make a quick buck by either sending the media an anonymous email spilling what they had seen that fatal day. I still go back to what the paramedics said when they entered the house that something did not seem right and that the person that they were tending to seemed to have had scars on their face as though they had recent facial surgery those words still stay with me every time I think of it, secondly why did Jermaine Jackson have to do the press release announcing MJ’s death why not the many doctors that performed CPR on him, why did doctor Murray not do the press release…….too many questions too little answers to it all.

  287. emmie Said,

    hey every 1 this is important
    visit this site and there is voice recordings from people
    if you go on number 3 which was recorded on the 17/7/09 at 8;53am it sound exactly like michael jackson
    take a look and tell me what you think?????

  288. MyBelovedMJ Said,

    What bugs me the most is. HE DIDNT KNOW WHERE MICHAELS BODY IS. WTH. How can you not know where the body of your Baby is? I mean ofcause they wouldent tell anyone, but Joe could have said something like ” I cant tell you” Or ” he is in a secret place” But do not say you dont know. Its your son dammit, fight for it.

    Seriously, get Joe Jackon in that chair again,and keep anseer him questions, and do it quick, it will take him 30 minutes to blow up Michaels cover.

    Something is seriously wrong with that family, my guess is that Michael is pulling his hair screaming: Get YOUR STORIES STRAIGTH BEFORE YOU ARE GOING TO RUIN ANYTHING. This family is SO BAD at this.

    All this just proves to me, that MIchael is still alive.

    Michael if you see this: You need to talk to your family, make them get their stories right. I dont want them to blow up your cover, i want you to be safe and happy.
    I love you

  289. MJSmile4Us Said,


    I agree with u in that there is no way that Joe, Michael’s FATHER would not know where his son’s body is and plus he said he did not read the private autopsy results coz he was not given one. When asked why he did not demand for it, he replied that he just assumed that he was going to be contacted at some point. What a load of bull! He almost sounded stone-cold careless father when i heard him say that. Rowe was not such a good actor as well as he too stumbled on words and repeated himself when different questions were asked and even dodged some.

    I was so frustrated to learn that and strongly believe that ET show (although I know it is full of garbage) was more than disrespectful to dear Michael by saying that their so-called sources said that the Michael wore prosthetic nose and that one of his former employees at the Neverland Ranch saw a box full of them in his bedroom. ET have no freakin idea what they are talking about and it makes me so sad and my blood boils every time they say such ridiculous stuffs about MJ like this – they just blurt out whatever they like and use unverified ’sources’ as a back up. They should be shut down for providing false information and for crossing the line – they are trying to ruin MJ all over again!

  290. kitkat Said,

    you guys r 100% right

    @Alfaomega he sang that in the words? no way he made a mistake he did tt on pourpouse. Probably cus the kids looked so happy he hada remind them to pretend to be sad, cause after all it is a ”funeral”

    @MJSmile4Us i was 100% sure mj was alive after hearing paris speak. N ofcourse the lil one is acting. Plus wata big catch when he aske his grandpa wen his dad was coming bak. N other ppl r still slow n say “aww he thinks his dads alive n is coming bak” HELLO!!! the kids 7 not ONE!!!!!!!! he wod noe tt his dad was dead after all tis. I mean when my cousin was 7 he new more about sex then i did. So ur telling me tt tis lil boy gose thro all tis (n he supposly seen his dads “body” at the private “funeral” n then at the memorial ppl start talkin bout his dead wen he was young n how they’ll miss em…IH PLEASE tis lil boy noes EXACLY wats going on. n he noes he’ll c his dad soon. N so funny he asked if his dad was coming bak on a holiday wen in mjs journal he said he was coming bak christmas or new years! my case is closed!! =)

  291. ishealive Said,

    To MJSmile4Us: Yeah you’re right about the autopsy, I forgot about that. That’s BS what father doesn’t read his son’s autopsy or demand to see it. He’s coming across to the whole world like he couldn’t care less about Michael yet he’s rambling on about foul play and AEG controlling Michael. Jesus Joe get your facts straight don’t accuse people and not even bother to see the autopsy results.

    I was talking to my dad about Joe last night, I didn’t tell about this site or that I have my suspicions about this hoax ‘cos he’d think I was insane but anyway I was telling him that Joe hadn’t even seen Michael’s body or that he didn’t even know where it was. My father reckons the family are keeping all this informaion from Joe, that’s a good point but again I ask WHY?

  292. Perfume Said,

    #287 I have listened to it and it sure sounds like Michael and also no person from the UK has an American accent, this person sure sounds like MJ….I need to listen to it again and who the heck is Donald??????? The voice message is weird it is like listening to MJ himself

  293. zealot Said,

    This thing is beginning to look more simplier than I had thought. The trained eyes see more than expected, I am 75-80% sure of that.

  294. roloco21 Said,

    oh people!!
    of course all these theories are so believable, but if it’d come a day that you find out that Michael’s not dead what would be your feelings? The fans feel so much pain for a month now, i don’t think i could ever forgive that to Michael. For sure, if his death is a hoax, he needed to get away. But this move doesn’t macht with what Mike was fighting for all these years! this ”escape” seems like Mike gave up! But Mike’d never give up! I believe so much in him, but i can’t stand that he just get away and hide! I need so much more to believe that God decided to end his life rather than that Mike played it God!! He actually used to act like God, wanted to live 4 ever… NO! I need to remember Mike as a human who was always fighting and winning the stungles of this life! And that now he rests in eace at heaven. NOt at Haway!!!!!!! I couldn’t forgive that, but it would be funny though, its so crazy that it makes me laugh!!!!
    The only thing is sure is that Michael Jackson is far away from all of us, whenever he is…
    and either he’s dead either he’s alive, i’m happy for him. But i don’t want to know……..
    just let it go….
    Anastacia from Greece

  295. Grrrrrrr Said,

    Why only recently have his children been photographed without their masks? Are they in fact his real children or are they ‘imposters or ‘doubles’ as well? They have always been protected from the media, who really knows what they really look like?

  296. elizabethvitale Said,

    Cute little Michael doll. Crazy sad story and fits for the crazy media life and every day life Michael had.

  297. blu Said,

    Why in the world would you be upset at Michael and not forgive him? it’s not playing God to need rest and to not be the king of pop anymore. Do you realize that Michael have been entertaining people since he was five years old? He is now fifty. Fifty one in August. Michael is not a young kid anymore to be fighting off the crowd of people every time he walk out of the door. As a matter of fact he can never just walk out of the door not even to take his children for a walk. Michael know that as long as he’s alive somewhere in the world he would never have any peace. Michael was always trying to fight the struggles of this life. He only wanted to be treated like a human being but Michael Knew that this is a fight that he could never win. Just to be left alone. If Michael Jackson had stayed around, Even if he was 75 years old he would still have people crowding him and writing lies in the tabloids. I say that if Michael did disappeared and have more peace in the second part of his life than he had in the first part then Michael, Go on with your bad self. You should’ve done it a long time ago.

  298. blu Said,

    People, I don’t know the age of most people on this site but I am a old timer. Michael is only 11 months older than I am. Of course I love Michael and have loved him since the sixties. I am the one that keep my head on straight. I don’t follow behind foolishness or made up stories. Of course like all of you, I don’t want to believe that Michael have died but if he’s dead there’s nothing any of us can do about that. But people, I am here to tell you that here is indeed something strange going on. I would be the first one to tell you guys to go on with your life, that Michael is dead but I can’t say that because I know that all that I have seen heard and feel that there is something going on. I don’t know what but a bunch of people is hiding something. Keep digging for the truth.

  299. libra_ girl Said,

    Hi All!
    I would have to agree,he always wanted kids so much,so i find it really hard that he would have had some drugs injected or whatever into him knowing that it could kill him.I don’t think he would do that to his kids…But who will ever know..Either way he is loved unconditionally…I hope he is happy enjoying life where ever he is….Ps: Hey MJ if you are alive come to Tas – Australia it’s quiet here!

  300. hestylim Said,

    Well, guys..
    I have read all posts in this topic.. and I do agree that there were too many odd things in the memorial. At Jermaine words in “Smile”, at first, I thought that I had problem with my ears, that I probably misheard about it.. But, when I read your post that said you heard the same as I heard, I started to believe, that I did not misheard it.

    When the first time I watched the memorial, I thought Paris was truly sad. But when, I watched the video of memorial once again, Paris’ crying looked real faked. She looked like, she tried to cry out tears but she couldn’t. Then, before she did her speech, did you guys notice that all the grown ups there seemed to push her to speak so that the memorial looked real???

    In “Will You Be There”, the last speech done by Michael, the word “pain” became “pains” and you suspected that it was Michael did it behind the stage. I have one question guys, do you think that it might be Mike’s recording when he did he concerts? Probably he misspoken it, or something?? I mean, they can make this as an evidence to say that Mike didn’t do it. One of my friend asked me, if he did fake his death, why should his family hold that big memorial in staples center? I told her that the family just wanted to make the “death” looked real. Then, now, while I am writing this post, suddenly a thought pops up. And the answer of the question is, the money the memorial earned. They sold tickets for this memorial. MJ got a lot of fans who wants to spend all the money in the world for him (agree??). The memorial would bring money. I don’t care where the money goes.. Just leave MJ alone. What do you think???

    I thank you so much, Admin.. to make this side. Because, as you guys experience, people said that I am too fanatic of Michael till I can’t let him go.

    I am do happy if Michael is somewhere out there starting a new life. I can understand how he feels. I think I will do the same if I were him. Though, I am not living Michael’s life, but sometimes, I feel I like to runaway and start a new life out there.. a peaceful life.. and spend my life forever there.. Could be alone.. or with my love ones. So, Mike, if you are somewhere out there.. just live your life.

  301. charline_15 Said,

    i believe that michael rested now where he is.ill wish him good luck..i love you mike!!(k)

  302. maria2284 Said,

    I dont think those are his children.. I read somewhere that he never legally adopted them because he felt like there would be no third party to come in and try to get custody of them. Adopt them? I thought they were biologically his?

    I don’t think so.

    But then again, they want us to believe that MJ is dead too… so who knows.

  303. maria2284 Said,

    To #148: “I wonder what Liza Minnelli is implying

    “All of us who knew him well really know what he was like. [...] I’m sure when the autopsy comes, all hell’s going to break loose. So, thank God we’re celebrating him now”

    source: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2009/06/liza_foreshadows_michael_jacks.html

    Any thoughts?”

    —-When I first heard this statement, I automatically felt like he had asked her to say this to keep up the media buzz about his death. To make people tune in more, and be more interested in his “death”.

  304. artisticflare Said,

    reply to blu ia m 6yrs older than Michael and i was born in Birmingham England, like you i was raised on Michael Jackson and his brothers, and Motown. I dont want to believe Michael has gone, but i am just not getting the vibe here l that he is in fact dead! i have been crying my eyes out since the 25th June like everyone else , i actually feel a bit depressed now , i think it is called grieving. If he has gone then what a nice way to go in your sleep no suffering from any nasty illness that goes on for months. Not nice for people who think there may be foul play. I do believe in my heart Michael is still alive, and i am so glad we have this site. It comes as no suprise to me then that Katherine Jackson was given custody of the 3 children, no one in there right mind would want them to be any where else, acepct with the family they have known all there lives, where they will be loved and be safe. Now all we need is the autopsy results to come back saying Michael died from accidental drug overdose, then every one will get there money, then when it has all died down for a while, we will have the celebration of Michaels birthday, then more to come at Christmas! Then who knows what will happen, please Michael send us asign to let us know you are still here, as you can see the you have affected so many people all over the world, we love you so much.

  305. lady babcat Said,

    I agree with you, Paris is a good actress at 12.
    Congratulations for this page.
    I´m waiting more info about this.

  306. missp09 Said,

    I wonder if this is a valid question.. when you look at MJ’s home videos, you his lil kids but with lighter hair, especially Prince. Now their hair are dark..Does that happen or am I thinking wayyy tooo much?

  307. hestylim Said,

    Sorry guys, Brooke Shield, Is she one of his best friend? When she did her speech, I saw her shaking, and so sad.. What do you think about her???

  308. artisticflare Said,

    answer to missp09 my sons hair was like Princes hair as ababy but now it is what i call dark blonde like princes hair is now, but i know what you mean it looks like it has been dyed? It looks way too blonde unusuall with dark brown eyes? I remember Michael saying on camera once his father had blue eyes??

  309. oana Said,

    i don’t know what to say…i’m confused…i wanna believe that he’s alive…but i don’t know… the children appeared so unbelieveably calm during the public Memorial that was weird…i thought it’s weird…but i also thought that they are kids, that maybe they are confused, they are kids…i don’t know what to say/… i did expected them to cry… i cried and i never met Michal Jackson… i would be happy to know that he’s alive…i love Michael…but it’s hard or me to believe he’s alive…why would he do something like that? he could just disappear, he did that many times (many people say that M.Jackson is worth more now that he is dead then when he was alive) …i don’t know….but i think that the kids were confused….kids are kids…they don’t understand many things… but it’s weird because i saw Joe laughing, i saw Rebbie laughing, i don’t know what to say…i’m confused…i really am..

  310. ilovemichaeljackson. Said,

    answer to miss09, i read somewhere that michael dyed his hair that color, he thought it looked cute.. and it did!

  311. blu Said,

    I know that some here on this site feel confused and hope is fading fast of Michael being alive. I know that it is difficult and as the time tick by, It seems as if he surely must’ve died. I truly don’t think that he died at all. I have my theory that I can not post because my concern is for Michael’s happiness and for his safety. Therefor my theory will remain in my head forever. Don’t give up on yor hope. That’s all we have really.

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