Michael Jackson Hoax Death

Is the King of Pop really dead?

Michael Jackson given 6 months to live in January 2009

 This excerpt was taken from The Fab Life and was written on the 7th January 2009. See the link here: http://bit.ly/EgTAc

“Despite denials from Michael Jackson that he’s suffering from a lethal lung disease, the National Enquirer remains on “Whacko Jacko” death watch. Now their sources give the singer six months to live. “His condition is just so far gone, I’d be surprised if he lasts six months…Painkillers and booze have caught up with him. The only way he was able to cope with the stress of sex scandals and his roller-coaster life was to mask the pain with substance abuse.”

Jacko biographer Ian Halperin has confirmed their source’s claims of emphysema and gastrointenstinal bleeding with his source. “Michael wants to have the lung transplant, but because of other illnesses he’s fighting, he’s too weak to undergo such a major procedure. He’s taking one painkiller after another.” This would help explain why he’s auctioning off his assets, but then Jackson has been frail and cash-starved for years. Still, if the reports are true, the King of Pop may not be around much longer.”

How interesting that almost exactly 6 months later Michael Jackson died!

This article and the picture (above), begs the question that if indeed Michael Jackson was reported to be ‘frail’ and ’so far gone’ as the article states in January of 2009, how on earth was he able to pass a 5 hour Medical test with ‘flying colours’ which was performed in February 2009 pending the London O2 Concert announcement?

Perhaps the Media had once again got it wrong, publishing lies and heresay (which is always likely), although this explanation still has the problem - it does not explain away the HUGE coincidence that Michael Jackson actually did die 6 months later.

Perhaps the number 1 clue to the entire Michael Jackson Death Hoax lies within this report. Here is a theory:

January 2009 Michael Jackson’s health takes a turn for the worst, AEG Live Organisers and Michael’s Personal Doctor know there is no way possible that he can perform 1 concert, let alone 50. They also know they’ve invested a huge amount of money in the ‘This is It’ comeback tour, as well as started yet another law suit in the mean time. (The organisers of a proposed Jackson Five reunion concert filed a $40m lawsuit alleging that Jackson’s 50 London dates violate the terms of their 2008 contract). The only way Michael is going to recover from his illness and AEG are going to make any money is for MJ to Hoax his death. The state of Michael Jackson’s health is leaked to the press, knowing they will report it. Plans are put into place, and by February, Michael Jackson has left his life and gone into hiding, with everyone else none the wiser.

The person who passed the 5 hour medical exam for the This is It tour was not Michael Jackson. The person who attended the O2 Concert Press Conference was not Michael Jackson. The person who attended the auditions for dancers for the Tour was not Michael Jackson.

The person in the Ambulance on the 25th June was not Michael Jackson.

You may be asking how can these conclusions be met? Please allow me to explain.

Keeping  in mind the article from the National Enquirer mentioned above, it appears as though the ‘excess use of painkillers’ story was very much the focus of Michael Jackson’s health issue. Mentioning this seemingly small detail back in January is of course a very crucial detail when we look back on it now after MJ’s death.

Those people within the population who are easily led (and there are many) will look upon the current circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson’s death with all of the ‘drug abuse’ talk and take in the entire  story with no question because “oh yes it was reported back in January that Michael Jackson was abusing painkillers everyday – no wonder he died – it was only a matter of time”.

When Michael announces his concerts and begins rehearsals in March, his January health issue is forgotten because of all of the buzz with his comeback. The world is immersed in a Michael Jackson frenzy once again.

After his death, the drug abuse allegation is re-ignited, because as we all know, a heart attack from using the occasional pain killer over the period of a couple of weeks is highly unlikely, especially when MJ was said to be a ‘picture of health’ while completing rehearsals. Therefore the reports of excess drug abuse are very important, as they support the claim that his Cardiac Arrest was indeed caused by drugs.

The drug overdose is also a very important factor for AEG Live. Their insurance claim of Millions dollars will be paid out when Michael Jacksons Toxicology and Autopsy reports prove that drugs caused his death. This is also part of the plan. The remainder of money to be made by AEG Live will come from the sales of the Final Rehearsal DVD, Tribute Tours, unreleased songs and Merchandise.

Jo Jackson is also undoubtedly making a fair cut and will most likely be funneling a portion of his money made to Michael in his new life.

The children have known that this would be happening since February, which is why they had to be revealed. If they had remained hidden, the world would be doubting whether or not they were Michael’s children. The family videos have been released to further back up this claim. Within the next 6 months the children will be with their father.

Jo Jackson will be a rich man, AEG Live will have made a substantial amount of money, not to mention pulling off one of the greatest ’shows’ ever. Michael will be enjoying a quiet and healthy life and his children will be with him, away from the spotlight for good.

…The greatest Hoax the world has ever seen.

  1. mjfan Said,

    hmmm. I do think the six month prediction is very convenient. And MJ was visiting the hospital/doctor a lot prior to his death so that fueled it too. And while I don’t think the guy at the O2 was MJ, I DO think the guy at the rehearsals was jackson. You’re forgetting also the picture of him and his kids a couple of months before his death, with Jackson’s face uncovered. That is definitely Michael Jackson. I honestly lean more toward the murder theory than the “alive” theory.

    The alive theory doesn’t make sense to me. He could have easily had a quiet private life if he’d just STAYED in Ireland, where things seemed to be pretty peaceful and low-key for him. Only England and America truly harassed him. Maybe it was because of debts, but really.. .faking your death to pay debts is a RISKY venture. It’s fraud.

    The “MJ back from the dead tour,” while an awesome idea, is fraught with too much fraud/prison peril.

    Plus MJ LOVED his fans. He truly would never do something to cause so many people this much grief. I think it dishonors the man and who he was to say that he would do something like this. He didn’t run from things, and this seems like running away.

    As sensitive as MJ was, do you really think he would be able to stand for 12 of his fans to commit suicide?

    I still think he’s likely died, and I think a lot of foul play is involved. There is a lot of weirdness that doesn’t add up, but I don’t think it’s something MJ created.

  2. mbc080709 Said,

    Admin wrote:
    Michael will be enjoying a quiet and healthy life and his children will be with him, away from the spotlight for good

    How can he enjoy a quiet and healthy “new” life when he was(is) so painkiller destroyed body??!!! Very unrealistic, unless his health conditions were not so dramatic even 6 months or an year ago…does it make sense?

  3. Mimi Said,

    well il say that basicly while all of us are chit chatting away about conspiracy theory’s is safe to say:


    people common!!!! open your eyes and smell the shit not the coffee the shit for real were is Michael Jackson they say they buried him here they buried him there the put him in took him out of there and when WE going finding out they come up with he was never brought at the first place.

    THEY said michael jackson is dead
    THEY say were he is and what THERE plans are
    THEY feed the public and media what THEY want
    THEY through us of track when we get close to finding something but were just ment to shut up and believe every thing we are told as if we are little children.

    k so we are going to do is talk in there Lingo see what THEY Find out what these people say and try to put it together:

    Joe Jacksons
    jamine jackson
    prince, paris and blanket
    miss kathrine jackson

  4. kto nado Said,

    very good and logical version!
    but should be made more massed promo campaign his hard health condition.
    what about third autopsy, who also what tries to find? Why so play for time?

  5. lets talk Said,

    I think that is very suspicious how a book author knew he would die in 6 months. I would love to hear from his sources how they came up with that. Sometimes the answers are right under our nose, and we can’t see it. There is something to this though, it was a publicity story to allow us to adapt to what was planned to happen. However I am leaning towards the story that MJ thought his life was in danger and with the help of authorities it is all being covered up while they investigate. Tell me why does AEG now own MJJ Productions, how could they have done so when it is part of his estate and it must got through probate. Now Colony Capital (part of a company MJ owns) wants to buy his Beatles Catalog. So something very strange is happening. In regards to his chikdren he could have told them before and to just play along, that he will be gone for a while. He could still be talking with them via email or cell we would never know. Also he is very good with disguises when he wants to be, you would never know it was him. As for his fans if your life is in danger you have to do what you have to
    do to survive. Also MJ insiders have been planting stories in many internet sites that MJ is alive and well. So that speaks to his fans letting them know in so many do not kill yourself, he still lives. SO I say just follow the money and the kids and you will have your answer.

  6. Jessie Dai Said,

    Glad to see Admin update the bolg.
    This news is amazing to us. I thought it was just because Michael want to enjoy a peace and relaxing life. But now it seem that he faked his death with AEG! They all know this hoax? I really hope Michael is alive, but I just feel things have gone to be so complicated.

  7. charliechaplin Said,

    I’m thinking if a lot of people ( whether MJ’s own family or maybe his very close friends ) know about the Grand Plan, it’s bound to get busted sooner because – maybe, somehow- someone might make a blunder or a make ’slip-of-the-tongue. A Grand Scheme needs to be tightly guarded which is probably why the Jackson family were barred from seeing MJ before hid ‘death’. And that’s why, MJ was already telling Paris that he may not make it to father’s day and also Paris not get angry or upset. The conditioning of the minds of the ‘onlookers’ or those not involved in the Grand Plan was already set a long time ago, I think.

    I think everything from the O2 Press conference attended by “MJ”, to the day of the cardiac arrest, to the arrival of the ambulance etc was set-up by AEG complete with ‘actors’ posing as Paramedics, etc.

    By the way, it was MJ’s bodyguard who called 911. He didn’t say it was MJ who was having a heart attack because it was his obligation as a body guard to protect the identity of the person he is guarding. I read that somewhere. I took note of the link to the site, but I need time to look for it.

    Look, if MJ has to sell his 200 unreleased compositions, he still needs a promoter, you know.

    I read somewhere here that a hollywood film will feature the rest of the last rehearsals of MJ. AEG will earn from it, of course. And, since it features MJ, the King of Pop will get a share of the money too, but in some other ways since he is already “dead”. Don’t you think that’s a good start? MJ will still be earning, maybe earning more now that he is ‘dead’ that when he was ‘alive’ , but safe from the press, safe from detractors, safe from judgmental people, safe from ridicules. But, we do have to expect some publicity stunts to promote his music. So, we should expect to be hearing controversies like ‘he was murdered’ or ‘12 of his fans to commit suicide’ etc every now and then.

    The MJ we know is a genius, clever being, right? And only he can think of a Grand Plan such as this. And only he can pull it off.

    Cheer up, guys. MJ is alive. At least, for me he is. And, if we’re his fans, let’s just support his decision of not wanting to show up as his old self again. There’s so much ahead to come for him and for us to enjoy his talent.

  8. dirtydiana Said,

    I hear alot of people on here talking about MJ would not do this to his fans. This man was a human being just like the rest of us. With the way he had to live most of his life in the spotlite with being hounded by crazy fans, law suits, decievers, attacks and lies, he has the right like anyone of us to have some peace. If these people actually comitted suicide over MJ’s death, then wouldn’t this be a reason to want to get away from it all? He has to continue living a depressing life because these people who probably felt they had some type of personal connection to him and have probably never met him want to kill themselves because he is gone!!!???? These people most likely had some underlying mental issues and because of this, MJ should come out of hiding because of something he can’t control? This insanity is a HUGE reason why MJ should go into hiding. Through the years we have all seen how crazy and hysterical MJ fans can be. This is one of the very reasons to want to fake his death. If you are still alive Michael, you deserve your peace. I love you as an artist and as a human being. I don’t love you the way some of these fans do as if they know you personaly and have some type of personal connection!! Please keep in mind that this is no disrespect to anyone that have taken their lives over MJ’s passing. Again, these people probably needed professional help. May they Rest in Peace.

  9. lou Said,

    This post makes sense. I wondered MANY times WHY 6 months ago this Ian Halperin said that MJ had only 6 months to live – and he really dies almost exactly 6 months later?? I find it hard to believe that MJ was terminally ill, for many reasons, mainly because his family claimed all the time that he died unexpectadely and – well, when someone is terminally ill and dies, there’s no need to INVESTIGATE the causes. Another strange thing is that a radio station announced that MJ had died, in December, 2008 and later they were reprimended for this hoax.

    After his death, there were the stories about drugs; later they talked about foul play, murder etc. and now they say: “murder charges are unlikely”. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-jackson-legal19-2009jul19,0,6908980.story?track=rss

    Unfortunately, I don’t know if I can believe that it’s all a hoax, but I must agree that all these stories sound odd… maybe one day the fans will be allowed to know the truth, who knows?

  10. blackorwhite Said,

    First i didn’t want to believe he died. Now i don’t want to believe he was murdered. My head hurts…

  11. PPF Said,

    What I think is, after he knew that he had only about 6 months remaining, in Jan 2009, AEG people cleverly did the whole recording of all the rehearsal in HD video, multi-track audio, some portions in 3D..etc in anticipation of his death prior to the start of tour. So that they could recover atleast the investment through all the DVD sales / video rights..etc otherwise who records rehearsals in HD on multiple camera setup??? and some portion in 3D????? are you f***ing kiddin me?
    and now they needed to make it look like the death was due to drugs..so they made him take these drugs / painkillers through his personal team, his doctors convincing him to take those (who will get a good cut from the profit obviously)
    and maybe in initial autopsy, it was not clear as to what is the reason behind it (or they don’t wanna reveal it) and now toxicology reports are postponed for two more weeks..so that in the mean time they can some how forge the reports to get the desired result..then AEG is happy to have recovered the investment with some handsome profit. MJ is his mind is a bit relieved before his death that he did not entirely cheated his fans and they can atleast watch his rehearsals. and everyone else involved gets rich.

    But I don’t understand why everyone close to him (besides his family) was absent for the memorial and Oprah has not made a single public statement yet!!

    Also, in the rehearsal footage released by AEG, the routine he does on the TDCAU and HIStory songs is the exact same that he did during his HIStory tour in the late 90’s. and I don’t think MJ will like to do the EXACT same thing again in this comeback concerts.

    Also, the MJ at the ‘This Is It’ press conference does not look like real MJ, period.

    So, bottom line, I sincerely feel at heart that MJ is somehow alive (though my brain is not agreeing with it completely)

  12. striggity Said,

    Those rehearsal tapes aren’t even recent…I believe them to be from atleast 1997 during the HIStory tour. But everything else adds up (about the press conference, ambulance, etc.)

  13. quesarasara Said,

    Well, I gotta hand it to you Admin. It does make a ton of sense. It sounds like when his PR put out the elephant man’s bones, and the hyperberic chamber dirt in those rags. They did it on purpose to spark intrigue for his tours. It’s the perfect PR stunt, the perfect hoax, the perfect F-U to society. The very same society that screwed with him all his life, and a big fat F-U to the celebrities who didn’t help him when he needed it. And Joe Jackson may be old, but he sure isn’t dumb. Once again the emotionless, stark drawl, backwoods attitude. He’s a pimp, he’s playing us all like a fiddle. It’s the perfect storm.

  14. Dee Said,

    I heard abot this. Michael PR people said that Michael prumors about himself out there. That he always knew how to keep the attention on himself, (ie: photos of the him sleeping in the oxygen chamber, Bubble the chimp and trying to buy the elephant man’s bones). The PR guy went on to say that Michael had developed a relationship with someone at the Enquierer, that it was his desire to be a part of the tabloids because his good friend Dame Elizabeth was always in the rag….

    Onve again Admin, you are on track. MJ put that out himself to his people at the Enquierer, in anticipation of this hoax. More pieces are coming together.

  15. emmie Said,

    so the song he did called ‘MORPHINE’ what was that about….. i wish he would come on this site make a sign that it is him just to give us some closure that he is ok and well,,,i feel so guilty that he mite be dead and im ere doubting him,,,
    i wish i coukd have helped him and just been a loyal friend to him

  16. sita Said,

    well done well done and you did it again with YOUR HEART.

    One question remains: who’s body was seen and who died?


  17. sita Said,

    Remember the writings of URI GELLER, warning MJ not to abuse these painkillers. There are other friends that warned him before.
    YOUR THEORY is the most likely one.

    BUT it gives us a very bad perspective for the future. IF MJ was really to weak I doubt he ever will get well. IT COULD BE VERY WELL in a short time he will pass away, finally. In peace. In HArmony with his kids and with a laughing in his heart, having done and being the central point of the greatest hoax, that took place.
    Somehow I feel a bleeding haert..


  18. Rachel Said,

    I found this website through a link on Facebook and thought out of curiosity I would give it a look. Until I came on here I was 100% certain that Michael has passed away but now I’m not so sure. For me there seems to be too many things that are unanswered and can’t be explained.

    I don’t know what to believe anymore but I know that I will be religiously checking the site to see if any new reports have come through. All my family thinks I’m crazy but never mind! One thing I do believe for sure is that if this all is a hoax that Michael will never come back. I think he maybe had enough of the spotlight and wanted to have a “normal” life and this was the only way that he could do it. Although his fans would love him to make a return, too many people would be pissed off that they were made to believe such a thing and the backlash would be horrendous. Just my opinions though. Would love to know what others think.

  19. ejay5131 Said,

    The theory is good except for the kids leaving to be with him. HOW IN THE HECK will the Jacksons explain their absence? With all the buzz of a fake death surely people will become increasingly suspicious once these kids are “missing”.

  20. VanillaCream Said,

    If he knew he had to ldie in a few weeks, I am sure that he talked with his kids about his death, about what happens after it happend, how it will happen, he sure managed things for his kids and family and so on. This is maybe the reason why his kids (and family) were so calm at the memorial – they all knew.

  21. Sosh Said,

    This is one, if not the most likely scenarios that happenend. It’s all been in th eplanning for months. The whole tour was a cover-up for Michael stepping into a peacefull life and making lots of money with stuff the admin allready said.

    The admin is also right when saying the most people will follow just what the media feeds and take it for granted. According to them: Michael died by taking an overdose. All other media attention like possibly murder or faul play is there to make it look less bad. However, the reminder will believe in an overdose as COD. This group will never believe any facts wich are proven suspicious or doubtfull.

  22. vargaswife Said,

    I would like to believe this. It does make sense, I remember that National Enquirer issue and how convenient that he did in fact die 6 mos later, right before the start of his tour. Look, as much as MJ loves his fans, he loves his children and this was the best way to get out of the spotlight. Pay off his debts, get the concert promoters off his back, set his children up for life and finally get out of the harsh view of the media. Makes everyone happy. I doubt he could foresee that fans would commit suicide. I mean, even though he knew he was insanely loved. The people who committed suicide, clearly had problems to begin with. I was distraught and crying and I still cry and I love him so much, but I would never even think of killing myself if it comes to light that he did in fact die. He did this for himself and for his children, if he did fake his death. No one more, he left us a legacy, he left more new music for us, and if he is alive, he can continue to create music under the pretense of this was old stuff never released. So he has done enough for his fans, he left us with much, now after all these years, its time for him to be at peace. That is why I think he did fake his death, it was time for him to think solely of what was best for him.

  23. Shauna Said,

    Its hard for me to believe Michael was addicted to IV drugs like the media keeps telling us. He always seemed to be concerned about his health and wanting to live to be 150 yrs old. Maybe that was lies too. I honestly don’t know what to think. I want to believe he is living a peaceful life with his children but I just don’t know. There have been so many lies told on this poor man who knows what to believe. I know one thing for sure. None of the events that took place after he died makes any sense. Why do they still have his brain? Why haven’t the autopsy results come back yet? Why does the media keep saying Diprovan killed him when nobody knows until toxicology results are back? Why did the family take items out of his house but leave the drugs behind? Or did they plant them? Why is the doctor acting so strange? I am so confused. I want to follow what is going on, but each day it is something different that contradicts what was said the day before. Who knows???
    I love Michael and I hope he finally found peace wherever he is.

  24. hecjosmen Said,

    Even though I believe that Michael Jackson us alive , I am sure that he faked his death for another reason and not to have a life far from the spot life.

    The key is the picture of ‘him’ in the ambulance.

  25. Rofibbs Said,

    I absolutely agree with Admin, totally. It wuz the same NATIONAL ENQUIRER that MJ called so many years ago to come take a snap shot of him in a “hyperbaric chamber” because his friend LIZ TAYLOR had a reputation to always appear in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER. It wuz later discovered that it wuz all jus 4 publicity…even the buyin of the Elephant Man’s bones wuz a story cooked up 4 the public to talk ’bout. It is the same NATIONAL ENQUIRER that heralded his death…How convenient…

  26. terror2k9 Said,

    I you were gonna plan something like this you would have to have this planned for a long time,he always said in his songs dont believe the media in tabloid junkie! he said all I want to say they don’t really care about us!! To set the stage for this was the blood on the dance floor album ,morphine and demarol is in the song he talks of a heartattack in the song,morphine!! what??? Then now all the drugs allegations and they first said he died of demarol . I really think this is all planned, I strongly believe this michael jackson death hoax is for nobody other than the MEDIA!! His family made sure the fans knew how much he loved them! articles like this National Enquirer is what he is totally tired of,maybe this is why he did it to teach them a lesson!!! I love mj and i feel he is still talking to his fans through his songs. I just believe he knows the media will stick with the drug story.Its alot more tasty for th MEDIA, more than he is still alive!!!

  27. Rofibbs Said,

    MJ has bin known to grab the spotlight with weird stories, He got married to Lisa Presley to prove he wuznt gay n wuznt a child molester, he got m arried the 2nd time n had babies with Debbie to prove to the world that he cud Father children to put a hush n the sterilty rumours…WHY DO U THINK HE WONT FAKE HIS DEATH TO GET OUT OF THE MESS THE MEDIA N HIS MONEY MONGERIN FRIENDS HEAPED ON HIM?? He has bin known to create ripples wheneva there’s pressure around him. I WISH HIM A NICE LIFE WHERE EVA HE IS…HE REALLY DESERVES IT.

  28. Helia Said,

    Yes, it is somehow suspicious how this magazine was able to foresee his death but nevertheless. The way of argumentation of faking his death is absolutely unconvincing and that he had doubles is the worst claim. Sorry, but this is shit. He is unfortunately dead.

  29. Rofibbs Said,

    Guys take it easy…Wats this news that a Psychic has talked to MJ’s spirit? OMG!! Sum ppl are beginnin to make joke of this MJHD thingy… Even psychics are beginnin to make money!!

  30. Rofibbs Said,

    Admin.. I envy U, U sure see n hear a lotta stuff on this blog. Keep on keepin on…

  31. MariannaB Said,

    I want to repost my thoughts here:
    There is no doubt after having seen the pictures that the person at O2 conference was MJ.
    The hands are the same but a lot older than in previous years – and show now swollen finger joints. They look very paincausing. It seems that MJ was suffering from rheumatism.

    In this case, a fateful circle had startet.
    The more and the stronger painrelieve medication is being taken, the less a patient will notice cardiac problems or aches in the chest.
    The issue is, people suffering from rheumatism are 2 to 3 times higher in risk of a cardiac attack or arrest.

    The above content is cited from a medical study executed at Mayo clinik in Rochester, Minnesota in the 2000+ years.

    Look at his hands – enlarge the pictures..

    However, the person in the ambulance may not 100% be identified as MJ, given his face blown up compared to MJ’s haggard body and face of mid 2009.

    Who participated at the rehearsals – to my impression at the rehearsals of the dancers, we saw MJ.
    Also the chewing gum sequence shows MJ in my opinion. The MJ rehearsal dance sequence – no idea who that was, this person looks like the one in the ambulance pic.

    MJ was much more worth dead than alive if you look at his obligations towards AEG, the rights catalogue and the estates. The reactions and purchases worldwide have proven this.
    If every fan just bought one more piece to hook onto the lost – what an immense business on the globe.
    Seems MJ saves as well the record label business from dying due to internet download increases.
    Over the last years, almost no record publication went into black figures. With the increase of legals (and illegal) downloads – who needs CD anyway? The world is on uncontrolable mp3/4 – and the artists don’t get paid off anymore.

    There are HUGE interests in doing business with MJ. Worldwide. For billions of dollars.

    And – I have to smile somewhat on this thought – this death or hoax death is the total eclipse of the
    “AS IF” life so many of us are living.
    We live on cost of the environment “as if” it were here forever.
    We live on cost of the third world “as if” we wouldn’t know about the hunger and that we cause it.
    We spent loaned money “as if” we had earned it already.
    We save our debts of one credit card with the debts on our second “as if” we had the money in real.
    It’s all hoax and a big, big pink bubble.

    In the end I just hope that everyone in this forum will educate himself – back to the basics, back to the essential, back to the truth – even if it hurts. A true life – that’s what it’s about for everyone here.

    To the judges in here: take a look from at least two sides.
    To the police in here: boil it down to facts, facts, facts and get the truth out.
    To the docs and paramedics in here: help the people that need your help – and this does mean nothing else but giving – and not taking.
    To the managers in here: managing is facing a challenge face to face and getting things done and not run away and cheat others.
    To the friends in here: sharing and standing tall in difficult times is friendship not dating.
    To the families in here: stay together, help each other out. There’s a purpose why you are put together as a family, it’s not an accident.
    To the finance profs in here: accept that you are dealing with the fortune and future of people and care about them not about the provision you may receive. Did you deserve it?
    To the press profs in here: check your wordings every second – it may kill people’s life. Don’t do to others what you don’t want to live yourself. Stick to the truth and defend it. You are lucky to live where freedom of speech and thought is assured. The majority on this planet cannot share this precious gift. Care for this treasure.

    Change everyday and do everything to your best every second of your life. Wake up, get up, live your wishes in caring for your brother and sister. Let love flow to the ones close to you – they need every little spark of light from you – yes, you. It’s fun by the way. Live in the light of truth. The bubbles in your life will go away, the lies, the blame, the fake, the “as if”, the seeking for happiness outside.

    Happiness and truth are inside. Sit down and listen to them.

    MJ put everything in his lyrics.

    Mike, I am grateful for all of your gifts and do feel ashamed to the bones of what has been done to you until today.

    And then after all – it doesn’t matter anymore whether MJ is alive or not. He’s with us every day and smiles.
    And so do I.

  32. ishealive Said,

    I don’t know what to think, i’m so bloody confused. Maybe the whole story above is true, Leonard Rowe said AEG were controlling Michael towards the end of his life maybe this is why, I don’t know – please give me your thoughts.

    What has me doubting this hoax is the following – In the U.K. in March ‘09 Jade Goody died of cancer but about 2 weeks or so before she died Michael rang her becuase he heard she was a big fan & knew of her from Big Brother when Jermaine was on it in 2007 and wanted to help her so he invited her to his concert, but unfortunately Jade died shortly after this, this all came from her PR guy Max Clifford after Michael died. Why would he invite her if he wasn’t going to do them??
    Also Mark Lester Michael’s close friend also in England said he spoke to Michael by telephone a week before he died and Michael is Godfather to one of his daughters and Michael asked her to be involved in his concert for his Dirty Diana song, he was extremely close to Mark’s children so why invite her if he wasn’t going to do them?

    Please prove me wrong on what I just said above, I hope Michael is alive and well and enjoying his life.

  33. dynamite Said,

    I just dont know what to think any more im starting to think that maybe he is dead and that he was murdered, and i believe that it was him at the rehersals

  34. mrs h Said,

    MJ couldnt have just stayed in Ireland and lived a quiet life. He was totally broke and millions in debt, from what I have read living on other peoples charity.
    There had to be a money making scheme in place before he “died”.

  35. svangel Said,

    admin…. dnt worry u will have more conspiracy to research wen the toxicology reports are out… jeeze they really taking long tho…. and u wud think the wud hurry up … wasnt anna necole smith toxicolly report sooner….

  36. Ispy Said,

    Friends,I’m just wondering about 2 points:
    1.too many ppl involved
    2.LAPD will surely spot the truth of the body if they want to ,they have both DNA and fingerprint sample during the trial.Is it possible that the chief capital help the Jackson family to trick us?
    Thx a million !
    ——-From Far East

  37. monij Said,

    This has been my theory all along. I mentioned it a long time ago on this site, either MJ has been muredered by AEG to collect insurance money, or AEG and MJ staged this death, while MJ is somewhere dying of his illnesses.

  38. wndrwmn67 Said,

    Another thing…that little boy from Brittain’s Got Talent that sang at his memorial said that Michael had wanted him to perform with him in London (on the tour) and that Michael was ready to “pass the torch” to him. I saw this in an interview after the memorial. I’m not sure what, if any, significance this is, but…

  39. heavencanwait Said,

    ok I started to believe he was dead..then JOE JACKSON SPEAKS TO CNN…HE HAS NOT SEEN THE BODY (check you tune Cnn Larry king interview) ! he is hesitant in his answers…so who has seen Michael dead? Tito has not, Quincy did not…think about it, when someone died you want to pay your last respect to them,, right?..we the fans travelled miles just to be were he once was and they want us to belive that these people so close to him did not care to do that? …why? nothing adds up!

  40. BeenTown Said,

    I want to beleive Michael is alive and for the longest time I couldn’ t get this picture out of my head of him sitting down in a room somewhere watching his memorial live while eating popcorn. I think he was really ill and he needed to see what he meant to people before he passed on.

    I want to beleive he is alive but looking at the rehearsal footage, I think he looked a bit sickly. There are many spaces and holes in this story and I just want to know what happened. Also, the ambulance siren was not on which I heard indicates that the person in the vehicle has expired.

    It would be amazing if he were still alive. I would have loved to be a friend to him, me and him being virgos I think we could have shared a lot together. I look at his life and it is a classic case of irony, and it seems so sad. A man with fame and fortune surrounded by vultures and speculation becomes on of the loneliest men in the world. I just wish I could have been there to hold him tightly through it all.

    This man gave the world so much of him and look what they did to him.

    Please be alive Michael, I love you and there are so many more who love you too.

    Admin you are doing a geat job with this site, thanks much.

  41. MariannaB Said,

    Every king consideres handing the crown to the next generation one day or the other.
    I am convinced that Mike had to face serious health problems. You can see that in his face, eyes and hands. Either he is currently undergoing a critical treatment in order to save his life or he died / was killed due to his state. I do not buy one second in “drug abuse” and what else is being twittered. Who is that guy that spread the exorbitant result of the exams? Who is paying him? There is one source.

  42. Little_Susie Said,

    MariannaB – i find your post extremely interesting, i hope people would pay more attention to it.
    Michael is a special man. And so are you

  43. MariannaB Said,

    Thanks Little_Susie.

    To all those who don’t know anymore what to think:

    a tiger has black and yellow stripes. why? because only with black and yellow stripes he is save and may hide well in the jungle where light and shadow set patterns of dark and brightness.

    It is clear that now there is a bunch of this and that, truth and lies, facts and theories around. The more, the more the tiger may hide.

    If you want to detect him – get out of the jungle, look from far and reflect where the tiger finds best conditions for surviving.
    Get back exactly there and hide, sit down and wait with patience. Train your eyes to see through the shadows and the beams. He will show up.

    The family is adding a lot to the this and that confusion and acting not normal at all.
    But are they the key ? They are participating. That’s all.

  44. Susie+Me Said,


  45. Samantha Said,

    Be so good, if all of us could go help michael (L)

  46. MichaelJacksonIsStillAlive Said,

    Michael is alive… believe it or not!!! MY HEART TELLS ME THAT HE IS ALIVE….

    and umm one more thing… no offence or anything but uhh those “women” in bikinis on the cover of the mag are just PLAIN DISTURBING!!! way to ruin someone’s day!!!

    anyways I LOVE YOU MORE MICHAEL!!!

  47. Narcosis Said,

    Omer Bhatti was on the first row of the memorial service, right next to the family!
    The 25-year-old has many similarities with MJ (and Blanket).

  48. SJ1983 Said,

    Everything I read on this site makes sense in some way!
    AFTER seeing the Joe Jackson (Larry King) interview: I NEVER beaten Michael! He is pretending to be the perfect family Whatever JOE!!
    (Joe wants custody of the children(THE MONEY) soooo bad it disgusts me!!!)
    JOE says: I DONT KNOW WHERE THE BODY OF MICHAEL IS ROGHT NOW, because Joe claimed he didnt want to see Michale dead body, BUT YOU DID SHOW IT TO THE CHILDREN?!
    Joe says: You have to ask some other people where the body is: WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE JOE?!


    the NO emotional AFTER 30 minutes 911call without Jacksons name said in it
    the CPR on the SOFT bed case the Conrad Murray Case and his going away
    securitytapes vanished from Jackson House
    The Jacksons were allowed in the House after it was a crime scene?!
    And then claim that there were for tons of stuff missing?!
    The Elizabeth Taylor/Arnold Klein case especially the condoleance part to Farrah Fawcett and NOT to Michael only for 4 days later?!And only being on twitter since 17th, 8days before MJs death
    The Memorial; the real friends werent there, people that didnt even know him spoke.
    The looking u from the children, without emotions.
    The PERFORMANCE of Paris Jackson, speak up child the JACKSONS said even when she was supposibly crying?!?
    The sentences showed on the screen during memorial.
    The golden caskets; which was known MJ bought several during his life, was this just one of them!?
    The DISSAPEREANCE of the body, how on earth could the body be at Forrest Lawn, while there were 100’s of journalist waiting there?!!
    Oprah hasnt said ANYTHING yet?!
    Katherine JAckson files for trust,claiming she didnt know about the “new” trust after it was out on the internet for 4days already, So Joe does read about him beating up MJ on the internet, but the missed the new trust?!!Sure…
    the “new’ MJ song place WITHOUT no name, why now, why this song?!
    WHY are the results still not in from the AUTOPSY?! in other cases it only took a few days?!!!!!!

    I think in this complottheorie many things simply just DONT make sense:
    -The Police are in it, because they were sick of the money that MJ cost them during the years for the security when MJ decided to go into the public,
    -The Children; They could not live with masks on, they are teenagers now, the paprazzi would have caught their faces soon enough, Debbie was affraid of this too , now with MJ supposibly death the problem is gone and they can through live without masks
    -The Mj wanted to perform 1 time, not 50 times!! Not even an Olympics attendend could make it to the end.
    -The debtissues
    -The constant bad press about MJ the last years
    -The why would he recorded 200singles over the last few years in secret!?

    MJ IS ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. SJ1983 Said,

    AND why did KAtherine Jackson @ the memorial day goes to a salon to get her nails done?!!Sure…
    And what were the Jackson sisters looking like a fashionshow by donnatella!?
    The no tears at all during the whole ceremony
    and the WAY TOO CONVENIANT sunglasses!?!

  50. SJ1983 Said,

    THE dancer thought to be Michael Jackson’s secret lovechild was given a seat in the FRONT ROW at the King of Pop’s memorial service, The Sun can reveal.
    Devastated Omer Bhatti, 25, sat with head bowed and wearing dark glasses alongside the star’s grieving brothers and sisters during the poignant tribute two weeks ago.

    The eyes have it … Jacko and his lookalike ’son’ Omer Bhatti

    It will further fuel suspicion that he is Jacko’s fourth child. And childhood snaps show an uncanny likeness to Prince Michael II, seven – known as Blanket – the youngest of the star’s three “official” children.

    Michael, who died last month aged 50, is said to have told pals in 2004 that Norwegian Omer was born following a one-night stand in 1984. Omer is now believed to be seeking a DNA test to discover the truth.

    And yesterday his family in the Norwegian capital Oslo refused to rule out Jacko as Omer’s dad.

    Familiar face … Michael Jackson’s son Blanket,
    who also looks like Omer Bhatti

    After the singer’s death, Omer’s mum Pia cryptically remarked: “He was the King of Pop. But for us he was so much more.”

    The likeness between Omer and Blanket is remarkable. They have the same dark hair, the same eyebrows and the same facial features.

    Significantly, Omer was granted a special place among the Jackson family for the service at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, on July 7.

    Meanwhile, some of the most famous celebs in the world had to make do with seats in rows behind.

    The Sun can also reveal that wannabe star Omer lived at Jacko’s Neverland mansion for several years and mixed with the other Jacksons as if he was one of the family.

    A revealing video shows long-haired Omer, then about 14, unwrapping Christmas presents with Michael at Neverland.

    He plays with an infant, believed to be one Jacko’s other kids, as if they were siblings.

    In 2003, Omer was snapped at Jacko’s birthday celebration and rode in a limo with the Thriller singer. Omer was even in Neverland when cops investigating child abuse allegations swooped in 2003.

    He said last year: “It was totally sick. It was the whole squad from Santa Barbara Police Department.

    “We didn’t know why they were there. Michael was not at home.”

    After Omer was born, Jacko sent two employees to Oslo to help his mum raise him.

    He and Omer are reported to have first met in 1996. Omer, then 12, impressed the dance legend with his own dance moves after waiting for him at a hotel in in Tunisia.

    First contact … Jacko with 12-year-old Omer in Tunisia, 1996

    It is thought Omer’s family sold their house in Holmlia, Oslo, and moved to Neverland in 1997.

    They have since returned to Norway.

    Omer had idolised Jacko since he was a child and has performed as a tribute act across the globe.

    From 1996 he began appearing in public with his idol and even performing with him.

    The young dancer was by Jacko’s side when he called in a witch doctor to cure him of pain in Aspen, Colorado, in 2004.

    Omer is also said to have had problems with drugs, like his alleged dad.

    He was arrested for possession of a small quantity of cannabis and fined in Norway in 2004.

    Michael even dedicated his 2001 album Invincible to Omer’s best friend Benjamin Hermansen, 15, who was stabbed to death by neo-Nazis.

    Omer and Jacko remained close right up until the Thriller singer’s death on June 25 after a long addiction to prescription drugs.

    In an interview in 2008, Omer said: “Loyalty is the most important thing for me.

    “I have contact with Michael, and I think my loyalty to him is the reason we still have our contact.


    “He is an unbelievably good human being.”

    Today Omer is trying to make a name for himself in the world of rap and hip-hop, promoting himself under the stage name O-Bee.

    He has remained in LA since the memorial service.

    Yesterday The Sun called at his family home in Norway but mum Pia was unwell. Her Pakistani husband Riz confirmed that Omer sat in the front row at Jacko’s service.

    He said: “Yeah, yeah, I know because I was watching. I told my wife, ‘Just wait until the press see this. It’s not a small thing’.”

    Both Pia and Riz, in their late 40s, worked for Jackson in the US. Riz is believed to have been a driver and Pia a nanny. Both have refused to answer questions about the star.

    Yesterday Riz would neither confirm nor deny that Omer is Jacko’s son. He said: “Make what you like. I don’t want to discuss anything.”

  51. SJ1983 Said,


  52. mbc080709 Said,

    To Admin:
    if there is anything strange in a death, wouldn’t it be one of the first thing to check if DNA of the dead body is the same to MJ’s real body? and what about fingerprints, wouldn’t it be the same for it?
    Do you think that an insurance company which will have to pay something like 50mil$ to AEG Live in case drugs death will be proven, will ask for more details such as DNA and fingerprints tests of the dead body? Unless the insurance company is part of this BIG HOAX as they are re-insured!!!

  53. SJ1983 Said,



  54. nehaheartmj Said,

    i just wanted to get the attention of everybody on this point that is bugging me like hell……see i don’t know weather mj is alive or not……i just hope he is alive….but what i want to point out is that……if you pay attention to the death certificate that latoya gave the media as a proof of michael jackson being dead…..the name there is written ‘michael joseph jackson’…..now…..i find something terribly wrong here……
    as we all know(all die hard fans of mj) that……michael jackson got converted into islam in november’2008 and changed his name to MIKAEEL….so what i want to ask is why does the death certificate shows the name to be ‘MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON’ AND NOT ‘MIKAEEL JOSEPH JACKSON’……..sounds like a big blunder….right?
    and by the way….here are the proves that he converted himself to islam….
    2) http://ready2beat.com/current-news/general-news/news-michael-jackson-converted-islam
    what are your thaughts on this??????

  55. SJ1983 Said,


    I’m sure AEG is in it, as well as the LAPD and the Jackson Family

  56. Ispy Said,

    No.52 gives a very good question.
    MJ was either murdered or faked his death.

  57. shyone Said,

    I have no doubt that everything was put in place to pull this off early in the eighties. Everyone remember MJ was a world reknown icon. He was the only person on the planet that was recognized worldwide. MJ was a brilliant man, a genuis in his own right. When he had his time away from the studio early in the eighties he studied books on all of the individuals he thought to be genuis and mysterious. He lived an eccentric live because it was the right thing to do as he was postering his disappearance from the world. He got exactly what he set out to get. He wanted to be the biggest Entertainer in the World. He achieved that. He gave to his fans for 30 years. He gave his music,short films and performances. He gave his all. He had no problem walking away with the aching body, those that still hated him from the accusations and backstabbers he had in his life and trusted that failed him. He had the greatest heart. He may have left family members out of his will, but he set them up to prosper from his untimely death. MJ was an amazing man with a great heart. Something our world will never see again. No one will ever reach the magnitude that he reached. His kids will be fine and they will be with there dad again in due season. Of course, there were players from the beginning and players in the end. I am also convinced he would still be with us hadn’t people been so mean spirited and unforgiving. God be with you Michael.

  58. Rofibbs Said,

    Who knew Madoff wuz schemin ppl of their monies, huh?? Nobody. Yes, nobody untill the “insiders” (His sons) called the authorities. Why didnt the authorities know all along?? because they are not as smart as we think they are, same applies to MJ’s “death” Hoax saga..we wll never know the truth untill an “insider” starts spillin the beans, with the controversy involvin his estate n the greedy fingers that want to make money from the brand name “MICHAEL JACKSON”…i see the walls crumblin especially with news of a new WILL Ian taked ’bout.

  59. Rofibbs Said,

    …wuznt Joe at the private memorial held 4 MJ at forest lawn?? If he wuz, that means it wuznt an open casket ‘arrangement’.. else he wudnt hav said wat he said on Larry King. Either that or he’s not sayin the truth..n how in Gods green earth did Latoya know 2million n other valuables are missin from MJ’s house?? Alotta ppl are tellin allota lies.

  60. Rofibbs Said,

    That Joe guy is surprisinly appallin, his incesant attachment to makin money is so very sad..on a lighter note i think MJ sang “speechless” 4 Pia, i hear shes an EYE CANDY

  61. Mojofi Said,

    ***SJ1983*** i think the family wanted to look good for Mike what ever the case was. Good or bad.
    So does anyone here really belive that Mike had a one night stand? I don’t belive it at all . I think Mike was too shy to have a one night stand and even now i don’t think he would hehe. What a funny think to say and Mike hehehe . I just can’t stop myself. They could have side anything apart from one night stand.It’s a silly think to say aboud Mike don’t you think so guys?

  62. SJ1983 Said,

    @ SHYONE:
    and what about his obsession with Elvis Presley ?! And even marrying Lisa Marie,
    The dead of MJ and Elvis are exactly the same!!!!
    Lisa Marie once admitted that she talked with Michael about twhe way her father died and that he had many questions about this?!!!!!?!
    I think he planned his escape several years ago already and now that the time wa right MJ did it!!!

  63. Shauna Said,

    If he is hiding somewhere I hope he is never found. Look at all he has been through in his life and all he did to make us think he has died. I have mourned him for a month and if he is found, when he really dies I will have to go through all that pain agian. Maybe he just needed to get away and have some privacy with his family. I don’t think people should go out and hunt him down. Let him have peace.
    I agree with most of the articles on this site. The family don’t seem upset. I have cried my eyes out and I didn’t even know him. Dr. Murray and Arnie Klein are acting very strange. Where are Michael’s closest friends? None of them attended their best friend’s memorial. That doesn’t make sense. If you love someone, you support them. The stories keep changing. Joe and Latoya Jackson don’t have a clue what to say when questioned. The most honest Jacksons haven’t even said anything. (Katherine, Janet, and Rebbie) Why are they so quiet? The kids that have been out in public without masks look the same as the kids that Michael always protected. I believe they are his children. Little Blanket looks just like Michael. I would like to know if he is alive but I guess we will never know.
    Michael if you are out there, take care of yourself and know that you are loved. The world treated you so unkind and you deserved better. The voices of those that love you never got heard.

  64. The Truth Said,

    I don’t take anything serious from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Did Michael Jackson teach you nothing?!

    To Helia – It was a wide-known fact that MJ has used doubles. It’s just a matter of when and where. And regarding your claim that he is, in fact, dead…..I will support that claim once the death certificate is signed by an official. Until then, people should have the right to speculate that he is alive.

  65. MariannaB Said,

    4 weeks later the office of MJ’s doc was raided:

    How fishy, incompetent and inappropriate.
    Just like the truckwise taken “toys” right after the 25th.
    Such a house is to be sealed and surveyed 24/7.

    Who is responsible for these orders? Get him / her out. Incredible.

    You’ll see that there will be excuses for the failures in the process and maybe the boss of all those will have to retire. Watch for it.

    Welcome SJ1983 and thx for the information (or disinformation ?) on Omer, are you Omer?

  66. Mojofi Said,

    Ok guys am back. I just watch Jermain on Tv saying that the JACKSONS will be going on tour but not as JACKSON 5 but as the JACKSONS, and he also said Mike will be there.

    Do you think he meant in spirit or in flesh?

    Do you guys think Mike will really stay out of the public for good or do you think we will be seeing Mike in flesh soon? hhmmm

    Jermain looked very sad or is he a good actor? I just confused when i see him confirming Mike is dead all the same i want Mike to be with us.

  67. Perfume Said,

    All I have to say is this, nothing stays hidden that cannot be revealed what is done in the dark will come out into the light, if his death is truly a hoax then someone is not going to want to keep their big mouth shuts, money will start talking, dollar signs will be flashed before someone and the love of money will cause whoever it is to speak, and then speaking of O[rah Winfrey this was the biggest news break of all times how come she has not breathe a word on her talk show about MJ’s death, she was quick to interview him when the accusations arose, how come she has not even had a show that has paid tribute to MJ I find this odd, as Oprah always wants to be the first to air something on her show mmmmmmmm food for thought… I say again if he really “faked” his “death” then kudos to MJ I applaud him if he is really dead then my heart bleeds =(

    To the Admin “well done” keep on researching, keep on digging, the truth is bound to come out sooner or later, there is too much money involved in this at present

  68. Perfume Said,

    #57 you could not have said it better

  69. Mojofi Said,

    ***nehaheartmj *** if Mike was Muslim, then why did the family conducted a christian funeral for him. If he is really muslim, he should have been buried the same day so i think we should rule that out. So Mike did not convert to Islam though he seemd interested in know much about it.

  70. ishealive Said,

    Dr. Conrad Murray’s office is being searched by the DEA. I don’t even know what to say about it.

  71. monij Said,

    Omer Bahti is not MJ’s son. His mother stalked Michael Jackson while on tour in Tunisa. She showcased her son to him, and MJ took on to this guy. He even offered his parents jobs on his Neverland Ranch.

  72. monij Said,

    Can any one please tell me why did Michael Jackson wear bandaids on his fingers?

  73. monij Said,

    It is true that Omer Bahti looks like MJ, but he does not look like him prior to all the surgeries. Surgeries change the way people look, but not their DNA. Even if we compared the current Michael Jackson’s pictures to the Michael Jackson pre-surgeries pictures, we won’t find any resemblance. With a bit of make up, anybody can look like MJ, that is why there are so many MJ lookalikes.

  74. persia Said,

    I have to give Number 52 a response: With today’s forensic science it would be absolutely impossible to pull a hoax. WE can match a strand of hair or a fiber left on a body to a murderer. There is no way that they would have a wrong Michael Jackson and they wouldn’t know it. Unless the whole hospital and the morgue and police are in on it. Which I highly doubt. We are not allowing Michael to have even died. That is how much we assumed we own him. His life was his not ours.
    God bless you Michael in Heavens or Earth!

  75. aseem Said,

    Michael is dead!!! plz don’t fool yourself…
    i agree that that the person at the press conference was an imposter..
    i agree that the person that was in the rehearsals was an imposter..
    and he might be doing that to get himself free from the debts..
    but understand one thing if he would’nt have been died then he must have killed someone to replace ..
    and I strongly believe Michael Jackson wasn’t killer…by telling he hoax his death you are directly putting the charges of killing to MJ and which can’t be true at all … you are michael’s admirer and how could you even think that he would do such a vicious act to save himself..
    Sorry but MJ wasn’t like that!!!

  76. thelostchildren Said,

    good point bout the Madoff scam; there are many many many more conspiracies that have yet to be known to be public, and preserved that way on purpose. Michael was one of the most well-read and knowledgable talents around, who else would know better of such stuff, and possibly learn a thing or two?

  77. charliechaplin Said,

    “AEG has filed legal papers asking to be part of the Michael Jackson probate hearing on August 3.”


  78. charliechaplin Said,

    “Michael Jackson the freak is better off dead, says Rupert Everett”


  79. Rofibbs Said,

    The Authorities must be kiddin me, are they jus realisin that Dr Murrays offices shud be searched?? What in conspiracy’s sake makes them think they can get any information from the search now?? Will Dr Murray leave incriminatin evidence after over 4wks of MJ’s “death”?? Are they kiddin?? These guys are jokin with our intelligence,.. sloppy bunch!!

  80. Rofibbs Said,

    AEG…AEG…AEG…wat can i say, they sure are goin for the loot on the other hand SONY is really desperate. Who is more of a freak than Rupett Everett himself??

  81. Rofibbs Said,

    #75..who said MJ killed anyone to hoax his death?? Get ur facts straight bro. First, we’ve not seen a “corpse” yet to confirm if any1 really died, secondly..it cud be any1 that wuz terminally ill n died naturally, 3rd none of the Family members who have bin interviewed really know where the body is as we speak..n their stories seem to change wit every interview. Get it ??!!

  82. dynamite Said,

    Rofibbs I agree how dare he call mj a freak he should try looking in the mirror who is this guy anyway?? and how can the family not know where his body is? things get weirder by the day

  83. dynamite Said,

    @aseem why are you on this site if u think his dead u most hve your doubts?? and this site is for people who think his alive not dead so take your negativity somewhere else please

  84. STARFISH1 Said,

    He was different and visionary. He taught us how to love and to be a sweetheart. He was a dear and full of love, warmth, and his soul could really see in his eyes.It is easier to see these items …. maybe it’s alive? I do not know, maybe! Perhaps in South Africa or Switzerland.
    Only one I know, everyone will miss his presence, he
    was a great, great artist. I do not believe that for a hundred years and maybe more, like him man to walk this planet.

  85. MariannaB Said,

    Thanks to the detailed infos on Omer on this site, European yellow press jumped yesterday on it and published “the” story of the 4th child (which is not true by the way).

    Who else wants to make money and get known in MJ’s shade?

    Build and keep a mystery around nothing and the nothing sells well.
    Yellow press is about illusions. Anybody buying such stuff supports lies.
    Yellow press blows everything up from nothing which is sellable.
    We will see Omer being sold as the “new” MJ. Watch out for it.

  86. ishealive Said,

    This could be something or nothing but someone on the forum (sorry can’t remember who) brought this to my attention so I looked up Google and the following article was written in 2006:

    Sound Generator has learnt that Michael Jackson is planning a spectacular live return in the New Year with the help of street magician David Blaine.
    A number of Internet news sources are quoting today that the pop superstar plans to silence his critics with a ‘dramatic’ return to the stage, and has roped in David Blaine for a ‘magic and music showpiece’.

    “There is nothing more sacred to Michael than his electricity on stage, press reports claimed he will never sing again like he used to, they are in for a shock,” a source close to Jackson is quoted as saying, reports influential L.A gossip site Defamer – which picked the story up from London news insider Pop Revenge.

    “The attacks have personally hurt him, he has always prided himself on his abilities as a live performer. His response will be dramatic and the answer is going to be onstage, it is something nobody else could create.”

    The story goes on to reveal that Jackson spoke to Blaine shortly after his disastrous live return last week at the World Music Awards in London.

    Michael always said “We ain’t seen nothing yet”…..

  87. Little Susie 01 Said,

    I must say im tired of the media, there are so many mistakes i have been doing research since he “DIED” i have more evidence to believe he is more ALIVE then DEAD. Explain to me how Janet is On CONCERT and JERMAIN is in Europe?
    What happened to MJ’s Body? Hasnt been buried yet and hes brothers are flying around the world. How can they be at peace? Knowing the brother is still not Buried. This is just a big mess.nothing makes sense and the more the days go by the less it makes sense. Now Omer is MJ’s son. I highly doubt it Michael doesnt even mention him in he’s so Called WILL. Now they go researching dr murrays office and 4 weeks later i mean wow how smart are these ppl. RUPERT. The only nasty freak is you. Im tired of ppl attacking michael im tired of the media. Michael has to be alive….I feel him alive. And hopefully soon will know. And i would want for the true fans who love him to know the rest of the ppl who dont care for him shouldnt know anything. Michael U are the greatest and i love you.!!!!

  88. Little Susie 01 Said,

    Ok GUYs let me poi9nt something out

    JOE Jackson Said he has NOT SEEN MICHAEL”S BODY RIGHT.

    Now they did have a so called VIEWING the morning of the memorial at staples.. and as well they were also caught the night before At a VIEWING.

    Now the KIDS saw MJ’S body right.. Joe Jackson was at the VIEWING as well so how the hell did he not see MJ body?
    They were all there at the VIEWING This doesn’t make any sense u Show the Body to the KIDS but the Father or TITO haven’t seen the BODY?

  89. aseem Said,

    dynamite… plz check the title of this website given by the admin.. let me remind you… it is
    Michael Jackson Hoax Death… is king of pop really dead?
    its not king of pop is alive… i think you have little confusion in understanding the title….

  90. Hennessy Said,


    i am impressed….I get it, i think…….:-)

  91. charliechaplin Said,

    Notice this pic on MJ’s last rehearsal. MJ doesn’t have mangled left ear:


  92. dynamite Said,

    @aseem i apologise i was just in a mood y-day cause im sick of people coming onto this site sayin he’s dead and to get over it and they cant even see that something is fishy about his death whether he’s dead or alive something is definetly odd about the whole thing

  93. Rofibbs Said,

    One thing we fail to understand is that the Authorities are not Psychics or seers who can see n tell the future..these guys work with information, how will they ever find the truth or get evidence if the information given to them are not factual or misleadin?? these bunch hav enabled sum conspiracies n there are many more they dont know ’bout.

  94. charliechaplin Said,


    “The treasure trove of material, along with possible insurance
    proceeds and ticket sales to memorabilia collectors, could help benefit the late singer’s estate, which has been burdened by an estimated 400 million dollars in debt.

    “He was our partner in life and now he’s our partner in death.” Randy Phillips, president and CEO of concert promoter AEG Live, said so in an interview at Staples Center.”


    “Phillips also remarked that the AEG Live is waiting for Jackson’s estate to be settled to see who the company will be dealing with. He said that the estate “would get the lion’s share” of any profits from the release of the rehearsal footage.

    Insurance is going to help cover any losses on the London shows if the coroner’s autopsy shows that Jackson died accidentally including of a drug overdose but not if he died of natural causes.”

  95. charliechaplin Said,


    “Mr Phillips said, “If we all do our jobs right, we could probably raise hundreds of millions of dollars just on the stuff we have worldwide and then the estate could eradicate its debt.”

  96. Little Susie 01 Said,

    i get so frustrated it makes me want to cry i hate when ppl talk about michael, n about lupus and collagen injections he had on he face that made hes nose fall off? i just saw this on tv WTF man im so tired of hearing things ppl DON’T KNOW there just speculating.. They asked Joe if indeed hes sons body was in the casket the day of the memorial, he had a smile in hes face like he wanted to crack up and said yea. I mean come on. I agree hes dad is a A- Hole. But no matter how much of an ass he is… He still has to feel hurt because he’s SON is Suppose to be dead. But he smiles. How RARE and ODD is that. he is not morning. And he he said he knows hes son would love to hear hes show will be phenomenal. ( then he said) if he would of performed it. I mean he keeps messing up … and no one seems to be catching on to things. I mean Fans like us DO.. But the MEDIA doesn’t. Or does the media Have some what IDEA and know that its better to talk about him being DEAD then rather saying how many weird things are going on. COME on its going to be One MONTH tomm and WE still do not have a CONCRETE story. And where is the BODY? MICHAEL IS ALIVE.

    My name is SuSy and im from miami,and i been researching this since it happened. I need some piece of mind.. Really i get outraged with so much BULL on the News. Guys keep posting ur conclusions just as i will keep posting mines.

  97. Little Susie 01 Said,

    Hey Admin: I was browsing on youtube and found this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA67QzbBRGw and on Min 2:99 They post Ur website. talking about michael death being a hoax. its a series of news but ur site comes up as well as some other guy who i saw hes video 3 weeks ago bout michael being alive. this is a france tv station the new of michael start at 1:57!!!!
    Ur site has hit the news! how awesome is that

  98. MJSmile4Us Said,

    to Little Susie 01:

    I agree with u in that the media is still preying on dear poor Michael even after his ‘death’. When I watch tv or read articles online, I think back on what Marlon Jackson said at the memorial service – ‘maybe they will leave you alone now’. Quite the opposite by the loks of things. A swarm of people who called themselves either ‘close friends’ or ‘a part of MJ’s inner circle’ are giving interviews to state ridiculous and false stuffs about him. Like how Entertainment Tonight show claimed that their ’sources’ told them that one of Michael’s former employees at the neverland ranch said that he kept a box full of prostheitic noses in his bedroom (like u mentioned above). What a load of bull! I really wated to literally shout into tehir ears till they went deaf that they have no idea what theey are talking about and should stop spreading hurtful and idiotic rumours around.

    Like I posted on other topic, I was so convinced that Michael’s family is on MJ’s death hoax plan when i watchd Larry King Live in which Joe was interviewed. I looked at his behaviour and facial expression throughout the show. He was a nervous wreck coz he couldn’t keep his hands still and he stuttered alot and even dodged some questions. I mean how the heck could a father not know where his son’s body is and the most ridiculous answer he gave when asked why he has not demanded to see the private autopsy reports when he was not given one, he replied that it was coz he just assumed that he was going to be contaced some time soon. PLus his eyes looked nercous as he was looking around and Leonard Rowe was not so much of an actor either as he repeated himself when asked different questions. I really believe that Michael is still alive thanx to these two idiots and the way the Jackson family acted in such an obvious way at the memorial to make me believe this way. If I am wrong, then well Joe is nothin but a piece of garbage who couldn’t care less about his own flesh and blood and should be sent to a mental facility and locked up! No parent in the world regardless of the turmoil relationship he/she had with his/her children in the past could be so uncaring, ruthless and emtionless at their passings like joe.

  99. Perfume Said,

    #84 I am South African and even if he is in my country I don’t think the media here will hassle him when he visited South Africa in 1997 the media gave him his space, and that is why he said when interviewed that he would love to make South Africa his home cause he noted that the media respects celebrities privacy here and that is a fact, we had the late Princess Diana’s brother and his family living in South Africa and I am certain that the media did not hassle them but rather gave them their privacy as much as they needed, I can speak of many international celebrities that has graced our shores and the media know how far to go in an interview as well…just thought I should comment on your post ……South Africans would actually think it was his double knowing that MJ had many body doubles over a period of years

  100. elizabethvitale Said,

    I thought it was a hoax from the very beginning and read more like a mystery to gain interest from the public. I still don’t believe he is dead, but I only say this from all I read and hear. The story contents do not add up correctly and there are too many discrepancies from near everyone supposedly involved. I knew Michael and others in the business and I know the business and I know Beverly Hills and Hollywood very well. NYC or Miami isn’t even as crazy. There is always a question in me to pop up in many of these now statements of his stated death. I wouldn’t put this event as true until I would see Michael in the casket. I know his bone structure and never has there been an imposter I would watch about Michael.

  101. elizabethvitale Said,

    this article has good points. thanks

  102. maria2284 Said,

    @SJ1983, I think you are right about that one…. Omer being Blankets bio father. They look too alike not to be related. I really don’t think that MJ is the father of any of those kids, at all.

  103. maria2284 Said,


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