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Let’s take a very simple look at this entire saga. As we know already, there are substantial ins and outs, reasons, clues and hints as to why Michael Jackson could have hoaxed his death, but for a moment, I just want to take a simple look at something that has been right in front of our eyes from the very beginning.


This excerpt was taken from an article on MSNBC dated June 29 2009.

” Chernoff, also on TODAY, said he didn’t think that his client (Dr Conrad Murray) was “ready for this kind of attack” on his credentials and actions in the case. But he said that “it’s expected, considering the circumstances.”

Once the full investigation is complete, Chernoff said, he expected Murray would be exonerated and the family would feel differently.

Jackson still had a faint pulse and a warm body when Murray found him in bed and not breathing Thursday afternoon, Chernoff said in the AP interview.

Chernoff said Murray was at the pop icon’s rented mansion when he discovered Jackson in bed and not breathing. The doctor immediately began administering CPR, Chernoff said.

“He just happened to find him in his bed, and he wasn’t breathing,” the lawyer said. “Mr. Jackson was still warm and had a pulse.” “


So, I know what you’re thinking…this is no different from any other report around that time regarding how Michael Jackson was found by Dr. Murray, bla bla bla. You are quite right, this is not any different, and I believe all reports are the same..which is exactly my point!


Let’s take a closer look at this statement from Dr. Conrad Murray, as quoted by his own Lawyer.


” Jackson still had a faint pulse and a warm body when Murray found him in bed and not breathing Thursday afternoon, Chernoff said in the AP interview.

Chernoff said Murray was at the pop icon’s rented mansion when he discovered Jackson in bed and not breathing. The doctor immediately began administering CPR, Chernoff said. “


Now, I’m not sure how many of you are trained in First Aid, but the key words here are that Michael Jackson STILL HAD A FAINT PULSE, and NOT BREATHING. If he still had a faint pulse, but wasn’t breathing, why the hell would you start administering CPR??????


Wouldn’t you grap a respirator, or start to exhale into his mouth in order to give him artificial respiration (Something we’ve all seen on TV many times)?


If you are still skeptical then please allow me to quote Wikipedia:


“The medical term for the condition in which a person’s heart has stopped is cardiac arrest (also referred to as cardiorespiratory arrest). CPR is used on patients in cardiac arrest in order to oxygenate the blood and maintain a cardiac output to keep vital organs alive.”


If what the Doctor said was indeed true, then the fact that he had a faint pulse means he was not in Cardiac Arrest, as we were all led to believe this is how Michael Jackson died. His heart would have had to have been STOPPED to be in Cardiac Arrest, which would then have required CPR in order to keep the blood circulating throughout the body, and the heart moving.


This is also from Wikipedia:

“If the patient still has a pulse, but is not breathing, this is called respiratory arrest and artificial respiration is more appropriate”


Perhaps you are thinking I am getting too technical?  Think about this though, this is a Doctor, quoting in his own words what happened. If he knew that Michael Jackson was in Respiratory Arrest and was in need of respiration, wouldn’t he say that? Why state simply that he began CPR?


The other flaw in Dr Murray’s statement is that he described Michael Jackson’s body as being warm. According to the Heart Attack/Cardiac Arrest symptoms listed on medicalcenter.osu.edu, the skin of the patient would be cold,  pale and clammy due to the fact that their blood circulation had severly dropped or was in fact non-existent.


This simply just does not add up. How could Michael Jackson have had a faint pulse, warm skin, but no breathing, but was also reported to have died from Cardiac Arrest?


The icing on the cake is the most obvious fact of all. MICHAEL JACKSON HAD A CARDIOLOGIST LIVING WITH HIM AND HE DIED OF CARDIAC ARREST.


I’m sorry, but this is like wearing gumboots and having your feet get soaked by the rain….seriously?!


If your chances of surviving a Heart Attack aren’t improved when you have a Cardiologist living in your House, 10 feet away from your bedroom, then why the hell have him living there at all? Not to mention the fact that he didn’t have a Defibrilator Machine available, being a Cardiologist and all? If Michael Jackson was indeed suffering from Cardiac Arrest, which is what we’ve all been told, then wouldn’t have using a Defibrilator have given his ‘faint pulse’ the boost it needed to awaken him out of his unconsciousness, hence starting his breathing? Isn’t that what those machines are used for?


All  I can say is if your own personal Cardiologist can’t save you, then why even bother to call 911 and the Paramedics? This doctor is a man who supposedly trained for many years to know everything there is to know about the heart, cardiology, cardiac arrest etc etc…and he couldn’t even save his own personal patient when the time came?


My theory is that Dr Conrad Murray is the Smoke Screen Folks. While the world is questioning whether he will be charged with murder, wondering who he is, wondering what really happened that day, Michael Jackson is swiftly moving into his new life, before our very eyes. We are just too distracted to see it.


If you don’t agree, then answer this….where are the children now?





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There are few who would deny that when the news of the death of Michael Jackson was announced on June 25th 2009, we all believed it to be true…well almost all of us.

The story sounded very credible. The image that was released of Paramedics desperately trying to resuscitate Michael Jackson in the back of an ambulance , the live footage that we all saw and the statements to the press given by the Jackson family members had us all saddened and ready to begin mourning the loss of the greatest Entertainer of our time.

Then, as the days went on, cracks began to show in the tightly woven fabrication of Michael Jacksons ‘death’. Flaws in the events that took place the day he died, conflicting information given by the Jackson Family and the Media and unrealistic coincidences began to appear, raising more and more doubt as to the validity of the claim.

Too many questions are still unanswered, and more questions are popping up each day in regard to his final resting place, where his body is currently being held, when the illusive toxicology report from his two autopsies will be released, why his death certificate has not been signed, and on and on it goes.

Michael Jackson Hoax Death has analysed all of the information fed by the Media in the weeks following the death of ‘The King of Pop’ and has made many conclusions of it’s own.

Whether you personally believe Michael Jackson is dead or alive, the facts and analysis of these facts below are undeniable. We have not fabricated any of these facts, we have merely pointed out the obvious, and have collaborated all of the information that has already been fed to us by the media.

                “The Truth is like the Sun, You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away”

                 Elvis Presley


Before the ‘Death’ of Michael Jackson

Even before his death, different ears and teeth had been observed on Michael Jackson in various images since the late 80’s creating a general suspicion in regard to just how often his ‘decoys’ were used in place of the ‘real thing’.

In December 2008 someone called in a radio show in the United States and claimed Michael Jackson had died from a drug overdose.  After investigation it was all put down to a hoax, but not before many distraught fans had heard the news and a local TV station reported it. View the Report Here: http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com/?p=84


From December 2008 – February 2009, it was reported that Michael was suffering with a serious skin infection that could lead to flesh eating bacteria, had emphysema, needed lung transplants, and had intestinal bleeding.  It was even reported that Michael felt that he was going to die shortly.  He was photographed on wheelchairs, and was at the point that he could not even walk.  

However, a couple months later – he rocked the world with news that he will be launching the O2 concerts.  Not only that, but AEG released footage of him dancing on stage in perfect form, 2 days prior to his death.  It is rumored that Michael used illness as a means of seeking media attention, something that he had learnt from his close friend Elizabeth Taylor.  In fact, he once even ‘collapsed’ prior to a concert – which was cancelled.  In addition, he reportedly used illness as a means of not attending public events.  How is this not different then, only on a larger scale? 


Body plastinated posthumously

Michael was obsessed with mannequins, and had these placed all around his residences.  He was a very lonely person who wanted to have people close to him in his life.  The only company that he could have were mannequins.  There are reports that Michael’s staff contacted Gunther Von Hagens to have his body plastinated posthumously.  


Was this only posthumous or did he have replicas of his body created?  Michael’s trainer admitted that Michael loved pulling pranks, such as sending mannequins in ambulances to throw off the Paparrazzi. How do we know that what has happened now is NOT a prank??



  • Michael Jackson was acting strange at the O2 Concert announcement in London and very unlike his usual self, and there is much speculation about whether or not this person who conducted this Press Conference was in fact Michael Jackson, or a ‘look alike’
  • Michael Jackson’s hairstyle was changing frequently between straight hair/curly hair during his appearances. At the O2 conference, he had a very fluffy straight hair style and in the ‘final rehearsal’ footage, he is sporting a curly longer hair style, similar to the hairstyle he wore 10 years ago.
  • There are conflicting reports at to the true state of Michael Jackson’s health in the lead up to his London Concerts. Some say he was healthy, some say he was very frail and fatigued.
  • Michael Jackson made a phone call to a nurse to discuss medical problems on Fathers Day when he allegedly had his own LIVE-IN doctor LIVING with him (Dr. Conrad Murray).
  • Michael Jackson hated touring and it is reported that he initially only signed on to perform 10 concerts in London. Due to all 10 shows selling out in a matter of minutes, AEG, the concert promoters, released another 40 shows without Michael’s permission, taking the final tally of concerts to 50, over the period of 10 months, against his will
  • How did Michael Jackson pass a 4-5 physical health examination by an independent doctor for Lloyds of London to insure his concerts if he was “frail,” “sickly,” or “drug addicted?”
  • Cherilynn Lee, claims Michael Jackson had begged her for the drug Diprivan, although she is only a NUTRITIONIST.  Why would he call her? Especially when he had his own personal doctor, and especially when he hadn’t spoken to her in three months anyway and supposedly owed her money.  (Could owing her money be a motivation for her coming out with this ridiculous story?)
  • Michael all of a sudden begins to take his kids out in public minus veils in the weeks leading up to his “death”.
  • In a coincidental move, Michael Jackson re-hired the prominent entertainment lawyer John Branca just three weeks before his passing after John Branca has resigned from being Michael’s lawyer in 2006.
  • Michael did not hire any dancers or choreographer for his upcoming concert. View video…


  • All of Michael Jackson’s London concerts were postponed – from the 8th to the 13th July, the concerts from 10th July moved to March 2010.
  • The recording by AEG of Michael Jackson’s ‘Final Rehearsal’ was conveniently recorded in Full HD Audio and Video.
  • A friend of Michael’s, Gotham Chopra  on the 10th July tweets: Had the most fascinating dinner last night with that guy that runs the world from behind the curtain. View it here: http://twitter.com/GothamChopra
  • Michael Jackson’s clip of Liberian girl, where he directs everything from behind the curtain.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjtI2WZTZ9k
  • There are too many conflicting stories about what really happened the day he ‘died’ (and the night before – some say he was awesome during rehearsals and others say he was lethargic).

 Addicts do all kinds of things that hurt their friends and family.  The argument that he wouldn’t abuse drugs because it would hurt is children just doesn’t work.  He already admitted to a dependence in the past.  It wouldn’t surprise me if it had happened again, especially if the rumors about his health issues were true. If in fact Michael Jackson had been abusing the drug propofol for 15 years how is it possible that it could never had effected him before?


The 911 call

Why are there conflicting stories about finding Michael Jackson collapsed/not breathing?

Joe Jackson said something about him going to bed night of the 24th and not waking up. Other reports state that he got up on the 25th June, walked across to Dr Murrays room from his room saying he wasn’t feeling well, and collapsed, and somewhere else states that he was already in the Doctors room. Latoya later says that Michael was found in Murray’s room, not in his own room.

We have also heard reports that Michael Jackson’s son Prince was in the room and thought ‘Daddy was joking’ while he was convulsing on the floor – because he could be quite the prankster? Hrmmmmm…

With so many guards and other personnel in the household was there nobody available to make an immediate phone call to 911?

When the 911 call was finally made it was not until 30 minutes after Michael Jackson collapsed?

The staff member who finally did make the call to 911 was very polite and mentioned that there was a “gentleman” who was in need of assistance – why didn’t he say it was Michael Jackson?

The 911 operator HUNG UP on the caller saying “call us back if you need any more help”. This is 100% against 911 protocol, the 911 operator is to stay on the line until authorities arrive. Why wouldn’t they need more help – THERE IS SOMEONE DYING!

 How and why was the famous 911 call released? And how was it released to the public so soon? Wouldn’t this be very private and kept under lock and key?

It is a widely known fact that cell phones have GPS tracking.  Even without knowing Michael Jackson’s full address the doctor could have used his cell phone to call 911 immediately and they could have been able to track him.  Also, Michael Jackson lived very close to the UCLA Medical Center and if he’d just said it was ‘Michael Jackson’s house’, they would have known where to go.

Dr. Murray claims there was no land line in Michael’s room as he was paranoid about ‘phone taps and bugs’ which is his excuse regarding the delay of the call to 911.

I’m sorry but no phone or didn’t know the address?  Ridiculous. 

Everyone in L.A. knows where that house is.  All you have to do is scream “MICHAEL JACKSON IS DYING, PLEASE HURRY.”  Trust me, they would know where to find him.  A house phone would have produced the address anyway.

 Other strange inconsistencies are that the person who made the 911call was never questioned by police and has disappeared without a trace.

The person making the call was entirely ‘too calm’. This was Michael Jackson that was lying there, not breathing, not to mention his own employer.

The person making the call never identified himself, which is standard procedure for 911 operators.

The person making the call never identified Michael Jackson.

The 911 operator says ‘to call back’ if they need to and disconnects. Standard procedure is to stay on the line until paramedics arrive. The operator cannot verify that there is a doctor in the residence and it does not matter if there was.  They have to stay on that line.

 Paparrazzi WOULD be there at his house quickly.  They have police scanners and as soon as a call is placed, they would be there (again, everyone in L.A. knows where he was living).

 As far as the details of what actually happened, they are very hazy…Did Michael Jackson collapse or did he die in his sleep?

Why did Michael Jackson’s personal doctor and cardiologist, Doctor Conrad Murray perform CPR on the his BED?
Did Michael Jackson die in his own bedroom or the doctor’s room?

 It was reported that the kids were home…when did they leave the house? With whom?


The Ambulance

The Ambulance that is filmed backing out of Michael Jackson’s driveway is going extremely slow with no hint of emergency, without sirens or lights.

Footage of the ambulance leaving the residence show an extremely slow moving ambulance. It appears to have trouble backing out. The sirens are not on. The guard at the gate is not helping the driver manoeuvre out of the driveway, although Michael is supposedly near death inside of it.

There are two ambulances pictured : one of them seems to obviously show that Michael Jackson, in the ambulance, is frowning with a large vein protruding out of his forhead. An unconscious person doesn’t frown or have ‘veins’ protruding. (interpretation, not fact).


The last pictures

The breathing apparatus in the picture is not properly over the mouth of the person or over his nose, nor are the chest compressions being performed in the right place. This from trained paramedics?

There has been much speculation as to whether or not the person photographed is actually Michael Jackson or not.

 Why was there the need to have News footage of the ‘body’ of Michael Jackson being flown via helicopter from the UCLA Medical Center to the Morgue? Why was the ‘body’ flown via helicopter in the first place? If he was indeed dead, then what was the rush to get him there? Driving and getting caught in traffic wouldn’t have really made much difference.


The Hospital

There has been No information from ONE single staffer at UCLA confirming/denying that Michael Jackson was even there. There are conflicting reports about the true state of Michael Jackson’s well-being when he arrived at the hospital. Some say he was DOA – Dead on Arrival, having officially died at his home – which would explain why the ambulance that picked him up was in no rush – however the Jackson Family have stated that he was in ‘A Coma’ upon arrival at the hospital, and they were hugging him and that he ‘looked peaceful’ like he was ‘sleeping’, and later died while doctors and a medical team were working on him for a further 60 minutes. On one hand you have LaToya saying that MJ was still warm when she saw him in the hospital, and Jermaine saying how cold he felt when he saw him.

Conveniently a fire alarm went off while Michael Jackson was at the hospital – the hospital had to be evacuated.

It was reported that many members of Michael Jackson’s family were already at the hospital when he arrived, his mother, his children, Jermaine and LaToya though there are no eye witnesses to verify this. If this is in fact true, how did his own children make it there before he did, when he was taken via ambulance? How is it that Jermaine made it there before his brother when he supposedly heard the news about his brother on the radio (which he states during an interview with Larry King at Neverland).


House and staff

Within a few hours of the cardiac arrest, Michael Jackson’s close staff personnel were fired.  It seems like a very bizarre and prompt decision.  

The Jackson family were permitted to enter the House and promptly took carloads of items.

There are news clippings of this in youtube, where you can see that even bed sheets and blankets were removed from his house.  The Jackson family stated that they were concerned that these would be stolen.  However, the LAPD investigation into Jackson’s death resulting from drug overdose and possibility of homicide was launched on the 28th.  At this point, his belongings from his rented house had already been removed by the Jackson’s.  Despite this, the LAPD investigation contends that they found IV stands, IV bags, prescription medications and oxygen tanks.  So if Michael’s belongings had already been removed, what exactly did the LAPD find and how do we know that these were firstly even present, and secondly if they had not been ‘planted’ there by the family? This took place before the police arrived at the scene and closed the scene for investigation.

Another convenience is that the Survellience tapes from the Security CCTV went missing (or never existed because the system was turned off) of the events surrounding Michael’s “death”.

The “collapse” was allegedly recorded and then the tape cuts. The Hard drive where the CCTV footage of the house and grounds was auto downloaded is erased.

Jackson always kept a few million dollars in cash and certain items of jewelry with him where ever he went. These items are missing and no cash was found in the home.



There were no drugs found in Michael Jackson’s home until the second search by Police (after the Jackson family and others had been inside the home.)


The Annoncement of the death

A Report from the entertainment gossip website TMZ announces Michael Jackson’s death before any serious source gets the information. They were reporting the news only minutes after Michael Jackson had been confirmed dead by doctors at UCLA.


Death certificate

From the coroners office, Michael Jackson’s death certificate was not signed by a physician.  DR. Conrad Murray, Michael’s personal Doctor refused to sign it, as did the physicians at the coroners office – why??

Currently Michael Jackson has no legal death certificate (there has been one issued and released to the public, but it is not signed by a doctor or coroner).

All of the doctor’s involved in Michael Jackson’s case at UCLA Medical Center refused to sign the death certificate. 



There is no official cause of death.  Toxicology reports are impatiently anticipated which could take up to six weeks from the death, we have 2 ½ to go.

There are reports that the family are waiting for Michael’s Brain to be released back to them before the bury the body…he has been dead for 4 weeks now, and is still not buried.


Dr Conrad Murray

 Conrad Murray had been Michael’s doctor for 11 days, and was hired by AEG the promoter for the London O2 Concerts.  A couple month’s prior to this, Michael had passed a 5 hour fitness test for insurance purposes, with a clean bill of health.  So why exactly was a cardiologist hired for Michael, and that too only 11 days prior to his ‘death’? 

Apparently, Conrad Murray was a ’shady’ physician to begin with, he even had declared bankruptcy in the 90’s.  His prior activity is certainly suspicious, and he of course makes an easy candidate to blame for Michael’s ‘death’.  Also note that the heaps of drugs that the LAPD has supposedly located, must have been there prior to Conrad’s employment.  Not only that, but to build an addiction and tolerance to them requires years, not just 11 days.  So unfortunately Conrad is a poor physician who is possibly being framed for a crime that does not exist.  Michael was a close friend of physicians such as Deepak Chopra – so why would he settle for a shady doctor?

Murray was to earn a monthly salary of $150,000; but according to AEG Live, the concert promoter, Jackson had not signed the contract at the time of his death = not hired yet + not allowed to practice in the UK and California apparently = why was he with Michael Jackson then??


Michael Jackson’s live-in cardiologist doesn’t have a defibrillator. This same Cardiologist doesn’t know how CPR is done?  He performs it on the bed, rather than a hard surface?

He has no possession of drugs to counteract the effects of propofol (there is one), and  No defibrilator?  Hmmmm

Minutes after Michael Jackson is taken away by ambulance, Dr. Murray disappears, and his car is impounded by police and searched for evidence.

It is announced that there is “no foul play” suspected after only 1 day, and that Dr. Murray is not a suspect in any dealings with Michael Jackson’s death. 3 weeks later homocide is suspected?

Why is it that Dr. Murray was to accompany Michael Jackson to London, when he is not licensed to practice medicine there?

Oddly, there seems to be only one picture in existence of Dr. Conrad Murray. Even the papparazzi can’t seem to find him.

Dr. Murray “is not a suspect but only a witness” and yet he hires an attorney anyway and has the attorney speak for him in interviews.

Some articles state Dr. Murray as a holistic doctor.  He’s also not licensed to prescribe any medication which could have harmed Michael Jackson in the state of California.  He also couldn’t administer such medication legally.  Why would Michael Jackson allow this doctor into his life if he couldn’t even prescribe any drugs he may have needed/wanted? 


The Family

Katherine Jackson Michael’s Mother was seen shopping at Target for Camping Gear the day after her son died. She also went to get her nails done the day of his Memorial.

Janet Jackson and the Jackson family removed Michael’s belongings from the house that he was renting in LA on June 27th.  

Debbie Rowe Days after Michael’s death claimed she wanted custody of their chilren then retracted her intention days later.

Joe Jackson when asked during the first interview after Michael’s death how he and the family were doing, takes the opportunity to promote his new record label – he also reported that Michael Jackson’s kids who had just lost their father were doing “great”.

Also, Joe Jackson and Jesse Jackson were seen laughing outside the family home, less than 2 days after Michael died! while Joe gave a thumbs up to the media?…



LaToya Jackson Two and a half weeks after her brother’s death, LaToya is claiming that Michael was murdered and that she knows who did it. She also stated that if the persons responsible did not come forward, that she would expose them. Interestingly she was paid quite a large sum for the interview in which she voices these claims. If your brother had been murdered and you knew who did it, wouldn’t you want to tell the world without the promise of a paycheck?


The Memorial

 There are many strange and odd occurances which took place during Michael Jackson’s Memorial. Here are what we have taken note of:

  • The gospel choir singing the Return of the King
  • The tearless speech from Paris Jackson
  • The words on the screen at the end of the Memorial ‘I’m alive and I’m here forever’.
  • No one in Michael’s family cried
  • No real freinds attended the memorial – no close friends like Diana Ross, Liz Taylor, Macaulay Culkin, Quincy Jones, etc.
  • The extra “s” on “pain” in the ‘Will You Be There’ monologue at the memorial. Michael Jackson never would have recorded a “mistake” and allowed it’s release.
  • La Toya stating that ‘Michael is watching all of you’ referring to the people in the Nokia Arena.
  • The picture Micheal directing a video clip.
  • Kenny Ortega at the memoriaL, saying “Michael was here a week ago” when Michael had “died” nearly two weeks ago.
  • Marlon Jackson feels the need to share a story about when Michael was disguised as someone else and that he knew it was his quite easily…was this an appropriate story for a memorial? And why this particular one of all the stories he could have shared after spending 50 years with his younger brother?
  • Final slide at the memorial is MJ at the end of Librarian Girl, behind a movie camera directing unsuspecting participants in his music video.
  • The entire memorial was conducted as a Jehoviah’s Witness ceremony, even though Michael Jackson was reported to have converted to Islam in 2006.


The Corpse

 The family INSISTED on having the casket at the public memorial although it was a closed coffin. The reason as stated by the Jackson family was that his face was damaged by CPR and attempted Resuscitation, however, other reports say he looked peaceful and like he was sleeping moments after he died.

With the family giving this reasoning that the body was not viewable for the public because of the damage during CPR how is it suitable then to allow his children and family to view body?

In a final twist, this same body disappeared after the memorial. Nobody knows where it went or where it is currently being held. What we do know is that is STILL has not been buried.


The will

Michael Jackson’s will was at first not found, but then later miraculously found, however it was dated from 2002.



Michael Jackson was apparently in debt for hundreds of millions of dollars before his death. Record sales of albums and merchandise shot through the roof after his death.



We have been led to believe that there may have been 3 different autopsies performed on Michael Jackson’s body.

The angle that Michael Jackson was drug addicted at the time of his death has been pushed from day one and the long awaited toxicology report will shed light on this theory.

UCLA Medical Center refused to release an official report on the death of Michael Jackson.



Michael Jackson is still not ‘buried’ as far as we know, although it had been expressed by the Jackson family that they wanted him to be buried at Neverland. California law would not allow this to take place as it was private residence.

Neverland was gussied up before Michael Jackson passed away, even though he had expressed no desire to ever return to living there. The gardens had been replanted and the property was being maintained again after neglect.

Neveland ordered 32000 lbs of concrete – no one knows why but its in there somewhere.

Jermaine Jackson says in an interview with Larry King, ” Oh its hard to point where my brother will be, right over there by the train station, there’s a place for him.’  Huh?


The Children

The custody hearing for Michael Jackson’s children keeps being delayed. It was expressed in Michael Jackson’s will that he wanted his children to live with his mother, Katherine Jackson.



Also, mysterious source releases Pepsi accident video which reportedly MJ wanted released back in 1984 but Pepsi refused. Pepsi is angered by the video’s release.

I read some where that Michael Jackson apparently bought all of the footage from the Pepsi commercial shoot so that the video could never be leaked to the public like it has now been.  The article I saw this in also states that this footage was in Michael’s possession and that the only way for it to be leaked to the media is through someone close to him who has betrayed him.


Why has the Pepsi footage been released now after his death? Why does everyone all of a sudden need to see what he went through?  Why not do that during the trial if it was his camp doing it?


E’Casanova :

E’Casanova is a Michael Jackson and impersonator who has one of the biggest likenesses to all of the Michael Jackson ‘doubles’ that exist. There has been speculation that it was E’Casanova who attended the O2 Conference as Michael Jackson, rather than Jackson himself. Strangely, E’Casanova’s twitter page blocking everyone out – does he have something to hide?


Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor’s reasoning for not attending her ‘best friend’s’ memorial was that she couldn’t bring herself to “mourn in public” and stated that her feelings were private. She could, however, bring herself to tweet about it which is even more public and impersonal. For that matter, why does Liz Taylor even HAVE a Twitter account, which she started back in March?  Conveniently her first post ever mentions Dr. Klein who was Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon.


Dr. Arnold Klein

Michael Jackson’s skin doctor Arnold Klein was completely rebuilding the star’s ravaged face in the run-up to his This Is It comeback shows.

Klein desperately tried to make the King of Pop appear “more normal” for his 50-date run at London’s O2 Arena after years of cosmetic surgery left the singer’s face severely scarred and acne-ridden



AEG Live

AEG Live, the company who were in charge of promoting the London O2 concerts, who hired Dr. Conrad Murray as Michael’s personal physician, who insisted that he pass a 5 hour medial prior to signing him on for the concerts, who initially announced 10 performances, then upped it to 50, who took out an insurance policy that specified that if the artist (Michael Jackson) died of self induced circumstances and not natural death, it could get it’s money back.


So there you have it..a full summary of the strange and unexplained events surrounding Michael Jackson’s death. Obviously much of this information is open to interpretation, however even the most believing person who insists that he has indeed died, would have to admit, that this  is very far from an open and shut case.

The following video is an interview with the photographer who allegedly took the one and only image of Michael Jackson as he was taken via Ambulance to the UCLA  Mecial Center.

Watching this video, at first had me believing that these men did indeed capture this image as they claim. However upon closer inspection, I am now very doubtful about the validity of their claims.

If you pause the video at 3.06, you will see the still image of the photographer at the window of the ambulance, the very moment he supposedly captures the image of MJ inside.

The reason I have pointed this out is all to do with the ‘red car’ which is parked on the curb to the left of the screen. As you will see by the full size image below, minus the ET Logo and other graphics, there is a very clear reflection of a red car.

With this in mind, how is it possible for this image to have been caught by the man in the video above judging by the way the ambulance is positioned and by how far away the ambulance window is from the red car?

This may be getting technical, however, let’s not forget that this is the only image we have that gives any kind of valiadity to the story that Michael Jackson has died.

If you look at the image (left), you can see by the reflection that there is a red car, which is very close by, as it takes up most of the window.

Now look again at the video above paused at 3.06. There is now way this guy in the video above got this image with this reflection in the position he was in as it came out of the driveway. He was too far away from the car and the angle is completely wrong for that much of the red car to have been reflected in the ambulance window.

The other issue is that if there was in fact that much reflection of the car on the window, then why is there no reflection of the photographer himself, or his camera/phone?

As you can see by the footage above paused at 3.06, he is very close to the window, so if the car is reflected, shouldn’t he be, or his arm, or the camera..or something?

The final issue we have with this story and these so called ‘photographers’ is that in the live footage that we see above when the ambulance is backing out of the driveway, there is a guy with a red shirt at the window with a camera, then in the still image at 3.06, it is a guy with a yellow shirt snapping the image.

It looks as though we have just another element of this enitre story that just does not add up….so we would just like to say a resounding…what the?

Michael Jackson given 6 months to live in January 2009

 This excerpt was taken from The Fab Life and was written on the 7th January 2009. See the link here: http://bit.ly/EgTAc

“Despite denials from Michael Jackson that he’s suffering from a lethal lung disease, the National Enquirer remains on “Whacko Jacko” death watch. Now their sources give the singer six months to live. “His condition is just so far gone, I’d be surprised if he lasts six months…Painkillers and booze have caught up with him. The only way he was able to cope with the stress of sex scandals and his roller-coaster life was to mask the pain with substance abuse.”

Jacko biographer Ian Halperin has confirmed their source’s claims of emphysema and gastrointenstinal bleeding with his source. “Michael wants to have the lung transplant, but because of other illnesses he’s fighting, he’s too weak to undergo such a major procedure. He’s taking one painkiller after another.” This would help explain why he’s auctioning off his assets, but then Jackson has been frail and cash-starved for years. Still, if the reports are true, the King of Pop may not be around much longer.”

How interesting that almost exactly 6 months later Michael Jackson died!

This article and the picture (above), begs the question that if indeed Michael Jackson was reported to be ‘frail’ and ’so far gone’ as the article states in January of 2009, how on earth was he able to pass a 5 hour Medical test with ‘flying colours’ which was performed in February 2009 pending the London O2 Concert announcement?

Perhaps the Media had once again got it wrong, publishing lies and heresay (which is always likely), although this explanation still has the problem - it does not explain away the HUGE coincidence that Michael Jackson actually did die 6 months later.

Perhaps the number 1 clue to the entire Michael Jackson Death Hoax lies within this report. Here is a theory:

January 2009 Michael Jackson’s health takes a turn for the worst, AEG Live Organisers and Michael’s Personal Doctor know there is no way possible that he can perform 1 concert, let alone 50. They also know they’ve invested a huge amount of money in the ‘This is It’ comeback tour, as well as started yet another law suit in the mean time. (The organisers of a proposed Jackson Five reunion concert filed a $40m lawsuit alleging that Jackson’s 50 London dates violate the terms of their 2008 contract). The only way Michael is going to recover from his illness and AEG are going to make any money is for MJ to Hoax his death. The state of Michael Jackson’s health is leaked to the press, knowing they will report it. Plans are put into place, and by February, Michael Jackson has left his life and gone into hiding, with everyone else none the wiser.

The person who passed the 5 hour medical exam for the This is It tour was not Michael Jackson. The person who attended the O2 Concert Press Conference was not Michael Jackson. The person who attended the auditions for dancers for the Tour was not Michael Jackson.

The person in the Ambulance on the 25th June was not Michael Jackson.

You may be asking how can these conclusions be met? Please allow me to explain.

Keeping  in mind the article from the National Enquirer mentioned above, it appears as though the ‘excess use of painkillers’ story was very much the focus of Michael Jackson’s health issue. Mentioning this seemingly small detail back in January is of course a very crucial detail when we look back on it now after MJ’s death.

Those people within the population who are easily led (and there are many) will look upon the current circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson’s death with all of the ‘drug abuse’ talk and take in the entire  story with no question because “oh yes it was reported back in January that Michael Jackson was abusing painkillers everyday – no wonder he died – it was only a matter of time”.

When Michael announces his concerts and begins rehearsals in March, his January health issue is forgotten because of all of the buzz with his comeback. The world is immersed in a Michael Jackson frenzy once again.

After his death, the drug abuse allegation is re-ignited, because as we all know, a heart attack from using the occasional pain killer over the period of a couple of weeks is highly unlikely, especially when MJ was said to be a ‘picture of health’ while completing rehearsals. Therefore the reports of excess drug abuse are very important, as they support the claim that his Cardiac Arrest was indeed caused by drugs.

The drug overdose is also a very important factor for AEG Live. Their insurance claim of Millions dollars will be paid out when Michael Jacksons Toxicology and Autopsy reports prove that drugs caused his death. This is also part of the plan. The remainder of money to be made by AEG Live will come from the sales of the Final Rehearsal DVD, Tribute Tours, unreleased songs and Merchandise.

Jo Jackson is also undoubtedly making a fair cut and will most likely be funneling a portion of his money made to Michael in his new life.

The children have known that this would be happening since February, which is why they had to be revealed. If they had remained hidden, the world would be doubting whether or not they were Michael’s children. The family videos have been released to further back up this claim. Within the next 6 months the children will be with their father.

Jo Jackson will be a rich man, AEG Live will have made a substantial amount of money, not to mention pulling off one of the greatest ’shows’ ever. Michael will be enjoying a quiet and healthy life and his children will be with him, away from the spotlight for good.

…The greatest Hoax the world has ever seen.


In the weeks since Michael Jackson’s death, there have been an unending amount of comments pointing toward the fact that the ‘reason’ why Michael Jackson’s death is NOT a Hoax is because he would ‘never hurt his children’ and because he ‘loved them too much’. We would like to say that we totally agree with these statements, and believe that this is the exact reason why Michael Jackson’s death WAS a Hoax. Please allow me to explain.

The day of Michael Jackson’s death, June 25th, we were told almost immediately that his death was due to Cardiac Arrest. As the days following his death progressed, we were then given information that his Heart Attack was caused by excessive drug use. Although the results of the two, possibly three autopsies of Michael Jackson’s body are yet to be released as well as the toxicology report from the first autopsy, we are only able to asses the information that we’ve been told by the  unrelieable sources of the Media and such websites as TMZ.

However, I would still like to explore the reasons why I believe his children are the number one reason he is still alive.

If Michael Jackson did indeed take a cocktail of drugs each day, which is what in turn caused his heart attack, how could he have done this as a father? I understand that an addicition is something that is extremely difficult to overcome and deal with, however, apart from a few minor incidents, Michael Jackson is reported to have been an excellent father, giving his children plenty of his time and all of the things they could have ever wanted. If the statement ‘He would never hurt his children’ is in fact true, which I’m sure it is, then why would he ever have comprimised his health in such a way that would risk leaving them without a father, especially at such a young age?

Secondly, it has been reported that moments after Michael Jackson was announced dead at the UCLA Medical Center, Katherine Jackson took the children to see their father. (Although there is no photo evidence to support this claim and Katherine Jackson was not seen with the children at the hospital at all.) We were also told that at the private family memorial before the Public memorial at the Staples Center, Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, placed a necklace of a half heart around her fathers neck, while she wore the other half.

If Michael Jackson is indeed dead, then how could his family subject his children to the traumatic experience of seeing their fathers dead body not once but twice? The second time the children would have seen his body, he would have already been dead for over two weeks. Personally, I don’t think this is something that a Father who loves his children so much would have appreciated or ever consented to.

We were also told that the reason that Michael’s casket was not an open casket at the Public Memorial was because his face was bruised and damaged during CPR and resuscitation. Keeping in mind that this reasoning is absolutely ludicrous anyway, if it is true, then why on earth would you take the man’s children to see him again? Showing his children their dead father with a bashed up face not once but twice? I don’t think so…..he loved them too much to put them through something as traumatic as that. I truly believe that any child that would have had to endure something like that would undoubtedly be scarred for life.

The final reasoning I have to back up my theory is how the children appeared so unbelieveably calm during the public Memorial. Excuse me for saying so, but I would even go so far as to say that Prince Michael II, the eldest, even looked bored at times. I know that many people will say that everyone deals with things differently and perhaps they were just in shock (although I wouldn’t blame them considering they’d just had to endure seeing their father’s corpse for the second time.) But if people are trying to say that three children are dealing with their father’s death in the same calm and collected way (apart from the speech Paris gave which seemed very rehearsed and planned and was also completely ‘tear-less’), then we have to say that that is a ridiculous claim. Show me any child that is calm, composed and ‘bored’ during their father’s memorial with no tears or sobs, with a coffin in front of them which was supposed to hold the body of their father…I doubt you’d find any.

Michael Jackson's children at his Memorial

I honestly believe that the only way Michael Jackson’s children could have made it through that memorial so easily and ‘emotionless’, as well as enduring two ‘viewings’ of their father’s corpse would be if their father wasn’t even dead to begin with. They know their father is very much alive and well, they have seen him alive since his ‘death’ and they know they will be with him again soon.

How could he do this to his kids? We are talking about a man who didn’t see anything wrong with dangling his baby out of a hotel room window, four stories above the ground. ‘My fans wanted to see the baby, so I showed them’, Michael Jackson said when questioned about the incident. If Michael truly didn’t see how this incident could be a problem, then wouldn’t it make sense that he probably thinks there is no problem with making the world believe he’s dead while he goes on to live a long and relaxed life somewhere else?

Keep an eye on these children over the next 2,4 and 6 months. Guaranteed they will be sent to ‘boarding school’ or to live overseas to ‘get out of the spotlight’ or some such excuse. We all know they will be with their father again soon…he loves them to much and he would never do anything to hurt them.

The Author and Contributor of the following post is the member of this site called He.Is. Alive. We would like to share your observations and insights with everyone.

Having read numerous entries on this website, as well as examined and considered the contents of them, I have developed the following theory about Jackson’s “death” and escape, one I deem most factual and plausible:

The real Michael Jackson never showed up at that rehearsal the night before his “death” at Staples Center, the dark  video footage that has surfaced showing him chewing gum is NOT the real Michael Jackson, no, but instead, he sent one of his doubles to the rehearsal to just “show up” there for a few minutes. Since the video has been proven a fake by an expert and said to be photoshop “fixed”, we have no proof whatsoever at all that the real Michael Jackson attended the rehearsal at all, but a gum chewing lookalike did instead. Hence: it is safe to assume that the real Michael Jackson made off to a waiting plane and left forevermore goodbye, in all probability so. New information of his secret “departure” from LAX in an unmarked Lear Jet has surfaced, it bears credibility and logic.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the lookalike decoy was being readied and prepared for the “cardiac arrest” show and the ball began rolling with the 911 call where the caller should have, but did not say “This is Michael Jackson’s residence and Mr. Jackson needs immediate help, please hurry” but instead, very controlled and unemotionally spoke of a “Gentleman” who was “not breathing” ???? All the while the REAL Michael Jackson was long gone to whereever and this explains why the ambulance “patient” photo does not look like nor could possibly be Michael Jackson, right on down to continuous other suspicious and questionable quirks that kept on popping up from all directions, nothing of which CAN possibly add up because the stage was set otherwise from the very beginning, i.e.: the REAL Michael Jackson was long gone, but back in LA the “Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest”-show with the decoy went on as planned, although with some leaks and without top notch planning or “rehearsal” and, for that reason, we arrive and continue to come back to the “nothing adds up” theory and hence are continually being served with more emerging questionables and suspicions stemming from the very beginning of this whole saga.

It is very highly questionable WHY his inner circle close confidantes did not show at the “Memorial” service at Staples: Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Liza Minelli, Uri Geller and Oprah Winfrey – who scrubbed ALL Michael Jackson data from her website – just to mention these few who come to mind. Why would the Jacksons deny Michael’s beloved friends to attend his “sendoff” ? Instead, an assortment of “fill-ins” showed up, some of which have never even met Michael Jackson and even freely stated so on a popular talkshow, others who had no communication with him personally in years ! Another “staging” ?

Jennifer Hudson’s performance was “backed” by the real Michael Jackson singing, where he, during the spoken monolog of the song she performed, mistakenly substituted the word “PainS” with an S for the original word in the text: “Pain” without an S ! How many viewers noticed this faux pas or …. did not ? Was it a hint, a deliberate “throw it out into the crowd and see who catches it” hint ?

Why did the very particular phrase “I am alive and will live forever” from one of his songs appear in blue lettering at the backwall of the stage at the end of the service ? Why THESE VERY WORDS ? Why not ANY OTHER words, but these one in particular ?
The casket during the Memorial service did not give off one whatsoever SINGLE vibe that it contained the dead body of Michael Jackson, nor any other body at that ! “Vibes” that I experienced over mere TV airwaves viewing the public funeral of former US President Reagan back in 2004 ? Very simply, the golden casket said to bear Michael Jackson’s body was empty and, with helicopters hovering above, very mysteriously disappeared into thin air after the service with the whereabouts of the “body” emerging the latest media spin to keep the public focused on the “death” of Michael Jackson? and the beat goes on …
Are there enough hours in the day to state/document/blog the numerous other pieces of questions/doubt/evidence/observations that keep carving themselves out during this entire madness? Are the questions of Michael Jackson’s staged death and successful escape not higher in number then the facts “confirming” that he really …. “died” ?

Fans around the world held their breath for an image of the “Body” of their idol to appear, so far, of all the media coverage and internet traffic, no such image is available and even if it was, how could it be positively ascertained that the body is in fact Michael Jackson’s ? We will never know, will we ? Bloggers posting doubts and observations, etc. etc. are supporting the remarkable traction this “death” has gained around the internet and, mind you, these facts are never even mentioned by so much as a mere breath by the mainstream media ? Why not ? Since all of them broadcast their news with laptops in front of them, it is not so that they are not aware of it, is it ?

What we do know for absolutely certain is this: somebody/s knows something and their silence/s has been bought for a logically high enough price for the real truth never to be revealed on their part, however, the old theory that the truth is self-evident and always prevails will not ever be compromised, not even by millions of dollars that sealed this deal, why? Simple: there IS a God …

The lyrics of Michael Jackson’s song “Xscape” clearly state what his longtime coming intentions were, intentions that he put into practice with what was in all likelihood helpfully aided by former wife Lisa Marie Presley who during their marriage learned of his desire to “escape” like her father did and hence “coached” him on how to successfully stage such an event, details to which she is certainly privvy to and hence constitute obvious similarities to Elvis’ staged death and escape, most befitting to that of Michael Jackson’s “death” and “disappearance”: the “cardiac arrest, dead on arrival at the hospital” spin … an airtight scenario where hospital personnel, doctors, emt’s, police officers, security, etc. as well as the coroner and other authorities are judicially prohibited from publicly disclosing any whatsoever information regarding the admittance and aftermath of the patient, all the while the public is being thrown bite sized bones, information that could possibly not be “misconstrued” or “twisted” ?

After Elvis’ disappearance, one of his many personal items missing was t-h-e largest of them all: his personal Airplane ! This plane did not “poof” disappear into thin air if you pardon the punt, ergo: who is to say that the waiting, UNMARKED, ordered by radar/control tower personnel to be “ignored” waiting plane at LAX was for Michael who – emerging fully masked out of a black suv to board the plane – was not that belonging to Elvis Presley ? That it might have been Elvis Presley’s personal plane is the MOST plausible explanation because it stands to reason that Michael Jackson would never ever have to worry or fear means of his “Getaway” becoming exposed or public, because IF it did, Elvis and Michael Jackson both being actually alive would constitute and become international news in a hurry !

The Jacksons as well as the media keep on keeping on floating and spinning clutter “news”, some of it pretty outrageous, but all designed to distract the public from focusing on what is clearly emerging as very much an “OTHER” scenario for this … ‘tragedy’ …..

Critique as well as additional input by other bloggers is most certainly invited, thank you for reading.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson were often described at Best Friends.

The author and contributor for this post is a member of this site called MYSTERYLADY. We would like to thank you for your insights and share them with everyone.



It’s quite apparent Dame Elizabeth Taylor is covering up something, regarding Michael Jackson’s death.

1. Why does a 77 year old such as Liz Taylor have a twitter account?

2.Why is Liz thanking Michael’s doctor, Arnold Klein for a Matisse drawing three days before Mike’s death, as well as asking Dr.Klein what he has been up to since he’s been back on Twitter???? Why wouldn’t she just call him ?

3.Dr.Klein was known for treating MJ for vitiligo with creams that lightened his skin as well as rebuilding his nose. First off, what dermatologist do you know of that also does reconstructive surgery? Is Dr.Klein trying to disguise and reconstruct a whole new Michael Jackson, one we would never recognize?

4. Why was Liz packing as per twitter “I was packing up my clothes to go to London for his opening when I heard the news. I still can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it.” http://twitter.com/DameElizabeth when  Michael’s first concert was pushed to start on July 13th, that’s three weeks before the opening !!

5. Why would Liz not attend Michael’s private or public ceremony, yet be able to tweet a day after his death ? She knew the tabloids would be following her updates but she wasn’t too smart about it .

Ok, now the strange thing is why Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Dr. Arnold Klein are both referring to one another without actually mentioning each other.

For those of you who dont have a Twitter account, the only way you can know someone is referring to you is by checking @ + your username. So how did they correspond back and forth with one another unless they planned it all along, to make it more real!!

I think the answer here is as clear as day. Ladies and gentlemen Michael Jackson is NOT DEAD !!!! Check out these posts from ARNOLD KLEIN !!!!

 “Was sent a link to TMZ. Ridiculous. The paparazzi needs to stay away from my patients. Period” http://twitter.com/awkmd

Now ,why is Mr.Klein addressing TMZ the first website to confirm MJ’s death as ridiculous and to stay away from HIS PATIENTS ON JUNE 18TH, 7 days before Mike’s death!!!!

It gets even weirder folks !!! THIS IS OUR ANSWER RIGHT HERE!!!


“Today, the world is a little less beautiful. We say goodbye to the lovely Farrah Fawcett” , “It was an honor to have known Farrah Fawcett a vision and a visionary, a true Angel who will be missed around the world. 3 kisses my darling”,  ”I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear friend Michael Jackson. He truly was a gifted soul who had boundless love for all.”

Then 2 days before MJ passes, Dr.Klein says he’s working away on a patient, they’re like treasures of fine artwork, interesting way to compare your patients to art work, don’t you think ? HOW ODD FOR DR.KLEIN TO RETURN 2 DAYS BEFORE MJ’S DEATH !! Working away… “My patients are my treasures. Like fine artwork, each one has beauty and character”

I think I know the truth now!!!

For those of you who don’t get the whole Matisse reasoning, allow me to explain.

What does a Matisse painting have to do with anything? Matisse was a famous artist whose characteristics, as far as natural talent resembled Michael Jackson. Coincidentally Dr Klein sends a Matisse drawing to Liz Taylor three days prior to Michael’s death, in which the time this Dr. Klein was out of town working on a patient. He even compared his patients to fine art work!!!!!

Strange right??

Get this, Matisse died in 1954 of a heart attack. The same thing Mike had supposedly died from when we first heard the news of his passing.

C’mon this is TOO coincidental. It’s also rather odd for most of Dr Klein’s patients to be Michael Jackson’s closest friends – Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor…

Mr Klein’s Twitter account has only been active since June 17th. 8 DAYS BEFORE MICHAEL PASSES. Why would Dr Klein feel the need to have a Twitter account mysteriously so close to his dear patient’s death, corresponding to two of Michael Jackson’s beloved friends? I’ll tell you why… He knew he would have to update others on his upcoming interviews as he would be called upon the spotlight! Another thing peculiar is you never notice Dr Klein looking sad or distraught over losing his most valuable patient of over 20 years in any of the interviews.

This is all very strange…

Digitally Created, this image is said to be Michael Jackson’s Final Rehearsal the night before he died.

This image has sparked a lot of controversy over the past couple of weeks. What at first appeared to be the ‘only’ image in existance that placed Michael Jackson at Rehearsals for his Concert tour the night before he died, now seems to be something very different.

Several users on this site have previously pointed out the possiblity that this image may have been ‘photoshopped’.

With theses suspicions pointed out, we here at MJHD decided to take it one step further and have the image analysed by a professional photographer.

The professional photographer who analysed this image under a microscope and also using digital editing software, unfortunately wishes to remain anonymous, however their findings are none-the-less fascinating and we would still like to share them with you.

Firstly, the most obvious problem with this photograph is the fact that the bottom part of the ‘S’ is missing from between MJ’s legs. Some people have said that that is because of the angle of where he is standing, and the ramp.

Our expert disagrees.

He analysed the width of the top of the ‘S’ and said that without a doubt, we should at least see some part of the curve of the bottom of the ‘S’ between his legs. Secondly, there should also be some kind of scaffolding or lighting between his legs, but it is completly matt black on close inspection.

Secondl, he began looking at the background as a whole, and found that it is completely digital, according to our expert. It is missing vital elements of light and dark. The shadows, are not dark enough and there is no flaring of the lights on the floor of the scaffold, or the metal scaffold itself. The only ‘lighting’ present is the bluish ‘lensflare’ that can be seen, however our expert agrees that this is a simple element that can be added with Photoshop.

Also, the light at the bottom left foreground of the shot is very rendered, which apparently, is also a tell tale sign of digital work.

When we showed our expert the ‘footage’ of Michael performing ‘They don’t really care about us’, wearing the same clothes, but with NO ‘THIS IS IT’ background, he agreed that it does look as though his image has been taken from this time (which could have been years ago judging by the hairstyle) and placed as a layer on top of this pre-designed background.

The other thing to consider is that Michael Jackson was rehearsing for his concert in the Los Angeles Staple Center. The concerts were never going to be performed here. Why then, would there need to be any kind of background at all, considering it was just rehearsals? Wouldn’t such an expensive and important background needed to be in London’s O2 Arena?

Take a second look at the footage here, and make up your own mind.


It has been noted by many Michael Jackson Fans on this site that this particular routine is the same as a routine Michael did on one of his tours years ago. We believe that this is true, and that this rehearsal footage is from that same tour…years ago. Why then is the Media ’selling’ it to us as footage from the 23rd June 2009?

We believe that for the ‘Death’ of Michael Jackson to be believeable, it’s vital for all of us to be fooled into thinking that he was rehearsing late into the night 12 hours before his death. Someone wants us to think this is where he was and this is what he was doing. According to our expert, this image could have been created at any time….which begs the question…if Michael Jackson was NOT rehearsing the night before he died in LA like we’ve all been told…then where was he?

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